Aggregated reviews for Happy Face

For Melissa Moore, 1995 was a nightmare. That’s the year the teenager learned her father, Keith Hunter Jesperson, was a serial killer. It’s also the year Melissa Moore’s doubt spiral began: When you look like your father, and you share his intelligence and charisma, how do you know you’re not a psychopath, too? Happy Face is the story of Keith Hunter Jesperson, his brutal crimes, and the cat and mouse game he played with detectives and the media. But it’s also the story of the horrific legacy he gifted his children. Join Melissa Moore as she investigates her father’s crimes, reckons with the past, and wades through her darkest fears as she hunts for a better future.

Overwhelming (3/5)

Music is used as a tool to transition within the story. While this can be effective it is over-used in the Happy Face Podcast, and it seems as if there is as much music as story. On the other hand the narrative is titillating, and leaves the listener yearning for the next episode.

Tears (5/5)

I’m only half way through but this hits hard. I appreciate the focus on Leroy and what he went through. That is a difficult part of true crime that we don’t often hear. It helps to truly understand what this man did. There is so much compassion in this podcast.

Keeps you interested (5/5)

I really enjoy the journalist in this she is well put together. I like the quotes she adds in. Keeps it interesting with different forms of media and it is very well organized!

Happy Face is hard to follow (4/5)

The story is great but the 3 of us are very confused following who is talking, or where we are in the timeline. It jumps around a lot in the timeline and we can’t tell where Happy Face is. For example, suddenly we hear them talking about when the mom and dad they first met and we were confused on what she was talking and laughing about. This has been frequent throughout the first two chapters, but we’re giving it a chance!

Wow (5/5)

Amazing! I cried so much during Leroy and Don. I’m so happy there was a light at the end of this sad and dark story.

Caterwauling (5/5)

Love it, but the music in between is trash.

Kids love it! (5/5)

Kids love the stories and they are long enough for the wife and I to get stoned and make love. Thank you more than you know!

Wow! Loved this (5/5)

Way to go! So real, so well done! This is an amazing story.

Felt so rehearsed (2/5)

This seemed like it was the daughter’s project and she just brought along the producer and reporter to give it more of a journalistic angle. The things she said seemed like she had been practicing sounding deep or reflective. She lost me when she described, in great detail, the sun glistening off the cat’s back right before her dad killed it. Contrived, drawn out, self-obsessed. This really could have been good but this woman seems like she is only angling to sell some books. Just record your audiobook and ask people to buy it and go.

Once I heard black cat I stopped listening to it (1/5)

So according to the comments animal cruelty does happen which is a trigger for me and I can't continue on with this podcast.

A bit repetitive (3/5)

Interesting story but is way longer than it needed to be. Could’ve been a 5 episode series.

😀 (4/5)

I just finished listening to the podcast Happy Face (2018). This is a 12 episode story. It is interviews with a daughter of a former serial killer (and the daughter’s mom is also prevalent in the podcast). The killer was known as the Happy Face Killer. The first 2-4 episodes are great and extremely entertaining. You are introduced to this monster’s history and how it effected those closest to him. It might be more engaging for me because this is the first in depth interview of a serial killer’s child that I’ve ever listened to. It’s obviously very sad, but what’s good about it is that you get to witness how strong this awful man’s child was/became through it all. After the first third it is still interesting at times but not near as dense and entertaining. True Crime lovers, at the very least check out the beginning. Though it’s from 2018, this is one of the best new podcasts I’ve heard in 2019. For the first third of the podcast I give it 9.45 stars out of 10. For the last two thirds I give it 6.7 stars out of 10. Overall I give it 7.6 stars out of 10.

Tina (5/5)

I binge listened to this. I couldn’t wait for the next episode to begin. Melissa thank you for sharing your story, you’re so strong. Dan thank you for sharing your side of the story too, your words are so inspirational. Thank you!

So good (5/5)

I loved her voice and the way the story was told. I was disappointed when it was over. I could picture it all.

What about the victims (1/5)

You claim in your series that you wanted to identify his victims as real people. And all you did was give him more notoriety you let him speak for the victims in episode 8! Like how gross! You had an opportunity to take that narrative back to this victims and you gave him a voice instead. I’ve never written a review of a podcast but this was just too disgusting...

Over Produced (2/5)

Sooo much moody music, they obviously didn’t have enough content for the number of episodes. Next time just give us the content, a little music is ok, but this is ridiculous. Could not get through the series because of this, which is too bad, because it is a compelling story. The production make this podcast a fail for me.

Too much music (5/5)

There are odd, long music breaks in the beginning, but those don’t last after the first few episodes. Ends up being a very cathartic journey for all involved. The biggest impact being when Don/Leroy meets Melissa. You can absolutely feel the heartbreak and the healing that seems to result. Very well done.

Really. Really. Really. Boring (2/5)

I appreciate what they’re trying to do here, but it just droned on and on.

The music ugh (3/5)

I can’t get over how the weird music plays at certain times. I just cannot get past it. I’m so annoyed I cannot finish this one so I’m giving it a 3. The content isn’t horrible but I find it all so annoying.

Compelling story (5/5)

Loved this podcast, the production is great. I love the music that was used, it pulls everything together. It’s a heartbreaking story and my hope is Melissa and her family find peace as well as the victims families!

Big Props to Melissa (5/5)

This was really well done. They do a good job of explaining really hard details. Melissa comes from a place of innocence and a genuine desire to understand what happened.

Heads up about brutal animal torture? (3/5)

Hey, a little trigger warning would be nice before you go into detail about the horrific killing of a cat. I stopped listening after this.

Unique Perspectives, Some Issues (3/5)

I would suggest this if you are a fan of True Crime; it has the unique perspectives of several people who were touched by The Happy Face killer in one way or another in their lives. Melissa, obviously, but also Don/Leroy the son of one of the victims, and interviewers who had closer than normal contact with the killer. It’s not perfect as many have pointed out the music choices and ads, but my two main issues have to do with some of the pacing and focus. I feel the podcast could have been done in either less episodes or shorter episodes as there is some unnecessary repetition and dragging out for suspense; the subject matter is compelling enough that I don’t feel it need try to force suspense. As for the focus; it’s supposed to be about the people effected by the killings but a lot of time gets spent listening to the killer puffing himself up and telling his story. I know most listeners are there for the gory details but since it is so clear that the killer wants and thrives on the attention I prefer when they do not get quite so much of the spotlight. I still say it’s worth at least giving it a try.

All about her (1/5)

This woman should stop making all this things about her. She is sorry for something her dad did without her knowing, why? And what about the victims family? They don’t get anything from you apologizing. Stop making money from you father’s crimes. Music is terrible too, I had to fast forward most of the episodes.

Interesting story (3/5)

Interesting story. The music is horrible and annoying. I had to fast forward anytime the music would play.

Boring and self indulgent. (2/5)

Comes across like the daughter is just trying to draw out as much notoriety as she can from what her father did. I can imagine it makes the victims families a little uncomfortable. And then there’s also just not much of a story here. Just her looking at her past through the lens of having a serial killer for a father and drawing meaning from things he did during her childhood. Also the music breaks are awful. Music should add to what you’re doing, not distract and detract from the story.

Interesting content but poor execution (3/5)

I tried to like this podcast, the story is interesting but it just didn’t connect. The way the narrative is organized wasn’t very compelling for me.

Like it but... (4/5)

Koch Brothers sponsorship? Really?

5 stars (5/5)

Well done podcast. Super sad story and so interesting. Could not stop listening.

Can Don/Leroy Findley get his own podcast? (5/5)

I would 100% listen to that guy talk about life.

Enough with the music (2/5)

It’s an interesting story but the music is just ridiculous. It’s a true crime story not a movie. Also, the reporter rarely talks and the daughter speaks the entire time. It’s more like a conversation not an interview. Trying to get through to the last episode but it’s the most annoying true crime podcast I’ve listened to. Also, they talk about ghost.. a lot.

Engaging (4/5)

Solid narrative about a unique topic. The music was a detriment.

Sad and tragic (5/5)

Story is tragic. Music is terrible! Melissa does a great job telling her story. Reminds us all that evil does exist in this world and we have to live carefully. I also got from it the message that all children need a loving, nurturing home. What if Keith had been raised by loving parents?

Don’t bother (1/5)

Extremely slow storytelling about wretched people.

Music is so obnoxious (2/5)

I want to hear the story. Not constant indie music trying to be dramatic. Keep it simple.

Fascinating (5/5)

Great story telling from a unique point of view.

Great story, awful music (4/5)

Super compelling story. Really easy to get into. Absolutely hate the music choices and how prominent it is at times. Super distracting and worth the 15 second ffs to get back to the story.

Meh (3/5)

The music is played too often, and at times is just unbearable. The premise is fascinating, but not a lot of substance is really there. It served its purpose, but man, removing the music would undoubtedly help.

Good story (3/5)

I enjoyed the story but the background music was just obnoxious at times.

Annoying music (4/5)

Very good story but the music was so annoying. I had to fast forward because it was just way too much. But good story!

Riddled with ads and terrible music (1/5)

Ads every few minutes pushing the same annoying ads, some times they even repeat in the same episode! Be prepared to want to pull your hair out and throw your phone.

A bit self indulgent (3/5)

There’s a fine line between doing whatever it takes to recover from such an event and extending the trauma for whatever reason. While not a psychopath, she may have other personality disorders. She pretty much repeats her thoughts and neurosis over it in every episode. And, she has told and retold her story many times.

Love the content hate the theme music (5/5)

I thoroughly enjoyed the podcast, it’s well-told and sincere coming from Melissa’s POV. Only complaint is to change out the theme music!

Music is terrible (4/5)

i love this story but the music is almost unbearable. i found myself skipping forward every time the music would come on. overall compelling and a good listen

Not good (2/5)

As others have commented, the music is truly terrible and plays for long painful stretches. The daughter is not very insightful, and she starts off with telling a story about how her dad’s victim’s ghost caressed her one night. It’s super weird at times, pretty boring at others, and not very compelling at all. Don’t waste your time on this one.

More Killer less Melissa.. (2/5)

Happy Face is the title not Neurotic Melissa... This chick is making some dough though.

👍🏼 (1/5)

I think the podcast is great! Just way too many breaks & music.

Very boring (1/5)

So boring!

Love and hate. (3/5)

Love the content but hate the constant ads. And thankfully to this podcast I will NEVER shop any product advertised on the show.

Pretty decent podcast (3/5)

I liked the storyline, but some episodes seem to be repetitive. Lots of “last time on the show.” The music is pretty awful. I couldn’t tell why it was picked for the podcast...maybe to sound creepy? Either way - I wouldn’t listen if I didn’t like it, but not thrilled with it either.

Don’t listen (1/5)

It’s all music, ads, and frustrating.

Horrible music (4/5)

Great Podcast! ... but that music!? Horrible too many breaks with this long, droning, folky, just bad music. Amazing story really well done otherwise.

An interesting story told in the worst way imaginable (1/5)

The first few episodes detailing Keith’s life and his crimes are a good listen. Over produced for sure, especially with the music, but interesting nonetheless. The vantage point of his own daughter promised for a fascinating look into the life of a monster. And then it’s all down hill from there. After that, it’s just episode after episode of Melissa crying and begging people to tell her she’s a good person. It’s really just a nauseating pity party at that point, with no real purpose or integrity.

Claptrap (1/5)

You couldn’t get that many stupid people together. Not even vaguely believably as truth.

Pass. (1/5)

Not worth listening too. There was some interesting dialogue but most is unnecessary. Just wasn’t content that needed a whole podcast series. The music and sound design were just bad. Too many long snippets of drawling music and bits of conversations that went on and on.

Too much laughing (3/5)

I know the laughter was explained in an early episode as being a nervous reaction, but I still found it to be disturbing. Some of it could have been edited out. It is jarring in juxtaposition to the story of this heinous monster

Intriguing (5/5)

Love the point of view in this podcast

Riveting, but music is horrendous (4/5)

I’m not one too write reviews. This is a very interesting podcast, but the music is horrible.

Just plain tacky (1/5)

As many others have written... started off good, could have been great but turns into irritating garbage. 10 times longer than it needed to be. Stretched on and on, so they could fit in as many horrible and tasteless ads as possible, or drive listeners insane by playing that stupid song over and over. Self-absorbed, attention seeking, ...etc etc.

Ok (2/5)

Very little actual content. Feels disjointed. Hard to follow. Way too much music. Easily half of every show.

Excellent podcast! (5/5)

Love all the details and insight into Keith....fascinating!

Great storyline, mediocre production (3/5)

I love the healing that this podcast provides for the daughter that is attempting to address her trauma. She is a strong woman, and I really admire her putting herself out there with her story. The actual production has a lot of unnecessary repetition. It sometimes feels like they are just reusing clips as fillers, rather than helping the storyline.

Very disturbing. (1/5)

It is very disturbing! The general public is not your therapist and we didn’t need to hear the graphic description of the murder of the poor kitten. The humming music during the letter reading is very annoying and could cause hearing damage. I hope that bastard gets exactly what he deserves.

Great but (5/5)

I wish the music was softer or absent!

Overly dramatic (2/5)

I agree with the other reviewers who enjoyed the first few episodes then got tired of the terrible music that just didn’t fit the story. I really expected to hear more about the actual crimes and not so much about how Keith was a hero dad. It also really bothered me that Melissa so easily refers to him as Dad or Father. I would just call him a monster! I barely made it through the last 3 episodes because as others have pointed out it becomes this drama filled pity party where Don/Leroy has to console Melissa and from then in it’s sobbing constantly. I feel sympathy for all the families affected by this evil sadist.

So many feels (5/5)

I happened to stumble upon this podcast while at work today. I am more than half way through it, it’s intense. The story is almost unbelievable. What an amazing journey for the family members, I wish them all the best. Nobody should ever have to experience what they did.

Good but music is distracting (4/5)

Good but music is too frequent to feel a contribution and rather comes off as a distraction

Happy Face (4/5)

well told story! they did a really good job explaining and it was an easy story to follow... not our fav music choice but we did enjoy the story on our long drive. good job 👏🏽

I wanted to score it higher... (3/5)

But other reviewers are right, Melissa is just...a lot to deal with. Too much coverage of her crying about everything. I actually can’t get through the last 3 episodes for this reason. I’m working on them but whenever I have to hear about her fears about being like her dad and crying/getting a therapy session from the producers, I have to shut it off and do something (anything) else.

So /so (4/5)

Good.. good .good then crying I get it it’s painful .but dang holler back when ur really ready to tell the story.. another thing that bugged me was,why wasn’t any of the other siblings in the podcast it’s like we listen to Melissa cry over and over like she was the only one affected by this idk at first it had me hooked and then it completely lost me

Fantastic (5/5)

Love to hear the story from his daughters point of view. Very well put together. I’m hooked

Underwhelming (3/5)

I tried so hard to like this podcast, but I struggled through it. Additionally, the music choices were absolutely terrible.

Loved it (5/5)

A great podcast and enjoyed the music that so many are complaining about. I thought it was really brave of Melissa to let us in on some of her darkest fears and thoughts. I loved how her and Don healed together after their meeting, you could hear in Don’s voice how much better he was after the experience. I will recommend this to my friends as a must listen!

Be prepared (2/5)

This is all about the daughters perspective and seems interesting, just not particularly happy with her crying with the victim’s son Don. It is not Don’s job to help you understand especially due to the fact that he experienced the situation as a victim. You’re not a victim of his murders, however you are allowed to feel shame, guilt, sadness and abandonment ect., from the treatment from him (father).But as a victim of murder violence myself they’re a different level of pain. Please don’t use surviving families to fill your void or put them in positions to calm you over your father, this is super insensitive and also manipulative due to the fact that it may be edited to appear this way.. See a professional I say this with love. Show well edited and tells a great story, please take a moment as Don is describing his mothers body to explain what he’s showing you with his hands and word things as if you’re writing a book. Also explain surroundings like the highway and the meeting with your ex.A great example is David Ridgen the Creator of “Someone Knows Something.” He paints pictures with his words, also gives you more content. Also reduce ads, seems gouache to monetize so much off of this.

Incredible (4/5)

Hearing first hand the perspective of those impacted by the evil committed by someone they loved is fascinating. The music sets a tone and reflects the eeriness lurking inside...

Nearly impossible to get through (2/5)

The concept is great, the topic could be interesting. The music is AWFUL and the ad breaks are constant. Made it through 2.5 episodes, and I can't do it anymore. Less "art" and more facts, please!

Wanted to like it (2/5)

The story and the interviews are great and I wanted to love it but the music ruined it for me. Way too much of it!

Okay podcast, incredibly annoying folksy music (2/5)

I am enjoying the concept of the podcast, it’s an interesting story. However, after the constant breaks of the random folk music that is placed throughout, it feels disjointed and doesn’t connect with the story at all. It annoys me so much that I had to pause the podcast to write a review about this because I don’t understand why the creators of the podcast felt like they had to keep putting the cheesy woman singing throughout the show. Save it for the intro or the end, it doesn’t add anything, it doesn’t cause drama or evoke emotion- it’s just really, really annoying.

Confused perspective, annoying music (2/5)

The focus on the daughter of a serial killer was unique, but it felt disjointed and misguided at times. This podcast does not have the feel of a true crime drama so much as a episodic therapy session for the daughter. I understand that this has become a bit of a career for her. I left feeling that there may be secondary gain issues with respect to the daughter’s motives in participating in this podcast series. I could go on at length, but several reviewers have raised this concern as well. On top of concerns over the questionable motives for the podcast, the presentation made it hard to enjoy. There were frequent commercial interruptions, as well as unusual music breaks. The music was not my taste and went on far longer than seemed necessary. The podcast was not put together well, at least in my opinion.

Brilliantly told, hoping for more angles (4/5)

I’m on the third episode and totally addicted to how tightly this is told. Really gripping. However, the show has blind spots. Namely, there hasn’t been much discussion of the victims themselves. There seems to be an obsession with the narrator understanding her father, which makes sense, but in the process the lives of the women he tortured and killed feel, frankly, obscured.

Interesting and I appreciated hearing from Melissa’s POV/her story (4/5)

I started listening to this podcast as it felt more like Melissa’s story and I found that part more compelling than just hearing about a really sick/mentally ill serial killer. It felt very human to me and honest in its storytelling. One area I wished they’d given a little more info on was what happened to the other two kids. Are they ok? Are they estranged? Did their lives go down a path of misfortune due to their upbringing? It’s obvious they want to remain anonymous, but I would have appreciated knowing more than a general anecdote in how the rest of the family ended up...

Not a true crime podcast. (3/5)

Most of this podcast was really interesting. The rest of it sounded like the daughter having a public therapy session. It seemed a lot more dramatic than it needed to be. She has a lot she needs to work through that she hasn’t yet. It felt voyeuristic to be listening to some of it. And then it seemed like she’s trying to profit off this reputation. I’m leaving the podcast unsure of how I feel about it.

Interesting. (3/5)

Interesting, most of it sounded sped up it was super annoying trying to keep up with it when some of it sounds fast forwarded..

Too many episodes (3/5)

It’s a decent show

Don kindley (1/5)

I feel terrible for Don but it’s over the top His mother Abandoned him and was never in his life.

Great podcast but border lining self absorption (4/5)

This is a great podcast that provide insights to lives of victims people otherwise would not have access to. It’s a true crime podcast with a fresh angle. And Melissa’s experience is quite unique. But I can’t help to wonder what makes Melissa seek spotlight and expose her private Life so much. One line bothers me from the podcast, “Melissa hasn’t seen her mother in years”. Don’t know if I have heard it right, but why can’t she reach to everyone without the audio and the media attention. It would be helpful if she can explain this to listeners.

Great podcast, terrible music (4/5)

Skipped ahead every time the music played, still confused why podcasts need to have their own theme song.

Music (3/5)

That’s hilarious! I thought the same thing. The music was terrible. I had to fast forward.

Enough with the music (3/5)

Good story. I get the advertisements but why so much filler with music? So annoying

Could have been great! (3/5)

Started strong then a few episodes in it dwindles into a story about Melissa’s exaggerations in the little things and glazing over the big things. It’s not a story about the happy face killer, it’s about what Melissa believes she remembers... though most of what she remembers seems to be what she’s been told for so long by family, she now believes those memories are hers. Great concept but slightly missed the mark. I wish Melissa healing and hope she finds what she’s looking for but I don’t think what she should be looking for is podcasts and documentaries.

Pitch Black (4/5)

This show is one of the darkest I’ve ever heard. It is ridiculously depressing. While I appreciate what it’s trying to do, it is also ethically dubious and relentlessly dreary... it should’ve been just 4 or 5 episodes instead of 12... it goes on and on hitting the same beats.

Not what i expected-thank god. (5/5)

I was coming into this podcast expecting/wanting it to be an investigative point of view. After two episodes i was wondering-what’s the point of this? Thank God i kept listening. We don’t need more Netflix shows about Ted Bundy’s life, we don’t need anymore attention on the killers. The VICTIMS and their families are the only ones who matter. Melissa’s story and Dons story had me in tears. Some listeners are calling Melissa an “attention-seeker”...I think Charles Manson, Ted Bundy, Ed Kemper, Keith Jesperson are the real attention-seekers. And justice only prevails when the victims speak out. This podcast is powerful.

Victims Get Revictimized (1/5)

I can’t imagine what life has been like for Melissa Moore. But I have to wonder if continually bringing up the subject of her father’s crimes in media is a good idea for her health. I e seen her before in an episode or two of various crime TV shows. Then she got her own TV show where she went to the families of her father’s victims to apologize and hear their stories. It’s because of one episode in that series that I struggle to listen to this podcast. One of the mothers of the victims tells Melissa to stop bringing all of her father’s crimes into the spotlight. Every time Melissa does, it re- reals the hearts of the families. They have to go through their pain and anguish again and again. I like true crime podcasts but for some reason this one bothers me tremendously. It’s like Melissa needs the attention to give herself absolution for her father’s crimes. Where is a good therapist to tell her she is blameless? She was a kid. A little kid who could no more control her father’s actions than she could control the weather. Let’s stop giving this woman attention so she can stop giving her father attention.

Awful music (3/5)

Decent story but it’s constantly interrupted with music that goes on so long at times you’ll forget what’s happening. You can hardly get more than 40 seconds before the loud acoustic guitar and singing comes back. Ruins the experience.

Music is good (5/5)

You have to be creatively sterile to not enjoy the music in this podcast. It’s appropriate and the story is well told.

Engaging story, HORRIBLE music (3/5)

What an engaging story from a unique point of view! Melissa is a genuine and insightful story teller and she brings an intimate view to a tragic story. Definitely worth a listen but oh my god is the music terrible. The music goes on for too long and often just does NOT fit the feel of the story. So awkward and terrible.

Good story bad tunes (4/5)

The story and hearing from the daughter is a twist. Enlightening to hear from the daughter and how this transformed her life. The music is bad and some of those sounds actually hurts my ears. Had to skip ahead a certain times.

Horrible (2/5)

Very attention seeking! I don’t understand why the daughter visited the Ex or why she keep tying the story to herself. The daughter is very attention seeking just like her father! You were a young kid let it go. Nooooo you didn’t see blood on the ceiling and noooo there’s no ghost. Please just tell the story

Enjoyable (4/5)

Starts very good. Then it kinda wears out. But the music is non-tolerable at times.

Great Story (5/5)

Truly remarkable journey of self-discovery and redemption of the soul. Narration and production is excellent. To be honest it really grips you at certain points and it can be challenging to really take it all in. Both my parents are no longer here with me and I really understand grief and how painful it can be. This is a gut wrenching story for anyone wanting to know more about loss, recovery, forgiveness, darkness, effects of abusive behavior and just how much impact our upbringing can really leave on our soul.

One of the best! Gives me chills 😱 (5/5)

I love this podcast. The storytelling and production is on point! Talking heads bore me. This one had me hanging on every word.

Been waiting for this! (4/5)

I’ve been waiting for a podcast from Melissa! My only feedback would be to check sources. Dr. Carlisle had binders of letters from Keith and anyone who talked to him in depth about them KNEW that they were full of lies and embellishments. To gain from their correspondence you needed to not take these letters at face value, but look at WHY Keith was telling stories the way he was.

Amazing (5/5)

I love being able to hear the family of the killers point of view

Music reviews are wrong! (4/5)

I’m only halfway though, but one of my favorite things about this is the haunting music. It’s perfect. I really don’t understand all the negative reviews.

People be cray (5/5)

I LOVED this podcast and have absolutely no idea why so many of the reviews discuss the music as detractive and so terrible. I adored the music, and thought it set the pace appropriately for the theme of the podcast. Interesting story and even BETTER music. Rock on my friends!!

Very interesting! (5/5)

I had never heard of this story until I stumbled across this podcast. I was immediately drawn in. I have always been interested in truck drivers who are also sociopaths/narcissists. It’s a lifestyle that allows them to act out. I actually enjoyed the creepy/haunting music. I feel bad for Julie’s son but like others have said, I think he struggles to negotiate his image of her versus her reality/lifestyle. It was not her fault in any way. She was not a good mother it appears. I feel for all affected by this monster. This podcast is worth the listen and is binge-worthy.

Captivating (5/5)

Captivating podcast! Kept me totally engaged and I ended up binge-listening to the whole thing instead of pacing myself as planned.

Difficult to listen due to music (1/5)

The topic of this podcast is interesting and i think it could have been great. It was so poorly produced though that I gave up on it after I was almost done with the story — I couldn’t stand the terrible music anymore. There would be a great small stretch of conversation or you’re learning something interesting about the dad or her family, and then they’d cut it off to play horrible, very long music that took away from the story you were just listening to. It broke it up way too much to stay involved. the music was such a bad choice, it was actually kind of gross. The whole story would benefit from a complete do-over.

Excessive wining (2/5)

Like many have said it started off strong. Yes the music is a bit much, but I can forgive that. I felt once you begin the Don/Leroy episode, it begins the constant wining of Melissa afraid she will end up like her dad. She seems to use this as a crutch or excuse as to why she does not want to commit in relationships or for preventing her own happiness with life in general. I understand why there would be a worry to have some of her dad’s trait(s), but there is no need to have several episodes droning on with the same theme. Also, Don/Leroy is a bit much. I get that his mom was murdered and he wants to hold her up, but it does not seem like she was a very present mother during his childhood. Then he flips scripts and praises her like she was the best mother ever?! Strange...

Terrible Music! (3/5)

The content of the podcast was interesting but the music is absolutely dreadful to the point where I had to stop listening.

Good Content-Terrible Music (5/5)

Love the pod. Love the content. But holy smokes the music is miserable and always so long.

Binge worthy (5/5)

I listened to this entire series in one day. I thought it was great. I little frightening - but it was a great journey to be a part of, I hope Melissa and her siblings are healing. Music was not bad, a little melancholy. But this podcast is not Suzy sunshine. The music fit the story.

Review (5/5)

The focus is on the daughter of a serial killer. She’s mentioned directly in the synopsis so I’m not sure why it’s mentioned as a negative in the reviews. I like the direction of the podcast as it gives insight into something not often highlighted in true crime. Also, I enjoyed the music. 🤷🏻‍♀️

Beautifully done (5/5)

Heartbreaking and inspiring at the same time. Thank you for sharing your journey with us, Melissa! Don’t listen to the haters on here. They don’t get it. Also, the music is perfect. Thank you to everyone involved with this podcast.

Review (4/5)

Thank you Melissa for sharing your story. Hoping you found some peace now that you’ve faced some of the demons in your past. You are a good person!

Great story Telling (5/5)

I love how this case is presented with all the interviews and interrogation recordings

Interesting story/awful music (3/5)

The story is interesting but the music is AWFUL! Really detracts from the podcast :(

Okay . . . (3/5)

I really liked the first few episodes - but as it went on, it got a little wearing to listen to Melissa constantly, almost like whine throughout the full episodes. Lost the story of the other victims and just focused on her and Don/LeRoy.

Ignore the music reviews (3/5)

I almost didn’t listen solely because all the reviews talk about how horrid the music is, but it’s actually not bad. Truly dramatic reviewers. I think the perspective of the daughter of a serial killer is very interesting, but did not deserve the entire series dedicated to it. She’s a victim in her own way, but she’s still alive. You have eight women who are no longer alive who receive barely any mention throughout the entire series.

Couldn’t finish it (2/5)

The Titled character, the happy face killer, feels more like a side bar than the main topic. This is more about a girl with daddy issues going on a self finding trip. Combining that with the understated interview style, screaming of NPR and the awful music they use eventually made it unlistenable. Perhaps, others are into that sort of thing. If you tuned in for a serial killer podcast, this likely isn’t for you. The Zodiac Killer podcast is far better.

Not worth your time (2/5)

Terrible overbearing music over the conversations. No info given about actual crimes committed, leaving one lost for most of the story. And as usual the killer is portrayed as some suave mastermind instead of a straight up loser that never developed social skills to deal with his emotions.

Good but.... (3/5)

The story is incredibly interesting. And it’s already been said, and can’t be said enough: the music is atrocious and doesn’t even fit the mood of the story. Thankfully, you can forward through it.

Good podcast. Terrible music!!!!! (3/5)

The podcast is good but the music choices are AWFUL. There are a lot of commercials too which is a mood killer. I fast forward through them and when the music comes on because it’s painful to listen to.

Not Great (2/5)

I feel like this podcast assumes that the listener knows all about the happy face killer and his crimes. I know that the focus was how these crimes impacted the daughter of the killer but there were only hints and glimpses into the crimes that actually occurred. Save for the son of one the victims that seemed to drone on forever. The rest of the podcast felt like a series of memories and short stories from the daughter and ex wife that were all over the place. Not well organized and not enough to hold my interest

All but the music (5/5)

Agree with a lot of other reviews. I enjoyed the raw reality but I HATED the music. I’m an easy grader so still have 5 stars and would recommend but the music was excruciating.


waaay overuses! TBD whether I will continue to listen because of that!

Happy Face (5/5)

This Podcast has been done with such respect to the victims and in such a concise and detailed manner. Enjoy it very much. Also I live the music played throughout, it adds to the level of emotion and intensity of the topic at the time it is played. Well done!

Horrible music (3/5)

Ugh the music is sooo annoying throughout the podcast. 🙄😐

WOW! Just finished season 1 (5/5)

I just wrapped up a binge of season one and each episode brought a raw, gripping account of Melissa’s journey as she comes to terms with her father’s gruesome crimes. The inclusion of different sources and interviews really rounds out the story.

Really good podcast, annoying music (4/5)

I am really enjoying this podcast... it’s fascinating! However, the music that is played ALL THE TIME is so annoying. I wish it wasn’t there or something different.

Good story but the music is painful (4/5)

Good, creepy, disturbing podcast. The music is AWFUL. Really annoying. I just fast forward through it but it’s painful, people. P A I N F U L !

Melissa is selfish (2/5)

Good podcast. I could never put myself in her shoes. But, how come not once do we hear from the siblings. Just seems like she’s using this to get famous herself. She’s hot, don’t get me wrong. Feels like she’s using it to have an excuse out of her marriage too. Hard to respect that. Why get married and have kids if you know you’re not all there? She’s educated, she should know better

Could be trigger (5/5)

I can’t imagine being the daughter telling such a story. True crime is intriguing but this is told by the daughter of a serial killer. Adds a new emotion. One episode describes a scene I don’t know I’ll ever get out of my head.

Riveting and Raw Emotion (5/5)

Huge applause for showing the vulnerability and allowing others to hear her story. I was so fasinated that I ended up also reading the book about her father to better understand his mind. Regardless congrats on her bravery for opening up and sharing. This will help others out there. Excellent work!

Extremely Brave (5/5)

I have nothing but sympathy and support for Melissa. Researching and telling her story to the whole world to hear was very brave of her. Knowing she had the blood of a serial killer running through her veins and thinking she may turn out the same way carried a weight none of us can truly understand. Thank you Melissa and God Bless.

Happy Face (3/5)

I would have given this 5 stars.. but when the focus turned to Don, the very troubled son of the Keith’s last victim-he was hard to listen to and 2 entire episodes devoted to him was unnecessary-annoying. I also didn’t like Melissa’s treatment of her exes. Some of her comments seemed a little petty and one sided. I guess I just didn’t care as much about her story as Keith’s. Keith’s history and interviews and Melissa’s childhood experiences with her father were however riveting and saved this from a 1 star rating. IMO

The music... (3/5)

The story is interesting, but the music can be excessive. I just want the story. I don’t need fluff.

Thank you! (5/5)

Melissa said, “Identity is really about our self beliefs, and we operate our lives by the beliefs we carry about who we are.” So powerful. This podcast is beautifully done. I had no clue that in the end it would helped to heal me and struggles I have in my relationship with my own father. Thank you all for sharing your story!

It’s ok, but drones on and on. (2/5)

The first few episode were good, but then it quickly turns into this “poor me” podcast. I get it, she’s the daughter of a serial killer. But it was a bit too narcissistic for me towards the end. Couldn’t finish listening to the last couple of episodes.

So great! (5/5)

It’s a different look at a true crime pod and very refreshing. It’s also heart warming that I wasn’t expecting. Couldn’t recommend more.

Super interesting. (5/5)

Really compelling story, but the music is annoying.

Can’t stop listening (5/5)

This is a fascinating podcast as told by the daughter of the subject. True crime lovers should love it. Highly recommend!

Interesting POV (4/5)

This is a great podcast as long as you aren't going into it wanting to hear about all the crimes. A true crime podcast would be better for that. But, this is a unique take on the story of a serial killer told by his daughter. More about her father's reverberrating impact than his actual crimes.

Very Interesting and binge worthy (5/5)

Despite what a lot of other reviews state, the music is fine and fits the theme. The podcast is well done, well edited and the story line is intriguing.

Rare peak (5/5)

Rare peak into the lives, grief, and healing processes of tertiary victims; not only the raped, assaulted or killed are affected by these killers and rapists. The children of victims and the families of the killer tell their stories- and it brings grisly reality to the true crime we sometimes disconnect from our own realities.

Melodramatic, poor editing (2/5)

This started out okay, then quickly fizzled, becoming melodramatic as the daughter of the Happy Face killer tries to find ways to say she’s just like her dad, even though she’s not. The editing is terrible too. You listen to long sections of interviews that drone on and on. Disappointing.

Gripping (5/5)

Could not stop listening. Loved it !

Oddly this was very identifiable to me (5/5)

And the music was painful at first but there’s a button for that. Fast forward. I finally started listening to the music around ep 7. curiously wondering whether it was Melissa herself and that’s why always that same female suicidal sounding song... i liked it when I heard the words.

If you want psych 101, listen to this. (1/5)

But if you want an actual story about the killer, don’t waste your time. It’s all about the daughter’s feelings and issues. Pretty boring, frankly, although I do feel for her.

Omg, The Music... (2/5)

I really wanted to keep listening to this podcast but the random intervals of this weird folk music has turned me off completely. I truly tried to get over it but I just can’t. I understand an Intro and an Outro but this is in ridiculous. I just can’t.

Well told, good flow and music is fine (4/5)

I almost didn’t listen to this because of all the reviews about the music being irritating. I am pretty picky about background music so didn’t listen to this for a while. I am now on the 3rd or 4th episode and the music not only isn’t bad, it adds to the mood. So if you’ve been not listening because of the reviews, give it a chance and judge for yourself. I’m going to keep listening.

Podcast (3/5)

Fascinating story, but by the end the daughter was a bit excessive. I can only imagine the horror she has and will continue to go through. she and everyone she brings into her life will have to compete with those horrors. So again, no one wins. Thank you for putting this story together.

Great, just needs a minor change (4/5)

I’ve been looking for a new true crime podcast that truly pulls you in. This was it. However, the only thing that I could do without was the music.

Good content, horribly put together (3/5)

The story is intriguing but enough with the horrible music breaks. They are totally unnecessary and they ruin the flow of the plot.

Music is too loud (4/5)

I love this podcast but some of the music in between the dialogue are s really loud and annoying.

SO much music and commercials (3/5)

I think between the recaps, commercials, and music breaks, the actual information is only about half of the interview. I don’t know that I can finish this podcast- super annoying to me.

Smiley face (4/5)

Great story, horrible music!

Very interesting (4/5)

I really liked this show because it showed how complicated family relationships can be and how we can overcome a legacy of tragedy. I’m glad she’s made progress in understanding that she’s not like her dad and isn’t going to repeat his mistakes.

Love! (5/5)

I absolutely loved hearing the daughters perspective and how it shaped her life.

Horrible distracting music (2/5)

The content is interesting but the music they play is so distracting and overdone. It’s hard to push past it.

Really Enjoyed This Podcast (4/5)

Not 5 stars but definitely 4. Heart tugging episodes, especially the "Don" episode. Love the music, think I'll buy it if I can find it. Worth your time to listen.

Stop at episode 8 (3/5)

Great podcast through episode 8! Then, 9-12 are all about the daughter not wanting attention or to be linked to her father but making efforts for attention and to be linked. She cries a lot with Don and that made me uncomfortable. V v weird last 4 episodes.

So good (5/5)

I listen to this podcast in one day I couldn’t stop listening. It’s so chilling and such a personal side that you don’t hear often. I have recommended it to many of my friends and will most likely listen to it again. If your into true crime this is a must listen to!

I feel raw now (4/5)

Between the interviews & the personal insights into Melissa’s feelings & life I feel like I just went through an emotional riptide. The music is haunting, the interviews are emotional & I couldn’t stop listening. Binged the entire thing in one day.

Music is off-putting (3/5)

I think this podcast could be really good, but I agree with many other reviewers - focus is WAY too much on the music. Music should be in the background, but in listening to this on my headphones, the music was much louder than the speaking and I had to keep turning it up and down. And, in my opinion, for a half hour episode, FAR too much time is spent on commercials.

Good podcast (3/5)

I liked this one, and appreciate the perspective of a daughter dealing with her father’s crimes. I didn’t like the music, and it’s a little overly dramatic at times.

Hmm (3/5)

Love true crime everything-music was weird, crimes were creepy and interesting, cool supernatural vibes, respect to victims was solid, focus on daughter felt odd at times. Try it out!

Wanted to like it, but... (2/5)

Interesting story, disappointing that it’s 80% filler. Mostly commercials, recaps, and music.

Compelling interviews (4/5)

Enjoying the podcast but the music is awful

Interesting story but bad production (2/5)

As with other listeners, I too looked forward to the story but found it fell short with all the weird (and extremely dragged out) music and transitions. Even the ads, I’m not sure why, but they so ruin the mood of the actual podcast it’s very weird. Also, episode 7 is like listening to two drunk people comforting each other. It seems a little contrived. All of this could have been just one 1-hour story.

Binge worthy (5/5)

Listened to the entire series in 24 hrs, it is so good and raw. Very upsetting, but highly interesting to listen and understand from the kids point of view.

Really great! (4/5)

So good. Love the perspective and Melissa is amazing. This isn’t a podcast you can listen to while working or doing other things. I usually can only listen to it while I’m driving because of all the little details and how it moves around so much. 4 stars because of the music.. not well scored. While the music is pretty it just doesn’t fit and becomes distracting. Overall though I love this and hope they come out with more!❤️

Great Podcast, Great Music (5/5)

Very well done podcast, and I’m thoroughly enjoying everything about it.

Good content, bad music (4/5)

I enjoyed this podcast! Great content, discussions and interviews. However the music is soo bad and there’s too much of it.

Repetitive, needs editing, (2/5)

There is only about 4 episodes of material h in Happy Face that is stretched out into too many episodes with long introductions and segments that repeat the same material —sometimes three times—and the same annoying ads over and over. They make a similar mistake with the music. Hire an editor, please. Melissa and Don—You’ve told your story well and it’s a heartbreaking one. Wash your hands of any further mention of that worthless psychopath Kevin. He deserves not a single second of the rest of your life. Stop trying to understand him. Stop talking about him. Stop thinking he has any relevance at all to now. He doesn’t. He’s a bad accident that you survived.

Amazing story brilliantly told (5/5)

Just when you thought the true crime genre was thoroughly tired, an approach to it this immediate redefines what it can be. I’m late to the party on this podcast, but that meant I could binge the whole thing (which I did). Totally rewarding in unexpected ways.

Melissa Moore’s reimagining if events (1/5)

To fit her narrative and keep the money coming in. It’s pathetic that this is what she turns to in order to make money. The sad part is, she doesn’t need to make anything up. The truth is interesting enough.

Poor production, easily disliked people (1/5)

Music was so many commercials. A daughter trying to capitalize on her father’s murders. The biggest twist was finding out that the daughter also killed someone when she was 15 in an abortion.

Dragged out and whiny (2/5)

I could not listen after the first few episodes. Melissa was just too whiny and the focus on her was far too drawn out. There should have been more of a focus on the victims and the actual murderer. Maybe in episodes to come? This has some potential if you get rid of the awful music and try to get Melissa to stop making everything about her. The series was disjointed and needs some work.

Heartbreaking (5/5)

Hi I was hooked from the first episode. My heart felt for everyone involved. I was brought to tears several times. I just hope everyone has found some peace. My thoughts go out to everyone involved.

So far so good.. bad music (4/5)

I’m loving the way the story is told. The honesty is chilling and so moving. The music is terrible and the reason I Only giving for stars.

Annoying (2/5)

I agree with other listeners. Music is really annoying and I’m not a fan of the “recording” sound bite of someone narrating Keith. Stupid podcast.

Shh (3/5)

Shh, do you hear that? It’s the sound of a poorly timed inappropriately chipper pampers ad in the middle of a gruesome murder mystery. Maybe a different ad campaign for the content.

good journalism but... (2/5)

There seemed to be a cognitive dissonance with the choice of music and how much of it was used as a narrative component. I found myself almost wanting to stop listening just because of the music, which feels cloying and rather exploitive of this very real tragedy.

I recommend it (5/5)

Melissa is a brave woman who deserves to live a happy life. I appreciate that she was able to share her life journey and that she talked to Don who seems to be a forgiving and caring person. I enjoyed the whole podcast. Music, interviews, and production. Thanks!

Well done! (5/5)

Well researched and reported. I’m impressed!

New Perspective (4/5)

As someone who is interested in true crime, this podcast is very interesting because it shows a perspective that I feel like is often forgotten. While we typically focus on the perpetrator and the victims of their crimes, we often don’t think about the other people who were victimized by them but in a less obvious way...this is a good reminder that everyone comes from somewhere and that damage can be immeasurable. My only complaint is having to listen to the Ron Burgundy Podcast commercial over and over and over and over; it’s incredibly irritating and doesn’t match the tone of the podcast.

Good at the beginning, then fell flat. (2/5)

I really loved the first 5 or so episodes. Very interesting concept, well-produced, and just fascinating overall. It ended up feeling very drawn out to me. Like it could have had half the number of episodes. What really felt the worst to me was they kept harping on the fact that Melissa thought her genes would turn her into a serial killer. Just felt very over the top. I wanted to shake her and say that BECAUSE she’s worried, so won’t be!

The other side’s perspective (5/5)

If you’re tired of true crime culture not focusing enough on victims, this podcast is your answer. Ms. Moore demonstrates how there are many victims created by serial killers in addition to the women they’ve murdered. Tragic, uplifting, and nuanced, this podcast is a refreshing change from the typical true crime podcast.

Great Podcast, Crappy Music (4/5)

I’m on episode 4 and this podcast is really interesting! The music is pretty crappy and doesn’t seem to fit with the flow of the podcast.

Commercials come at awkward times (3/5)

This story is very intriguing and easy to get into. Initially it is difficult to figure out if the daughter (Melissa )or the mother (Rose)is talking. My biggest complaint however is the awkward timing of the commercials. You’re in the middle of this gripping tail and all of a sudden there is music and talk of another serial killer and the transition is incredibly distracting.It also seems compared to other podcast I’ve listen to that the commercials are more frequent. It is actually getting to the point where I don’t know if I can continue the series. Other than that the story is interesting.

I can’t believe I’ve never heard of this (4/5)

Love the pod hate the music

Odd layout (3/5)

The way this is done, you really have to do some of your own research into Keith. It took until around episode 7 or so to finally get a snippet about HOW he was caught, when that's a pretty important detail. Interesting story but Melissa rubbed me the wrong way. I know going through what she has has shaped her, but I thought she mostly just proved to be an emotional manipulator. Not surprising at all, given her father, but she's not someone I would want to be around. I really lost interest around episode 8, with the emotional soul wringing done by her and Leroy.

All you need to know (so don't bother to listen)... (1/5)

Not worth your time. I agree that Melissa is capitalizing off her fathers story, which I wouldn't mind if they had told the full story. There are not that many serial killers who are still alive and we had a really unique opportunity to tell multiple sides of this story. Failing to interview the killer is a huge flaw. If the daughter would do it the producer should have. What could have been really informative, interesting and groundbreaking was a just a bust. Long story short Melissa dad is a serial killer and it negatively impacted her life. Now you don't have to listen to the podcast!

Annoying music to fill the gaps (3/5)

I’m only on the second episode and I find it annoying these are only half an hour long or so and there’s depressing music from one story to another. The stories go from going down a timeline to random memories, to someone reading her father’s letters and interviews with her mom. The stories are fine but then music and instrumental music is used to fill the gaps to the point where I’m trying to fast forward to get to the talking. The music would make more sense if this was on tv. You’d probably here this music and watch silent video of the daughter and her siblings in a home video or her working and laughing or perhaps pictures of her dad smiling which would contrast to the music and interviews so show he had this good side but also evil side. The music doesn’t translate well on podcast. Though, it may be better if you’re driving long distances. At home though, it’s annoying

The Music is awful (3/5)

The way they interjected the music and the type of music in this podcast was so grating. It really bugged me.

4 stars (4/5)

Enjoyed it. I feel like it got a little slow and repetitive at the end with not a ton of new information but overall really good!

Weird tones (3/5)

During some parts of the podcast there is a background tone that makes it very difficult to hear the speaker. I’m not sure why they have this but I wish they would take it off.

Happy face (5/5)

Melissa Moore‘s journey from the first podcast to the last was raw and honest and compelling. I found myself pushing through each episode to get to the next one. She is definitely a survivor. Melissa, if you’re reading this, shame on anyone who is ever criticize you or accuse you of benefiting financially or socially because of what happened. You were entitled to process what happened to you in anyway you need to. In short, screw the critics.

Interesting but overproduced (4/5)

Like other reviewers I think this is a great podcast but the music is so distracting. I think most episodes are about 35-40 minutes but I’d guess about 25 minutes of actual content, the rest is filler music and ads. I don’t know if it’s because the nature of the story is a little disjointed to begin with and they needed to break it up with the music or what but it’s so distracting and really annoying. However, the content of the podcast is really super interesting and definitely allows you to overlook the production problems. It’s still worth the listen.

Emotional and Genuine. CA88 (5/5)

I thoroughly enjoyed the podcast and I felt that Melissa was very emotionally raw In her interviews in describing her father Keith and her upbringing with him. You really get a more inside look on Keith the man as a whole. I liked how instead of dragging on with the interviews it would cut to away to bits of Keith explaining the process of murdering his victims. I also enjoyed the episode with dr Fallon and thought he provided informative bits about psychopathy and sociopathy . Overall it’s a nicely constructed podcast and I would recommend to a friend.

My Opinion (4/5)

The interviews were clear, it gave plenty of time for Melissa to speak about how she feels and get everything off of her chest as she is able to tell her story. The podcast is catered towards all people, but not children. As it can help others realize what is out there and how this story can help researchers read and study this story from their point of view. The reliability behind this podcast is very high, as it had witnesses and others actually being a part of the study. The podcast is more interesting than entertaining; this is a four out of five star podcast to me.

Happy Face Killer Review (5/5)

The Podcast gave me a direct understanding of the idea of someone having sociopathic genetic markup does not make them a killer. It was very informational in a sense that it opened me up to new ideas and concepts in the debate of “Brain of a killer VS brain of a sociopath”. The podcast was very reliable given that it had a neuropsychologist giving their point of view and it wasn’t just someone off the street. It was a bonus to see how Dr. Fallon himself had a psychopathic genetic markup. I found the Podcast very interesting and very informational.

Chilling details (4/5)

The two episodes from the podcast is the background story of Keith Jesperson told through his eldest daughter Melissa’s point of view. Melissa narrates the story from her earliest memory of him to what she is currently battling today. The podcast touched bases on different types of mental illnesses that her father has, as well as her concerns on if she has some of those illnesses. It shows the battle that she had trying to find her identity since everyone said she favors her father. The podcast also includes brief moments with Melissa having a conversation with her mom, as well as Melissa having conversations with doctors. This podcast was not intended to created to attract a certain audience, since it was general information that was given. This podcast can be seen as closure to those who wanted to know how the kids grew up in an environment with him and how they turned out. This podcast was very interesting because it gives first hand information on what it was like living with a serial killer before he actually turned into one. Although this podcast is very interesting, I would not use this as a source to diagnose patients since the doctor only scratched the surface on a handful of mental illnesses.

Very Informative (5/5)

I enjoy how reserved Melissa is throughout the podcast. She speaks of such a traumatic experience in a very calm manner, which enables the listeners to focus on the story itself. I feel like this podcasts lends itself to all listiners regardless of their level of education or profession because of how casually the story flows. The podcast was a great listen, it was captivating and informative.

Good interview,Horrible Editing (3/5)

dfvjhiuvhiuhviu fjkfvuihviufn

Interesting real story... (5/5)

As far as I have listened to, Melissa’s story is really interesting, quite unique and controversial. From the very first episode it gave me goosebumps just from hearing it, and I like how it brings up testimonies given by Keith Hunter himself and his daughter’s, who is ultimately the focus but of the story. It feels like you are traveling into their home as you hear the different obstacles they faced with Keith being part of their family, and the anecdotes they tell along the podcast are really vivid and filled with imagery. It really feels like you are part of Melissa’s story. Catherine Rodriguez

Interesting (4/5)

I enjoyed listening to this podcast and it is interesting to hear it from the point of view of the daughter. I feel that this podcast is catered to anyone who is interested in getting more insight of sociopathy. The interviews are clear and explained well. It is up to date and reliable.

useful (5/5)

Very interesting story, I believe the information will be useful for psychology students and will help understand those types of crimes. Also it will be entertaining for poeple whi enjoywatching criminal showas, but since this is based on a real story I would say people should not really enjoy the podcast in that extent. The fact that it is an interview makes it easier for the listener to understand and kind of feel Melissa and experience her admiration and love towards her father and then the fear and how terrified she was of him. easy language is used, a wide group of people are able to understand the podcast, there is not a specific group of people who will be more adecuate to listen to the story but I believe law, criminalistic, and psychology students will benefit from listening to the poscast. The podcast is reliable, since Melissa is the own dauther of the serial killer and they mentioned the letters he sent to the police.

Happy Face Review (5/5)

Excellent podcast. Very reliable as it comes from the closest possible sources to the case. Full of facts and interviews to people that were involved. Catered for everyone who is interested in the matter and created so everyone can understand. Rarely they use certain terms that would limit certain viewers from understanding.

Spoiler alert, this podcast is amazing! (5/5)

Happy Face will make you cry but also laugh. I was extremely moved by the host, Melissa G. Moore. Her family’s story is sad but also so powerful, it really attests to how strong humans can be. The interviews were very well done and they showed the listeners raw emotion. Other interviews were psychologically based, which I found to be both interesting and credible. There is something for everyone in this podcast. You will truly appreciate what you have in life and realize that there are others out there who are going through a harder time.

Disappointed (1/5)

This podcast is such a letdown. I love the concept of focusing on the serial killer’s family and hearing their side of the story, and I don’t think many true crime podcasts have taken that route. But there is little to no overarching narrative, which makes the story very hard to follow. Episodes are a disjointed collection of anecdotes from interviews, which on their own or strung together in a cohesive narrative would be fascinating, but instead are confusing and difficult to place in the overall story. The music is fine but way overused. Overall, a huge waste of incredible interviews and a great concept!

Awful (1/5)

Melissa would have been much better off if she had just gone to see a therapist. Half of the things talked about in this show were completely irrelevant.

Great interviews, horrendous music (4/5)

Really great podcast overall. Great interviews and content. Unfortunately it’s cut together with this absolutely terrible singer singing generic folk music and it’s very distracting. Had to knock it down one star for that, but definitely still worth a listen.

Abnormal psychology (5/5)

I really enjoyed this podcast. The story telling and background music was really great, it caught my full attention. As a school assignment I only had to listen to episodes one and eleven however I found myself listening to each episode, I didn’t want to miss a single detail of Melissa’s journey.

Captivating but sound/editing needs work (4/5)

Great story and interviews. They capture the raw emotion and keep you captivated. I’m hooked and binge listen in the mornings. However the sound really needs work. I constantly hear clicking and it’s choppy when you can tell they edited and put things together.

Great story, music is annoying. (3/5)

Great story, but the long music breaks all throughout are super annoying. Get on with it already. Lol

Happy Face - Childhood (5/5)

The podcast does a great job in the narration of the story, and different events that happen in the story. I felt that there were some bits and pieces missing, however everything else fits in. Overall I enjoyed, and I recommend it.

Just ok so far. I’m on episode 4. (3/5)

I’ve almost abandoned this podcast a few times because of so many back stories unrelated to the actual killer, it gets a tad boring and lengthy. It does have powerful interviews but the progression is lacking and it’s just not what I was looking for. I’ll keep updating my review as I continue listening. And like other people have noted, the music can get irritating.

Very enjoyable (4/5)

I really enjoyed this series. I liked that it was told from the perspective of the killers daughter and the effects his crimes had on her and others. It was well done. The music in the background was a little odd but not distracting. The one thing that kept throwing me off was when they cut to the Oregonian paper pieces I always thought they were going to a commercial break - even by the last episode I could not put my mind around that. But very well done show

Meh Face (3/5)

Here’s what I loved—the unique perspective from the POV of a serial killer’s child, now an adult. Truly compelling to hear much of the story and aftermath in her life. I liked the production quality. But, I could barely tolerate the music—maybe without the singer it would have been better... still, too much music. As for Ms. Moore, I found her to be whiney and narcissistic. While it is about her, she seemed to put too much faith in the audience caring deeply for her—we don’t know her personally. For me, it was about the story, not her catharsis. Of course, that is PART of it, but what I wanted to know was what it was like for her since her father’s arrest. The podcast gives a lot of that, but not enough. I found her to be self consumed and she came off as selfish and shallow. After listening to the full series, I did some reading about her. How disappointing it was to learn she made a career off the graves of her father’s victims. On a side note, wow—too many commercials, especially self plugging for the network’s own shows. So, great premise and some very compelling content with some irritants thrown in. Meh.

Fascinating (5/5)

It has been fascinating to hear this from Melissa’s point of view. I wish her the very best and appreciate the work she does! I love the music on this podcast as well.

Good podcast overall (4/5)

Cons- I agree with what another reviewer said about the music. It’s distracting and there are too many pauses for dramatic music breaks it’s distracting. Also it’s a little slow. Pros- super interesting story, good amount of audio. Quality content overall. Enjoyed!

Love the show, Not the music (4/5)

The music gets so loud for no reason. Very annoying. But the show is crazy and fascinating! Leave the background music out in future seasons. 😊

Horrible music (3/5)

Loving this podcast, but man, the music is awful. Unnecessary and obnoxious - it really takes away from the story.

What a Bummer (2/5)

I have often wondered about the families of serial killers. After five episodes of this podcast I still do. Between the unnecessary music and four commercial breaks I think i only heard 15 minutes of content per episode. Re-edit this mess of a podcast. I want to hear the family’s voices not some coffee house open mic night music. I’m not opposed to commercials but the placement and quantity of them feels disrespectful to the family. Let’s keep interrupting you so we can make an extra buck.

The most bingeable podcast (5/5)

I finished all the episodes in three days. This podcast is a triumph to the human experience. It balances the absolute depravity of serial rapists and killers with the resiliency of survivors and the family members of victims. The music in between fits perfectly and helps balance out the haunting and moving narrative. If you love true crime, beautiful storytelling, and being moved by the stories and experiences of others then this is the podcast for you. As the niece of a victim of a double homicide this is everything I could ever want in a narrative about the impact that killers have on the survivors and families of victims. It tells everything with raw honesty, vulnerability, and respect. Thank you for telling this story in a perfect way.

Hate the music (2/5)

Interesting content, but the music is intolerable. This whole podcast should be edited and rereleased without the music.

Good podcast (5/5)

One of the best podcasts I’ve listened too!

Yea the music is bad (2/5)

That Leadbelly cover almost ruins it for me. Good story and presentation though. It keeps getting worse.

Terrible (1/5)

Once I start a podcast, I like to finish it. I wish I would’ve never started this one. I thought it would be about “Happy Face” the serial killer and tell more about his victims. NO the whole thing is about his daughter. A few quotes here and there from him but it’s really all about her. Should’ve named it “Happy Face’s Daughter” This podcast completely lost my interest when she said her dad used to tickle her as a child to have control of her. Like seriously? Thank goodness she finally had a brain scan and a doctor tell her she’s not insane so she’ll quit making simple things from her childhood turn into a victim story.

Repetitive Ads (3/5)

Please stop playing the same ads over and over. The same ads play every episode; often, multiple times per episode. Content is good, production is pretty awful.

Not the typical crime pod (4/5)

This isn’t an investigative pod, rather a look at how the people around a killer react and are changed by his presence. The music works for me, in fact my main issue is the ads. I don’t mind having ads, but they are very sudden and loud with a very different tone. Just toss in a we’ll be back after this and it would be way better.

Good content, unfortunate distribution (3/5)

This is a pretty solid true crime podcast with a unique collateral victim’s perspective. However, it’s almost impossible to get through because of the same two commercials playing 3 times per episode. It makes me never want to listen to the other two podcasts advertised.

Agreed! (3/5)

This is such an excellent reversal on true crime podcasts - we’re not uncovering a mystery or finding out the lost facts, we are exploring how this family is impacted by relation to a killer. However, as other reviewers mentioned, the music is too frequent and overshadows the harrowing stories of these women. 30 seconds of podcast, one minute of song. Really took me out of the story.

15 minutes of fame (2/5)

Podcast started off strong but after episode 8 it became apparent the daughter is just out for her 15 minutes of fame. Guess she is more like her dad than the podcast would lead you to believe.

The interviews, the music, the readings, love it all!! (5/5)

I got confused when the woman producer was standing across the bridge with… um [spoiler] while they were preparing for the subject to cross (I’m not good with remembering names, even when I’ve spent the ENTIRE PODCAST hearing them). I had to listen twice to realize there were three different women talking. Then it made sense. Two women on either side of a bridge, and a third making the crossing. I LOVED the voice reading passages from the book, the song, clips of the father’s interviews, and snippets of others giving voice to what they saw/heard interspersed throughout. It gave a sense of pausing to breathe, shifting of scene, or a spotlight on the differing views/memories/stories, and how glaringly different many were. I found it particularly telling when it came to the killer’s shifting of narrative depending on how it best suited those viewing him. I’ve just finished the final episode, and now I’m off to buy a copy of the song, and start up another cast.

Great story telling. Holy terrible music. Awful. (4/5)

I like the way the story is told it is interesting and compelling enough to keep me going. However I swear this music almost made me change my mind. Several times holy crap.

All for the money (2/5)

At first I was so into the podcast up until she “had” to meet one of the victims sons. So disrespectful to have the nerve to insist on meeting him after he had clearly declined many times. Clearly she has made a career from her fathers actions.

Melissa Moore is unbearable (1/5)

I was excited to learn about the impact a serial killer can have on their family members. Unfortunately the podcast is essentially Melissa talking about herself every single episode and crying over the idea that she may be just like her dad while everyone around her tells her how great and strong she is. To top it off she cries about how she wishes she could move on with her life but has done nothing but associate herself with her father and profit from his murders. She has been on every talk show under the sun, written books, and been involved in a documentary about her father. I had to stop after the episode where she meets one of her father’s victim’s son and proceeds to cry in front of him and talk about how she could be just like her father. Get over yourself!

Plz stop with the banjo (2/5)

Is this a podcast or the elaborate promotion of a terrible folk album?

Close to home (5/5)

My adopted brother’s birth mom was one of Jesperson’s victims. This podcast was close to home and pretty emotional for me, but glad I listened to it. I thought it was well written, with personal interviews, especially listening to Don/Leroy.

Fascinating story, bad format. (3/5)

The storytelling and content are really interesting and mostly well done. I really don’t like the way the ads sneak in (especially the true crime podcast ones) without any transition.

Good show, to much music and ads (3/5)

This is a good podcast overall, the story is interesting, and I like how they interject the letters from the killer himself. However there are far too many advertisements throughout the entire episode and there is too much unnecessary music played throughout the show (at times drowning out the dialogue itself).

Absolutely stunning (5/5)

I can’t even think of words. This podcast is truly special, entertaining, informational, and HUMAN. Thank you. Well done.

Great listen (4/5)

Wonderfully raw podcast. The music is awful so I would skip ahead!

Great Podcast (5/5)

Love love loved the music, the narrator and the story. Great listen. Thanks for sharing your story.

Meh. Just ok. (3/5)

Started off good but ended up losing my interest midway through. The story is about the daughter of the Happy Face Killer and her road to healing. Perhaps if that’s what I expected when I first started this, my rating would be higher. It just got annoying after while. Glad she got some closure, though.

I like this podcast lol (5/5)

Def too much music, but I don’t mind the songs I kinda like them. I’m looking forward to the next season (-:

Consider posting your soundtrack? (5/5)

I really loved the music you chose for this podcast, any chance you’d create a playlist I could find on iTunes or something?

Interesting and Emotional (4/5)

A very raw account from various perspectives you don’t often hear from. I enjoyed this a lot but I feel that if you are more into the facts this might not be for you. The music is a bit too folky and makes this story sound less grim than it actually is, also the lyrics in the music are a little distracting.

Meh (2/5)

I liked the first few episodes, but ultimately couldn’t stand Melissa or Don/Leroy. It seemed like both of them made the choice to let their past define them, and I just couldn’t stand listening to Melissa whine and cry. It’s been over twenty years; that’s what therapy is for.

Good story, annoying production (3/5)

Way too heavy handed with the long bad musical interludes

Fascinating (5/5)

I’m enjoying this so far but I agree with other reviews. I don’t like the music. Especially the first 2 or 3 episodes that have some grindingly irritating tone in the background that almost made me turn it off and give up. It is a well done otherwise though.

Hopeforagoldensummer (5/5)

I’m only in the first episode but I love the music (Athens,GA represent!) and I can already tell I’m going to binge listen to this podcast.

Interesting but the music?!?! (3/5)

This is a great true crime podcast that stands out because of the insider’s point of view. Whenever I hear about serial killers, I’m always fascinated about their lives and upbringing. We get a glimpse of that here from immediate family members. However, the wannabe Fiona Apple music is distracting and constantly making me cringe. I hope for future podcasts the producers leave the melancholy music to the dive bars. It’s not like the subject matter and actually hearing the killer’s voice and words doesn’t lend enough drama to make this an awesome listen.

Very interesting overall (4/5)

Great storytelling style: going between news articles and video, book, in-depth personal interviews, etc. However, the sound quality isn’t great, and the music is awful.

5/5 (5/5)


Goes downhill quick (3/5)

The first few episodes were great, especially her recalling her childhood and speaking with her mom & victims son. After that, it’s a fast and strap downward spiral into her ruminating about whether or not she is also a serial killer. While I can understand being nervous, that’s more for your therapist and not “entertainment” for strangers. It’s actually upsetting to hear her repeat the same sentiments/thoughts in the absence of someone who can actually help her, it creates and anxious circle that’s not healthy for her and definitely not healthy for the listeners.

Almost really good-but distracting nonsense (2/5)

I actually really enjoyed the podcast, I got through episode six before I just had to quit. The music they’ve chosen is so bad. I just honestly don’t think I’ve ever heard music and voices so grating and distracting. That and the endless commercials...what else would you expect from iheartradio? The commercial for the new podcast rebutting a murderer from an obstinate adult male played every 15 minutes gets super old super fast.

Tragic, heart felt and eye opening (5/5)

I am left in awe after episode 12. Melissa’s courage and raw emotion help to paint the picture on the side of the story we don’t often get. Her willingness to be open and transparent is what made this so interesting and capturing. I highly recommend.

Enough with the music already! (3/5)

It's so distracting to have this emo music that sounds like one incessently long, moaning song intercut with this woman's story. The story and interviews are so compelling, but the music is horrible and grating.

Really Good Podcast (4/5)

I really enjoy this podcast. The story is so interesting and it’s easy to listen to. I will say that the episodes are a little short and the music is so distracting. The music breaks are too long. Especially knowing that the host was able to get the tapes of the interviews with the killer, there was really no need for so much filler music.

Highly recommend! (5/5)

I love true crime, and in this case it’s interesting to learn about all the different perspectives such as the social, biological, and psychological aspects that play into Keith’s murders, as well as the domino effect it had on the lives of his family members and the families of the victims. I can’t imagine being in Melissa’s shoes, but she did an amazing job sharing her story and being vulnerable about her past.

Not a good Podcast (1/5)

Initially, I thought the show would detail what happened, to whom, where, when etc. to my surprise, it’s all about the daughter talking about her misplaced feelings surrounding her father and his actions. I turned off on episode 3. There is no clear timeline being given, the music is not good and it mainly sounds like friends reminiscing about something that happened a long time ago. I was expecting so much more.

Equal content Equal commercials (2/5)

The commercials for other podcasts they produce completely ruins the pace and momentum of the story. All suspense and anxiety is lost. The promos which frequently interrupt the broadcast are all in the same style and voice as the content. Impossible to differentiate the commercials from the story. What a shame. I'm tuning out.

Loved (5/5)

It really made me think about the family of the killer which never really ran through my mind before! My heart breaks for this woman!

Intrigued! (5/5)

I’ve listened to the whole thing now. I was totally captivated. They do a great job of putting this all together.. I liked how personal it was. As someone from Washington State it gave me some goosebumps to hear about places I drive past and have really been.

Great podcast, too much crying (4/5)

I understand it’s emotional, and this is a really heartbreaking and touching story.. but there is way too much crying and breaking down. It happens almost two to three times an episode and at some point it makes it seem less genuine and harder to empathize with.. kind of annoying, and I hate to use that word because I’m a pretty sensitive person. Overall, a great podcast and very interesting. I like the outlook from his daughters view, and glad his family are moving on without his control.

Good podcast (4/5)

Really good podcast with really good material that kept me tuned in throughout. The interviews are intriguing and Melissa’s reunion with Don was a tear jerker. I agree with everyone else, though - the music is overkill and played at random points of the podcast. Aside from the music, it was really interesting.

Very compelling, not a fan of the music (4/5)

I’ve listened to podcasts about the mind of a serial killer before, but hearing a daughter’s perspective is a first. Her narrative is complex and honest. Echoing what another reviewer wrote, the music almost ruins it for me. I just don’t like it, and it’s woven throughout each episode.

Floundered after the first few episodes (2/5)

I was intrigued after the first few episodes, but then it felt like they had no clue where they wanted to take the show. I found it highly melodramatic and it seemed like Melissa was trying to milk every emotional element for all that it was worth.

Singer (5/5)

Anyone know who the female is who sings the songs in the first episode?

Great viewpoint (3/5)

I’m a big fan of true crime and this viewpoint and narrative is very interesting. What I could do without is the over abundance of the “mood” music. Really like something you’d hear at a bad open mic night. Also, this story could be told in about 2 hours of podcasts and it feels a bit strung out with unnecessary filling and editing. Kudos to Melissa for telling her story.

Loved this story! (5/5)

Really loved this podcast! So interesting and sad and touching. Loved hearing so much from the family and victims and going into the psychology of it all, as well as the real life impact Keith had on his family afterwards. I hope Melissa is doing well because she deserves it!

I like it, but..... (3/5)

Too much music with distracting lyrics. The story seems interesting but I’m not sure I can make it through the frequent, repetitive commercials and distracting music.

Raw, real, and utterly addictive (5/5)

Unlike other reviewers, I enjoy the music as it conveys the emotional landscape of the story. This podcast is one of the best and most addictive ones I’ve ever listened to. Amazing job everyone involved in its production! Melissa, you are a strong and amazing woman, don’t believe the negative self-talk, you are nothing like him because you care about who you are as a person. That right there makes you nothing like your monster father. Light and love to you always!

Had to unsubscribe, sadly (2/5)

This is my first ever review. Great material, I hate the editing and the music (not the music itself), it’s just out of place and crazy distracting. Great material.

Wonderful!! (5/5)

Melissa was eloquent, raw, endearing, and brave!! Thank you for making the sacrifice to share your story with us.

Great story! (4/5)

This is a fantastic account of the family with a brutal killer. I have to agree that it’s unnerving to hear the strange gallowish laughs from the mother and daughter as they tell about their nightmarish lives with a monster who ruled their life. Eerie. Is this what happens when you’re conditioned to a home life of fear? The narrative voice of KP is good, but the music is overly dramatic and distracting throughout the podcast. It’s a great account of abusive codependency and generational dysfunction.

Compelling - 5 Stars (5/5)

I read M. William Phelps’ book and Jack Olsen’s books about Keith Jepperson. I’ve also read and watched a few other accounts over the years. I figured I knew most of the details and wasn’t too interested in this podcast. But Melissa’s story is incredibly interesting. It isn’t about how her dad’s crimes negatively affected her life. She focuses on his crimes and is always sympathetic towards his victims. She related details that reveal some of the psychology behind his actions. She also tells of unexplained events she experienced with her father. It’s a great podcast. Music is beautiful and creepy and perfect for this type of podcast.

We are not our parents (4/5)

I enjoyed this podcast and applaud Melissa’s journey. I found the music almost painful to my ears though.

It’s okay (3/5)

Interesting story, but I agree with the ‘unneeded music’ comments I’m seeing. The story focuses mostly on the daughter regaining her life back from the shadow of her father. The story seemed to drag the last few episodes and kept relaying the lesson of “he won’t control my life anymore!” into your head. The pod didn’t keep me engaged and was pretty repetitive at times.

Dark and disturbing but emotionally satisfying (5/5)

Podcast can be tough to get through with all the disturbing stories but the payoff is the daughter’s ability to persevere through it all. Music wasn’t as distracting as others have claimed it to be.

Boring (2/5)

I found this podcast boring after awhile....even skipped to next episode without finishing prior one. Never felt like I missed a thing in previous episode. What could have been very interesting content was poorly put together. Dramatic music...horrible. Interviews...repetitive content. Was really hoping for more with such an interesting topic. Not impressed at all.

Great start (3/5)

The first 8 or so episodes are great and a good balance. On the other hand, for me personally, hearing all the crying episode after episode for the episodes later in the season have distracted me too much and so I will be unsubscribing. It was a really good podcast, I just am not someone who can bare to hear crying without feelings of frustration.

Touched my heart (5/5)

I was skeptical about this one at first, but wow I am glad I listened. Melissa is such an amazing person, her interaction with Don/Leroy touched my heart.

Slippery Slop to Boring (3/5)

The podcast started off strong and interesting, but interviews with Don got weird and then it shifted to complete focus on the daughter. I listened all the way through, but the ending was boring.

Great story but terrible editing (1/5)

Great story that could easy speak for itself but it they buried it in cheesy music, poor editing & terrible sound bytes. So bad I couldn’t finish it.

Unique Premise (3/5)

Interesting concept, somewhat awkwardly told.

So far so good but... (3/5)

Very interesting story. I like that you hear from the family. I do not like that about 5 minutes of the episode is music. I’d like to listen to the story. Not someone’s band.

I Wanted to Like This... (1/5)

but it turned into a story about one daughter rather than the killer and his victims. I wanted to hear more about and from the killer (morbid, I know). I am interested in how his mind works. It felt as though the victims took a backseat and I am purely speculating that it is because they were truck stop hookers (I am left to assume this since the story offers no other insight). Half of the victims are still Jane Doe, which is absolutely heartbreaking. 20 years later and these women remain nameless. Yet, we get plenty of very dramatic sobbing from one daughter consumed by what she feels people think about her because of her father. She could have had a mental assessment decades ago but that wouldn’t fit her victim narrative. The music is annoying but it supports the narrative of one daughter. We don’t hear much, if anything, from the other children. We hear a little from the mother but it’s a lot of after-the-fact conjecture. Don/Leroy seems like a good dude, a bit of a hippy/mystic but still a good dude actually trying to move on with his life rather than exploit the death of his mother. I finished the whole series because I was hopeful we would hear more about the victims and what was being done to learn who they were. What about their next of kin? We don’t get any of that. Instead, we get a bunch of conjecture about the killer and his mindset. We get endless sobbing from one daughter who seems to really be riding the momentum of the real crime genre. I found it to be a bit shameful and have less empathy for her now than when I first started listening. She is not the victim but you wouldn’t know that by listening to her.

Couldn’t get through first ep (1/5)

Could not even get through the first episode. The music and lack of flow was just so frustrating and annoying. Was really excited for the story but really don’t have the patience.

Pretty Good (4/5)

Interesting series. I too found the music throughout distracting.

More of a Coming of Tale (4/5)

Thought this would be a deep delve into a structured background from the first few episodes. I give those a 5. I felt more and more that things were becoming redundant and dragged into the full season as it went on and although raw interviews are sometimes great, not always is it to here someone constantly be revealed as emotionally distraught. Having a grasp on it does much better in the context and gives substance to why sometimes people may comment Melissa is accused of using her fathers life (I don't believe it to be true, just an observation based on how the context of interviews was organized).

Production and Presentation are Terrible (1/5)

The random music snippets are distracting to the content. The content is not presented in a way that takes you through a linear story or in any constructive matter. What a waste of an interesting story. I’m always intrigued by how victims families and perpetrators families understand and cope with the tragedies they’ve faced.

I Tried (2/5)

I really did try to stick this one out because it’s a story about a person’s life-changing discovery, but I couldn’t do it. The angst-ridden musical interludes were far too frequent, the actual storytelling wasn’t very compelling and the overall pacing was The two stars are recognition of the work that went into this production. It just didn’t hook me.

KellyRNBSNCEN (5/5)

Love this podcast!!!

Gripping, Raw (5/5)

Very captivating, well worth the listen.

Decent (4/5)

The overall concept and storyline behind the show is great but I find the episodes as sporadic and not well thought out. The episodes are very interesting.

Trauma porn (3/5)

I love the idea and some episodes were really interesting but I just couldn’t finish the podcast. The downward spiral for me was Don. Those long-winded episodes were just punishing to listen to. He was so traumatized and put a lot of his own unprocessed suffering on her. And the final episode, as a trauma therapist, it just felt so exploitative I had to turn it off.

Heartbreaking story, great storytelling (5/5)

Such an interesting story, incredibly well written.

Binged (5/5)

I binged this entire podcast in a couple days. I’m glad Melissa’s voice is being heard. She seems like a really genuinely great human.

I hate that she profits from this... (1/5)

Melissa has spent her entire adult life making her living off of celebrating her status as a serial killers child. If she had ANY respect for these women and their families, she would give them some peace. She’s an awful and selfish person.

Good stuff (5/5)

I liked it. The commercials I did not like but I understand. It was well done.

Tough story (3/5)

It’s a mix of brutal nasty details and those who were impacted processing.

Background music leaves a lot to be desired (3/5)

I get that they added music for effect, however it was a poor choice, very distracting and not needed. I think it took away from the story, could be better with out it or less of it.

Good beginning. Bad End (2/5)

The beginning episodes where it walks you through the murders and how the family was affected or was interacting at those times was very interesting. I binged those shows. Once it got into the ongoing fears and emotional turmoil that Melissa and the victims son were dealing with, it lost me bad. I don’t mean to downplay anyone’s struggles, I believe they are real. The last few episodes were like listening to high school kids over thinking their problems.

Interesting but annoying (3/5)

I find the podcast story line/case interesting. I can’t help but think Melissa maybe ‘enjoys’ the victim title she’s carried around for decades. I absolutely loved how Don, the son of one of the women, was able to move on, using religion or believing things happen for a reason, for why things have happened. He didn’t let that dictate or control his future. I loved his portion of the show. Melissa would have to find a new identifying title. She doesn’t know who she is apart from her father, which is sad. I can’t imagine letting someone else’s actions control what and who you become. She needs a dose of confidence and to change her mailing address/way of contact so her father can not have any communication with her. I don’t think she is ready to cut the lines permanently though.

Music is terrible but story interesting (3/5)

The combo of the music and her voice is very Mandy Moore-ish with an interesting plot.

I loved this podcast! (5/5)

I was so moved by Melissa’s willingness to face up to her father’s crimes and to her own fears. I felt like her story has some universal messages for others of us who have lead more ordinary lives. I know a lot of people didn’t like the music, but I liked that, too, and didn’t find it distracting.

Stahp With The Moody Music (3/5)

The story is compelling and I’m going to continue listening, but the excessive peppering of Emo Indie music throughout every.single.episode is nearly unbearable. It’s ham handed and grating. Save it for the intro and the end, like every other podcast. You already run enough ads to make Mother Teresa lose her temper—the music is a bridge too far.

Not so much (2/5)

Strong but deceptive start to a lengthy, repetitive and dull series.

its great (5/5)

saw this in a list of best podcasts in 2018 and its great. Can't believe her dad was a serieal killer. Just started but big props to her for talking about her family and her dad, that can't be easy. it s a great podcast.

Compelling topic - poor editing made it way too long (3/5)

First 4 - 5 episodes were engaging and compelling. Remainder were redundant. Topic was excellent, subjects were strong. Ultimately poor discipline and probably lack of experience in editing resulting in a very overall boring and painful second half to the series. Editor should have shown more discipline in getting down to 6 - 7 episodes then leveraging additional content for bonus episodes. Tough to recommend because it’s incredibly boring after episode 6.

Beautifully done (5/5)

I had a weird feeling about half way through Happy Face too. It seemed almost cruel and voyeuristic to to listen to Melissa have to relive all those painful moments. Ultimately, I’m really glad I stuck through it. It’s so gratifying to see her come into her own by then end. I think it was beautifully done and it’s so powerful. It’s an amazing podcast for its genre and just in general.

Healing and Inspiring (5/5)

Wonderful and engaging. The players in this story are so gripping and real. This emotional journey with Melissa and Don was one of the best human interactions I have ever heard. Bravo to these two incredible and strong humans. Here

Can't do it anymore. (1/5)

I was really excited about this podcast after hearing repeated ads on another podcast. The first episodes weren't quite what I was expecting, but still interesting. I felt very misled by the advertisements and description. It's not really about the Happy Face Killer at all, it's about his daughter and how she's handling it. Which if that's what you're looking for, go for it. That's not what I was looking for. It's overly emotional (and comes across very fake) and hard to listen to. I found myself rolling my eyes quite frequently. I tried to hold out and listen to the end of the season, but I can't do it anymore.

Wow (5/5)

This is great. The interview between Don and Melissa is intense but beautiful. The daughter of a murderer and the son of a murder victim coming together and working through this crime. Wow.

Can’t wait! (5/5)

For the Hart story. I live about 30 mins from where they lived Vancouver/Portland area and am very VERY anxious to hear more. So sad to hear of this story but very few answers ever surfaced.

Well put together and very interesting (5/5)

I’m on episode five and just started listening this morning. This podcast is very well put together and easy to listen to. The accents on some podcasts like Criminal were so difficult to listen to I stopped subscribing. The interviews are factual and also add from different sources to add content and I enjoy that.

Beauty in the face of Evil. (5/5)

Such a fantastic, terrifying and interesting journey. I marvel in the strength of Melissa, and most especially Don. Their interaction in the face of such evil is beautiful. I hope their healing continues. I’m grateful for their honesty. I appreciate how hard it must have been to share this with the world.

Good story, bad Audio quality (3/5)

Some parts of the audio sound muffled, especially by the host. The music is very obnoxious throughout the podcast and sometimes the music is very piercing and definitely distracting

Interesting podcast but long breaks with bad music (4/5)

Good storyline but long breaks with odd music- I tried to fast forward through the musical but it was hard to fast forward through the music without missing some of the storyline

Monetizing the sins of the father (3/5)

When I first started listening to this podcast, I thought this was going to be an objective view into the life of the Happy Face killer from interviews of those around. I didn’t expect that the person leading these interviews would be his daughter. Upon further research into Melissa’s history, it appears that she has made it her career to profit from being related to Jesperson. While I understand that my own penchant for true crime content, allows for this kind of business to thrive, it is unsettling to think that Keith Jesperson provided his family with an “inheritance” of sorts through the cold blooded murders of those women. The more I listen to Melissa’s navel-gazing for-sake-of-content-creation the more disgusted I get by the realization that both Keith and Melissa are profiting off terrible crimes.

So good (5/5)

Fascinating and heartbreaking. This is one of the only stories I’ve ever heard from the child of a serial killer. I’m glad to have the chance to see a child’s experience. I am impressed by the bravery and honesty of the killer’s family, who have every right to tell their story. I’m glad they did.

Trauma voyeurism (2/5)

Some parts of this series were interesting and enriching; and some parts were pure sensationalized trauma voyeurism. The episode that listed the victim’s names and then had clips of the murderer talking about them was particularly harrowing; immediately after saying that the murderer was so heinous for how deeply he dehumanized his victims, the show reduced the victims to how they were killed, the last awful thing said to them, and when their bodies were found. I really regret listening to that episode. I found it nauseating to participate in something so invasive and inhumane, and I think it was a major misstep on the part of the producers to organize the material in that way. I truly hope no victims’ family members stumble onto this podcast unawares. I was also really frustrated by the general ignorance around trauma throughout the show. It showed up both in the ways that the hosts, particularly Lauren, made sense of what was happening (like the bit about how believing in ghosts is a manifestation of psychopathy?? That’s ridiculous, believing ghosts is a common way to relating to the concepts of the afterlife and the supernatural and has a lot of cultural context. Also psychopathy isn’t something that includes delusions or hallucinations or other thought disturbances.), and also in the choices the show made about how to structure the season. The moment when Melissa was reading the letters from her dad was awful to listen to. People who have long histories of abuse should not be shoved into the paths of their abusers just for the sake of a radio producer’s idea of a plot! If a show is going to look into this kind of subject matter so deeply, the hosts and producers should be trained in some kind of basic mental health first aid - like how when a person is emotionally dysregulated because of a trauma trigger, it doesn’t matter how unsexy it is, the first thing you do is help establish that the person is in the present and is safe. The logical conversations wait until someone is regulated again. It’s basic trauma knowledge, and basic respect. Overall I think the lack of basic background knowledge about trauma, the mind, and the development of personality really hobbled the show, and prevented it from adding to the conversation about where evil comes from and what we can do about it. (I will say though that Melissa’s story is compelling and I did find hearing it worthwhile.)

Horrendous music (3/5)

Not great, but not awful either. The amount of interviews conducted is impressive, but the way it’s all put together and the pretentious, indie self important music was just dreadful. Almost makes the podcast unlistenable.

Bizarro music ruins podcast (2/5)

A maddening mix of twangy, spooky, acoustic “music” (noise) make this podcast so irritating and grating, it’s unlistenable.

Meh. Very self indulgent. Needs editing and less ugly crying. (2/5)

An interesting concept that would have been better with more editing. After a few episodes of her crying over and over again it seemed...self indulgent in a way. While I’m sure her pain and suffering is very, very difficult and real, contrasted against her father’s murdered victims it seems a bit hollow. Especially during the episode where she meets the son of one of his victims.

Wow (5/5)

So honest. I genuinely felt witness to a raw personal journey. Beautifully done. Incredibly well researched. Powerful. When Melissa proactively meets those affected by her father’s murders, we are right there with her because everyone desires acceptance.

If vocal fry makes you cringe ... (2/5)

Wait’ll you hear Melissa’s whistly esses! To say nothing of her uptalking, lingering on random syllables ... absolutely ruins the experience. Too bad, as the content is rich and interesting. Hope another production team decides to explore & do it justice. After 5 episodes, I’m out.

Music is distracting (3/5)

Very interesting and informative Unfortunately the music and filler is very distracting

It was promising... (1/5)

I thought it would be extremely interesting to hear the vantage point of a serial killer’s child. It started out just as I’d imagined-lots of stories about growing up with this monster. However, it quickly became whiny and annoying.

Lost me (2/5)

Started strong but I feel the story stalls out 2/3 of the way in. Also the ads in this are the most pretentious clips I’ve heard, AND there are a ton of them. Not worth finishing due to ads alone.

Great podcast! (5/5)

I just started this podcast yesterday, and I could not stop listening. Even though I am not finished with it, I am giving it a 5 star review. This is one of the best podcasts I have listened to. It has scared me, enraged me, and moved me to tears. I also think the production value is excellent! Keep up the good work.

meh. (3/5)

If you like hearing hackneyed phrases like “I’m on my journey” or “I didn’t know I was worth it” or “When I smell fresh Gallery White paint, I think of my dad,” this is for you.

Spectacular from start to finish. (5/5)

I had such mixed feelings when I finished the final episode - because I've looked forward to the next episode since this podcast launched. I really hope they've started a new season - can't wait to see what they tackle next. Happy Face was phenomenal.

Excellent podcast (5/5)

I enjoyed it

Kinda disappointed (3/5)

I liked hearing the backstories and everything but I felt like the last few episodes were really drawn out. Also the fact that she didn’t meet her dad at the end was kind of disappointing, but I get it.

I’m done! (1/5)

I have been listening sense the beginning. It started well but it has turned into Melissa taking all the credit. She wants the attention of her father. When she forced the son of a victim to sit and tell her what his dead mother looked like then brought the attention on herself, that was the start of the the end. Sense then she has just kept adding on to herself. I will not listen to another episode. This girl is what’s wrong with our society. She takes things that did not happen to her and makes it all about her!

Too many ads and bad music make this podcast disjointed (2/5)

The subject is riveting and there was so much potential but the long, incongruous pauses with bad music and ads interspersed at odd times made the narrative tough to follow and I ultimately was not able to get absorbed in it the way I have others.

Normalcy (1/5)

I was into this podcast until the Normalcy episode. The woman sounds like an entitled house wife who “deserves” a husband who is rich, college degree and travels. While she stays home with her children while he works. Turned it off at that point honestly feeling like she deserved what she gets.

Ughhhhh (3/5)

I don’t want to be mean but I do want to be honest. We know that Keith Jesperson has obvious narcissistic traits. In this podcast, we’re listening to his daughter, Melissa, deal with her personal struggle being associated with this hideous mans life. Unfortunately, it gets annoying as hell. I had enough when it got to the part where she meets a victims son and makes it about HER!! Oh my god!! Shut up!!

Interesting premise, weak execution (1/5)

I was really looking forward to this one but was sadly disappointed. This content should have been one episode at most. Dragging it out for a full season cheapened the emotional trauma this woman is clearly going through, and I found myself rolling my eyes through most of the second half. Also...there’s something wrong with Don. I had no sympathy for him. He makes me very uncomfortable.

It had potential (2/5)

I was really interested in this subject and was excited to listen. How do family members deal and move on from the atrocities committed by another family member? However, at the end of the 12th episode, the only thing I learned is that I should have spent my time listening to something else. It was repetitive and could have been shortened a bit. I wasn’t bothered by the music or the pacing but the whole idea of seeing a doctor to find out if she was a psychopath or had tendencies of a psychopath seemed really over the top and unnecessary. Also, I was uncomfortable listening to the conversations between Melissa and Don. They sounded forced and it was Don mostly comforting Melissa when it really should have been a two-way street. Psychopaths don’t usually worry about being psychopaths. Just the fact that she was overly concerned about being like her dad should have been enough evidence that she wasn’t. So I stuck with it but it just got bad at the end.

Nothing Happy (5/5)

I love this podcast! A very interesting look into a family/daughter that is left to pick-up the pieces after the Father is convicted of numerous murders. Following Melissa through the ups and downs, doubts and self discovery that looks is the only thing she shares with her Father!

Great story (5/5)

What starts as a scary, dark tale ends in triumph and is a story about resilience, defining your own identity, and forgiveness.

:/ (2/5)

The music isn’t thing that bothers me, it’s the lack of substance. The first episode/trailer was so intriguing but my interest faded with each episode.

Fresh idea. Poor execution. (3/5)

The trailer of this show got me really excited to view serial killers from a whole new perspective - in the eyes of their families. Was very intrigued by the first five episodes and their stories despite some discontinuity and forced narration. However since have been increasingly disinterested by the repetitive narration of Melissa. Felt very empathetic to the classic story I believe many face - the fear of becoming ones parents, however fails to progress past this idea in a new and compelling way. Narration has become drawn out and monotonous leaving me less sympathetic towards Melissa despite my many intentions to feel compassionate to her and her life story.

An experience! (5/5)

I don't know why so many people are so upset with the music. This podcast is SO GOOD. The music really sets the tone for the story & I look forward to each new episode! Definitely a must-listen!

Started strong ended weak (2/5)

Repetitive and drawn out towards the end. These people all seem really dumb. Your dad is murdering kittens and that isn’t a sign. Your dad tries to kill your mom and you several times and that isn’t enough for you guys to do something. Also the interview with the victims “son” is lame.

WAY too many episodes (1/5)

The first few episodes were fine but eventually it was terribly boring and repetitive.

Great content (5/5)

I enjoyed the whole series so far, and did not mind the musical interludes. Just skipped forward thru music and adverts. Well told story and great to get a mixture of the killer’s words, his daughter’s, and e delivers plenty of the son of last victim. I have tried listening to some podcasts that are highly rated but are mostly repartee between the hosts, as opposed to content. Happy Face delivers plenty of great content, and although some interviews or clips were used multiple places in different episodes, I generally felt the repetition was about addressing the different premises or purposes of different episodes. Well told overall and comprehensive. Hope they do another one in depth like this.

Excellent podcast series!!! (5/5)

This has been a fascinating story to listen to, week by week. The crimes that Keith committed were absolutely horrific. This series isn’t really about him, though. It’s his daughter, her shame and finally her ability to separate herself from him that make this a phenomenal listen.

Difficult to listen to (2/5)

They should change the name of this to “Finger nails on a chalk board” from Melissa constantly crying over the most basic questions to the horrible music. This had promise, should’ve focused more on the psychology of the father, Melissa definitely comes of as a professional victim.

Love this Podcast (5/5)

Love this podcast! It is so interesting and I loved Melissa’s point of view as the child of a killer and her realness. My only critique is that I wish the episodes were longer- I love it so much, I want more!

Perspective is so fascinating (5/5)

This podcast does any incredible job of looking at these heinous crimes from a perspective that hasn’t been explored. Really enjoy the interviews and insight from daughter’s point of view.

Concerning language (3/5)

Don't love calling the OCD compulsions "crazy" in the latest episode. Just because someone's brain or anxiety are creating a compulsion that may not be "rational" doesn't mean it's crazy or that the person thinks what they are doing is "crazy" (ie touching something over and over). Language is really important when talking about mental health. (referring to roughly 15 minutes into the most recent episode).

Good story but low production quality (1/5)

The story seems good but the music is irritating and the production quality is low.

Interesting story but histrionics and drama abound (3/5)

I’ve read some of the other reviews. The music doesn’t bother me. The story itself is interesting. Obviously Jesperson is a sick, twisted man. But the daughter strikes me as just as attention seeking, only obviously in a much more benign manner. The podcast says she makes every attempt to distance herself from her father and his actions, exactly is she doing that? Because doing a podcast, movie, etc, where it is beaten into your head that she is Jesperson’s daughter....that’s not distancing. Some of her reactions in the podcast are uncomfortably forced ... the fake hysterical crying. And I feel very bad for the son of the last victim, but some of his reactions also seem very dramatic, over the top. Her ex mentions the picture they took with Jesperson in prison is on the internet. Yep it is. And frankly it’s offensive, and I would be horrified if I was a victim’s family member and saw that. Overall, this appears to be a capitalization on a horrible series of acts. And that’s sad.

True Crime podcast with a twist (5/5)

This is a compelling true crime podcast that explores how a serial killer's murders have impacted not only his victims but his family.

Disjointed (1/5)

What should be a good story is ruined by the editing and incomprehensible chronology. Ep 1 is mostly the girls childhood, then at one point in Ep 2 he’s already in prison with no explanation how or when, then Ep 3 goes back to Keith’s childhood. More a collection anecdotes in random order than a narrative.

Hard to finish (3/5)

The singing grated my nerves so it was hard to finish. There’s too much repetition of one song, and the music is loud, distracting, obnoxious. A back story would’ve been nice, too. Recordings of Keith and a victim’s son are interesting. If another podcast is made, they should eliminate the music and singing. It really took away from the the story. I had to fast forward and lower the volume a lot. Poor production

Touching Story (5/5)

This is an interesting podcast because it's not just about the crimes, it's about how the daughter of the killer was affected. Melissa seems honest and raw and Don was a breath of fresh air for her to heal.

Unique Viewpoint But... (3/5)

Pretty good podcast. It’s a great viewpoint and storyline BUT it feels VERY disjointed with all of the commercials and music interludes. I feel like I’ve been having to sit next to the phone just for the skip button (for all the ads & music)

Amazing Podcast (5/5)

I enjoying hearing the perspective from the daughter and family of a serial killer. It is good to hear from the victiums giving them a voice.

Great content marred by ads and music (2/5)

For a 30 minute episode, there is just too much intrusive music and ad content to weave a coherent narrative. Some say it gives the listener time to process, but I find it forced and reminds me of grading English papers that have been padded so they meet the page minimum requirement.

Happy Face Podcast (5/5)

Amazing podcast!

Not the typical true crime podcast (5/5)

I *loved* the music and production quality and thought it was a great take on an overly crowded genre. Really great.

So over this podcast. (1/5)

I really liked this podcast at first, but then it turned into a show about a girl figuring out if she’s a killer like her father. I really wish this was a good as I wanted it to be. It was a huge let down.

Too long (1/5)

This podcast is dragging on. The last few episodes have been the same, the daughter rambling and having meltdowns. I wish the podcast interviewed more people and the daughter didn’t dominate so much of the show.

Skeevy (2/5)

The premise of this is good but the execution is awful. Unnecessarily lurid details, over dramatic, terrible music. I like listening to true crime stories and I know there is a fine line to be walked when talking about violence and murder, but this one just seems to go way over the line and sensationalizes every aspect of the story. I had to stop listening after a few episodes - it just felt intrusive and exploitative. Again, an interesting premise, but very poorly handled.

Excellent Different Take On A True Crime Podcast (5/5)

What an excellent podcast. Both heartbreaking and heartwarming (at times). The music is chosen well and really fits with the content - don’t know why people are moaning about it on other reviews!

Jeeeezus the music is awful (3/5)

The show is interesting, but touches on the psychological implications of the story less than many listeners will hope. In addition to that shortcoming, the music played throughout the series is just about a dealbreaker. I get it—saaaaad story 😭 — but I’d strongly prefer to let the story affect my interpretation of it, rather than these corny crackerish banjo jamz.

Compelling story despite inappropriate music (4/5)

Melissa’s family’s story is compelling, and unfolds at a satisfying pace. The music feels out of place, and is distracting. The score is decent, but the segues and interstitial songs are annoying at best.

Haunting (5/5)

Wonderfully done. Thank you, Melissa, for letting us in on your life.

Awful, inappropriate and boring (1/5)

Absolutely hated all the music that they played. Seems like a tribute to a serial killer. Too much laughter when discussing her father, the serial killer. Disrespectful to all the victims.

Thank you. (5/5)

What a fascinating perspective! I never considered how much the families of the killers suffered. Keeping telling your story to the world. So many in your shoes deserve to know they are not alone. They deserve to know they are more than the horror and mayhem thier parent caused. They deserve to know they too are good people capable of unlimited good and hope for the world. Thank you for your story.

Worst podcast I’ve ever listened to (1/5)

If the annoying musical segways don’t turn you off, then the poor editing and broken, wandering storytelling will. It’s a shame because the concept and horrific story is worth telling, but not like this. Poor Melissa is getting re-shafted again.

No thanks (1/5)

Started out ok but became a hokey ghost story somewhere along the way. Not to mention they advertise home security systems 😂

Original, well-done (5/5)

To say I’ve enjoyed this podcast doesn’t seem quite right, as their is little joy per se, but certainly redemption, in Melissa’s journey. I’ve never heard a podcast about the child of a murderer and I learned a lot from what Melissa has allowed us to hear. I found this podcast fascinating, heavy, and well worth listening to. I appreciate the respect that the producers have for Melissa. They show deference for the pain she has experienced but also provide opportunities for her to transcend it. Yes, the music is a little hard to take, but I find that to be more of an artistic decision (as opposed to a journalistic foible) which I can accept, even if I wouldn’t have made the same decision myself.

I know I know (5/5)

You lost me at I know I know. This was good until ...well you know

Great but... (3/5)

It’s a real shame that most of what you have to listen to are commercials, recaps, and pointless music interludes that make up 70% of each episode. When there is content, it’s great though. Why couldn’t they just make fewer episodes, and pack more content into each one? I find myself constantly having to get into my phone to skip skip and skip. Please take this feedback for the next season into consideration. I’m not alone on this opinion.

This isn’t about the happy face killer (2/5)

This podcast is more about the daughter of the happy face killer and not his story. The episodes are boring, hard to follow and have no storyline. The daughter is trying to get her 30 seconds of fame from her dad’s crime.

Could have ended by now. (3/5)

I really enjoyed this at first, but for the past few weeks when I see a new episode appear in my feed I’m like “this show is STILL going?”. There just isn’t much more to say at this point, and after they started in with the ghost stories I couldn’t listen any more. I’ll be removing it from my subscriptions after I finish this review. Almost ALL podcasts could benefit from brutal editing, but this one especially. And this is just a personal thing, but the son, who is featured heavily in the story after being introduced, comes off as self-important. It could just be what bits of his interviews the producers decided to include, but if so, there is much that could have been done (with editing) to do justice to his story.

Interesting story, horrible producers (1/5)

This podcast has little to do with the Happy Face killer. Instead they focus on his self-absorbed daughter who might as well run into the streets and shout “validate me!!” The producers utilize the very worst techniques of Michael Moore to paint the police as a pack of bumbling idiots. Even going so far in one episode as to say “the police have their own story” and then give the investigators all of 2 seconds to tell that story.

Love it! (5/5)

This podcast is EXCELLENT. Thank you!

Raw and emotional (5/5)

I’ve never listened to such an emotional true crime podcast. It’s sometimes too hard to listen to but it is so genuine and unmanufactured. It feels like a honor to go on this journey with Melissa.

Very Powerful Story (5/5)

If you’re expecting a high drama true crime tale, you might be disappointed. This is not a story about what happened; rather, it is about the deep wounds, trauma, and ripple effects of a crime. This is a powerful story of Melissa’s journey, through vulnerability and raw emotion, to understand herself in relation to the horrific crimes committed by her father. There are implications for all of us in terms of how we might explore ourselves and the influences that shaped us.

Different perspective than the typical crime story (5/5)

Updating this to a 5. The first couple episodes seemed repetitive with what seemed like too much filler music and gaps. Either they fixed it or I got so interested I stopped noticing lol. Story is fascinating and heartbreaking especially as told from the daughter’s perspective. An interesting psychological/sociological story that presents like a discussion of psychopathy, disfunction, abuse, and choices.

Background music is a joke (1/5)

Please stop trying to force my emotions with the background music- it’s way too much! Yes it’s a great story that I was fascinated in but I cannot get past the first episode when every two minutes the music in the background is too distracting with trying to become how one should feel.

To what end? (2/5)

It’s like listening to a Wikipedia article with annotations.

Meandering (3/5)

Meandering. Structure of the series makes no sense. Mildly interesting.

Good, but went off topic a few times. (3/5)

I thought the parts of how the killer affected his victims and thier families and the insight to how some of the family members handled things up to the point of their interview was fantastic. I found it interesting and insightful as to how each person's decisions in life were altered based on the actions of the killer, and how each person has dealt with or attemted to deal with the emotions from the aftermath. With that being said, I also feel there were several times that the podcast went too far off topic to describe relationships or the background to relationships. At times I was left wanting to fast forward as I did not feel the information provided held much weight relative to the core idea of the podcast. I remember several episodes where 25-50% of each episode was a build up for just a few minutes of what I felt was pertinent to the core idea of the podcast, the effect of the killer on his victims' families and his own family.

4 stars not 5 (4/5)

My husband and I listen to the podcast together as big fans of true crime podcasts. This one was very good up until episode 6. It is very difficult to listen to Don. His overall demeanor made us cringe and we only kept listening to get through the podcast. I’m sure he has had many challenges but wow was that difficult to listen to.

What’s up with the music? (2/5)

I thought maybe it was just me, but I see from fellow reviewers that this appears to confuse many of us: The random musical interludes come across misplaced & are MUCH too long. Thankful for Apple podcasts “30 second skip” feature so that I can hopefully get into this storyline!

Fascinating, but it drags (3/5)

This would have been a 5 star podcast if it were 6 episodes, but it’s on rewind. How her dads life effects Melissa isn’t worth contemplating listening another two episodes

Riveting narrative, binge worthy (5/5)

I am sitting in my car in the parking lot of my gym listening to episode 4. I really need to go workout but I’m quite addicted to this podcast. I am thankful for earbuds! Unlike a previous reviewer, I love the music. I find it lends to the tone of the story.

What is with the music? (4/5)

This show is captivating yet I have almost stopped listening to it because of the lame soundtrack. It interrupts the show and confuses the timeline. The show could also do with a narrator that paints a picture and has the interviewees tell the story. Great concept just needs polishing.

I like to stick to podcasts... (2/5)

When they lack a promising start. I am on episode 4 and nothing about this podcast as grabbed me. I think if I have extra time to kill, I might finish it. Like many state, the music and the adds just take over at times. It’s just too much, and there is not enough content.

I expected more. It was a lot of crying. (3/5)

I guess I’m just not sure of the point of this. It just made me uncomfortable and the whole thing feels incomplete and I don’t feel like there is any way to complete a project that is half done to begin with. Also, if this girl is going to say she had horrible relationships and then the reporter is going to have her confront the people involved...then we get to listen to her cave and withdraw from those claims, that’s just uncomfortable and unnecessary.

Neg reviews unfair;based on trailers and about the music (4/5)

Literally all the negative reviews are in the beginning and based not on actual content but on the trailers. It’s also important to note that most complaints are about the dang music also not on actual content. I’m on episode ten and I have thoroughly enjoyed the podcast so far. I LOVE the haunted parts of the story. Seems his victims or SOMEONE or something is making themselves (it?) known to both father and daughter. If you like being scared the two episodes about this you will LOVE. The other episodes are all very interesting as well.

Slow and distracting (1/5)

There was potential for greatness here. Unfortunately, the background music and slow pace lulled me into a nap.

No Need To Go Beyond Ep. 1 (2/5)

The first episode is really the only one worth listening to.

Listen to the first two and quit, trust me. (2/5)

It’s a slow realization that the daughter loves to be in the spotlight and is not genuine. That narcissism shines through when she speaks to Don/Leroy. He is earnestly trying to change his path, but she would like to make a buck off of it apparently. Girl, if you are worried about being like that psychopath you would not exploit a victim’s pain. Her interviews were sickening and if she said “my dad” once, she said it a thousand times. Disgusting.

Dear Melissa (5/5)

You are an inspiration. Your struggle with your father and his demons DOES make you a victim. But through this journey, you have discovered yourself in so many ways and it’s strengthened your character. Emotional abuse is a real issue that cannot be undervalued. Just from this podcast I can tell you that you aren’t a psychopath. You actually care about your father’s victims and their families, a psychopath wouldn’t even give them another thought. I appreciate this podcast because it shines a light on emotional abuse and how a victim of circumstance can become so much more than their abuse. You are a strong and successful woman and you should be proud of where you are in life. Your dad can’t control you anymore. Nothing he says has merit, so now is the time to truly live your life without abuse. Thank you for bringing your unique life and experiences to the air, it is greatly appreciated

Exploitative and overproduced (1/5)

There are ads for this podcast on every other bus in Portland— that alone should tell you that their intent is to profit from these horrific crimes. How about the home security ad that says “you listen to true crime because it’s fascinating— but crime in your neighborhood is not fascinating, it’s absolutely terrifying. Here buy this security system” This is a podcast about a monster who senselessly murdered women over the span of multiple years— but you’re right, someone breaking into your mansion and stealing your Rolex— that’s entirely more terrifying. Let’s not forget that The Oregonian— the folks behind this show— recently published a glowing profile of a Neo Nazi.

This is not about a serial killer, it’s about... (5/5)

Melissa. Melissa playing the victim. Melissa keeps running from what is obvious to any discerning listener. She IS her dad’s daughter. 1. She is a deep narcissist using her dad’s story to gain attention/ fame/ sympathy, to gain an identity. 2. She’s cold and manipulative. She has demonstrated this through her courtship and marriage. While Melissa is in denial, her dad totally sees her for who she is. True, she hasn’t strangled anyone,but she is just like her dad. Now get over it and live your life.

Good stuff!! (4/5)

Super good stuff! I love hearing directly from the killer. The music is a bit of a distraction, but well worth it. Listened to the first episode and was hooked, subscribed right away.

??? (5/5)

I don’t understand why Mellisa is wondering if she is just like her Dad? We all know what we are capable of. If my whole family were mass murderers I know I could never do anything to harm someone! She would only question herself if there were something to question! Is she just seeking attention? Don’t you love how she turned things around and had the son of the murdered woman Comforting her! Is she seeking attention? Is she like her Dad? Time will tell!

Addictive. (5/5)

Beautifully produced. Completely addicting. Very much catches your attention, you’ll find yourself zoning out and forgetting where you are as you listen.

Well written (5/5)

This is an excellent podcast for many reasons: The story telling, writing, and the music to name a few. I’ve never really thought about the people who are related to serial killers and the implications that would have. I’ve read many reviews hating on the music. I disagree! I love the rendition of the Nirvana song, which turns out was actually an old folk song. Love it!

Humorously Bad (1/5)

So many other reviews have focused on the bland white girl folk tunes that I’ll pass, but I can’t overlook the hyperbolic pity party of 8th grade poetry. This entire podcast sounds like a recording of drunk middle school kids trying to outdo each other with personal pronouns and adverbs. I am so totally much more pathetic than you for real. And my soul has a scab...or scar...whichever sounds moodiest. Man, just bad. The Leroy episode and the one following are worth listening to just to laugh; whining on levels unreachable by most adults. But they have both totally moved on because of the universe and stuff. No joke, the episode started with a Gandhi quote.

Don (5/5)

Don brought me to tears. He’s changed my view on life. Such a truly strong and honorable man ❤️

Fantastic! (5/5)

The first episode did not disappoint! I only wish they would release them all at once so I could binge listen! The music choice is perfect. Melissa recounts her memories in such a captivating way. It’s incredibly sad to think of a child growing up in this situation, but heartening to hear that she seems to have come out of it such a strong woman. I know her father tries to manipulate her into believing that she is like him. Her experience has not made her a bad person, it has made her genuine. I hope she realizes how rare that is and how badly the world needs more people like her. Melissa, just listening to you, I can tell that you’re nothing like your dad. His flaws did not carry over to you. You have become a better person through your experience. I’m sure my words don’t mean much, as I’m sure people have told you all of this for years, but I hope that it’s a tiny step toward you realizing that, not only do you not need to seek forgiveness because you’ve done nothing wrong, but that you are a truly good person. I’m not a fan letter kind of person, but listening to Melissa moved me and I just hate to think of people suffering for the sins of another person. Every time I listen to an episode I just wish I could give her a hug- I hope that those working with her are providing her with lots of them! Thank you for sharing your story.

My heart (5/5)

Episode 7 was cathartic. I was really touched by Melissa and Don’s connection.

It’s alright (2/5)

This may seem insensitive, but this is definitely an interesting story as long as you fast forward through all the unnatural parts. It really feels like everyone in this show has a debilitating personality disorder that makes it impossible to connect or empathize with them. You can even hear it in their voices. It feels embarrassing sometimes. I keep listening hoping that the next person we focus on will have something dynamic to say, but outside of Melissa’s mother each person is a little more narcissistic or avoidant or upset about the situation. It makes the whole project feel exploitive when clearly very few people involved are ready or able to talk about this. And I listen to ALL the true crime podcasts. If you do too, think Up and Vanished season two except instead of a bunch of narcissistic wookie burnouts asking for money you get a bunch of deeply troubled trauma victims asking for validation when they should be having these conversations with qualified individuals.

Too much from the killer... (1/5)

I typically like true crime podcasts but I find this one gives far too much voice to the killer and not enough information about the victims and heroes in the story... Maybe it’s just be but if you’ve murdered 8 people, I don’t care to hear your opinion on much of anything.

Blown Away (5/5)

I really enjoyed this podcast. I am glad that the victims on both sides were focused on. I applauded Melissa and Don has been able to overcome the horror of both of their realities. I pray they keep moving forward in forgiving and helping and healing.

Unrealized Potential (2/5)

I had such high hopes for this podcast after the numerous promos/teasers. There are these narrated excerpts from a book about the crimes and they sound like they were recorded in 1976. The story drags, there are many episodes where they could’ve easily condensed the compelling parts into 10 minutes but they buoy it with a lot of doldrum. I haven’t finished and likely won’t. There’s a lack of focus, there’s no cohesive narrative. You’d think the focus would be the crimes and how this father and husband led this double life as well as how this daughter was affected by it. If they would’ve stuck to the timeline of the crimes and their experience of those crimes, it would’ve been more riveting. Way too much banter and chatter. The episode with her ex-boyfriend was completely unnecessary. I likely won’t finish this podcast because I know I’ll be bored trying to finish it.

Great podcast (5/5)

Obviously more people are concerned about to much music over the actual content of the podcast. For once a podcast that doesn’t sound like a Dateline or 48hr expose. The rawness of this podcast is genuine, the meeting between Melissa and the victims son were the best episodes yet. Keep up the good work and I can’t wait to here what come up next.

Happy Face (2/5)

an intriguing story but the music is just so distracting.

Mediocre (2/5)

The way this podcast has been made and the way Melissa talks, it really sounds like she is trying to get in on her 15 mins of fame with the popularity of the true crime genre. Being from Spokane, I see right through it. Mediocre at best. Sorry.

Good story, but over-stylized (2/5)

The story is fascinating but the podcast itself nearly shoots itself in the foot by being over-stylized. The choices to jump in and out of music serves to distract from the narrative more than serve it. The choice of having two narrators makes it harder to follow and their interjections are either redundant when they speak back-to-back or inconsistent when they jump into interviews without providing context. Everything about this podcast feels like an overly zealous editor trying to show off style in lieu of trying to bring focus to a story.

Making money off of a name (2/5)

At first it’s fascinating, but then it starts to feel like that H.H. Holmes debacle, where his grandson wrote a book about how Holmes was the most likely suspect for Jack the Ripper. It’s just a shallow attempt to get money/fame from being related to a monster. The music is bearable, but whiny.

Please pick different music. (3/5)

I love a good soundtrack to a true crime podcast, but for the love god, quit the music. I’m only in the first episode and it’s so distracting. The interviews are good stuff all by itself. They don’t need music. I’m trying super hard to tune the music out but I’m not sure I’m going to make it.

Choppy (2/5)

Good content, but this entire podcast is told in a very choppy manner

Music (4/5)

Great story. Love the podcast. But the music is very distracting.

So much potential (2/5)

The first episode seemed promising but it’s been so unorganized it’s very frustrating to listen to.

A good story drawn out too long... (2/5)

The music cues are long and the interviews are bland. I liked hearing Keith’s (the Happy Face killer) letters because it let you sort of see into the mind of the psychopath. The whole podcast seemed too drawn out though.

The background music is terrible! (2/5)

What is with the awful background music? It’s too loud, repeats over and over and the. There’s this high pitched moaning and wailing in the background that is so grating to listen to.

An antidote to true crime becoming abstract (5/5)

I think there is something important to gain, in listening to this podcast. It’s all about the immediacy of suffering and recovery and nobody is an abstraction. The violence is not the star. Neither is the unknowable hulking narcissist from which the podcast takes its name. He’s a context, a circumstance. His execrable life is functionally over, while others soar and stall and soar again. I hope everyone supports his daughter in searching for ways to heal herself and offer that opportunity to others.

Interesting (3/5)

Interesting podcast but the music interludes are terrible. My heart goes out to Melissa and the families of the victims.

Please stop the horrible music (4/5)

I get it adds “drama” or something, but it is almost intolerable. I have been listening because I’m from their home town, but otherwise I would have unsubscribed long ago.

The music (2/5)

I’m all over true crime podcasts and this is interesting BUT the off key weird banjo music is just bad. I haven’t given up listening yet but the music is juuuuuuust ab to ruin it. ESP their rendition of “Where Did You Sleep Last Night,” by Lead Belly... It’s some attempt at a cool, hip, indie, folk remake but it’s actually just the WORST. It’s off key and like nails on a chalk board. Then in the background throughout the episodes there are weird whale noises? And random banjo-ing. It takes away from the whole thing. BUT I’m still listening!!!!

Fascinating (5/5)

A bit more graphic than I would prefer, but Melissa is so impressive in the way she walks through processing her family dynamics.

The music is so awful. (3/5)

It’s a very interesting subject, and I really want to like it - but I find myself fast forwarding through the horrible music. I guess it’s supposed to be haunting and mood setting - but it comes off as pretentious and ridiculous. My guess is that the artist is someone’s friend. So bad.

Mixed feelings (2/5)

The subject matter was fascinating but the long and frequent music interludes really kill this one. Between the adds and (that are not awful) and all the music you probably get 15 min of actual content per episode.

Too much chick music (4/5)

I enjoy the podcast, but like every 10 minutes it pauses and plays 30 seconds of the crappiest chick music you’ve ever heard. Very annoying!

Too many ads (4/5)

I would give it more based on the content, but like many others I found the editing confusing and distracting. There are so many interludes of music, ads for other podcasts, and a guy reading from a book, that I often wasn’t sure if I was listening to the main story or an ad. There seemed to be more breaks for ads than all other podcasts I have listened to. It’s a different perspective than we usually get. I loved the episode where she met Leroy/Dan (spoiler alert) and he gave her a big hug. It seems as though he has not fully healed and would do better to make sure he didn’t have to drive by “the site” every day so his mind and soul can have a break.

Intriguing! (5/5)

This podcast is produced/edited fantastically. Each episode keeps me intrigued and wanting more of the story every time I listen. If you are a fan of true crime podcasts, then you will enjoy listening to this one not only for the reasons I mentioned previously but also because this podcast is different from other true crime podcasts.

Daughter of Serial Killer Seeks Celeb Status (1/5)

I think the title sums it up. Melissa is just seeking celeb status in the age of the internet. She’s been on multiple tv shows in the past so this is just the next logical step for her. I don’t recommend this at all. On Episode 8 the host/narrator says the daughter Melissa wants to distance herself from her father and his legacy, yet this podcast and tv interviews and movies are proving otherwise. Don’t give this girl the attention she’s desperately seeking.

Interesting Subject Matter with Terrible Music (3/5)

This should have been better. The content of the interviews and the subject matter were excellent, but they are stranded between horrible music clips and the pace drags on to death (no pun intended). They over-produced the show and it really injured what was otherwise an interesting podcast.

Not what I expected (2/5)

This podcast is just ok. Please note all the great reviews at the beginning. When people only listened to the first or second episode 😂 as time goes on it gets worse. I really enjoy How Stuff Works and True Crime, but this one is lower on the totem pole for me. I don’t like the music. It is depressing and strange. They are constantly playing the one song about the pines. The women’s voice is awful. I wish the episodes were a little longer at times too. I do enjoy the interviews of Melissa and Keith. But there is a lot of going back and forth. Some of the other stuff put in the podcast such as excerpts from a book, meeting with a murder victims son, and interviewing say her ex boyfriend I believe are not necessary. Why on earth would you interview your ex boyfriend? I feel like it was just “fluff” to put in the podcast.

Yes! And no.. (4/5)

Love this podcast, and I love the view it takes. My biggest issue is the music throughout.. it doesn’t help the narrative and is distracting

Background Effects Almost Intolerable (3/5)

The storyline and coverage is awesome. However, I listen to podcasts while driving and some of the background sounds used are so high pitched that they hurt my ears and make me want to turn off the podcast.

Gives notoriety to a psycho (2/5)

Which is exactly what he wants. I know that is the furthest thing from their minds when creating this podcast, but ultimately that’s what it does.

Messy (1/5)

This is the most unorganized podcast. It feels as though Melissa Moore just really loves talking about herself. This is not a podcast about her father, Keith Hunter Jesperson, but rather his daughter. This whole podcast is about Melissa feeling sorry for herself.

Fascinating (5/5)

I find this podcast so interesting. To be able to not only hear from a victims family but the family of a serial killer and the effects on these individuals is so interesting. Melissa is so brave to face all of this and air it publicly for us all to follow.

Great story. The music is a little much (3/5)

I’m only 2 episodes in and liking it. The music breaks are a bit distracting and happen a lot. I hope that stops or less frequent through the others episodes.

Two thumbs up (5/5)

I really enjoy this podcast. I guess I’m one of the few but I also really like the music. I think it really helps to set the mood, especially knowing that it takes place in the Pacific Northwest. I think the music is very fitting for the setting. I also enjoy the snippets from the Oregonian, I: The Creation of a Serial Killer, and the audio clips from the interviews with Kieth. I think it does a great job covering all angles. Showing how Keith’s actions didn’t just alter his life and his victims but his actions have cast ripples that have touched many, most of who are still working to overcome the mess that was left in his wake.

Lost interest (3/5)

I had a hard time getting into this podcast simply because I’m very picky about people’s voices - misophonia causes me to focus on details of people’s speaking voices that bother me. In addition to that, the actual content of each episode is minimal after you remove the intro, song breaks, and ads.

Not great (2/5)

I wanted to like this podcast but just couldn’t. First few episodes were ok, then went downhill. I agree with others that music is loud and distracting and seems to be thrown in at random times for filler. Interview with her ex boyfriend was a strange addition that didn’t need to added. And Don, the final victims son, obviously has many issues that need to be addressed before he attempts “helping” Melissa. All the details given from him were unnecessary, as well as his “YOUR FATHER” every two seconds. She gets it. No need for him to be so combative.

Too much music (1/5)

Couldn’t get past the music. Too little content too much music.

Fascinating story, hard to follow (4/5)

As others have pointed out, the music peppered throughout the episodes are oddly placed and distracting. They last 30+ seconds. The commercials are also very oddly placed and hard to identify as commercials because they overlap in content with the actual content of the podcast. In short, the editing could be better. If you can get past it as I did it’s definitely worth a listen.

Started great (3/5)

This show starts great but then seems to lose direction and focus

Disappointing and annoying (1/5)

I was really excited for this podcast and have listened through episode 7 but I’m done with it. I love true crime podcast and couldn’t wait for this one. The music is awful, there’s hardly any content in the episode because it’s so scrambled and little clips here and there make no sense. The storyline is hard to follow and to be completely honest, listening to Don and Melissa cry and hash out details from 20 years ago was not only my final straw but annoying. One episode with him was more than enough

Fantastic! (5/5)

I love how in depth the interviews are... so raw and authentic. This is an excellent podcast. I got through the first 8 episodes in only 2 days. I’m looking forward to more!

Disappointing (2/5)

To start with such rich source material and end up with a shallow product is disappointing. Each episode is perhaps 20 minutes of real substance (at best). Billing the show as one woman's journey through processing her experience would have been more accurate as there is very little narrative or true crime content.

👌🏽 (5/5)

I personally think the music is AWESOME; love the show and I wouldn’t change a thing

Meh (1/5)

Two narrators. Often difficult to distinguish who is speaking. There is a lot of up-talk and growling in their voice inflections. Their narration is measured and cautious and I was unable to determine if that came from a sense of airheadedness or desire to withhold. I fast forwarded the bit with the cat. I did not read reviews on this podcast until I decided I was through listening, five minutes into Eps 6, but I too found this series to be lacking. This is more the journey of the daughter than the murderer. And I did not find the daughter to be sympathetic. She is largely uninteresting. She positions her entire life on the choices made by her murderous father and that comes across as wasteful and an excuse for her own bad choices. Nothing interesting here. Nothing compelling either.

Hauntingly raw, and respectably done! (5/5)

This was full of emotion and heart. I feel for Mellissa and the victims families. The production along with the music was thoughtful and I found myself crying and feeling the intense sadness, frustration and anger and hope they felt especially in the last 3 episode. This is a hard podcast to listen to because of the graphic content; but so worth it.

Interesting story-could’ve been told better (2/5)

Very interesting story. But the podcast could’ve been edited better. Has some slow parts. Poor choice of music.

Obsessed. (5/5)

This gives you so much insight towards the families of serial killers. So many things that I have never thought about. I can’t wait to keep listening, this is the first podcast I have ever really gotten into. 10/10.

Where’s episode 9?!!! (2/5)

This is the only podcast I subscribe to that always has a lag in posting episodes. Are you skipping an entire week just because publish day fell on black Friday? People look forward to their favorite podcasts. Please post in a timely manner. No other podcast lags this much.

Happy face (5/5)

A new take on true crime. Her perspective is fresh and so often falls by the wayside. Love her, love the interviews, wonderful podcast.

Was a good (5/5)

This review is for the first few episodes. They were goods. New ones not a goods. Plodding poo time-filler.

Fascinating but Heartbreaking (5/5)

At first I was afraid this would glorify a serial killer. It does not. It focuses on healing for every living victim of the killer-his family and the families of the women he killed. Melissa puts herself in front of the listeners in a stark vulnerability as only the strongest among us could ever do. I hardly make it through an episode without crying. This podcast is proof that victims can take back their lives and create their own legacies.

Too much music (2/5)

The music is distracting from the story. It’s a great story, but very hard to get through the episodes with out 10 minutes of music clips.

Wow. (5/5)

I love this podcast. It’s so raw and sad and shocking and then more shocking. I feel for the victims and what the families of victims are going through, even so many years later. I cried a couple times for sure. Don/Leroy and Melissa, I hope you guys continue to help each other. You are both so admiral for sharing your story with us.

Season 1 (5/5)

Wow, I am speechless. This is the best podcast out there! Every episode is riveting up to the very last one. I thought I knew what heartless was until the killer described in his own words what he was thinking before during and after the killings. I was sickened. The Leroy episodes were excellent. Melissa, thank you for allowing me to share in your healing process. I admire you so much. PS. I love the music. Very fitting.

Music is distracting (2/5)

As a crime junkie and an avid podcast listener I must say I was really disappointed with this story. The music was jarring and extremely distracting, it literally took away from the story. It didn’t provide additional context, it was almost as if the music was the real character here, which would be odd and I would listen to the radio instead. The entire story wasn’t flushed out and fell short.

Amazing (5/5)

I loved this Podcast. This is the first one I had found that got me and wouldn’t let me go. It was hard to listen to at times bc of the raw details but I thoroughly enjoyed it. I would highly recommend this to anyone. My heart hurts for all of the victims of Happy Face. I hope that monster rots in hell!

Too little content per episode (2/5)

Too much music (not needed) to manipulate mood. Cheesy. Also the short length and filler in the episodes is frustrating. Lots of repetition...lots. The repetition of the theme song gets old. There’s some good content here, could have used some expert help with turning it into a decent podcast. Later; found out killers daughter has made a career of exploiting her relationship as the daughter of this brutal serial killer.She’s been on TV reality shows prior to this. Not sure if this is her meal ticket or a genuine attempt to come to terms. It’s making me question my own interest in this genre for entertainment. Quitting this one, too frustrating. Lacks insight.

So interesting (4/5)

Such an interesting concept and really incredible to dive into the loved ones of a serial killer. Melissa is so impressive and strong. Love this podcast, my only gripe is that I really wish the music wasn’t so overt. It’s distracting during times of big reveals or emotionally raw interviews to have singing playing over top of it. Takes you out of the moment.

Eh (2/5)

It began as an interesting listen, however, by the most recent episode, it almost becomes exploitive. I don’t feel the genuine-ness.

Boring AF (1/5)

Omg this podcast is horrible. I’m a true crime junkie! I’ve listened to true crime podcasts that were just “okay,” as well as ones there were excellent. This one is just plain awful. The podcast is centered around the daughter who, I’m guessing, considers herself to be a pseudo-celeb and enjoys the fame. The entire podcast is about her! Listen, we want to her about your father, the actual happy face killer. I listened to about five episodes before I quit, and literally learned nothing about her father. Further, the music is awful! Bluegrass, banjo, melancholic noise. I hate it. If you love true crime, this isn’t for you.

Respect (3/5)

Overall I enjoy this podcast. However, using the R word to describe Tanya Bennet is distasteful, offensive, and hateful. That word is a hurtful word that we need to eliminate from our vocabulary. Please be more sensitive in what you say.

Entertaining but depressing (3/5)

I’ve listen to all the major true crime podcasts and this one has made me feel the most paranoid and lousy out of all. I mean naturally these things are creepy but some details I felt could’ve been left out. Borderline torture p0rn vibes and sensational at times. I will finish it and I hope it ends with all living victims in a better place then where they are at this break. I am a horror and crime buff so I consider myself to have a high tolerance for violence but this story made me weep for humanity. And there really doesn’t seem to be any relief. It’s just horrible thing after terrible thing without a break for the audience. Very disturbing story, so listener beware.

Good, but concentrating on one victims son was annoying (4/5)

Leroy/Don is so annoying and almost ruined it for me. 2 episodes worth of this moron was almost too much, but I pushed through and overall it was good


This could have been so much better if the producers hadn’t been so obsessed with including all the god awful and unnecessary music. LESS IS MORE. We are here for the story, not your garbage mix tape selections. And the daughter. I want to feel sorry for her. But this podcast was so focused on her that it seemed really....self serving? indulgent? Maybe if I didn’t know that she has been on Dr Phil, Oprah and every other television show that would book her, maybe then I wouldn’t be giving her side-eye. It also takes like four or five episodes listening to the daughter chuckle and tell terrible stories about her childhood to get to the actual story of Happy Face.

I can’t get past the music!! (2/5)

I listen to podcasts with earbuds, the music is way too much and distracting.

The editing alone should earn them an award (5/5)

Hauntingly beautiful. The whole thing.

Started strong... (3/5)

But I don’t like where it has ended up. And overly drawn out meeting with the son of one of Jesperson’s victims is just painful, largely because he spends the whole time telling Jespersons daughter how to heal from what has happened even though he clearly has not. The most recent episode is almost completely Jesperson interviews, in which each victim is named followed by what their killer thought of them. Just because you have the footage doesn’t mean you should use it.

I really want to keep liking this podcast but.... (3/5)

I’ve had my high and low moments with this podcast. And I may have finally hit my limit with episode 8 when they play audio of Jesperson ‘describing his thoughts on what he had done’ to each of his victims. They do preference this part with a warning to say that this is not to glorify his crimes. But guess what, by playing his words you are absolutely allowing him to glorifying his crimes. It made me sick to my stomach and the whole time I just thought “so what?”. Who needs to hear what horrible things this guys says? Hes a psychopathic liar who who you can clearly tell is enjoying the attention he gets from talking about his crimes, that’s been established. I want to hear about the victims not how they died but how they lived. They even criticize the fact that often in the press ‘the happy face killer’ is described in length but how the victims are just described by name, and how we never get to hear about them or from the people who loved them. But then they turn around and play his audio, giving him a sounding board to say what ever the hell he wants, and allowing him to come up with reasons that blame THEM for his decision to kill them. I can’t imagine how the victims’ families feel having this stuff said about their loved ones, and the JANE DOE’s have no one to stick up for them. This type of talk is also dangerous and they should think about who could be listening to this podcast and be influenced by his words. I find Melissa interesting, and I have a lot of sympathy for the unique type of grief and guilt she has the burden of carrying. We’re often quick to judge and villianize families of those who have committed horrific cries. But the host needs to be careful about the content included, and how it comes across.

Love the choices (5/5)

This is a really great podcast that makes you question and think about life and death, murder and family. I see a lot of people reviewed who don’t like the music and I want to say that I love the music and the arrangements.

Great at First then Really Boring (1/5)

First few episodes, I really enjoyed and felt hooked. Then, any episodes following I’m just hitting the skip forward 15 seconds button over and over, because I’m so bored. The slow, bored western sounding music also makes it feel even more dry, like tumbleweeds are going through the podcast.

The women victims (5/5)

Thank you for reporting the victims names and how they were treated by this self centered misogynist. It was very moving.

Glimpses of interest but... off (2/5)

The music is distracting and sounds like off kilter Portlandia rubbish. The story of the daughter is captivating and her input is valuable but to me this entire podcast comes across as...gauche.

Happy Face (5/5)

This podcast is amazing. I was riveted. The son Don is an amazing person. He truly is on a Godly mission. GBU Don. I pray Melissa finds peace through knowing that there is a God and He does have a plan for our lives. Daph

Music is distracting (3/5)

The musical interludes are way to long and distracting.

Outstanding (5/5)

The final two episodes are some of the most gripping raw emotional audio I have ever heard.

Love the Podcast (1/5)

Although there are some raw parts and dark parts of the podcasts I am still enjoying it. Don... what an interesting person. I feel bad for him. He’s not fully healed, and I think he misses his mom not because he was close to her but because he didn’t get to spend time with her like he would’ve wanted. He takes pleasure on the monster murderer suffering everyday ... that’s not forgiveness. That’s just resentment. He was so caught up with details and just silly things that were annoying and made me want to fast forward through his “God had a plan” ... God is love. Satan had a plan... that fits better. Anyways... on to listening. Also can y’all stop with the safety commercial saying these murders are fascinating not scary like someone breaking in your house? What a terrible comparison !! Horrible choice of words

Too much interlude (3/5)

The story telling is good. I enjoy the voices and interviews. I was completely annoyed by the long musical interludes. Too much attempting to create a certain mood or level of drama with cowboy music.

I wish they’d be more aware of their guests (2/5)

This podcast is a really cool idea, breaking down not just what creates a killer but what it’s like to grow up with one without knowing and live in their wake and that’s fascinating. Production value is great. But I wish they’d be more aware of their impact on the guests they bring onto their show. The host and the main subject are friends which is pretty evident in this, and that’s fine, but like it means they were super cool and with her mom but didn’t give that care to the other guests they’ve had so far. Like they talked to the woman’s ex from high school and yeah that was important, but he isn’t the same guy he was in the 90’s and it really obviously hurts him what happened between them. And like the guy comes right out and tells them about how he’s trying to get permission to have his kids visit and they act like they don’t care and then bring up violence in a relationship the had when they were 15 and in a horrible position. And he’s mentioned how he feels about their relationship but she still SAYS IT because of course, no one will use that as leverage to keep the kids he loves away from him even though that isn’t who he is anymore or who he’s been for DECADES. I mean your podcast is a BLIP on his life but you are comfortable ruining his. What the crap? Then they want to talk to the son of one of the subject’s father’s victims and he very OBVIOUSLY doesn’t want to talk to them. He won’t return their texts but they just keep texting. And then the host calls him for several hours to talk him into it??? I mean I get it, you want that clip, but this was one of the worst chapters of his life of he says no, leave him alone. It doesn’t matter if it wasn’t her fault. He knows that. But he doesn’t have to talk to her anyways. What the heck is wrong with you people??? I’m glad it sounds like it worked out alright but you seem like you don’t care about these people at all.

Highly Exploitative, Gross (1/5)

Sponsored by Dr. Oz so I shouldn’t feel so surprised that the time I wasted listening to this crap wasn’t worth it. The more I listen the more I find it exploitative. Whoever makes this should seriously consider their motives. It all fell in to place for me on Episode 6. Maybe Melissa should have stuck with a therapist instead of broadcasting this stuff to the public. Really. Episode 6 is grossly inappropriate. I cannot support those who exploit the grief and pain of others (even their own). Done. Done. Done.

Interesting but needs polishing (3/5)

Story is great, with a broad perspective from voices inside and integral to the story. The podcast feels like it's half disjointed music. Thrown in for dramatic effect throughout the episodes it's easy to lose the fact that there's a semi-linear story in there somewhere. It's necessary for effect at best and overkill at its worst.

Interesting, but really poor production (3/5)

Interesting story, but should have been longer with deeper background. Music terrible and not necessary. Strange pauses. Very choppy.

The son (3/5)

Very heartwarming. I feel bad for what happened to Don’s mom and he has every right to feel that way. However, he is so annoying, he keeps cutting her off. Very hard to keep listening