Aggregated reviews for EMCrit Podcast - Critical Care and Resuscitation

Online Medical Education on Emergency Department (ED) Critical Care, Trauma, and Resuscitation

IM resident fan (5/5)

IM resident, not in ED/CC, but still listen to this in my car to and from the hospital. Probably my favorite source of educational material, this guy is awesome. I dont even write reviews but came here to write this.

OMI lecture (5/5)

Opened my eyes and helped me help my patients-great lecture

Who rate this podcast as 4 star? What the hell (5/5)

My never met mentor.

Seek education! (5/5)

Ed nurse here, I love this podcast. I work in a rural hospital with a busy ED, this podcast gives supplemental and pertinent information that has both improved the care I provide and helped me grow as a nurse. Relatable to many levels of health care providers, in many different fields and departments. Have also seen much of this podcast implemented at work... even joking with my coworkers saying “Scott Winegart here” when suggesting something I learned on this podcast. Always gets a good laugh... because we ALL listen to this. 👍🏼 Thank you Scott! Keep it up, I love this stuff!

Love these!!!!!! (5/5)

This is my favorite podcast!!! Please do a follow up for the 246!!!

Love this (5/5)

Have been listening now for a couple years and I love this podcast! I learn something new every time I listen and it is apparent that Dr. Weingart has a real passion for both critical care and teaching. Keep up the good work.

Excellent (5/5)

Great podcast for anyone who deals with critical care. As an anesthesiologist I find the material extremely relevant.

Recommend (5/5)

Great podcast! Am an aspiring flight nurse and love to listen while I run. Highly recommend!

Excellent emergency medical podcast! (5/5)

Excellent, up-to-date, “cutting edge”, emergency medical information. One of my favorite emergency medical podcasts. Keep up the good work!!

Long Time Fan (5/5)

There's always something to listen to on a commute from EMCrit/PulmCrit. Very relevant to me as a Flight Nurse and Acute Care NP student. Keep up the great work and thanks for all you do Scott!

Great information (5/5)

Enjoy podcast

FNP (5/5)

I’ve been listening for about a year. Man, incredible info at the forefront of ever changing medicine with straight facts, honest opinions , witty humor, and mindful training- you can’t find better. Ive been listening to emrap, urgentcarerap, pedsrap, primarycarerap, curbsiders, uptodate etc for several years and by all means they are terrific, but somehow I always retain what Scott Weingart preaches. A wealth of knowledge for any provider acute or outpatient. I’m a firm believer in “you don’t know what you don’t know” so freakin’ learn it! You want regret your time with these podcasts...Ever

Best medical podcast ever (5/5)

Have been a listener for many many years. incredibly informative. I find myself listening to older episodes because they are so good and dense with material. Thanks for making me a stronger clinician!

No words. (5/5)

As a Paramedic you always strive to do better and most importantly improve your patient outcome. These podcast might seem above our scope but provide a better understanding of why we treat, help improve our initial care, and most of all help with assessments.

Fascinating! (5/5)

Love this podcast. Just love it.

Real Deal (5/5)

This is such a great podcast. Dr Weingart is very down to earth despite being very bright. Makes ER accessible and has real life application of the theory. He also introduces you to other great minds and resources in the biz. Worth every minute.

Former Physiology Professor 2 Thumbs Up (5/5)

As a former physiology teacher of medical students, who then decided to go back to medical school, I say without hesitation that this is the most helpful, engaging, and accurate (as least from a physiology perspective) podcast I have ever listened to. Simply a beautiful job.

Scott is my hero! (5/5)

Love love love this podcast. I'm a flight and ER Paramedic. Sometimes I know more about current treatments than some of the ER docs because of the information learned here. Thanks and keep it up!

Essential to stay up on clinical critical care (5/5)

Use info from this podcast in my day to day practice constantly.

Essential listening for critical care practitioners. (5/5)

Great podcast! I was fortunate to save a life because of what I learned from listening (emergency cric after listening and watching videos here, and after "the day I didn't use ultrasound" lecture). Thanks Scott!!

Best EM/critical care podcast out there (5/5)

If you are in the healthcare field at all there is something you can take away from this podcast. As a prehospital provider it definitely has had a positive impact on my education, decision making, and patient care.

Fantastic (5/5)

Change my career and allowed me to transition to EM full time w confidence!!

Highly recommend!! (5/5)

Amazing topics, very concise. Covers both cutting edge topics and the not so glamorous ones we all try to dodge that are integral to practice while keeping things interesting.

One of the best medical podcasts on the internet (5/5)

The way Dr. Weingart delivers complicated information in a concise and easy to understand manner on this podcast is nothing short of remarkable. He and his podcast and an excellent resource for many in medicine.

The best critical care podcast (5/5)

I've always been a huge fan of Dr. Weingart and his ability to explain advanced topics in a very straight forward way. The procedure videos on his website are also awesome, and are how I learned how to perform central lines independently. Highly recommend the podcast and to check out the website as well.

Excellent (5/5)

Excellent podcast for up to date EM and CC information

On target (5/5)

Cogent and thought provoking information on relevant topics

Outstanding Podcast (5/5)

Love the podcast!!! I am internal medicine resident and still listen to all the episodes in this podcast. I hope we can have more teachers like Dr. Weingart!!

FOAMED for all! (5/5)

I first stumbled across Dr. Weingart's work in paramedic school. My program utilized his DSI method for teaching pharmacological intubation. I found this jewel of a podcast that explains "tricks of the trade" in EM. I find it very entertaining and laid back like actually speaking with an ER doc. Anyone RN, Medic, MD in EM NEEDS to hear his work.

Amazing! (5/5)

Scott is truly amazing! I was just a prehospital provider trying to find out what happens to all my sick patients. And my goodness he has opened a whole new passion for me which is critical care medicine! I'm Addicted to his podcast! if you're a medical provider looking to learn more and help your patients in the long run this is the podcast for you! Keep up the great work Scott 👍🏻

Scott Rocks (5/5)

Have been listening to this podcast for years. Love it. Love it love it. This one podcast is responsible for more practice changing behaviors of mine than any other source of info. I listen religiously and I even have a notebook set up for rapid fire remembering in critical care scenarios so I don't have to go back and find an old podcast....i.e. How to mix vasopressin for push dose Pressors. Or vent settings etc. my one negative comment, don't listen while driving in your car when your kids are with you....the language has deteriorated over the years and it has turned somewhat from a scientific factual fun into a little more vulgarity ridden lingo that kids don't need to hear. Five stars for content, just use your earphones when surrounded by small children. Keep up the good work Scott - I'm not the potty mouth police so I'm not suggesting any changes to your program just a fair critique in my opinion....looking out for the wee ones. Keep doing what you do and count me a loyal listener.....

Could be better? (5/5)

Actually, I love this podcast. It's helped me progress taking care of the most ill and crashing patients. The archives are great too. I finally understand acid base. Thank you for the time, effort, tears, and sacrifice you've made. It's saved many more people than you can every really understand.

OMS III here, listen every day on my commute (5/5)

Hey all, third-soon-to-be-fourth year DO student here. This podcast is amazing. Dr. Weingart's personality and teaching style is perfect for those of you who need to visualize and want the reasons WHY something is done. This podcast got me off the fence and finally focused on an EM residency. Podcasts generally only run 20-ish minutes and he'll sometimes post lectures which are a bit longer. Perfect whether you're a student, resident, PA, nurse, what have you.

Best Resource for ED CritCare (5/5)

Amazing blog and podcast that is hosted by the world renowned Scott Weingart. This is my go to source for anything ED Critical Care. He continues to impress me with everything thought provoking and informative podcast.

Foam legend (5/5)

Emcrit got me introduced to the larger FOAMed world, excellent blog/podcasts...still comeback to Scott's podcasts as my favorite. The clinical, the Wees and MOTR and guests add a mix top quality info.

Excellent (5/5)

Listening for years. Podcast full of pearls and golden nuggets to fill your ED jewellery box. Thx for all the work in making an excellent podcast Scott!

It's ok (2/5)

While the message is quite good the messenger is not. His voice and choice of words grate the senses. Every time I hear him speak I keep waiting for him to try and sell me a timeshare, get me to be a distributor for a multi level marketing scheme or even ask me to join a cult he is starting.

Nothing Superfluous (5/5)

Weingart compiles essential Emergency Medicine and Critical Care Medicine in brief, accurate, and entertaining episodes. Weingart does a great job of sharing information which is meticulously vetted for context and accuracy, but I think I appreciate the opinions for which good data does not exist, and Weingart is clear regarding that being the case. I find that the hardest decisions to make are when there is insufficient evidence, conflicting evidence, or unclear evidence on the best practices, and hearing one clinician's opinions on best practices is appreciated.

Great podcast (5/5)

Great podcast

Excellent Podcast (5/5)

This podcast is amazing. It has helped me to take better care of my patients. Thank you.

Every icu nurse should listen to this podcast! (5/5)

As and RN in a medical ICU, this podcast has been instrumental in increasing my critical thinking skills. It also is very helpful in making suggestions to our sometimes very green MICU residents rotating through the unit. Thanks for all of your hard work on the podcast, it is a true gem!

A must listen for anyone in emergency medicine! (5/5)

Very informative and interesting! If you're an emergency/critical care physician or nurse of any capacity, this is essential to your practice! Even as a paramedic, I've learned so much and changed the way I practice medicine as well!

THANK YOU! (5/5)

All I can say is thank you for making this amazing podcast, I'm an IM resident going into PCCM and this has been incredibly helpful in so many ways. Thanks again!

Always amazing (5/5)

Thank you some much for making an amazing podcast that I can honestly say has helped me give better care to my patients

Invaluable (5/5)

This is one of the best sources of information about the care of critically ill patients in the ED and ICU setting. I started listening to this podcast when I started my ED residency. Since then I have listened to all the episodes posted. I will be a lifelong listener. There are several patients who are alive today in no small part due to methods I learned here. Keep up the great work!

Best emergency podcast of all time (5/5)

Certainly one of the best podcasts in medicine, of all time.I love the combination of emergency topics critical care topics and procedural topics

amazing (5/5)

this is a wonderful podcast that is up to date, solid information, Scott does a great job at explaining a variety of topics. LOVE listening to this podcast!

Fantastic Pod with Real Clinical Application (5/5)

I flat out love this podcast. I’m an internal medicine resident who aspires to go into critical care. This resource is perfect during a workout as it’s engaging, driven by evidence, and all episodes are around 20-30 minutes, so it’s an easy to digest academic bolus. Really enjoy the format. Would love to see more video episodes. Cheers Dr Weingart.

Worthy of 5 Stars (5/5)

Great learning for critical care management.

Great, accessible information, dynamic presentation (5/5)

Show notes are very very good and have links to articles referenced, and even (in at least one case) pdfs of books that cover the topic - for FREE. Very dynamic presenter, and guests that he has on the show are usually very good and provide a lot of evidence based approaches to management of a lot of conditions that make newer providers (like myself) a bit nervous. Admittedly this is more of a physician level podcast, and I am a paramedic, but the information is applicable to any level provider as a good way to know what is out there in the way of emergency medicine and critical care.

CordeliaX (5/5)

So informative, fun to listen to and very applicable to my practice. I recommend this to all my medical/pharmacy students for real life scenarios and up to date answers.

Worth the time (5/5)

Entertaining informative concise and thoughtful

Wonderful Podcast! (5/5)

Dr. Weingart delivers a host of information from credible sources, as well as from his own bank of empirical knowledge that informs listeners in an easy to listen to manner—almost as if I’m standing there having a casual conversation with him. Though much of the subject matter is well outside of my scope of practice or required breadth of knowledge as an EMS provider, some of it is directly applicable to my practice as a paramedic, and if nothing more, interesting to know for personal information, especially with regard to my patient’s future care.

Fantastic EM and Critical Care podcast (5/5)

I’ve been a fan of this podcast for a long time. The content is always well thought out and delivered. As a critical care pharmacist, Scott gives me ideas not just on how to bring upstairs care downstairs - but on how to improve care upstairs as well! Thanks for your efforts!

Great Podcast! (5/5)

I enjoy the podcast while commuting to Janus General...

The Best. (5/5)

Learned so much from this man of the years. Entertaining and informative. Couldn't recomend more.

Great Podcast (5/5)

Well thought out. Concise. Love it.

The original and best (5/5)

150 episodes later, he's still finding great new material and having great guests.

excellent podcast (5/5)

it is the best up to date trauma podcast out there. easy to listen to speaker. keep it coming please!!

Relevent topics (5/5)

I usually listen to several episodes on the way to work (24 hr shifts). The topics are quite relevent and stimulate conversations among my flight professional teammates. Thanks, Scott, you podcast is much appreciated.

EMCRIT (5/5)

Outstanding and informative!!! Has made me look at the way I practice and has made me a better clinician/ ACNP.

Emcrit (5/5)

Have listened to nearly every episode. Best podcast hands down. Dr Weingart is brillant! Informational, interesting, and cutting edge. Keep up the great work!

Fantastic Resource (5/5)

These are great resources for anyone in the EM field. I like the single topic, which makes these easy to get through and follow.

Awesome (5/5)

One of the best things to listen to on my drive to work. And that recent video was awesome (don't worry, I didn't watch it while I was driving.)

EMCrit is amazing (5/5)

Absolutely love everything this podcast stands for!!!

The best Podcast for ED and Critical Care (5/5)

This podcast is perfect for anyone wishing to improve their knowledge base in ED and Critical care. It is perfect for not only physicians, but for nurses who are wishing to have a further understanding of physician mindset and thoughts behind actions. Dr. Weingart, we can't thank you enough for your work on this podcast and the blog.

good stuff (5/5)

another great podcast. I wait for it every week

From an anesthesiologist (5/5)

Discovered EMCRIT about two months ago. Love it. Nothing around more clinically relevant. Scott's enthusiasm for his field makes him a pleasure to listen to. Not only are his airway topics superb, but the ER/CRIT cross training has been fantastic for me as an anesthesia doc. One great example was his recent two part EKG podcast - I deal with things like chest pain in the recovery room all the time! I am a volunteer physician for Las Vegas SWAT and so I also get a lot from his pre-hospital topics he's covered in the past. I'll be going to SMACC in Chicago in June. Hopefully I can me Scott while I'm there.

Phenomenal (5/5)

Excellent addition to my education, I would pay this man a lot of money for what he has provided. Scott - you’re a celebrity to me! - Jesse

Cutting edge (5/5)

Thank you for the excellent podcast. I learned so much from Scott. His podcast brings freshness into the mundane ER shift.

Value added! Listening is truly rewarded. (5/5)

Great educaton for me as a hospitalist. Topics are relevant. Cutting edge. Usable information. Fantastic balance between conceptual understanding and what to actually do. As good as it gets for entertaining and educational content.

Best Podcast Out There (5/5)

This is, by far, the best critical care podcast out there. I am an RN in an ICU and this podcast has increased my knowledge base in critical care ten times over. Highly recommend all episodes, especially the acid-base series. Dr. Weingart's podcasts have just the right amount of humor and real-world stories to keep them interesting and easily digestible. Some of the other podcasts out there have great information (ICU Rounds) but are a bit like sitting in a lecture. EMCrit podcasts get you the same information but they are plain fun to listen to. Keep it up Scott and thanks!!!

Awesome! (5/5)

I love your podcasts! They really get me thinking. Your airway topics are on point and really hope to get to try them in my setting as a new paramedic

Thanks for all your great podcasts! (5/5)

Hi Dr. Weingart, I’m a new ED intern, and I love listening to your podcasts and trying them out in the ED. I especially enjoy your physiology talks, as I feel like anyone can follow guidelines, but as providers we need to know why we do what we do. I would love to hear your thoughts or a possible podcast on RSI med dosing in different patient populations and how this affects hemodynamics. Keep up the great work!

ED RN in Jackson, MS (5/5)

I love these podcasts. I have worked in ICUs and EDs during my 38 years in nursing. I have certainly improved my practice based on the lessons provided by EMCRIT. Keep up the good work.

Amazing! (5/5)

I heard about these podcasts through my attending who was actually a guest speaker on the show and I am hooked! I listen to one on the train every morning. He has a great way of explaining complex information clearly and in a way you will remember! I would highly recommend emcrit!

EMS Clinical Coord/Educator (5/5)

Excellent resource! Coalescing critical care and EM has allowed paramedics to think more 'out of the box' and still stay within scope! Emcrit has also allowed me to educate my providers with very appreciable clin concepts with endless resources! Thank you everyone at, especially Dr. Weingart!

Excellent EM source (5/5)

This is an extremely approachable, and extremely helpful learning tool for students and practitioners. Thanks so much, Scott!

Always worth the time (5/5)

A great podcast - always worth the time to listen to. Practical information that I can integrate into my practice fairly readily. I don’t always 100% agree with what he says but if I did why bother listening? Thanks for your hard work to make this such a great resource.

Informative, concise (5/5)

Dr W does a great job of presenting challenging and relevant material at a level that medical professionals at any level of training can benefit from a couple listens through the archives.

Career changing (5/5)

Listening to this podcast has changed the quality of the care I provide almost overnight. Thank you.

Ultimate critical care podcast (5/5)

This podcast is absolutely amazing, and it's not just for critical care doctors. I am a critical care flight paramedic and I have found it has enhanced my critical thinking and patient care immensely. I love the fact that Doc uses evidence based medicine and I find myself doing my own research to solidify my learning. I have a 4 hour round trip to work and, for me, these podcasts allow me to learn and nourish my training instead of listening to the same old music or radio personalities everyday! I absolutely love this podcast series and recommend it to anyone who realizes that education is the key to success.

Will improve your bedside skills (5/5)

LOVE these podcasts--relevant topics, excellent case scenarios, always interesting, right to the point of what you need to know, and often cutting edge. I highly recommend!

Nothing short of brilliant (5/5)

These podcasts offer enough info to be clinically useful without being dry and cumbersome. They keep you questioning your own ideas and assumptions. Plus Scott's drink recs are spot on. Thanks for all the time and work!

ED MD (5/5)

Weingart is sometimes controversial, but always edutaining. The episode on mastery is a must hear.

RN Clinical Educator (5/5)

Wonderful. I have been sharing the site with all the nurses I work with. My commute is now fun and educational. Thanks Scott!

Med Student (5/5)

As a medical student interested in a career in EM, this has been an exceptional resource. It's interesting, engaging, and though-provoking. It's been great for getting to see direct application of everything I'm learning. Keep up the good work!

This podcast rocks! (5/5)

I really don’t mind my long commutes anymore since I started listening to the EMCRIT podcast. I listen to many of them more than once and I have learned so much. I work as an emergency and critical care doc in veterinary medicine and my patients are doing better than ever thanks to Scott.

fantastic podcast (5/5)

I'm a new ED nurse and have learned so much from this great podcast. Thanks for everything and keep it up!

sshawnthesquare (5/5)

Thank you so much for creating and continuing this podcast. It is educational and entertaining and always ignites my passion for continued scholarship. I find this invaluable in my ICU nursing education, as much of it wasn't taught to me in school. Thanks again and keep up the good work!

The Best (5/5)

Simply the best emergency medicine podcast available. Anyone not listening is doing a disservice to their patients.

Emcrit (5/5)

Scott, Thank you for this generous service you are providing the medical community. Your podcast are exceptional. Please keep up the great work.

MD (5/5)

Extremely helpful. I found myself going back and listening to the podcasts again and again and learn something new every time. Not bogged down with references but available in show notes if you need them. Very very well done!

Great job (5/5)


the BEST emergency medicine podcast (5/5)

I have learned so many practice pearls from this podcast …things they never taught us in residency. Scott addresses many of the concerns that come up frequently on my shifts and the answers are often unclear, Scott discusses these matters head on and differentiates when possible between opinion and evidence based practices. I enjoy listening to his lectures, however, unlike other EM podcasts, I often have to stop and write things down because there is so much useful data and he gets very specific. I highly recommend this podcast!

Truely inspirational (5/5)

Scott has a rare skill of taking complex ideas and making them easily understandable.. He makes listening to podcasts and doing medicine exciting again. He does all the hard works to inspire his audiences to be the best. Just hope that he has his own motivation to keep it going.

The Best! (5/5)

This is the best medical podcast! I have learned so much for pre hospital care.

Appreciation from med student (5/5)

This podcast has made many a car rides enjoyable and educational. I hope to continue to be an emcriter as a resident and attending.

EM res (5/5)

Solid gold source of essential EM info

Great app (5/5)

This is a great app, comprehensive, and perfect. Keep up the good work.

Good for all who treat critically ill patients (5/5)

Scott produces well-edited episodes, many of which are interviews with experts (often authors of key articles) with a focus on real world practice. I'm an anesthesiologist but still find sufficient overlap to justify the time investment. Listen to episode #82 to get a feel for whether or not this series matches your approach to medicine, The episode interweaves the dual commitments to doing your best for your patient, while striving to do better for the next one.

Flight Paramedic (5/5)


EMCrit Rocks! (5/5)

Greatest EM podcast imaginable! I love all the topics and the rubber meets the road details and descriptions of difficult EM topics!

Practice changing (5/5)

This podcast is what I've been waiting for since finishing residency and choosing a research fellowship over a critical care fellowship. Thank you Dr. Weingart!!

Thorough and Practical (5/5)

I'm a paramedic and pre-med student and I listen to this podcast several times a week. It covers great topics and must-know info in a practical manner. Highly recommended. The acid/base lectures are particularly useful.

Med Student (5/5)

Scott -- whoa, just discovered the podcast, blown away by the content -- basically, I can't believe this is free! M3 interested in EM/IM, gonna start some endocrine emergencies research here at UIC, super psyched. Again, I can't believe it's free -- you provide snapshots of clinical cases, bring in pathophys when appropriate, drop literature citations to substantiate all important points and all the while keep it fresh. And familiarity with studies goes a long way with attendings, especially in the academic environment. Thank you for taking the time to work on this podcast, all the M3s at UIC appreciate! Last thing is I'm starting my trauma month at Adocate Christ hospital in 5 weeks and was hoping maybe you'd consider covering the neurological exam in nonresponsive patients (withdrawal to pain, posturing, grimacing, and what all that means in terms of the intactness of the neuro status). Peace Scott!

Very clear and very up-to-date practice (5/5)

This is a must-listen for Respiratory Therapists who are regularly responsible for total airway management and even moreso for those who rarely are. The tips here are explained very well and are easy to immediately apply for improved practice. 5 stars.

MD (5/5)

If I was not so attracted to Amal Mattu as the world's best EM educator, I would choose Scott Weingart as the next EM messiah. Thank you.

No Regrets! (5/5)

You will never regret the time spent listening to the EMCrit Podcast. It is the best Podcast of its type. The guest speakers do an excellent job covering the subject matter and there are links to additional educational sources. The show is always interesting and highly informative. Excellent use of humor! Topics are current and well stated.

thanks (5/5)

Thanks Scott. Great stuff.

Resuscitating Medical Education (5/5)

Weingart is a master clinician but he also keeps it real. Funny, straightforward, brilliant. Look forward to more.

If you work in the ED or any type of Critical Care, you HAVE to listen to this!!! (5/5)

I have worked as a Critical Care Nurse in many areas including Cardiovascular, ED, and Flight Medicine. I have the opportunity to see anything, at anytime. I listen to the show frequently in the car or working out. Scott has incredibly relevant and hot topics whereby not only does he give you what the latest EBM is and guidelines are, but he presents scenarios either with himself or with another one of his peers that he holds in the highest regard. He presents what HE does and how he manages many, many different types of situations, especially difficult airways. In my current job, my partner and I are responsible for airway management. I can tell you that in my line of work, listening to this podcast is invaluable!! Keep up the great work!

This is a great podcast (5/5)

I just found out about this podcast. It is filled with really useful and helpful information. Scott really explains difficult situations well. I learn lots of helpful tips on every podcast.

Weingart for president (5/5)

This dude is sharp and an excellent teacher.... Where is the 6th star when I need one?!

MD (5/5)

I wish I'd been your resident!

I just found this and can't stop listening. (5/5)

Amazing podcast loaded with info pertinent to all aspects of emergency medicine. Keep up the great work Scott!

Worthwhile. (5/5)

Keep up the good work, Scott!

Excellent information (5/5)

Scott does an awesome job of providing useful educational information and interesting updates on medical topics across the spectrum of emergency and critical care.

Love it! (5/5)

I am a 4th year med student applying for EM residencies and this podcast is helping me learn a ton! And what's even better is it's helping me shine on my audition rotations! I would recommend this podcast to anyone who is in, or wants to be in the field of EM.

Awesome material for all critical care roles (5/5)

These podcasts are an amazing resource! Thanks Scott!

Great teaching pearls for EM (5/5)

These podcasts are great tools for new and review information. Can I request less airway and more critical care nuances?

Rx for road rage (5/5)

Great way to stay up to date with the latest in EM.... And greater way to stay calm when driving around in ny traffic :)

Paramedics (5/5)

Educational and entertaining. Keep them coming.

MD (5/5)

Excellent source to keep learning interesting and up to date. Consistently great!

Nurses (5/5)

Great for nurses to listen to as well a providers!!!

Awesome (5/5)


Really superb (5/5)

Worth it for the H.I.N.T.S podcast alone

Always excellent!!! (5/5)

This is must listening for any emergency physician Wanting to stay up to date.

Critical for EM! (5/5)

As an EM Physician in the community, I'm continually looking for ways to keep up on the academics and cutting edge for EM. I consume a great deal of online learning, and love the podcasts. Weingart has provided an outstanding podcast, pushing the envelope on EM/Critical Care, and I look forward to every episode.

ED Madness (5/5)

Great stuff, entertaining, educational and practical. You have made a huge difference in my practice. Keep em coming!

Priceless free lectures!!! (5/5)

Unbelievable. He should be charging hundreds of dollars for this. Its all free!

Gifted Educator (5/5)

Best teacher I've ever had in my medical career. Podcasts should be part of all EM and Critical Care curriculums.

SUPERB in ALL Ways !!! (5/5)

As one who has only recently discovered this gem - I have been tremendously impressed by the superb efforts of Dr. Scott Weingart. Scott gets the BEST to join him as his guests - he moderates skillfully drawing out key points - he summarizes the info - and does this all in true time-efficient fashion. Truly a source of info not available elsewhere. Please KEEP UP the FANTASTIC work Scott! - Ken Grauer, MD

Simply Outstanding (5/5)

I'm an ER resident finishing up my residency, and I only recently found this blog. But as I've made my way through the archives, it makes me think "Why couldn't I have found this resource on day one of my training?!" It's clear, concise, and takes the mystery and stress out of caring for the absolute sickest patients who come through the ER. This should be a must-listen for anyone caring for critically ill patients.

MD (5/5)

Great stuff. Excellent combination of basic science and practical advice.

Five Stars (5/5)

Great entertaining podcasts on highly relevant topics that are helpful to those of us upstairs as well as those in the ED.

Amazing it's free (5/5)

This is so informative, so well presented, and so well researched its amazing it's free!

Excellent Podcast (5/5)

Informative. Excellent.

Powerful Boluses of Information and lots of them! (5/5)

This podcast has changed the way I practice and it has been for the better. Not just the intricacies of processes and procedures, but the very human element of lowering the stress levels of patients and their families. The episodes dealing with end of life and palliative care in the ED and sedation packages for patients waiting for follow-on treatment upstairs introduced practical methods of applying the mental and social theory that we were told about but was never really explained to us in school. This is the best emergency med podcast I have come across for not just the “how to” but the “why for” and “here’s what’s coming” as well.

Master Educator (5/5)

Weingart has the best Critical Care and Emergency Medicine content on the web. Concise, cutting edge and zero fluff.

Great podcast!!! (5/5)

Relevant and time efficient. An excellent resource for emergency care providers ranging from pre-hospital medics to ER physicians. A must subscribe for those wishing to optimize their quality of care and stay updated on research trends.

Surgery resident (5/5)

Fantastic podcast even for those non eR docs like me! Resuscitation, sepsis, hemodynamics.... It's all great! Best podcast I've ever used

emcrit (5/5)

The gold standard of the new model of medical education!

EMT/ Paramedic (5/5)

I am one test away from becoming a Paramedic and am also completing Pre-Reqs for Medical School. I love your topics and thoughts. Everything is very relevant to current issues and is at a level where anyone from Paramedic to Attending ED Docs can gain from. Keep going-- as long as you do, you will have a massive following! Mike am.

Phenomenal (5/5)

Clear, riveting discussion of cutting edge topics in emergency medicine and critical care. If you are involved with these fields, or EMS, there is no better use for your 20 minutes than listening to this podcast.

Excellent! Keep them coming! (5/5)

I cannot begin to tell you how much I have learned. As a first year resident I barely have time to breathe--much less read all the time. I listen when I'm in the car or waiting for rounds, etc. good stuff!

Practical and Useful (5/5)

Straight up some of the best podcasts out there. I'm an intern in anesthesia but not matter if you are EM, IM, or anesthesia etc, the info is practical, useful, and presented in a quick concise manner that you can actually remember. Best part is they aren't necessarily lectures but discussions on how to really manage pts, which no one else seems to actually do. Keep up the good work, I appreciate it.

Excellent! (5/5)

Please keep up the great podcasts!!

Excellent! (5/5)

I've learned so much from this! As an EMT I often get frustrated that my coworkers are not required to listen to these.

Top Notch (5/5)

As nurses we hunt for the opportunity to listen to you guys elaborate, on the clock that gets real tough. This is perfect I could listen to you all for hours.

Must listen. (5/5)

My "go to" source for cutting edge critical care topics. Dr Weingart's podcast is perfect for any prehospital critical care transport professional looking for more.

The pinnacle of ER medicine podcasts (5/5)

Love the podcast and appreciate all the effort of Scott et. al that put together such a strong resource. Keep up the good work!

Just what I was looking for (5/5)

I've listened to several of the podcast and ItunesU emergency medicine shows, and I'm glad I finally found this one. Here are a few reasons I think this is the best out there... 1) All the material is relevant and high yield. Many of the podcasts are reviews of the basics, and those that discuss recent research are all relevant to clinical practice. 2) He communicates just the right amount of information for the slotted time, I never feel like my time is wasted or that I'm confused when the show is over. 3) He clearly gives a lot of thought before each podcast about how best to convey the information to listeners, is is always well organized and coherent. 4) The sound quality is excellent. This sounds stupid, but many of these podcasts don't play loudly enough to hear on an ipod outside, or there is too much background noise, etc.

Phenomenal Med Ed (5/5)

Excellent material

Amazing! (5/5)

Love this podcast!!

EXCELLENT podcast (5/5)

I have learned so much from this podcast. This is one of the very best!

The emergency critical care podcast...period (5/5)

Dr. Weingart has cornered the market on emergency medicine critical care. Each episode is to the point, well thought out, and authoratative on how to improve your practice of emergency critical care.

Excellent education on the go! (5/5)

Absolutely fantastic! As a Critical Care Paramedic I find these productions very informative and educational. I have a particular fondness of the airway information! Loved the laryngoscope as an instrument of death and multiple NPAs n OPAs podcast, I've been teaching that for some time. Keep up the amazing work!

Medicine from death's door... (5/5)

I feel smarter every time I listen. Fantastic, quick, inspiring.

Great Podcast (5/5)

As a 4th year medical student going into emergency medicine, I find the podcasts very entertaining and informative. It is a great way to learn some approaches to critical care before I start residency. Also, Weingart is very entertaining and I enjoy listening to what he has to say.

Thank you. (5/5)

I see you have so much information on respiratory intervention. Im a respiratory grad and appreciate all the knowledge you share with us. Excellent work. Look forward to meeting you some day at a conference.

Pure GOLD (5/5)

This podcast is pure GOLD for the practicing EM doc and resident. The information translates to everyday use and can be used on your next shift!

Presents all sides of the arguments (5/5)

Scott's podcasts are informative and refreshing. I listen to them as I come and go to work and they have made me a better provider and thinker. Scott and his presenters cover the latest research and controversies, presenting both sides of the argument. I am hooked and look forward to each new podcast.

Finally critical care and emergency medicine conjoined. (5/5)

I am a critical care paramedic and I wanted to thank you for integrating critical care and emergency medicine into field. My world in medicine is the crossroad where cc and ed meet. I have looked for any educational writings that merge these two fields and have come up short. Well I came up short till now. Your podcast and notes have opened the doors to many other educational blogs. I ave since passed on your podcast to many others like me. Thanks for the hard work and I hope SOPA gets shut down so we can look forward to many more podcasts. Sam Tinelli Mobile intensive care paramedic

I'm loving it (5/5)

This podcast is great I love the format I love the length. it's very evidence based but yet he doesn't go to the individual articles during the podcast itself but leaves the links to those in the show notes great to listen to on the way to a shift

Great for EM residents (5/5)

Awesome educational resource

This is great!! (5/5)

This podcast is amazingly helpful! Highly recommended.

LPN (5/5)

I would love it if you would put the title of the podcast before the would make it much easier for iPhone users to find the various topics...otherwise, I absolutely love your podcasts.

Fantastic Podcast - I use this information daily! (5/5)

Scott does a fantastic job of bringing real, hands-on, cutting edge techniques to the frontlines of EM care. I often use many of his recommendations daily as they serve as both an affirmation in how I want to practice medicine and give my patients the best chance at good outcomes. This has been particularly helpful as I am a PA who staffs a critical access ER in a remote area and never had the benefit of an academic residency. It is great to hear that these are some of the things he is teaching his residents as this is some of the current thinking in the field of academic EM. Not all EM is done by Docs... and anyone who does it can benefit immensely from these podcast series. Keep it up, Scott. Your work is greatly appreciated. G

Unmatched in quality! (5/5)

EMCrit is your "go-to" podcast for anything EM or critical care related. Scott has a way of explaining things that could teach a 5th-grader medicine!! If you're not listening to EMCrit, you're falling behind!

Unparalleled (5/5)

Dr. Weingart has taught me so much about practical strategies to take care of the very sickest patients, and tips and tricks that literally cannot be found anywhere else without doing a firsthand scouring of the EM and critical care literature. Highly recommended.

great podcast (5/5)

great podcast for everyone involved in care of critically ill patients in the ED, not just physicians! very educational and a wide variety of topics!

Great (5/5)


EM resident (5/5)

Awesome resource! I love having this kind of educational material on the go! Keep it up.

Great podcast!! (5/5)

I'm a flight nurse and find it difficult to find good medical materials that are applicable to transport and at the right level ( most nursing stuff is pretty worthless and most physician stuff is heavier on the research numbers and/or deep science than I'm interested in). Emcrit is perfect on both fronts... Thanks.

Ground breaking (5/5)

Unparalleled teaching review about some of the hottest topics in EM relevant Critical Care !

great (5/5)

high yield EM in short lectures. i love it.

Inspiring the Next Generation of Emergency Medicine Physicians (5/5)

Dr. Weingart's podcasts are an amazing resource for resident education. Not only does he present the information in an easy, "these are the main concepts and this is what you need to know format", but he reaches out to other experts in the realm of Emergency Medicine Critical Care, and seeks out their insights so that we may all benefit from the wealth of information that is available to attendings and residents. His podcasts have helped me greatly during the course of my resident education and have actually helped me realize my own interests within Emergency Medicine. Dr. Weingart, thank you for your work, please continue as we await future videos and podcast episodes! - Vroddy

MD (5/5)

Thanks for a fantastic blog. You have improved my practice - I am grateful!

Thank you! (5/5)

Your podcasts have really helped me in residency and made me feel more knowledgeable in the dept. Thank you for doing this podcast!

EmCrit value (5/5)

In resource-deplete settings like the Bahamas and South Africa, high quality education and up-to-date EM and CC inside track is priceless. Thanks for all your efforts

Its like a one man radiolab...but peer reviewed (5/5)

Dr Weingart connects the best evidence with a casual, informative, enthusiastic style that reminds me of those guys over at Radiolab. The variety of topics and colleagues that are interviewed cover the whole spectrum. I love that for the 20 minutes i've got to make dinner i can keep up with a great synthesis of journal articles that I've yet to carve out time for. The hyponatremia post is hysterical, and the difficult airway post is a must for any ED/ICU service. Spread the word and take a listen if you haven't already

sai aleti md fellow in critical care (5/5)

Great podcosts from Scott Weingart. i thoughly enjoy them and keep looking for the updates. They are uptodate, practical and to the point. He covers both the ED part and the ICU part of management very well!

best up to date educational resource available (5/5)

This is a great resource for nurses, docotors, and pre-hospital providers. Thanks Scott

Apotter821 (5/5)


Fantastic podcast (5/5)

Thank you Scott for this incredible resource. I am a 4th year medical student rotating in the ED in NYC and listen to the podcast during my subway rides. What's more, you have peaked my interest in the idea of ED intensivist.

Mr (5/5)

Very very helpful, thanks!

MS (5/5)

Practically Awesome!

Review 8-12-11 (5/5)

Outstanding podcast. Great info presented in an easy to follow format. Perfect way to get my gears turning on the drive into work. Thanks.

Incredible Resource (5/5)

This is a great resource for any Emergency Medicine Provider!! Dr. Weingart is providing an important Community Service to those of us that practice outside the Halls of Academia! The quality and relevance of these podcasts is as good as, and often better than the very expensive monthly subscriptions services that are out there.

Great reasource (5/5)

This is a great podcast. It has stuff you can watch and take to the er and use that very day. He does an amazing job of making complex topics digestable.

Amazing (5/5)

I'm a second year attending dual boarded in Emergency Medicine and pediatrics. Just discovered this podcast and I'm hooked! Listening to 1or 2 a day on my way to work and loving it. Only wish I could find a pediatric EM or pediatric critical care podcast close to as educational.

EMCrit Rules (5/5)

Q 1 week q 1 week!! PLEASE! Level II ICU RN, EMT-I85

Absolutely awesome!!! (5/5)

Highly recommended for the ED provider

Brilliant (5/5)

Scott Weingart has an incredible fund of medical knowledge as well as a knack for delivering complexities in succinct bite sized packages. Recommend this to anyone in the medical field.

Paramedic (5/5)

Dazzling, entertaining, educational. Emcrit has changed my paradigm on medicine. It's fun again!!

The absolute best (5/5)

After listening to dozens of different podcasts over the past few years, I can say without a doubt that EMCrit is the absolute best emergency medicine/critical care podcast available. Dr. Weingart is a fantastic teacher and I've yet to find a lecture or podcast from him failed to keep me engaged for its duration. Because the podcast format allows him to focus on sharing his clinical practice, he doesn't drown you in trivial details and data, allowing you to focus on the actual take home points (I believe he uses the phrase, "nuts and bolts emergency medicine"). Of course, he always provides references and useful show notes if you'd like to see the evidence for yourself and do further reading. Dr. Weingart, thank you for all of the hard work you put into these podcasts and your websites!

Superb! (5/5)

Relevant, focused, important.

Keep em coming! (5/5)

I've been searching the Internet for reliable, educational and entertaining podcasts and this is exactly what I was looking for. Thanks for hitting on so many interesting topics. It's great to hear experts talking about the cutting edge of ER medicine so all can benefit. Dr. Weingart does an awesome job of moderating this podcast. Looking forward to more.

Awesomeness! (5/5)

Dr. Weingart does an amazing job. He explains things thoroughly and discusses how to take care of the sickest patients in the ED. Amazing podcast, a must for any EM resident.

Best EM podcast (5/5)

Great evidence based medicine. Up to date. Great format. Quick concise relevant with excellent supplementation. Makes me consider doing an Critical Care fellowship. Keep up the good work and we'll keep tuning in.

Emergency physician (5/5)

Great, informative, concise, cutting edge critical care emergency medicine! Thanks Scott!

Great information in a concise package (5/5)

I am a flight nurse and theses podcast continue to impact my practice. The short concise format of each topic is great to listen to while driving to work. Thanks Scott for giving me something to think about for my practice and a heads up on what to expect in this rapidly changing world of medicine.

Thanks, Dr. Weingart. (5/5)

As a former ED tech and current Physician Assistant student, I can't get enough of these. Naturally, we don't delve too deeply into crit care topics but since I will be using them in the ICU and potentially in the ED, this is a fantastic source of introductory crit care info so that I can read my ICU Book and Tintinalli's with some background/base knowledge. This makes the research more enjoyable once the groundwork is laid. Once I have a paycheck again I will happily donate to your cause, Dr. W.

Excellent (5/5)

Thank you Dr. Weingart for this superb resource. EVERYONE (3rd & 4th year med students, interns, residents and docs) can benefit from this incredible FREE resource. Whether you're interested in ER, medicine or surgery; if you see patients in the hospital this podcast is a must. Help spread the word to everyone you know. David May, MSIV

Emcrit Rocks (5/5)

I'm an ED nurse and was introduced to Emcrit through Rob Orman in PDX shortly before moving to the Northern Territory of Australia. This podcast has not only kept me sane but helped me stay up to date and current with the latest in ED care while living in a small remote community. Such a valuable resource. It has been great to share the information with colleagues and get their take on what we are doing in the US as well. Thanks Scott keep it up!

Appreciaion (5/5)

I appreciate your great knowledge, speaking voice, and humility. I intend to listen to every podcast you make. Thank you for the gift of your podcast, it makes me more excited about my work.

An RN perspective (5/5)

Scott, these podcasts are the BOMB!! I've been a floor nurse, ER nurse, and dialysis nurse, and these podcasts do nothing but make me better at what I do by increasing my knowledge base. I don't know how many times I've been discussing a patient's status with another nurse and they would say, "Where in the world did you learn that!?" And then I would tell them about You have a superb way of "dumbing" things down to where I can understand them. I've learned soooo much from you and always eagerly await new podcasts. I hope you keep this up for a very, very long time! The information is a gold mine to me! Thank you sooo very much!

Kudos (5/5)

Keep up the great podcasts and thanks again from myself and all the others that listen. Look forward to the 2011 audio series and hopefully some more videos as well.

Most helpful podcast out there... (5/5)

While I find myself at times over my head, just being a "lowly paramedic," I love Dr. Wiengart's podcasts. I have been listening to them almost since the inception of EmCrit. I have incorporated MANY of his lessons into my own teaching of paramedic students. In fact, I am known as a super geeky student of EMS, and find my students tend to rise way past the levels of their peers at graduation time. This is in large part due not to my knowledge, but my ability to plug them into something like the lecture on ETCO2 or airway management of an acute GI bleeder. They are managing patients or helping direct care on arrival at hospital like professionals that are competent at any level, even as a paramedic. I owe Dr. Wiengart much of their success and my own personal clinical skill and knowledge. I recommend this to ANY provider of emergency medicine, especially those pre-hospital colleagues of mine who want to shed the unfortunately well-earned stereotype of being an "ambulance driver" and raise the levels of respect earned by them by becoming more than they thought they could be, and truly furthering Dr. Wiengart's idea of "upstairs care downstairs" and taking that same "upstairs care" out on to the street. Thank you, Dr. Wiengart! Tim

ED Nurse manager, educator, and mentor (5/5)

As a ED nurse manager I am always looking for ways to be creative in teaching my staff the latest in ED medicine. EMCrit is just the ticket. Almost everyone has a Ipod or Iphone and I point to EMCrit, and suggest listening to Dr. Weingart during their commute. We are working on getting a hypothermia program started, I point the intensivists, ICU manager, and nurse educators to EMCrit. I have nursing students and new graduates RN eager to learn, I point them to EMCrit. Dr. Weingart's passion for teaching is evident in this podcast, and you can't help but learn, and you find yourself going to the show notes for the references too. If you want to be a better ED nurse, medical resident, medical student, or nursing student then listen to Dr. Weingart on EMCrit, and suggest it to your friends. EMCrit is best when it is shared. D.Kyle, RN Nurse Manager-Emergency Services

The best (5/5)

Best ED podcast period!

great podcast (5/5)

I will be starting an EM residency in July and have been systematically going through Dr. Weingart's podcasts to help me prepare. They are an invaluable resource.

Critical Care/Emergency Nurse (5/5)

Great information, always find myself learning something new.

the best, and funny, and useful at work for real, not just in theory (5/5)

Emcrit is my education dopamine --this Podcast rocks - Scott clearly does a ton of work and research for each podcast, and manages to come across like a real guy, who just happens to be a hard working genius. I am an acute care NP working in an ER and listening to Scott is like learning from one of those attending you love at work. Some of the poscasts apply to patients I manage, and some are about things I will never do as an NP, but all of them increase my understanding of how to provide great care in the ER. Everybody working in crit care should listen. Thank you Dr. Weingart.

The Best ED Podcast (5/5)

This is a great podcast for the practicing ED physician. practical, well-spoken, and stuffed with great information.

Solid! (5/5)

Talk about presenting complex topics in an easy to understand and more important easy to apply. Scott has done a great job in addressing many of the most difficult situations an ED doc will face. He has significantly impacted my practice and I have recommended his podcast to all my peers and residents. Thanks for the hard work. It's making a difference in my community.

Wonderful, cutting edge medicine (5/5)

Even as a second year medical student, this podcast has built my understanding of medicine beyond basic physiology. It's great to get regular updates on best clinical practices that are concise, entertaining, and easy to understand!!

Excellent! (5/5)

Best Emergency Medicine Podcast on Itunes. Hands down!! Strongly recommend.

FlaGatorDoc (5/5)

Just an outstanding Podcast! It's an almost daily routine for me now. Thank you Dr. Weingart for such a useful source of knowledge that blends Critical Care and Emergency Medicine so seamlessly. Up to date and evidence based!! What more could we ask for (I've got our critical care guys listening to it, nurses love it and even Paramedics/EMTs are listening to it now)? Also, check out his web site with plenty of useful text info as well.

great podcast! (5/5)

Thanks for the great podcast! Please keep the episodes coming.

I like (5/5)

I'm a med student and I love listening to this podcast when I'm walking to and from the hospital. It gets me stoked about applying to emergency medicine.

Awesome!! (5/5)


Awesome!!! (5/5)

Amazing stuff Scott!! Keep it coming.

Great EM resource (5/5)

This is an amazing resource for any EM Resident, and as one I look forward to each and every new podcast! I know as I complete my residency I will be listening well into my career as an Attending. Scott is the man, and I am a believer in the Weingart way!

Great Podcast - I am surprised you can still provide this free (5/5)

This is a great podcast with a lot of pearls and practical pointers. I like the podcast about Dominating the Vent, you make it sound so easy. Great job Scott.

great stuff (5/5)

My commute has transformed from a bother to an incredibly productive academic time. thanks for a geat podcast.

replaces emrap (5/5)

Awesome podcast. Finally found a replacement for EMRAP.

Addictive (5/5)

The daily grind of 50% paperwork, 25% psychiatry (including that used on consultants), 15% social work and 10% actual emergency patient care can take its toll. Thank you to Scott for renewing my excitement in our specialty.

ICU (5/5)

Love your podcast, I listen whenever I can. I also started in Baltimore, MD a little hospital, you might have heard of The John Hopkins hospital.

Great podcasts (5/5)

Love the podcasts! Thanks for all your hardwork.

Dr (5/5)

Great information.

Best out there (5/5)

Best podcast out there for emergency medicine and critical care health care providers.

EMCRIT (5/5)

Perfect length with pearls I can take to work and use the next day. Keep it coming.

Wonderful! (5/5)

Excellent. As an EM resident I find your lectures and videos very educational and fun to listen to. Thank you!

Fantastic (5/5)

Concise and 100% applicable. Great job Scott!

I like the way this guy thinks! (5/5)

I've been involved in Emergency Medicine (EM) for over 15 years, mostly as a paramedic, and soon as an ER doc. I love how this guy thinks! He brings critical care concepts to the ER and gives the evidence, data, and protocols needed to make it practical. Each podcast is packed with great information, evidence based medicine, and practical things you can do in your ER right now! Thanks Scott!

Outstanding (5/5)

Topical, cutting edge, without bias, and speaking my language! No stuff I don't care about. Nice work, keep it up.

The Best! (5/5)

Outstanding emergency medicine lectures. Concise, practical, and very informative. Thank you Dr. Weingart!

Brilliant! (5/5)

Scott, excellent PodCast! Keep up the good work.

incredible (5/5)

As a third year med student who is interested in EM I can only describe Dr. Weingart as a "hero". One of the best lecturers I have ever heard. Just a great podcast; informative and engaging.

Extremely Useful (5/5)

I learn something useful from just about every one of Scott's podcasts. Probably the most useful educational activity I do in Emergency Medicine.

awesome (5/5)

great info, very clear.

Great lectures (5/5)

Keep them coming Scott

Justin A (5/5)

Outstanding! Everytime I listen to this podcast I want to do a critical care fellowship. Justin Arambasick Current ER resident

Great source of medical education (5/5)

Best post cast on emergency medicine I have followed. Fantastic job. Concise. Sharp on target . Big thanks.

Thank you! (5/5)

You sir are doing a great job, many people outside the US also benefit from your superb podcasts.

Emcrit (5/5)

Excellent discussions of topics important to emergency physicians

Excellent Resource (5/5)

EMCrit is an awesome resource for all practicing emergency providers. Just long enough to cover the critical points but short enough to keep your interest. Very helpful in learning more about the critical care side of EM.

Great Information for all levels of medical caregivers. (5/5)

I played your podcast for the first time today, and truly enjoyed it. I listened to Podcast 25 – End of Life and Palliative Care in the ED. I have recently completed my EMT-B course and awaiting certification. I have been listening to numerous EMT / medical type podcast for the last year or two, but yours stands out. You covered a subject dear to me with my aging in-laws at 92+ with Alzheimer's. You came across in a very human empathetic manner. I understood every medical procedure you described. You did not talk "over my intellect"..I like the way you communicate your message. I have downloaded more episodes on my Iphone and plan on listening to them as I run along the roads...

Current and Practical #1 Podcast for me (5/5)

This is a succinct, practical and current EMed podcast, my favorite of all podcasts, that is easy to listen to driving to an ED shift or any commute. Thank you Dr. Scott Weingart and the EM Crit Podcast team (I do not have any affiliation or gain from this review).

Great Emergency Medicine Podcast (5/5)

The topics and nonbiased information in this Podcast are fantastic. Lots of talk on what works from experienced, all evidence based, but not bored down with citation and literature review. Just the meat of the subject, tips, pearls, tricks and great videos.

High Yield (5/5)

Relevant and accurate. Short, sweet and to the point. Excellent for staff, residents and students.

EmCrit (5/5)

Really helpful, easy to understand and follow. I listen to it on the way to the hospital in the mornings and have definitely employed a good amount of what I have learned already.

Podcast (5/5)

Great education in small quanta

A great resource for clinicians (5/5)

Scott presents a very high yield 15-20 minutes that is concise, straightforward and always applicable to everyday practice. This is a wonderful resource for ED physicians, whether you practice in a huge tertiary care center or a small community practice. The video editions are a big bonus! Thank you Scott for keeping me up to date!!

Superb cutting edge resource (5/5)

This podcast rocks. If you're in EM - trainee or consultant, there is something here for you.

really well done (5/5)

This is great. I listen to these 3-4 times. great info and well presented. I'm putting Scott right up there with Mel and Stuart.

excellent resource (5/5)

excellent resource for the most up to date principles in emergency medicine. As an EM resident I would highly recommend to my colleagues. Short, concise and evidence-based.

A great resource (5/5)

I am an Internal Medicine resident, but I find Dr Weingart's information and advice to be relevant to many situations outside of the ED. The podcast is entertaining and informative, and the episodes are usually long enough to be informative but not so long as to lose interest. Great resource; I only wish there were more medical podcasts of this consistent quality out there! I would also refer listeners that enjoy the EmCrit podcast to Jeffrey Guy's Surgery ICU rounds podcast.

hail to the chief (5/5)

scott was my chief resident during my EM residency... was waiting for the rest of the world to share in his amazing knowledge base and insight.

Love this podcast! (5/5)

I love this podcast! It's a vital EBM or expert-opinion explanation of how to care for our sickest patients that I can't find anywhere else. Scott really goes into depth on each topic and keeps it entertaining as well. Keep it up!

Great job (5/5)

A million thanks, Scott. Practicing over 20 years as an EM MD, yet I learn a great deal from your concise lectures. Keep them coming!

great stuff (5/5)

Awesome! Relative to other EM podcasts and online feeds, this is perfect for concise reviews of emergency medicine topics when I want to listen to something educational without the time for full lectures from others like EMRAP (which is also cool).

just what you need! (5/5)

Scott is clear, relevant and practical but doesn't water down the medicine. The key is that he'll give you the tough stuff -- but only what you need. Fantastic podcast!

Great Podcast! (5/5)

Keep it up!

Excellent high yield format (5/5)

Another g3 chief who can't get enough of this. I have a decent drive to work and love to mix these into emrap and ema audios. How did docs do it before iPods/iPhones anyway?

Great EM Critical Care (5/5)

I am a 3rd year EM chief resident and find this podcast extremely enjoyable to listen to and educational. Keep up the good work and please keep it free!!

Wonderful podcast (5/5)

I am a PGY-1 EM resident, and this podcast is incredible. Critical care topics are not generally emphasized in EM despite obvious benefit to patients. Dr. Weingart strikes a wonderful balance between what is possible in a busy ED with what the optimal care is for the sickest patients in the ED. The podcasts are informative, timely, and genuinely enjoyable to listen to. I can't recommend it enough, and I eagerly await each new episode.

Always informative, relevant (5/5)

Love this podcast; look forward to every update. As a resident in EM I appreciate quick, focused, and relevant discussions of important high-yield topics. I pick up new clinical pearls with every podcast. Keep up the great work! -MS Chicago, IL

Absolutely worth every minute (5/5)

If you are a doc interested in critical care in the ED (and we all should be), you must not pass this up. Scott's delivery style and substance put him right up there with the Mattu's, Herbert's and other great educators in our field. Do not miss these gems.

Great podcast! (5/5)

Focused and useful information for any ED physician.

EmCrit (5/5)


Excellent lectures. Very thought provoking. (5/5)

Please do more!!!!

Great work (5/5)

As a community ER physician I want to know about the latest advances in emergency medicine, distilled into short and concise clinically relevant sound bites. These discussions are perfect for listening to on the way into work . Thanks!

radical (5/5)

i listen to a lot of the top 25 medical podcasts, and let me tell you Scott's podcast is way more entertaining than any of those. i am shocked this isn't on the list of best reviewed yet, but it will be.

Great info not available elsewhere (5/5)

This podcast is outstanding. I've listened to almost every one now and I find them increasingly entertaining and insightful. I've communicated a dozen times via email with Dr. Weingart and his personal suggestions are just as helpful. Please keep these coming!

Superb (5/5)

A concise and update source for critical emergency medicine. The information is practical and immediately transferable to community ER settings.

Best (5/5)

Excellenct lectures help all emergency leader in the world

cutting edge emergency medicine (5/5)

Scott Weingart is drawing the road map for emergency critical care, episode by episode, with this podcast. Not only will you learn practice-changing strategies with each (relatively brief) lecture, you will use the show notes as a reference in the middle of your shifts.

Attending (5/5)

So much fun to listen to late at night! You have taught an old dog so many new tricks! Thanks

Excellant job thanks (5/5)

Best of the best teaching

short, precise and to the point (5/5)

Very informative yet not one hour long. I work as an ICU nurse in a busy teaching hospital in DC. Thank you very much for sharing your knowledge and expanding ours!

Clear, concise, coherent (5/5)

Very well done podcast by engaging doc who does not water down medecine. His stance on increasing level of patient care in the ED is evident in his podcast and is motivating to the listener.

awesome (5/5)

First Amazing podcast. Focused, clear, and up to date. No silly back and forth banter, no silly intro jingle. Just information that matters. I used to be more tentative with nitro but having seen firsthand how high doses and NIV can make a HUGE difference I'm a major proponent of it. - B.C.S.