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Trash   (1/5)

These analysts really get paid to have incorrect takes and information every episode

Good, not great   (4/5)

Good analysis most days and good commentators, but kind of boring. A good podcast if you want a “news update” style show, but I prefer the football ramble daily.

I love the show but the same conversations about Covid-19 are getting tedious   (5/5)

I absolutely love the show, I now live abroad so being able to listen to the show everyday has had such a positive impact on me daily. I’m sure it’s hard to come up with new content, but the same conversations/rants from Wrighty and Sutton are getting boring. Hopefully the producer can continue to find a way to provide new content.

Thoroughly enjoyable!   (5/5)

I’ve always enjoyed this show and was a regular listener when I lived abroad. The quiz made me laugh out loud. Highly recommend you listen.

Wage cuts   (1/5)

This conversation is annoying. Have the investment bankers, hedge fund managers, etc been asked to take a wage cut? Why is the onus on footballers only? Is it because most are from working class background, hence don’t deserve their earnings?

Good, but ditch the annoying music!   (3/5)

Especially like the timeliness (same day) of the coverage, inclusion of commentators who were at the games. Nice rotation of various ex and current footballers and reporters keeps it fresh. Sometimes the ‘arguments’ are a bit manufactured and tedious. But most of all please get rid of the overly loud, repetitive, and annoying music used to transition between sections!!

Please don’t write Headlines that spoil games - You’re not a newspaper.   (4/5)

I know no one involved with the show will see this, and I know nothing will change. Just putting this here for posterity. I’ve had so many games ruined because of the show's need to have game results included in the episode title. Why? Just put.. Champions League and the date. Especially for an audience in the US, I have to imagine there are lots of people saving the game to watch after work. Anyway, turned off notifications for this podcast. So problem is solved. But … hey maybe I’ll just stop getting notifications, and just stop forgetting to check, and then just.. stop listening. Anyway, show is good noise, minus one star for spoiling my enjoyment of the beautiful game.

Pretty good generally   (4/5)

But it is hit and miss depending on guests and episode. Consistency isn’t there. Some episodes are amazing and others more average. It’s like the Mesut Ozil of podcasts. Can be world class on their day, but also wander around aimlessly on other days.

Good   (4/5)

Burley is a tool. Thinks he’s a fashion plate. Mutton dressed as lamb. Bullying jackass. All the others are great.,

Stop cutting in   (1/5)

I feel sorry that the man keeps cutting off the women and not letting them finish their points.

Micah Richards..   (1/5)

I thought the bar couldn’t get any lower with Steve Crossman. Enter Micah Richards......Bellowing nonsense and guffawing over other contributors. Turning off

Why are you messing with England?   (5/5)

Why would the media ask questions to cause even more of a stir up??!!! Aren’t we all English?? Don’t you think we want England to do well and win. You are purposely trying to look for entertainment instead of support. We need this team to win. Best young English team since I’ve been alive. Fights happen and the media wants to make it worse? I don’t understand. You should want this to go away and help England win

#1 Footy Podcast   (5/5)

Consistently delivering great insight into the forthcoming fixtures, and solid review of the played games. A good chemistry shared between all hosts, and especially enjoy Chris Sutton’s hard-nosed critique of players, managers and the footballing institutions.

Thursday’s European Show   (5/5)

A must listen show each week for European football. More than discussing the games played, the insights given are first rate.

Every-other-daily podcast   (3/5)

The daily podcast doesn’t do a daily podcast on Saturday match days.

G p   (5/5)

Good pod

Get rid of Steve Crossman.   (2/5)

Sorry, but his voice and manner are annoying. Bring back Mina!!

The so called Man U insider for info   (1/5)

He’s awful , can’t listen to him ,

World Cup   (5/5)

Their World Cup coverage has been phenomenal. As an American listener is super fun to get a perspective of analysts that don’t worship the USWNT.

Hope Solo   (1/5)

Can’t believe the BBC has Hope Solo on one of their podcasts. She’s a disgrace with a questionable record of behavior. Not a great role model.

Go away Hope Solo   (5/5)

Go away Hope Solo

Best football pod around   (5/5)

Love love love the Football Daily on BBC 5 Live. And THANK YOU for doing your thing EVERY DAY 👍

Great World Cup 2019 coverage!   (5/5)

Some of the best & up to date World Cup reporting by knowledgeable & experienced hosts with world class guests! This is going to be a brilliant June!!

So good, so bad.   (1/5)

Chris Sutton and Waddle are the best analysts out there. How do they stop themselves from strangling the idiot Crossman ? Worse than Chapman, which takes some doing.

Amazing   (5/5)

Always keeps me in touch with what is happening in the EPL, and lets me know what’s going on even when I don’t have a TV

Where is Wednesday’s Pod?   (1/5)

I’ll be happy to change my review when Wednesday’s episode is properly published. Also wouldn’t hurt to post a message somewhere/anywhere regarding why your subscribers can’t download the episode.

Great presentation   (5/5)

Hi guys, this is to give you guys a thumbs up for the great work that you’re doing. Been listening for about 3.5 yrs, my nephew put me on to it while I was visiting in London. My only request is to resolve the situation where podcasts are released but for some reason aren’t available to be played. It is quite frustrating. Thanks and keep up the good work. Best, George (Northern California)

Pcb in the US   (5/5)

Lads. Seriously. This pod is so flipping good. Kelly and chappers, magic. Seriously. Really good listening. BUT, C Sutton is now, my unequivocal favorite. I flipping love his honesty. He is droll, sardonic, and typically spot on. He gets a ribbing each and every time but he rises to the occasion. Loved him with Celtic, and Blackburn, but my favorite position for him is commentating and being on the pod. Well done all. BBC. Still the standard bearers. Sort out a post-W.C. Podcast please. I’m an Irish man and a Tottenham fan who is loving Martin K tho a gooner, he’s a legend. Cheers, Pádraig

The removed to full length Monday night club   (2/5)

After being a avid podcast listener for 8 years they have this year decided to shorten the Monday night club weekend round up of the EPL games from the usual 1:30-2:00 time slot to a crappy 0:45 segment. This is very disappointing

Unlistenable   (1/5)

If you want to hear people mumble while Yakkity Sax blares, this is your show!

Euro Leagues : Finally....   (5/5)

....a regular Podcast with the magnificent Guillem Balague! While all the other journos are welcome such as Ms. Rzouki (you anti-Guardiola, you :) ), and Monsieur Laurens, expatriate "Signor" Horncastle, ....but nothing beats Senor Balague. Great European football roundup and the participant's opinion and insight is most welcome... A big thank you from San Francisco, California.....

Miss the old format   (4/5)

Not bad with Balague as host but I kind of miss the old set up and flow of the podcast when Mina was hosting and Horncastle, Honigstein and Laurens were regulars.

Fantastic!   (5/5)

Very informative - wonderful chemistrsy between the hosts and incredible content/perspectives from around the world. Everyone provides insightful contributions on current and very relevant topics. Thanks everyone!

Feels like home   (5/5)

Great link to back home for football loving Brits abroad. Thank you!!

Monday recap terrific   (5/5)

Excellent review of the weekend’s action

Love 5 Live Coverage, miss longer coverage from last year   (5/5)

As a fan of the Premiere League and Champions League I've listened to this podcast for years now and highly recommend it.. Just give us more. New podcssts can be more than 40 minutes, we'll listen.

5 star but please go back to full episodes   (3/5)

I have been listening to this as long as it has been a podcast, it’s wonderful! ... But please go back to providing full episodes of the Monday Night Club and the Friday Night Football Social! Those are the two best shows of the week!

Why change?   (3/5)

It was a lot better before they switched formats. It used to seem like it was the show direct from the radio, now it’s a packaged 40 minutes every time. Who decided a commute is only 40 minutes? Monday night club used to be well over an hour.

redbird.....   (1/5)

"Hi. Welcome to the 5 Live Football Daily. But first lets small talk for 3 minutes about the presenters mundane lives." A once fine (almost) daily football podcast which tried to fix what wasn't broken.

Please Make it Longer!!!   (1/5)

I don’t get this noveau/niche podcasting where everything has to 40mins! Last season we had 1 hour plus of Chappers, JJ & Fletch, Kelly etc! Now 40 mins???? Please let us end! GIVE US ALL!!!

Real downgrade from last season   (1/5)

What a shame the "improved" Euro Leagues Podcast is such a downgrade from last year. Giving Mina Rzouki more space for her expertise is always welcome, but giving so much time and host duties to the Brit Steve Crossman does not make sense. Him being given so much time to talk and interview makes the show tough to listen to and highlights a lack of diversity. A real Euro podcast will be missed.

American Who Loves The Brits!   (5/5)

Top football knowledge! Loads of personality! Unparalleled banter! Burning passion (for football)! Constant variety! Indecipherable Accents! I can’t get enough. You could Podcast everyday and I wouldn’t tire if it. Keep it up. -Nate Murray Anacortes, Washington USA

So satisfying!!   (5/5)

As an American, I could not be more grateful for this podcast. (The amount of time I wasted trying to find decent commentary from US’ FOX network is tragic.) Once I ventured into podcast territory and found this WCD, at Last I could be satisfied. Where else could I hear an original press conference question in Croatian? The waxed lyricals, the candor, the insights re: football/ culture and even occasionally politics easily quadrupled my enjoyment of this tremendous event. Even 9 days after the final, I could _savor_ the WC by listening to every word of the last 2 podcasts. Please bring the whole crew back for the Eurocup. {Please don’t discount this review too strongly bc any thoughtful port offers an escape from having to think about the state of our country. I had other options for escape; this is the best.}

5 stars   (5/5)

Great show..would love to play for a coach like Southgate..go 🇺🇸🇺🇸

Absolutely Amazing!!!   (5/5)

I’m born and raised in England but now I live in America and wanted so much to stay in touch with the England side during the World Cup. The daily podcast was phenomenal!! I especially loved to hear all of the stars I watched growing up; Shearer and Sutton (S.A.S), Linekar, Waddle, Dion as well as Chappers and Kelly! Loved hearing Chris Waddle reminisce about Gazza! Brings back a lot of good memories!! You definitely have a listener for life in me!! Cheers Everyone 😀🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿🇬🇧 Michael Buckley ‘RUFC for Life’

Awesome!   (5/5)

Love this podcast!

Terrific   (5/5)

Being a ex-pat, this is a great way to keep in touch with the pulse beat of the World Cup from an English perspective.

I miss it already   (5/5)

I am a Brazilian living in the US. I had a great time following the World cup through the lenses of the English. The podcast was my morning companion on my comute to work and I must say I am having a serious abstinence crisis now that it is over. Well done! Looking forward to following you when Premier League is back.

My first listen the last few weeks   (5/5)

What an entertaining and insightful pod you’ve given us these past few weeks. I’m already looking forward to the new Football Daily pod. I especially appreciate it helping me feel so connected from Malawi. Thanks!

This was the perfect companion to the 2018 World Cup   (5/5)

More than anything I really enjoyed the hilarious banter between guests. There was great analysis too. I don’t know how you put this together so soon after the full time whistle everyday but well done to the whole team.

USA (heart) BBC   (5/5)

Those of us on the west coast of the USA would like to thank all of those involved in this podcast (and motd) for making us feel away with the boys and at home with the family. Love the insights of the guests and the banter. I’ll take a team in the sweeps, but not a bad one. Thanks again Sleepless in Seattle

Amazing Pod   (5/5)

Love the coverage!

Loved the DNA talk   (5/5)

It’s a shame that football has to get in the way of the talk about ancestry and Kelly’s DNA profile! (5 stars) Ed Whittle , Racine, Wisconsin (ex Grimsby )

American pulling for England!   (5/5)

I am an American who has decided to pull for England in this World Cup. I’m a huge Premier League fan and I listen to BBC Five Live Football regularly. This World Cup coverage is exactly what I expected; Interesting, informed, and fun! -Kenneth (Charleston, South Carolina)

Ex-pat in Austria   (5/5)

I just love the humor. Watching the Austrian coverage, it is like taking sleeping tablets. They try hard buts it’s humorless and boring. German coverage is better and fact based but again not riveting. Listening to this I learn more about what’s going on, listen to good debates and some excellent player interviews. It’s just good fun and I almost feel homesick.

Excellent!!!   (5/5)

Superb podcast, and love the disappointment when the panelists get a terrible team in the sweepstakes!!!

Better than TV in the USA   (5/5)

This podcast is saving the World Cup coverage I have in the US. The American networks just do not compare and I absolutely love listening to the BBC World Cup daily podcast every day! Thank you for making it available listeners across the globe!

NY Brit   (5/5)

Completely agree with the reviewer above. Also a Brit in the US saddled with the terrible fox coverage. Especially frustrating as Nbc premier league coverage is so good. 5 live sport podcasts are brilliant and this one is no exception. Thank you BBC.

5 Star   (5/5)

As a Brit in the USA there is a distinct lack of quality football chatter going on a head of the WC. thankfully I have 5 live to keep me sane. A shame I’ll have to put up with Fox Sport commentators for every game though 🙄

Love the show!   (5/5)

Being a Brit in the USA, I miss 5 love commentary of games and insight so great to have this daily to catch up on everything England. So far the podcast has been GREAT. Keep it up guys!

Denno is Great!!   (5/5)

Content is very informative presented in a relaxed atmosphere. And unlike other podcasts the sound quality is excellent.

Very insightful   (5/5)

Year after year or tournament after tournament media like this has helped people like me, the public, get closer to understanding what it’s like to be a professional sportsman. That insight hopefully helps us digest the way tournaments or matches are played and then perhaps can understand why they don’t necessarily go our way. I really hope it takes some of the pressure off the players being able to speak to the media on a modern, open platform where they can express themselves honestly. After hearing just the first few episodes of this podcast I can honestly say, I could not do what professional footballers do and potentially face the negativity and criticism when everything goes wrong. The podcast is very positive and happy and I really hope that mentality can eventually be shared by how everyone views professional sport, especially in England.

Anti-Pool?   (2/5)

Is it just me or are some of the “pundits” flaming anti-Liverpool dross? I’ll try to listen but if it continues I will halt and desist.

Top show   (5/5)

Quality presenters, guests and interviews

Expat lifeline   (5/5)

Excellent way to keep across the footie scene even if you no longer live in the UK. The Monday Night Club is essential listening!

Riddled with Commercials   (2/5)

Once loved this podcast. No longer. Droning on and on about "contact in the box" is only relieved by a minefield of awkwardly placed commercials about other programs you "might enjoy". This happens multiple times through the show. So disruptive, you pause to wonder if you missed the end of the story. The program now is little more now than a program promoting other programs. The Guardian's Premier league podcast is much better.

Waste of time   (2/5)

Looking for analysis and round-ups, but constantly having to fast forward through pointless, useless interviews takes up most of the time. Definitely getting dropped from my rotation.

Great podcast   (5/5)

Does exactly what it says on the tin

Mark Chapman does not get enough credit!   (5/5)

He’s up there with the best of them as far as I’m concerned when it comes to anchoring and carrying a show. Been listening to him since he was a beat reporter on Sara Cox Show. The mans like a fine wine! Superb show!

Indispensable   (5/5)

Terrific analysis, humour, match summaries, everything about the day’s happenings in football,

Good when they talk about football.   (3/5)

Good at times, too much political correctness talking about women's football which is a joke. Talk about what we want to hear , leave women's football to people who actually care.

Love this show   (5/5)

Various hosts, writers, and pundits makes this show. Love the different views you hear from across the pond. Just wish the show was longer!

One of the best football podcasts.   (5/5)

Great show! I really enjoy the Monday (or Thurs or Fri...not exactly sure when they fall these days) night club episodes. It would be fantastic if the 1hr+ shows had the topics time stamped in the description. Thanks.

Sack Chris Sutton Please!   (1/5)

How can the people behind this podcast continue to employ Chris Sutton?! Can't they hear him say "y'know" 200 times an episode? It's infuriating.

Good show ... when it downloads   (3/5)

Fails to download / unavailable at this time more than all my other podcast subscriptions combined.

Wrong day!!   (5/5)

Great content - but the day labels is wrong. Says "Friday" for Saturday's show & "Saturday" for Sunday's...

Good... when it can actually be downloaded   (1/5)

Recently, this has become very unreliable. There's no point in going to all the work of recording and producing this if no one takes responsibility for making sure listeners can download or stream it. I'm tired of often waiting days for someone at the BBC end to figure it out. There are other podcasts.

Tired if Liverpool   (2/5)

About to un subscribe, what you will hear everyday. 1-liverpool, 2- Balotelli not performing at Liverpool, 3- how Liverpool misses Suarez... Getting real tired folks, many other teams out there, to listen to Not news about Liverpool.

Decent podcast   (3/5)

Decent discussion, knowledgable hosts, not particularly engaging though, sometimes they just ramble on and make a show of agreeing with each other. Hit or miss.

Missing podcast   (5/5)

Why can I not get recent shows on iTunes?? Missing all the end of the season and the ferguson stuff!! Ex pat living in Florida.... Pls HELP

feels like its untied fans only   (3/5)

The only thing that i dont like about this show is that they always talk about manchester untied not everyone is a fan i like to know about the rest of them teams but besides that good show

It's the best   (5/5)

Monday night club is a winner. I think all the participants are great and there is the right level of disagreement. They have great insights and deliver the news well. As a Brit living in LA I love it

Excellent   (5/5)

Excellent podcasts. Quickly posted, credible analysts, love the banter.

Simply Fantastic   (5/5)

Thanks for making such great podcasts. I am a US based ex-pat and these daily podcasts make me feel right at home!

Steve Claridge drags this show down   (1/5)

Great show over all, but Claridge brings down the show on Mondays. He's overly aggressive, gets high pitched when people disagree with him and frankly his football analysis is generally quite poor and simplistic.

Only listen if you bleed English league chat   (5/5)

Love the podcast about the best leagues in the world the English leagues as a English arsenal fan from the states feels right at home in the north London listening to you guys

Fantastic content, terrible name   (3/5)

A great podcast, but seems pretty inaccurate to call it "Football Daily" when there hasn't been a new episode in four days! I know it's the off season, but there are still things to talk about.

Perfect for Brits abroad   (5/5)

Die hard Watford fan living in Denver and enjoy listening to the podcast daily. A little bit of Saturday at 3pm from 5000 miles away. Love it!

Spot on   (5/5)

Love this podcast makes me feel like I'm back home. It's nice to hear some good old British sport radio for a change, I get sick of hearing about Ohio State Football it drives me nuts.

Fantastic stuff!!!   (5/5)

A lovely way for us yanks to keep up with the premiership on a daily basis!!!

Great show!   (5/5)

It's a great everyday football show with the right analysis. Love to hear this podcast at the end of each day. Ahmed chowdhry from Pakistan

Simply the Best! Please play it to full extent! From the last one the end was missing!   (5/5)

Fantastic! Just keep it up please! Peter from Hungary Please include longer parts!

Great Little Footy Podcast   (5/5)

Being from the USA it's hard for me to find a good source of EPL and European football news. This podcast fils that void. It covers the news of the day as we as the hot talking points. Best part is it isn't too long and fits perfectly into my morning commute to work.

Excellent   (5/5)

A fair and balnaced view of the European and nglish football. No yelling or grandstanding commentary, just thoughtful and sometimes humorous reviews of the game. My favorite!

Good Podcast   (5/5)

Great news, short and Informative. Perfect for any football fan.

essential   (5/5)

I download this show everyday. One of the best footie shows for up to the minute news. Last week when all the Keegan stuff was going on, one of their reporters was outside St. James Park in the poring rain, taking the Geordies pulse. Please keep it up to date. That and 606 are absolutely essential.

EXCELLENT.   (5/5)

this is an excellent podcast for anyone who follows the premier league,great in depth commentary,it really helps keep you up to date on all the latest football news.

Thanks for helping us ex pats keep up to date with this terrific podcast.   (5/5)

Just as good as 606; with world renowned, expert guests. Great podcast!