Aggregated reviews for Heaven's Gate

In 1997, thirty-nine people took their own lives in an apparent mass suicide. The events captivated the media and had people across the planet asking the same question...‘Why?’ 20 years later, those who lost loved ones and those who still believe - tell their story. Hosted by Glynn Washington of Snap Judgment.

Very slow pace (2/5)

This could of been a great podcast but instead it was boring because it was stretched out way too much. There only should have been about seven episodes instead of ten.

Empathetic, Objective, and Well-Researched (5/5)

This impressively empathetic and objective is well researched and chock-full of first hand accounts. Glynn Washington is an amazing storyteller with a tactful presentation of this fascinating cult.

Great story telling- (5/5)

I really enjoyed the series: it really gave me empathy for the people and families involved. And it was such a wild story - the authors did a great job contextualizing what led to the suicide. Great job. My only complaint is the frequent long pauses and music insertion: I found it annoying because at times I was not sure if the podcast had stopped- and it just seemed to add time for no reason at all.

SUCH a well-researched and nuanced story (5/5)

A fantastic podcast honoring the humanity and complexity of everyone involved in this tragic story. A must-listen

Slick production distracts from topic (4/5)

Interesting topic, sad story, very well (over) produced but the ads are too long and and they distract from the topic. Too bad they didn’t ease down the Ads. I find it annoying to be interrupted. But it still is a good show.

Very well done (5/5)

Very interesting podcast. I learned a lot!

Excellent (5/5)

Very well done. There are good, mediocre and awful Podcasts. This one is very good.

Long interludes of creepy, pointless music (2/5)

I had to stop listening after episode 2 - the long interludes of creepy music make this podcast too annoying to continue.

I remember Heaven’s Gate (5/5)

I remember when this happened. What’s funny is owned the pair of Nikes they wear. I found interesting. There was information I did not know about the group. I know a lot because I live in San Diego. I found it interesting. Definitely a good listen.

So great, so fascinating (5/5)

I was too young to remember when the mass suicides happened in real time but this podcast was all-consuming. I listened every chance I got and I was so unnerved, so sad for the victims and fell in love with podcasts like these. The host has a wonderful voice and his storytelling went at a great pace where I was never bored, but wanted to hear more. Even now, I think about Heaven's Gate often and it's been weeks. Thanks for lighting my obsession with cult mentality!

Great storytelling (without fiction to guide it) (4/5)

Interesting story about the events that happened. I ended up looking deeper into this cult after the pod was over. It gave me a really good look into the people effected and how they were encapsulated by promises.

Good story, great storyteller (5/5)

What makes this story so riveting is Glynn Washington’s expressive telling of it. His pacing is terrific, and he has so much empathy for everyone involved in these very real events. Highly recommended.

Great deep dive (5/5)

... into the world of cults. I learned new details about this case I hadn’t heard before. Very engaging and I love the narrator.

Excellent pod! (5/5)

Engaging and compassionate.

Incredible in every way. (5/5)

One of my favorite podcast hosts of all time and also one of my favorite podcasts. Compassionately in depth... well rounded. Yes to this podcast all around.

Too many ads (1/5)

Way too many ads and starting, stopping, recapping. Just tell the story. Other than that it was great! The format just sucked.

Good story - bad editing / ads (3/5)

I wanted to love this but echo that it’s practically unlistenable due to the start/ stop replay of several openings due to ads. I had to skip episodes. The 9th episode literally had 20 mins of stop/start replay at the start. It’s too bad.

Worth listening (5/5)

All other reviews about advertisement glitches are true. And it can be frustrating. I’ve noticed closing the app and reopening helps. Hopefully kinks are worked out, but in the mean time, be patient with glitches and enjoy this fascinating and thought provoking show.

not hearing the ads/editing problems (5/5)

I have not had the ad problems people are complaining about. Listening on an iPhone 6 with iOS 12 🤷‍♀️ Great podcast, wonderful storytelling, fascinating subject.

Really difficult to listen to (2/5)

I really wanted this to be a good podcast. I ignored the reviews and dove in anyway. It’s practically unlistenable. Too bad really. I think it’s a cautionary tale worth telling. Hope ya’ll figure it out.

One long ad... (1/5)

About 75% of every episode is advertising. Episode 4 is seriously 99.9% advertisements and .1% content. The little content I’ve heard I like but I can’t listen any longer.

Ridiculous amount of advertising and terrible tracking for after advertisement finished (1/5)

I’m listening to the third episode and it keeps repeating the add and not progressing in the story. I’ll give it one more try then I’m done.

God soooooo many ads. Terrible editing! (5/5)

The ads are waaaaaay too disruptive. And I listening to “The Host” Ads start in the middle of a sentence. Impossible to listen to. Seriously.

The glitches and ads made this impossible to listen to. (1/5)

Seriously, did you even listen to it before you published?

Ads are glitchy but IT IS WORTH IT! (5/5)

I don’t review often, but don’t want people to see all the ad-related posts and be dissuaded. It’s definitely annoying but it’s an editing glitch. I just had to restart my podcast app and it was fine. The story is super interesting, and Glynn is a tremendous host. I really loved how the story was framed with the members being regular people instead of “freaks.” Glynn’s own background was a great addition to the story, and his caring and personal experience showed in his narration. I loved everything about this podcast - it’s 100% worth reloading the app to get through the glitchy ads.

Infinite loop of ads (2/5)

We started listening to this last summer and it was great, but I got distracted by other content. Came back to it on a road trip today and was super disappointed to find it’s basically impossible to listen to now because of ads. I’m not exaggerating. I heard his intro to episode 6, several minutes of ads, the SAME intro, the same ads, and repeat. After 15 minutes I had to quit. So annoying!! Guess they really want us to subscribe to Stitcher Premium for an ad-free experience. 🙄

Editing glitch in every episode. PLEASE FIX (2/5)

There seems to be a glitch in the editing of almost every episode. The same ads run back to back up to 6 times without the actual episode even playing. I think there must have been a glitch during the audio exporting process. It’s really bad on episode 8 The Unknowns. I don’t know how the producers have not caught this yet. Especially because all of the reviews are concerning this issue. Please fix or you will lose listeners

Loving but frustrated! (1/5)

I am loving this story and I think the actual story telling is great. Glynn’s voice is enjoyable to listen to. I had to stop listening because it was cutting out, skipping, and the adds were too frequent and repeatative. I would love this to get fixed and I can continue to listen.

HG is like reading rainbow for adults (5/5)

I absolutely loved this podcast from the beginning. I’ve listened to the whole thing at least 7 times over and over. It’s absolutely fascinating but also devastating that all these people died. Glen tells a very detailed real time story and it kept me glued until the very end. I definitely recommend it to all my friends who listen to podcasts.

Not a podcast. Just a series of ads. (1/5)

I have finally had to give up on listening to this podcast. I thought I would listen to it after it kept popping up as a recommended listen but once I sat for 10 minutes straight listening to the same ads over and over again I finally got frustrated and quit listening. There is an ad literally about every two minutes that lasts for five minutes and it’s the same ads over and over again. Very annoying.

Editing!!! (2/5)

The story telling is great! & the host has a wonderful voice for this but whoever is editing this is messing up. Episode 5 kept going to ads & the story wasn’t being told. & that was the pattern from there on & I’m annoyed so I have to delete & not finish the story. If not for that I would give it 5 stars

Skipping (1/5)

Please fix the editing!!!! So annoying. Constant ads for their own shows.

Good insight. (5/5)

Enjoyed the clips, interviews, and host. Didn’t have any audio issues. Nor did I notice the ads enough to say there was too many. It was a really good podcast.

Skipping audio? (5/5)

Anyone else having problems with this series? My audio skips around back and forth in time and the ads pop up randomly. Great story, but the skipping audio is annoying .

Hmm... (2/5)

Appreciated being introduced to the Heaven’s Gate (the mass suicide happened when I was a child and of course my parents sheltered me from that particular news of the day...), but I started really listening with a grain of salt when the host compared the partnering up of cult members to... LDS missionaries? Huh? This along with several other personal interjections leads me to think someone’s got a bone to pick with religion in general, not just the extreme cultish ones ... How about more journalistic reporting and less using the tragic story of Heaven’s Gate to be your venting vehicle.

The ads are so bad (1/5)

The actual content of the podcast is interesting and informative but the ads cutting in is so bad. By the third episode it seems like there is some kind of glitch where they just keep repeating on loop and it makes it impossible to listen to. This is so frustrating and disappointing! I was really looking forward to listening to this podcast.

Ads are too distracting (1/5)

Most podcast have ads twice...maybe 3 times and episode. This one is every 4-5 minutes and the same exact ad. It became too distracting from the actual content.

Ads (1/5)

Too many ads. So often.

Just OK (3/5)

Interesting topic but I didn’t particularly like the way the story was told. I don’t think it hit on the strange brainwashed type characteristics of the cult members or of Applewhite.

Good content but ads and content just replay (1/5)

The same ads over and over and have to stop what you are doing to skip. They need to fix this. It is not worth the number of ads. Get it together.

I give up! (1/5)

I give up. I’ve just listened to 15 straight minutes of the same ads over and over.

Review (1/5)

The ads!!!! Most annoying ad placement ever!

Just an ad??? (1/5)

12 minutes and 30 seconds in the episode three of Heaven’s Gate podcast, all I’ve heard is five copies of the exact same advertisement! It starts with an ad for stitcher, which I assume is some sort of hipster podcast app, and is then quickly followed by Glynn Washington sharing his thoughts on the topic, followed by the same ad from stitcher again, then a loop. I’m not sure how many times they expect us to listen to the same advertisement before we get fed up and give it a one star rating, but for me, five is enough.

Too many ads (1/5)

Episode5 ended up in a loop with adds interrupted with ads and the story restarting. Unlistenable. It was an interesting story, and decent format, but I gave up:(

So great!!! (5/5)

I loved how this show unfolded, showing compassion and empathy for the human beings involved in this cult. It was humane, empathetic, compassionate, creepy and super well done. Hard recommend!

Advertising in continuous loop (1/5)

I was enjoying this podcast up until Episode 3 when the ads seemed to be in a loop. And the actual podcast content kept replaying the same parts. I estimate that 60% of the podcast was ads. By Episode Four it was 100% looped advertising and NO content.

SO MANY ADS! (4/5)

GREAT podcast and a well told story but this podcast has so many ads that the ads themselves are interrupted by ads! Not a joke. Way more ads than any podcast I’ve ever heard. I understand there have to be ads but this many is ruining the show.

Loved this (5/5)

I binge listened to this in a few days. Intriguing, human, complex, terrifying, and captivating. I was truly sad when it was over.

Incredible (5/5)

This is an incredible piece of journalism about a compelling story with a captivating narrator. I couldn’t stop listening. I have been recommending Heaven’s Gate to everyone I know that listens to podcasts. Do yourself a favor and give it a listen.

Amazing and with the perfect host (5/5)

Very in depth and personal. Glenn Washington as host takes it to 11

RUINED by TOO MANY Ads!!!! (1/5)

“This is the perfect chance to sign up for Sticher Premium...” That ad KEPT cutting into the podcast making it IMPOSSIBLE to listen to, much less enjoy. Sticher Premium ads absolutely ruin an otherwise wonderful podcast (I made it through episode 7 before the ads got so heavy I couldn’t bear it). Such a shame. If I had considered subscribing to Stitcher Premium before, there is no doubt in my mind that I never will now. The incessant ads have built up a strong abrasion to ever using their service.

Heavens Gate (5/5)

This podcast has been very interesting. I knew the story but having all the background information really helped fill in all the holes that were left by the news broadcasts. And as usual, Glynn does a great job.

Softball (3/5)

I did listen to the whole series. Was interested in learning about the cult - what was the draw, how people went from well-meaning seekers to killing themselves for some elevated achievement as a higher being. I am a fan of Glynn Washington and really looked forward to this podcast. It was conciliatory to a fault and was not anywhere near investigative journalism. I didn’t learn much about the cult itself and the whole thing seemed to drag out with too much fluff and touchy geeky personal opinions. In the end, this podcast gives a fair amount of credence to the cult, erring on the side of not judging to the point where you miss the fact that healthy religious leaders almost always lean toward selfless service and a willingness to die for others - not going out in a blaze of glory of killing ones self to raise to a higher level. Disappointed.

I love cult stories (5/5)

I highly recommend this series for anyone curious about the psychology of cults. It’s neither superficial nor sloppily put together like many podcasts today. Glenn Washington brings multiple perspectives into this story: subjective narrator, lived experiences of former cult members, and subject matter experts on cults. With these perspectives, he weaves a tapestry detailing the illusory nature of cults, ultimately revealing the paradoxical nature of belief: the thing that we pursue for freedom can ultimately entrap us. Washington is a colorful, soulful and humorous storyteller, who has tremendous storytelling range. I’ve greatly enjoyed listening to him tell this story. Thank you Pineapple Street Media!

Compelling, convicting, creative (5/5)

This is documentary podcasting at its finest. With a story as potentially “freakish” as cult-sensationalism, the opportunity to hear through, historical, well-researched and carefully objective narrative about the many rippling effects of Heavens Gate was gripping. I couldn’t stop listening. I was forced to put myself in the shoes of “believers” and “unbelievers” alike. I was asked to practice empathy. I was invited to evaluate my own spiritual and religious practices and beliefs in light of such “extremism”. Please y’all, listen. Many a beautiful response to be excavated from this phenomenal ear-narrative.

Horrible Editing (2/5)

I don’t know if it’s an editing error, but there are awful jumps between narrative and then suddenly allllll the ads on repeat. I couldn’t even finish the series because of how annoying they were. It’s sad because it was a great show concept, content was there, narrator was great, but the edit was awful.

Podcast is all ads. (1/5)

There seems to be some kind of glitch. The show just plays the intros over and over again and replays the ads. I can’t even listen to the show. Anyone else having this issue?

Something’s wrong (1/5)

I really wanted to enjoy this podcast. However when I try to play several episodes, I get a loop of a few short minutes of the actual podcast, then ads. It never plays the whole pod. Disappointing. Also those stitcher premium ads are so pervasive in this podcast, that I am NEVER signing up for stitcher premium.

Ads encroaching (3/5)

This podcast is amazing... although the more episodes I listen to the more they bug out on stitcher ads and ads for the Paris Review. I can’t even complete episode 7 because it keeps looping back.

Great show! Glenn is great! (5/5)

I read one of the reviews that said Glenn isn’t a good host and Snap Judgement improved when they reigned him in. How confused! Glenn Washington is one of the creators of Snap Judgement ... not “hired” talent. Please understand that Heaven’s Gate is great and Snap Judgement is even better, particularly due to his shares. Great show! My only critique is that I want more!

Glenn can tell a great story (5/5)

Glenn Washington is a fantastic story teller!!! I love to listen an escape wherever he takes me. This podcast will not let you down. I’ve listen to every Snap Judgement episode too. A must listen. He has opened my mind an heart more than I could ever imagine. Love you Glenn

Glen Washington is FABULOUS! I can’t WAIT for his latest podcast! (5/5)

His voice is beautiful, he is funny and has, Stories that are so varied. I love the variety, the breadth of the subject matter! Spooked! Oh! Love it! I’ve listened for years! And I will continue to. I enjoy when he brings the show live and we get to listen to other story tellers. I ADORE Glen Washington! And, NO, I’M NOT HIS MOM!

ADS (2/5)

I subscribe to dozens of podcasts... this one seems have ads every min or two of the last few shows. It’s insanity, I had to stop listening.

thumbsup (5/5)

I personally love Glynn Washington's narration style, and thoroughly enjoyed this.

Episode 8 problem (5/5)

I am enjoying the story but something is wrong with episode 9 because it is two commercials and the beginning in a continuous loop

Very interesting, especially... (5/5)

Since I actually thought about joining them..just a few years before “the end”. I was brought up in a church not normally thought of as a “cult”-but my family and their closest church friends, weren’t “normal” Catholics. It was a childhood-and even adulthood-of abuse (physical, emotional, verbal and substance abuse), led by my extremely controlling, angry mother, fed by her close friend’s-a couple of priests and nuns-and well hidden from my Uncle, also a Priest, who only visited once every few years from South America. Where my parents portrayed a very strict Roman Catholic household, my dear Uncle is likely one of the most liberal Catholic Priests in the church today. Much to my mothers extreme anger; I left the church, AND HOME, the day I turned 18. Unfortunately though, I continued to allow the abuse and control, for many, many years, before I found the courage to cut ties with them. After 40+ years of being told (screamed at), what a stupid, ugly, deformed, worthless monster I was, who didn’t deserve success or happiness-I believed it most of my life. I think almost anything can become a “cult” under the right circumstances. Just look at some of the religious and ideological groups today. Other kids in the little group around my mother, ended up also leaving the church completely, and frequently joining groups like Scientology, Mormonism, extreme political movements or other “extreme” groups. I myself was a Hindu for many years, living and working in an ashram for 3 years. The sect I belonged to was close to Tibetan Buddhism, which I eventually drifted into. Thanks for such an honest, open exploration into cults and cultish behaviors.

Amazing (5/5)

This show is so detailed and meticulously researched. You can tell a lot of care went into the production.

Host is annoying (1/5)

The narrator is WAY too much personality and takes away from the story of what happened. It’s extremely distracting I only got to the 3rd episode because of it

Wow! (5/5)

This is a fascinating show. I love Glynns narration esp bc of the unique perspective he’s bringing to the show. Thanks!

Too bad (2/5)

Wow. Others have said it- the host ruins this podcast. Over-act much? Weird narration obfuscates the fascinating story of this group. I’m sticking it out for a bit because I’d like to know more, but I’m holding my nose.

exactly what i wanted (5/5)

i’ve loved glenn on other podcasts, i love him on this one. i’ve seen a lot of criticism of the way this story is told but personally i like a lot of production and i like a slower paced story with lots of human details. i'm an artist and need to divide my attention between what i’m listening to and what my hands are doing. this pacing is perfect for that. if you don’t need your story to be slammed into your brain as fast as possible then you’re in the right place. relax and enjoy glenn’s melodious tones and lovely descriptions.

Informative and insightful (5/5)

Loved this series. It gave incredible insight into the group and I learned a ton that isn’t typically covered about Heavens Gate. Highly recommend if you’re interested in cults.

Glenn is great (5/5)

I thought Glenn did an amazing job narrating this podcast. His personal experience with cults and his theatrical, melodic voice and great story-telling kept me very engaged in this series.

Stretched way out (2/5)

This is like 3 episodes of content stretched out to 10 episodes. There’s major filler episodes with near-zero Heaven’s Gate-related content just to get the full 10. This includes low information 40+ minute discussions about what does the word brainwashing even mean, a thought experiment about how things could have gone different (it didn’t, so who cares), and even an entire episode dedicated to an interview with the host. Speaking of which, the host has a good voice, but his style is sadly just mismatched with the material. If it was significantly trimmed, edited and organized a bit better, and had a more appropriate host, you could get a really streamlined solid 6 episodes probably. In the end, it’s listenable, but don’t be afraid to skip ahead.

Good listen (5/5)

I was interested in heavens gate after hearing a little about it on another podcast. If you can keep an open mind and don’t rush to the harsh judgment and pass it off as mental illness, I think this podcast does an excellent job of making it easy to relate to those who joined the cult.

Fascinating! (5/5)

The narrator is very engaging and has a personal (indirect) connection that provides a unique point of view in examining the story of this cult. He manages to tell the story of the people involved with thoughtfulness, and does not simply write them off as "crazy" or "evil". Instead, he presents the complexities of it all. Interviewees include surviving cult members, and family members of cult members. Also included are sound clips of the actual cult members. This podcast is absolutely gripping.

Host ruins it (1/5)

The host’s voice is super annoying. His inflection feels inappropriately excited and breathy. It’s corny. I was looking forward to learning more about this cult but I turned it off 20 minutes in because I couldn’t stand to listen to him anymore.

Highly recommended!!! (5/5)

This was a great podcast! Thorough start to finish. Well researched and allowed the cult members/leaders to be real people, family members and loved ones instead of a spectacle. The host relating it to his upbringing allowed me to relate it to my own experience with religion and spirituality without shame. Each episode captured my curiosity and answered all of my questions.

Good podcast, but pacing was a little slow sometimes. (4/5)

I remember seeing this story all over the news after they found all of the dead bodies in the San Diego mansion. I thought Marshall Applewhite looked and sounded creepy as hell. I wondered what drove these people to do that and this podcast answered a lot of those questions. I know some reviewers are slamming Glenn Washington as the choice of host but I thought he did fine. I personally would rather listen to him than one of Stitcher’s regular hosts like monotone Molly who could put me to sleep. I don’t agree with the beliefs of the people of Heaven’s Gate but no matter how you look at it they were members of a cult, and one of the interviews with a cult expert did a really good job of explaining why it was a cult. I thought the backstories of the leaders and some of the members were good, as well as the interviews with the surviving members. Only through them were we able to get better insight on the history and motivations of this group. Good podcast.

A lot of drugs lol (4/5)

Almost done with the first episode and it sounds like this “2” was on a ton of drugs

Perfect (5/5)

This is a stunning podcast. Very intense, well researched, chilling intro music.

Another winner with Glynn Washington (5/5)

Love anything and everything Glynn is involved with. Great subject choices, terrific delivery, and a wonderful voice.

Great Binge Listen (5/5)

If you don’t like Glynn Washington, this’ll be a tough listen. The over-emphatic way in which he speaks (clearly cribbed from the world of poetry), where every sentence is a whispered revelation, can be a turn off (I say this as someone who doesn’t really care for his npr show “Snap Judgment”). That said, the devil is in the details, and this show has lots. Interviews with former cult members, families of cult members who up and abandoned them, authors who’ve written about Heaven’s Gate, and insight from cult deprogrammer (and former Moonie) Steve Hassan. Highlights include a tape from Heaven’s Gate co-founder Marshall Applewhite apologizing to the daughter of his cult partner Bonnie Nettles, for not telling her that her mother died of cancer. The daughter responds to Applewhite’s b.s. point by point. And there’s also riveting audio of a family trying to pull their daughter out of the cult, using subtle techniques they learned from Hassan’s book. There are missteps here, like the episode about Washington’s background growing up in a cult (who cares?). But overalls this was an awesome binge listen, like a cool documentary movie for your ears only. Also, the music is awesome. I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t clamoring to hear the next one every time I finished an episode.

Great (5/5)

I talk about this podcast maybe too much.

Surprising and brilliant (5/5)

Glynn Washington performs a magic trick of storytelling with this show - he takes material that could be sensationalistic and personalizes it in unexpected ways. The result left me devastated, with a deeper understanding of what makes people seek out cults such as this. I can’t recommend it highly enough.

Very well done (5/5)

Very well done, great story, great narration, fascinating insight and interviews.

Haha (2/5)

It’s like Horatio Sanz was asked to deliver this podcast and be can not believe what he’s reading

Great podcast that does the story justice (5/5)

This podcast is incredibly insightful and moving. I remember when this happened quite vividly and I’ve always been so curious about the why? behind this story. Even after years of reading about it, I was always hoping to get a better deep dive and this podcast delivers. I’m so glad that Glynn Washington narrates; like everything he works on, he handles it with so much grace and empathy.

Fascinating (5/5)

Loved this podcast. Glynn makes it even more of a treat and also helps the listener to empathize with the cult members and even their leaders

Yea. This is a really good one. (5/5)

First of all, I don’t do reviews. Listened to this every morning at work before the store opened. The first time through I found myself sneaking off at work during the day just to listen to 5-10 more minutes. Great podcast, wonderful story telling. Probably the best cult story available now.

Great podcast (4/5)

I get the complaints about the host if you don’t like his style then I agree you won’t like this show for large chunks. The rest of the people in here complaining about comparisons to mainstream religions are missing a big and key point. This cult is/was a religion. Many cults are and most religions that are now mainstream were started as cults. To assume otherwise is to lie to your self. This understanding this cult or any cult your have to understand humanity and religion and how it can be used to manipulate people. Don’t take offense when your religion is discussed as there are many similarities between religious cults and current religions. Scientology is a cult and it is a religion according the the USA.

Well done (5/5)

A very thorough and engaging explanation of events!!

Glynn is the best (5/5)

I love listening to Glynn tell a story

Feeling Culty? (5/5)

You’ll love the research and detail that this podcast puts into telling the story of the infamous Heaven’s Gate cult! Definitely an interesting podcast! -Heather Wright (Nature bs Narcissism & Status Pending Podcasts)

Love the host (5/5)

The host Glynn Washington makes this show worthwhile

It all makes sense... (5/5)

... no wonder... Glen had been in a cult. How did I not see this one coming?

Just found it. Just love it. (5/5)

Only on episode 2 and love it Glynn Washington has a voice like summer rain. The editing and audio choices are well done.

Not very well done (1/5)

There is very little concrete here. Random thoughts by the producers but not much of what the group actually believed or did. Pretty boring, frankly, and could have been done in about 3 episodes. A lot of fluff.

Glynn Johnson really makes this podcast! (5/5)

What a fantastic podcast! I loved that Glynn Johnson added his own experience and insight to the cult mindset after having experience in a cult. Wonderfully researched, and so interesting!!

Interesting and informative (5/5)

This podcast was excellent. Normally when you hear stories about cults it’s nothing but negative... it was incredibly interesting to hear the side of former cult members which made you remember that these people were humans too. I appreciate all of the research that was done and effort that was put into it... it really shows. I liked hearing clips from Heaven’s Gate members themselves while they were in the cult, ex cult members and family members of cult members. Just wow. Give it a listen! Even the host has his own cult story and I really enjoyed hearing that as well.

Amazing (5/5)

This podcast was bone chilling and in depth and wonderful. Please do this again about another topic. Thank you for the insight about this group.

Well Done! (5/5)

I like that you are showing them as moms, dad, sisters, brothers, daughters, pilots, stay at home moms and computer programmers. Seeking and telling the truth while respecting personal memories of the families.

Excellent (5/5)

My first time listening to a podcast on this particular topic. Quality. Left me wanting more. Excellent narration. Well told. And heck, maybe just maybe, they did make it to their destination, right?

Very Compelling (5/5)

Well told story by an amazing host

Great show! (5/5)

Really interesting to hear Glen Washington’s insight on growing up in a cult. Super well done show!

Outstanding narrator (5/5)

An even-handed exploration of the Heaven’s Gate cult hosted by an incredibly engaging, relatable narrator who has his own personal experience of growing up in a cult. Excellent production and research

So good (5/5)

The level of research is astounding. I’m so fascinated by and impressed with this podcast.

Fact Check (2/5)

Might wanna check Glynns claims of being in a “cult”

Riveting (5/5)

Cults are fascinating. This podcast tells the story from both sides. And it was helpful to hear the host’s experience in growing up in a cult.

A+ podcast (5/5)

Phenominal podcast. Glynn's voice is a joy to listen to. He explores the fate of the people in Heaven's Gate - including leaders Ti and Doe - as a tragedy rather than titillating gossip about a bunch of nuts. This podcast gives thoughtful insight into what began as a peaceful group and how it built - brick by brick - into a doomsday suicide cult.

Compelling storytelling (5/5)

The mass suicide of Heaven’s Gate is a shocking and sorrowful story. This series deftly presents a nuanced telling by including interviews and recordings by family, friends, former members, and group members and leaders who ultimately perished by suicide. Glynn Washington provides intimate perspective by sharing his own formative experiences in a religious cult.

Excellent (5/5)

Glynn Washington's reporting and storytelling is always great, and this is a show that could only be hosted by Glynn. I couldn't wait for this to come out every week! I was really sad when the chronological narrative was over, and would appreciate an occasional insight on a specific topic around Heaven's Gate.

Great Pod (5/5)

I’ve always been fascinated with this cult/group and everything that went down. I’m excited for a more thorough analysis. Thanks to everyone involved in the making of this podcast.

So interesting (5/5)

This podcast was so fascinating. And it’s produced really well. I felt like I understood how the Heaven’s Gate tragedy happened and how all those people came to the decision they did.

addictive (5/5)

amazing binge-listen. glynn washington is a compelling host for a beautifully told, extremely creepy story. i couldnt wait to listen to another episode when one ended!

What a Story (5/5)

This show is fantastic. Its focus is to tell a story rather than sensationalize these truly tragic stories from defectors, survivors and parents. I’ve been enjoying listening to this rational approach to understanding cult mentalities and how people can get deceived by them. I’ve had a somewhat similar (though significantly leas extreme) experience after high school so this hits close to home.

Glynn can tell a story! (5/5)

This team is fantastic in their writing & how they spin a story. Riveting details from a story I vaguely remembered in my youth. Very educational. I Couldn’t wait each week for the new episode!!

Well researched, just enough intrigue (5/5)

Great podcast. Glen Washington has a great voice and this podcast has it all. We know it happened but none of us understood why. In depth interviews and reporting, just enough foreshadowing to keep you wanting to listen to the next episode.

Gripping and very well narrated (5/5)

One of best I have heard in a while. Don't get me wrong, some of them out there r very good but this one is one of its kind.

AMAZING! (5/5)

It was amazing to be able to listen to this podcast. I was so captivated and neglected every other podcast to complete this one.

great miniseries (5/5)

the production value is wonderful and the host is compassionate and interesting. i love the way he conducts his interviews and i love his musings throughout the episodes. wish it didn’t have to end.

Interesting and educational (5/5)

I had so many preconceived opinions (mainly negative) about the HG cult. This pod gave me so much more info and the other side of the story that the public at large never heard. Excellent storytelling and host. Thank you so much for doing this pod. I have a much better understanding now. And a lot of empathy!

Heavens gate is amazing! (5/5)

So good. Riveting and captivating.

Great storytelling (5/5)

This is well researched, fascinating, and has radio quality production. This podcast took a cult I thought I knew about and made me realize I barely knew a thing about it. I went from thinking they were just lost souls and nutcases to feeling bad for everyone involved, even Marshall Applewhite (just a little bit).

Educational and entertaining (5/5)

This podcast is so well researched and produced, it could be a template for other podcast series like it. The producers use actual audiotape, interview members, former members, parents as well as their own extensive research. It comes at the subject matter from every angle. I especially appreciated Glynn Washington’s own interview on his experiences in a cult-like church as a youth. Mr. Washington hosts Snap Judgment as well as this podcast. Super job!

Amazing story, amazing storyteller (5/5)

Glynn Washington is one of the most gifted storytellers alive today and this story is absolutely fascinating on its own. So the story + Glynn together are mind blowing. Can’t recommend enough.

Has what most lack (5/5)

I'm fascinated by cults, but am almost always disappointed by cult documentaries. Heaven's Gate ticked every box of my cult interests. Also as a Snap Judgement fan, it was great to learn more about Glynn's past!

Fascinating and Extremely Well-Made (5/5)

This podcast is skillfully and thoughtfully assembled. The story will have you on the edge of your seat, but it always senstive to, and never judgemental of, the people who lost their lives.

Stellar (5/5)

Absolutely loved this show and how deep a dive it takes into studying this cult. The live audio used takes it so far. Thanks!

heaven's gate (5/5)

good series

Deeper Understanding (5/5)

I grew up in the era of cults receiving a lot of attention. They we “scary” and “evil” which always left me to wonder why anyone would join one. Glynn Washington’s podcast shed a different perspective I had not considered. I have a better understanding of why individuals might feel they’ve found their tribe.

Phenomenal (5/5)

Loved it! Sad its over 💔

BEAUTIFUL!!! (5/5)

I was drawn here by a morbid curiosity. I think we all want to look at these like we are at the zoo. As though we are separate from these people who made such disastrous choices for the survivors, but through the eyes of an experienced narrator, we learn that there is no glass and cage. We r not separate from each of these individuals. It was beautiful. The narrator grew up in a cult and shows insight that we don’t normally get. He shows respect to the survivors, honors the fallen, and sympathizes with the families. A family member of mine killed themselves and life afterward is so different and painful. The honor that he showed was beautiful. It bought me to tears. But my favorite part, was the end when he presents the audience with a challenge, a challenge that in the beginning we would have scoffed at, but in the end, we scratch our heads. I hope his theory is true!!! Beautiful!!!!! Thought provoking!!!! Etc!!!!! Thank u!!!!!!!!!

Amazing. Fascinating. So well done. (5/5)

Listen to this podcast. Trust me.

Glynn Washington make another series! (5/5)

I loved this. The host was excellent: engaging, thoughtful, a great speaker, and even shared his personal story. The personal side is so important. I loved, too, that this podcast kind of showed a different side of the cult. It wasn't about the perceived weirdness or darkness. It was about the people, who, like every one of us, just wanted to be happy.

Glynn Washington Is Amazing! (5/5)

Incredible. I came for the stories -- but I stayed for the host. Well done.

Ugh (1/5)

Bro stop saying “it could’ve been you”. You don’t know any of your listeners and even if you did, that is a RIDICULOUS leap. These people were NUTS. I’m gonna kill myself so I can go to Heaven. Sound logic🤦🏻‍♀️

Love Glynn Washington (5/5)

I would listen to Glynn host on a podcast on anything. I’ve never been really interested in this topic but found myself completely riveted.

Could’ve been so much better (2/5)

Super interesting topic, but loaded with so much fluff and repeat information. Narrator’s cadence also was distracting to me, took me a few episodes to get used to it.

So much I didn't know about this (5/5)

Once I started I could not stop listening to this. An entralling and (almost too) compassionate look at the people of Heaven's Gate and their motivations. Seriously, if you are considering suicide, please reach out to the Suicide Prevention Lifeline.

Amazing (5/5)

Beautiful, fascinating, well-researched, and touching. Glynn Washington tells a complicated story about real people, that is both heart-breaking and uplifting. Fantastic podcast.

Great and thoroughly entertaining (5/5)

This podcast really kept my attention. I cried in parts. The host was a kind and thoughtful narrator and storyteller. I appreciated his effort to cast a light on this sad story.

Grand! (5/5)

Loving this! It’s amazing the information they have found and are sharing. I love the tapes and hearing the people who have been touched by it all in some way or another.

Absolutely flawless. (5/5)

Heaven’s Gate is astonishingly well-done. The attention to detail, production, and narrative are engaging and accessible. Glynn Washington is an amazing host who treats every interviewee, narrative, and detail with reverence and reliability. Stitcher and Pineapple Street Media really did well here.

Couldn't stop listening! (5/5)

This empathetic and in-depth look into the Heaven's Gate cult was so interesting and compelling that I wound up downloading and binging them all.

Awesome (5/5)

A well done and intriguing podcast.

Well-researched and very kind. (5/5)

This was very interesting and well done, lots of information that didn't really come out at the time the events happened. It was also very kind and fair, to the cult members and their families.

Fascinating & Brilliant (5/5)

Fascinating story. Brilliant, sensitive and thoughtful reporting. Bravo!

Best of 2017 (5/5)

There were a lot of great podcasts this year but in my own very special awards(which I am sure will soon be attended by many gowned stars) Heaven's gate was by far my favorite. Wonderfully presented with the right balance of explanation, context and clips from the people involved. I am only sorry it is over. I just finished my second listening and I hope this team is back soon with a new topic. Thank you!

Great podcast ! (5/5)

Love Senhor Washington ! Always listened to his show on NPR/PRX , so this podcast has the same feel.

So well done (5/5)

Glynn Washington is phenomenal. This is such and engaging and well researched account of Heaven’s Gate.

So good (5/5)

I loved listening to this podcast. It really went in depth and showed how heavens gate was more complicated and how it had evolved over the years. Interviews with survivors and family members made the group seem more alive and identifiable.

The Host ruins it for me (1/5)

The common flaw that can separate a great documentary from a bad one is the documentarians themselves and how much of their biases or they themselves seep into the subject matter. The Host of this podcast inserts himself into the story of Heavens Gate too often and with no real reason. He wasn’t a part of it. But his experience with an apocalyptic church that was guilty of segregation when he was young is constantly compared to the Heavens Gate cult. This is like calling Beliebers a cult that would all kill themselves if cult leader Justin Bieber commanded it. The fact that, no doubt, some would doesn’t make a fandom into a a dangerous cult. This constant comparison of his comes off ridiculous and he even dedicated an entire episode to his own experience...which is not related to Heavens Gate in any way. You can call a religion a cult and a cult a religion and some are very interchangeable, but the host saying that Heaven’s Gates extraterrestrial infused religious belief system is no more absurd than any other major religion is ridiculous. Most major religions are millennia old and have texts of antiquity to at the very least support them... Heavens Gate was a cheap byproduct of Scientology’s growing popularity, created by a failed Broadway star and was clearly made up and rewritten as it went along...their suicide pact and its relation to Hale-Bopp Comet abruptly and randomly coming from a late night Cryptozoological radio show in the mid nineties. The cult leader was a man who tried to seek fame before the cults inception and therefore the cult really was meant to only ever serve that means...he was a narcissist. A narcissist who lost control of his cult and he manipulated and murdered 40 people the second he saw an opportunity for a way out. It was easier for him to do that than admit he was a conman who just wanted to be famous. The host of this podcast consistently seems to defend this cult leader and frequently uses language and a tone as if he himself is disappointed to have not been a part of Heavens Gate. The podcast way too often defends and glamorizes Heavens Gate in a manner that seems to insult those family members and it eventually crescendos into a final episode that suggests that maybe Heavens Gate was right and maybe they’re in their comet tail space ship, ultimately slapping the face of everyone who was devastated by this cult suicide.

Glynn Washington is a star (5/5)

Such a good podcast with an amazing narrator. Bravo 👏🏽 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽

Somewhat disappointed in the subjective-ness (2/5)

I really wish this podcast was a little bit more objective instead of trying to tell me how to feel or what to think. Heavens gate is interesting enough without playing up certain notions or going overboard on trying to sell a certain idea or whatever.

Great podcast! (5/5)

I was in college, living in San Diego when this happened. In fact, my journalism advisor was one of the first journalists on the scene and had written an article for the Boston Globe at the time. I remember thinking then that how could people give up on life collectively... however this gives me a great perspective on what happened, how they got there and what I believe was the manipulation of minds and desire and a false pursuit. They didn’t know any better and honestly I don’t think it was suicide the way we understand suicide.

Excellent podcast (5/5)

Thought provoking, riveting and utterly tragic.

Outstanding Journalism (5/5)

Glynn Washington does a stellar job of investigating the history of this mysterious and misunderstood group and its members. It's very well researched, edited, and thoughtfully constructed.

Heartbreaking (5/5)

Thank you Glen and the families for telling this story.

Outstanding! (5/5)

Well-crafted story. Suspenseful. Heartfelt. Thought-provoking. Terrific host. An audio documentary of the best kind. Thank you for creating quality work like this!

Cringe (1/5)

Either poorly researched or shoddily presented. The time line presented here is impossible. November Art Bell piece does not come before September Heaven’s Gate statement of evacuation. Caster interjects self into an entire episode though his cult ties had no affiliation with Heaven’s Gate. To top it off after each heavy episode ends there is an insensitive piece of audio meant to poke fun at the cult’s participants. Terrible misuse of subject matter. Could’ve been something special.

I’m hooked (5/5)

One episode in and I’m scrambling for the next. I look forward to neglecting all the things I have to do to liste

Bad and irresponsible (1/5)

Started listening out of curiosity of what makes someone vulnerable to cults, but was soon shocked by how it legitimatized this behavior. I felt at first it was the over dramatic and annoying voice of the narrator and the fact that his own experience and bias was brought in, then I got to the last episode and how it normalized this behavior by comparing it to other religions and based on that, maybe they made it to the spaceship! Come on! Although I realize the thing to do today is to question Christianity, bottom line most religions (including Christianity) don’t encourage suicide. Quite the opposite, they teach life is precious and should be protected. To legitimize this cult is irresponsible.

Fascinating! (5/5)

I didn’t expect to find this as interesting as I did- great podcast done very well. Excellent quality- can’t recommend enough.

Nicely done. (5/5)

I grew up in north county. I was 23 when H. Gate happened and it of course was a hugh story in our sleepy town (Then). I’ve been told the neighbor next to the “Mansion” purchased the house/property. Do you have any information regarding what happened to the house? I drive from Point Loma to leucadia to work everyday and pass the hotel (Holiday Inn) where the two tried to reunite with their friends I was told because the Holiday inn uses a swoosh in their sign. The hotel company has changed. Probably because the room was booked for I’m not sure how long after. Humans for centuries have had different versions of God.. Thank you I actually enjoyed your interviews with families. God bless them.

Fantastic (5/5)

Being so young when it happened, I was unaware of the grand scope of it even if it happened in my city and was all over the news. Now after going on this journey I realize how big an event this was and how incredible a story it is. Its such a well made pocast and definitely deserving of your time.

Well done (5/5)

This was an incredibly well produced and researched podcast. I also appreciated the respect and gentleness brought to the interviews with people who are still suffering.

Missing Key Information (3/5)

An interesting take, but why zero discussion about how they got the supply of phenobarbital??? Did I miss something? Isn’t this critically important in terms of understanding the impact cults and their leaders can potentially have?

Heaven's Gate (5/5)

Your podcast has gotten really interesting, and Glenn's input brings it to lfe.

Host makes it meh (3/5)

I know this is a real story with real survivors, but having Glynn Washington host seems like a miss. He was in a cult when he was younger, so he has credibility for that, but his storytelling style sounds forced and fictional. It makes everything sound more dramatic than it is. Let the story tell itself.

Good topic, bad podcast (2/5)

Wish it was better. Narrator is trying too hard. Just give us the facts, don’t need your input. Let me interpret it on my own.

Good grief🤦🏻‍♀️There’s no there there! (1/5)

I listened to the whole first episode and I heard a LOT of ads sandwiched between “it could have been you, coming right up” and 30 seconds of dreamy trance music. So if that sounds interesting to you, then by all means, download and drink the kool-aid. Reminds me of the MSNBC joke: “we put 10 minutes of information into an hour!” I guess if you only have a high school education, this might be interesting to you? I’m really not sure. Maybe if you can’t read? The narrator has a really nice voice. Ooh! If you need something to listen to before you go to bed, this should do the trick. Maybe I’m just spoiled by all the tight editing & rich storylines from WNYC, Crooked Media & WBEZ. On the Media, Majority 54, This American Life, Freakonomics, Hidden Brain, Criminal, Embedded & Lovett or Leave It are killin’ it right now!

Mesmerizing (5/5)

This podcast is so different from others about historical events, true crime, or cults. It’s more than just facts. It delves into the nuance of the people who joined and left. The host gets personal about his past and shows that the people of Heaven’s Gate aren’t as different from us as we think.

Great podcast! (5/5)

I really enjoyed the way this event was told. It's easy to dismiss the members of this group or their beliefs until they dive in and humanize these people. Definitely something I binged on my commute.

Quality production but over-sensationalized. (2/5)

Great story, editing, music, etc. but kind of feels like an info-mercial. Like they’re trying to sell me something. I love cults. I don’t need any convincing.

Refreshing (5/5)

I am so pleased to hear how Glynn and the other reporters and researchers are sympathetic and understanding of the members of Heaven's Gate. I think that so often, when we talk about cults, we victim blame saying they should have known or that they knew what they walking into. This podcast peels back some of those layers and looks at part of what makes cults so scary, that you don't know what's coming or how the group will change. I really appreciate the tenderness and honesty with which these stories are being told.

Excellent all around (5/5)

Glynn is an excellent host. He is warm and personable. The podcast is interesting and informative. I loved the different perspectives brought in. Binged the whole thing in one night! ❤️❤️❤️

Love this podcast (5/5)

The end wasn't as impactful as I had expected, but the bulk of this podcast is so intriguing, especially the questions you have to ask yourself while you're listening.

Chilling and intruiging (5/5)

Growing up in a cult and finding my way out has been tough. Hearing the interviews from former members was difficult but refreshing to know that others have survived and continue on. To the creators of the podcast: please make more series like this about other groups.

Stick with it! (5/5)

The podcast started a little slow for me. But by episode 4 I was hooked! Great interviews with former members as well as the narrators childhood in a cult.

Excellent (5/5)

Very well done, the interviews, tapes and also hearing about GW’s cult experience. Paints a scary story about people willingly giving up their freedom for half baked ideas.

Bravo well done! (5/5)

I've listened to the entire series... well done! A very thoughtful, empathetic and well-rounded take on an intriguing and mystifying tragedy that captivated our nation decades ago. Bravo!

Fantastic podcast. So well done. (5/5)

Now that I’ve heard all 10 episodes, I’m going through withdrawals. Loved the podcast and the storytelling. Would have liked to hear more about how/why the surviving class members left the group. But other than that, it’s perfect.

Great (5/5)

I love the subject of cults. This podcast gives you an in-depth look at Heaven's Gate. Very well told and easy to listen to.

Hurts my ears (3/5)

I love the topic and the narrator, but all the background noise and the music and the tonal shifts triggers my migraine and ear sensitivity... which kills me because I want to know more!

Soft Pedal (1/5)

This podcast normalizes major mental illness too much. The thesis that any of us could end up a member of HG (“There but for the grace of God go I...”) is naive, misleading, and—on the face of it—false. Most of us would not, in fact, castrate and/or kill ourselves to join a spaceship that we heard about on midnight radio. I think presenting the story in these terms is disrespectful to the families of these unfortunate people.

Amazing (5/5)

Glynns voice, compassion and original Take was a revelation. He sought out members of the Class, the families left behind and an expert, all of which are articulate authentic human beings. I cried a few times, but laughed a few too.

Awesome production (5/5)

Quality podcasts are hard to find. This is one.

Unlike any other. (5/5)

An amazing deep dive into this group. A masterpiece in podcasting.

Well Done (5/5)

This podcast is well done. Very interesting and well produced.

Exceptional Experience (4/5)

One of the most compelling aspects of this story is in the telling of it. Only Glenn Washington could have brought this group into focus. Thank you for your thoughtful and honest take on this and the cult mentality.

Amazing (5/5)

One of the best podcasts out there. So informative, great storytelling, & Glynn Washington is such a great host - he brings a clarity and empathy to this disturbing topic that is so appreciated.

Not quite what I expected... (5/5)

A real gem! This is a fascinating and compassionate look at the people of Heaven’s Gate. Glynn Washington is an enchanting storyteller who takes the time to reveal the humanity behind the identically dressed bodies found in a Southern California mansion. This podcast is more than a cult study, or true crime story- it’s an examination of the sociology and psychology that led to a certain sequence of events, and an examination of what went wrong (or right). Definitely give this a chance if you are interested- it’s not as dark as I thought it would be. It’s full of love and light and compassion.

Very good insight (5/5)

I learned so much more about this cult. This is an excellent podcast that looks into every area of Heavens Gate.

Worth the Time (5/5)

Great podcast. Interesting, well narrated, and a great look into the cult Heavens Gate.

The Best (5/5)

This was a great series! Very well researched with captivating story telling. One of the best podcast on cults I’ve heard. With so much information, different perspectives, and handled with such respect on the subject this is an absolutely a must hear!

Disappointing (2/5)

No new insights into the group, didn't hear anything that wasn't already widely known about the group. The most interesting component to the whole podcast (the host being raised in a cult) is mostly ignored and only brought up in one episode...seems like a wasted opportunity to bring an interesting perspective to this tragedy. Just surface level. Big disappointment.

Great podcast. Sad podcast. (5/5)

My views on religion have been torn down to the foundation over the last year or so. This podcast added more clarity to my decision to give it all up. I was glued to every episode.

So great! (5/5)

Listen to this podcast, even if you think you might not like it! Glen has such a great hosting voice and he comes with great perspective. I love true crime stories but started listening because I needed a new podcast. This was SO INTERESTING and I felt so many emotions throughout this story! Very, very moving but also so eye opening! Definitely worth a listen to! Also, Ben Zellar is the man, he knows his stuff... I enjoyed listening to him!

Excellent listen (5/5)

This is one of the best podcasts I’ve heard. The style is both very human and professional. I love all of the interviews and first person accounts. Narration is perfect and the transitions are seamless. I can’t recommend this podcast enough.

Riveting. (5/5)

This series is totally binge worthy. Covers this topic from every angle. The level of detail in learning this story in intense. Everyone should listen.

Best podcast of 2017 (5/5)

Every week I waited anxiously for each episode to be released and was captivated by every single episode! Well done, Glynn!

So informative (5/5)

I am so sad for the families but THANK YOU for sharing the stories from the actual families. I am sad it is over

It’s okay (2/5)

I like Washington and the production quality is great, but I don’t feel like I understand the cult after nearly 10 hours of content. It sounds unempathetic but I feel like the podcast spent too much time with the families. I wanted more of an understanding of what/why HG believed. I don’t feel like the podcast did a great job at that. If the only point was to get people feeling empathy for the members and their families, it did an alright job at that.

Incredible. (5/5)

This series has been incredible. The production, music, sound effects, format, information, and the narrator are excellent. The theme music, background music, and intro couldn’t have been anymore fitting. Glynn is fantastic as the voice for this show. How they managed to get ahold of Nettles’ daughter and have her play the tape from Do about her mother’s death, something that hasn’t been released to the public, is beyond me. I thought this podcast would just end up rehashing the same old stuff everyone knows about Heaven’s Gate, but nope. Way above and beyond what I expected. The interviews with the families were done with compassion and I’m sure they appreciated the chance to talk about their loved ones as actual people that had lives before this. Ya’ll should seriously consider doing another series on another cult. I’ve looked so forward to listening every week and would love to hear more. 10/10.

It’s really, really, REALLY good!! (5/5)

Glynn Washington is a fantastic storyteller, and it absolutely shows in this series. I was skeptical about this show because I thought I knew the story, but this goes so much deeper. It’s far from a macabre story of cult suicide. It makes you stop, think, and feel.

Beautifully Crafted (5/5)

From beginning to end, this is a carefully and thoughtfully produced podcast that is truly inspiring. I am impressed with how thorough they are here, because context and empathy are key in exploring a cult that has been heavily sensationalized and parodied. The episode that focuses on the host's own experience as a cult member makes this very different from other docu-podcasts. Context and empathy. It is a brilliant and excellent production.

Excellent and Respectful (5/5)

This is an excellent show. Listened from day one. I have been impressed with how respectful of the group’s beliefs and views the show remained throughout. I learned so much about the history of the group, in 7th grade when the bodies were found I thought like much of the world that it was a bunch of UFO nut jobs but as I’ve gotten older I’ve come to appreciate how a person can join a group like Heaven’s Gate and the harm it brings to their family and friends. I recommend this to everyone I know because it’s so well done!

I can’t listen to this before bed (5/5)

I don’t understand why this creeps me out so much, considering how nonviolent this cult is, but man. This podcast messes me up if I listen too late at night. I guess that’s one mark of an effective product.

Well done (5/5)

I remember when this happened, but I didn’t know the back story. Absolutely fascinating.

Great job (5/5)

Good production Congrats

Interesting (5/5)

This is really well done. All different sides of the story are examined and is given respect, helping us to understand each side and really see what was happening.

Holyballs (5/5)

Never been so locked into a podcast in my life. I couldn’t stop driving, I couldn’t pull away. It’s as if the podcast itself had me entranced, glazed over - before I knew it I was enlisting my friends and relations. Luckily, this podcast doesn’t have the same effect as a couple of alien people named after singing noises. Glynn does a great job narrating. The theme music uses new age synth sounds and heavens gate audio clips to create a Boards of Canada/1987 crystal convention sort of vibe. The sound design is perfectly creepy, using low rumbling bass to set a scene of foreboding terror. If this isn’t the best podcast of the year I’ll be shocked.

Absolutely Love This (5/5)

Highly recommend! I could listen to this man tell me about anything .

Terrific Podcast (5/5)

Glynn Washington is one of my favorite podcast hosts so I immediately subscribed to this and I wasn’t disappointed!

So well done (5/5)

The content, the host, the clips. This is such a well put together podcast. Definitely worth taking a listen if you’re into the macabre, cults or just like a good story.

thoughtful and beautiful (5/5)

This show really takes the time to explore what it takes to join a self destructive cult, how it can happen to anyone, and why. I find the way Glynn talks about his own history to be really compelling, humanizing, and it puts this complicated story in a greater context.

Well produced, great storytelling (3/5)

Narrator is outstanding, great music. Humanizes the group to a fault at times.

Podcast Exceeds Expectations (5/5)

I’m extremely picky about podcasts. I had high hopes for this podcast and it has exceeded every expectation I have had. Every week I wait with bated breath for the next episode to drop. Great story telling. Amazing story telling.

Excellent (5/5)

I hope this host explores other cults. His presentation is fascinating.

Amazingly told, absolutely gripping. (5/5)

One of the best new podcasts out there. I can't wait for the newest episode each week. Glenn Washington is an amazing host, mixing empathy and incredulity as he tries to honor the beliefs of both the cult members and their families.

Excellent (5/5)

Great view on a cult delivered by someone who understands. He was in a cult and has great insight

Very Intriguing! (5/5)

I am fascinated with the stories of the people involved in this cult and look forward to the next episode each week. The host’s back story is very interesting as well.

Ok (3/5)

Great subject matter, but the host is over the top cheesy.. especially during the commercials. Also the commercials are intrusive AF.

Fascinating! (5/5)

The host has such a great “entertainment” voice and the content is so interesting!

CIS (5/5)

Crime in sports taught me that iTunes reviews are important.

Excellent in depth podcast (5/5)

Fascinating topic, regardless of who you are or your proclivities. Glynn Washington is amazing as always, and the story telling, research, and production values are all so high on this show. Definitely recommend.

I love Glynn Washington's podcasts. (5/5)

I love Glynn Washington's podcasts.

Another great one by Glynn! (5/5)

Great storytelling, interviews and sound clips. It’s also nice to hear about Glynn’s background in a religious “cult” of sorts.

Great Reporting (5/5)

New information I never knew

If you love cults... (3/5)

This show isn’t a home run, but it is a solid base hit. A treasure trove of audio, recorded by family members, is the real draw here. Episode seven is the best so far. The worst is when host Glynn Washington inserts too much of his own childhood experiences as a member of a cult-like church. He’s a capable host, I just prefer we stick to the story at hand.

Love the hosts voice! (5/5)

Great podcast with a very in-depth look at heavens gate from the perspective who someone who at one point was in a religious cult and offers a great insight into the cult the people in it and the family members left behind after the tragedy!

Fascinating and soooo well done! Listen 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽 (5/5)

Terrific podcast. The content, narration, writing AND production are a joy. I appreciate the hard work and talent that goes into each episode. Love the intro/outro music; perfect for Heavens Gate 🛸

Addictive (5/5)

This podcast is the perfect balance of history and story telling. Reminds you just how freaky deaky humanity really is. Bravo, Glenn and Pineapple St.

Best podcast (5/5)

I look forward to this podcast each week. I find the topic so interesting.

Love this podcast!! (5/5)

Glynn has a charming, warm voice full of sincerity and open curiosity. He approaches the topic of cults with respect, patience, and personal stake. Very well done podcast with tons of fascinating information, including multitudes of audio clips and interviews with people personally involved.

Spectacular (5/5)

This is an incredibly well done podcast. I’m a huge fan of hearing about cults and Heaven’s Gate was always one that had me fascinated. This podcast has taken me to new levels in knowledge of the class and Ti and Do. Very very well done and very very interesting. Excellent job.

Heaven gate (5/5)

An amazing story told with great excellence! Always looking forward to the next episode. . .

Intriguing (5/5)

Absolutely enjoy listening to this podcast. I knew about Heavens Gate the ending but did not know how they got to that point. It is quite fascinating. I cannot stop listening. This podcast is well put together and I look forward to each new episode.

Fascinating (5/5)

Really fascinating podcast. I love the talk about cults and exactly what applewhite was all about!

Too many commercials (3/5)

Commercials at the beginning and every 15 minutes thereafter. Not really a gripping story especially when interrupted so frequently. Unsubbed.

Sound effects are cheesy/ hyperbolic host (1/5)

I really tried to give this podcast a chance bc I grew up around heavens gate & find cults intriguing in general! But when I listen to each episode it feels like nothing happened? Also the sound effects are distracting. The host is also too dramatic. This was something real & it's like the editing process wants us to think it's some super sci-fi strange thing that happened. The story itself is unique there is no need to exaggerate it with distracting effects.

Host (5/5)

Glynn Washington is a great story teller. I think it’s fair to say he’s one of my favorite podcast personalities

I wish I could give it 7 stars. (5/5)

So detailed, well produced, and the story is told amazingly.

Creepy, moody, enthralling (5/5)

Addictive my mysterious and creepy but with moments of tenderness and love. So interesting to hear the story behind the story. Fantastic writing and some of the best production value I’ve heard on any podcast. I almost wish the soundtrack was available.

Love This Podcast! (5/5)

So good, so informative and I love that Glynn Washington has a bit of a personal interest in Heaven's Gate. Love his voice - perfect for podcasts because in my eye's, a bad voice can ruin even the best podcasts. The interviews with the family members left behind gives you real insight into how this happened.

Engaging and heartbreaking (5/5)

A well paced, well told investigation into Heaven’s Gate.

Nails on a chalkboard. (1/5)

Why would anyone care about Glynn Washington's pathetic religious history? Way to put your narcisist self right in the middle of an interesting story and essentially mash it into a giant pile of garbage about you. Also, if you were going to interject yourself so forcefully into the story, why couldn't you do it in the first episode? I wish you could give Glynn a rating of zero stars.

Love this podcast! (5/5)

Very informative and captivating. Remarkably story telling as well.

Great find! (5/5)

I was only in the 6th grade when this happened, but my teacher did vaguely discuss this with us. I have had a fascination with cults, this one in particular. Glenn gives the most informative data I’ve ever heard and from a personal point of view. One of my favorites!

Mesmerizing (5/5)

Great production and an interesting story. Especially interesting regarding Glen Washingtons backstory. Now is a great time to listen.

Engaging (5/5)

This is such a compelling serial, whether you grew up in a crazy religious situation or not. Amazing the power of belief. The host is a gifted storyteller.

Great look into a fascinating cult (5/5)

In depth look into the Heaven's Gate movement. The host is a great storyteller with a unique perspective.

Expertly Crafted (5/5)

So entertaining, well told and well researched.

Interesting by default (3/5)

This in an interesting podcast, although it could be the topic and less the podcast itself. The host is clearly educated on the subject and pretty easy to listen to. However, when he does the advertising voiceovers they are terrible and must be fast-forwarded. For whatever reason his enunciation is poorly timed with emphasis in a way that sounds inauthentic. The podcast does not sound that way, but it’s probably scripted more to his speech and style. I would suggest getting a new person to read the ads, especially since there are a lot of them.

Stick to Hellsgate (3/5)

Why am I hearing so much about Glynn's cult when the story I planned to listen to isn't finished?

Great show but too many Ads (3/5)

This is a good podcast but too many interruptions for ads. The 40min episodes feels like 50% actual episodes and 50% Ads

I love this!!! (5/5)


Love this! (5/5)

I’m only on episode 4, and I love this podcast! Cults are fascinating to me. So scary how people blindly follow!

An excellent look into cults (5/5)

As someone who was very religious growing up but is now what others would consider an athiest, this is a excellent look at cults and how they are formed. What I find particualry fascinating is how easily a cult becomes a religion and vice vera. Glynn has an excellnt point of view and the latest "Host" episode was particularly informative. I am lookking forward to hearing more.

Great job! (4/5)

Hello from a fellow Grand Rapids resident! Keep up the good job with this show. Love it.

I love Glynn! (5/5)

I'm hooked!

Love it. (5/5)

This is SO well done. I am really enjoying it.

Great great podcast (5/5)

This is a great podcast. I love the detail and stories from the people who had first hand experience. Mr. Washington, you have a great voice as well. Thank you!

Fascinating! (5/5)

Love this podcast! Brilliant

Good podcast (4/5)

Just heard Glynn's story. Lots of it were as if he was telling the story of me growing up in a cult. Only I'm white, and my parents joined when I was 10 and I was never onboard. But the endless hours of sitting through meetings, lots of corporal punishment, and even later on reading'Who Wrote the Bible'. Me too. Was expecting him to get into the clamoring for rank in the hearchy that seemed to be a big part of my parent's cult. The Heavens Gate story is very well done and I'm liking the format.

Interesting history of a cult (5/5)

The subject of the podcast had me interested from the beginning, but hearing the host talk about his personal experiences in ep 4 had me completely on board. This is more than just a deep dive into a dooms day cult, this podcast will seek out the heart and soul of this tragedy.

Great (5/5)

Love This podcast!!!!

Well produced (5/5)

Good content and well made

Glynn Washington is my hero (5/5)

I love Snap Judgement, which I used to describe to friends as This American Life for folks who aren’t whiny New Yorkers. Glynn is a voice I hear and trust and have always wondered about his experience. My husband mentioned this podcast to me and I was all “Ugh. Who Cares?!” Then he said the only name that would make me even dip a toe in: Glynn Washington. SOLD! And I have not been disappointed.

Enjoy BUT.... (3/5)

Don’t really want to hear someone opinions on religion and seems the podcast in episode 4 took a turn toward dissing Christianity. Just wish they would stick to the story, which is what I enjoy.

Thanks (5/5)

Thanks for covering this with compassion and honesty. And thanks for including your personal experience.

For cult enthusiasts (5/5)

If you like the podcast Cults and had more questions about Heaven's Gate, you'll love this.

Glynn! (5/5)

I could listen to Glynn Washington talk about literally anything but lucky for me, I love listening to weird cult stuff. This podcast is great. Can’t wait for new episodes!

I didn’t expect such a humanizing approach (5/5)

Heaven’s Gate is remarkable. It’s compelling storytelling told with nuance and compassion. Instead of “What a bunch of weirdos”... I keep thinking “That could have been me” ... I can’t wait for the next episode 💯

Host is bad (1/5)

Unlistenable. Find someone who can enunciate.

Excellent! (5/5)

This is so well told and extremely interesting, this is now one of my all time favorite podcasts!!

Very well written (5/5)

Goes beyond the sloppy sensationalism reported in the media at the time, and sold as journalism. This podcast has done their homework, I am so glad that a more accurate story about the group and American culture during this period is being told. 5 big stars!

It's lit (5/5)

Sensitive, fascinating exploration of this group with an AMAZING host.

Interesting take on a crazy cult (4/5)

This is a well produced podcast. Musical choices are a little weird but the host and the team clearly put the work in. The host also tries to forestall any judgment you may make when hearing about a cult of alien believing hippies led by people who suffered mental breaks. There is also discussion about the hosts own experiences in being in a cult so I am sure he wants people to have an open mind about people who join these groups. Overall interesting to listen to.

Amazing podcast! (5/5)

Incredible storytelling, in-depth look at the famous cult. High production values. Sit on the edge of your seat entertainment!

Fascinating (5/5)

Layover interesting story. Highly recommended.

Very interesting (5/5)

Loving it so far. Obsessed with cults!

Really interesting (5/5)

This story broke while I was in middle school. Am glad to return to it and hear more about exactly what happened. I especially appreciate how the show doesn't sensationalize the more gruesome aspects of the story and treats the cult's founders, members, and family as real people.

Grabs you (5/5)

This show has just sucked me in. Great storytelling and an incredibly interesting topic!

Needs more info (2/5)

Each episode is too slow and too short to only come out once a week. After each episode I end up googling because I want way more information than what is being given. There’s too many weird musical breaks and the guy doing it is talking so slowly. If you don’t have enough research then don’t break up the episodes so much. Combine them and make them longer. This subject is so interesting and I’m certainly curious, but this podcast isn’t doing it justice.

Great show with a unique perspective (5/5)

This show is phenomenal. I can’t wait to hear about the host’s own cult history next week. Totally worth a listen.

Intriguing and Insightful (5/5)

This podcast is one of my new favorite.

Fantastic. Important, even. (5/5)

My only complaint about this podcast is I have to wait a week for the next episode. The production quality and narrative construction is one of the best I’ve heard in a documentary. It’s clear that the host and creator has a deep connection to the subject matter and treats it with sympathy in a way that is usually lacking when talking about cults. There is real insight here into human psychology that goes beyond the apocalyptic cults themselves that is utterly fascinating.

Absolutely Worth Your Time (5/5)

If you’re looking for a solid new documentary series, you really can’t do much better than Heaven’s Gate. Insightful interviews, fascinating content, neat music... I definitely recommend it.

I'm addicted (5/5)

Sorry fascinating and well done! I'm totally addicted.

Cool subject (4/5)

Looking forward to more episodes

Great find about subject & host (5/5)

Loving how this is presented and casted. I have been intrigued with Heavens Gate since first finding out prior to the suicides and listening the first few episodes have me wanting more. Have suggested to others to check out. If you are into Cults and or the subject matter check out this Podcast amazing so far!

Heyyyyyy Mr. Washington (5/5)

Hey G money yassss so happy to hear your voice over here. I love this show. You make it great. There was another show I was listening to about these Wacko's so I thought this was that podcast so surprised to see its you. Voice , Cadence and energy are what it takes and G Washington has it. This subject matter is so disturbing I'm here to really try to understand how this happened

Great perspective! (5/5)

Love that the host has some history and personal experience to the topic. Great insight. Can’t wait to listen to the story unfold.

Intriguing (5/5)

This podcast is so interesting and so well produced. I’ve told all my friends about it and they are enjoying it as well.

Want to love it (3/5)

I absolutely LOVE snap judgment and what Glynn does with stories and content. I want to love this too, so badly, but for some reason I just can’t get into it. I love true crime, story telling and I was really looking forward to hearing this show. Especially when I heard a plug for it on “Dirty John”. I could see why other people love it and think it’s worth a try but I tune out a few min on every episode. Hopefully he does another one of these. Love him!

Can barely stand to wait for each new episode (5/5)

This is a fascinating and engaging series! I love the narrator and the audio clips, and when I see a new episode is dropped it is my first priority play.

Freaken weird (2/5)

I listened to the first two episodes. I tried to have an open mind, but it’s weird. I was like why am I listening to this.

Hooked on Heaven’s Gate (5/5)

Really into this podcast so far.

Love this podcast! (5/5)

Great podcast - this should really be more popular than it is!!

Great Host (5/5)

Glynn keeps you drawn to the story. Really helps you understand why people are interested in joining a cult.

Light years better than “Serial” (5/5)

Wow. Very well done. Charismatically narrated, superbly reported, expertly edited, infinitely engrossing. The Heaven’s Gate cult would be interesting no matter who told the story, and this podcast could make the phone book sound interesting. Together, they’re a smash.

Child of a cult (5/5)

I also grew up in a cult not all that dissimilar from Heavens Gate. I find myself drawn to anything cult related to try to understand why and how my family got involved. I enjoy the Snap Judgment podcast and I’m really enjoying his questions he’s asking about Heavens Gate because they are very much I would ask

Great insight (5/5)

Love it guys

Great! (5/5)

Love what I’ve heard so far!

I’m hooked (5/5)

So far I am hooked - I remember when Heaven’s Gate hit the news but love learning more about the details and especially in this way - it seems unbiased and open to looking at both sides fairly. I feel like I’m walking in the followers of Heaven’s Gate shoes a little bit.

Wonderful (5/5)

Excellent podcast, the host/researcher is very likable and great at creating atmosphere so you can actually picture in your mind what he's talking about.

The other guys review (5/5)

Love a good talk about a cult as much as the next guy, but the I suggest the other reviewer not love cults, they’re not the best hobby #dontdrinkthekoolaid

The host is awesome!!! (5/5)

This show is great, it grabs you from the first minute. The host is incredible, super upbeat and funny (so funny he makes the commercials entertaining) and he approaches the members of the cult with a sense of understanding and empathy rarely seen in the analysis of cult members. Highly recommend!

Narration and editing are poor (3/5)

I'm not really a fan. It's a very interesting topic but this podcast comes across as amateur. The editing and writing need a lot of work. The pace is off. But also, the narration is dramatic and over the top. I feel like I'm hearing an actor audition his lines. The narrator shouldn't be a character in the podcast, but he is.

Excellent (5/5)

More than just a summary of the news at the time. Super interesting!

I can't believe this happened. (4/5)

Great podcast. Very shocking story about a fascinating group of people. The narration is decent.

Confused on the motive of this (2/5)

So like, are you trying to convince me to join Heaven’s Gate? This wasn’t really the way to tell a story about a mass suicide...

The research is stunning (5/5)

I like a good story as much as anyone, but the thing that stands out about this podcast is the research and interviews. The characters in this story really keep the narrative moving and it just doesn’t get any weirder/gripping.

Love it! (5/5)

Really great podcast. The host has a charismatic voice and an interesting perspective as a former cult member himself.

In depth with interviews of survivors (4/5)

I could listen to Glynn read a phone book or nursery rhymes. His interesting voice, his skill in making stories, no matter how out there, truly relatable. The interviews with the surviving members of Heaven's Gate makes this even more interesting. It's not just 'other' people telling a story, but with those who lived it.

Struggling here (2/5)

I love podcasts. I REALLY love them. I have stopped listening to audible and radio almost entirely the last few years. I was super excited to see about this one but was really disappointed to see that the editing and content were just so bad. I couldn't put my finger on it at first but couldn't help feeling like something is wrong and finally realized it is just poor editing and poor story telling on a topic I was really excited to see featured in a podcast. I struggled through episode two and will probably (possibly) keep going because I find the topic so interesting but it is hard to get through so far.

Spellbinding! (5/5)

An amazing analysis and new point of view on Heaven’s Gate. The interviews and history are fascinating! The storytelling is well paced and really draws you in! If you enjoy podcasts like Serial, this is a must!

Shakes you (4/5)

But that may just be me. Someone who escaped a cult covering a cult is honest and sympathetic. Im so glad a survivor is sharing stories of other survivors...

Too sympathetic (2/5)

This is the story of two mentally ill people that drove dozens of people down the path of mass suicide, and this story goes too easy on them. This isn’t “the type of thing that could happen to anyone” and it’s bad journalism to suggest otherwise. Won’t listen past second episode because of the equivalencies to religions that don’t advocate delusion and suicide.

Terrific (5/5)

Great, very interesting podcast.

Host is super annoying (2/5)

Was an okay start but got really emo from the narrator. I liked the insights from people interviewed. But the narrator with his "oh me and my emotions..." turned me off. I had to stop it midway through episode 2. Too bad bc i love cult stories.

All you’ve ever wanted to know (5/5)

This is fantastic, informative and entertaining on a subject we’ve always wanted to know more about. Glynn, much continued success to your podcasts I can’t wait till for the next week.

Pacing and operative choices make listening difficult (2/5)

While I found the content interesting, the pacing of the episodes, the choice of overly dramatic music, and the hosts speech patterns make this a difficult listen. I had a hard time staying engaged and ultimately quit listening about half way through episode 1. I gave it 2 stars only because I find the subject matter appealing.

wow (5/5)

this pulls the audience inside the minds of the cult leaders, while simultaneously providing the relevant cultural moment of the US in the ‘70s. great stuff

Glacial Pacing (2/5)

The pacing is glacial. Feels like 2 hours of content stretched into 4 days, punctuated by ads.

Good Content, But PLEASE Stop Making It About You (2/5)

I'm very interested in HG and I was super excited when I saw an entire podcast dedicated to it. However, I immediately was wary when I saw it had the same host as the Spooked podcast as those stories are supposed to be "true" and the host seems to tell stories of his own life that I'm not sure I can believe. But alas, HG is not about other people's stories but a true event and I had hoped for some great journalism. However, the host has already inserted himself into the narrative with a story that is not really relatable at all to the HG Cult(and further makes me question his stories in Spooked). There's a way to tell a story/create a podcast without making it about yourself, and unfortunately, Snapped Judgement couldn't do that with this podcast either.

Fascinating (5/5)

So interesting... Even if it wasn't, I am so crazy about Glynn Washington, I would tune in to hear him read the back of a cereal box.

Hosting is just not Glenn’s calling... (2/5)

....I hate to say it. The show and subject had amazing potential. I’m just not sure why you’d make the crazy decision to tap Glenn Washington as host. He almost ruined snap judgment until they finally reigned in his insufferable story time. He’s a great producer I imagine. He’s not a good host. He doesn’t have good instinct for storytelling. It’s just that simple, sorry Glenn. Shine bright behind the scenes buddy. Your dragging your shows down insisting on being front and center.

Hosts and cults (4/5)

Cults annoy me. I don’t understand how people are SO ignorant. I enjoy this cast and the host is good. Think Leon from Curb your enthusiasm if he had a college degree. Boom!

Fascinating but... (4/5)

I’ve never heard of this case before I came across this podcast. So interesting! However it is overridden with ads and can be a bit over the top at moments

ordinary (2/5)

I remember when this happened, I was hoping for some insight or something interesting. I'm afraid I just couldn't stay interested through the first episode. To be honest, the narrator was also too much- I wanted to like it I really did. I'm afraid Max Linsky's (of the Longform podcast) enthusiasm for a podcast means a little less to me now.

Love it! (5/5)

Love it! Glen Washington is fantastic and this subject is bizarrely interesting!!

Great!!! (5/5)

Awesome job by Glynn. Looking forward to more.

Falls short (3/5)

Really wish I could have finished episode 1. The ads were frequent, and some of them were hard to even decipher what the narrator was even saying. Not sure if it’s his clarity, or some heavy gating...But I had some trouble ! The first episode moves slowly, with 3 ad segments 30 Minutes in. For some reason they are edited in a way where the ad transitions themselves are very awkward. There was a 45 second instrumental fade out into one of the ad chunks that drove me crazy. Picture me, the listener, stuck in traffic, waiting for the story to progress, 30 Minutes in... to hear this awkward break with no “we’ll be right back after these messages”... I had no idea what was happening. Sorry to be so harsh, I was just really looking forward to this episode. Hopefully y’all continue to grow

Helpful coping podcast (5/5)

I wasn't in the same cult as Glynn but was in a well known organization that shares the tactics and 'lemming' like behavior. This and Scientology series helps me ground myself in feeling ok that I got out.

Change the narrator/host (2/5)

I’m interested in this subject but please change the over-acting narrator. I’m sure he’s a nice guy but he is ruining this podcast for me. Not sure I can continue listening.

???? (1/5)

Pure nonsense

Enjoying so far (5/5)

I live everything Glen has been a part of. I'm enjoying this so far. Looking forward to more episodes

What a combo! (5/5)

Love me some Glenn. Love the mysteries surrounding cults. What a combo! Don’t drink the koolaid ya’ll!

Great Story Line (1/5)

Unfortunately it has to many ads and it’s over produced.

Provide some better content before overloading with ads (3/5)

Ad. Sparse content. Ad. Ad. Sparse content. At least draw listeners in with some good storytelling before we get over the head with ads...

Giftedtfggggrffbfgbbvbfbvvvvvvhbfvvgvvbvvgvgvbvcvvbbbbgffg (5/5)

VvcgbfGfBvbbgbbgvffVvbbbvgvvVBVB VbvvgbVVvvgvbBVB BgbffvbggggghhhggVvhB.B. Gfg. Gffgfgfffffgggfgdgfggrffrftgtf

So so good! (5/5)

Started listening without realizing this was a new show by Glynn Washington, who is a phenomenal storyteller. An awesome mix of relatable analogies, interviews, archival content and Glynn’s amazing skills as a raconteur. Can’t wait for the next episode!

Too many ads (4/5)

The storytelling is interesting and the topic is intriguing but there is so much wasted time in the podcast. A lot of drawn out musical interludes and too many ad breaks.

Great start to promising podcast (5/5)

I got sucked into the first episode and am trying to wait patiently for the next several. I really like the production values and the podcaster's style and the way he weaves a story. I remember this story when it happened, but even in the first episode I learned a lot more about this cult, how it started and what really happened. Lots of interviews with past members of the cult are fascinating too.

Very impressed so far (5/5)

Similar to podcasts like S-Town and Serial. It tells the story and perspectives from members of Heaven's Gate. Great host. Intelligent. I'm excited to hear the whole series.

History in the making (5/5)

I just listented to the Cults episodes on the Heaven's Gate but this is exciting for a deep dive into it.

Next Level (5/5)


Just Plan Super (5/5)

I love that they interview people that were in this cult!!! Super excited about this one!!! Can't wait to hear more!!!!

Good journalism/storytelling (5/5)

I was so pumped to see this come out, and the first episode is amazing. I appreciate that they are really getting into what Heaven's Gate was and not focusing solely on painting it as a bunch of weirdos. I mean, very strange tale for sure, but it's facinating how people fall into cults like this, and how the cult evolves into something entirely different. I really hope they continue on the topics of cults (I see I'm not the only "fan,") because someone needs to do an amazing podcast on Aum.... maybe I should do it? P.S. If you dig this, check out Going Clear by Lawrence Wright. Also, if you dig this, check out the podcasts Stranglers and Spooked!

His voice is so pleasant (5/5)

Enjoyable production, inflections & pace. I just love his swagger

Can't wait! (5/5)

Anything Glynn Washington does is going to be AWESOME!

The Next Level (5/5)

Wow! I just listened to the first episode of Heaven' Gate and I am hooked! I was worried that I wouldn't find another podcast that captivated my attention the way Missing Richard Simmons did, but I just found it!

Confused (3/5)

No idea what you were talking about in the Herbert W Armstrong segment

Host is annoying (1/5)

The host is annoying

Absolutely terrific (5/5)

Terrific storytelling, pulls you in. Great job.

Wow! (5/5)

Such a great topic by a person with such a real perspective. One of the first podcasts to not take a cold approach to this topic.

Sad and spooky (5/5)

Episode one and I've already cried! Gorgeous storytelling, can't wait to hear more.

Love (5/5)

Can’t wait to hear what happens!

Excellent Podcast! (5/5)

I was thinking about joining a UFO cult last year but then I decided not to, and now I feel better about my decision, but still I wonder, are we alone? Where do dreams come from? How can I move objects by thinking about it? Lol I'm kidding about that last one. My cat says it's impossible.

Impressed (5/5)

Impressed by the sensitivity and empathy with which the host and producers treat the people affected. Highly recommended mended.

Amazing!! (5/5)

First of all, I love Glynn Washington! His voice and delivery are incredible. Second, the subject of Heaven’s Gate is intriguing. I’m very excited about this one!

The podcast I've been waiting for (5/5)

The Heaven's Gate cult definitely captured my imagination as a teenager in the 90's: The androgynous outfits? Matching haircuts and nikes? What was up with these people and how did they get to this point? Glynn takes a very measured and empathetic approach to exploring the meaning of this world and its people. There are cult members interviewed and the amazing storytelling you'd expect from Snap Judgement is there. I can't wait to listen to the rest!

SO into this!! (5/5)

Love Glynn. Love the topc. Love the team. So happy about this show.

Hooked (5/5)

Only one episode in and I’m hooked! Cults and cult mentality is fascinating.

Mind blown. (5/5)

Already. Just from episode one. I'm worried and also fascinated.

I remember (5/5)

I remember the news stories. So nuts.

Fascinating (5/5)

Love Glynn Washington and this podcast is off to a great start! Can't wait to see how the story unfolds. May even have to do the free trial of Stitcher Premium to get episodes a week early.

So great! (5/5)

Totally riveting, can't wait to hear what comes next

Can't wait (5/5)

Wow, I cannot believe what I did NOT know about this cult. Looking forward to all 10 eps!

Amazing (5/5)

Great characters amazing story. I love cults!

beautiful (5/5)

There's been a lot of coverage on Heaven's Gate through the years, but nothing like this. We've only got episode one so far, I can't wait to hear the rest of it. The sound design and music is stunning!

a smart take on it (5/5)

so good to have a more sensitive exploration of a cult - especially with Glynn having some personal experience. loving it.

Amazing (5/5)

Like, out of this world.

Awesome (5/5)


well okay then (5/5)

haunting mood music, great host, and, well, mass suicide. as advertised. more please!

Friend of the pod (5/5)

As a 90s gal from the east coast I had never heard about HG before. I’m hooked. Thanks for making this!!

So good (5/5)

I remember Heaven's Gate when it happened and have been totally fascinated by it. Already hearing surprises. Can't wait to listen to the rest.

Awesome! (5/5)

So excited for this series!!!

Beautifully crafted storytelling. (5/5)

This is my newest podcasting obsession. Clearly.

the team who made this (5/5)

did an amazing job on a really hard thing.

I’ve Waited So Long (5/5)

I feel like I’ve waited so long for a specific podcast for this. Makes me feel less alone.

A must listen! (5/5)

Such a well told, interesting story!

Get ready! (5/5)

The team working on this has spent months and months criss-crossing the country reporting this story. It's not what you think.

This is going to be awesome. (5/5)

This sounds great. Can't wait to hear the full series.

Been waiting for this (5/5)

I was pretty young when this tragedy happened, and it really stuck with me. Can't wait to hear more.

I <3 cult talk (5/5)

I love cults! And I’m not even in one! Can’t wait to hear this in full