Aggregated reviews for Ghost Town: Strange History, True Crime, & the Paranormal

Jason Horton & Rebecca Leib discuss and explore some of the most mysterious and interesting events in history. Take a trip to haunted hotels, abandoned malls, deserted amusement parks, paranormal experiences, infamous true crimes, and weird historical and cultural events. This is Ghost Town. For advertising opportunities please email [email protected] Link to survey:

Wish it was a bit more focused   (3/5)

I appreciate the humor, and I think they pick the stories well - I really enjoyed the Lake Lanier episode. However, the rambling side discussions can sometimes be a bit much. I’d much rather get more detail on the topic...maybe interviews with family members/witnesses/etc...instead, I think there’s a lot of nit picking on random details. Ex.) Patrice Endres episode, and her husbands behavior around the treatment of her ashes. This episode was a review of a Netflix show vs. their own research.

Great!   (4/5)

Love this podcast! There’s a lot of interesting topics covered, and although I only listen to the paranormal episodes, there’s still so much to listen to. I really enjoy the comedy aspects of the show, and I like how the hosts are so honest about anything that deserves some skepticism. There is a lot of self promotion, but if you don’t want to listen to it then just skip through it.

Mostly ads   (1/5)

There are more ads than content, and the content isn’t incredibly interesting.

Well done, interesting, succinct   (5/5)

These podcasts are the perfect length, well researched and very interesting. I subscribe to 60+ spooky podcasts, and Ghost Town is one of the only ones doing unique spooky topics. You won’t get the same old same old with Ghost Town. Highly recommend.

Fine wine   (5/5)

You can run the streets with your thugs I’ll be waiting for you while listening to this podcast until the cows come home I will be a listener

Satisfied not full   (5/5)

Sometimes I just need...a little something. Ghost Town Pod is my go-to when I want to be interested, laugh, think a little but not have to invest 4 hours or need a mental break from baby Murder and societal decay. Ghost town pod won’t shy away from baby Murder or societal decay, but it isn’t ALL about baby Murder or societal decay, and you’ll still find something to laugh about. Plus I feel like I could sit down and have a burrito with either host which is nice.

Fewer ads   (1/5)

Content reward, after making it through all the ads and irrelevant discussion, not nearly enough.

Decent paranormal podcast.   (3/5)

Recently discovered this podcast. Went back and listened to about 15 old episodes. Some interesting topics of some places Ive never heard of before. Problem is they'll spend 10 minutes of a 15 minute episode talking about other things then you get 5 minutes of the actual topic of the show. Jason seems like a good host. I like it when he does most of the research and talking. It seems to be more thought out. Rebecca can have a good show but can be somewhat condescending. Almost all the shows she has hosted that Ive listened to there have been multiple descriptions of "old white guy" or "old white guyish". I find that type of stereotypical descriptions dreadful. Doesn't matter if she said "young black guy" or "middle aged brown guy".

Loving it   (5/5)

The hosts are sweet and have a lovely communication style. I just happened to have watched that episode of Unsolved Mysteries! Loving it so far and I’m hooked 😍

Horrible hosts. Bad reviews are being removed!   (1/5)

These hosts plagiarize other podcasts and source material. It is NOT OKAY to read articles etc verbatim and pretend it’s your own work!!! So tired of this bs! These hosts are easily the worst in the world of podcasting. They are so immature but think they are brilliant (as a professor myself I have zero patience for the many immature jerks who consider everyone else stupid), they think mental illness is just **hilarious,** they think making fun of countries like Bulgaria is just **hilarious,** and they push their stupid patreon account WAY MORE than any proposed topic. Their “research,” seriously, consists of reading reddit posts ffs. The female host spits out “nondescript white man” to describe every guy they discuss who is “white” like it is a slur; also, she says everything like she’s about to laugh in a mocking manner because all white men, straight white men, etc are just so icky and so stupid that she has to laugh at them! Ugh. Seriously if an episode is 20 minutes they spend 10 minutes pushing patreon and/or their other ventures and blathering. In fact each episode consists of about two minutes on the actual topic — and I promise you’ll learn more from skimming Wikipedia. This is now the third review I’ve written for this podcast — let’s see if it disappears like other negative reviews that have disappeared. This podcast is terrible, and the hosts are unfunny and arrogant jerks — they spend more time making fun of each patreon’s name each episode than discussing the “topic.” It is so painfully lame, and I love paranormal/strange/missing people/unsolved mysteries sorts of topics. One thing that infuriates me is that they continuously make fun of mental illness, which is not funny in any way whatsoever. But these hosts find serious mental illness to be hysterical. But each show is too short, and the “banter” is meandering and painfully dumb (imagine immature college students with very little knowledge but a mountain of self-important conceit engaged in extremely superficial discussions filled with frothy and meaningless phrases).

Great   (5/5)

I think its great. Rebecca needs to talk more about her dating life lol

Not about action park   (1/5)

Listened for 20 minutes and they barely discussed the park! The banter is slightly annoying get to the point!

Too short   (3/5)

Enjoy the show and chemistry with hosts is on point, but it’s just way too short. Feels like as soon they get into any story they’re suddenly promoting their patreon and ending the episode. It’s main purpose seems to be to make you seek out other podcasts that actually cover the topics they introduce, which is too bad because in most cases just another 10 minutes of explanation would have done the topic justice.

This is the actual best.   (5/5)

I would 10/10 recommend this. i’m a super boring person and don’t hang out with anyone, so listening to podcasts is what i’ve been doing. this is the best one, the hosts are super funny and i love the stories they provide.<3

Terrible editing   (1/5)

I’m sorry to say, but I could not stick with this show. I listened to a few episodes in a row and the editing is awful and choppy. Not to mention their information on their cases is very vague and surface level. Not for me

Very interesting!   (5/5)

Very interesting!

I LOVE IT!   (5/5)

Spooky places and funny

Best podcast ever   (5/5)

Hey guys this is one of my favorite podcasts y’all make me feel better at work ofn

Wow   (5/5)

So good

Awesome show!   (5/5)

Love your show. So many great tips!

Horton & Lieb bring genuine humor and perspective to spooky and entertaining stories!   (5/5)

Easily the best podcast in the genre, in my opinion. Banter between y’all is so funny I’ll forget what the episode is even about. Genuine humor and originality mixed with amazing stories, 100% binge worthy. Miss the hilarious date stories from early days, and I weep anytime “bonus episodes” is said and I don’t hear “BONIES”. On a serious note, my absolute favorite part is 👍

Hollywood Forever   (1/5)

Was painful to listen to. Two hosts seemed overly self congratulatory, an unearned arrogance. the guest literally began by reading Wikipedia. Not very historical or informational or even ghostly. Must be some sort of inside jokes a new listener didn’t get, but I find listening to podcast hosts laughing at nothing significant for 10 minutes as they try and intro their content boring and grating. Very disappointed for a show that was supposed to feature topics I’m very interested in.

Great Podcast!   (5/5)

The host are wonderful, have a great dynamic, and are super funny. I love Rebecca and Jason they are great hosts and are very engaged with their community. If you like And That’s Why We Drink or My Favorite Murder but you want more bite sized episodes this is the podcast for you! I’d love to see them cover the Baker hotel in Mineral Wells TX!

Awesome!   (5/5)

Was browsing new podcasts, found this one, it’s amazing! Already listened to a bunch of episodes and look forward to each new one. You guys are great!!

Adorable and Amazing   (5/5)

Love you both! Thanks for a fun, engaging, and informative podcast!

Five stars!   (5/5)

The hosts are funny and the stories are intriguing I suggest you listen :)

Smart   (5/5)

These hosts are well spoken and have very interesting content. I’m a real history podcast snob and I’m all in!

Nah   (1/5)

Not good

:)   (5/5)

I’ve listen to this podcast for a few month and I finally decided to leave Spotify and get Apple podcast to leave a review 😅. Anyways I love this podcast as well as the hosts! I listen to Ghost Town every time I work. The frequent and constant uploads make sure I never run out of podcasts to listen to! I hope Rebecca and Jason continue to be themselves despite those who tell them not to this podcast wouldn’t be the same without their personalities :)

Super Interesting   (5/5)

Stumbled upon this Ghost Town and found the stories so interesting! Each episode is a dive into a new strange and unknown world of entertainment and conspiracy theory. Also, I too am curious if the cinnamon rolls in the Cave of Pan episode are homemade and what the recipie is... just saying!

Light, airy and entertaining.   (5/5)

Found this podcast by recommendation from Notorious Narratives, if memory serves. I especially like the GT Fails. GT is a light and entertaining podcast that is refreshing to listen to. Also, lemme back up, to the Cave of Pan/ Daevalis Cave episode.......them cinnamon rolls, homemade? If so, please share the recipe. If store bought, I guess I’m SOL with this pandemic going on. Stay safe and keep it up.

Plagiarism   (1/5)

They read a Morbidology episode word for word and passed it off as their own. Send a message by giving a 1 Star rating and unsubscribe from this Podcast.

Copywriter   (1/5)

Some of these episodes are word for word takes from other podcasts I listen to. It’s one thing to use another podcast as a source of information and you should quote them for that but it’s is plagiarism to just say all of the information they shared and did research on.

Plagiarism   (1/5)

This podcast has been called out for plagiarism and they have not publicly addressed it. They need to not be making money off of these episodes and need to public ally apologize.

Rife with plagiarism and lack of story telling   (1/5)

Lackluster story telling aside, the clear issue here is that there is a clear plagiarism issue on most episodes. The host is either reading directly from Wikipedia or other sources such as blogs and articles. Plagiarism is when you neglect to cite your source... that’s not just noting a source at the end or in your notes. When you read directly from a source and you do not cite immediately, you can be sued. Lucky for you, you’re ripping off indie podcasts who don’t have the money to sue. The question is, how many episodes will you have to take down? Might be worth scrapping it all and starting over.

Crime Junkies all over Again   (1/5)

So let’s start out with the fact that I refuse to support any kind of show that builds upon the backs of others without citing them. I refuse to support or listen to a show that plagiarizes directly from the scripts, thoughts, considerations of other people who have worked so hard to get where they are at in a genre that has become over saturated. Here’s the thing, if you are just going to take people’s work and read it, get on stage and do it that wa.... hold on... even if you do that you need the rights and you need to pay to put the show on... hmmmm. This is Crime Junkies all over again, to which I wonder why they’re even still popular. The lack of ethics you show in how you put together your show is a crime unto itself and I look forward to someone covering your case when it’s determined you owe them restitution for stealing their work to make a buck. The next time you choose to look at someone’s work, print it, and read it into a microphone, I suggest you look at yourself in the mirror and determine just how low you are willing to sink. Then again, that would require a conscience and I’m pretty sure this show has proven they do not have one. Y’all, don’t support this show. Don’t support plagiarism. In all other areas of life it’s looked unfavorably upon and in a sector that provides so much to so many people, we need to hold those who steal accountable for their actions. I’m truly disappointed when I find this out about podcasts. All you have to do is cite your work. All you have to say is “According to....” You want to build your credibility, this is how you do it. The freshman in college that I teach know that, so why don’t you?

Yes   (5/5)

I really like this podcasts because they are awesome unabridged and unafraid to share the truth. Many will hate this show but sometimes we have to go outside the mainstream media to hear the truth.

not just another true crime ‘cast   (5/5)

there are a LOT of podcasts, but none that have the banter between these two in addition to the crime bites everyone craves nowadays

0 stars for plagiarists   (1/5)

I’d give less than one star if I could. There are multiple episodes that have been copied exactly from either Wikipedia or from hard working authors/bloggers. It’s disgusting that you’re taking other people’s work without credit. Be better. Do your own research and credit the people that did the footwork. If you’re comedians, you should be able to write a script.

Terrible format   (1/5)

They start off okay a few jokes and chatter then they get into the story. They talk about that for maybe seven minutes then play ads and talk for like ten minutes. They then tack on like two or three more sentences to the actual story at the end of the episode before leaving you with a sloppy and unsatisfying conclusion. If you are looking for a show with a similar concept, check out Scared to Death. Their show is much better formatted and generally has four or more stories each week.

Not for me   (4/5)

This podcast focuses too much on humor than facts. I feel like the guy tries to continue the story and the woman keeps interrupting him for “humorous” comments. At the end of each episode, I’m left with confusion. What were the actual facts vs the comedy remarks? In addition, try adding the sponsorship at the beginning or ending of the podcast. When you tell a scary story, you are creating an atmosphere of mystery. Please for the love of, don’t pause it and say... “oh yea, we are sponsored by...” so annoying 😒

This is GOLD   (5/5)

This podcast keeps me captivated and eager for new episodes. They keep it uplifting with the humor unlike some true crime podcasts were it’s all like dark and death like. I am obsessed!!!

always different, always interesting!   (5/5)

Just when you think everything paranormal/esoteric has been covered, they find another. Over and over, and never not worth it. They’ve been a great addition to my rotation!

Questionable content at best.   (1/5)

Some of the narratives have been copied from other paranormal websites such as Mysterious Universe. So in addition to being boring, this podcast is practicaly plagerism.

Wonderful!   (5/5)

When I found this podcast I assumed it was about ghost stories only. Much to my surprise and joy, it includes all things that are no more. I love the subject matter and the hosts are have great chemistry! Keep it up! Love it!

Always Fun, often surprising.   (5/5)

I love the interesting topics that the adorable Rebecca and Jason choose to discuss and giggle about like they’re a couple of adolescents (although this does not detract from the intelligent, well-researched info they share). Listening to this podcast would be like hanging out with my friends if they knew more cool stuff to tell me about. Always fun, and often surprisingly educational. Thanks for the laughs and new trivia for me to devour!

One of the best!   (5/5)

This podcast is awesome!! I recently found this podcast and I must say each episode gets better and better. Thanks for putting out great content. YALL ROCK! 😊

Go away   (1/5)

It’s all fun and games until you bring politics into it. I guess that’s what I get for listening to another Californication wannabe.

Pure dribble   (1/5)

Who wants to be at your party? The hosts read read an article from the internet. No one bothers to proof read to understand how to pronounce big words and names. 5 minutes of content and 10 or more minutes of banal commentary

Great topics and great banter   (5/5)

Love this show! Topics are great, creepy, sppoky, and all of the places I would like to visit. I LOVE the hosts as they feel like friends, and their banter keeps me laughing. You both feel like friends i have never met. Thank you and please keep doing what you are doing! <3

No   (1/5)

The male host apparently just reads information from the internet while the female host chimes in with useless chatter

Topics? Who cares   (1/5)

4 commercials in a 15 minute podcast literally spent 5 minutes on the topic then another commercial and then they promote themselves with reviews and then it’s done I mean come on!

I’m into it 👌🏼   (5/5)

To be completely honest I started this podcast once and just wasn’t feeling it.. then I gave it another try and I can’t stop listening! You guys vibe so well and your humor is spot on with mine. The topics, delivery, humor, the convos.. and two a week.. ya can’t beat it haha. Also love the way you pitch your patreon lol

Good listen   (5/5)

Keep up the good work. In a world where everyone thinks they are the all knowing podcast authority. It is nice to listen to a show with two normal (maybe) people just like you (also maybe) talking about things you like.

Used To Enjoy   (3/5)

I used to enjoy this podcast, until I realized, they are just reading word for word from websites. The most episode about the Eastland Disaster was literally just them reading a Wikipedia page. Stupid

Was enjoying until....   (1/5)

Keep your political views to yourself.

Great and funny   (5/5)

I came across this show while hearing another podcast. I instantly got hooked with their sense of humor. Jason and Rebecca you guys are hilarious. Rebecca don’t stop the f bombs

Always Entertaining   (5/5)

A highly entertaining podcast covering a wide array of spooky/creepy/true crime stories. It’s a great listen that I have added to my routine while working, sitting in traffic, or walking the dog.

Glad I stumbled upon this   (5/5)

I love the concept of focusing on places. What, by the way, is more inherently creepy than thinking about abandoned places?? ( The Shining anyone?) I really like hosts, their banter is legitimately entertaining and they work really well together.

One of my favorites   (5/5)

I love this podcast. Jason and Rebecca are so down to earth and relatable. I love the banter and the wide range of topics they cover. Especially any NJ based mysteries.

I came around to it   (5/5)

Took me a little bit to adjust to the format, but I enjoy the spooky tid bits. The Friday fails are an especially fun short-listen. Fun podcast!

Great Podcast for an aspiring Forensic Major   (5/5)

I stumbled upon this podcast a while back. I listened to the podcast very little, until the Woodstock 99 episode. I am now absolutely hooked, because of the historical aspect of Woodstock (and being raised on Classic Rock) and the commentary on the crimes.

This show is a gem!   (5/5)

I don't know what some of the bad reviewers consider a good podcast, you can find a thousand that are strictly about hauntings but this show is so cool and unique I think it will get even more popular in the future. If you have a bit of a dark sense of humor and love anything about dark history, abandoned buildings, hollywood lore etc. these are your peeps. I also love the mini "fail" episodes about random weird blips in history that didn't go so well. Keep it up guys! ;)

Diggin it   (5/5)

Always looking for spooky dope podcasts. As someone who does a lot of traveling to weird and/or spooky places it’s nice to have some new recommendations. Also as a native NYer and someone who grew up in the punk scene in the 90s I love the personal stories and any and all NY and music related content. I find both hosts funny and genuine. I don’t get all the rude negative reviews like this is clearly a mix of comedy and spooky/weird/true crime stuff. It’s not meant to be endless dry factoids. Let folks live. If you don’t like it you can listen to something else, it’s that easy, without being rude about it.

Just Stick to the Topic!   (1/5)

So much garbage chatter..... some episodes are 10 minutes before you even get to the subject! Ugh. Pass. We don’t want to hear about your life...

Excellent   (5/5)

Love this show. always keeps me interested and always look forward to new episodes

Likeable Hosts and great Content!!   (5/5)

The content is interesting and entertaining. The hosts are funny and I appreciate how engaging they make each episode. NOT DISAPPOINTED ;) !!

Awesome Show!!!   (5/5)

Love the variety of topics and the chemistry of the hosts is perfect.


I listen to GTP while I’m working my 11 hour shift. Honestly thank you two for keeping me entertained and intrigued. I listened to every true crime podcast there is but THIS one kept my attention. I love that y’all mixed the abandoned places, ghosts, and true crime in one podcast. Great work! Will join your Patreon soon.

Rubbed me the wrong way   (2/5)

To be fair, I listened to the 5 haunted stories ep, not their usual haunted places eps, but it rubbed me the wrong way. Lady who brunches helps to gentrify a city (not a good look) and runs into another gentrifier who has a I’m going to pity this person? Then the super annoying couple who constantly interrupt one another and use ancient Hawaiian traditions as their “fun”. Making light fun of their ghost tour guide - a poor 16 yo who had to five them a tour in the rain (but don’t worry - they *tipped* him!). The way they spoke about it, again, rubbed me the wrong way - treating native people and their stories as though they are quaint anecdotes solely there for the couple’s entertainment. And of course the guy who poo-pooed his wife’s experiences in their, ah, haunted Ford Focus but who is also so afraid of the haunting that he leaps out of the car at the first sign of the unexplained (and of course continues to let her drive it for months after). I wanted ghost stories, not tales from the privileged, self-absorbed class. Had to turn it off after the interrupting couple giggles about how they could have gotten good luck if only they had given “Pele” a ride. Bleh. I’ll pass, thanks.

Talk too much and don’t say enough   (2/5)

The topics these guys cover are super interesting and their dynamic is cool. That being said, it feels like 2/3 of the episode is trying to skim for patreon money. Reminds me of my friends mega church. I’d be much more likely to sign up for the patreon if they ever took the time to discuss the subject of the episode.

Terrible   (1/5)

My friend and I were searching for great true crime podcasts to listen to on a road trip. We are 10 minutes in and it’s just the two of them talking to each other. Get to the point, tell the story, or at least be intriguing.

Scaredy Cat   (5/5)

I love this podcast. I’m way too scared to visit any of these places myself, even in the daytime, so this is the safest way for me to get a feel for so many of these interesting places without having to pee my pants.

Way too many side conversations   (1/5)

Really interested in hearing these stories but all the side conversations took over and got really confusing/ or stop be from listening any further

👍   (5/5)

Love this podcast! It’s both funny and little creepy - it touches on so many interesting places and stories. I can’t wait to hear more!

5/5   (5/5)

Amazing spooky podcast with fun and energetic hosts! Wish the episodes were a touch longer and more details, but that just because I love it so much! Keep up the great work guys!

Empowered and Informed!   (5/5)

I immediately recommended this podcast to my loved ones after listening to all of the available episodes. The host breaks down concepts that are intimidating and makes me feel like I can really make personal change.

👌   (5/5)

honestly love the dynamic and feel to the podcast! esp since it feeds into my love for true crime, some haunts as well as abandoned places and touches on so much history that like. it really is the ideal podcast. also i lost it when rebecca said bonies KDJDKS

amazing   (5/5)

i can’t speak high enough about this podcast!! the hosts are hilarious and responded super kindly about my feedback. i binged the entire thing without getting annoyed with the hosts (which happens to me often when i binge an entire podcast) 12/10

must hear   (5/5)

These two are hilarious no matter what topic they take on. And their banter is instant good company.

Not bad   (4/5)

This podcast isn’t bad. I like Jason’s sense of humor. I wish the podcasts were longer though. I also hate that ad they play every episode. I know they can’t control the music on the ad, but i can’t stand it.

Wow this is good   (5/5)

I mean, if you don’t listen to this podcast, I think that might be clinically insane, I think that might be the definition. This podcast is riveting, and Rebecca’s voice is reminiscent of a really sweet, innocent ghost. So, it works.

Wow Rebecca stole my heart   (5/5)

The podcast is amazing and I’m hooked! Love every episode. Thank you for my new obsession (this show and REBECCA! What a star!!!)!

I love Ghost Town!!   (5/5)

Rebecca is a queen, this is a MUST LISTEN!!

Makes the worst of an already poor format   (2/5)

These podcasts are all using this format where one host regurgitates info they pulled up on google, while the other person prolongs the run time of the episode with their reactions. This show is amongst the worst offenders. Also what’s with the random side conversations lasting minutes minutes? Only reason I tuned in for more than a few episodes is the idea is original. Please listen to how ACC does the Swindled podcast, that keeps you listening. I don’t need to hear the cohost exclaiming “Oh my God” and “really?!” Just keep telling the story.

funny + spooky!   (5/5)

I must admit that I'm NOT a person who loves true crime stuff, normally. I got 2 pages into "I'll Be Gone in the Dark" and I had to stop--I found it too dark and scary. That said, Ghost Town is a podcast I love because Rebecca and Jason temper the macabre stories with hilarious jokes, genuine insights, and charming playfulness.

New favorite podcast   (5/5)

Ghost Town has become my favorite new podcast! I love the hosts, Jason and Rebecca and I am obsessed with the subject matter!

Good podcast considering Jason is a child of divorce   (5/5)

There are so many of these “comedy” podcasts that revolve around disasters, murders, and unsolved crimes. Finding the balance between humor and being respectful of those who suffered is hard and I feel that these two do a good job with that challenge. The jokes rarely involve the victims of the crimes and the crimes themselves which I appreciate. They make me laugh and I enjoy listening to them.

This Sicks   (1/5)

Half of every podcast is listening to the 2 hosts talk about nothing relating to anything. Also, I don’t appreciate the hosts involving politics onto the podcast. I listen to podcasts to escape the world and be immersed in the story telling. I can name at least 15 other podcasts that I’d rather listen to. This is a BRUTAL listen. But hey if you have 34 minutes of your life that you never want to get back, have a listen:

Drew   (5/5)

I love abandoned places, history, mystery, and paranormal subjects. True crime is fun, too. The combination of all those things plus the enjoyable banter and personal perspectives (as well as stories) of the hosts Rebecca Leib & Jason Horton make this one of my favorites podcasts. I'd recommend this to add to your regular listening rotation. 8-)

Hilarious, Quick Moving Occult/True Crime Podcast   (5/5)

Just finished listening to The Black House episode, and I'm hooked. Can't wait to dive into the catalogue. Excited to have a new occult/true crime/conspiracy podcast to add to my rotation.

My favorite podcast!   (5/5)

The hosts are hilarious, the subjects are extremely interesting, and I could listen forever.

My favorite podcast!   (5/5)

I absolutely love Ghost Town. The chemistry between the hosts is great, and their personalities go together perfectly. This podcast sets all the information up in a way that is very easy to understand, but at the same time they mention details that make the stories 1000x more interesting. I absolutely recommend them! :)

Amazing podcast   (5/5)

Real yellow bricks that’s all you need to know. In all seriousness amazing podcast Jason and Rebecca make history fun and spooky like what else do you need, I 100% recommend you give this podcast a chance. (From Luz using her boyfriends IPhone)

Try talking about the subject and not yourselves   (1/5)

The hosts spend the majority of each episode NOT telling you the creepy stories they’re supposed to be sharing, and even when they are telling the creepy stories, they don’t share anything you can’t get from Wikipedia. Huge waste of time.

Ghost town pod   (5/5)

This podcast is pretty great, the hosts are funny and informative. And I personally don’t mind Rebecca’s potty mouth.

Amazing!   (5/5)

At first I thought this would be scary but the Friday fails are hilarious! I find Rebecca’s voice so soothing and gentle!

Funny take on true crime   (4/5)

I love every episode that Rebecca does! They are both so funny and this podcast is a great way to listen to true crime/ conspiracy without getting creeped out.

My favorite podcast to listen to when I need a mood boost!   (5/5)

I don’t remember how I stumbled on Ghost Town, but I’m so glad I did - I even joined Patreon JUST to support them, that’s how much I enjoy the show and want them to succeed! Jason and Rebecca are L.A. based comedians and friends, and they play off each other so well. They’re approachable and feel like they could be my friends - if I had friends that were funny enough to get paid for it! I find the assortment of topics they cover both interesting and varied. The only downside is I often find myself wishing the episodes were longer, which I know others have mentioned too. Hope you give Ghost Town a shot if you’re a fan of the podcast And That’s Why We Drink, abandoned places, local lore, offbeat history, and travel. Jason and Rebecca, you get 5 all the stars, now come to Chicago!

Fun and — Bonus! — Interesting   (5/5)

The hosts have great chemistry and the topics they broach are engaging. If you like Oh No Ross and Carrie and/or This Paranormal Life, you’ll be right at home in Ghost Town.

Okay people, come on!   (5/5)

Just started listing to Ghost Town and it makes me giggle out loud. All those nay sayers need to chill and not take everything so seriously. I love true crime but some podcasts make it so boring, it’s fun to have a podcast that lightens it up and makes it feel like you are hanging with friends.

Too much jibber jabber   (2/5)

I wanted to like this show, but got bored waiting for them to get to the story which was often meager and and interrupted by pointless personal comments.

Love it,but don’t..   (2/5)

I love where this podcast is going but the male needs to slow down in his talking cause it just come out as stuttering or a lot of “Uhm...”.

Rebecca is hilarious   (5/5)

I love how her brain works, always look forward to new episodes!

5 stars babbyyyyyy   (5/5)

This is a good podcast for when you want to listen about creepy places or events without having to hear about every single detail about the place or incident being reviewed. They touch on the main key points of the event and make it fun and intriguing to listen too. Can’t wait for more!

Seriously?   (1/5)

I listened to episode 13, about an abandoned theme park in Japan. One of the hosts claims haunted theme parks are his all time favorite creepy topic. And yet, they spent the entire twenty minutes frequently plugging their crowd funding accounts, speeding through their pathetic amount of information on the theme park, and quickly interjecting with often irrelevant jokes. Not the worst I've ever heard, but pretty sad for a "featured" podcast.

Not For Me, a bit of a let down   (1/5)

His constant “umm” is annoying. The title is very misleading. I listened to the first episode and Club 33. Constant plugs. Too personal.

Thumbs down   (1/5)

JUst listened the April 23rd episode... For one, you spend almost the first half complaining about bad reviews. Then you got to the meat and potatoes of it, and really, your trip to NO was superfluous to the topic. Seemed like you just watched one of the JT documentaries on youtube and recited what the subjects had to say. I had hoped for something deeper.

Hey! Let them speak! I was born too late!   (5/5)

I was born in 95 but I absolutely love to hear these two hilarious people talk about the 80’s and 90’s! I love history especially personal history from then because honestly, I was born wayyyy too late! It’s their podcast and some of us love it as is. How bout you give 3 stars and some constructive criticism rather than one star them and trash them. But for real I love the creepy, historic, and fascinating places and the funny jabs you two like to add! P.S. I cus like a sailor so don’t let the trash people tell you that you can’t.

Youz guyz are the top!   (5/5)

Whoever disagreez with meez iz itchin' for a fight! Actually I'm a 65 yo sophisticated white guy trying to up his street cred. Thank you for your excellent information on True Crime and the Supernatural!

Funny Spooky   (5/5)

Heard about the show when they were featured on Dark 5. Talking about creepy stuff with some laughs thrown in there is something I’m into...keep it up guys

I had to put myself out of my misery!   (1/5)

These two just ramble on about anything for half the podcast about themselves and personal life experiences in the 80s and 90s. Who cares! I even tried switching around to different episodes to see if it was just a fluke. NOT! This would be a perfect vehicle for a brain dead 1990s valley girl that just likes to hear silly non related stories about these two gallivanting around LA in the 1990s. Show titles are very misleading since they only maybe spent 10 minutes talking about the actual subject matter.

They just talk about themselves   (1/5)

This is a pod where the hosts talk about themselves the whole time. However, the chosen topic of each show would be much more interesting.

Shameless constant Patreon plugging   (3/5)

I really like the heart of the content of this show and the concept - however most of the actual researched content is 10-15 minutes at best. The rest is filler and banter. In the initial 15 or so episodes, they constantly plug their Patreon. Sometimes three to four times an episode. I understand it’s important to the creators when they were starting out but one plug at the beginning and one at the end would suffice. I will continue to listen to see if these things change later, but for now it would be nice to hear more research or if there’s not enough, maybe doing two topics in an episode.

Fun, fun, fun!!!   (4/5)

It feels like I’m sitting right there with you guys having a great time! Can’t wait to see what the future holds for the show. My only dislike is it’s not long enough! Thanks for making me smile, guys. Keep it up.

Meh   (3/5)

I really like the subject of this podcast as well as the thoughts and input of both of the hosts. There are two things, however, that frequently keep me from listening to the podcast: the length of episodes and the organization of them. Most of the episodes are 20-40 minutes long. I would really love an hour long episode. I almost never listen to anything less than 30 minutes; it just feels like a waste of time. In terms of the organization, y’all almost never broadly summarize the topic at hand in the beginning of an episode, which can make it really confusing to listen to.

Not for me...   (2/5)

I find myself drifting off in thought because the story line is hard to follow with all the ramblings. I was hoping to get more of a story line and less of a stream of conciousness.

I don’t know......   (1/5)

Hearing I don’t know or maybe throughout and show is neither informative nor entertaining.

Annoying   (1/5)

This podcast has potential to be GREAT, but they spend almost the entire time rambling on and making jokes about their personal life not worth the listen when they only talk about the actual subject of each episode for a few minutes and then throw in some adds that you have to almost mute the sound because it’s to loud.

They just money   (1/5)

Constant plugs for their Patreon account, rambling off topic and attempts at humor and witty banter. It’s hard to tell what category they actually belong in.

Asking   (2/5)

Half the podcast is asking for money

Fantastic Pod!   (5/5)

Great topic selection, super fun premise, and great execution! Give it a listen!

Would like more time spent on subject   (2/5)

I listened up until the JPL/Jack Parsons episode. It’s a great topic but I think out of the 22 minutes, they talked about it for 5 minutes. I felt like they spent more time talking about other random topics. This was happening in multiple episodes and I thought maybe it was just me missing info so I listened to one I know I have a lot of info on and the pattern repeated. The Unexplained podcast did a three, 1 hour each, long episode series on Parsons so I know there is info out there. It would just be nice to have time spent on the actual subject of the podcast and then make that funny. Also, the ads are LOUD and just randomly thrown in. Take some time to edit them or at least say “now it’s time for an ad.” I listen to probably 5-8 hours of podcasts a day and just couldn’t handle this. They have a great idea, just bad execution.

They could still tell a story without dropping F Bombs   (3/5)

Good content, but the overuse of swear words as descriptors is obnoxious! It makes the podcasters sound less credible. They also speculate wildly, but I suppose that’s their intent.

All in One   (5/5)

Silky smooth voices, brilliant minds, funny AND creepy haunted and abandoned places ghost stories?!?! What more could you want? This podcast has it all....and more. (Melissa from Just The Tip-Sters podcast)

Good show   (3/5)

I like the content but not crazy about the potty mouth. Unnecessary.

Love This Pod!   (5/5)

Love this podcast! Rebecca and Jason are such great hosts, a great mix of laughs and spookiness!! 👻 🏠

Everyone buried in waste land   (5/5)

Abandoned and creepy places are right down my alley. Malls, amusement parks... something about their being abandoned fascinates me. The hosts are funny and cool, just how I want to be when I grow up. Hive mind, please listen to this show.


And Rebecca's voice is extremely sexy.

Love this cast   (5/5)

If you want to know if Janis Joplin lives on or where the best haunted spots are in LA and beyond, this is your cast! Jason and Rebecca are also a delight!

Great concept, poor execution: Janis Joplin   (2/5)

This podcast has so much potential to be great, but it isn’t executed well in my opinion. I started with the 3 part series on Janis Joplin. They record a podcast IN THE SAME ROOM Janis Joplin passed yet failed to thoroughly describe the room to really make that unique touch more vivid to the listener. Same with the restaurant at which she had her final meal. It would have been nice to have a more robust description of their environments, especially given the fact they went out of their way to travel to those places to record. (Not sure if they described everything later on because I stopped listening mid way through part 2, but that should have been first thing) They could have left out Rebecca’s mom’s encounter with Janis because it added nothing to the story. They could have opened up the podcast in the restaurant (describing that fully) THEN delved into her death in the hotel room to bring the story full circle and walk the listener through the events leading up. The convos with the psychic and staff would have been more fitting following that, but instead their story is all over the place. Also this definitely could have been a 2 parter without the unnecessary jargon. The story had a lot of potential to be more spooky but instead it was disjointed, hard to follow, and pretty surface-level. Frustrating listen to say the least.

We get it ur tinder life is a struggle   (1/5)

Down loaded one episode to test out the pod cast and they spent half the episode talking about her tinder account and her dating life .. uugghhh the actual story was awesome ! But please keep ur dating stories to 2 minutes we listen for the story not to get a status update on you.. thanks

So bad   (1/5)

Navel gazing NPR style rambling for 20 minutes (half the podcast) before they got into the subject. Annoying, unfunny hosts.

All about ghost town   (4/5)

This is always so good this is different then all of the other podcasts I listen to Thanks for the amazing podcast keep up the amazing work

Love this podcast!   (5/5)

Hilarious and great to listen to on the go! KEEP THE EPISODES COMING! love them!

Don’t like Rebecca at all she ruins the show   (2/5)

Very vulgar and it’s uncalled for. The topics are good but I can’t stand listening to her 👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼

Bohemian grove   (1/5)

We were excited to hear this but it was THE worst podcast I have ever heard. This woman Rebecca, who claims to be “tipsy” makes unrelated irrelevant comments throughout the show. She used profanity constantly as if not knowing how to be descriptive without it. There are so many good podcasts out there, it is a shame to waste time on ghost town. The hosts seem scattered poorly informed and go on tangents throughout the podcast.

Huh???   (1/5)

I listened to the abandoned New Orleans Six Flags episode to start. I expected a serious, low key type of podcast to learn about things ‘ghostly’. Instead I received a couple of stereo type podcast hosts (loud, uncomfortable need to use swear words and far less funny than they think) who didn’t do any field work, just talked about this location and took quite a while to get to it. The portion of this podcast that was actually reserved to talking about the subject matter was laughable. The point of this podcast was lost on me. I quickly moved on to something different.

Podcast to my ears   (5/5)

This podcast is always a great listen!

Great show!   (5/5)

Love hearing about strange places like this! Going to make a list of spots to visit from the show. Check it out!

Keep Crushin It!   (5/5)

Love the Podcast! Love the creepy nature and love the hosts! Keep it going! Cheers! The Crooked Cousins

Tony the movie guy   (5/5)

Spooky ghost stories are totally up my ally especially having grown up in England in many very old and haunted houses! I live in La now so several of these stories hit very close to home. Spooky and fascinating stuff!

A Great Listen!   (5/5)

For a great time listening to a mysterious, creepy but enjoyable podcast then look no further as the hosts while describing these various stories do so with a candor that's refreshing and seem to be having a lot of fun in doing it. Cannot wait for the next episode!

Great Podcast   (5/5)

Well done podcast, love the dynamic of the two hosts and the stories they tell.

Cool idea, but sometimes drags on   (3/5)

It’s a cool podcast, somewhat. Rebecca is constantly laughing annoyingly in a few episodes and the guy is always saying “umm” or “uhh” they go off in a different direction and it gets hard to follow sometimes. I know there is only a few episodes and they probably need more experience and it will get better, hopefully.

New Favorite Podcast!!!   (5/5)

Love this show! Horton and Leib are the perfect duo to bring the scary from a non-biased point of view. My new favorite podcast!!!

Spooky Talk   (5/5)

Listening to Ghost Town is like sitting in a booth the 101 Cafe eating sweet potato fries with your best comedy buds who happen to have some really interesting ghost stories. Jason and Rebecca deliver entertaining and mysterious tidbits in their engaging podcast.

The ghostly sojourn   (5/5)

This is a ride you won't forget. This comedy meets drama will take you there and back and back again. Where is there? Do yourself a favor and find out

My new fave true crime podcast!   (5/5)

Funny and creepy at the same time. Love it!

Spot on guys!   (5/5)

I love ghost stories...especially true ones.. That Los Feliz house is close to me... yikes!! Way to go Jason and Rebecca!

Scary History   (5/5)

Very interesting ghost stories about places you might have visited. Good storytelling from the funny Jason and Rebecca, keeping us on our toes and getting personal. Investigator comedians

Creepy and Fun   (5/5)

Rebecca and Jason are fun and enthusiastic as they go over haunted places. Their excitement is contagious! I wonder what happened to the Adderall. That's the biggest mystery.

Quality podcast!! Love the chemistry and enthusiasm.   (5/5)

Two awesome personalities that work so well together. Production quality is fantastic too. Can’t wait to hear more! 👻

Obsessed.   (5/5)

Obsessed with this! And now I’m never leaving my house.

Ghost Town   (5/5)

If you’re like me and you love all thing abandoned, haunted, or otherwise creepy, you’ll love Ghost Town. Rebecca and Jason’s still is like going on a haunted journey with your funniest friends. LOVE.