Aggregated reviews for Fashion No Filter

Fashion journalists Camille Charriere and Monica Ainley give you a unique, behind the scenes look at how the fashion industry operates.

Anxiously waiting 🤩   (5/5)

I love this podcast!!! When is the season 2 episode!?

its okay   (3/5)

The podcast is decent.. nothing groundbreaking, but still enjoyable! Have been following your blog for awhile & I do love it but sad to see the many high school remarks/putting some other successful influencers down. I get where you're both coming but its just petty & makes you sound like u feel threatened lol

Want to listen over and over   (5/5)

I am LOVING your podcast and feel so inspired after listening. Keep them coming please. It is so current, on point and fresh. You have created a wonderfully curated engaging listen in an oversaturated industry. You predigest and share gems to follow and your dynamic synergy makes me feel I am sharing in your social and fashion experiences. I am a designer/entrepreneur based in NYC and find this to be a great resource. Ariana Ost

Getting Stronger   (4/5)

Every episode is getting better and better! The interviews are very genuine and insightful and I love the travel tidbits as well as the fashion. I might prefer 2 interviews (vs 3-4) per episode and the rest of the episode with more opinions from the 2 hosts. Keep up the good work!

Refreshing Listen - Interesting Content   (5/5)

As someone who mildly works in the fashion industry I think this is a really great Podcast! Interesting, relatable, funny, and relevant. Which is what I look for in a podcast. I've been a fan of Camille's style for a little bit, her and Monica have created such an interesting way to discuss the changing world of fashion and bring in great people to interview. Highly recommend for anyone remotely interested in fashion and the industry.

So Great   (5/5)

Love listening to this podcast. Camille and Monica bring on some amazing people to interview and shed light on the fashion world and behind the scenes. Cannot wait for more episodes!

Great podcast   (5/5)

Amazing and entertaining podcast with two sweet girls from Europe and North America!

Well...   (3/5)

I'm a huge fan of Camille's style and have been following her for years, but I have to say the first episode was somewhat of a letdown. I feel like everyone who would be interested enough to listen to this podcast understand things like affiliate links and Instagram influencers -- it's a topic that's frankly 2 years past it's prime. I'm hoping for more interesting content in the coming episodes, though, because both are engaging hosts that just need better subject matter.