Aggregated reviews for Good Job, Brain!

Part pub quiz show, part offbeat news, and all awesome. All the time! We here are nuts about trivia. And we are darn sure there are people out there who share our unusual obsession. Do you relish beating your friends at Trivial Pursuit? Do you blab out the answers at the gym when Jeopardy! is on? Then this podcast, fellow trivia nut, is the ultimate mental nutrition for your very big brain. So eat up!

Amazing 😍   (5/5)

This is the perfect podcast helps me sleep and I listen to it on long car rides please come Back I’ve listened to almost all of the episodes😭😭😭

where is Karen and the gang?!   (5/5)

i need my Good Job Brain fix!

A fun Quiz podcast   (5/5)

A incredibly fun podcast featuring close friends and original quizzes made by them. It’s worth the listen because most of the quizzes seem to be timeless, at least till we get a decade or so down the road. I’m going to keep my eye out for any new uploads.

Good job brain   (5/5)

We all miss good job brain. It was/is one of the best podcasts I have ever listened to.

Great show   (5/5)

It’s a really good show and I miss it in my feed. They haven’t made a new episode in over a year now but I’m still hopeful more will be on the way!

The best podcast ever!   (5/5)

I have been listening to this podcast thing for over a year and i cant get over how much i love this! If you huys stop this podcast i will cry! I hope you see this! Bye!

Jeopardy help!   (5/5)

My husband and I started listening to this podcast as he prepared for him to be on Jeopardy! We listened to a bunch of episodes as we drove to his live audition and we were hooked! His episode aired in September of this year and even our kids ask to listen to GJB. “Pop quiz, Hotshot” is now a commonly used phrase in our home. We love y’all and miss hearing your poop jokes and silly buzzers. We truly hope that all is well with each of you!

So entertaining   (5/5)

Just found this Podcast this year and I’ve listened to a good portion of the episodes. They are well thought out and provided and just fun! Give it a listen!

Cool show for nerds, neophytes, and numbskulls   (5/5)

A terrific listen...the only problem is we listeners want some new shows!

Come back, please???   (5/5)

We miss you! My husband and I have loved your podcast for sooo long! It was one of the first ones we ever listened to! We miss you! Life DOES happen, but we hope everything is well and that one day we can hear your lovely voices and contagious laughter again!

Miss Y’all   (5/5)

Tomorrow it will be 1 year since your last episode. Really hoping episode 205 shows up in my queue. Praying for you all!

Where are they?   (3/5)

I used to love this podcast but really it’s just disappeared.

Late to the party   (5/5)

Super late to the party, but I’ve listened to nearly half of the episodes in a month and I love it.

karen is my spirit animal   (5/5)

i miss you all desperately. i hope your lives are flourishing and full of light!

I miss it even though I came on board late   (5/5)

I didn’t find this podcast until after they stopped recording. But wanting to listen to more trivia podcasts, I started back on episode one. Now I’m all caught I’m sad they don’t record more. I know life events get in the way but totally worth listening too if you’re new to trivia like me

Please make more episodes   (5/5)

Please make more episodes

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️   (5/5)

It is educational and has a purpose. I love it.

Wonky upload schedule   (4/5)

I was so happy when earlier this year I got a notification that you made another podcast episode! I eagerly awaited your next episode, and for a while my wish was granted. But now it’s been about 4-5 months and there hasn’t been a new episode... Why? If something is going on, could you at least post it on the website? I really want to listen to more! Thanks!

Great Podcast   (5/5)

I've listen for a few years and can't get enough. best podcast!

Five stars except...   (5/5)

I have a problem. You guys are great! Except I wouldn't want my kids listening to this when you talk about liquor and sexual content. Please try to talk less about this.

Great combo   (5/5)

I have been listening to shows like Wait, Wait. Ask Me Another and Stuff You Should Know for years. GJB rolls them all into one:

My favorite!   (5/5)

Absolutely my all time favorite podcast. Y’all have so much chemistry and are so entertaining. So glad you’re back. I’ve started the podcast over and it has been amazing learning so much I forgot. Please keep it up!!

Lo and Behold   (5/5)

They are back. It’s been over a year but better late than never!

Hilarious and educational! Glad you’re back :-)   (5/5)

I love this podcast. It is fun and engaging. The four hosts and their rapport are what make this show so fun to listen to.

Fun and educational   (5/5)

Long time listener here- as a matter of fact, I also recently returned from a couple year hiatus from podcasts and was disappointed to see there hadn’t been updates to GJB in a while. Low and behold, I checked again yesterday and was pleasantly surprised to see you guys came out with a fresh, new episode. Welcome back! (And congratulations on the next generation of trivia masters!) I’m looking forward to the next 200 episodes~ Keep up the great work, brains!

Fantastic, super duper, fun!   (5/5)

Love this bunch!

WELCOME BACK!!!   (5/5)

I was soooo excited to get the notice that GJB dropped a new podcast! I have been listening to older ones lately but to have a new one is a joyful occasion. The shows are challenging, entertaining and real. I don’t know how you come up with all of your ideas but I’m glad you do. Every episode makes me feel really smart or really stupid, as in “How did I not know that?” I guess I don’t go down enough Wikipedia holes. Good job, Brains.

Best yet   (5/5)

I just discovered and love your show. I have been looking for a good useless information podcast for a while and just couldn’t find one that hold my interest in as many episodes as this one. Listening to one after the next all week and not just the info but the team and your humor keeps me tuned. Keep up the good work.

Great Trivia Podcast   (5/5)

I just started listening to this and am basically bingeing all the episodes. So well put together, so much fun, and the hosts have great chemistry. Hope it comes back with new episodes because it’s already become one of my favorite podcasts.

show missing   (4/5)

Loved this show. Is it no longer on?

Miss my GJB!   (5/5)

Great podcast!

Newer listener, trivia lover   (5/5)

I really enjoy this podcast. The participants have good chemistry and Iove the historical information presented.

Great for trivia nuts   (5/5)

This is the podcast that goes to the top of my playlist as soon as an episode is published. Two main reasons: It's smart and funny.

Where have they gone?   (1/5)

I used to like their podcast, but you can't like something that now seems to be history. I have moved on to other interesting podcasts that at least put an effort into doing them on a frequent or even occasional basis. Good bye GJB!

My absolute favorite podcast   (5/5)

Good job brain is and for ever will be my favorite podcast.

LOOOOOOOVE!!!!   (5/5)

LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS PODCAST! Karen is my spirit animal!

Terrific Fun!   (5/5)

Love this podcast, fabulous trivia. Wish they could get back to a regular posting schedule!

My first, my favorite   (5/5)

The first podcast I ever tried, and it stays good from episode 1 to the very end. I've listened from start to finish 3 times. I only wish they were still putting out episodes regularly. I miss you GJB!

Brain food   (5/5)

I always learn something interesting, disgusting, or downright fascinating listening to these four friends talk trivia. So much fun!

Love love this pod!   (5/5)

I listen to lots of podcasts, but more often than any other- I come back to GJB! Funny& informative- it’s like hanging out w/ your 4 nerdy friends and I wouldn’t have it any other way!

Best. Podcast. Ever.   (5/5)

Everyone I have recommended this podcast to loves it! One second your mind is blown from learning something new, the next you're uncontrollably laughing from stories of blowing up beached whales!

I love Dana   (5/5)

Absolutely hilarious, intelligent show! I'm addicted. Only complaint is that, as someone with misophonia, the disgusting mouth noises and them sniffling into the mic every episode drives me insane. But the content is so good.

Best Trivia Podcast on The Market   (5/5)

This podcast is great! I've spent a lot of time trying to find trivia podcasts. Most are ok, some less ok than others, but this one blows the competition away! It is leaps and bounds better than any other trivia-related podcast available today. The hosts are smart, funny, and enthusiastic about the show and the content they share. Their information segments are well-researched and (with the exception the rare "um-actually") very accurate. The only thing I don't absolutely love about the show is the groan-worthy alliterative openings. (The earlier episodes were especially guilty of this)

Love It   (4/5)

I love this show-unfortunately the episodes have become sporadic

Pretty Good   (5/5)

It's pretty good.

Never fails to cheer me up!   (5/5)

Now that I've listened to the entire backlog of episodes, I save each new episode that comes out for when I'm feeling glum or lonely. Karen is an awesome host and all 4 of them make a highly entertaining, effective trivia team! I have learned SO MUCH cool, interesting stuff listening to this show.

Love the show!   (4/5)

I know these wonderful people all have real lives but my family misses the regular show now. So do my kids, especially my 9 year old son. He cheers when he finds out there is a new episode. Both my kids are super smart and love to learn new things and play along with the quizzes.

Entertaining   (5/5)

How many songs did Dolly Parton write? What song has the most verses? All answered at your local trivia or this podcast.

Best   (5/5)

Best trivia podcast on iTunes! Love the hosts and the wide range of topics they cover.

Fun and nerdy.   (4/5)

Sometimes the hosts go pretty deep into some trivial subject, which I enjoy. Great inter-host chemistry.

The Most Fun   (5/5)

This is a really fun podcast. The hosts are smart and hilarious. The games are great to play along with. And even the ads are cleverly done to make them very entertaining. I can't stop smiling when I listen.

Best quiz show out there.   (5/5)

I wish it were on weekly.

Lots of fun!   (5/5)

Trivia's hard to do without being directly involved - this show fills that gap really well in it's format and followup talks about the subject.

A favorite   (5/5)

If you are a trivia junkie, this ones for you. Who better to present us trivia and quiz each other on it than Pub Quiz warriors. The cast have a great chemistry and built a great friendship with their fans, from casual to Lobe Trotters. If you like trivia and facts, and you are not subscribed to Good Job, Brain yet, now is the time to click.

Let them win you over   (5/5)

Great writing. Fun conversation, quizzes, exclamations, and general fun.

I go back and listen to old eps regularly.   (5/5)

The best way to put how much I love this podcast is that I often re-listen to the archived eps over new podcasts in my queue. It makes me laugh out loud and I feel like I learn some new things. I don’t know why, but Karen, Colin, Dana, and Chris just hit all the right spots in my brain each week. Good job, their brains.

Excellent, but...   (3/5)

I have listened to almost every episode of Good Job Brain, and I absolutely love it, except for Karen. She has absolutely no filter and feels she must express out loud EVERY single thought that crosses her mind. She goes on endless tangents about completely irrelevant topics. She feels the need to explain in exhausting detail why she answered a quiz question incorrectly. No one cares why you thought your answer was right. You were wrong, just leave it alone. She also has this habit of being absurdly surprised when learning a fact she didn’t know. She ooo’s and ahhh’s and exclaims in such an over-the-top manner as if she’d just learned the secrets of the universe. Just calm down, and learn how to filter your thoughts. She seems perfectly nice, and I have nothing against her personally, I just think she talks WAY too much. Otherwise, the podcast is great! Good Job Dana, Chris, and Colin!

Great Trivia Podcast   (5/5)

These guys are way smarter than my friends, but just as much fun. Incredibly interesting random facts, trivia, and stories. You can tell that the hosts are all friends and they reach bring their own unique flair to the podcast. And sometimes they talk about butts.

Good Job, Brains!!!!   (5/5)

This is, without hyperbole, the best podcast ever! The hosts are well informed, have great chemistry, and are extremely funny. I suggest that you listen to at least one episode and I guarantee that you will fall in love with this podcasts. And to the hosts, good job, brains!!!!

Good job, Brains!   (5/5)

I'm hooked. My friends are hooked. Even my wife is hooked. You guys should be more careful with your hooks!

"Basketball"??   (5/5)

It sounds to me like Colin is pronouncing the word, "basketball," as "bastaball." And he says this word many, many times in recent episodes. Love the podcast anyway. Dana makes me laugh out loud at some point in each episode.

Quizzing with passion   (5/5)

Most of my podcasts deal with trivia and this is my favorite, hands down. I smile when I see a new episode waiting for me and this is because of their wonderful energy. They are free without ever being mean and I really appreciate that.

Delightfully informative   (5/5)

When I try to explain the merits of podcasting, this is usually my go to example. With this podcast, you are basically a fly on the wall to a small group of trivia enthusiasts that meet once a week to discuss their latest findings. Everyone in the group is very passionate about learning, and this is really what makes me look forward to each new episode. This podcast is like a niche coffee shop and record store that sells miscellaneous imported bric-a-brac toys. I always have fun exploring it, and I am usually surprised at what I find. I am so glad podcasting exists as a medium, because content such as Good Job Brain might not have a home otherwise. Such a place would be a lot less fun.

Educational and hilarious   (5/5)

What more could you want from a podcast? I enjoy the all quiz episodes (during which I say answers out loud at my ipod) as well as the regular ones which include longer informative segments.

One of my favorites!   (5/5)

Great podcasts and I get excited whenever there's a new episode. I've listened for so long that I feel like they're my friends. Great personalities and you learn a lot too

This show is 95% awesome   (5/5)

This show is 95% awesome. Great trivia, great hosts, great chemistry. I hold back 5% because of the audio anagram quizzes. Those are useless filler.

A wonderful show!   (5/5)

I love this show and look forward to it every week. My roommate is getting tired of me lecturing her on what I learned on the weeks episode so she's started listening to head me off at the pass. It is always a joy to listen to, and I hope everyone will convert to GJB listeners soon

A must have for my podcast playlist!   (5/5)

This podcast is a witty, wonderful, wontan, work that wakefully wisks your brain to new heights! I highly recommend this charming trivia podcast!

5 star   (5/5)

5 star, thanks for the great show.

Awesome   (5/5)

Awesome podcast, I love learning all kinds of new and "random" facts, I even know some some of them and can answer along with everyone on the show.

First review written ever for anyone   (5/5)

I've listened to Karen since the geek box and I don't even game. I just liked the banter. GJB is great, great rapport between hosts, well produced, and always enjoyable. I hope you can make it forever!

Fantastic, Informable and Fun   (5/5)

One of my favorite podcast. I can't miss an episode. Great host, fun trivia, great listen.

trivia junkies rejoice   (5/5)

Love the trivia, love the hosts, love the theme song for the all-quiz-bonanzas!

Best podcast ever   (5/5)

My fiancé and I are in the car all the time, we are pet sitters who travel from house to house taking care of dogs, cats, etc. We recently started downloading podcasts to entertain us on our many hours in the car. GJB is all we have listened to for the last 2 months and we have learned so much. We have listened to all the previous episodes and can't wait for new episodes each week! We always look like crazy people, yelling out answers to trivia questions while driving but it's so much fun. Thank you so much!!

This is a great podcast...BUT   (2/5)

Karen is almost too much to handle. I'm glad that it is SUCH a well done show,but good lord... There are really only so many times you can have your "mind BLOWN" by unimportant facts. (Also, if she is such a trivia geek, how is it that she has never heard of so much pop-culture... Oh that's right, she's Asian and didn't grow up here. I'd have forgotten if she didn't mention it EVERY OTHER SHOW!) Sorry to rant about that, and yes I know it's free entertainment. All the other guys are great and I really do like the podcast. Ok... Two years later... Tried it again and Karen is still God awful. Dana, Colin and Chris should stage a coup.

Smartie Pants I am!   (5/5)

This podcast is a wonderful knowledge dump! I find I know more than those who in the past beat me at trivia games... Not any more!

One of my favorite podcasts ever   (5/5)

Everything about this podcast makes me happy. From the facts to the taste tests to ELVIS. Karen, Colin, Dana, and Chris are all fantastic and I can't reccomend this podcast highly enough.

Must have   (5/5)

Best podcast. You will wish it was daily

Hilarious, informative, & FUN!!!   (5/5)

A great show, like learning things about just about anything or everything? Than this is the show for you!

Eartastic!   (5/5)

Great show, wonderful hosts and I learn something each week! I listen by myself and with my family during car trips. Keep up the good work!

What fun it is to drive and listen!   (5/5)

I’m horrible at Trivial Pursuit so I don’t even know why I checked out a trivia podcast but as Tony the Tiger would say, “It’s great!” Karen, Dana, Colin and Chris create an informative and fun environment that makes you feel like you’re there with them.

Possibly my favotie podcast   (5/5)

Four energetic and smart hosts challenege each other every week with quizzes and stories. I always learn something new and get a few laughs in the bargain. I would love to come across this gang at a pub quiz one day and be humbled by their collective knowledge. Well edited and produced.

Terrific podcast   (5/5)

I just happened across this podcast and totally enjoy these funny, smart and often goofy bunch. If you like trivia presented with background, so you actually learn something while you're chuckling, this is a show for you. Recommend this very highly.

Look forward to it   (5/5)

I love when I see that a new episode is downloading. They clearly have fun and enjoy doing the podcast. I have learned a ton of useless information - which is awesome! Keep up the good work and thank you for doing the show!

Never not awesome   (5/5)

Karen, Colin, Chris and Daina enlighten the masses and remind you that this world is massive and small. Thank you for the weekly batch of awesome guys, everyone should listen to this podcast.

Outstanding   (5/5)

Karen, Collin, Dana, and Chris - thank you. Your podcast has turned many a boring road trip into a trivia tour-de-force. I really feel like my family and I have gotten to know everyone in the group so well, it almost like taking an extension of our family on the roadies. I love the poop and butt stuff that always comes up - it weird but it's natural. :) I sincerely hope that you can keep doing the podcasts for a long time.

Love the show   (5/5)

This is one of my favorite podcasts. Love the quizzes and random facts. Y'all have great chemistry and keep the show lively. Keep up the good work!

Fantastic podcast   (5/5)

I literally choose to listen to this podcast over watching most TV shows. (sorry GJB, game of thrones is too good). This podcast (Four Friends Flapping Fun Funny Facts) is funny, entertaining and I actually learn something every episode.

Single handidly responsible for me avoiding strawberry flavoring   (5/5)

Let the marinate and then listen.

Sophmoric humor and graduate level facts!   (5/5)

I listen to this one as soon as it comes out! Equal parts hilarious and educational, I can't recommend it highly enough.

Yay! :)   (5/5)

Keeping sane since I started college. People tend to look at you with weirded-out expressions when you laugh with the hosts when you're using public transportation...

Each episode makes me a little smarter and worldly!   (5/5)

I have been listening to this from the start. Such a fun fun way to learn about everything! Do yourself a favor and hear them all.

Love it   (5/5)

They love pub quizzes as much as I do. We have even won a few thanks to them. They do a lot of leg work for the topical stuff. That is always a pain.

Gets old soooo fast   (1/5)

After listening to a few episodes, it’s old and repetitive. One host must comment on every answer the give, no matter is they’re right or wrong, another shouts stunned wows at nearly every interesting/odd fact over and over again.

Good job!!!   (5/5)

Can't wait every week.

So glad I found this podcast   (5/5)

As a trivia lover, this podcast suits me perfectly!

Good Job Brain   (5/5)

For People with Prolific Patents on Perfect Pieces of trivia.

Ma'am   (5/5)


I <3 GJB   (5/5)

Good Job Brain is a delightful podcast. I listened once on a whim and am Totally hooked. I listen everyday and have heard all the Podcasts at least 5 times. The friends compliment each other well and keep me cracking up in their own ways. Keep up the good work! If you haven't listened, give it a shot. Even if the topic doesn't seem like it will interest you, you'll still love it and learn a lot. You won't be disappointed.

It was good, got worse   (3/5)

In the early times of the young podcast good job brain, the hosts focused on the facts. It was trivia all the way through, with some humor and good fun here and there. Now, though, it seems that a dark cloud has appeared over the podcasting fields. Everything is based around humor, and there is a little bit of trivia in each episodes. I will continue to listen to this podcast, but if it keeps going like this, getting less and less trivia-ey, I may stop. They seriously go on way too many tangents now, and it is seriously getting on my nerves. This isn’t a comedy podcast!

Wow!!!! Adventures in listening   (5/5)

In the words of the humble host, Karen, "wow!!!!" I got super lucky by stumbling upon these great folks soon after my podcast adventures began. I was stuck listening to dumb droning dj's ramble on about things that don't capture me. Then, I discovered GJB. Every commute since discovery has been filled with smiles, randomly shouted answers, and maybe a groan or two. Karen, Colin, Chris and Dana are so personable, funny, and most of all, they are interesting. Needless to say, It was easy listening getting through all their episodes and now I'm onto second go at them. Also, so as to not have my own "um, actually" moment, please excuse any spelling or grammar errors above.

In love!   (5/5)

This podcast is so informative and entertaining! Once I started listening, I was hooked and even went back to listen to all of the old episodes! I always look forward to when a new podcast comes out. Good job, Good Job, Brain!

Pop quiz hotshot!   (5/5)

As a guy who reads trivial pursuit cards and loves jeopardy and trivial knowledge, this podcast was right up my alley. Love finding out new things and sharing it with friends. Learned a lot so far and looking forward to many more episodes.

Not like I need to work anyways   (5/5)

Good Job Brain - Makes me wish my commute was even longer!

quality   (5/5)

smart funny educational and great editing ta'boot

Wonderfully entertaining   (5/5)

A fascinating, engaging, and educational podcast that I enjoy deeply; listening to these guys is a highlight of my week!

Absolutely amazing and addictive!   (5/5)

GJB has saved many a car trip in the year-ish that I have been listening. These pub-quizzers are my age, so we have the same reference points of childhood cartoons, movie interests, and video gaming, and I can get my geek on while I learn!! (Carmen Sandiego, Square One, and a Speak'n'Spell!) I have never actually had an accident while I drive, but I will admit to serious snorting and snickering. Great for trivia buffs - the themes stay on topic (thank goodness), good sound production (no extraneous noises) and Karen, for you, I say "Whaaaat?!? Ohhhhhhh!!! No way!!!" and love it.

Excellent and smart show!   (5/5)

Very funny and educational to boot!

Yes yes...   (5/5)

Three times yes! One of my favorite podcasts of all times.

Saving my brain   (5/5)

I just started listening to this podcast a couple weeks ago and in that short time I've burned through almost half of the available episodes. My current job involves hours and hours of mindless data entry, and Good Job, Brain! is keeping my grey matter from dribbling out my ears. Plus, some of the topics have actually come up at my team's weekly pub trivia meets. You guys do a great job, you're hilarious and brilliant, and thank you thank you thank you!

Smart and fun!   (5/5)

I've just started listening to this show, and it's quickly become a favorite. Make no mistake, this is one-hour straight-up trivia Q&A If that's not your thing, then look elsewhere. That said, the 4 "brains" in the show are very funny, energetic, and seem to genuinely be having a good time, which is contagious. They also break up the segments by presenting trivia factoids that are always fascinating. Recommended.

chipper charmers   (4/5)

Sometimes churlish, always changing, but charming

Awesome Facts!   (5/5)

I listen to one of these podcasts every night before i go to bed! I am always trying to answer the trivia questions(but am rarely successful) Also great if you don't know much about the 80s and need to know what your parents are talking about!

One of my favorite podcasts   (5/5)

A must listen for trivia nerds and knowledge seekers. Dana, Karen, Chris, and Colin make learning even more fun and interesting. Seriously listen to this podcast.

Every Episode...   (5/5)

This podcast helps me look forward to Tuesdays!!

I Love This Podcast!   (5/5)

The interaction between the hosts is great; they seem like people I'd want to hang out with. I really enjoy the show. You learn all sorts of things by listening. I find myself repeating things I've learned quite often! Good job, Good Job Brain!

Favorite Podcast   (5/5)

My absolute favorite podcast. It always makes my day once a week. I only wish they were longer!

road trips   (5/5)

My son and I play this podcast on road trips. it passes time and give us subjects to talk about.

Fun and informative!   (5/5)

Thanks for sweetening my commutes with your trivia and camaraderie. I look forward to this every week. Fun facts and trivia presented in an engaging format. Keep up the good work Karen, Colin , Dana, Chris and last but not the least, E.L.V.I.S! Good job brains!

I am obsessed   (5/5)

Love the show, I laugh through each episode and learn. Castoreum! Snarg! Hugonuts!

YAY!   (5/5)

i love this. i listen at work, and i share everything i learn with my husband when i get home. it does get on his nerves, though

This show is a delight   (5/5)

GJB is such a wonderful show. Full of interesting factoids and tidbits told by a panel of the most likeable podcasters you're ever going to listen to. Great show for inquisitive kids and adults alike.

Peppy and Playful Pleasure to Peruse!   (5/5)

I love and look forward to this podcast every week. I've been a trivia geek for years and was so excited when I found this podcast. Good job Brains!

Great listen   (5/5)

There's nothing I can add that hasn't been covered by the other 5 star reviews. Love the crew!

Always hilarious and informative   (5/5)

I love this podcast! I listen to it all the time, which I am sure is entertaining or other drivers as I yell out answers alone in my car! The hosts are relatable and entertaining. I love trivia and this podcasts makes me love it even more. I just want to go hang out with these guys. Not only is it laugh out loud funny (more weird looks on walks) but I learn really interesting things. My pub trivia team loves this podcast and it has helped our game. This is a great podcast for anyone who wants to laugh, learn weird things, and enjoys a little alliteration!

Funny and fast   (5/5)

Fast tempo makes even bad jokes fun. :)

Knowledge Diarrhea   (5/5)

Just when you think its over, they surprise you with more. Fantastic trivia quizzes, fun topics, and a cast that knows how to make learning enjoyable.

Fun and entertaining   (4/5)

But I wish the questions were more difficult.

love it   (5/5)

it's clean, fun, and informative. keep it up guys

Best podcast I've listened to...   (5/5)


Educational and fun   (5/5)

I've been on board with this since day 1 and I've gotten my 71 year old mother loving it as well. Each episode I find myself taking notes on things I've never heard of and find interesting, so I can go home and research more about it. Karen has the best voice, and I've been a fan of Chris since the 1up days. Keep up the great work!!!

Notice   (4/5)

Anyone notice they're all starting to sound like karen? With the way they describe things. How they change the pitch from low to high when listing off things.

Good except for one thing   (2/5)

I really want to love this podcast. Its so so so good and interesting. But one of the hosts insists on interrupting everyone all the time and answering questions no one asked. It becomes grating over time and really turns me off. Without Colin the show would be much better

Addicting   (5/5)

This podcast is amazing! I became addicted and listened to all 65 episodes in two weeks. It is very informative while being very entertaining. I highly suggest to give it a listen.

Anal Beaver Juice   (5/5)

This was the first podcast I fell in love with. I've listened to every episode and they never disappoint. Dana is my favorite ... She is so funny! Please never stop making this show. It's the highlight of my Mondays.

Look forward to it   (5/5)

I'm so sad I only get it once a week.

Former Fav...   (2/5)

I used to love this podcast. I've listened to every episode. It's lost it's magic it used to have. Karen is so annoying now. Chris and Colin are the only redeeming factors anymore. The awful kids jokes me zero sense as to why they are even part of the show. I get its a Sponsored segment, but they should know better than to waste time with something so annoying. Honestly the quiz only episodes are the only thing going for them now. Other than that they are laughing at seemingly inside jokes, trying to guess what each other is about to share, or off on some tangent Karen decided to follow. Go back to the earlier structure. More quiz less random talk.

Download it dummy.   (5/5)

How much of your week is spent getting dumber? Glee? Gilmore Girls? Dancing with the Stars? Aye yai yai its a wonder we are not all dragging our knuckles around yet. This is an awesome way to walk upright again and have an awesome time doing it. Great job, Brain! Great work podcasters. Thanks for making me smearterz.

Delightful!   (5/5)

This is a fun and educational podcast. I always learn something and have a good time learning. Good job!

Good, Could Be Great   (4/5)

I love this podcast, but it is just poorly and obviously edited. I would rather have an hour and a half hour show where you go off on a couple tangents or forget something than hearing cuts from audio that remind me that I'm listening to a podcast, not a conversation.

All around awesome   (5/5)

Great chemistry between the cast! Always learning new things from them and every episode is full of laughs. Please keep up the excellent work. you can tell that they all put a lot of work into their individual segments. Thanks for the brain food and laughs guys!

The best   (5/5)

This is the smartest, funniest, and all-around best podcasts that you will ever listen to. Tune your ears in every week and you'll be in for a treat.


Absolutely LOVE this podcast! This fun group of pub quiz enthusiasts provides such a refreshing break from the crazy goings-on in the world and is my go-to source for a sure-fire mood booster. It's a great blend of friendly camaraderie, off-beat facts and education, and well-rounded quizzes to test and amuse almost everyone out there. I can't say how much I appreciate the great job the gang does in preparation and delivery, and how much I look forward to the next episode each week. Having listened to the entire catalog, I searched in vain for another very similar podcast to fill in while waiting for the newest GJB episode, but so far nothing comes close to this unique show. PLEASE DON'T CHANGE! I LOVE YOU JUST THE WAY YOU ARE. Pop quiz, hotshots! What artist and album does "I love you just the way you are" come from? Bonus point if you can also name the year. Oh, man! Look what they've done to me! Seriously tho, I love this show and hope it goes on for a long, long time. Jacque Ft. Worth, TX

It Always Leaves Me Satisfied!   (5/5)

I learn so much useless information every week from this show. It is definitely one of my favorite podcasts for a good laugh. Keep them coming I am a devout listener and have not missed one episode!

Good Job, Brain   (5/5)

Good Job, Brain? No, GREAT job, brains! One of my top five favorite podcasts. - 03/28/13 No podcast today because you guys are at the Bay Area Trivia championships. I hope you guts won! You're awesome! Still one of my top five favorites! - 05/08/12

Yay trivia nerd story time!   (5/5)

Just a good time for quiztards like myself.

This podcast makes me want to...   (5/5)

brandish bountifully bellowing barnyard buzzers, brothers.

Fun show   (5/5)

Great mix of info, trivia, and discussion. Great mix of co-hosts, and a lot of fun to listen to!

Another Learning Show, but better that the rest   (5/5)

I was sceptical of listening to another Here's something things you didn't know podcast. But the trivia aspect and delivery of information keeps me coming back to this far more than the others.

Love it   (5/5)

Funny AND educational!

People who love trivia love this   (4/5)

If you're looking for straight up information, look elsewhere. If you're looking for only quizzes, look elsewhere. This podcast combines both in a good way. And you can tell the cohosts are good friends and get along well. Usually quite funny too.

Best of the quiz podcasts!   (5/5)

Because of Good Job, Brain! all other trivia/quiz podcasts are ruined. I love the fun spirit of this podcast, it's informative and super entertaining. I've had to stop myself from laughing in public places while listening to this podcast, and it isn't easy! Wonderful, keep up the good work!

Great Show!   (5/5)

Love the show! Try my hardest to answer some of the trivia questions, but I am no match…lol My favorite is Karen…she always cracks me up with her reactions and other silly things Keep up the great work.

We love this podcast!!!   (5/5)

Our family listens to this podcast regularly and enjoy competing with the hosts on the trivia questions. We listen faithfully in order to exercise our brains.

My favorite podcast   (5/5)

I love this podcast. Laughter and learning = success!

A favorite new addition to my weekly playlist   (5/5)

Fun, informative, tending toward sophomoric, did I mention fun? I look forward to listening every week.

Great stuff   (5/5)

Can't wait for Mondays! I die a little inside when they miss a week (which is very very rare)

💜Love this show💜   (5/5)

It's so fun to listen to, and I learn so much! I am a trivia junkie, and this podcast is my fix - great!

Can't get enough!   (5/5)

I discovered this podcast about a month ago, and have now listened to every episode to date. The hosts are great, and can make ANY topic fascinating and entertaining to learn about. They have a great sense of humor too. I was busting a gut when I heard their smooth jazz radio announcer parody a few episodes ago. I work in front of a computer all day and listen to a lot of podcasts, but this is by far my favorite.

Engaging, entertaining and educational...   (5/5)

There is so much to learn out in the world. (Whether or not any of it is of importance is up to the individual.) This podcast delves into random facts and teaches the listener several new things with every podcast without coming across as smug or self-important. Love the format, and love the crew. Keep up the great work!

Love.   (5/5)

Where else can you get the 411 on beaver anal gland juice that's added to your raspberry-flavored foodstuffs to enhance the raspberry-ness? No where else, that's where. Seriously, thanks for the info guys. I never really liked raspberry-flavored things anyway, I guess. But seriously, this podcast is the only way I survive long drives. Keep doing what you're doing because it's practically perfect.

Decent subjects, awful hosts   (1/5)

Do you like to hear three people make bad jokes and laugh incessantly at themselves for an hour while presenting information on a slew of topics that seems to come straight off wikipedia? There's apopular style of radio show/podcast that has come up in the last few years in which the folks presenting the show try to make it sem as casual as possible. In this style, when one host is giving a story, the other frequently provides laugh track, unwelcome interjections ("Huh", "Yeah", "That's interesting", etc...), and bad attempts at humorous asides. I blame RadioLab to a large degree but Good Job, Brain! goes the full monty with this obnoxious schtick. They do have some interesting features, though nothing that original, but it's all beside the point because the hosts are sooooooooooooooo annoying. Furthermore, as mentioned above, the treatment of the topics is often so shallow as to seem like it was just grabbed from the Encyclopedia Britanica or wikipedia and turned into a eature story with, of course, lots of forced, nervous laughter, distracting interjections, annoying asides, and very, very, very, very lame attempts at humor. The show may have had possibilities, but the hosts certainly turned it into a nails-on-chalkboard experience.

Great Job! Love the Podcast   (5/5)

I was looking for a new podcast to listen to since I was caught up with my other podcasts. By luck I stumble upon you guys. You guys are so much fun, great little unkonwn fun facts and fun games. keep it up. this podcast breaks up the monatit of my other podcast

Fun show!   (5/5)

The hosts are a joy and the trivia is always interesting. Perfect podcasting partners, performance and parlance!

Informative and Hilarious!   (5/5)

It's fun of interesting facts about everything and anything with commentary from such a fun group of people. They are down to earth and clearly love trivia. They also make you feel smarter with each new episode. Keep them coming!!

good job podcast!   (5/5)

Always Always Always learn something from this podcast! I find myself the next day telling just about everyone I see something random yet interesting. Good Job Brains behind this podcast! Thanks for putting an awesome podcast out that I can even play while my kid is in the car.

Love it   (5/5)

I hear this podcast being pushed on the GeekBox all the time and decided to listen and I dowloaded We'er all a Little Looney ep:28 and love it Great job thanks

I like learning new stuff, but I love knowing the answers!   (5/5)

Few things are off-limits to this trivia team! I really enjoy the group dynamic,and also their tales from pub trivia. This would be a fun group to hang out with!

My favorite podcast   (5/5)

This show is an absolute joy to listen to and play along with. With engaging, witty hosts, and well-selected topics, this podcast has taught me some really interesting things (I had thought cormorant rings were the weirdest thing people did with birds). Also, a great unintentional advertisement for barnyard buzzers.

Great Show, but a little too much crack   (4/5)

I love this show, and it is very well produced. But they take a little too much from cracked dot com. As a trivia maniac, I've read every cracked article and at first thought it was correlation, but there was quizzes that were borderline plagiarism. Great show though, definitely makes my drive a lot quicker in the morning. Great topics and discussion.

Free entertainment - who can complain?   (4/5)

I've learned more than a few interesting tidbits, but I was interested/not surprised to see another commenter say the same thing I wanted to say... Karen's constant and copious crooning concerning crazy quiz clues is a bit much. Chris: Did you know flamingoes get their color from shrimp? Karen: NNNOOOOOAAAaaaahhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Colin: And that's how these Tarantino flicks are related... Karen: mmdfprhWWWHHHHAAAAAA?!?! Dana: 1+1=2 Karen: mmmmMMMYYYY MMINNND is MMELTINGGGG!!!! Anyway, this sounds like I hate the show but I don't. It's free so who can complain? The intrusion of sponsor shout-outs is disappointing but inevitable. Again, it's free so it's expected.

Not a fan.   (1/5)

The few episodes I listened to, it was apparent they only did cursory factchecking, and in fact some of the answers are flat-out wrong.

The Best   (5/5)

I just love these guys. I cannot wait each week for the next podcast!!

It makes you smart!   (5/5)

I love Good Job Brain and look forward to it each week. I have an hour commute and I feel that Good Job Brain is a great way to spend that time. I learn something new each episode. I would recommend this podcast to everyone. It is fun, funny and informative.

Fun!   (5/5)

I really enjoy this show! Ignore the complainers, they've obviously never tried any of the other trivia podcasts. The others are dull and boring! My one little suggestion: when you all know an answer you get excited and all talk at once-and I totally miss the answer! Noticed it especially in All Quiz #20. I'm listening from the beginning and working my way forward. I hope you keep 'em coming! Keep up the good work and the fun. I've recommended you to all my friends. Allwyn Katy, Tx

Pretty Perfect Podcast   (5/5)

I absolutely love this podcast. I've always been a person who enjoys trivia and knowing random facts to share with friends and family. Jeopardy is a nightly ritual in our house and we relish the fact that we know the correct answers. I stumbled onto this podcast a few months ago and I have been in love ever since. Karen, Dana, Colin, and Chris seem to really enjoy everything that they talk about and that makes the experience enjoyable for the listener. I cannot count on one hand how many times I have had to restrain myself while listening at work because I have laughed so hard at something they are discussing (anal beaver juice). By the way, one of my favorite parts of the show is hearing Karen's reaction to learning new things. I think "My Mind Is Blown" should be the official slogan of the show. The only criticism I have of the show is that I hate waiting a whole week to hear another episode! Keep up the great work. (P.S. More E.L.V.I.S. please. He's just too funny.)

Laugh and Learn Something   (5/5)

I love trivia. And even though I'm already a packed-full compendium of useless facts, I always like to have a few more tucked up my sleeve. Because, you know, there's always an opportunity to make a social gathering even more awkward by informing hapless party-goers about why our reflections appear upside down in spoons or why flamingoes are pink. And with Good Job, Brain! I will always be ready. Joking aside, I love this podcast. The group is fun and seem like really good friends that just like to nerd out over weird bits of trivia. I'm really excited to see Karen have so much success with this podcast. I've always enjoyed her insights on the Geekbox, and it's awesome she's got her own platform to showcase her love of trivia and strange factoids. Here's to a successful run, guys. You're great! (And one of the votes on the podcast awards came from yours truly, you guys really earned it!)

Gave it another shot   (1/5)

Yep. Still mediocre.

Love this podcast   (5/5)

This podcast is amazing! I can't get enough of it. It makes learning very fun.

Must-Listen   (5/5)

This is a great idea executed perfectly. Trivia really lends itself well to podcasts, and the hosts do a really nice job balancing information and entertainment. It never builds up in my podcast queue, because I always listen a couple hours after it pops up!

Deviously delightful diversion   (5/5)

The GJB crew has nailed a perfect nitch for those of us who don't get to go out for pub trivia as often as we would like. Their comfortable bantor is genuinely funny and smart as they explore the useful and the useless. Great entertainment!

Hello Rambunctious Rabble of Ravenous Rioters   (5/5)

You guys are fantastic. Your podcast is a great way to start off a day. Thanks!

Great show   (5/5)

I just started listening to this podcast and so far it's awesome I've heard every single one since I discovered this podcast it's a great group of courageous charismatic characters that keep you laughing and informed about alot of stuff I like the pop quiz hot shot lol funny stuff good job.

Great fun!   (5/5)

You learn a lot and have fun doing it.

Facts, Fun, and Farts!   (5/5)

I have learned SO MUCH about -- well -- SO MUCH while listening to this podcast!!! I love every second of this 40-minute show! Every episode has a main theme (I'm listening to the breakfast one right now) with some random trivia thrown in. If you're into trivia or just looking to be entertained while learning new tidbits, this is the podcast for you!

Great Trivia and Topics   (5/5)

Show has been great every week. Always interesting and off the wall topics with just the right amount of trivia mixed in!

Awesome contrasts!   (5/5)

This is a really intelligent and fun trivia podcast that isn't afraid to celebrate the hosts fascination with mating and poop. Laugh and learn! Good job, brain, indeed. Love it!

Podtastic!!   (5/5)

Karen, Colin, Dana and Chris. Good Job Brain rocks! I'm flying through the episodes wildly entertained. You make learning enormously enjoyable! I even have a notebook for jotting down random facts. Keep up the great work. I'm a fan! P.S. Karen, I LOVE your bona fide enthusiasm!

Fun listen   (5/5)

Not a major trivia buff, but enjoyable level of questions with a wide array of topics.

Good Job Brain!   (5/5)

Zany, fun, and entertaining! A must listen!

Certainly A Cool Podcast   (5/5)

Just downloaded this podcast today and I'm really enjoying the educational and fun facts that they throw out at listeners!!!

Uh uh, it's amazzzing!   (5/5)

I love everything about this podcast, from the first episode to the last. It is masterfully edited and the segments are spot on; combine all that with awesome hosts and you can't get better. AND to hear Karen crack up is hilarious!

New favorite   (5/5)

As a podcast addict I am happy to say this has quickly jumped to the top of my favorite drug list. Love the format and all four of you. Consider this a vote from the AARP generation too.

No Question?   (5/5)

The best podcast and trivia smorgasbord one could ask for. Clever, funny and talented group of galactic, gracious, gruesome, genuine, galavants you'll ever experience!

Smart and fun   (5/5)

This show is the best of both worlds. It is entertaining and informative, and the hosts will leave you wanting more every time. I discovered this show around episode 15, and couldn't keep myself from listening to multiple episodes a day, and now its so hard knowing I have to wait another week just to hear you guys again!!! P.S. Karen don't listen to other people the mind blown "OHHH!!" never failed to make me smile. :)

One of my favorite podcasts!   (5/5)

I actually downloaded the first few episodes when it first launched and didn't get around to listening to them until recently when I got some new ear buds. All it took was the first few minutes to hook me completely. I pestered my girlfriend to check it out and now she's similarly hooked and begs me not to spoil trivia from episodes she hasn't gotten to yet. It's funny, educational, and will have you double checking the ingredients of all your foods for that deceptive "natural flavoring". Keep up the outstanding work!

Hilarious and entertaining!   (5/5)

Your podcast rocks! Thanks

Anal Beaver Juice!   (5/5)

Love this podcast! One of my life's simple pleasures. Hilarious, entertaining and just plain awesome.

Love these guys!   (5/5)

Karen, Colin, Dana and Chris aren't just sharp young people. They are pretty entertaining. Although they are all very smart, they are very unpretentious. If you are like me, you won't feel alienated by the show because you will know lots of answers. These guys will really make your exercise or commute go very quickly if you listen to the show.

Great podcast   (5/5)

These guys are awesome. They are so knowledgable and put a lot of thought and preparation into each podcast. My friends think I'm a lot smarter now because I'm constantly sharing what I learned from Karen's krew. Keep up the great work!

My Saving Grace plus alliteration   (5/5)

We, your fanatical far-flung fans, love all of you freakishly fantastic, fearless fun-fact finders! I was a journalist for 8 years before quitting to become a full-time mom. I believe whole-heartedly in what I am doing now as a mother, but I still miss all the random information I used to learn every day as a reporter. Learning ROCKS! This podcast makes me feel like I'm back in a newspaper office--lots of intelligent people with a nerdy sense of humor, swapping true stories and random factoids. Love it.

wonderful useless info   (5/5)

I love useless info and this podcast is great source of it. My friends always joke about the useless info that I have stored in the corners of my brain. This podcast is a great place to get a refill. Thank you Loving every min of it

Great podcast   (5/5)


My brain hurts   (5/5)

I love you guys. This podcast is teaching me a lot. I don't know it is all useful or not but I learn alot. Keep the quizes coming.

Good job guy!!!   (5/5)

I love the show and as a seventeen year old love the facts about the olden days when you grew up

Awesome Podcast for Trivia Fans!   (5/5)

I just discovered this podcast recently and have been tearing through the older episodes. I've a huge trivia fan, so this is the perfect show for me. I love the camaraderie within the group; it's clear that they're friends and get along wonderfully. It's also an informative show that provides lots of interesting material about the main topic. Such a great podcast and already one of my favorites!

Love it!   (5/5)

I am a fourteen year old trivia nerd, and this podcast is great! Our brain bowl team listens to it to get ready for competition. Thanks so much for making a great podcast for crazy nerdy cool people like me!

Love this podcast   (5/5)

I look forward to this every week. Fun trivia facts. E.L.V.I.S. Will never get old.

The Best Part of Mondays!   (5/5)

This makes Monday not only tolerable, but a day I look foreward to! Now if only Sunday would get over with...

The first one   (5/5)

This is the first podcast I have ever heard and after this whichever I have downloaded has not been able match this one!!!

Great for any age!!   (5/5)

I'm twelve and a total trivia nut in training and your podcast has taught me so many wonderful, wacky and whimsical trivia facts. Keep it up you glorious and gallant guys and gals!

Good Job Elvis!   (5/5)

Excellent podcast everyone. I am 22 and listen at night before bed. This serves to both let me learn and give my mind something positive to focus on before sleep. Keep Elvis taken care of and do what you do best!

Interesting Informative Inquisitive Investigators!   (5/5)

This podcast is absolutely wonderful! It's so entertaining and informative at the same time. Like another reviewer, I constantly find myself repeating facts I've learned to my friends (crunch mouth, anal beaver juice, and truffle oil just to name a few). This is the podcast I definitely have to get every week and it has quickly become my favorite! Keep up the good work, brains! Also to Karen: I like when your mind is blown and your reaction, 99% of the time I'm doing the exact same thing!

One of my favorite podcast ever!   (5/5)

In a world flooded with mediocre podcasts, there are a few great ones that shine. "Good Job Brain!" provide a great podcast filled with trivia and entertainment that anyone of any age can enjoy.

Quirky and fun   (5/5)

Good Job, Brain! is one of the few podcasts that I make sure to grab every week. I find myself randomly sharing facts I learn from this podcast with people often. The cast is just awesome, and I love this!

FANtastic!   (5/5)

Great variety!

Great!   (5/5)

Entertaining and funny!

Oh by the way, you four are hilarious.   (5/5)

Hello to the best band of brain buffs in my own bedroom! I discovered your podcast just recently and immediately became addicted. I have to restrain myself all the time, but I listen to one episode per night before bed in order. That's when we all do the most thinking anyway. I'm only 17 (though curious about the world around me) so I end up missing a LOT of the trivia questions, so when I get one right, it feels great. And I know I'll have a much better chance if a different one comes up again! Keep doing what you do, with more stories, more music round, more "ooooooh" despite what people are saying, and just as much great trivia. You guys (and gals) rock!

Four fresh fact-finding fools feature fun and funky factoids.   (5/5)

Acronyms, backronyms, puns and potty humor! I've found myself going back to listen to all the previous episodes then pulling the niftiest nuggets to ask (and annoy) my confused coworkers. A light-hearted and humorous listen. I can't help but crack a smile and occasionally (and literally) laugh out loud convincing my co-commuters I'm cracked. I never knew I needed trivia in my life -- and now I (figuratively) can't live without it.

Most fun I have had while listening to trivia!   (5/5)

This group is incredibly dynamic and fun to listen to. Their chemistry is solid and it makes you want to laugh when they laugh and answer trivia out loud while listening. I even listen with my wife and she has laughed along. Absolutely great, I recommend it for everyone!

My Favorite Podcast   (5/5)

I wish these guys were my best friends - I literally laugh out loud when I listen to this podcast. These guys are bright, entertaining and fun. I love all the new information and stories that I have collected in my brain...and love it even more when I can recall it and share with others! Great job, guys!

Oooooooohhhh   (5/5)

I find myself wanting to be a part of this group. I like it when Karen is totally blow away and says oooooohh. Love all the topics. Can't wait for next podcast!!!

It's solid   (4/5)

Good Job, Brain! is an entertaining and educational podcast. I love the split up format with the pop quizzes and the topic of the day. Everyone seems to get along well and interact naturally with each other. They have fun and so it's fun to listen to them. I have only one gripe - Karen, you're cool and I dig ya but for the love of all that is holy please try to cut out the "OOOOOooooooohhhhhhhh"s and "HUH!"s. I hate to even complain about it because I'm certain it's not any kind of affectation, it's just you but man is it grating. Otherwise it's a great listen!

Just a time filler   (3/5)

This sounds like a dorm room gabfest, which is quickly tiresome. Stop laughing at your own jokes.

In good company   (5/5)

As a trivia/random-information buff, the reasons I know I'm in good company with the "Good Job, Brain!" crew are: 1) They have mentioned the O.E.D., with which I've had a long-standing love affair; 2) They have to restrain themselves from getting "too sciencey;" and 3) They are genuinely filled with wonder and joy when they learn something new. This is my favorite part of the show, listening to them go, "Wow!" or "Hunh." This has very quickly become my I-can't-wait-for-the-next-episode podcast. It's informative, engaging, enlightening and fun.

Another great geekbox Spinoff   (5/5)

Good job Karen! Makes long runs a breeze! Keep up the good work!

Witty, Knowledgable and Entertaining   (5/5)

Will be looking forward to this Podcast every week from now on! 👍👌

FTW!   (4/5)

Thoroughly enjoyable banter, funny and smart. I'd hang out with these people.

Highlight of my work week!   (5/5)

I spend my entire work day scanning documents and listening to podcasts, and along with NPR's "Wait Wait", "Good Job Brain!" is the highlight of my week! I get impatient waiting for the new ones to post :) Thanks for the much needed distraction, guys. Love the podcast- don't stop the trivia treats!

Good job indeed   (5/5)

My brain has enjoyed every podcast this group of witty individuals has produced. I look forward to Mondays when there is a brand new one to download.

Great Stuff   (5/5)

Been a fan of the geekbox for awhile and I'm happy to have another great podcast in my rotation! Keep on rockin'

My brain is happier!   (5/5)

This show is immensely entertaining (and educational!) Beginning with amazing, awesome, alluring alliterations all the way to the barnyard buzzers, this show keeps me laughing. The hosts are quick witted and have a lot of chemistry, and they keep the information brief. Episode 16 is one of my favorites, little did I think that Camp Beverly Hills would have it's own category. Good job, Good Job, Brain!!

Always learning   (5/5)

I love listening to Good Job, Brain because I always learn something new. The show always makes me laugh, which is an added bonus.

Fantabulous Funny fun   (4/5)

Ok, awesome podcast. I'm only ten an this podcast is funny! Me and my mom are always listening. Never miss an episode!

Review   (5/5)

A totally tubular trivia talkathon! T'anks!

Best Trivia Podcast!   (5/5)

You guts set the bar so high that when I tried to listen to others I was GREATLY disappointed. I'm so glad you guys can just kill it week after week!

Wonderful   (5/5)

A wonderful whimsical world of wickedly wide wild wisdom and wit without wistful waste of weak writing which welcomes willing wise wacky wily wanting wards

11 Hours   (5/5)

Just downloaded every single episode. I have an 11 hour flight tomorrow. XD

The Perfect Brain Suplement   (5/5)

Taken once weekly Good Job Brain will entertain and enlighten your brain. Each treatment takes less than an hour, but the benefits will linger for days. Side effects may include increased intelligence, blurting out answers, late night trivia cravings, and occasional uncontrollable smiling. Good Job Brain may be taken with other supplements, so go ahead and enhance your brain today. You'll be glad you did! see your local podcast provider for dosing instructions.

Amazing!!   (5/5)

Love the show, helps get me through the long nights at work.

Girly giggling, guffaws, and grins is what you'll gather while getting a load of Good Job, Brain!   (5/5)

Thanks folks, y'all are wonderful and a highlight of my week. So fun to shout out answers before you do, so sad when my know-it-all brain is blank or, worse, wrong. The show is funny, informative, weird, and goofy, and all the players are likable, nerdy brainiacs that somehow manage to have loads of fun without swearing. Also, they're all very attractive.

You guys make me smile   (5/5)

I've forever been saying I need to make a podcast, and then just when I strike on a brilliant idea, other brainiacs beat me to the punch and can do it far better than I !!! I agree with everything stewdogg has to say. And like the Skeptics Guide to the Universe podcast, I can't wait for to hear the next episode.

Witty and informative   (5/5)

I look forward to learning something new every week. I have our whole Trivia Team listening now. Good job, Good Job Brain!!

(Guinness not included)   (5/5)

Its like eavesdropping on the smart table at pub trivia.

Yes!!   (5/5)

One of my favorite podcasts! Fun/funny/interesting!! Keep up the good work team!:)

We love these kids!   (5/5)

As two old information repositories, we can attest to the great fun and true spirit of "pub trivia" that this show provides. Thanks and slainte!

Wonderful!!   (5/5)

This is the absolute best trivia podcast out there.

Go brain go   (1/5)


Awesome show   (5/5)

Excellent show and cast

Good Job, Everybody   (5/5)

Wow, this show has it all! They keep it clean, most importantly, something a lot of podcasts seem to have a hard time with. I look forward to hearing from 'em every week, and I only wish the episodes could be a little bit longer. Now to wait until their 80's episode, heheheh!

Awesome   (5/5)

Love that the topics of questions are actually discussed and interesting. Very funny

Excellent show   (5/5)

I love, love this show. It is entertaining, funny and you learn interesting facts often involving animal excretions and eschatological details. So much fun !

Very Entertainingly funny   (5/5)

Try it you'll like it.

Fantastical feast of fancy festivities   (5/5)

Good podcast especially for people with long commutes!

New favorite   (5/5)

I think this is my new favorite podcast! If it's not my absolute favorite, it's certainly one of my favorites. I love everything about this podcast.

Only wish there were more...   (5/5)

This podcast is one of the ones I wait for every week so I can listen to the latest episode the day before the new one comes out. Excellent podcast, I can listen to it for hours and feel sad when the weekly ration is spent. Keep it up guys!

Pretty Pleasing, Perfectly Passionate, Pensive Podcasters.   (5/5)

I don't listen to very many podcasts, but this is one that I look forward to every week! It's filled with so many fun facts and random trivia. I love learning all these random facts that I end up "wowwing" all my friends with! And I love your guys' humor. It makes it even more entertaining! Keep 'em coming!!! :)

My new favorite podcast   (5/5)

Funny, witty, goofy and always mature. A great cast that I can listen to all day.

Love it!   (5/5)

I just listened to the 9th and 10th episodes and I loved them! This is a great podcast...full of neat info and facts, happy voices and intriguing topics. All around awesome show! I'm hooked and downloading the rest right now.

Great driving fare!   (4/5)

Smart, fun, and keeping it PG, even when (hilariously) discussing poop and sex. Just watch your voice modulation (Colin?); when you drop your voice for an extended explanation, listeners can't follow. Love the show! A few more weeks of practice, smoothing out the kinks, and you'll get 5 stars from me!

Beaver Butt   (5/5)

The show is the SHeyeT

Really Enjoy   (5/5)

A practically perfect, partially principled, plethora of people, practicing pub problems, unpathetically! I enjoy listening to this podcast. It is nice to hear intelligent people discuss non-important stuff..

Great pass time in rush hour traffic!   (5/5)

Funny, entertaining and educational

Educational and Entertaining   (5/5)

This podcast always makes me crack up!!

Fun and Entertaining   (5/5)

This is a really fun podcast and I think it's well organized. Each host is equally enchanting and I instantly forgive them for knowing WAY more than I do! Keep it up, guys!

So funny   (5/5)

This podcast is so entertaining and educational. It's just so fun. The team just works so well together.

The "Main Lady"   (5/5)

I think her NAME is KAREN!! I think shes great and funny!! If you you dont like it, nobodys twisting your arm to listen to it, are they?

Best Podcast Ever!   (5/5)

So much fun to listen and play along! Plus you learn a lot of interesting stuff. You guys rock! Keep it up!

boooo...   (1/5)

I don't know who the main lady is but she is arrogant and really annoying. I didn't listen to more than one episode.

!!!   (5/5)

I really like this podcast! Very informative!

Why arent there more podcasts like this   (5/5)

I would add one thing though, I can appreciate the show more if the hosts/co-hosts can fill in their references like where they read a news from

So fun   (5/5)

Love listening to this in the car!

I wish they were my friends!   (5/5)

I love listening to this podcast and wish I could be on their Pub Trivia team. I listen to this on my way to work and I find myself shouting out answers, laughing hystericaly, and saying "wow" a lot when I learn something new. The motorists around me must think I am insane! Please keep the podcasts coming - I can't wait to see what I will learn next!

Amazing   (5/5)

This is a great podcast. With smart and fun people. It's a fun way to learn new things. I love it and will continue to watch forever.

Informative informal inquiries for the interested   (5/5)

Each show is a smorgasbord of information. The ever changing topics and factoid discussions keep the show fresh and lively. Everyone on the show sounds friendly and honest while still maintaining the excitement of the competitive spirit. Good Job, Brain! is an easy podcast to recommend to anyone and everyone. Enjoy.

Great Fun   (5/5)

An excellent podcast that is informative and fun to listen to. I really like the format. Keep up the good work!

Terrific Trivia Talk!   (5/5)

If you like any of the following: Alliteration, buzzers, cadence, drinks, entertainment, facts, guests, humor, intelligence, jesting, knowledge, lore, mnemonics, news, organization, probing, quizzes, refreshment, sincerity, trivia, unpretentiousness, variety, wisdom, xerics, yenning or zip... Then you'll love this podcast!

Great Fun   (5/5)

This is and awesome and informative show. I enjoy it very much. My only complaint is they only put out new ones once a week. Other than that I LOVE IT!!!

Top-notch.   (5/5)

Definitely one of my favorite podcasts. The voices are well realized, content is continually entertaining, and top of it all it's a fun learning experience. I hope to hear more and fully support you guys!

Love it!   (5/5)

A podcast like nothing I've heard before, glad to have had you in my ears these past 6-7 weeks. Keep it up

Love it   (5/5)

AHOY! Love the show. For me its like coke zero to an obese person. I think I'm going to benefit from it, but really, theres no hope. Cheers to C student.

It's Fun... and Educational!   (5/5)

The honest enthusiasm and love for trivia is very apparent with the cast members. Karen and Co are doing a great job engaging the audience and teaching us while they teach each other various tidbits of semi-random knowledge. The structure of the show is very smart, keeping it fluid and entertaining by being very organized. I usually love podcasts that tend to go off topic. This show is great because if they do stray, it is usually relevant to the topic on hand. You will enjoy this if you like to learn about anything and everything. A+

Great!   (5/5)

Learn something new each week, while I'm entertained. Great show.

Love It   (5/5)

Great podcast. Perfect for slow days at work. Keep it up!

Great podcast   (5/5)

This is one of the more captivating podcasts I've listened to. It's witty and fast paced. It honestly feels like talking to a bunch of friends. Not only that... I'm also learning a thing or two. I just wish I could talk back and buzz in too ;).

Best. Podcast. Ever.   (5/5)

Sure, I'm a relative podcast newb, but man, these folks know how to put together a thoroughly entertaining show. Yes, there's plenty of fascinating trivia and laughter, but it's the *dynamic* that really gets me every time. They have conversations that you sincerely would want to be a part of. There's a fun and easy rapport that makes the show breeze by like time spent with good friends. I look forward to it every week.

Informative and Hilarious!   (5/5)

The group interaction is natural and not forced or awkward. I really enjoy the groups knowledge. I really enjoyed Eps 3 on gourmet food. I highly recommend this podcast

Triv-nerd heaven!   (5/5)

Where have you been all my life?

yum... natural flavors!   (5/5)

Reminds us so much of sitting around with our friends and discussing random factoids - except that we (usually) didn't have buzzers. Can't wait for the next episode to come out and give us more jewels to use around the house (like "castoreum", though we do usually reference it with the slightly less scientific name Karen used). On a *completely* unrelated topic, there have been a lot of beverages "snarfed" in our household lately. =) Fantastic blend of knowledge and humor. Thanks for the wonderful show!

Hilarious and informative   (5/5)

Love this podcast! The hosts are hilarious and adorkable. I wish I knew them.

It is tough to nail the tone of a podcast, but Good Job Brain nails it.   (5/5)

Love it.

There was a trivia-shaped hole in my life...   (5/5)

Since ditching cable years ago for TV online, Jeopardy was the only collateral damage. I'm so excited to have discovered this podcast, my new source for my trivia fix (minus Trebek's excruciating chit chat with contestants -- another plus!). And the hosts delightful :)

A must listen for anyone   (5/5)

For the length that each episode is, it's amazing how they keep the podcast so entertaining! I constantly laugh an I have learned not to play it in the halls at school because of the weird looks I get due to my seemingly random laughter.

Loving the dorky-ness   (5/5)

I love this, seriously funny people. Found this when I was up late on night and ended up having to put in headphones and repress laughter so u wouldn't wake anyone up.

Outstanding show!!   (5/5)

Great job on the podcast!

Very Enjoyable   (5/5)

Interesting, a likeable group of folks. I would enjoy tipping a cold one with them. Keep up the good work.

Funny!   (4/5)

Like the content immensely, but the audio is rough. Please work on your levels, guys, and keep up the good work!

Fun and funky   (5/5)

Random but still learned stuff. Liked the trivia portions. And what did you learn this week segment. Keep up the good work!

Not a big fan   (1/5)

It was ok I just really couldn't get into it

Trivia challenge accepted!   (4/5)

I definitely like the structure and all the trivia knowledge gained after listening to this podcast. The transitions from segment to segment can be a bit smoother, but thats a personal opinion, the content itself is what really matters and it is delightfully devoid of debilitating detail.

Super fun   (5/5)

Thank you for creating these podcasts!

Lovely podcast   (5/5)

Thoroughly enjoyable, it's a pleasure to listen to. Charming, interesting and funny.

My new favorite   (5/5)

Who new trivia could be so fun?

Awesome   (5/5)

That is all

Awesome, interesting and hilarious!   (5/5)

A friend recommended Good Job, Brain! to me a couple of days ago and I'm hooked! I really enjoy how relaxed the show is, not to mention how funny everyone is together. Karen and Gang have great chemistry and really make learning random facts fun! I recommend it!

What?   (2/5)

I listened to 4:Thomas. Or rather tried to listen. I had the volume all the way up on my iphone and my truck stereo, Fix the whatever you fix. I could barely hear it with any background noise. It was something I would have liked to enjoyed.

Love it   (5/5)

These guys are awesome!!!!

Fun   (4/5)

Made me enjoy my terrible commute. Give it a listen!

Trivia even for those who think that's trivial   (5/5)

I can't handle trivia. I don't like it, don't play Trivial Pursuit, etc. Good Job, Brain! is great regardless. Fun, a team that knows how to podcast together, and a neat lineup of data. Maybe trivia's great when I don't have to know it. Actually, putting it that way, I think I know why I love Good Job, Brain! -- it's like a nerdier NPR.

Boring   (1/5)

Really boring

Good job, Podcast!   (5/5)

Love this show! It's educational and fun to listen to without talking down to the audience or making us feel dumb. Great job, Karen and crew - keep it up!

Something different!   (5/5)

I typically only listen to media related podcasts, but this one is a really fun change of pace. Keep up the good work!

Refreshingly entertaining and educational...   (5/5)

Here's why I love this Podcast: 1) It's educational 2) It's entertaining 3) It has depth. There's more to it than a lot of other Podcasts which consist of a bunch of comics sitting around telling stories

fun fact fest, friendly and fascinating!   (5/5)

Karen & Co keep the trivia and the lively talk going through charming segments - the glib delivery can't hide their love of trivia, and their remarkable research and organizational skills - with so many contributors and quirky topics - GJB will rise to to the top of your 'listen first' list.

Really well done... Volume consistency?   (4/5)

These were great episodes and made a near three hour drive fly by. My only reservation is that the audio levels need a little tweaking. The difference in levels between conversation and laughter is pretty drastic and I had a couple 'ow' moments in the car. If the levels could be evened out a bit, this is easily 5 stars.

Very interesting.   (5/5)

For instance, I didn't know female pigs are used to search for truffles. I also didn't know they're constantly blue balled in the process!

Nerd Rock Stars   (5/5)

Fantastic, just wish there were more shows to download. And, that I didn't feel so dumb after listening to each episode. Where did these people come from?

Fantastic   (5/5)

Great show! Very fun approach to a podcast. The panel is funny, knowledgeable and witty. Will become a weekly listening ritual.

Great!   (5/5)

Very interesting and funny, loved it!

Great find!   (5/5)

I love this show. It has interesting banter and great chemistry between the hosts. Funny and entertaining and educational. There's such a great feeling that accompanies the discovery of a podcast worth listening to. My only regret is that I wish there were more episodes for me to overload on. I discovered this'n a smudge too soon. Great show! Keep it up!

Good job, Good Job Brain   (5/5)

Fun podcast . You might know some of these factoids but you will come away with some new bit of trivia. Excellent job Karen and crew, keep up the good work.

Great podcast   (5/5)

This podcast is fun and original. I like the way it's set up. I am a little upset that nobody recognize Black sabbath's song Iron man. Disappointing lol definitely will be listening to it more. Keep up the good work

Awesome   (5/5)

Really fun and interesting, can't wait for more!!

Good Job Yes Indeed   (5/5)

Good Job Guys. Fun, entertaining and educational podcast. Leaves you wanting more. Listen and you'll probably like it!

Absolutely love it!   (5/5)

I was scanning through podcasts, and this one caught my eye. After listening, I can solidly say that this is an amazing podcast. Segments are fun and entertaining, and the hosts are pleasant and knowledgable. A great listen!

You learn something new every week!   (5/5)

This podcast goes without saying, it is original and fun to listen to. There is no other podcast like this that I've heard of. The host and friends are very enthusiastic with what they talk about, making the podcast fun and interesting to listen to. This podcast is no waste of your time, listeners learn lots of interesting facts in new and entertaining ways on different topics every podcast. Whether the topic of an episode interests you or not, the host and friends keep you listening and wishing for more. I'm writing this only after the show having only two episodes and the hosts and friends never have times when things seem awkward and quiet looking for things to say, unlike other new podcasts. The only issue with this podcast for me is that the episodes are only around forty five minutes long, this is a little short for me being used to an hour to two hour long podcasts. Although the show is short there is tons of things to learn. Good Job Brains is the podcast to subscribe to now!

loved it!   (5/5)

Chu makes everything better! I was completely entertained and informed at the same time! I would love to have a Things We Missed segment, as a redemptive measure to keep the facts factual. I, for one, will be repeating tons of information from this podcast but I know I will never getting around to actually checking for their accuracy. I have yet to listen to episode 2 but I would also like to know more about the panel. Still, I give my blessing on this podcast and would not hesitate to recommend it to anyone remotely interested in trivia, stuff, fun, humor, you know, the good stuff.

Good trivia   (5/5)

Very enjoyable trivial info.

Great   (5/5)

This is not wolverine.

I'm loving it!!   (5/5)

I feel smarter everytime I listen to the show. You're objectively wrong if you're not listening, or playing along with the podcast. I can't wait to hear! Good job everyone on Good Job Brain! This is a refreshing add on to my podcast library

Hey that was pretty entertaining!   (5/5)

I liked the variety and different trivia games - I look forward to more of these!

Hope to see more!   (5/5)

As a weekly pub trivia attendee and poor college student, podcasts keep me company as a deliver pizza. I stumbled upon this podcast today and immediately fell in love. It made delivering much more enjoyable. Give it a listen and you'll learn something new.

Surprisingly delightful   (5/5) a sherry enema.

Epic   (5/5)

Woo so happy to hear this show and see the Geekbox has a sister

Chu Chu Rocket GO!   (5/5)

Very Nice. Can't wait to hear more from Chu & Crew!

ME AM TOOPID   (5/5)


Great start   (5/5)

Gave me many laughs on the treadmill this morning.

Series of aural facts and info - download directly to your brain   (5/5)

Great podcast! Similar to Geekbox, but on a higher plane of geekdom, and well structured. Very informational and fun to listen to. Would love to take part in their conversations. Keep it up!

Not that good   (1/5)

No good

Great Job   (5/5)

Long time podcast listener , Geekbox and trivia fan . Great job on the podcast ! Congrats on birthing your baby Karen!

I learned something!   (5/5)

I love trivia and learning random facts, so this podcast is the bee's knees!

Good job, Chu!   (5/5)

So far so good. Cant wait till you guys fine tune the show and experiment with other segments. Regardless I'm in for the ride.