Aggregated reviews for Dreamboy

Someone is changing all the streetlights in Pepper Heights, Cleveland. The color of nighttime is shifting. Everyone thinks they know what happened at the Pepper Heights Zoo… But do they, really? Dane, a spun-out musician spending the winter in Cleveland, Ohio, has two main goals: keeping his job at the Pepper Heights Zoo and trying not to waste all his time on Grindr. What he doesn’t expect is to get swept into a story about dreams, about forevers, about flickering lights, about unexplained deaths, about relentless change, and about the parts of ourselves that we wish other people knew to look for. Oh, and also a murderous zebra.

dream kitten 4 life   (5/5)

every part of this podcast is absolutely bonkers. the world it creates, the candid storytelling, the music!!!! it all comes together so gorgeously. dreamboy quickly became my favorite narrative-driven podcast, and is just the right amount of horny

I’ve never had a podcast so deeply make me forget where I am   (5/5)

Some of the the more graphic scenes limit who I can recommend it to...but Dreamboy has the best production of any podcast I’ve listen to. The writing, sound effects and music interweave to immerse you on a winding ride through a compelling world.

This is NOT PG   (1/5)

Despite the frequent claims that it is PG-rated, and encouragements to “bring the whole family” to live shows; Dreamboy is not appropriate for children. There are graphic descriptions of sex, and disturbing glorification of a physically-abusive relationship.

Fantastic!   (5/5)

Incredible production and such an interesting dreamy surreal story that keeps itself relevant and keeps me coming back. Can’t wait for more!

Totally original   (5/5)

This podcast is a totally original completely immersive piece of media I can’t stop listening to. Hope to see much more!

Gorgeous, mysterious and beautifully executed   (5/5)

My favorite

Amazing   (5/5)

Every new episode just amazes me more. The amount of creativity that went into this is insane.

Yes.   (5/5)

Update. I still love this so. so. much!! This podcast is amazingly real and surreal. The narrative is just perfect and compelling and I can’t wait for the rest. Also, “there are so many colors in the world Erik Schmolenberger”(spelling?) is an instant bop.

★★★★★   (5/5)

I don’t typically write reviews, but this podcast it’s so strangely beautiful and interesting. The atmosphere is unique, it describes things from... an artistic standpoint? It sends you through a weird array of emotions from being on edge and creeped out, to sad, to an excited shyness, and then to happy because their writing’s ability to describe things in a bizarre or magical way. They twist completely normal ideas and entities into just... things of nightmares. But in a beautiful way. Really an interesting podcast and I highly recommend it.

Love   (5/5)

This is my new favorite podcast! I absolutely love it!!!

Love This Series To Death.   (5/5)

I’ve been in love with Ellie Heyman’s work forever, I adored Orbiting Human Circus and I adore Dreamboy. Dreamboy’s surreal audio is phenomenal, and Dane’s voice acting is superb- the first episode where he perfectly mimicked the way smokers purse their lips around a cigarette, that’s when I knew I’d be head over heels for this series. I’m in love with Dreamboy, and in love with the music. I hope Dane and Ellie release a soundtrack or something come the end of the series; don’t let it end! Keep up all the hard work! I look forward to listening.

I’ve really tried to love this show   (3/5)

Oh, how I’ve tried. But I struggle with every episode to get how the various parts of the story connect. It’s incredibly creative, especially the music. But even this is misleading, as many musical passages sound like they are building suspense that so far has not paid off. I’m well steeped in the Night Vale network, so it’s not the format that bothers me. It’s that I don’t get a clear idea of where the story is going. And the many sex scenes are irksome—not because I’m a prude, but because I fail to see how they serve the story. Give it a try if you love Night Vale productions though—you may appreciate it more than I have so far.

Pulled My Car Over to Listen   (5/5)

Beautifully composed, hypnotically written, this entire podcast feels like a fever dream in the absolute best way. In fact, the season 1 finale was so stunning, I pulled my car over to continue listening instead of driving home. Highly recommend.

Un-f’ing-believably wonderful!!!   (5/5)

I so have a crush on Dane Terry’s voice. The story telling in the podcast is spellbinding. And hilarious. And ridiculous. And everything good. Please don’t ever stop.

eerie and beautiful   (5/5)

This is beautifully told, musical story that's strange and eerie in a way that makes it so unique and engaging. If you're even a little bit intrigued, definitely give it a try! (But be aware that it's very NSFW).

Addicted   (5/5)

Wasn’t sure what to make of it when I started listening- but I’m literally thinking about this world all the time and listening instead of watching TV. SO GOOD. Love the acting and the music and the story and all of it. Thanks so much for making this show! Please don’t stop 😊

Love this podcast   (5/5)

It’s weird, and creepy, and very hot, and super gay. Basically the podcast of my dreams.

Whimsical, Spooky, and Weird in the Best Way Possible...   (5/5)

This podcast is tacky and unexpected and half the time I'm thinking, "what am I even listening to?" and I LOVE IT. It has me creeped out and laughing and rooting for a relationship all at the same time. I am so...intrigued! I can't wait to see what happens next and I get chills every time the theme kicks in. Not to mention that I love the voice actors and the wacky characters they play. Don't know how someone goes about thinking this plot line up,but thank goodness they did. Ugh it's so good, just give it a won't regret it.

Beautiful, Touching   (5/5)

This is an absolutely beautiful podcast, sonically, narratively, and in every other way. Love the spooky weird story—like what’s up with the zebra. I was not uncomfortable by the sex stuff, it’s a little freaky but not more so then the average HBO series and far more earnest.

Not for everyone   (5/5)

Excellent podcast, but many episodes hover between an R and an NC-17 rating. The supernatural suspense elements are relatively tame, and enjoyable with out being over the top. When important to the plot, or characterization there are graphic descriptions of sex- It’s generally not sex of the titillating variety (at least not for me) but gives the listener a fascinating window into the emotional landscape of the principle characters. I was initially skeptical of the podcast as musical format. But the music elements are varied and used sparingly enough that they don’t become tiresome. Overall the auditory production is excellent and the podcast is a pleasure to listen to. Dreamboy is a little like a lot of podcasts you probably already enjoy but somehow is also totally different from its many strange fiction audio drama competitors. I’m greatly looking forward to the next season.

That’s gay   (5/5)

This podcast is so wonderfully queer. Episode 2 is extremely porn-y so I would definitely use headphones. The plot keeps you on the edge of your seat and is beautifully eerie. This follows a good 3 E’s Eerie Entertaining Erotic

Not Really for Me   (2/5)

I can’t really put my finger on why, but this is a very weird show whose weird doesn’t really match up with mine (to be clear, I’m into weird, it just doesn’t always click with me). On top of that, be aware that there’s some pretty graphic sexual content. Maybe I wasn’t paying close enough attention going into it, but I wasn’t really expecting it before it suddenly happened.

Very graphic and no warning!   (2/5)

The show is very well done; well acted and high quality. However the graphic nature of the narrative was totally unexpected! There is no warning on the language or content. To think that kids could be listening to this horrifies me.

A Must Listen   (5/5)

This podcast got me going through theories and assumptions through each episode. It’s funny, it’s creepy, it’s well-sounded, idk how you can’t get into it (maybe the nsfw is a factor ;3 ) but I honestly need a 2nd season

Good podcast but way too heavy on the sex   (3/5)

If your looking for porn for your ears, with a touch of story line, this is the show for you. The mystery and story line is great. However, the constant break in plot progression to insert a verbal porn scene is just annoying. I think within the first 3 episodes there are like 5 or more. It’s just too much.

Keep dreaming   (5/5)

Weird and beautiful and mesmerizing. More boners than I was expecting. Thank you guys so much for making this otherworldly gift of a podcast.

Dreamboy   (5/5)

Once I started, I couldn’t stop. Time passed in an instant. Voice acting, writing, editing, all excellent. I am morning the ending of season 1 of Dramboy because every other podcast tastes stale. Dreamboy is the next level podcast giving you imagery and emotion.

Can't wait for new episodes   (5/5)

Top notch zebra/drag queen/ Instagram model fiction.

It’s not my cup of tea, but...   (4/5)

It might be yours! This podcast is very well done. High quality, sound effects, music and some descent, some not so great voice acting. The story is interesting but I’m not into the heavily graphic gay aspect of it. For anyone who is slightly homophobic, do yourself as well as the creators a favor by not listening to it and giving it a 1 star review because you don’t agree with someone’s lifestyle because this podcast deserves 4-5 stars on the edgy, well thought out story and effort. You can tell a lot of love has been put into this. Keep on keepin on!

Beautiful   (5/5)

A wholesome amazing beautiful podcast. In love.

Gorgeous   (5/5)

I’m obsessed. Thrilled to have found this podcast; binged it all in a day. Can’t wait for more :)

Weird & great   (5/5)

Bizarre, beautiful, queer, wonderful

unlike anything you’ve ever heard   (5/5)

bizarre, beautiful, erotic, eerie, cast full of talent talent talent. definitely worth listening to

Wowza   (5/5)

This was a lot hornier than I expected tbh Notice that I still give it 5 stars.

One of the best podcasts   (5/5)

This show is everything. The music is fantastic. The acting is good. The plot is nightmarish and homoerotic. What more can you ask for?

Use those Earbuds   (5/5)

If you’re into fantastical fiction, then check out Dreamboy. Dane Terry, from Ohio of all places, is the creator, writer, presenter, and protagonist of the single story that is told throughout the episodes, He's primarily a songwriter/singer, and his music for the podcast is luscious!!!! This is a great listen from an enormously talented man. It’s extremely NSFW, though, so use those earbuds if others are in the vicinity. If Episode Two were a film, it could be rated NC-17, depending on the director and the actors’ contracts.

🖤   (5/5)

Dreamboy is a crazy amazing podcast! The musical storytelling gets me every time. There are moments where the score really sets the tone beautifully, is woven seamlessly into the story, and used to augment emotions and movement. Dane is great at capturing the very human emotions that we all experience while also being hilarious and a bit of a mess. Plus his storytelling technique is great, with characters who only become more complex and compelling and his incredible use of imagery - sometimes it feels like a camera shot zooming in on some subtle acting detail before sweeping back out again. There’s so much more to say, but for now: definitely listen 🖤

YASSSS   (5/5)

So, I heard of this podcast after seeing Dreamboy open for Night Vale on this last tour, and decided to check it out... so glad I did!!! Super engaging, super fun, super intense, def worth a listen.

Extremely well done   (5/5)

It’s funny, thrilling, erotic, and (like this is sad bc the world is sad) actually revolutionary for treating queerness as just one part of a complex character’s story. I don’t really even like Welcome to Nightvale either. Creators, I hope you guys get lots of money because you should be able to afford doing this full time. You all are truly talented and I hope I get to hear more of your projects some day ❤️ Had to edit this and say the obvious: the music and sound production are like nothing I’ve never heard on a podcast! IM A FAN OKAY LISTEN TO THIS

Ennui, existential dread, and whimsy   (5/5)

Dreamboy is a podcast that explores themes of cosmetic terror and young adult ennui with a whimsical sense of humor. If you’ve played the indie game Night in the Woods, this is cut from the same clothe. Fun combination of narrative and song. The story sprawls a bit the first few episodes, but in 5 and 6 they start coming together more obviously. Yes, there is some queer erotica aspects, but I disagree with the descriptions of it being too much. Folks find funny ways to intellectualize their queerphobia and convince themselves it’s anything else.

Absolutely Exceptional   (5/5)

I am an avid podcast listener. I have listened to all episodes that are out, 6, and Dreamboy is already my favorite podcast by far. I am in love with the composition paired with the dialogue, and it is all expertly written and incredibly interesting. (It’s hilarious as well.) Please listen and thank you creators!!

Great!   (5/5)

Really love this podcast, really fun tone

Gorgeous   (5/5)

This is by far one of the best podcasts I have EVER listened to!! The voices and music and background is great and beautiful and just makes me swoon. There is a ton of sex and sexual things, and sometimes it’s awkward, but it fits in with the story. 10 outta 10 would recommend!

The most amazing podcast!!!   (5/5)

ahhh idk where to even start this podcast is amazing! The story is so suspenseful and engaging and it feels sO reaL. You will get super attached to the characters and start to really get to know them and i love that about this podcast! The music, mood, setup, and story of each episode is incredibly well done and this podcast has my hearT

i liked it   (5/5)

more please, thanks

Love   (5/5)

Love this show- I never want to leave their universe

!!! amazing !!! queer !!! captivating !!!   (5/5)

it is 3:20 am and i have spent all night listening to this podcast all night. the writing is beautiful and strange, and it makes you feel like you’ve entered a whole new dimension. and the queerness is absolutely wonderful. i never want this story to end, ive cried and laughed more times tonight than i have in weeks. thank you to everyone who helps to create this gem, you’re doing god’s work.

Beautifully crafted, but not an audio drama   (4/5)

If I were rating for execution alone, this would easily be 5 stars. The music is dreamy, and the acting perfectly fits the slightly off kilter tone of the show. But it’s not really an audio drama; it’s more of a scored audiobook. There are ways to make heavy narration feel a part of the world, but Dreamboy relies on voiceover in order to make up for its lack of visuals, or else relies on sound design to make up for any shortfalls of the narrative. I think the former. This would be a good TV miniseries. Or a novel. In its present form, it’s just not built for audio only.

My favorite podcast   (5/5)

So good!

the BEST!!   (5/5)

i LOVE dreamboy! it’s probably my favorite podcast!! u should listen

Swept Me Away   (5/5)

Beautiful orchestration, descriptions, and characters. It feels like listening to a mix of Over the Garden Wall and Adventure Time with a reality filter over it. I try to tell as many people as I can to listen- but if you’re reading this, SUPPORT THEM. They deserve it. Don’t let something so gorgeous slip away to media obscurity and time.

Great!   (5/5)

Awesome music, excellent voice acting, intriguing story! I love, love, love this!

In Love!!!   (5/5)

been listening since day one and i love it so much!! can’t wait for more!

brilliant   (5/5)

i love this podcast, it sucked me in the moment i hit play. highly recommend, it’s a fantastic and brilliant story and the voice actors are wonderful. love it!

hooked   (5/5)

i was supposed to listen to this to fall asleep to as background sound but i couldn’t fall asleep because i wanted to know what happened next. main character is relatable to me (1. weird and 2. horny) and all the layers of mystery has me absolutely absorbed into this world. can’t wait to see where it goes!!

Love it!   (5/5)

It’s super interesting and it reels me in every episode, and I love all the characters.

Great storytelling, great music, sex scenes feel out of place.   (3/5)

Excellent storytelling and musical score. The graphic sex scenes are to me a distraction from the existential dread the test of the show sets up. But not enough to ruin the experience.

Perfect   (5/5)

This podcast is so real and amazing. The narrative style makes everything so great. The characters and story is easy to follow, but still detailed. I recommend this podcast to a friend, and she got sucked in right away.

Completely Unique and Immersive   (5/5)

Even though it’s a tad heavy on the homoeroticism for my taste, this podcast is worth every second spent listening to it. It’s so incredibly immersive and one of the best fiction story-telling podcasts I’ve ever heard. Seriously amazing stuff. I find my heart skipping a beat each time a new upload comes through. I wish I could find more podcasts like this one because the way they transport you into the story is truly unique and unparalleled in my podcast listening experiences. 5 Stars.

wow   (5/5)

oh my god, the sound design! a musician’s dream. almost couldn’t focus on the story because the background music was so incredible. bit of a weird thing to focus on, but it’s what drew me to this.

Hooked   (5/5)

I love all of the characters and I’m so excited for more developments.

My favorite podcast ever   (5/5)

I love the music, I love how whimsical and poignant and funny and dark it is. And I love how it isn't afraid to be gay and sexy. I love how it isn't about being gay and sexy. I love how it never questions whether it has a right to speak, whether its subject matter belongs in poetry, whether its nightmares are beautiful. Thanks, guys. I needed this more than you can know.

Beautiful Podcast   (5/5)

This podcast is so raw and truthful in its emotions. I just happened upon this podcast and couldn’t stop listening. It sucked me in and created a connection that can be hard to find in real life. The main character is portrayed so clearly with no hidden emotions or secrets, letting you slip right into the story. The writers of this podcast are not shy in letting the gritty and uncomfortable aspects of life come to surface, and there’s something inexplicably beautiful about that. I would absolutely recommend this podcast, although the intensity of it could be too much for some people. However, it was just what I needed.

I haven’t liked a show this much in a long time!!   (5/5)

I love all the characters in this show and how unpredictable it is. While episode two left me weary about continuing, the opening scene of episode 3 drew me back in. If you love mysteries and Girl Scouts and Drag bars and etc. Then you’ll love Dream Boy

Listen!   (5/5)

So captivating, and beautiful sound design! Worth a listen and another listen and then all the listening it takes to get caught up!!

I’m in love   (5/5)

My heart can’t handle this perfection. #dreamkittens #forlife

Wow.   (5/5)

This podcast is unlike anything I’ve ever listened to - but everything from the writing to the music is excellent and it’s worth your time to tune in.

Wow   (5/5)

This podcast is absolutely breath-taking. I just listened to all of it in a day, the story telling is so well done I love it.

in love with this podcast!   (5/5)

PHENOMENAL sound design, breathtaking music, a surreal and captivating mystery and vivid imagery! The creative team has clearly used everything at their disposal to embrace their medium, and it’s the first instance i’ve seen where it’s been done so well! Seriously tho, i want to hug anyone involved with the sound design

Perfect   (5/5)

An amazing lgbt comedy/mystery/musical/coming of age story/drama and basically everything I’m looking for in a story

Best Podcast I’ve Ever Listened To   (5/5)

Absolutely amazing show! Beautifully done NSFW-scapes and sound design that feels like Rembrandt, Mozart, and Da Vinci are playing the piano and woodworking and painting all at the same time inside my head... and it WORKS!

Great but one flaw   (3/5)

This is great overall! The sound design and voice acting and characters are all so great! The mystery it’s going for is great too! I can’t wait to see where this is headed. One flaw: the way the stories grind to a halt to shoehorn in gay sex scenes. Or drag musical things. I have no problem if they were weaved into the story better, so it doesn’t feel like two separate things smushed together just ‘cause. Overall it’s good. Didn’t care for the Holiday Hooplah episode though.

This Texan dude in love with Dreamboy   (5/5)

Love the story love the main character isn’t afraid to be himself eleven if it’s NSFW.... I relate a lot, My life is a lot like his no joke, and audio is perfect, love listening on my commute from Brownwood to Austin. Can’t wait to see the live show come March.... “see you at the rally”!!!

Really grate   (5/5)

Definitely my new favorite podcast.

throb on   (5/5)

don’t listen to the puritans! Dreamboy is so much fun. innovative storytelling, solid acting and great use of music/sfx to build the narrative. what’s not to like about a little bit of “throbbing gay penis”?? see you at the rally...

Aggressively Gay (and loving it)   (5/5)

In the words of great queer icon Kristen Stewart, “I’m so gay dude” and so is this podcast. The story is really trippy at points and it’s kinda like listening to one of those weird movies that’s both really gorgeous but kinda zonky.

The best new thing I’ve found in years   (5/5)

Dreamboy lives up to its name in the way that when you listen, you are pleasantly drifting along the path it lays out for you, eagerly waiting to see what happens to you next. It is bizarre, beautiful, and funny in the way of your best dreams. The story is told first person and each episode is lovingly scored. This leads to an incredible level of immersion when listening with headphones. I feel transported to the town of Pepper Heights, which feels both familiar and strange, again like a dream version of your own hometown. I don’t know where the plot is going yet, nor am I really concerned. It’s like a dream (I keep saying that but it keeps being true), where you’re only concerned with what is happening now and everything else is kinda fuzzy. The narrator, Dane, is very well realized and it feels like I’m sharing his brain when I listen. He has a complicated relationship with another guy who is also a well fleshed out character, and the rest of the cast is a little too absurd to believed, but it fits with the feel of the show (didn’t say “dream” that time). Only thing keeping me from recommending it to everyone is that it really earns its adult content tag. It can get into some graphic descriptions of sex at times, to the point where I’m worried about the quality of my headphones when listening to it at work. Haven’t been caught yet. Dreamboy is simply a masterpiece and has to be listened to to be believed. Listen to the first episode and you’ll be sucked in for sure.

Soothing Story, I Guess   (5/5)

It's told with a soothing voice but there's some jarring moments. But I'm hooked and ready to see how it goes.

This show is both weirder and way better than I expected   (5/5)

This show is both weirder and way better than I expected. I thought I was signing up for an erotic horror story. And I was, but it’s also really weird in the way Goosebumps books were when I was a kid. Fantastic. I’m not used to podcasts that are stories having this much talent or frankly budget. The writing and sound effects are spot on. Acting is surprisingly good. I not once rolled my eyes at bad timing or insincere over enthusiasm. The songs, and it’s borderline a musical (something I did not gain an appropriate appreciation of from my Queer ancestors) are by in large very enjoyable. Or at least surprisingly well done. Like by actual performers. Awesome podcast guys. Only down side is there are only 5 episodes! I gobbled that up in a day!

I like it   (5/5)

Definitely NSFW, but i like it

Super well done   (5/5)

This podcast is so well done. The acting is phenomenal. I’m so tired of hearing podcasts where you can tell the person is reading a script. This is so well written and preformed, it’s actually believable. The story is really interesting too. Thanks for creating such great content! Can’t wait to hear the rest!

Boy, what a dream.   (5/5)

Love everything about the podcast. Have listened to all the episodes released so far multiple times. I pick up something new every time. Love Dane, and all the incredible work that you, and your team are doing. Hope to work with you someday!

What the heck?!   (2/5)

This started so strong and good and interesting. With every episode is goes off track even more. Nothing ties together and it’s all over the place. And way too much singing. Way too much.

Definitely NSFW   (3/5)

I usually don’t go for this type of smut. But so many wired things are going on that I just can’t help but listen to it

strange and fascinating   (5/5)

a weird and compelling podcast! loved every second!

Fantastic   (5/5)

Gay, funny, and creepy as hell, listen to it.

Creative and Catching   (5/5)

The narrative and the main actor drew me in and the strange plot keeps me interested. The adult depictions of this narrative keep me coming back for more. The mystery surrounding Zooey and this very charismatic, damaged, and likeable character Luke not only has captured my sympathy but also has me asking for more background information. I love the sound effects and I love that the person I’m listening to thinks like a real person and his reactions to these certain situations mirror that. Please keep it coming. I can’t wait to hear more.

Love it   (5/5)

This is so gooood please update!

Graphic erotic podcast! You’ve been warned!   (5/5)

This is a beautifully produced and recorded podcast. However, I would have appreciated a heads up that there was going to be throbbing gay penis throughout, with extremely graphic sexual descriptions. I feel a bit misled after listening to the second episode. Unfortunately, not my bag, so I will not finish the season.

It’s ok.   (3/5)

Honestly, I liked the first episode, but it seems to drag after that. Some people might like it, but I find myself losing interest.

Hell yes!   (5/5)

I am SO HERE for a podcast with queer characters and where sex is part of the story, where it’s part of the mystery! The characters act and are treated like adults! Excited for this podcast to continue!

Exceptional.   (5/5)

Very good writing, cant wait for more episodes. Every facet of the story has me intrigued. I’m chilled and I cant wait for more.

Loved it   (5/5)

May not be for some people, but Dane is amazing and this podcast is amazing

Loving every second of it!   (5/5)

The music, characters, and the hint of surreal events. I love all of them! Episode 4 ended with a bang which I was not expecting and now I can’t get the song out of my head! Also, ignore people giving couple of absolutely bad reviews just because the story is about gay characters and how it’s not “normal”.

Imaginative   (5/5)

This is a very creative and well done podcast with great voice acting. It’s got depth, complexity and a queer sensibility.

Love it but..   (3/5)

I love so much of this podcast but wish it wasn’t so sexualy pushy. The Spielberg movie style I love but again it’s too much with the in your face sex.

This podcast is not real. It doesn’t exist.   (5/5)

Where is it? I can’t find it. Sorry to break it to you. I forgot to feed my cat for three weeks. I did not forget. It was on purpose. She is evil.

really good, but..   (4/5)

the background music is really loud!! i turned on the spoken word eq in settings and it helped, but i don’t want to have to go back and forth and turn that on/off when i want to listen to this or something else.

it’s good fam   (5/5)

i kept getting ads for this podcast and eventually i got so fed up with them that i decided to listen to it. idk, just to validate my annoyance at it, i guess? but now i’m hooked bc dam y’all really know how to make a Good Podcast. the soundtrack especially is just INCREDIBLE

Surpassed Expectations   (5/5)

I listen to Welcome to Nightvale, and when I heard them announce this podcast I was a little dubious. It sounded interesting, but a muderous zebra sounded a little too out of left feild for the rest of the podcast’s description, like a full color clown in a black and white movie. But there was an episode posted on Welcome To Nightvale, so I figured I’d give it a try. At first I was confused, and a little put off, because I’m not used to podcasts like this, something that sounds like an audio description of a movie. But as I stuck with it, I grew to love it more. It’s different than anything I’ve listened to. I love the story, I love all the background noises, creating a perfect ambiance. It really makes you feel like you’re there. It stops being weird that the main character is describing everything they do, and instead it’s just happening. I can really imagine everything going on in my head. I am fascinated by the story so far as well, it’s much more adult than what I’m used to and I really appreciate that. I listen to other podcasts like Lore and I Only Listen To The Mountain Goats and this is just such a different experience from listening to those, and I love it. The characters are fascinating and they feel real and deep, and I just can’t wait for new episodes.

Please...   (1/5)

Get a grip. 🙄

Do not listen at two am   (5/5)

Please learn from my mistakes

I'm not gay but now I might be...   (4/5)

This podcast is... pretty surprisingly awesome, and has made me question one or two things... in a fun way... I actually think it's a lot better than Night Vale, because in this one, not everything is a big dumb dopey joke. It feels real, and it's dreamlike, and... yeah the steamy content is sometimes slightly intense (oxymoron I guess) but it's never obscene, it's kind of beautiful.

I have no idea what this story is, but I’m 1000% in for the ride   (5/5)

This is the steamy, gay, Nightvale-y musical-ish suspense/comedy I didn’t know I needed so very much. Pure candy and I never want it to stop!

Really captivating   (5/5)

Mysterious, sexy, funny. Great work

Perfect   (5/5)

I love it. The actors are so talented. The way it’s produced and the music make it feel like Alfred Hitchcock in a way.

grossly sexual   (2/5)

I love most of what nightvale presents does, but I don’t need a detailed description of an exploding erection when this podcast is keeping me up for long nights on the road.

Lovable   (5/5)

It’s overtly description, gay, musical, and well written. All the music plays well, and there’s some excellent sound design that makes every scene feel intensely vivid. Not for the faint of heart, sexually squeamish, or particularly underaged. However, “Dreamboy” is enjoyable for just about everyone else.

Ignore the homophobic reviews - it’s good   (4/5)

One dude said there were no ‘normal’ characters in these podcasts, then clarified that normal meant straight. Ignore him and his gay bashing. The only issue with this podcast is that sometime the background music is much too loud. It’s also very NSFW (almost to uncomfortable levels for me) but that is more up to the listener and nothing that makes the story bad. A warning may be in order and a pair of headphones. The writer/narrator is a gay/bi/pan man and even the sexual stuff comes off realistically especially for someone his age who has lived in New York. The crash nature is nice in that it keeps the story somewhat grounded what with all the fabulously surreal and creepy stuff going on.

Woww   (5/5)

I never imagined the world of Nightvale would serve up multiple universes of rich, evocative, and very, very queer storytelling... scenes and characters mirroring our very real lives, slanted and filtered through a soft- focus daydream. It’s not for everyone, and it’s utterly captivating

Uncomfortably sexual   (2/5)

I don’t mind sexual content, and often like it, but this show is just a lot. I think part of its artistic purpose is to make the listener deeply uncomfortable using sexual descriptions with surrealist undertones. It works in some art, but I don’t think it works for me in this show.

it’s stunning!   (5/5)

i usually listen to podcasts to get to sleep, but i’m so immersed in this one, i cant seem to want to! i just want new episodes all the time! it’s a true masterpiece, from the score to the strange storyline that keeps me on the edge of my seat! i would recommend this to anyone who like wtnv, it’s a true night vale presents gem! it’s is extremely sexual so be prepared! also be prepared for terrifying girl scout kids!

Fearless and flawless   (5/5)

I love this podcast because it goes there; it comes from the same world I come from, which is usually censored and sanitized for mass consumption. This is honesty and creativity. Please keep it up. (Tee hee)

YES   (5/5)

Beautiful writing!!! Compelling, the music makes my heart RACE. Or slow down to a dangerous pace. It’s quite a journey. But truly, this will be good. Yet another work of greatness from NVP. I DOOO think there should be a bit more of a NSFW warning. I had headphones in but my eyes went wide and my face red while I sat here among coworkers listening. Tastefully done, though!

A Treat   (5/5)

Tried as I might, and I tried so many times, I could never get into Nightvale. Maybe I needed more of narrative, more of a lead character to get behind. This gives me that. The writing is clever and quick and goosebumpingly creepy. There are A LOT of horror/supernatural narrative podcasts out there and very few are high quality. This one - possibly the highest I’ve ever found.

Good quality but..   (2/5)

It presents a great story that I am very interested in but there is so much graphic content that I find it impossible to safely listen. Good if you can stand it.

5 Stars!   (5/5)

Loving this podcast so far!

Love it!   (5/5)

I love this podcast, and being able to hear about it early gives me high hopes for where it will go! Excited for the next episodes :)

Stunning   (5/5)

Audio candy that’s so magical and immersive.

Dreamboy?   (3/5)

Why not DreamGirlBoy

Fantastic   (5/5)

I’m so in love with the characters. Like I would die for Luke and he is my son now. Dane is so compelling and complex as a character. Bravo for him. And the Girl Scouts are just stunning. One of the favorites already!

Vivid   (5/5)

Pacing is genius, I’m instantly hooked.

Cool   (5/5)

I like the podcast a lot so far; the writing is unpredictable and the sound quality is fantastic.

Good Except For One Thing   (4/5)

I love this podcast and will definitely keep listening but I don't love how overtly sexual it is. It just seems like a bit too much and makes me uncomfortable.

i cannot stop thinking about dreamboy   (5/5)

this story stuck with me in ways only good stories ever do. the last time i was so taken by a story that it consumed my thoughts and kept me constantly amazed was when i read the westing game in 5th grade. dreamboy took me back to that feeling in such a visceral way that i find myself unable to wait for the next episode. this story grips you in all the right ways and i’m so happy to have found something that ignited that excitement in me once again. i absolutely cannot wait to see how this story unfolds and hopefully everyone will grow to love dreamboy as much as i have.

Best ever   (5/5)

One episode and I’m hooked. Clever, unique and hilarious. I love the quick pace, the storyline and music. Incredible podcast.

First episode really stuck with me   (5/5)

I’ll definatly update my rating once theres more to review, but for right now I really love it. It really stuck with me in a way that i wasnt expecting, and for days after I found myself thinking about moments in the episode as I went about my normal routine. The narroration style is more traditional but completely different from any of the other podcasts, and the combination of music and imagery is actually really beautiful. Theres nothing I dont love about it.

Love the Music   (5/5)

The narration is really good and the music fits so well with the story. The effort put into the scores is impressive and makes the music nerd in me really happy. Keep up the good work!

Yes!   (5/5)

Gorgeous in every way. I need more of Dreamboy.

Fab Literary Storytelling   (5/5)

Finally, a well narrated, engaging story combined with all theatrical elements: great sound effects and music. I love it!

Amazing!   (5/5)

This felt real. There is a part where we’re running- the detail to vocal acting at that part (and truthfully through out) was masterful. This story breaths and pulses. It’s alive and active, that becomes clear working the first few moments of listening. (Listen with headphones. Trust me, I’m a stranger) The character is easy to relate to, the characters are just the right amount of “oddly misplaced”.... or is the main character the oddly misplaced one? Or are we the oddly misplaced ones? You’ll have to listen to find out. (Though you’re probably the oddly misplaced one.)

I can’t wait!   (5/5)

This was excellent company for my night shift at work! I love the subtle humor and the imagery and storytelling made Memphis, Tennessee melt away into Cleveland, Ohio. I especially love the line about late night grocery stores. I can’t wait for the next episode!

Wow!   (5/5)

Instantly pulled in by this riveting and well-written trailer! The music and voice acting set up a great scenario for the podcast that instantly has me captivated!

Not sold yet   (3/5)

Voice actor is solid and the production quality is fantastic, (but that's to be expected from a NVP production). Unfortunately, episode one did nothing to capture me. There was no sense of strangeness, no otherworldliness, nothing that hallmarked other NVP dramas. Well produced? Sure. Hook me in for more? No. I'm going to do what I do and give it another listen as the second episode releases, as of right now, this feels like a miss.

Timpanic Extacy   (5/5)

Do you have ears? Do they get chills from a teethy nibble? Tingle from the slippery goodness of a tongue? Then they will love Dreamboy. Swaddle them in headphones for a truly extra aural experience.

Whyyyy   (5/5)

That was such a terrible ending with such lovely storytelling and the music supported it- I felt the suspense when you called for suspense. Seriously though, all aspects are fantastic. Relatable main character, easy-going writing, excellent narrator. Thank you for making this.

Holy Jesus!   (5/5)

Only in the first few minutes but I already love the music!

Beautiful   (5/5)

I’m a advocate podcast listener and a huge fan of Welcome to Nightvale. So when I heard about this new podcast I had to check it out. Oh man, I’ve never called a podcast beautiful but here we are. After listening to the first episode of Dreamboy I was captivated right on the spot! Drawn into this eerily suspenseful tale, my mind was popping up with the words ‘beautiful’ ‘gorgeous’ and ‘intense’. I’m already excited for the next episode and what will become of the murderous zebra named Zoe.

👍🏻   (5/5)


Gorgeous   (5/5)

Brilliant, dark, suspenseful, sensual. Intricate storytelling from the dreamy minds of co creators Dane Terry and Ellie Heyman.

Fantastique   (5/5)

Oh yes honey.

I wanted to follow...   (1/5)

But I couldn’t handle the excessive “background” music - it was so intrusive -just took too much energy to try to hear narration over the incessant music and sound effects

feels like you're in a dreamscape   (5/5)

i just love how the narration sounds like you're literally in a dream. it captures the feeling of seeing or hearing something totally bizarre but perceiving it as totally normal. im excited to tune back in and see what's in store for us later!

Wow   (5/5)

The first episode blew me away! Everything Nightvale is involved with turns to gold, and I just know this pod is going to be a masterpiece. Can’t wait for the next episode.

More   (4/5)

Night vale presents doesn’t disappoint Episode one is just creepy enough to leave me wanting more “sebra”

Beautiful   (5/5)

Such stunning storytelling. Really captivating

Very interesting   (5/5)

Great production as usual! I’m so curious where it’s going to go.

Cinema for your ears   (5/5)

I’ve listened to the first ep four times in the two days since it’s come out. I’m obsessed. The foley work and the score are both so beautiful and high quality I feel like I’m in a movie theater (minus the visual component obvs). The story is also delightfully weird, in the perfect way I’ve come to expect from all Night Vale productions. Bottom line, Dreamboy is delicious, a hearty meal for both your ears and your imagination.

No NSFW warning   (4/5)

I thought the phrase “eternal pornography of the cosmos” was figurative language but the first few minutes of the first episode the narrator really elaborates on the state of his penis. Seems like a good show but it’s NSFW.

Can’t get this anywhere else.   (5/5)

Night Vale Presents offers shows that just... hit a nerve no one else seems to be able to find. This is no different. I immediately subscribed, and was again impressed by them as I listened to the first episode. Can’t wait for more.

i can’t wait to hear the entirety of this   (5/5)

the podcast hasn’t become a real thing yet and i already love it so much. i can’t wait for tomorrow! i wish this podcast luck!

Promising   (5/5)

This is well produced and well acted so far, I’m super excited to hear it take off. And it fits wonderfully into the strange feel of nightvale presents!

nice   (5/5)

score more nightvale presents

Hype!!   (5/5)

Im so hype for this to come out! The trailer sounds so good and engaging 💕💕

So thrilled!   (5/5)

I could not possibly be more exciting to dive into a new narrative centered on a specific individual and the wonderful exploration of the surreal.