Aggregated reviews for Dragon Talk - An Official Dungeons & Dragons Podcast

Go inside the walls of Dungeons & Dragons for exclusive interviews and previews! The D&D team sits down each week with celebrities and personalities from across gaming and pop culture to discuss one of the greatest fantasy brands of all-time. We'll talk about the tabletop roleplaying game, as the latest in D&D video games, comics, novels, movies, and television.

Epic   (5/5)

I started one month ago I love dnd dis is the best Rogen Ninefingers aka the bloody nine of the north rocks!!!!!!

An especially valuable tool for DM   (4/5)

As a newbie, DM this is one of the first podcasts that I listened to. From everything to hearing about a module I like to hearing various approach to the art and craft of dungeon mastering, I am grateful for this show and what it offers the D&D community!

Decent   (3/5)

the middle segment is the only worthwhile segment, but it’s good enough. shelly is just a bit annoying, but greg is at least somewhat insightful and asks pretty good questions most of the time. the lady who greg does the random character generation with is SOOOO over the top energetic, but it honestly feels like she’s never sat down and made a real character before, lol. all in all, if you wanna learn some lore or have about 30 mins of decent d&d talk, i’d recommend it. otherwise don’t waste your time.


The personalities are decent, but the first 20-30 minutes of each episode are advertisements. Unfortunately the self-advertising segment is enough to push me away from the show.

Too long... not organized... too much fluff... poorly produced   (1/5)

This podcast needs work… At roughly 1h 45min per episode, the podcast is bloated. And it might be okay if there were more content in each episode, but most of it is chit-chat, asides, vamping, etc. The structure of the show is waaaaay too loose. The content seems like it’s planned out the day before. There doesn’t appear to be a script. There are tons of audio issues. I’m amazed that a product of this quality is allowed to be called the official podcast. Shorten the episodes, make the episodes follow a structure, improve the basic audio issues. Basically, start over. If the cliche example of a terrible, pointless podcast is friends saying, “we’re funny when we just sit around and talk… we should be recording this…” this is a terrible, pointless podcast.

Inspiring   (5/5)

Great listen for anyone interested in the intersection of imagination and human beings. I listened so much to the backlogged episodes that I made a drinking game out of it! 1 drink every time Greg makes a segue and then calls attention to the segue!

Fantastic interviews and inspiration   (5/5)

The interviews are fascinating and inspiring because they’re always with incredible, creative, passionate and downright good people doing interesting things in and around D&D. Shelly and Greg (and Kate, Chris, Jeremy, Adam and the whole team) have such a warmth and joy for what they do that they always bring out the best in their guests and each other. And the B segments (Lore You Should Know, et al) are absolute gold.

Every other guest says the same thing   (2/5)

Its hard to listen to a show that constantly degrades you. This show seems bent on booking only guests that proudly poopoo white people. Interviews are regularly an hour or more of how awful the hobby is because its full of white men and boys, and then a few stories of bad games they had where they were uncomfortable and had to start their own company/stream/group that played the game they wanted to play. The irony is thick, one guest complained about how he didnt feel at home playing in groups that leaned on the normal "white" centered fantasy themes so he created his own group that is asian only with asian only fantasy themes. /facepalm

All other podcasts are better   (1/5)

Well maybe not all, but this podcast is really bad. The hosts are terrible. Shelly is especially awful. I’m convinced she doesn’t like D&D. It’s a paycheck and she would rather talk about anything else. As many have said, the intro is crucially skippable. It’s as bad as listening to a screeching 20 minute long rendition of “everything is awesome”. Lore you should know is the one consistently worthwhile segment of the podcast. The interviews are.... well, the guests are usually twitch streamers and/or special snowflakes talking about being marginalized for like, an hour (man, I gotta say, I can’t wait till we’re past the Critical Role era of D&D). Occasionally some guests are interesting, but Greg and Shelly are such bad interviewers, they will always ruin an otherwise good segment by going off on some very random tangent.

I’m here for the Lore   (3/5)

Much like many reviewers, I skip to Lore You Should Know, then shut it off at the end of the segment. The LYSK segments are absolute gold.

Not Really a D&D Podcast   (1/5)

I came here expecting lore and deeper explorations of D&D and, with exception to Lore You Should Know, found only idle chit chat and inside jokes. The podcast derails from D&D every chance it gets. It sounds more like a water cooler conversation between people who have played D&D once or twice than an official D&D podcast. The interviews and introductions are especially bad.

Amazing show   (5/5)

Love that I always learn something new about a fame and community I love so much. The hosts are hilarious and really engage listeners and streamers alike into their show.

Love the banter! Great info   (5/5)

The banter between Greg and Shelly is fantastic - both of their laughs are contagious. Definitely agree that the regular bits are the best. The interviews are great - even those I don't like are informative and I learn a lot about stuff I don't know about. All in all, a great podcast to keep on in the car or while at work. They deserve all the poddys!

Definitely a good way to enter the world of DnD   (5/5)

As a family who is learning about DnD, this provides a good entry point in the past, current, and future of DnD. The guests bring a new perspective to the DnD world and the hosts Greg and Shelly have a great podcasting chemistry.

Just fast forward to the Lore You Should Know   (2/5)

And then stop immediately after that, everything else is a painfully insipid listen. I have tried numerous times at the urging of a friend, whose taste I respect, and I just cannot listen to the introduction or the interviews. Bad podcasting.

Not a huge fan   (2/5)

I just wish there was a dedicated lore you should know podcast. Every episode I just skip to that section and stop listening after. I usually find the other segments pretty hard to listen to.

Too much inane banter from hosts...   (3/5)

I LOVE lore you should know and sage advice, but I feel that the hosts need to trim the banter at the beginning.

Skip the first 10 minutes   (4/5)

The information in the pre-recorded interviews are invaluable. I love Lore You Should Know, Sage Advice, and interviews with guests. I like Shelly and Greg, but their opening banter could be cut down to maybe 1-2 minutes.

Going downhill   (3/5)

This pod is a mixed bag. Good inside information on the game we love. Hit and miss on the interviews. Where they really shine is the regular segments; until recently that is. Sage Advice and Lore You Should Know are outstanding. However, Random Character Generator is just painful. I love Kate Welch. She’s an outstanding creator and I’m excited for her work on the design team. But last episode they spent five minutes of the segment looking up “feral tiefling.” Not an entertaining pod segment. A talent like Ms. Welch could be used better.

They lift us up   (5/5)

This podcast is a lot of fun to listen to. Greg and Shelly do a great job and their enthusiasm is infectious. The segments provide great insight into the history of the game as well as seeds for future adventures. And the interviews cover a very interesting range of aspects of the hobby.

Mostly awesome, oddly annoying at times.   (3/5)

Raise your hand if you skip the first 10 minutes of every episode? The Ghosts of Saltmarch episode was so rambling, I kept skipping ahead and now I think I have figured out that Ghosts of Saltmarsh is a Rosey Beestinger adventure based on Fiddler on the Roof. I stopped listening after about 45 minutes of the hosts and guest laughing at inside jokes. As far as getting insider info on D&D, you basically HAVE to follow this podcast. I love the Lore You Should Know and Sage Advice segments. I 99% adore the interviews with non-WOTC creators and players and DMs and artists. I hope you don’t think I am a jerk if I say that one or the other host would be better than both. Either alone is great. Together they are having too much fun to deliver the news and conduct an interview. If I were the boss of them, I would insist they work together because they clearly enjoy working together, but swap segments or interviews or entire episodes. When one or the other is on vacation, they are more efficient and more thorough. These rambling 2 hour podcasts could deliver the news in 30 minutes. Editing is the soul of all art.

Always makes my week better   (5/5)

Shelly and Greg are a great duo and fill my D&D knowledge quota each week. I really enjoy the lore you should know with Perkins and Sage advice with Jeremy Crawford segments.

Dedicate Listening Time   (5/5)

I know, I know, you are busy. Your life is full of multiple things that you just don’t have enough hours in the day to get them all done. Listening to podcasts is a convenance thing, something to fill the background with noise while you are doing another task. How can anyone sit down and listen to over an hours worth of audio content? Trust me when I say that this is exactly what you should do with this podcast. From the witty banter between Greg and Shelly, to the deep dive questions asked of their guests, you are gonna want to dedicate some time to listen. Especially if you are someone who wants to know more about the lore of the Forgotten Realms, or find out exactly how a rule is intended to work within the game. Often, as I too listen while I am driving, something is said that makes you think about your home games, and you have to try to remember until you can write it down, or you have to pause the recording to make a voice memo. Inspiration is around every corner in each of these episodes, and it’s never safe to take your hands off the wheel while driving. Find some time each week to listen fully, and let your imagination run wild as ideas pop up out of nowhere during the course of be conversations. You won’t regret it.

Such fun...   (5/5)

Just really good talk and guests and lore about everybody’s favorite RPG!

Testing   (5/5)

This is a test

Nice weekly D&D tidbits   (5/5)

Greg and Shelly and great hosts leading us through the weekly D&D news. Their banter makes listeners feel like they’re long time friends just talking about what’s going on in the world of tabletop. Keep up the good work!

Pre-recorded segments are better than interviews   (3/5)

“Lore you should know” and “sage advice” should be there own podcast. Greg and Shelley are loveable, but terrible interviewers. I understand why the intro is 15 minutes of Greg and Shelley spouting ads for WOTC products and events,(why else have a corporate podcast?) but I skip the intro and the interview almost every time. Could be a great podcast, but the hosting style and the obvious influence from the marketing team hold it back.

Too political   (2/5)

Lore and Sage advice segments are great. Host and guests tend to delve into political agendas more often than not. Just stay out of all politics please.

Spectacularly Informative   (5/5)

This podcast has been amazing from the beginning. The chance to listen to the game designers break down how the games were made, how books came to be, and other industry experts of the Dungeons & Dragons community has proven a fount of knowledge that I didn’t know I wanted or needed. Perhaps the most valuable bit of this podcast is The Lore You Should Know segments. This has been incredibly useful and cut my prep time for DM-ing down drastically. My only issue is that those segments aren’t longer.

Great show!   (5/5)

Fantastic content! Lore You Should Know should have its own show, or could use longer segments! Hope for more official game discussions and Sage Advice!! Great hosts and great guests!!

Interesting   (4/5)

The intros can get a little annoying but the interviews and lore you should know segments are great!

Rocks Fall!!!   (5/5)

I love, love, love this show. Listening to Greg & Shelly is like sitting down with old friends and talking D&D. And “Lore You Should Know” is one of the best segments ever!

Great   (4/5)

Omg. For the first time ever I wasn’t greeted by Tito’s “Hellllllloooooooo and welcome to Dragon Talk!” crap. This time he “played it straight” and it was 1000x better. I normally skip the first 10 min of this podcast because of the “witty” banter and 10-min commercial that I pretty much can’t stand. I tune in for the convos with the guests, which are usually pretty good.

Fun and witty   (5/5)

Just like sitting in a pub and arguing with your cleric and barbarian about whether or not to go after a troll... This podcast is full of witty banter and lots of info that I use weekly. Greg and Shelly are amazing! I wish I could work with the, I love how much they care about their jobs.

Not bad   (3/5)

They spend too much time making unfunny chit chat. The Lore You Should Know segment is great. The rest is iffy.

Lore you should know   (4/5)

Love the lore you should know segment. Would be great as its own podcast, honestly. Some of the interviews are pretty boring or have guests of relatively no renown or expertise, but thats not usually the case.

Great way to stay on top of the latest from D&D   (5/5)

I know it’s marketing, but still really enjoy it. I’ve been listening for years, and the quality has definitely improved over time. I think Greg and Shelley are cute cohosts, and even though the silliness may not always hit the mark, I find them endearing. They’re from my goofy tribe. The best parts of the podcast, hands down, are the Lore You Should Know/Sage Advice segments. To hear Jeremy Crawford, Chris Perkins, and Matt Sernett talk D&D is always interesting and informative. I wish there was more like this. Maybe a DM/player tips segment or something. The interviews are a bit hit or miss, depending on the guests, but mostly hit, I’d say. I’ve often found myself inspired by these segments. And I’m a sucker for D&D origin stories. One nitpicking critique: when they recorded a bunch of these all at once and had no idea what Lore/Advice segment would be edited in, the banter that followed wherein they joked about knowing so much more about the, that got old quick. And they kept. On. Doing it. Maybe its because I binged a bunch in a row that it got annoying. Glad to see them “time traveling” a bit less now in 2018. Keep up the good work.

Where’s the beef?   (2/5)

I enjoy a lot of actual play podcasts and DMs tips videos. If you're looking for that type of content, this is not the place. The hosts are not that engaging in my opinion. Their intros and commentaries tend to feel unfocused and despite this being the official d&d podcast, they dont seem to get that deep into the game or lore. Or the business. Or the industry. Its all surface and digression.

It’s like a show about work   (3/5)

I like the segments. I wish they’d cut the first 10 minutes of awkward banter. It sounds like they are hanging out in the office breakroom with coworkers they don’t not like, making forced conversation about work stuff.

THE Podcast for D&D News   (5/5)

As the official D&D podcast for Wizards of the Coast, Dragon Talk keeps listeners up to date on the latest Dungeons & Dragons news as well as interviews with industry contributors. (Unfortunately, rumors or sneak peeks into future products aren't allowed, but that is the nature of the beast.) A lore segment has been added (and should definitely be kept) that explores the background of campaign elements and/or game rules.

Slow down   (3/5)

Is it me? or these podcast being sped up?

Great stuff   (5/5)

Lots of supplementary ideas for any campaign especially forgotten realms

Love the insights and lore   (5/5)

Became a regular after hearing the pegger and Peggie episode that had me laughing so hard I had to pull over.

Great Part of My Week   (5/5)

I have been listening for over a year. I always enjoy getting to work and seeing their is a new episode to listen to. I could listen to Lore You Should Know Segments all day. The guests are all so different and make each week exciting to listen too. Can’t say enough good things.

Great for us hardcore fans   (5/5)

I've been playing D&D since the 1970s, and I love "behind the scenes" elements when I can get them. I feel like Dragon Talk shines a light into the mysteries of the game's development. Segments that explore the history and thinking behind the game's rules and story are very enjoyable, and they get great guests from the gaming community and beyond.

Need to be more current.   (4/5)

This podcast used to be current and released the same week it was recorded. Now that they stream the show to Twitch it now takes about 2 months to post to iTunes!! Can’t give it a 5 Star because of this.

Informative but sales-y   (2/5)

This IS the official Wizards of the Coast Dungeons & Dragons podcast. This is where many, many new products, storylines, and lore are revealed. Edit: Too sales-y. Lose 1 star. The segments called "Lore You Should Know" and "Sage Advice" are fantastic segments, but I have too many issues being able to listen to Chris Perkins and other lore-masters and creators. This IS a podcast and listeners should not need to drastically adjust their volume to hear the content (lose 1 star). Continuity: Thanks to the fact that this podcast is originally aired live on Twitch, podcast listeners must wait over 1 month to listen to each episode. And confusion abounds for several reasons (lose 1 star). 1. When Greg Tito and Shelly MooMoo can’t tell you what special lore or rules segment accompanies each episode. 2. Release dates and events that are revealed (live may be correct) are either past, now irrelevant, or confusing. I’m done with this podcast. I listened for 8 months. Loved it, and now I just want to fast forward through some of the wasted talk.

Must listen   (5/5)

So much great information!

The best D&D podcast I've heard.   (5/5)

Great DMing, storytelling, voice acting, editing, and music. What more could you want from a role playing podcast.

Bing bongs & The Click clacks   (5/5)

Love the Lore and Sage segments.

Always fun and insightful   (5/5)

Sure, there's a bias being that this is put out by Wizards of the Coast, but I still look forward to hearing Greg and Shelly every week on this podcast. The Lore You Should Know and Sage Advice segments are great and get my DM brain working, and there's always a fun and interesting guest. Great insight into WotC and DnD presented by two fantastic hosts.

Super Dope Podcast   (5/5)

Awesome interviews, funny hosts that don't force stuff, good discussions about rules, all thumbs up for Dragon Talk!

Some Great Segments, Too Much Boring Banter   (3/5)

Love DnD and this podcast gets some great interviews. The Lore You Should Know and Sage Advice segments get 5 stars. Unique info you can't get outside of WotC. The intro banter by the hosts goes way too long and is not entertaining, so skipping forward 4-8 minutes each show after giving it a shot for 20+ episodes is annoying. The guests are hit or miss as well.

Awesome   (5/5)

If you are crazy for D&D this is the podcast for you.

Educated   (5/5)

A wonderfully educated take and upkeep of a beloved game !

Great podcast   (5/5)

Best place for staying up to date on D&D

Marvelous   (5/5)

Such Variety Many Yums

Almost There   (5/5)

This podcast is awesome! The hosts, Shelly and Tito, are great people with positive attitudes and the guests are also very interesting and applicable. The reason it's "almost there" is because the first few I listened to happened to have the internal-company interviews regarding game mechanics (it's not as boring as it sounds, especially when a developer of the rules is explaining it) and that helped me immensely. But then I realized the majority of the inner-company discussions are in regards to Lore and as much as I love the history of these fantasy worlds, a lot of D&D games are so fun bc the DM & players have made their own worlds where that lore may not apply. So with that said, MOAR game mechanic discussions/tips/hints would be awesome! Those discussions provide a good basis for listening DMs to utilize those mechanics in unique ways. Again, not that the lore isn't awesome - but maybe less of it and more game mechanic/DM tip focuses from the devs/writers. Great job though, 5 stars!

Great for D&D Fans   (5/5)

Greg and Shelly do an amazing job with this podcast. They're funny and ask their guests great questions. I love Lore You Should Know and the majority of the Sage Advice is great. I blame this podcast for having as many 5e books as I do. Not a bad thing! Only thing I wish this podcast I wish had was some gameplay. Especially when new content comes out. Keep up the great work guys!

Perfect Blend of Lore, Rules, Ideas, and info   (5/5)

I discovered Dragon Talk recently and have fallen in love with the show. Greg, Shelly, and Co have a really great chemistry and conversational tone that makes you feel like you are hanging out and chatting with friends, despite the people talking often being titans of the roleplaying industry. The content is interesting for DMs and Players alike, and is a great way to hear about the goings on at Wizards. I especially enjoy the blend of segments with "Lore you shoul Know" being my favorite, who doesn't want to hear the loremaster of D&D delving into the deepest depths of lore! I highly recommend this podcast to anyone interested in D&D or roleplaying games in general. Thank you for creating such an awesome cast!

The OFFICIAL D&D podcast is great!!   (5/5)

Dragon Talk review: I think this is a GREAT podcast! The hosts Shelly and Greg are a nice balance of nerdily excited D&D fans while not being too hipster OR too mumbly-stare-at-your shoes spazzes either. They're personable and accessible but also "real" fans and fun to listen to. Considering this is THE official D&D podcast I think that this is VERY IMPORTANT and no easy feat! (*) I just got back into D&D last fall after about 33 years and thus Podcast has been a great re-introduction! Love the guests, especially the creative ones, the Joe Mangedalo interview was so fun and love hearing how everyone originally "got into the game". I feel Shelly and Greg are very relatable and enthusiastic and I find myself smiling and nodding throughout many of the episodes. I've recently tried several other gaming podcasts (in addition to listening to comics and film ones over the years) and for me [especially for the current episodes of] Dragon Talk with Shelly and Greg is my favorite. As a lifelong comic nerd who is also married with kids and not a complete social misfit I feel I'm particularly sensitive and knowledgeable on the subject. I worked at a comic shop for years and will not spend another second listening to some fool prattle on and on or nerdily chuckle to themselves (in person OR on a podcast!) offense and I'm sorry, they're my "people" but I've had enough. THIS SHOW IS NOT ONE OF THOSE SHOWS!! I think THIS PODCAST is the right balance for introducing new players to the game and broadening the fan base AS WELL as appealing to old school fans! It's also important to have male and female perspectives, older and younger players, inside the biz and outside, 5.0 as well as AD&D and everything in between...not to mention occasional discussion of movies, comics, theater or whatever else seems relevant at the moment ...and this podcast is a nice balance of all that! NICE JOB GUYS!! Some minor criticisms would just be that the Lore You Should Know segments can get a LITTLE too bogged down in minutiae of the D&D's world's fictional backstory and I find myself skipping them sometimes. That said I appreciate Chris and Matt's major in-depth knowledge... I just think I prefer it when it relates more to game play rules/mechanics (I LOVED the recent Wild Shape discussion!), talk of monsters, races, classes, etc. OR the history of the game design (old module breakdowns for example) RATHER THAN story after story of stuff that's not related to my campaign or that I'll never incorporate. (Sorry!) Finally in terms of the podcast as a whole I personally just have a pet peeve about not liking my "culture" (be it comics, books, toys, film, RPGs, whatever!) referred to as "products"! I DO like hearing the process and thoughts and behind the scenes that go into making "new Products" and understand when you get into super in depth talk of the design process the designers may use this "product" type lingo... but Greg or Matt or Chris should be able to talk about DnD without regressing into that jargon (I don't think Shelly does) I don't know...I just feel it's one step away from saying "widgets-to-spend-your-disposable income on" when there's too much talk of "products" least for me! I feel that this IS a game but it's also a cross between art, storytelling and entertainment and to refer to it as a "product" kinda cheapens it. ... I'd rather be thought of as a fan or a player than a "consumer of products" when it comes to D&D ...because D&D is more than that!!! (This is minor nitpicking though!) Bottom-line though...I really enjoy this podcast; the hosts, the guests, the knowledge and enthusiasm ...even the intro theme! Awesome job Greg and Shelly and the rest of the gang at WOTC!!!

Great stuff!   (5/5)

Love Dragon Talk! My son and I enjoy listening together and love Lore You Should Know and we are particularly fond of Sage Advice! We really enjoying hearing about people's "history" with the game (the Luke Gygax episode was especially good!) and how they came to start playing. To suggest an idea for a topic: DnD across generations - stories of those of us who have introduced the game to our children and now play together!! I've been DMing for my son and his friends for the past two years and now he has just stared DMing. Passing on traditions to our children... DnD doesn't get any better!!!

Great podcast   (5/5)

I enjoy Dragon Talk very much. Greg and Shelly have an incredible dynamic, and the guests are always interesting and enlighten me about different aspects of a game that I love very much. Favorite part: Lore You Should Know!

Rarely good   (2/5)

I want this to be a better podcast, and I keep checking it out to see if it ever get there, but nope. The hosts, Tito an Shelly giggle to themselves through the first 10 minutes (which I now just fast forward through) and the main part is them being poor interviewer (who never sound prepared with questions and giggle and talk amongst themselves). These interviews are sometimes interesting despite the hosts. The most interesting part is the short game material section (e.g., "Lore You Should Know") with game developers (which again is good despite Tito).

Don't miss an episode   (5/5)

Shelly and Greg are awesome hosts- very engaging and quite funny! The guests are wonderful and my favorite part is the "Lore you should know" episodes!

More Lore you should know   (5/5)

I love the show and the news and insight into WOTC and D&D. Keep it going. Have whole shows dedicated to Lore you should know!!

Good content, bad hosts   (3/5)

Great interviews with interesting people. I especially enjoy the lore you should know segments. However listening to Greg and Shelly is an absolute chore. Their "banter" is just painfully uninteresting and cringe- worthy. I'm also sick of commercials shoed in for shellys board game

The Best Podcast on D&D   (5/5)

I have to say that outside of the game play podcasts, this official Wizard of the Coast podcast is the best when it comes to inside information on what is in the works!

Old Dude With A Lot of Books   (5/5)

My favorite podcast. It’s funny, informative, and a blast to listen to. Huge fan.

Wonderful Information   (5/5)

the information and personality coming from this podcast is wonderful. I look forward each week to the rules, lore, and big names they bring to the table ( or microphone). thank you!

So flippin' good!!!   (5/5)

I absolutely love this podcast! Greg Tito and Shelly Mazzanoble are so accessible and are instantly relatable because I feel like they are as much fans of what they do as I am. Lore You Should Know and Sage Advice are awesome segments. They help you understand the D&D world you partake in. Most notably, the guests they have, especially the writers, have been such an inspiration to me in my play as well as in my motivation to write myself. Take a listen and enjoy!

Like D&D itself, this podcast has come a long way   (5/5)

Greg, Shelly & co. have really hit their stride lately, especially with the addition of the "Lore You Should Know" and "Sage Advice" segments. Those provide a nice, game-focused balance to the somewhat fluffier (though still interesting) celeb interviews and playful banter. I especially enjoyed the latest episode with Matt Colville from the great "Running the Game" YouTube series. That guy should be a regular guest, IMHO.

Leave out the politics!   (3/5)

The information on the game and products are great. The people they interview are great. If only they could keep the politics out of it. My sports radio show doesn't mention politics, neither should my D&D show. Many people play to escape the real world, please quit dragging unrelated real world things into our hobby.

Don't miss this if you are interested in D&D   (5/5)

Appealing hosts with amazing guests--what's not to love?! From the deep background of D&D with Luke Gygax to more info on the present game with the creators to celebrities who indulge to teachers who use it with students--this has it all and does it with style!

Meh   (2/5)

Lots of off-topic rambling by the two hosts who, frankly, could be improved upon. Once they're back on topic however it is somewhat interesting, usually.

Comedic gold   (5/5)

Please, please do not deprive yourself of the joy of listening to Shelly and Greg talk to each other in the intros with your podcast device set to play at half speed. Trust me. Listen to the rest at normal speed, it's great but half-speed for those two!

Surprisingly Entertaining and Worthwhile   (4/5)

I've listened to multiple versions of WOTC's in house D&D podcast over the years. Some have been okay, many have been sporatically produced, but none of them wowed me. I started listening to the lastest iteration of the in house podcast, and its really good. There is a little too much chatter, but overall, good chemistry between the hosts, solid guests, and enough content to make me interested in checking out what is going on with the D&D brand.

Best co-workers   (5/5)

Love this podcast, you guys rock! I love the lore and how you all keep me company on the graveyard shift! Shelly Moo and Tito are the best and Lore you should know is just the best to listen too. So much exciting things to listen to. This is hands down my favorite podcast every week.

More than Just the Official D&D Podcast   (5/5)

While the podcast is produced by Hasbro/WotC as the official D&D podcast, and D&D is the 900 pound gorilla in the RPG room, the podcast in its 2016 format is a must listen for all RPG fans. It provides discussions and interviews into the creation of official D&D products as well as interviews with D&D fans of note. The hosts, Shelly and Greg, have excellent chemistry to facilitate the lively discussions.

Just Epic   (5/5)

I absolutely love listening to Greg and Shellymoo make giggles and conversation happen. Also getting to hear icons like Chris Perkins speak about a game I love so dearly is amazing. Can't get enough.

"My Pigeons"!   (5/5)

Love, Love, Love this podcast! Greg "Tweet-o" Tito and Shelly "Shellymoo" Mazzanoble are a hoot, yes I said hoot, to listen to. The Lore you should know with Chris Perkins and Matt Sernett, Jeremy Crawford talks about Sagely advice and more! The best D&D Podcast, saved the best for last, Shelly does the best impressions. She is like a modern day Rich Little(hmm, no one probably knows who he is.) lets just say Dana Carvey, Jimmy Fallon, or Jim Carrey have nothing on Shelly.

DM must listen, others must as well   (5/5)

DMs will get a lot from this podcast, everyone else will want to DM after listening to a few episodes.

Love it   (5/5)

This is my favorite weekly podcast and the one I look forward to the most. I love the balance of humor and lore. I highly recommend it for people looking to know more about D&D.

Great podcast.   (5/5)

Great podcast for D&D fans.

Great Podcast for D&D Fans   (5/5)

I love listening to this podcast. I look forward to Thursday knowing I get to listen to it! The "Lore You Should Know" portion is my favorite. Greg and Shelley are awesome. Check it out!

Overall good podcast, has room for improvement   (3/5)

Greg and Shelly are good hosts that are able to deliver fairly consistent content. The true gem, (and the main reason I tune in) are the Lore You Know segments by Chris Perkins, who truly gives consistently high quality material. My only disappointment is that the podcast is not more of this. Unfortunately, the guest interviews are riddled with quips and one-ups at humor that can become quite tedious.

Iraq Vet thanks Wizards & RA Salvatore   (5/5)

As a US Army veteran, who served as a cavalry scout and sniper in Iraq, I want to give my appreciation of Bob, Greg and Shelly taking on the heavy subject of mental health, especially PTSD. it's great to have an example of a fantasy hero experiencing depression to help all of us find the hero in ourselves. [email protected]_dad

Fun stuff   (5/5)

I continue to enjoy the official podcasts of D&D, good stuff! Tito is settling in nicely and has good chemistry with Shelley at the start of the podcasts.

Critical Insight on the top level of the TRPG Genre   (5/5)

The amount of fun you will be having while educating yourself about the behind the scenes at Wizards of the Coast, seems off. I find myself laughing at the hosts more often, and even gaining some insight into creators of such things as Adventure Time and Drizzt Do'Urden. This is great for people trying to run canned campaigns with their newly potioned Lore You Should Know section usually feating Chris Perkins. The interactions between Shelly and Greg are friendly and warm. Listen for the Lore, subscribe for the laughs.

Cool   (4/5)

Recent Wolfgang Baur episodelike some others is practically whispercore. Your phone or listening device might not go up loud enough to even hear it if a gentle gust of wind goes by.

Pod n'Roll   (4/5)

Super fun podcast about a super fun game. Addicting to listen to, especially the Lore portion (more Lore!)

Lore you should know...   (4/5)

I gave up on this podcast awhile back as it seemed more of a marketing thing than what I was looking for. Recently I've picked it up again and its almost entirely due to the "Lore you should know" segment. Great addition to the Podcast.

Good Stuff   (5/5)

Gregory and Michelle are great together! Both funny in a disarming, genial way. Their demeanor, and the show's subjects and interview style, make this podcast accessible and engaging to people on both sides of the DM screen. Matthew and Christopher are engaging and funny as well, and have a good dynamic. LYSK is a phenomenal addition! More of the same please!

Awesome!!   (5/5)

I am fairly new to D&D as I have only been playing for about a year now and this podcast inspires me and now has me wanting to cross over and start DMing! Thanks guys for a really awesome show!

Great podcast!   (5/5)

Amazing show that you should subscribe to, especially for the "Lore you should know" Segment.

Great hosts! Informative lore!   (4/5)

For me, the draw of Dragon Talk are the hosts Greg Tito and Shelly Mazzanoble, along with the ongoing Lore You Should Know segment. It's fun to listen to them banter, though I'll be honest and say I skip the interviews most of the time. Not much interesting meat in those I've found.

Lore for sure   (5/5)

The "Lore you should know" segment is outstanding and has made this a must listen podcast. The guests have been stellar of late as well and Trevor and Greg are great.

Great Podcast   (5/5)

I simply love this show. I'm coming back into D&D after a 20 year hiatus. My kids love playing and realy enjoy your show. Keep up the great work Shelly and Greg!

Dragons   (5/5)

Love the show,

So much fun!   (5/5)

I don't get to play D&D very often, but this podcast gives me my fix. Greg and Shelly are a ton of fun and they always have great guests and content. It's fun listening to two people who truly have a passion for the topic.

Legit info   (5/5)

Thanks for the cool people.

Almost great   (2/5)

The content and most of the interviews are great and it keeps me plugged into what happening with D&D. I would give it a 4 or 5 star rating if the host could cut way back or eliminate the insane amounts of "uhs" and "umms" in every single sentence.

Always improving   (5/5)

The podcast has just gotten better and better in the two years I've been listening. They are pulling in amazing guests for interesting interviews, and the "Lore You Should Know" segment is a wonderful resource for getting to know the Forgotten Realms and other worlds of D&D better. Greg and Shelly are great hosts and I can't wait for more.

Language   (4/5)

Hey guys, I have been loving the podcast for about a year now and it has truly been interesting to hear how things work at Wotc. I have used it to listen to on car trips with the family and on weekends at home as my son and wife enjoy hearing the tales told on the podcast. The last few months have been great with getting D&D "Players" on to talk about their experiences. Since that time some of the language has started to get a bit more adult and/or blue in nature. I would be the last one to judge or ask for it to be censored straight out but it would be nice if you could make an attempt to mark the episodes as "mature" or offer a version that is at least edited or censured so that it can be listened to with a younger audience and not have to worry about language. I would appreciate if you at least consider it. Thanks!

Please stay focused   (3/5)

I generally enjoy the content and the interviewees/guests. I do wish that either Greg or Shelly would do solo hosting. Even if they alternated or one took a backseat while the other took the lead. Together there are too many digressions and the interviews lose a great deal of momentum. Too many asides and hardly relevant comments.

D&D   (5/5)

Enjoy the mix of banter, flashbacks and new items for the games

Love Dragon Talk!   (5/5)

It's so nice to have a direct pipeline of information from Wizards of the Coast for D&D. Thanks and keep it coming!

Would be 5 stars with editing or if Shelly could focus   (2/5)

I really enjoy the actual D&D content in the podcast but please ask the hosts, especially Shelly, to focus on discussing D&D or edit the content to eliminate the very long excursions out. The best example of the excessive excursions is the 10/2/15 podcast (D&D in the Classroom) where they ramble on about pigeons and Burt & Ernie for 20 minutes before they, no kidding, try to remember who they are supposed to call. The topic is terrific and would be very useful to educators but I would bet many people switched out after 10-15 minutes of off topic discussion with no indication that there would ever be a conversation with an educator. Side tracks can be fun but it is too much when the when there is no discussion of the topic of the podcast for the first half of a show.

200   (5/5)

Love the hosts and the new lore segment! They have done a great job keeping up with current guests. I've yet to be disappointed by an episode. Ps congrats on 200 reviews!

Great podcast   (5/5)

The official D&D podcast from its publisher WOTC has just been getting better and better. They've been finding really interesting people to interview, actors, musicians, teachers, psychologists etc who all are able to to talk about their experiences with D&D and sometimes how they are using it in their careers now. Very interesting.

Great podcast   (5/5)

I really enjoy listening to your podcasts, really makes me look forward to upcoming content and products in the DnD line. Also love the fact that you aren't afraid to change things up to make a better podcast i.e new segments and all that. Thanks!! I appreciate your hard work!

Great resource for the latest D&D news   (5/5)

The episodes have been coming more frequently, which is great news. The interviews are fascinating and I have discovered several new podcasts to listen to from their discussions.

Coolioz   (4/5)

Good job, though I would love to see the dungeons and randomness crew on here.

Link fix but no episodes load in list.   (1/5)

Why can't you get this right?

Fix Subscibe Ling   (1/5)

Please fix the link.

Gets better and better   (5/5)

Really dig Greg and Shelly's banter, and the wide variety of guests they've had on the show lately. Keep up the awesome work, everyone!

Awesome Show   (5/5)

Greg and Shelly are such great hosts, balancing fun banter (D&D related or otherwise) and great interviews. This podcast is in the top 5 that I listen to religiously (acolyte of Oghma, Go Binders!), and is the perfect way to keep up on all the news about D&D.

Nice Look Backstage   (5/5)

I’ve been getting back into D&D and was looking for some great podcasts to listen to. This one is spot on. I really like all the behind-the-scenes info and hearing about how ideas come to fruition. Suggestion for a future episode: -I really liked the book "Empire of Imagination". It would be neat to hear from the author, Michael Witwer.

Dungeons Deep   (4/5)

I've only recently started listening to Dragon Talk and have been powering through the episdoes. I'm hooked! Interviews with Wolfgang Baur and Saladin Ahmed are especially good. For the most part, the episodes have been fun looks behind the scenes of the various properties of the world(s) of Dungeons & Dragons. The signal-to-noise ratio of the opening five to ten minutes or so is a little skewed for my tastes, but things get rolling once the interviews start. I'd love to see more interviews with fantasy authors who feel their work has been impacted by RPGs. Also, while the thrust of the podcast is understandably on showcasing new/upcoming product, I would appreciate a short section on practical/usable content that gamers can apply to their own tables.

Two is better than one.   (5/5)

My friends and I love the separation of the D&D podcast into DungeonDelve and DragonTalk. With Dragon+ as well, it just further shows Wotc is listening diligently to its fan base. Both are fantastic. Want to hear epic gameplay? Turn to DungeonDelve. If you'd rather talk D&D with influential people in the D&D universe? Sit down with DragonTalk. Allowing you to quickly get to whatever you're feeling at anytime. 5 Stars, to all three. No need to roll, you're gonna love them all.

Distilled Excellence- Rolling the Dice and makin it happen!   (5/5)

Greg and Shelly, thanks for all you do! Been a fan of the Forgotten Realms since '97 starting with Salvatore's Homeland, began playing DnD shortly after, and have been hooked since. Been following PAX since 2004 with Penny Arcade, and just recently got into Podcasts- I've loved every second of this series. Shout out to Chris Perkins and Mike Mearls, two of my favorite people in the world! Y'alls hard work makes me want to be better myself. /gush Love the gamut of topics you cover every episode, love the guests, and I've learned a lot regarding the WotC world! Didn't even know how deeply Neverwinter was integrated, and I'm getting ready to go purchase that as well! In a nut shell, your guests are excellent, your content compelling, your personalities allow for excellent dialogue, and you have inspired me to begin recording my own DnD sessions in a podcast- I do commercial AV for a living, and this is going to be a fantastic experience I never thought I would be capable of doing in my own life without your influence. You're inspiring. Keep up the terrific work. I hope to one day work with every one of you!

New Hosts!   (5/5)

I really enjoy the show a lot more with the current hosts and more conversational, genuine tone.

Great resource for D&D related culture.   (5/5)

I've been listening to this podcast for months. The most recent episode with Dr. Raffael Boccamazzo really hit home with me / my family. I'm DMing a tiny campaign, mixing 5e and Microlite 20, for my autistic 7 year old son. Thanks Greg and Shelly.

My Weekly Motivation   (5/5)

As one who hopes to one day work on D&D, this is my absolute favorite podcast! Listening to everyone on here is both a lot of fun and incredibly motivating. Hearing about all the different things that go into bringing D&D (the product) to life is especially exciting. I also quite enjoy hearing how D&D is being used in different ways (in the classroom, girl scout workshops, a tool for authors, etc.) Overall a fun and informative podcast that celebrates our favorite tabletop experience, Dungeons and Dragons!

Fun to listen to   (5/5)

There were a few episodes where I didn't think the subject would be very good but it turned out to be great info. Entertaining and often points me as a player to a podcast or a site that's useful as a player.

D&D&D&Me   (5/5)

Came for the Oboecrazy, stayed for the quick wit and the insider's look. Such a great way to spend my commute!

Good Content   (5/5)

Great podcast, good content, and keeps me up to speed on what's new with WOTC. Thanks guys.

Great work   (5/5)

Chris Perkins is awesome.

Awesome   (5/5)

Great podcast. Good blend of information and humor.

Nice but lacking Player content   (4/5)

This podcast has some amazing thing in the D&D world I did not know about yet. The one thing I wish was covered at times was anything about player content, any classes or race additions in new books or guides and what we may see in the future. As someone who is primarily a player I would love to hear more about changes coming to characters.

On a Role!   (5/5)

See what I did there? Recently the D&D Podcast has been upgraded to weekly status. It's gotten some quality interviews since then and the banter among all the hosts has been great, too! I would like to see them go into some mechanics and maybe revisit some older stuff from previous editions, or highlight a class or race to discuss its history and current iterations. I know other podcasts do that too, but it always sounds better coming out of the horse's mouth so to speak. Keep up the great job!

Great Show!   (5/5)

Even if I wasn’t a huge fan of D&D the hosts are very entertaining! Keep up the great work!

Love the show!   (5/5)

Great interviews with interesting guests. My favorite segments are the ones with the designers themselves. Thanks for a great show!

More Shelly   (5/5)

This podcast is so fun, I love the banter between Greg and Shelly. This is my only way to hear about new D&D stuff.

Thank you   (5/5)

I stumbled on your podcast as I was playing around with podcasts in general. It caught my eye as I have recently become re-interested in playing after a 25 year hiatus. I hope to find a local game to get back into. Keep up the fantastic podcast and bringing this game back into my life!

Awesome   (5/5)

The shows are all really good and informative. Great topics with behind the scene guests.

You must record your sound engineer playing for the first time   (4/5)

You must record your sound engineer playing for the first time, it's unacceptable that he has never played. Shelly and Greg as players as well. With Chris Perkins as the DM!

The D&D podcast is back!   (4/5)

Glad to see the D&D podcast being updated regularly! It's a great show and the hosts are a lot of fun. I enjoy the interviews and hearing people's history with D&D. I would enjoy hearing more episodes that focus on brainstorming and adventure design. I really liked the very early 3.5 episodes where the hosts spent a lot of time on adventure design topics like incorporating Horror or running Urban campaigns. Also, the Penny Arcade games are comedy gold!

Few hits many misses   (2/5)

Really wish this podcast was better. But it seems, besides the occasional guest, everyone on the show forgets this is supposed to be entertaining. Most of these shows are slow and plodding. They limp their way threw questions that maybe half their guest don't seem to be really into. The intros are almost universally terrible. Only worth it for the occasional Chris Perkins interview or bob Salvatore or when they actually do have information on an upcoming product. Here's hoping they figure out having a podcast with the energy of a smooth jazz AM radio station is a bad thing

Fun for DnD players, for sure   (5/5)

I'm very glad I found this. Lots of interesting behind the scenes stuff going on in the WotC offices. It's a fun listen if you're into the game.

Love it!   (5/5)

I really enjoy listening to this podcast! It helps me plug into the events happening with 5th edition. I like hearing from authors, artist, players, DMs and even educators. This strange world that I discovered in the 70s when I began playing D&D and still play today (a weekly game — at almost 50 years old) is still bringing something new and interesting into my life even when I’m not “at the table.” I love hearing the industry insider aspect and best practices of all those at WOTC. Thanks!

This Podcast Rocks!!!   (5/5)

Guys, I love this podcast. I really like hearing the answers to "when did you get started in D&D" because its different for us all but its also epic for us all. Shelly, im sorry you were a butt rock happened to a lot of us...."I'm a cowboy, on a steel horse I ride". Hall and Oates was a great touch last episode. I'd really like to know what music, if any, D&D groups use when adventuring. My group, we use bands like Manowar or Iron Maiden, but it has to be played low and the song has to be about adventuring....ha ha ha .... Keep up the great podcast. cheers and beers, Jay

Great gobs of gooey geek goodness!   (5/5)

I get excited to play, create and be with like minded geeks after spending time with Mike, Greg and crew. Inspiring, funny and stocked full of DnD goodness, this podcast keeps my grinning.

Good podcast and great product   (4/5)

This is a fun podcast based around a fantastic product. I just wish they were a tad better organized in the new podcasts, since it all seems a bit slap-dash.

Super Solid!   (5/5)

This podcast is fantastic. The current incarnation has a great mix of guests and topics. I especially like the episodes where they discuss how to play D&D with your kids and how rpg's are being used in the classroom. It is also worthwhile to scroll back and listen to older episodes. The Acquistions Inc games are fantastic, they should bring those guys back for a new module.

Fun   (5/5)

The podcast is fun.

Perfect!   (5/5)

I generally prefer fan produced content, however this official podcast gets it right! They are consistent with their content and they do a good job of talking DnD from a variety of angles. The hosts are articulate and funny, and the guest interviews are always fascinating. Add a little more gameplay dissection like item of the week, spell of the week, class feature utilization, strategy tips, DM tips and this would get 6 stars. Brilliant! Keep it up.

Mixed review for mixed episodes   (4/5)

We’re all nerds and geeks here, right? Let’s overanalyze. This podcast is great when it’s a mix of game and metagame, in other words, when the hosts spend some time on the world of DnD, how the game works, and cool things to do inside the fiction, and spends another part of the time on behind the scenes, nerd culture, celebrity feedback. Recent episodes They used to present some hilarious recorded games, though that trend has died off. Go back and listen to those, they are great. I feel for newer episodes that marketing pressure has gotten to the hosts, so now half the episodes are promoting the newest Wizards thing (and this is a Wizards production, so they have that right), and the other half is trying to present DnD as now totally mainstream, that everyone does it, and you should too. I think that’s good in a way; for example, there is a noticeable effort to include female voices which I believe is vital to the game. In my personal games, I try to make sure the group is roughly half male and half female, and the fact I find female players willing to play is a testament to how much Wizards and the rest of the tabletop culture has promoted this game as female friendly. So that’s good. Perhaps it’s overkill for the rest of the demographics they are targeting. The last few podcasts have asked for reviewer advice. Here is mine. Try to achieve the above goals “in game”. Bring celebrities and other guests on the program and have them promote themselves, but make that short. Make some regular “gimmicks” for guests. Instead of asking how they started DnD: have them play DnD with a short 10-15 minute mini-encounter. I’m sure Chris Perkins is up to the challenge of making such a thing happen. Make a really hard monster to beat, and see if they can kill it. Have them design a monster themselves. Or a character backstory. Live games are great and much missed, and if you serialized one and played 15 minutes each week at the backend of your normal material, it would be a reason to keep coming back each week. In general, try to make each podcast feel like you are sitting around a table, playing a game, chatting about life, and we’re getting to listen in for an hour. That would be truly awesome.

Truly Fantastic   (5/5)

This podcast is everything you hope that it will be. Whether you are interested in learning about the game from a DM or a player perspective, you are interested in the upcoming events and products from WotC, or you just need to get your D&D fix in between gaming sessions, this podcast delivers! The hosts are likable and well-spoken without being cheesy. The fun they have on the show is contagious and can make a commute something to look forward to. I even started jogging again because it gave me an excuse to listen to this podcast without seeming antisocial!

Excellent   (5/5)

Just started listening recently and it's a great window into the culture surrounding d&d. From the discussion about the game products to the interviews where folks are talking about the impact the game has had on them, it's always an entertaining hour of my time.

Great podcast all around   (5/5)

I actually never listened to podcasts until recently. I started watching Critical Role in geek and Sundrys twitch channel which lead me to look into what else was out there for D&D as I wanted to run my own game of 5e. I had played numerous Systems over the last 3 years from pathfinder to gurps to vampire. I like everything you do but I love that you brought in Matthew mercer and the critical role group Orion and Marisha to talk about what they were doing. It shows you are connected with what is going on and have your finger on the pulse of the community. I ran my first game over thanksgiving break and it was a huge hit. I utilized the starter set story and improvised or tweaked as necessary. 2 of the 3 that played said it was their favorite time playing so far in 3 years. The other was the GM of our previous and continuing pathfinder adventure. She had a good time but was dismayed at the enthusiasm of the other two. It was that good. Keep doing what you are doing and thank you for your products all of them

Great podcast   (5/5)

Awesome podcast

Inspiring and fun   (5/5)

These podcasts are fun and informative and I have greatly enjoyed the insight into what is happening in the DnD world. I am a long time player that has been away for a few years and these episodes are great inspiration for jumping back in and letting me know what if anything has changed in my absence. The hosts (all of them) are fun and knowledgeable and the guests are even more so. Most importantly to me they all sound like people that would fit right in at my tabletop.

Fun and Informative   (5/5)

I love the talk show quality paired with the lighthearted fun of this cast. The guests are phenomenal and I'm frequently inspired both for table top and for story writing.

Not Just What is Happening at Wizards   (5/5)

The casters do a great job of presenting a variety of subjects, not just what is happening at Wizards currently. A great selection of guests and great behind the scenes information.

If you're reading this, subscribe   (5/5)

Something has brought you to the D&D podcast. You won't be disapointed if you subscribe. They have something for new players and veterans alike. They're absolutely delightful to listen to.

A Title   (5/5)

Timely and entertaining. Even for this 1st Edition Nerd!

Great show!   (5/5)

The only thing thay would make it better is if they let Greg drink during the show. Come on guys!

Needs more   (3/5)

It's a good podcast but it needs less advertising and more actual play. I'd like a weekly episode where you guys play through the actual modules or adventurers league adventures and not just do one shots. It would be better for me to listen to how the characters grow like normal dnd games will be. Also I thought your show on the sword coast legends was outright lies and that is disrespectful. If you trick people into buying a terrible product then it's just going to lower your popularity.

Simply Fantastic   (5/5)

Informative and entertaining - what more can I say?

Up to date and fun   (5/5)

This is a fun podcast that keeps you up to date on what’s going on with D&D. My only complaint is that the show doesn’t do more “how to” pieces about actual gameplay. Great podcast!

Official DnD   (5/5)

It is legit official license DnD info for free, you couldn't ask for more! Well you could if you were anything other then chaotic evil! Only the evil consume iTunes and don't rate and review!

Love the Podcast   (4/5)

Hey guys I love the Podcast! My only "complaint" is that I fell in love with the podcast when you guys were playing more of the recorded adventures. Please do more of this please! I love listening to the adventures while I drive to and from work

Greatly Saddened   (5/5)

I was excited to listen to the October 02, 2015 podcast “D&D in the Classroom”. Was because when I played it, it was the “Critical Role” episode. I went to the D&D official site to listen to it from there and again it was the “Critical Role” episode. I love your show, but missing and mistitled episodes take away from the enjoyment. Even with this painful error, I will continue to listen and most likely enjoy your show.

Love these people!   (5/5)

If you like D&D at all - listen to this podcast.

Not updating episodes   (5/5)

Why aren't the most recent episodes posted on iTunes? Currently there are three more episodes available on the DnD website that aren't on iTunes, representing a month and a half of content. The podcast is very entertaining. It would be nice to have it updated regularly.

Nice   (5/5)

News about D&D straight from the horse’s mouth.

Love it   (4/5)

The only way it would be better is if it updated more regularly like it does on the website. its almost two episodes ahead of whats on iTunes

great podcast   (5/5)

I so love this game. It is great to see how it works on the inside. The Penny Arcade games are the best.

Surprisingly good   (5/5)

A lot of company casts feel very sterile and safe, this one feels more like a normal cast. They aren't afraid to take chances. Good work keep it up.

Dull   (1/5)

What a snooze fest. Hosts have no personality nor do most guests. Would love some actual news.

Used to be good   (2/5)

used to have penny arcade episodes, which was really most of the reason I subscribed. Now it's only people talking about the game, which is fine but they need both. Also they really need a schedule.


The episodes where they do live games are hilarious, yet they move along ina way that doesn't make it annoying. Thanks for doing this guys!!!

Updates?   (3/5)

I really like this podcast, but when are they going to update it? will we ever see the video of the last PAX game. I'd give a higher rating if it was getting updated more frequently than last August.

Live games rock   (5/5)

The D&D Live games on this podcast are hysterical, and I dont even play D&D.

Of course it's good.   (5/5)

Official D&D news/info from WotC how could it be bad? The Acquisitions Incorporated playtest/live games are just awesome. Entertaining and you get a feel for the rules. So many gameplay podcasts are mindnumbingly boring. This one rules.

This is Wizards?! Wow!   (3/5)

Update: the the robot chicken episodes (while I don't like that show) had some decent game play I've updated my review from 1 to 3 stars You have a podcast to the game that you bought the rights to and write the rule books on, well I was excited. Unfortunately you're podcast and DMing is mediocre at best, (I've gone to friends' house who played a handful of times that had just as good or better DMing skills) as it seems it's more of promoting your products rather than teaching/coaching by experience and game play new players. I believe your podcast is shoddy at best especially with you "restructuring" (by your words) and continuing your podcast explaining how you fired X amount of employees. You can put it in what ever words you want but that's what you did.It was almost exciting with that as they were mediocre DMs also, but you still are lacking in the whole idea. If you really wanted a successful podcast, and more importantly, successful expansion of your game/product then you should endorse more successful D&D podcasts. If you listen to them yourselves (I have 4 that I've listened to including yours) the main one/only one that I think is worth while is Critical Hit. The DM promotes and rewards in character play style and role playing, but never lacks in describing the scene. Listening to that podcast is just the same as reading a book and is as entertaining as a Salvatore book! Much much better than what you're putting out, but I'll keep my subscription in hope that it will get better. Step your game up wizards, or go sit on the bench because this is an "A" player game and you're playing a "D" game at best

Hit or miss.   (3/5)

Varies in content and quality. As you'd expect from the corporate channel from the company.

Does not update promptly   (4/5)

The podcast feed is currently about a month behind. I could individually download the MP3s from their website but then they wouldn't be in the podcast app to listen to, I'd have to mix them with my music. They need to either get their podcasts up on their feed when they announce on their website that they're available or they need to hold their announcements of the podcasts on their website until the podcast feed has been updated.

Love the content   (5/5)

Great for catching up on current trends and goings on and such. Two thumbs up!

Enjoyable but poorly organized   (3/5)

The various games seem to be arranged any which war hard to tell which one to listen to next. But the content itself is top notch

Awsome   (5/5)

Love the PvP/Penny Arcade/Will Wheaton D&D games. Jim Darkmagic, Jim Darkmagic, Jim Darkmagic,...

Really Great!   (5/5)

I particularly enjoy the PvP/Penny Arcade/Wil Wheaton real play episodes(My favorite pc is Omin), but the other episodes have plenty of great information that I have found VERY useful.

Informative   (5/5)

And I love the penny arcade stuff.

Informative and Fun   (5/5)

Great podcast. Lots of news and info about D&D and also hilarious sessions with Penny Arcade and PVP.

Love It!   (5/5)

Extremely funny, must watch the Penny Arcade/PVP crossovers!

awesome   (5/5)

Jim rules

Good Podcast, I enjoy it frequently   (4/5)

The May 23rd Episode with Crawford and Schubert was fantastic. They both sound intelligent and concise. A bit of humor would go a long way, but that needs to develop naturally. A mature, straightforward discussion about rules mechanics by actual players and development is interesting and useful. Wish we had more of these.

Actual Plays   (3/5)

A very lack luster show normally, only worth listening to for the Penny Arcade\PVP\Will Wheton actual play episodes.

VERY Nice   (5/5)

Been a long time from D&D, but thanks to some very good explanations from the Dungeon Master, it really turned out to be a great listen. Several very laugh-out-loud moments! I'm eagerly awaiting the next installment!

Fun Podcast   (5/5)

Great Job Guys! This is a really fun podcast to watch! Especially the Video podcasts, and of course my favorite, Aquisitions Incorporated. I would love to have more actual games being played on here. Wether that be audio, like penny arcade, or video. P.S. Bring Dave Noonan back!

Great Podcast   (5/5)

Great podcast going in depth into the D&D system. Love it! Currently eps 4 & 7 are broken (you can hear them online but you can't download them with the podcast). Other than that it's great.

A little problem   (4/5)

I love dungeons and dragons! This is a great podcast, however episodes 4 and 7 don't work for me! It's a shame really. Potential for 5 stars if they fix the problem.

OMG this is amazing! Humorous and very informational!   (5/5)

This podcast truly has the perfect mix of D&D humor, and also explains a lot of the rules in a comprehensive, integrated way. I just started playing D&D in october, and this podcast was great to learn from. Cheers to the Wizards of the Coast!



Corporate broadcast   (2/5)

Pretty informative, but a little bit staged, geeky, and watered down. Content has given way to corporate announcements. Moves slowly.

Good Show, but a little dry   (3/5)

Great info, great voices, great production, but the delivery and format is just little too mellow and dry. It does not sound scripted, but it doesn't sound like the guys really have their heart in it either. The Penny Arcade episodes were plenty good fun though. >:)

Great show!   (5/5)

Love the show. Good topics from the new LFR all the way to the run up on 4th Ed. Keep up the good work.

good   (4/5)

Good podcast but would like them to be more frequent.

The new rules destroy the game.   (1/5)

I have been playing Dungeons and Dragoons since nears since near the begging before they had hardback books and all the rules were in small pamphlets. I have enjoyed all the version of the game and found things to enjoy about each new addition. So when I heard about the new addition I looked forward to it and pre ordered the set of three rule books, when I found out that they would be releasing the Premium addition fairly soon after the original release I decided to cancel my order and went ahead and ordered the three books in their premium additions figure I could wait a couple extra months as I was in no hurry as I has happy with the addition I was now playing. I just wanted to let you know my background before I tell you how I feel about this podcast. After listening to this podcast and hearing how badly they destroyed the game that I love I have decided not to buy the new addition or anything. This podcast was very useful as it saved me hundreds of dollars from buying all the D&D stuff I was going to order and then hate after I read the new rules.