Aggregated reviews for Foul Play

On 18 March 1999, Wesley Shermantine and Loren Herzog were arrested, and later convicted, of multiple murders in and around the Linden area of California. The pair are known as the Speed Freak Killers and their reign of terror spanned for 15 years from 1984 to 1999. This series focuses on the estimated 60 victims, and their families, along with the investigations surrounding the cases. Why did two best friends evolve from hunting animals to hunting humans? How did two serial killers get away with potentially dozens of murders for more than a decade?Hosted by Investigative Crime Journalist Shane Waters & Wendy Cee

Love this podcast!   (5/5)

Keep up the amazing podcast Shane!

Deep   (5/5)

Brings you about as close as you can get to a murder case, chilling!

Good effort   (2/5)

I want to like this but he is so hard to listen to. Monotone and overly scripted. Maybe be get a partner?

Best crime podcast ever❤️   (5/5)

This man puts out the BEST podcast!! I'm addicted to true crime and this literally is my favorite!!! I even like the commercials!!! Lololol seriously tho the way the commercials are at the start and end is truly genius!! No break in the middle makes it easier to follow thru to the end!!! Thanks!!!!

My new favorite   (5/5)

I really enjoy your podcasts. You speak well and you are well researched. Looking forward to your growing and love the new collaboration.

Commercial ads, ugh.   (1/5)

Was looking forward to hearing this, it came highly recommended. Was super disappointed in the first five seconds as a prerecorded commercial played. I dumped the cable box over a decade ago because of commercials. The only casts I’ll subscribe to are the ones that have host-presented ads for sponsorship, that are mellow in tone.

Awesome   (5/5)

I have listened to I believe four episodes and I am hooked. Thorough research, interesting content and the host is passionate about these cases and helping people that desperately need help. Definitely recommend this podcast!!

Great   (5/5)

You can tell Shane and his team thoroughly research each topic and he pours his heart into each episode.

Great Quality   (5/5)

Stumbled upon this podcast from The Keepers FB group and now I’m hooked. Have been listening trying to catch up on the older cases. Thank you for taking this on and giving the victims and their family a voice again.

Deb G   (5/5)

I love your podcast ! So interesting and love your voice. You are doing an amazing job !

Needs work   (2/5)

I finally finished listening to all the episodes and feel this podcast needs work. They actually had an episode defending some of the negative reviews. One of the comments was that their style is due to interviewing and involving family members. I agree, it’s great giving family and friends a voice to tell their story but it’s a disservice if the podcast is terrible. There is no story telling and not a real flow. At times I would get lost and frustrated because the interviewer would jump around and start talking about irrelevant information. There was one case where it was 4 parts, and it could have been told in two episodes. There was some evidence talked about in the first episode and never mentioned again. It’s clear they want the public and listeners to help solve these cases, unfortunately the style and confusing style makes that difficult. At the end of most episodes wondering what actually happened??

Victims First - Great Concept!   (5/5)

Shane outshines many of the TC Podcasts out there. You can tell that he takes each one of his cases, personally.

Impressive   (5/5)

Love it!

😳😳   (5/5)

Had me scared the whole 2 hours on your Halloween special 😳

Good stuff   (5/5)

Justin, just listened to your paranormal stories by your listeners. I loved the scary voice. I loved the show. Keep up the great stories.

Awesome!   (5/5)

Great host!

Fascinating!   (5/5)

This true crime podcast provides an in depth look at crimes right in our back yards! I am the type of person who likes to solve the puzzle/mystery. I have always been interested in criminal justice, the criminal mind, and the psychological phenomenon surrounding true crimes. This podcast allows me to put my mind to work and learn more about the victims impacted. I've just started listening but I plan on keeping this podcast on my list for all future episodes! Great job!!!

Marina Boelter Case   (1/5)

I'm listening to part 2 of this and the psychic is a joke. She's like I was thinking everything you were telling me as you were telling it to me. Really! She's like I think the guy that gave her a ride did it. Well guess what?? So do most of us you don't need to be psychic to come up with that.

Very intriguing perspective   (5/5)

Thank you for your great insight and perspective you present in these horrible cold cases. The podcast is a must listen!

Great podcast   (3/5)

I like this podcast and appreciate that they give so much airtime to the family. It's awful that people complain and give negative reviews bc the victims families speak! Like how dare actual victimized persons have a platform in a crime podcast!?! A single formula for all crime podcasts is boring and creatively limiting. The fact that various podcasts take different approaches is refreshing and welcomed. This podcast has an approach that is not commonly found in crime podcasts, and it has integrity, which is a rare find these days (in people and in podcasts). I like the speakers voice and pace. There are no bells and whistles, just straightforward stories. People who enjoy the sensationalism of murder for its entertainment value only probably won't enjoy this podcast. There are other podcasts available to appeal to those people though.

Awesome PODCAST!   (5/5)

Always looking forward to new episodes everytime! If ever I disappeared or murdered, Id want Shane to look into my case lol I already told my boyfriend just incase hahaa. But seriously though, Keep up the good work on researching and going above and beyond for the victims and their family :)

great podcast   (5/5)

Love this podcast. Its very informative.

Easy 5 Star rating - subscribe True Crime lovers   (5/5)

Great Show - tune in and enjoy real true crime drama done right. Thumbs up for longer shows that run over an hour & more - keep it up! Shane doesn't cut the shows short before finishing the whole story. I appreciate the care & respect for the victims & family/friends. New weekly favorite, and always look forward to the next episode. If I ever go missing put him on the case!

Great!   (5/5)

I really enjoy this podcast! Addicted to true crime.

my favorite podcast   (5/5)

I listen to this podcast on spotify, I absolutely love this podcast. Definitely my favorite crime podcast. I love the attention to detail and accuracy, you can tell how much hard work they put into making this podcast.

Grow up!   (3/5)

I listened to Katherine Winters a 104 yr old case. The host and guest were criticized the 1914 community. Every intelligent person knows every generation builds on the last. In generations to come we will lookprimitive. The guest said she hoped for justice I just want to know who's going to testify and whose going to jail.

Love it.   (5/5)

I have nothing more to say. You rock!!

Superb Content   (5/5)

This one is a keeper, in a big way. I’m so glad I found American CrimeCast. Every episode is interesting and extremely well produced. Heartbreaking and entreating at the same time. Highly recommend.

A Must Listen To   (5/5)

I'm new to your podcast but from what I've heard it's amazing!!! Keep up the good work!

Great work!   (5/5)

Well-researched and now a part of my regular rotation. - Olivia from Something's Not Right

Grrrrr   (5/5)

I love to listen to a podcast that draws me in. Listening to what happened to Cindy James did that. Shane has a way of telling you about the case descriptively and to the point. Thank you for bringing attention to cases that might otherwise not get it. ---Carol from Cold Case Notes.

Addicted   (5/5)

Please make longer episodes and more episodes💃🏻

Love!   (5/5)

Very well done, researched, unscripted and the hosts are great. I look forward to it weekly!

Great research, terrible audio quality   (2/5)

Listened to the Sister Cathy episodes. Great interviews but audio quality is terrible

Not bad, not great   (3/5)

Interesting topics, and some of the interviewees have a lot of potential. The dialogue of the hosts & the "main investigator" seems somewhat uneducated (in reference to the cases) at times, and there's an element of professionalism missing that I anticipated/hoped for. All in all, a decent op-ed podcast that could use some polishing.

Added This Podcast To My Favs List   (5/5)

I heard about American Crimecast from another podcast I've listened to for awhile. I'm really glad I checked this one out. I've listened to ALL of the episodes which gives me the ability to say that Shane does a great job with his research and interviews. I really like that he adds lesser known cases, he's professional and sticks to the topic. With his background and knowledge of investigating I can know I'm getting all the available facts. I also think it's great that Shane not only produces these podcast episodes for entertainment but most of all his goal is to get the word out there to hopefully solve some of these cases so that the victims and their families will finally have justice. It's clear that there's a lot of time, effort, and research that goes into this podcast and it's greatly appreciated. Way to go Shane, love the podcast!

Excellent True Crime Podcast!   (5/5)

I really enjoyed Mysterious Circumstances and American Crimecast, and now they are together! So far, I am enjoying Justin and Shane's new podcast!

LOVE!   (5/5)

Some of these negative reviews are really annoying. I became a fan of Justin's before he and Shane merged their podcasts (and then became a fan of both) and it's because I know how amazing both of their podcasts were is the reason why I will be sticking around to watch and listen to this new podcast become awesome! (It is well on it's way!) Thank you both for all your hard work and compassion! The world needs more people like you both!

Terrible interviews   (2/5)

Who are all these 5 star reviews? Family and friends? Are we listening to the same podcast? This guy can't interview. The questions are terrible and riddled with incorrect information that annoys the interviewees. I could barely get through the first episode where the mother of the victim sounds exasperated as she corrects him over and over. Embarrassing. Does he not prep them with the questions beforehand as is usual protocol? It sounds like he has a swollen tongue or gum in his mouth, too. I appreciate the effort to highlight lesser known cases but unfortunately this podcast needs a lot of work.

Reboot!   (5/5)

Not your average true crime podcast. The hosts bring diverse backgrounds and strengths to the effort. Give them a listen; you'll be glad you did.

Awesome podcast!   (5/5)

This podcast is an awesome podcast and I really enjoy listening to it. I am listening to cases that I have never heard about before. Keep up the good work!

Merger   (3/5)

Prior to your merger with mysterious circumstances I avidly listened to both of your podcasts because one, I love true crime and two, you both looked at the cases from an unbiased provide the facts kind of approach. After listening to the most recent podcast however I can't help but notice that Justin seemed to dominate the session. I would love to see it as a more balanced type of thing, nonetheless it was a good podcast save for one thing. Justin's swearing seems to have quadrupled as compared to his previous recordings. Now I'm not against a little profanity but it seems as though he just throws out profanity for the heck of it and it does not add to the point he is trying to make. This is the reason for the 3 star review otherwise the content is superb as always.

Good podcast gone bad.   (1/5)

Used to be the best podcast out there and helped a lot of people, but it took a SHARP nosedive afer they changed formats and added the new guy. Now they just cover celebrities everyone already knows about like every other true crime podcast. Time to just move on from this one.

Eh...   (2/5)

I am trying to like this podcast.. the music isn't great and the continuous music in the background is annoying and too loud. The producer/host does not have good interview skills and has long pauses in between thoughts. The episodes lack information and he often points out the obvious to his interviewee's. Not feeling it.

How committed you are with your guest.   (5/5)

He really makes the people who lost their loved ones feel safe to tell their side of the story. This podcast does not focus all their episode in the "Bad guys".

Great true crime podcast   (5/5)

Interviews the family and goes through the case. Great job! I'm shocked this isn't in the iTunes top 100 list.

It appears I'm in the minority...   (1/5)

After listening to this podcast I formed an opinion about what types of true crime podcasts appeal to me the most. I've at least sampled just about every one out there. Apparently, I am in the minority because I thought this true crime podcast was terrible. Not a whole lot of details about the actual case and way too much air time to family members who are not necessarily the best speakers. I understand that some podcasts provide an opportunity to allow friends and family of the victim to have their say, but that should be a different format altogether. True crime podcasts are best when one narrator has a script and goes through the crime, victim profile, the investigation, the suspect(s) profile or speculation on viable suspect(s) and then the adjudication and sentencing. The interviews with family members talking about how wonderful the victim was is pretty mundane and doesn't tell us much about the crime. Podcasts that do not go by a script and have multiple people babbling on trying to insert their thoughts that are really unrelated to the crime are irritating and difficult to listen to. Tell me the facts of the crime and about the investigation like a true crime reporter. Anything else is a waste of time.

Content and Audio Quality Need Work   (2/5)

The subject matter is very interesting with good cases. My biggest issue was that they hardly covered these cases. Very little information was provided at all, and what was provided was via poor interviews with family. The audio was hard to understand. The host speaks at a snail's pace. The music doesn't fit with the mood (sounds triumphant?? so weird) and covers up the already hard-to-understand dialogue. I think they have a good start, but they need to make many improvements if I'm going to listen again.

Great Podcast   (5/5)

Love the Podcast! Keep up the good work!

Engaging   (5/5)

This podcast is interesting and engaging. I think the premise of giving the victim’s family a voice and potentially spurring new leads in the case. Until visiting your website, I wasn’t aware of the PI connection. That makes the podcast even more interesting. I’m looking forward to more episodes.