Aggregated reviews for Every Little Thing

Who invented pants? How did ‘pink for girls’ and ‘blue for boys’ happen? What do dogs say when they bark? ELT is here to answer your burning questions. If you have a question that needs answering, call the ELT Help Line at 833-RING-ELT or send an audio message to Every Little Thing is produced by Gimlet Media and hosted by Flora Lichtman.

Funny and informative (5/5)

One of my favorite shows. It’s funny, interesting and informative. (Though, why do so many of the callers sound high? Hmmm…) In all seriousness, though, it’s really a delightful show and has me chucking and learning every week.

Conversational and Thought Provoking (5/5)

I love the conversational nature of this podcast. Flora is delightful to listen too. I also like that this podcast is a little shorter than most others. The topics are refreshing and I have enjoyed all of them so far. Thanks for the great work!

Helps encourage curiosity (5/5)

I love how this show explores things that are unexpected, and end up being unexpectedly interesting. It also helps to go back to something everyone knows about and find a detail that everyone does not know about—that's awesome. Flora is a fun host, the show is impecabbly produced and edited, and it also has a very collaborative team working on the show too, which is nice to hear throughout the show and in the credits.

Binge listening (5/5)

I hate that I am just finding out about this podcast but I will enjoying “binge listening” to all those that I’ve missed. So informative and geeky in such a fun amazing way. I’ve already shared it twice!

Flora is my hero. (5/5)

I love the randomness of this podcast. I learn so much about things I didn’t know I needed or wanted to know. Flora is amazing with her delivery and is so easy to listen to. I’m a fan for life.

Great!! (5/5)

This is one of my fav nonfiction podcasts. It's funny and entertaining and also informative! After listening to an episode I'm always telling my friends and family about the fun facts I learn and they're always AMAZED (like the fact that camels used to be ARCTIC animals, how stamps are chosen, the history of pants, the history of utensils, etc). I always look forward to listening to new episodes!

Elt (5/5)

Elt is awesome me and my mom and one of my brothers love it you should really listen to it it will probably tell you stuff you never knew before!!! So I think you should listen to it right now

Pulsing behind ads drives me crazy (2/5)

Please use something else or do away with it altogether.

I’m very upset right now because I binge listened and now I’m out of episodes (5/5)

I love this podcast so much. I was a dedicated serial crime podcast listener before I discovered Every Little Thing. I desperately needed to stop listening to crime podcasts because I was carrying around my taser and constantly worried there was someone hiding in the backseat of my car ready to strike at any given moment, so thank you ELT for not only entertaining/educating me daily, but also likely salvaging my sanity. This podcast is hilarious and interesting, always. I frequently drop fun facts on unsuspecting strangers now because everyone is a fact buddy if you try hard enough. Now far too many of my classmates have learned more than they wish to about flamingos and they have ELT to thank. Flora is a phenomenal, very relatable host that keeps me cracking up at all times. Please don’t stop making episodes because I fear I will lose the ability to start conversations without fun facts to drop now. ELT has crippled me socially, but I have zero regrets.

Every little thing (5/5)

LOVE this show! Interesting, funny, and entertaining.

Worst vocal fry ever (3/5)

The stories are usually entertaining and Flora seems like a fun person, but her constant vocal fry is the worst I’ve heard. It’s so very irritating that it’s hard to enjoy the content of the show because the delivery is so grating! Please, whoever is Flora’s boss, send her to a class in which she can learn to let out the beautiful voice that I can tell is trapped under all that fry, so I can change my review to five stars!

Better than Stuff You Should Know (5/5)

ELT makes learning new things fun and engaging. 10/10 recommend.

They’ve run out of good ideas (1/5)

Series started out with a number of interesting topics but for the last several months it’s been one who care’s topic after another. Seriously, origins of the limbo, nail polish color names, how old is Winnie the Pooh in the stories were among the lowlights . Not that every episode has to be a treatise on the trade war with China or the impeachment hearings, but NOTE TO EDITORS - just because something is not widely known and your staff can find out the info, doesn’t necessarily make it interesting. To paraphrase from Jeff Goldblum’s character from a Jurassic Park - you seem to be more focused on whether you could. create these inane boring podcasts, and never thought about whether you should

A Podcast to answer all your weirdest wondering (5/5)

I didn’t even know I wanted to know the answers to most of the questions ELT ask. I am now completely intolerable when anyone mentions anything even slightly related: - flamingos - TSA - Sleep habits Def will be leaving some questions on the help line!

Great podcast! (5/5)

Love your humor!!! Love this show! Topics are awesome!

I LOVE THIS SHOW!!!!!!!!!! (5/5)

The show is good and I listen to it ever day

Fun and light with a little bit of knowledge (5/5)

Give this podcast a try. Great for a short drive..pretty much any age can listen to this podcast. Wish I had a interesting question to ask.

I really love this one! (5/5)

Flora is just too cute, and this show is just way too informative to miss!

Keeps me smiling! (5/5)

I’m addicted to real crime podcasts, which this is not. What a comic relief with some super not needed knowledge about stuff we all overlook. I love Flora’s sense of humor and truly enjoy this podcast. I wish the numerous adds could be as humorous (except the New Mexico ads, they are funny!). Keep it up (Also, I’ve started with the 2017 podcasts, so I hope they are still making this one....suppose I shoulda looked into that!! 🤦🏼‍♀️)

This is a great show (4/5)

Great show. Interesting topics. However, this last episode with the dude crying when finding out what song he’d been singing for years was just ridiculous. Like, grow up man it’s a song about a breakup and you’re crying on a podcast. Ugh. Gross.

She funny (5/5)

The show has yet to leave me un-fascinated & the caller reactions are gold... & again she funny

Hilarious (5/5)

Flora cracks me up - and I love learning about all these random topics. Production is excellent, Gimlet is the best.

Funny podcast (5/5)

I love the host.

This podcast is my soulmate (5/5)

My friends take advantage of me because they know if they ask me a question I will find the answer. Saves them from having to do the research themselves. So when I stumbled across this podcast, I knew I met a kindred spirit. I love it so much! And now when people ask me to research something weird or obscure, I tell them to listen to Every Little Thing.

So Interesting! (5/5)

A fascinating behind-the-scenes look at things you may have wondered about, or may have taken for granted.

Fun and light! (5/5)

I listen to this whenever I need a little silliness in my life. I love the tongue-in-cheek humor and always learn a lot!

Oddly enjoyable, interesting facts to know (5/5)

I listen to this podcast while Im falling asleep, it can be really interesting if you find a topic youre familiar with and just oddly satifisying to know more about it.

Too many ads (1/5)

The ads to content ratio is really bad.

Eh. (2/5)

Seemed right up my alley; I was interested, even eager to give it a go. It’s cheerful and personable enough. But it just feels so... slow? Like the same segues and ‘funny’ little reference points just get beaten to death and the unnatural ‘conversations ‘ are so fraught with digressions.. Feels a bit more like an opportunity to hear ones self talk than a realistic dialogue. Basically, episodes could be condensed in half and lose nothing of value.

Best Fun Educational Funny Podcast (5/5)

I completely share Every Little Thing’s curiosity for understanding and learning about our world. Love Flora’s sense humor and punability! (I’d love it if no one else has thought of that word and I get credit for originating it - but it’s very likely that Flora and her colleagues have used it for years!). Keep up the awesome interesting down-to-earth caring level-headed adventurous show!!! Love it!

Love but too many ads (4/5)

I wish there was more content than ads. I listened to an entire car ad thinking it was the show. It’s annoying.

The best! (5/5)

So funny and smart! Love this so much!

Such a fun podcast (5/5)

Life’s minutiae examined through fun interviews

No such thing as a dumb question! (5/5)

I love this. So informative. What I love most is that these are answers to some questions were too embarrassed to ask for fear of sounding stupid! Someone Flora makes me feel better about not knowing the answers!

Lame (1/5)

Total waste of time.

I don’t give a fork (5/5)

I’m just here for Floras tinely puns TBH

Flora's Adorable and this Show is Super Interesting (5/5)

This show runs the gamut on what they research and report on but it's always informative and interesting and fun to listen to. The episodes aren't very long, either, so you won't get burned out after listening to just one. I've listened to all of them. Highly recommend.

Great show! (5/5)

Informative, fun, excellent host. Learning about things you never knew you wanted to know more about.

Best podcast (5/5)

“This podcast is one of the best podcasts I’ve ever listened to.” -Me

The best (5/5)

I loved it

Love Flora! (5/5)

Flora is such a clever, talented podcast host. Her delivery is spot on—witty without being snarky. It’s such a fun diversion from all the political discussions in so many podcasts. I can’t get enough of this show!

Great, but... (4/5)

The podcast itself is great. It’s interesting, funny and Flora is an awesome host. However, the amount of ads and the length of the breaks are frustrating. I get that Gimlet needs to pay the bills but it’s getting ridiculous. The podcast needs to be longer or the ads need to be shorter.

Good podcast, bad language (3/5)

I love this show and all, but they can use some bad words. 🤬🤬🤬

Good stuff (4/5)

Great for anyone who loves learning. It has a fantastic energy and really fascinating experts.

Funniest one yet (5/5)

This is my new favorite episode of ELT. Laughing so hard walking my dog I’m scaring the neighbors. Well done!

Fascinating, funny and sometimes a little gross (5/5)

I remember listening to Flora on science Friday a while back. She has come a long way. Aside from all of the fascination discoveries, I love how interactive the show is and that I can share it with my 10 y/o, who just loves it.

Fun (5/5)

This podcast has some great content lots of things you always wanted to know

4 star (4/5)

Great, education, interesting podcast, but there are sooooooo many ads for such a SHORT episode length.

Tooth Worms and Tooth Pullers (5/5)

Informative and entertaining expose of ancient history to modern day dentistry. Very relieved to know the practice has come so far and we are the benefactors of painless tooth care.

Good up to a point (3/5)

This podcast is interesting for the most part. Some topics don’t interest me but that’s the way it goes. I can’t help but notice that this is basically just mystery show with a different host.

Love this podcast!! (5/5)

I love learning fun facts about the most random things, and finding out things I didn’t give a second thought to actually have an interesting story behind them. Each week is a deep dive into a new subject and I always learn something new.

Not good for anyone (1/5)

I am a new listener and love your show - just not this one. The content shows lack of thought, creativity and does no good for anyone to hear. We hear / see enough gangster jib talk everywhere- everyday and hope you stay away from this crap and get back to doing interesting things again.

I’ve learned so many little things! (5/5)

I love this podcast. It’s funny and informative- two of my favorite things- and Flora is ridiculously likeable. I get so excited when I see a new episode pop up. If you’re a person who is curious about the world, listen to this podcast!

Every episode delightful (5/5)

My favorite kind of ephemera, delivered by a host who I must admit I think I have a nerd crush on.

Inappropriate Swearing (3/5)

Swearing is not using words of power but demonstrate a lack of imagination which previously I thought this program had a lot of. Decisions have consequences and Flora you have lost a subscriber.

Brilliant (5/5)

This pod is brilliant and always makes me laugh. Pooh bear episode was my favorite.

Interesting & educational (5/5)

Who doesn’t love to learn little bits of awesome info? Informative, entertaining, goofy, totally fun to listen to. Love it.

Hey slow it down (5/5)

You obviously 🙄 have the settings on speed 😒😑

Slow it down! (4/5)

Ok I love the topics... love the format... BUT, why the super speed talking? It’s very annoying. I’m listening to pink and blue show & love it, but the speed up talk is not working for me. Can we talk human speed not super human speed? ❤️ love you!

She’s so cute and funny! (5/5)

I love it, I wait to listen to it when I know I can give it my full attention. The most interesting podcast ever.

Quirky awesomeness! (5/5)

ELT is a must listen! It is a quirky, interesting, witty, funny and a fascinating listen! I can’t wait for the next episode and I am listening to all the past shows, too. Thank you Flora and all the ETL folks... keep up the good, fun work!

So good. (5/5)

I am always learning something new and laughing out loud. Great podcast

Great Concept (4/5)

Every Little Thing researches the origins of cultural norms and it's history. Perhaps I caught the wrong episodes, but the hosts tends to be a little snarky if the content doesn't align with some current day beliefs. I strongly suggest that the journalist take in to consideration the historical context, beliefs, and norms.

I Really Dig This Podcast (5/5)

I was straight up look for a change as I love Murder podcasts but if you listen to them for too long, it darkens your mood. This is the perfect podcast to help balance the mood. It’s light, it’s interesting, it’s funny. I am now going back to binging the older episodes.

Always informative and fun (5/5)

I love listening to these and adding some random information to my database. Even if it’s over something I’ve never wondered about, I can hardly wait to listen!

A fun podcast (5/5)

ELT is light hearted fun and proves there is no end to rabbit hole.

OY!! (5/5)

Fun and informative!

Well done (5/5)

Flora’s dry wit makes it.

Interesting! (5/5)

Very easy listen and extremely interesting.

So easy to listen to and so much fun! (5/5)

One review said that this podcast is “too millennial “. I’m 71 and this podcast has rapidly become my favorite. I have always had questions about things and I am so grateful to have lived long enough to see the invention of the search engine. This is even better! Great content and writing and delightful interviews!

Too millennial (3/5)

Everyone on this show is a 30 something and you can tell. Otherwise interesting.

Where is the rest of the office plant episode (3/5)

Used in your ad!?

Vocal fry (1/5)

Classic Gimlet vocal fry bonanza. She does it more than Alex Blumberg.

i could listen forever! (5/5)

i love this podcast so much that i’ve listened to every episode and now i’m sad!!! i ALWAYS think of random questions and when i discovered a podcast that answered those questions PLUS MORE??????!!! it’s amazing! this team does amazing work KEEP DOING WHAT YOURE DOING I APPRECIATE YOU GUYS!!!!

So much fun!!! (5/5)

I love this podcast.. It is so much fun to listen to , and very informative on the puzzling questions I tend to have. I listen to a few other Gimlet productions, and love them all. I like the approach to the subject, with background research and experts giving their opinion as well. You all do a great job, keep up the great work!!

Great Listen! (5/5)

I love knowing random facts, and I don’t need over and hour long podcast to be informed about the origins of the vacuum cleaner, so the time format is perfect! I don’t mind ads at all, but when listening consecutively I have found I have to skip the ads because they never change and they’re annoying when repetitive. Even a change in script for the same product of the ads would be nice. My other critique is the credits and hotline reader. I’m sure the guy can’t help his monotone voice but honestly it’s annoying too. The content of the show is great, I wish they could just tweak these two minor things.

Episodes need more focus (4/5)

Great content, but it’d be much better if these episodes each only explore one topic. I selected an episode and it was 15 mins before it reached the actual topic in the title bc it explored all these other random things.

Great podcast (5/5)

This podcast is great, I look forward to listening to a new episode every week and I learn something new every episode. Keep up the good work!

Worth your time- every episode amazing!! (5/5)

I listen to a ton of podcasts and truly look forward to this every week. I constantly find myself talking to people about the topics covered and even send my brother episodes to listen to with his kids. Can not recommend enough!!

OMG SO COOL!! (5/5)

Your episodes are so fascinating and funny! Especially the beginning of “Stamps.”I listen to your episodes every morning and every night! Thanks for doing these things! Bye-Bye!

Pretty Lit (5/5)


Pretty good (4/5)

Flora is annoying af but it’s really well produced and the topics are interesting.

Yes I am. (5/5)

Hey krezy Jorge. Yes I’m doing it. I’m listening to ELT. I want to keep my tires😛🥳🤗

Thm (1/5)

I have my friends 👫

The Nitti gritty of all things! (5/5)

Love it!

Probs my favorite (5/5)

I only wish I had some interesting question to call in about. Best podcast I subscribe to.

Great podcast! (5/5)

I listen to podcasts every day, and this one is my guilty pleasure. It’s funny and charming and I always learn something new.

ELT Auctioneers (5/5)

Great episode. Fun and Entertaining. Give it a listen.

Excellent (5/5)

Listen for yourself. This is one of my top 5 all-time podcasts due to the host, the production, and the quirky topics and guests.

Completely addictive (5/5)

If you want a high level entertainment, here’s your shot! I’m completely addicted to the show!

Fun filled facts (5/5)

Entertaining show where you actually learn stuff

Don't Download the TSA Episode. It will crash your podcast player (1/5)

I loved this show, right up until today when they decided to put some stupid alligator symbol (or whatever that was supposed to be) in the filename and metadata of this latest episode on the TSA Treasure Chest. Podcast Addict on my phone has now completely failed because of that file, all because they thought it would be funny to put some little symbol in there. What were they trying to prove?! I have FINALLY figured out how to play podcasts on my phone again, but because of this show, now I can never use that folder, ever again. Don't make the same mistake I did. Do not ever download files that put little icons in their names.

Curious, funny stories with great delivery (5/5)

These women are just fun to hang out with as audio commute / work out buddies. Your interesting stories, "fact buddy" sessions and fun atmosphere have gotten me through many an hour of tedium. Thanks!

Delightful break from tedium (5/5)

This is my go to podcast when I need a delightful break! Well produced and wonderful facts.

Perfect length, and curiosity.... and then some! (5/5)

I love the flow of this show! The length is just right for my attention span, and even if I pause it for a few days, it’s easy to jump right back in. Flora is delightful to listen to and all the interviews weave really well into the narration. This is my go-to podcast for road trips with friends. In addition to the episode length being right, the only prerequisite is being interested in learning cool things. And every episode inevitably sends us down additional fun and interesting rabbit holes from asking more questions! (And as I wrote that last bit I realized... is that why the logo has a rabbit coming out of a hole?!)

I wish these were longer (4/5)

I love listening to various topics while doing chores and wish they were longer. So good!

SOOO many commericals! (1/5)

This show has 10 minutes of content and 20 minutes of commericals! I unsubscribed after a couple episodes because its so annoying to fast forward every two minutes. Not worth it.

Love it (5/5)

Great host and interesting questions

Has potential (1/5)

The shows selects quirky research topics. The research itself is medicore at times and can be improved. I am specifically writing to comment on one of the guest hosts: Josh Gondleman (Episode: Garbage bag). His banal and trite comments made the episode unbearable. He struggled to poke fun at every comment made by the primary host and the guests interviewed. I had to stop listening because of his absolutely ridiculous commentary. He spoke as if he was a 16 year old and used "like" in every other word. Painful to listen to. I find it amusing that he works for Last week tonight which is a pretty respectable late night comedy show. It should be clear that everything need not be funny and every sentence leaving your mouth should not attempt to climb new heights of ridiculousness. It is perfectly okay to make ordinary comments occasionally and let the conversation move forward.

Changing review... (3/5)

So, the show has really disintegrated. I don’t like that it has become merely conversational responses to questions. I liked the early episodes best. I miss them. I also miss the keyhole logo.

So many ads (3/5)

Used to like but it’s soooo many ads now back to back. Find higher paying ads so you can do fewer!!

Trash bag episode is the best yet! (5/5)

Love this podcast, all the episodes are great but this trash bag one from 12/3/18 is amazing! Everyone should hear this. It’s so weird & wonderful!

Love this (5/5)

Just started listening and I can’t stop. Love the production and the feeling of the show. Its silly, but serious. Idk. Plus I love the stories. About to binge listen to everything.

So fun and so informative (5/5)

The sense of humor on this show is so real, punny and nerdy and goofy. I enjoy it immensely and always get a new fact to tell at happy hours.

Love (5/5)

I love this podcast and how they are short little bites of useless knowledge.

Keeps me on my toes (5/5)

Thank you for answering all these little questions of life. It helps take away from the more heavy topics of the world!

This is one of the best! (5/5)

Great job! The host is very pleasant to listen to.

Smug host (1/5)

She thinks she’s super cool with her lame phrases and tired vocal fry. Like nails on a chalkboard listening to her

Gloriously, delightfully weird (5/5)

This podcast is gloriously weird ear candy. The host is delightful, the podcast itself is well produced. The topics are off the wall and the content is well-researched. Give it a listen—you will learn all about things you never knew you wanted and needed to know!

Facts on Facts on Facts (5/5)

Never before have I gone so far into the backlog for a podcast, but I think I’ve found my new favorite. This show has it all: drama, suspense, an elaborate plot, and tons of cool facts about stuff! (Okay, I don’t think the first three things are actually true, but they do build up well to mentioning all of the cool facts, which are really cool!) The host is really witty and always keeps the conversation going well, and her guests are always interesting people. This is basically the perfect formula for a podcast, because it can go on indefinitely (or at least until the world runs out of mysteries) and there’s always something new and interesting. If you’re a trivia person, or you just like knowing things about wombat butts, I highly recommend this one.

Gimlet ads ruin it (1/5)

This show is wonderful, and the crew are great, especially Flora. What absolutely ruins it is that Gimlet runs back to back ads for the SAME other show. I don’t care about Magic Hands. I care even less the second time I hear about her within 30 seconds. I outright hate it after hearing it five times in 20 minutes.

Surprisingly bad (2/5)


Flora & Fact Fan (5/5)

This is my favorite podcast. Flora and her guests are charming and funny, and the fact nuggets are strange and satisfying.

A new binge-fav (5/5)

This show is so good. I’ve listened to every episode in a couple of days. Flora has a great sense of humor and insatiable curiosity- making this podcast the perfect companion when I’m traveling for work and am looking for some company over a solo dinner out in London. Thanks Flora and team!!

Great show! (5/5)

I love this show! So fun and interesting. It’s a fantastically fun change from my usual political pod binge listening. Keep up the great work!

Yawn (1/5)

They spent 10minutes marveling about how someone put an arrow next to your gas gauge. If this is some revelation to you, or you frequently have trouble locating your gas cap, KYS

Favorite (5/5)

Such a good show. Fun, informative, and variety. Thank you!!!

Just the best (5/5)

The best host in podcasting, hands down—quick on her feet and funny, too. Entertaining and enlightening at the same time.

Great Baby Elephant (5/5)

This is a consistently entertaining show. Flora is great

Gimlet leans heavy on the quirk (1/5)

Does every gimlet show need to be so irrepressibly quirky? If so, I don’t also need another show where the presenters also need to be more amazed by what they are presenting than any hypothetical audience would be. Maybe this is how they brand their content, and for some shows it seems to work, albeit in an annoying way, but for the shows that aren’t “science vs” and “reply all” the effect is not just annoying, it’s formulaic, prescribed, monotonous, done-to-death, stale, cliche, recycled, ersatz, hackneyed... in short, the concept, like anything repeated too many times, becomes oppressive.

Fun and oh so creative! (5/5)

I LOVE This podcast!

This podcast is excellent (4/5)

I absolutely love this podcast, I love learning all of these random yet very interesting things. However, I have one teeny tiny bit of advice. I binge podcasts through out the day at work. I also listen to a lot of the Gimlet podcasts. However having the EXACT same (and rather annoying) clips from the same two “new” podcasts is something I always have skip. If I hear about the guy putting his kid in a closet to sell his clothing or knucking and bucking anymore I’m going to lose it haha. But really this podcast is awesome and I hope it forever continues. Keep up the awesome work! Thanks for all the cool knowledge 😊

Theme music authentic (?) (5/5)

I haven’t listened to the show yet (just heard the promo), so this is not really a review... I just wanted to point out that your theme music sounds very much like a stripped down version of the Serial podcast theme music. Unless the same person wrote it, this sounds like a ripoff to me.

Just found you (5/5)

This is an amazing and really fun show. Thanks for all of the learnin’

Fun, Quirky and Relaxing (5/5)

Short vignettes on random topics from piggly wiggly being the first self service grocery store to solar eclipses to creating background sounds on movies. No politics.

Always interesting (5/5)

Things you never gave a second thought and now can’t stop thinking about! Love it

Spy Lies (3/5)

That episode about how to spot a spy was only about spies for 5 minutes. Big ole tease

Yes. (5/5)

So much snark. So much wit. I appreciate it all.

Love (4/5)


Another of my favorites (5/5)

I am a huge fan of flamingos now.

Awesome Podcast! (5/5)

I really love this podcast! It is so interesting to learn about the history and science behind everyday things. Thank you so much to Flora and Gimlet for producing this amazing podcast!

Fun show (5/5)


kudos! (5/5)

great fact-friendly show :) kudos Flora!!!

So interesting (5/5)

I just started listening to this podcast and I’m enjoying it so much! I’m excited to listen to all the back episodes.

One of my favorite podcasts (5/5)

Top 3 favorite podcasts and one I would recommend to anyone interested in the world. Where do plastic chairs come from? What’s the deal with flamingos? All the little facts you never knew you wanted to know, and Flora keeps it super fun.

Needs 6 Stars (5/5)

You need to subscribe. It’s funny. Interesting. It’s worth your time. Plus, Flora is the greatest host to ever host anything. Subscribe.

Why (4/5)

You said this was for kids. Other than that its a great podcast

I’m happy to report (5/5)

My boyfriend has a ridiculous IQ. I often feel like a dumb dumb. He remembers EVERYTHING he reads and listens to. I had the upper hand in conversations for a while however, I told him where I was getting my info and now he is an avid listener. Upper hand lost🙄. Flora does great research and for once he doesn’t look things up further...

For the Curious (5/5)

This show seeks to make a museum exhibit out of our everyday lives. If you read the descriptions at the Smithsonian, this show is for you.

Really Enjoy This Show! (5/5)

Flora is a wonderful host and this show is light and interesting!

love Flora Lichtman (5/5)

This podcast is quirky, fun and informative. It is carried by Flora's particular voice and approach. Basically, I'll listen to anything Flora makes.

Love this Podcast! (5/5)

I like the idea of this podcast and the host, Flora Lichtman, has been a favorite since she was on Science Friday. The first episode, which highlights the coming solar eclipse on August 21, 2017, is a perfect blend of oddity, interest and fun. I've already subscribed and think this will be a weekly 'must listen'. Updated 6/29/2018 - A must listen is the episode entitled "Are Babies Born With Tails?" - It is HILARIOUS! I listen to this podcast as soon as it drops. Love it!

“I heard a podcast about...” (5/5)

I’ve developed an obnoxious tick lately: I inject the phrase “I heard a podcast about...” into a wide variety of conversations, followed by a recitation of random and funny facts I learned from ELT. I’m working on just silently chuckling in my head when conversation turns to topics covered by ELT. But to be honest, people seem to notice a little smile creep onto my face for no reason and this is more awkward than just being a know-it-all. Sharing facts learned on ELT is actually quite healthy. 53% of conversation partners enjoy these facts, 16% tolerate them, and 31% think I do nothing all day but listen to an array of specialized podcast about the history of car dealerships, children’s literature, speeding ticket trends, dog anatomy and trends in grocery story technology. In reality, I got all this info is from one zany podcast: Every Little Thing. You don’t have to listen to those other podcasts to have all the fun facts. And ELT is short enough that you can listen while running errands like using the self checkout at the grocery store or walking your dog who has a belly button. So to sum it up, YES I DO HAVE A LIFE OUTSIDE OF PODCASTS, FRANCIS.

Swearing 👎 (2/5)

The show is generally pretty good. I don’t care for the robot boring voice at the end, but it’s the occasional swear word that gets me. Why? I know they bleeped out the F word, but honestly, I don’t want to even hear that.

ELT is my Fave Podcast RN, TBH. (5/5)

Ev’ry Little Thing: Solving factual queries For us all. Tha best. Wish episodes came out more often because Flora Lichtman is the awesomest, also - why were you not at GimletFest???? Had to see another show, which was great, but still - ELT would have been better!

Binge listener (5/5)

I started listening to your show today and let me tell you- it was a much needed break from the murder podcasts (although they are interesting, they can get depressing.) This show was like a breath of fresh air! I am a very curious person as well and I love the way the episodes are set up and you call experts! Keep it up :) looking forward to binge listening again tomorrow!!

I love this (5/5)

Wonderful podcast!

So delightful! (5/5)

I just love this podcast! Flora’s voice is so pleasant and delightful that it automatically puts me in a better mood. The topics are fun and informative and the production quality is great. I look forward to each episode. Everyone should listen!

Love ELT! (5/5)

My favorite podcast! I binged listened to every episode, and now I eagerly await each new one. I even called the helpline with a question. Flora is great!

love it (5/5)

this is such a joyful and lighthearted way to actually learn fun little details and doesn't take itself even a little too seriously

Love the Randomness (5/5)

ELT reminds me of what would happen if Radiolab and Reading Rainbow had a child. It is a great show about curiosity that doesn’t take itself too seriously. The episodes age really well. They can be listened to in any order. It’s a very thoughtful and easy-listening-type show.

Grab some popcorn and let your brain explode! (5/5)

Can I just say that the popcorn episode is the BOMB!💣 I’m not even done yet and i literally paused in the middle of the episode to write this review. As an avid-to-the-brink-of-unhealthy popcorn eater, I was extremely delighted about the little kid’s question and comments. Btw, I eat a bag of popcorn everyday for the last 8years now i think. Anyway, this podcast is awesome! Listen to it. Little snippets of random but always interesting topics will come your way. I love the episode about the background sound actors too. 😍

Engaging and snarky! (5/5)

I love this show for its attitude and informative drive. I enjoy it in my time away from home and work.

Great podcast (5/5)

This podcast is intersting, funny, and engaging. Flora is a delight.

Perfect blend of science and silly (5/5)

I wish Flora had been my science teacher in school! This show is the best!! I need more emergency science questions answered.

Laugh and learn (5/5)

Smart ladies answering silly questions with razor-sharp wit; ELT never fails to entertain.

It’s an interesting podcast for sure (4/5)

However, it is a little tough hearing all that vocal fraying. It’s hard for me to hear anybody when I hear vocal fraying. And it is a prevalent thing (not just on this or any podcast...or anything in the media now). The actual content is fantastic though.

I saved the first two episodes I listened to. . (5/5)

And then I had to stop saving them because I wanted to save all of them. This podcast is short, informative, and fun.

AWESOME ... (5/5)

Absolutely fantastic show.. great interview and a ton of research.. Fantastic.

Goosebumps (5/5)

Did anyone else get goosebumps when they started talking about goosebumps? Weird! Great podcast. Can't wait to learn more things about the universe and even my own body that i don't understand. And thanks for debunking all my childhood truths. Literally still thought blood was blue. But turned red when it came in contact with the air. Okey. Thanks for making me a smarter 30 something

Little tidbits of fascinating stuff (5/5)

I love learning about all the little things in life that I don’t usually question!

it's the little things (5/5)

i am so glad elt is here for life's seemingly unanswerable questions.

Wonderful, check it out!!! (5/5)

The host is a pleasure to listen to. She goes in depth on subjects that are very interesting. There isn’t really a general theme but it’s always a blast to listen to, sometimes the best subjects are ones you weren’t even planning on learning about. To be completely honest Every Little Thing, Reply All and Freakonomics Radio all sort of blend together but I really like all three. I have listened to 95 different podcast and read the description on 135 and this podcast is in my top 15. It does unfortunately have the same very annoying music that Reply All has, the "down up down" that repeats over and over but usually it is only during sponsors. I don't skip sponsors on podcasts but that tune is annoying enough to make me skip these.

thank you 🙌🏼 (5/5)

I wanna thank you guys for making this podcast! I now have my own podcast all about sound! it's called The Things We Hear and it's all about the sounds and the stories behind them 😋

Great host, trite content (3/5)

Flora does a great job, but the show’s format is tedious and unambitious. I wish Gimlet would drop their goal of having a show that dives into “stuff.” I know it’s easier/strategic compared to the dead ends in more ambitious reporting, but Flora is capable of a much more dynamic show (The Adaptors was pretty good). I’ve listened to all episodes to date, hoping it would really shine, but it falls flat.

So fun! (5/5)

Love this podcast. Such a fun, cozy vibe like you’re listening to a conversation between great friends.

Yes, I can find my dog's belly button (4/5)

Trust me. This review makes sense. My Alaskan Malamute x GSD was just a baby and didn’t have guard hair when I adopted her. Little kids (and yes, adults too) loved that I was able to show them her unusually visible belly button. If I hadn’t found it when she was a baby I probably wouldn't have been able to. She's 13.5 and I don't know how hard to find it is. I've never had a dog or cat very happy about wearing clothes. I bought a coat for my Malamute mix when she was full grown but still young. She wore it once but when she ran into other dogs she asked me to take it off and would always run away from it after that so I donated it or gave it to a dog who needed it. Malamutes don't need wool coats- they have their own to protect them, summer and winter. I've always had northern dogs so I don't anticipate dressing my dogs. Some clothes calm animals, like Thunder Shirts, etc. My Ragdoll cat was declawed, 2 times developed litter box problems, was surrendered to humane societies twice. Again the litter box problem with me. A Thunder Shirt and she become more than relaxes; she appeared boneless, structureless. (Cat Attract kitty litter cures the problem; I'll never buy another brand. Never declawing prevents that cause of the problem- that removes the entire 1st joint) Snugshirts can calm dogs with separation anxiety, fear of thunderstorms, help autistic kids. Squeezing calms cattle receiving vaccines. It's not just collars that are utilitarian clothing. Go listen to the March 11, 2018 show about belly buttons & dressing dogs (& why) for this to make sense to you. It’s a great idea for a podcast and Flora et. al. execute it well. I tend interact with people and the world similarly as Flora et. al. do… take a question (or two in this show), answer and explore more.

Top o’ the podque (5/5)

This quirky podcast sheds light on subjects often overlooked and, in some cases, considered banal by some. True to title. the staff and host are able to tease out subtleties oftentimes ignored but necessary to create depth and color in a story focusing on say, an office plant business or plastic patio chair study... Or an armadillo. The host, Flora, never shies away from posting unique and sometimes disturbing photos to visually bedazzle the audio content and, as if to inject some measure of pedestrian levity will incorporate puns and not-so-subtle wordplay to level the host/podcast listener disparity. The throw-away joke today (3/12) about the tortoise wearing ‘his own turtleneck’ was groan-worthy, expected... and perfect! So if Mondays have you right where they want you... just say to them, “Look over there! It’s Every Little Thing!” And Monday’s will back the F down!

Tasty treat (5/5)

Every little thing is a delightful exploration of, well, whatever you want. Call the hotline with a factual question and they’ll investigate it in an entertaining and intriguing way.

How old is Winnie the Pooh (5/5)

I’ve always enjoyed this podcast but the episode “How old is Winnie the Pooh” was wonderful.

Informative, Funny, Refreshing (5/5)

I'm a new fan of Every Little Thing. I love the strange and delightful choices in subject matter (all of which make me think, "Yeah, what about that?"), the humor with which Flora delves into them, and the banter she has with her guests. I love how she likes to torture her friend (I forget his name) with bits of minutae. It's a great podcast for when I need to come up for air after listening to news and politics (I'm a big politics junkie) but don't feel like hearing about serial killers and such. I look forward to every new episdode.

When good, it's great. (3/5)

I like the whole vibe and love when interesting facts are reported. Flora is perfect. Occasionaly the show is too much style and not enough substance. I vote for more flamingo facts and less Winnie the Pooh.

Flamingo fan (5/5)

I love this podcast! Flora’s passionate curiosity shines through. I love learning new things about the world around me, and the presentation is superb.

Yes! (5/5)

This show rules

Fantastic ! (5/5)

Refreshing fun, doesn’t take itself too seriously, quirky entertaining audio clips from interviews, expertly produced, has become a favorite for me

Great pod! (5/5)

It’s a interesting and well produced podcast

Yes. (5/5)

I’m pretty sure I just found my people. Need I say more?

Signing off (1/5)

I have been listening from the beginning, and feel like this show has lost its way. Too much uninteresting banter between Flora and her friends. Not enough story, reporting, or actually interesting information. I have always liked Flora's quirky humor and unique questions. I don't like listening in on slow phone calls between her and another person in show after show. Unsubscribing now.

A unique voice and perspective (5/5)

ELT informs, amuses, and delights. It builds its own lore with callbacks to a fascination of flamingos and of plastic chairs. It's required listening for me, and it's not too long! Give this charming and quirky show a try; you won't regret it.

Fascinating and comical (5/5)

I LOVE this podcast. Interesting, funny, heartfelt, and relatable. I love the facts that Flora and the team share and I find myself laughing, crying, and researching along with them about each episodes topic. Would absolutely recommend!

Love it!!!! (5/5)

Flora’s funny and endearing personality makes the interesting content of this podcast even more entertaining and meaningful. I look forward to every new episode. You can just tell, as you are listening to her, that if you ever met her, you would want to be her friend.😏

sometimes completely unscientific (2/5)

So confusing, it’s hard to know what’s accurate or not. They push homeopathic remedies (i.e. water) and flower extracts as medicine during their promotions, and then discuss scientific research with supposedly qualified scientists during the program. When you know part of the program is dangerous lies, how can you trust their researched portions?

Flora, You Are My Idol (5/5)

Easily one of my favorite Podcasts. Flora’s wit, personableness, eccentricity and laugh make this 30 minutes or so, insanely enjoyable. Random topics and laugh-out-loud commentary keep me coming back, week after week. Keep rockin’ it Flora and I’ll keep listening.

Great! (5/5)

Great to hear Flora’s voice and insight again. Keep up the good work!

Charming as h*ck (5/5)

Each episode teaches me something interesting and makes me laugh. Great personality, which is what gets me hooked on a show. Recommended highly!

Junk peddler (1/5)

I liked this podcast right up until they started playing ads for Homeopathic bunk. How can I take a podcast that is obstensibly about finding truth and facts, seriously, when they will promote an inherently fradulent alternative quack snake oil? Goodbye.

More, please! (5/5)

Just found this great show. The only problem is we need more! Good stuff!

Middle Name (5/5)

It’s not Robert.

Flora for President!!! (5/5)

So happy to hear Flora again post-SciFri, in a program that I enjoy just as much. Great job digging up all these amazing little scientific, nerdy, and fascinating tidbits that tantalize the brain!

Randomness (5/5)

After listening to the Willhelm Scream episode I hear the scream in soooooo many other shows/movies. I also loved learning about flamingos and armadillos.

Excited every time (5/5)

Love this show and it's light and fun approach to interesting topics. I really appreciate the effort this team puts into finding interesting things to talk about and the way they edit the audio to keep the pieces engaging. Would highly recommend.

Every Little Thing is a masterpiece! (5/5)

Absolutely love this podcast and love Flora!!!! Obsessed is an understatement!!!

A favorite (5/5)

So fantastic I hate when it ends.

Loving this podcast! (5/5)

These are great little tidbits of fun. But hey, did you really need to disparage prunes? ;-). They are good, just as prune juice and stewed prunes are. And no, I'm not OLD! Ha!..just mid-40s. Anyway, keep up the good work.

Fun Show with Fun Facts (5/5)

The format of a call-in show of sorts is nice, and the episodes are always interesting. Flora is a delight to listen to and holds my attention.

Quirky Show With Fun Facts (5/5)

Who knew that armadillos could freeze their own eggs or that I would enjoy the hashtag #YesFalmingo so much! I've enjoyed this show immensely!

Great! (5/5)

Gimlet continues to create amazing shows! Highly recommend!

I ♥️ Flora! (5/5)

Here's two reasons why I choose to listen to Every Little Thing: Flora's laugh & Fact Buddy time! Flora is so likable. She has a gift for bringing out the fun and chipper side of her guests that makes the simple act of Q&A purely enjoyable. Bonus for me: I've learned to appreciate and contemplate three superhero-like animals that I would have never given another thought for the rest of my life. Three cheers to armadillos, flamingoes, banana slugs....and Flora! -Brooke Millecchia

This is just for me (5/5)

I mean- how could you not love a podcast that investigates the hidden world of the indoor plant industry? I have always been a collector of random facts so this show has my heart. I love you, Flora. Thank you for shining your random lights all over the world.

Fuss about every little thing (2/5)

I couldn’t figure out what bothered me about this show, until I realized it was a podcast about the indulgence of fussing about minor things. I’d rather not listen to something so backwards-facing and negative. The reporting is light and masterful, but the topics, the guests, good lord. It’s all very “old man yells at cloud”. I understand change is scary, but personally these aren’t the kinds of topics I feel are productive for me to listen to. I guess it gives their children a break from being fussed at about every. Little. Thing. But if you enjoy complaining about how confusing modern life is, how you used to do just fine before things changed, this will probably be a sweet indulgence for you.

a celebration of all things nerdy (5/5)

so fun to hear Flora nerd-out on a wide variety of different topics. I always learn something new.

Starts great, but now... (3/5)

This show was so incredibly interesting for a while but for the past 10-12 episodes I have been bored to tears. I finally had to unsubscribe after listening to the inane Cargo Shorts episode. Good luck to those that are still hanging in there

Fascinating (5/5)

Every time I see a new episode's, topic I think "how is THAT going to be interesting?" And every episode finds a way to make me incredibly fascinated in something I'd never even really considered before! If you're hoping to gain a new way of looking at and thinking about everyday things, this is the podcast for you.

Charming (5/5)

Lovely host who investigates everyday things in a new way. I just love this podcast!

Love Flora & ELT (5/5)

I love this show! I want Flora and Nate from ‘Show About Science’ to do an episode together. They have a similarly contagious excitement for everything they explore on their shows.

Flora is great.... (5/5)

but I love Katherine!

Love this podcast and Flora! (5/5)

I look forward to this podcast every week. Such bizarre topics packed into a relatively short runtime, and every episode is both weird and fascinating. But can I make a request? I really can’t stand that new “the show is over” bit at the end. Please stop that.

Funny and engaging (5/5)

I love this show

Love it! (5/5)

I've learned a lot about varied topics. And keeps you entertained!

Love it! (5/5)

I enjoy this podcast! Keep up the good work!

Loving every little thing about this podcast! (5/5)

I'm really enjoying Flora's new show. I'm binge listening and every single episode has been a delight. Looking forward to many more excellent episodes!

A podcast that is worth your time! (5/5)

I'm enjoying all episodes, learning about things I didn't know I cared for. It's entertaining, informative, a bit quirky and absolutely worth your time listening to! Keep it up! Topic for future episode- Why do most birds hang out together on a power line? Are they just being social? Please research...

Finally!! (5/5)

I love Every Little Thing. Thanks keep it up.

Decent podcast except for one thing... (4/5)

I like the content of this podcast but that computerized voice in the intro and ending has to go. It’s so unsettling and irritating. It sort of made sense for the voicemail questions episode. But why did it continue? Just have a normal human voice read the credits.

Excellent host and interesting topics (5/5)

You know that googling vortex you sometimes get sucked into where you suddenly get interested in some tiny corner of the world and you can't stop reading about it. This is that in audio format.

Every Little Thing (5/5)

Delightful podcast revealing things you never thought you wanted to know, but isn’t that how it is when doors, large or small, have not yet been opened to reveal their particular wonders? Looking forward to Season Two, and more beyond that!!

Every little thing you can want in a podcast (5/5)

Great podcast. Great format. Great hosts. Loved the helpline episode, please make more like that. Pretty please! Where does that phrase come from? Pretty Please?

Good (5/5)

Very good

So fun! (5/5)

Flora is a perfect host of this fun show to share the pleasure of finding things out with! I wear a permanent smile on my face while I listen to these. Thanks!

the joy of facts (5/5)

curious people, unite. flora lichtman gets you.

Gimlet magic (5/5)

Really fun, really easy to listen to, and a delightful learning experience. Well done, well researched. All around awesome- what I’ve come to expect from Gimlet

Super interesting and well executed (5/5)

Great show. Really interesting topics and move quickly enough to keep your interest.

Goofy, but informative. (5/5)

Each episode is a quick dive into a subject you might not have known you'd find interesting until you listened. And the hosts' enthusiasm makes everything interesting!

Excellent! (5/5)

Short and sweet

Welcome Back Flora, I Missed You! (5/5)

Flora Lichtman's segments were always my favorites on Science Friday. It's great to hear her voice again. She's a very good story teller with the ability to explain complex topics in a way that makes them easy to understand. Her enthusiasm is infectious. I binge-listened to every episode available and can't wait for ELT to restart in the Fall. Nice Job on your part, Gimlet. The podcast is well edited and produced.

Really interesting and fun! (5/5)

I like the short episodes that focus on one interesting topic, and I love the host's humor. Great podcast!

Looooooove all the every(little)thing! (5/5)

Yes, it's binge-worthy, but it's also the kind of show that offers episodes you can listen to again and again. I could dissect every (little) thing that makes it great -- from the host and producers to the content and the sound design and the editing -- but it's so good that I feel confident once you listen to an episode, you'll also click "Subscribe" and never look back.

Everything you didn't k ow you needed to know (5/5)

I love that this podcast explores the everyday and not so everyday things. You finally get the answers to the questions you have and then quickly forget. Where do office plants come from? What are the senate rules? What animal can kill a porcupine? It may not help me when Jeopardy but I sure do find it fascinating.

Good for Gimlet (5/5)

It's a good substitute for Surprisingly Awesome, and I'm glad to have it as an option, although it doesn't always maintain my interest level the way SA did.

Answers to Questions That Blow Me Away (5/5)

The demenour of the host makes me feel interested, and happy to learn. This is the best new podcast in the last year IMO.

very happy, just discovered this one (5/5)

a friend recommended this to me and i’m very happy withe the subjects they report on. i really liked flora lictman when she was on scifri, and am happy to hear her voice again. good stuff.

One of my faves (5/5)

The content, tone, and length of the podcast has made it one of my favorite podcasts! It's aptly named and I enjoy learning all across the spectrum. My absolute favorite aspect are some off the cuff responses from the host which I've just found hilarious. I, too, would like a pocket parliamentarian and to be able to change all the systemic problems in society. Very relatable.

Entertaining, clever, and informative (5/5)

ELT is here to tell you about all the things you never knew you wanted to know.. and some things you probably didn't want to know 😏. Always entertaining and educational, you will love spending time with Flora and the crew each week.

Great Pod (5/5)

Excellent pod, very well produced. It's very informative and the host seems to be having fun while learning. It's very interesting to get into all granular details of a topic.

Love it! (5/5)

I have enjoyed every episode and can't wait for more. More fact buddy please!

Great reboot of Surprisingly Awesome (5/5)

I like this more than Surprisingly Awesome which eventually got tedious to listen to. This has a great audio aesthetic, and the topics that are broken down are short and sweet with a great payoff.

Love flora! (4/5)

I've tried them all and this is the first gimlet podcast that I've fallen in love with.

LOVE (5/5)

So interesting and great story telling. Can't wait for season two

Awesome show (5/5)

I have learned so much from this very entertaining and informative show. This show has made me a smarter more well rounded person and the information is presented in such a fun and engaging way. Another winner for Gimlet Media.

Interesting (5/5)

Love this so much more than the podcast it replaced. The other one sucked!

All ELT podcasts (5/5)

This in an adorable podcast! I've enjoyed listening to all so far! Keep up the great work. Gimlet does it again!

Just what I needed (5/5)

Fact buddies for life!

Earfuls of delightful erudition. (5/5)

I'm somewhat of a quiet podcast connoisseur...and a scientist...this is by far one of the best and most interesting podcasts I've ever listened to. The host is particularly clever and I think she and I may come from the same planet!

Wish it was longer! (4/5)

Love it. Interesting and informative. One issue... WISH IT WAS LONGER But, what podcast takes a summer vacation?

Love the show (5/5)

I liked Flora on Science Friday. Been listening since the beginning!

Fun and quick (5/5)


Chair misunderstood? (3/5)

I've enjoyed almost all of these episodes except the last one titled, "Chair, Misunderstood". Glorifying the plastic industry by portraying the uniqueness and innovation of a plastic chair is one-sided. It's disappointing that it was not mentioned how plastic is one of the worst pollutants in our world given its inability to biodegrade. I hope that further episodes will take into account environmental aspects as well as social.

Perfect for going down the rabbit hole (5/5)

Perfect for going down the rabbit hole.keep making more!!

Love it - surprises around every little turn (5/5)

This show is so fun - you can tell the producers and host just enjoy going down these rabbit holes into the things we never really think about.

Great Podcast! (5/5)


FINALLY!! (5/5)

It's about time Flora returned to our ears. Her huge Science Friday following has been wandering around in the desert for years jonsing. She' brilliant. I hope she does some video segments so we can reconnect with her animation chops. Give her a raise, Gimlet!

So good (5/5)

I love how Flora makes the most (seemingly) ordinary topics incredibly interesting. I really like the unique topics.

Quick, fun, smart (5/5)

Took a while for me to warm up to it but it's a favorite, now!

Fantastic show! (5/5)

Looking to level up your trivia skills? ELT is a fantastic show that offers info you never knew you had to know. Flora and her producers deliver each week.

Familiar premise; outstanding delivery (5/5)

Every little thing makes my heart smile. I love the little pearls of knowledge. It doesn't matter that the premise is similar to many other podcasts, ELT does it better. The stories are great and the host's enthusiasm gets me excited about the topic. Well done.

Changes how you see the world (5/5)

So glad I found this podcast. The ELT team explains the hidden story behind everyday things we may take for granted from flamingoes to plastic chairs. I look forward to every new podcast.

Great (5/5)

Highly recommend

Enjoyable, but not mind blowing (3/5)

I like this podcast. It's decently entertaining. I'm not over the moon about it, but it's 'good.' I, too, morn the loss of Mystery Show. I'd much prefer that over this.

This show speaks to me (5/5)

This is my favorite Gimlet podcast and tied with Invisibilia as my fave nerdy podcast. Flora is one of the smartest and coolest hosts out there. If Gimlet cancels this one I will never forgive them! The face mites episode was a delightful piece of science journalism. Long live the flamingo!

Interesting and hilarious! (5/5)

I never thought I would care so much about a flamingo being a mascot or the origin of a plastic chair.. but I'm hooked! I love this show!

New favorite podcast! (5/5)

In every episode I learn something incredibly interesting. And Flora Lichtman is delightful.

Clever as can be! (5/5)

I LOVE ELT!!! I remember Flora from Science Friday. Am looking forward to the next batch of ELT.

Makes me smile (5/5)

I really love this one - extremely accessible and I enjoy the positive, smart but whimsical vibe. Great stuff

Dig it (5/5)

Dig it

Totally Thrilling! (5/5)

OK, maybe I am a total geek for loving this podcast as much as I do, but I look forward to every episode of ELT. I was hooked after the interiorscaping episode (something I love), and have been addiction to the expertly researched, thrillingly detailed minutiae of life Flora and her producers explore. I can't wait for more episodes! Thank you for bringing small joys to my life.

Flora Lichtman is great! (5/5)

I love this show. It focuses on something we don't think about and explains how it is wonderful or tells us a great story about it. Flora's a great host, with humor and curiosity that makes her very relatable. Update: I had forgotten I rated this before and just came back to rate this 5 stars once again.

A Look at Everything We Overlook Daily (5/5)

I love this show! I love how each episode is unique and focused on a completely different topic. The subject matter really allows for people to look at different aspects of life we would normally never think of. It's educational and funny. Flora does a great job hosting and I can't wait to see what hapens next season.

Love it! (5/5)

I love how this show dives deep into an array of topics! It's great to hear about so many different things on one podcast. I have found that many podcasts are quite focused on a narrow subject matter(which is still great!) but this show is so refreshing and I'm always excited to hear what's next!

You got me (5/5)

I loved Surprisingly Awesome, and I was just a little worried when I heard that instead of coming back for another season that they were going to begin a new podcast. But I've been hooked on ELT from the beginning, and this last episode, "Chair, Misunderstood" really sealed the deal for me. Who knew you could feel emotions about a chair?

Miracles in minutiae (5/5)

Really like and appreciate ELTs findings in the minutiae of daily life. Truly different podcast in the opposite direction of so many others by actually doing research and reporting rather than interviews after reading a wiki page. Worth your time.

Smart, informative, and witty (5/5)

Don't understand why this show isn't more highly rated... every episode is a seamlessly constructed science adventure and, along with its sister Science vs, is easily the best in its class. Keep it up, Flora and Co! Seems to me that gimlet, despite making the best podcasts out there, have been slower to learn how to hack the apple ratings than a big chunk of pretenders. Guess they've just focused too much on making good products to fully cash in...

It's ok (3/5)

Not bad, but I feel like I'm being dropped in the middle of a story without sufficient setup, every time. You're going to have to try a lot harder if you want me to care where the first plastic lawn chair came from. (*see Roman Mars)

Fun, quick, thought-provoking (5/5)

I enjoy this show for when I want a quick listen that isn't too heavy, doesn't require background knowledge, and provides thoughtful tidbits of knowledge to look into further on my own or chat with friends about later. It's a nice break from the daily headline gloom or the series-format shows that require more of a commitment. Good work!

Love this Cast (5/5)

I have a love for "useless knowledge", and this podcast provides a wealth of interesting info, that will improve your trivia skills. Highly recommend, Flora, the host, is awesome. You can tell she loves her job!

My new favorite podcast! (5/5)

Flora is a delight to listen to! She's truly enthusiastic and invested in every episode and it makes them shine! The content is interesting and easy to consume. It's my new addiction!

Interesting! (4/5)

I was afraid this was going to be another Surprisingly Awesome which definitely was not awesome. I was happy to find out that it's another Gimlet hit! Things that you wouldn't think are interesting surprisingly are! Love the host too!

A Nerdy Delight Each Week (5/5)

I LOVE that this podcast shines a light on a wide array of passions. Listening gives me a chance to hone in on what moves people to action. I've had a few fact friends for a while, but now we get to expand our discussions and hear from professionals we would never have a chance to meet. I cannot more highly recommend this podcast!

Delightful and informative (5/5)

Flora's glee over random science facts and learning about wonders of the natural world is infectious. She's like a friend I would want to go to a museum with. Definitely worth being in your rotation.

Wonderful variety! (5/5)

Such a delight and quirky collection of quick topics

Fun and quick (5/5)

Great podcast

Wonderful and Necessary (5/5)

A truly fantastic podcast from Gimlet, who have yet to disappoint. Flora is smart, witty, and well spoken, and the topics are all things that people might tend not to think about. Truly wonderful podcast with excellent content creation and curation.

One of my very favorite shows (5/5)

I'm glad i stumbled on this show! Been a big fan of Gimlet's stuff for a while, and i had this show in my subscription list for quite a while before I actually listened. So glad that i did! Love Flora's voice, the topics are always fascinating and the production is top notch. I'd say, probably in the top 3 in terms of best sounding/edited/produced podcasts I've come across.

Captivating (5/5)

Fabulous, making plans now to see the total solar eclipse!

Great show, if you give it a chance (5/5)

Great podcast, once you give it a chance. At first some of the episodes didn't seem like they'd be an interest, though captures your attention after the first few minutes of listening.

This is great (5/5)

I am sometimes overwhelmed with too many wonderful choices for podcasts. This one is short enough to be easily consumed on my drive to work. Flora is a great host with a great sense of humor. The topics always end up being interesting, even after assuming they won't be (I just listened to the one on Flamingos; not my thing and thought I wouldn't care about it, but it was entertaining). Highly recommend.

The reason for the review... (5/5)

They have an episode about both measles, and then weasels... 😂

Fascinating (5/5)

Delve into facts you never knew you wanted to know, but will.

Interesting. Informative. Fun (5/5)

Really liking this new podcast!

Meh. (5/5)

Everything about this podcast is well made which is how I gave it 5 stars but the topics are so boring. I don't hate it but I unsubscribed

It's great! (5/5)

If someone had told me that I'd listen to a podcast about parlimentary procedure and enjoy it, I'd have laughed at them. But these guys made it interesting even to me, sho is bored by all things political! I've enjoyed every episode so far. Keep it up! :)

Quick Dive (5/5)

This show is a fun dive into subjects science related. So far the topics have varied greatly, but we're all interesting. As a science teacher, I appreciate the link they make to science but it is not heavy handed. I will recommend this podcast to my high school students in the fall!

:) (5/5)

Great quips for short trips

Great podcast with great topics and a great host (5/5)

Covering topics I didn't know existed with an interesting tone and a fun vibe!

Anything else is a lie (5/5)

I love this show! It's hilarious and informative and makes me wish Flora was my best friend.

Favorite podcast so far! (5/5)

This podcast features a wide range of fun topics that always keeps my interest. It includes just enough info that I feel like I'm getting in-depth look at the issue, without the episode dragging on (like many hour long ones do for me). Super fun and entertaining!

Great host and great show (5/5)

I really enjoy this spiritual successor to Surprisingly awesome. It really hits the tone on the mark and the host has a very engaging style and voice. Strongly recommend.

I love this podcast (5/5)

This is fun, smart, amusing and clever. It's great to absorb while you're doing chores or driving.

Great podcast! (5/5)

Short, sweet and informational. Flora Lichtman's passion for knowledge shines through in this podcast, which is sincerely about 'every little thing.' Start your week right with some factoids you would have never known about if it weren't for this little podcast. Bravo!

Something to look forward to (5/5)

This quirky and insightful podcast has given me and those I tell about it new ways to look at the things behind (or on or under) the things right in front of me. L

Flora, are you serious (5/5)

Mite orgies on my face, while dancing cheek to cheek. I cannot. Solid 5 stars, anything else is a lie.

brilliant, charming, insightful (5/5)

love it

Favorite New Show (5/5)

This is Gimlet's best attempt at creating another show like Reply All

Lovely (5/5)

Interesting subjects, lovely host, good new show!

Thoughtful, light, and bright (5/5)

Really excited to have found this podcast. Love the host and the structure of the show. What a great concept! Thank you for your work :)

A VERY worth successor to Surprisingly Awesome (5/5)

You don't need to have heard any of Surprisingly Awesome to listen to or love this show since the topics are very self contained. But I'm so glad they decided to start this show and right now it might be even better than SA! Short and interesting and I can't wait for them to take me down more rabbit holes.

Another home run for Gimlet! (5/5)

I'm already in love with this podcast. We listened to episode after episode in total bliss. Thank you ELT!

Fresh and interesting (5/5)

I love narrative nonfiction podcasts (e.g. Radio Lab, 99% invisible). This podcast succeeds in adding to that genre, while covering topics I would not expect to hear on one of the shows I already subscribe to.

Excited to see where this podcast goes! (4/5)

I was a big fan of Suprisingly Awesome, but I'm glad they recognized it needed a change and clearly the original hosts got busy. I like where this podcast is going and have really, really enjoyed their stories so far. I have the eclipse on my calendar, I want to buy house plants, and I wish I had someone to whisper to me in situations where I'm about to put my foot in my mouth. Enjoy!

I love every little thing about this podcast. (5/5)

Such a great podcast - I am so happy I found it. Gimlet is putting out some really great podcasts these days, and this is one of them! The content is right up my alley and I'm looking forward to whatever weird questions they'll be digging into in the future. Keep up the great work!

Love (5/5)

Entertaining and cheerful. Puts me in a good mood and makes me think!

Good show. (4/5)

You'll get interested in stuff you didn't think could interest you.

A fan of the whole alphabet! (4/5)

I totally like this podcast but this whole last thing about feeling bad for the P sound is just stupid. It was a joke, so relax people and laugh a little - no one is boycotting the P sound. If anything, I'd boycott listening to people who feel bad for the P sound whine about it - so, please, no more of that nonsense. Thanks, much apppreciated!

Enjoyable, but not as great as its predecessor (4/5)

For those looking for this style of podcast, the show is great. It simply feels lackluster when compared to Surprisingly Awesome.

Great! (5/5)

I like.

Delightful (5/5)

Surprisingly interesting and what I had hoped Surprisingly Awesome would have been. Well done!

Very cool (5/5)

I won't call this information that is useless because I'd still listen to it anyway and to my way of thinking you can't know enough. But what this podcast does is on every subject they cover the cover all of it. That's how I know that a Fisher, a creature I had not thought of in years, will take 45 min to take out a porcupine, because like a fried pork chop the Fisher must really like 😜

Lots of fun! (5/5)

I love learning random (some might say useless) information and this podcast is perfect for that. More ammunition for trivia night!

Rapturous? Really? (2/5)

Listened to the virus episode. Scattered, not terribly informative, well structured, or compelling. Meh. Maybe I'm making the wrong call here, but I'm out.

Little nuggets of knowledge (5/5)

Love the host and this podcast. Really fun, interesting, and just the right length for a walk or drive.

Great Tone, Both in Content and Speaker (5/5)

I waited a few weeks to review this podcast since I wanted to truly get a feel for it, and I love it. Flora has a beautiful voice, the tone of the show is interesting and different, and I learn something new every week. The office plants episode is particularly interesting! If you're the type of person who loves to discover what's lurking unnoticed in the world, this podcast is a great option.

Good (5/5)

I like it. You might too.

Best podcast EVER! (5/5)

Absolutely love what these ladies do with the most interesting of the minute. A must listen!

Fun Facts (5/5)

I like random stories and info. This is it. This podcast is the reason I booked a hotel for the upcoming solar eclipse.

Great! (5/5)

Great podcast, interesting and unique topics, host is awesome with a lovely tone.

Refreshingly free of the F-bomb (4/5)

Interesting and doesn't require you to think or critique much. Great for yardwork!

Hooked after one episode. (5/5)

I love this podcast. They really deliver on their premise of exploring things none of us give a second thought about, in a way that's fascinating, engaging, and entertaining. As a lover of crime podcasts, this is a refreshing, lighthearted change of pace.

Fun, informative, interesting (5/5)

Flora is an amazing host that finds out answers to questions about anything and everything with a fun flow, as well as upbeat music. Very informative with interesting guests.

Quickly becoming a favorite (5/5)

Really interesting stories you wouldn't hear (or think about) otherwise

Refreshing and Funny (5/5)

Found this podcast and binged four episodes! Intriguing, perfect length, and just a delightful listen. Smiling and laughing the whole time.

Great show - weird glitch! (5/5)

I've always been a huge Gimlet Media fan, and this show is on par with the best. However there is a weird glitch in the iTunes store in which the last few minutes of each episode is cut off! I checked the Gimlet website, and each episode looks good there.

Love this show (5/5)

Another classy, intelligent show from Gimlet.

Good show (5/5)

I like this podcast. Easy listening; learn something interesting- what's not to like?

Already Hooked (5/5)

These are just the sort of stories I love to listen to while I'm working on my art. Great voice and entertaining content. Thank you!

Fun and Informative (5/5)

Interesting podcast about things I would have never thought about or heard of.

Great podcast! (5/5)

This is a great podcast that sheds light on some interesting topics. I had recently been wondering about the Senate parliamentarian and it was great to get some details on that!

Liked it until? (3/5)

I really liked the show until the part with the porcupine being killed. The show put bad thoughts in my head the rest of the day. If i wanted to think about the gruesome animal world id watch a National Geographic show.

Super cool podcast with very manageable runtime (5/5)

I do a LOT of driving for work and I am always looking for new podcasts to listen to on the road. This is another great one from Gimlet Media! Really enjoyed the first episode and have been listening every week since. A shorter podcast, which can be nice if you need something just to fill a little bit of time. Very informative and fun!

Amazing (5/5)

This podcast is amazing!

Fun and informative (5/5)

Great topics very well covered. Wonderful podcast

Promising! (5/5)

Virus episode from May is pretty great

Reply All's Little Sister (5/5)

This is a great little show that explores avenues and tangents interestingly with a compact delivery. It has the Alex Blumberg & Gimlet brand sound of delivering information in a way that seems candid and genuine. It has a similar real-people-who-really-care feel as Reply All and Season 1 of Start Up. And if PJ & Alex recommend it, that's a solid gold endorsement in my metaphorical book.

Pacing like a smooth NPR show (5/5)

A podcast that is not only informative and professional, but at times, hilarious.

Quite enjoyable. (5/5)

Everything that I didn't know that I wanted to know. Each episode has been something I have never thought about. Makes me hunger for more time. Can't wait to hear what's next.

Fun science and storytelling and journalism (5/5)

I'm a fan of Flora Lichtman from Science Friday. She's good at explaining complex ideas in clear and understandable terms and she's masterfully curious, snooping out the interesting details in seemingly mundane topics. Plus, she's got a delightfully nerdy sense of humor.

Measles and weasels (5/5)

This is the first podcast I listened to. I found it entertaining and interesting. I highly recommend you listen to the viruses one

Unsubscribe (1/5)

It's hilarious to watch a porcupine suffer! LOL!

Short and sweet (5/5)

Really enjoying this podcast! Fairly short, so it doesn't drag on, and I always learn something new. Into it.

Can't listen to episode on my iPhone (1/5)

Can't listen to the latest episode on virus because it is not available. Why isn't this available? What's the point? Why am I subscribing to something I can't listen?

Definitely worth a listen (5/5)

Give it a shot, informative, intelligent, and entertaining. What more could we want?

Love the Little Things (5/5)

Great podcast and very informative. Quick and just the right amount of time for the commute. I also love the two totally unrelated topics during each show. Keep up the great work and keep it interesting in your little way.

Great stories that teach you somthing (5/5)

Unless you are already an expert on the topic you will learn some fascinating things from these episodes. The podcast is well produced and entertaining. I have listened to all 4 episodes posted to date and the only one I didn't care for was the plant one, but that is just because I didn't find the topic interesting enough to carry the length of the episode. I will for sure continue to listen.

Fun listening! It's like you are there. (5/5)

I think I could listen to the host, Flora, all day long. She's funny and smart. Topics are odd and somehow end up interesting! It's like you are there just hanging out and part of the conversation. Love it.

Truly could not recommend this more (5/5)

Just subscribe and get started

👍👍👍 (5/5)

Like a quick, bright TAL segment. Love this! *Edit: ❤️❤️❤️

So many fun facts! (5/5)

Loving this show. Short and sweet and loving Flora. Fun random facts I would have never came across without this show.

ELT (5/5)

Great show

Cool show (4/5)

Enjoyed the plant episode a lot

Wonderful show. (5/5)

This shows fills me with the wonder I felt as a kid and makes life worth living. Thanks guys.

Informative , interesting, fun (5/5)

I like that the host discusses things we don't typically think about , ie office plants, which I know is the point of the show, but that's what makes it truly interesting and unique . I hope this show stays around for a while I've been enjoying it.

entertaining, efficient, scientifically literate (5/5)

I'm always looking for podcasts that teach me something new. So far the show has covered a diverse set of fascinating topics, has been produced beautifully, and has fit nicely in tight 20 min. I really appreciate the care taken to translate scientific and technical details carefully. I'm a scientist and some science podcasts make me want to bang my head against the wall, dumbing down explainations to the point where they are wrong. But you guys are doing an awesome job.

Love it! (5/5)

Short episodes LOADED with fun and interesting information.

So fun and already full of new facts! (5/5)

Flora is a great host, & so far the topics covered in the first 3 episodes have been totally entertaining and informational! Loved the interiorscape episode especially. Give it a shot for sure!!

Love this!!!! (5/5)

So informative!!

Weird & Endearing (5/5)

Excited about the first season!

Holds my interest (4/5)

Look forward to more episodes.

Amazing (5/5)

Great title. I'm really into the details on these little things. They really do a good job of explaining the things you always wonder about.

Fun, inspiring, full of wonder (5/5)

Another Gimlet home run. The stories are incredible and fascinating and JUST LISTEN.

Why isn't there more?? (5/5)

I have really enjoyed this podcast so far. I only wish there were more episodes.

Take a minute to appreciate the small things (5/5)

This podcast is a great way to press pause on the rest of the news and just focus on the weird, the wondrous, and sometimes, the mundane things in our lives. Great production and easy to listen to.

Just right (5/5)

They can make office plants interesting, it's amazing. Perfect length too

Please stick around (5/5)

Great show bringing topics I haven't even considered thinking about. Well researched and presented.

Informative and fun (5/5)

I learn so much every time I listen to one of Every Little Thing's podcasts. They are well produced, cover interesting topics, conduct great interviews, and contain clever humor! I love it.

A bit dull (2/5)

I give the first 3 episodes a listen. Pretty dull I'm afraid. Come on Gimlet...your batting average continues to fall

Heart break (4/5)

I want to love this podcast and give it 5 stars but every time i love something (sampler, undone, twice removed) gimlet just takes it away and my heart breaks a little. I've been hurt too many times to trust again 😢

So fun (5/5)

Love the hosts and how I am pulled into these stories

Great Podcast! (5/5)

Love it! more of this please!

A delight (5/5)

So far so good!

Fun and informative! (5/5)

I love it. I agree with others below, the short and sweet 20 minutes are perfect. Flora is a lovely host, and every guest is friendly and very knowledgeable on their subjects for the show. Keep it up guys!

A Podcast for the Innately Curious (5/5)

Enjoyable exploration of a variety of topics.

Good show (5/5)

This show is a great short pod that contains a lot of info about things you may not have thought of before!

My new favorite podcast! (5/5)

Wonderful episodes that take the listener into places spaces most of us don't know exist. I was hooked after the first episode about eclipses.

Fun and interesting (5/5)

I am enjoying this podcast very much! There is so much to learn about everyday things and this podcast explores those things you may never have even thought to wonder about.

Fun podcast (5/5)

No earth-shattering news or info, just little things that you never knew or knew you wanted to know presented in a fun and interesting way. Love the host.

Interesting (5/5)

Well done and fun to listen to.

Great fun! (5/5)

This podcast has already had such fun topics. Flora's voice and laugh are contagious.

Fun (5/5)

This podcast is very interesting and fun to listen to.

Subscribed at first lists (5/5)

Love the format. Quick interesting stories that are relevant. Can't wait to here more from this podcast!

Delightful podcast! (5/5)

This is a great little podcast to brighten up my day. Almost fills the gaping hole that Mystery Show has left in my life.

Great (5/5)

Very enjoyable

Love It! (5/5)

I look forward to each new episode - Great topics! Great production! Keep it up!!

Flora Lichtman (5/5)

Hooray! Flora Lichtman is awesome and so is this podcast.

Funny, interesting and Informative (5/5)

I've always loved Gimlet Media podcasts, and when I listened to this one for the first time I knew it was going to be good.

Interesting but Too Many commercials! (3/5)

First you have a promo for antothe podcast and then they have a long block of ads the middle. It's enough to put me off from the content which isnt really all that in the first place.

Very enjoyable (5/5)

Interesting and fun to listen

Sad attempt (3/5)

... to revive surprisingly awesome. Come on, Gimlet. You haven't been around that long. You can't reboot yet.

So much fun! (5/5)

Perfect length and so interesting! This is a new favorite for sure.

Easy listen, great host! (5/5)

I have listened to every single podcast that Gimlet has come out with. I personally like Every Little Thing more than Suprisingly Awesome. The length is perfect, editing is polished and it's an easy listen. Sure it doesn't compare to the genius of RadioLab, but it's entertaining and fills my need for short tidbits of interesting info. My husband can't stop talking about the eclipse and is trying to plan a vacation around it. Didn't he hear? Places have been booked for years!

Like the unexpected treat you find surfing cable (5/5)

Every Little Thing is an enjoyable and engaging look into topics that I might never have stopped to consider without the help of this podcast. A big plus to my Subscribed list.

Funny and smart (5/5)

Love this new one!! Thanks!

Learn So Much (5/5)

This is a great podcast. Every time I listen I learn a few things :) Love the host!

Hooked (5/5)

Love the content, music, hosts, story line. Sharing this with everyone and looking forward to every new episode!

Great (5/5)

Loved the Parliamentarian episode.

Good find! (5/5)

I was looking for a new podcast this week and stumbled across Every Little Thing. I have enjoyed other podcasts from Gimlet Media so I thought I would give it a try. What an interesting variety of topics and they have all been interesting and entertaining.

Kept my interest (5/5)

Thoroughly enjoyed the first two episodes. I particularly appreciated the objectivity when the topic touched politics. Looking forward to learning about more seemingly little things that have importance in our lives.

Great podcast! Glad they started a new thing (5/5)

I was a listener of Surprisingly Awesome and I think this new show is a perfect replacement to that podcast! I love the host, she is funny and disarming while very knowledgeable and interested!

Warehouse of the everyday (4/5)

They got me with the office plants! A very nice glimpse into the warehouse of the everyday.

Excellent (5/5)

After only three episodes Every Little Thing has become one of my all time favorites. It's very well produced, just the right length, and covers interesting topics that I probably wouldn't think of researching myself. I hope it has a long and successful future.

Wonderful (5/5)

Fun, entertaining, and simple. Not too flashy, excellent writing and story also engaging topic. I would recommend this to anyone who enjoys a good story but also the story behind the things we just take for granted.

Chill information (5/5)

I needed a new podcast to listen to while getting busywork done and find too many mentally draining or distracting. This one is nice little tidbits about stuff I would have never known about before! And it's not super stressful and anxiety inducing like other larger productions, which is definitely what I need right now.

Great! (5/5)

This is a great podcast!!

Nicely made (5/5)

Finally a non-political podcast!

Love the host! (5/5)

Oh my goodness, the host is such a natural and I love it. This is a fun, interesting podcast and it is a destress podcast for me. I did LOVE the Mystery Show, so anything we can do to influence this show would be awesome.

Funny and creative (5/5)

Can take ordinary topics and make them interesting

Great Show! (5/5)

Thank you for placing a light in these issues

Fun, Informative Episodes! (5/5)

As my Con-Law professor would always say, "Here's a little something for your next cocktail party." Each episode is a fun, informative lesson about the things in the world you wouldn't think much about. For example, I can't look at an office plant the same way after listening to episode 3 because now I wonder, "Why did that company want that plant there?" Additionally, the narrative of each episode is engaging and valuable backed up by experts and professionals in the fields discussed. Looking forward to more!

Great Gimlet show (5/5)

These guys rock and this show is a unique and interesting thing.

Charming Recognition (5/5)

I thoroughly enjoyed the episode of ELT to which I listened, and was pleased to discover that Flora Lichtman, whom I have missed on Science Friday, was the host. Great fun!

New favorite gimlet show (5/5)

Trying to use episode one to convince my girlfriend to fly across the country for the eclipse in august. Also thinking about a new job procuring office plants. Hats off to everyone who makes the show possible

Love. (5/5)

Great. Everyone agrees.

Love it! (5/5)

I always learn something new!

Meh (3/5)

Not nearly as interesting as Mystery Show, but it's okay.

Incredibly interesting! (5/5)

I listen to about 5 hours of podcasts a day and this is only the 3rd podcast I've reviewed. It deserves it because this is such an interesting podcast! Giving the mundane and unknown a fascinating twist and insight has made me instantly fall in love. Can't wait for more episodes!

Love it very interesting (5/5)

Love this pod cast always interesting and entertaining

The fastest 5 start review I've given on a podcast (5/5)

I usually go several episodes before rating a podcast show. However, I knew in episode 1 that this is gonna be a fun and interesting show to listen to. Looking forward to more!

Refreshing change of pace (5/5)

Very pleasant listening experience which, in the sociopolitical climate we now live in, is a very needed and welcome change of pace. Very well produced and reported. Clara has a good voice for radio as well as a good eye for a story. I've listened to both episodes and I'm a fan. Thank you, Gimlet. Another home run.

Fascinating (5/5)

This is a great podcast so far - everything that Surprisingly Awesome was trying to be but wasn't.

Below average (2/5)

"Paychologists have this word, flow" S1E2

Love it! (5/5)

The new host's vocal cadence is very pleasant. I'm thrilled about this new season. I came here after listening to Surprisingly Awesoem and I can say I'm happily surprised with the new turn.

Love episode 1 (5/5)

I love surprisingly awesome and I love this show too. Thanks, Gimlet, for increasing my uptake of weird knowledge!

fun, interesting short-form (5/5)

About 20 minutes per episode, which is nice. An excellent break from all the news pods / the latest Trump escapade. Professionally produced, which I love.

Fun show! (5/5)

I love all of Gimlet's podcasts and Every Little Thing does not disappoint! The host is entertaining- a quick and interesting listen.

Excellent (5/5)

Excellent podcast

Great listen (5/5)

I just listened to my first episode and I am hooked. Planning my next vacation around an eclipse.

Great show (5/5)

Heard the first two episodes and I'm in. This show is great!

Eh (1/5)


My new favorite! (5/5)

So good!

One of my favorites (5/5)

I listen to a lot of various podcasts. I like this one a lot. Script is good and interesting. Learn new things with each podcast.

The best podcast I’ve ever heard (5/5)

This is the best podcast I’ve ever heard.

Very good (4/5)

Enjoying the first two episodes. Host has great energy. If it starts blowing my mind, I'll upgrade to 5 stars.

Surprisingly Awesome (5/5)

Great show that shows you things that you would never see or think about

Already Hooked! (5/5)

Another great Gimlet podcast. Really interesting storylines so far and the narrator is pleasant to listen to. I'm excited to hear the next episode!

Unique Topics (5/5)

Such a worthwhile listen! Engaging subject matter with an upbeat, exploratory vibe + host voices are so cute and fun!

Delightful (5/5)

This podcast is fun to listen to and offers a refreshing view to interesting topics! Subscribe!!!!

it lacks something (4/5)

Podcasts about facts/topics seem to be really difficult to make, perhaps because most often they fail to tell a compelling story and so I fail to listen. To me this was true for at least two previous Gimlet shows (Surprisingly awesome - especially the last episodes - and Undone). Topic-based podcasts seem particularly hard when they have no real angle on stories (in contrast, Science Vs has a neat angle; science vs beliefs). I listened to the first episode of Every Little Thing and I am afraid it had no story and no real angle. There are people who chase solar eclipses. Other people organize their lives around watching birds... so what? This doesn't tell me why I should be interested in them. (That being said, I like the host. She has that even NPR tone which is rare in Gimlet shows).

Wow! (5/5)

This podcast is beautifully produced, the host is very likable and I can't wait to see what topics she brings in the future!

A Podcast About Wonder (5/5)

A deep dive into the things around us that we rarely consider, this podcast is a delight. Who knew office plants could be so compelling? It is what I like best about the medium: exposing me things that I didn't know I'd be interested in. The show is more about more than mere trivia (a somewhat unfortunate impression that the preview gives): it is about wonder and how to find it in the world around you.

On the edge of my seat. (5/5)

I couldn't believe how interesting it was to learn about office plants. Seriously mind blowing.

2 (5/5)


All Gimlet shows are great (5/5)

So is this one

Ok, (3/5)

Not a bad show, just fairly boring subjects thus far without that interesting stories underneath them. Can't recommend this show yet.

Excellent storytelling with a purpose (5/5)

Keep up the great content gimlet, it's much appreciated

Blue Monday Joy (5/5)

So far so good! Interesting topics we never knew existed and now we want to be part of. Great story teller/fact relayer as well who isn't high on herself.

Gimlet did it again (5/5)

I already want more! A+ just like the large majority of their other shows

Standard concept, excellently done (4/5)

The broad concept of the show doesn't make it anything special - but the storytelling and production make it worth the listen.

Great first episode (5/5)

Strong potential

Content ok, too many ads for first 20 min episode (3/5)

They need to build an audience and focus on good content before loading it with ads.

Excellent (5/5)

Indeed Flora was the best part of Science Friday. A skilled raconteur.

This is okay (5/5)

Pretty much perfectly okay; I am just fine with your stuff... cool

Just Right! (5/5)

It's not too long, but it's not too short. A perfect helping of an obscure, yet relatable, topic. Look forward to adding this to my weekly listening.

Reminds me of Invisibilia and the best of Gimlet Media (5/5)

I've been looking for a podcast to fill the time between updates to Reply All...and to fill the void left since the last episode of Invisibilia. One episode in, and I'm very hopeful that this will hit the spot! Like another of my favorites, Heavyweight, this podcast uses journalistic techniques - such as interviews and sound clips - to frame the host's meaningful interpretation of everyday events. I'm feeling very inspired and can't wait for the next episode.

5 stars (5/5)

Wonderful first episode excited for whats to come

The more you look, the more you see! (5/5)

Science isn't sound bites. You have to dig in to understand the nuances of the world around us. This podcast is an awesome way to do that!

Great podcast! (5/5)

Really like the concept, but was even more impressed by execution. Show is pithy, with interesting topics, and really good voice. Looking forward to more.

I can't wait for the next episode! (5/5)

How could I get hooked so fast?! Please continue bringing us amazing interesting stories! I can't wait for it!

Great to hear Flora again! (5/5)

Loved this episode about the upcoming eclipse and look forward to more episodes from this talented lady.

so excited! (5/5)

I loved the first episode (tempted to go catch the eclipse now) and I can't wait to see what comes next. great offspring of surprisingly awesome

thanks (5/5)

for the show

Excited about this one! (5/5)

Off of just the one so far, I'm definitely curious about the upcoming episodes. Excellent!

Much more interesting (5/5)

This was the type of show I was looking for when surprisingly awesome came out. Good move Gimlet. Looking forward to Mondays now.

The first episode was a knock out (5/5)

After heavyweight, this is my new favorite current G show. I am bummed that will be no season two of Mystery Show, however.

Great Flow (5/5)

Great production. Loved the flow of the podcast. Looking forward to more informative and entertaining episodes. Gimlet (and the writers/creators) hits it perfectly on the mark yet again.

This is going to be my new favorite! (5/5)

I love the way Flora approaches small topics and exciting ways of viewing the world! The length of the podcast is great and I can't wait to book tickets to see the eclipse in August!! A must listen!

Great first ep! (4/5)

Enjoyed it! Cool topic!

Pleasantly surprised ✨ (5/5)

Heard about this from Science Vs. and it was perfect timing cause I was looking for new podcasts to listen to. I was hooked by that teaser and immediately hit subscribe. I was pleasantly surprised with this first episode. I've seen tv shows before about digging deeper into seemingly trivial things. This podcast though has something to it. I don't know maybe it's the host, the musical score, the feeling you get, or of course the content of their research. This podcast has a certain charm if you will to it. Will be waiting for the following episodes and I'm pretty sure I'll love it.

Entering (5/5)

Great new podcast looking forward to more episodes 😁

Totally blown away (5/5)

Loved it. Didnt know what to expect but have been fan of Gimlet podcast quality. There hv been some misses. But I definitely give everyone one of them a try. This one was informative intriguing funny amazing. I couldn't stop listening.

Great! (5/5)


Great! Simply great! (5/5)

Found this from the "Science Vs." podcast, so glad I did. I'm addicted to podcasts and this has broken into my to five favorites. Great content, not to long, engaging host. Well produced. Definitely recommend.

Outstanding (5/5)

First episode was fantastic. Keep it up!

It's a great listen (5/5)

Super interesting. Flora does a great job, and I feel like this is a fine spiritual successor to Surprisingly Awesome.

Excited for more (5/5)

Great listen

Solar Eclipse (5/5)

It's really too early to tell if this podcast is 5 star worthy but this is the first I've heard of the Total Solar Eclipse that is happening in America soon and my husband and I have just made plans to go see it! I want everyone to listen to the first episode so they will be inspired to see it to!

Another Great Gimlet Podcast (5/5)

Quick and straight to the point! Love the host!

Awesome first episode (5/5)

Ready to hear more

Entertaining smart science (5/5)

Cute new show by Gimlet. I recommend this if you already like "Science Vs." Entertaining, informative, accurate pop-culture take on science.

May be my favorite.. (5/5)

There has only been one episode, but I can already tell this will be a favorite! I love the premise of appreciating the smaller things in life. I love to "stop and smell the roses". Can't wait to hear more...

I'm driving and can't write more (5/5)

Love it!

One episode in (5/5)

One episode in and this is a great new podcast. The host is curious and compelling which makes this a truly interesting listen. Can't wait for what's next.

Another great show from Gimlet (5/5)

I'm always impressed with shows from this great company but this one has a heart and imagination to be its own little gem. Really looking forward to the future episodes where I'm sure I will be amazing and just in awe of the things they profile.

Of to an ok start (3/5)

I would probably like this more if it wasn't positioned as a replacement for Surprisingly Awesome. SA made me a straight up Gimlet fan. The premise was unique and made for very good listening. A while show amount cement? YASS! Every Little Thing's first salvo about solar eclipses was not very compelling. I learned nothing new. There was no substantive historical narrative, no exploration of how humans have made meaning of these events over time, and nothing to make me walk away with deepened appreciation or curiosity about these celestial events. The host has a pleasant voice and engaging manner. My hope is that the show will become richer and more interesting. If not, it will be one of very few Gimlet shows that wind up in my yawn bin. ALL of this said, I do have appreciation for the amount of work that goes into making even an ok podcast, and I respect the effort and investment of all involved. And, honestly, podcasting is one of the few creative endeavors that is both incredibly accessible and incredibly varied. There are so many outstanding shows, that the bar is set high for each newcomer. And, hey, lots of shows (radio, tv, YouTube, etc.) have a rocky first season, and then turn into something great. So, I give this a solid three stars and will keep listening.

The first episode is... okay (3/5)

I want to like this, I really do. But this show falls into the same trap that Surprisingly Awesome fell into. It's hard to make the mundane interesting. And I realize you can't just do a show about really fascinating science things without sounding like Radiolab or Invisibilia but maybe there's a happy medium to be found somewhere in between. Eclipses are sort of cool to look at I guess but they're not really that much fun to listen to people talk about. I'll stick it out for a little bit because the host is good and I trust Gimlet (mostly) but I'm hoping there's more interesting subject matter on the horizon.

Very interesting, look forward to more (5/5)

I really like the idea of the podcast and am excited to see what else comes from them.

Love it! (5/5)

This show is light, interesting and fun to listen to. I want to view an eclipse now. 😃

Great start! (5/5)

Interested in this and where it's going to go. Great start so far!

Give it a go (5/5)

Super excited to have a show that will make me super excited to be alive!

Gimlet does it again (5/5)

Great first show

Great New Podcast (5/5)

Never knew much about the total eclipse of the sun, but after listening to the podcast this morning at the gym, I'm definitely going to see one before I die! The soundtrack of the eclipse witnesses at the moment they saw the total eclipse was incredible. Love the new show, looking forward to the next one.

Great (5/5)


LOVE the concept (5/5)

I love the idea of examining little moments that make us feel things beyond words. Really well-produced and engaging podcast!

Every little thing is delightful! (5/5)

The music and humor are pitch prefect. Authentic but funny