Aggregated reviews for Heavyweight

Maybe you’ve laid awake imagining how it could have been, how it might yet be, but the moment to act was never right. Well, the moment is here and the podcast making it happen is Heavyweight. Join Jonathan Goldstein for road trips, thorny reunions, and difficult conversations as he backpedals his way into the past like a therapist with a time machine. From Gimlet Media.

A Must Listen! (5/5)

I’m picky about which podcasts gets my time time. This show is at the top of the list. NEVER....STOP....MAKING.....THESE!

Top of my list (5/5)

One of my many favs to indulge in. Great job Mr. Goldstein 🙌🏽

My FAVORITE!!! (5/5)

I work from home and listen to podcasts daily- almost all day, as a matter of fact. This podcast is AMAZING! I want to write something profound, but I'm sure Johnathan will understand that my words cannot emphasize how truly meaningful each and every recording is. Human beings are so complex and this podcast highlights the human condition. Kimberly M. Louisville, KY

Listener of many podcasts- this is the best one (5/5)

I listen to a number of podcasts. There is no podcast that has moved me as much as this one. The storytelling is second to none. It’s a must listen.

Funny and sometimes moving (5/5)

This podcast is unlike anything else I’ve hears. Sweet and empathetic. Reinvigorates my interest in listening to podcasts.

Love Love LOVE this podcast (5/5)

The stories are interesting and compelling. Jonathan is an amazing story teller. He’s also very funny. Each episode ends up being touching as well. Highly recommend!

Jus listen already (5/5)

I mean, have you HEARD Jonathan Goldstein? He’s funny as hell.

Listen to this podcast. (5/5)

Jonathan’s podcasts can be both heartbreaking and laugh out loud funny. I have listened to Jonathan’s stories on this American Life and Wiretap for years. His writerly voice is unique and he shares himself openly and makes you feel as if you are a friend. He has a way if seeing the world that is just a little different and invites the listener on to join him on a journey with each episode. When I start a new episode I feel like I am opening a jar of Talenti ice cream. There is the anticipation that a great treat is coming. Congratulations to you Jonathan and your team.

When will you return? (5/5)

I love Heavyweight ! The most interesting and compelling stories. Jonathan you make me laugh with your many openings — and you make me cry with some of the most wonderful stories that leave me changed. I always feel your compassion with some of the most difficult life situation. Love you for all your hard work to give us the very best.. Many thanks to your amazing staff..

Different than anything else out there (5/5)

This is such a varied pod cast and Johnathan Goldstein is funny, vulnerable and insightful. I’m so glad I found this podcast

Really really good (5/5)

Amazing storytelling about what might be otherwise overlooked topics involving real people. There’s really nothing else out there like it.

I adore this show... (5/5)

Storytelling at its best. Humor mixed with thoughtful dories of humanity. Thank you!

Nothing else like it (5/5)

Jonathan Goldstein has managed to make a podcast that speaks to all the wonderful, terrible buried things in all of us, while still remaining hilarious and totally relatable. It’s a triumph. You won’t regret listening, but be prepared to examine yourself in a whole new way.

Yo (5/5)

What do the clocks in ur glasses represent? Anything? Nothin? Over and out. ( great show btw)

Laugh out loud funny and choked up a min later (5/5)

You know that one question or regret you have from your past that you wish you could make go away? This podcast is about doing whatever it takes to help people answer the question or relieve the pressure on their chest that plagues them stemming from one issue in their past. It’s inexplicably beautiful. You laugh along with the people and their suspense and you feel their joy when Jonathon tells them he’s found what they are looking for. Give it a chance. It’s such a unique and special podcast. The Rob episode is so funny, especially if you are friends with your adult siblings. The episode Skye is one of Jonathon‘s most awkward and touching episodes. That’s part of the charm though! Where else do you hear such a unique host that can put his foot in his mouth repeatedly and genuinely but then bring about these awesome results for people?

Vanessa in Houston (5/5)

Jonathon Goldstein is a master class in storytelling.

Love this podcast (5/5)

This is my kick back, relax and listen to great stories from a master story teller.

Top notch entertainment (5/5)

Great stories to keep you on the edge of your seat.

Love it (5/5)

My favorite podcast ever!

. (5/5)

Absolutely the best podcast ever!!!

Love it! (5/5)

Season 4 ... is this fiction? To real to be real.

I love this show (5/5)

My wife and I listened to the entire series on the road trip and were very sad when we ran out of episodes. That’s my only gripe... I wish there were endless episodes.

Groundbreaking (5/5)

Give this man a Peabody!!

Jon, can we be friends? (5/5)

Great podcast. Love the style, humor and insight. I’d like to be friends with Jon. Seriously. Not creepy friends where I’m all weirdly monitoring his every move and bummed when he’s not returning my Homer Simpson gif text that’s a spot on comment on current events; I’d just like to chat every couple a weeks and see what he’s up to, tell him what I’m up to, you know, be friends.

Is this supposed to be funny? (1/5)

Judging just by episode one, this is time that I’ll never get back. Holey, sweaty Sox? Who cares? Not funny and boring. Is there a point? I wasn’t interested enough to find out. Avoid.

Really enjoy Heavyweight 5 stars (but...) (5/5)

Both my wife and I really enjoy Heavyweight! Have been a listener since the first season & hope the podcast maintains its ingredients and flavor. It’s been a staple in our podcast diet. We love Heavyweight! Here is the big but (yes I stole that from Peewee’s Big Adventure)... We are not a fan of the Heavyweight Diaries. I say that with softer language because I really like Jonathan’s work, but the diaries are like fingernails on a chalkboard too me. Please...more energy into Heavyweight & less in the Diaries! Thank you :)

Scott - best Heavyweight yet! (5/5)

Heavyweight is one of my favorite podcasts, with most episodes being engaging and well told with a mix of levity and humor that is just right. The Scott episode is the epitome of this show so far and very moving. I kept thinking it was going to end here or there, and then ended up in the best place it could have. The complication of human relationships and power of love really shines through. Jonathan, I dare you to top it!

Love love love ❤️ (5/5)

This is such a good podcast. I love Jonathan and his approach. It is funny, it is heartbreaking, and most of all, it is uplifting. It’s such a good break from all the true crime podcasts I listen to as well! Please keep making these!

Scott Episode (5/5)

My favorite episode so far this season. Jono’s humor is right in the pocket on this one. The story has so many twists!

Loving Beverly and Van (5/5)

....I was surprised this wasn’t explored- Van was likely gay. Mickey Rooney has been quoted as saying “gays in Hollywood aren’t in the closet, they are in the safe”. Anne Morollo Licensed counselor and witness to highly similar situations... Mickey and Judy? Best and thanks for show! PS ‘Mamaw’ or Mimaw are two common terms in the South for grandmothers. I had a mamaw:)

Ugh. (5/5)

This is SUCH a beautiful podcast. Rips my heart out every time.

Hug for JG (5/5)

I want to hug Jonathon by the end of each episode.

Best episode (5/5)

I’m in tears listening to this one. I love how Jonathan handles this tough situation. God love Win for being honest about his feelings for his son and I’m also glad he didn’t have to use the plot to bury his son.

One of the best (5/5)

From his amazing humor to his sensitivity to his investigative skills, Heavyweight is hosted by one of the best. Great stories. I love you man. Addition: please don’t ever go on hiatus again. I’m always stunned by how gently moving your podcasts are and how wonderful your humor is. And the theme music is the best—the only that I don’t just skip. Yes, I am a superfan of Heavyweight.

Slow burn (5/5)

This podcast is my new obsession. Beautifully written and delivered. Unassuming yet very powerful

Loved it. (5/5)

Wow... powerful.

Like going to the chiropractor, but for your soul (5/5)

I would give up all other podcasts if I had to, but never Heavyweight— it’s absolutely perfect and I can’t think of anything else like it. Jonathan Goldstein is an incredible host and he does such beautiful things with such intimate parts of people’s lives. I recommend this podcast to everyone everyone everyone

Scott episode (5/5)

My favorite episode yet.

Fantastic listening experience (5/5)

Some of the best story telling I’ve experienced. Incredibly moving and absurdly hilarious!

Excellent (5/5)

I’ve been a fan of this podcast for awhile now....Jonathan Goldstein cracks me up. I am usually laughing at the front end and by the middle I’m super intrigued and can not wait to find out what happened. At the end, a lot of mixed emotions. It really gets your brain thinking...the latest episode “Scott” got me straight in the feels....truly moving episode. Very nicely done.

Best season yet! (5/5)

Ok so the Moby episode in season 1 hits the high bar but so far this season, these stories are amazing. This could be the best season ever. I’m riveted to that last story about an former addict making amends with his dad. And the story of the bike ride -wow! Top production values. Amazing stories. A touch of humor. Amazing podcast. Must Listen.

Everything I seek (5/5)

This podcast is everything I look for and more in a podcast. I started my addiction with This American Life, listen and like a lot of varying genre podcasts...,but this is my 100% best.

Second rate Mystery Show (2/5)

Makes me miss Mystery Show even more. Especially this most recent season where Heavyweights doesn’t even resolve the past life mysteries they set out to solve.

Avoids cliché (5/5)

The stories are genuinely compelling and each has a takeaway that isn’t clichéd. Some of the stories (Soraya, Rob, Scott in particular) have really lingered with me.

Gets to the heart of the human condition (5/5)

I’m a huge fan of the goofy moments in heavyweight because who doesn’t love a jonathan and Jackie exchange...but it really shines when you have a moment like the end of “scott”. Thanks for working so hard to make something that reaffirms the goodness of humanity in a time when our focus can be so pulled by tweets from a nutjob.

Found this podcast from an ad and so glad for it! (5/5)

I have been listening to all the earlier episodes and almost caught up. I find Jonathan Goldstein super funny and a great storyteller. I don’t think I have any episodes I don’t like, but I do have half a dozen that are my favorites. So good! I’m a mailman and I listen to it when delivering mail. Sometimes laughing out loud and sometimes crying. This is a great podcast.

My Favorite Podcast (5/5)

From reading the other reviews, you really need my extra 5 stars but I’m giving them to you anyway! Jonathan, you are great. Even when the subject material may not grab me, I stay totally entertained the entire time. Such heartwarming stories delivered with sensitivity and wit.

Looooove (5/5)

One of the best podcasts I listen to. There’s a twist to every episode, and every one ends with “the feels.” And Jonathan is a lovable, awkward, dorky, brilliant and hilarious host. I look forward to every episode!!

“Scott” episode (5/5)

Great storytelling! This was a great example of amends.

Holy crap this is a good show (5/5)

This is the first review I leave for a podcast. Took me a minute or two to figure out how to leave it (which shouldn’t be the case). I love podcasts and of the dozens of podcasts I subscribe to, Heavyweight is the only one whose every episode rates five stars (in my mind). What a batting average. I hesitated to start the Heavyweight episode entitled “Scott” because the subject matter seemed so heavy, pun intended, but I need not have feared. Jonathan Goldstein (and team), you have achieved mastery of your medium. Thank you.

Heavyweight is remarkable (5/5)

I love this show. Great heart warming and heart wrenching stories with a mix of Johnathan’s awkward humor. Latest episode “Scott” got me in all the feels. I didn’t even notice I had completely cleaned several rooms in my house while listening.

Absolutely Excellent (5/5)

I’m a long time listener of This American Life, and this show is of the same calibre, and in some ways surpasses TAL. Honestly, what I love about this show is what I miss about the old TAL. And the host has a wonderfully neurotic and dry sense of humor that someone like myself can relate to and laugh out loud with. Brilliant storytelling, editing and production. A top-shelf podcast that feels like we should be paying for it. Luckily, there are generous sponsors.

Every episode is beautiful and will make you laugh, some will make you cry (5/5)

This show is absolute perfection. It’s what all podcasts are striving to be. It’s beautiful and will make you laugh, but the unexpected moments and the way the host navigates interviews with compassion always blows me away. He demonstrates his expertise as a journalist and his caring for those he interviews unlike any other podcast I’ve heard, peppered with a self-deprecating narration that always makes me laugh and provides a perfect balance to the emotion.

Awesome 👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼 (5/5)

Brilliant!! Omg! you’re hysterical!! Just found this & I’m in love!! 😂😂😂❤️❤️❤️

It makes you laugh, it touches your heart (5/5)

This is by far my favorite podcast. I just listened to Scott's episode and it made me cry (good tears). Thank you so much for bringing these stories to us Jonathan, you might be helping one person on each episode, but you bring joy to all of us who listen to them.

Awesome. (5/5)

Thank you for continuing this podcast. This is a tough time and these stories - regardless of outcome- give me hope... in people and humanity. The storytelling is so clever and I laugh out loud... love the exchange with your sister. Thanks you!

Every episode is good but episode 27... wow (5/5)

Each episode is a lovely journey, some happy and some sad but they are all good. The latest one though was a gut punch of a journey that left me feeling a bit better about the world

Best podcast!!!! (5/5)

This is my favorite podcast. I listen to all different genre shows and this is really at the top of the pile. Funny, relatable, human interest. I want to be friends with Jonathan. Lol! I don’t feel like he is an empath like Oprah who articulates for the person on the show but he can really capture the story a person is trying to tell in the same way. Making that connection is what I find to touching.

Makes you smile til your cheeks hurt (5/5)

If ur tired of all your True Crime and Political podcasts, take a break they will not go away, tune in the this one. Such a breath of fresh air. Thank you so much, I really needed to just listen to something uplifting and there you were! 💫🌈💫🌈💫🌈💫🌈💫🌈💫

*In Tears* Scott episode... (5/5)

Like many other reviewers, I rarely review podcasts. I’ve been subscribed to Heavyweight for a bit now, but never listened to it at all. I would remind myself to clean up my subs and remove this one. One day my feed carried over into an episode, and I really enjoyed it. I just listened to the “Scott” episode and am currently in tears. This episode was brilliantly done. I plan to go back and listen to all the other episodes now. Well done guys, well done.

My love for Heavyweight (5/5)

I’m known for my love of podcasts. Whenever someone asks me for recommendations, Heavyweight is always at the top of the list. After this weeks episode “Scott” I felt compelled to write a review. Wow. I was crying happy tears at the end. I’m not moved that often. Bravo guys.

So good! (5/5)

I just can’t enough of these episodes! They are brilliant, emotional, and often times humorous. It’s a must listen.

Enjoyable (5/5)

I started listening to this podcast because I needed something to fill the time and because, in general, I like Gimlet podcasts. However, over time, especially the most recent season, I have really been drawn into the stories. Goldstein does a good job of taking an awkward and uncomfortable situation and add a little comedy into it to break the tension and let the room breathe. I’m into it.

Love this show (5/5)

This has become one of my favorite podcasts!!!!

Touched my heart (5/5)

Loved this episode. My sister is a recovering addict of 2.5 years. I’m so proud of her & all of her efforts to stay clean. This story about an addict making up for all his faults & being able to heal in the end really touched my heart. 💕👍

As Good as This American Life (5/5)

Well, you can’t compare them, really. But this is up there.

Brilliant (5/5)

I’m filled with anticipation at the beginning of each episode, excited about discovering where the story will lead and what feelings it will provoke along the way. I listened to ‘Scott’ twice through right away, and found myself rewinding portions that really touched me. Jonathan is a storyteller like no other; he’s my favorite. Waiting for this new season to begin was not my favorite.

SO GOOD (5/5)

This is storytelling at its best. I am so in love with this podcast. Mr. Goldstein has such a unique and wonderful way of getting to the heart of things.

Wow (5/5)

I just listened to episode 27 it was truly moving. Love the podcast.

I. Want. More. (5/5)

Love everything about this podcast except I want more. Also a few of the earlier episodes look interesting but they are messed up and only run for a few seconds before finishing up. Just FYI. Keep up the great work and get on it because I need more episodes. 😉

Love the regular episodes. NOT the diaries (5/5)

Ive been a fan since season one, and I love the regular episodes, and thank god the new season seems just as good as the older ones. When the diaries came out, I was worried that Jonathan had lost his mind or the corporate entities had taken possession of him. But it seems my fears were mistaken. So far, the newest season seems have the same sensibility as the older ones. Some episodes are better than others, as is expected, but these are really human stories worth your time.

Masterful Storytelling (5/5)

Moving stories with so much heart, no matter the subject matter. Always always worth a listen

Powerful + Moving! (5/5)

This (2019) season is very powerful with such healing stories of everyday people. They're like beautiful portraits shot in light and a wide open iris. I can really recommend #27 Scott. Thanks, Jonathan and team for all your work.

My Favorite (5/5)

I could not love this podcast more. The story telling is superb. Within each episode I laugh, I cry... Jonathan has a gift for storytelling. Please keep the episodes coming.

Well done (5/5)

Glorious as ever. Thank you. Thank you for bringing these wonderful stories to life with your wit and charm.

Just listened to Scott (5/5)

Hello Jonathan. I just finished listening to Scott....I’m in tears. I love your stories, well most of them 😉 and you really knocked it outta the park with this one. It really proves what matters in life. Thank you.

You should listen. (5/5)

This show is so good.

Scott (5/5)

I have been enjoying this Podcast for awhile now but Scott brought me to tears. Please keep it up.

Simply the best (5/5)

There just simply isn’t a better podcast out there. Every episode is so different. Each with flawless writing, creativity and so much heart. I can’t get enough.

Exceptional Podcast (5/5)

Heavyweight is a beautiful display of story telling. Jonathan has an exceptional way of pulling stories out of people, and arranging his interviews in a way that others only aspire to be. This podcast, to me, is what Podcasts are meant to be.

Moved (5/5)

I can’t say how many times a story presented in this podcast, the efforts of Jonathan, his investigation and reporting and the presentation has moved me deeply and give me material with which to re-examine myself. Such a great podcast. Keep it up!

WOW (5/5)

Just want to say how much I enjoyed this episode “Scott” So much to be learned here. Very much enjoyed this story..#5⭐️

The best podcast. (5/5)

I’ve never written a podcast review before even though I listen to so many that I love - Heavyweight is just simply THAT good. It’s such a unique and simple premise and it often ends up in really unexpected places. You learn so much about people - their regrets, vulnerabilities, resilience - and there are so many wonderful life lessons learned. I laugh and cry in almost every episode, but in the best way possible. Thank you, Johnathan & Gimlet Media!!!

Zely (5/5)

Love it thank you in tears at work lol

Scott (5/5)

Can I be your intern? Such a good one. Loved hearing a tale of true healing.

My very favorite (5/5)

I listen to a lot of podcasts and this is my very favorite. I laugh and cry during almost every episode.

Wow (5/5)

I LOVE this podcast - each episode is great! But maaaaaan, the “Scott” episode - it resounded on MANY levels in a way that surprised me. So good. And I’ll be honest, I don’t give many reviews for podcasts. Big shout out to the Heavyweight team.

Extraordinary story telling. (5/5)

Cannot wait until the next one. This particular segment about the recovering son who had been an addict making peace with his father because of his poor choices really hit me. My dear son did not recover and I would give everything to have him back.

Excellent podcast (5/5)

Funny, disarming, and touching. Great show.

Crying on the ferry (5/5)

How dare you Jonathan Goldstein. I was happily listening to the Scott episode on the ferry. Enjoying the story of the hunt for his grandfather’s gun, thinking I understood where it was going and then out of nowhere I am crying in public over the beauty of a father’s love. You lolled me with your wit and then sent in Wyn to make me feel emotions far too big to handle sitting amongst strangers. Truly beautiful storytelling. I will forgive you enough to keep listening.

Scott (5/5)

This was one of the best episodes ever!!! Loved it through and through. Heartache, redemption, history. Life’s mysteries revealed.

This is Beauty (5/5)

This season has blown me away. Heavyweight masterfully mixes self-depreciating humor and beautiful, touching moments in a way that makes the listener pause and the outside world fade for a moment. Johnathan and his cream puff eating team are going to do great, great things. They’re so good an ad made it into my review.

Truly beautiful (5/5)

Just listened to hours and hours. So exquisitely crafted. The highest form of podcast.

My absolute favorite podcast (5/5)

This is such a great show! Jonathan is funny and entertaining and you get all this little insights into people’s lives from listening to this. Fascinating and also different from any other podcast.

Stellar new season (5/5)

The new season is so so so good! The description of how Beverley sounded on the secret recording her family made almost gave me an aneurysm. These new episodes almost make up for how terrible the diaries were, which I dutifully listened to anyway, and which I’m starting to think were never meant to be listened to? Like it was all some sort of prank? “Let’s see how many listeners are loyal enough to listen to this crap.” Please never do that to us again Jonathan, but keep those regular episodes coming.

Get the tissues ready (5/5)

I love this podcast. So heartwarming, wonderful personal stories. Thank you Jonathan ❤️

99% perfection (5/5)

I have been a fan since Wiretap and absolutely love your humor and your writing. The concept of Heavyweight is compelling and a great venue for your style. The only thing I do not care for is the opening. Maybe you’re too close to see it but at its best your exchanges with Jackie are uncomfortable and at it’s worst highly annoying. At this point I understand the difficulty in extracting yourself from that bit, I just had to finally say something. On the bright side, after hearing that fake laugh the show only gets better.

Love (5/5)

I absolutely love this podcast!!!

Wow (5/5)

Just so, so awesome. This is one of the very few podcasts I savor, waiting for that perfect moment and it’s HW time.

Heavyweight, how I love thee. (5/5)

Let me count the ways. It’s irreverent, poignant, revealing, and often riveting. Storytelling that is both so specific and so universal at the same time. I missed it so much when it was gone, relistened to a bunch of them in the absence of new episodes, and am so glad new episodes have resumed. Jonathan Goldstein is magic. Welcome back.

Bait and switch (1/5)

I was all set for a new episode of Heavyweight but instead I got something that doesn’t interest me. I understand that making a new show each week is a lot of work. Maybe Heavyweight should just alternate with Reply All. I can live with that if you would just be honest about it.

My Favorite (5/5)

I can’t believe how much I look forward to new episodes of Heavyweight...I found the Diaries to be tedious and didn’t listen, but when the new season started up again I was sucked back in. What wonderful stories! Thank you.

An amazing gem of a podcast! (5/5)

I accidentally fell into this podcast! It’s been an amazing surprise! Jonathan Goldstein is so precious & love he is married to gal from Minneapolis or Minnesota give him a little Minnesota Nice! I binged all of them!!

Just finished Season 1 (5/5)

Really enjoyed the first season, the weight we hold on ourselves from our past is such a part of our lives today! Favorite part is the phone call at the beginning!

After the first minute or two, GREAT! (5/5)

Not sure what he's going for in the first minute of each podcast. But the rest of it is funny and engaging, way better than most of his work on This American Life! Love it!

My favorite! (5/5)

This is my favorite podcast. I told my friend that there were new episodes and she was excited. Keep them coming and keep up the good work.

Newly avid listener (5/5)

I heard one of Jonathan’s stories replayed on This American Life, and decided to check out his Podcast Heavyweight. I just finished listening to the first episode of this year’s season and it was brilliant. It was funny, endearing, and heartbreaking, and was exactly what anyone looking for a podcast just exploring things that happen to people in life should listen to. I’ve given it 5 stars, but I’d rate it higher if there were more stars I could give! Keep up the excellent work, and I look forward to listening to the next episode as soon as I can!

Saint Jackie! (5/5)

The way that Jackie leads every episode into an amazing experience is nothing short of genius. I’m beginning to appreciate her guys, Jonathan, Jorge and Alex, but she is the true star here! Call me, Jackie!

Favorite podcast! (5/5)

Incredible podcast. This is a ‘must listen’ podcast.

Highly Recommend! (5/5)

Jonathan Goldstein is an absolute gem! These stories are emotional, personable and often relatable and with Jonathan’s dry humor and wit they make for an engaging listen. Love this podcast!

Back to its best (5/5)

Jonathon has dialled back the over hammy cheesed up goofball filler and unleashed a new series of brilliantly crafted audio storytelling that satisfies the entire spectrum of human emotions. Beautiful, funny, evocative, heartbreaking and more. Love it. He gets out of the way of the stories and let’s us the listener get inside and occupy them fully. My only complaint this season, I don’t want the episodes to end. Episode 26 Beverley and Van is sublime. Hats of to the entire production team, you have levelled up, easily my favourite podcast series. Thank you for sharing your expertise and craft with the world

Tara (5/5)

Thank you. Thank you for finding Tara and her parents. this episode was sincerely a gift. Thank you.

So different and unique! (5/5)

I love this podcast!

Bev and Van (5/5)

What a beautiful story. I’m crying but it’s a good kind of cry. Love the funny stories but the poignant ones are always worth an hour of my time. Thank you!

. Salt and honey popcorn (5/5)

I'm not a review type of person but this one inspired me to grab a bowl of popcorn, huddle up around my phone and anticipate what's coming next !

Love this podcast! (5/5)

I really, really love this podcast. I truly do.

The Best Podcast - 10 out 10 (5/5)

Hands down my favorite podcast, drop mic walk away. Some of the very best story telling!

Heartwarming, Human, and Humor (5/5)

I listen to a variety of podcasts. But this is clearly in my top 3 overall, number 1 in its category. Jonathan Goldstein is brilliant, generous and a storyteller of storytellers. And his intro bits with friend Jackie are always priceless. Thanks Gimlet! And thanks Jonathan.

Oy, my heart (5/5)

I’ve been listening to this podcast for over a year now, figured I’d give it some love. Jonathan’s voice gives each story the perfect backdrop & the way he weaves his words to explain events and feelings — amazing. Heavyweights is everyone’s story, really. It’s interesting how people can remember the same event so differently. Sometimes a moment impacts one person so much it becomes their origin story; whereas, to another it’s a fleeting moment, never to be thought of again. Every episode really captivates me to the point of wanting to know each of these people in “real life.” The writing is phenomenal & the interviews/questions get right to the point of the story. I look forward to new episodes & I’m glad this season is finally back. Also, is it just me or does anyone else cry/tear up each episode? I swear, this podcast makes my heart hurt.

Best stories (5/5)

I love interesting personal stories like this and Jonathan is hilarious - I live for his goofy comments.

Oh Jonathan! (5/5)

So glad Heavyweight is back. The stories are great but Jonathan is so hilarious- addicting to hear his asides in a story.

Nothing comes close (5/5)

I listen to a ton of podcasts, but none that I look forward to as I do Heavyweight. The humor, the pathos, the relatability... Every episode is moving, and revelatory. I love the degree to which Jonathan inserts himself into each story — not so much that he is the focus, but just enough. There is a deftness there that probably isn’t appreciated enough; walking that fine line isn’t easy.

Human. (5/5)

Every episode makes me feel simultaneously closer to myself, those around me and strangers iv yet to meet. Makes me glad to have ears,to be human.

My favorite podcast (5/5)

I never put this one on the back burner. Love it! 10/10 worth it just to hear Jonathan’s calls to his sister with the inevitable hang up. Never stop calling her - your annoyance and love come shining through.

Quality (5/5)

Something about the writing in this podcast pulls me in. I’ve waited awhile for new episodes even going back and re-listening to old ones. Keep up the good work.

Amazing Story telling (5/5)

This show blows me away every time. The stories while often simple at heart are so well told and produced they are super engaging. I’m always flooded with all sorts of different emotions after listening to an episode of heavy weight. They can be funny, sad, inspiring, educational, but never just one. This show makes my car rides fly by, I’ll often catch myself sitting the parking lot at work to finish the episode. Kudos Johnathan this show is a triumph.

Becky & Jo tho (5/5)

I really enjoy the podcast, Jonathan! As a fellow child of the 90s, I would love to see Becky and Jo’s Aaliyah car dance. It’s a must share! Keep up the great work- big hugs, Beth

Sliding Scale (1/5)

Season 1 - excellent Season 2 - good Season 3 - seems to have run out of material Season 4 - Mention of Spotify placed into first episode. Is this going to be like a movie with product placements in each episode.? Future - Gimlet was purchased by Spotify. I fear the Apple/Spotify divide has begun in podcasting. So long Gimlet; I’m an Apple guy.

The best stories start with a ? (5/5)

This series is one of my favorites and I am a podcast junkie. It is the kind of series you can listen to when in any order or no order at all. Often I look through all for seasons and always find a premise that catches my imagination. The episode answers a question: Why did that girl in 5th grade...?The best stories start with a question.

Heavyweight (4/5)

This is a wonderful show. Some episodes I listen to multiple times. I would give 5 stars except that phone call opener bit with Jackie is so forced it’s painful. Is her laughter meant to sound like a bad imitation of laughter?. I can’t listen to it. And Jonathan Gs bits are a waste of time. He is usually funny but in these openers he is not. More of these stories with detective work please. Love them.

My favorite podcast (5/5)

Every story always feels so honest and complete, satisfied every time!

The Jimmy and Mark episode made me cry (5/5)

Jonathan Goldstein is a storytelling genius. The Jimmy and Mark episode made me tear up. I love the way each episode starts, always brings a smile to my face.

Absolutely Brilliant (5/5)

Heavyweight, by Jonathan Goldstein, is like that first glass of wine. You feel comforted, warm, hopeful, and pleasantly amused. Jonathan is that hilarious friend you had in school who aged into an incredibly witty adult who you’d trust your deepest secrets to. With those secrets, he apparently becomes a mensch, fixer, reconciler, and healer. Absolutely great and uplifting stuff!

Garaaage (5/5)

Thank God you are back with new episodes. The heavyweight diaries were killing my soul.

Humor, great stories, laughter and tears (5/5)

Well done Jonathan! I listen to a lot of podcasts and this is my new favorite! So glad the new season started and so far you have 2 hits! Thanks for the laughs and great story telling.

Hooray! It’s back! (5/5)

I was beginning to think this podcast was over. So excited for a new season! I binged the first three seasons and clung to every episode! The stories are compelling, funny, emotional, ..,all really well done! Love it!

🤣😢😭😂🤣 (5/5)

Oh Jonathan you are wonderful!!!!! Couldn’t wait for this new season it seems as if it took forever!!!! I love this podcast and at the end of each episode while the show song plays I always cry. Sing and cry!!!!! And always sing it around d the office with everyone asking “what is that? Where is that song from”? Lol. Welcome back everything is right with the world again!!!!❤️🙋🏽‍♀️

Excuse me while I binge!!!!! (5/5)

Poignant, relatable stories. I don’t know how he finds them but I’m so glad he does. Hilarious host who isn’t sappy but is still sensitive. Best part is the editing which brings new more meaningful dimension to otherwise straightforward life stores. God I just love it.

So many feels.. (5/5)

Excellent storytelling. Heartwarming. And very funny.

OMG new Episodes! (5/5)

This is my all-time favorite podcast. Imagine my joy upon discovering its existence—the dry wit, the raw vulnerability, the human connection—never before have I binged on a podcast, but that is exactly what I did. Now imagine my despair as I discovered, shortly into the first season, that I would soon have listened to them all. And now, not unlike the dramatic arc of Heavyweight episode, I find myself once again drawn in and unable to stop listening. Thank you!

The best!!! (5/5)

I love this podcast! Between Jonathan crazy sense of humor and great storytelling this is one of my favorites. I’m always so excited when I see the show pop up in my feed. Thanks for the great ntertainment.

Saved my marriage (5/5)

I binge-listened to all three seasons of Heavyweight and I’m still not sure what this podcast is about. I tried telling my wife about it but I ended up just mumbling something about ‘regret’ while she stared at me blankly. Then, without saying anything, she continued unloading the dishwasher. Five stars.

A heavyweight winner! (5/5)

I listen to several podcasts, and this has become my favorite. If you’ve only listened to the annoying pre-season “diaries,” please give it a chance and listen to an actual full-length episode. “Jimmy and Mark” is such a gem, as are episodes from last season. Great storytelling, nostalgia, twists, and surprises. Love it!

One of the best (5/5)

I love this podcast. Jonathan’s storytelling, humor, kindness and questions at times make you chuckle, get a little teary and always make you think. Don’t let some of the premises fool you- what may seem silly or inane- not remembering a broken arm or trying to get your CDs back is so much more than you expect. I am thrilled the new season finally started!

Love this podcast (5/5)

Could not wait for this season to start, and the first episode did not disappoint! Love these stories and how they are told. Thank you for finding and sharing them.

Goldstein You Did It Again!!! (5/5)

WOW! Loved the new episode of this season!!! Jimmy & Mark was so good!!! Moved me to both laughter and tears of course! You really are brilliant, Jonathan Goldstein!

So happy it’s back (5/5)

I’m so happy for the new season of this podcast. Every time it appears in my feed I’m instantly excited. Jonathan’s writing is beautiful and it makes me remember what’s life is actually worth.

So Good (5/5)

Such great stories, so well done that their power to move you profoundly just sneaks up on you. I cried after jimmy and Mark; couldn’t figure out if I was crying for myself and my past, or the the boys in the story. Or alll of us. Thanks Jonathan.

Relistening (5/5)

I am re-listening to all the episodes with the show’s newest fan, my boyfriend

The Best (5/5)

This is the only podcast that honestly makes me feel good after every listen. Thank you.

Heavyweight is soul food. (5/5)

I just listened to the first episode of season 4 and once again, Heavyweight hits it out of the park. It’s never just about what the tagline says, it’s about love and hurt and loss and hope. It’s about finding peace. And laughing because Jonathan is hilarious. If you haven’t listened to this podcast, you’re missing out.

So glad you’re back (5/5)

Season 4 / / Ep 1: what a great story and storyteller. So glad you are back.

Worth the “Weight”! (5/5)

Great job again this season! Jonathan is easily one of my favorite voices on the air and always leaves you reminded that the world CAN be a happy place. The effort of reconciliation isn’t easy to carry to its end, but is always worth the weight!

Jimmy and Mark (5/5)

Your best episode yet!

You’re back!! (5/5)

So happy to finally have a new episode to listen to! Heavyweight is one of my absolute favorite podcasts. Keep up the good work!

More Jackie please!! (5/5)

The intros with Jackie are the absolute best and mainly the reason I keep coming back for more! Cracks me up

Worth the wait (5/5)

This is one of my favorite shows ever. Jonathon is so funny and all the personal stories I have heard over the years are fascinating, sad, touching, the whole gambit of emotions. Loved the first episode of Season 4. Great work!

Don’t miss this podcast (5/5)

Episode 24 was by far my favorite. I literally laughed and cried. The story telling in this podcast is phenomenal. Thank you so much for sharing.

Truly The Very Best of Podcasts (5/5)

Stated listening to “This American Life” long before there were podcasts and the stories were amazing, compelling and always so satisfying in a way that was so different than radio talk shows or tv stories. Over the years I rarely listen to “TAL” because the stories focus so much on current events that highlight all the terrible and soul crushing aspects of life these days. “Heavyweight” has recaptured the essence of the early years of “This American Life” and I couldn’t be more excited- The thrill is back! That magic of listening to an original and engrossing story that stays with you in the most beautifully and provocative way. Hoping this podcast stays around forever doing what it does so brilliantly! Stories that stay with you because of the way they reveal something deep and very true about human nature- Stories that will appeal to anyone.

This used to be a fantastic podcast (5/5)

UPDATE: So happy the season has begun! Truly fantastic podcast. Please, never ever do that stupid 8 week beer advertisement again. Prior to the most recent season, this was one of my very favorite podcasts. However, this whole beer advertisement/explanation of why it’s taking a while for them to release more episodes is completely lame. It’s just not funny. So much potty/diarrhea humor, which is the lowest form of humor in my opinion. I feel embarrassed for Jonathan Goldstein. I would rather have waited for the actual podcast to be released, instead of having to listen to this lameness.

Sweet feelings (5/5)

I’m so glad you’re back:)

Welcome back Heavyweight! (5/5)

I feared for months that Heavyweight was finished for good but I’m so thrilled with its return! The comeback episode about the bike ride is perfect — weird, touching, funny, insightful. I look forward to more to come!

Beautiful first story of season (5/5)

What a crazy story of free range kids of the 70’s. Heart warming reunion. Wish I could see the photo.

One of the best (5/5)

You can’t go wrong with this one. So many touching moments couched in other moments of self deprecation and neurosis.

Love love love (5/5)

I love this podcast so much. I just listened to season 4, number 1. I am not sure he can get much better. That was amazing. I used to ride my bike 2 towns over from Fairfield to deep into Westport when I moved. So far but not as far as these boys. I loved hearing their stories. Thank you Jonathan Goldstein. Love it.

This is my first podcast review (5/5)

I hope you feel special getting my very first ever podcast review because I think your podcast is really something special. I just finished listening to the first podcast of the new season and it’s so touching how you bring people together. I enjoy your humor so much. Keep up the great job!

Storytelling genius! (5/5)

Jonathan wants us to think he is some kind of goofy doofus, but he is actually a storytelling genius. Love listening to this podcast. Very entertaining.

Bravo (5/5)

I can’t say anything that has already been said. Jonathan is funny in his self deprecating way and the podcasts are so heartfelt! Stories are true Americana. Oh wait Canadiana for Jonathan’s sake. Come on guys, the diaries were fun, but you probably need to enjoy Jonathan’s humor to get it.

Amazing (5/5)

Great story crafting. Thank you for all your amazing work. Please keep Jorge around. Sounds like he would really like to stay. Keep sticking it to the man!

Just the best (5/5)

My favorite podcast. Season 4, episode 1 - gold. Thank you so much - keep it going

Best Ever (5/5)

No question the best podcast on the planet. Thanks JG! Looking forward to the rest of the season. :)

Favorite (5/5)

Heavyweight is at the top of my list of favorites, wish there were more episodes & that the season was as long as a school year!! Have been waiting anxiously for the first story of this season. ‘Jimmy and Mark’ did not disappoint! LOVED IT. And thank goodness because I did not like the diaries, sorry Jonathan. I’d prefer you read from someone’s real diary, while drinking a Miller High Life or 2 or 3. But still I say, EXCEPTIONAL PODCAST.

It’s Back Baby!!! Woooo!! (5/5)

Every time I listen I am filled with wonder, warmth, silliness, smiles, and hope. Yes hope. Thank you

Welcome back (5/5)

Oh how I’ve missed you Heavyweight- the first new episode of the season was GREAT!!!

Dynamite! (5/5)

New season off to a dynamite start! This is my very favorite podcast! Please take Heavyweight on the road so I can be part of a live audience.

Great first episode of Season 2 (5/5)

First episode of Season 2 was well worth the "weight" Thanks, Jonathan, your fan -Eric

The only podcast I wait for (5/5)

This show always makes me laugh all the way through and often cry at the end. Jonathan’s descriptive verbiage is hilarious and paints a great picture. Light hearted but meaningful. Love love love this podcast

My favorite podcast (5/5)

Jonathan is hilarious! I love this podcast. Every episode is interesting & intelligently executed. Everyone should be listening!


Simply the best podcast episode I’ve ever heard. and I listen to a lot of podcasts. It’s storytelling at its finest ... and most authentic. I can practically smell the old cigarette butts in the frontier town motel. I only hope my 12 year old experiences the kind of freedoms these boys were lucky enough to have in 1974. Bravo heavyweight team. Please keep these gems coming.

So glad you are back!!! (5/5)

Jonathan and team put together a perfect episode to start the new season, eagerly awaited. It had everything I want from a HW episode: I laughed, I cried, I entered a world both different and familiar, and I ran the last few hundred feet of my morning run to the beat of the Lesser Than theme song. And Jackie told you off once again. How I have missed my weekly Heavyweight ritual.

Heavyweight (5/5)

After enduring the pre episodes I almost did not make it to this one(unsubscribe on my mind) so glad I waited. ♥️

Great Podcast (5/5)

This podcast makes me laugh, smile, and is one of the most touching podcasts I have heard. It really seems like the process of making the podcast brings a great deal of closure to the subjects, and by the end they seem to feel better than when it started. Couldn’t recommend more.

Love love love (5/5)

The story pulls you in then suddenly I’m laughing out loud. I’m a New by to podcasts and all other shows are measured against Heavy weight diaries. Love the theme song too.

Diaries are great (5/5)

Can’t wait for the show to return. Thanks for entertaining me with social anxiety tidbits in the meantime. You do a really good job

this show makes me feel things (5/5)

i adore heavyweight!!!!! it makes me feel the most bittersweet emotions and i can’t wait for the new season!

Oh My...What's That Smell? (1/5)

Season one was like a scented rose filling the air with joy and happiness. Season two is like a men's room where the guy in the stall beside you makes you hold your nose. Advice to Jonathan: Don't mess with success. Thank you.

Oy vey! 🤦‍♀️ (5/5)

I hate Jonathan Goldstein. I (often) want to punch him in the face. Sometimes, while listening to Heavyweight, I yell: “Kill your darlings!” at my phone hopeful that Jonathan will hear me. I’ve listened to every episode. It has a lot of heart.

The champagne of advertising (5/5)

I hate being advertised at. Somehow Jonathan Goldstein manages to get me to tune in, ravenous to lap up stories spiked with Miller Highlife ads.

I hate the heavy wait (3/5)

I love the podcast. But I unsubscribed because heavy wait teaser/commercials are so unbelievably horrible.

Love!! (5/5)

It’s hard not to love Jonathan’s charm and distinguished cadence. The stories are entertaining, too!

Glurp (5/5)

Observing the world through kaleidoscopic beer goggles!

Skip the Diaries (5/5)

I’ll skip the negative review about the new Diaries but I agree with what everyone is saying. For those that are new, I’m hopeful that the new season is worth the wait

Diaries are war murder (1/5)

The normal show is great, the heavy wait diaries are the worst things my ears have ever heard. You’ve lost a fan/subscriber after these horrendous pieces of garbage

Where’d the good stuff go? (2/5)

Love the original Heavyweight podcast, but the Diaries content is a waste of ad revenue and the listener’s time. Here’s to hoping new listeners will wade through — or skip — this hot mess to find the Heavyweight gold we had back in the days.

Heavyweight Diaries (2/5)

I subscribed to Heavyweight, and as with so many decent podcasts now, I got a garbage bonus series that seems to be inseparable through subscription. I really really like Heavyweight but find Heavyweight Diaries nauseatingly smug and annoying - and most unfortunately relentlessly abundant. I keep deleting the Heavyweight Diaries in my auto download, and hope for new episodes of Heavyweight, but all I get is more Heavyweight Diaries. They are two very different products. One is amazing and one is not.

Please make the upcoming season just like the first one. (5/5)

It was so good. Don’t drift. Stay strong!

Was a good podcast (2/5)

Loved the original podcast. The diaries are terrible!!! Go back to your start.

Advertising (5/5)

The only podcast that makes me want to listen to the commercials. They are hilarious.

Perfect (5/5)

I love laughing and this podcast does the trick. So I also like people’s stories and Jonathan Goldstein is the perfect person to satisfy these interests. My new favorite podcast. Really. I love it. Get it.

Is it September 26th yet? (5/5)

Love this podcast. Sorry, I can’t listen on Spotify, please tell your boss it’s not your fault. You are thoughtful, interesting, insightful, and you dig deep. It’s like journalism was back in the days before everyone had to tell their story in 3 seconds or less. Compliments to you and your staff for producing a production worthy of 25,000 peabody awards and an Oscar and a People’s Choice and a Grammy and a Nobel Peace Prize, ha! Thank you, Dixie

So, So Good (5/5)

Hilarious and heart-warming. I’ve listened to a lot of podcasts over the years, but this might just be my all-time favorite. Good enough that I feel compelled to write my first-ever review. Keep the episodes coming, Jonathan and crew!

This review is for the actual shows... (5/5)

Not the diaries. Jonathan, I hope you’re ok. I would’ve been happy to wait as long as it took for the next season. I’ve been a fan since wiretap and have genuinely loved and often recommended the Heavyweight episodes. They are truly lovely, funny, complex stories—a respite from these difficult times. If you’re reading reviews trying to find your next podcast, this is it! Just be sure to start in season 1 or 2.

Heavyweight diaries (4/5)

Goodness I love this show but the heavyweight diaries are awful to listen to. Can’t wait for the real shows

Holy Miller Light commercial! (1/5)

This show used to be good. Now it’s a not funny commercial for Miller Lite that’s been going on for ? My god what was everyone thinking. I had to unsubscribe. If I find it again later and it’s a real show again maybe I’ll start listening again.

Beware of the bait and podcast switch. (1/5)

I would venture to guess that back in the day Jonathan Goldstein was the type of overly smart student who barely studied for tests and rarely turned his homework in on time. All the while using his verbose charm to curry favor with teachers and in order to have his transgressions overlooked. Problem is we aren’t in high school anymore and this isn’t Kansas. What does this have to do with the price of podcasts in China? Everything!!! Jonathan created a podcast that was really good but unfortunately he procrastinated and didn’t deliver a second season within a reasonable amount of time. Hence the vamping, yacking and charm offensive in order to stall for time. I personally think he would have been good candidate to have been danced off stage by Sandman Sim (look him up). Alex Bloomberg you are one tolerant man.

Most heartfelt pod I’ve found (5/5)

I love this podcast so much. Johnathan Is a great host and journalist. The relief some of these guests feel is incredibly moving.

Happy tears (5/5)

This pod brings me so much joy & far too many laughs during my work day. Thank you so much! Keep up the great work

The BEST (5/5)

Absolutely my favorite podcast. It is taking way too long for the next season to get here!

Just started listening, now I can’t stop! (5/5)

This podcast is my new obsession!! It’s so interesting and sweet. So many of the podcasts I listen to are dark, but this one is engaging without being depressing. Can’t get enough!

Unique storytelling (5/5)

I really appreciate your style. Each season has gotten better and I’m dying for season 4..

Come on already (1/5)

Can you actually do the show instead of this string along bs? Surely you’re not expecting to maintain followers with this ridiculousness. It stopped being humorous the third crack at it. Get on with the shows that made me subscribe last year or get gone.

The wait is terrible (1/5)

These heavy wait diaries are just awful...terrible dialogue, disgusting descriptions and puns and are overall just terrible. This fake relationship with Alex is just juvenile and uninteresting, the whole thing is just too “try hard” I’ve unsubscribed just because of these.

Love the show but hate the Wait Diaries (3/5)

I'd rather wait in silence than suffer through any more Wait Diaries, which are all tongue in cheek, mediocre humor without a moment of the sincere emotion that makes the actual show great.

WTH (1/5)

What the hell did I just listen to. And how many times can he say “I say?” Omg annoying!

Worth waiting for the real thing (1/5)

Jonathan, I have been a faithful Heavyweight fan since the beginning. The "Heavyweight Diaries" are simply awful--adolescent humor at best. You're not keeping this loyal listener by feeding me junk food, you are turning me off altogether. I'm happy to wait for your fully-conceived episodes. I'm not going to listen to any more of these place-holders. Please come back WHEN YOU'RE READY with your wonderfully-developed stories. You are worth waiting for.

Didn’t know I needed this (5/5)

This show is so entertaining and funny and heartfelt and comforting. I realized I love it because it’s like listening to someone solve emotional cold cases.

Heavyweight 5 ⭐️ (5/5)

LOVE this podcast! Can’t wait for season 4!

All I do is chuckle (5/5)

Chuckle chuckle chuckle at all the dry dry humor

Please make more (5/5)

I love what these pod casts do! They are a tricksters therapy for people-kind!

Fantastic! (5/5)

This is great storytelling. Just amazing!

Awesome (5/5)

Inspiring stories and a great delivery. I just binged the first three seasons and I’m looking forward to new episodes.

My favorite podcast - highly recommend. (5/5)

So excited for this next season to start up! This has been my favorite podcast of the past year.

Brilliant! (5/5)

I love the dry sense of humor so much!

Best of the Best (5/5)

This is the undisputed best Podcast in the history of all Podcasts. It will make you laugh and it will make you cry. No other Podcast has come close to this quality with the exception of Starlee Kine’s short-lived “Mystery Show”.

Hilarious (5/5)

Introspective and feel good. Brilliantly crafted.

That’s gonna be a no for me (1/5)

The host comes off very arrogant and one of those people that think they’re funny. The first episode I listened to was the one with him making Alex’s friends a wedding tape. He seems to try to annoy Alex constantly

Sooo goood (5/5)

Wow. I came across this podcast unexpectedly and I’m so glad I did. What a great story teller, and so funny too. Episode 15 made me laugh and cry. Im looking forward to listening to the rest of the episodes.

Jonathan, oh how I love your voice (5/5)

So soothing, the perfect ear worm. Content is irrelevant. I can listen to him recite the air freshener ingredients.

The Diaries Are Ruining H’weight For Me (5/5)

Love Heavyweight but the diaries represent everything “meh” about audio storytelling - the silly process of making something out of nothing, extending and inventing story where there is none, has never been more obvious. It seems like it’s funny to those making it, and I don’t care about the sponsorship, but the content itself is just exhausting. I love a glimpse into Gimlet and process. This obviously isn’t that, not earnestly at least, even by a degree - so why are we listening? Please don’t forget that Heavyweight is great because of heart and storytelling. JG’s droll faux-self-deprecation/Peter Sellers bit is just seasoning - not the dish itself. Nothing is actually worth an Apple review, I was just walking home from the gym. No stakes here - I will keep listening (duh). Just had the opportunity.

Still loving (5/5)

Update: August 20, 2019: JGo, you could narrate the phonebook and I would gladly listen. 💯 ************************************* A year after writing the review below, I return to write another one after listening to all of season 2 through “Jesse.” Yep. Same. Only a heartfelt “godDAMMit” comes close to the love I have for JGo’s work. It’s a rare occasion to feel that only a passionate blasphemy will do; another work that left me similarly speechless and in awe and gratitude was the original Hedwig and the Angry Inch. “A storyteller with wry and witty self-reflection. I binged all the episodes over the past day and I'd listen again. Now I'm going to look up his segments from This American Life. The kind of quality that makes me want to curse because it's so damned good.” Update, December 2018. I still 💗 Heavyweight.

Love love love (5/5)

These episodes are like chicken soup when you have a cold. Tears, laughter and beautiful stories of love, forgiveness. Of people finding common ground, greater understanding and getting rid of that heavy weight. Bravo!

Fantastic podcast (5/5)

This podcast tics all the boxes. So well done, the stories are relatable to the human experience. Hope there are more episodes to come!

genius (5/5)

i love goldstein’s books, and i am obsessed with podcasts - how did i not know this podcast exists?!?! just heard about it while listening to the Clearing - mention of Rose episode - now will binge entire library!!! it is very rare that i will actually laugh - and he makes me laugh so unexpectedly and it’s so therapeutic!

Excellent (5/5)

This show is amazing. Johnathan’s story telling is in a league of its own. I love his narrative style and how he draws people out to get them motivated to do what they need to do. This podcast has episodes that will make you laugh, make you cry, and make you laugh and cry! Some episodes are so touching. Johnathan, thank you. This show brings me so much joy.

This miller high life half season is a serious misstep (4/5)

I’ve been with heavyweight since the beginning and always look forward to the new season so when I saw this fakakta half-season appear I thought “meh how bad can some miller beer sponsored opining be?” Turns out plenty bad. I am kind of embarrassed for Jonathan and gimlet. And I’m sure they don’t care because it probably enables them to take some lovely vacations but holy cats guys....didn’t Spotify buy you guys for heaping gobs of money? I honestly would have just rather waited than have to listen to this. So I won’t. One and a half mini episodes and I’m out. It left a bad taste in my mouth. Almost as if I had just drank a sub-par beer. Now if only I could think of one...

What happened? (1/5)

I had been a fan. But this season is a waste of time. Sorry. I’ll have to unsubscribe. It’s like some 5th graders wrote it. It’s funny to them but is completely void of any substance.

Please tell me (5/5)

Jonathan, where is Season 4????

Funny (5/5)

I love wry humor, very funny!

Absolutely Hysterical (5/5)

Since the last seasons I check all the time for more episodes. Finally more are coming!!!! This show is awesome. Thanks Gimlet!!!

Jonathan Goldstein is a genius (5/5)

This guy can’t go wrong. Love his self deprecation and the fact he trolls Alex so hard.

Great host (5/5)

I love the premise of this podcast, but more so I love how the host shares each persons personal story. I love the humor and the heart that are used in every episode. Probably the best host on any podcast I have ever heard!

Season2019hopefullycomingsoon (5/5)

Have listened to only 2 but have found them to be awesome! Great podcasts! Looking forward to Season 2019!

Jonathan is the best! (5/5)

I have loved every show Jonathan has been on and was an avid listener to wiretap! I was so disappointed when that show ended until I heard about heavyweight, one of my favorite shows on gimlet!

In love.....platonically (5/5)

I SO want to be friends with this guy, he can call me all the time and talk about whatever. My daughter said he seems like my type of human. I agree, his sense of humor is awesome. Hes dope. Not baking soda.

Great sense of humor! (5/5)

Makes me laugh all the time - great show!

Diaries is a waste of time (5/5)

Heavyweight is my favorite team podcast. The Diaries series is a waste of time. You can hear the contempt in Jonathan’s voice as he desperately tries to help Gimlet make money from Miller. I get that podcasts are a business and that Spotify didn’t buy Gimlet to lose money. In the battle of art vs commerce, art always loses. The real loser here is fans of Heavyweight. I just hope that the onext season isn’t also a Miller Lite commercial too cause it would be a shame for an average beer to ruin a great podcast.

One of my favorites (5/5)

Thoughtful, funny & entertaining!

What’s going on? (1/5)

Why is this season so weird? Feels like a tacky Miller beer plug. Please bring back the enjoyable side of Heavy Weights

At last! (5/5)

I must have been hiding under a rock to not notice but, at last, I have found my people. So glad you do what you do. Love it all. DON’T change a thing!

How did I JUST find this?!?!!! (5/5)

Can’t. Stop. Laughing.

Jonathan Goldstein is my hero (5/5)

Jonathan, I honestly think we’d be best friends. Jonathan, if you’re out there reading this, hi.

Jackie be my BFF! (5/5)

I love this podcast. On each episode I have laughed out loud, felt sad, then hopeful and at the very end I have found my own closure as the subjects have sought out. Really well done. Jackie is hilarious and I want to friends with her! When she was saying she didn’t want to be on the podcast I felt genuine fear! She stays. Please tell me she stays!!!

Too quirky for me (1/5)

Your last two episodes were getting a little too silly and eccentric for me. And could you talk about anything more boring? I don’t think so.

Love the podcast! (5/5)

I needed a break from my TruCrime binge and I stumbled on this podcast. When I heard the trailer, I was impressed and intrigued to listen to more. One of my favorite episodes is “Tony” with his struggles of being an absent T Godfather to 3 children. I love the story so much I teared up listening to his youngest godchild saying how he says “you’re a great godfather”. So happy for Tony and keep up with the show! 😊

Love love this podcast (5/5)

Got me laughing and holding my tears so no one sees me crying at work..

My heart... (5/5)

I’m late to the party. A few episodes in and I have laughed out loud, cringed, cried ... all the stuff. Gimlet. You magnificent bastard.

Are we going to get extended commercials till SEP? (1/5)

Suddenly my feed is being filled with something called The Heavy Wait Diaries, which is an extended commercial for Miller beer with a story that could really fit into a tweet spread across it. The story isn’t even that good. Please regain your dignity and stop this. I really hope this isn’t the format the upcoming season is going to take. I was wondering what effect the purchase of Gimlet would have, and I guess we now know. Between constant plugs for Spotify and 8+ minute long commercials with no real content, we seem to have our answer. Even tho it breaks my heart, looks like I am going to have to say goodbye to Gimlet podcasts. Luckily, there are tons of other great ones out there.

Hilariously Quirky (5/5)

I’m known to many as a cold hearted snake who doesn’t laugh at jokes, but there’s something about Jonathan Goldstein that makes me smile the moment he begins speaking. I’ve even found myself laughing out loud in the car over a ridiculously dramatic problem he’s concocted. Do yourself a favor and indulge in heavyweight. Your mood will thank you.

What’s going on here? (2/5)

I agree with another reviewer below, to paraphrase: Season 1: excellent, 2: passable, 3: what is going on, here? He’s a great writer, and likes to show off...that’s it? No substance at all?

Grateful (5/5)

I laugh, I cry, I get all the feels. This podcast is so well done, and J.G. is my favorite podcast host by a mile. His relationships with friends and family are the backdrop of his generous and genuine mission that he’s on - to fix one thing at a time to take the weight of someone’s past off their shoulders. Brilliant and moving. Please keep at it. It’s made me look at humanity in a positive way at a time when it’s easy to forget the good in others.

Love the podcast! (5/5)

Cream cheese and jelly sandwich??! What??!

Super cool Podcast (5/5)

I love this Podcast. A few tears have been shed on some of the episodes. Great work Jonathan!

Quirky love for this podcast! (5/5)

I’ve been loving this podcast since it was recommended to me years ago on/by Apple! Nowhere near my wheelhouse but I’m always left with a laugh! Must be a northern thing heard he married A Minnesotan read best state! Grey duck forever! Please have her on!

My dude (5/5)

I love this guy truly unique, SEASON 4!!!

Spotify?!!! (1/5)

Really? You said the best place to listen to this show is on Spotify?!?! Loved the show and that just rubs me the wrong way as I listened to preview of new season on Apple podcasts. Poor choice. Unsubscribe.

Pod Love (5/5)

I plan to write an expansive, effusive review, soon. For now let me say, 😻😻😻😻😻.

Diarrhea not Diaries (1/5)

The diaries so far are horrible and annoying.

Please don’t ruin season 4 (5/5)

PLEASE!!!! Heavyweight is my favorite podcast, but you seem to have been confused during season 3.... that listeners subscribe to this podcast.... to hear episodes of this.... and not episodes of other random podcasts that are ‘coming soon’.... ANYWAYS. Hopefully you guys made enough ad revenue last season to actually release your own episodes :) love - angry from last time, but I’ll still listen.

Great! (5/5)

I have listen to every season. It’s quirky, funny, sensitive, and deep. It always leaves me with hope for humanity, expands my heart, teaches me a new perspective and often makes me cry. Thank you for being yourself Jonathan! And Jorge.. this cannot be easy to edit! Good job!

One of the best (5/5)

Just an amazing show. Jonathan is a fantastic host and he's great at taking mundane stories and making them feel so profound. One of those shows that makes you cry happy tears at work.

Love it and miss it (5/5)

I love the stories Jonathan brings to light every week. I laugh and cry and just fall in love with each person. I hope gimlet brings this show back for another season. I could listen to theses stories all day long

Thank you for this Podcast (5/5)

Had a hard time finding podcasts that didn’t have me scared out of my skin or depressed beyond belief. Heavyweight is gives me reason to smile while listening to people trying to do better in regular life. And Jonathan is kind a funny

My favorite (5/5)

I LOVE this show. The style of storytelling is excellent and so so funny. Please bring us new episodes!!!!

Great storytelling (5/5)

Funny, heartwarming, compelling.

My Favorite Podcast (5/5)

I love this podcast! Every episode is compelling and Jonathan Goldstein is a great story teller. Each episode Jonathan takes you on a roller coaster of laughter and emotion to help someone confront something from their past. I look forward to every new episode and even enjoy listening to past ones. My teenage kids even enjoy listening to some of the episodes when we are driving somewhere. You won’t regret subscribing to this podcas.

Warm N Fuzzy... (5/5)

A podcast that provokes an emotional connection that few podcast will EVER come close to. Laugh, cry and think, Johnathon brings out all of it. Sometimes all three in a single episode, great job!!!

WOW!!! (5/5)

This is my favorite podcast! I love it! It has such an authentic connection with others as they explore their struggles. Great job!

One of my all time faves. (5/5)

This is my third time listening to the podcast all the way through and it still causes me to feverishly grin and tear up like few others. The writing is equal parts dryly hilarious and heartbreaking poignant. At the top of my list for anyone who asks (or doesn’t) for a podcast recommendation.

First listen (5/5)

Heard Dani Shapiro rave about this podcast and had to give a listen. Jon’s humor is delightful and original and the way the episode built to the touching. Listened to the “Alex “ episode, will listen now to past episodes. Thank you!

An emotionally healthy show (5/5)

Additionally from the subject line I can say I love this show and I am probably the toughest critic of every podcaster.

So good (5/5)

As far as relatable human stories go, this is the best to be found. I can see a little of myself in each of his subjects, and Goldstein saves you from too much painful introspection with his hilarious monologues.

Rachael (2/5)

Had to stop listening because I could not bear to hear Rachael’s annoying use of the word “like”. 😑

I hate it, I hate it... oops, I love it, I love it, I love it! (5/5)

Excellent audio, great voice (ha!), sufficient drama to stay engaged; thank you for pursuing the stories. Your personal Canadian story is my favorite right up there next to the Russian documentary cast!

I miss this!! (5/5)

When is this podcast going to publish new episodes? Or is that not a thing 😭

Witty and wise (5/5)

My favorite podcast - humor and wit, humanity and compassion, with some wisdom thrown in for good measure.

Most underrated podcast!! Listen to this (5/5)

Jonathan’s storytelling is not just excellent, it’s SPECIAL. Funny, serious, deep, superficial, it’s all the things you need and want it to be.

I love this Podcast!!!! (5/5)

I wish I had a dark wound from my past that was eating at my psyche so that Jonathan could help me find some closure, but I don’t so I will just have to be satisfied listening to him help others.

Epic storytelling done by the best (5/5)

If you are a This American Life fein like I am; if you crave podcasts that have just the right balance of excellent writing, lighthearted, relatable, laugh-out-loud content that is also touching, moving, and leaves you with a little smile on your face and a cheery demeanor - you should probably listen to this podcast. Don’t skip the intros when Jonathan calls Jackie. Don’t gloss over the transitions from podcast to sponsor. I recommend starting from the top with “Buzz”. You’ll soon start to want to be friends with Jonathan Goldstein and roast Alex Blumberg whenever the chance arises. So glad I found this podcast.

One of the best (5/5)

Jonathan is truly one of the best interviewers out there. Can’t wait for the new season.

Burst (5/5)

This is the best purdcast.

My favorite podcast (5/5)

Jonathon’s humor is so took multiple episodes to “get it” because I just wasn’t sure at first but once you do I loved every minute of his commentary! The stories are interesting, and I often find myself pondering about how I can relate to the feelings portrayed. Even if the experience is unique, Jonathon has a poetic, introspective way of delivering the message which stays with me for hours allowing me some much welcomed, contemplative reflection. I love every episode!

Interesting but host’s personality is horrible (2/5)

I cannot believe how much of a narcissistic douche the host is. Absolutely insufferable to listen to him be obsessed by his own attempts at humor. Loathe.

Funny and poignant (5/5)

This is probably my favorite podcast. I just love it. Jonathan’s dry sense of humor is next level. I particularly enjoy his needling of pal/boss Alex Blumberg.

Please bring it back! (5/5)

We need more Jonathan and Jackie and Jorge.

Great Podcast. (5/5)

Wish it didn’t stop!

👍 (5/5)

It’s basically catharsis porn, but who doesn’t need that?

Great... just great! (5/5)

I love these podcasts so much — they are always so different, interesting, and funny. Like no other podcast — just really awesome!!!

Wonderful (5/5)

By far my favorite podcast. Please come back soon!

Hilarious and Interesting (5/5)

I’m so stoked I stumbled on this podcast. I’m on episode two and I am so excited to dig in.

Heavyweight (5/5)

This podcast is a master work. It’s funny, poignant, and poetic.

Humorous and Poignant (5/5)

I’ve been a fan of Jonathan Goldstein for awhile. His sarcastic humor and writing is SO good. I love the format of the show...even when his super hero sleuthing skills don’t pan out. While some podcasters would argue that his opening banter with his best friend could derail a show normally (and it probably does for listeners who don’t know his writing) it’s a funny and formulaic way to get the show started, (even though it never has anything to do with the show itself)...a classic Goldstein move. But I hope listeners stick with it because this podcast often show us the layers of complexity in life and how we sometimes need to face the things that may haunt our pasts in order to look to the future with a brave face. Well worth the listen!

Thank you (5/5)

Thank you so much for these podcasts. I started listening b/c I read Kalila Holt's op-ed in the New York Times, and I'm sort trying to deal with something from my past right now. I've been binge listening and lots of episodes have really hit me, but I decided I had to rate after #16 (Rob). So so validating to hear Rob's story. Anyway, I love the podcast, love the humor. Thanks.

Good stuff (5/5)

Heavyweight feels like home. Jonathan Goldstein sprinkles just the right amount of sarcasm and intellect into each show. So entertaining. I’m impatiently awaiting new episodes.

Jorge (5/5)

Keep up the good work Jonathan. And more Jorge por favor.

Wow (5/5)

This I must say is one of my favorite it’s not my favorite podcast I love the stories love his humor definitely a must listen to

Every one a gem (5/5)

This is my go to during those dark morning hours when I suddenly awake and want to hear from a smart, caring friend.

Annoying host (1/5)

The host is extremely annoying, specially to Marchel.....why wouldn’t you let go???? Is that what mending the past is supposed to be like? Opening wounds that were never there? Or put tags on people? I cannot believe I listened to all the episodes.

Amazing podcast (5/5)

I haven’t been impressed with a podcast in a long time and this podcast amazed me. Highly recommended.

My favorite podcast (5/5)

I love this podcast. It gives me ALL the feels.

Good Stuff (5/5)

Listened to a few episodes on a United flight this week. Great story telling and raw insight into people. Felt it was talking to me! Thanks...

LOVE!! (5/5)

You guys do such an incredible job story telling in your podcasts! I always loving seeing what new podcasts you have. I especially look forward to new episodes of “Without Fail” and “Heavyweight”. If you ever cancel these... I will legit cry. They are SO good. I have shared both with so many of my friends. Anyone reading this review... LISTEN TO THESE RIGHT now and just do yourself a favor and SUBSCRIBE! You’re welcome 😊

Please post another episode I miss your podcast so much! (5/5)

The best !

My Fav! (5/5)

Hands down. My absolute favorite podcast.

I love this podcast! (5/5)

Free therapy. As human is it gets!

Yas (5/5)

I miss this show so much. Hope new episodes are coming soon!!!

Best Poscast! (5/5)

I love Jonathan Goldstein!!! I’ve followed him from TAL to Heavyweight. Jonathan’s talent is making the listener feel exactly like the person he is helping. I never know if I’ll laugh, cry, or be incredibly uncomfortable listening to this show, but I know that Jonathan will somehow fix everything in the most unconventional way. Thank you Gimlet for producing this amazing podcast!

Heavy!! (5/5)

I love it!! My favorite podcast! Also love the theme song!! Please!! More Heavyweight!!

I adore Heavyweight (5/5)

This podcoast hits every note for me. It weaves the most beautiful tapestry of story, humor, growth, surprise, real characters, emotion, in a way that takes you there and makes you laugh (and cry) along with the episode. Even the theme music is perfect. I also listen to the sponsored message because of the way Jonathan weaves them in and makes them interesting. I also get a kick out of his relationships with his co-workers and how each of them become part of the story/family. Thank you Jonathan and crew for sharing so much of yourselves with us. If I were a podcast I would want to be Heavyweight. The only problem is when the season is over, I get sad. But I just re-listened to many and they were just as good the second time.

Miss this! (5/5)

I’m wanting more Heavyweight! I sincerely hope more episodes are coming. 😊

Favorite Podcast (5/5)

Hope you’re doing well and working on new podcasts.

Wonderful storytelling (5/5)

Looking forward to more episodes in 2019! Hopefully soon?

stellar (5/5)

one of my favorite podcasts

Favorite podcast (5/5)

More pls!

So good (5/5)

In every single way.

It's great (5/5)

It's great.

Just subscribe (5/5)

Heavy hearts explored with a light touch. My favorite podcast.

The best (5/5)

Don’t know exactly how this reflects on me that this is my favorite of all podcasts.

Gregor Fan Club (5/5)

Heavyweight is a gem. I am addicted to biographical story telling podcasts, and you need Jonathan in your life if you are guilty of the same! At first I believed I was hearing Alex Karpovsky, but it’s Jonathan’s bff, Gregor, a witty horse of another color. Coincidentally I was first introduced to field hollers from Moby...and thought I was the only person that went on to listen to Lomax’s work. Thank you. I hope the two of them continue to collaborate bc they are like the quintessential pb&j. Unfortunately I have run out of episodes 😔

I need more! (5/5)

These episodes are so fantastic! I need more ASAP! I find myself laughing out loud and checking back regularly for more episodes... so please make more!

Just so good! (5/5)

Absolutely love this podcast. Don’t know what I’d do without you Jonathan!

Charming (5/5)

I’m not sure I could love this podcast more.

My favorite of them all. (5/5)

The worst part of this podcast is getting to the last episode and realizing there aren’t any more 😭😢😫

Do you know who you’re talking to? (5/5)

Dial tone! I feel like I’m the one that got hung up on. But without a song to start the podcast. Sad face. I love this podcast. Jonathan’s sarcasm & wit. Any episode with Gregor. And I could listen to an episode with just intro-calls any day. I could...I would...If only...

Touching, moving, funny & memorable stories (5/5)

Can’t wait for the next season to begin!

Will there be a new season? (5/5)

I am dying for more episodes of this fantastic podcast!!!!! Will there be a new season? When will it be released?

Tara (5/5)

Incredible. The “Tara” says everything about what this podcast sets out to accomplish.


This is highly unacceptable! I know it’s only been a couple of months but mehnn, it seems like forever. Alex, what’s going on over there? Bring Jonathan back STAT!

Hooked (5/5)

Heavyweight is a great balance of interesting story telling, humor and emotional drama. I love how Jonathan doesn’t take himself too seriously but isn’t shy about asking hard questions and guiding the conversations.

So great (5/5)

My son died from depression by suicide and this podcast has been so helpful to me. I cannot thank you enough for this podcast. Ana Marie Cox telling me that I couldn't have saved him helps me.

So good (5/5)

I love everything about this podcast. Do yourself a favor and give it a listen. You won’t be disappointed.

Stop saying words like you do (3/5)

I love the concept and his much funnier friends. The host grates but the most OBNOXIOUS thing is how he confidently mispronounces words in the most horrifying way. My brain screams.

Funny and Touching (5/5)

Very funny and touching. A down to earth show about life, love, regret and redemption.

Great Stories (5/5)

Awesome stories to listen too while walking my rounds

One of my favorites (5/5)

It would be nothing without Jonathan Goldstein. Entirely succeeds based on who he is and would probably fail in another person's hands. He could have a show about anything and I'd listen to it.

Great show but leaving listeners hanging? (3/5)

I really liked this show, the first & second season are great...but then waited 10 months for another episode. Like a lot of them on Gimlet productions seem to be lately, just lacks the content it should for what is expected now from them. A lot of 6 episode (20min each) podcasts. Months between NEW (not replayed) episodes, or like this one...content just lacking compared to other pods who typically have hour long episodes and 15 or more a season plus content is dependable. This is 7-8 episodes a season...comes out every 2-4 weeks for few months and then you’ll wait close to another year for anything more. Besides Reply All...they are lacking in everything for quite a while now.

Where have you gone??? (5/5)

Dear Heavyweight, Where have you gone? I miss you so- my days at work drag on without having any new episodes to listen to. Please return as soon as possible. Thank you.

Everything (5/5)

This podcast is everything: witty, well-produced, and that special, ever-elusive human x-factor. Jonathan Goldstein is so good at (usually) gently nudging these human moments of reconciliation, many decades in the making. Although this podcast will certainly be relatable for Jewish listeners, everyone surely has left behind parts of themselves and Jonathan is on a mission to help people reclaim them.

Love this engrossing podcast (5/5)

I love listening to these real life stories and Jonathon makes me chuckle. My favorites- Milt, Gregor, Buzz and Rachael.

Just god stuff! (5/5)

There is really no way to tell people about this show without just making them listen. It makes me laugh, think and shed a tear or two. Well done and the BEST podcast I’ve found. Please give us more!

Tie breaker (5/5)

This is my favorite show tied with Reply All. I could possibly give it the #1 place in my heart if they would give us some more episodes please. PLEASE! Anyway, I highly recommend this fantastic and unique show. Don’t be a fool like me and blast through the episodes if you are just now discovering it. Savor them. They are worth it.

Just a great, great show (5/5)

I love this show so much. The idea behind it is terrific -- helping the guest rid themselves of a heavy weight they've been carrying around -- usually one caused by a misunderstanding with another person. It's inventive, moving, funny. It has it all. Start with the very first episode!

The BEST! (5/5)

I seriously LOVE this podcast! I have been binging the episodes since last week and they just continue to get better! The stories are so relatable and Jonathan is freaking hilarious! Best part of my morning for sure!

Obsessed (5/5)

I am completely obsessed with this podcast! Jonathan is hilarious and the perfect host/mediator for every situation. I first heard of this podcast through This American Life and have been hooked ever since. Hoping for new episodes soon!

Weirdly addicting (5/5)

So good!

The Moment that changed a friedship (5/5)

Jonathan dives into the moments in life when everything changed. In heavyweight we are introduced to a new person each episode and their story. Stories ranging from brothers who are in their eighties and haven’t spoken in decades to a story of a CD and musician slighted. Jonathan hears stories of friends, family and then tries to mend the point where things went wrong. I feel as though through this series we can start to see a Jonathan inside each of us, if not only just a glimmer. We all face challenges in relationships at one point and many of us have lost someone in these cases. So with Heavyweight I feel as though it's like Jonathan is speaking to us all. - Podcast Junkie

Narcissism as audio (3/5)

The show tells very interesting stories. I wish they were less infused with the host’s obsession with himself

Unrelentingly compelling (5/5)

And the sort of compelling that often requires a few minutes' build to sink the hook — so don't give up on it.

I have laughed, cried , sat quietly & thrown my cell phone (5/5)

Game always recognizes game - I appreciate the fact this is a very well researched, edited and produced show - a lot of work goes into each story- shout out to you and your team, Jonathan ! As my subject line indicates, I have laughed (Rob) ( and every interaction with Jackie) , cried (Jesse) sat quietly (Isabel) and thrown my phone ( Julia) . No matter the emotion or my reaction, one thing is consistent - this is great storytelling - keep ‘em coming!

SO good (5/5)

Heavyweight explores universal feelings through individual stories, taking you into these individuals’ worlds with humor and detail. Whenever I see that there’s a new episode of this podcast, it makes my day!!

More JG!!! (5/5)

Clever, engaging, makes me laugh and chuckle in the car as I listen.. Need more Jonathan!!! No matter if I think I will like the topic, I know he’ll never disappoint. I tell all my friends. It’s a disservice to not tell. Congrats on an awesome podcast!

Half schmuck, half mensch, all good (5/5)

Jonathan has a gift for somehow helping people be better (at least this one time). The show can warm your heart without going overboard into sentimentality. A great balance because really, who needs schmaltz? I feel that Yiddish and Yiddish-adjacent vocabulary is apropos, as the show features a distinctly Jewish sensibility. The humor is self deprecating and frequent, we learn nuggets of Talmudic wisdom (or at least stuff that’s true according to the internet), and Jonathan’s neuroses give him a genuine empathy for the people he helps. Heavyweight is funny and inspiring and always worth my time.

Favorite podcast of all time (5/5)

Best podcast ever, end of story

My favorite podcast (5/5)

So funny, so smart, such a delight. This season is just SO GOOD. But since the start I’ve been in love. Thank you Jonathan Goldstein and everyone who make this show.

Love love love (5/5)

This is such a feel-good show. I’m smiling from ear to ear, usually with my eyes glistening with happy tears, at the end of each episode. Lol Jonathan is witty, funny and such a great story teller. I look forward to each episode. Thanks!

Love this podcast. Great storytelling. (5/5)

Just listened to your 1st very personal episode today and enjoyed every minute. Facilitating the long over due visit with your father and curmudgeonly uncle ended up giving me warm fuzzy feelings of happiness. You are a good son and a fantastic podcaster. I’m hooked on Heavyweight. Thanks for the work you put into your show. I’m a fan and will spread the word.


omg I laugh your loud when I’m listening to Jonathan especially how he slips in subtle jokes about Alex. I love love love this podcast!! Literally the best

Real Life Surprise Endings (5/5)

This is one of my favorite podcasts. I love the humor and the compassion exhibited within, and I can never get enough of the exposure to sheer humanity. It’s almost like the podcast version of Humans of New York, except that we get to see someone be helped through their struggles and how they come out on the end.

Skye (5/5)

I’ve been listening to this show from the start, but man that Skye episode was so perfect. I feel like everyone should listen to it. It shows how much we effect others even if you think you won’t have any effect. Strong episode great work!

Life changing (5/5)

This podcast came along in my life, at just the right time. Jonathan lifts my spirit. These stories give me hope for humanity.

One of my favorite podcasts (5/5)

I love it when I see that there's a new episode of Heavyweight! I love Jonathan Goldstein's insights and humor. This is a refreshing break from some of the newsy podcasts I listen to.

I don’t know why I’m hooked (5/5)

I have no idea why this is such a compelling podcast. I enjoy each episode thoroughly, and i can’t even describe it to people. It’s a fun podcast if you just want something fun and easy to listen to. The best parts are the ridicule Jonathan endures from his friend and his self-delusions of grandeur.

So great!!! (5/5)

This has become my favorite podcast! It is the perfect combination of great people/stories, excellent production value, and Jonathan Goldstein is absolutely the best! His dry wit is brilliant! I have NEVER listened to a podcast where I enjoyed the ads almost as much as the content itself. It’s quickly become my most recommended!

The greatest podcast since wiretap (5/5)

My sadness was immeasurable after wiretap died, but thankfully after obsessively searching for "Johnathan Goldstein podcast" every day for an embarrassing length of time, this beautiful nugget appeared = Immeasurable sadness erased in an instant.

I hate Jackie (5/5)

This is a great podcast and Jonathon is a sweet guy and has a unique way of telling a story. I wish he would give up on that horrible person Jackie. She’s a terrible and not a real friend.

Not long enough. (5/5)

I just want every episode to be longer so I can enjoy them longer!

Perfect (5/5)

Love every episode, esp the into phone call. Here’s to friendship!

I miss you, Jonathan. (5/5)

Come back.

Endless Belly laughs (5/5)

This podcast does an incredible job of setting the stage, telling the story and endless subtle & clever humor along the way. Can’t get enough - don’t stop creating!!

Jonathan Goldstein is the best (5/5)

What is written above ⬆️

Marchel is the reason I listen now (5/5)

When he went to this man’s wife!!🤣🤣

A True Delight (5/5)

This podcast makes me laugh, cry and want to talk to all the people around me to hear their stories. What a great show.

LOVE (5/5)

I’ve been listening to a ton of podcasts - this one is a gem! Often poignant, sometimes sad and or funny, always worth listening to.

Great (5/5)

Thank you for entertaining me while I am at a very boring job helps to make it seem no so terrible. Cannot wait for new stories...

If I was stranded on an island. . . (5/5)

I would want Jonathan Goldstein to be there. I love his humor and story telling. I could listen all day, everyday!!!

Funniest Guy in the Podcast World (5/5)

Jonathan Goldstein is a very funny guy and his stories are compelling and poignant. Listen to just one and you’ll be hooked.

amazing storytelling (5/5)

I always listen to this show as soon as it drops. Just when I think it can’t get any better... it gets even better. I laugh... I cry... can’t recommend highly enough!

Hmmmm (3/5)

Most of the stories are really interesting. That said, the people who write/perform the podcast think they’re a lot more funny and entertaining than they actually are. It gets in the way of the stories having to listen to them drone on and make stupid jokes. It’s unfortunate. Like I said, the actual stories are really interesting.

Storytelling at its finest (5/5)

So glad a random episode (Rachel) played while I was listening to NPR One. I got sucked in and listened to two more episodes immediately. All had a well-developed plot, woven neatly into a satisfying, reflective closing. I’m so happy to have three seasons worth to listen to, as I’m always looking for podcasts that aren’t explicit or too dark for the young ears in our home. I may even get my anti-podcast husband to stop talking through these. I’m also trying to figure out if any story in my own life is worthy of Heavyweight. Truly a great podcast!

Beautiful, funny, awkward and often touching (5/5)

I love this show

All time favorite (5/5)

This is my favorite podcast! Jonathan’s mix of dark, dry, humour and his curiosity to rewrite people’s past makes for a genuine joyful listening experience. Can’t wait for more.

Finally know what it means to assume (5/5)

It’s been a hard life not knowing what I’ve been doing with all this assuming. Thanks For clearing that up for me. #forevergrateful #ass #assume #heavyweight #heavywait #alwaysassumeditwasaboutboxing #hashtag #thetruthisoutthere #driving #woahthatwasacloseone #door #butterfingersarereallyhardtoeatwithoutmakingagreatmess #billabong #looneysandtwoneys #cecil

Pow! Right in the kishkes (5/5)

Love this so much. Great stories done beautifully, comedically, sincerely, and maybe most importantly, Jonathan Goldsteinly. The people have spoken and we demand more episodes!!!!

Love (5/5)

This is my new fav...I’m very picky, so when I say THIS IS MY NEW FAV-it’s kinda a big deal!

Simply the best (5/5)

Every episode is a gem. Hits me straight in all the feels.

Top of my list (5/5)

I just love the little mysteries, real people, and hard situations discussed in heavyweight. Light but heartfelt

Heavyweight (5/5)

My favorite podcast . Thanks.

Unassuming humble (5/5)

This is the best podcast. Jonathan Goldstein is a gracious host. The theme of this podcast is love, basically just love.

No more Jackie (3/5)

Please, please, stop the Jackie calls. They were funny season 1. They aren’t funny anymore. I was always a fan of Goldstein’s stories on other podcasts but, as a host, his “I am innocently annoying and ignorant and it’s cute” act has gotten annoying. The last several episodes have really been reaching to fit the scope of the podcast and to provide a story that has any interest at all for the listener. I assume this project is dying. I hate to be this negative in any review, but I am annoyed. In short, as I listen to the most recent episode, right before I pause and then delete it, annoyed.

One of the best! (5/5)

I love this podcast so much. It’s inspiring, it’s funny, it’s touching... it’s simply everything positive.

Keeps getting better (5/5)

Love this podcast. So quirky and funny. The latest one with Alex Blumberg is just perfect.

Tender, sometimes ridiculous. (5/5)

I love this podcast. Funny and touching.

Amazing (5/5)

The perfect combination of a lot of an acerbic sense of (very jewish) humor and a little bit of sentimentality. A gem of a podcast.

One of my faves (5/5)

This is one of my favorite podcasts. It's funny and surprising and understated. Just a gem.

How have I never listened to this show? (5/5)

I listen to and love a bunch of different Gimlet podcasts and somehow I’ve managed to miss Heavyweight after all this time! Do yourself a favor, listen to this gem of a show! I completely regret not finding it earlier!

Great Stories (5/5)

Great stories.

This show has tons of heart! (5/5)

I love this show! I look forward to every new episode. I laugh often and cry tears of joy at this show that seems to give us all more insight into the human condition. Thank you for this amazing show about life!

Resonates well like a siren and howl (5/5)

Sometimes, my dog is in the backyard and you start to hear him howl, that's when you hear the sirens. It's almost like it's this strange mix of high pitched wailing coming through in stereo. It's sort of like this podcast, I'm not quite sure why, but it makes me smile.

What a podcast should be! (5/5)

This is the best of the best in my library. Funny and emotional. I can’t get enough. Thank you!!!

People think I’m crazy (5/5)

Because I just drive down the road laughing to myself at this show. Can’t get enough Goldstein perfectly executed dry humor in my life. Every line is a gem.

Funny & moving!!! (5/5)

Just a fantastic show!

Love it! (5/5)

I absolutely love this podcast. It’s a great mix of story, entertainment, and comedy. Keep these episodes coming :)

Heavyweight (5/5)

Heavyweight is by far the funniest and, at the same time, most touching podcast available (not that I have listened to every podcast available, that would be pretty much impossible, but I think you know what I mean). I look forward to every episode and they just keep getting better and better.

Heavyweight is now my favorite podcast (5/5)

This is probably the best podcast to listen to for fans of Jonathan Goldstein’s friend Jackie Cohen. She is the best part of this podcast. More Jackie, please.

Love the Show (5/5)

One of my favorite podcasts. Interesting and funny at the same time. This last one about Alex and old time friends struck home.

Amazing! Can’t wait for season 4! (5/5)

I already have withdrawal..

My favorite (5/5)

When I see a new episode in my queue it makes me so happy. This show is so funny and so moving. I’m so grateful that it exists.

Heavyweight (5/5)

Always good. Episode “Alex” is brilliant.

Love this podcast. (5/5)

One of the best podcasts out there. I look forward to new episodes with anticipation. Jonathan has a gift for finding and telling the human story. Or maybe I am just a softie and a sucker for a story that pulls on the heartstrings lol. In any case the ppdcast is brilliant.

Perfect (5/5)

It’s just perfect

humorous with heart (5/5)

It took me a few episodes to get into the flow of this show, but now I'm completely hooked! Mr. Goldstein is the best at doing this kind of podcast. It is so subtly witty and delightfully funny, but with empathy at it's center. Well written, well edited, hilarious, and precious! Thank you for this podcast!

The best!!!!!! (5/5)

The best!!!!!!!!!!! ❤️

Favorite podcast (5/5)

Touching, funny, weird. Listen to a few episodes and you’ll know if this gem of a podcast is up your alley.

The best (5/5)

Jonathan Goldstein is irreverent, poignant, hilariously self-deprecating, and has a beautiful insight into human soul that I could only hope to Sunday obtain. I love this podcast.

Interesting if you’re into that (5/5)

This is probably the oddest yet most intriguing pod in my cast. Unique humor that hits me just right.

Heavyweight is great!! (5/5)

“Marchel” came out of nowhere and hit a homerun! Amazing ending JG!

I love this podcast. (5/5)

I’ve been a fan of Gimlet productions since the very first episode of Start Up. When a new season of Heavyweight starts I’m so excited to put it to the top of my play list. I love this podcast. Thank you Jonathan and Gimlet CEO Alex Blumberg for bringing us such engaging thoughtful and humorous work.

I’m in love (5/5)

With Jonathan Goldstein. He makes me laugh and cry like no other. My life is better with Heavyweight.

Ehhhh (3/5)

Great podcast but I had to give it up after he fed into his own petty obsessions to bother a whole film crew about one scene that bothered him. Such an awkward approach to entertainment on that episode

Beautiful/sad/hilarious/perfect podcast (5/5)

Last season was good... this season is better. Jonathan, the host, is hilarious, neurotic and sympathetic- his stories are important and his metaphors beautiful. This is one of my favorite podcasts out there. Thank you for the great work and helping people connect with each other.

Love it! (5/5)

Great podcast! I love Jonathan’s sense of humor that he throws into the stories. It’s a great mix with the personal stories.

Cry every time (5/5)

Even when I think I'm going to make it through without crying, it catches me off guard. Hilarious, touching, beautiful.

Oh Johnathan - What will I do without you? (5/5)

It’s good to have a friend in Johnathan - he doesn’t know me - but alas we are friends. Just finished season 3 and I will be waiting for season 4 so I can laugh everyday as I listen to his subtle jabs at his bff Alex and chuckle at his self deprecating Canadian humor. This podcast is one of my favorites. Gimlet creates a lot of great work. And I get to listen for free?!? 👍🏽

Favorite (5/5)

This is my absolute favorite podcast from Gimlet. Love you Jonathan!!!

Turns the mundane into a whimsical journey (5/5)

Jonathan and the Gimlet team make the smallest hints in life seem beyond amazing. Such a wonderful weekly tryst and a long drought between seasons. Thanks for the reprieve, Gimlet!

Always the right spot (4/5)

At times I am in tears, other times laughing. Always reflecting. Loved the episode either Rob Cordray.

Podcasting at it's best! (5/5)

This is by far my #1 podcast! The humor of Jonathan literally makes me laugh out loud. The stories themselves and the way they are told makes me want to go back and listen to episodes that I have already listened to. When I am asked about a podcast that I would recommend Heavyweight is the first word out of my mouth. Keep up the awesome work and can't wait until the next season!

Thank you (5/5)

Love to listen

Great idea and execution (5/5)

The ability of the host to take subject matters that are complicated and emotional and turn it into something fun while still being serious is what makes this show so great. I often would get choked up about the stories but it was always in the best way possible. The little bits of humor kept the show light and easy without distracting from the seriousness of the situation. I can’t recommend this more if you are looking for relatable life stories.

I just want to say thank you. (5/5)

Thank you for making such a beautiful podcast. I love everything about it.

My all time favorite (5/5)

Season 1 and 2 of this podcast were extremely well done and engaging—a little disappointed by the most recent season but will not give up on Jonathan Goldstein so quickly. This podcast will make you laugh and cry. Love the banter with his friend Jackie. Look forward to more stories!

Marchel (5/5)

Easily one of the most unexpectedly touching episodes of this podcast. I’m crying.

Simply the best (5/5)

I’ve never written a fan letter before but after every single heavyweight episode I feel the need to track down J Goldstein on twitter and tell him how he makes my world a better place one episode at a time. The show is playful and humorous while also heavy and deep. Such a wonderful blend.

Makes you think (5/5)

This podcast has made me cry several times! It always manages to get to the heart of human relationships and navigate difficult emotional situations in a way that is so enjoyable to listen to.

One of my favorites! (5/5)

I love this podcast! Thank you for bringing me to laughter and tears every season. I appreciate this contribution to the world!

What’s happening??? (4/5)

I was enjoying the stories about people dealing with things they couldn’t let go of with good things happening during the episodes. But the podcast seems to be losing its way. I can accept the two episodes promoting other Gimlet podcasts. But Kenny was a story where no one was presenting as wanting redemption, understanding, validation. And Marcel seemed to be focused more on trying to make someone feel bad about something in the past.

Season 3 Episode 22 (3/5)

I’m unsubscribing because of this episode. I can’t even finish it. No one is upset about this film, but you continually go out of your way to remind them of a flaw they hardly recall. This is the equivalent of reminding a person of a physical flaw they cannot change. Rude. I mostly enjoyed the other episodes which is why I gave a 3 Star.

Heavyweight (5/5)

I love this podcast! Well written, edited, produced. Just the right mix of wit, sweetness, and wisdom w/o being sentimental or syrupy. I want to know more about these protagonists lives. Bravo!

So different (5/5)

This show is touching without bringing manipulating. It’s funny, smart, emotional. Not every episode is a winner, but it doesn’t have to be.

Wonderful (5/5)

I have never reviewed a podcast before, and may never again. Listening to Heavyweight is my favorite thing to do with my free time. I don’t think I can explain why. It consistently delivers wonderful stories of humanity. Thanks Jonathan.

Got more annoying over time. (2/5)

It used to be better, but Johnathon just kept getting lamer. It’s hard to listen to now. Oh well.

“MARCHEL!” (5/5)

Big fan of the show Jonathan. So good. I appreciate every episode, they never last long in my feed as I’m able to listen while knocking buildings down in Boston...surrounded by Neanderthals listening to Led Zeppelin IV for the 193rd time in their lives. Your pod is, and has been, at the top of my “1st ballot Hall of Famers” playlist. Has been since I first discovered it a few episodes into season one. Loved everything you did before this too. Anyhooo...I’m writing now, (possibly again?)to say I just to say that I just finished the “Marchel” episode and it might be my favorite episode yet. Really funny, really ballsy, and really touching at the end. You guys did a great job. I can’t believe how far you pushed this! Lol. You do what I want to do probly once a week in my life. Thanks for that. Please...keep up the great work, be well, and feel free to let your fans know how we can help the show in any way.....

It’s...ok...listenable, but not engrossing (3/5)

Some of them are good, very good. Others, meh, not so much. The subjects and stories are sometimes too simple to make a good listen and is sounds like they are stretching things a little thin to make the full show. The episode “Rachel” is an example of what is not good. “Kenny” is the one tell others to try. Wiretap was good then got weird, maybe this show will go from blah to better.

Anti Comedy (2/5)

This can be an entertaining and enlightening show when the focus remains on the guest being profiled (typically it's not kept there). The host is not as funny or "cute" as he seems to think he is. His shtick derailed this whole thing for me.

What happened? (1/5)

Season one was fresh, interesting and sweet. What happened? Season two is snarky snarky snarky

Love it! (5/5)

Jonathan's humor is so unique and wonderful I'm always excited to see a new episode. This podcast is hilarious, touching, heartwarming, and so human. It's a wonderful thing to listen to in these trying times

Dry wit, smart humor, fantastic storytelling (5/5)

I have been listening to Heavyweight since it first published. I devour every episode as soon as it’s in my feed. Jonathan’s storytelling is smart, pithy, quirky and funny—pulling listeners into his analytical psyche, complete with the twists and turns of his inner dialogue. I was compelled enough by this podcast to write my first review: That must account for something! Give it a try for at least two episodes.

My new obsession (5/5)

Something about this show reaches to the very core of me. I’m halfway through season 2, and I think I’ve shed tears at the end of every episode I’ve listened to. I find Jonathan Goldstein utterly endearing. His particularly brand of people-pleasing awkwardness is so relatable to me. But beyond that, I feel he’s tapping into something very real about regret and relationships and how we’re all just doing our best. I’ll definitely be re-listening to this show once I’m finished!

Love it (5/5)

I work as a solo Cleaner, i had this all all day on listening with my EarPods while cleaning, fantastic!!! Wish there were more episodes. 👏👏 love Jonathans personality and his sense of humor and also his mom ;)

My favorite podcast (5/5)

I truly look forward to every new episode. Thanks for making a gem, Jonathan and Gimlet

Favorite (5/5)

I listen to a lot of podcasts as I drive. This is my favorite. Good stories of people struggling with the perfect sense of humor. I find myself laughing out loud every episode.

Best New Podcast (5/5)

Hilarious, entertaining, and emotionally satisfying. It’s one of those podcasts where you stay in your car to listen even though you’re late for work.

All-time favorite podcast (5/5)

I didn’t know it was missing from my life until I found it. Jonathan will make you laugh out loud, tear up with happiness, and have all their other feel-good emotions. I love you, JG!

Subscribe now! (5/5)

I listen to many, many podcasts. I must say, this is by far my favorite. Jonathan’s dry humor makes me laugh uncontrollably. I have told everyone I know that this podcast is the best!

Powerful (5/5)

This podcast makes me laugh and cry. It is simultaneously serious and hysterical. The intros are the absolute best!

One of the Best. A treasure. (5/5)

I love this show. It is well produced, first, but maybe least of all. The real charm is in the human elements at play in these stories. Goldstein is kind and compassionate to his guests without patronizing them. He is funny but generally at his own expense. He seems to help these people solve their problems, sure, but generally he is just there to tag along and report on these people as they help themselves, and there is something really wonderful about that. One of the best podcasts out there right now, if only because it is so transparently kind and absolutely ernest in this weird historical moment in culture where everyone (justifiabily) seems guarded and salty. Here, on Heavyweight, are some real human beings dealing with real human problems in real human ways; laughing through the hard parts and facing fears head on.

Rachael Episode (5/5)

Beautiful example of the resilience and compassion of a child. Congratulations to Rachael and Lena for undertaking their new path together. Well done as always JG.

I love it!! (5/5)

I always yearn for a good story told by a great storyteller!

Fabulous stories and always a twist (5/5)

Love this podcast - sly disarming host gets to the heart of the problem and doesn’t give up until there’s a resolution.

Love love love!!!! (5/5)

I just discovered heavyweight thanks to a suggestion made from another podcast, Pop Culture Happy Hour and it’s become one of my new favorites. Every episode is refreshing and inspiring as it reminds me just how similar we all are on the earth. Also, Johnathan is tastefully hilarious. Would highly recommend. If i could give 10 stars i would!

A pleasant surprise (4/5)

I started to listen to this podcast a few weeks ago when another podcast I love (Pop Culture Happy Hour) recommended it. Who knew you could be so invested in the everyday relationships and drama of people? I love Jonathan’s narration, which can be sincere and sometimes full with dry humor. I like more episodes than others, usually ones where the person that Jonathan helps is someone close to him (bring Gregor on more podcasts!!). overall the depth and intimacy that he finds in people’s lives is a wonderful listen.

Like the show (4/5)

Too many commercials and they are too long. I have told several people about it, and both of my coworkers stopped listening without getting through and episode because of the amount of commercials.

Annoying host (2/5)

The host is annoying but subject is interesting

A Podcast for Everyone! (5/5)

I was recommended the “Rob” episode of this podcast from Linda Holmes on PCHH, and I’m so happy I searched it out. Jonathan is hilarious, and he takes every story very seriously. Episodes tackle everything anyone can relate too. A must listen!

If you like...oh just subscribe. (5/5)

Love it. Whoever you call on the phone, Jonathan? Get rid of her. Each episode is human, genuine, heartfelt. Keep up the good work

Just the best (5/5)

I love this podcast. It makes me laugh and laugh and cry. Wonderful. Please make more. And, I need Jonathan to solve the dilemmas in my life.

Such a Feel Good Show (5/5)

I love the banter in the beginning and the realness of the stories... It’s just a reminder how good an honest conversation can be. Thanks!

Refreshing (5/5)

An absolute joy to listen to. This podcast is a true breath of fresh air.

My favorite podcast! (5/5)

Jonathan Goldstein is absolutely amazing in this podcast. His writing, delivery, humor and content makes for a perfect recipe. I have cried at the end of every, single episode. I can't wait for every new episode to come out!! Well done.

One of my favs! (5/5)

This is seriously one of the most entertaining podcasts that I listen to. Jonathan Goldstein is a gem. I have come to love his easy sense of humor and one-of-a-kind charm to the point where just the sound of his voice instantly warms my heart and makes me smile from ear to ear.

Heavyweight!! (5/5)

Jonathan is such a great host! Always appreciate his bunny trails mixed in with heavy and interesting content. One of my top 5 favorites!!

A lot disappointed (2/5)

I’m such a fan of Jonathan. I met him one early morning while having insomnia. I turned on NPR and what should I catch,”Animal Instinct .” For some reason I missed who and what. I googled as much as I could remember...And found “Wiretap .” My first set of Grandchildren were off to DC for two years. When they came home to PHL,for sleepover I turned them on to Animal Instincts..they were hooked to the point where I gave them a rug for their powder room in the playroom. The rug was a magnificent male lion and a lamb snuggled together. The kids knew immediately it’s Wiretap connection.Ages six and eight. So I purchased as many Wiretap seasons as possible. You introduced me to Sir Stewart. And thank You so much for this,and what a freakin loss to the world. So what is going on with your podcast. I’m giving you enough rope...please, please Wake up here. I loved the Ogee episode.And a few other shows. I keep thinking maybe the next podcast will rock my I’m going to hang out for a while longer. Tree Schmeltzer Greiner USA

The stories! The stories! (5/5)

I think everyone has something in their life that can relate to all of these people and events. What a fantastic way to look at different views on the same situations.

Whitty Catharsis (5/5)

Johnathan Goldstein clearly has a gift for connecting with people and their pasts. His narrative is both witty and insightful. I find myself thinking deeply about life’s mysteries, and laughing at a well placed dry joke nearly every episode. Highly recommend

So funny (5/5)

Such a funny, hilarious, also super interesting show

Just listen (5/5)

I’m not an influencer of people, not a social media maven, not the first to wear/eat/buy anything. I’m just a lover of podcasts. The one I love the most is one that makes me chuckle, sigh, wipe a stray tear away and sit in the car until the episode finishes. Just listen.

I enjoy this podcast (5/5)

There is a high likelihood that you will as well.

Guilty Pleasure (5/5)

Something about listening to other people's insecurities and unvalidated issues makes this podcast very pleasurable. The path to resolution is even more delightful and the outcome never disappoints.

Surprisingly Good (5/5)

Jonathan Goldstein’s Yoda impression is surprisingly good.

My absolute favorite podcast (5/5)

I look forward to this podcast every week! I re-listen to past episodes and just can’t get enough. Thank you for the great stories and thank you to those guests who are willing to share their lives with us.

So freaking good (5/5)

Love this podcast so much. Hilarious. Well done. Jackie. Jonathan. All of it.

Boom Boom Boom (5/5)

Don’t ever stop making this podcast!

Beautiful, Heartwarming, and Uplifting (5/5)

Thank you, Mr. Goldstein, for bringing together these struggling heroes. Thank you, moreso, to each person who shared their stories and persisted.

Awkward and Hilarious (5/5)

Self aware and tongue-in-cheek. A joy each week.

Cheering for the Underdog (4/5)

I really like the podcast but I can’t stand this woman he talks to on the phone. He usually opens the podcast with some sort of communication with this woman and I honestly hate how rude this woman is. But anywho, the podcast itself is pretty great!

Truly excellent (5/5)

I look forward to this every week, and for much longer than that between seasons. Keep it, sir.

Love it (5/5)

What a great show, I love everything about. Every episode. I’ve laughed, I’ve cried and I’ve gotten mad. Keep up the great show!!!

A feel good listen (5/5)

I’ve been listening for a while now, but felt compelled to write a review after listening to “Soraya” today. I look forward to every new episode as a consistent, pleasant way to spend an hour. Jonathan, thanks for always brightening my week :)

Most Excellent (5/5)

This is one of my all-time favorite podcasts! I listen to podcasts at night when I go to bed, and this is the first one that has ever made me laugh out loud. It is smart, witty, interesting... and Gregor sounds sooo much like Alex Karpovsky from “Girls”!!!! Gregor is a little annoying, but it makes me like Jonathan all the more for being such good friends with him lol. Keep up the awesome work, Johnny!! (Your dad cracks me up.)

Such a fun listen. (5/5)

Well done Jonathon G and gimlet media! I love this. Update a few years later...This podcast continues to be one of my favorites. It strums the heartstrings while also making me laugh. So week done. ❤️❤️❤️

Important and Entertaining (5/5)

Funny and heartwarming. The premise of taking on unfinished business reminds me of the work I do in psychotherapy and Buddhist meditation. It’s a show I get excited to turn friends onto.