Aggregated reviews for Embedded

Host Kelly McEvers takes a story from the news and goes deep. Whether that means digging into the Trump administration's past, the stories behind police shootings caught on video, or visiting a town ravaged by the opioid epidemic, Embedded takes you where the news is happening.

THE BEST   (5/5)

Excellent reporting and love Kelly McEvers!

Embedded is the best.   (5/5)

If you want to know about some thing with in depth reporting, this is an awesome podcast. I wish they would do more on Trump and Mitch McConnell and the judicial system. I learned so much.

Love this!!   (5/5)

Kelly McEvers is awesome!

Covid: Couples is pure cringe   (1/5)

Just listened to this episode and must say it is the cringey-est show NPR has ever made. I usually like these shows, but listening to this story of a guy going of his way to buy dinner for a girl he’s never seen (during covid lockdown). Then when the poor guy tries to drop off more food the room mate gives him the third degree!!! Her voice made me decide to unfollow this podcast. It was a very preachy way of saying, even if you can’t date for real make sure you still buy women food!!! (Even if they never plan on seeing you face to face...) Maybe some people enjoyed this... I don’t know how it made it past editing. Unsubscribed.

Excellent   (5/5)

I enjoy the in-depth coverage this podcast delivers. I understand that it takes a lot of work to do this caliber of reporting, but I still want more.

More please   (5/5)

I love this podcast but they do like one ep every six months. Chop chop!

Please do more on domestic terrorism!   (5/5)

In the first Domestic Terrorism episode you end by mentioning the problem of white supremacists in law enforcement. Frontline did a great job of looking at the insidious rot of white nationalists in the military and with the recent news of a open, high ranking, white supremacist State Department official, now seems the perfect time to follow up on the law enforcement thread. I momentarily thought it was a teaser for the next show, and now I can’t stop wanting that story. Pleeeeze? 🙏🏻

When are you coming back?   (5/5)

When are you coming back?

So well done!   (5/5)

This is fast becoming my favorite podcast. Love the detail and the long form reporting!

SO Sporatic   (2/5)

When they actually make podcast episodes, it’s great. However, the episodes come out SO sporadically that you forget what the previous episode was about and how it’s related to the new one, if at all. They change topics every few episodes without ever mentioning, hey, this will be our last episode on this themes, etc. so you get invested and then are left hanging. They also never let you know when there will be another episode. I can’t stand the inconsistency, so I’m unsubscribing.

The best reporting on issues that matter   (5/5)

This show is so well made and thought out to really and fully examine the problems that matter and how it affects people.

Absolutely Amazing   (5/5)

This podcast goes much further than just being informative- it is an in-depth, critical, and compelling look at the state of our country and beyond. Kelly McEvers and everyone involved in the show are outstanding journalists. The episodes I most enjoyed were the reports on the alt-right and the Mcconnell series. I am anxiously hoping for more episodes in 2020!

Incredible   (5/5)

Just an absolutely incredible job is done on each episode

Season 9?   (5/5)

What happened to the rest of season 9? I’m not getting any updates past 7 Nov.

Honestly perfect   (5/5)

Absolutely beautiful reporting. Unbiased and fact-based, just like I expect from NPR. They give all the information and help you digest it in a way that provokes you and makes you think for yourself

New Listener, WOW!   (5/5)

Started with Mitch McConnell series. Such insightful, relevant reporting. Thank you! I’m hooked.

Binge worthy!   (5/5)

Why does this have to be sooo good. Can’t stop listening.

Binge-worthy   (5/5)

Great content. Excellent narrator.

New listener   (5/5)

Very impressed at how the stories are presented. It definitely helps to visualize yourself in the story. Keep it up.

Captivating   (5/5)

Phenomenal story telling and a truly profound look at our most important issues.

I appreciate the in depth reporting   (5/5)

Its needed in this day and age

Very good   (5/5)

Love it!

Great narrative   (5/5)

I enjoyed the narrative of the events leading up to the impeachment hearings. I have t had time to stay tuned to everything so this caught me up to speed. Loved the series on Mitch Mcconnell.

Exceptional investigative reporting   (5/5)

If you’re looking for deep analysis of important current events, Embedded is perfect for that. The quality of the journalism here is amazing. Thanks, NPR.

Vocal fry is painful!!   (3/5)

Please please please, speak higher!! I want to listen so badly but the hosts voice is so distracting with every sentence ending in a vocal fry it’s terribly painful to listen to!!! And it’s not a healthy way to speak, very straining on the vocal cords!

Highly recommended!   (5/5)

They do such a great job reporting. I learn something new with every episode. Bravo!!’

Too many commercials   (2/5)

The content is fairly interesting and well presented but frequent and long commercials cause me to quickly lose interest. I suggest there is no other podcast with this number of interruptions.

Host makes stereotypical & problematic statements   (2/5)

The show is good for the most part. The series on trump and McConnell were awful and seemed out of the podcast’s wheelhouse, should’ve left those out. Also, the host makes some terribly stereotypical and problematic comments. “Guys with tattoos & baggy jeans” when referring to gangs. Racist undertones. Very disappointing

Must listen   (5/5)

Topics are difficult but this podcast is exceptional. The host is great - so even and easy to listen to. The production quality is top notch. A must listen for every American.

Great host!   (5/5)

The content of this podcast is excellent. And I love the host. She delivers in an manner that is natural and addictive to listen to. For me, having hosts “overdo it” turns me off even if I like the topic.

Wow   (5/5)

Numbing but necessary.

Amazing   (5/5)

I’m so stoked that I found out about this podcast. A few years late but it’s all still relevant. Def start at the beginning!

Him   (5/5)


Can’t stop listening   (5/5)

Great pod// I’m listening from beginning to end and can’t stop listening.

Awesome   (5/5)

Thanks for honest and thorough reporting.

I used to like it...   (2/5)

but now it’s annoyingly “political” that they should have just changed the name & the description of the podcast. I used to look forward to their episodes but I ended up taking a break & found myself skipping almost entire seasons. I hope they either go back to what they used to report on or just officially announce that they’re another Trump bashing show (I am not conservative or a republican)

Fascinating   (5/5)

Really enjoy this in-depth and human look at major stories in the news.

Too political?   (5/5)

If you think of your mind as a muscle then this podcast is the workout you have been looking for. If you want in-depth information in order to make informed decisions about a wide range of topics I can’t think of a better place to start. On the other hand if thinking makes your head hurt maybe you should buy a hat so that it will be good for something. It is not politics it is our country. It is not a technicality or a loophole it is our constitution.

Too political   (1/5)

I enjoyed this podcast at first but then it became too political and liberal biased. I can’t listen anymore.

Watered down recently   (3/5)

I don’t know why the episodes are now shorter. We listen for the deep analysis. It seems embedded has decided to dumb its own product down.

Embedded   (5/5)

Best investigative journalism podcast.

Enthralling   (5/5)

Love to find new episodes of Embedded In my podcast library. Always interesting! Can’t wait for the next installment.

Embedded IS the best in-depth news podcast ever!   (5/5)

Have enjoyed this podcast from the very beginning. Kelly and the team are the most concise and compelling storytellers. Balanced, fair and a hunger for the hard truths that is so vital right now. Thank you for always doing an incredible job, with so little. Deserves a much wider audience

Too much Mitch   (2/5)

Loved the opioid shows. Too much Mitch. Show has become too political.

I would’ve given 5 stars....   (4/5)

Until all the political stuff I gave 5, so it’s getting worse. It’s very well produced and the hosts are great with great voices. Most episodes (from beginning) were really great and interesting. Great hosts and voices and professional productions. Please stop with the endless trump McConnell, etc. stories🤮

Always interesting & full of new info.   (5/5)

❤️❤️❤️ Embedded

Wayne   (5/5)

Very interesting and well researched

Mitch McConnell   (2/5)

How can you miss an episode to dig into Mitch’s wife Elaine Chao and their tie to CPC? Go read the NYT piece.

Excellent Podcast!!   (5/5)

Very much enjoyed revealing Mitch McConnel episodes, as well as previous seasons. Great investigative work!

Great Series   (5/5)

I would listen to any subject this team puts out. Always insightful. Never looking to be provocative. Facts with context.

Not Journalism   (1/5)

This is not journalism but an extended polemic of the fashionable left’s conventional wisdom by smarmy adolescents. Their work would be credible if there was even a small gesture toward reporting other points of view. And I’m no fan of Mitch McConnell.

Eye opening informative podcast   (5/5)

I have learned so much from this show, and I try to share it with anyone who will listen. Can’t wait for more!

Now Speaker Pelosi?   (5/5)

Loved the series on Leader McConnell! Any chance we can get one on Speaker Pelosi, too?

Mitch McConn   (5/5)

Great series! Being a Kentuckian, I apologize for our contributions to the current US Senate. The series on Mitch was extraordinary and accurately depicted a selfish, power grabbing politician. An evil genius at work with little regard for collateral damage. Unfortunately, the county will suffer.

Weird mouth noises   (2/5)

I love this podcast but the last few episodes have featured a ridiculous amount of saliva and tongue noises and nothing is more disgusting to me than having that blasted into my ear. I’m not here to get my ear licked. Get a different mic!! Please!!! For the love of god!!

Mitch   (5/5)

What an eye opener! Thank you for your excellent reporting.

The best   (5/5)

I have never wrote a review for a podcast but this one has to get my first. I started last night and am on season 2 already of this podcast. This is the best podcast I’ve ever listened to; it’s informative, moving, and touches on the human experience through a time of media saturation. Thanks Embedded Team, you are all incredible

Informative reporting- high caliber   (5/5)

Love this podcast- great reporting! Important topics

Super Liberal   (1/5)

I really liked this podcast when it came out. Now it just bashes conservative’s. To bad unless you are a liberal.

Investigative Journalisim   (5/5)

Love it.

Interesting early expose of McConnell, but....   (2/5)

If you know and follow politics, the presentation and material is a pretty light. If you like the NPR politics podcast (I generally don’t), you’ll probably like it. There were moments intended to build suspense that made me want to just groan.

Please get back to how you started   (4/5)

I miss you, Embedded. Remember the first 2 seasons when you would embed yourself into great stories and draw us in? Like drug houses, biker bars, El Salvado, NBA D League… I’m so tired of all the political stories. Who wants to hear more about Donald Trump or Mitch McConnell?!? I listen to your podcast because it’s so well done and I love the great stories. Get back to how you were doing it the first couple seasons and this would be 5 stars!

From Meaningful Stories of America to Political Investigations.   (3/5)

When I first began listening to Embedded, it offered a deep dive into important topics in America that were not hearing. The first season was remarkable it featured charter schools, the opioid epidemic. Moving pieces of the struggle the country faces. But then: Kelly and the NPR team decided to switch to something that is covered by the media, every day. It started slow by following Coal workers that supported Trump, to the investigation into his business dealings. The reporting began to degrade, as assumptions were made to paint the appropriate picture. Then I began listening to the Mitch McConnell series and they made his campaign tactics seem cruel and unusual. To point the finger at his tactics is the pot calling the kettle black. Ultimately, the show should return to its roots, small stories that we don’t hear about. Rather than boring us with stories that are covered everyday.

The Vocal Fry is Strong in This One   (1/5)

So much more entertaining after Mueller findings. There were tears in the studio that day... Update: I love Mitch! Now let’s do one on Kamala Harris and Willie Brown.

Embeded is Always Ahead of the News   (5/5)

When Embedded started its latest series on Mitch McConnell it helped us remember and learn more about how this one man has been destroying our democracy for years as our eyes were turned elsewhere. Now suddenly his name is coming up in commentary constantly. Thank you Embedded for radically altering the conversation by getting us to focus on this evil influence by turning our heads to see him hiding in plain sight. What do we do about it now that we are “woke?” Kelly McEvers knowing your experience covering Syria I am grateful you’ve brought your focus on humanity and justice home to our own teetering democracy in the US. I’m grateful and proud of you.

Great   (5/5)

Love Mitch! Great to hear about him more.

Very biased   (1/5)

Use to be a good podcast but has turned into an anti-republican pod. I’m not a republican but if you listen to this podcast you will be left to believe only republicans have screwed up politics.

Outstanding Reporting on McConnell   (5/5)

Top notch work, EMBD team! I appreciate your commitment to excellent and comprehensive reporting on the Senate Majority Leader. I have learned so much about his style and the way he wields power. While I believe his approach is antithetical to healthy democracies, I have appreciated the knowledge gain thanks to this extremely well researched, narrated, and produced podcast. I highly recommend it for those who value deeply substantive material on subjects. Grade: A

ordinary   (5/5)

Wow, I have just finished Dark Vader in Senate. So much appreciate NPR Embedded team.

Very disappointing   (1/5)

I was on the fence about this podcast, but the last episode of the Mitch McConnell series was terrible. The hosts got an interview with Mitch McConnell and lobbed a bunch of softball questions at him without any pushback on his weasely answers, and then closed out the series with a "touching" anecdote about how dedicated he is to the noble goal of amassing as much power as possible for wealthy people and of course Mitch McConnell himself. Typical toothless and spineless centrist journalism. Not worth your time.

Very, very biased   (1/5)

I’m unsubscribing - the most recent episode where they interviewed Mitch McConnell was the last straw. The podcast did reporting on his McConnell not allowing hearings to be held on Merrick Garland’s nomination, and asked McConnell about it. Totally fair game. But, instead of including his full response and allowing the listener draw his or her own conclusions, the podcast only plays a few words of his response, deliberately edited to remove substance and push Kelly McEver’s narrative that he is just full of excuses. That may or may not be true - I could have known if only the whole clip had been played without such blatant editorial bias!!! This is everything that is wrong with journalism today.

Used to be great   (1/5)

This podcast used to be great. Unfortunately it has become nothing but political propaganda. This season has not been enjoyable at all.

Humanizing and honest   (5/5)

Reporting like this is why I continue to love the work NPR journalists do. This program does a brilliant job at taking relevant stories from today’s world and showing the human side of the story, giving a voice to the human beings affected by each topic. Great job, Kelly and your entire team!

Interesting content but biased   (3/5)

The series on Mitch McConnell is interesting and well-produced, but based on the information that is presented (and omitted), it is quite biased to the left. You can hear the disdain for conservatives/Republicans from those who are given airtime.

A must   (5/5)

I have been into this one from the very start. I could listen to McEvers read a refrigerator manual and be entertained.

Important report   (5/5)

To understand where our focus should be as Americans when it comes to our federal government, what older generations have advised but have been ignored, is to understand the behavior of Mitch McConnell. While the president is an important position it's not as important as Congress for voters. Older voters have said this time and time again. This report, I believe, paints a revealing picture of why we must pay closer attention to the behavior and practices of the Congress and why our votes in respect to the Hill is so much more important! I don't believe this story makes McConnell look bad. It makes him look typical. We must open our eyes to the dirty truth about politics and politicians and it's our jobs as citizens to keep them in check. Thx for this great story!

Thank you!!   (5/5)

We need more reporting like this. Every episode I learn more and more about our politics in this country. I'm working hard to make up for years of "paying very little attention". This podcast really helps.

Amazing Story Telling   (5/5)

I’m late..... but I’m glad I found this amazing podcast. I’m binging like crazy to catch up... Kelly, voice is very soothing to listen to (lol)

Embedded   (5/5)

This podcast is not only informative but also life transforming

Fascinating stories/A bit one-sided   (3/5)

I will be the first to admit that I haven’t listened to every episode but have listened to quite a few. Their series on coal was top notch and a 5/5 stars FOR sure. I do feel like some stories (the red line in Syria episode) and the Mitch McConnell series are clearly left leaning. The podcast took Ben Rhodes and his statements(a clear a devoted Obama guy) as fact. Also, if they are doing a corruption/money play with McConnell they need to do one highlighting Harry Reid or something. Just be a bit more objective otherwise it’s a great podcast.

Embedded   (5/5)

Always good, but the latest series on McConnell is especially excellent reporting.

writing & production phenomenal   (5/5)

Deeply engaging, thoughtfully researched

Used to be great   (2/5)

This podcast was great until it became a hit piece on Republican politics.

Well done   (5/5)

Great content, great investigative reporting, wonderful use of primary sources. I love this podcast. It will make you smarter.

Must listen   (5/5)

Super interesting and everyone should listen.

Political   (1/5)

I enjoyed the first two seasons immensely, the reporting was top notch and riveting. I disagreed with the reporters conclusions at times but enjoyed their point of view. The most recent anti conservative tirade is well disguised in John McCain overtures, but is clearly a liberal view attacking a conservative leader. The amount of bias and cherry picking is over the top. The idea that anyone in politics wants to “win” and changes views over the course of their career and love money for their campaigns is hardly a single republican figures short comings. It’s a trope that crosses political, socioeconomic, and historic lines dating back to the fall of the Roman Republic and Greece before that. Comparing most political entities today to John McCain is tantamount to comparing Cato the Younger from the Roman Republic to Obama, any political entity would look bad. It deeply reminds me of a better constructed version of Former president Obama’s marijuana use presented as something that people should care about. You cannot point the figure at a single entity and claim they are abusing the system. The recent series would have been better served deep diving into the real issue of modern campaign finances and corruption and arrived at reasonable ways that these problems could be curtailed in the future.

Educational and engaging!   (5/5)

Embedded teaches me about topics that I never would’ve thought to explore on my own, and for that, I’m grateful. So informative—not just on the surface, but it really gives you a deep knowledge of the topics.

Always compelling   (5/5)

Riveting and informative.

More like EmBAEdded   (5/5)

Love this podcast! And so excited for the new season! The first two episodes were 🔥. Counting down until the next one is released!

Mitch Pt 1 & e   (5/5)

Absolutely fascinating podcast. Really appreciated investigative report on this corrupt senator.

McConnell   (5/5)

Season 2 is another incredible deep dive into the corruption and madness of the current lobbying, dark money machine that rules congress. McConnell should be in prison, mainstream “journalism” better pay attention.

If you like “The Daily” podcast...   (5/5)

then I highly recommend. :) They unpack the history, events, people, etc behind stories that you didn’t realize where interesting until you listened. ;) Also, the last two reviews are inaccurate. There are a few episodes about the Russia/Trump background, but the rest of it, for the most part, has nothing to do with Trump. This is not a left-leaning podcast... Detailed reporting of events is not progressive bias. That being said, if any of the listeners below think this pod is politically biased or complain that it’s all about trump, they probably haven’t listened to much of it.

Thank You!!!   (5/5)

Thank you so much for doing a whole season on Mitch Mcconell. It’s about time this Mitch McConnell’s corruption is unmasked.

Never Fails   (5/5)

Kelly McEvers never fails with this podcast. Her reporting on every topic pulls you in and makes you feel as if you need to know every detail on something you may have not even be concerned about. Embedded is one of my favorite podcast, I look forward to this new season and high recommend to anyone who is interested in diving deeper into a story. Well done!

Loved season 1   (1/5)

Season 1 was so amazing. I was anxiously awaiting more. But since season 1 it’s been all about republicans and Trump. Then I thought with last season they were going to do something else and here we are back to the republicans and trump with McConnell. I’ve unsubscribed and I’m not going to try again.

Disappointed   (2/5)

First season was absolutely amazing. Learned so much and was thoroughly entertained with each episode. The opioid epidemic, policing on skid row, the struggles of immigration cases, Doctors Without Borders, school closures across the country, biker gangs. Every episode was something new and an embedded deep dive like the show trailer called it to be. The second season were the dove into the police tapes for 4 episodes was pretty good too, a lot of coverage over the 4 episodes but they covered a lot of ground and good information. However, it seems since then it’s just been episode after episode about Trump and anything to do with him. I get the show tag line is “taking news headlines and current articles and taking a deep dive” but there comes a point where we are good and would like to hear a lot more. I wish it continued with the same flow and theme of season 1, because that was incredible and I genuinely looked forward to a new episode coming out. As my title suggests, I am disappointed with how the show has gone and am unsubscribing.

Award-worthy reporting every season   (5/5)

This is one of the best teams out there for investigative journalism. The storytelling IS unbiased, even when the topics are tough. critical topics. The historians will reference this podcast when telling our grandkids about the politics of our era.

Logical   (5/5)

Why would you investigate people who don’t blatantly commit crimes and revel in cruelty? (This isn't Fox News. The podcast actually needs something to investigate). The previous review is silly.

Biased   (4/5)

Good professional reporting but I am waiting on an investigation of a high profile Democrat. I don’t honestly expect it, though.

A very long time between content   (3/5)

Do you plan on finishing “how it ends”?

Excellent reporting.   (5/5)

Subjects you may not ordinarily think you’d be interested in but the research is in depth and each episode is presented so well. Really recommend this podcast.

Amazing podcast   (5/5)

Amazing in-depth reporting, engaging stories uncovering issues of great concern. The latest series "How it Ends" with reporting by Ruth Sherlock is phenomenal. I'm anxiously awaiting each episode. The only thing I don't like is the theme music. It's unnecesarily dramatic. Please consider changing it.

Fascinating in-depth reporting   (5/5)

Every series is a well-documented story, very human in nature. The hosts are clearly dedicated to a compassionate and factual story delivery related to a contemporary topic, while letting their subjects speak in their own voice and from their own experience. Highly recommended.

Thank you!!!   (5/5)

Great reporting and storytelling. I learn so much from your podcast. Excellent work. Keep going. Thank you!!!

Clearly anti-American. Very disappointed.   (1/5)

There is a clear, leftist vibe to these podcasts. I stopped listening after reaching one where the hosts are tell the story (in a very sympathetic way) of Muslims who join Isis and want to come back to their homeland now, after things clearly didn’t go the way they planned. Absolutely disgusted that they would sympathize to this kind of treason. They should be imprisoned.

Heartbreaking but engaging, interesting and needed   (5/5)

Sad, incredible stories about the people affected by isis

Amazing   (5/5)

Loved it. So informative.

Really?   (1/5)

Embedded has so much disposable income that they are gonna waste there time reporting on ISIS members. How about something worth your listeners time! How about the 1000 issues happening right here in the USA. So disappointed.......🙁

Awful in every way you would expect   (1/5)

Per usual

One of the best!   (5/5)

My wife calls me the 'NPR' JUNKIE. That's because a good 60+ % of my podcasts come from the need outle. With that said, Embedded ranks right there at the top. It does just what it claims and Goes Deep. I've not found an episode that I'm not a fan of. Give it a try, it'll embed in you!

I listen to lots of podcasts. This one is the best.   (5/5)

Embedded is the best podcast out there. I love the reporting and the humanity. I hope there are a lot more episodes coming!

How it ends is amazing   (5/5)

I just listened to the first episode of how it ends. It is an amazing feat of in depth journalism and asking ethical questions. I believe that all the Jihadis chose to join the fight in order to impose their twisted worldview. They are not redeemable. These guys should die where they stand, maybe hurry off to meet the waiting virgins. However, after listening to episode one I am questioning my own view. Bravo for putting some doubt in my already made up mind.

Great job..   (4/5)

This podcast is great in order to have a clear idea of how different topics affect our everyday life. I enjoy every episode, please keep it coming.

EVERY Parent should listen to this!   (5/5)

He groomed adults whilst abusing children. This should be a cautionary tale for all parents. Listen to your children and believe them. Your first reaction to their disclosure is so important. Listen and believe. Report, report! Thank you for doing this podcast.

Great podcast   (5/5)

This is not the regular type of podcast I listen to, but I have to say it’s great. I love the style and the voices are easy to hear and the stories are so interesting. It’s an A+

Captivating and creative   (5/5)

I love the perspective in this series. Great job diving into these topics in such a detailed and efficient manner. So many interesting stories that you usually don’t get enough of in online articles or news

An NPR Gem   (5/5)

Focuses on critical issues, tells a compelling story, balances in-depth with the big picture, and Kelly is a pleasure to listen to. This one of the few podcasts I really look forward to.

Tremendously engaging   (5/5)

I love all of the content! I’m always excited when I see there’s a new episode available. My ONLY complaint is that there’s not more content being uploaded more often. I understand it takes time to cover the stories the way this podcast does. I just want more! Can’t wait for the next episode

“After the Storm” is excellent   (5/5)

I re-lived the desperation of not having power and the relief when it came back while listening to this episode. And my family and I were very lucky because we got our power back in 47 days. The incompetence of both the Federal and local government in the aftermath was incredible. The problems in Puerto Rico persist today and we don’t see any light at the end of the tunnel... there is no viable economic plan, we feel like 2nd rate US citizens, the government continues politicking with every possible issue, oppressive laws, like the Jones Act, continue to strangle every citizen, and there is little knowledge in the mainland of all these issues. Thank you, NPR, for bringing some of these topics to light.

Really Deep Dives by the Inspiring Kelly McEvers   (5/5)

I don't think I've found any other podcast that goes so deep into important issues like this. This podcast knows what it's trying to do and it does it well. You will come out far more informed than you thought you could be, and McEvers is an excellent host. If you want to stay on top of more than just the most current, most shocking news, you must listen to Embedded. I jump on every new episode.

Great Show!   (5/5)

I love the fact that they take the time to be accurate in their reporting. The coal stories really hit close to home. My family is from the region and in my lifetime seeing the decline is really heartbreaking.

Love this podcast!   (5/5)

This podcast is so interesting and I’ve learned so much. I love how you take today’s biggest headlines and put real life stories to them. Helps to contextualize the importance of these headlines. Thank you!!!! Please do more!

Always Getting Better!   (5/5)

I started listening to Embedded when it was first released in the summer of 2016. The breadth and depth of material that Kelly has covered since then amazes me. She and the show are a versatile duo, pushing sensitive buttons and deep diving into topics that being uncomfortable truths to the surface. Keep up the incredible storytelling!

Leftest   (4/5)

Why not ask the question, what Obama did for us black folks! You won’t cause you know! He used em

Way too long between episodes   (2/5)

If you're gonna podcast, then cast. There's way too long between episodes.

Are you related   (5/5)

Are you related to Sara Koenig(spelling) you sound exactly like her. Love your shows

Getting to Leftists   (3/5)

Used to love this podcast but it’s gotten way to left wing political. Please stick to the good stories you originally had and get off the right wing bashing. Thanks

Partisan and sarcastic   (1/5)

While the stories she presents are interesting. She does so in a way that does not allow for any differing opinion. I’m a bit tired of all the sarcastic comments and tones when talking about anything related to republicans or our police forces. Take a look at the economy! We’ve done a good job! How about some journalistic integrity? I for one, would like a podcast like this with some of that involved.

First season kills it. After that.....   (1/5)

This use to be my favorite podcast but has gone done hill since the first season. Return to that format because a whole season on why you hate Trump got boring quickly. I want to learn about stuff not be bored to death.

Awesome   (5/5)

Love this podcast. It’s interesting and intimate. I often get a perspective from the show that I wouldn’t have gotten otherwise, and that is worth a lot these days.

Informative, emotional   (5/5)

This show is amazing. I have learned so much about the context behind what’s happening in the world. Huge fan.

Very informative   (5/5)

Very well researched and great interviews!

Completely captivating   (5/5)

I am addicted to this podcast. It is completely captivating, thorough, exciting, thought provoking and relevant to today’s issues. Keep up the good work.

Fantastic   (5/5)

Kelly McEvers is an amazing journalist. This podcast is always interesting.

Very informative and very interesting!   (5/5)

This is one of my favorite podcast these days. Kelly McEver is doing a great job every week in creating a story that is tight-knit, interesting and well researched. Outstanding. Keep it up.

Finally a voice I can listen to...   (5/5)

Kelly McEvers has the best voice in podcasting IMHO. And the content is amazing... Thank you!

Has gone down hill   (2/5)

Used to be a really good show when they’d actually get EMBEDDED to make an episode. Now they just go for the low hanging fruit talking about Trump, to the point where they’re even in repeats with the topics they focus on with Trump

the trump podcast   (1/5)

this show is obsessed with Trump and Trump voters. As if NPR wasn't already the 24/7 trump network. enough already!

Rerun   (2/5)

Why do these NPR podcast put out “new” episodes that are just reused with a new minute intro?

Great   (5/5)

Great show. Looking forward to next episode!

Amazing podcast   (5/5)

Incredible reporting and production. Intelligent and captivating stories. Thank you Kelly.

Embedded   (5/5)

This podcast is excellent. This is investigative journalism at its best.

Coal Miner   (5/5)

As a Illinois coal miner of 10 years from a mining family third generation the miner piece was so well done from the politics of Mining to the real reason why coal in the US looked up for a second. As a black and educated man who did coal mining to paid for College in my twenties thank God they closed that death hole. The money is not that good for a person with any talent at all.

Great show, I cannot get enough   (5/5)

This is what good journalism is. In depth. Fair. Real. There isn’t a better investigative podcast available. I cannot wait for each new episode.

Detailed, fascinating and draws you in   (5/5)

I love when I see another episode has landed in my phone.

Great journalism   (5/5)

Love this show’s deep dives on its subjects. I feel like a better human for it.

I have listened to the political episodes twice. So much content.   (5/5)

Love this podcast! Wish they would do more episodes on Trump department heads.

I cannot get enough   (5/5)

I am always so sad when an episode ends. These casts are brilliant, such an examination of topics that I didn’t know that I absolutely need to know. Thanks Kelly and team!!

Great work Kelly and Team!   (5/5)

The story-telling style of real news events with the facts and frontline reporting is phenomenal listening. Great work. I felt better about Obama's Syrian policy and understood more about my heritage in the Coal Mining country after tuning in. Thank you.

Kelly et al   (5/5)

Amazingly informative . Thank you so much.

Left wing extremist’s view of the world   (3/5)

It is fun how Americans see the world. On one hand, they think view their poors, inner city population, veterans are lazy, sick people, on the other hand they believe all foreigners are angels should be welcomed to this “greatest” country. One hand most they do not believe votes count, on the other hand, they want to give all illegal immigrants right to vote.

ALL GOOD   (5/5)

The TRUMP and COAL STORIES were especially good, but I appreciate the total involvement in each story, giving a full and 365-degree picture of each person and event involved.

Incredible Reporting   (5/5)

This is an absolutely fantastic show! Kelly is an engaging storyteller you really brings you into the story each week. No matter the topic, I am also intrigued by the stories on embedded and the way the podcast is crafted. If you like Serial, S-town, Invisibilia, This American Life, or just good reporting, you will love this show!

nprnerd4life   (5/5)

I appreciate so much the depth in this show. Thank you for taking so much time to research and make these episodes! We need more of this kind of news.

The best podcast   (5/5)

I’m gonna have to say, Embedded is probably one of the best, well made podcast out there. I am always looking forward to the next episode. Keep up the good work!

Excellent   (5/5)

Excellent stories. Excellent podcast.

Excellent in-depth reporting on social issues   (5/5)

A lot of time and consideration is put into the reporting. Makes issues more captivating and interesting.

Necessary.   (5/5)

I needed this podcast. I don’t get politics and I have no idea what Trump is up to. This helps me

Excellent journalism.   (5/5)

In a world of garbage news it’s so refreshing to listen to well researched, thoughtful journalism. I’m entertained as much as I am enlightened by these stories.

My very favorite   (5/5)

I get so excited when I see a new episode available, and it doesn’t even matter what the subject is. Kelly McEvers’ thoughtful reporting makes me a better person for having listened. All the stories are presented with the perfect blend of empathy and skepticism.

❤️ ❤️❤️   (5/5)

I love every episode! No complaints. I love the thorough reporting and the topics that you tackle.

Great investigative reporting   (5/5)

I respect the work and opinions being produced here. I often disagree with folks being interviewed, but I’m curious about their lives and experiences nevertheless—and I think McEvers feels the same way. Some people may criticize her conclusions, but I believe she arrives there using a balanced and rational approach. I applaud the show for having the chutzpah to call a spade a spade in this degenerating and disingenuous age.

Not a balanced perspective   (1/5)

Everything this podcast creates is from a neo-liberal perspective. Im no fan of trump, not a republican either, but their bias shows a bit too much in everything they report

Totally biased   (1/5)

Ms. McEvers is one of those reporters whose take on the news is totally biased. She is not an objective reporter, rather a podcaster out to further her anti republican agenda. The first season of Embedded was very good. Unfortunately since then it has been increasingly disappointing. After deleting so many episodes I have now unsubscribed.

Fantastic story telling   (5/5)

Kelly McEvers is an amazing talent who has a natural skill in conversation which draws the listener in. Her stories offer enriching perspectives. The show is extremely well produced.

Not very diverse.   (2/5)

If you want to hear how much they hate Trump or how coal miners get their jobs, then this is the podcast for you.

Amazing detail   (5/5)

Really great reporting, in very great detail. All subjects are treated with respect.

Should be required listening for all HS Students   (5/5)

Embedded is informative and digs deep into various stories. This podcast is for all ages and we should encourage people to listen to this and similar podcasts to get a better understanding of what people throughout the country are going through.

Back to the old format!   (1/5)

PLEASE go back to the format of Season 1. There’s so much police video and Trump coverage in the news already. In-depth, original stories were the best part of Embedded, and made it the best podcast on the NPR network. Now every week feels like an uninteresting retread.

Love this Podcast!   (5/5)

This is my absolute favorite. I didn’t find it until the Coal Stories, which is what made me fall in love on the first place. I love how it took me there and helped me to see the issue through their eyes. After that series, I went back and listened to prior episodes and they were top notch. My #1 podcast for sure. Keep it up!

Great podcast   (4/5)

Coal stories wasn’t nearly as good as the previous episodes. They could have cut that short by half. Otherwise, great podcast, I’m sure lot of hard work!

On the decline lately. Shame   (4/5)

Took off a star because it’s been declining. Coal series was not good.

Coal   (5/5)

Nice series. Well done, informative, offered context and even some solutions.

The coal stories   (5/5)

Are exactly the kind of journalism we need in this country! Great work!

Awesome Podcast   (5/5)

Embedded is such a great podcast. Kelly and her team take a deep dive into stories that you will never get in a 2 min newscast. It’s insightful and engaging reporting.

A must listen   (4/5)

Especially the episodes devoted to understanding Trump. Incredibly carefully prepared, documented, cited, and written. Sometimes I do find a repetitive inflection pattern somewhat annoying but for the most part, very professional.

Great in-depth content   (5/5)

I appreciated the review of the Trump collusion facts. There are so many characters involved that your methodical podcast series was extremely helpful in spelling it out.

Details on trump outstanding   (5/5)

Great in depth history on the vulgar mans rise to power.

Difficult voice to listen to   (3/5)

The content is great on Embedded. However, I have a really hard time with the host voice. Not sure if it’s the tone or the way she stresses her words. Anyhow, I’m having to let go of this one unfortunately.

Coal Series   (5/5)

Amazing Journalism...Thank you. Binged all 5 episodes on my daily walks. Can't wait to explore more from these outstanding journalist.

Coal Stories Enlightenment   (5/5)

This was my first EMBD series but certainly not my last. The humanity and deftness with which the stories were told gave me insight and made me feel connected to the people and the community being highlighted in a way I would never have expected. Thank you!

Not really about coal   (2/5)

I subscribed to this podcast in season 1 right after Trump got elected thinking that it was going to be a fair critique on the presidency and quickly found out that these “reporters” had an agenda and unsubscribed. I came back after hearing a promo on Planet Money and was hoping the journalists took a different route. But now it has become a Podcast all about who were these voters that were obviously uninformed in their decision making and cost the Democrats their surprising presidential loss. So if you are left wing enjoy. If you are moderate or right wing you will easily hear the propaganda.

The Bikers episode, April 2016   (1/5)

It’s odd when the narrator says: “We don’t know the role the police payed in all this.“ Actually, you do. The police have a chain of command, follow procedures, write reports, and do internal investigations. Yes, police make mistakes at times. Yet, are much more trustworthy than biker clubs. You did an investigative report for a few weeks. Law enforcement lives there, know the streets, know the criminals, and take their time. “What role did NPR play in all this?” They didn’t do much homework, and then generalized about what might be. Seems like poor reporting.

Understanding   (5/5)

You should alway want to see the others side point of view. Thank you for such great reporting.

Coal stories was a great series.   (5/5)

Really enjoyed the first five episodes on Coal. The format of hearing from multiple people over time was really interesting, and I hope you will revisit them at some point in the future.

Started good   (1/5)

Started out great, then got too political.

There are more things going on besides Trump   (1/5)

We see enough of it in the news. There must be better things to write about besides more Trump.

One of my top 5 podcasts   (5/5)

Fabulous. Great investigative journalism. Kelly McEvers has a great voice to listen to—animated and varied, so very pleasing. Great concept: reading the news, “embedding” in it, and going deep. Highly recommend.

Love Embedded   (5/5)

Providing podcasts that tell the stories of real people really brings the listener into situations otherwise not able to fully appreciate. Very well done.

Season 1 was good   (1/5)

Nothing worth listening to after season 1.

Good content, hosts just ok   (4/5)

I really enjoy hearing the in-depth reporting about a variety of topics. I’m not thrilled with the delivery. Classic “NPR voice” from Kelly, meaning she wishes she was Ira Glass, so she affects his tics. A lot of the word “like”, which makes her sound less intelligent than I’m sure she is. Kelly McEvers doesn’t like for people to criticize her voice, which is weird since her voice is her job. However, it really is good reporting. It would just be easier to listen to if the hosts had more professional-sounding voices.

Great podcast, fair reporting.   (5/5)

Interesting subject matter. Fair and balanced reporting.

Great podcast, very interesting and well produced content   (5/5)

The podcast is very entertaining and very well produced with great content.

5⭐️   (5/5)

Great stories and great productions

Great listening   (5/5)

I really enjoy listening to this podcast because the host explains the topics in a way that I can actually understand the issues they are trying to convey. Episodes are not too long, in fact maybe a little bit too short as it always ends as I am getting extremely interested and then I have to wait A week for the next episode. Most NPR fans would enjoy this podcast

Great, In-Depth Look at Things that Matter   (5/5)

The team at embed continuously knocks it out of the park. Have listened to the past couple of seasons and just started the Coal episodes, which are so important. I’m thankful that they are here to tell them.

Fascinating.   (5/5)

I love the deep dives. LOVE this podcast.

One of my favorites   (5/5)

So good. Only wish there were more episodes. They will sometimes go weeks/months till we get a new story but it’s worth it.

Better than a detective story!   (5/5)

Thrilling reportage. Thank you! Can’t wait for more...

Content is good, Delivery is mostly good   (2/5)

OK, This isn't a bad program, but I have a very difficult time listening to Kelly's delivery and cadence. I don't know anyone who talks like that in real life, and I find it terribly distracting with respect to the content. It's not breathless, like the beautiful people on the nightly news, but it is overenunciated, and stilted. Talk to us, deliver the story, let the story generate the interest, don't force it. I may find myself unsubscribing.

A must listen to   (5/5)

This show is such a gem!!! The reporting is superb. The series on Trump and his cronies is very, very interesting.

Great   (5/5)

Bro, it is dope fam

Similar different   (5/5)

Joe Bart likes tools

This podcast!   (5/5)

All I can say is that I want more!! This is awesome and interesting information. And can I just say, the series in Trump! O my goodness I couldn’t get enough and honestly just wanted to get in a heated debate w someone about all of this feeling fully armed. Thank you!! Keep up the good work!

Embedded   (5/5)

Just eneoph red neck, just enoeph smart people, thinking about their lives, giving us all eneoph empathy to maybe see each other as one people again

Great voice!   (5/5)

I’d put Kelly right up there with Anna Sail and Phoebe Judge. She has a great voice, writes and speaks with affable clarity, and she tells a great story. I appreciate her reporting so much!!

As good as it gets.   (5/5)

Five stars isn't enough. This podcast is phenomenal. The "Trump Stories" rocked my world—particularly the one about Kushner. Bravo! Kudos! Applause!

Pro-Trump podcast - Refreshing!   (5/5)

The coal miner episodes are squarely pro-Trump. Always enjoy hearing some good news for a change.

Phenomenal Storytelling   (5/5)

There's a nuance to Kelly's style of storytelling and the audio editing of of this podcast that truly sets it apart. You can tell she loves what she does and she does extensive research to bring as much to the listener as possible. Great podcast.

Photo guy   (5/5)

Love hearing some objective reporting on the coal industry, amongst all of the older pods im going back and listening too. Thank you!

I once enjoyed this show:(   (1/5)

It’s gotten so political, I can’t stand to listen to it anymore. We all hear this crap everywhere we turn. I definitely won’t be tuning into a podcast where all I hear is more of it.

More, More   (5/5)

Can you make them longer? I love what you do!!

Tired of Trump Stories   (1/5)

So tired of the political side of all these newer stories. Get back to your old stories like the drug house and the bikers. They were way more interesting.

Meh   (1/5)

Yeah, no bias here😂

Real news, real in-depth.   (5/5)

Tired of the click-bait headlines, continual BREAKING NEWS, and no depth? This is your antidote. Can’t get better.

Another liberal cry fest.   (5/5)

Yep. Nothin to see here move on.

Tunnel Vision Has Created a Boring Environment   (2/5)

Don’t get me wrong. I’m not a pro-Trump/anti-everything liberal individual. I am conservative but the tunnel vision on the Trump issues have created a boring podcast. It was really good before then and the first couple episodes about Trump were interesting. Not so much a few episodes later.

This is the best feature reporting I have scene.   (5/5)

I love this series. Please don’t ever stop. I donate to NPR in part because of this great work!

Best background information on coal   (5/5)

I subscribed to Embedded and caught the series on the Trump administration. It was done in that breezy, informational way NPR reports on subjects, a great way to learn in my opinion. I looked forward to the series on coal. I've lived in West Virginia all my life. From 1949 to 1976, I lived in north central West Virginia, in Clarksburg while growing up and in Morgantown while going to school. There was quite a bit of coal mined in these areas until about 1993 when the Clean Air Act passed. Most of the coal in north central WV is of the high sulphur variety, high BTU but very bad to burn because of the sulphur. In 1977 I moved to southern WV. The southern WV coal belt is mostly south of US RT. 60 and west of I-77 (the WV Turnpike). Coal down here is low sulphur. A lot of it is metalurgical coal but also a lot of steam (power generation) coal. Unlike north central WV, the economy, except for Charleston and Huntington (the two largest cities in the state) is not diversified. Coal is king, with politicians but also with the people. It was a job that without any education other than the 80 miners' certification course, you could possibly earn over $100,000/year. Your series hit the nail on the head. Lots of people want coal to "come back." They don't realize that it won't. Not only will clean air and waste disposal requirements hinder this but the good coal is gone. Quite often a coal company will have to cut through 30" of rock (usually sandstone) to get at 16" of coal. No matter how hard miners work, you can't make money this way. The vast majority of people, including quite a few with some education, would never read a business publication, such as Forthune, Forbes, Business Week, or the Wall Street Journal. If they did, they would learn who is buying the coal or not buying it. They don't understand how fracking affects coal. A powerplant can burn natural gas, which is cheap because of fracking, for a bit more than one fourth the cost of coal. But people love fracking because it upsets environmentalists (a very dirty word in many people's vocabularies). It's a very sad situation. However, ignoring the facts or wishing them to be otherwise won't help. Keep up the good work on this series. You've done very well so far and I look forward the the remainder.

Extraordinary   (5/5)

One of the best podcasts out there!

Liberal views and agenda are hard to hide   (2/5)

These podcasts have a serious liberal agenda. Take the coal stories for example, all they are is the negative side of coal. Wyoming produces 4 times more coal than any other state in the US and never a word is mentioned about Wyoming.

Beautiful work   (5/5)

All of those involved with Embedded are doing wonderful work, the stories feel well researched, thorough and flow like any good story should. The photography is amazing. I really appreciate the recent focus on coal country, as this is a part of America often overlooked. Many different viewpoints are included, and listening along feels like a conversation with friends trying to make sense of complex issues. You don't always agree with your friends, but that's when it becomes more important to listen. I am sad when the stories end and look forward to the next one each week. Thank you folks of Embedded!!

Well Done   (5/5)

Each series is better than the last, I can't imagine how you can top this season.

Enjoyed Broad Topics   (2/5)

I've enjoyed this podcast very much. I especially enjoy the variety of topics and in depth look at life from different lenses. I hope it veers away from Trump in future episodes. Many of the Trump episodes have been good and enlightening, but I don't want to lose the other important stories you could tell.

Started out with promise now not so much   (2/5)

Prefacing this by saying that I am somebody who leans left on a lot of issues - this podcast is much of what is wrong with the polarization of america. Although I enjoyed the early iterations of this podcast (seriously, the deep dive into opioids was fascinating), every season since then just feels like everything the right mocks about npr with storytelling from a left perspective. This coming from somebody sympathetic to the anti-trump viewpoint, it still feels like an anti-trump podcast with no direction anymore. I love npr but don’t know if I can’t donate in good conscience after listening to the last couple seasons after this as it stopped being objective in any way.

Great pod!   (5/5)

Always look forward to a new download.

Embedded   (5/5)

Kelly does a great job with this cast. Happy to have come across it!

Awesome!   (5/5)

I honestly hate waiting for the next episode!

This show saves   (5/5)

This show saves me at work. Gets my mind out of the bubble that is the daily grind. Informs and educated but most importantly keeps it real. I love Kelly!

Well produced   (5/5)

This makes sometimes uncomfortable subject matters fascinating to engage with.

This show used to be good   (2/5)

This show was great in its first season. Since then, it has pivoted towards talking about all the same stories we hear everyday in the media. Get back to your roots!

Coal   (4/5)

Love the reporting. I don’t wish to be mean when I say Kelly McEvers cadence and speaking style irritates me no end, but it’s true.

Whoa and Wow   (5/5)

What an amazingly my dive into what’s really important. Thank you.

Embedded slows it down a little   (5/5)

Embedded is the perfect complement to the NPR Politics podcast; while NPR Politics has to cover current events as they happen—like water out of a firehose—Embedded digs deeper into the back story (the one we can’t remember because of the firehouse). Thanks, Kellie & Co.!

Must listen   (5/5)

Every season, every story: enthralling!

Show starts great, and ends politically   (1/5)

I really enjoyed the first season, it was interesting, informative, and about stories I would normally not see on a daily basis. I was really amped for season 2, and they dedicated it to bashing Trump... and now coal stories is getting political too. I liked this show because it was a break from the bash Trump rhetoric you hear everywhere... but no. MAJOR DISAPPOINTMENT!!! Going to unsubscribe now.

Great Podcast!   (5/5)

I listen to a bunch of podcasts, and this is my favorite. Great reporting and great editing.

Meh   (1/5)

The podcast had a promising start but has settled into a far left pseudo documentary podcast dedicated to Trump, Obama , and Hillary. Pass

Thoughtful and thought provoking journalism   (5/5)

The Embedded staff does an excellent job to provide in depth examination of controversial issues yet refrain from taking a side. Thank you so much! Please keep the stories coming.

One of the Best!   (5/5)

One of the best podcasts out there!

Excellence In Jounalism   (5/5)

This is what NPR journalists can do when free of time and format constraints. Each episode contains an immense amount background information and detail. You will learn more about a given subject here than from any other news source.

Love this podcast!   (5/5)

Love everything about it! You keep me interested from beginning to end. Narrators make you feel like you are listening in on a conversation even I can follow. This podcast is a “keeper”!

So well produced!   (5/5)

Even if you don’t agree with NPRs approach to political issues, there is no denying that their content is well produced, thought provoking, thorough and entertaining. Kelly McEvers is well-spoken, intelligent and the way she presents information just makes listening almost fun! Highly recommend this podcast!

Loved this podcast until...   (3/5)

I love this podcast it was really good, captivating and the stories were interesting. Now it's just another outlet reporting on Trump. Isn't there something else in this whole world we can talk about other than him? You know that's all he wants right?

Solid Production Value but Too political   (3/5)

I really liked he first season, but now the show has become too political. Solid production value though, I do think Kelly and crew do a good job creating the show.

Embedded   (4/5)

Great in-depth reporting on who is head of EPA——a man who sued EPA 14times!!!!! Facts we need to know!

Fantastic show   (5/5)

This is such an illuminating podcast. Highly recommend this to anyone wanting to better understand the Trump administration. And that shouldn’t that describe pretty much each and every citizen of our nation? Check it out!

Stop the Trump Madness   (3/5)

This used to be a great podcast. I don’t want to hear about Trump every week. This is exhausting. I can’t listen to it anymore. Please change the content and add some variety.

Where did you go?   (5/5)

I miss Embedded! Come back!

Very Detailed   (5/5)

Great podcast. Good, thorough reporting. Important content. Solid narrative on important events. Worth checking out.

NPR at its Best!   (5/5)

My wife and I love this podcast. We appreciate that it takes the time to go in depth on the background to stories and attempts to find and present a balanced view, at least acknowledging different perspectives. Can’t wait for the next season!

Amazing   (5/5)

Great reporting with a captivating host, just wish it was on more often!

A show with good narration and truth.   (5/5)

Thats all i have to say here.

Great podcast   (5/5)

Can’t get enough of this great podcast. Fascinating and sometimes difficult topics. Amazing in depth coverage. I love the drums.

Wonderful series and reporting   (5/5)

I have enjoyed Kelly’s international reporting on NPR and love hearing her every afternoon. This series highlights her superb interviewing skills - she is frank and empathetic. Truly a great podcast!

So infuriating and important   (5/5)

I love this deep dive into a subject and it’s compelling and fun.

Fascinating   (5/5)

Very compelling stuff

Addictive   (5/5)

I’m completely addicted! Stories I originally skipped, I’ve gone back for. Fantastic, in-depth coverage of so many topics.

Lacks diverse points of view   (1/5)

Too dogmatic

LOVED!   (5/5)

I really enjoyed all the in-depth stories about Trump, the Kushner family, Felix Sater and Trump SoHo. I can’t wait for the next episode!

Super heroes   (5/5)

... are real and reporting for embedded! I put off listening to the police shooting epsidoes because i thought they would be too depressing yet, they were actually really constructive and I'm glad I listened to them.

Kelly McEvers is quite the talent!   (5/5)

I’m sure it’s a team effort so thank you all. Keep up the deep dive into the issues & creating a narrative whole. Context is so important.

When will you update?   (5/5)

I’ve been waiting eagerly!!!

Fascinating   (5/5)

Great reporting!

Kelly McEvers is an AMAZING storyteller!   (5/5)

Kelly McEvers takes a deep dive into stories that the media has brushed over and she does a great job of painting vivid pictures with her words. Embedded is very informative, challenges your previous preconceptions, and is extremely engaging.

Stop with the crap!   (1/5)

This show started out in its first season as an absolute SMASH. I loved listening to it, and deeply anticipated what story would be next! When season 1 ended, I was eagerly awaiting season 2. A few months later, season 2 rolls around and it’s not even embedded anymore, it’s Trump stories every episode. It’s a bunch of crap. This opinion and review is not related to my political views, but rather just the sheer disappointment that they changed the entire landscape of the show because of the organizations political bias against Trump. No longer a listener until it changes.

The details. In order. Clearly explained.   (5/5)

Thank you! Finally, the Trump Saga Timeline explained clearly.

In depth reporting   (5/5)

I appreciate the research put into this podcast. Excellent!

Great, in-depth stories!   (5/5)

This is a great podcast to get stories that you don't get to hear anywhere else.

Love!!!!   (5/5)

Love your voice, tone! Informative . Love it! Please add MORE! ❤️

Loved it before this trump series   (3/5)

I loved the first episodes of embedded, because it went to different stories each time. I couldn’t wait for the next ones to come out and was hoping that it would be more of the same. Disappointed that embedded spent so much time investigating what the media is already wearing us out with day in and day out. The reason i liked your podcast was that it spent time on stories that weren’t in the forefront of the media for very long or maybe never.

MORE!   (5/5)

Thank you so much for this podcast its incredible insightful, detailed and incredibly well done- Keep it going! More more more! tt

Terrific   (4/5)

Well done! Great storytelling. Very intriguing.

Stop with the music Bells no less!   (2/5)

Very irritating music - way overdone. If you have something to say , say it. And the introduction, please spare me the teasers, just tell it once. Stop with the chummy inflection; you are a reporter, not my buddy. Finally, end of the intro, “We will tell you all of what might be obstruction, so that when you see something in the news about obstruction, you will know what it means (children)”. You are only reprising something we already know, so please get off the god seat. Overproduced- monotonic piano hammering, or beating drums, or gongs as words are spoken, how precious! Otherwise a good summary, just trying too hard to be.... what!

Boo Trump   (1/5)

I really am so tired of Trump. We get enough of him in the media. I loved embedded for the never talked about stories. Disappointed in this new season

Great reporting   (5/5)

The Trump and Russia stories were very interesting

First episode sounds like agitprop from the Resistance movement   (1/5)

I’m listening to this trying to imagine a breathlessly dramatic podcast from NPR bringing to life accusations from Clinton Cash or Obama’s America. This is bad. Really bad.

Used to be good   (1/5)

When I first started listening to this podcast it was so good and they have covered so many topics. But, now it’s just all about Trump, hey I don’t like him either but there are so many other topics that can be covered. I just think it’s time for a new subject...I here enough about this on the news...time to change it up

Awesome!   (5/5)

One of my favorites. I love NPR!

We Need More!   (5/5)

Every episode I've listened to leaves me wanting more. I have loved this since the beginning of the show, but the most recent episodes about Trump and Russia were particularly fascinating. There are just not enough of them!

Good show until they got overly political   (1/5)

I enjoyed this show until it got into the political topics. NPR obviously has an agenda with their coverage of the issues and this podcast is no exception. Sadly I don’t know if I can listen to the false representation of facts. Facts don’t care about your feelings.

It’s late   (5/5)

I did check my feed on Thursday! Where is it 😭

Deeper than the Headlines   (5/5)

This podcast provides invaluable background information that helps me better understand what I see in the news. It’s engaging and informative. Please keep it up.

Listen now   (5/5)

I can’t get enough of this podcast. Great investigating!

Excellent   (5/5)

I’ve listened to news, investigative, true crime podcast for many years. This is a good one , I’m happy to have heard about it. The production quality is excellent , fast moving , fun to listen to . I’m anxious for new episodes. Thank you .

Kelly puts the news in perspective   (5/5)

Kelly finds order -- though rarely sanity -- in our current political world. Being in the midst of near chaos is unsettling, but Kelly treats current events as if they were history, analyzing and ordering the events and implications in a non-hysterical continuum. When a new Embedded shows up in my feed, I always click "play next."

Addictive!   (5/5)

Great, intriguing and well done podcast. A must have

Looking forward to the next episode!   (5/5)

Really interesting podcast, with tons of research and information. The collusion podcast was great although I felt the Obstruction podcast to be a little boring, the host is great but it just didn't feel as exciting as the other one.

Essential Listening   (5/5)

If you care about what’s happening in our country, you need to listen to this podcast. Kelly McEvers and the team of NPR reporters use their journalistic expertise to deep-dive into the stories behind the headlines. This year’s series of “Trump Stories” is especially important-following the tangled web of this administration and the lies, crimes and cover-ups that could endanger our democracy. The team gives us the facts & invites all parties to weigh in (though generally, Trump administration partisans refuse to participate). Very educational and sobering!

Very good reporting   (5/5)

Great story telling by the NPR team, they do an amazing job of distilling down news into meaningful content. Thanks for making me smarter and more well informed!!

Informative and easy to listen to   (5/5)

While most political shows are biased, this show while trying to prove their point also considers the other side of the story and then has a rebuttal to put it down. The background music is nice to hear and doesn’t take away from the content. While I do not know a lot about politics, I definitely feel more involved just by listening in on a few shows and I understand what is being said as opposed to many shows which use bigger words and more sophisticated diction that would confuse, I assume, a large amount of people who should be more informed about what is actually going on in our own government.

True journalism   (5/5)

Show is filled with facts...a word that seems to be getting lots and lots of different definitions these days...such a relief to listen to a show that’s purely to inform...excellent work folks.

Deep and insightful   (5/5)

Embedded is the type of podcast that I want all journalism to be. It takes an issue that is confusing in current media and explains the back story and possible thinking that developed as the events took place. Love it!

This was a great podcast   (3/5)

This really was a great podcast until they made it about President Trump. We hear about Trump every day constantly we don’t need one more news show to dive into his presidency one more time.

Extremely Important Reporting   (5/5)

America needs this story to be told. Thank you!

This is just so good   (5/5)

I have been a fan since inception, and the latest 2 episodes demonstrates how thoroughly resereached and well told stories can make for highly addictive listening. Well done😊

Clear and succinct!   (5/5)

This is the podcast I give to my friends who don’t listen to every political bit of news every day and they need a clear, succinct picture of what’s going on. Great podcast, thanks!

Temporarily unavailable?   (3/5)

I have enjoyed the series, so this review pertains to a technical matter: a box pops up telling me audio is temporarily unavailable. This has been going on for over 24 hours. All my other podcasts run fine. Why is EMBD not working?

First two seasons are great   (2/5)

Listen to the first two seasons, they're pretty amazing. Third season jumps the shark.

Podtacular!!!   (5/5)

I consider this an essential pod in my line up, awesome reporting!! Thank you for doing what you do to help us understand this circus!

Awesome   (5/5)

I’m always waiting for the next episode. I learn and enjoy doing it. Thank You!

Always excited when a new episode comes out!   (5/5)

Very well done. Like FRONTLINE for podcasts but told to you by your friend Kelly M. :)

So intriguing I am always waiting for the next episode!   (5/5)

This is only a review of the trump series that I’ve listened to.... and it’s FANTASTIC. This series is so much more than just trump. It perfectly lays out all the people and events surrounding his life, candidacy, and presidency thus far. While we are inundated with all the tweets and random trump news from the day to day, this podcast helps to make sense of all the names and events that the media only briefly covers. FOR EVERYONE no matter what your political affiliation.

Fantastic pig cast!   (5/5)

This in depth reporting is some of the BEST news reporting I have heard. I recommend to all.

Unsubscribing   (1/5)

Before every episode was about Trump, this was one of my favorites. Miss the old show, it was fascinating. Unsubscribing.

Liberal news   (1/5)

If you would like a podcast that doesn’t worry about facts and just likes to tow the liberal line that’s all this is. If you are looking for something impartial you’ll have to keep looking

Advocate   (5/5)

Love this podcast! 5 star!!

Love!   (5/5)

The newest edition to my favorite podcasts i love how in-depth Kelly goes into these topics of interest. It really gives a much broader understanding of the happenings around us!

Welcome back!   (5/5)

Excellent first episode for the new season! Well executed all around.

Love the show!   (5/5)

I am new to the show and I’m loving the series on Trump. Gives a great window into things I didn’t know or understand. Kelly does us a great job presenting stories. Her voice inflection and timely pauses to let the moments sink in could make reading the phonebook interesting. Keep up the great work.

Public dollars to trash the President   (1/5)

You aholes should be ashamed. I can’t wait till your funding is stripped.

EMBEDDED   (5/5)

Kelly McEvers is an amazing journalist and I enjoy Embedded very much. Pls keep it coming!

1st rate and captivating journalism.   (5/5)

Love the sophisticated and in-depth reporting

More Trump?   (1/5)

The first season was great but I never really got into season two. Now we’re rehash the same mess that is the headline of every major fish wrap every day. I’m done. Unsubscribed.

Bad   (1/5)

My suggestion is to stop making audio lies npr , this is no t a suggestion.

My morning podcast   (5/5)

I’m not a morning person, but looking forward to listening to this podcast makes it much easier for me to crawl out of bed a little quicker. I love the production and depth of this podcast. Thanks NPR and Embedded for making my mornings better.

Great investigative journalism, but a tired subject.   (2/5)

I really loved the seasons they did on the opioid crisis and police shootings. This is the second season they are doing on Trump. The first one was interesting, but aren't there other important stories to tell? Especially considering that everyone is doing stories about Trump. It is hard to get excited for the new season.

5/5   (5/5)

Amazing show, incredibly done

Thank you   (5/5)

This is the podcast equivalent of must-see TV.

Turned into propaganda   (2/5)

used to enjoy this podcast but it’s turned into a hit job on Trump. Would prefer the podcast be about things I don’t hear about every day.

How About Both Sides   (4/5)

Great podcast. But would be much more credible if you ALSO go in depth and report accurately the origins of the Steele Dossier, the Clinton Email scandal, the meeting on the tarmac, the wrongdoings to Bernie Sanders. The majority of the country is tired of both sides only reporting information that benefits their side. Thx.

All!   (5/5)

This is such a full, interesting and well researched show. A delight

One of the all time best podcasts   (5/5)

Profession and thorough reporting. Even on the one or two where I don't expect to be interested in a topic, I still find the podcast really interesting. Excellent editing too.

Enough Trump bashing....   (1/5)

If you’re going to bash Trump, at least say that’s you’re idea of a podcast. Unsubscribed!

Podcast equivalent of a page-turner!   (5/5)

I listen to each episode in each series nearly immediately after it’s uploaded! Stellar journalism.

Wow   (2/5)

Beware of pain killers and medication. Keep it natural. I used to like it a lot. First episodes were amazing. I’m not enjoying the trump series at all. Very difficult to hear just complains.

Amazing storytellers   (5/5)

No one can tell a story like embedded.

Great Job   (5/5)

Totally hands down to Kelly Mc Evers and the rest of the Embedded team for new episode and past episode great in-depth reporting👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

Total fiction portraying itself as fact   (1/5)

This podcast is just a smear campaign against Trump. They could have at least sprinkled some fact in to make I believable.

Excellent!   (5/5)

This is one of my favorite NPR shows. I love the in-depth reporting without any “round-table” opinions. Embedded is what journalism is all about. Facts, not opinions.

We will never be able to say ‘we didn’t know.’   (5/5)

This podcast expertly lays out the case by identifying the actors, motives, and

Subscribe immediately!   (5/5)

Embedded has quickly become one of my favorite podcasts, to the point where I went back and listened to a bunch of old episodes after this past season was done. Kelly McEvers and her team do an incredible job; the journalism is impeccable and the storytelling is compelling. Each episode is riveting.

Dislike the new direction   (1/5)

This show was 6 stars the first season my favorite podcast. Now that they’ve gone full political I can’t do it. Everything in the media is already entirely political. Now this is just another political podcast

The 1st season great the rest not so much   (2/5)

The first season was great. I really liked all the unique stories. Then it became like every leftist news organization. A season on criminals killed by cops. It’s clear whose side NPR is on. Then a season bashing Trump and another bashing Trump.

Anything besides Trump   (1/5)

I loved season one of Embedded. This was such an excellent show which did great, in-depth reporting. Last season and apparently the new season are all about Trump? This is all we hear about on every single news outlet. Embedded - at least for the first season - was a badly needed space for fascinating, in-depth stories that don’t usually get the light of day… And now I don’t want to listen to it. PLEASE PLEASE have more diverse stories and you will regain at least one listener.

Series on Trump strong   (5/5)

Embedded always putting down thought-provoking audio. Thank you!

AMAZING work   (5/5)

this kind of long form journalism is so needed in our times. Thank you!

Unfortunate   (1/5)

Fairly pathetic. Just listened to the trump series.. I am all for Trunp being removed from office, but please stop trying to link a few unrelated facts to tell some pathetic unsubstantiated story. I have never listened to a group of journalists that has had to clarify “this is unsubstantiated” so many times. One particular moment of disgust, quoting this podcast - “contracts can be renegotiated or canceled.” You’d truly expect Trump to cut all business ties with that investment group, to cancel contracts, to layoff hundreds or thousands of workers because of a rumor that a man had ties with the mafia 40 years ago? And you continue to crucify a rehabilitated man because of a felony he committed 4 decades in the past? I can’t believe that NPR would potentially call for the suffering of thousands of families just so they could slander Trump with their unjust and hypocritical self righteousness. Truly saddened to see that NPR has allowed their organization to de-Evolve into a news media outlet that has to publish “make believe stories” based on hypothetical situations in order to gain readership. #jokeofapodcast #cancelingannualcontribution

Such a Great Pod!   (5/5)

I am looking forward to the next season of this show! Please post more episodes soon.

Great listen   (5/5)

Great investigative reporting that “goes deep”. Every episode is a gem! Please keep them coming!

Great stuff!   (5/5)

Love how deep every episode digs.

Fantastic reporting   (5/5)

Great research behind these stories.

Courageous casters   (5/5)

I love this show. I have learned so much about how it “feels” to be where these podcasters go. It adds such depth to their topics. Thank you for doing this.

More More More!!!!   (5/5)

Oh we like it, give us More, More, More!!!!

Extremely disappointed   (1/5)

The journalists are BIASED. Listen closely, it's clear.

Superb !!   (5/5)

One of my favorite podcast. Very informative and inspiring. Definitely a must listen.

I enjoy this podcast   (4/5)

There are some NPR podcast that voice their political views all the time and I get tire of the political bashing. This one sticks to the facts so I'm glad they aren't like "Ask Me Another" or "Wait Wait Don't Tell Me"

Binge Worthy   (5/5)

Always checking out podcasts. Listening for the ones to binge and follow. This is one. Great subject matter. Police video series, Trump, addiction, bikers. And my backyard, Wilkinsburg school and the shooting that shocked everyone and connected people. And I like Kelly McEvers voice. It's a thing that can keep me from listening.

More please!   (5/5)

More please!!!!

Question   (5/5)

When is the next episode?

I'm embedded!   (5/5)

Compelling stories and I love Kelly's voice!

Soooo well done!!   (5/5)

My only complaint is that I wish it was on every week!

Did not disappoint   (5/5)

I've loved every single episode and need more of this in my life. Embedded features powerful stories with incredibly detailed research. Very thorough and objective.

This reminds me of my dad.   (3/5)

He would blow in to town and everything would be great. Going to the park. Presents. Then one day he’d go to get cigarettes. No goodbye. We wouldn’t see him again for about a year. Then the cycle repeated.

Where are the rest of the episodes?   (5/5)

Love this season so far but wishing there were more episodes released!

Bamboozled by a Sexual Predator   (1/5)

The host doesn't seem to do her homework. She interviewed a serial groper and sexual predator, Bill Pruitt, about Trump. In the process, she allowed him to bamboozle her, positioning himself as a Boy Scout. Her recklessness has allowed another creep to continue ugly patterns of behavior that will place more people in jeopardy. Unprofessional.

Engrossing and thought-provoking   (5/5)

Just with they were longer...

One of the BEST   (5/5)

Guys, this podcast is awesome- when and what is next??? Killing me to wait...

The best podcast   (5/5)

Excellent podcast

Trump Kushner Story   (1/5)

What an anti semitic crap story. NPR should be embarrassed about producing this. Liberals are anti semitic idiots. They are the ones continuing Hitlers path. Not Trump. Obama hated the jewish people. Get your facts right. Im impressed with the Kushner family success and they have every right to it and to shower their children with a beautiful life. Jewish ppl did not come here as refugees after WWII anti semitic america didnt want them here either so there is no comparison to what Trump is doing. America did not welcome them with open arms they were just as hated and feared as muslims in modern day america.

Embedded   (5/5)

I love the reporting for Embedded.

Consistency Please   (4/5)

I love this show but much like Invisiblia I can’t get a steady flow of episodes. Give us the episodes.

informative   (5/5)

like long form NPR stories! Love it

Required   (5/5)

This should be required listening for everyone in the United States. Great investigative reporting, although it's not really making me feel better about who's in charge.

Great Podcast   (5/5)

I particularly loved all of the work on Trump. As someone who wasn’t alive and didn’t know much of his life prior to being our president, this podcast really helped me get some further context.

Where did you go!   (5/5)

Come back...we miss you!

Where did it go?   (5/5)

Haven’t seen a new episode in almost a month. It was very interesting while it was on.

Why?!   (1/5)

Someone please explain why NPR still takes my tax dollars and creates "content" like this?!

Love the show   (5/5)


Great Reporting   (5/5)

As a reporter, this inspires me to dig deeper. Super interesting perspectives.

Family time   (5/5)

Our family loves embedded. We have not met an embedded that we haven’t been able to share with our entire family from my 86-year-old father-in-law to my 23-year-old daughter

Embedded   (5/5)

Wow! The detail in the reporting is outstanding. I can’t wait to hear more. Keep ‘em coming.

The back story   (5/5)

Thus insightful program provides the listener with well researched background information to better understand current scandals and news worthy stories

Ruined   (1/5)

Show started out great with interesting stories then since the elections it just turned into a boring political podcast. Stopped listening because it stopped being interesting. Podcasting can be so much more than Donald trump....try it out ;)

Great podcast   (5/5)

Love how the stories are told. Like watching a documentary.

Wow   (5/5)

The Trump episodes were off-the-chart great. Thanks for doing those. Really shines a light on the people in power.

Really interesting deep dives   (4/5)

So far I've just listened to the Trump Stories season, but I've been really impressed with the information presented. I'll definitely keep listening!

Really good storytelling! Interesting topics.   (5/5)

Five stars!

My Tax Dollars Pay for Propaganda   (1/5)

Between ridiculous anti-Trump propaganda, and a hipster vowel-less abbreviation, this is a waste of time.

Top notch reporting   (5/5)

An example of great investigative reporting. Fact based and timely. Embedded makes you feel a part of the story

Interesting but extremely biased.   (3/5)

Not good journalism, highly partisan.

In depth   (5/5)

I loved the first season, which stayed a bit more true to the show's tagline - taking a story from the headlines and going deep. The episodes about the opiate crisis were especially effective. The 3rd season about Trump and his business history is interesting as well, but I'm a little exhausted by everything being Trump coverage these days... there are other news stories going on that could be fruitfully explored by Kelly McEvers

Love this podcast   (5/5)

I absolutely am in love with this show.

Love this series.   (5/5)

Articulately written and narrated with such worthy stories deserving a deeper look. Love the insight into these humans and their experiences behind the scenes...thought-provoking. More of these please!

Uhmmm, 5 stars   (5/5)

Since I get paid out of slush fund to give 5 star reviews to slanted, ultra liberal podcasts, I give this 5 stars. Whether it's truthful, or even good, is inmaterial. Got to keep those dollars rolling in.

Trump stories   (5/5)

I’ve enjoyed every episode....

One of my favorite Podcasts!   (5/5)

You won’t be disappointed

Great reporting   (5/5)

Great investigative reporting.

Used to be good   (1/5)

I used to like this podcast when it explored different topics. Now it is only ever "Trump Stories" why not just make a new podcast about Trump instead of ruining this one by changing it. Sad to unsubscribe, but I am annoyed by this. If I wanted to listen to a strictly political podcast I would have done so from the beginning.

Meh... another great investigative journalism show ruined by NPR’s personal politics.   (1/5)

Well done NPR. What was once a serious journalism show has devolved into a shameless anti-Trump hit piece full of weak attempts to associate the president with “the Russians” and shady convicts. Too bad. I really enjoyed previous seasons of embedded. Unsubscribe.

Much ado about nothing   (1/5)

Lots of eerie music when they speak in innuendos about hearsay. Overall disappointed!

This is great   (5/5)

The Trump Stories should have been it's own podcast.

Unsubscribe   (1/5)

There’s enough of Trump on the news, radio, and social media! I didn’t subscribe to your podcast a year ago to hear more political opinions. Get back to what you started with. It was much more interesting and original.

Phenomenal   (5/5)


Riveting listening   (5/5)

Such well-researched stories. Excellent story telling. Really enjoy this podcast. A real treat.

Outstanding reporting!   (5/5)

Such timely and insightful reporting. Regardless of where we lean on politics, good to know how the current president has managed his businesses and provide us with an idea into how he will run the country. Keep it up!

Wow   (5/5)

Love the Trump Series. SoHo took me six listens to comprehend. Not that I’m complaining as I LOVE this podcast. Have been listening since the start. Appreciated the heads up in the beginning that this one had lots of pieces and parts. Keep up the great work and thank you .

Lib Hit Piece on POTUS   (1/5)

A laundry list of allegations they wish they could word...UNSUBSCRIBE

NPR does it again, and these stories will MOVE YOU!!!   (5/5)

I’ve been catching up on Embedded after hearing about it on This American Life, and the topics they have researched, gone into, and explored have been AMAZING! Topics I never even knew were issues in our country and beyond, and also topics I thought I knew...but really didn’t. I highly recommend this podcast to anyone looking for moving, honest, and compassionate reporting about things we all should care about, even if we didn’t know until we listened!

Great   (5/5)

The Embedded staff rock!

Yeahhh   (5/5)

Great stuff!!

Character Assassination   (1/5)

Previous series of Embedded were awesome. This one on Trump is pure biased character assassination with reporter contempt unabashedly present in every innuendo. Assuming a meeting is because of a previous meeting and implying what went on in the meeting is yellow journalism at its best. I’m not a right wing Trump lover but I can see what the liberal media has become in the current Embedded. I wonder how President Kennedy would be portrayed here. His electioneering, womanizing and bad health seems to get swept under the rug. Why? Because he wasn’t all bad. Few people are. And it matters what part of a persons life one chooses to expose. Where is Walter Cronkite when you need him?

Great podcast   (5/5)

These are really well done pieces. Thank you and keep them coming!

Well nuanced, in-depth reporting without emotionally charged commentary   (5/5)

Listening to this well researched history provides insights and understanding of our current POTUS and the people around him. Very respectful, fact-finding reporting.

Season one and season three are great   (4/5)

I subscribe to the podcast for season one and season three. Season two was not something I enjoyed

Fantastic Audio   (5/5)

Some of the best reporting you can get. They do a great job.

Love it!   (5/5)

Great work!

Very well done   (5/5)

As the title says

Terrific Reporting   (5/5)

Embedded goes farther, digs deeper, and leaves me feeling that I have an appreciation for the bigger picture and the questions that should be asked to get somewhere near the unvarnished truth. Just wish they were able to provide this level of depth on more topics!

Love this podcast!   (5/5)

Informative & capivating. Love the work that this team has done both seasons

So interesting!   (5/5)

Every topic I’ve listened to on this podcast has been fantastic. I wasn’t excited to listen to the last few politically charged episodes but I even enjoyed those! WELL DONE PODCAST!

Sarcasm   (3/5)

Can the sarcasm in their voice be any stronger? This new season all anti-trump. I am not a trump fan, but sometimes the NPR podcasts are so to the Democratic Party that I fear I am not getting a comprehensive, both sided information. I love the NPR podcasts though and will continue listening, but gotta listen knowing that I'm getting only the opinion of one side.

Don’t Ever Stop!   (5/5)

I am a very recent listener to Embedded and while the stories are disturbing (trump, kushner and bannon), they are so important. They should be required listening to anyone who has ever even thought about voting. I also adore Up First. I can no longer imagine starting my day without it.

Insightful   (5/5)

Enjoying (?) learning about all the players and influences in our current administration’s orbit.

Excellent Reporting   (5/5)

This reporting is in depth enough for me to actually feel like I’ve learned more than additional sound bites.

Dig Deep   (5/5)

Love the journalism, the subject matters are very heartening at times. Great reporting. Love this podcast!!!

Good First Season   (3/5)

The first season of this show was awesome. It took an in-depth look at a wide range of issues and made it a point to show both sides as human. I learned a lot and it helped change my perspective on real-world issues. This season is quite a let-down. The team has chosen to focus on one subject, which is getting old fast. It also feels MUCH more one-sided, and feels like it's main goal is to unearth dirt on the Whitehouse team. It doesn't have the same impact as the first season, and really feels like a waste of resources.

Plot hole S2E4   (4/5)

Season 2 is quite compelling, but one thing has been under my skin all morning... the Jared Kushner episode skips over how he became entangled with Donald Trump. Nothing is said of Ivanka (her name doesn’t even appear in the episode), how she and Jared met, or what the Jared-DT relationship was like before 2015. The show makes it seem like Kushner was managing the 666 building one minute and working on Trump’s campaign the next. This “plot hole” is wildly distracting. Naturally, it leaves the listener wondering whether the Trumps were directly involved in the deals to save that building or whether Trump was relying on Kushner before he ran for president. I realize there is probably some legal reason why Ivanka isn’t mentioned in this episode, and I get that NPR doesn’t want to be a celebrity relationship tabloid, but the whole purpose of season 2 of Embedded is to deep dive into those closest to Trump. Why gloss over— actually, why completely ignore— this crucial element of Jared’s story?

Another smear attempt by a bunch of liberals   (1/5)

Another show by NPR liberals with the effort to skew reality into their distorted, fictitious, feminist and made up facts to push their “wish they were true” point of view. Another great example of why the federal government show quit funding NPR.

Excellent!   (5/5)

I look forward to every episode!

Thoughtfully and Thoroughly Done   (5/5)

Embedded is an outstanding news podcast. Kelly McEvers is careful to distinguish what she knows, hearsay and how trustworthy it is, and what she doesn't know. She distinguishes facts from her feelings. She and her team take personal risks by hanging out with Motorcycle Club members, going to El Salvador to report on gang violence, and so on. She doesn't dwell on the risks they are taking, but mentions it because it's part of the story. The promise is that they will pick and news story and go deep. That they do. What they also do is provide nuance and context so the listener can really understand the story.

Immature Garbage   (2/5)

Grow up and report on real things.

Superb Journalism   (5/5)

I've founded both Embedded seasons so far to be thoughtful and engrossing. Keep it up!

Wow   (5/5)

Love this show. So informative!

To humanize is not to normalize   (3/5)

This could be even better: I indeed want to know more about events shaping Trump's worldview. I don't support Trump, BUT a more curious approach to his world would be more interesting, playing less to my own confirmation bias. To be clear, I'm not saying you need to be "balanced": plenty of these characters have checkered pasts. But, the clear distaste for trump and his "cast of characters" seems to make opaque the huge value of this podcast: to help us make sense of the last two years. In short, to humanize is not to normalize.

Excellent!   (5/5)

I tell everyone about this podcast and look forward to each new episode!

Awesome podcast.   (5/5)

Loving the new podcasts and updates on past episodes. Can't wait for more! Update- My only complaint is that there aren't 500 more episodes. I would listen to Kelly McEvers interview a wall. Best NPR podcast by far!

Amazing reporting   (5/5)

I hear that embedded was going to start a series of episodes about Trump from another podcast I listen to (I think planet money). I had not been very interested in Embedded before, the episodes just weren’t what I wanted to listen to. But I have been listening to the new episodes and I’m blown away by how great and in-depth the reporting is for the Trump series, and it has made me a fan. It’s kind of like Radiolab, but for investigative journalism. I hope all the shows are as great as they have been recently! Definitely worth listening to!

Love it!   (5/5)

A very interesting deeper look into news stories we’ve all heard. The episodes aren't too long which is great!

Biased liberal clap trap   (1/5)

Facts don't care about your feelings. Try harder, your narrative is done. This is why we got TRUMP.

Great storytelling   (5/5)

Awesome job! Wish the shows came out a little more frequent 😬

Informative and Startling   (5/5)

Great show and well produced. Thanks for this.

Wonderful   (5/5)

This is a wonderful podcast. So thankful.

Captivating   (5/5)

I love this podcast. Every episode draws you in and keeps you wanting more. Well done!

Most "driveway moment" worthy podcast   (5/5)

I find myself over and over again waiting in my car an extra few minutes to hear a bit more of the Embedded stories. Absolutely riveting!

Disappointing   (1/5)

I am an avid listener of NPR and really enjoyed the last season of Embedded (Police Shootings). However, I could not be more disappointed in the current season (Trump Stories). I have listened to the first three episodes and am distressed at the apparent bias. I am not a fan of President Trump. I dislike both his personality and his politics. But even so, it troubles me that a show like Embedded would dig up dirt as eagerly as it does. I look to Embedded for quality journalism, but the current season is merely peddling politically motivated character attacks.


Great news narratives that give the important back stories to current events and political figures.

Insightful   (4/5)

I love documentaries and Embedded is an awesome alternative when driving in the car. I learned a lot about Trump business dealings its success and failures. Great Job!!!

Excellent   (5/5)

Excellent podcast. Please keep them coming

I thought I heard enough about Trump   (5/5)

Yet season 2 is amazingly insightful and helpful where, instead of contempt and disgust, I now understand some of the people around him a bit better and just feel bad for their limitations.

Exceptional!   (5/5)

Let this program transport you.

Sniffling   (5/5)

I actually really like this podcast so far but Kelly should blow her nose before recording her diary notes.

Compelling coverage of Trump!   (5/5)


Very informative and well produced   (5/5)

I really enjoy the in depth reporting and quality production of this podcast.

Fine reporting   (5/5)

Glad someone is putting all the puzzle pieces together.

Fantastic Podcast   (5/5)

This is one of my favorite podcasts. Fantastic reporting - thougtful and compelling.

Love this podcast!   (5/5)

The podcasts on police shootings were great.... because I learned more than what MSM put out there. The podcasts so far on Trump and his associates are provocative and sometimes shocking in ways you do not expect! This is the kind of journalism and storytelling...truth...I would like to see and hear more of. 6 Stars really, but I can am limited by iTunes at 5 Stars!

Sharp departure from the first season   (2/5)

Return to your roots!

Amazing podcast!   (5/5)

One of my favorites

Always great and interesting   (5/5)

This podcast is always intriguing and educates me on issues I may not otherwise pay attention to.

So good!   (3/5)

This podcast is amazing. I highly recommend.

Wasted a Great Concept and Lost Credibility   (1/5)

The first season is very good. It provided in-depth, unique, and necessary reporting. The second season, about Trump, is superficial and ordinary. It’s the same topic as the rest of NPR, with less insight. Don’t waste your time.

Lost vision   (2/5)

Should change title to Late Reporting

Love, love, love this podcast   (5/5)

I have binge listened and have thoroughly enjoyed every single episode. I am thrilled to have found this podcast.

Oh yea   (5/5)

Love love love this show! You guys are killing it👊🏼

Awesome but open ended   (3/5)

Loving the podcast and learning a ton. But just listened to the "arctic" episode on suicide in Greenland. Got through the whole thing and there was no "why". They dug into the story, but offered no closure or real value-added analysis. Found myself just really curious why suicide rates in Greenland are so high, without any real closure. Not sure if that's just the nature of the show or what. Just found myself with a bunch of new questions.

This is what I want from news   (5/5)

In depth reporting and hearing from all sides of the story. Embedded leaves me eager for the next episode.

Fabulous   (5/5)

Kelly- You and your team are the best! Thank you

Explicit Language   (1/5)

5 f-bombs in like 5 seconds during the Steve Bannon episode. Poor taste.

Good reporting   (3/5)

Tends to lean to far in one political direction. I would wish they could be less biased as they are great reporters and story tellers.

A New Favorite Podcast   (5/5)

I discovered this podcast two days ago at work and I’ve already listened to every episode. Thoroughly interesting and addicting, can’t wait for more!

Very interesting   (5/5)

Unique approach to analyze the current president’s track record and those around him.

Love your style of reporting   (5/5)

Thanks for keeping us involved in hard to gain perspectives.

Great Series   (5/5)

This series is very well put together!! Topics couldn’t be more relevant.

Mesmerizing   (5/5)

Some of the best and thorough journalistic storytelling I been exposed to...maybe ever. I believe I’m hearing all sides. And it lets the listener draw my own conclusions. The series on cop shootings really make you contemplate all points of view. I hope Trump series continues to develop as well. The production is so GOOD, it’s transparent. Bravo. Thanks for such a great experience

One of my all time favorite podcasts   (5/5)

Compelling and comprehensive journalism going deep into issues that no matter whether I think the subject is interesting prior to listening I come away with a greater appreciation for the topic and the people involved. Every episode manages to pique my curiosity and interest. I love it.

meh   (1/5)

i guess i don t see the point of the show. a great friend of mine really recommended it and i tried 3 shows. i made it through them all but was seriously underwhelmed. i don t feel like i learned anything and it wasn t entertaining either. actually even frustrating at times, like most npr programming it felt like an attempt at a warm fuzzy blanket to get me to feel better. still not sure what the point of the show is...

EMBD   (5/5)

Loved the golf club episode. Thank you!

Good start on Trump   (5/5)

The first two episodes are well done. I wanted the man who was talking about the bad things Trump said behind the scenes at The Apprentice to be a lot more specific. I guess that part got cut out of this segment. For future segments I am looking for a discussion of money laundering done by Trump as detailed in The NY Times. It's sure to be one hot topic for the Mueller investigation but I'm sure you can tell the story more effectively for us non-lawyers.

For liberals only?   (3/5)

If you want anyone to be evil it’s easy to paint them in that light. Objective editorials would let their listeners make up their own minds. This tries to persuade the listener towards the authors views. Very disappointing.

Well Done   (4/5)

First exposure to a couple of episodes in October 2017 and found the topics timely and insightful. I'm a fan. While enjoying NPR's flare for superior production value, the candor, reference sources and fair-minded consideration combine to deliver a much higher than average reporting platform. Looking forward to more equally elevating stories. Well done, kids. Well done.

You're 2 years late   (3/5)

Very disappointed that this season features ANOTHER in depth look at Trump. This is at least a year late and maybe two. Your time would have been better spent looking into opioids, Syria, Israel/Palestine, North Korea, the NRA...

A-Must-Hear!!   (5/5)

Can’t wait for more. Excellent narrative and affirms sense of insanity that we are now experiencing on daily basis from DJT.

Fantastic stories, so well told   (5/5)

Smart and sharp stories are valuable in themselves. When they are delivered in the endlessly fascinating voice and style of Kelly McEvers, they are priceless. Great podcast!

The Golf Course   (5/5)

I have a knot in my stomach after listening. Knowing how well you Research and fact check it is even more disturbing than ever to think of how lawless he is, his lack of regard for anyone or anything. He is our Berlisconi. Can our democracy survive even a couple of years with this man?

One episode. Hooked.   (5/5)

In depth and compassionate and informative.

Trump   (5/5)

Geez, what a loser. Thanks, enjoyed hearing the down and dirty. Great job.

So compelling   (5/5)

This is great work. Interesting stories told really well.

Nah   (1/5)

All these 5 star ratings are from before this $&@? aired. Like, what?

Oh my goodness   (5/5)

Wow. I have been listening to podcasts endlessly for years. THIS is the podcast of podcasts. I have not heard anything that compares. Well done!

Another great show!!   (5/5)


Sadly biased...   (2/5)

First season was good. Second season is a joke. Not sure why I still listen to it... Probably not for long.

Trump Stories   (5/5)

Thanks for this excellent investigative reporting. I wish more people could have heard stories like these before the election. Maybe they would have made a different choice. Sadly too many in this country spend their time watching reality tv shows like the Apprentice rather than listening or watching informative shows on PBS and NPR.

Thank you   (5/5)

Why do only people who understand this President is a bully listen, this is so Mr. President! I saw it long before he was elected. He I a bully who uses anything to get his way, the flag example is right on. Can’t wait for more.

Love the new shows on Trump!   (5/5)

Great storytelling and I look forward to new episodes! I can’t get enough!

Excellent journalism   (5/5)

Interesting informative and well crafted.

Kelly’s “voice fry” is unbearable   (1/5)

Great reporting but Kelly’s voice fry is unbearably distracting. No doubt female reporters are too often subjected to unfair critique and bias. However, if a male reporter utilized this speaking style I would 100% feel the same way. I just don’t understand why she chooses to speak this way, particularly at the end of almost every single sentence, but it is unbearable.

Really enjoy it.   (5/5)

I like the pace of this podcast. It tells stories thoughtfully, but it’s definitely compelling and I’m eager to hear more.

Great deep dive!   (5/5)

Well researched and delivered. Thank you for the great work and keep it up!

Kelly McEvers is crazy!   (5/5)

Very in depth and fantastic reporting by Kelly McEvers. She goes to so many crazy places and gets the inside scoop. Very interesting content. A must listen. I must say the new season is a much different tone and less daring but still interesting.

Trump bashing   (1/5)

Obviously no regard for the half of this country that support our president. I would love to hear the same stories about the Clintons. However, I highly doubt that would ever be done The far left at its worst

Love the in depth reporting   (5/5)

Starting strong with a fantastic new season of smart and thoughtful reporting.

Listener from the Beginning   (2/5)

I've listened to "Embedded" since the beginning. I have loved the podcast and recommended to several friends. I'm excited for this new season, but want to make sure all listeners are aware that this is not just pure journalism. It seems to be a liberal leaning (let's be honest, more than leaning) propaganda podcast. I'll still listen, but I also smart enough to recognize your agenda, Kelly:)

Expedient Topics, Expertly Crafted, Gem of a Pod   (5/5)

McEvers and crew have put together a great podcast! The topics are relevant and intriging. There is a personal and resepctful nature to how the subjects are treated. This is what journalism is supposed to be and do. Thank you for making this happen, NPR.

Just a liberal bias hit piece   (1/5)

I have no problem with hit pieces but to think that just Republicans are bad, is just plain naive, stupid and actually corrupt. 8 years of Obama's incompetence & corruption and the media just looks away and even worse, praises him. The job of a free press is to keep EVERYONE in power honest, not just the ones you don't like. Your suppose to be Journalist not Activists.

Poor Narration   (1/5)

I was eager to hear the recent story about Trump/Apprentice. Sadly I had to stop it after a few minutes due to the exceedingly annoying Valley Girl, growly, tone of the narrator. It overpowered anything she had to say that might have been of interest.

Another Trump-bashing podcast…   (1/5)

How original, another Trump-bashing podcast. It’s disappointing, even if it is expected at this point. I’ve been a subscriber of Embedded since the first episode and I’m sure I’m not the only one they’ll lose. Sad thing is that I’m not even a Trump fan, just sick of listening to the 24/7 hate that apparently passes for “news” in America now.

Very informative and interesting   (5/5)

Love the show- I keep wishing more of this information came out before the election, but I'm glad Kelly is digging into this now.

Unsubscribed   (1/5)

Of all the topics to cover in the new season they choose Trump?! As if we don’t hear enough about this man. I’ll pass on NPR’s nuanced coverage of the soulless piece of garbage that is the US president.

Can't get enough!!   (5/5)

I've been subscribed so I was pleasantly surprised when I heard Embedded come on this morning. I didn't want it to end!! I can't wait for the next episode!