Aggregated reviews for Ear Biscuits

Join Rhett and Link, hosts of the popular daily YouTube show Good Mythical Morning and authors of the New York Times bestseller “Book of Mythicality” in a candid weekly conversation for your Internetainment.

Highly recommended (5/5)

Rhett and Link are names that many people know, but even for those who do not this podcast is for you! Rhett and Link are always talking about different topics and always have my ears full attention. After each little ear biscuit that I consume I however never feel full. I am always craving the next biscuit to be devoured. In short I am a huge fan of these two and have been for ages but even for those who may not know them this podcast is sure to provide you with great stories.

Yes (5/5)


Amazing (5/5)

I’ve been watching Rhett and Link for so many years, I’ve bought merch, own their albums and make GMM part of my daily routine. I love everything that they do and their podcast is such a great extension to the show.

Sad face emoji (1/5)

Mind-numbing trash

Disappointing. (1/5)

I don’t know. I really love their YouTube channel but their podcast is a lot less fun and really flips your perception of these guys. Of course everyone has their work selves and real selves, and their totally free to do what they want. But it doesn’t mean I have to enjoy it.

Weird (5/5)

Y’all are the best variety of weird and I love it!

My dad and I’s favorite! (5/5)

Ear biscuits is my all time favorite podcast. Rhett and Link are so entertaining to listen to and always make me smile! I even got my dad to start listening and it’s now his favorite podcast as well. He’s bingeing every episode and we love to discuss each podcast together. It’s kind of become like a bonding thing for us! Thank you Rhett and Link for all the laughs, distraction from reality, and giving my dad and I something to enjoy together.

It’s the best! (5/5)

I love Rhett and Link and Good Mythical Morning and these are cool to listen to to just hear them have a conversation, express opinions, and explore interesting ideas. It’s also hilarious!

I love this (5/5)

This is an amazing show! It’s so hard not to laugh!

So Good (5/5)

My husband and I started watching gmm back in May of this year and I loved it so much I started listening to this podcast and I love it just as much. In the time we’ve become mythical beasts we had our wedding, went on our honeymoon and bought our first house. Listening to the stories from Rhett, Link and all the guests they’ve had are so relevant to where I’m at in my own life. The tales of finding your passions, changing careers, having failures, successes, finding love, raising kids are all the things I’m really living through right now. These stories are amazing, inspirational, entertaining and just so “real”. I love every single second of it. Thank you so much for all that you do, I’m definitely listening and watching all things Rhett and Link for a long time to come.

Keep it up (5/5)

Been watching/listening to you guys since the basement. You guys do more than you think with your entertainment, thank you for your hard work. Keep going.

Relatable (5/5)

My boyfriend introduced me to you guys through GMM, but I decided I wanted more. I really like getting to know you guys on a more personal level; because of this it allows me to appreciate your work more. Also, I’m from southwest Virginia and really love how I can hear some of the southern things, sayings throughout the podcast.

Love this! (5/5)

Topics are always unique and interesting to listen. I love hearing Rhett and Link’s take on everything! Look forward to Monday’s!

Yay (5/5)

I love to watch these late at night, and my parents let me because it’s a podcast so yay.

Dope (5/5)

This podcast is high key the best. I look forward to it every Monday no cap.

Meloonseeds (5/5)

You guys are the best, I love your podcasts and how they deal with a bunch of random stuff. It’s just generally interesting to listen to!!👍🏼

6996/10 (5/5)

I love how this is a bit different than GMM. I feel like I’m just hanging out with some friends and there’s no filler from the guys. I listen to the audio and the video religiously lol 🤪

please come to georgia (5/5)

pls do it

Love hanging with Rhett and Link (5/5)

We’re about the same age and I love listening to your chats. It’s like being with my buddies. Thanks guys!

More (5/5)

We need two pods a week..mon/thurs pods would change my world..can’t get enough

Love these two (5/5)

It’s like GMM in your car. What more could you ask for? I find myself talking/debating with them on every pod cast.

A bit too slow (3/5)

I LOVE their show, Good Mythical Morning, so I downloaded this podcast. Overall, it’s pretty entertaining, but I feel like they spend 20 minutes telling a story that could have been told in 2 minutes. Sometimes, they repeat themselves so much that I lose interest in the story before it’s close to finished. If they could edit out a bit of the excess rambling or make their stories a bit shorter, I feel the show would be a lot better.

👍🏽 (5/5)

Amazing. I am so into the conversations. I feel like I am there even though I am not!

Love it (5/5)


Love it (5/5)

Love it I live in Mississippi

:3 love it (5/5)

I freaking love this Thanks from Mississippi

<3 (5/5)

Huge fan of GMM, so I thought I’d give the pod a listen. It’s definitely a different vibe.... Less acting, less ridiculous - more real Rhett and Link. I appreciate their honest thoughts and options on the most random topics....and always love how entertaining their stories are. Appreciate you guys so much - much love from a Michigander living waaaaay down there in Chile!

Best ever GMM lover! (5/5)

I love the YouTube videos and the podcast! Five stars⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️!!!!!!! Makes my day!❤️😄. I will always be a mythical beast!! GMM 4 EVA!!!! I watch YouTube but it’s only GMM!!! Keep making videos and episodes of Ear Biscuits!!⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😛😛😛😛👨🏾‍🦰😛😛😛 You inspire and make peoples day and you should feel proud!!! Your awesome!! Rhett and Link and awesome!! The big blow up is something you need to make more of! 😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😄😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩😸😺😺😸😺😺😸😸😺😸😺😺😺😺😹😹😺😹😺😹😺😹😹😺😹😹😹😺😺😹😺😺😹😺😺😹😺😹😹😺😹😺😺😹😺😺😺😹😺😺😹😹😺😹😸😺😸😺😺😸😸😺😸😸😸😸😸😹😸😺😸😸😹😺😸😺😸😸😿🙀😿😸😹😸😹😋! Thank y’all for all you do! GMM GMM GMM GMM GMM GMM GMM GMM GMM GMM! Good! Mythical! Morning! Yeah yeah yeah!

I don’t even like them but... (5/5)

It’s like they are my background family. I don’t like them, but listening to them is better than being alone.

Love this podcast so much!!! (5/5)

This podcast is my go to when I want something to listen to when I’m doing homework or just laying around!! Great podcast guys can’t wait for more

Since the Beginning (5/5)

Ive been listening to this podcast from the very beginning and have loved the growth that I see. Although it has evolved and changed; I think it’s been for the better! They spend the perfect amount of time talking about sponsors and I feel like they really know their audience. Thank YOU for being your mythical best!

Amazing! (5/5)

This is hands down the best podcast I listen to. I already watch GMM on a regular basis, and fall asleep to old episodes of Ear Biscuits at least twice a week. It’s entertaining and funny without being childish, and Rhett and Link are also super honest and real with their opinions on everything. For sure worth listening to!

Amazing Podcast (5/5)

I hardly ever watch GMM but I watch every single episode of ear biscuits as I’m falling asleep. I pick up where I fell asleep each night until they release a new one on Monday. It’s hilarious even though it seems to put me to sleep super easily.

The best! (5/5)

I just recently started watching your YouTube videos and I can not get enough! You guys bring me so much joy! Love the podcast! I can listen to you guys for hours!!

My Ear Biscuits Essay (5/5)

HEY guys, I just wanted to let you know how much I love Ear Biscuits. Y’all freaking rock, and you make my morning drive-ins to school perfect: an Ear Biscuit episode following a GMM episode? Living: Deluxe Edition. REGARDLESS ——- I loved your podcast so much I wrote a paper on it for my professor, telling her why it’s so amazing. Anyway I hope y’all see this so you know the impact you’ve had on me with this :) Anyway. Love ya. Have a good one

shane and friends alternative (; (5/5)

shane and friends is gone and i was so sad! but i’ve been watching y’all since like 2013 and you would always promote ear biscuits. i never listened until yesterday. so glad i did😂🥰

EMcNeff (5/5)

These guys are freaking legit. Yeet

Incredible (5/5)

These podcasts are so random and enjoyable! My husband and I love listening to you guys talk! I highly recommend Ear Biscuits to anyone! 10/10 keep doing what you’re doing!!

GMM is the best!!!!!😆😆😊😊😊😆😆😆😆😆😆 (5/5)

Guys I so hope you see this, I love your YouTube and I love you’re podcast! You’re the best!

Best Podcast (5/5)

If you were to go into my podcasts app right now, you would only see one subscription: Ear Biscuits

Ear (5/5)

Best podcast listening ever. 5 star 👍🏻

Super nostalgic and relaxing (5/5)

I already LOVE their YouTube channel but now I have this!! It’s super convenient because I can download these free and I’m on road trips a lot where service isn’t always guaranteed. Also I can listen when sleeping and it helps a lot because they are so relaxed.

Nutella (5/5)

It is THE BEST podcast ever! Unbeatable, the *only* one I listen too, other are either to inappropriate or just not interesting. It’s like being in a conversation without having to say a word. Very relaxing while your cleaning or cooking. Very good advice, and healthy life example. Best part, it’s funny!

Love you guys (5/5)

I saw your YouTube channel at first then a year later I find your podcast it’s so funny and interesting I love it.

Seriously the best. (5/5)

Need i say more?

Best podcast (5/5)

Definitely my favorite podcast, so helpful and peaceful when falling asleep. I literally have gotten so used to their voices that I can’t fall asleep without it. Great great podcast.

Best Podcast (5/5)

This is the best podcast out there! This and the Smoshcast, they just both can’t be beat!

I love this podcast! (5/5)

I watch Good Mythical Morning anytime I can! If the YouTube show were hosted by anyone else, it would be a snooze fest. But with Rhett and Link, the show is so very entertaining! I absolutely love both of their personalities, and that’s why I love this podcast! The other reason I listen to this often is because I have seen what Rhett and Link look like, so I have a voice-to-appearance coordination. The podcast has the same energy as the show, and that’s why I love it so much! 🧔🏽🤓

Was enjoyable, clean... (1/5)

What in the world is up with this podcast being explicit all of the sudden?! This has always been something I can listen to with my family, until just recently, with out any warning, there is swearing left and right!

Less Rhett (1/5)

So’re changing the outside because you want to change the inside? Good luck with that.

Not a very positive review (1/5)

I’ve been a big fan of GMM since 2014, but when it came to Ear Biscuits, not so much of a fan. I do like Rhett and Link very much, but the podcasts are more like a conversation between two friends who barely talk about the subject mentioned in the title. It takes way too long to finally reach the point where they’re actually talking about it. But that’s not just it, unfortunately. Almost every point or story they want to talk about is preceded by a kind of a backstory or an introduction or a series of endless clarifications, it’s never straight to the point. And then they begin analyzing each other’s words and sentenced, and at this point, I personally give up on listening because it’s just too tiring. I hope that this is taken as a constructive feedback rather than a hate comment, because I’m still a GMM fan and I really do like you guys! It’s just that podcasts are probably not for everybody.

Shows Epic (5/5)

Because it is

Love GMM (5/5)

Awesome guys man🖤🖤

Gota love them😍😍🤩 (5/5)

Where are the most funniest guys I know every day and all night. I hope me with things and when I’m sending you happy I love the or so supportive!😁

Love it! (5/5)

This is one of my favorite podcasts, their stories never fail to make me laugh. It makes my ride to and from school much more interesting 😊

thank you (5/5)

thanks rhett and link

My cat (5/5)

My cat likes the podcast

Love these guys (5/5)

I have listened to every episode for 2 years straight and I still think they are interesting

The book Rhett is reading... (5/5)

... I really dig the message that it’s trying to convey and it makes perfect sense. Glad that someone on a higher platform can get the word out about finding passions and getting back to a ‘community’ mindset. The only way we are going to change the world is together and without getting immediate gratification. Keep up the creativity and positivity that flows out of everything you guys do!!

Buddy system (5/5)

On the newest episode(as of September 7) I saw the notification on my phone and the title was “what would we do if robots took our jobs” and I thought, I bet they talk about Buddy system! AND NOT EVEN ONE MINUTE IN THEY ARE ALREADY PROMOTING BUDDY SYSTEM!!!!!!!!!😂😂😂😂

Started from the beginning (5/5)

This is a must listen to. My ears have been baking so much. My biscuit keeps getting better and tastier the more I listen to it. Keep baking those biscuits.

ашеsоме 🦐💫✨ (4/5)

i gо то slеер шiтн еаг ьisсцiтs ои. iт’s а gгеат аиd геlахiиg тiме, ьцт sометiмеs tнеу маке iиsidе jокеs тнат ио lisтеиегs gет 😅🦀💫💖

Amazing podcast!!! (5/5)

Super funny and laid-back. This podcast couldn’t be better. I listen to ear biscuits everyday and it never gets old!

I aspire to be them (5/5)

Along with making an actually popular YouTube Tv style show, I aspire to do exactly what they do. A talk show on YouTube, with actual "who/what/when/why/where/how happens if ____" I aspire to be them.



Yeet (5/5)

It’s funny. Period. . . . . . .. . . . . .

Chill (5/5)

Amazing and something fun to just listen to. You can listen any time and is really a fun entertaining podcast. If you don’t like when people go off topic then this isn’t the podcast for you. It’s more of a fun podcast that sometimes can go off topic, witch is amazing I like it a lot. Great for anytime and about real life situations and gives you a really cool view of how famous people see things differently than we do. 5 star

The best pod cast out there (5/5)

Amazing entertainers love the pod cast been watching the show for years

Hilarious (5/5)

They’ve don’t it again, just cracking people up with whatever random stories or answers to the strangest questions that never needed to be asked. I listen to it while walking my dog and have them to thank for looking like a lunatic for laughing at seemingly nothing while going down the sidewalk.

YEET YES!!!!!! (5/5)


Every episode engaging and funny (5/5)

I’ve listened to all 200+ Ear Biscuits and have never had a dull moment. Keep it up, Rhett & Link and production team/crew, because Ear Biscuits has as much day-brightening power as all the Mythical internetainment out there.

#MythicalBeastForever (5/5)

I love you guys SO much! You guys are so funny and have the craziest things to say! #MythicalBeastForever

Love this podcast (5/5)

I’ve been watching Gmm for years but I believe this is the best version of Rhett and Link. They are genuine and entertaining for basic and normal stories.

??? (5/5)


Love gmm? You'll love ear biscuts (5/5)

I recently got into podcasts thanks to timesuck with Dan Cummins...and that led me to listening to ear biscuits. I was a little stand offish at first because I liked GMM and didn't think it would transfer well...but it does. Love ear bisucts. Try it out!

Amazing (5/5)

I love this so much don’t get me wrong. It’s just so long. Normally I don’t have an hour to listen to it

Lovin’ it (5/5)

I just discovered ur podcast and I enjoy it a lot, I’ve watched basically every one of ur videos and think they’re hilarious! MYTHICAL BEAST FOREVER!!! 🐓

the best (5/5)

i really love this podcast, rhett and link are able to talk to each other really well and bounce off of each other making the podcast very entertaining. i’ve been watching gmm for a long time now and listening to this podcast is a very different type of entertainment than gmm, i love both but it’s always good to have different options especially when i can’t sit down and watch an episode of good mythical morning. this podcast is great for taking a walk, driving, working out or doing really anything at all. besides from that i like how they talk about real issues they have in their lives and how they deal with those things which can provide advice and wisdom for listeners, both old and young. overall this is one of the best podcasts and i truly recommend it to everyone even if you aren’t a huge fan or even a fan at all of gmm. 10/10 podcast

It is my favorite (5/5)

this podcast is so funny and I have been subscribed for 5 years now to there YouTube channel this podcast wakes me up when I’m super tired in the morning it makes giggle and laugh so much. Thank Rhett and Link for making my day

My favorite podcast (5/5)

I’m a huge fan of Rhett and Link, and love all of there content! Even though there main Good Mythical Morning show is great, I enjoy Ear Biscuits the most. I’m not one to spend on merchandise, but I had to buy the ear biscuits mason jar, I use it every morning. Ear biscuits is not a staged show which I think is what makes it great, there raw humor is what keeps me going and what makes my Monday’s exciting!

Must listen! (5/5)

I feel like this podcast never gets listed on “best podcast” lists, but it’s so so so so good! Especially with the format and direction R and L have taken this year.

I have the mug and I’m ready to party (5/5)

I got the mug because I wanted to support this podcast and R&L! This is amazing!! I’m so glad that R&L decided to do a podcast because it helps me get through long drives because I’m a truck driver for Walmart. My friend/coworker, Andrew was complaining about how long his drives are and how he keeps running out of music to listen to, so I recommended this podcast to him and he loves it. He even started watching their YouTube channel!! Love this so much!

Dull. (2/5)

This podcast is so unbelievably dull. And Link is the worst at telling stories. Stick to YouTube.

1000 stars (5/5)

I wish there were more than five stars. I wish there were a million. SOOOOOOOOOOOO FUNNNNNN

Intro (5/5)

Watermelon milkshake? Cookout? Find out today on EAR Biscuits.

Watch stranger things season three (5/5)

Do it

Mythical Beast (5/5)

Love hearing you guys in this space, always entertaining

Whether you are fan of their YouTube or not you’ll love this podcast (5/5)

I’ve been a listener since they had their interview format, and it has been one of my favorite podcasts since. They are so funny, moving, thoughtful, and a great way pass the time while driving, cleaning, or just to get distraction. 10/10 recommend!!

Don’t wreck (5/5)

I have wrecked twice and it’s because I was not paying attention while driving. I was watching good mythical morning on my phone instead. This is a much better means for me to listen to you guys while driving. Thanks lol! Also, I really enjoyed when you guys had other youtubers come on and the mythical crew. I would enjoy it if you could bring those back and hear what some of their favorite moments were as a team member or even talk to old crew members that have moved on. Keep up the great work guys!


Rhett and Link both have a great way of communicating and able to bounce off each other so naturally. It’s always a HOOT and every episode never disappoints. I look forward every Monday to their episodes and I feel like I can literally talk about anything and I’ll be satiated. Love then both. <3

SO FUNNY (5/5)

Only one problem, they don’t start talking about the title until half way through the episode but a minor issue

👍 (5/5)

Good way to pass the time also very funny

I like the podcast (4/5)

The podcast is good but sometimes they go off topic. It also gets kind of boring in some parts. I still really like the podcast but it’s not my favorite.

Great Podcast (5/5)

Interesting & relatable topics. Great for long car rides

GMM and Ear Biscuits (5/5)

I love the podcast and is really amazing. Keep up the good work and have fun. #GMMandEarbisuits

Beep (5/5)

If u turn it up really loud u can hear beeps or techno violin sounds?

You guys are epic (5/5)

I am subbed on all devices ❤️❤️❤️ you guys are great never stop👌👌👌👌😀😀😀👏👏

Endless Entertainment (5/5)

I started listening to Ear Biscuits only early this year, and when I started, I couldn’t stop. This podcast became a daily thing for me while at work in my office, I burnt through their entire library in only a couple short months and am always waiting for the next episode. Rhett and Link are such a great pair of human beings and know how to be genuine and entertaining every time I listen. Thanks for being such a great duo of humans and giving us this entertaining platform guys and keep it up.

They da best (5/5)

I guys rock!!!! 👊

This show is amazing (5/5)

I love Rhett and Link. There the best the

Good (5/5)

I have never listened to a podcast and this was my first one and it was Amazing!!!

Love It!! (5/5)

I love GMM and it’s great to listen to Rhett and Link talk about the most random things! I love being able to have as a bigger part of my daily routine!

Best. Podcast. Ever. (5/5)

I wish they posted more frequently because I love their personality. They are the best you tubers and have a great sense of humor. I have seen every one of their videos and listened to every ear biscuits podcast. Great job Rhett And Link, keep it up!

Best podcast on the app (5/5)

Listened every Monday since season 2! Have always loved hearing more about there lives and just the stories they share! I think my favorite episodes are when they talk about theoreticals like if we are in the matrix or if we actually have free will!

Omg this is great (5/5)

Love it. I practically listen to it everyday.

Love Ear Biscuits (5/5)

Makes my workday a lot better!

So relaxing (5/5)

I don’t sleep well but ear biscuits helps me sleep!

Why aren’t other podcasts this good? (5/5)

This is the only podcast that I’m actually excited to listen to!

I ♥️ GMM !!!!! (5/5)

I love you’re podcasts!🌹🐔

Great Podcast (5/5)

I love listening to this podcast whenever I can thanks Rhett and Link , I know you told me not to throw a cleaver in a pool but too late, my bad

Haha clickbait review (5/5)

Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahaahhahahahahahahahahahahhahaahhahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahaahhahaahhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahhahahahahhahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahhaahahahahaha........ oh wow you actually clicked “more”... wow then I guess I’ll write a review right.... here: it’s a really great podcast and it was just so fun and I keep on listening to this podcast and it is a great podcast to listen to at night to help you fall asleep 😴 I love ❤️ this podcast

I loved GMM but I got ban from YouTube (5/5)

I love that y’all made a pod and thanks. AND ON THE 199 EPISODE ITS E BOY OR E BUY

Best podcast ever (5/5)


always the highlight of my monday (5/5)

I’ve been listening since 2013, when I was in middle school, and it’s still my fave <3 only wish the episodes could be even longer

Creepy Connection (5/5)

These guys are my best friends who don’t know I exist.

I loveeee ear biscuits (5/5)

This is my favorite podcast. I really enjoy how candid it is and it’s very entertaining. I listen to it while I work and I look forward every Monday for the next one!

Love this pod (5/5)

The best one yet

Love It!! (5/5)

It’s Awsome I’m a young fan so little weird for me to LOVE podcasts but this one especially is five stars everyone even if they don’t watch GMM need to listen to this podcast I got my dad and sister into it now they can’t stop listening

I love you guys!!! (5/5)

I have been watching your vids and listening to your Ear Biscuits since My Favorite Pillow. I have all your songs and all your Ear Biscuits downloaded on iTunes. I have watched the Buddy System. I really take in your advice. I love Good Mythical Morning. I love Good Mythical More. I love Let’s Talk About That. I love Ear Biscuits. I love Rhett and Link. You guys are the cure to sadness. Will it is by far my favorite segment on GMM. Link: Time to answer the age old question Rhett: What’s the largest city in Japan Link: Let’s Tokyo bout that *Good Mythical Morning theme plays* *It cuts back to Rhett and Link* Rhett: Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa Congrats on your 200th Ear Biscuit 🥳

Love Rhett and Link! (5/5)

I’ve been watching GMM for years, and have been listening to Ear Biscuits for a while as well. I just really enjoy hearing about Rhett and Link’s lives, and the topics they discuss on this show. They are a great team, and they produce a great podcast!

2 well spoken dudes (5/5)

Listen to this show regularly, I’ve enjoyed every single episode. If you aren’t a fan of gmm, give this show a shot, it has a much different vibe than their YouTube stuff. Keep killin it fellas

Whether you know them or not (5/5)

If you loved old school GMM (and who didn’t), this can fill that void (while you get the current great GMM - we are spoiled). Even if you have no idea who Rhett and Link are, the conversations are insightful and interesting while still being quite funny.

Best podcast out there! (5/5)

I’ve watched GMM almost everyday since 7th grade and now I’m in my second year of college and I just love this podcast. I feel like I know Rhett and link personally and the friendship that these two have is unmatched in today’s society. Listening to them talk about their childhood is also interesting because they grew up in a different time than me. I will never stop listening to this podcast. It’s something to look forward to everyday!

My favorite podcast! (5/5)

Me and my family love to listen to this all the time. I always listen to it when I’m cleaning or when I’m going on a road trip. Listening to it always gives me a good laugh and makes me happy.

Best thing at work (5/5)

I listen to Ear Biscuits everyday at work for 8 and a half hours and it makes the time go by so fast while also entertaining me at the same time. They are hilarious and are exactly how I’d be if I was a 41 year old dad!

#gmm4life (5/5)

I listen to this podcast all the time, it’s great for listening while you work on something else, listening to while falling asleep, or anything else. <3

I love it! (5/5)

It’s my favorite podcast. I listen to it at work, on my commute, before I go to bed. The stories are so fun to listen to and learn more about my favorite youtubers and find more youtubers to watch I haven’t heard of before. It’s just so great and I highly recommend it.

Love these guys! (5/5)

I love listening to Ear Biscuits. I love their banter back and forth and they are just fun to listen to.

GMM on the Go! (5/5)


Great podcast during work (5/5)

This podcast makes work so much more enjoyable! The funny stories make me laugh while I am working. Time flies when I listen to ear biscuits.

Straight amazing! (5/5)

These guys are comedic geniuses! They are funny and they don’t hold back on all of there hilarious stories! They are just pure amazing! It’s like the other side of good mythical morning!

Mythically awesome (5/5)

I just finished binging this podcast, and I loved it. I think I ended up skipping one of the shows with two girls who did makeup videos on YouTube because of the two girls and not Rhett and Link. They are great to listen to at work. Keep ‘me coming guys and I will be here listening.

Awesome (5/5)

Very entertaining and fun to hear! :)

T (5/5)


Loved it! (5/5)

Oh my heck guys... You are so funny with your stories and I hope to meet you. I know that being spotted in the crowd can be annoying, but I hope it gets better. Also , how long in years have you guys been best friends ❤️ #EarBiskets

Fantastic (5/5)

I look forward to each week of Ear Biscuits. The show has evolved from having guests to something close to what GMM started as; two best friends shooting the breeze and yucking it up. Thanks for sharing your stories with the Mythical Beasts.

My First Podcast Experiences (5/5)

Rhett and Link are entertaining but still real. This is great to listen to while driving, getting ready for bed (yeah sometimes I fall asleep listening to them), or just hanging around on the day off!! Literally all conversations they have are great.

Love it (5/5)

I actually watch these guys all the time on YouTube

Flagship (5/5)

I’ve been a dedicated Mythical Beast for eight years or so, and just relatively recently discovered Ear Biscuits. I love it, by far my favorite podcast! I was so excited the first time I heard you guys start talking about Jason Isbell!! He’s an amazing lyricist, and just an amazing musician overall! I was listening to the latest episode about your relationships to your wives, and Rhett started quoting my favorite line from my favorite Isbell song. Flagship sums up so well how I feel a healthy relationship can survive, and hopefully thrive. Anyway, I love you guys, and I love Flagship!! Keep on BYMB ❤️

Its soo good! (5/5)

I listen to it at work to make my day so more enjoyable! Rhett and Link are so funny to listen to and can totally turn my whole day around.

Love it (5/5)

I love listening to Ear Biscuits on walks or in the car. These two guys are hilarious and very relatable. My only criticism is that sometimes Rhett talks really low and it is difficult to hear in the car.

Great (5/5)

My favorite thing that Rhett and Link do. I think they really get to let go and speak about what they feel is important.

Bassoon boi (5/5)

Everyone go and learn the bassoon

omg love (5/5)

i love this podcast! it’s filled with so much fun and i love how it can be so interesting yet they will talk about things completely off topic! i enjoy every episode!

Great Podcast (5/5)

This podcast is interesting and funny. It is a great start and end to my day. Love GMM too, keep doing what you are doing guys.

Best podcast (5/5)

I love this podcast

10000/10 (5/5)

My ears are full of biscuits and I love it.

196! (5/5)

Love the podcast and show but episode 196 says 96... just saying, maybe you should fix this.

GMM/LTAT/Ear Biscuits (5/5)


Super interesting (5/5)

I always listen to this when I’m tanning by the pool, it’s way more interesting than most podcasts and funny too.

Fabulous (5/5)

Best podcast ever. I’ve been watching since episode 78 and I’ve loved it since keep it up Rhett and link. :)

Episode 196 (5/5)

Don’t know how to contact you so I’ll just do this. Love the podcast! But episode 196 just says 96 at the time of this review being written. Thanks for reading!

Best EVER! (5/5)

I love this! (Also sometimes I fall asleep to these and I think you guys are next to me talking it makes me happy!!)

Masters of conversation (5/5)

I love ear biscuits. Rhett and Link, lifelong best friends, have so much chemistry together. They are incredible storytellers and they’re so funny. Conversation is an art and they have mastered it. Moving at the speed of conversation with these two is my favorite way to start my Mondays.

Awesome 🥳 (5/5)

This is part of my daily routine So is Gmm Guys seriously keep doin it

Heartfelt and funny (5/5)

Hearing Rhett and Link process different things in their lives in an intelligent and heartfelt manner is awesome. Also, as a fellow 40-something, listening to their childhood memories throws me back in time in the best way!

Ur great! (5/5)


Epic Gamer style (5/5)

Too epic

Rhett and Link (5/5)

I Love your podcast. Soooo interesting.

Funny. Intelligent. Sassy. (5/5)

This is essentially the only podcast that I make a mental note to keep up with. I look forward to your episodes every week. It gets me SO excited for long drives!

Rhett and Link (5/5)

You guys are great!!!!!!!!!

I Love Ear Biscuits (5/5)

I always listen to these while I’m laying in bed and it helps me fall asleep and also I will listen to these while I’m on an air plane or a long car ride

Absolute favorite! (5/5)

These guys I found by accident on Facebook with their main show of good mythical morning and instantly found myself watching every morning and night, falling asleep to their shows even. As I eventually finished almost every season of their show on YouTube, I knew that I just needed more. Conveniently my ride to work is 30 minutes each way so I begin an ear biscuit to work and finish on the way back home. I absolutely love the way their minds work and the similarities but also the striking contrasts in their personalities. Can not stop listening and involving these guys into my everyday life in some way! Just love this pair!

Rhett & Link (5/5)

Your 2 spirit animals are a 🐶and obviously a 🐐 🐐🐐🐐🐐 G.O.A.T G.O.A.T G.O.A.T G.O.A.T G.O.A.T 🐐

Best podcast ever!!!!! (5/5)

This is the best podcast! I listen to it before I go to bed to help me wind down or if I’m bored! It is really fun to listen to and I have a cold right now so basically all I’m doing is listening and watch gmm. Thank you guys!!!!

Awesome (5/5)

It shares so much more than gmm

Amazing (5/5)

I love this it calms me down when something happens in life

Amazing! Love it! (5/5)

I love your guys voices. I fell asleep on an airplane listening to this when there was a thunder storm going on outside. I love your YouTube channel and everything also love the name to

Perfect podcast (5/5)

If you love Rhett and Link enough to listen to the podcast/watch GMM daily, this is for you. I usually put it on in the background when I’m trying to fall asleep or when I’m in need of background sound but don’t wanna turn on the tv.

I love you guys (5/5)

This is the first non-fiction podcast that’s I’ve ever listened to and I love it! It’s so funny and it has opened the gateway for me trying out other podcasts! Thanks guys for being awesome in everything you do

😂😂😂😂 (5/5)

So funny the best podcast

So funny! (5/5)

This podcast is so funny and I’m glad that I have more Rhett and Link on my phone!! 😄

Awesome (5/5)

Love this so much but for the love of smart homes stop saying “ok google” in your episodes. My google home is tripping out!! 😂😘

Amazing (5/5)

I love how open they are, i love to listen to them during my morning commute, while I work, and while falling asleep.

Yes. Listen. Do it! (5/5)

Whether you know about Rhett and Link (GMM), or not this is a great podcast. Funny, genuine, and sometimes even heartfelt. These two are best buds having chat about ordinary and strange topics that makes you feel like your sitting right there with them.

Super awesome (5/5)

I love the more in depth conversations they have on ear biscuits that you don’t get on Gmm. I can’t get enough of it

I love you guys all the time 😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁 (5/5)

I love you so much ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️🦄🦄🦄🦄🦄🦄🦄🦄🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🇮🇹🇮🇹🇮🇹🇮🇹🇮🇹 I am Italian

Much love! (5/5)

You guys are insightful and funny and I enjoy listening to your podcast so much!!!!

Quite a gem (4/5)

Finding a friendship that exceeds 20 plus years and the stories that come from it warm my heart and make me cry laughing from this duo keep up the good work 👋🎃👍🏻

Practical (5/5)

I love listening to these podcasts while I’m folding laundry, doing dishes, or cooking dinner. I feel like I’m a part of a conversation and it’s so entertaining. Basically I am motivated to do chores at this point because I know I’m going to listen to Rhett and Link ramble. 😃

You guys are so cool (5/5)

Y’all are amazing as always but I would just like to say that I’m a huge huge UGA fan as well I’m from the Atlanta area so UGA is my team❤️🐶🐶

🤣🤣🤣🤣 (5/5)

You guys are hilarious thank u for being you

The highlight of my week (5/5)

I look forward to this podcast every single week. It never fails to make me laugh (or cry, depending on the topic). I recommend it to everyone!

My opinion on ear biscuits. (5/5)

I listen to ear biscuits every night because I love this podcast, it deserves 5 stars.👍🏻

❤️♥️❤️ (5/5)

Rhett and Link thank you just thank you

Two words (5/5)

Super cool and awesome podcast

Love it (5/5)

I listen to “where do our songs come from” over and over again. They help me sleep

All (5/5)

My sister loves listening to this!

I don’t like this podcast I just want to support ret and link (1/5)

I love GMM I don’t like these causal talks leave them to your self post your weirdness not your rabbit holes

A truly creative comedy podcast (5/5)

Ear Biscuits is the only podcast I listen to with complete devoted regularity. I listen and follow this podcast because Rhett and Link truly seem like incredible people. They are introspective and candid about themselves, the business, their friendship, and allow us to see into many elements of their lives. I laugh out loud at every podcast, even during the incredibly emotional episodes, in which I laugh through my tears. It’s a different side to their personalities and comedy stylings when compared to GMM. GMM definitely makes me laugh and smile, but Ear Biscuits is on another echelon. It’s a sweet balance between their truer selves, elevated comedy, and heart. It makes me want to see even more of their projects that depart from GMM. (I.e. Buddy System, Bleak Creek) Again, I am still a huge and loyal GMM fan, but I feel their magic is in their ambitious level of comedy and creation, which we get a taste of in Ear Biscuits. All in all, a podcast that I look forward to every week. The guys are magnetic and keep getting better and better. I love to, and will continue to support them as people and as performers.

Thankful (5/5)

EarBiscuits is something I look forward to every week. Each new episode I think man, this is my favorite episode by far! And then they come out with the next one. And I say it again! It’s a combination of intimacy, vulnerability, comedy, thoughtfulness....I could keep going and going. Thank you for everything you do!

A Great Listen (5/5)

Rhett and Link are just amazing and I love listening to their podcasts I have always been a fan of them and I just think they can talk about anything and make it interesting.

Good (5/5)


My Monday Routine (5/5)

I absolutely look forward to a new episode every Monday. As an avid GMM viewer, it’s fun to hear Rhett & Link speak more openly in this setting. They seem more honest on this format rather than trying to put on a show for entertainment purposes. Don’t get me wrong, I anxiously await new GMM episodes too! But this podcast helps me get through my commute to work, so thanks guys! Keep on keepin on!


I used to watch GMM when I was a kid. This podcast is great because it is a little more mature than the show, so I can listen to it while doing homework or chores. It brings back so many memories of when i was younger, and all of the episodes entertaining.

Met ‘em and they’re just as awesome in person (5/5)

My wife and I took our son to Nashville for their live show and it was, of course, great. Then the next day we were in a small soda shop on the outskirts of town and who should walk in but Rhett and Link themselves. We didn’t get to have the VIP option at the concert, but we got an even better experience at The Soda Parlor. They were absolutely great people and even though we weren’t gonna bother them, they asked if we wanted to take a photo. Couldn’t ask for a better couple of guys. As far as this podcast, it’s top notch and right up my alley. As a podcaster myself, I appreciate everything about it. - Mike (Funny Messy Life podcast)

Amazing (5/5)

Amazing podcast, totally recommend it to all GMM fans

Huge fan of Rhett and Link (5/5)

And yet another highly entertaining podcast😃!!! My listening holes really enjoyed it 🎧!

GMM (5/5)

I've only recently started watching videos and listening to the podcast, but every time I watch or listen my mood automatically lifts. Rhett and Link are so funny and I love hearing about their family adventures!!

Groovy (5/5)

This is hands down the best podcast I have ever listened to. I’ve been a Rhett and Link fan for years and an Ear Biscuits fan from the beginning. There is a level of maturity and authenticity that comes through the podcasts that doesn’t always come out on gmm. Ear Biscuits have an amazing blend of humor and knowledge and inspiration that is unmatched in the podcast world. Seriously great stuff, some of my favorite content across any media platform.

Slowly becoming more self absorbed (1/5)

So I've been a long time fan of the show and their podcasts for a few years, I’ve listened to every ear biscuits and I just feel like over time they became more and more self absorbed. It’s like they don’t want to talk about anything but themselves and it’s not even interesting, one episode is them admitting they go to a famous LA party and spend the entire time annoying famous people only wanting to become more famous. It just comes off as really cringe worthy and uncomfortable, I just kind of drifted away with the more popular podcasts out there that are actually funny and engaging. The equivalent would be like if Joe Rogan or Conan Skipped all the guests and most of the comedy and just talked about their day with a few jokes sprinkled in. I mean I’m just one guy and it’s 4 am, I’m just saying my opinion since I listened for a while.

Great Podcast (5/5)

This podcast brightens my life just a little more every Monday. Rhett and Link are freaking hilarious but hearing their deep conversational side is also such a nice touch. Could be comparable with a therapy session or you may just hear about them a lot...

Hi (5/5)

Just thought I'd stop by to say hello I like the podcasts and I'm sevn

Yessssss (5/5)

Love this podcast!! Rhett & Link are the best as always :)))

your mom (5/5)


GMM Forever (5/5)

I love GMM & Ear Biscuits. I love how in deep you guys go and learning about you guys and how silly you can get or deep. Your show keeps evolving and I love seeing where your channel goes. Thank you for guys for the entertainment. Your awesome !

Awesomely addictive (5/5)

I have been watching good mythical morning since the second season and I was instantly hooked and I would always want to watch it but I could not because I was on the road or at school but now I can listen to your guys’ podcast

Go To Podcast (5/5)

These guys have been inspiring to me. Enjoy listening to their conversations and viewing how they create content and how they view the world.

YETH (5/5)

This is my new fav word and I can only think of two people who describe this word PERFECTLY. I have so much fun listening every day to y’all, and my goal is to listen to ALL of them. Keep up the good work, never stop being fantabulus!

I love it (5/5)

This is such a good show and I look forward to it every Monday after school. Grate to fall asleep to.

Amazing (5/5)

My hamster just died and ear biscuits hello me stop crying. Thanks so much.

Awesome (5/5)

I love GMM(both of them not just Good Mythical Morning)and this is something I can now look forward to after school and at home thank you Reht and Link

Makes my day (5/5)

I listen to Ear biscuits when i do schoolwork, play games, or even just sitting around eating. It always makes my day a lot better. I’ve been going through a rough time in my life and Ear Biscuits and the H3 podcast really give me something to look forward to when i feel like there is nothing to look forward to. Thank you for making me laugh and helping me stay positive. -Aislinn

Love (5/5)

I love Rhett and Link, and this gives me something to look forward to Monday’s after school.

A part of my morning commute (5/5)

I love listening to ear biscuits while I drive to work. I started listening recently so I’m working backward from the older episodes and it’s interesting to hear where all of those YouTubers were back in 2013-2014. I love this podcast though so keep up the good work 👍🏼

smart (5/5)


Isn’t it obvious?? (5/5)

I haven’t even listened, but c’mon, it’s Rhett and Link, it’s obviously the best podcast out there!

The best (5/5)

I’ve been listening to ear biscuits for about 2 years and it still remains my favorite podcast, it’s so chill and it seems the only problem i have with it is that it isn’t 5 hours long haha

Cotton Candy Randy!! ❤️ (5/5)

I agree with Rhett! Cotton Candy Randy May “creep out” other people, but maybe they don’t understand the joke!!! He is the BEST!! *insert cotton candy emoji*

I love Cotton Candy Randy! (5/5)

Well I love the podcast, obvi. It’s very interesting after watching you for years, learning the process and thinking behind certain things/choices. When I’m busy laughing at GMM, I’m not so busy analyzing. This is a great podcast! (Also I love Cotton Candy Randy... and thought I’d write it down just for you Rhett!😍)

Great podcast! (5/5)

My whole family loves Rhett and Link, so this is the perfect podcast for when we’re all in the car! It’s kid friendly and even keeps my 4 year old entertained most the time!

honest and entertaining (5/5)

I have been watching GMM since 2016. GMM is very entertaining. However, ear biscuits is more intimate and I think I hear more personnel opinions from the hosts about their lives and reflections about themselves. Still very entertaining and funny.


Delightful! Insightful! Hilarious! Non-nefarious! Easy! Breezy! Real! Deal! Really cheesy! Funny! Punny! Down holes of bunnies!!!

Great (5/5)

This podcast is so great it’s so interesting and I can listen to it during anything that’s happening it’s really great and I totally recommend this podcast👍🏻🤗

The Only Podcast (5/5)

This is my favorite podcast (by far). I've been a huge fan of Rhett and Link over ten years now. Ear Biscuits allows me to feel like I'm actually in the room with them. If I ever wonder how they truly feel about something, I know where to go. If it wasn't for my job, this would be the only podcast I listen to.

Yes! (5/5)

They paint the picture so well when they share their experiences and they are by far one of my favorite duos on the internet. Best way to start the week!

Rhett And Link on the go (5/5)

I love the Ear Biscuits Pod Cast because I can take Rhett and Link with me to work and in the car without being distracted by their faces. I love their faces but I have other things I need to do with my eyes.

🐔 (5/5)

Low key super bummed that this doesn’t get as much hype as it deserves. You guys have a really chill and interesting podcast. Keep making them because I’m BOUT IT. 😎

Good Mythical Morning (5/5)

I wish Rhett and Link could do Good Mythical Morning but only audio. I’m addicted to there videos. PLEASE

Cool (4/5)

Very entertaining

Fun, Refreshing (5/5)

Only just stumbled upon Good Mythical Morning and can’t believe I’ve somehow missed these guys for so long. Fun & refreshing content.

Best podcast ever! (5/5)

This is a phenomenal podcast always keeps you engaged, it is very funny, and would recommend this to everyone.

👍🏻 (5/5)

Love these guys!

Love this! (5/5)

I love the audio content because I can listen to it any time and enjoy mythicality!

Amazing 🤩 (5/5)

This podcast keeps me going throughout the day! This podcast and a few others are the only ones that actually make me laugh 😂 you guys are hilarious, love y’all ❤️

Amazing (5/5)


This is the best (5/5)

I love u guys :)))))))))))))

A really great podcast (5/5)

I wanted to try this podcast because I watch their shows. I then ended up doing chores while listening, which I then stopped to just listen to the podcast. I really enjoyed this podcast.

They are AMAZING (5/5)

Rhett and Link are amazing. They make you feel like you are involved in the conversation. I love this so much because it is like there are just 2 guys having aconversation

Words cannot express my happiness (5/5)

How could you not love something made by Rett and Link I just got a new phone to day and this totally made my day



I love this pod! (5/5)

This pod provides just endless amount of entertainment. Who knew two guys, talking about a whole lot of nothing could be so entertaining?!!

They did it again! (5/5)

This is an amazing podcast! It’s funny, entertaining and great to listen too. They go off into the “rabbit trail” a lot and it’s great! If anyone ever needs anything to listen to while doing homework, driving, etc, this is a great one! I highly suggest it because Rhett and Link have done it again and this is amazing!

itchy P (5/5)

my pp kinda itch a lil

If you read this your awesome👇 (5/5)

Rhett and Link are cool🐓

Amazing. (5/5)

I have been watching GMM for 4 years now. I will not stop supporting this pair of comedians who light up my day. Maybe get Jacksepticeye in a biscuit?

Oh my gosh amazing (5/5)

I have been hearing about this podcast from GMM and I finally just listened to it and i looooovvvveee it keep up the good goofs boys👌

eAr bUiScUiTs (5/5)

I’m a HUGE fan of Rhett and Link, so I obviously lovvvve this podcast so much, but even people who don’t know or like them will enjoy this podcast. They are hilarious!

Awesome! (5/5)


Can’t get enough (5/5)

Just love these guys. They help me get through the day in all kinds of ways! Keep on keeping on and thanks!

Amazing podcast (5/5)

Amazing podcast! Just like everything you do. You just know how to bring joy to someone. :D

GMM Continued on the weekend (5/5)

This is the best podcast ever! It is practically GMM only without any video. It’s GMM for blind people in a way.

Love it (5/5)

Anything with Rhett and Link deserves 5 stars.

Amazingly Interesting and Hillarious (5/5)

Rhett and Link are already my favorite YouTubers, and their podcast is just as awesome as everything else they do. It is filled with intriguing stories about the lives of other YouTubers and funny details of Rhett and Link's lives. I highly recommend Earbiscuts.

Zzzzzz (5/5)


Epic (5/5)

There is only one word that works with this podcast MYTHICAL. This is literally the best podcast ever. I 100% recommend this podcast. I also recommend GMM. Look it up on YouTube.

You gilets are awesome (5/5)

Just wanted to let you guys know you’ve been a huge part of my day for past couple of months ! I listen for about an hour a day on the elliptical and can’t get enough of you guys !!! Thanks for all your hard work !


I like there show to and this is fun to have them do a podcast too

More Ear Biscuits (5/5)

Every morning I go into work as an environmental engineer. Monday’s are always special because I know I get to listen to you. It’s a fresh start and something funny to get your mood up. I love this podcast. It’s short and sweet and has fantastic content. BUT, Rhett and Link, if you or anyone of they mythical crew is reading this, we want more podcast! It doesn’t necessarily have to be the dynamic duo. I know y’all are busy on a daily basis and have everything scheduled out, but what if you did one or two more podcast that involved the mythical crew? Have them on Mon,Wed, Friday? Just a thought because your content and over all producer at mythical studios is A+. Hope someone reads this. Keep up the great work.

The best podcast (5/5)

👏🏻So Awesome👏🏻

Hilarious! (5/5)

This is the best podcast I have ever heard! Rhett and Link has done it again!

Worth every minute! (5/5)

I wasn’t sure how much I would like just listening to Rhett and Link after watching so much GMM, but I have loved every episode. I don’t always love really long podcasts either, but I can’t get enough of this one. Constantly cracking up every episode!

Yin and yang. (5/5)

I just got into mythical morning. Already obsessed. Now ear biscuits to add to the list. Just a convo between friends. Something everyone can relate too. Shoutout to Rhink!

👍🏻 (5/5)

Love it can’t get enough of it. Great YouTubers

Loving it (5/5)

Really amazing! Love the podcasts. I love to listen to the podcasts every day. I love when I laugh out loud and people look at me like I’m crazy. Keep it up guys.

Inspiring (5/5)

This show inspired my fiancé & I to finally get our podcast started. Love these guys—can’t wait to see them live in Columbus in April!

My absolute favorite (5/5)

Y’all would make such a mint episode of GMM

I love you guys!!! (5/5)

You are so amazing 😉 Keep up the AMAZING work!!😘 - Your #1 fan!!!

Very Enjoyable (5/5)

I used to love sitting down to watch their show when I was younger ( I still do ) and always noticed that they keep mentioning this podcast, Ear Biscuits. I just started getting into podcasts and thought that I might start with voices that are familiar to me. This podcast gives me the same taste of home that Good Mythical Morning had. It was fun to watch/ listen to, and the conversation was very relatable. I love their comedy and there is a certain element that is put into the Rhett and Link shows that always leaves me clicking on the next episode, opening YouTube or podcasts every few days to hear what the GMM crew has to say. I will continue to watch and listen to Good Mythical Morning for a long time, if they keep doing what they are doing. Now it is time to spin the wheel of mythicality!

Best podcast ever (5/5)

I’m a sports person and I think this is better then all sports podcasts A+++

I love this podcast (5/5)

I don't really watch GMM, but I listen to this podcast every week without fail!! I love the Ear Biscuits podcast!! I have been listening for almost five years now and have been through all the different styles of podcasts. I love just listening to two friends talk about their lives so candidly. I'd highly reccommend this podcast to anyone. I love Rhett and Link!

👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩 (5/5)


Put some gravy on ur biscuit and let’s roll. (5/5)

Great content, and a glimpse into the dynamic between Rhett and Link in a much calmer environment than GMM or some of their other vehicles. Every episode I’ve listened to so far, I’ve laughed at several times. Thanks, my dudes.

Great Stories! (5/5)

i love how there extras ALWAYS have fascinating stories that most people never hear! Rhett and Link also have a great way of keeping me entertained with clean stories which is helpful as a 8th grade christian boy! Well done Rhett and Link

These guys rock (5/5)

From funny videos to funny talk, It’s a good listen

Love listening every week! (5/5)

I’m a HUGE fan of Rhett and Link, have been for almost 6 years and I just love listening to them talk every week. Highly recommend it to anyone!

👍🏻 (5/5)

Great guys. Easy listening. Funny. Meaningful. Great for young people and adults.

It’s Mythical (5/5)

First off, let me say I love The videos. Next, something I can listen to at night. Truly makes my morning mythical.

Ear Biscuits (5/5)

My first & probably only podcast! I don’t usually listen to podcasts but i definitely have listened to all of these keep up the good work! Really appreciate you guys and what you do.

Woooooooow (5/5)

Can I say spin the hmm wheel 🎎

🥰 (5/5)

I love listening to ear biscuits while I’m doing deliveries all night. It keeps me in good spirits.

Amazing for almost all ages (5/5)

I love this podcast I was looking for a good podcast and saw Rhett and links names then i said to myself hallelujah finally a good one

Amazing (5/5)

The best podcast ever

Amazing (4/5)

So funny!!! Love this podcast!!

Love it (5/5)

Probably my favorite podcast! It’s amazing! The interview podcasts and the themed episodes are all amazing!

The best (5/5)

These guys are the best people on the planet

Ear biscuits (5/5)

I loveeeeee ear biscuits and gmm soo funny

Would reccomend (5/5)

I like how they just talk about stuff for around half the podcast! It’s not boring either, the way I like it!

Love (5/5)

Rhett and Link never cease to bring a smile to my face. It’s great content. It’s great conversation. It’s all around one of my favorite things to listen to.

They nail everything they do (5/5)

Great talented dudes

Best podcast (5/5)

Ear Biscuits is just what I need when I am feeling down or unproductive. They make me ready to do anything. I have gotten so much work done while listening to them that I now have much more free time with my family. So not only do I get to have fun while listening to Ear biscuits but it also improves my life.

HAHAHA—-oops! Sorry mom! (5/5)

I laughed so hard that I woke my mom up lol. The greatest (and most mythical) podcast that I can enjoy. Yes

Best. Podcast. Ever (5/5)

I LOVE these guys!!! Such an amazing show! Very funny and interesting...... no matter what you enjoy, you will enjoy this show!

Amazing and entertaining (5/5)

I love there youtube channel and all there work. They do a great job at what they do. Also they are just amazing people

Love the podcast (5/5)

I love the podcast they help Me fall asleep at night and I also have a lot of anxiety so they help make me fall asleep and it is hard to deal with it because I am only 12 and don’t know how to get rid of my anxiety so thank you guys so much I love your podcast and the YouTube Chanel

Amazing (5/5)

Great easy listening

Look forward to every episode (5/5)

I ❤ the format of Rhett and Link discussing their daily lives and unique topics that tend spiral out into interesting conversations and fun when the lamp fell on them. Awesome! I can’t wait to hear what they discuss in 2019. It’s a perfect combination of interesting topics, personal anecdotes and comedy.

Holiday party (5/5)

Dear Rebecca and josh, I would love to have y’all at my Christmas party this Saturday! I will provide the food and drinks. If you don’t mind bringing the ginger bread houses that would be a great blessing! I hope to see you there. Please email me back if you would like to come. Thank you, your neighbor

Can’t get enough (5/5)

This pod is so you guys

Young feminist banana 🍌 (5/5)

I love this pod!! I’m a young child who loves news podcasts but this podcast is so great to just listen and realax 🤗🤗🥳🥳🥰🥰#Rhet+Link=awesome

Soooo good (5/5)

I love this soooo mush

My favourite Podcast Ever (5/5)

If you don't listen to Ear Biscuits are you even a true Rhett and Link fan?

I really enjoy this (5/5)

This is such a good podcast. I enjoy the humor and personality. I think that the episode topics are really cool. Do you think you could do a podcast in the form of an asmr video? That would be so cool. 😂❤️ Keep up the good work!

I feel like they’re my dads (5/5)

I started watching them because of beauty guru RavenElyseTV and now I can’t get enough of GMM! The podcast is just perfect for those long drives, doing homework, cleaning the house, and everything else!

Love R and L (5/5)

GMM is amazing by itself but I love hearing all their childhood stories and their thoughts on everyday subjects without them being political! Keep it up!

Great for relaxing and enjoying to (5/5)

Great podcast. They discus a wide range of random topics. Not the best source for accuracy on the topics they sometime discuss but a GREAT source for fun comedic enjoyment.

Fantastic! (5/5)

Keep it up Rhett and Link! You talk about some great topics, and you guys are hilarious!

Amazing! (5/5)

These guys are very intelligent and hilarious! Love listening to what they and their guests have to say. Keep it up!!

Turned a non-podcaster into a podcaster (5/5)

I have always subscribed to certain casts but never listened to every episode but when I subscribed to Biscuits, guess what? I didn’t listen to it every time either lol. But over time I found myself decluttering who I subscribed to and started keeping and listening to Rhett and Link and then I ended up with a very specific few set of casts I subscribe to and it’s Ear Biscuits that kind of forced my hand to keep a few good ones rather than many ignored ones. Also this podcast is very good, always fun to listen to and fills my time driving to and from work perfectly!

Bruh. It Da Best (5/5)

I love it I hope I shouted out on their YouTube channel and I just started listening to them yesterday day and I already love them

The absolute best! (5/5)

I had just started watching GMM on YouTube and then I found out they had a podcast. They have a magnificent way of keeping you latched to what they’re saying and to their stories. I listen to them at work every day I can.



“Binge listen” (5/5)

I tend to binge watch every show I like but now I will be able to to other tasks while I binge listen to ear biscuits. This is extremely interesting and funny I really love these guys.

You guys are awesome!! (5/5)

You guys are soo awesome and funny, thanks for all of this! Please go check out this podcast called Huh!?. They are huge fans of yours and they base their podcasts on you guys, please go check them out!!

I love you guys so much!! (5/5)

This is the best podcast I have ever heard. You guys are my inspiration!! I am trying to watch everything or do everything that you have made. Thank you so much for all you do. You make my day so much better! You are also so funny.😂

The real talk!! (5/5)

They helped me get through some hard times.... cannot thank them enough!!

YouTube (5/5)

Hello I’m Fletcher I watch you on your YouTube channel and I love it soooooooo much

Love It (5/5)

Really enjoy each episode. Love just putting it on and listening to where the conversations will go. Keep it up!

Gets me thinking without getting me down (5/5)

I was introduced to Rhett & Link through GMM but Ear Biscuits has quickly become my preferred show. I love how they can be serious and light-hearted in the same episode. They get me thinking about life and sometimes even provoke hard reflections without weighing me down with all that’s wrong with the world (and life in general). There’s laugh out loud moments and nuggets of wisdom and just plain silliness all throughout and I can’t get enough!

Love them (5/5)

I found out about gmm through a friend and now I’ve been enjoying ear biscuits... it helps me when I’m feeling depressed !

Love this podcast! (5/5)

I love listening to this podcast at night and it is so interesting to listen to during the day. It helps me fall asleep at night and helps me pass the time I have to wait for my bus to go to school in the morning (freaking Jackie!). It is very funny and entertaining, and even my father agrees on this. He does NOT like a lot of podcasts.

Love it (5/5)

You guys are the best, you guys need to keep it ip👍✌️

A creative, relatable, unique and laugh out loud experience (5/5)

Now this is honestly the first podcast I've listened to and it is beyond great. Rhett and Link can be just as entertaining talking for an hour or so with small guidelines than their daily show GMM. Now I love GMM because it's a small segment of well put together internetainment that I get to see every morning if I so choose. But, screentime can become overwhelming as I've now learned from some wise peebles. Using "peebles" in the sense of "that kid everyone knows". But these kids are actually grown men who still have the hearts of gold that everybody should catch a glimpse or earful of.

Wow (5/5)

I like good mythical morning but this is awesome

Ear Biscuits (5/5)

Rhett and link are the best youtubers/podcasters out there try to find someone else and you will fail ok?

Yassssss!! (5/5)

I love GMM so when they mentioned they had a new podcast I had to check it out!! Y’all are so funny

Great pod (5/5)

Excellent personalities. Very dynamic and lighthearted.

Addicting (5/5)

Only been listening for a month and am already up to episode 50😜

Never stop (5/5)

I love GMM started watching a couple years ago after my brother told me about them, I had never listened to a podcast but someone recommended them to me since I nanny and sometimes need something besides baby talk. I knew I would start my podcast journey with my favorite guys! Thanks for making all sorts of entertainment! Love the book, the the show, the show after the show, slowing learning to love ltat and definitely love me some ear biscuits now!

Bum bum bum it’s Rhett and Link (5/5)

I love good mythical morning so of course I love dis

Love this (5/5)

I love listening to this podcast as i’m falling asleep and laughing while I listen. 100% would recommend.

Bruh no way (5/5)

I actually had no idea you had a podcast!! I thought this was just on GMM. But It was fun too listen too! Thanks for inspiring my YouTube career!

The best (5/5)

Rhett and Link are the best!!



5 star (5/5)

Honestly they are the best and if you do not like them and give them 5 stars because they have the best podcasts in the world

These podcasts are hilarious. Highly recommend. (5/5)

This hilarious duo is always finding way ms to make us laugh. This is awesome!

Awesome!!!! (5/5)

I live their podcasts!!!!

The Funkiest Biscuit you can listen to (5/5)

Need I say more?

Every Mondaym, the ride to work is better! (5/5)

I love listening while driving all over town on Monday. In the early morning hours of driving my son to school, it is OUR THING to listen, comment, and dialog with Rhett and Link. Funny stuff, but often times very thoughtful in more ways than one! Keep it up guys!

Best podcast ever in the world (5/5)

❤️❤️❤️, all 5 dem stars!🏅🏅🏅🏅🏅

You are awesome !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (5/5)

Best podcast ever!!!!!!!!!!

Love you guys! (5/5)

I’m am thankful and grateful for your podcast. Anytime you need a break, take it!


These guys are the best. Keep up the great work guys

Diversity (5/5)

I particularly enjoy the diversity of the topics they cover, and that on more serious topics they someone miraculously cover them with jokes and serious with a dash of personal experience.

Tis Good (4/5)

Wide variety of topics from the ridiculous to the serious. I love this podcast more than any of their other gigs. Five stars when Rhett stops interrupting Link. 😋

Wise Men (5/5)

As an individual aspiring to make it in the creative space myself, it’s very helpful to hear some advice biscuits from two veterans of the game. Much love Rhett and Link. - Royce from Kona

Love to hear these guys talk out their ideas (5/5)

They can talk about socks and I’m laughing out loud at work - snappy humor mixed with plenty of solid advice and life insights


It’s so good I love it I watch all the good mythacle morning videos

Love these guys! (5/5)

These guys are so fun to listen to. You laugh with them and cry with them. So relatable!

Thank you (5/5)

In the most recent episode (10/8), thank you guys, especially Rhett, for being so honest with us. We really do want what is best for you guys, since we do care about y’all! Even if we do love the massive amounts of content ;) Also, I think that this core group of content creators (GMM, VlogBrothers, Hannah, Mamrie, Grace, etc.) is the type of content we need to keep alive. You guys tend to center around each other and there’s a reason for it! Quality people, quality content

I love ears and I love biscuits (5/5)

Put them together and I’m in heaven <3

Amazing!🤩 (5/5)

This is my favorite podcast! I watch GMM on youtube, you would need to watch their YouTube channel to be able to understand it better I believe. But overall it’s amazing!

Rhett & Link at their best (5/5)

This is a great podcast, two life-long (and funny) friends doing deep dives into questions about life.

Great opening to the day!! (5/5)

I have a long commute to college and the hospital where I work. I love listening and re-listening to all the ear biscuits. I’ve listened to Links RV fail probably 8 or 9 times! It really kick starts my day! Thanks Rhett and Link, keep on BYB!

Best Podcast I’ve Ever Listened To (5/5)

Getting through and hour of work used to be a feat in and of itself, but since I started listening to this podcast at my desk, the hour flies by. Rhett and Link always have interesting stories and opinions and insights that you HAVE to hear! Would recommend to anyone I know. This would also be a good first podcast for anyone who isn’t currently into podcasts. It’s easy listening for sure. Listened to them all, and guess what? I’m re-listening to them all again.

Love this!! (5/5)

I laughs a lot listening to this.

Beautiful (5/5)

I like ear biscuits almost more then good mythical morning. Such good friends and an amazing bond and so entertaining. Keep doing what you’re doing and for future podcast listeners, I highly recommend ear biscuits.

Awesome! (5/5)

Rhett and Link’s podcasts are awesome! I love falling asleep to them. Not that they make me fall asleep!! ;)

obsessed !! (5/5)

i love this podcast so much,

What podcast are you listening to? (5/5)

Something that isn't Ear Biscuits. *whispers* Ear Biscuits... *Starts to say something* *whispers* Ear Biscuits

🤩🤩🤩 (5/5)

Rhett and Link are the best people on the planet!

Rhett and Link are the best! (5/5)

I really like Rhett and Link’s YouTube channel Good Mythical Morning, and so this is basically just that except without the video and just audio. My parents got this app called FamilySafe, or something like that, and it took away all of your games and apps, including YouTube. So what I do is I go here on podcasts and then I can still listen to Rhett and Link, which I really enjoy I give this channel 5 out of 5 stars, because it’s just as good as they’re YouTube channel!

A Mythical Beast, Kayla :) (5/5)

YES. I FRICKIN LOVE THIS PODCAST!!!! (I mean, how could you not???) This was the first ever podcast that I’ve listened to, and I’m really happy about it. The first episode I listened to was “Who Was The First Man To Shave”, and I laughed so hard on the inside and out! I’ve been a Mythical Beast for a while now, and I still love all these things that Rhett and Link do. (My cousin and I have decided that I’m Rhett, and she’s Link. We’ve even talked about making a YouTube channel so we could be like opposite gender Rhett and Link, Shmett and Ink, of course it wouldn’t be EXACTLY like GMM, but ya know.) Anyway, I’m going off again. Just wanna say this is by far my favorite podcast that I’ve heard, and recommend it for anyone who wants to laugh. A lot. Love you R+L!

Rhett and Link (5/5)

I watch there YouTube channel as much as their podcast and Rhett and Link are super funny

Best Podcast EVER (5/5)

I watch a lot of different Podcasts, but Ear Biscuits is by far the best. But again no surprise coming from the best duo ever


I love ear biscuits I will always fall asleep to it.

My favorite guys 👌 (5/5)

How can you not love them?

Favorite (5/5)

Their the only podcast I listen to 🙂

Always amazing (5/5)

The topics are great and sooo funny, that it always puts me in a good mood to listen to ear biscuits!!! Even if I’m having a terrible day 👻🖤

GMM (5/5)

I love to listen to ear biscuits while doing schoolwork or before bed they are just as funny here as they are on GMM!👍

Jesus of podcasts (5/5)

If I didn’t have this to listen to while at work, I would be dead. Therefor it saved my life. Therefor it is worth 5 stars. Thank you for your time

Kid appropriate (5/5)

I love the podcast but i wish it was more kid Appropriate for kids because I am only ten and it is still funny if it were more kid appropriate for kids so I don’t haft to worry about getting in trouble for watching it

Wow. Just wow. (5/5)

I don’t know how funny a podcast can get, but THIS goes over the top. You guys are hilarious.

Hi (5/5)

Hi hi 😂😂😂😂🤣🤣😂

Fantastic! (5/5)

Love these 2! From GMM to Ear Biscuits and more, can’t get enough of the content they put forth. Amazing work from these 2 and looking forward to more content in the future!!

The BEST (5/5)

The only podcast I listen to. The best thing since sliced bread. I listen to ear biscuits every Monday when a new episode comes out and when I drive I listen to old episodes because it’s that. Dang. Good. So give it a whirl, listen to EB, you won’t regret it.

Awesome (5/5)

I love listening to this podcast cleaning, riding my bike to school, and any thing that you could think that a teenager will listen to music while doing something.

we stan! (5/5)

fantastic. amazing. funny boys who say funny things while being weirdly deep. i love these funny boys!

Routine listener (5/5)

This is a podcast that I listen to every single week. Rhett and link are hilarious. These guys deserve all the credit they can get for putting out such quality content

Mythical Breakfast (5/5)

In addition to GMM. On my Mondays I’m always ready for a new Ear Biscuit.

Always good (5/5)

No matter what, it’s always a great conversation to listen to. Except while on the treadmill sometimes, because it’s hard to laugh and run at the same time.

Gotta love 'em! (5/5)

I love listening to these guys! It's not always about the same topic and it's just casual conversation between the two. It's like you're sitting at the 'round table of dim lighting' with them! I have a hard time falling asleep because I have anxiety which causes dark thoughts, but listening to these guys easily distracts me and will even make me laugh so hard I fear i'll wake up my sister, who I share a room with. Love this podcast! :D

Awesome (5/5)

Super awesome

Ear Biscuits is hilarious. (5/5)

I love this podcast. It shows the side of Rhett and Link that I think is their greatest asset - each other. You can’t fake this friendship and the interaction between them is genuine. Being a Mythical Beast for a few years, I liked the old format of interviewing people but this new format of talking with each other about childhood memories, vacations, their wives and kids offers an insight to how these two men do not let their celebrity go to their heads. Keep it up, boys!!!

I love it how serious and funny they can be (5/5)

I love it how serious and funny that they can be

Love it (5/5)

Love their channel and this


This stay-at-home mom LOVES this podcast! I have been a fan of Rhett & Link and all of their content for years. I love to listen to ear biscuits whenever I’m cleaning, or even when I’m driving my kids from place to place! The content is hilarious, and also safe to play around the kiddos! Keep up the awesome work guys. -Karrie (Dunn,NC)

Great podcast but sometimes not suitable for Audio (3/5)

Ear Biscuits is a really interesting podcast, however sometimes they talk about images or something that makes it frustrating to listen to without seeing.

Amazing (5/5)

I listen to you guys every-night before bed! Best Podcast!!

I love them (5/5)


😂 (5/5)

How could you not love this?😂

Five Stars (5/5)

I gave them 5 stars because they are actually entertaining when I am walking to school, back home, etc. They are funny and also stress relieving. After I get out of high school, I’m pretty stressed. They help me a lot. It’s a long way to school and back. It’s like 10 minutes of driving. I walk too. My sister asks me if she wants to drive me, I always say that I want to walk because I listen to this. Also it’s because I want to get exercise walking to school. If you want to listen to Ear Biscuits, I recommend that you do. Thank you for reading this. I’m at school now. Bye!

Hilarious (5/5)

Super funny and interesting

Very funny (5/5)

Me and my husband listen to this together and laugh. So good.

👎🏽👎🏽 (1/5)

Very dry

Best way to relax (5/5)

There is something relaxing about just listening to Rhett and Link talk about anything and everything, and all their random quirkiness is humorous. Now instead of listening to music to paint, I listen to Ear Biscuits.

Out With The Old... (5/5)

I keep seeing the same review from 4 years ago about how “Awesome” this podcast is. I definitely agree with this statement. However, 4 years of awesomeness doesn’t cover the overall complexity within the podcast. What about, “cool”? What about “sweet”, “amazing” or “rad”? Whatever the word choice used to describe the benefits of listening to their show, just do it. (Not a sponsor.) You will enjoy their discussions, stories, and music. It’s not just to pass the time, it’s waiting for the time to pass until the next Ear Biscuits episode.

Good mythical morning guys eh (3/5)

You guys are the best Thank to giving me a good morning xd

South of the Border (5/5)

I live in SC and south of the border billboards are still up everywhere. Lol. Tons and tons of them. Like at least 50 every mile!

Amazing (5/5)

I love to listen to this podcast while getting ready in the morning, and it gives me something more interesting to think about than brushing my teeth.

NCSU (5/5)

I remember you guys would Emcee for campus crusade my freshman year at NCSU. My son told me about GMM and I was like no way, I know who those guys are. Not that I knew you personally but glad to see how well you guys have done! My sons favorite part is the Will it Taco.... they have tried to “taco” just about everything. Yay for N.C. and keep on keeping on!

Noice (5/5)

Just Noice

Yaaas (5/5)

So fun to listen too!

Rhett and link (5/5)

You can always find great stuff to listen to with ear biscuits!!!!

Rhett & Link are the GOAT (5/5)

Great pod! If you like Good Mythical Morning or Rhett & Link’s other YouTube content, you’ll love this podcast. A little bit more laid back and casual than GMM, it’s still equally as funny and you really get to know these guys on a more personal level. Love it!

Genesis? (5/5)

Weren’t you guys on what’s in the Bible?

Legends (5/5)

One word. Legends.

My favorite podcast (5/5)

How they put a spell on us to make us likeNO LOVE this podcast 😁🧙🏼‍♂️

Great (5/5)

I love the podcast! Listening to this really helps me on the boring drives and long work days. Even though the episodes are roughly an hour each, there’s still plenty to ponder on after the episode has ended and plenty of other episodes to playback. Rhett and Link are always producing great content and I think I’ll always be a huge fan!

Every episode is even better than the last!!! (5/5)

I love Ear biscuits sooo much! It is my “go to” podcast! I have been watching Rhett and Link for about five years and this podcast will always have a special place in my heart.

I (5/5)

Rhett and link are so enjoyable to listen to every nite make me laugh every time thanks guys

Not good (5/5)

Nah five stars

Love it! (5/5)

Eat biscuits is always so fun to listen to! Definitely a favorite connecting point for my husband and myself! In reference to the Magicians podcast here are some thoughts... Due to extensive research (a quick Google search) I found that the definition of “cool” is actually that of being “fashionably attractive or impressive” which from that statement magicians can be very impressive. From a social understanding I would say that cool is actually being able to gain a following, a sort of fan-dom, because you could be an amazing sports player, very attractive, and friendly BUT if other people don’t think you are cool you won’t be. Thus I think the power of being cool lies in the eye of the beholder rather than in the actual person who is cool. So based off of that, are magicians cool? I don’t know it’s like what you guys said, they can be. It depends on their following and what others think of them, not so much WHO they are. Thoughts?

AHH (5/5)

Is this hacked because everyone gave 5 stars

This podcast is everything good mythical morning should and used to be! (5/5)

I have been a fan of Rhett and Link since the days of chia lincoln, so probably around 2011-12. My all time favorite season of good mythical morning is season 2. I find the show now a days difficult to view as I watch my two favorite internet personalities eating disgusting food or talking to people often much less entreating than they are alone. The show was running out of ideas and it changed into a gimmicky click baity, over produced talk show (usually without that much conversation). I don’t blame GMM for going down this path but I personally do not enjoy it anymore. I know many people share my stance on the show’s present state. So, for those of you who just want to listen the best friendship of all time talk about random things just like the old days of GMM, I urge you to listen to ear biscuits. The show started with guests but most of the episodes I’ve tuned into recently have been just Rhett and Link and I have absolutely loved them. Thank you ear biscuits, for restoring my love for Rhett and Link.

I now am a podcast listener!?! (5/5)

My kiddo introduced me to GMM a few years ago and they cracked me up. Then, recently on a long road trip, I said I’d try to be like the cool kids (I’m 43.) and try a podcast. Holy shock balls, I’m addicted! These guys are uber entertaining and their wit and humor make my drives no longer boring.

Awesome (5/5)

They talk about the good the bad and the ugly and can make it entertaining Rhett and link are amazing listen for a good laff

Wowie (5/5)

It’s great

i love rhett and link❤️❤️❤️ (5/5)

these people are amazing!!! how could there podcast not be 5 stars!!?

Great Podcast! (5/5)

When I'm not watching gmm, I'm here, listening to Rhett and Link! Great job! 👍💯

Amazing People (5/5)

Rhett and Link are amazing on GMM and there podcast

Hilarious! (5/5)

It’s probably not safe that I listen in my car because sometimes I laugh til I cry. Rhett and Link are absolutely the best!

Yay (5/5)

I love this it is so fun to listen to while I clean my room or do chores I highly recommend this I love Rhett and Link

Ear Biscuits (5/5)

My favorite podcast out there. Rhett and Link have a way of talking about any and every subject well. Would recommend to all.

These guys are epic (5/5)

Putting aside for the moment that it’s Rhett and Link, they also always steer back to the topic they began with and always have actual meaningful conversations. They only give short little positive summaries of brands instead of full-blown ads, they always go into depth, and in a true Rhett&Link fashion, they always do it with humor. I never come away thinking listening wasn’t worth it. Keep up the great content, guys!

5 Stars From Me! (5/5)

Rhett + Link = Rhett&Link Rhett&Link + Podcast = Awesomeness

Put that on a t-shirt! (5/5)

If it wasn’t for my grandson I wouldn’t know about these two! I travel for my new position at work and they are perfect in my ears! Rhett & Link are fantastic!

Surprisingly Amazing (5/5)

There are usually entertainers who are amazing at one thing - which is awesome! But these guys are amazing at online videos, live performances, song writing, and now podcasts apparently. They also aren’t one note - this show is more mature than GMM and very authentic. No pickled bull penis here. PS: Their book is really good too. Seriously.

This is an outstanding 5 stars! (5/5)

Ear biscuits servers a different purpose for everyone while yet at the same time serving the souls purpose of long form auditorial entertainment, ear biscuits is calm enough to help aid you in falling asleep during the night (due to Rhett’s soothing voice) while simultaneously being ecstatic enough to keep you at the edge of your seat. Anyone who’s aware of gmm know that sometimes Rhett and link go on hilarious tangents this is that but longer! If you haven’t gotten enough of gmm then this is your best bet for that same experience. Alternatively eat biscuits is also uploaded on YouTube however I find that apple podcast is the superior method of listening as an added bonus new episodes of ear biscuits will appear here first!

Five stars (5/5)

So good. I like how they aren’t all on a boring topic.

Simply Phenomenal (5/5)

Rhett and Link already have such a great chemistry with one another and Ear Biscuits lives up to their name. Funny, engaging and flat out real, 100% of the time. If you haven’t been listening you’re missing out!

Ear Biscuit-y Goodness (5/5)

LOVE Rhett & Link! Always something fun to listen to!

Rhett and link (5/5)

Okay so I used to watch them every single night but when I’m at my grandmas the WiFi’s bad and she doesn’t like the brightness of the videos so I would put ear biscuits on in my earbuds and I would listen to them every night I love them

Yawn (2/5)

Yet another podcast with two guys telling each other lame jokes and saying "I was like ..."

Great (5/5)

You should invite Coyote Peterson (sorry if I misspelled the name)

Have you tried it at 1/2 speed? (5/5)

Love this podcast..! If you want to try a new twist slow it down to 1/2 speed.. it’ll last twice as long and it’s hilarious. Thanks everyone for all your hard work! We appreciate it!

Helps me everyday (5/5)

I love listening to you guys at work!

Amazing! (5/5)

Rhett and Link are the coolest even if magicians are “technically” not

Witty (5/5)

Rhett and Link always deliver!

Love (5/5)

It’s amazing this is all I listen to!!❤️❤️❤️ also it’s almost all clean which is great 👍🏻

The Best (5/5)

These guys are so good at their podcast and YouTube channel 🌺

Highly recommended (5/5)

wonderfully comedic yet intelligent I love when they talk about "deep stuff" like on the back end of "why you procrastinate"

I love these guys! (5/5)

There so hilarious and family friendly! I watch all there videos and am a mythical beast forever!

Fantastic! (5/5)

I absolutely love this... They are very humorous, and the podcasts are pretty bingable for long car rides/mowing the lawn and stuff.

These guys are great (5/5)

I listen to these guys as I fall asleep every night giggling. They are so fun and informative. I took along time finding a good podcast and this is it the best podcast

Best Podcast In Existence (5/5)

Rhett and Link are sweet dudes. I love listening to the weekly episodes. I listen to past ones everyday, and listen to new ones when they are released. These guys are some of the most interesting guys I’ve ever heard. They’ll be asked a question and answer it but also take it deeper “Down the Rabbit whole”. I think that’s awesome. Episode #153 “Where Do Our Songs Come From?” About made me die of laughter. Anything these guys say is either interesting, humorous, or serious. I like how this Podcast can change moods every once in a while. Like Links episode #150 when he talked about “Coping with the loss of a loved one” that’s serious. Or #149 “Our Summer Jobs” is interesting and funny. And like I said #153 “Where Do Our Songs Come From?” is downright hilarious. I watch “Good Mythical Morning” and love that as well. I’m happy to say I’m a “Ear Biscuiteer”👍🏻👌🏻

It’s funny (5/5)

Thanks! You guys are so funny and you keep me entertained. Thank you!

Th best!! (5/5)

I love this podcast! The stories are amazing!

Amazing!!! (5/5)

Ear Biscuits is an amazing podcast, and I like how there is not a certain topic, it is a whole new idea every week, and they are always entertaining. Rhett and Link do an amazing job!

Favorite Podcast Ever! (5/5)

Rhett and Link are the most amazing people ever! I listen to them all the time and even sometimes, my sister and I fight over what one to listen to!

Great Podcasts (5/5)

I love how calm There voices are

5 stars & nothing less (5/5)

I listen to Rhett & Link quite literally everyday. They are so amazing. Not only are they hilarious but their conversations are also entertaining and stimulating. Nothing less than 5 stars for these fabulous gentlemen!!

These guys are hilarious! (5/5)

Rhett and Link always have a funny joke to fit in to a conversation. I love it!

People Watching with Your Ears! (5/5)

Do you ever get really into strangers’ conversations accidentally? (I mean, I can’t be the only one...) This podcast is the socially acceptable way to listen to those kinda convos. Love the mix of content and the reliable escape from my own world for a bit. Keep it up, guys!

LOVE it! (5/5)

I look forward to this podcast every Monday. Whether a GMM fan or not, their witty conversation is sure to captivate.

Surprise (5/5)

Read any other review

Amazing (5/5)

I think this is amazing guys keep up the good work.

Love the new format. (5/5)

I was only a minor fan of Ear Biscuits originally (save for a few episodes) when it was usually Rhett and Link interviewing other YouTube creators. It was a great podcast, but I personally wanted one with Rhett and Link to be *about* Rhett and Link. So, I cannot begin to say how much more I’ve enjoyed their new format (as of last year) where it’s the two of them discussing various subjects. The duo have a wonderful dynamic, which is why people watch them to begin with, and they certainly showcase it in this podcast. While I’m certainly still a fan of their Good Mythical Morning show online, this unscripted and raw content has always been something the fan base (especially those closer to my age - GMM is great, but it may leave many of us in our mid-twenties and older wanting) may not have known they always wanted. It’s funny, it’s real, and they are not afraid to openly share their own personal lives and experiences to tell great stories and have thought-provoking conversations. If you’re a fan of Rhett and Link, you will love this podcast!

Obsession (5/5)

What a great episode! I am currently going through phases. Thanks for the friendship advice, be your mythical best, Aiden

Without a doubt... (5/5)

My favorite episodes are the ones without a guest, where Rhett and Link just share.

Total Enjoyment! (5/5)

I have been a long time listener to Ear Biscuits and felt the need to add a review today after listening to a replay show about Rhett’s obsessions. I just love listening to these two talk. I am 32 years old and live in a rural town in North Carolina and it’s just nice to hear stories and conversations of people who have had so many experiences and are uplifting at the same time. I like to listen mostly when I am cleaning or driving. I can totally zone out and be entertained when listening. I always look forward to this podcast, I highly recommend a listen.

Amazing podcast (5/5)

i’ve been an avid ear biscuit and GMM watcher/listener since 2015 and i love you all so much (yes, the mythical crew too!). 10/10 would recommend.

LOVE IT (5/5)

I have never listened to a podcast before Rhett and Link. They are my favorite YouTubers and the make me laugh. I love Rhett and Link.

Real Conversations (5/5)

I love how Rhett & Link are honest and open with each other and their lives. They have nice voices to listen to (definitely Ear Biscuits). It’s also really interesting content and gives a few good laughs.

This is amazing (5/5)

This podcast is the only podcast I listen to because it is so funny and serious which I love thanks Rhett and link!!!!💕😂😁

Obsessed (5/5)

I listen to you guys on my daily commute and I LOVE IT! You guys are entertaining and I love it! Rhett reminds me of my husband and I relate to link!

Amazing (5/5)

I thought they couldn’t get better. Well they did

Rhett and Link - need I say more? (5/5)

Everything made by these two is pure gold. They are funny, make you think and just purely entertain, or shall I say “intertain”!

How I make it through work days. (5/5)

I am one of those unfortunate guys who isn’t keen on my employment... not a bad job. Just not my dream. This HONESTLY helps get me through the day. I have a dream to meet these guys and give my thanks. You should download and listen to these podcasts. It’s that simple.

Perfection (5/5)

Absolutely entertaining. Love you guys !

No shame (5/5)

The youtube channel is great, this podcast might be greater

Awesome and fun podcast! (5/5)

I always enjoy listening to Ear Biscuits. From the random goofy conversations, to the more serious ones, they're always great to listen to while I'm working or just relaxing. I am from NC so hearing references to their time in NC is always enjoyable to hear. Keep up the good work Rhett and Link.

Great conversations they have. (5/5)

I love to listen to Rhett and Link’s discussions that aren’t limited by one category. I like the fascinating mental aspects they bring into some conversations, but my favorite stories are about vacations and family.

Hi (5/5)

Keep being positive and being funny because I like to go to bed at night with happy thoughts. Yes I listen to them when I go to sleep, it helps 🙃🙂❤️

Really Great (5/5)

If they threw up in this podcast it would be better than GMM

Listen to E.P 150 how to deal with the lose of a loved one. (5/5)

Such an emotional episode. I appreciate the honesty and vulnerability, brought tears to my eyes. It sent me back to when my grandfather passed But in a good way, although this may not be read by Link. This is why I’ve stuck around with GMM. Hang in there link.

Excellent (5/5)

The discussions in the Ear Biscuits podcast are thought provoking and typically relaxed enough to make excellent background noise for study or driving. It’s also a great way to keep up with news about the Good Mythical Morning show.

This was great (5/5)

I like this podcast, I loved the first and second season the best. So please throw in some more interviews. I love the cover for the album but sometimes new needs to be in place so if I get 100 likes you will make a new one!??

😔 i cried a lot (5/5)

😢💦💦 🙃

Food for Thought (5/5)

The introspective Ear Biscuits is a joy to listen to as it presents interesting often comedic themes that are sure to keep you listening.

So emotional !!😢😢😢 (5/5)

This newest podcast was so good yet so sad! It made me tear up, but I 100% recommend!!!

Quirky and Great Podcast! (5/5)

I’ve been a fan of GMM for a while, and I think that Ear Biscuits is a great podcast to listen to!

Truly amazing! (5/5)

Ear biscuits is eye opening (for me at least). It's a chance to see the guys that have helped me through so much, just sit down and have a chill conversation. It can't get much better than this!

gr8! (5/5)

i have been a fan of gmm for several years, the addition of ear biscuits is just amazing!! keep up the good work

Real Talk with Rhett and Link! (5/5)

What I missed about the new GMM I have discovered in Ear Biscuits. Listening to Rhett and Link talk about their lives, comedy, and answer questions makes my Monday. I hope this format continues. “Shout out” to the episode about coping with the loss of loved ones. Hearing Link’s response to his grandfather’s illness is raw and real. They set an example for how “real men” should be in the 21st century. 💙

I can listen to these guys for hours (5/5)

I've been a fan of Rhett & Link for about 6+ years now. They make me smile every single time. Ear Biscuits is great because of the rapport and relationship of these two. They can talk about anything, no matter silly or serious, and will entertain you every time.

Authentic podcast (5/5)

Rhett and Link explore questions that most people don’t talk about and they tackle each question with poise and a twist of humor. Love this podcast, truly one of a kind. This duo needs a movie ASAP!

Even kids like this podcast (5/5)

My kids love to hear your podcast everyday

Best podcast out there!!! (5/5)

Seriously, this is the BEST podcast out there.... it’s funny, insightful, and you feel like you are really just hanging out with Rhett and Link! I loved the older interview format too. It was kind of awesome to hear about the business side of YouTube. Keep it up guys!

Hmmmm... (4/5)

Very repetitive but very good!

Favorite podcast (5/5)

This is the best Rhett and Link Conversation for an hour per episode! This is the best thing for GMM fans to listen and anyone. I especially love that they used to bring guests onto the show like Rain Wilson, King Back, Smosh, Markiplier and etc...

My First Podcast (5/5)

This is my very first podcast and love it. This is basically a hour of GMM which I like a lot. I love how deep they talk about things, they always have such good things to say.😀😀😀

Amazing! (5/5)

This show is so great! Rhett and link are so funny and the things they talk about are perfect!

Awesome !!! (5/5)

Honestly this is my favorite podcasts, I always love what they have to say about things.

Jurassic World (5/5)

I definitely didn’t enjoy Jurassic World as much as I did past movies, good review. How come you couldn’t talk about any of the details?

Good Mythical Crew? (5/5)

I love you guys! Honestly, I look forward to every Monday. I work night shift and podcasts help me get through them, especially this one. You guys are always entertaining and, hilariously enough, I didn’t think so at first because GMM is not my cup of tea. My boyfriend then suggested your podcasts and I’ve been hooked ever since. Me and my co-workers all listen to you. But I have to say, I miss you guys having your crew on podcasts or having a whole podcast hosted by your crew. They’re equally as funny and I enjoy them. Maybe you can incorporate them into your Monday rotations?

A weekly ritual (5/5)

Thank you guys so much for continuing to produce this podcast. I listen to it every Monday at work, it helps pass the time while I find myself laughing and answering along like I’m having the conversation with you personally. You’ve made me question life, the future and even religion. Thanks for being some honest guys with opinions and loads to talk about. I hope you’ll continue baking Ear Biscuits for many years to come.

First podcast !!! (5/5)

This was my first ever podcast and my favorite one ☝🏽 i like listening to you guys stories!!!

Amazing (5/5)

Amazing found the show first then listened to podcast and loved it

AWESOME!!!!!!!! (5/5)

It’s AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!