Aggregated reviews for Happy Face

For Melissa Moore, 1995 was a nightmare. That’s the year the teenager learned her father, Keith Hunter Jesperson, was a serial killer. It’s also the year Melissa Moore’s doubt spiral began: When you look like your father, and you share his intelligence and charisma, how do you know you’re not a psychopath, too? Happy Face is the story of Keith Hunter Jesperson, his brutal crimes, and the cat and mouse game he played with detectives and the media. But it’s also the story of the horrific legacy he gifted his children. Join Melissa Moore as she investigates her father’s crimes, reckons with the past, and wades through her darkest fears as she hunts for a better future.

Hauntingly raw, and respectably done! (5/5)

This was full of emotion and heart. I feel for Mellissa and the victims families. The production along with the music was thoughtful and I found myself crying and feeling the intense sadness, frustration and anger and hope they felt especially in the last 3 episode. This is a hard podcast to listen to because of the graphic content; but so worth it.

Interesting story-could’ve been told better (2/5)

Very interesting story. But the podcast could’ve been edited better. Has some slow parts. Poor choice of music.

Obsessed. (5/5)

This gives you so much insight towards the families of serial killers. So many things that I have never thought about. I can’t wait to keep listening, this is the first podcast I have ever really gotten into. 10/10.

Where’s episode 9?!!! (2/5)

This is the only podcast I subscribe to that always has a lag in posting episodes. Are you skipping an entire week just because publish day fell on black Friday? People look forward to their favorite podcasts. Please post in a timely manner. No other podcast lags this much.

Happy face (5/5)

A new take on true crime. Her perspective is fresh and so often falls by the wayside. Love her, love the interviews, wonderful podcast.

Was a good (5/5)

This review is for the first few episodes. They were goods. New ones not a goods. Plodding poo time-filler.

Fascinating but Heartbreaking (5/5)

At first I was afraid this would glorify a serial killer. It does not. It focuses on healing for every living victim of the killer-his family and the families of the women he killed. Melissa puts herself in front of the listeners in a stark vulnerability as only the strongest among us could ever do. I hardly make it through an episode without crying. This podcast is proof that victims can take back their lives and create their own legacies.

Too much music (2/5)

The music is distracting from the story. It’s a great story, but very hard to get through the episodes with out 10 minutes of music clips.

Wow. (5/5)

I love this podcast. It’s so raw and sad and shocking and then more shocking. I feel for the victims and what the families of victims are going through, even so many years later. I cried a couple times for sure. Don/Leroy and Melissa, I hope you guys continue to help each other. You are both so admiral for sharing your story with us.

Season 1 (5/5)

Wow, I am speechless. This is the best podcast out there! Every episode is riveting up to the very last one. I thought I knew what heartless was until the killer described in his own words what he was thinking before during and after the killings. I was sickened. The Leroy episodes were excellent. Melissa, thank you for allowing me to share in your healing process. I admire you so much. PS. I love the music. Very fitting.

Music is distracting (2/5)

As a crime junkie and an avid podcast listener I must say I was really disappointed with this story. The music was jarring and extremely distracting, it literally took away from the story. It didn’t provide additional context, it was almost as if the music was the real character here, which would be odd and I would listen to the radio instead. The entire story wasn’t flushed out and fell short.

Amazing (5/5)

I loved this Podcast. This is the first one I had found that got me and wouldn’t let me go. It was hard to listen to at times bc of the raw details but I thoroughly enjoyed it. I would highly recommend this to anyone. My heart hurts for all of the victims of Happy Face. I hope that monster rots in hell!

Too little content per episode (2/5)

Too much music (not needed) to manipulate mood. Cheesy. Also the short length and filler in the episodes is frustrating. Lots of repetition...lots. The repetition of the theme song gets old. There’s some good content here, could have used some expert help with turning it into a decent podcast. Later; found out killers daughter has made a career of exploiting her relationship as the daughter of this brutal serial killer.She’s been on TV reality shows prior to this. Not sure if this is her meal ticket or a genuine attempt to come to terms. It’s making me question my own interest in this genre for entertainment. Quitting this one, too frustrating. Lacks insight.

So interesting (4/5)

Such an interesting concept and really incredible to dive into the loved ones of a serial killer. Melissa is so impressive and strong. Love this podcast, my only gripe is that I really wish the music wasn’t so overt. It’s distracting during times of big reveals or emotionally raw interviews to have singing playing over top of it. Takes you out of the moment.

Eh (2/5)

It began as an interesting listen, however, by the most recent episode, it almost becomes exploitive. I don’t feel the genuine-ness.

Boring AF (1/5)

Omg this podcast is horrible. I’m a true crime junkie! I’ve listened to true crime podcasts that were just “okay,” as well as ones there were excellent. This one is just plain awful. The podcast is centered around the daughter who, I’m guessing, considers herself to be a pseudo-celeb and enjoys the fame. The entire podcast is about her! Listen, we want to her about your father, the actual happy face killer. I listened to about five episodes before I quit, and literally learned nothing about her father. Further, the music is awful! Bluegrass, banjo, melancholic noise. I hate it. If you love true crime, this isn’t for you.

Respect (3/5)

Overall I enjoy this podcast. However, using the R word to describe Tanya Bennet is distasteful, offensive, and hateful. That word is a hurtful word that we need to eliminate from our vocabulary. Please be more sensitive in what you say.

Caught ??? (2/5)

How did he get caught? Did he turn himself in ?

Entertaining but depressing (3/5)

I’ve listen to all the major true crime podcasts and this one has made me feel the most paranoid and lousy out of all. I mean naturally these things are creepy but some details I felt could’ve been left out. Borderline torture p0rn vibes and sensational at times. I will finish it and I hope it ends with all living victims in a better place then where they are at this break. I am a horror and crime buff so I consider myself to have a high tolerance for violence but this story made me weep for humanity. And there really doesn’t seem to be any relief. It’s just horrible thing after terrible thing without a break for the audience. Very disturbing story, so listener beware.

Good, but concentrating on one victims son was annoying (4/5)

Leroy/Don is so annoying and almost ruined it for me. 2 episodes worth of this moron was almost too much, but I pushed through and overall it was good


This could have been so much better if the producers hadn’t been so obsessed with including all the god awful and unnecessary music. LESS IS MORE. We are here for the story, not your garbage mix tape selections. And the daughter. I want to feel sorry for her. But this podcast was so focused on her that it seemed really....self serving? indulgent? Maybe if I didn’t know that she has been on Dr Phil, Oprah and every other television show that would book her, maybe then I wouldn’t be giving her side-eye. It also takes like four or five episodes listening to the daughter chuckle and tell terrible stories about her childhood to get to the actual story of Happy Face.

I can’t get past the music!! (2/5)

I listen to podcasts with earbuds, the music is way too much and distracting.

The editing alone should earn them an award (5/5)

Hauntingly beautiful. The whole thing.

Started strong... (3/5)

But I don’t like where it has ended up. And overly drawn out meeting with the son of one of Jesperson’s victims is just painful, largely because he spends the whole time telling Jespersons daughter how to heal from what has happened even though he clearly has not. The most recent episode is almost completely Jesperson interviews, in which each victim is named followed by what their killer thought of them. Just because you have the footage doesn’t mean you should use it.

I really want to keep liking this podcast but.... (3/5)

I’ve had my high and low moments with this podcast. And I may have finally hit my limit with episode 8 when they play audio of Jesperson ‘describing his thoughts on what he had done’ to each of his victims. They do preference this part with a warning to say that this is not to glorify his crimes. But guess what, by playing his words you are absolutely allowing him to glorifying his crimes. It made me sick to my stomach and the whole time I just thought “so what?”. Who needs to hear what horrible things this guys says? Hes a psychopathic liar who who you can clearly tell is enjoying the attention he gets from talking about his crimes, that’s been established. I want to hear about the victims not how they died but how they lived. They even criticize the fact that often in the press ‘the happy face killer’ is described in length but how the victims are just described by name, and how we never get to hear about them or from the people who loved them. But then they turn around and play his audio, giving him a sounding board to say what ever the hell he wants, and allowing him to come up with reasons that blame THEM for his decision to kill them. I can’t imagine how the victims’ families feel having this stuff said about their loved ones, and the JANE DOE’s have no one to stick up for them. This type of talk is also dangerous and they should think about who could be listening to this podcast and be influenced by his words. I find Melissa interesting, and I have a lot of sympathy for the unique type of grief and guilt she has the burden of carrying. We’re often quick to judge and villianize families of those who have committed horrific cries. But the host needs to be careful about the content included, and how it comes across.

Love the choices (5/5)

This is a really great podcast that makes you question and think about life and death, murder and family. I see a lot of people reviewed who don’t like the music and I want to say that I love the music and the arrangements.

Great at First then Really Boring (1/5)

First few episodes, I really enjoyed and felt hooked. Then, any episodes following I’m just hitting the skip forward 15 seconds button over and over, because I’m so bored. The slow, bored western sounding music also makes it feel even more dry, like tumbleweeds are going through the podcast.

The women victims (5/5)

Thank you for reporting the victims names and how they were treated by this self centered misogynist. It was very moving.

Glimpses of interest but... off (2/5)

The music is distracting and sounds like off kilter Portlandia rubbish. The story of the daughter is captivating and her input is valuable but to me this entire podcast comes across as...gauche.

Happy Face (5/5)

This podcast is amazing. I was riveted. The son Don is an amazing person. He truly is on a Godly mission. GBU Don. I pray Melissa finds peace through knowing that there is a God and He does have a plan for our lives. Daph

Music is distracting (3/5)

The musical interludes are way to long and distracting.

7 in and keeps getting better. (5/5)

This podcast has seriously raised the bar for true crime. It's compelling, houghtful and informative. I love it. I just wish I didn't have to wait an entire week to hear the next episode. And the music is perfect - haters gonna hate.

Outstanding (5/5)

The final two episodes are some of the most gripping raw emotional audio I have ever heard.

Love the Podcast (1/5)

Although there are some raw parts and dark parts of the podcasts I am still enjoying it. Don... what an interesting person. I feel bad for him. He’s not fully healed, and I think he misses his mom not because he was close to her but because he didn’t get to spend time with her like he would’ve wanted. He takes pleasure on the monster murderer suffering everyday ... that’s not forgiveness. That’s just resentment. He was so caught up with details and just silly things that were annoying and made me want to fast forward through his “God had a plan” ... God is love. Satan had a plan... that fits better. Anyways... on to listening. Also can y’all stop with the safety commercial saying these murders are fascinating not scary like someone breaking in your house? What a terrible comparison !! Horrible choice of words

Too much interlude (3/5)

The story telling is good. I enjoy the voices and interviews. I was completely annoyed by the long musical interludes. Too much attempting to create a certain mood or level of drama with cowboy music.

I wish they’d be more aware of their guests (2/5)

This podcast is a really cool idea, breaking down not just what creates a killer but what it’s like to grow up with one without knowing and live in their wake and that’s fascinating. Production value is great. But I wish they’d be more aware of their impact on the guests they bring onto their show. The host and the main subject are friends which is pretty evident in this, and that’s fine, but like it means they were super cool and with her mom but didn’t give that care to the other guests they’ve had so far. Like they talked to the woman’s ex from high school and yeah that was important, but he isn’t the same guy he was in the 90’s and it really obviously hurts him what happened between them. And like the guy comes right out and tells them about how he’s trying to get permission to have his kids visit and they act like they don’t care and then bring up violence in a relationship the had when they were 15 and in a horrible position. And he’s mentioned how he feels about their relationship but she still SAYS IT because of course, no one will use that as leverage to keep the kids he loves away from him even though that isn’t who he is anymore or who he’s been for DECADES. I mean your podcast is a BLIP on his life but you are comfortable ruining his. What the crap? Then they want to talk to the son of one of the subject’s father’s victims and he very OBVIOUSLY doesn’t want to talk to them. He won’t return their texts but they just keep texting. And then the host calls him for several hours to talk him into it??? I mean I get it, you want that clip, but this was one of the worst chapters of his life of he says no, leave him alone. It doesn’t matter if it wasn’t her fault. He knows that. But he doesn’t have to talk to her anyways. What the heck is wrong with you people??? I’m glad it sounds like it worked out alright but you seem like you don’t care about these people at all.

Highly Exploitative, Gross (1/5)

Sponsored by Dr. Oz so I shouldn’t feel so surprised that the time I wasted listening to this crap wasn’t worth it. The more I listen the more I find it exploitative. Whoever makes this should seriously consider their motives. It all fell in to place for me on Episode 6. Maybe Melissa should have stuck with a therapist instead of broadcasting this stuff to the public. Really. Episode 6 is grossly inappropriate. I cannot support those who exploit the grief and pain of others (even their own). Done. Done. Done.

Interesting but needs polishing (3/5)

Story is great, with a broad perspective from voices inside and integral to the story. The podcast feels like it's half disjointed music. Thrown in for dramatic effect throughout the episodes it's easy to lose the fact that there's a semi-linear story in there somewhere. It's necessary for effect at best and overkill at its worst.

Interesting, but really poor production (3/5)

Interesting story, but should have been longer with deeper background. Music terrible and not necessary. Strange pauses. Very choppy.

The son (3/5)

Very heartwarming. I feel bad for what happened to Don’s mom and he has every right to feel that way. However, he is so annoying, he keeps cutting her off. Very hard to keep listening

Couldn’t finish (1/5)

I agree with the majority of complaints - terrible music (sorry band, you are just not very good), too many commercials for such short episodes, hardly any new material, and it is choppy. What was the point of Melissa even talking about her ex boyfriend, visiting him? He barely ever interacted with her dad, they met once? Pushing him to talk about the abortion and making him admit you guys had a tumultuous relationship 25 yrs prior? What? I stopped listening a few min into episode 6- I couldn’t listen to Leroy ramble on and on anymore. He confusingly describes his relationship with his mom and honestly the interactions between he and Melissa seemed embellished.

Unlike anything else! (5/5)

I really enjoy this story... I love that it's not just from a crime investigator's point of view like usual... It's from someone who has to deal with pain on a whole new level. Truly touching. Thank you for sharing your story... <3

Weak podcast; annoying music (1/5)

I agree with the other reviewers that each episode is weak on information and the music breaks are annoying. I stopped listening and unsubscribed after the second episode. They have clearly dragged this story out to make more episodes than they actually needed.

Great (5/5)

Everything is great - don’t change the music or anything!!

So heart wrenching (5/5)

I fall in love with Don and the daughter. They are super amazing people to be able to overcome what they have been put through. Thank you for sharing this story. I want to hug them and cry with them.

Went downhill (1/5)

It was ok until the Leroy episode.

Music is top notch! (5/5)

Just wanted to disagree with a comment I read and say the music is unbelievably good! It weaves the entire story together...the tone,lyrics, volume is perfect. Soundtrack A+. The podcast itself is awesome as well and I enjoy the back and forth of the storytelling between now and interviews back then, nice job

Not bad (5/5)

It's not bad, but all the recordings of people sobbing and snorting snot back into their face in the "Don" episode is just disgusting to listen too.

Psychopaths lie (4/5)

Good series, though I would really like to see the things Jasperson says challenged more. Psychopaths lie all the time, so why do psychologists and others continue to believe them? It boggles the mind.

Exploitative (1/5)

I really tried to like this podcast, but couldn’t listen beyond the episode when Melissa meets the son of one of her father’s victims. It just felt wrong and exploitative. Also, they could have made this a two part series, there is way too much filler and not enough content.

Terrible music (1/5)

Great podcast, but the ridiculous dramatic musical interludes throughout are just the worst. The cheesiest cheap coffee shop music interrupts a serial killer’s doesn’t even make sense. It’s awkward and so annoying. 5 stars for the storytelling but minus 4 because the stupid music is so distracting.

Didn’t live up to its potential (3/5)

The story is fascinating. But the way this story is told and produced is just average. I barely made it to the end. Too many interludes with music. I feel like this could have been so much better based on the topic.

: / (1/5)

The first three episodes kept my interest despite all the annoying music but past that it just drags on. Too much music and I don’t really care about the daughters ex boyfriend. I felt episode 4 was a waste of time.

The longer it goes on, the less engaging it becomes (2/5)

The first four to five episodes are compelling, but it shifts into barely tolerable with a whole episode dedicated to interviewing her high school boyfriend, who is barely relevant to the subject matter. Feels like they ran out of material before they hit their required episode count and just started padding it with tangential people.

Too much music, too little story (3/5)

The music is very distracting and there doesn’t seem to be enough information in each episode.... the episodes have like, 10 minutes of actual content

Meh (3/5)

This could have been told in a few episodes or one long one truthfully. As an aside, Don’s mother was a lot lizard, and was somewhat responsible for the position she was in. I’m not blaming the victim but geez, she has to take some accountability for her actions that caused her death. Had she not chosen that life style this would not have occurred. The way he described her, she sounded like a real winner ... but that doesn’t mean she deserved to die either.

Provocative (4/5)

The only drawback is the music , the story is compelling .

❤️ (5/5)

As good as true crime gets.

I’m so sick of her. (1/5)

It’s disgusting how she is banking off of her fathers murders. She likes to play the victim but really she loves the attention and notoriety. Every chance she gets she mentions “my father is the happy face killer”. If there is an awkward silence between her and the person she is talking to I always expect her to whisper it to break the silence. I don’t believe she is sincere with any type of grief or remorse for the victims or their families, she just wants them dollar signs. Horrible people.

Gave it a try (1/5)

I love the genre, this should not be in the genre. The best part of the show is the narration of the letters, and thats just verbatim articles hat are more interesting to read in full. More focus on the survivors effected by the crime/criminal than the crime/criminal himself is an interesting premise to me, making that focus be the killers daughter who has turned it into a job? Not interesting, exploitive and boring. Also the editing is terrible

Outstanding on all fronts (5/5)

Happy Face gives a unique perspective inside the life of a serial killer. Learning about the families intimately affected on both sides is nothing short of powerful. Truly heartbreaking and well done. I wish the episodes were longer, but the music makes up for it.

Strong start but overall very weak. (2/5)

Great first couple of episodes but the weird therapy sessions between Don and the writer are just bad. I’m happy to stop listening to this podcast.

Excellent! (5/5)

Listen to this. Well written and heart wrenching.

Story well-told (5/5)

This is such an engaging podcast. An interesting true premise, told in enthralling segments, enhanced with music, narration, and pacing. Astounding podcast, well done.

Falls off at episode 6 (3/5)

Super interesting podcast with viewpoints from the serial killers and victims family. Every episode is engaging up until epidode 6. It gets way too emotional and reminds me of some MTV reality drama. Episode 7 was unlistenable; I had to turn it off. FIlling this void with Bear Brook. Highly recommend it.

One of the best (5/5)

If you’re a true crime lover. This is for you. I promise.

Really good (4/5)

Great podcast. The son of the one victim is super annoying and sounds like an idiot. I couldn’t take him anymore and stopped listening halfway through.

Garbage (1/5)

This is an awful podcast the interviews are garbage

Really incredible (5/5)

I’m really emotionally invested in this podcast...thank you i love it

Compelling podcast (5/5)

If there was an Oscar for best documentary podcast this should get it. I teared up in episode 6 and 7. I actually like the music. I find it very fitting to the story.

Seems a bit fake (3/5)

I want to like this. It’s an interesting concept, but many of the interviews with Melissa just seem so fake or maybe disassociated. The last episode she’s seeking forgiveness from a victims sons and I don’t get it. She has suffered just as much as this victims son has. Why does she need him to forgive her, and for what? I was hoping to hear from a strong survivor but this made me feel like she still has so much healing to do, and the producers just wanted to capitalize on the true crime fad.

Seriously ghosts? (1/5)

I thought this sounded interesting - child or a serial killer Then she goes on and on about ghosts. I’m sorry but your dads victims didn’t haunt you. Take your nonsense elsewhere

Captivating (5/5)

That was a very matter of fact but very emotional. I hate that multiple people had to relive savagery for my enjoyment. But I feel a closer connection with those who are affected on every side of crime.

Fantastic (5/5)

Great podcast!!! I love the interviews and that so much of this is from the daughters perspective. The music is good and adds to the creepiness of the story.

Music is really annoying and distracting (2/5)

The story is fascinating, but I cannot stand the music. The music is very distracting and barring me from getting into the episode. If there is a reason for stop listening to this podcast after the middle of the first episode, it would be the music. Extremely annoying.

Meh... (3/5)

Should focus more on the killer’s life and crimes but it’s made by his daughter and mostly a pity party about her. I’m from the Pacific Northwest and a avid true crime fan but this show is kinda disappointing.

Great podcast, terrible music (4/5)

Love this podcast but the music is terrible. Can we please get a reprieve from the music?!

Ugh get the audiobook instead (2/5)

I was excited when I heard about this podcast, because I had just finished listening to Jack Olsen’s audiobook, “I: The Creation of a Serial Killer”. I figured it would be a good balance to hear both sides of this story. However, I was sadly mistaken. Between the AWFUL music and constant commercial breaks, not to mention the subpar interviewing, it was incredibly hard to stay focused. If you are really interested in learning about “The Happy Face Killer”, then I HIGHLY suggest getting the audiobook. Now, that is a polished and professional piece of investigating journalism that keeps you engaged from start to finish.

Where is today’s episode??? (5/5)

I listen to this podcast every Friday and I was sad to wake up to no new episode of happy face !!! Ahh! I love this! Thank you

Too much music (4/5)

Interesting but they keep cutting in with songs every few paragraphs of speech. It’s too much.

Good but just got turned off in Ep. 4 (3/5)

She talks about having an abortion for her own second chance. She makes it seem like the decision was so easy. Ironically, she then goes into describing how she fears she’ll become her dad. Well her dad murdered people...she killed a baby’s chance at life...a tad upset.

Ex wife is the best part of this podcast (3/5)

I thought this was going to be great, but the interviews aren’t that compelling and the retelling of the story is clunky. The most interesting person in the podcast is the Happy Face killer’s ex-wife. I just don’t feel any connection to the daughter who seems to want to be portrayed as a victim and hero for trying to atone for her Dad’s actions but rather seems self serving and fame seeking.

Highly recommended (5/5)

Well produced podcast! I appreciate hearing the story from their prospective. The music is great and I love how bits are scattered throughout.

Good listen (3/5)

I really enjoyed the interviews. I was not a fan of the music though, sometimes less is more and for the music choice it would of been best if less.

Great! (5/5)

I’ve seen Melissa Moore on the Dr Oz show and find her story so incredible and sad! But I’m glad she’s found a way to heal and seems to be doing well in her life despite this very difficult aspect! Great podcast!

Music (3/5)

Could do without the pauses for dumb creepy music in the middle of the episodes.

Great story annoying music (4/5)

This story and interviews are encapsulating. The music is very annoying

Very fascinating (5/5)

I was looking for a podcast similar to the first Serial Season based on the Hae Lee murder case. So far this Podcast is very interesting and fascinating. The stories are well told and the interviews are full of shocking information about the murders.

Enough with the music (3/5)

How about you go back and edit the music out? It’s obnoxious and terrible. The podcast itself is great.

Horrible music (1/5)

Lose the music makes it unlistenable

Cringey... (1/5)

I really don’t know how to feel about this.. I could understand how a family member of someone who was a mentally ill psychopath killer would want to try to understand more about the atrocities their family member committed..... but it felt kind of weird to be privy to all of these conversations... feels like listening in to a very personal diary that you’re not supposed to be hearing.. Some conversations seem very insensitive / inappropriate/ tone deaf ... especially with the son of murdered victim.. she asks him to tell her what he thought her last words were before her father killed his mom.WHAt??!!! I’m sorry this just seemed so crazy to me.

Terrible (1/5)

This podcast is so boring and so terribly produced. Enough with the background music. Don’t bother

Dark, painful and beautiful (5/5)

This is a great podcast, I don’t understand why people don’t like the music, it is BEAUTIFUL and perfect. This is a brave and sorrowful story that we don’t hear enough about. Well done

Great story, but the production is too much (4/5)

The story is incredibly interesting, and I truly appreciate the fact that Melissa is sharing this obviously difficulty story with us. That being said, I feel like the production is way too over the top. The story itself is very dramatic and interesting, so the overuse of the music, especially with how loud the lyrics are, really just takes away from the story.

Please, stop the awful music (3/5)

I'm trying to listen to the story but the horrendous, constant music gets in the way. What is it with podcasts and singers who have lousy voices singing dirges? I'm halfway through the first episode and am ready to throw in the towel.

Terrible music! (1/5)

This podcast is hard to listen to because the cheesy music is so distracting and played way too often.

Very Solid Show (5/5)

This is the one show I have ever given 5 stars. Nicely done and well narrated!

Waiting for more cases. Raw candid interviews. (5/5)

Compelling. Would have liked longer tracks. I listen while I am driving.

Gripping (5/5)

This podcast is really interesting, and I’m always attentively listening. It’s a different take to have the perspective of the daughter of the murderer, and how it affected his family’s life. Great story telling!

Exploitation (2/5)

I can’t help but feel like the people who made this podcast are profiting off of all this horror, which makes me kind of ashamed to listen.

Could be produced better (2/5)

The story in this podcast is incredibly compelling. However each episode really only has 15minutes of content. The rest is endless commercials or minutes of pointless dramatic music. Incredibly frustrating to listen to, so my boyfriend and I stopped.

Why? (3/5)

This podcast would be perfect if there wasn’t a Hillary supporting wench singing in the background ALL THE TIME.

Amazing and Binge Worthy (5/5)

The story telling is absolutely phenomenal and I really hope that this series goes on and on forever with stories just like this one. I feel like I know the characters so well, and I’m emotionally drawn in. The music is great and the way they do it is incredible. Thank you so much for an incredible series!

Haunting and achingly engaging (5/5)

When I have heard about various crimes over my life, I have always wondered about those left behind to pick up the pieces. “Happy Face” tells the story in an persistently engaging manner of combining the past and the present with a backdrop of haunting music that captures the sparseness and desolation of the subject matter. Much positive energy to Melissa and Leroy and all those touched by this tortured soul.

Thank you!! (5/5)

I first want to tell you Thank You for telling us all your story! I can’t even imagine how hard it would be to go on a podcast or anything really and tell the world how the father you lived and adored turned out to be a serial killer. I think a lot of people who are complaining about the music etc have forgotten that this is your life and the life of all the people he affected. While listening to episode 6 I could not stop crying, you and Don really touched my soul. So again Thank You again for sharing your story and a putting together a great podcast.

Lame-o (1/5)

What/who is this about?? SO self indulgent, no clear narrative, lots of ads, The LeRoy episode ended it for me. Who cares!!!! Jeez. Describing seeing his mom in the morgue to the daughter of the guy that killed her..? Whats the point??? Is this podcast just your therapy?? Im done. No story. No point listening.

Good podcast but (4/5)

I love the podcast, but the music is unnecessarily depressing, the story on its own it’s pretty intense

Excellent (5/5)

I think the music is well done. It’s captivating.

Good Story, Unbearable Soundtrack (2/5)

Highly compelling story to work with, but there must not have been enough material to fill the length/number of episodes producers were aiming for. I can’t think of another excuse to fill a good portion of each episode with “music” from a purposefully dissonant, takes-itself-too-seriously band. If you make it through the whole series, do tell me what happens.

Too many Commercials ,ugly music (3/5)

Like the podcast a lot. But has too many stops for commercials and the most ugly music I’ve ever heard

Compelling storytelling (5/5)

I really enjoy the pacing and the narrative. The music interludes help set the tone and the mood of the story and gives emotional weight to the material. I listen to it for the emotional content - what was it like for Melissa growing up with her father, what it was like finding out about his crimes.. if not for the music and other editing decisions, it would be like reading a Wikipedia article. Because there is a lot of information covered in each episode, the trailers help me remember previous major revelations. If you don’t need the trailer or the ads, use the fast forward button.

Good story, terrible musoc (2/5)

Loved the story but the music was awful and distracting!

Over it (1/5)

I absolutely love true crime podcasts. The trailer for this podcast was so intriguing. I’ve stuck with it for six episodes and turned it off a few minutes into the sixth one. While there are interesting parts, the focus of the show is on the daughter, who has made a career of speaking about her father’s crimes and being the daughter of a serial killer. She’s obviously a pro at this which makes the show weirdly polished and detached from the subject matter. I was very turned off by the sixth episode where Melissa “finally” meets with the son of one of her father’s victims - a person who had previously refused to talk to her. Leave the poor man alone! His mother was murdered by this woman’s father. So exploitive.

Great but... (4/5)

I love the podcast but the random music throughout is very distracting and annoying. Makes me not want to listen.

Very interesting (5/5)

I think that this is an interesting point of view from the daughter of a serial killer.

Bloated and emotionally exploitative (2/5)

I started in on this ready to like it, but it has two big faults. First, it’s just too stretched out, taking episode after episode to cover...not much. Second, it’s not even trying to have a higher purpose, like understanding the criminal mind, it’s just playing for the emotions, wringing every bit of pathos out of the daughter they can. It's pinning people like bugs and watching their pain under a microscope. Ick. I gave up.

Great podcast (4/5)

Great podcast, music is terrible

Great listen (5/5)

Great interviews but get you reader the local area pronunciations please.

Interesting (4/5)

Love it so far. It’s awesome to have the inside info from the daughter. The son of the last victim is extremely annoying and sounds like a psychopath himself; hope law enforcement keeps an eye on him.

Insensitive commercials (2/5)

I loved this podcast before the “Leroy” episode. The poor guy had just explained the last time he saw his mother and the very next commercial is “Simply Safe” that talks about true crime being fascinating. I doubt he finds his mother being murdered, “fascinating.” Pay attention to your commercials.

Very good. (5/5)

I’ve seen a lot of comments about how the production is not very good. I have to disagree. Everything was done with purpose and drew me in every minute. I thoroughly enjoyed the final episode. Thought provoking and heart wrenching. Tremendous work.

Riveting (5/5)

We are just amazed at this story, we watch dr oz and see Melissa on there quite often and love her reports that she does. When she was on there talking about her story we couldn’t believe what her family went through. She has taken a devastating thing in her life and in return is helping many others. Very wonderful amazing woman!!!! We agree with others the music is a little distracting but her story is amazing. Hopefully if not already she writes a book about it because I would definitely love to read it!!! We are only on the second episode and can’t wait to hear more!!!

Too Dramatic (3/5)

This is a fascinating story, and I love the point of view of the killer’s daughter and ex-wife. It’s something I’ve certainly never heard before on a podcast, which is why I was really enjoying it. Unfortunately I then started listening to Episode 6 (Leroy) and couldn’t even finish it. The melodrama and unnecessary amount of fake crying was unbearable. I will look forward to the next episode but I just can’t get through this one.

Good story, music is annoying. (4/5)

I really enjoy the story, the interviews and the perspectives from all the different people involved. However the music that is played in between clips is really distracting and it disrupts the flow. The music is truly awful and annoying. I really hope they phase this out.

Traumatically precise. (5/5)

Has to be one of my favorite podcast to date. Paints a picture of the depth and substantial wake a persons actions can cause. The interviews and emotions within them are palpable. I’m hooked. The music is excellent as well. This is a GREAT true crime podcast.

Soooooo slow. Bad music (1/5)

Stop with the white spaces and weird music. Too slow moving. The story is interesting and I want to yell, “get to the point” every time the music plays.


I love hearing this side of horror! Obviously wish these things never happened. However this is an amazing account of a horrible story and a journey worth hearing. The music breaks aren’t a huge problem to me like everyone says and you can easily skip them. Also, wonderfully written and thought out.

Great & compelling story, misplaced music! (3/5)

I love the content of the podcast. It’s amazing and the story is so great, but the music is so disruptive and drawn out. I don’t want to listen to a minute of music in between? It seems to really take away from the tone.

Very good, music is distracting (4/5)

I enjoy this thoroughly but the music is a bit of a distraction.

Fascinating (4/5)

I really enjoy this podcast but like a lot of other reviews I’ve read, the music just doesn’t fit. Doesn’t ruin it for me though!

So interesting (5/5)

I’ve always been intrigued by psychological stuff and why people act in certain ways. This podcast is so interesting and Melissa is so brave for sharing all of the horrific details and signs from her childhood about her father. I literally wait for Friday’s because I know there is a new episode, and I actually get sad once it’s over. I have a 2 hour commute each way to work and this saves my life on Friday’s!!

Can’t wait for more (5/5)

I love this podcast, it’s one of my favorites so far. Can’t wait for more episodes

Compelling show with annoying music (4/5)

The show is really interesting and well told. The story itself is gripping but each episode is peppered with irritating, incongruous music.

Good (4/5)

It’s a good story thus far, but it could be better if the left out the ridiculous music. It’s obnoxious, and placed in the middle of the stories. I’m guessing they’re trying to help make this “Carly Simon” wanna be hack famous through using her crappy music. Or it was cheap or free to use it. This doesn’t need ANY music. The story is enough without ANY help.

Good content, bad editing (3/5)

I love listening to podcasts during my commute to and from work. I was really interested in the story and found the content interesting. Disappointed by all the ads throughout the episode and the theatric music that is too bassy. I would give this 5 stars if the editing were better. Unfortunately I’ll have to postpone listening to the season when I’m not in my car.

Story Great - Music Garbage (3/5)

This is a great story line, but the music is hot garbage. I’d rather listen to a cat in heat than the music they offensively drop in throughout the podcast. I can only suppose the music is forced in due to some form of nepotism. It is truly an assault on my ears.

Great pod and great music! (5/5)

Love the pod and love the music! Can we get a link to all the songs?!? :)

Interesting podcast (4/5)

I often find great podcasts and end up fixating on one thing that usually ends up driving me crazy. So after reading a few reviews I was surprised to see how bothersome the music is to some people because I have NEVER noticed it! I guess I’m too fixated on the daughters voice to notice the music. I was really expecting to see more people commenting on her upspeak-ish dialect rather than the music. All in all, it’s a great podcast. I had never heard about this story so I was surprised to hear a nearby town mentioned as one of his murder locations.

Great podcast terrible music (2/5)

The podcast is great but the music is absolutely terrible

New favorite podcast. (5/5)

Compelling narrative that is presented and produced in a way that leaves you on the edge of your seat. Melissa is fantasticly raw and real.

Better than the ratings (5/5)

It started slow as a lot of podcasts do. The music and timing are building suspense. Now several episodes in they’re paying off with excellent interviews and first hand accounts.

Happy face (5/5)

Stops at season 1 episode 5 .. does this continue??

Frustrating to listen to (1/5)

What is the actual point of this podcast? There is nothing chilling about this. It’s basically the daughter making everything about her. The trailer leads you to believe maybe this sorta supernatural mixed in with crime. Nope, just the killers daughter talking about herself the whole time. I tried to listen to all the episodes but there are so many better podcasts.

Was worried (4/5)

Was worried this would be a dud, but so glad it exceeded my expectations. Keep up the good work.

Too many ads (1/5)

Interesting story and I’d like to listen, but the very first episode had no less than 5 ads in 25 min. Really frustrating to keep interrupting the story.

Fascinating Story (4/5)

This is a very interesting podcast but the music makes me cringe more than the storyline does. Otherwise, I would have given it 5 stars.

Great story, too much music (3/5)

The story is great, I want to hear more. With such short episodes the music takes up too much time and is distracting.

Fascinating story (4/5)

Fascinating story and a well produced podcast. The only thing that kept it from getting 5 stars is the terrible vocal music that tries way too hard to set the scene or add to the segment. Instead it distracts and annoys. Still, I’ve recommended this podcast half a dozen times to friends and family.

Interesting content (4/5)

Very unique viewpoint and interesting topic. I’m no podcast expert, but it comes across a little choppy. The production seems like it could be more sophisticated. Overall still good.

Riveting Podcast (5/5)

Couldn’t stop listening after I discovered Happy Face. Takes you along a journey of the adult mind putting together the pieces of s puzzle they didn’t know existed and didn’t understand.

Love the content but the music is killing me (4/5)

I skip through the music and end up trying to find my place. Love the content but it’s kind of driving me crazy. Very interesting point of view on true crime though.

Top Shelf (5/5)

Happy Face is a truly excellent show and oh so unique. Other shows as good as they may be can only speculate about the family’s perspective. If the great Jack Olsen has anything to do with the telling of the story then I assure you you’re in for a good one. The only thing I didn’t care for was the music. Truly awful version of Leadbelly’s - In the Pines. Turrrble and it’s on every couple mins. They seem to have nipped that in te bud though. Great show though!

Great story, TERRIBLE music (4/5)

The story is fascinating but the music is seriously awful. It takes away from the podcast rather than adding to it. Thank goodness I can try to skip through it (but that is still annoying)

Was hoping for better (2/5)

I was really looking forward to this podcast but it just didn’t deliver. The episodes are disjointed and hard to follow. It feels like half of every episode is filled up with a recap of last episode, an ad, or music that frankly, is just not good. Melissa’s interview of the reporter in episode 5 was particularly bad, I almost couldn’t even listen to it. This could have been an interesting story but it just missed the mark.

Tries too hard. (3/5)

Happy Face takes us into the family behind a horrible serial killer and explores the thread that ties 3 generations. We follow this thread from an emotionally manipulative grandfather, to an emotional abusive father and secret serial killer, and a distraught daughter who killed her unborn child. All stories of disturbing selfishness and destruction. Hopefully the daughter will see the light. The main problem with this series is that it is overly ambitious with the music. It feels too crowded and the wailing and sultry singing voice feels inappropriate. The pacing of the storytelling feels clunky as well.

Great (3/5)

Love this podcast!!! Just too many commercials

Oh dear... (3/5)

Oh this Melissa character is so deeply unlikeable. I don’t believe most of what she says. What was the point of cheerfully uniting with her ex and then dragging him through the mud? What was the point of that part of the story at all? Such an attention seeker. I am of the minority that actually does like the way this story is presented (the music cut with excerpts from confessions), but o wish the story or Keith could be told without involving his daughter.

Too many breaks in story (3/5)

Good story but, lots of unnecessary/drug out breaks of music playing in between the story. More ads than any other podcast I’ve listened to in addition to the music breaks.

Digital Family Album (3/5)

Listening to this podcast is bottom line, intertaining and facinating. Its not a documentary, it doesn't follow a linear story line with investigative journalisitic elements. This is audio review of a family's fractured memories. Still, it was intertaining, just feel like Lauren missed the opportunity to really make this a serial podcast with deeper journalism.

Very good!! (5/5)

Love the Podcast the music is awesome!! Good job everyone

Great content, music is distracting (3/5)

A heartbreaking podcast. The content is captivating. However there are long pauses between thoughts to play annoying/haunting music. I get that it’s supposed to set a mood, but i found it annoying.

Excellent Podcast (5/5)

I just listened to all five available episodes one after another. Very well done. Can’t wait for further episodes.

Love it (5/5)

I’m an avid podcast listener and this one ranks high on my list. I’m pretty picky with what I listen to. I enjoy the personal aspect as well as the music. I hear that some listeners don’t like the music and ads, but from my perspective, for a 30min episode there is a nice balance. This is well produced, artistic and emotionally driven. I love it.

Good but with a bit too much filler (3/5)

Interesting story but the music distracts and it seems like there isn’t much content in each episode. The gist of the story, though, gives perspective on the ripple effect of the crime and cruelty of a single person.

Meh. Much better podcasts out there (2/5)

I listen to a ton of true crime podcasts, and this one is on the low spot of the totem pole. Too much music, not enough content. I’ve gotten through 3 episodes and there’s been maybe 1 full episode of information. It’s severely lacking. I feel like the writers are using the music and gaps of dialogue to lengthen it and to the true crime junkies like me, it’s horribly obvious 👎🏼

Hooked (4/5)

Very good!! The music gives me a headache though. It’s just the right pitch to hurt my head. Love the interviews

Good interviews and music (5/5)

This is a really interesting story. I’m from the northwest and have never heard of this killer and found it interesting and insightful and it tells a side of the story that isn’t told a lot. You get to hear from the daughter and the ex wife of the serial killer. This goes into the lives of those who were the closest physically and emotionally with someone capable of heinous acts of murder. Just thought I would add that I enjoy the music, since someone commented they don’t. I usually walk while listening to it soI like the chosen music and feels it plays well into the story.

Great cast, horrible music (5/5)

The music is awful and distracting. It takes away from a great podcast.

Love the sound track! (5/5)

Just binged! Very well made! Love the music.

Happy Face (4/5)

I like the way the story is told - back and forth between interviews and the reading of materials. But it’s sometimes hard to follow the story when the music lyrics keep coming in and out. I would prefer just music with no lyrics

Hate the music (3/5)

Love the story, but the music is awful. It is too loud, too corny, and terribly distracting. Makes the whole thing sound like a bad parody of a true crime podcast. Completely insulting to the subject matter. And hard to listen to. Please, for the love of God, make it stop. Again, to be clear, the music is terrible. I hate whoever is doing this. You have bad taste in music. And you are ruining an otherwise wonderful program. Please stop.

Great Podcast (5/5)

Wonderful pacing of the story, fantastic weaving of music with narrative. One of my favorite podcasts in a while. Thank you for sharing this story.

Fascinating (5/5)

This is one of the best podcasts I’ve listened to. I love the way his daughter’s experiences are tied into his interviews. I find her story fascinating... and chilling. Also like the music.

Fantastic (5/5)

Great podcast compelling story

Dr Oz?? (1/5)

Was enjoying this show until I heard they were sponsored by a quack...

Huge inconsistencies from her book. (2/5)

Read Melissa Moore’s book Shattered Silence and there are a lot of pretty significant differences. For instance she says she was raped by nick as a freshman in highshool, and that he nearly beat the baby to death in her womb so she was forced into an abortion. Really confused that on the show she mentions nothing about this and then she goes back to visit this dude??!! So confusing! And the relationship between her and her grandfather was very very different in the book. I just don’t understand why a lot of it doesn’t line up? Otherwise enjoying the show I just don’t know what’s true and what’s embellished.

Great (5/5)

A must-listen for all true crime fans.

Captivating (5/5)

I listen to the podcast while running and it could keep me running for days. The production of this podcast is really done well.

Do better (1/5)

To hear such a good and grounded podcast use the word retarded was so disheartening.

Dragging out the story (2/5)

I really the story, but each episode lacks advancement of the story. Its a short podcast, there is absolutely no reason to spend any time on regurgitating previous episodes. Between that & ads there is very little new material to listen to. I find this to be cheesy & aggravating. If I need a refresher, I can always listen to all or parts of previous episodes.

I’m just not sure how I feel about this one (3/5)

I really wanted to be “all in” with this podcast. I don’t mind the production that others have been suggesting needs work. What I can’t seem to shake is the exploitive feeling I get as the episodes continue on. I understand that this is exploring a different angle on true crime that hasn’t been done before but it really got to me when more concern and emphasis was placed on people who went to jail for lying about a crime they didn’t commit over any of the victims. I’m not sure what I’m supposed to be feeling for the daughter of Jesperson and I’m just not sure how to feel about this podcast in general. I really wish it had more empathy for the victims who lost their lives. At times it just feels insensitive.

Music is annoying (1/5)

It’s distracting and hard to focus on with the janky music in the background. At least play something more eerie and foreboding but it’s hard to take seriously with the playful tinkery music. Also the narration of serial killer was flat. Really wanted to like this but couldn’t.

Great content, lose the singer (3/5)

Great content but the music makes it hard to follow the talking. Playing music with the singer in between Melissa talking is super distracting. Background music is fine but the singer/lyrics sound corny and takes away from what Melissa is saying and the emotion of it.

More please! (5/5)

Hurry up - need more episodes! I need to hear more! I don’t want to google the story - would rather hear it in the first person. I think the music is perfect, eerie and sets a scene.

Interesting story, badly produced (2/5)

The story is incredible! The perspective is so unique, chilling, and engaging but the way it’s formatted is extremely difficult to follow. The timeline is unclear, the music breaks disrupt the flow of each episode. There is no actual story line that I can follow, it just jumps around to different subjects. After 5 episodes I no longer am interested in how Melissa feels about her father. Greatly disappointed because I was so looking forward to diving into Melissa’s journey.

Good but (3/5)

This podcast would be exponentially improved if they stopped making us listen to the stupid song all the time. It’s annoying for sure but if you could keep it to once in the beginning of the show that would be acceptable.

Great podcast! (5/5)

One of the best true crime podcasts.

Can’t wait (4/5)

I was just wondering what time the new episodes come out on Fridays. I find myself looking for them first thing Friday morning as I cannot wait, but they are not there. Thank you.

I like the music! (5/5)

I am really enjoying this podcast and I like the music!

Totally addicted (5/5)

This is one of the best podcasts I’ve subscribed to. It’s amazing! As if Friday’s could get better, now we have happy face too!

Interesting story, horrible producers (2/5)

Fascinating story, but the loud, awful music is so very distracting. If they would spend 10 more minutes cleaning up the audio and turning down the music it would be much better.

Great Content - Poor Production (4/5)

I agree with others. Fabulous material but oddly produced and the music is terrible and distracting.

Could be good.. but it’s not. (2/5)

Good story and has potential, but this podcast is so unbelievably unorganized. It jumps from one thing to another without any smooth transition. I find myself getting confused more than anything. I’ll just google the information.

You’re amazing! (5/5)

Wishing you lots of luck on your podcast !! I have many psychopaths in my life trying to destroy me. I’m on the learning curve and more attention needs to be given to this topic. They are dangerous and ruin people’s lives I hope to know when you’re live. It’s great to have the save day and time so we can try to schedule you weekly or monthly. Keep in touch Good luck , Best, Leslie

Excellent podcast (5/5)

Fascinating and heartbreaking. This podcast is so well produced. Five stars. Thanks for telling your story!

A little off (2/5)

While it’s interesting to hear how this serial killer affected the lives of his family, it’s a little weird how far this podcast goes to try to humanize him. So much time is spent on it, and very little on his victims. It’s pretty sad. And the music is supposed to come off as eerie and haunting but just seems to play into the exploitative vibe. Trying too hard.

Amazing story! (5/5)

Love it! Fascinating story! Narrator, individual experiences, news clippings. Well done.

Like it...but (2/5)

I definitely love hearing this side of the horror story. The podcast is definitely well written. But I absolutely hate the breaks with music. It’s already a great show..the multiple music breaks are too much.

Really good and well executed, but... (4/5)

I just love this kind of stuff. Like let's not meet and other such true crime things, but this needs a little better execution. Don't get me wrong, it's really good, but the whole thing sort of lacks emotion , even in the bits that are designated as supposed to be creepy. It's not too big of a problem, but I'm kind of picky.

Fascinating! (5/5)

This is well-constructed and totally compelling. I’d prefer less music and a longer episode, but I appreciate the high quality.

Nothing new (1/5)

This podcast was SO over-hyped. Nothing happens. I thought this would be a fascinating look at a woman who’s life was shaped by the fact that her father is a serial killer. Please. I seem more damaged from being a child of divorce. Skip this boring, no new perspective, hype fest.

Please stop the dramatic music (4/5)

It really takes away from the story to hear the mournful bellowing of female folksingers in the back ground.

Interestingly done. Music terrible. (4/5)

I am enjoying the story. It’s very sad and interesting at the same time. Very intimate. Sorry to say though the music is just too much. It doesn’t fit the story and is really distracting. I try to ignore it till the story continues.

Meh (3/5)

I like this one but I wanted to love it. The production leaves much to be desired. You get to hear pieces of the interviews and tiny excerpts of someone else’s book in between long stretches of music, and it takes away from the story these people were hoping to tell.

A little hard to follow (4/5)

The podcast has been pretty good so far. It bounces around a lot and can be hard to follow. I hope there are more details regarding the actual subject in the forth coming episodes.

Dragged out (1/5)

At first I really liked this Podcast and was very intrigued. But after the 3/4 starts getting repetitive, going over pointless information and the music is rather redundant and loud

Love this podcast...hooked 😍 (5/5)

This story and podcast are so compelling and interesting!!! I am totally hooked! Patiently waiting for more. Keep up the great work.

Pretentious (3/5)

The music is pretty awful too.

Good concept, horrible execution (2/5)

The premise of the podcast had me super excited, but I ended up really disliking it. The storytelling is very disjointed and the music is really overdone and annoying.

It touch my noodle (5/5)

My noodle was touched by the goat bois

Interesting perspective (4/5)

I like this podcast a lot . The point of view of the daughter and ex wife is one I hadn’t heard before. It looses a star for the music, sorry but I don’t like the voices , strangely off key and grating .

Too little story, too many interruptions (3/5)

For a podcast that has a runtime of only a little over 30 minutes, the amount of time spent on ads, "last week on...", and then awful music choices, there isn't much time left for actual information. This could be fantastic, if the transitions were at least a little less jarring. As it is (currently at episode 4), it is hard to listen to. Disappointed.

Amazing! (5/5)

So great to hear your story. Sorry for everything you’ve gone through, but thank you for learning, speaking and sharing!

Glamorizing murder (1/5)

So far, not an informative podcast. I didn’t learn details of the crimes and about the victims when they were living. With so many true crime podcasts after the “Serial” cult following, HowStuffWorks should be aware of exploiting tragedies for entertainment. This is over-produced when a soundtrack is always playing in the background, occasionally turned up. The songs make me feel slimy because they’re obviously romanticizing “Happy Face” with whimsical love songs. They used narrations of excerpts from his book as episode inserts.

True crime best! (5/5)

This is one of the best true crime podcasts I have listened to in a while. Keep up the good work!

Like a This American Life spoof. (1/5)

Interested in the story for sure. Between the bad music,adds,and reading it’s difficult to hear the story. It’s a little romanticized which is gross. I’d love the version with out the music for sure.

The music is awful (2/5)

The story is interesting, but please stop playing the horrible music... I would rather listen to ads...

Good if you can get through the distracting soundtrack.., (3/5)

I don’t know why this podcast is full of loudly-mixed, distractingly bad music, but the content itself is very good if you can bear it. It’s a rare and personal look into the Happy Face Killer, and I look forward to every new episode. I just wish they’d cool it with making us listen to their friend’s band play several songs every week. It makes the whole podcast sound unprofessional.

Great interviews, bad music (4/5)

I’m really enjoying this so far. The interviews are very raw and personal. It’s chilling and fascinating at the same time. The only thing I don’t like is the music. I find the lyrics very distracting and I wish it wasn’t peppered throughout the episodes.

So good (5/5)

I really love the format they went with exploring the daughter's memory of everything that went on with her father.

Meh. (2/5)

I was really excited for this but gosh, it’s so boring. I don’t know what I was expecting but this is just recorded conversations between people and twangy guitar riffs.

Interesting (3/5)

The format isn’t my favorite - a bit more artistic than reporting/story telling, if you will. Far too many musical interludes for my taste as well. I do applaud her for sharing her story, however.

Riveting (5/5)

Super good, I just don’t always enjoy the big music pauses in the middle of stories. I don’t know, it just bothers me sometimes. 🤷🏼‍♀️ Otherwise, this podcast so far is super raw. Absolutely love it.

Fascinating! (5/5)

This is such a fascinating listen. Waiting for the next episode is so hard!

!! (5/5)


Very interesting listen. (5/5)

This podcast is great. It is fascinating, horrifying, and sad all at the same time. The narration is high quality. I can’t wait to listen to it each week.

Overproduced (3/5)

The story is so interesting but it’s honestly hard to listen to. Would be 5 stars without the nonsensical musical interludes.

Great New Perspective (4/5)

This podcast is told in story, almost novel format. It is interesting to hear the perspective of a serial killer’s family who can provide insights into how he became a killer. Really enjoying it so far.

Pulls you in (5/5)

This podcast really pulls you in. It’s fascinating. It tells the story of the Happy Face killer through the eyes of his daughter (with excerpt also from his wife at the time) all wrapping you into the world and their reality. It’s a fabulous podcast. It’s a good listen if you like crime fighting shows or documentaries. Fascinating. Not really for young ears.

Disappointing (3/5)

This podcast tries to be dramatic by interlacing large chunks of creepy/emotional music. But it’s a 30 minute podcast. The music just interrupts, pair that with the commercials and you don’t get much of the story in your 30 minute window. I stopped listening.

Awesome and detailed (5/5)

This is such an awesome podcast. It keeps me on my toes about everything. Must have been a tough life for Melissa trying to find out the truth. Can’t wait to find out what happens next!

Whoa (5/5)

It’s time someone told the story of those left behind. And that music...whoa. Haunting and fascinating. Monsters are real.

It’s good but the music is not (4/5)

I gave this 4 stars because the story is good and the narration is great but the music and background songs are not. They are actually really annoying and I try to fast forward anytime it plays.

Audio speed (5/5)

The series is so good but episode 3 had some audio issues in that it sped up too much after 3:40

Eh (3/5)

was excited for this but doesn't live up to the hype. I thought hearing from his daughter was a really interesting concept but for how short the episodes are there is a lot of ad content and filler...and the last episode barely had her talking, instead it was a bunch of recordings of that guy who has a little *too much* enthusiastic sympathy for the killer, and when he said that his stories shaming his wife "seemed reasonable" it tied it all up and put such a gross taste in my mouth. I think I'm done here...

very little content (2/5)

Lots of commercials, very little story content. I like the music they choose. They don't identify who is speaking, so sometimes the story is confusing. Disappointed.

Compelling story, music is grating (4/5)

Also, there's only about 15 mins of new content in each episode after you count the minutes of ads and credits.

Been waiting for this! (4/5)

I’ve been waiting for a podcast from Melissa! My only feedback would be to check sources. Dr. Carlisle had binders of letters from Keith and anyone who talked to him in depth about them KNEW that they were full of lies and embellishments. To gain from their correspondence you needed to not take these letters at face value, but look at WHY Keith was telling stories the way he was. Good job Melissa, I look forward to future episodes!!!

4.5 (4/5)

I agree with the music lending to a disjointed effect. But if you can past that, and listen to the narratives, they are all compelling. By episode 3 you can build your own picture of the “how” of the events. I’m looking forward to more episodes to understand the “why” - if that’s even possible. I land at a 4.5 (as I could use a little less music, it breaks my focus!)

Don’t Change a Thing! (5/5)

The use of voice-overs and musical transitions makes this podcast stand out from the MANY others that are out there. The music is haunting because the story is haunting. I’m very impressed by the production quality and I’m grateful for this family’s willingness to share their painful story.

Can’t get enough (5/5)

To those who complain about the music fillers and noises there are plenty of other podcasts out there for you to listen to. Maybe you just don’t get it. Like a movie, music, sound, space all set a tone and set the mood of the work that the creators are trying to create. The gaps give the listener time to process, time to breathe, time to let our imagination run into this world that actually existed for the authors. The back and forth between the author’s testimony and the reporter pieces this story together in a pace that makes you want more and more. I would simply say this podcast is brilliant, beautiful, horrific and creepy. Most of the one stars on these ratings are because of the impatience of people not understanding that trailers help build anticipation and again, like movies, makes people want to find out more and tune-in and subscribe. Don’t let these ratings sway you from listening and don’t let it discourage you, the producers, from doing what you’re doing. Absolutely fascinating! Thanks for sharing this story and your perspectives!

Fascinating story.. (2/5)

Fascinating story but the music and her vocal fry are very distracting.

Really good (5/5)

This is the best serial killer documentary podcast next to sword and scale. I wish the episodes were longer!!

Happy face (4/5)

Great podcast. Music annoying

Rethink the music track (1/5)

I love the content, very interesting story. However, the sound track is so distracting. Please don’t put music over an interview. It makes it difficult to focus on the recorded interview. The music almost takes away from the story and with all of the content that is talked about being discovered, little makes it on the podcast. Share more and let it tell the story! Not the soundtrack.

Good story’s (5/5)

Good story’s. I want more

Too much filler (1/5)

The story is good but there is just too much music / time filler to want to keep listening. Also, seems like there is an add after every paragraph. It’s too bad too because this could be a great podcast.

I love how they trust the listener to keep up. (5/5)

This podcast moves fast. It requires your attention. It's not banter or a true-crime whodunnit. It's the study of characters. And it's great. I could do with a little less music, but it's not worth complaining about.

Amazing podcast! (5/5)

I love this one! The format, the researchers, the subject matter and more. I wish the eps were longer and I wish I didn’t have to wait for the new episodes but it’s worth it! Lee up the good work! ❤️

Great content, ENOUGH MUSIC (3/5)

I was very, very excited for the first episode of this podcast to drop as the premise was so interesting. It's rare to hear the story of a killer told by a family member, yet alone their own daughter. I am riveted by what content is provided, HOWEVER, the episodes are quite short. This wouldn't be a problem for me if not for the fact that a good 5 or so minutes are taken up by the just the musical soundtrack. The cover of In the Pines is admittedly haunting but I've had enough of the musical overtures. I'm not listening for the folk music, I'm listening for the story telling! Throw in a few chords here and there, don't pack the episode with jangly music to stretch the series out (perhaps due to lack of additional content). The clips from interviews with Jesperson alone are worth the listen but I'd really have loved the focus to be on the killings as opposed to creating a haunting, country atmosphere with SO MUCH MUSIC. LET THE STORY CREATE THE ATMOSPHERE! Anyway, 3 stars.

Pretty good (3/5)

Great story with an interesting perspective, only complaint is all the filler. So much slow music that you start to get bored with the story.

Disappointing (2/5)

This could be a great podcast. Excellent story but very disjointed with too many ads and too much music. Also so disjointed that I have a hard time figuring out who’s speaking sometimes. Shame, couldn’ve been really good.

Mesmerizing (5/5)

I cannot even imagine being in her position. She is brave. And thank you for sharing.

Entertaining (3/5)

More story, less music please.

🙂🙂 (5/5)

I’m obsessed! It’s great!

Great (5/5)

This show is great 🔥🔥

It’s lit (5/5)

This is probs one of my favorite podcasts right now. It’s put together very well. Very interesting

I can’t stop listening to this! You really made me addicted to this! (5/5)

Wow I can’t believe this! I never was so addicted to a podcast ever like this! Way to go people!

Confusing (3/5)

Although it’s a captivating story it is very disjointed. The time line goes back and forth without being guided so I keep on trying to figure out when what happened. The voices of the daughter, mother, and reporter sound bit similar so then I’m also trying to decipher who is who. My brain is doing too much work in trying to listen to this podcast.

Happy Face (4/5)

Very interesting! Keeps you wanting more.

Courage (5/5)

You are an amazing woman.

Fascinating (5/5)

Absolutely gripping subject material from a unique perspective. It's interesting hearing a serial killer's daughter chronicling her own early life, noting the subtle (and not-so-subtle) changes illicited by her philandering and murdering father. From a psychological/sociological perspective, it's a truly fascinating exposé on the inner workings of one who not only enjoys killing, but taunting those chasing him and punishing his family over and over throughout.

Y’all need a trigger warning (2/5)

I love true crime and I’ve been into podcasts since all there was to listen to was This American Life and Radiolab. I was excited for this first hand account of a lesser-known case, but was fairly disturbed by the description of violence against an animal in the first episode. I understand why the story was important, but as someone who is EXTREMELY sensitive to violence against animals I wish this one had come with a trigger warning. Not sure if I’ll continue listening.

Love the story, hate the music breaks (4/5)

I love this podcast so far! The only thing that takes me out of it/ lessens the experience is the strange musical, autotuned interludes they use for breaks. It sounds like the same artist they used in Radiolab gonads which was also jarring/ irritating.

Well produced. Be prepared. (5/5)

The sound production is elegant and professional. Lots of familiar names I trust here on the team: Noel Brown from STDWYTK, Mangesh and Will from Part-Time Genius, and others. This is all done in a very serious and sensitive way, but although it’s mostly about the daughter’s POV, there are interludes with graphic descriptions of the murders. Be ready to accept and need to process this element in the midst of an otherwise somewhat ethereal sound-story experience.

Wow (5/5)

Fascinating story. Truthful and a bit scary finding out your father is a serial killer

Great if you want disproportionately long ads and musical fillers (1/5)


Music is a little much (4/5)

I love this podcast so far. The only thing I would change is the music. It seems like there is more music then talking... other than that I have enjoyed listening to it.

Ugh! (1/5)

There is a very disturbing sense of pride in the voices of the daughters and ex-wife... They seem to enjoy the attention. How they didn’t put the “fragments” together before this podcast is also mind boggling. Lastly, that detailed cat story was completely unnecessary and again, her tone was a little too upbeat for such a horrific memory. I think these people like the shock value of their relation to such a monster. Or maybe they’re just not that intelligent.

Like it (5/5)

True crime buff. Love podcast so far. Keep them coming

Amazing and scary journey! (5/5)

Can't wait to hear more! Such an amazing and scary journey into a dark and fascinating true story.

Please give “previously on” synopsis at beginning (4/5)

I’m intrigued, but I found myself lost during the second episode. It would be beyond helpful to do a previously on clip at the beginning of the episode, especially since new episodes only come out weekly.

Plucked about the plucking... (3/5)

I just finished listening to episodes 1 and 2 which took about an hour. I honestly feel like they could’ve been condensed into one really impactful episode with slightly different editing. I understand including musical queues to some extent but I don’t need to hear someone pluck a banjo à la Deliverance once every minute to understand that Jesperson was a creepy dude.

Meh (2/5)

Jumbled, all over the place. Great idea for a podcast, but the story telling isn’t great at best and at worst is difficult to follow. Also, Melissa’s valley girl vocal fry got annoying 10 minutes into the first episode. Probably won’t listen to the second.

Meh (3/5)

It’s a very powerful story, but feels overly produced. Really hyped and there’s a lot of filler that waters it down.

Woah - this podcast is crazyyyyy (5/5)

This story is bonkers, Keith is a monster... insane to hear all of this from his daughter. Great music

Great show except for the weird music (3/5)

It would be a 5 star review if not for the weird music that is played way too often throughout the show

Good subject matter, shoddy production (2/5)

The concept of this podcast is fascinating, but I think there’s more music than content. Every 2 minutes there is a prolonged musical break, which really inhibits the flow of the story. Additionally, the content jumps temporally, and I’m already confused about what events happened when and at what time during Melissa’s childhood.

Annoying that they release so slowly... (4/5)

Annoying that they release so slowly...

Meh500 (3/5)

Kinda slow. The song goes too long.

YES (5/5)

So far this is great, love the delivery and can’t wait to hear more!

Keeps me listening (5/5)

A mother and her children amidst real darkness from the head of their family. The hero to the children becomes the evil you could never imagine. The perfect career to be a serial killer. The wonder that begs to ask...if he could do this to so many, why not his own?

Indelibly creepy (5/5)

The story unfolds slowly, in a matter of fact way, but intermittently parts of the letters from the serial killer wrote are read, so the effect is insidiously creepy. Can’t wait for the next episodes!

Promising, but not much there (3/5)

This podcast seemed promising at the outset: I didn’t know much about this case, it’s told from a perspective that isn’t typical detective or survivor angle. Sadly, overproduction and poor story structure make this a frustrating listen, with a lot of filler music, audio clips, and pauses struggling to function as narrative. I’ll wait till it’s all downloaded to listen, and skip the annoying stuff. It’s too bad it’s no “In the Dark” or “Stranglers”.

Pretty good (4/5)

Too much music between the dialogue. I would rather hear the story instead of creepy music that lasts forever before more of the story continues. Other than that, it’s a great story

Over produced, hard to follow (1/5)

If you like tons of commercials, elongated folk music interludes, and choppy story telling, then this is the podcast for you!

Creepy, funny and heartbreaking (5/5)

I’m really looking forward to listening to all of this. The story is well punctuated with creepy music and told with great candor. Melissa’s story, that of her mother and the letters from her father create a rich tapestry of a spine tingling, and at once, heart wrenching story. Noel is top notch as always.

Nonstop commercial breaks (1/5)

Wanted to get into it but the commercial breaks seemingly every 5 minutes just got to be too much.

Too much music! (3/5)

A lot of potential but music is so distracting and annoying

Powerful (5/5)

I listen to a lot of podcasts and this one is riveting. In addition to being inherently interesting it is wonderfully produced.

Completely absorbing (5/5)

So good.

Poorly produced. (2/5)

Could do without the frequent breaks in the story with music, kills the flow and takes away from storytelling. Some of the more gruesome details are drawn out or emphasized with other sounds clips and seems a little inappropriate.

New perspective in the true crime genre (5/5)

I have never heard this side of the story. I am so fascinated and my heart breaks for this woman and her family.

Fix music (3/5)

I’m loving the story but the background music literally hurts my ears!!! Please fix it!!

I thought this was going to be a true crime podcast (2/5)

Instead, we have constant shifts into awful and generic “moody girl with a guitar” music and, of course, commercials. The actual “substance” is comprised of disjointed audio clips and an attempt at a narrative thread, but they’re so often interrupting themselves to overproduce this show that you lose interest. If your episode is only 30 minutes and most of that feels like interstitial material, you have a problem.

Comforting in some strange way to a daughter of another monster (5/5)

I grew up with a man who wasn’t dissimilar to Melissa’s father. A lot of this rings true and it is so comforting to know that someone can grow up and be this well adjusted while still acknowledging her demons.

Hooked on first episode (5/5)

A interesting perspective and intriguing story. I couldn’t get enough after the first episode. Can’t wait for more!

Well done! (5/5)

This podcast is so very interesting - I look forward to see how the story progresses. Great quality of production as well.

Too much music, too little content (1/5)

I was looking forward to this podcast, but after two episodes, I’m unimpressed. The 30-minute episodes are heavy on moody music and commercial interludes, but light on content. It had the potential to be quite interesting, but it’s just a meandering mishmash of anecdotes and scraps of information.

Decent story - terrible music (3/5)

Don’t ruin the story with all the terrible music and sounds in the background. Bad producing.

Love this (5/5)

This is amazing....

Boring and lots of ads (1/5)

This show is like watching paint dry with commercial breaks.

Too short to grab the interest week in and week out (2/5)

I love podcasts. Especially true crime . The ones that tell the story and avoid the overwhelmingly immature banter that is so prevalent in many out today . The dumb jokes and all over not interesting content that annoyed more than intrigues listeners. This podcast could do great . I tried calling it and wanted it to be a real show stopper. But you can’t get a following with the numbers to top charts with 26-28 minutes and 5 are sponsors at that . Sure , you’ll get listeners at first - but it’s not going to climb and keep getting listeners after a couple weeks . Take this advice - I’ve been in this game a long time ... sit down and edit or do the podcast for a full hour show if you want to succeed in the end game . I can’t invest my life 20 minutes a week and keep the anticipation at all . It’s just not long enough to be remembered . Good luck .

Good but... (3/5)

Good content but the extra music segments are way to often and not necessarily.

Good stuff, but..... (3/5)

Really captivating, interesting podcast! Hooowever, theres honestly too much wasted time w/ creepy music and emptiness. Its too awesome a story to waste time w/ silly sound effects and eerie music that fills minutes that could be filled w/ the families story

what a letdown (1/5)

Disappointing. I feel like the content of this podcast is enough for maybe 2 guest eps of another show - but they decided instead to spread it as thinly as possible for a standalone series, and then stuffed each episode with sound effects, music, and dramatic pauses to cover the lack of content, which does a disservice to what little story there is. Disappointing

Overshadowed by technical flaws (2/5)

This is a story that is interesting but it could be fascinating. Unfortunately, the story never picks up steam due to disjointed and confusing storytelling. It also seems like it has know clear sense of direction in a storytelling sense. If it were just that I could maybe forgive it, but what makes it worse is the terrible sound quality. How Stuff Works obviously knows how to produce good sounding podcasts but this one sounds like it was recorded in a tin can.

Great Story (3/5)

Please less music!

Spooky AF! (5/5)

This podcast is great so far. Fascinating , horrifying and truly heartbreaking story. Very eery. Looking forward to the rest of the episodes

Love it. (5/5)

I am obsessed with this story. Mtn name is also Melissa and my Dad was a long haul truck driver for 15 years of my life. Those two similar things are the only thing we have in common and what originally drew me to her story. I love how raw and dark this podcast can get. Look forward to every episode.

Good but (4/5)

Too much music added to create drama. The story is interesting enough and I find the music annoying.

Pretty great! But... (4/5)

I could definitely do without the absurd musical interludes. 🙄

Epic Soundtrack (5/5)

This podcast has an ABSOLUTELY AMAZING soundtrack. I love it.

Bummer (2/5)

What a let down... after commercials and the recap, there’s like 15 minutes of the actual show.. it’s just ok for me

Her (1/5)

I’ve seen her on every single crime show and interview program telling this story to the point I thought it was a getting pretty gross. That was maybe a few years ago. She should stop, her perspective is very much expressed and out in the true-crime world.

I’m blown away best I ever heard (5/5)


Cringy Music (3/5)

Would give it a better rating if it wasn’t for the annoying music. Especially the random points where they just start playing a random song with the girls singing??? Pls don’t do that anymore. It’s cringy.

Ep. 1 is a mess (3/5)

Episode one is all over the place. Production value is good - too bad it’s wasted on inconsistent story-telling. And ghosts?! Is this journalism or not?

New episode? (4/5)

When are new episodes released ?

One of the darkest things I’ve listened to (5/5)

which is saying a lot as I’ve just finished Dr. Death and Dirty John. Haunting and beautifully produced. I also absolutely love the main song. If you’re easily upset - or even if you’re tough as nails - this one might be too much. I thought I knew what evil was, after listening to DD and DJ, but that was just child’s play. Truly chilling; this is real horror.

Insane (5/5)

This podcast is by far the best I’ve listened to (and I listen to a lot.) The story is told in a raw, grizzly way. There were many times where my mouth was agape. This is a must listen for anyone that is interested in true crime.

Great material, subpar execution (2/5)

The music (namely one song) is way way overused past the point of being effective or even tolerable. I feel like it played twelve times in just the first episode. The information is interesting enough, but not edited in the most cohesive listenable way. When you strip away all the music and sound design — there’s not a lot of information in this episode at all.

Is the music necessary? (4/5)

My only complaint is the incessant mandolin or whatever that guitar thing in the background is. There is also a repetitive slow rendition of that Nirvana song, that plays over and over again. That would be it, the content of the show is good. I’ll keep listening; I’ll just have to ignore the excessive (and cliche) music.

Wow (5/5)

Really held my attention and the song was great!

The music (5/5)

Great ‘cast and My Gawd the music is perfect!

Skips in audio? (3/5)

Story is interesting and wonderfully told, however there are lots of skips in the audio. Even during ads, I wonder how Simply Safe feels about there ad sounding like this: “Go to Simply S—-“

All over the place (1/5)

I understand true crime podcasts are a cash cow and all of the big cases have been covered multiple times. This story really doesn’t seem that interesting...maybe it’s just the way it’s being delivered. This podcast is all over the place and hard to follow. Dramatic music is inserted randomly to make it seem more creepy. I’ll maybe give episode 2 a try. Episode 1 was pretty disappointing.

Interesting story but overproduced (3/5)

The story is interesting but the amount of music and singing is a little much in my opinion.

Maybe Better to Binge (3/5)

The subject is compelling and very interesting, but there’s so much filler (spooky music, pregnant pauses, 3 commercials) that one 30 minute episode seems to have maybe 20 minutes of actual content.

Too much music (3/5)

I was so excited for the first episode. But oh my goodness, enough with the music. I want to hear the podcast, not listen to music. Hopefully it gets better! The story seems fascinating.

Love this. Version of ‘In the Pines’? (5/5)

The version of ‘In the Pines’ that you use, where can you find that and/or who is the singer? Keep up the incredible work. Respectful and interesting. Best, Emma

Really creepy (5/5)

Based solely on episode 1, this show is profoundly unnerving and spooky. Innocent kids + their dad, a serial killer = yikes. Great job with the pacing: we start out with a sunny picture of Melissa’s childhood, but then her Dad’s oddly agressive quirks start coming into play, until we finally end the episode with an act of violence. Horror and true crime fans will definitely want to give this a listen. Very, very dark.

Hooked! (5/5)

Just listened to the first episode and I can’t wait for what’s to come. Thank you for sharing your story.

Stunning (5/5)

Just finished the first episode. I want more. Content and delivery is melodic and somber. The gravity is palpable.

Excited but... (4/5)

I just listened to the first episode and I can’t wait to hear more. I highly recommend others listen, especially if true crime is their chosen genre. But, my one complaint is the music. Maybe it’s just not my cup of tea but I find the random interjection of a very slow paced song exhausting and irritating. I don’t mind the music on “stuff you should know” because even if it is a version of their song that I don’t love, it’s short and not played several times randomly throughout the episode. It REALLY bothers me that when I skip forward so I don’t have to listen, that the dialog overlaps with the song. I’m fine with admitting my tastes may be different than other people’s, so Im totally ok with playing the song for the opening and closing, but the dialog overlapping and the song in the middle, again overlapping, is pretty annoying. Maybe a music free option could be offered somewhere for the weirdos like me. By the way, other podcasts I listen to do the same thing and I get annoyed then, too. Anyway, I’ll still listen, just wanted to voice my thought.

Tone deaf (1/5)

The editing is overdone, terrible music choices that very quickly get old and they really cram as many ads in as they can. But the real heart of the issue with this podcast is that it fails to do what many others can. It doesn’t keep a respectful line between facts and celebrity of the Happy Face killer. This has a lot to do with the fact that the only person they interview is the daughter of said serial killer. Halfway through the first episode I had to remind myself that this guy brutally killed women, that although they keep going over and over how he was such a great provider, a great father, etc. etc. they fail to really state that it does not excuse the murders he committed. Glorifying a 300 pound piece of trash who killed others for his own sexual desires? Yeah, HowStuffWorks I’ll pass.

Wacky and stupid production (1/5)

What is with the background banjo, didgiredoo and faint sounds of people wailing? Long awkward pauses. Just weirdly put together. The material is interesting but this whacky, crumby editing made me switch it off

A Trend? (3/5)

Hopefully, in the future I’ll be able to give this podcast a better rating. Nearly done with the first episode and I’m feeling that this series may (like other podcasts I’ve given up on) continue to rely on the music to carry us from one bit of info to the next.

Loved it EXCEPT (4/5)

The except is this terrible noise that you play to let us know of tension... It's too loud. Please lower the volume of that tone in future episodes. Thanks!

Wow (5/5)

Really intriguing

Tantalizing thriller (5/5)

I enjoyed the first episode immensely. The narrative is interwoven with the daughter of the murder (Keith Hunter Jesperson) recounting her early childhood and symptoms that her father exhibited before his first murder. Clips of Jesperson's court testimony is replayed to build tension. The story isn't told in strict chronological order,though the daughter's hallucinating about ghosts as her means of dealing with her father's traumatizing personality. I'm excited to listen to the next episode, which is sufficient for me to help this out with a 5-star rating.

I am enthralled! (5/5)

I no longer listen to podcast on Apple but I love this one so much I came back here to write this review! It is that great!

Fantastic! (5/5)

The first episode did not disappoint! I only wish they would release them all at once so I could binge listen! Melissa recounts her memories in such a captivating way. It’s incredibly sad to think of a child growing up in this situation, but heartening to hear that she seems to have come out of it such a strong woman. The music choice is perfect. I just can’t wait to hear more!

Interested but... (4/5)

...I hope there is a little more content and a little less filler music in upcoming episodes. I’m definitely intrigued and looking forward to what’s to come. Doing the podcast from the prospective of the daughter is brilliant and very refreshing from other podcasts. I just want to hear more of the story!!!!

Love the story, but... (5/5)

Enough with the most mournful version of In The Pines that’s ever been recorded.

Love it (5/5)

I loved her book and I’m enjoying the podcast

I was excited for this (2/5)

First episode is a bit hard to follow in terms of the timeline. Perhaps you need to know this case in order to understand the podcast. Also way too much music. The reporters commentary is totally unnecessary. I’m a huge fan of Casefile, Sword and Scale, Dirty John and MFM. This podcast didn’t live up to the challenge.

All the music is distracting (2/5)

Too many musical interludes to add extra drama where it just isn’t needed. It breaks up the flow of podcast. It seems a bit forced and contrived.

Hooked (5/5)

Absolutely horrific! How brave of these children to come forward! Such an interesting story. So well done. Completely sucked in!

Hooked (5/5)

Can’t wait for more!

What is that noise? (3/5)

I like the first episode so far, but whatever the creepy low level constant noise is in the background ( particularly when the letters are being read) is painful to listen to, particularly with headphones. I’m not sure I can keep listening if it’s in future episodes.

Holy cow (5/5)

Will sleep with the lights on.🙂

first episode (5/5)

Only one episode in and this is so disturbing 😳 .

Good but.. (3/5)

You NEED to put a warning for animal cruelty told in detail, at the beginning of the podcast. Very upsetting.

I want to love it. (2/5)

I want to love this podcast. First episode fees very disjointed though. Each person basically gets to say one sentence max before it switches to another person, stops a person mid sentence to turn the background music up for a few seconds. It’s a bit frustrating. I’m hoping it gets better.

High hopes (1/5)

I had high hopes for this podcast, but it is way overproduced. I with they would just tell a story instead it’s just a series of audio clips that makes a poor attempt at telling you a fluid story. Disappointed

Really 4.5 (5/5)

Wish I could give this 4.5. Story is fascinating and heartbreaking especially as told from the daughter’s perspective. However, too much wasted space, wasted time with fillers of repeated quotes and repeated song clips - makes me feel like they don’t have a lot to say. Listeners already have to get through ads so why should we wait through gaps of music and repeated sound bites? Hoping they change this and fill the time they have with new information.

Disorganized (1/5)

It seems very jumbled and disorganized. The story line is all over the place and just hard to follow. It’s just definitely not the best podcast I’ve ever heard and while the content is interesting, it’s delivery may be the worst I’ve heard. I really wanted to like it. But it jumps ALL OVER the place. I’ve been waiting for the first episode, and it’s just a let down.

Ads (1/5)

Too many trailers

Theme Song (5/5)

Who is singing that theme song‽ We must know!!

"In the Pines" La Grande-Single Laura Gibson B-si (5/5)

Found it!

Just a bunch of trailers (5/5)

I unsubscribed because so far it’s just a bunch of trailers.

It says trailer in the title trolls (5/5)

All these people giving one star cause they HAD (I state sarcastically) to listen to three minutes of trailers. *gasp* Just like trailers for movies the point is to get you excited for the release. AS IT STATES the first episode is Sept 28th. Patience is a virtue. Very excited for the podcast and the trailers have me on the edge of my seat. This case is insanely interesting. His daughter has an episode on “Evil lives here”.

All trailers (1/5)

Don’t subscribe to this podcast yet! There is no show, only an infinite series of trailers. This is such a great concept for a podcast... but I don’t have enough empty space on my phone continue downloading nothing but adverts.

Subscriber lost (1/5)

Yet another trailer. Is this show about the process of releasing trailers? Release episodes or don’t....

Trailer face (1/5)

I hope they never release an actual podcast and continue to just release 1 minute trailers. Then the whole world will turn crazy and the apocalypse will begin. A can of green beans will be $20 and we won’t have legal names anymore. My name will be Night Eagle. Mainly because I’m bald and I won’t come out of my shanty during the day.

Release date? (1/5)

When is this being released?

Hells yeah (5/5)

Im pumped

trailers (1/5)

announcing what--trailers?

enough with the trailers (1/5)

enough with the trailers

Excellent story (5/5)

You need to listen to this story from How Stuff Works!


Sounds captivating. What courage it must’ve taken for this young woman to do this podcast! I’m overwhelmed by her grace and dignity.

Can’t wait! (5/5)

I first heard of Melissa & who her father became on the show Evil Lives Here. I’m inspired by her courage & intrigued by her storytelling.

Can’t wait! (5/5)

I’m so looking forward to hearing this story from this perspective. Looking forward to listening!

Oooh (5/5)

Can’t wait to binge listen to this podcast!!

Can Not Wait! (5/5)

I love true mystery podcasts and I am excited about this one! To hear this story from the daughter’s point of view is an exciting and interesting perspective. CAN NOT WAIT!!!

HAUNTING!! (5/5)

I cannot wait for this to come out!

Wow (5/5)

Just listening to the trailer wow give me chills !!!

Can’t wait! (5/5)

I’m so excited for this podcast!! Melissa’s quest for the truth is fascinating!! Well done!