Do You Need A Ride?

Do You Need A Ride? Podcast

Comedians Chris Fairbanks and Karen Kilgariff shuttle their guests to or from the airport, somewhat dangerously, in a mobile sound studio (a car).

S2 - Ep. 19 - Chris and Karen
Karen and Chris ride solo AND at night. They chat funhouse mirrors, eating sardines, the chatroulette days, and more!Follow DYNAR: Buy Merch!

S2 - Ep. 18 - David Huntsberger
Karen and Chris chat with comedian, David Huntsberger, about Reno, tips for canceling magazine subscriptions, and more!Follow David: DYNAR: Buy Merch!

S2 - Ep. 17 - Caitlin Gill
Karen and Chris chat with comedian, Caitlin Gill, about doing standup in front of teens, Radiohead, and more!Follow Caitlin: Major - DYNAR: Buy Merch!

S2 - Ep. 16 - Paul Danke
Karen and Chris chat with comedian, Paul Danke, about Phantom of the Opera, arnold palmers, annoying concert goers, and more.Follow Paul: to DANK - Follow DYNAR:

S2 - Ep. 15 - Tig Notaro
Karen and Chris chat with writer, comedian, and actor Tig Notaro about Iceland, memorizing lines, not fitting in at parties, and more!Follow Tig: Under A Rock - Star Trek: Discovery - DYNAR:

S2 - Ep. 14 - Karen and Chris
Karen and Chris ride solo and chat Sublime, The Butterfly Effect, embarrassing stories, and more!Follow DYNAR:

S2 - Ep. 13 - Bridger Winegar
Karen and Chris chat with writer and comedian Bridger Winegar about encyclopedias, New Kids On The Block, wind socks, and more! Follow Bridger Winegar: DYNAR:

S2 - Ep. 12 - Chris and Karen
Karen and Chris ride solo and chat Forensic Files, turtles, haunted apartments, and more!Follow DYNAR: our sponsor Spafinder at and use the code RIDE to receive 12% off $75+ your gift card purchase....

S2 - Ep. 11 - Sam Pancake
Karen and Chris chat with actor Sam Pancake about his podcast (Monday Afternoon Movie), the Facts Of Life, the time he met a murderer, and more!Follow Sam Pancake: DYNAR: our sponsor Spafinder at and use the code RIDE to receive 12% off $75+ your gift card purchase...

S2 - Ep. 10 - Karen and Chris
Karen and Chris are back chatting taxes, driving with sunglasses at night, childhood mascots, and more!Follow DYNAR:

S2 - Ep. 9 - Martha Kelly
Karen and Chris chat with comedian/actor Martha Kelly about Alvin and the Chipmunks, her latest movie roles, dating apps, and more!Follow Martha: DYNAR:

S2 - Ep. 8 - Picking up Karen from LAX
Chris picked Karen up from the LAX airport in an episode so hot ’n’ fresh, it was recorded this morning!Get new DYNAR MERCH! DYNAR:

S2 - Ep. 7 - Kara Klenk
Karen and Chris chat with hilarious comedian Kara Klenk about ‘sense of humor’ rap, Ash Sunday, Whiskey Cavalier, and more!Follow Kara: DYNAR:

S2 - Ep. 6 - Karen and Chris - Bizarro Laurel Canyon
Karen and Chris are back chatting goats, Tahoe and Hawaii trips, cheesy costume ideas, bizarro Laurel Canyon, and more.Follow DYNAR:

S2 - Ep. 5 - Karen and Chris - Haunted House Redux
Karen and Chris fly solo (with Steven in the back) chatting hot ketchup, DYNAR origins, even more haunted houses in Glendale, and more!Follow DYNAR:

S2 - Ep. 4 - Jake Weisman
Karen and Chris welcome comedian and Corporate star Jake Weisman to chat happiness, adulting, being weird, and more!Follow Jake: Watch Corporate Season 2, January 15th on Comedy Central!

S2 - Ep. 3 - Dave Holmes
Karen and Chris welcome Dave Holmes to catch up on their holiday adventures, get to know Dave’s neighborhood characters, reminisce about the Real World, and more!Follow Dave: DYNAR:

S2 - Ep. 2 - Matt Ingebretson
Karen and Chris welcome back comedian and Corporate star Matt Ingebretson back to chat Dune, holiday shopping, airport fights, and more!Follow Matt: DYNAR:

S2 - Ep. 1 - Karen and Chris
Karen and Chris are back with ‘SEASON 2,’ of DO YOU NEED A RIDE? searching for haunted houses, catching up, learning about Crocodile Joe, and more.Follow DYNAR:

EP. 112 - Chris and Karen
Karen and Chris drive around Glendale a little too hyped up on caffeine and see the scariest house ever, plus a million other things happen...I just can't remember right now, so just listen.Follow DYNAR:

EP. 111 - Chris and his Dad, James Fairbanks (bonus Montana episode)
Listen to Jim Fairbanks. Jim is Chris’ 74 year old father, and he’s not a big fan of old white men these days...even though he is one. (Disclaimer: Karen Kilgariff isn't in the car for this episode...but, Jim does talk about what a big fan he is of her)Follow DYNAR:

EP. 110 - Karen and Chris
Karen and Chris talk about it all!!!; Older sister fights! Colin Farrell! Weird pornographic anime cartoons! Condorman vs. Greatest American hero! Making our noses bleed! Theme songs! Colin Farrell again! ...all while driving! Plus, two scary bicycle interactions...w/ Steven Ray Morris making the sound great! The The: Condorman: greatest american hero theme: Christopher Cross: Arthu...

EP. 109 - Karen, Chris, and Jordan Morris!
Karen and Chris start the ride off with one of the funniest, quickest, smartest brains in podcasting, Jordan Morris (Jordan, Jesse, GO!)...w/ Steven Ray Morris on the one's and two's recording! Chris doesn't know what to do with his idle hands!Follow DYNAR:

EP. 108 Chris and European Karen
After one unsuccessful attempt 24 hours earlier, Chris Fairbanks picks up a changed, internationally traveled Karen Kilgariff up at LAX...right as a a thousand twenty-somethings have landed, to chase their creative dreams in Hollywood (...for 3-4 months till their parent's money dries up, or they get too many $82 parking tickets, and have to return to Cleveland).Follow DYNAR:

EP. 107- Karen and Chris - Taurus Analytica
Karen and Chris discuss symbiotic relationships as they drive around mutually making each other laugh. First Taurus Commercial (1986) DYNAR:

EP. 106 - Karen And Chris on Easter Sunday
Karen accurately explains the story of Easter to Chris as they drive through beautiful Glendale CaliforniaFollow DYNAR:

EP. 105 Karen and Chris
Hey, this is Chris. I had some serious sound issues with this recording, but I doctored it up, because I've become a master sound it's louder and more clear, but I'm a little louder than Karen. So, a fun game to play while listening, could be to imagine yourself int he back seat, with Karen driving, and I'm on your lap. So I'm louder. (I had to post with the issues anyway, because we are funny on this one)Follow DYNAR:

EP. 104 Karen and Chris
It's our first episode of 2018! Enjoy!Follow DYNAR:

EP. 103 Karen and Chris pick up MATT INGEBRETSON
Finally!...Why it's our best episode ever.Follow DYNAR:

EP. 102 Karen Picks Up Chris at LAX
LAX is actually far from 'lax'. Karen picks up a disoriented, heavily delayed, almost incoherent Chris after finally retrieving his lost bag. (the only lost bag on his flight, btw) Once they get their wits about them, K and C decide to risk their lives on the PCH north to Malibu. A horrifying journey under limited lighting and heavy traffic. All while also talking to each other! Wow! DYNAR!Follow DYNAR:

EP. 101 Karen and Chris w/ Greg Behrendt from the LA Podcast Festival
Karen and Chris catch up with their old friend, Greg Behrendt, outside of a car! We went nowhere...except with conversation! Recorded live at the LA Podcast Festival on Oct 8th 2017, where a terrific time was had by all.Follow DYNAR:

Karen Kilgariff and Chris Fairbanks enjoy one another's voices, back in the car, after what has been far too much time. Nothing but fun is had.Follow DYNAR:

EP. 99 - Gareth Reynolds
Karen and Chris pick up the hilarious Gareth Reynolds (Point vs. Point, The Dollop) at LAX. This episode was non stop joke fun. If a cop had pulled us over, we would have gotten a ticket for riffing too quickly. Enjoy it!Follow DYNAR:

EP. 98 - Karen and Chris - New Hi-Def Hybrid Sound Studio! (car)
Enjoy the sound quality inside Karen's new hybrid, as it happens to also serve as a state of the art new mobile sound studio!Follow DYNAR:

EP 97 Karen and Chris. The Dreaded LAX Pick Up
Back in the car, grabbing Karen at LAX....and it felt great! This is a fun one.Follow DYNAR:

EP 96 Karen and Chris
We're back and did you miss us?Follow DYNAR:

EP. 95 Patrick Keane
Karen and I have the terrific, tolerant, and hilarious friend of DYNAR, Patrick Keane back on the show. This was recorded almost a week ago, and our collective state of shock over who was selected as President Elect of our country is palpable, to say the least. If you are happy Trump won, this MIGHT not be your episode, although we edited out the bad stuff that was said (by me). It's still a funny one, I promise. Thanks for listening. We're all going to be okay. -Love, ChrisFollow DYNAR:https://www.instagra...

Karen and Chris are back in the car again, with Guy Branum. It's like the good old days: Meaningful conversation and laughter, night time driving, loud sirens, dangerous wet road conditions, and a white knuckled, frazzled Chris, trying his best to keep everyone alive, while driving...more than periodically looking down to make sure the levels are stable...usually at a loss for words. Karen and Guy make up for it though. This is a great episode. Yeah sure, the studio is more safe, but at what cost?Follow DYN...

EP. 91 Back In The Honda
Don't freak out, but Karen and I are back in the Honda for this one...and it felt good!Follow DYNAR:

EP. 91 - Karen and Chris
Listen to Karen and I being great friends. I love this one.Follow DYNAR:

EP. 90 - Shane Mauss
Karen and Chris AKA "KillBanks" talk with Shane about tripping and also falling. Be sure to catch him on his "A Good Trip Tour" at DYNAR:

Billy Wayne Davis is one of those DYNAR guests who you would guess Karen and Chris might hang out with every day when listening to this episode. It's an effortless, great conversation, and Billy is a hilarious man. Enjoy!Follow DYNAR:

EP. 88 Karen and Chris!
Karen and Chris in classic riff mode!Follow DYNAR:

EP. 87 Karen Kilgariff and Chris Fairbanks
Karen, Chris and DYNAR are in tip top working order. This episode is a good one. Do enjoy!Follow DYNAR:

EP 86 April Richardson (with better sound quality)
Chris is late! Karen starts without him, introducing our always terrific guest, April Richardson. Chris then finally arrives, disoriented from heavy traffic and a possible spider bite...only to then make like three jokes that cause him to go to bed with feelings of regret. See if you can pinpoint them! It's like a fun game! Enjoy! (I reposted this because the sound was a bit off) Also, watch April and Chris tonight on Almost Genius at 10:30 and 9:30 Central on TruTV)Follow DYNAR:

EP. 86 April Richardson
Chris is late! Karen starts without him, introducing our always terrific guest, April Richardson. Chris then finally arrives, disoriented from heavy traffic and a possible spider bite...only to then make a good half dozen jokes that cause him to go to bed with feelings of regret. See if you can pinpoint them! It's like a fun game! Enjoy!Follow DYNAR:

EP. 85 Karen and Chris
Karen and Chris sit down at All Things Comedy Studios to talk about swimming and Elvis.Follow DYNAR:

EP. 84 Lizzy Cooperman
Alert your frog butler and tell your bird therapist, it's the amazing, sweet, and hilarious Lizzy Cooperman!Follow DYNAR:

EP.83 Joe Wagner
Karen and Chris talk super good with their hilarious and smart pal, Joe Wagner at ATC studios. Warriors T-shirts available at onekolor.comFollow DYNAR:

EP. 82 Karen and Chris at ATC Studios
Karen and Chris experiment with the sound quality, comfort, and safety of All Things Comedy studios. Turns out, they are able to focus more on being thoughtful and funny when a guest's life is not in their hands.Follow DYNAR:

EP. 81 Fred Armisen
Every once in awhile, Karen and I like to have a comedic genius person on our podcast. You'll know him from SNL, Portlandia, and most recently, Documentary Now, and in one hour, you'll know him most recently from this episode of DYNAR.Follow DYNAR:

EP. 80 Matt Ingebretson
Karen and Chris take the tall and hilarious Matt Ingebretson to his comedy show in a back yard. We also drop Karen off at her show. And Chris also is on the show Matt is on. It's all very confusing. Get some sheets!! at DYNAR:

Karen and Chris drive around their hilarious, close friend, April Richardson @apeyFollow DYNAR:

We are lucky to have Whitmer with us. Yes, he is a terrific guest, but also he's had more brushes with trauma and death than I care to attempt thinking about while sleeping. He was kidnapped as a young child, and then ALMOST KIDNAPPED AGAIN LATER AS AN OLDER CHILD!!! Not to mention all the near death experiences he risked back when he was doing deliveries...which I don't even think he recognizes. (sorry the sound peaks at times) Anyway, he's fine now. Doing great. He's one of the premiere comics to watch in...

EP. 77 Jake Johannsen
Karen and I pick up one of the funniest comics of all time, Jake Johannsen, at LAX and podcast in the car as we bring him to his home...just as we originally promised you we would do when we started this thing. DYNAR:

We pick up Jackie Kashian at her home to not talk about the Super Bowl that we aren't watching! @jackiekashian DYNAR:

EP. 75 Karen and Chris Are Back!
DYNAR is back! Like that Backstreet Boys scam they pulled where they never really had gone anywhere in the first place, yet somehow were "back"...but we indeed were around two years and then were "missing" for barely over a month, anyway, here's our fun to listen to explanation.Follow DYNAR:

Karen and Chris pick up Dave Ross to talk about Christmas, Siversun Pickups, heroin use (never shooting), dremcatchers, then we get some gas, relinquish all our fears, and end with talks of Dave's sketch group WOMEN. Watch their videos after you listen to this. www.womencomedy.comFollow DYNAR:

EP. 73 KAREN AND CHRIS (guest fell asleep)
Karen and Chris get real with some heavy conversation as our guest Chip Pope sleeps in the back seat.Follow DYNAR:

EP. 72 April Richardson
Hi, this is Chris letting you personally know this is a terrific episode...everyone was on fire comedically, while being very open in talking about death, the "afterlife", and ghosts and aliens. This is the X Files of DYNAR episodes. Our guest is the always terrific, April Richardson. Does anybody read these?Follow DYNAR:

EP. 71 Karen Kilgariff and Chris Fairbanks
Chris picks up the terrific Karen and they have a great one. This is a good episode. Also, please donate to our good friend Andy Ritchie's Go Fund Me and help him get better. He is one of Chris' early comedy influences and a sweet person. DYNAR:

EP. 70 Classic Episode: Eddie Pepitone
Karen and Chris were doing stand up shows this week, but they have a terrific new episode planned for release next Monday. For today, revisit, or experience for the first time, this insightful drive from LAX they had with Eddie Pepitone.Follow DYNAR:

Chris drives comedy legend Todd Barry from LAX to his buddy's house. Karen, sadly, was sick at home. In spite of this, the episode is still pretty damn great. But it was hard to do without her. I also am a terrible driver.Follow DYNAR:

EP. 68 Barbara Gray
Karen and Chris pick up the hilarious Barbara Gray and bring her to her comedy show!Follow DYNAR:

EP. 67 Karen's 17-year-old hilarious niece
In today's very special episode, Chris and Karen spend the hour driving around Venice with Karen's 17 yr old niece. They discuss her life as a college freshman, she explains Yik Yak and they all try to figure out what she should do with her free time. This is a hilarious episode that will give you hope for the future.Follow DYNAR:

EP. 66 Cathy Ladman
Karen and Chris pick up the most delightful, hilarious, sweet and smart legends of stand up comedy, Cathy Ladman before her show at Flappers in Burbank. If you like the art of stand up comedy and hearing some inner workings and fears of a true comic's brain, (one who's done The Tonight Show ten times), listen to this episode. Also, there was like three near car wrecks. It's a thrill ride!Follow DYNAR:

EP. 65 Johnny Pemberton
Karen and Chris pick up the hilarious and talented actor/comedian Johnny Pemberton at his, difficult for them to find, home and record his ride to UCB Theater. GET $25 OFF THESE AMAZING SHEETS! codeword RIDE DYNAR:

Karen and Chris
Chris picks up Karen at LAX even with Chris driving! He stays calm!...

EP. 63 Brandie Posey
Hey guys! It's co-host of "Do You Need a Ride" Chris Fairbanks. This DYNAR is a terrific episode with the hilarious and quick as a whip Brandy Posey. It's a really fun one. I edited this one by myself, so my apologies if theres a buzz or pop or something in there. (Usually Julia WD Harrison does it for us...and she's a pro.) Thanks for listening to DYNAR! And buy a mug or poster I designed here: DYNAR:

Ep.62 Jim Fairbanks
Chris' father Jim Fairbanks is without a doubt his biggest influence as a comedian and human and this episode serves as clear evidence of this. You're about to listen to a great, great episode. DYNAR:

Ep.61 Jake Johannsen : Classic Episode
Karen and Chris have some great, comedian guests scheduled for pick up in the coming weeks. This week Chris is up in Montana seeing his enjoy this classic episode with the absolutely hilarious Jake of Chris' idols and influences. This episode needs your re-attention.Follow DYNAR:

Ep.60 Chris Fairbanks Needs a Ride
Karen picks up Chris from Brendon Walsh's birthday party at Al Madrigal's, and he is drunk. They have fun. This was a fun one. Pick up some sweet DYNAR? merch and don't forget to download, rate, and subscribe in iTunes!Follow DYNAR:

Ep.58 David Huntsberger
Karen and Chris snatch up David and take him to their friend Tig's engagement party because our silly country finally made that legal for her. They talk about his new SyFy show, his hand made slippers, hidden treasures, and so much more. He's the best guest ever! DYNAR:

Ep.57 Chip Pope
Chip Pope jumps in the mighty Honda to remind Karen and Chris that he's their most favorite person. Keep gas in the Honda by supporting DYNAR? with some merch! DYNAR:

Ep.56 Classic Episode Throwback: James Adomian
This is a classic episode with James Adomian that deserves another listen. Karen and Chris will be back next Monday with a brand new recording. Enjoy!Follow DYNAR:

Ep.55 Todd Barry
Karen and Chris pick up Todd Barry on what will go down in history as the most insane, chaotic day at LAX airport to date. It was like everyone was on bath salts.Follow DYNAR:

Ep.54 Guy Branum
It's gay pride day! Karen and Chris drop off Guy Branum at the heart of the festivities in West Hollywood, right into a churning sea of colorful tank tops. If you don't listen to this episode, you're doing our country a disservice. Guy is terrific. (@guybranum) | Twitter DYNAR:

Ep.53 Nate Fernald
Karen and Chris pick up Nate Fernald and drive him around for no good reason! He is hilarious as the dickens. Listen! ttps:// GET NEW DYNAR MUGS AND POSTERS AT: DYNAR:

Ep.52 Patrick Keane Returns
Patrick Keane: LOST MEMORIAL DAY EPISODE! We thought it was lost, but it has been found! Thanks be to God, because this is the episode Patrick and Chris not only discover they are two heterosexual men who regularly wax "between the cheeks", but that they go to the same Brazilian salon! Happy Memorial Day! Get new DYNAR merch at: DYNAR:

Ep.51 Bridgetown Portland's Memories
Chris and Karen try to explain their hiatus and subsequent missing episode by sharing stories about Portland’s terrific Bridgetown Comedy Festival last week. They are sorry there was not an episode on Monday, but they were busy having fun and melting bearded faces off of their tattooed necks. Also, Chris is sorry for calling the security guard at the after party mean names, and for climbing on the side of the building. Bottom line is, Portland is great, and it's okay for cops to vape. Send sponsorship inqui...

Ep.50 Joe DeRosa
Karen and Chris grab Joe DeRosa at LAX and take him home after an enjoyable weekend of entertaining in Madison, WI. However, they are running late again, and Joe has been waiting curbside, which makes Karen nervous that he will be upset. But he isn't! And he's terrific and funny and in a great mood, making it one of our best episodes. After navigating the particularly bad and frustrating traffic into LAX, they talk about his character on "Better Call Saul", the pain of scorpion stings, Karen making out w/ H...

Ep.49 Drennon Davis & Karen Kilgariff
Fresh off the the heels of the Moontower Comedy Fest in Austin TX, Chris picks up Drennon Davis and Co-Host Karen Kilgariff at LAX. They talk vaginal mesh, chicken and waffles, and Cocktails and Dreams. Then, Chris is forced to freestyle rap against his will! Check out Cocktails and Dreams here: DYNAR:

Ep.48 Lizzy Cooperman
Lizzy Cooperman jumps into the Honda for a quick ride to her comedy concert in Hollywood, CA. Along the way, they talk early chemical use and "making it" on a pile of empty tuna cans. Then, Lizzie assumes Karen's desire to visit Fiji, showcasing her precognition abilities. It's a magical episode!Follow DYNAR:

Ep.47 Michelle Biloon
Karen and Chris pick up Philly's comedy firecracker, Michelle Biloon at LAX, to bring her to her swanky boutique hotel in Hollywood, CA. Michelle and Chris started stand up together in Austin, TX. 15 years ago, and have much to catch up on. Along the way, they almost run over some cycling tourists, witness vandals tearing down a wall at the Beverly Hills Hotel with stolen construction equipment, get run off the road by some firemen in a hurry for their chili cook-off, and they and re-live those days a dozen...

Ep.46 Jordan Morris returns
Karen and Chris take @midnight writer, Jordan Morris to an episode recording of his own podcast "Jordan Jesse Go!", on which Chris is the guest. They talk Fast and Furious from Karen's souped up Honda Fit, while drifting corners, all the way to Max Fun HQ. If you like laughing, you'll love this episode. Listen to JJGo!, but first listen to this! Leave a great review on iTunes!Follow DYNAR:

Ep.45 Brendon Walsh
Karen and Chris pick up the hilarious Brendon Walsh for a ride from his house to a high-profile comedian party in the fancy hills! This is an episode where listeners will be reminded why Chris Fairbanks usually doesn't drive the Honda. They get lost and he emotionally shuts down for a moment. Luckily, Karen takes the wheel after a short break, and things return to the well-oiled machine that is "Do You Need a Ride?". Go to and listen to Brendon Walsh and...

Ep.44 Bridger Winegar
With unexpected LA Marathon closures making the city of Los Angeles difficult to traverse, Karen and Chris pick up Bridger at the El Capitan theater after a Sunday morning at work (gross) for an urgent taxiing to LAX, via the less populated freeways. We talk about his Twitterlebrity, writing for Jimmy Kimmel Live, pictures of food, his SXSW Austin destination, and a highly anticipated, (but spoiler free) upcoming web series. This guy is smart and funny as the dickens. A terrific ride.

Ep.43 Chris Garcia
Chris Garcia needs a ride to his stand up show in Echo Park. He didn't ask for one, Karen and Chris offered, because we wanted him as our guest. Garcia has been heard on This American Life and WTF w/ Marc Maron talking about a subject that he bravely and honestly addresses in his stand up, having a parent with Alzheimer's disease. This is also a subject personal to both Karen and the way, this is still a funny episode! It is also one where Chris says some really stupid things that he wanted to h...

Ep.42 Georgia Hardstark
Karen and Chris grab Georgia Hardstark at an undisclosed dark and rainy residential street corner for an undeniably dangerous drive through several inches of freshly fallen Hollywood God tears. Georgia is the co-creator/host of Cooking Channel's "Tripping Out With Alie and Georgia", co-host of the podcast "Slumber Party with Alie and Georgia" and the co-creator of the signature cocktail "The McNuggetini". She is also hilarious.Follow DYNAR:

Ep.41 Sara Shaefer
Karen and Chris give the witty and charming Sara Shaefer a ride to Meltdown Comics in LA! No spoiler that this episode is chock full of goodness. Sara regales our hosts with the plot holes of 50 Shades of Grey, but she also might want to wear your skin. Get ready to learn the finer points of stance practice, flower play, and Ted Talks. Follow on twitter. Click her links for all the ways to connect with Sara! Leave a 5 star review on iTunes for Karen and Chris to show ...

Ep.40 Chris Martin
Karen and Chris traverse the perils of driving in LA to get comedian Chris Martin to his international flight...on time! No dodgy neighborhoods or potholes will stop our hilarious hosts from getting this British standup to LAX. Who needs an Irish goodbye when you can listen to find out how to perform an LA Aloha (you will need a bag of crisps for this one). Check out to listen to Chris Martin's podcast! Follow our ...

Ep.39 Jake Johannsen
Karen and Chris head to LAX to pick up 45-time Letterman standup: Jake Johannsen!!! What a face on this guy, too! Check out this great episode, then go pay only $5 for a digital download of "Pictures of My Dinner" at You can also find more Karen and Chris and on twitter @ChrisFairbanks and @KarenKilgariff. How's my driving? Well, leave a review on iTunes to let us know!Follow DYNAR:

Ep.38 Eddie Pepitone
Karen and Chris book it to LAX to pick up the one and only : THE BITTER BUDDHA! Standup comedian, Pep Talks host (also on All Things Comedy), and living legend: Eddie Pepitone rants and riffs on his way back from some undisclosed location. Okay, it's Toronto. He comes without Tim Horton's in hand, but we believe that's where he was. Or was he in Japan shooting a commercial for cough medicine?! You'll have to listen to find out what's in store for our fearless travelers. Check out Chris and Karen on tw...

Ep.37 Howard Kremer
Plucking him from his long time Hollywood creative headquarters at Dragon Manor, Karen and Chris bring Howard Kremer to a show put on by the nice boys down at Power Violence. Along the way, we talk about the unknown world of ocean life, jet skiing, hip hop album cover design, early career laundromat comedy shows, that time we ate off of the same plate, and we even swap a few flattering impersonations of one another. Go listen to Who Charted? with Howard and Kulap! Check out http://allt...

Ep.36 Drennon Davis
Comedian Drennon Davis blends comedy and music like a wizard. Chris does some hilarious impressions and Karen treats you to her luscious vocals. and for all your Drennon Davis needs! Follow and Why not leave a stellar review on iTunes? you can even listen on All Things Comedy mt=2http://allthingscomedy....

Ep.35 April Richardson
Karen and Chris pick up comedian April Richardson! She's a great comic who has seen a LOT of Saved By the Bell...speaking of which, listen to Go Bayside on the Earwolf network. Don't forget to give us a 5 star review on iTunes!Follow DYNAR:

Ep.34 The Holiday Bottle Rocket 2014
A blast from the Ghost of Podcast Past! The sound quality is a little rough at times, but the podcast gold Karen and Chris make during their, previously unheard pilot, make it all worth it. Your hosts wish to thank all of the great guests so far and all the ones to come in 2015. We can't forget All Things Comedy, but the most important part of the show are the fans who drive along with us each episode. Thank you to all the riders out there! Follow @KarenKilgariff and @ChrisFairbanks on twitter. Check ...

Ep.33 Jordan Morris
Karen and Chris pick up comedian/writer/funny man Jordan Morris from LAX! Listen for "dad raps" and a discussion over nocturnal property rights...Jordan Morris can be found @Jordan_Morris on twitter, and writing for @Midnight. Chris Fairbanks is @ChrisFairbanks & follow Karen @KarenKilgariff on twitter. Don't forget to subscribe and leave a review on iTunes, like us on Facebook, and follow the tweets.Follow DYNAR:

Ep.32 Karen And Chris
Chris picks up Karen from the dreaded LAX airport. Drive along with us, won't you? You came for the comedy, but you'll stay for David Hasselhoff's racing tips. Don't forget to give a lovely 5 star review on iTunes! Check out more Karen Kilgariff Chris Fairbanks can be found on this handy clickable link. #DYNARFollow DYNAR:

Ep.31 Dave Anthony
Get ready to air some comic grievances when Karen and Chris drive Dave Anthony to his gig. Dave Anthony of The Dollop on All Things Comedy talks flippity kicks with Chris, and Karen proves that she's one of the funniest women around! Don't forget to leave a review on iTunes! You can follow all of these hilarious comics on Twitter: @ChrisFairbanks @KarenKilgariff @daveanthony Be sure to listen to all your favorite All Things Comedy shows like The Dollop Support Karen and C...

Ep.30 Erin Foley
It's me, Chris Fairbanks, co-host of Do You Need a Ride? with Karen Kilgariff. I realized today that I'm just going to write these in first person and stop pretending to be a third party, like people do when they type up a resume or call in as a fake personal assistant to a comedy club. I just wanna let you listeners know that this episode with Erin Foley is probably my favorite DYNAR yet. Everyone was on point, and it was like a party in a car. She's so funny. Enjoy! On Twitter: @ChrisFairbanks @KarenKilga...

Ep.29 Matt McCarthy
Matt McCarthy gets picked up by Karen and Chris at an undisclosed location somewhere in Hollywood for a stroll around Los Angeles. Matt is a delightful madman and it's really fun to hear him talk passionately about wrestling, and his quest to keep it pure. He's a terrific listen. Follow Karen and Chris on Twitter! @KarenKilgariff and @ChrisFairbanks Don't forget to leave a 5-star review on iTunes!Follow DYNAR:

Ep.28 Patrick Keane
Karen and Chris pick up Patrick Keane, much like a gigolo, just west of Los Angeles' downtown area. In the car, while recording, they talk with him about all things pertinent to life. Yes, all of life's subjects. Ultimately, he's brought to The Monty Bar, where they then record his set at a show there. Patrick Keane is hilarious, and the proof is at the end of this episode. You can Support ATC this month by visit...

Ep.27 Mike O'Connell
Karen and Chris pick up Mike O'Connell from his quaint Larchmont area residence, and podcast in the Honda all the way to his Los Angeles storytelling show; "Drunken Tales of Glory and Shame." At the end of the episode, we get an O'connell tale that is just that, with a slight dash of horrifying. You can Support ATC this month by visiting our tubestart campaign page. Help us upgrade our...

Ep.26 Jamie Lee
Jamie Lee gets picked up all Uber style by Karen and Chris, in Karen's dangerous Honda Fit (Karen is a good driver, it's just that it's a very tiny car), for a mobile podcast, slash, ride to her home.  Jamie is a pure delight. She's smart as a whip, funny as hell, quick as the dickens, and cute as a bell, and makes for a terrific guest on an episode that's perhaps, and I hate to say this so early in the game, one of the best Do You Need a Ride episode's ever. EVER!  http://shop.rooftop...

Ep.25 Just Karen And Chris
Karen Kilgariff picks up Chris Fairbanks at LAX after being at Montana's only comedy competition, The Big Sky Comedy Festival. DYNAR:

Ep.24 Andy Kindler
Karen and Chris pick up Andy Kindler at a high profile Hollywood entertainment meeting that he went directly to, from LAX, on his own accord. At which point they pick him up in their Accord. That was a hilarious joke. Andy is so quick and so funny, this is an episode you will no doubt have to listen to more than once. Karen and Chris are on point too. Even the car was running better than usual. Enjoy!Follow DYNAR:

Ep.23 David Hunstberger
"Karen and Chris meet "Professor Blastoff" host David Hunstberger, wandering around in front of his house barefoot, after bringing himself home from LAX. (They were going to pick him up at the airport, but had an emergency Honda maintenance issue that is too boring to get into, so they met Dave at his place and drove around his neighborhood.) We cover animation, peanut voice-over work, the reasons cats pee on fresh laundry, and pan sexual orgy parties. David is so very quick and funny, and has a perfect bra...

Ep.22 Todd Barry
New York based stand up comedy superstar Todd Barry jumps into the Honda at LAX to do all the best shows in Los Angeles, in addition to an @midnight taping. Being that he is just about every professional comedian's favorite comic, Karen and Chris are very excited to have him on the show. This episode is simply terrific. DYNAR:

Ep.21 Jackie Kashian
"Karen and Chris pick up Jackie Kashian at Burbank's Bob Hope International Airport. Which is better than having Bob Hope himself on, because she is much funnier and smarter than him, and doesn't have dispariging things things to say about the Koreans. I say this a lot, but she just might be the best guest we've had so far. Listen to Jackie!" DYNAR:

Ep.20 Chris' Dad Part 2: James W Fairbanks
Chris' father Jim drives him to the little MSO airport in Missoula, Montana after visiting the beautiful Big Sky Country for his best friend's wedding. Chris's dad talks about his interviewing of Jim Jones right before the guy made his followers drink poisoned Kool-Aid, in what was a famous example of how 'absolute power corrupts absolutely'. Everybody should listen to Jim Fairbanks. He's terrific. DYNAR:

Ep.19 Labor Day Episode!
Karen and Chris, out of respect for our nation's Labor Day, refuse to bother any potential comedian guests with the labor of being on their podcast, assuming also, that LA's comedians are all off relaxing at one of the many potential beach parties Southern California has to offer. Karen has a work related indoor party, so Chris drives her to it. He has no plans at all. Fortunately for you though, they are very funny in this episode. Enjoy. And sorry if you also weren't invited to a party, like Chris. http:/...

Karen and Chris pick up the always magnetic and highly improvisational stand up comedian, Kate Berlant, from LAX, after having been at the High Plains Comedy Festival in Denver, CO. She is simply terrific, so prepare yourself. DYNAR:

Ep.17 Chris' Dad: James W Fairbanks
Chris and his father Jim swap stories as they drive to the town dump in Missoula, Montana to drop off a broken down gas grill. Chris's dad has been a radio DJ, a joke writer for Sammy Shore, a furniture maker, a security alarm installer, an amazing artist, a teacher, and an appraiser and property tax assessor for the State of Montana. He was also Chris' #1 comedic influence. Everybody should listen to Jim Fairbanks. He's terrific. DY...

Ep.16 Guy Branum
Chris and Karen grab the hilarious Guy Branum before tearing around the streets of Hollywood in the '08 Honda Accord. His laugh will mend your soul...or at least help balance out any feelings of panic caused by Chris's traffic blurtings. DYNAR:

Ep.15 Karen And Chris Reunion
After a two episode hiatus, Karen gets back in the Honda after the brief obstacle that is her lucrative career. Before we drop her off at Meltdown for her feature spot on Guy Branum's album recording concert, they decide to hammer out one of their most rapid fire, riff heavy broadcasts to date. This one is a stellar gem of an episode. DYNAR:

Ep.14 Matt Kirshen & Henry Phillips
MATT KIRSHEN AND HENRY PHILLIPS Chris takes one of London's premiere stand ups of "Last Comic Standing" fame, Matt Kirshen, from the Hollywood Improv, to LAX, for what Matt classifies as a 'social' visit to Atlanta. We can only assume that means he is an international spy, as we know anyone young and dashing with a British accent is likely to be. Along the way, Henry Phillips hops in, and acts as guest host for this episode, until after they drop off Matt at a chaotic LAX, at which point Henry is promoted t...

Ep.13 Chris Fairbanks: Totally Alone
Chris takes his lonely self to his show at Flappers in Burbank while Karen is at home fulfilling a writing deadline. WARNING: This is not a legitimate, full episode, with a co-host or guest! It is simply Chris, driving alone in his car, stumbling through a manic collection of thoughts while taking the wrong exits and alternately talking about his mother and frustratingly yelling at other cars in traffic....but in a happy, funny way. Lower the volume along with your expectations!  http:...

Ep.12 Jon Dore
Karen and Chris pick up Canada's sweetheart; Jon Dore, and drive together to Nerdmelt Theater in Los Angeles for Karen's big headlining night. After some quick riveting conversation in the Honda, we then take you straight to the live comedy show, where you'll hear Guy Branum, Jon Dore, Chris Fairbanks, and Karen Kilgariff, tearing the roof off everyone's faces with some high octane stand up comedy. Then, we wrap things up in the Meltdown greenroom, where John Roy joins the group. It's almost too much comedy...

Ep.11 Todd Glass
"Karen and Chris take one of their favorite comedians, Todd Glass, to the esteemed Hot Tub show at the Virgil in Los Angeles, CA. Along the way, we discuss Todd's past shrubbery theft problem, the fake and real inspirations for his sleeve of tattoos, and the similarities between subway stations and amusement parks. Then, we give you a taste of his terrific stand up set at the Virgil. On the way back to Todd's home, stay tuned for two legitimate brushes with violent crime! We get chased by an angry biker who...

Ep.10 Chris Thayer DYNAR:

Ep.9 Henry Phillips
Last night, Chris Fairbanks and guest Henry Phillips, picked up co-host Karen Kilgariff for her show in downtown Los Angeles. So for a second, Henry was the co-host, then transformed into the guest once Karen boarded the Honda. It's very futuristic and confusing. From there, they head to an art gallery comedy show with bad acoustics and an awkward host and Karen and Henry both do a song or two. Then we drive home, and reflect...and maybe do some good old fashion shit talking. Enjoy!  h...

Ep.8 Greg Fitzsimmons
"Welcome to another D.Y.N.A.R! (honk!, honk!) In this episode, at a more reasonable mid-day hour, Karen and Chris grab Boston’s most hilarious '9/11 truther', Greg Fitzsimmons, at LAX. Visit for upcoming tour dates, printable headshots, beer coozies, and to listen to FitzDog Radio." DYNAR:

Ep.7 Julian Mc Cullough
Episode 7- Chris and Karen take a delightful early morning ride with hilarious comedian/Guy Code star/Antiques Roadshow nerd Julian McCullough. Visit for upcoming tour dates and printable headshots. DYNAR:

Ep.6 James Adomian
Comedian James AdomianFollow DYNAR:

Ep.5 Ian Karmel
Good Lord...It's f#%king 4:30am. But comedian Ian Karmel is flying to the open arms of his lady friend in Portland, and it's our job getting him to that airplane! On the way, we talk to the Chelsea Lately starlet about possibly upsetting the anti-defamation league, address the subliminal suggestions of soft spoken NPR hosts, swap dueling Shel Silverstein's aunt impressions, and then witness a kidnapping getaway as we enter LAX. But we get him there safe, saving his relationship.Follow DYNAR:https://www.inst...

Ep.4 Myq Kaplan
Join us with guest Myq Kaplan as we embark on a virtually breathless, manic word cruise where language becomes mathematics, and Myq tries to push his ayahuasca agenda onto our clean lifestyles.Follow DYNAR:

Ep.3 Baron Vaughn
Comedian Baron Vaughn gets a ride home from LAX at night.Follow DYNAR:

Ep.2 Rob Delaney
Rob Delaney hops into the Honda at LAX after a tour of collages and theaters. We discuss his book, addiction, car accidents, and that time Chris was a dick to him that he couldn't remember because he (Chris) was probably drunk. Then we drop by his mysterious bank, and ultimately, bring him home to his family. The sound of Rob's soothing voice makes any driver feel safe. If any of this sounds weird it's because I have a fever. Follow DYNAR:

Ep.1 (Pilot Episode)
Pilot episode:Welcome to "Do You Need a Ride?" In their first episode, Karen and Chris take the Honda to Burbank Airport. Along the way, they confront past traumas, scream at traffic, roast Bob Hope, uncover a medievaly themed pedophile ring, trail The Rock in his Lambo, and try their best to bring anyone willing, back home in one piece.Next episode, guest Rob DelaneyTwitter:@chrisfairbanks @KarenKilgariffWebsites: