Aggregated reviews for Heavyweight

Maybe you’ve laid awake imagining how it could have been, how it might yet be, but the moment to act was never right. Well, the moment is here and the podcast making it happen is Heavyweight. Join Jonathan Goldstein for road trips, thorny reunions, and difficult conversations as he backpedals his way into the past like a therapist with a time machine. From Gimlet Media.

The best (5/5)

This Podcast is a funfest and showcase of Jonathan Goldstein’s droll, deadpan, self-deprecating bundle of captivating storytelling. The world needs more Goldstein.

Favourite podcast (5/5)

Jonathan’s storytelling is emotional, smart, and snort out loud funny. Keep it coming!

I love this guy (5/5)

I listen to 39 podcasts and this one is one of my favourites. The tone, the humour, the stories. He has a unique way to storytell. :) Listen! ❤️

Generates compassion (5/5)

This podcast is one of the few things that preserve my faith in humanity. I truly believe listening to it makes you a better person.

Great (5/5)

Touching and funny!

Love it! (5/5)

Yeah this is really a great podcast. It feels so raw in its well produced way. So unpredictable in an exciting and interesting manner. The stories that are told and the people behind them are a reminder of how complicated but also simple we humans are. Every show seems to reveal a new facade of our beautiful nature.

Funny and intriguing! (5/5)

I really enjoy the narrative and the way these stories are built up.

My favourite podcast (5/5)

I'm a real podjunkie, and heavyweight is my first substance of choice! Can't wait for the second season. Cheers!