Aggregated reviews for Fresh Air

Fresh Air from WHYY, the Peabody Award-winning weekday magazine of contemporary arts and issues, is one of public radio's most popular programs. Hosted by Terry Gross, the show features intimate conversations with today's biggest luminaries.

10 Stars! (5/5)

Always fascinating. Ms. Gross is one of the best!

Review (5/5)

Terry is the best and her range of interviewees has expanded my understanding of the diversity of the U.S.. Just finished Saeed Jones. And excellent as always.

Amazing interview!!! (5/5)

Emily Bazelon’s interview with Terry is fantastic! It’s super interesting, educational, and answered so many crucial questions! The answers are frightening and made my blood boil about the abuses of power of this administration and future ones.

Venturing Inside Bellevue's Psychiatric ER (4/5)

This podcast was interesting to listen to as a potential psychology major because it shows Dr. Julie Holland's point of view as she ran the weekend shift at Bellevue's psychiatric emergency room for nine years. We get her point of view of what she been through and some insight into how she dealt with some cases.

More Questions to the Guest, please. (4/5)

I love Ms. Gross! However, I do wish she would do less set up work and ask more questions to the guest so we can enjoy their answers.

Fresh Air (5/5)

I started listening to Fresh Air 22 years ago. Ms. Gross is one of the best, if not the best, interviewer of our generation. I only wish I’d started listening earlier.

Ask questions, Terry (3/5)

Terry likes to tell her guests all about themselves or the subject they are there to talk about. Then she asks a question to get a short answer before she again talks a lot about what the guest should be addressing. Why can’t she ask a better questions that let the guest tell us about their life or subject in their own words.

Terry is confused (4/5)

She used to interview guests. Now she does the talking and all the set-ups and leaves the guests with yes or no responses. Terry: “You tell a story in the book about the time you were at a bank during a robbery and made friends with the robbers. You really liked the one named Mark. That was right before you wrote your first play called ‘Bank Robbers’. Was the play about the bank robbery you witnessed?” Guest: yes, it was, Terry. How can the producers and Terry herself not hear this?

The Gold Standard for Interviews (5/5)

I've been listening to Fresh Air for a very long time. Terry Gross is the absolute gold standard for the very intimate personal interviews that Fresh Air provides. I've also found that it's best heard on a set of good headphones or for long interstate's like being in the room with Terry and her guests. This is a factor of her style and the very high production values used by her team to produce the podcasts. While there's plenty of folks worth listening to in today's podcast "boom," Terry Gross and Fresh Air continue to lead the pack. Also, the length of her career on air is an absolute plus...while it's a grim metric, when someone in the public light passes away it's more than likely that they've had a conversation with Terry. I find this to be a tremendous comfort.

Terry Gross (5/5)

Thank you Terry Gross. You’ve taught me so much, in my next life I want to be you!

Top of the Line (5/5)

Terry Gross is the best interviewer I’ve heard. She’s interesting, has a great voice, is intelligent and never sounds phony. Additionally she researches her guests and their subject matter. I hope that other interviewers learn from her. Marc Maron and Howard Stern can’t touch Terry on their best day even though they are exceptional interviewers.

Blast from the past (5/5)

I was so excited to see Fresh Air as a podcast. I listened to the show when living in Delaware as much as I could. Great to be able to listen whenever I can especially since I now live in New Zealand!

The best of the best ! (5/5)

I’m learning something new every podcast. Thank you!

Attica Locke interview (4/5)

I had just finished Bluebird Bluebird which was so impressive to read, probably one of the best written and honest sensitive viewpoints of individuals I have read in quite awhile . This was my first NPR Fresh Air podcast I listened to as I was searching Ronan Farrows interview. So refreshing to listen to both without an interviewers ego or self promotion overtaking the space . Enjoyed both very much . Thank you

Gross Terry (1/5)

Terry Gross Comes across as a very arrogant, naïve little lady. While she occasionally has a very good guest on like Ronan Farrow, she always tries to twist things to hurt those she disagrees with. Very disgustingly biased woman and very disrespectful to the taxpayer. We taxpayers pay her salary and yet she shows so much bias against hard-working American-loving taxpayers.

A Break from Sensationalism (5/5)

Come to our house after dinner and you’re likely to hear Fresh Air on our smart speakers. If not on then we try to catch up via podcast.When I need a break from the news cycle, Terry’s calm voice eases a story that I didn’t know I needed into my day.

NOT Balance: Too Many Anti-Trump Guests (1/5)

This show in particular and NPR in general is not interested in hearing from both sides. All sounds like pigs in Animal Farm - Trump and the Republican Party is bad! The Democratic Party (4-leg) is good! I stopped listening and supporting NPR since they started bashing the President!

Diverse yet intellectually stimulating (5/5)

Great podcasts with very interesting guests. Love how each episode is so different but all seemingly comes together by holding your interest. Something I look forward to getting updates on as they download.

Best interviewer (5/5)

I appreciate that Terry does her homework, is empathic, honest, simply the best interviewer out there!

Best interviewer ever (5/5)

Terry Gross always asks the best questions. It’s like she is having a therapy session with the subject.

My Favorite podcast (5/5)

I like her voice!

Great interviews (5/5)

Simply the best short form interview podcast. Very often sends me looking for more information.

Boring and totally biased (1/5)

really tried to like this Podcast and gave it a chance because it came so highly recommended by a family member. Most of the content is boring and cannot keep my interest. The last straw was the episode “Investigating Justice Brett Kavanaugh” from 9/16/2019. I was extremely disappointed to the level of blatant bias displayed by the presenter. I unsubscribed after listening to that episode.



A favorite (5/5)

Probably my favorite show on npr. Glad to find it here.

Terri Gross (5/5)

Without a doubt, Terri Gross is the absolute best interviewer I have ever heard. She’s always well prepared and asks the most probing and cogent questions. She makes me proud to be a member of WHYY.

Show is great, subscription fixed. (4/5)

Update, issue fixed. Main issue was that in addition to unsubscribing you have to delete the whole podcast from your feed. Close out the app then resubscribe. Working. And now I listen to code switch too. ————- I used to subscribe to fresh air. But ever since the massive npr subscription problem Code Switch pops up in my feed instead, a repeated problem.

Subscription won’t hold (1/5)

Update 12 September 2019 Still unable to subscribe. Subscription attaches to code switch. —————— Update 28 August 2019 Still not fixed. Can we at least have a moderator response? —————— Why has this problem not been fixed? —————- Update 8 July 2019 Is this ever going to be fixed? I am not getting the daily episodes. I am getting weekly Code Switch episodes. It has been several months now. I would think this would be a simple fix. PLEASE FIX THIS. —————- Update 22 June 2019 Why hasn’t this issue been fixed. It’s been months now ———-- Update: Help!! Would someone please fix this. Every time I try to subscribe to Fresh Air it subscribes me to code switch. I am not getting new episodes without attempting to resubscribe. ———- Love the show but for the last couple of weeks the post cast keep unsubscribing me from fresh air and subscribing me to code switch. Appears to be some kind of server error. Very frustrating. Not getting new episodes unless I unsubscribe and resubscribe. Please fix.

Recycling (5/5)

I’ve been waiting for an explanation about the recycling issues. Thank you!

Just Amazing! (5/5)

Terry Gross is such a great journalist! Great guests and topics discussed. This show never ceases to amaze.

Changed to one star (1/5)

EDIT: I changed this review to a one-star rating because I heard an ad for Exxon. EXXON. These people had the gall to make an advertisement about climate change, conveniently in a way that does not involve decreasing use of fossil fuels. We're talking about an existential crisis, and they still can't help but be harmful even in the process of trying to seem on the right side of history. If I ever hear another ad for that obviously and greatly immoral company, I'm going to unsubscribe from every single NPR podcast. I am absolutely disgusted. Typically, I find the episodes I'm interested in based on the topic/interviewee very satisfying, but many of the interviewees are obscure entertainers/critics/writers or other minimally known public figures that I've never even heard of, much less cared about. I wind up skipping more episodes of this podcast than just about any other, but I like the ones I listen to.

Fresh Air (5/5)

Terry you are a consummate interviewer. I learned so much from your shows.

Poisoner-in-chief (1/5)

“Fascinating, Patriotism, gentle, humanist, “ the language being employed to describe Gottlieb by the author succeeds in trivializing torture and murder.

Feed (4/5)

Thank you for finally getting the podcast feed working properly.

Review of College Mental Health Epidemic Podcast ( May 28th, 2019) (5/5)

The college mental health Epidemic podcast was an eye-opening glimpse into of the most talked about but not talked about areas in our education system, mental health.l respect the efforts of NPR bringing experienced professionals on board for this podcast such as Dr. Rostain. This made taking in the new, controversial information much easier as I knew it wasn’t coming from a biased source. This podcast was catered to anyone that wants to know what is occurring on our campuses and I appreciate it because it is crucial to know. The information is up to date and credible. This was an interesting podcast, not so much entertaining because it shed light on the suicidal ideations some students face.

What Podcasts Should Be! (5/5)

Excellence in journalism. It’s simply the most informative, diverse and entertaining place in podcast land. Love it

Change back the streaming player! (2/5)

Fix the subscription please!!!! Love the show. Just fire the IT person and make it work please!

Get a new mouse (5/5)

Love the show. Get a no-click mouse so the sound doesn’t end up on the recording.

A touchstone for the informed life (5/5)

Terry Gross and team are American institutions. Brilliant research, informed conversations and charming conversationalists. Brilliant show!

I love Terry Gross and Fresh Air!!! (5/5)

I’m not exactly sure how long she’s been doing her fabulous interviews but I was hooked after listening to my first program. I’m actually thinking it was 40(????) years ago. Is that possible? I was a freshman at U of Iowa. I told everyone who would listen to me to listen to Fresh Air!!! You soon had fans from here and there around the states. In the early 90’s I think, my girlfriend wrote you a letter, asking for a signed photo of you. You graciously obliged. You still had your shoulder length hair. I love your hair now. Have you ever interviewed RBG?? We recently watched the documentary and loved it! She’s simply amazing. Sorry this went on so long 😯. Your true blue fan, Lu

Fresh Air: Where is Terry ? (3/5)

So many of the interviews these days are done by Dave Davies. It’s frustrating, because he is not the interviewer who made Fresh Air popular. He’s very average at best. He cannot and should not be the replacement for Terry Gross. Terry Gross is a superb interviewer, but I do feel she can, on occasion, just not let go of a line of questioning. She can, at times, almost badger a guest. Her viewpoint is very obvious, and I’m not sure that’s always a good thing. However, I do love listening to the vast majority of her interviews. I am listening to other podcasts more often now, such as “The Daily” because it’s so well produced and informative. I hope Fresh Air can bring in another very talented and engaging interviewer since Terry is gone so often these days.

Bye Bye NPR-Hello The Daily! (5/5)

I’ve been a loyal NPR listener for two plus decades. This podcast changed all that. It’s the perfect amount of time to do a deep dive into the headline making stories. I love the behind the scenes feel that is behind some of these shows. It’s a listening experience that makes you feel more knowledgeable about a topic rather than just sound bites.

Terry is the GOAT (5/5)

One of the great interviewers of all time. Every episode isn’t for everyone but that’s what makes it great.

The Renegade (2/5)

I love Fresh Air, but this episode was impossible to get through. The speech impediment made it incoherent to me.

Highly recommend (5/5)

Every episode is a treat.

Old interviews (3/5)

I generally love this show, but get annoyed when old interviews are presented, rather than something current. I understand when this happens if someone has died and a previous interview of that person is presented, but that is not always the case. Feels like filler.

Terry Gross may be the GOAT of interviewers (5/5)

Who can make comfortable people from such disparate backgrounds like Terry Gross can?? She’s a master at being vulnerable, non-judgmental and compassionate. I think she could get away with asking just about any question of a person because she’s so disarmingly empathetic and thoughtful.

Every day! (5/5)

Can’t imagine waking up without NPR !

Fresh Air is Unique (5/5)

I love Fresh Air. It’s the best on radio and on the internet.

McDume (5/5)

Love this show.

I listen as often as I can (5/5)

I live in Dubai and spend summers in the states. When I’m in Dubai, Terry or Dave Davies starts my morning with an interesting and informative interview. Rarely, if ever, do I skip a topic, even when I’m not interested, because I know the interview will be excellent and I’ll learn something despite myself.

Terry gross is great (5/5)

I really like this podcast as a rule and Terry Gross is a wonderful interviewer. I do occasionally find the interviewees to be somewhat boring, e.g., Laura Lippman. I like her an an author, but thought she was boring on the show.

Thank you for a great podcast (5/5)

Fresh Air got me hooked on podcasts. I especially enjoy hearing from a wide range of views and from people in a wide variety of professions. The weekend version is a great timesaver - 2 in 1.

The best interviewer on the planet (5/5)

I’ve been listening to terry gross for years, she was the voice of my drive home from high school, straight from whyy, 15 years ago. So many classic interviews of culture makers and changers and journalists. I remember the bill o’reilly interview, the Leonard Cohen, the Johnny cash, the grandmaster flash. Nobody does it like the great terry gross, getting behind the icon, revealing so much. I only need point to her wonderful recent interviews with Howard stern and wonda Sykes, gross shows us a way forward.

Need to fix subscription downloads (5/5)

Great show, but I, too, have problems with it holding the subscription. It reverts to Code Switch every day.

Sort (3/5)

There should be old to new episode sort feature for downloaded ones

Nothing’s better (5/5)


Jane Mayer Interview (5/5)

Thank you for your interview with Jane Mayer. Grateful she took the time to find out the truth of the matter.

It’s all Trumps fault... (1/5)

I knew Terry couldn’t go more then 30 minutes without blaming Trump for something.... and here I was enjoying a topic that was interesting and informative. Tired of the bias. Canceling future downloads

Please fix subscribe button! (2/5)

Love this show. Always listen to a few episodes per week. Terry Gross is such an ethical & intelligent interviewer. She definitely deserved the presidential medal given to her by Obama. But please fix the subscribe button! It keeps subscribing me to Code Switch instead!

Overrated (1/5)

I have changed to C-SPAN for accuracy and information.

Can't subscribe! (1/5)

All episodes appear under another podcast subscription and I have to download them from Fresh Air individually! I'm so disappointed this hasn't been fixed yet! The show IS terrific, 5 *****

The best (5/5)

Terry Gross chooses subjects and asks salient questions that generate deep insightful discussion, with respect for the interviewer and responds to the information with authenticity, empathy and Intelligent curiosity while not seeming to impose her own agenda. It’s the richest most useful news I access

Too Much Politics (3/5)

This used to be my favorite podcast, but it has become more and more about politics. If I want that I will subscribe to a podcast about politics. This was always my “feel good” informative podcast. Sorry, Terry, I love you but I don’t listen much any more. :-(

Best there is (5/5)

Terry Gross gives the best inner views no doubt no doubt

The best (5/5)

Terry really is the best interviewer. I loved hearing Michael Ian Black’s interview of Terry on his own Podcast. Makes me even appreciate her more. I’m glad it’s a podcast because it’s usually one of those NPR “driveway moments.”

Terry Gross is a national treasure (5/5)

It’s no wonder this show has been around for so many years. I learn a ton and appreciate the wide variety of topics.

Lifter Puller (5/5)

“You kiss like you already came.” -Les Couchon- 💄🐷🍒👠

Code Switch logo on Fresh Air (1/5)

In my Apple podcast app, the Code Switch logo is being used for the Fresh Air podcast. Somehow the graphics have gotten mixed up. Please fix it

Terry Gross is the best living interviewer. (5/5)

Not a fan of the ‘best of’ episode on Fridays.

Fresh Air (5/5)

My absolute favorite podcast. Terry Gross is a treasure.

As good as it gets. (5/5)

No one is better at interviews than Tarry Gross. She is, as another review said, the gold standard. She's always prepared, thoughtful, incisive and has the best voice on air.

The gold standard (5/5)

This podcast should be considered the gold standard and Terry Gross the pinnacle of interviewing. It never ceases to amaze or interest me, each and every episode.

Best of the best (5/5)

Terry Gross is fantastic! The best interview show ever!

It’s my way of life (5/5)

I’m very young. I’m 10 years-old and so I watch out for what I’m listening to but I love this on a plane or a car. This is my way of life now. I do creative writing and this is inspiration.

Excellent Interviews (5/5)

I have been listening to Fresh Air for years and am excited that I can now access it as a podcast. I especially appreciate Terry’s interviews with authors as I’ve now been introduced” to several important books such as Bottle of Lies and The Fate of Food. Please continue apprising listeners of significant works that journalists have spent years researching. No fake news here!

love the variety (5/5)

unpredictable and delightful Terry rocks! grabbed a second playing of Howard part 2!

Love (5/5)

There are obviously some guests I disagree with, and sometimes I disagree with the host, but this is a great show. One of the best things on NPR.

Fresh Air fan! (5/5)

Fresh Air and Terry Gross are great. My favorite NPR show. She asks the questions that come to MY mind. I’m baffled as to why anyone would write a review criticizing her. Don’t like? Don’t listen. (You don’t deserve to listen anyway.)

Editing of episodes really? (5/5)

I could careless if the episodes didn’t have any editing at all! Why? The people talking to Terri would not go on any other show. Interesting and intelligent. No gotcha questions.

Great (5/5)

Always informative, entertaining, with great interviews. Some people here are critical of Terry Grosses interview skills...forget about it....She’s one of the best.

Miss gross overrated as interviewer. (1/5)

The Howard stern interview was horrible. I learned nothing- she doesn’t understand psychoanalysis so she couldn’t ask appropriate questions about how it’s helped him. She’s not very smart.

New listener (5/5)

I have been a Howard Stern listener for years. He mentioned that he’d be doing the Fresh Air show. I really enjoyed it and love Terri’s soothing voice and interview style. I saw one commenter trashing Howard Stern — I mean, wow, did you even listen to the interview? His show has evolved over the years. The interviews are better, his let his staff really drive the content, and he’s matured. Check it out if you have Sirius (or check out some clips from the HS Facebook page). Anyway, you have a new fan and will continue to listen to more episodes of Fresh Air!

Adam Liptack (5/5)

Clear, reasoned, and non-political. One of your best guests in years. We need to hear from him more often.

Subscription problem (4/5)

My feed has for several weeks been hijacked by Code Switch and/or it just disappears from my subscriptions so I have to search it and resubscribe every day. Have you got a fix for this? I’m not the only one with this issue.

More npr podcast subscription errors (2/5)

Every day I subscribe to this podcast and the next day it unsubscribes me and instead subscribes me to Code Switch. FIX YOUR PODCAST FEEDS, NPR. This can’t keep happening. You have great content, but please hire a competent IT person.

The Mental Health Epidemic on Campuses (1/5)

Glad to see someone is talking about this but both of you did not discuss a huge issue which is the lack of therapist that are covered through insurance - who can possibly afford $250 a session for a therapist much less $450-$650 (in some cases I've been told they only take cash) for a psychiatrist. So though I am thankful that the two of you talked about this major issue the majority of us cannot pay these insane prices and insurance companies DO NOT COVER these costs, which is a whole other issue.

Over Terri Gross (1/5)

Terri more often than not is arrogant, condescending and classist in her line of questioning. Would love this show to be taken over by a more inclusive unbiased interviewer.

4 outa 5 (4/5)

I love Terri’s interview style and appreciate the wide range of guests. I do have trouble listening in my car or any noisy environment though. There is often a large disparity in volume between the interviewer and guest. This can make the podcast unlistenable when just a little compression would make a large difference. Thank you for the great content though!

Great Howard Stern interview!!!! (5/5)

I’ve never listened to NPR, but am a 20 year Howard Stern fan. Amazing interview, I may have to check out more here.

Great interviews, bad audio quality sometimes (4/5)

Hello audio engineer: Please use the Izotope Mouth De-click plugin. While this show has plenty of fantastic interviews on a wide range of topics, sometimes the audio quality is such that you can hear the spit inside an interviewees mouth. When you pick up on it, the episode beomes unlistenable.

Dave Davies (3/5)

Terry takes more days off than Howard stern

Great content but (3/5)

Terri Gross comes off as the second most arrogant person on the planet.

Fresh Air (5/5)

One of the smartest shows on radio. Great podcast, however I am currently having technical difficulties with regards to subscribing to and downloading the podcasts.

Howard Stern Pt 2 (5/5)

Tired of the interviews of guys who brought us rudeness vulgarity and stupidity to the media. Stern is all of these qualities without any redeeming value

I love Terri and Fresh Air (5/5)

People get really pissy about this beautiful free content. Maybe they should go outside and get some literal fresh air. Thanks for everything NPR.

Unsubscribe Error (5/5)

I love Fresh Air, but a glitch I don’t understand caused it to unsubscribe today, which erased over a gigabyte of downloaded episodes from my phone. Now it seems there’s no trace to help me track what I’d listened to in the past. It’s a very frustrating experience to have come from a show that brings me delight on a daily basis.

FA:FnA (5/5)

What else is like a Breath of fresh air? Nothing. It is like a glass of cool water after a long thirst, and it extends life. So, maybe the program/podcast is not THAT vital, but once You actually experience Fresh Air, you may wonder why there aren't more shows like it. There are certainly enough producers who try to imitate the platform and content. Thanks, NPR,WHYY, and all of you who support Fresh Air. I breathe better, knowing you are there. Margy Stein

bug still not fixed (1/5)

Pls fix your bug!! Still seeing Code Switch thumbnail. Very confusing.

General (1/5)

When will your inept IT group fix the problem. I have to subscribe to Fresh Air daily just to get Code Switch. How hard can this be. Typical IT stuff.

Fresh Air subscription changes to Code Switch (4/5)

I’ve been a subscriber to Fresh Air for over a decade and it’s my favorite! In the last week, the podcast subscription is deleted and replaced with the Code Switch podcast, and any downloaded episodes are deleted. Please fix this issue!

Love fresh air! But tech problem with podcast (5/5)

Fresh air is a 5 — by far my favorite podcast. But I actually wanted to know—for some reason my fresh air feed keeps changing into other NPR podcasts I did not subscribe to (Code Switch, Story Corps) and I have to resubscribe to fresh air. Is this happening to anyone else?


Had FreshAir as titled podcast and it’s currently being switched to other shows that I have not downloaded don’t know how but I don’t want to be forced to have other programs

Wrong title (1/5)

As of today this is showing as Story Corps in my apple podcast and downloaded a bunch of Story Corps episodes

Argh (1/5)

What the heck is this show? And why can’t I delete it from my feed. It just won’t die!

Patricia Arquette (5/5)

A stunningly beautiful interview. Arquette’s poingnant memories and expressive conversational style were a joy to listen to.

Re Sweet Francis 4-18-19 (5/5)

Couldn’t have said it any better. Terri G is THE BEST!

Fresh air has become rancid (1/5)

The liberal slant of Freah Air and other programs on PBS that did not seem to exist or was less blatant In the past forces me to unsubscribe and no longer support PBS. Time is too short and important to waste it on lies and distortion.

Great show, but John Powers has got to go! (4/5)

I’ve been listening for years, and really, enjoy the show. That being said, the way John Powers’ voice is so affected, it’s too distracting to pay attention to what he is saying. I’m sure he’s a very nice intelligent person, but maybe have somebody else read what he writes on air.

Thank you🙏🏻 (5/5)

So I love you so so much

Fresh Air (5/5)

Teri Gross is probably the best interviewer I have ever listened heard. She has always read the book, heard the music, seen the art.She is never unprepared, unlike many interviewers I have heardAnd it is never about her—she always remembers what she is there for. I have listened over the years as she has worked to make her voice more pleasing and learned how to ask questions that in other hands would seem intrusive, but she makes her interviewees want to answer. And they are things that I want to know. And lastly, she understands that is important to ask follow up questions and not just stick to the list that she started with. She listens. I am worried she may retire, and we will be stuck with the likes of Alec Baldwin. Teri long may you wave!

Climate change (5/5)

Hello, my name is Lily Rudman and I am a fifth grader at Oyster River Middle School in New Hampshire and for the past month me and my peers have been focusing on Climate Change for one big event ( a presentation) with over a hundred people coming. And I was very nervous about presenting because I was hiding from my self that I was not prepared. But after hearing this podcast episode on climate change and how well you speak with millions of people listening and working with other people it has given me the courage and confidence to get a A plus in my science class.

Always a breath of FreshAir (5/5)

Terry Gross is a great interviewer. Her greatest talent is putting the guest at ease making them feel as if they are talking with their best friend.

Great (5/5)

As far as Terri being tone deaf and abrasive at least every other word that comes out of her mouth isn’t the f word To the person who wrote it stop being prejudice of older people. To the person who complained about the editing let me guess you’re an editor an out of a job one? I love this show. It is very informative and far from boring like 90% of most podcast I have listened to.To Terri you go girl. To the other girls stop using the f word

Abrasive, tone-deaf Terry (1/5)

Someone please sit this woman down and recalibrate her understanding of human conversation. While I can have an appreciation for edgy, confronting interviews, Terry is clumsy, lazy and downright rude with her interactions. Asks repeated out-of-touch and inane questions.

Insightful Podcast on Schizophrenia (5/5)

The podcast I watched was about a father who had 2 sons diagnosed with schizophrenia. It made me understand a bit more the struggles that someone with mentally ill familty members go throuhgh. The fact that it was a father instead of a scientist or psychologist made the podcast so real. It was interesting to watch, even my mom that was cooking was listenning in. This podcast was informaiton and I would recommend it to anyone.

Father of 2 Sons with Schizophrenia Talks of His Struggle to Save them (4/5)

The podcasts has Ron Powers’ give his experience on how he dealt with his two son’s mental illness. It gives people a perspective on schizophrenia. Definitely worth a listen.

Incomplete collection of episodes (3/5)

Episodes produced before 2019 cannot be found on Apple Podcast. Please do something about it. Thanks.

Getting Stale (2/5)

I listen to a lot of podcasts, and for years this was my favorite, along with This American Life. However recently I’ve found myself deleting a Fresh Air podcast before it’s finished because I just get tired of the leading questions and the clear bias of Teri Gross. I would really like to hear her less and the people she’s interviewing more. Ask open-ended questions and let your guests respond without interruption.

The podcast I forward most often (5/5)

Terry and crew do a consistently excellent job in selecting topics/speakers and delivering insightful interviews. Her style leads to intelligent questions and thoughtful answers. This is the podcast I forward to others the most because I think it generates the ability to provoke thought. Join in and spread the word.

Biased (1/5)

One sided, framing interviews and guests with a clear agenda in mind.

Fresh Air (5/5)

I am an avid listener and I feel that Terri Gross is a genuine American Treasure. I really miss her when Dave Davies cavers for her, as his interviews are so dry. David Biencolli is a great sub, though. He is upbeat & his interviews are interesting. At any rebate ,the content and interviews are so good, that I listen to them on Podcasts to avoid missing a single show.

Review of Fresh Air program (2/5)

I used to be an avid listener and enjoyed the program, especially the variety of topics and guests. But in the last several or more months it’s obvious there is a huge “political chip” on the shoulder of this program and its host. . Even topics and quests that should be considered neutral to politics are asked about political situations and the people involved. Always slanted. I’m neutral politically and enjoy programs that don’t force me to make judgements and get involved in such a complicated arena. Heck it’s PUBLIC RADIO. and this intelligent public person is tired of hearing so much about that stuff. I just want to enjoy a nice interview about an interesting topic with no political bones to be picked.

I’m listening to the podcast... (4/5)

I’m not “just joining you” and I don’t need the guest re-introduced. Save the listeners some time!

Completely irritated (3/5)

I love Fresh Air. I have been listening to it on the radio for years. I was really happy to be able to listen to it by podcast. However, right in the middle of the podcast I will get switched to another podcast and I am no longer able to find the one I was originally listening to; not in played episodes, nor in available episodes. If it wasn’t for this glitch I would have given it 5 stars.

I adore this show (5/5)

Love this show so much. A very wide range of interesting and timely topics are explored with impressive and fascinating guests. Also, Terry’s great personality and skill is very evident. I’m always sad when there’s a sub! Haha

Great podcast! (5/5)

I listen every time an episode is posted. Keeps me informed.

Fresh air and pop culture (1/5)

I’ve been a long time listener and it seems that Fresh Air has shifted to covering more pop culture and Hollywood rather than the pressing issues which face our nation. Yes, there are many more outlets for political discussion and this may be the reason Fresh Air feels the need to cover vapid stories and individuals that, quite frankly, have nothing to do with our current state. Sad that Terry feels the need to swing towards pop.

No longer MY kinda show (1/5)

Fresh Air was my favorite show and I would schedule lunch around listening to it when my local public radio station aired it. I no longer listen due to Terry’s obsession with adding her views on politics to every discussion. I find her approach to the political subject matter off-putting and, in my opinion, her demeanor becomes pushy and self righteousness when she gets on this subject. I now listen to my shows in podcast format but I still browse the Fresh Air topics to see if there is something worth listening to that even Terry’s railing on republicans won’t ruin. I seldom chose to put myself through it and have found her ability to blame Republicans and Trump for everything a complete waste of my time. This is no longer “entertainment” to me. Please change hosts and return to an “all-purpose” format that isn’t full of a hosts personal agenda.

Hillary Clinton (5/5)

She sounded as if she’s gotten some emotional distance from what was an understandable devastation for her and so many others. Nice to listen to her this time.

The Best (5/5)

Terry Gross is, hands down, THE best interviewer. She asks thoughtful respectful questions delving into background & rationale behind her guests’ work or project.

The best in radio (5/5)

A wonderful mix of culture, deep dive politics, and issues of the day from a thoughtful, non- reactive perspective. Terry is a brilliant interviewer who brings out the most in her guests. I like Dave Davies too. I look forward to my time listening and learning with Fresh Air. In these anxious times, I look forward to hearing Terry and soothing my anxieties.

Post (5/5)


Enjoy (5/5)

Informative and entertaining. Love Terry Gross!

A necessity for the curious (5/5)

Even when an episode profiles someone I don’t know or a topic I’m unfamiliar with, it still provides such interesting and poignant insight. Seeing this podcast update is the highlight of my day, and I find myself urging weekends to hurry up so I can hear some more. Terry Gross is a queen.

Please update Apple Podcast version (2/5)

I love the content but please update so not as much scrolling is required before the "Available Episodes" button. I will happily change my review to 5 after.

Please listen to yourself (1/5)

Terry needs to stop saying “ummm” over and over, reduce the amount she talks rather than the guest and try not to sound so condescending and smug.

Excellent interviews! (5/5)

I really enjoy these intimate interviews. Sometimes I wish she wouldn’t skewer her guests quite so much.

Really? (1/5)

Did Terry seriously ask Roy Wood if his parents worked? Wow - let’s just acknowledge the racist stereotype right there. I’ve never heard her ask white guests about their parents in that way!!

Illustrative and entertaining (5/5)

I’ve been listening to Terry for many many years. I hear her in old interviews and her voice sounds higher and faster compared to the deeper and more precise voice she wields now. She continues to amaze me with those tiny questions she asks that give a total insight to the person being interviewed and their situation or viewpoint. The selection of book writers, celebrities, musicians, politicians, and just the average joes that have something interesting to discuss keeps me illustrated and entertained for almost an hour 5 times a week. I fortunately don’t have the editing problems I read on previous reviews even though I use iTunes every single time. I enjoy thoroughly this podcast from end to end. One request: make the music you use on the podcast easily accessible for me to buy. Good stuff. Keep the good work coming Terry, I’ll keep listening.

Earlone Woods (1/5)

This guy has no empathy or remorse. He needs to go home not bring prison culture outside.

Poor Kevin Hart (3/5)

Disappointed at how she grillllllllllllled Kevin hart and wasted half the episode on his jokes from a decade ago So much areas they could have explored

Terry Gross is amazing (5/5)

Fresh air always has incredible interesting guests. If, for whatever reason they might not be my first choice of entertainment, Terry Gross always asks the perfect questions. She is an impeccable listener. She always makes the show interesting. I want to be Terry Gross when I grow up!

Fresh air devolves into “gotcha journalism”! (1/5)

As someone who has listened to this show for over a decade, i have to say that it has to come down from its ivory tower. By the shows very nature, it should be in-depth look into the interviewees mind, without clouding said mind with judgement/hot-air. Instead we get aggressive agendas pushed on the guest. I used to hold Terry Gross in such high-regards, but now im so disappointed. You used to get an answer from the guest via a well thought out question; perhaps some kickback, a follow-through, then a graceful conclusion. Now we have Fox-News-esque tactics. Specifically her interview with Kevin Hart, in why he isnt hosting the Oscars. In this interview, he is being held hostage by jokes made almost a decade ago. He made jokes that apparently hurt a certain group of people, and Hart, reluctant to tread the same ground (especially ground he already apologized for) responded with this; “In order to evolve as humans, we have to except each-others changes. Thats how you get to the place of equality.” I wished that is how it ended, but Terry waited until the end of the interview, and pressured him again into the same circle of questioning and posturing as before. It was redundant! It was like she wanted to assassinate his character. It was a tough listen, and ended very abruptly and unprofessionally. It felt like the radio version of leading a black man to lynch himself. She was trying to bagger him into a rant (courtroom tactics). I felt disgusted with the whole thing. So my time with Fresh Air, has come to a sad end. Maybe things can change. Maybe they can reach the highest levels of relatability & understanding they had so many years ago. But the rate at which NPR is going, I sincerely doubt it. RIP Fresh Air.

Best podcast out there (5/5)

Fresh air is the best of the best. Teri Gross is insightful and interesting. She often asks her guests questions that make them say, “I never thought of it that way. You are right.”

Tired of Gross (1/5)

Terry Gross is often so busy trying to prove her knowledge, or lack of, that she steps on the guest. I listen to hear whet the guest has to say or their thoughts. Not gross trying to lead them to a thought, most guest are polite and comment how they never thought of it that way. Don’t listen to hear her thoughts on their lives, want to know their feelings and experiences. Her interview with Kevin Hart was the last straw, tried so hard to create controversy it was painful to listen to.

What is up with "padooooother" (1/5)

I am quite liberal in my outlook and voiting record, but I can easily understand how this show and others like it whip up dim witted working class whites to a level of rage and to vote against their own interests just to stick it to smug left wing insufferably PC elites. If you dont get it, you probably never will. However, beyond all this, there is one thing I simply can't stand. It is uterly ridiculous and unexplanable. Why the heck does Terry Gross pronounce "producer" like a toddler with a lisp as "pa-doooo-ther"? Does she have a speech problem? Is there some kind of growth on her toungue? Since she occassionaly slips and pronounces it like a normal human (or 'yoo-man" as she likes to say), I have to assume this is some kind of hipster left wing affectation.

Just spectacular (5/5)

Gross is the greatest interviewer working today by a vast margin. Fresh Air rocks.

Need a new Movie Critic (4/5)

Chang is the epitome of the elite movie snob. I use his recommendations as guide of what not to see.

The best interview show of all time (5/5)

This show rules, obviously

Suggestion (5/5)

Can you please interview Igor Levit?

Gillian Andersen (5/5)

Love the show, but has anyone noticed that its host sounds exactly like Scully of the X-Files!

Love fresh air (5/5)

Terry Gross is far and away one of the finest interviewers currently working. Personally LOVE the full hour format as it mimics the radio hour. Great way to spend some time in the car!

She’s too political-was better when she was younger and less arrogant (2/5)

I wish Terry gross would stick to science, culture and the arts, rather than denigrate all things Trump. It ca. Get really tiresome. We know she’s extremely liberal, anti trump and feminist. The type that would believe any or all women and a standard bearer et for the me too movement. However it gets to be awkward when she tries to “soft” bully her guests into reaffirming her views from the way she formulates her statements and questions. Frankly don’t care what Terry Gross political views are. Just please stop trying to brains wash everyone into believing her personal version of politics, feminism and atheism.

I’ve been listening for years. (4/5)

I’ve been listening since I was a kid. The show had been getting better over the years!

Old reviews needed? (1/5)

In looking through the reviews, only thing I’ll add at the moment, because I haven’t listened yet, is do we really need 9-11 year old reviews?? They’re like fingernails, please trim them. One star for that. More stars later.

From 5 to 3 stars (2/5)

Used to be a 5 because the interviews are so informative educational and awe inspiring but now it’s mostly about how much Terry hates Trump. I’m so bored w that. Recently have deleted more episodes than I’ve listened to

Why Religion? (3/5)

The interviewee... why do I so clearly hear every time she breathes in???? Driving. Me. Nuts. But Terry Gross is the best!!

I love this show (5/5)

Terri Gross is the best interviewer I know of. Her subjects range and even topics I think I don’t have interest in wind up fascinating and educating me.

Terri Gross and Fresh Air is the best. (5/5)

Highly recommend. I’ve been listening for 29 years. My millennials ❤️ the program too.

Best (5/5)

Fresh Air is simply the best. Heartbreaking at times, witty, fun, and deeply nurturing our small weak cerebral cells. Tons of gratitude.

Why would you have to be so one sided? (3/5)

I've listened to this podcast for years and I don't know why you have to be overly one-sided and anti-Republican. I like to hear both sides or keep the politics out completely. Darn, now I can't trust what I hear from this podcast. Disappointment.

The left-of-center bias is overt (1/5)

Just listened to the episode on “Republican efforts targeting minority voters.” Not even the slightest effort made to offer both sides of this issue. I’d expect this form of overt partisanship from MSNBC and Fox but I had hoped NPR might be able to at least make an attempt at balance. Sad.

Best Interviewr (5/5)

Terry Gross is one of the best interviewers in the business. She guides the interviewee with her insightful questions and makes the most dry topics seem interesting. And I love her enthusiasm for culture, especially broadway, literature and film.

Great program!! (5/5)

Thank you, NPR, for making this podcast. Terry Gross is terrific, and interviews the most interesting people. Now I don’t have to miss any episodes.

Huge fan (5/5)

I now live overseas, and “Fresh Air” keeps me connected to home. It’s a lovely time spent listening to this conversational podcast

Great content, terrible production (1/5)

Constant skipping within episodes, switching to different episodes in middle of current episode, random restarts. None of the other podcasts I subscribe to on iTunes have these issues. Great content, and I love listening on the radio, but the podcast has awful production.

Liberal on Liberal (1/5)

Leftest Terri Gross on liberal NPR recruits anti-Trump guests and comes to the conclusion that Trump is bad

Fresh Air (1/5)

I have listened to fresh air for sometime now and have finally come to the conclusion that the program is extremely far from unbiased. When I first started listening things appeared to be balanced but as time has gone by it has become very biased towards the left. So long!

Exclude “best of” episodes (4/5)

In general, I love Fresh Air. I don’t like that the “best of” episodes get downloaded on my podcast feed since it’s a repeat of recent episodes. Is there any way to exclude those from being downloaded? Thanks.

Fresh Air (5/5)

There are two women in my life that I hold with highest esteem and gratitude, who I hope will always be with me. They are Terry Gross and Rachel Maddow.

Love! (5/5)

Great podcast!

Terry Gross (5/5)

Terry Gross is like having a best friend who happens to be the smartest, wisest, kindest, most compassionate, and slyly funny person around, who is always there when you need her and knows the most interesting people. I want Terry Gross and Fresh Air to always be a part of my life.

Five starts obviously (5/5)

Terry Gross is the greatest interviewer of all time in my book. This show is the gold standard for a reason.

Terry Gross and Fresh Air are THE BEST! (5/5)

I've been listening to this show on the radio for 30 years. And in the last few years on podcast primarily. Terry is one of the very best interviewers I've ever heard. I hope she never retires but if/when she does I will miss her dearly. I could say so so much more about her and the show, but for now I will just leave it at that. THANK YOU for inspiring, educating and broadening me for the last 30 years! 😉

Activist on Honor Killings in Rural Pakistan (5/5)

Terry Gross, once again conducts, an interview that is so personal and heartbreaking that it had me tears. She is a NPR treasure and widely respected by everyone she interviews and those who get to listen. Always look forward to Fresh Air.

One of my favorite shows has a pod!! (5/5)

Finding this show made my day!

Insightful (5/5)

I love Terry’s interviews with musicians, directors and leaders like John McCain.

Fresh Air whenever I want it (5/5)

Terry Gross is one of the finest interviewers around. This podcast is my preferred way of listening to Fresh Air.

Kevin Kwan Ep (3/5)

Was super disappointed by a lot of the questions terry asked Kevin kwan on this. I know she comes from a good place but they felt kind of offensive and ignorant.

Overall good, sometimes problematic (2/5)

I generally enjoy Terry’s interviews but I found her interview of the author of crazy rich Asians to be problematic. From her questions, I thought she lacked understanding of the subject matter (Asians of all nationalities and the struggle for representation). I’ve listened to tons of Terry’s interviews, usually good, but this one stood out because she seemed to have done no research prior to the interview. She was overly fixated on the topic of wealth and her approach to the discussion of Asian and Asian American struggles were superficial. Example: terry’s discussion of the plastic surgery phenomenon is presented as purely an Asian desire to look “western”. The truth of the matter is, there are billions of Asians in the world and many of them do not look “Asian” based on western stereotypes. Walk around China and you will see Chinese people who do not look “Chinese” as westerners expect, because the “Chinese” people isn’t a mono-ethnic group and there is a long history of various peoples getting assimilated into the Chinese population. Furthermore, do I even need to bring up the reality that many caucasians are using plastic surgery to look more “exotic” or “multiracial”. The fake tans, the breast implants, butt implants, lip injections — these augmented features are hardly the stereotypic physical features of caucasians. What I find problematic is that when Asians get plastic surgery, it’s presented as “Asians wanting to look western” but when caucasians get plastic surgery, it’s presented as “just wanting to look more attractive”. This is quite a limited POV. Lastly, the topic of “racial purity” (is the actor who played the male protagonist “Asian enough”) is exceptionally problematic. There is only one race, the human race. Go back enough generations and all of us are of “mixed ancestries”. How many generations back do we have to trace to be considered “racially pure” enough? President Obama is half Caucasian, but everybody refers to him as the “first black president”. The trap that biracial or multiracial people find themselves falling into is that they’re always forced into one category or the other by society. In the case of multiracial Asian actors, they’re always labeled as too Asian to play white characters but also too white to play Asian characters. This is a very sad state of things. PS I found it very awkward and strange that terry seemed to expect the author of the book to answer for all the political situations of Singapore. He’s lived here (in the US) for the majority of his life (since he was a child). Thought experiment: If a white American author wrote a whimsical story that took place in Britain, would terry expect the author to answer for all the political turmoils going on over there?

Terry on Terry? (5/5)

I want Terry Gross to interview Terry Gross. I’ve been a fan of this show for years and I love it so much. I have become interested in who Terry Gross is and since I don’t think anyone is as good as she is, she’ll have to interview herself.

Best political and cultural podcast (5/5)

I wish every American would listen in! Great guests, timely topics every week.

terry is beyond iconic (5/5)

terry is so compelling — great tone, insightful questions, and intimate rapport with guests. spins every topic onto interesting paths, turns the personal experience into universal and vice-versa. i can’t really bear to hear the male host (whose name escapes me); just wish there was more terry.

The best of the best (5/5)

I love Terry Gross and her guest hosts...and have learned so much from them over the years. Thank you for producing such quality content.

Hurtful and cruel!!!! Shame! (1/5)

What is wrong with you, Ms. Gross? I believe in "live and let live" and I draw the line at ridicule and intentional hurt. Don't you think that this country, with it's current state of leadership, is enduring enough cruelty? Why pour it on even thicker? First, you make fun of the Christian exercise class (so what? how is an exercise class hurting anyone?) then you point out that a woman was called "ugliest" in high school. Why tear open such a deep and harsh wound? Why are you jumping on the mean and cruel bandwagon?

Thank you (5/5)

Good educational program

Great show! (5/5)

I love Fresh Air on the radio, now I can listen everywhere! Thanks!

Terrible app (1/5)

I love Teri Gross. She is fantastic. Poor rating due to awful app usability. Gets harder to use each release leading me to find other content.

Terry Rocks (5/5)

What is there not to love about Terry's ability to interview; her depth and breadth of knowledge and equal amounts of compassion are inspirational.

Solid addition to your station (4/5)

Interview subjects aren’t always super fascinating, and the book reviews do nothing for me (sorry). But those are my only knocks. Everything else is top notch.

The Preeminent podcast (5/5)

This is it! There are some wonderful podcasts out there, but Terry is the queen of interviews. Dave Davies is quite good too. If you want to stay informed, listen to this!

The Preeminent podcast (5/5)

This is it! There are some wonderful podcasts out there, but Terry is the queen of interviews. Dave Davies is quite good too. If you want to stay informed, listen to this!

Useful information (4/5)

There are some really good stories here but most of these podcasts are plugs for a book the guest is promoting. Having said that the listener only gets one side of the story. That fact makes most of these podcasts very biased. I prefer the non author episodes.

Fresh air (5/5)

Keep up the good work!! Thoroughly enjoyed on a daily basis, keep it coming, it’s vastly appreciated!!

Once Militantly Anti abortion (5/5)

I usually love all you podcasts and am a regular listener as a Canadian expat living in Singapore. This podcast really upset me and I could not listen to this man’s account of how he and Prolife members terrorised these poor young women. It was like he was looking for forgiveness from us all and this cathartic outpouring was impossible for me to listen to. I will be back but I think this was too graphic and he got too much airtime. Very upsetting.

Best Talk Show (5/5)

I listen to the show all the time. Great conversation with interesting characters. One thing that is always impressive is the degree of preparation Terry does-she always reads the book and clearly has dog eared all the pages. But She is totally a Freudian. C'mon, Terry, fess up!

Love Fresh Air/Guest Suggestions (5/5)

I love the show; Terri is the best interviewer and listening to her is like therapy, especially in the current media and political environment. I would love to hear her interview the some of the folks from Crooked Media—the Pod Save America guys, the women from the new Hysteria podcast, the Keep It crew, et al—especially to get their views about what Democrats and concerned voters should be doing for 2018 and 2020.

Lots of ads. (4/5)

More ads than any other podcast I listen to. By a mile.

Inside the first family (1/5)

This podcast episode does not play the audio. It plays the intro ad but not the show. I listen thru Apple podcast app.

Emily Jane (3/5)

Could barely hear her. Find this to be a problem frequently when trying to listen to Fresh Air podcasts in the car.

Majority of guests are white and male (2/5)

I love Terry Gross and believe in her ability as a gifted interviewer, having enjoyed many of these episodes. However, overall I am disappointed when I check almost daily for new episodes and find that the vast majority of featured guests are white men. For such a thoughtful, intelligent program, I find the guest lineup to be incredibly lacking in diversity.

Insightful and Timely (5/5)

She is one of my favorite interviewers, and the topics explored are always of the moment and relevant. Great job!

America’s first family (5/5)

America’s first family episode is silent on my phone except for the opening ad. What’s up with that?

Velvet Voice (4/5)

No question this warm host has developed a great skill in interviewing. If you like arts and culture, listen in because you will like her!

No sound (1/5)

No voice

Not working - no sound at all (1/5)

This episode doesn’t play any sound.

Terry Gross is a national treasure (5/5)

I have a deep love for her work, despite the fact I am an antisemite for Christ’s sake!

No sound (1/5)


Defective! No sound! (1/5)

Really wanted to hear! Waited a few days and tried again

No sound! (1/5)

For the episode “Inside America’s First Family” from June 21, 2018, the sound drops out very early on.

No sound after first few minutes on trump family episode (3/5)

No sound

Please correct sound issue (1/5)

No sound on Trump Family episode

Inside America’s First Family (1/5)

Except for the first 45 seconds there was no sound. Using iPhone 8. Otherwise Fresh Air is my favorite NPR show.

John Prine (1/5)

Very disappointing interview with one of America’s greatest living songwriters. It was clear Terry Gross did little research to prepare for the interview so we were treated to sophomoric basic questions which at times were embarrassing. Please show more respect for your guests and listeners. Jerry Philbrick

No sound in latest episode (3/5)

The Trump Family episode does not have any sound after the opening ad

Terry Gross (5/5)

Terry Gross is hands down the best interviewer!

Always Top Notch (5/5)

Love Terry Gross, et al. Fantastic quality interviews

Timeless (5/5)

Terrie is a master at taking us where we had no idea we wanted to go.

Well done (5/5)

Done well

Love Fresh Air (5/5)

:)))) that is my big smile for Fresh Air on Podcast and love listening anytime. Teri Gross is gracious and funny, and I like how all different kinds of topics are covered. I have been listening for 5 years.

Fresh Air Is the Best (5/5)

Terry Gross is one of the best interviewers of all time. I love this radio show/podcast so much and have been listening for years! She always knows the right questions to ask and can make people seem more human and relatable. The Maurice Sendak interview from years ago still comes to mind as the most beautiful interview I’ve ever listened to. Thanks Terry!!

Perspective (5/5)

One of the best podcasts for keeping abreast with things that matter in the news.

Wonderful, but (4/5)

I love Teri’s interviews and have followed the show and podcast for years, but delete and avoid interviews by Dave Davies. I hope he does not replace her at some point. The others like David Bianculi (sp) are great also. Please no to Davies.

Informative, fun and presented in a calm manner (3/5)

Informative, fun and presented in a calm manner. So many podcasts are very loud. Fresh Air (and Stay tuned with Preet) se both presented in a conversational thoughtful tone.

Top of the NPR Pile! (5/5)

Intelligent and insightful interviews from Philly! She asks the questions I wanted to ask! Listening since the eighties !

Wonderful Podcast (5/5)

So glad to be able to have a Podcast of the show since I can rarely hear the show live. One of the best interview programs available anywhere.

The best (5/5)

This show is so consistently amazing!

updating issues? (5/5)

Seems to be a (hopefully temporary) issue with updating and downloading just now. Otherwise, a consistently great podcast.

Gross needs to apologize (1/5)

I used to like the program, but the inappropriate and disgusting rape apologist behavior during Tig Notaro’s interview. Very unprofessional to put an accomplished artist in such an uncomfortable position and disrespect their feelings. Gross should apologize.

Fresh air (5/5)

Terri gross is great!

Great NPR Program (5/5)

I love being able to hear the long-form interviews and in-depth conversations on Fresh Air. I’m always at work when it’s airing on my local station, WKSU, so finding out that I can listen to it in a podcast made me very happy. Even topics I think won’t interest me draw me in for the hour-long podcast.

No Better Way to Spend a Commute (5/5)

Terry Gross and her guests are time and again engrossing, enthralling, informative, and hysterical. I couldn't love this show any more than I do. Thank you.

Marvelous podcast (5/5)

“Fresh Air” makes my shortlist of podcasts I listen to on a regular basis. The interviews continue to be among the best in the field of journalism. Terry Gross really is the gold standard for interview journalism, and her team executes high-quality radio programming on a consistent basis. Bravo!

Terry (5/5)

Your voice soothes my soul!

A classic (5/5)

Fresh Air is one of those shows. Teri Gross has talked to so many interesting people and always makes it worth the listen.

Love it! (5/5)

It’s a great program

Great topics (5/5)

I find many of the topics of this podcast to be very interesting and thought-provoking.

A compilation of our history (5/5)

Been listening for years. Terry Gross is THE interviewer, hands down. Over decades she has compiled an archive of interviews that will be valued for generations. To be interviewed by Terry Gross, and her thoughtful team, means that you have really left a mark on the world or you are an expert in something that shapes our world. A treasure!

Terrible interviewing (1/5)

Terry seems to only enjoy interviewing people who align with her interests. I can literally hear her bias and judgment to those she interviews that she cant connect with. Just listen to the Tracy Morgan interview. It’s horrific.

Almost always great (4/5)

Gross is the best interviewer on radio or podcasts.

Trump hate (1/5)

Extremists camouflaged as liberal propaganda

Think of what I would have missed! (5/5)

Terry Gross can make any interviewee interesting and any topic fascinating and approachable. There are many authors and celebrities I would have passed up if it were not for her insightful questions and honest response.

Terry Gross is a FIVE, but political content a TWO!! (3/5)

Love Terry Gross, who is an engaging and skilled interviewer. (I secretly delight in it each time she lets out a snort while laughing.) However, the underlying political aspects of the show wear thin quickly. I tolerated episodes in recent years with pro-Obama slants—“tolerated” not because I had issue with Obama but because I found Fresh Air’s adoration too cloying. But the frequency and ranting tone of anti-Trump stories is just too much. I don’t like Trump myself, but where I’d hoped to find refuge from the onslaught of biased media coverage and divisiveness in social media posts, in usually delightful and/or thought-provoking interviews, I find more of it. So I find myself skipping over more episodes than ever before, relieved to find the straightforward celebrity or author interviews that continue to satisfy.

Too many white guys (1/5)

Keep hoping for an episode NOT centered around a middle-aged white guy. C’mon Terry! More women please.

Terry is the master (5/5)

Quirky range of interviewees from Comey to rodeo cowboys over the course of a week. What Terry brings of herself and through her interviewing style makes virtually every story fascinating, fun and engaging. Terry is a national treasure.

4.5 are you kidding me? (5/5)

drinking game-drink every time someone says “great question “

Often wonderful. Sometimes lacking (4/5)

I very often enjoy this podcast, it’s subject matter and the artist interviews. Sometimes however, when an artist of one medium or other is being interviewed, there are questions I feel go unasked and/or unanswered that listeners want to know about that person. I suppose, when that happens it may be a matter of not having enough time to get those questions in. Just listened to an interview of Spike Lee, whose movies I find interesting and often funny. The interview was good but questions such as who his favorite director is or his favorite movie and why was missing. Again, perhaps just a matter of time. Otherwise, fresh air is fresh.

James Comey (4/5)

This was one of the best interviews I have heard from Mr. Comey, I think we need to hear what comes out of a person’s mouth before we start being so judgmental, Let be fair!

Love it! (5/5)

I love the raw interviews! Learn so much from other cultures, believes, and society! Keep up the great work!!

Classic (5/5)

Terry Gross is the best interviewer in the business. Long time listener.

The Rock n Roll Hall of Fame isn’t color blind. (4/5)

I have loved fresh air for years. Terri gross is an involved listener and a first class interviewer. She usually is up on current themes and issues. However, I noticed Bon Jovi was a recent guest after being inducted into the rock n roll hall of fame. Having read an article in NYT about this, I wonder why the show didn’t address this: Beyoncé’s simple recitation of fact was searing, especially on the same night that, in Cleveland, the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame finally inductedNina Simone and Sister Rosetta Tharpe, 15 and 45 years after their deaths, and also Bon Jovi, a band in which everyone is very much alive.

A Real Treasure (5/5)

My Wide are avid listeners. I can’t believe I’ve never rated shows until now. We are not only listeners of Public Radio, we also enjoy supporting both of our Public Radio stations (WUOM & WDET). And that’s even from a MSU fan. We simply look forward to listening. Thank you. Larry Cohen

The best (5/5)

The most informative podcast around. Consistently great!

Hear individual segments?? (5/5)

Is there still a way to listen to individual segments or only entire shows? I can’t find it in NPR one or here. Don’t lose that!

Great podcast (5/5)

I love Terry’s voice. There’s so much interesting and fresh content in each episode. This is my favorite podcast to put on while I’m driving.

THE classic interview (4/5)

Terry Gross is a radio legend for a reason. My only caveat: the frequent interviews of obscure jazz/blues/IDGAF musicians are insanely boring, and not worth slogging through unless you have a deep personal connection. Among the guests who you've heard of, though, you're getting one of the best possible insights into your celb crush.

Great (5/5)

One of my favorite podcasts! Terry gives thoughtful interviews with people who are doing important and interesting work.


What could I possibly say. Not much since it's all been said before. I listen every night.

A must for those looking for thought-provoking and nearly always relevant interviews (5/5)

An absolutely great radio show and podcast, featuring arguably the best interviewer of our generation. While I will skip over Terry Gross's interviews with folk and country musicians (I tried, but I've never found her tastes in those genres to match my own), I will listen to every one of the others. Even when I suspect it will be with a person in whom I have little to no interest, I am almost always drawn into their talks. Terry and her usual fill-in Dave Davies are brilliant at eliciting their interviewees' knowledge, expertise, and experience through their deft questioning. I've learned a ton about politics, religion, people's more personal struggles with various difficult situations, and generally all things that make one a deeper and more in-tune human. Always worth your time.

A Great listen! (5/5)

Love the selection of stories, some serious stuff but delivered with a little humor at times. So happy for the frequency! No waiting weeks for my fix! One thing, today all my episodes before Jan 31 disappeared from my list! Wanted to listen to the Manafort epi again, where'd they go?

Great Show! (5/5)

Get to learn about many interesting people, and the lives behind your favorite celebrities.

Getting stale (1/5)

Used to be one of my favorite shows, however the obsession with trump stories is getting old. There are so many other topics and people I would love to listen to terry interview; however 2-3 trump related interviews a week is making me sick.

Fresh Air my door to new revelations (5/5)

I am impressed and thankful to Terry Gross and her team. They offer knowledge, interesting insights about topics I know very little and introduce me to people I didn’t know existed. If before it was Bill Moyers whom had that role in my life, currently I can say everything I know I owe it to Fresh Air.

Roy Wood Jr, Comedian (5/5)

So talented. So authentic. Loved how the interview let him be the star.

The podcast (1/5)

Is not inclusive

Great content, hard to listen to (4/5)

I really enjoy Fresh Air, but I've gotten to a point where it's just unlistenable. I am sensitive to certain noises, and all the mouth noises, smacking, and saliva sloshing going on is so distracting and maddening I can't take it anymore! What's worse is it's usually between sentences and before and after words, so there's no competing noise, just saliva in my ear. There is basic audio filter or free mastering software to fix that. Can people back away from the mic or get a better pop filter or something?? I'm sure I'm probably the only person that cares, but I just can't. Love the content though!

cool interview (5/5)

loved hearing a bit of a recap on Oliver.

Look forward to each show (5/5)

This was one of the best shows on NPR radio, now one of the best podcasts. Terry Gross is a terrific interviewer. I love being able to listen when I can, save shows and replay. Thanks!

High value (5/5)

I have a high value for This show

Fresh Air ; Not Trash Air (5/5)

It's just great to know that whether or not I've heard the program on any particular day, the option to download keeps working. When I have time I look through my Library to see which ones I've missed, and if I'm interested, I listen. Truly, so convenient. And so heavenly. Thank you Fresh Air. By the way, when I began writing this piece, I finger-typed Fresh Air, but it came out as Trash Air! 😂😂

Terry Gross is Simply the Best (5/5)

I've been listening to podcasts now for a decade and I never tire of listening to Terry. She is the perfect interviewer and has enriched my life with her show. Thank you, Terry, and your team for all you do!

John Oliver is so lovely (5/5)

So happy John Oliver was born.

Unb h hubs justu (4/5)

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Amazing podcast! (5/5)

Always informative, always interesting and a podcast you can always count on for relevant topics. Love!

Master, Legend, Icon (5/5)

I have learned so much from Terry's work. So maybe I'm selfish in this review but listening to Terry's interviews is a gift we can all have anytime we want and as a talk show host myself I am grateful for her class and eloquence. Thank you for Fresh Air, Terry and Happy Birthday last week. All the best.

Best interviewer (5/5)

Terry Gross is the most curious, insightful and empathetic radio interviewer I’ve ever heard. Like a mind-reader she anticipates every listener’s question and gets to the heart of the matter. And she does it with a warm and inviting voice.

Love Questions and love the information (5/5)

Interesting analysis of current events and the best questions

Kate Bowler Faith “Everything Happens For a Reason..” (2/5)

I found this interview fascinating until Kate Bowler’s claim that doctors are reluctant to order scans and Imaging unless you push for it and that could be due to legal repercussions. Doctors constantly over treat and over image which is why we have the highest cost of medicine in the world. And if anything they are inclined to over treat because of legal pressure. I guess if you can’t blame god, blame the doctor.

Unfair Reportng (1/5)

Fresh Air is disgustingly politically one-sided. Shame on you, Terry Gross! Can’t do zero stars. Unsubscribing.

Terry Gross!! (5/5)

I love being able to catch these shows via podcasts.

Terry Gross is #1 (5/5)

Best interviewer in the business. Terry Gross is always knowledgeable, thoughtful, smart and spontaneous (as much as someone can guess listening to her interview). I listen even when I don’t care about the subject knowing I’ll probably have a new found genuine appreciation by the end.

WOW (5/5)

I love listening to these stories. Never disappointed, never. WOW

Needs new blood (1/5)

Great show with important topics. But the host far too often annoyingly answers her questions before the guests are allowed a chance, and makes her interviews too much about her personal interests. For NPR to succeed in saving itself form extinction, they should retire the host in favor of a younger, more attentive journalist who is in tune with the times.

Fantastic conversations, always timely (5/5)

Terri Gross and the Fresh Air team provide some of the best interviews and conversations this side of This American Life. Keep up the good work.

Destined to be a classic (5/5)

There's a reason this show has been on as long as it has. Terry Gross could give a master class in interviewing & the art of being (or sounding) engaged while at the same time, being quiet, not interrupting, & letting the interviewee talk. She is able to be warm, inciteful, demanding & respectful all at the same time.

The best (5/5)

Fresh Air is the standard to which all podcasts wish they could meet. Terry Gross does her homework and gets an A+.

get show! listening to Terry for 20 years now, wow! (5/5)

Terry Gross is THE best interviewer out there! She gets so into her subjects, she really cares about who she’s talking too and what shes talking about. I love the sound of her voice and she's really smart. She covers a very broad range of subjects too and goes deep beneath the surface level. The only thing I dont care for is she covers too many gay stories. I dont have the least interest in gay and lesbian stuff, so sometimes I gotta skip that episode(to each his own right). But all in all she's great!

Long Time Fan (4/5)

I have listened to Fresh Air for years on the radio but now with the podcast I am happy to choose the episodes I prefer (news, science, documentary) and skip over the pop culture and entertainment. Terry Gross is a highly skilled interviewer who is easy to listen to and appears to put her guests at ease. I don’t understand why she tries to occasionally cover religious topics when she only invites atheists and never people of faith. If she is not comfortable with Christianity, it would make sense to not cover religion at all rather than present this perspective that is so out of the mainstream and unbalanced. I am not sure what the point is in those episodes but fortunately they are somewhat rare. Otherwise a great podcast and often highly educational.

Best podcast I have ever heard (5/5)

It is like the first time I used google, iPhone or anything else that was an outstanding experience

Fresh Air (5/5)

Terry Gross is the bomb, the best interviewer ever. She is so incredibly knowledgeable about every person she interviews. I just admire her abilities every time I listen.

My favorite thing that emanates from Philadelphia. (5/5)

Consistently interesting and almost always excellent. Ms Gross and her band make great radio. Thanks for doing these pods. Christopher Gaidrich

I learn so much! Love this show! (5/5)

I usually hit the first 15 minuets of Fresh Air on my local NPR radio station while driving to work, so it is always nice to come and listen to the rest of the show via Podcast. Terry is a Class-A interviewer. It is almost as if they are good friends in the car with you having a chat while you are driving. I always learn so much on the most interesting subjects. I love this show!

Love Fresh Air (5/5)

I’m not always at a radio when this show airs, so I like being able to listen to all the episodes on my own time. Even if it’s a topic I think I won’t like, I usually end up enjoying and learning something. Recommended!

My Favorite (5/5)

Gross is one of my favorite people to listen to on the radio and podcasts. I love Fresh Air and appreciate the range of different topics and people interviews. I learn so much and am extremely entertained.

Something to look forward to on my time (5/5)

One of my very favorite shows. Terry Gross covers a wide swath of interesting people from all walks of life and is such a great interviewer.

the best (5/5)

Come on -- Terry Gross is the best interviewer in the business! Of course you want to subscribe and listen. She gets answers on topics that others can't or don't attemp. The best!

A Classic (5/5)

Probably not much I could say about this one that hasn’t already been said. Just give it a try if you haven’t already.

love (5/5)


Bad (1/5)

This show is self-important and preachy. People who appear on this show are invariably on nuclear-powered ego trips, and espouse a world view that is similar to fascism: “Our opinions are correct; other people are ignorant.”

The Best!!! (5/5)

Terry is the best. All my movies and shows come from her own interviews. Never disappointed.

Great Show (5/5)

Very very very good show. Definitely worth a listen. You will not be disappointed if you tune in.

Most interesting (5/5)

Fresh air is the most interesting podcast around. Terry Gross has entertained me for decades. The interviews are always informative and enlightening. The wide variety of guests keep the show interesting. I believe being interviewed on fresh air means you have really made it in your field.

The Only Air is Fresh (5/5)

Love some Fresh Air and Terry Gross

Best interview show ever (5/5)

Terri et al conduct great interviews of such a wide variety of people in so many walks of life.

I love Fresh Air! (5/5)

I started listening to Fresh Air in the 90’s and it just gets better! Love the authors and actors and policy people! Amazing archives as well!

Greta Oh yes! (5/5)

Thank you so much for having Greta Getwig on he show. As a freshly turned 30 woman, she beyond inspires me! Asking tough questions is important but her focus on he discussion pertaining to her new amazing work was really exciting to hear. Thank you Fresh Air!

Excellent interviews (5/5)

A constant source of enrichment from books to music to politics. Great interviews. Great people

Terry Gross is the best interviewer (5/5)

She always seems to ask the question that is on my mind--sometimes when I didn't even know that is precisely what I wanted to ask!

The Best Interviews (5/5)

Fresh Air is the best interview program ever. Great listening vie long drives.

Thank you (5/5)

I wish I could give Terry a higher score cuz she's right on point re intelligent thought provoking and emotional conversation with culture's biggest influencers Thank you for being in my earbuds everyday xo

I don't miss a single Fresh Air podcast (5/5)

I'm a big fan of Fresh Air and Terry's and Dave's interviewing skills. Even when the topic doesn't seem like it would be of interest, it almost always turns out to be worth my time to listen. It would be good though to get non-liberal points of view. The incessant bashing of the Trump administration (no, I didn't vote for the blowhard) gets to be a bit much. Could you in the near future invite Donna Brazile on to discuss her new book or Jonathan Allen or Amy Parnes to talk about their book "Shattered". Or is criticism of Democrats verbotten on NPR?

With debate comes wisdom (2/5)

I listen to fresh air from time to time, sadly it appears one-sided and progressive. you would think NPR would include more positive conservative views of life in America to be balanced, And I think many of us would appreciate and listen more to your show. Topics like The Trump presidency, feminism, all lives matter, America the melting pot versus divisiveness... and The uniting power of faith as examples of true fresh air! There are many of us who think the United States is moving in the right direction, as reporters, you have to find opposing views, so true debate can happen...Btw, I did like your piece on “why we sleep”... more of that too! :-)

Love fresh air! (5/5)

Great interviews with people that shape our world.

So so (3/5)

For the most part Terry’s interviews are organized & well produced and she guides her guests with purposeful & thoughtful Q’s. The criticism lies primarily in her inability to be on the same wave lengths & really CONNECT w/ guests.

Too much to love! (5/5)

NPR has so many good podcasts, I simply cannot keep up! Thank you

My constant companion podcast (5/5)

Can’t live without Fresh Air!

Consistently Relevant and wonderful (5/5)

Just when I think I might skip an episode I start to listen and I’m captivated again. I attribute this show to teaching me about a new topic everyday - OCD, politics in Africa, stand-up comedy.

Great journalism for the on-the-go listener (5/5)

Excellent interviews, timely conversations, what more can you ask for?

Interviewer Hall of Fame (5/5)

Terry Gross is terrific.

Philly to LA (5/5)

Loved listening to Terry as a student in Philly and now with Podcasts I get to listen to her great interviews and subjects in LA and where ever I travel too. Her insight and poise is enlightening and inspirational in an era of sound bites and cutting rhetoric.

A national treasure (5/5)

Terry Gross is one of the best interviewers around, and this show is incredible. Even if I've never been interested in the particular subject covered, I'll listen anyway because I know it the show will keep me interested.

Great interviews, too many commercials (4/5)

I learn a lot from Fresh Air. Sure wish there were less commercial breaks and set ups. Also, the Best of could be a totally different podcast stream. Thx.

Best show on radio (5/5)

Bar none the smartest guys in the room.

When did her perspectives become prejudices (2/5)

I use to love this show, and I’ve tried to listen again several times but can’t get past Terry’s own bias. Over the years they seem to have become barriers to her exploration. Nonetheless, if you share her worldview you will continue to love Terry’s show. Terry has always been a monumental talent but becoming, unfortunately, progressively more like a monument.

This is the best. (5/5)

This is my favorite podcast/radio program. It doesn’t get any better.

My Favorite Interview Show! (5/5)

I started listening to Fresh Air and quickly became attached. Terry Gross seems to be very knowledgeable about many subjects and converse with anyone and about almost any subject. An informed hostess makes an interesting show.

Thank you (5/5)

I often ha e NPR playing in the background at work and at home, but so much content deserved full attention. Fresh Air is a prime example and I’m grateful for the podcast, so I can listen on-demand, rewind, re-play and get the full experience. Thank you to Terry and the producers and crew for this wonderful, entertaining and often enlightening show.

Great Interviews (5/5)

Terry always asks the right questions. Sometimes the topics don't interest me as much as others but Terry finds a way to make every interview interesting and fun.

Interested and compelling (5/5)

Terry is a master of interviewing and Dave Davies is almost even better!

Love! (5/5)

Love love love fresh air!

Love it (5/5)


Terry is a national treasure (5/5)

She does her homework and gets the most from every interview.

The best interview show (5/5)

Terry doesn't shy away from asking hard questions but she also gives people space to tell their own stories.

Great interviews (5/5)

Top-notch journalism, interesting people, relative low bias and one of the worlds best interviewers make this a must listen to podcast.


If it weren't for programs liek this we would be living in a sick, sad world.

Best overall podcast (5/5)

Been listening 30 years and it's just great. A marvelous mix of subjects and topics with an outstanding interviewer.

Yuck (1/5)

Dem stooges.

Hillary interview amazing (5/5)

Sooo amazing...

Love it (5/5)

Simply the best. T Gross for life

Incredible and stunning (5/5)

Unique storytelling

Always interesting (5/5)

The mother of all interview shows on the radio. somehow they cover politics, science, history, literature, music and movies. My one complaint is the pop music critic is terrible. Not up to the standards of the show. He always reviews a lot of pop and talks almost esclusively about the lyrics. Bring to light something I haen't heard on the radio!

Great interviews (5/5)

Fresh Air has been and still is a great interview show

American Treasure (5/5)


Dripping with liberal bias (2/5)

I'm a fan of interview shows but I rarely find the subjects of this show all that interesting. One huge turnoff is the consistent liberal bias in the show. Screams for there to be a second conservative host to balance it out

At 30: Simply the best (5/5)

I am a longtime podcast listener, but this is my first review. I was prompted to write because I adore the 30 series from Fresh Air. Terry Gross's conversations for the past 30 years are vital, absorbing. I always feel lighter and happier after hearing her voice. Please continue the 30 series!!!

I Love Terry! (5/5)

I started listening to Fresh Air back in the nineties when it came on while I was stuck in traffic between Monterey and Salinas on my way home from work. As with many things that I have come to cherish, I couldn't stand her at first. She and the show gradually grew on me and I have been a die hard fan for twenty years. Her guests vary wildly but she is equally probing and perceptive yet polite to everyone. I could go on an on but my device is acting up. Suffice it to say I recommend "Fresh Air" without reservation. Enjoy!

I have learned so much (5/5)

I am an educated woman but Terry Grose as heightened my love of learning. I am picking up those books she reviews and those movies that get reviewed. Thank you!

Terri gross is rude (3/5)

Terri. Constantly interrupts her guests and I wish I could reach and slap her. Is the now acceptable behavior for a radio host?

Not a fan (1/5)

Great guests. Poor interviewer. Terry needs more warmth.

Fresh Air - such a wide variety (5/5)

I don't have time to listen to all the episodes but the incredible variety of each interview gives me a great opportunity to pick and choose - hear some different views but also find a topic near and dear to my heart

Fresh Air (5/5)

I love the in depth interviews and the knowledge rich stories that are told by the guests in the program. The host is wonderful and insightful, and the show has overall contributed greatly to my knowledge of history, health issues, and influential people.

Fantastic Interviews (5/5)

Wonderful perspectives on people and timely topics. Always a good, unique, interesting, often funny, sometimes sad, listen.

Trey Gross is the best (5/5)


Terry Gross is a queen (5/5)

Truly the best interviewer of our times.

Tr (3/5)

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Podcast on 8/8/17 - What was going on with the first minute? (5/5)

Like the pod. What was with the Satan voice during the first minute? I had to check to make sure I wasn't being possessed.

Terry rocks (5/5)

I believe that says it.

The Best in Interview Format (5/5)

Interviewing in its finest form. Terry Gross strikes a balance between inquisitive and probing. Her curiosity appears to create a path of fresh questioning. Excellent!

One of the Best Ever! (5/5)

Terry Gross is, hands down, the best interviewer in radio and in podlandia. She has super topical guests and turns out quality shows week in and week out. When someone famous dies the show will most likely have a past interview to run within a day or two. She's been doing the show for a long, long time and I hope she continues forever!

Did tdrrrr (5/5)


Always interesting no matter what (5/5)

I am always surprised by what I learn on this show! Terry Gross is the best.

Yeah (4/5)

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Terry not gross (5/5)

Very good. Like the best of concepts when don't have the time to listen to the many interviews that week

Terry Gross is the best (5/5)

I don't catch every episode of Fresh Air, by any means, but I definietly don't miss an episode featuring a topic or individual that is interesting to me because I know Terry Gross will deliver the goods. Top-Notch interviewer!

Huvyyhyyuyc (5/5)

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Test (5/5)


Saw (5/5)


An institution (5/5)

It's Fresh Air with Terry Gross: need I say more?

Radio on demand! (5/5)

This is one of the most beloved and well known radio shows- also a podcast! Listening to Terry is a weekly ritual.

Amazing interviews (5/5)

Terry gets amazing interviews. Broad spectrum of voices. Always something interesting.

Good (4/5)

It's as good and interesting as the person who Terry interviews. Terry is always great and well prepared. If the guest is good so is the show.

Terry Gross is a National Treasure! (5/5)

Terry Gross is brilliant, insightful, tough, and relatable. She picks a broad array of dazzling guests who are the movers and shakers of culture today. Terry is the best of the best, and I'm a religious listener of this excellent podcast. :)

Fresh air fresh ideas (5/5)

Great podcast offers timely thought provoking subjects that truly engage the listener. Terry Gross is outstanding and gracious in her interviews.

This podcast sets the bar (5/5)

I love podcasts, and there is no better show than Fresh Air. Whether the day's topic concerns issues I know much about or nothing at all, I always find myself engaged through the interview.

None better (5/5)

No review needed, this one is essential.

Fue (2/5)

Ok a el r

The best interviewer on radio (or tv) (5/5)

Terry Gross is my homegirl. Fresh Air is the best thing on radio.

Consistent Classic!! (5/5)

I so love Terry Gross' interview style and the diversity of issues addressed on Fresh Air. So happy this is in podcast content, because I cannot always catch every show when it airs on NPR. I feel quite enriched after listening to each and every show. Even guests I have no idea about turn out to be an educational or entertaining experience. Thank you Terry Gross and NPR for doing such good work in this crazy era of media reporting.

Queen of softball questions (2/5)

When was the last time they had someone on who doesn't validate Terri Gross' uber-Liberal worldview? As far as I can tell, never. I say this as a deeply progressive person. Even when she has brilliant and fascinating people on who are more than capable of articulating a nuanced idea or opinion, the questions and conversations are decidedly low-brow. I understand this is a podcast for the masses, but I think we could handle a little bit more... the pop culture reviewers, however, are excellent, not because I agree with their opinions, but rather because of the quality of their wit and the depth and sensitivity of their aesthetic perspectives.

E to the dr (5/5)

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What zz53..4.. are we goingse (5/5)

I errxt

Terry Gross forever! (5/5)

One of the best hour long daily shows on the NPR One

Amazing, of course (5/5)

Terry Gross is amazing, and that's that.

too many commercials (4/5)

Yes, Fresh Air is one of the great interview programs/podcast. But now it really has far too many commercials. I listen to a lot a podcasts, and Fresh Air has about twice as many as any other that I know of.

30 years (5/5)

Been a listener to this show since the beginning. Still the best audio program, ever! Terry Gross is the standard against which all others should be measured. As an added bonus, the archives are a cultural treasure. If I were limited to just one media feed, this would be it. Required listening for fundamental culture literacy!

No one is better! (5/5)

Terry Gross is the best there is. I listen all the time and learn so much!

Such an enriching podcast! (4/5)

I almost never listen to the radio anymore, and I am definitely never in the car to catch Fresh Air upon its initial broadcast. I'm so thankful to have access anytime I want, and always look forward to the insightful interviews, especially when they're being conducted by the one and only Terry Gross. She's the queen!

A Treasure (5/5)

Terry Gross is simply one of the best there is. She's a Philadelphia legend.


thanks you are awesome!

Privileged White Host (1/5)

As a person of color, I always appreciate diversity in media/entertainment. However, Fresh Air seems to think that only Black Americans are minorities in the USA. What about all the other underrepresented groups in our country? Also, could Terry Gross be any more uncomfortable when her guests of color try to have meaningful discussions about discrimination? This show is really out of touch for 2017.

Thank you endlessly, Terry Gross (5/5)

Since my first iPOD a few decades ago, I've download nearly every Fresh Air podcast because I crave intelligent conversation (no matter the guest). I credit Terry’s smooth silky voice, her calm attentive polite manner and her sharp mental skills. Maurice Sendak rightly granted her his final interview and praised her rightly for her intelligent questions. Our democracy is better off because of people like Terry. In the age of Trump, I find refuge of sanity and reason embodied by her work. Thank you, Terry, for saving us from our baser instincts and appealing to the better angels of ourselves.

An institution (5/5)

I've been listening to Fresh Air for two decades, and the podcast is one of my go-to audio destinations. Once in a while, the audio levels are uneven between guests and Ms. Gross -- a little attention to audio leveling would be helpful. I will always listen to Terry Gross!

Great show and podcast (4/5)

There are a few episodes that are of less interest, but the ones I choose to listen to are uniformly interesting and insightful.

Awesome interviews! (5/5)

Fascinating interviews day after day. I love the variety of guests, and the stories I would not have heard otherwise

Fantastic. (5/5)

Terry Gross is a national treasure. Obsessed.

Never disappointed (5/5)

One of the best parts of my week is downloading Terry on Fresh Air. Wide ranging interviews revealing where we are, and where we are headed. Always well done, and thought provoking.

Takes the cake! (5/5)

So grateful for the podcast of this show, as it is consistently smart, varied & at times fun.

Nothing but elitist garbage (1/5)

Nothing here but an elite view disconnected from reality. It is normal to be married, have normal children, work hard and love the opposite sex. If you believe in old school values, individual liberty and responsibilities this show is not for you.

Love Fresh Air, Terry Gross and Dave Davies! (5/5)

Learn so much from this show and it's entertaining.

I (5/5)

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Absolutely phenomenal (5/5)

I don't typically like interview podcasts because I often find the host asks irrelevant questions or quickly gets off topic. Terry Gross is amazing, sensitive, investigative, and thorough in her interviews with a wide variety of people. It's so good.

Such a talented interviewer (5/5)

I love this show so much. She is actually interested in the people she us talking to and it shows. I wish this show was taped too because I would love to watch their behavior. You're a star, Terry Gross.

Best of the best (5/5)

Consistently excellent

Devolved (1/5)

This was once a great listen, and when they run old interviews it still is. Lately this show has devolved into a pedantic propaganda piece.

One of the best (5/5)

Such a great show and podcast.

Love listening to Terry Gross! (5/5)

She's so talented at bringing out the most interesting thing about her guests. Love listening ... it's entertaining and often surprising.

Terry Gross gives the interviews of anyone around. (5/5)

Love the show. Hardly ever disappointed.

Review (5/5)

Best interviewer period!

Very Biased (1/5)

Unfortunately biased. Wish it had been more neutral so any points they tried to make held more weight.

I love this podcast but..... (4/5)

Terry Gross is one of the best interviewers I've ever heard. She can make any guest interesting, even if the topic might seem boring. For that reason, I'm very frustrated that this podcast drops off my podcast feed and I have to renew my subscription every few days. I have no such problems with any other podcast. Is anyone else experiencing this?

There is no better interviewer anywhere, such a treat (5/5)

She's the best

What can I say! (5/5)

Terry Gross might be God.

Why the "Best Of" episodes? (3/5)

It should go without saying that Fresh Air is one of NPR's Crown Jewels and that everyone should subscribe. That said, I find the "Best Of" episodes quite annoying and totally useless, as they clog my feed with reruns of interviews culled from episodes aired just a few days prior. What gives? It would be great to hear Best Of episodes culled from Fresh Air's vast archive of interviews, but I can't find a reason why I'd want to listen to the same interview twice in a week. Hate to be so picky, but it's a blemish on the show's otherwise flawless production. Is there a way to unsubscribe from those episodes alone?

Very biased (1/5)

Hard to listen because commentary is clearly aligned with the left leaning establishment block (i.e. Clintonites)

Love terry gross! (4/5)

Terry gross is such a great interviewer! She's really what makes this podcast; because, even if I don't know the guest, she knows all the right questions to ask to get the information that is interesting for the listener. And terry is not afraid to ask the questions that matter! She's the bomb!

Brilliant!!! (5/5)

Terry Gross is my new "who I'd want to have dinner with"!!! She's "the Oprah" of podcasts. Terry is by far, one of the most informed, educated, compassionate, smart and engaging of all interviewers, hosts, producers that I've ever heard. I love her voice, her style and choice of subjects. She's always interesting and fully engaged. Well worth a listen to!!

Prefer listening via radio (4/5)

I definitely prefer to listen to this show on the radio, but still want to give credit where it's due. Something about the editing makes the podcasts seem really long.

Terry Gross is the OG (5/5)

I'm not interested in every interview, but Terry Gross is a brilliant interviewer.

Nobody does it better (5/5)

Terry gross is the best interviewer out there- bar none.

Terry Gross guess the best interview then anyone anywhere (5/5)

Terry Gross stands as the gold standard for excellence in podcasts.

Iconic show! (5/5)

The ever wonderful Terry Gross's iconic show available as a podcast - best thing since sliced bread! Thanks NPR!

Award winner! (5/5)

Terry is a national treasure! I love this show and look forward to every new episode.

I mean, it's Fresh Air, come on! (5/5)

NPR rules. Save the CPB

One of my favorites (5/5)

Always informative.

One of the best podcasts (5/5)

Fresh Air has always been a great radio show, but now it's a great podcast, too.

Terry gross is the best interviewer ever (5/5)

Her interviews are so great that i inspire to be as empathetic as her. Very enjoyable!

More liberal than ever (4/5)

Gross is an excellent interviewer, really first rate. However, she is now focusing so much on shows that are negative toward President Trump and his administration as if he can do nothing right in her eyes. True far left liberalism. Her shows now that are about politics and government should be very difficult to hear for at least the next four years.

Love it. (5/5)

Never miss an episode.

Episodes cut-off and guests are pessimistic (2/5)

Been listening to Terry Gross for only a year and find her an amazing, in-depth interviewer. However, the recent episodes seem to be cut-off during the interview. The election- and president-related interviews are quite pessimistic which are very discouraging; makes me believe she only invites anti-Trump guests. I've stopped my subscription due to these issues.

The Standard Bearer (5/5)

Helps you feel sane in a crazy world. Terry Gross rocks.

meh (1/5)

the title says it all

Teri is great! (5/5)

I look forward to this podcast every day

Too biased (1/5)

I have enjoyed this program for years. She is a wonderful interviewer. However, for several months it is nothing but Trump. No program on President Obama misfires or Secretary Clinton's, or even George Soros, just Trump, Trump, Trump. Really, she could be called a stalker. Very disappointing.

Looking to hear one sided leftist propaganda? (1/5)

Then you've found the podcast for you!

Terry Gross is the best! (5/5)

This is my daily dose of intellect and I love it. Let's be honest, Terry Gross is the best. She does great interviews and they always range. I have learned a lot from this podcast and about things I didn't think I would be interested in. Three cheers for NPR!

Terri Gross is the master of interviewing (5/5)

She is the master and everyone that works in radio knows it. She has a masterful way of making interviewees feel like they're talking to their best friends.

Great podcast ever! (5/5)

When I first to subscribe the program from fresh air, I know that I would totally enjoy it! Plz make more program about film stuff like la la land!

Fantastic interviews! (5/5)

I never miss an episode - Terry Gross is an amazing host with fantastic interviews!

Excellent show, sometimes marred by poor editing (4/5)

I love Terry Gross and find her to be the greatest interviewer. Guests are excellent and Gross's questions are always engaging. I'm going with 4 stars, however, because the podcast is sometimes poorly edited. Sentences end up cut off and segments are sometimes choppy.

My favorite podcast (5/5)

I love nearly every episode. If I hear it in the car I often re-listen anyway

Terry Gross is the best! (5/5)

Thank you Terry - I love your interview style. I have learned so much listening to your show and I really appreciate your questions and composure. Thank you for always challenging me and for introducing me to so many new people, books, movies, and ideas.

Amazing (5/5)

Best interviews

Classic (5/5)

Terry gross is the best, nuff said

Terry is my hero (5/5)

There's no one that does it like Terry.

Timeless (5/5)

Brilliant and often moving interviews.

Love Teri Gross (3/5)

Teri is one of my two favorite interviewers. She is always fresh and interesting.

Awesome current events!! (5/5)

Love this podcast! Super informative for what is currently going on in politics and pop culture.

[Swoon] (5/5)

I <3 Terry Gross.

Love the show but... (3/5)

Hate the podcast. Too many episodes put out. Best of etc etc. clogs up my feed.

Love it. (5/5)

Very good interviews. Great to listen to.

Brilliant (5/5)

I LOVE listening to these interviews. I feel informed, entertained, and connected after each one.

LOVE (5/5)

I love this podcast. Terry Gross is my favorite interviewer ever and the others on the show are very good as well....great, thoughtful interviews, interesting topics and guests. I never miss an episode.

Must have (5/5)

Timely and intelligent. Guests are relevant and the interview style is neutral. Good to combat #FakeNews

Highest Quality interviews (5/5)

Great listening - interesting Interviews that everyone will enjoy or find important and useful. Presented in a balanced pleasant format. Great for driving listening.

Joel Grey interview! (5/5)

I was just a college kid when I saw you , Joel, in the 60's. You were outrageous and just wonderful. A great interview! I'm glad you've come to grips with who you are!!

Best Interviewer (5/5)

Terry Gross is a class act and top notch interviewer. Say no more.

Trump's Potential Conflict of interest with E Lipton (5/5)

Awesome! episode. Very informative Thanks NY Times Eric Lipton, thanks Fresh Air - P.W.

Superb (5/5)

Terry Gross and Dave Davies never disappoint. Lovely series.

Blanca (4/5)


Fantastic show!! (5/5)

I'm a big fan of all of NPR's shows. You just can't go wrong with any choice that you make.

FRESH AIR? (1/5)

After years of listening to you in my cabin in Vermont I've come to realize this podcast has become STALE AIR Time for you to move on Terry

How to use podcasts (1/5)

WNYC podcasts are excellent but how to use each one is different. Where to tap to delete, to read more about a podcast, where to tap to download--each one is different and no directions anywhere. Please help. If you have same problem please put in in the reviews so we might get some help.

The best! (5/5)

Hands down my favorite podcast! Terry is a superb interviewer & consistently delivers an interesting variety of topics.

Terry Gross is my hero (5/5)

Terry Gross makes celebrities the weirdos next door and bizarre authors understandable and thoughtful. Gross/Glass 2020!

Terry Gross is a radio legend for a reason (5/5)

The best cultural interviews available.

💟 Terry Gross (5/5)

I can't get enough Terry Gross and I'm so glad that I can download her show to my phone and listen all day at work.

Great variety in topics! (5/5)

Overall a good way to introduce different topics. Could be a little livelier, but still a good source of entertainment.

Terry Gross is a hero (5/5)

Her voice is the definition of NPR in my mind. She inspires engaged conversation.

I'm a big Terry Gross fan (4/5)

I don't always love the subject matter, but even with the most mundane topics, Ms. Gross finds a way to keep you engaged. She is an awesome interviewer with a genuine intellectual curiosity that really comes through in her work.k

Subscribe now (5/5)

Great show and well produced. NPR does it again! - Edward Giangrosso

Terry Gross is the best (5/5)

I love her interview style. It's so interesting.

Interviews of the highest order (5/5)

Gross is fantastic as well as her cohort. The mix is great - I skip the Jazz and the hip hop but so well done.

A favorite (5/5)

Teri can make anyone and anything interesting.

Disappointed (1/5)

The interviewer is so pretentious that I find it unlistenable. Unfortunate since many of the subjects and people are interesting.

Separate the extras (4/5)

This podcast used to separate the extras (music, tv, movie, etc. reviews) which was GREAT now I have to listen to them whether I want to or not before going to the next episode. I often listen in the car when I can't hit the forward button to skip the stuff I'm not interested in. Other than that I love the diversity of the interviews.

Great interviews for decades (5/5)

Terri Gross has been doing interviews for a long time and is one of the best. I don't always like her topics and don't listen to all of the shows, but I do listen to most and find them very interesting.

Best interviewer ever (5/5)

Terry Gross is the best interviewer on radio or TV today. She listens to her guests, and asks follow up questions right away. She does not just check off questions on her list. She obviously does her homework, as she is very knowledgeable about her guest, has read the guest's book or seen the guest's performances. I will miss her deeply when she retires completely. Even now, I feel cheated when she isn't there.

Bias politics (1/5)

More left mess media bull crap. Where is the broadcast about Hillary's emails, Clinton foundation, $ 40000000 ransom. There is only negative spin on Trump not democrats. Wake up America don't drink the cool aid. Vote for the change they do not want

Phenomenal (5/5)

Terry Gross is hands-down the best interviewer alive. What a woman. Thanks to the fresh air team for so many years of this priceless treasure.

Full of variety and engaging interviews! (5/5)

A wide variety of people and perspectives. Always pleased by the programs.

I love Terry Gross (5/5)

I can't imagine my life without her. She's THE best interviewer.

Amazing podcast! (5/5)

Great insight into the campaign and what it's like to run for President.

Love Terry Gross!! (5/5)

Terry is amazing. Her questions are on point!

My favorite podcast (5/5)

Straight forward interviews, and the interviewer doesn't interrupt! I love the diversity of people she has on the show.

Wonderful (5/5)

Teri Gross is the best

An essential podcast (5/5)

If you listen to Terry Gross' Fresh Air each day you will be more well informed and more well rounded.

The highest quality interviews (5/5)

I've listened to Fresh Air for years. The podcast means never missing an episode. What a gift to the public conversation. Not just Terry, but Dave Davies and the reviewers. Brain food & soul food. Amen.

needs better sound engineering (2/5)

Terry Gross is SO GOOD and this show has been excellent, BUT the sound quality has been pretty bad on the podcast. The interviews are often not recorded face-to-face ... instead the participants are sometimes in different studios. There is frequently a large difference in volume and sound quality between Terry Gross and her guest ... so if I'm listening at night on a speaker with the volume down low I can barely hear one party while the other one blasts way too loudly. Terry's talent deserves a better sound presentation than she's getting on this podcast.

Deep look at a variety of topics (5/5)

One of the best shows for a deep dive into a wide variety of topics, always with experts and artists. I appreciate this greatly, particularly when compared to other informative podcasts that don't bring on experts and often sound like Wikipedia entries. Love Terri Gross.

Great radio program (5/5)

Great podcast

learn from the best (5/5)

Like Vin Scully, Terry Gross is simply the best at what she does.

Love Terry Gross & Fresh Air (5/5)

I can't believe that she's been doing it for this long. Her love and commitment is obvious. Fresh Air provides a great balance of interesting and thought provoking discussions on a variety of topics from entertainment to important public policy issues. There have been countless occasions where I've been educated on an important topic or better informed via a new perpsecitve on a given topic. I wish more people who are locked into their beliefs would listen to Fresh Air.

Love Teri, but... (4/5)

...I'm finding myself a little distracted by her "ValleyGirl" use of "like."

Love (4/5)

Terry Gross is fab and I love how she is as skilled as a listener as she is as an interviewer. There is power in restraint as she so effortlessly executes on this show.

could be better... (3/5)

Sorry, but between the short length of interviews, what seem like constant "commercials", and the emphasis on entertainment, I just feel like Fresh Air just isn't what it once was. My apologies, I've loved listening to Teri for years, but I just am finding other, more in-depth and interesting podcasts to listen to now.

Good topics (4/5)

Great topics and guests

No complaints (5/5)

I've always loved this show and now I get to listen whenever I want.

My Favorite Podcast (5/5)

It's my favorite radio show but in podcast form. the breaks are very very short.

Great Show, Podcast In Progress A Bit (5/5)

There are, at times, editing glitches when this terrific show is translated from the radio to podcast form (repeated lines or chopped sentences), but it’s pretty rare that that happens. It’s still VERY much worth listening to. I do wish there weren’t the weekly short roundups and am not keen on the music reviews, but the latter is probably personal preference. Thank you for the terrific interviews, Terry and Dave.