Aggregated reviews for Ellen on the Go

Ellen on the Go is the place to hear what they’re talking about on the Ellen Degeneres Show! Hosted by the show’s Executive Producers, Ed, Mary, Andy and Kevin, this is your audio catch-up of this week’s Ellen Show, with a never-before-experienced glimpse at how the talk show comes together every day from the very minds that make it happen.

?   (1/5)


Half the hosts are predators   (1/5)

Unsurprising that a podcast that fluffs Ellen and how great she is (proven false) is hosted by predators.

Another fraud in Hollywood   (1/5)

I’m glad employees stood up against abusive, harrassing, racist managers that Ellen hired for a reason: to keep her employees in line. This whole I didn’t know about it is getting a bit old, starting with Weinstein to Epstein to corporate news head honchos, and Democratic nominees—I see you Biden—and comedians. Come on, man! Stop with the lies. We’re smarter than you.

Alayzhatoston   (5/5)


No thanks. Also F Ellen.   (1/5)

Props to the staff for hanging in there but I wish someone would have the balls to talk about the real Ellen that any of the “lower life level” staff will tell you about. Good luck. Can’t dance in a podcast.

Very Enjoyable   (5/5)

Wasn’t sure what expect, but very funny and keeps me connected to Ellen’s show and positive hilarious life stories.

#Andy and friends   (5/5)

I love the Ellen show I wish I could watch it more but that’s why I listen the podcast. Though I’m in only nine it brings me a lot of joy listening and watching the show and podcast

💟🏳️‍🌈BEAUTIFUL Amazing Forever   (5/5)

Yes Fun Favorite Heaven🏳️‍🌈💚

AWESOME   (5/5)

I love listening to this podcast, it is amazing

Wish to meet you   (5/5)

I wish to meet you one my mom drives a car that’s always need fixing I love my mom and she watches you every day thank you for being her friend she loves your show

Ellen On The Go   (5/5)

I wish to meet Ellen, I have been watching her for 7 years now! The Podcast is great but...can we please make it more kid-friendly? You guys are all so entertaining and work great as a team, keep up the great work; Mary, Ed, Kevin And Andy! P.S. I don’t believe, nor like all the unnecessary reviews that don’t relate to the podcast, if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say it at all.

Long live this podcast   (5/5)

Keep up the good work Love it

Ellen’s show is the highlight of my day!   (5/5)

Being isolated at home allowed me to watch her everyday! I know I’ll be laughing to tears between 3 & 4 pm! The show ALWAYS delivers! Thanks all! Pam from NJ❤️

Thanks for the fun!   (4/5)

I’m one of your listeners that doesn’t watch Ellen on TV. Not because I don’t want to, but even with home isolation our house just doesn’t have time. I see the best of clips on social media & really enjoy ELLEN. But this PODCAST allows me to plugin my headphones and take a break from outside stressors. I like to pretend I’m part of the conversation and we’re all just friends on the phone and you’re telling me about your week at your super cool job. But somehow, it’s never my turn to talk. Hmm.

Lisa   (5/5)

KJ APA is so hot

Love Ellen - this pod... not so much   (1/5)

Podcasts made so hosts can just blabber workout direction are not interesting, but to each his/her own. Good luck to all.



I’m the one only one who listens to the podcasts 😂🤣   (5/5)

Hi Mary, Ed, Kevin, and Andy, I recently just listened to the podcast and you said “what if someone only listens to the podcasts and not watch the show?” Lol it’s me. Even though, I am a big fan of Ellen, my work and school schedule doesn’t allow me to sit down and watch the show. I’m lucky enough to listen to the podcast while working or doing school work. This podcast absolutely makes me laugh out loud and I look forward to listening to it every Tuesday and Thursday! Best podcast ever!

@Andy I don’t watch the show   (5/5)

When I got rid of cable I really missed the Ellen show. So happy that I can listen to this podcast and get a little bit of the show! 💜Cassandra

Nice   (5/5)

I like this podcast. The only problem is how short they are. It’s great that the host are willing to do it with no pay.

It’s ok   (4/5)

Ellen is trying so hard to keep us busy. But she had to lay down her workers because there’s no point in paying them if they are not working. Ellen is tying so hard. So the love and we will make it through this pandemic. Share the love guys Alli 12years old

Do you travel to different states?   (5/5)

If so what states do you go to?

No thx.   (1/5)

No longer an Ellen fan after the way she’s treated her crew during COVID-19. Also her insensitive joking that she’s in “prison”. So tone deaf. And so disappointing.

1 Star Too Many   (1/5)

1 Star to reflect how she treats her employees (0 stars weren’t an option.)

I look forward to the gang each week   (5/5)

Have long been a fan of Ellen, since I saw her perform in Milwaukee many years ago. Andy and his crew are very entertaining. ( sorry Mary, Kevin and Ed). Seriously, lots of fun hearing about the behind the scenes of the show. I look forward to each cast.

Hypocrisy!   (1/5)

Please read up on the fact that Ellen let go of all her employees during the pandemic, even though she could afford to pay them with no issues. What a hypocrite!! Always preaching community and kindness and she can’t even pay her loyal employees during a terrible time.

Wow!   (5/5)

YES! this is just what I need for quarantine!

Love this   (5/5)

Love it

Ellen to go   (5/5)

Love it It is amazing 🤩🥰😍 This is the best

Ellen   (5/5)

I love when you had Sophia Grace and Rosie on the show so That made me want to be on the show can I please be on the show 🙁🙁🙁🙁

Such a treat   (5/5)

Mary, Andy, Kevin squared, and Ed.... I LOVE your bond. I love your authenticity. Your joy. Your loving jabs at one another. You guys are a true team. So loving, hilarious, fun, playful, and respectful of each other, even in your pokes of fun. Love you guys so much. And without sounding like a creeper, Mary’s voice. Big socially distanced hugs to you guys, like 3000 miles! ❤️🙏💜Thanks for for being light, love and hope in any condition our planet is in!

Puppy Pee Pads   (5/5)

Kevin, I have two big boxes of Puppy Pee Pads that I no longer need because my sweet 16 yo puppy recently passed. They will even wipe up pee better than paper towels. Email me (Ellen knows how to find me, I subscribe to the BeKind box) and I’ll ship them too you for free! Xo ~Emily

Wish To Meet Ellen   (5/5)

I have been watching Ellen since I was 5, it’s been a while! Someday, I really wish I could meet Ellen. It would be a dream come true. Ellen is humorous, creative and how she wakes me feel warm and fuzzy inside. I love Ellen’s personality, she makes me forget about all the bad and makes me focus on the positive, how can I think bad thought when I am listening to Ellen? Love you Ellen ❤️ keep on doing great TV shows for all of your viewers who can’t see it live! I absolutely LOVE the podcast, the EP’s are absolutely amazing I thank them for all their hard work and awesome commentating! I applaud you! Keep up the good work: Ed, Kevin, Andy, and Mary!

Ellen On the go!   (5/5)

Ellen on the go is just such a great and funny podcast! I love it! I would totally TOTALLY recommend this for sure! I Love it!😇😇😇🙂😇😇😅😇🙂🙂🙂🙂😇🙂🙂😇😇

Best Ever!   (5/5)

Ellen on the Go is the absolute best podcast if you want to laugh and smile for 30 minutes straight. I’m obsessed with Ed, Andy, Mary, and Kevin and want to hug them all (Or jazz hands for now). Thank y’all for the laughs and for bringing positivity into the world!


Far far too much producer banter-fake laughter-banter. 3 min of intro banter, then telling us what's coming up for far too many seconds. Just post the show... We all love Ellen, just Ellen.

Tokyo Tateshi   (5/5)

You guys make my day! Thank you for doing what you do!😁💛💛👍

1 of 6 Listeners   (5/5)

I don’t have a subscriptions to cable so I miss your show. I love hearing the synopsis of the week. The dynamic of the producers is fantastic!!! I love being 1 of your 6 listeners. 😁 Cher’s episode was by far my favorite. Keep it up!!!

Funny but . . .   (4/5)

I think this is a very funny podcast BUT I hate when they SHOW videos! We can't see them! This is a podcast. If we can't hear the funny it's not funny no matter how many times any of you say how funny it is. Don't tell me to DVR them. I'm listening to a podcast because I can't watch the show - I want audio not video. Thank you.

Escape   (5/5)

I’m currently battling an ailment at 30 that no one can seem to solve. It had been hard in many ways to cope. Listening to this podcast is an amazing way to escape and truly laugh out loud. 30 min of joy is what they do for me!

Fun podcast   (4/5)

I listen to Ellen’s podcasts multiple times, the banter is very entertaining. It would be great if you could play the clips prior to giving all info during the lead in. Also how about an occasional shout out to all your listeners, not just Portia.

Terrible commentary   (1/5)

The people chosen to talk on between the interview are terrible. They completely ruin the experience to the point I turn it off BEFORE it gets the interviews, the only parts anyone cares about.

Pick me up   (5/5)

No matter how my day has gone, I know that listening to this podcast will pick me up. My thanks to you, the 4 exec producers, for brining light into the darkened world.

Always makes me laugh   (5/5)

I don't always get around to watching the TV show but with this podcast, I feel like I catch the best stuff. Andy, Ed, Kevin and Mary work so well together and are so funny!

AMAZING   (5/5)

My typical day starts with listening to this AMAZING podcast, in the car, on the way to work. I can honestly say, listening to your podcast makes my day a whole lot brighter. I’m sure the people at my work appreciate the show also 🤣🤣🤣 Love you ALL! Everyone on the podcast adds their own bit of value as individuals! So funny, all of you! Keep it up!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️

Thank you for being my sunshine every day!   (5/5)

I am a single mother raising two daughters. I just moved to Phoenix Arizona for a new beginning. New beginnings are not easy!! I just want to thank you all for being my sunshine at 3:30am while I get ready for work. There are days that you all help me dig way down and keep wanting more for myself and kids. You are good people and the person you stand for (Ellen) is genuine and one of a kind. Thank you again! Jennie Turner

Number one go to podcast   (5/5)

Love this podcast. I’ve been listening since you started. I always enjoy Lauren on the show, so loved the episode where it was Andy and Lauren. Sorry everyone else was sick, but great move by the show to send everyone home to control the flu. Thoroughly enjoy the behind the scenes tidbits. Thanks for the laughs and sometimes the tears.

Look forward to new episodes   (5/5)

Aloha from Hawaii. Besides Portia, I’m also a faithful podcast listener. I always look forward to your new episodes. I love hearing from all of you -Mary, Andy, Ed, and Kevin. Thank you for sharing the behind the scenes info.

Thank you   (5/5)

Love this podcast! By far my favorite! Thanks for making me laugh every time I listen. My co-workers always know when I’m listening to y’all because I’m laughing at my desk!

Obsessed   (5/5)

Huge Ellen fan. This podcast makes me feel like I’m friends with y’all! 💙

I Like This   (5/5)

Love hearing about all the behind the scenes stuff that makes up the show.

Big fan but...   (5/5)

I love the show and it keeps me up to date with the Ellen show which I miss since the time changed. However, I am very upset with how Ed jokes about unsafe driving. People die from aggressive drivers and it isn’t a joke. You guys are great and I know you are in it for the laugh. Just drive safely.


I don’t have any social media so I can’t follow you guys, so this is a way for me to see (hear) what you guys do behind the scenes! Every night I listen to this and every week I start over at podcast #1 and by the next week I’ve gone through all of them! Love the show and Andy and Friends!!!!!!:):):):):):)

Love the show   (5/5)

Hi guys! I just wanted to say that I love the podcast! I had to laugh when you mentioned the TiVo option because I watch Ellen on my TiVo I got last Feb. Before that I couldn’t watch because I only had Hulu & no cable. So I’m happy that I was able to catch up by listening to the podcast! And I got your hoodie for Christmas :) You guys are awesome! And I would love to watch a taping of it! -Carrie Wilkes

Number 1 fan ever!   (5/5)

Ellen if you are reading this then please text me or my school. P.S I love you Ellen

I’ll never   (5/5)

do a face mask while listening again. It either cracks or slips and ruins it. I laugh way too heavily for any straight faces activity while listening. Love this.

I love Andy and Friends!!   (5/5)

This team of EPs is just great!! They love their jobs and each other! It’s so encouraging to hear about an interesting and fun work environment. Ellen has created such a wonderful career for so many! Yes, Andy is my favorite!

Positively glorious!   (5/5)

I love listening to this podcast. I’m a happier person because of it. Even when there is something sad, Ellen brings some sunshine to that moment. Shine on! (Because that’s about all I can see through these happy tears)

Love the new podcast.   (5/5)

Love all the people talking at once. We have spaghetti on Christmas Eve and a dump roast, but I eat no legged creatures. Can’t wait to listen to all the podcasts.

Techy 🙃   (5/5)

I’m not very techy, but I’m learning, now I never have to miss another Ellen Show.😊

Excellent for the moms on the go   (5/5)

This has made it possible for me to have my spoonful of Ellen, no matter where I am.

Dear Ellen,   (1/5)

I hear you are very difficult to work for. But you seem so kind on your show. What gives? 🕯 KD LANG is my John Lennon. 🦃🦃🦃🦃🦃🦃 -Les Couchon- 💄🐷🍒👠

Love Ellen! My soulmate   (5/5)

I watch Ellen religiously and this podcast Is just as fun!! I love her & her kindness. I battle with Mental Health and she motivates me to not live in fear and accomplish my goals!!! I love you Ellen Degeneres. I hope you see this one day 🥰

Good clips but not a great podcast   (2/5)

The podcast is like 50% ads and 40% the producers talking and 10% clips. I skip through most of it

Ellen is the Best   (5/5)

I watch the show all the time and listen to podcasts , She is so generous and caring, such an incredible person inside and out ! Thanks Ellen for all you do.

The only podcast to ever listen to #DoGoodBeGood   (5/5)

I love watching ellen everyday, but it’s really cool to get to relive funny moments from the show but with behind the scenes info. Plus ellen has the best crew on the planet. Xoxoxo

Samantha Freeman   (5/5)

Love listening to this podcast so interesting & funny ! Lol

We love Ellen   (5/5)

We love ellen! This is perfect for when you don’t always get to watch the show! She’s just truly the best

Amazing!   (5/5)

Ellen is honestly one of the only celebrities I look up to. I wish that we could be friends, she is just so friendly and so great. Everyone deserves an Ellen in their life!

I love Ellen   (5/5)

Ellen is the most genuine,caring, loving “celebrity “ in the world. I love how much she loves everyone.

Podcast Gold ❤️   (5/5)

I absolutely love this podcast. I have been listening since the inception. I must admit episode 110 is my all time favorite. It was hysterical and I couldn’t stop laughing. When Andy was talking about his “self scaping”, it changed the outlook on my day for the better. I love hearing all of you laugh, and be real, and just the chemistry and interaction is on point. I truly like hearing more about the 4 of you at times than the guests. 😊.

Great podcast!   (5/5)

Episode 110 is laugh out loud! I love the chemistry amongst the producers. They are so fun! It must be an amazing workplace. Their commentary is as fun as watching the show itself. I LOVE Ellen, but her intro to this podcast needs redone! It sounds like she’s reading to a young child. It’s not at all how she naturally acts. Otherwise, so fun!

Gods Blessing & Sunshine   (5/5)

The title simply describes who you are Ellen. You are amazing and so positive with a bright smile that shows your heart. I enjoy watching the show and the way you Bless so many people. I have written you before but I know that you receive so many letters everyday, so I just pray that one day you will read mines or see my video I posted on your site last football season when my boss Kim Charbonnet (Charbonnet Funeral Home. 1615 St. Philip St. New Orleans, La. 70116, did a dance because we The New Orleans Saints won. It was a dance about how you come to work after your team won the game. Ellen my prayer is that you receive every Blessing God has for you and your Staff as well. I wish I could be a Blessed as you are in a huge way. I give when I can and if I can’t because I’m struggling as well especially to purchase a home of my own for my family and I, or buy a vehicle so I can stop renting from Turo every week. With my daughter at Delgado C. College, one as a senior in high school and my baby boy 12 approaching high school it’s hard having 1 vehicle in the house because my husband works as well. Failure is not an option and all we can do is keep pushing forward. I will mention you and your Staff in prayer at Church on Sunday, and your families. God Bless you all and have a Happy Holidays. Love Brittney Davenport Elmore. If you can right back please send to 2714 Hamilton St. New Orleans, LA. 70118 house I rent, or my PO Box 531283 New Orleans, LA 70153. We love you Ellen and team be Blessed.

A wonderfully delightful podcast!   (5/5)

I’m a law student and work part-time, so whenever I need a “laugh break” or just something to get my mind of the daily pressures of life, I listen to “Andy & Friends.” I’ve listened from the beginning of the podcast, & anxiously await for the next one to come out. Thank you to the amazing executive producers of the Ellen show for bringing light & laughter into this world through this podcast! Highly recommend to everyone!!

Laugh   (5/5)

Love your podcast! Just recently noticed since I started listening is Kevin’s laugh. I can here his laugh during the show now. I always thought there was a loud audience member with that laugh, but realize they can’t be in the audience everyday. The mystery has been solved!!

Love it!   (5/5)

I love listening to Ellen on the go and the cast with Kevin being my favorite with his snippy comebacks towards Andy or anyone really. Every episode either has me cracking up or in tears and I tend to listen at work so you can imagine the looks I get. Thank you guys fir getting me through my day when its bad!

Maria S   (5/5)

🗣ELLEN can you hear me I need your help to put a smile on my lil boys face this holiday. I’m a single mother of four lil boys. Not working right now I’m on stress leave. Please Ellen I really need your help.

Nov 28   (5/5)

As my son is headed back to college early due to an incoming snowstorm- and I am a little sad and down-listening to the podcast with all of you brightens my mood and heart. Happy a Thanksgiving weekend to all of you!

Love the Podcast   (5/5)

Love listening to this since I can’t catch the show very often!

Great Laughs All Day!!!!   (5/5)

Amazing podcast! So glad that this was created I never get the chance to watch the show much! And this gave me the opportunity to know what’s going on while I’m screen printing at work! Always a laugh with slap to the knee when you all crack a joke, then my boss looks at me weird! 😂😂 Thanks so much! Love you all!

Is binging podcasts a thing?!   (5/5)

I just discovered this podcast a little over a week ago. I watch Ellen every day so I don’t know how I missed this?! I listened to every episode in a week during work. I love all the BTS stuff and learning more about the people that make the Ellen show what it is! Andy and friends, I mean Ellen on the Go is fantastic! 😉 the 4 of you make me laugh out loud at my desk! I can’t believe I finished all of them and now I’ll have to wait each week until a new one is released!

The talking over each other though!!   (2/5)

Edit: I really want to keep listening to this podcast bc I love Ellen, Kevin, and Mary butt I cannot take it anymore. Andy does not know how to listen. He just talks over everyone and makes everything about him. I miss it when he was just scrolling through his Twitter feed while the others took charge. I love listening to the producers give us a recap of Ellen's show twice a week. It is 30 minutes of joy and I find myself smiling the entire time I'm listening (and always at least one out loud laugh). I could listen to the four of them go back and forth for hours at a time! They are just delightful. Please keep it up!! And count me as one of your three followers! ;)

Love the show   (5/5)

Hello, just wanted to let you guys know that I love your Podcast. Keep up the good work. Also my twin daughters want to let Ellen know that they share the same birthday day.

Yap yap yap   (2/5)

These producers yap way too much. Not enough Ellen for those of us looking for ‘best of’ moments.

Perfect for those who can’t watch the show!   (5/5)

I absolutely love that the show made this podcast! The crew of team members that are “hosts” for this are great together and help give a different perspective. I work when Ellen is on my local station and I don’t have DVR so listening to the podcast is perfect! With social media I’ll usually end up seeing clips of the show (plus with ellentube) so it totally works out that I can’t watch it live 😊

My favorite podcast   (5/5)

I like the Taylor Swift podcast

Laugh out loud funny!   (5/5)

Love listening to this podcast! Makes me truly laugh out loud, in public, at my desk at work, anywhere. Perfect podcast to listen to when you want something happy!

These podcasts are 5 star   (5/5)

Ellen your amazing keep making podcast

Take the podcast on the road!   (5/5)

Hello Mary, Andy, Kevin and Ed! You recently asked about broadcasting from a fan’s home. You should definitely come to Buenos Aires and broadcast from my house! I’m a big fan and we’d love to have you! Keep going what you do! Rosemary

Megan Rapinoe on Ellen!   (5/5)

I just started listening to this podcast this month and I have been listening non stop during work trying to catch up on all of them and I’m hooked! So funny I love it! But when will Megan Rapinoe be on Ellen!?

*Caution Listening To This At Work*   (5/5)

I never write reviews for podcasts but I have been getting caught laughing by myself at work various times now. It’s SO hard to hold back your laughter with this podcast. You’ve been warned!! 😂

Informative banter   (5/5)

I absolutely love the banter between the producers, especially when it’s lovingly aimed towards Andy! I also like the behind-the-scenes information. While living in Malaysia to teach at an international school, I was unable to watch the show, so this podcast was a great way to gain laughter. Thanks!

Not good   (1/5)

It's not good, folks. Many people are saying to me, "Ellen, she loves war criminals. Loves them," and it's true, folks. Not good.

civility   (1/5)

yo this lady loves war criminals

garbage   (1/5)

you should have henry kissinger on

traitor   (1/5)

ellen on the pokemon go to the polls

Ellen supports war criminals   (1/5)

Ellen is friends with george bush so... (also have heard shes a terribly nasty boss allegedly)

Best podcast ever   (5/5)

I pull staples out for a living and I had been listening to a podcast about serial killers and it was very interesting but it made me super paranoid about everything and everyone. This podcasts literally makes me laugh out loud while I’m pulling staples out of paper. I just love it and it brightens my boring day!

I live, and breathe this podcast   (5/5)

This podcast gets me through the work day, everyday. I laugh sooooo much. I cannot emphasize enough of how great this podcast makes me feel.

Love Love Love Love   (5/5)

I love hearing my favorite behind the scenes people talk about my favorite show!!!!!!?💋💋💋💋💋💕💕💕💕💕

Andy ideas   (5/5)

I love Andy and Friends- I’m a college student and don’t have cable so it’s wonderful to get caught up on Ellen while walking to class! Seriously love the podcast, it always puts me in a good mood. I used to watch Ellen everyday when I came home from school but this podcast allows me to catch up, because well I’m a busy college student. I have some ideas- Average Andy should try a triathlon with Mary. Also Andy should go in a haunted house with Cardi B. #andy’shanukkah12daysofgiveaways P.S. I’ve been using this hashtag 😊

Ellen   (5/5)

I love you so much I really like your show and this podcast

Best Way To Start The Day   (5/5)

I listen to this on my way to work every morning and ending up laughing out loud every time!

I am obsess with this podcast   (5/5)

Just discovered it and now I can’t stop listening. It’s rare that I get to see the show so I love getting the “best of” plus behind the scenes glimpses and bonus, the hosts are hilarious.

Serving your TV viewers   (4/5)

It is so unfair that only the guests on the shows get gifts and prizes while the TV guests get nothing. I know she means well but Ellen to to reach out to the viewers. I even share a story of my daughter as an educator- a math teacher in Atlanta and I haven’t no return call or an email or any response whatsoever. I need to a sit at the table. I am indebted with STUDENT LOANS an I need your help. Help, HELP

Greatest Podcast!   (5/5)

Thanks for the best podcast!!! Mary you are magical on the show, with your wisdom and love for Ellen and the guys you work with. 😘

New to listening   (5/5)

I just started listening to the pod cast, and it makes me smile and laugh so much! I absolutely love Ellen and just think she is the most amazing human ever, I have to dvr her shows and watch them at night. I’m so glad I found the pod casts because I’ve been listening to them when I walk my dogs and when I work. I sure I look crazy when I’m laughing while walking the dogs but it’s so worth it! Some days when I’m having a rough day these pod casts bring me so much joy and lift my spirits. I started with the First episode from 2018 and am working my way through them. Some day I hope to obtain tickets to see the show live but until then I’ll get my fill from the pod casts and her daily shows! Keep up the great work! Y’all are so funny and making the world so much more amazing!

Don’t miss it!   (5/5)

Love this podcast! So fun to hear the behind-the-scenes action. I don’t miss it.

Listener from India   (5/5)

Hello EPs of the Ellen Show, I’m from India and I have listened to every episode of the podcast so far, especially on my commute. I love your banter, your stories and your voices. You guys genuinely cheer me up when I’m low, and make me laugh harder when I’m happy. I really hope when I grow up and get a job, my co-workers and I have the same dynamic as you guys. Much love. Keep bringing us all so much joy through this podcast.

Laugh   (5/5)

Which one has the amazing laugh? ❤️ it!!!!

Come to Northeast PA   (5/5)

I was super excited that the podcast was back! I missed you all this summer. You guys brighten my day I look forward to listening to everyday at work! Keep up the good work! Love you all. ❤️❤️

Gracias !   (5/5)

Lovin Andy's podcast from Spain. Missed you guys all summer.

Come to Missouri!   (5/5)

So excited you’ll be taking your show on the road!! Would love to have you in St. Louis!! I’d be honored to host you and be your tour guide - visit the Arch, go to a Cards or Blues game, visit my son at Washington University 😉, eat delicious foods, etc 💕💕💕 Andy - we’ll chat about our Colombian roots!!

You guys are amazing!!!!   (5/5)

One day, I’ll be able to meet you guys because I won’t stop sending in my email, sharing my story!! I am very persistent!!!!

Big fan! Very inspiring!   (5/5)

I am binge listening to Ellen On The Go getting ready for the season premiere on Monday, I can’t wait! I love hearing the Mary, Ed, Andy, and Kevin talk about producing the show and their relationship w Ellen, their staff, and their perspectives on how the different segments turned out! I really loved podcast #22 where they each talk about the history of their careers and where they started out and how they’ve changed since the show started. Very inspiring! I’ve been watching since season 1, and have been obsessed with talk shows ever since! Watching everyday definitely inspired me to want to work in television, especially talk shows. I have lived in LA for just over 5 years now, and still working toward my goal of working on your show! I have not been in the audience for a taping, but I have worked as a audience page for your show. My favorite day was when Ellen received her stage dedication plaque from Peter Roth on the 1500th show! I was crying happy tears from the riff raff room. Seeing someone I’ve looked up to for so many years being presented something so rare on a historic studio lot, it was a honor to witness, and a memory I will never forget! I love your podcast and can’t wait for new episodes about Season 17! 🤩💬📺

I have a dream 😂😂😂😘😍❤️   (5/5)

Some day I will hug this women she’s make me dream in my head of what you doing for me and family but sometimes too I feel like watch her do good for lucking people is fun yes I love her show thank you Ellen 😍😍😍😍

The mics are way too hot, guys.   (3/5)

I enjoyed this podcast when it first came out, but that one guy’s ear-piercing LAUGH and the loud applause throughout each episode made me pull my earbuds out every time! Turn those mics down, guys! Also, the same Andy jokes every single episode get old real fast. Unsubscribed.

Hang in there!   (5/5)

I love Ellen, so I love you guys too! So hang in there you guys doing great!! Don’t worry you will get more people listening to you more everyday!! Irena

Great podcast, air again   (5/5)

I love this podcast but it needs to start airing again

ANDY IS THE BEST!!   (5/5)

I love the Ellen show and she is one of my favorite celebrities. Andy however is my favorite. He really is the glue to the show and the podcast. This podcast has been needed for the past 16yrs, I love hearing the stories and I laugh so much. Andy stories are the best. Thank you for bringing laughter in my life. Please come to my home and do the podcast!!

Yayyy Ellen & Team!!!   (5/5)

I recently got into podcasts and found this one when searching for “Ellen”, and I LOVE it!!! I can never watch the show because I don’t have cable or anything and I work during that time so on my commute to and from work this always brightens my car rides! You guys are so funny and I’m so glad this exists!!!

Ellen   (5/5)

I love you as a person who really cares about people, and your so funny I don’t get out much but you make my day everyday. I hope your show never stops bc you are such a great person and you help so many people in so many ways but your personality can never be copied. I loved the show when you and Michelle Obama went to Cisco. She is also halarious Thanks for being you Teresa From Beaverdam Wi

Ellen Degeneres 12 days of Christmas   (5/5)

I would love to be on her show for the 12 days of Christmas.Ellen rocks and I watch her show everyday

Ellen   (2/5)

What do you like to do in your free time


i’m sure it’ll be at least a 4, and i’ll happily change it to a 5 after listening, but it’s getting a 4 because — dudes, there is a ridiculously obvious typo in the description of the most recent episode (not any of the favorite moments’ collection, the actual episode.). And it won’t stop looking at me. Please make it stop. Other than that, well... Can’t wait to listen! XOXO, K

Ellen is amazing   (5/5)

I hope one day I can be on her show :)

Great podcast - better without scares   (5/5)

I love listening to this podcast at work but I do wish they would cut out the scares or cut off the volume when they do scares. You are unable to see when this is going to happen and it is incredibly loud and startling. If you listen to this be aware that at any point Ellen may scare a guest - and in turn scare you and bust your eardrums in the process.

Lame   (1/5)

Don’t bother.

Beautiful   (5/5)

I love Ellen I am a big fan and I would listen to this all day

I hate Ellen   (2/5)

She is not sweet

Stop talking over each other   (3/5)

This podcast started out as a 5/5 but is slowly degenerating. Almost nothing is more frustrating than when hosts talk over each other. There are a number of times that the banter has been completely indiscernible because everyone is taking at once. I love that you crack each other up but if we can’t hear or understand you it’s pointless for your listener.

Stop talking over each other   (4/5)

I really like this podcast but there’s some issues, that aren’t getting any better. Andy- please realize when you say the same joke every podcast, “Welcome to Andy on the go!” It doesn’t get funnier over time. It’s actually just super annoying at this point. Also if you could stop cutting the other HOSTS off when they’re trying to tell a story just for YOU to tell the story. It ruins the whole story telling process and is just frustrating. And of course the other hosts also want to talk over each other, but not as often. Other than that I love the podcast. I guess from being a person in radio, those are the tips you would learn on day one 😉

Love! Love! Love!   (5/5)

Love this podcast, and hearing more about behind the scenes. Side note- there is a lot of talking over each other which makes it a little tough. But still worth listening!

Funny   (4/5)

I actually find Andy acting like the host funny! I love the chemistry and humor you guys share. I really enjoy this podcast, it’s perfect to lighten up your work day.

This Autism Mom is Happy 💙   (3/5)

I am new to Podcast and chose to listen to to the wonderful Mary, Andy and Kevin and Ed that I see on Tv and wonder what it would be like to be friends with them and now I can listen and pretend like I’m in the room join conversation lol I look forward to it while my son has his Autism therapy. It makes me laugh it gives me a nice break so thank you all so much ! 💙

Please   (5/5)

I’m trying to say this in the nicest way possible please stop with the Andy being the host joke still I love the podcast 👍

Love this Podcast!   (5/5)

I love listening to this podcast! I love hearing the behind the scenes of the show and hearing their personal experiences with Ellen and the guests. The hosts have amazing chemistry and they are so funny!

Love you all   (5/5)

I love to listen to all of you . You make me laugh all the time and by the way I’m not famous but I listen to your podcast too !Lol

Thank you   (5/5)

I listen while delivering mail and you have always kept me entertained. Thank you all.

Obsessed   (5/5)

My favorite podcast! It’s so entertaining and makes me laugh all the time.

#BiggestFan   (5/5)

I just wanted to let you guys know that you always make my day! I listen at work and am constantly laughing out load and my coworkers think I’m insane. I look forward to every episode!

Andy and Friends!   (5/5)

This podcast makes me so happy! I listen to you guys while at work and it makes the day so much better! 😊

Fun Entertainment!   (5/5)

Listening to this podcast brings entertainment into my day and it’s very enjoyable! I watch the Ellen show every day but it’s still fun to listen to the commentary along with highlights from the show. Thank you for creating this podcast!

Andy and Friends   (5/5)

My favorite podcast of all time. I loved the YouTube video of the podcast, too! Please never stop. It’s a great way to start my day on my way to work :)

Mother’s Day episode   (5/5)

Love the podcast! Always look forward to Tuesday and Thursday mornings at work when I can listen to it. Today I was especially excited because I wanted to hear about the Mother’s Day show since I was fortunate enough to go! So fun!!! Thank you all! After the show my husband and I went out to dinner to the same Mexican restaurant Kevin went to. We were eating outside and I actually saw you walking up and started to geek out, I couldn’t stop smiling! 😆 I didn’t want to bother you, so I didn’t say anything but it was just exciting to see you after the already unforgettable day! Sorry we missed out on the kid karaoke...must have left before that started, such a shame. You all always keep me smiling. Thank you!

Ellen On The Go   (5/5)

I just love listening to Ellen on the Go! I watch Ellen every day and like to review with the next podcast to have some more chuckles. It’s the added sunshine to my days. The producers are hilarious and have such a wonderful camaraderie with each other! I’m a retired military mom, enjoying the good life and if I could I’d come work with you guys. I’d definitely would watch the YouTube version of the podcast too! Love you all! Eileen E.

DEFINITELY want to SEE the podcast   (5/5)

First I want to say....I LOVE the podcast! Absolutely love it! I feel like the 4 of you can be my BFF’s! You’re all so down to earth! But you guys make me laugh out loud while I’m listening at work, with earbuds in! (I get funny looks from my coworkers when I have to hold in my laughs! LOL!!). Yes, YES....YES....I do want to see the podcast on YouTube! Please, PLEASE.....JUST DO IT!! Thank you! Lene

Need more!!   (5/5)

This needs to be daily, an amazing podcast!!!!

Wonderful   (5/5)

This podcast warms my heart. I love the way the Andy, Ed, Mary and Kevin interact with each other. They are like siblings in all the best ways! I don’t get to watch the Ellen show because I am not buns during the day and don’t have cable but this makes me feel like I’m part of the Ellen family.

Friends   (5/5)

listening to this group chit chat feels like sitting in with a group of friends. Someday I'd love to meet them.

Liked at first   (2/5)

Liked at first but you guys really need to remove the one sided political views. It’s kind of what’s wrong with the world. Like there is only one correct side to be kind of judgmental in my opinion.

So Much Fun!!   (5/5)

Love this podcast! I listen to/ from work everyday, and I laugh out loud every time. I must look ridiculous to other drivers!!! Special guest Bridget Fasciani on April 23rd episode was fantastic!!! She should be a regular :)

Happy time   (5/5)

I enjoy this podcast so much that I save it each week when I’m feeling like life will never improve because of the politics of the day, or the lack of strong policies around the environment, immigration and healthcare. That’s when I pop in the earbuds and walk the beach laughing out loud!! Thank you

I love LOVE this podcast except.........   (5/5)

There is just one thing I hate about this podcast and that is, I now have 4 best friends that don’t even know I exist! Haha this is literally the best podcast ever.

Love everything about this podcast!   (5/5)

I’ve been watching Ellen since it first aired on Sept 8, 2003, and was a fan of her comedy before that. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed this podcast, because in addition to getting to relive some of the aired segments, it gives me great behind the scenes info that went along with those segments. It’s great entertainment!! I’m a pet sitter in Dallas, so I spend a fair amount of time in my car driving between client’s homes...which is when I listen to Ellen on the Go! Of course, the best part is getting to hear about the executive producers, other staffers and listening to them interact with each other. I think y’all should have Twitch on as a guest one day soon! Kindness and Best Wishes to you all, Linda

Not loving   (2/5)

There are a few skits that are fun but I feel like most things need to be seen and heard together.

Ads ads ads...   (3/5)

Too many. I get it but there’s a line. You cross it. Love ya Ellen. Gotta go xo.

My therapy!   (5/5)

You guys are my go to podcast to cheer me up when I am down, y’all are fantastic and listening to you guys it’s just a delight! I will replay you over and over when I need a laugh and to feel better about those crazy world, thanks for making the podcast. No such thing as too much Ellen she is awesome!

Gotta get your facts straight!   (5/5)

Love your podcast, BUT Crazy Train is by Blizzard of Ozz w/ Ozzy and RANDY RHOADS on guitar. Not Black Sabbath.

cool   (5/5)

the ellen show is good i like it

You are all so fun to listen to!   (5/5)

I absolutely love this podcast and the energy you all bring to it! Just like Ellen herself you are all so very inspirational. It’s so fun to listen to all the behind the scenes as well as to get to know each one of you producers as well! Happy, kind, positive people like you is truly what makes the world better. We all could be a bit more like this on a daily basis to one another! Lastly, It’s so fun how you each joke around with one another , however still in kindness and do not “pick” on each other when razzing. 💜

Too much Ellen, isn’t a thing   (5/5)

I love this podcast! I’ve listened to it since the beginning. So you’ve had at least two listeners since day one 😉Portia and I 💁🏼. It takes place of when I would just play ellentube in a minimized screen on my work computer. I’ve loved Ellen for years and turn on her show whenever I need to know everything is going to be ok. The show, and now podcast, has helped me through slow work days, breakups, deaths, depression, family drama and now pregnancy hormone rollercoasters. The minute I hit play on the podcast or dvr, I smile and am again reminded that there’s good in the world. I especially love listening to the podcast and hearing Mary’s laugh and then later watching the show on DVR and hearing her laugh during Ellen’s numerous segments. Keep it all! You’re killing the game.

Scrumptious!   (5/5)

I work all day so I don’t usually have time to watch the Ellen Show but every morning I listen this on my way to work to get a boost of energy. Thank god!

Cows....ok, David Letterman. Lol   (5/5)

Really enjoyed your show today with David Letterman. I especially liked throwbacks from the past. I love how animal oriented you are with your kitties and wildlife… And I have sent you some heartfelt shots at a farm I volunteer at with cows To know avail. Feeling sad? Hug a cow ❤️🐮

Ads   (3/5)

I know it’s hard. But can you guys try to limit the ads within 5 mins? For a 10-minute-podcast.

Omg this is the best pod cast I’ve ever heard!   (5/5)

Omg on the bus this is the only thing I listen to.... Everyone looks at me weird when I’m busting out laughing.

6 People, 1 House, 1 TV, 1 Podcast   (4/5)

There are 5 other people living in the same house with me, so I rarely get the TV to myself at 4 pm on weekdays. I discovered Ellen On The Go on the Podcoin app. It's nice to keep up with the show even when I'm not lucky with the TV.

I LOVE YOU GUYS!!!   (5/5)

I’m a Special Needs Foster / Adoptive Parent. My husband and I have 2 very amazing kids that have been with us almost 25 years! Additionally I work 3 jobs - about 90 hours a week on the clock. Recently I realized my life was void of JOY. I listen to podcasts at work ... and I was only listening to political ones. I decided to make a shift after listening to some motivational subjects. I sat myself down and thought ‘WHAT GIVES ME JOY?’ I then realized that those few times I’m home at 3pm weekdays - I ALWAYS seek out the Ellen show! Since I can only ‘watch’ the show so few times - I went to your webpage to see how I could get content without having to ‘watch’. THE ELLEN PODCAST! Now I can listen all day at work - and I’m ‘feeling’ better about everything! Including my health! It’s REALLY true! Surround yourself with positivity and your life will change! I thank you! My husband thanks you! My kids (if they could) thank you! Why golly our dog and cats thank you! I ADORE the venue as I can’t ‘watch’ anything while I work - AND I’m not using my data listening to your downloaded podcasts! I LOVE YOU GUYS!!! Thank Ellen for all you do!!!!

I recommend it to everyone   (5/5)

This is a great podcast I definitely recommended it to all of my friends and family and I love this podcast this is my favorite one GET THE PODCAST!!!!!

Love!!!!!   (5/5)

I’m a single mom, crazy tired and have a lot on my mind... I listen to your podcast while I’m working, helps my day go by so much quicker! So it’s me and Portia DeRossi!!! I can’t say it enough, I love this podcast. It makes me laugh constantly. Keeps a smile on my face! Love how Andy invites y’all to his podcast 😁 and when he does ads, it’s like he is mad at them.. he is very instense.. love it! Thanks for making me smile!! -Beth

Hilarious!   (5/5)

I love listening to the show in LA traffic. It makes the time go by sooo fast. Thank you for all you do ❤️

Love love love   (5/5)

I absolutely love this podcast I laugh hysterically like I am there in the room with them! I can’t wait till the new episode comes out, keep it going I would be lost now without this podcast ! Love all of you

Hard to hear some of the hosts   (4/5)

Some of the hosts do not speak into the mic so even though I have the volume turned up all the way, I cannot hear them. Otherwise, I really enjoy the podcast.

The Best   (5/5)

I LOVE this podcast. Driving home from work I laugh my head off and today I even talked to you like you were in the car with me. One of you said that you were boring the listeners with the back stage stuff and I found myself saying “NO you are not I love this part” like you could hear me. LOL! You all are just a blast to listen to as you interact and share your stories. Keep it up!

Hysterical   (5/5)

I work during the day and don’t have cable so I don’t get to watch Ellen :( BUT I absolutely love this podcast! I fly Monday and Friday and listening it to in the plane so I am that person laughing obnoxiously loud in the aisle next to you... sorry not sorry! Thanks for the hilarious content... keep it up! You always bring a smile to my face :)

Highlight of my day   (5/5)

I listen to the podcast on my way to work and when I travel out of town. I use to download Netflix episodes to watch while I drive. Now I just download the podcast , much more safe, right? Thanks guys! This podcast puts me in a great mood before work!

Love Ed Still Laughs   (5/5)

Andy still gets a full laugh from Ed. I listen like Portia, since Day 1 so you clearly have at least 2 fans. It’s great listening to the producers and occasional guests talk about a show I record (and usually watch) daily. Great bonus info! Thank you

Latest episode with Portia...   (5/5)

What’s going on in the latest podcast? It sounds like everyone’s voices were sped up post production! It’s extremely hard to listen to!

Make them stop   (1/5)

What’s interesting is the interviews with the stars not the producers who babble on. And that one guy’s laugh is seriously annoying. Stopped listening after a few minutes. Sorry.

Perfect Dose of Sunshine ☀️   (5/5)

Absolutely love the podcast and the dynamic between the producers. It’s awesome to hear about the behind-the-scene aspects of the show and how the producers just have fun together! My only critique of the show is that volume levels are always different for each host and I continually have to adjust my volume while listening.

Blind   (5/5)

Listen to hate Hi I love the pod cast keep doing what you are doing don’t I am blind I love the pod

So funny to listen to   (5/5)

When I feel all is lost I listen to this show and it makes me complete I wish someday I could finally meet Ellen!!!!!

Amazing!   (5/5)

I listen to this podcast on my phone while walking my dogs. I love it! Hearing all of the behind the scenes things that go on at the show is awesome. I even listen to the commercials because Andy, Mary, Ed and Kevin make them fun to listen to. Thank you so much…you are all my favorites (although I know Andy wants me to say that he’s my favorite!) 😛❤️

Love love love   (5/5)

I love this show. It’s so light and fun. The hosts are hilarious! I don’t even watch the Ellen show that much but still enjoy the podcast.

Ellen DeGeneres   (5/5)

She is as Authentic as it gets 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼 Kudos to you Ellen. I’ve been watching you since you’ve been in the closet and when you came out...up to the big 2019. 👍🏼👍🏼💯

A podcast for anyone in the tv business   (5/5)

As a producer of an entertainment news program with a “twist” in New Orleans, I love listening to these producers-their process of getting things on air and the “behind the scenes” of the Ellen show.

I still listen   (1/5)

I listen, but fast forward to just hear Ellen and her guests. It makes for a short listen, but still fun to hear Ellen!

Do you hear that bass mom?   (5/5)

My daughter & I absolutely LOVE this podcast! Ya’ll are hilarious. If anyone can make us laugh & cry within minutes it’s ELLEN. She’s is so talented, raw & 100% real. My daughter had a hilarious video that went viral called “Do your hear that bass mom?” (Or you can find it under LL cool J’s littlest fan) We got invited to go on the Ellen show unfortunately she was extremely shy at the time & I didn’t want to traumatize her. BUT.... times have changed. She is now my own little ELLEN. She is literally a 7yr old comedian. She was only 2 at the time of her viral video. But now she is extremely witty with a HUGE personality. Anyway we absolutely love this podcast & all things ELLEN. Keep being AMAZING! Love, your #1 fans. Tana & Bostyn

Makes my commute a happy one!   (5/5)

These 4 producers have the best chemistry and truly work like a family. I love the show but can never see it while at work (sorry guys, no DVR here either) and I can listen to this podcast every time on my way in/out of work - a 100% of the times they make me laugh. Keep up the awesome work and thank you for toning down the sponsoring messaging per show :) love it and hope I can one day visit the show in person!!!

Ellen   (1/5)

Love Ellen! The other people are ANNOYING ANNOYING ANNOYING

Look forward to it every tues/thurs   (5/5)

Love getting updates from the Ellen show during my commutes. Wish it were longer though, with more from the actual show added. Not a big fan of Ed’s laugh ><.

Just keeps getting better   (5/5)

I started listening because I’m friends with Andy’s brother Jamie and because I love Ellen, but I don’t get to watch the show ever (no tv or cable). Anyway, the show recaps and commentary are fantastic, your team chemistry is enviable and you keep me laughing.* Keep up the great work! * Just to give you a visual, I listen to the podcast at 4:00 am, in my basement, by myself, while I’m doing working my way through my physical therapy workout. It’s incredibly dull stuff, so you’re all making my morning SIGNIFICANTLY more exciting!

That horrible laugh   (1/5)

OMG!!!! That laugh made me pull my ear buds out of my head!!!!!! You must know who I’m talking about.

Thanks   (5/5)

Thank you guys for sharing the path with me. No deep meaning hearing. Actually sharing the path, the trails by my house. I walk 2miles, 3 days a week or so, always playing one of the podcasts, with a smile on my face. 🤗😁

Love it.   (5/5)

Thanks for a great fun recap of the show with some bonuses thrown in. All my social media is private so I can’t reach out to you there. But I want to let Kevin know my 6 year old daughter has some big suggestions for you... Giant Monopoly... Giant Sneaky Snacky Squirrel... and a game where people need to escape from a giant stable (like the toy one she has from Land of Nod).

Great podcast   (5/5)

This is a great podcast, but for the love of all things holy! Please tell Ed to stop laughing right into the mic! It hurts my ears because the talking is so low and then in comes the Ed cackle...

100/10   (5/5)

I love listening to this podcast it always makes my day! Ellen is truly amazing and I hope one day I get to meet her and tell her how amazing she is and what a true inspiration she has been for me.

Aw man. LOVE ELLEN!!!!!!!!❤️❤️   (4/5)

I also adore her energetic producers but these four talking at the same time. Omg. Stop. I thought there was something wrong with my headphones. Ugh. It gets better. Truly. But I’m not looking forward to the banter between producers on the next episode. Ahhh there goes Ellen. ❤️❤️❤️❤️💕💕💕😍😍😍

Joyful!!!   (5/5)

Love this Podcast!!! I enjoy hearing about Ellen and the show. Most of all, Andy is hilarious! Hooray for Andy and Friends! I listen to you guys while I’m doing housework or at the gym. You ALL bring joy to the world! Thank you!

Wonderful!   (5/5)

I need to figure out how to give more than five stars. Then I’ll remove this review and give more than five stars as you deserve! Thank you for great company <3

Love it!   (5/5)

I work long hours and travel a fair amount for work and usually can’t watch Ellen (I do DVR it) as much as I would like. This is the best way to stay in the loop of what is happening in the show. It’s lighthearted and fun. And helps pass the time in office or while flying around. Thank you!!

Great extras from the show!   (5/5)

I recently moved to an area where the show airs at 4p!! I skip lunch hour, so I can get home to watch Ellen every day! This podcast adds an extra element. I love listening to all the things I don’t see on the show. It also lets me listen to some of my favorite moments again. I probably look like a crazy person walking my dog walking and laughing out loud while listening, but it’s worth it. Thank you so much for creating this podcast!!

L-O-V-E THIS PODCAST!!   (5/5)

Amazing, so much joy in this podcast. You can hear it in all the hosts voices and what they share how much they enjoy working with the Ellen show. It’s such a good show to listen to at work because you are guaranteed to be in a good mood. But one question.....when are you going to have Twitch on the show!!!!! PLEASE!!!

Andy and friends   (5/5)

The best I love “Andy and Friends”.

You DO have listeners!   (5/5)

I usually binge listen to catch up since it’s a shorter podcast, but I really love the show and how you all get along, Andy is such a great “host” =)

I love this podcast   (5/5)

I am a HUUUUUUUUUUUGE fan of Ellen and this podcast I chose Ellen for my national women’s month project and she is my hero. the chemistry of the executive producers is amazing and I wish that I could have that with my brothers. I’m from new you’re and have always wanted to go to her show and today I finally got to see her star on the walk of fame. By far my favorite podcast I have ever heard. Passes 6 minutes, this American life, 99% invisible, and lets talk about myths baby by a mile (P.S those are the other podcast I listen too but none of them even have a chance compared to this)

Ellen podcast   (5/5)

It is such a joy listen to the four producers interact. You get an idea how much they love each other, love Ellen, and how great they are at their “jobs.”

Andy is the best   (5/5)

I love this podcast!!! I don’t always get to watch be show because of my crazy work schedule. This is such a fun way to hear what happened on the show! It cures my FOMO! (PS I’m getting DVR Fixed soon too) Loveeeee this show and the podcast! PPS Andy is awesome and so is Ed and so is Mary and so is Kevin!

HilariASS!   (5/5)

I LOVE watching Ellen, so finding this podcast featuring highlights from the show delivered by Andy (One of my absolute favorites!), Mary, Ed and Kevin is amazing. I’m in the Army Reserve and listen during my 2 hour commute to drill, because I go to grad school in Boston and commute to Chicopee, MA. Thank you, for brightening up my life!!! 😊☀️ I wish I could meet you all!

Unbelievably bad.   (1/5)

I love love love Ellen. I can't believe she's letting this garbage use her name. I'm sailing around the world and my only digital entertainment are podcasts. Did I say I LOVE ELLEN? But I have been fast-forwarding past the commercials and boring self serving chatter, to where we are given just a few moments of Ellen. Ellen, PLEASE listen to this and do something. It's awful and the 20% of the show that are excerpts of the Ellen Show don't save it.

L o v e   (5/5)

I watch the show every single day. I left on August 7, 2018 on military orders and was so sad that I was going to miss the show. This podcast has helped me catch up. Thank you, thank you, thank you. ❤️

One of your twelve listeners writes.....   (5/5)

I love this show! I literally waited for your show to start and kept checking my podcasts for any new updates until the first one aired. The first show all the way to the current one has not disappointed. It’s the highlight of my week when you drop the latest one. I don’t have tv access so I just watch ellentube and listen here. My favorite part of each podcast is listening to Mary audibly roll her eyes every time Andy references the show as exclusively his. Great comedic rivalry you two have.

Love!!!   (5/5)

Absolutely love this podcast!! I have to say that Andy is my favorite!!!

😘   (5/5)

For someone who has to work nights I appreciate listening to everything behind the scenes. You guys are the best . Thank you Jill So Great that you had 1 winner for the 12 days, but wouldn’t it of been great sharing it with all 4 of your listeners - Portia 👍 just s thought Jill Wodele

Love This Pod!!!   (5/5)

I love this Pod so much!!! It is so funny, inspiring and insightful. I love hearing the personal stories that Ellen covers along with the silly twist of you all. Even though I don’t get to watch Ellen all the time it’s nice to catch up with this. Keep doing so well and thank you for making me smile and laugh out loud at my desk!

Love it, Love it!   (5/5)

I am a new listening and am currently binge listening all of the podcasts! These podcasts get me through my work day! Please keep them going! I am one of your 100 listeners!! Ha

Love it   (5/5)

I love this podcast. I do have to be careful that I don’t laugh too loudly while listening at work, but it helps my day fly by!!!!!

Hi my name is Ana   (5/5)

I love you Ellen plz i need help to get my kids some Christmas present plz $lemondrops77

Great producers and show!!   (5/5)

I love listening to this podcast! I use to watch Ellen everyday however due to my work schedule I can not watch it daily so I listen to the podcast. I must say the producers are absolutely wonderful and it definitely portrays through the tv show! The interaction between the producers and Ellen are fantastic! It seems like a very positive environment and definitely gives a positive energy on the podcast as well as the tv show! It is definitely my dream to go on Ellen, I want to meet Average Andy and experience some of the stuff Ellen makes him do! It would be blast! Continue sharing the love and positive vibes!!! 🥰

Laugh out Loud   (5/5)

I’m at work literally laughing out loud. Thank you for making me smile. This is what seriously gets me through my day. Love it ♥️

Grand Prize Winner   (5/5)

So is it just me or is there no November 27th episode on Ellen Show podcast?

Listening since the beginning   (5/5)

I listen 🙋🏻‍♀️ haha I love this podcast! Andy and Friends is the best! (Lol) The producers from the Ellen Show make my day. I look forward to listening to this podcast every Tuesday while I’m at work. They always make smile and laugh. They give you insight and personal stories of the show. I love hearing the behind the scenes and of course the picking on poor Andy. Love ya guys!

Love   (5/5)


Podcast 💜   (5/5)

I give this podcast a 5 star!! See I have a 4 yr old that needs his cartoons 😂 while he does his treatments because he has cystic fibrosis. So thank goodness we have now a podcast for when I can’t watch her on t.v I can now listen on the podcast!! ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ definitely!! Remember always be kind to one another! We 💜 you Ellen/crew/ I love the podcast

Great podcast   (5/5)

Amazing podcast with a great crew who is very entertaining and funny to listen to. It’s great to listen and catch up to the latest Ellen show episodes especially when you are in your car driving to school or work or even when you are outside in the sun getting a nice suntan.

You help me so much!   (5/5)

Ellen, I’ve been in disability for anxiety since May, I was in the darkest place I’ve ever been. I started watching and listening to you again and just have to thank you for being a light in this world! You inspire me on a daily basis, so much love to you!! Thank you

Can’t find the November 27th Podcast :(   (5/5)

I want to listen to the Nov 27th podcast but it can’t be found, at least I can’t find it. If you could fix this for me I would appreciate it. Thanks!

ALL OF THEM   (5/5)

Truly AMAZING!! I love the Ellen show so much !! And this is the best!! Ellen is the funniest woman alive and truly has the biggest and best heart of anyone I know !! I don’t know her personally ( although it is on my bucket list 😩) love love love this !! ❤️❤️❤️

Love love love!   (5/5)

Hey y’all! I have a such a great time listening to this all day at work! I just started listening so I’m listening to the episodes back to back and I have to stop myself from laughing loud in the office! Ellen does amazing work and so do all of you! Love y’all! Thanks, Blaire LeMaire

So happy for this podcast!   (5/5)

So happy that there is now an Ellen podcast, I tune in everyday while I’m at work and I seem to be smiling, laughing or even tearing up every time I listen. I have lost count of how many times I’ve had a tough day and then listen to the podcast and end up with a smile and better attitude. The way everyone collaborates is great and you guys definitely keep it fun! Thank you Mary, Ed, Kevin, Andy and of course Ellen for reminding the world on the daily that there are kind people in this world with great intentions and compassion towards others ❤️

Ellen sending you love   (5/5)

I love the podcast 💕😘

Love it!!!   (5/5)

So...I have been an Ellen fan since the beginning(literally used to watch her in between classes in college!) I have watched religiously for years...until, my work shifts increAsed as well as household headcount...aka kids! This podcast is my stress relief and entertainment both on my drive in and out of the hospital after super stressful and sometimes very sad shifts! I feel like Andy and Mary and Ed and Kevin are my friends now and it gives me a whole new understanding of the behind the scenes magic! If you ever need a staff nurse! I am your girl!!! (I was also a media studies film/documentary major) so I am pretty versatile and would love to help Jeanie or with game planning or anything! I love this podcast! Call me;)

I love this podcast!   (5/5)

Love, love, love! Even though I watch Ellen everyday, I love listening to the highlights! One day I’ll be in the audience at a show! Be kind to each other ✌🏻💞🎶

Fantastic podcast for the drive to work!   (5/5)

Love the podcast! I have been listening since day one. It is perfect for my long drives to and from work. I’m consistently laughing and smiling! I don’t always get to catch the show but after listening to the podcast often look up video clips from the episode.

She makes me happy again.   (5/5)

I love Ellen. With everything I have going on right now. When I watch her show or hear her speak it gives me come much joy and hope for the future. Not just in my personal life but I know if she’s I spy me to be better and kind she’s doing that for others too. The workouts better with her in it.

Dory!   (5/5)

This is wonderful. I listen during my commute. It’s great! I think of dory all the time. How did Mary break her hip?! Download & Listen.

Love Ellen   (5/5)

I absolutely love Ellen and how she is always for her fans! She is such a blessing to so many all over the country. I finally wrote in and hope to hear from the show! In the meantime, I’m crushing fingers daily as I enroll for the 12 day of Christmas! Wish me Luck!!!❤️

Too much host talking   (3/5)

Show was 38 minutes long but only 15 minutes of actual show content. Over 10 minutes of 23 and Me discussion. I don’t want to know that much info on the hosts, I want to hear the actual show. Have a mean boss and Ellen gives me a laugh to cheer me up 🙁

Love Ellen, don’t like the podcast   (1/5)

I love Ellen so was excited to subscribe to her podcast. First off, I expected Ellen! And she doesn’t host this podcast. I forced myself to listen to two shows, thinking maybe the first one just wasn’t great. I just cannot get past the “four producers on my staff“ that are hosting the show. They constantly talk over each other, as if competing for that X amount of airspace...all trying to get their words in. At the same time. They do play bits of audio from the Ellen show, that piece is great, yet it’s such a small part of the podcast it’s not worth waiting for. If your looking for this to be like Ellen or even Ellen talking, this is not the show.

Ellen Podcast   (5/5)

Great listening to the highlights of The Ellen Show. Hoping to get tickets to see you in person at your studio. Applied to try and be there hopefully with my dad and our family for his 57th birthday in February. Keep doing great things Ellen. Always rooting for you Ellen !!

Keeping my workday strong!   (5/5)

I work very long days and then run home to do homework and transport my child to sports. I love having a chance to catch highlights of the show while I’m on the go. your podcast gives me a few min of entertainment and laughs for myself. Iv always loved Ellen and her humor long before her talk show. So getting to have her joy and her fun crew in my ear everyday helps put a smile in my face. Thanks! Honestyahern

Love it but too many commercials!   (4/5)

I love the podcast and am an avid listener! But get tired of the multiple breaks for commercials! Such a short podcast to be spending so much time trying to sell “gobble” “zip recruiter” etc.

You can never have to much Ellen!   (5/5)

I love this Podcast.

Men   (5/5)

I love Ellen and watch her everyday ! But she really needs to have more men in the audience ! Unfair ! And I volunteer to be in her audience !!!! I JUST ❤️HER !!

I 💖 You Ellen   (5/5)

I started loving you almost 25-years ago back in 2004 when your Ellen sitcom was on tv. It broke my heart when that show ended. But Lord behold, you came back stronger and I’m still loving you.💖

The Best   (5/5)

I've always loved Ellen and now I can listen while I work! I also love Andy!!

OBSESSED   (5/5)

I love this podcast!! Because of work and having no cable I can never catch Ellen on weekdays, this podcast gives the best parts of her shows with behind the scene inputs. It’s so funny and everyone has such a good relationship it makes it even better when listening. I also love Andy, his jokes on being the host, calling the show Andy and friends, and whenever he brings up being the fastest growing podcast. It gets me every time and I love it. I can’t decide what I like better the show or the podcast! Love it all wish they were longer!

Love every minute of the podcast with the 4 of you!   (5/5)

Brilliant! Hilarious! I can't get enough of it!

Great podcast!   (5/5)

So glad I recently saw Ellen’s tweet about this podcast. A lot of the podcasts I listen to are seasonal and I was in search of a new one. Love this podcast 💕

Ellen for PRESIDENT!   (5/5)

If most of the people in the US were as funny, kind, caring and giving as you, the world would have fewer problems. Ellen..... Thank you for being THAT person!

Great show   (5/5)

This is one show where you can laugh for an entire hour, no drama just great comedy,games and Ellen😆

Best Podcast Ever!!   (5/5)

I am SO happy about this podcast! It’s the absolute highlight of my week! Of course Ellen is hilarious and amazing and just the best person on the planet, but she also has an awesome group of producers hosting this show. They are so funny together and I laugh hysterically listening. (It really bothers that one extra cranky coworker who’s desk is next to mine which makes it even better) But in all seriousness, it’s nice to be able to have a small chunk of the day devoted to smiling, laughing and occasionally ugly crying (happy tears). In an otherwise hectic and stressful time of my life this podcast brings a light into my day that would otherwise be filled with worry and negativity & I just can not put into words how much I appreciate it! Please never stop podcasting! Xoxo

YEEEEESSSS!!!!! You’re ALWAYS with me!   (5/5)

Aunt Ellen...yes you’re my aunt in my mind LOL...I’m so excited to be your biggest fan & viewer daily, and now your number 1 listener. Thank you for spreading continuous love and positive energy. Your encouragement to be my best self is my motivation at times to be proud of who I am and live life to the fullest. Someday I hope to land a job and work for you and your show. I want to be Jeannie’s teammate and high five Andy while trying to pump of the crowd with the world’s favorite DJ, Twitch! Who knows what the future could hold. Love you so much Aunt Ellen. #1 Fan

Perfect travel companion!   (5/5)

Thank you for creating this podcast. I drive 4 hours every week so I can care for my Dad and this is just what I need to get me there and back. Even though I watch the show, the podcast adds so much and more importantly, allows me to laugh and feel good just when I need it.

This is perfect   (5/5)

Love this podcast. Always listen on my study breaks at college since I can’t watch everyday! “Andy and friends” kills me every time. LOVE! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Shows   (5/5)

I love the podcast . I go home to watch the shows I love the games , I tried to punch in that website for 12 days and I can’t figure it out . Pleas help !!!!

Love the Podcast   (4/5)

The podcast is great - I love your synergy. One suggestion is - I “cut the cord” two years ago so can only watch Ellen via EllenTV. I don’t have a DVR because I have nothing to record. You may want to consider how you ask us to watch the show besides the DVR.

Ellen!   (5/5)

Can’t get enough Ellen!

For the Love of Ellen!   (3/5)

I love Ellen, you always make me laugh, especially when you scare the celebrities. I have been watching the 12 days of Christmas since you gave away the first dyson vacuum. I then told my children at that time I was going to be on your show during the 12 days of Christmas. Still haven’t made it. Everyone I try to get tickets your sold out. All I want for Christmas is to be on your 12 days of Christmas. Wishing to be on Ellen before Christmas Casa!

MY FAVORITE!!!   (5/5)

I am so happy that the Ellen On The Go (Andy and Friends) podcast was started. I work everyday so I don’t get the chance to watch the Ellen Show, but now that there is the podcast I can finally listen and know what’s been going on. And this is the best podcast. I always catch myself laughing out loud because yous are hilarious! And of course people look at me like I’m crazy and I need to explain myself. But I am thankful for the podcast. It honestly helps me get through my day at work. I even listen to past episodes once Im finished because no matter how many times I listen to them they are still great ! Thank you , Alice.

LOVE 😍   (5/5)

I work a lot and unfortunately am not able to watch the show too often these days. Listening to Ellen On the Go is the perfect way for me to experience the show. It’s been great to also get to know the four EP’s better too! It’s such a nice way to get a different perspective on the show and an inside scoop. I highly recommend giving this a listen! I don’t have patience and wish they produced them more often. But I’ll take what I can get. Thanks guys ☺️

Andy and Friends is my new favorite podcast   (5/5)

Really fun insight into the show, keep it up friends!

#2 listener behind Portia   (5/5)

I am loving this podcast. Andy you are the best host (hehe) keep up the amazing work. I am unable to watch Ellen daily due to working everyday and can’t afford cable. I am able to get my laughter in by listening. I listen while I am at work and get stares all the time for busting out laughing, as I do not always here myself because I am listening with earbuds lol! You guys are hilarious and I hate having to wait between downloads. 😊 thank you for the laughter and always putting a smile on my face! Melissa

Great Pod Cast   (5/5)

I love the pod cast, I work 2nd shift and listen while I’m doing paperwork at my desk. I DVR The Ellen Show everyday to watch and have a hour of cool down time when I get done work. The whole cast is amazing but the show is ever better wth the host Andy 😉

Andy & Friends!   (5/5)

I love love love listening to you guys every week! It’s nice to hear your perspective but also great to know more about the brains behind the scenes of hands down the best show on earth ❤️ The best part about the podcast is how real you all are and that’s what makes Ellen so great too. Thank you for making life more enjoyable and for showing all of us how to do that for each other! I wanna throw my name in the Twelve Days hat!! The idea of spreading that gift love to the community was a great recommendation on the podcast. I live in Seattle where there is a large community of homeless that I volunteer with and serve daily. A gift like this could go a long way for well more than one person!!! Happy Holidays! Don’t work too hard!!

Amazing   (5/5)

Thank you so much for this! I’ve been an Ellen fab for years but with kids and work I never get to watch anymore (and no I don’t have a DVR haha) This makes me literally laugh out loud at my desk and puts me in the best mood for those rough days.

A MUST listen!   (5/5)

Thank you Mary, Ed, Kevin and the premier host: Andy 😂 for this mobile bit of happiness, laughter and love... it’s the perfect way to stay connected for those of us who never sit still... LOVE taking you with me! It’s always exciting when a new show pops in! Thank you to Ellen and all of you for making the world a brighter, kinder, more loving place! You’re awesome!!!

Andy’s Podcast   (5/5)

I love Andy’s podcast 😉

Awesomeness...   (5/5)

That’s it! Y’all are simply awesome! Love Ellen but work gets in the way of daytime TV! Andy, the host of the show, is the best! ;-) Think I’m the biggest fan in MS!

Love the Ellen Show producers!   (5/5)

I love this podcast and look forward to it every week. Thank you for making me laugh. I love Ellen’s producers and getting to know each one of you. It’s fun to hear the behind the scenes details. Please keep it going!

❤️ Andy and Friends   (5/5)

I just love Andy and his guests. I enjoyed listening and waiting for the Jewish results. I ordered coconut deodorant and have been waiting patiently on how to win ALL the holiday giveaways. I figure since there was only 4 of us that listened, I would have a great chance at winning! My soul was crushed when you announced over one trillion downloads as this significantly reduces my odds. I will probably still listen.

Amazing   (5/5)

I absolutely love this podcast! The combination of these hilarious producers and Ellen is amazingly funny! You should change the title to Andy and friends! 😉😂

Love it!!!   (5/5)

I love this podcast! I am a huge Ellen fan but rarely have time to actually sit down and watch a whole show. So it is so nice to be able to hear the best parts. It always puts me in a good mood!

😂🤣   (5/5)

I literally laugh out loud while out walking or running. Please keep doing what you're doing! Whether I watched the episode you are talking about or need to catch up on my DVR, I laugh just the same. Thanks for putting in the extra hours to make this!

Thank You!!   (5/5)

So, I rarely take the time to review anything, but I wanted to thank you guys. I have to admit, I had never seen the Ellen show before listening to the podcast. It's not that I never wanted to, it's just that I am rarely at home when it comes on. In July, we welcomed our son, Ben, into our family. We love him SO much but since he arrived, he's been difficult. He has been colicky and refuses to be set down. We also have a 3 year old daughter who can be a real handful. She's spunky, sassy, and is constantly keeping us on our toes. What I didn't plan after Ben was born, was the post partum depression that would come along with him. I became a hermit, keeping the shades drawn and rarely going outside with either kid. I decided to go back to work after 6 weeks. I knew I needed to get out of the house and I figured that it would be a good way to start to feel human again. I do home infusions so I spend a lot of time in the car so I started listening to podcasts at the end of August, but I was listening to podcasts about murder. While entertaining, it did nothing for my already dark mood. When your podcast was released, my whole outlook changed. I was belly laughing in my car until tears streamed down my face. I figured that if a few clips and the banter could make me feel joy again, that the show must be amazing. I started DVRing the show and I look forward to laughing with Ellen every day now. I just wanted to thank you all for putting this podcast out there. I'm not sure where I'd be if you guys hadn't come along and brought some light to my life again!!

Great show   (5/5)

I love hearing some of the behind the scenes stories from the Ellen show! This is a great podcast to help catch you up on the latest episodes of the Ellen show! Love the four executive producers, great job!

Jolene   (5/5)

Hi! Listen to your pod cast while I’m working and I have to tell you my colleague came into my office one day because she asked why I was laughing and I told her I was listening to the Ellen podcast!! Love this podcast and it gets me through the day!! I literary laugh out loud! So you can add me to your list of listeners :)

Finally!!!   (5/5)

To host Andy and all the rest. (only kidding!). Seriously I absolutely love this podcast. It’s so great to be able to watch Ellen and then to listen to highlights of the show. And Mary, Kevin, Andy, and Ed are so great together you need to keep this up for years and years. Thank you so much for making me happy!


Just found out I get to meet Andy and friends on Jan 17th. So excited!! I drive a lot for work and this is the perfect cure for Bay Area traffic. It make you feel part of “Andy and his friends.” Highly recommended!!!

Best part of my mornings!   (5/5)

I listen to this podcast as soon as I get in my car Tuesday and Thursday mornings for my almost hour commute! I get so excited when I see it’s already downloaded and ready to play! I wish there was a new episode every day! It helps clear my mind and puts me in a positive mindset before teaching Spanish to 550 elementary students! It’s funny, raw, interesting, and so amazing. Even the ads are great! I’m so glad I can get a recap of everything I missed on the Ellen Show since I can’t watch it at home at the time it airs (again, long commute to/from school). I’ve been a huge Ellen fan for years and I always always always share her message to my students the importance of being KIND. Thank you thank you thank you for creating this podcast!

Love you guys, but not as much as I love Ellen!   (5/5)

Im so happy about this podcast! My work schedule changed so I’m no longer able to watch the show live before I come to work. Of course I record it so I can still watch it and see Ellen, but being able to listen to you bunch of weirdos while I’m at work as well makes my night so much better! I think Andy could maybe talk a little less, but ya know, all is well 😂😂 you guys are awesome and funny and seriously make my work life so much better!!

Luv it   (5/5)

I look forward to every Thursday morning to hear this podcast. You guys are great!!!

Amazing!!!!   (5/5)

Absolutely love this podcast! Andy and friends keeps me laughing the entire episode! I don’t get to watch Ellen because I don’t have dvr, but this podcast is a great was to stay current! Keep up the great work guys you have 2 listeners now! 😉

Very entertaining   (4/5)

I really enjoy listening to this podcast. I am an Ellen fan but I work full time so I don’t get to watch on a regular basis. My one note would be the volume change between when the producers are talking vs. when they cut to a clip. The clip is always much louder. It doesn’t stop me from listening, I just deal and adjust the volume as necessary. Great show!

One complaint......   (5/5)

My one and only complaint is that each episode is only a half hour!!!! Huge Ellen fan and it’s so fun to hear what goes on behind the scenes and you can’t beat the banter between the host “Andy” and producers😂😻

🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩   (5/5)

BEST SHOW EVER!!!!! Even my 10 year old loves this

Love 🙌🏼   (5/5)

Seriously love this podcast & The Ellen Show! I’m hooked, it makes my drive to work seem to go by so much quicker because it’s just so darn entertaining 👍🏻

Best way to end my work day!   (5/5)

I adore the Andy and Friends podcast or better known as the screen title Ellen on the Go! As a teacher, this podcast is a daily reminder to stay positive and spread the love. I find myself happier because of this and re-centered on challenging days. I’ve even pulled a lesson idea or two from these shows.. so thanks! Everyone should listen to this podcast - it’s what we need more of in the world!

laughing and crying   (5/5)

I am a dog walker and love listening to this pod cast.. if you see someone crying then laughing walking dogs that is probably me <3!! Love love love listening!!

LOVE   (5/5)

I love listening to everyone in the podcast! They all play off of each other so well and I also get to hear some things from Ellen I might have missed the first time or get to relive my favorite moments. Great podcast! Haven’t missed an episode yet.

My favorite podcast   (5/5)

Thank you so much for taking the time to do this podcast! All four of you seem very genuine, down to earth, hard working and fun, and I love to hear from you twice a week (and would love to hear even more.) I just listened to Tuesdays podcast and I have to say that like Ed, I am a huge Harry Potter fan and I would love to see JK Rowling on the show. You guys are great, please keep it up!

Andy- Mary would make a better host 😬   (5/5)

This podcast makes me so happy! I am a full time veterinarian with two kids (and a husband), with a 40 minute commute and I was in a podcast slump until Ellen On the Go came out. Your camaraderie, light heartedness, comedy and dedication bring joy and laughter to my commute. I only wish there were more episodes! Andy you are funny, but let’s face it, you work better as a team so stop hogging the show (just kidding, keep trying to take over, Mary’s exasperation's make me laugh). One piece of constructive criticism- some of you (coughcoughMaryandAndycoughcough) speak louder/more directly into the microphone than others so I have to frequently adjust the volume- it would provide a more pleasant listening experience if you would all speak at the same volume/into the microphone. LOVE YOU ALL!! (I really want a shout out, pretty pretty please 😬😬😬. Oh and some Bombas socks- they’re awesome!). ~Michelle Arnold from Lexington, KY~

Entertaining Podcast   (5/5)

I’ve enjoyed listening and hearing you grow over the months. Great job! I look forward to continued listening on my early a.m. commute as soon as the episodes are available. Thank you.

I love this pod cast and the Ellen Show...HUGE FAN!!!   (5/5)

I watch the Ellen Show everyday. I love every part about it. When the pod cast started I didn’t know when I’d find time to listen. Just happened that I had to travel for work in the car about 3 hours each way for a few days. Ellen on the go kept me entertained and laughing the whole way. Thanks

Stephanie Proctor   (5/5)

LOVE LOVE LOVE this podcast!! I am a huge fan of Ellen. I record her shows daily and I am always watching Ellen-tube and now I have this to listen to on my commute to school! Ellen is an inspirational women and I inspire to be like her everyday. Her heart is filled with nothing but love and wants to help so many people in this world and we all should be thankful for what she has giving to others. This podcast shows what it is like everyday to work with Ellen and I love hearing what goes on behind the scenes. Andy Lassner, I look forward to every new video that comes out with you in it. Yes, they are funny, but they also show people to not hide behind their fears or imperfections. To me, Average Andy is a life lesson and that is to always work hard and try new thing you never thought could be possible. Ellen-on- the- go podcast is a MUST listen! I love you all and keep making these podcasts!!!

All I want to listen to now!   (5/5)

You can’t listen to this and tell me that you don’t want to work at the Ellen Show....I simply won’t believe you! I mean really, I can’t imagine that there is a more exciting and fun place. The dream, right? You can tell that they are a family. All four producers/hosts make this podcast so fun (and yes there are four hosts no matter what one of them says! Ha) Love hearing the behind the scenes stories and how the show develops.

Lots of Laughs!   (5/5)

Thank you (Andy) for hosting this podcast. I love Ellen and it has been great listening to the podcast and getting to know all the wonderful people that she is surrounded by as well. This makes my commute home in the evenings when I am so drained from a full work day lighter so that by the time I get home to my two daughters, I am smiling and ready to share some more laughs! Thank you all! 💗 When is Ellen gonna be a guest again? Sometime soon I hope ☺️. Also, you are not alone... there are loads of listeners with you. -Lisa- SD commuter

Love   (5/5)

This makes my commute so much better!! You are awesome.

Love!!   (5/5)

Ellen is amazing but it’s obvious that her writers and producers help make it the best talk show on tv! I love the commentary and find it hilarious how they talk about each one of their lives before doing an ad. Great job on “your show” Andy!!! Thank all of you, love listening every week!!

Love you guys!!!   (5/5)

Only thing better would be watching Ellen.. no DVR here.. 😍😘

Sooooo coool sooo funny   (5/5)

I’m from Denver Colorado and I listen to this on the way to work. You make my day so much funnier! Everyone needs to listen to this podcast!!!!

Ellen 2020   (5/5)

Love this. I never have time to catch up on tv, but now I can at the gym, the grocery store, driving around town. And I have to explain to everyone why I’m laughing spontaneously. Win-win.

Look forward to every episode!   (5/5)

I love getting to experience the show all over again with this podcast! And all the behind the scenes tidbits are fantastic. Hopefully Andy and Friends continues to stick around (despite his concerning medical issues)!

Love this !!!   (5/5)

I love this podcast !! Makes my day at work go by faster and makes me feel less lonely, thank you so much !

Absolutely Love This Podcast!!!   (5/5)

I love listening to this podcast!!! I love hearing the behind the scenes things that go on with the show! It’s also funny and it makes me laugh! Watching The Ellen show is one of my happy places and now listening to this podcast is another happy place! Thank you!! :-)

Loving the podcast!   (5/5)

I love listening to the podcast and getting to know some of the people behind all of the magic of the show. Thank you for doing it and can’t wait to keep listening!

LOVE IT   (5/5)

I love the Ellen podcast!! These executive producers are hysterical! I love the camaraderie and the wit, it really is a light/bright spot in my day. My only complaint is, it’s not on every day. 😁 Please keep up the great job!! Karen Carlson

Love it!   (5/5)

I really love having this podcast to listen to every Tuesday and Thursday on my way to school! I never have time to sit and watch the show when it’s on because of school, but this makes it easier. Love love love it!!

Mary and Andy are hilarious   (5/5)

I love this show. My family think I’m crazy because all they hear is me laughing out loud. I can’t catch the Ellen show as much as I use to. I don’t have cable/dvr anymore so this podcast keeps me up to date with the Ellen show. Andy and this is totally your show. Mary, thank you for allowing Andy to join you on your podcast. ;)

Great listen!!   (5/5)

I love listening to Ellen on the Go or Andy and friends 😝 It’s a great podcast to listen to while I’m headed to work or really headed anywhere! I hope to attend The Ellen Show sometime! It’s in my bucket list for sure!

I mean...   (5/5)

Just when I thought I couldn’t love Ellen and her producers more, I started listening to this podcast. Even though I already watch the show every day and have heard all of the interviews, I LOVE listening to it again. It’s so fun to hear the commentary and side notes! This podcast is amazing. I look forward to a new episode every week.

We want to help!!!   (5/5)

Hi!!! We want to help! My girlfriend and I were watching various videos of you,Ellen, and came across the gift Portia gave you. We currently work in the veterinary industry and have always wanted to expand our knowledge and reach. How can can we get involved with working for your foundation?

Ellen literally on the go   (5/5)

My little piece of motivation. Each podcast allows me to enjoy the Ellen show while getting everything done in my hectic life. Full time job, while planning a wedding and taking care of home life, these podcasts allow me to not feel left out of the loop! In middle and high school I used to watch Ellen everyday after school it was routine. When I went off to college I didn’t have the luxury of cable so of course Ellen was no longer something I got to watch. After college with my pain of student loans I still don’t have cable and Ellen now comes on during my job. I listen to the podcast while at the gym sweating for the wedding and it’s the perfect mix of show and behind the scenes to keep you wanting more. Keep them coming! I love all the new downloads every time I open my app! Thank you thank you thank you!

Sooooo enjoy you guys!!   (5/5)

Each morning around 5am, I do this this odd, uncomfortable chiropractic stretch using an upper back thoracic orthotic device for 20 mins. (Check out on thoracic denneroll on YouTube) It’s less than fun, but you four make it bearable. Thanks lots for the laughs and the comradely!!!


I love watching Ellen episodes but unfortunately after I moved to college I couldn’t afford cable so I would only watch videos on ellentube but now that I have this podcast I’m able to do both!!! I’ve been both an Ellen fan as well as average Andy for years! I love how he thinks he’s the one that runs the podcast! I look forward every Tuesday and Thursday for the podcast to come out! Love you all and I hope this continues! Ps. Y’all should release more episodes every week!

Pure Joy ❤️   (5/5)

Love this podcast SO much. Don’t always have time to watch the show, but listen to this in the morning at work every day that there’s a new episode. It’s so fun to hear the behind the scenes perspectives from Andy, Mary, Kevin and Ed.

Love you!   (5/5)

I watch the show and listen to the podcast! I love the double dose

MK   (5/5)

My favorite podcast!!! It makes me laugh, smile and feel good!! A nice break from the murder and suspense podcasts I listen to! Thank you! P.S. could u please turn Kevin’s mic up?? :)

Refreshing and Funny!!   (5/5)

So funny and interesting! Feels like you’re just listening to a group of friends talk about your favorite people. Love it

My best workout accessory!!!   (5/5)

Your podcast asked when do we listen... I listen using my newly discovered wearable speaker collar that fits around my neck while power walking each morning in my neighborhood park/exercise trail. Each podcast makes the workout go so much faster! I also listen while traveling between Kansas City and Wichita on I35 to take care of Mom. Makes the three hour trip feel like just an hour and causes me to miss my exit almost every time! You also said since there’s only 100 listeners that I have a great chance of winning 12 Days. So, I’m counting on those odds!!!—especially since I have new freedom to travel for the first time after a company buyout that shut down my work group and got me laid off after 30 years of employment. Thanks Ellen and cast for fun, interesting and informing content!

Light fun   (5/5)

I have so much fun getting to listen to these four interact and do their best to keep Andy’s ego in check. 😆 I don’t get to see Ellen’s show much so it is so fun to get to hear clips and get some background on the shows. Low-key, upbeat fun!

Love!!   (5/5)

Love listening to you all! I sit at my desk and laugh through most of the shows! Thank you! -Jaime

AMAZING   (5/5)

I miss the show because I’m at work each day but this podcast is the best way to still get to listen to the episodes! Also ANDY. That says it all 🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽

My New Favorite Podcast   (5/5)

I've always wanted to watch Ellen's show but my work schedule doesn't allow for much TV - finally, I get my dose of Ellen (which I can listen to while I work!)! And to hear the insights of the producers is a real gem. What wonderful people! Thanks for the laughs, smiles and occasional tear.

Thank you!   (5/5)

Ellen, I use to watch you religiously in college after classes but once I joined corporate America daytime TV no longer became an option. Now I get to listen to you and your fantastic producers to and from work! I’m either dying laughing or tearing up from a wonderful hero’s story. Keep doing what you’re doing and I’m looking forward to the next episode!

WOW Love it!   (5/5)

Great to listen to, and I am also one of the people that always miss your show. Yes I do DVR, but never have time to watch them. One hour commute just goes so quick listening. If possible can you make all the volume more equal. The ads are very loud compaired to the people talking. I have to keep turning my volume up and down while I am driving.

I am in love with this podcast!   (5/5)

Thank you so much for creating this! I never get to watch Ellen because I’m always working, and I never think to record it. I love that I can still listen to parts of the show on this podcast, and of course listen to all of you. You are all great!! I need this 5 days a week, 2 is absolutely not enough! Ellen must have hand picked each one of you, you are all very cool to listen to!

Best idea ever !!!   (5/5)

Thank you so much for creating this podcast! I am often not able to watch the show on TV because I am always on commuting between home work and school. Getting to listen to all of you and the the funny things that happen in the show is the best laughing therapy anyone can have when living on the go.

Love this Podcast!   (5/5)

I am so glad that this podcast was created! I look forward to a new episode every time! It is so funny and keeps me updated on what is happening on the Ellen show! I don’t get to watch the show as much as I use to so being able to listen to this podcast and getting to watch some of the things that happen on YouTube makes my day! Thank you for doing this podcast💙

I LOVE this podcast!   (5/5)

I’m a huge fan of Ellen... So I watch the show, then get to hear everything happening behind the scenes. It’s like having a VIP all access pass! I listen in my car & it makes my drive to & from work a breeze. Everyone is great... But I honestly think Mary should host instead of Andy! :) Keep up the great work, you guys! L.O.V.E. the podcast!

Thank you for all the love and kindness   (5/5)

Ellen, I’m a middle school special education teacher in San Antonio, Texas. I work in the behavioral unit. Many of my students struggle daily with how to stay positive as they struggle with depression, mental instability and how to build positivity lasting relationships in all aspects of their lives. As if middle school adolescents wasn’t enough to work through, these children struggle with truly debilitating emotional disturbances. Humor, love and positivity help them traverse through their days. Your show has been an incredible positive inspiration daily for me! You display such far reaching genuine love for those in need. Thank you!!! It was my college dream to put together a program that connects troubled adolescents with the Delta society (they specialize in the rehabilitation of the injured and elderly people using specially trained dogs and cats). It’s quite amazing what the animal connection can do for the rehabilitation of the human soul. So I guess what I’m saying is that it’s always been a dream that I think you could help become a really. I truly believe that the connection would greatly impact the rehabilitation of many lives, both young and old.

Everything Ellen makes me happy   (5/5)

I watch the show every day but I’m always wanting more! I love listening to this while I give my kids a bath or while I run on errands. I’ve listened to every episode so far. Can’t wait to hear what comes next!

I truly LOL in my quiet office!   (5/5)

I SO LOVE this podcast! Thank you! I don’t always get a chance to watch the Ellen Show (working mom of 2, LIFE CAN BE CRAZY!) so this makes me feel like I’m not missing out! Y’all are funny and Ellen is the best! Thank you for doing this! One of your biggest fans in Oklahoma! Shamara Keith

Laughing my way through the work week!   (5/5)

“Andy and Friends!” is my favorite part of the work week lately. My only complaint is that I need more of this and y’all in my life! Thanks for the laughs and making peoples’ days a little brighter, y’all are amazing!

A Bright Spot to my Day   (5/5)

Thank you Mary, Ed, Andy and Kevin for letting us into your world. You make me smile with every episode. What a fun opportunity it must be to work on the Ellen show! Keep these podcasts coming!

This Makes My Mornings   (5/5)

Obviously Ellen is a day of sunshine on this planet. But it is so good to hear the creative minds behind what makes the Ellen show do successful. It didn’t get any better than hearing the producers banter and tease one another. It just reminds people to smile and enjoy life, even through a 30 minute podcast. You must give this a listen, best part of my mornings to work! Thank you producers for the laughs and smiles.

Great to listen to while working   (5/5)

This pod cast makes my day. I listen to it at work and I dvr the show at home. I love listening to what is going on behind the show! Producers are very entertaining! Thanks for making my day!

Thank you! ❤️   (5/5)

This show is AMAZING! It is not only funny but makes me cry. It reminds me daily to strive to be a better me. The positivity radiates from Ellen and you guys are a reflection of that! I have listened since day one and I will continue to do so. Thank you!

Great when you can’t watch the show   (5/5)

With my job, I can never see the show except for days off. This allows me to get my fill while commuting to work and back!

Love it   (5/5)

Love that you now make a podcast . 😎😎😎

Andy Haunted House - DVR   (5/5)

I listen to you guys in my vehicle on my hour and a half commute one way. I love you guys!!!! This podcast is the best stress reliever ever!!!!! After listening to Ellen talking about the DVR's I feel guilty not having one :( Hope to get one by Christmas. On another note, I would LOVE to go to a haunted house with Andy!!!!!!! I still watch past videos and I just so want to go with him. All of you are so funny and inspiring and I am so grateful that you guys are doing this podcast. Thank you for all of the laughs!!!!!! Keep up the amazing work. "Be Kind to One Another" #weallbleedred #bekindtoanimals #homelesspeoplearemyheart

Delightful! 😊   (5/5)

Thank you! So much fun to listen to while on my way to work or home from work!! Gives me tons of laughs before and after stressful days!!

LOLs @ the office   (5/5)

This podcast is becoming the best part of my day. I’m always stifling the laughs so I do not disturb my coworkers. Thoroughly enjoying every episode!

Laughs for Days!   (5/5)

I can say this over and over... you guys are the beeeeest! Thank you for the laughs and for bringing so much joy to my life. Love it so much! ❤️

Love the podcast   (5/5)

Guys!! I love the podcast. Tuesdays and Thursdays are now my new favorite days! I look forward to listening to “Andy & Friends” on my way into work in the morning!

Funny and amazing!   (5/5)

I have always adored Ellen and the Ellen show! I usually don’t review anything but this is so wonderful that I felt the need. I absolutely love listening to this podcast, it really makes my day. It always puts a smile on my face during difficult days. Thanks Ellen and your amazing team!!!

Hurray for Ellen!   (5/5)

I follow you on social media, but can’t ever watch a full episode between work and being mom. I listen to Ellen on the Go during my commute and I am so fulfilled! I feel reconnected and have a moment of “me” time during my crazy day. Your show and your message has been there for me during so many moments in my life. I’m so grateful for a podcast that leaves me smiling after every listen.

Love love love   (5/5)

I love Ellen, Ellen Tube, Ellen TV, Ellen Podcast, Ellen on YouTube, Ellen on Pandora, Ellen on Ellen...yay... give me some more Ellen!!!! ♥️💜❤️💕 when I’m having a bad day, when I’m bored, when I need to smile!!! My dream is to go to her show! More hearts 💕 💜 ♥️ call me Ellen! 😉

Loving this!   (5/5)

I love the banter between Ellen’s AMAZING producers! Fun to hear the clips from the show and even better when Ellen pops on for a bit. I appreciate that I can listen to this with my kids in the car and that my 7 year old even laughs along with me! Keep up the good work.

Makes my day!   (5/5)

Thank you so much for making this! I listen to it during my 6:30am commute to work and it is always such a good feeling to start the day laughing! You guys are the best! ❤️

I love Ellen   (5/5)

The show is so great!! And this podcast is a great way to get even more of Ellen. It’s been a pretty rough year and Ellen is a great distraction from things :)

Can’t wait every time!   (5/5)

I own a mobile grooming business and I don’t have cable so there’s just no way for me to catch the show. I get to listen to podcasts all day and this one is my ray of sunshine! Thank you for letting people like me still feel involved in the incredible things you all produce. ❤️ (We’ve got our first gobble on its way tonight, too!)

Work - work - work   (5/5)

I just cannot express how much fun this podcast is! I wish that there were daily episodes! All of the producers (but Andy😂) are so funny and have such a great relationships. It’s like listen to a bunch of friends talk about their work day! Because I am at work when the show is on during the day, this podcast is a great outlet!

Love them all!   (5/5)

Love the podcast! You all work so great together, I love the banter and all the behind the scenes pranks!

Best podcast   (5/5)

Love listening to the people that help make the show so awesome! So funny! I’m on the road a lot for work and I look forward to Tuesday and Thursday commutes now. Winning 12 days would make it even better 😂😂😂 love you guys!

Love, love, love!   (2/5)

This podcast is the best way to start my morning on a positive note! I love it! I work a boring office job so listening to this podcast really helps. I find myself laughing out loud on multiple occasions, I wish it could last all day! Truly amazing!

Makes Me Happy   (5/5)

I love listening to this podcast. It brings so much joy to my heart, every morning i put it on while I’m on my way to work. I’m in the military and sometimes my days can be tough and i always put this show on when i know it’s gonna be a long day. It improves my mood drastically. The show inspires me to just be the best person i can be. Keep being awesome and know that the show is much appreciated (: Happy holidays!

This Pod Casts A Spell - Every Time   (5/5)

It really is great to hear Mary, Kevin, Ed, and the show’s host, Andy, in this podcast. You’re all soo funny 😆 and as a Big, Huge fan of “El Show,” it’s über awesome to hear 👂🏿 some of the behind-the-scenes and show stories. It’s so good 😊 I make a motion to the EPs to rename it “Andy & Amigos 👬.” I’m sure ellen won’t mind. She’s on-the-go anyway. Boo 👻

Love it!   (5/5)

I listen to this podcast as soon it airs. You gal and guys are great! Love your interaction with each other and getting some behind the scenes scoops is fun! Love ya, Mary.... for “putting” up with Andy thinking he’s the host! Will continue to support as long as you keep doing this! Happy Halloween!

I need more episodes   (5/5)

I absolutely love Ellen and this podcast. I listen to it on my way to work and to daycare, and home. Im not able to watch actual episodes, but I see some clips on the web. Keep doing this!

Thank you!!!   (5/5)

I am loving this podcast... I have been listening since day 1! For years and years I have adored Ellen and all of those it takes to run her show. So, to get this easy recap, and behind the curtain glimpse has been delightful!! More feedback on what I love: Your relationship humor, the commercial segments- thanks for making them laughable and tolerable! And, the speed of the show! Great job! Thanks for adding fun and kindness to my podcasts now as well!

THE BEST   (5/5)

I’ve loved Ellen for forever, which means i love her producers. I’m obsessed with you all and am a total fan girl. My dad says the Ellen show is my idol and its 100% true. I work in a residential mental health facility as a clinician and this podcast is how I decompress before I go home. I can’t thank you enough!!!

Gets me out of my funk and afternoon slide 👌🏼   (5/5)

I don’t get to watch Ellen anymore but I still love it. When I’m at work and I’m feeling tired or I need to change my mood, you guys get me laughing and help me get through the day. I choose to laugh listening to your podcast than to consume caffeine in the afternoons Keep up the good work guys !!!!

Fabulous window into the world of talk shows!   (5/5)

Waking up on Tuesday and Thursday mornings has never been easier! I bounce out of bed to hear these four producers & this lovely podcast. I have three sons that all hope to enter the film & television industry and this gives me a little glimpse into the worlds they will enter. I love all 4 of these producers but Mary is my favorite. I would love to hear more stories of the challenges of producing and writing for television. There seem to be many producers at varying levels and lots of writers. Would you be willing to tell us what some of the more specific jobs are that you all do and the challenges that you face? Thanks!

Volume issue   (5/5)

Hi guys! Love love love the podcast.. I am in my car a lot. Your podcast make me laugh out loud! Side note, often I can’t hear Andy. I turn up the volume to hear what he is saying and then my ears are blown up because Mary or Kevin have started speaking... Vi

Andy and friends   (5/5)

I literally LOL when I listen. You guys are absolutely hilarious. And I’ve learned I cannot listen while at work spontaneous laughter tends to startle my co workers 🤷🏽‍♀️

Funny! And fun to listen   (5/5)

Love the show and this just made it better!! Tried years getting tickets, but I’ll keep trying!! Love Ellen! Laughter is the best medicine! #facts

Happy college student 😊   (5/5)

This podcast is AMAZING! As a college student,I don’t own a TV and I miss watching Ellen with my mom. Listening to portions of the show is great, but the best part is hearing the producers talk about how certain elements were conducted. Being a video production major, this podcast is a great way to learn some industry insights. I would HIGHLY recommend!!

My Fav. Podcast   (5/5)

I don’t have time to watch ELLEN (I don’t have DVR, before she yells at me 🤣) and I work A LOT! This podcast helps me catch up and laugh endlessly while I work. Andy & Friends keeps me going 😜. But seriously, Ellen and her crew touch my soul. Incredible work, unlimited laughs, and caring hearts. Thank you so much for ELLEN & ELLEN on the go!

Love!   (5/5)

I am so happy to have an option to enjoy highlights from the Ellen show! The podcast brightens my Tuesday’s/Thursday’s and helps pass the time in the car during work! Keep it up guys, love it!

FINALLY!!! 😉   (5/5)

This Podcast is AWESOME! Mary, Ed, Andy & Kevin are hilarious and always fun to listen to! I’ve been hoping, praying, and anxiously waiting 😆 for The Ellen Show to release a Podcast for years now! You guys actually make my rush hour work commute enjoyable! Thank you!!!! P.S. I LOVE YOU, Ellen!!!! 😊💖🤟

***WARNING** this is my first review of a podcast.   (4/5)

On a recent episode Ellen was reading reviews and someone said they enjoyed the clips because they didn’t always see the show. Ellen was outraged that people didn’t watch every day. But some of us watch everyday and want LESS clips and more behind the scenes.

Podcasts   (5/5)

I didn’t even know what podcasts were until this one. It’s totally life changing to listen to Ellen since I don’t get much time on the weekdays, I listen to it on weekends right from my phone. Absolutely love Andy and Friends! I mean— Ellen on the go! 😍

Average Andy   (5/5)

I was watching all the clips of average Andy yesterday and I cried laughing for the first time in a while, I was actually late to work because I was watching it, thanks for being absolutely average Andy, as for the rest of the crew you guys are awesome I love your podcast.

Love this podcast   (5/5)

If you are a fan of the show then you will love this podcast. It's a great accompaniment to the show and gives interesting insight/perspective from the producers. Love it!

An inspiration   (5/5)

Ellen you are the best human ever. Your generosity, compassion and uplifting personality is a great inspiration and such a bright beautiful star in this sometimes ugly world. You seem like the most fun person to be around, and everyone that has has the pleasure of meeting you is sure lucky to have a friend like you. Keep spreading your love, and reminding others to also be great people. Sending lots of love from Milwaukee, Briana

One of my favorites!   (5/5)

Love Andy & friends but love even more Ellen! I don’t always get to watch the show so catching up on the podcast is the next best thing!

💕💕💕   (5/5)

You guys are great!!! Love the show!

Love it!   (5/5)

A highlight to my work day! Never have time to watch the show (sorry guys...) so I love getting my Ellen fix after not being able to watch for years. Love the banter back and forth with the hostS (sorry Andy).

I looooove Andy and friends!!   (5/5)

Seriously this makes my day!! Just listening to all you guys makes my life even that much happier!!! You guys are so awesome!!! One day I’ll get to meet all of you and my life will be so much better!! Thanks for the smile on my face today and every day!!

Andy & Friends is great!   (5/5)

Really enjoy this podcast. I’m glad Ellen finally gave Andy the platform he deserves! Only thing I would change is that it seems like the podcast is about 50% ads which is about 40% too much.

LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!❤️😍   (5/5)

Love listening to the podcast! I don’t get to watch the show everyday because I’m at work. So I’m so excited to catch up and have the show be part of my day! You guys are so entertaining and I look forward to the new episodes. I am looking forward to seeing Andy go through the Haunted house again. I have never been through one because I am too afraid and I think I scare more easily than Andy😳. If that is even possible!! Keep up the great work. Love you guys to pieces!!!!!!!!

Love this podcast   (5/5)

I listen to you guys while I’m at work I work overnight so it helps my night go by smoothly

Great show   (5/5)

I listen at work on my phone. I love it because i miss watching the show and just keep up here and on fb.

Amazing!!   (5/5)

My kids & I watch Ellen everyday when I get home from work. We love listening to the behind the scenes takes on this podcast. Thank you for making us laugh!!

Kevin’s my favorite.   (5/5)

Andy speak into the mic sometimes we can’t hear you.

Awesome podcast   (5/5)

Ellen on the go makes me feel like I’m actually watching the show! Unfortunately I’m unable to watch The Ellen Show so her podcast is the best next thing!

Ellen plus the peanut gallery rock 🤗👻   (5/5)

I love listening to this at work since I always miss the Ellen show and I’m not rich enough to have DVR(is that what the kids call it?) and record her show. Being 26 and in student debt is rough. I ESPECIALLY LOVE that Ellen is actually on the podcast and not just her side possey (love you guys too esp shoutout to Andy being the funniest person I’ve ever seen when terrified). BOO! But seriously sometimes I have to watch the clips that you guys talk about because I’m so curious after hearing about them (like Missy Elliot’s funky white sista- wow that was great). You guys are amazing and I can only imagine having a blast at work everyday like you. Everything Ellen stands for and supports is just making the world a better place. You make everyone smile. God bless y’all

Over the top!!!   (5/5)

I love Ellen. That said these producers provided another view of the guest, Ellen and themselves personally. It's like an 'inside Ellen podcast' with show highlights, this more than the actually show. I always have a smile and have even more respect for the total team. Keep up the great work!

Favorite Podcast   (5/5)

I love Andy’s, I mean, Ellen’s podcast. I live in Chicago and it’s a great podcast to listen to on my L ride to and from work. The behind the scenes secrets and pranks are hilarious. Thank you all involved in this podcast for continuing to make us laugh!!

So funny!!   (5/5)

This show has me cracking up every time I listen!! I love this podcast!!!

Ellen   (5/5)

Your wonderful, and the producers are great...

Looooooooove!   (5/5)

Okay so I must admit that I’m not unbiased because I’m Ellen’s biggest fan on this fabulous planet but it’s a great podcast! I watch the show every day, often rearranging my schedule to do so (because I don’t have DVR) and I love hearing all the behind the scenes and hearing the highlights of the week that make me laugh no matter how many times I hear them! Ellen makes every day better and now there’s even more of the joy!

I Love This   (5/5)

Just started listening to podcasts the same time the first episode of this podcast was released and I fell in love with it. Since I’m a high school student I find the time to watch the Ellen show on the weekends and on YouTube but now I listen every single day to new episodes and old episodes on repeat. I’m not even joking. Andy and friends😂 is something that I look forward to everyday day while doing my homework. It actually helped get some of my grades up. Even when I’m frustrated when my teacher decides to throw an exam on the class tomorrow I just think about how I can listen to Andy and friends while studying. Thank you so much Ellen for being on the podcast for the last couple of episodes! I absolutely love this!!! - Priya❤️

Ellen rocks!!!!   (5/5)

Was so excited when you guys announced the Ellen podcasts!! I record and watch every Episode of the Ellen show that I can, & now being able to also listen to it on the go is so great too! I hope to be able to actually come to the Ellen show one day! I’ve been saving up and going to come as soon as I can! Ellen has changed my life in so many ways and to have the chance to meet her would be one of the coolest experiences! You all are so hilarious, thank you for bringing light to this world!! Sincerely, Shelby Stasik!!

Love Ellen!   (5/5)

Love being able to listen to it since I don’t get to watch the show like the show I would like I’m always the go and my kids are always on the go. Love Ellen!

I’m Listening!   (5/5)

I don’t have cable to be able to watch Or record Ellen episodes, so I thoroughly enjoy this podcast! Thank you for creating it!

So fun!   (5/5)

Such an easy, quick and fun podcast to listen to in the car. I listen to lots of podcasts, but most I can’t have on when kids are in the car, except this one! I love it and kids get a kick out of the behind the scenes at Ellen too.

Andy & friends (haha, j/k)   (5/5)

I love the Ellen show but haven't seen whole episodes in years; kids, family, work, you name it have gotten in the way. So when i found this podcast i was thrilled! I have been listening everyday (M-F) when i am working, you have made going to work something i look forward too. You guys (not just Andy 🤣) are so fun to listen too, I’m always laughing. I feel like I'm right there with you, watching the show. I haven't found a better podcast yet.

Love to Laugh?   (5/5)

You will know why Ellen has wonderful people supporting her behind the scenes. Listening to them just cracks you up. How they ever get through a meeting is beyond me?

I need a DVR Ellen, please help!   (5/5)

OMG! I’m so glad this podcast was made. I used to watch your show every day, and now I have a stupid grown up job and never get to watch you anymore. You would bring so much joy to my day, I love you so very much. Now you have this podcast and I feel almost whole again, I just don’t get to see your beautiful faces. My wife and I live paycheck to paycheck so money towards a DVR and a compatible TV is the last thing on our list. I’m just seeing if this will work since I heard you guys talking about it on your podcast yesterday. ;) Love you guys!!! Stephanie Downey Westminster, CO

Thank you!   (5/5)

This is so great! We recently got rid of cable and cannot DVR the show, and I love I can listen and catch up while at work!

Love the podcast   (5/5)

I listen to the podcast at work and it makes my day so much better! I never get to see the show so I’m happy they started the podcast “Andy and friends” 😉

Andy & Friends   (5/5)

I love this podcast. I listen to it on my drive to work and it absolutely gets me in the best mindset for starting my day. I really enjoy the friendly, loving insults and incessant teasing so very much. From one of your dozens of fans 😂 as you like to say, please keep doing this podcast!

Hey from Texas!   (5/5)

Love the podcast!! The behind the scenes info is so funny. So, have you all ever really and truly surprised or scared Ellen?? And thanks for getting Beto on the show..... Nancy

Best idea!   (5/5)

I love listening to Podcasts at work (I’m sure my co workers think I’m crazy when I’m randomly laughing out loud)! Now I have Ellen at home and work! I have all her shows recorded on DVD and it’s really awesome to hear behind the scenes and recap hilarious scenes on the show!

Love this Podcast!   (5/5)

I love listening to this Podcast and look forward to it every week! The world seems so stressful and full of negativity these days and so I enjoy spending my time commuting listening and laughing, it brightens my day! The only problem is that my one year old is afraid of loud laughter in small spaces and so although this Podcast is totally appropriate to listen to with the kids I can’t because my laughter makes her cry! :) :(

Love my Ellen Podcast   (5/5)

I love, love the podcast, I especially love now that Ellen is sitting on on the Podcast. You are all so funny 😂😂😂. Not only do I get the Ellen show highlights, but I get to laugh and enjoy my time at work.

My missing family   (5/5)

I love listening to Ellen on the go, not only is it entertaining and hilarious. But the hosts make such a positive and humorous atmosphere for the show. I’ve always been a fan of Ellen wishing she was my Aunt Ellen. But listening to this show makes me realize I want all these amazing,humble people as family members! Thank you for continuing to bring such joy and happiness to my life and so many others!! 👏🏼💕

Love the podcast!   (5/5)

Hi guys! and ellen! I try to see ellen’s show everyday! but if i can’t i see it on ellentube! But this podcast let’s me hear the show while working! Fritzie from Aruba!

Trying not to laugh on a morning commute..   (5/5)

Big fan of the Ellen Show (and Ellen) and this podcast fills the Ellen void in my life. Don’t have cable/DVR (you gotta be on Hulu or Netflix Ellen, I beg ya!) and this podcast let’s me laugh at Andy (the host), laugh with the other EP, and hear most of the awesome guests that I would otherwise miss because of work. I take the train to work downtown (Chicago) and I have to remember not to laugh too loud or I’ll get some odd looks. You can’t produce them fast enough but please try! 😊

LOVE!   (5/5)

Absolutely love this podcast. I can’t catch the show, due to not having DVR, and it’s nice to be able to listen on a podcast while I work! I laugh so much at work and I get weird looks sometimes,BUT I don’t care! I LOVE that it is hosted by Andy, Mary, Ed, and Kevin!!! Their chemistry on this podcast is amazing and they bring me so much joy and laughter! Keep it up y’all! Give me a shout out on the next podcast! Love y’all!

It makes my day!   (5/5)

Every morning when I take my husband to work and my daughter to school we listen to this podcast my 7 year old daughter LOVES IT and it seriously MAKES OUR DAY no matter what. Her dream is to hopefully one day be able to come to the show and dance with Ellen!! We watch Ellen tube all the time bc we can’t watch the show anymore we don’t have satélite and Hulu doesn’t have Ellen. So this is really amazing! Thank you so much for making mine and my family’s day better every day!

Love the podcast   (5/5)

Haven’t gotten to watch the show but this podcast is great. Love being able to listen to it while I work and lightens and brightens my day. Thank you — from Rachel


I don’t always listen to pod cast but when I do it’s Ellen On The Go! Great way to start my Tuesday and Thursday I always listen to you guys when I’m getting ready and I always make sure I make time to watch Ellen aka my 1 hour vacation a day! Keep up this great podcast! :)


I seriously look forward to this every week! I used to work from home and watch Ellen every day - aka sobs while working, very professional - and I now work from an office and listening to the podcast it’s the perfect combination to keep up with the show. The hosts are incredible and I constantly giggle throughout the episode. I love hearing the behind scenes and how you guys balance being so professional and have fun at the same time. Kudos to you guys, keep it up!

Saving Lives   (5/5)

This podcast has made me a much safer driver. I used to watch Ellen on YouTube while I was driving because Ellen is the best and there’s nothing better. But now, thanks to Andy and Friends, I have an entertaining and SAFE commute to work! I love hearing the producers jab at each other. What a hilarious group of people!

Ellen on the go is great   (5/5)

A fun listen.

Andy and friends   (5/5)

Love the friendship between your guys and can’t wait 😊 for the next one

Super fun break in the news cycle   (5/5)

I’m never home to watch Ellen during the day and am so grateful for a way to listen in on the happiness on my commute. It’s a review and behind the scenes commentary on the best parts of the shows throughout the week. I smile the whole way to work!

I LOVE Andy’s Podcast!   (5/5)

Apparently there is a show called Ellen that this podcast centers around! The chemistry the three of you have is palpable. Thank you for being such a bright spot to my week.

Lovin’ Andy & Friends!!   (5/5)

Ellen on the Go is my new go to podcast for car rides. It’s quick, loaded with behind the scenes factoids, and all four EP’s are hilarious and knowledgeable. Sometimes I don’t get to catch the Ellen Show so this podcast is great to keep up on what’s happening on the show and beyond. Highly recommend to anyone who loves Ellen and wants a little bit more out of their Ellen viewing experience!

So fun   (5/5)

I love this podcast so much. It makes me laugh like no other


I heard a preview of this podcast at the end of Armchair Expert and loved it! I’ve listened to each one since! I love listening to the behind the scenes of the Ellen Show and the comedic banter between Executive Producers! Hi Mary, Andy, Ed and Kevin!!!! Keep it coming!

Really funny and uplifting!   (5/5)

The best of Ellen + her hilarious producers = guaranteed laughs. Really funny show!

Such a fun way to get more Ellen and crew   (5/5)

Love the Andy show! Haha jk this is a great show with the people you always see on Ellen but don’t know much about, and they are funny, sassy and just great! All you Ellen fans out there need this is your ears 👍👍

Great show!   (5/5)

Love this show! So funny! Thanks for brightening my week each week! As a mom of a child with special needs it helps to laugh. Thanks again!

Ellen is the best!!   (5/5)

I’m so glad I found this podcast!! You guys are so funny!! I don’t always get to see every episode so it’s awesome you guys recap my FAVORITE show!!! Don’t ever stop!!

Listening in Germany   (5/5)

It’s hard for me to keep up with Ellen since I live in Germany. This podcast helps me stay connected to my favorite show! It also helps me get through the terrible traffic I endure on a daily basis. I also love the insight and behind-the-scenes info the hosts give.

School commute stress relief   (5/5)

As a graduate student, who also commutes to school, I rarely have time to watch Ellen like I used to. I have been searching for ways to listen to Ellen on my commutes for the past year with no luck (no WiFi makes things tricky). But then they finally put up this podcast! I have been listening to this podcast since the first day it aired and have had so much enjoyment from it! I thought no one could ever be as funny and kind hearted as Ellen, but her producers are just as amazing!!! I highly recommend this podcast to anyone and everyone, especially if you are feeling the stressors of school and/or have a long commute and need a good laugh. Thank you for finding more ways to spread joy and kindness to others! It plays such an important role in this world!

More more more!   (5/5)

Please make a podcast for everyday of the week. It helps with my 1.5 hour commute Tuesday and Thursday mornings. I wake up excited for your podcast. Plus I’m at work during the Ellen show so it’s a great way to get clips of what I missed! You all are great. I really enjoy the podcast!!!!

Very fun hosts   (5/5)

I listen to podcasts a lot during the work day driving for my job and have truly enjoyed listening to the group of producers host together. You all have a great chemistry that makes laugh and chuckle each day even in with the ads ! Keep Up the good work and know there will be more than 6 listeners soon !

Too Many Ads   (4/5)

I love this podcast so much. However, there are too many ads. I have never heard of such a short program with so many. Maybe if they were shorter?? I feel as if it takes up a lot of the time!!!

I’m listening and wish “Andy’s Podcast” was longer!! Love you guys   (5/5)

Love Ellen!!

Love this Podcast!   (5/5)

I love this podcast, I listen on my drive to work and it always brightens my day! The producers of the Ellen show are talented, funny, and it’s amazing to hear their perspectives! And no I’m not only talking about you Andy!

Feeling the Love   (5/5)

I love Andy! As a mother of a 2 year old, a full time labor and delivery nurse, a wife, and perusing my masters degree I don’t have time to watch TV. So this gives me the chance to feel the happiness from the show without being able to watch. Maybe when I graduate (again) I’ll be able to come see a show live! #May2020

Perfect for no cable   (5/5)

I can’t afford cable, but watch Ellen Tube all the time. This podcast provides even more than the videos, which makes up for not having cable! Nice job y’all!! I love hearing the behind the scenes stuff too!

Laugh out loud   (5/5)

I love Ellen on the Go! This podcast makes the process of making school lunches at 5:45am actually something I now enjoy. To my surprise, the excerpts from the show are not lost to the listener ( I worried that without seeing the guests that moments would be lost), if anything I find them even funnier, left up to the imagination. The co-hosts of the show, producers of Ellen, are smart, funny, and often full of backstage stories. I have missed watching Ellen but this podcast catches me up on all the fun and it really is good. Listen please!!

Very entertaining!   (5/5)

I love the “behind the scenes” and backstory provided each episode. The banter between Mary, Ed, Kevin, and Andy seems effortless, organic, and at times is lol funny. Andy’s effort to be the star is endearing and leaves me smiling with each shameless attempt, made all the better by the good nature responses from the other 3. Only suggestion is fewer/shorter sponsor breaks👍🏻

Excellent & hilarious podcast with great banter!!   (5/5)

This podcast is awesome! I can’t watch Ellen while at work but I love being able to listen to this podcast. Of course, I probably look like a fool laughing at my desk to myself but that’s ok. I love getting the perspectives from the Executive Producers of the show and listen to them talk about how they planned for guests, games, etc. Lastly I like the audio clips they play of their favourite moments on the show. I really love “Andy & Friends,” I mean Ellen on the Go! Sooo good and funny!

Bless this Podcast!   (5/5)

Love listening to these wonderful producers share stories about the show! You all work so hard and are amazing!! I’m living overseas now so don’t get a chance to watch Ellen except on YouTube, but I love listening to the podcast on long walks! Thank you and hope it continues!!

LOVE the Andy and friend podcast   (5/5)

these people are fun to listen to, and I really enjoy their banter

Love this   (5/5)

I host a podcast too The Family Brain and love a podcast that makes me laugh. I am guessing more people than you realize are loving this. Apple needs to make it easier to write a review! It’s too hard to find the link. The Andy show is my new favorite 🤣

Very entertaining   (5/5)

I absolutely love this podcast. So much talent and humor in one room. My only complaint is inconsistent audio. Some people are really easy to hear while others not so much. Otherwise, it’s a very witty and fun podcast!

Perfection   (5/5)

I love Ellen but I just don’t have time for tv. Ellen on the Go is so cute and fun and makes me feel like I’m watching the show. Her producers are very funny and I’m delighted to get a little fix of goodness twice per week from my car or at the gym. So glad they made this podcast. Pure joy!

Love Ellen’s Producers!!   (5/5)

I’ve been loving this podcast! I tape Ellen every day but I’m also a working mom with two young kids so during my commute I love being able to catch up with the podcast. It’s so fun to hear the background stories!! I will spread the word! Chelsea

Thank you, Andy and friends! :)   (5/5)

Love love loveeeeee this podcast! I never have time to watch the Ellen Show due to work so I listen to this podcast while walking my dog and I am just laughing the entire time (my neighbors may think I’m crazy). Thank you for this amazing podcast!

Love this new podcast. Andy and friends 😂😂   (5/5)

I don’t get to watch it on tv because we only do Hulu and Netflix. So I am so happy that I get to listen on the podcast you guys have great chemistry and crack me up!

Great for the soul   (5/5)

A good laugh every time!

My morning coffee sugar   (5/5)

Y’all make my boring 8am before coffee a burst of sunshine and smiles, I love how all of your energies and happiness feed off of each other! I definitely also enjoy the behind the scenes of the Ellen show. Ellen is such a wonderful and kind soul and it’s nice to see that the people she works with and around are just the like. Y’all may think no one is listening or appreciating you, but I do, so thank you, Mary, Andy, Ed & Kevin—you beautiful funny glorious beacons!

Best podcast ever   (5/5)

It makes me so happy to know that I can feel the same joy that I get from watching Ellen on the road now! Such a funny podcast, makes me crack up while I’m driving

I LOVE THIS!   (5/5)

I love this . This is fun and I am a fan of Carrie Underwood

I love Andy and Friends   (4/5)

I like the podcast but I don’t like all the flashbacks to the show. I already watch the show. I’m listening to the podcast because I want different content than the show.

Andy, can I be your friend too?   (5/5)

I just love you guys! Fabulous dynamic. My schedule prevents me from watching Ellen these days, and I feel right in there with this podcast! Actual LOLS from this listener! Thank you!

Like a lot!!   (3/5)

Okay maybe 3 stars is a little harsh because I do listen to every episode; However, it’s not what I wanted. All they do is play clips from the show and then they talk about it. If you’ve watched the show, there isn’t a whole lot of point in the podcast. You do get some behind the scenes tidbits so it’s not a complete wash but it’s mostly just genetic banter.

Makes me laugh!   (5/5)

This is one of my absolute favorite podcasts! My coworkers wonder why I laugh out loud!

Makes my morning   (5/5)

I have loved Ellen since watching her stand up shows in my dorm room 14 years ago with friends. To have her vibe on my phone twice a week absolutely makes my mornings. The world needs more Ellen and all that she stands for. My mornings are better with her podcast. Thank you, executive producers, for bringing us that can’t see her show daily Ellen on our phones!!!!

I mean... Ellen is the GOAT   (5/5)

Don't listen in places where you can't LOL

Love it. Thank you. Perfect!   (5/5)

Hi gang! Thank you for creating Ellen on the Go! I drive a lot for work and rely on Podcasts to get me through the day. So happy when I found you all! Love the content and I love your personal insights into your show and guests. Keep it going and thanks for helping me stay awake, and laugh, behind the wheel!!

Great new podcast!   (5/5)

As a busy mom of two boys, I don’t get to watch ELLEN every day and it’s been so great to listen to this podcast and feel like I have actually watched the show. Thank you!

Genius   (5/5)

If you’re into Ellen... or podcasts...or just laughing and living a fun life in general, I would recommend this podcast. I listen everywhere. I listen on the go (hence the title), but I also listen on the fly, on the jump, on the one hand. on the flip side, on the up-and-up, on the fence, on the down-low, on the elbow, too slow. Sometimes, I get carried away and too excited, but this isn’t one of those times. Y’all check it out.

Perfect!   (5/5)

I have never written a review on a podcast, but I have to say this one is probably my favorite! I work all day and never get to see Ellen’s show, now I can listen to the best parts while I’m at work! I am always looking forward to the next available episode, thank you!

💕   (5/5)

Love Ellen and it’s great to hear from the master ring leaders! One day I will make it to the show!!

Behind the scenes   (5/5)

Love! Best parts are the banter between the producers and the “behind the scenes”!

Thank you!   (5/5)

My prayers have been answered! I’m a huge fan of the show, I wear my Ellen sweater all the time and everyone always smiles and asks if I got it from the show and I always have to say,” no, I just a fan.” This podcast couldn’t have come at a better time. I am going through a little spell of anxiety and depression and Ellen is the light that keeps me from falling down the dark hole to nothingness which I do not want to visit again. I love watching her show and clips on Ellen tube and now I can enjoy the clips and bonus material on the go via this pod cast. My love for Ellen, the show and everyone who makes it possible is never ending! I like to start and end my day with a video from the Ellen show so that I have a little boost of happiness and kindness despite my anxiety. Thank you for providing another happy place for fans to listen and enjoy the joy that radiates from Ellen and the staff. It’s pure love, joy, laughter and kindness. Thanks again!

The inner workings   (5/5)

I’m so glad you put this podcast together it’s so interesting to hear your personal perspectives about orchestrating the Ellen show. You have fun personality’s and you lighten my work day with your side bantering and laughter. Thanks for the work you do in making the Ellen show possible, keep up the show.

Love the idea; too many clips   (3/5)

I love the idea of hearing behind the scenes, but I felt too much of the podcast was clips and recaps. For someone who watches the show, it is very repetitive. I think a great format is the one by the folks from The Good Place. They assume most people have seen the episode at hand, discuss workings behind the scenes and have just one short clip.

Readers Digest Ellen   (5/5)

A great summation and perspective on the show for those of us that can’t watch every episode!

Laughter is the best medicine!   (5/5)

Anything her name is associated with is brilliant!!! Love you Ellen!

Best new Podcast!   (5/5)

Love listening to Ellen on the Go! Even more excited to be at the Ellen Show on Monday ❤️

Woooo   (5/5)

Ellen is cool.

So happy!!   (5/5)

I have questioned for years why The Ellen Show is not available on Hulu, especially since similar talk shows are and my work schedule does not allow for me to watch the show often. This is the perfect little dose of The Ellen Show to enjoy on my run! It is neat to get to know the producers more too. Still hoping for streaming of episodes to be available one day, but until that day comes, this podcast makes me so happy!

Fantastic   (5/5)

Can't get enough of Ellen.

Great   (5/5)

Great podcast! Wish there were more! I listen to podcast all day at work. Thank you Ellen for doing so much good in our world! I hope to meet you one day!

Awesome   (5/5)

#LoveThisShow so great!

Ellen and the staff is amazing!!   (5/5)

Yessss!!!!! Thank you Ellen for blessing my life once again!! Hoping you will notice me one day :) -Mursal H #biggestbiggestFan

Ellen and the staff is amazing!!!   (5/5)

Yesssss!!!!! Thank you Ellen for blessing my life once again!! Hoping you would notice me one day:) -Mursal H #biggestbiggestFan

Ellen is amazing!!!   (5/5)

Yessssss!!!! Thank you Ellen for blessing my life once again! Hoping you would notice me one day:) -Mursal H. #biggestbiggestFan

What’s wrong with wanting to be a nurse?   (1/5)

I turned off this podcast after I heard Ellen, after giving $50,000 to a nursing student, asked another audience member if she wanted to be a nurse too. The girl responded that she wanted to be a doctor, and the crowd went wild, justifiably so. I heard someone scream “Women!”, and then, worst of all, I heard Ellen apologize for assuming that she wanted to be a nurse as well (insert the implied “just” a nurse). This makes me really sad and disappointed. I have been a registered nurse for seven years, and will graduate with a master’s degree in May. I can attest to the fact that it is not easy to become a nurse or to BE a nurse. I can also attest to the fact that most nurses became nurses because they WANTED to be—not for the money. There are plenty of other bachelor’s degrees that are a lot easier to attain that will land you a job making 50-60k a year. I wish the first girl had been celebrated as much as the second; she is making a career choice that will impact many lives for the better as well. Though I hope and know Ellen will continue to do many wonderful things for many people, I don’t think I’ll be listening or watching the show again after this.

4 anyway. Lets GO 1, 1st , UNO!! ❤️   (5/5)

My 1st Podcast review

Thank you Dax Shepard!   (5/5)

Heard about this podcast from armchair expert and I was so excited to listen! The episode was an exciting and hilarious way to get the inside scoop into the Ellen show!

So funny!!   (5/5)

I am so excited there’s FINALLY an Ellen podcast! My favorite humanitarian. Great job, producers. I can’t wait for future episodes.

So funny   (5/5)

It’s so funny I love it Ellen is great and Andy is especially hilarious

Misspelled word in title .   (2/5)

Beautiful is spelled wrong in the title. Please fix it

Ellen   (5/5)

Seriously love Ellen. I wish we were friends. So kind and hilarious. We need more people like her! So excited for this podcast! 💜💜💜💜

Love your podcasts   (5/5)

Not a Nicki Minaj fan....but i love Ellen!!! From 3 pm to 4 pm everyday I am happy!! 💝💖💞❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️🧡🧡🧡💛💛💛💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💙💙💙💙💙💙💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜

Podcast is the future after YOUTUBE !   (4/5)

So so happy Ellen 😍 thank you فكرة رااااهيبة مبسووووط جدا !

Ellen   (5/5)

I adore you, that’s all. 🤗

😍   (5/5)

Yay!! Thanks Andy & Friends!

Pod dude   (1/5)


What a perfect way to start the week!   (5/5)

Ellen has a podcast?! This is freaking amazing! I thought the funko was the top of my day! But saw that she has a podcast now?! Totally made my day! What a perfect way to start my week! I can’t wait to hear em all!!! Ellen! Just when I thought things couldn’t get better... you surprise us! First a comedy tour in SD, then the funko, & now this?! Yippie yay! Love ya Ellen! ❤️ oh, and thank You! Thank you! Thank you!

Ed, Mary, Andy & Kevin   (5/5)

Love the behind the scenes perspective! So much fun! 💚☀️

I e   (5/5)

I am going

Julieellenfan11   (5/5)

Holla!!! This is the best thing EVER!!!! Not only so I get to listen to the most amazing comedian/human but also all the brilliant minds behind the scenes. All of you are my idols and I wanna grow up to be you guys !!! I can’t wait for the call in segments... hint hint

Makes me want to dance   (5/5)

So cool to get the behind the scenes on this show! Who doesn't love Ellen!


All I’ve listened to is the 1 minute introduction and I’m already so excited for new episodes. I don’t get to watch the show as much as I like. Now that I can listen every day...on my way to work, at work, on my way home...MY LIFE IS COMPLETE!!!

Woo Hoo   (5/5)

Glad Ellen has a podcast. love Ellen!!!

Must Listen!!!   (5/5)

Love Love Andy & Friends this first episode was GReEAT!!! Looking forward to many more! Thank you for adding laughter to my daily commute!

So excited!   (5/5)

Thank you for this! I can’t wait to listen along!

Bad   (1/5)