Aggregated reviews for How I Built This with Guy Raz

Guy Raz dives into the stories behind some of the world's best known companies. How I Built This weaves a narrative journey about innovators, entrepreneurs and idealists—and the movements they built.

Inspiring for those starting a new journey (5/5)

As a new inventor starting a business, listening to this podcast has been not only inspiring, but grounding. I love listening to the real stories of people who started out just like me and found their way to success through a combination of work and luck. When I feel down on my journey, I recall the stories of these entrepreneurs and remember they weren’t overnight successes and had their shares of ups and downs as well! Guy also has one of the easiest voices to listen to!

Best Show! (5/5)

I love this Podcast as it explains the journey of some of the most wealthy entrepreneurs and their journey to that wealth. It always inspires me to keep pushing further in my career.

So Inspiring (5/5)

I love all the stories it just goes to show that anything is possible you just have to start.

Outstanding (5/5)

Easily the best podcast out there. Fascinating stories, to companies all expertly pulled together by the fantastic Guy Raz and backed by wickedly dramatic music.

Repeated episodes (2/5)

Enjoy the content, but nearly every new episode is an unlisted rebroadcast. I'll get halfway through an episode and realize I've heard some anecdote before. Please at least label rebroadcasts so u can avoid wasting my time.

Great Interviews! (5/5)

This podcast has become a favorite of mine because Guy Raz is such an adept interviewer. I really love hearing the full scope of what it takes to bring an idea into the marketplace and succeed. I’m always inspired after listening to a new episode.

Love This! (5/5)

I absolutely love this podcast and the way Guy relates with the founders. It’s very inspirational and I listen to it on the way to work in Lagos, Nigeria. It’s really a detailed, easy to listen to podcast! ❤️

Hi (4/5)

I love this podcast but I took away a star because you should really really really for the love of Pete put whether or not the episode is a repeat in the TITLE.

Please keep up the good work! (5/5)

Key point of interest is how a founder tell the story and the questions ask about luck vs free will and hard work. So grate to hear something that is not politically slanted on NPR. Thank you all for the good work.

My fave drive-time listen (5/5)

Engaging, informative and fun!

So dope (5/5)

Incredible stories

Repeat (3/5)

I really enjoy this podcast in the beginning but now not so much because there’s to many repeats.. I want new ones

Engaging (5/5)

Incredible dialogue between Guy & bold entrepreneurs.

Amazing podcast. Amazing host. Just WOW. (5/5)

PLEASE DO EPISODE ON INSTANT POT. This host truly knows how to connect with people while interviewing them. The stories of how some of the entrepreneurs started are so interesting. What I have learned is mostly all of the self made entrepreneurs on this show had a very strong passion and drive behind their inventions. Some entrepreneurs were told their ideas are bizarre, bad or just stupid. After listening to this show now I believe that if you truly enjoy and believe in what it is you do and are passionate about it - money will follow. This podcast is proof of that. Most of the self made entrepreneurs on “How I Built This” came from very humble backgrounds. I have learned more from this podcast about life, challenges, how to overcome obstacles, what it takes to succeed, work burnout, people, companies, venture capital, angel investors, ideas...and more. Thank you!

The real deal (5/5)

Guy Raz asks the best questions of founders, bringing out the often-neglected human side of building businesses. A well produced show that many in the industry could learn from.

Good content that repeats (3/5)

I liked this but they keep pushing old episodes as new? I guess Planet Money does that, too. But I don’t like it. Unsubscribe for me so my queue isn’t flooded with repeats.

Favorite Podcast (5/5)

Guy knows how to intrigue you with each interview and you feel as though you have made a connection with each business owner by the end of the episodes. I have found myself laughing along, feeling the pain points and learning through each podcast. Almost every one I’ve listened to has left me more inspired. Would recommend to anyone who wants a good, real life story!

Great show (5/5)

I think this is one of the best shows ever I really really really think you should make more a week tho

All the above, with no profanity! (5/5)

Guy does a fantastic job, plus he does it without insulting our intelligence by keeping the language clean. It’s nice to hear intelligent discussion WITHOUT massive profanity! Keep up the great work Guy!

Connections (1/5)

Guy always downplays the friends and relatives that made these success stories possible. It’s true it’s who not what you know that counts.

Hate IT (1/5)


I like the show but (4/5)

I like the show but some of these guys getting interviewed are like talking very low it almost sounds like mumbling. I listen to this pod cast at work it’s great and very inspiring but there literally can’t be any noise in order for me to hear. Literally have to blast the speakers which i don’t want to do because of my coworkers. (No I can’t wear headphones)

Captivating! (5/5)

I’m hooked, this is by far the best podcast in it’s category. The flow of the interview is conversational and easy to follow. Guy Raz asks all the questions that you’re thinking, he connects all the dots, answers all the hows and whys....important points that are often left out of other interviews/stories. The tone and flow of the podcast is outstanding, thank you.

LUVIT!!! (5/5)

LOVE IT!!!! Been with HIBT since the beginning, and there is not a single episode I would not give lower than 5 stars

Please do Musk!!! (5/5)

I love it. I am a huge fan of Dyson vacuums. I also love Tesla, so please do one with Elon Musk.

Awesome! List repeat episodes pleas! (4/5)

Really a fun, I’ve been listening for years now and the flow of the episodes really draws you into the story. It would be good if there was a note if episodes are repeated, though. Sometimes 15 mins in I’d remember I heard the story before and have too double-check just to be sure. All time I could have spent listening to something else.

Tech Entrepreneurs Dream (5/5)

Recently discovered this podcast and saying I’m a fan would be an understatement. I spent a lot of time reading about successful people, but books and articles tend to cover the same entrepreneurs, the Musks and Jobs of society, with the podcast I have gotten a more intimate first-hand account of what made some of these brilliant companies successful.

I love this show! (5/5)

Please do one for Yelp.

Plz (5/5)

Plz do the creator of Gucci.

Thank you for hours of entertainment! (5/5)

This podcast is by far my favorite. It is amazing the caliber of guest that Guy gets to come on the show and I learn so much from every one of them. I recommend this podcast to everyone I meet when they ask what I have been up to. Thanks for all you do!

💟💟💟💟💟💟💟 (5/5)

Pls do the creator of Sesame Street

One of my favorites!! (5/5)

I love hearing all the ins and outs of some many familiar and well known companies. I appreciate the entrepreneurs who share their story and always end the show feeling inspired. Plus Guy is an awesome host!! Must listen!

Need more representation (5/5)

I absolutely love this podcast. I would give it 6 stars if I could. Truly inspiring for entrepreneurs. Only thing that is missing...diversity. I would like to hear future episodes that feature more ethnically diverse entrepreneurs that have built successful businesses. There are many people of color in this country that have built incredibly successful businesses from scratch. Intersectionality is essential.

my fav thing (5/5)

i love guy raz

So inspiring! (5/5)

This podcast is so great and inspiring for anyone but especially aspiring entrepreneurs!

Excellent (4/5)

This podcast is still my favorite. My only complaint is that they repost old episodes and even though they say "this episode first ran in..." all I'm thinking is, "I could have just scrolled down and played that episode if I wanted!" We understand new content is difficult to post every week, but if you're doing once every two weeks, there's no need to repost old ones. My opinion.

My favorite podcast! (5/5)

I have listened o all the episodes. It is very informative. My only suggestion is to make one episode/podcast with all small business owners.

The best! (5/5)

Favorite podcast to listen to while lyft driving.

Distracting (1/5)

Content is great. Music behind the interview is so, so annoying.

Inspiring content (5/5)

Great stories ongoing inspiration.

ennervotive (2/5)

I just completed the NPR podcast How I Built This [2016-2019] (so far). When I first looked this up it looked like a show that rarely made episodes, made them rather short, and was about innovative companies that are actually (relatively?) moral. I don’t know why I got that idea, but I was wrong about all of the above. I don’t mind studying immoral companies (in a positive or negative light, I do it all the time) but I was in the mood for something a little different. I’ve listened to NPR off and on for almost two decades. Sometimes I like it, sometimes I don’t. This is, not surprisingly, professionally made. I enjoy learning about innovative ideas and how businesses are created and so I, kind of, enjoyed the show at first. However, as time has progressed I’ve been liking this podcast less and less, for a few reasons. First off, Guy Raz, although often smart and likable, can be a phony and a kiss up. If you listen to enough episodes you begin to realize that he already knows practically all of the answers to his questions (and really, the whole story) but acts surprised as if he’s hearing it for the first time. You especially realize this on episodes where he asks completely random and out of place questions that have an important answer for the story arc, which makes it overtly obvious that he already knew the answer. (I dock them 1 star for that.) Second, and I have this beef with NPR as well (and I say this as a liberal), they lean liberal and yet are supported by some of the worst corporations on the planet, which to me is hypocritical, especially in this format of educating you on the “true story” of these businesses. And not only do they do damage by supporting those companies, by not reporting about them, they make entire shows (like this) about them that conveniently leave out legitimate controversies/things that have been criticized about the company. (I dock them 1 star for this.) I’ve even researched/worked at some of these companies and they definitely left out a lot of key parts of the story. Which, it’s one thing to tell your “side of the story,” but it’s a completely different thing to pretend like you’re giving a fair and balanced account of what happened. Third, another beef I have is that they replay old episodes as if they’re new, which I know it sounds odd but (because something is really wrong with me) I find it really stupid (because I generally don’t realize till 20 minutes in, because I’m stupid). Isn’t the point of a podcast that it’s all organized and archived so you can go back and listen whenever you want and don’t have to have things replayed as they are on the radio? (I dock them 2 stars for that one.) Fourth, and this seems to happen in most “we struck it rich stories,” sometimes the guests conveniently leave out dollar amounts (in regards to initial salary) and assets and so forth, and how (despite all of the hard work) they were really privileged in some way. Many, if not almost all, of the guests are rather privileged and make it seem like anyone could do this with enough hard work. Here’s a quote on that: “I interviewed 300 high achievers about their morning routine, and you will never believe, they all inherited family wealth.” (The quote is accurate but for the nonsense before that I dock 1 star.) Fifth. And this isn’t the show’s fault but it often annoys me. At the end of the show Guy always asks something like “was it luck or hard work” that got you where you are today and then: A. All of the Christians say, “I don’t believe in luck,” (so Guy, effing word it differently, instead of saying just “luck,” say luck/blessed or something like that). and B. Whenever the narcissistic privileged &@#%ing guest says that it wasn’t 100% luck I automatically hate that episode (which I won’t dock stars for, but it doesn’t help). Although I think entrepreneurs may enjoy this I don’t know if I’d recommend it. It’s not always that boring but I suggest studying the subject elsewhere. You don’t really learn anything, especially the truth, from asking a politician how their time in office went, because they are going to be the least honest. The same thing goes here. That all being said, it’s not all bad and it’s entertaining enough to usually keep my attention. But maybe recently that’s because it just makes me mad. I give it 4.5 stars out of 10.

Great content (5/5)

I love the content of How I Built This which is my go-to podcast for commuting and road trips. However, could the producers convince Guy Raz to not start virtually every question with "So, so..." This vocal affectation, as well as his over use of "like" is infuriating and a turn off. Otherwise, the show is great.

Great content (5/5)

So fascinating! Even if I don’t know the brand or person being featured, it’s always so interesting to hear their stories. Guy Raz always asks insightful questions and allows his guests time to answer, good interviewer, doesn’t interrupt. One of my favorite podcasts!

A must for new builders (5/5)

If it wasn’t for this podcast, I’d have given up on my idea many times over. This podcast is educational, interesting, funny, honest and, the most important thing for me, it shows you that anyone can build. You work hard, you open your mind and you keep at it. Thank you so much for doing this for the world out there!

Great podcast (5/5)

Great insights from a lot of different people. I really enjoy it.

Well done Guy! (5/5)

High quality interviewer and guests. Love this podcast!

Ask answer ask answer...learn the art of interviewing (3/5)

Although I find the people and their stories interesting and learn quite a bit from them, the interviewer needs to learn that he is not the focus of the interview, and he doesn’t need to suggest every possible scenario for an answer. “Did you think this would work, or not, or did you think this was a good idea and we’re you concerned if someone else would do it first, I mean I think you might have been terrified to embark on something like this, we’re you?” (Abbreviates version) Sorry folks, that question answer question answer BY THE INTERVIEWER has taken up all the available time and the guest doesn’t have any time to answer.

How did YOU build this? (5/5)

I was just wondering, how did you get the idea of this? And HOW DID YOU MAKE THIS PODCAST SO AWESOME?!!!

😄😄😄😄 (5/5)

Best .Podcast.Ever. I love ❤️ this podcast SOOO much!!!!!!!!!! You will love it, and listen to it 24/7, no matter what you are doing or what you listened to before, you will LOVE it!!!!!!

My favorite podcast!! (5/5)

I love listening to peoples’ stories for how they built their businesses. I find Guy’s voice and interview skills to be the cherry on top of a youthful and well directed podcast. If you have yet to listen to any of these episodes, you are seriously missing out on insight to the highs and lows that many entrepreneurs face.

Yes (5/5)

By far my favorite podcast. I love it, and I’m 13! If I like it, you will.

My favorite podcast! (5/5)

After you get over how annoying Guy’s voice is it’s amazing. His interview skills are really spot on. Also, his selection of interviewees is so awesome. This is a must listen for any entrepreneur.

Love the podcast, but the replays! (3/5)

My podcast feed is jammed full of replays. I wish they would note at the very begging of the description that it’s a replay, or not push it to my play now list.

Rated (5/5)

I love getting into the car and just listening for this hours straight on a road trip

Incredible!!! (5/5)

I love to know how things we’re made or when they started. For example, I was listening to one of them on dip in dots, and found out that it was created before I was even born!

Awesome! (5/5)

This podcast is my favorite! I love all the stories- they are fascinating! Guy always asks the questions I have - highly recommend!

Creating and thinking of new ideas. (5/5)

My great grandfather Frank, was an inventor, he had his own workshop at home and would make little wooden toys for Christmas. As I hear your POD cast it takes me back to his work shop when I was a little child. I use to go though all play with his toys. I absolutely love your show! I find it very interesting and fascinating with every new idea how it was invented. Gives me hope to know that dreams do come true when your persistence becomes relentless. Thank you for these inspiring conversations there awesome!

Keeps you wanting more!!! (5/5)

Drive in fabulous LA traffic everyday to get to work! Loving listening to your podcast. Look forward to my drive to work now to get my crime junkie fix 😉

Cool! (5/5)

I am a guy raz subscriber and hoping for more podcasts.

BEST!! (5/5)

This is the best podcast for anyone who loves history and how inventions, innovations, and companies came to be. I can hardly wait for each episode

Label your repeats please! (5/5)

Great show but please label your repeat shows in the title.

Galyans! (5/5)

I remember this store well! Brought back some memories

So much fun!! (5/5)

My family and I pass share these podcasts with each other all the time! Every time I listen to this podcast I am so in awe of people’s resilience and perseverance! Thank you Guy for sharing these with us!

More Media CEO’s? (4/5)

I really love what Guy has been able to build here with this wonderful library of candid discussions with some of the greats of today’s entrepreneurship. I wish, though, he would talk with more leaders in news media & entertainment industry on how they built their production companies. My fave is where he spoke with the founder of VICE! More like that please! Thank you.

Top 3 favorite podcast (5/5)

Guy Raz is an amazing host for the show, and the guests all have heartfelt stories of struggles and triumph. It’s also really interesting to get such an inside look into how all of the businesses, services, and products we use on a daily basis.

Great job! (5/5)

My husband and I are small business owners who absolutely love listening to this podcast. Not only is the content useful but Guy does an impeccable job at hosting the show. Keep up the great work! Wish more episodes were uploaded frequently.

Used to be a fav, but so many repeats now! (2/5)

I loved this podcast, but now every week when I see a new episode it’s one from the past that I’ve already heard. Bring on some new founders, please!

Life changing amazing ness (5/5)

I have been listening for a while now and it has changed my outlook on life and how I view my career to know that I can do what these people have done. Guy Raz is such a good host! I absolutely love this podcast!😁😋🤗

Real Nice! (5/5)

Sometimes a long drive requires something other than the radio. I love this podcast because I don’t just go to work or eat lunch but also learn a thing or two from entrepreneurs and their life experiences. We live in a world where smart phone is taking over our lives, but things like this get into a state of mind of reading a great book on a chilly afternoon.

Great podcast (5/5)

It is most inspiring and educational podcast I have even listened to . Great job Guy Raz .

Wonderful podcast! (5/5)

This podcast is so great to listen to! I love to hear about the businessman/businesswomen and how they built their very own company! It’s so inspiring to hear them go from, for example, Dave’s Killer Bread, a family business, to his very own company. A great podcast and would definitely recommend it!

Fascinating (5/5)

It is always fascinating to learn how companies get started and the struggles they go through on the way to success.

I love this podcast! (5/5)

It’s the best, and most inspiring podcast around! My personal favorites are the the one about Glossier, By Emily Weiss and Jeni’s Splendid Ice Creams, By Jeni Britton Bauer. ❤️❤️❤️

Inspirational podcast (5/5)

As a entrepreneur it’s awesome to hear how these people turned their ideas to what we now know of them. Looking forward to doing the same an entrepreneur.

Inspiring! (5/5)

This podcast is great! It inspires me almost every time I listen. It makes me want to be a successful entrepreneur. So if you don’t want to basically learn how to become a household name, amazing businessman/businesswoman, AND rich than don’t listen to it.

Highly recommend (5/5)

This is my favorite podcast. I work with entrepreneurs all over the world. This podcast is my number one recommendation. #AlwaysLearning

Very inspirational! (5/5)

Love this podcast!

Great story! (5/5)

Well worth listening to. Great story from how it started and what the company transitioned to today.

What about Obama? (3/5)

I thought Obama said, “You didn’t build this.”

Amazing podcast (5/5)

Love listening to Guy’s interviews with each of his guests- he’s sincerely interested in the stories and he has a great voice!!

Background Noise!!! (3/5)

The topics are great and interesting but the NOISE (music?) in the background is annoying and too loud, often competes with the podcast content.

Let me save you some time (1/5)

90% of these can be summed up by: Grew up rich, inherited money, parent gifted, spouse gave, etc. Super tiring after 100 episodes.

Inspiring and Honest! (5/5)

Have been listening to the show since it first released a few years ago and have heard every single episode! Great content. Excellent, honest interviews. Could you PLEASE list in the episode details/title if it is a re-release of a previously released episode? I have recently gotten 10-15 minutes into the episode only to then remember I’ve heard it before. I’m sure other long-time listeners also face this problem. Keep on creating new stuff! We’ll be listening.

Best around (5/5)

The first episode gets you hooked and the host really makes you feel like you’re along for the ride

One of my favorite podcasts (5/5)

Thanks for always digging deep and setting the stage for listeners Guy! Love this podcast


I think Mr Raz has an excellent show and the interviews are interesting and enlightening. However, the overlay and of music is annoying, distracting and often it means the guest cannot be understood——-so I do not listen as much as I would otherwise. And two friends said the same. So I decided to write. Mr Raz is so good gw does not need cheap sophomoric gimmicks like background music. Thank you

dave dahl story (5/5)

what a story! thank you for sharing

Love this podcast (5/5)

I always love this podcast and the insight it brings

Amazing (5/5)


You didn’t build this (2/5)

Because no one does. The podcast trades on the nefarious myth of self made entrepreneurs rather than shedding light on the social structures that make entrepreneurship possible. Individualistic, the podcast plays the useful idiot to capitalists’ attempt to have us believe they built (hence deserve) what others made for them.

Now one of my go-to shows (5/5)

Four or five episodes in, this show is now one of my favorites. I've taken life applications from each one, all for different reasons. The best I've listened to is with Jim Koch of Samuel Adams. What an amazing story but such a practical approach!

GREAT (5/5)

Guy always knows what he’s doing as an interviewer and storyteller. These interviews are not only fascinating, they are memorable and I find myself telling my friends. I’ll listen to anything done by Guy!

Excellent podcast (5/5)

What a great podcast. I look forward to every episode, every interview, and learn so much.

Binge binge binge (5/5)

I listen to this show in one endless stream all day. Love it. I must admit, I found the one with Angie Hicks a bit...alarming. I love what she and the company has done but I felt her partner was a little...suspicious. She worked so hard for a company with her name and then gets a call that she might not be able to come back??? Yeah, he tried it. Anyway she’s a boss and this show is amazing!

👌 (5/5)


Vocal fry (1/5)

You've heard the phrase "he has a face for radio?" Well Guy Roz has a voice for newspaper.

Anxiety reliever (5/5)

As an entrepreneur with a lot on the line, it can feel like you’re alone in the struggle. It helps to hear founders share the struggles of their young companies that I can relate to.

Best Podcast Out There (5/5)

Love this podcast. Have listened to 90% of the episodes. Guy does an amazing job interviewing and asking thoughtful questions to the guests. Lately it’s been more repeat episodes which is disappointing. Keep pumping out new content because the stories these amazing people share have changed my perspective and view on business for the better!

Great road trip pod cast (5/5)

This show gives me great ideas and I learn the history behind the millionaires around the world. I love this podcast I am absolutely addicted and obsessed. Guy ur the greatest!!! P.S if I could go to ur shows I would in a second!!

James Dyson interview (5/5)

So humble and so Matter of fact with his lessons. Great to hear successful entrepreneurs emphasize that the pain and learning that comes with failure is a part of success and perfectly appropriate.


Love this podcast, I feel so motivated and inspired from all the stories.

Addicted (5/5)

Fascinating podcast that I can’t get enough of. Often find myself repeating episodes. The stories are inspiring & insightful. Thank you, Guy!

My FAV podcast! (5/5)

Best podcast there is! Only wish it came out more often!

Posting reruns without labeling in description (3/5)

Makes it easier to know when you can go to the next episode in queue without wasting time listening to something vaguely frustratingly familiar

Love everything about this (5/5)

Before I discovered this show I was wanting something like this to listen to. Guy is so personable and asks the right questions

Awesome! (5/5)

I usually don’t write reviews but I just started listening to this podcast and it is great! Guy is a great interviewer and the guests are awesome

My favorite podcast (5/5)

Guy Roz, you nail it with your interviews, the questions and continue to inspire with bringing us these stories. Would love to hear some HIBT of young people who have undertaken projects that have risen to success, ie, middle schoolers or high school students.

My favorite podcast - hands down (5/5)

Please make these more frequently!

Skip the background music (4/5)

An amazing program with outstanding reporting and extremely good subjects - a lot to be learned. Thanks to participants for sharing your stories. Really enjoy the host, just skip the music - it’s very distracting.

you didn't build it!! (where are the workers???) (1/5)

The founder of Whole Foods, a notorious union buster, is never asked about his aggregious labor practices. The founder of AirBnB is never asked about the way in which the company has destroyed historic neighborhoods and driven up rents. How about actually doing some journalism, asking tough questions? How about interviewing some of the workers who actually built these companies?

Good; but pls edit more (3/5)

Interesting stories about businesses we know and use every day. I like hearing the unexpected elements that go into a company’s success. It just needs to be a bit shorter. 45 minutes would be plenty and I find myself skipping over Guy. Most commutes aren’t this long (some yes but not all).

Stories that matters (5/5)

Big fan! Amazing stories by an amazing host! A man with right questions! Your curiosity makes us to learn more! Please keep it going! Thank you!

Great stories, great people (5/5)

This podcast is incredible and the do a great job at finding the most remarkable people and the stories behind their companies

The stories I’ve been looking for. (5/5)

Very inspiring stories and very well story flow and well delivered. The questions were on point.

the best (5/5)

can’t get enough of this podcast! the best.

Dave’s Killer Bread (5/5)

Great story of struggle and redemption. Well told

The Whole Story (5/5)

I love that Guy gets the whole story of successful entrepreneurs, including their upbringing, education, and failures. I really appreciate that he delves into their invention process, concerns, anxieties, and good luck. He humanizes them in a way that most articles and interviews do not.

Boo (1/5)


It’s so boring! (5/5)

It helps me get to sleep every time!😱

Grating affect of speech (1/5)

There is a lot of good information which is made nearly impossible to absorb due to ridiculous affect of speech. Must every sentence begin with “So...”? Must the the hosts (male & female) speak like valley girl parodies with inflection that makes every statement sound like a question? Grating.

So good! (5/5)

Without a doubt, S&S is among one of the best true crime podcasts!

Thank You (5/5)

Every podcast contains some kernel of great information. Your show is 1st rate.

Made Me Want to Built It (5/5)

This podcast is so deeply inspiring. Guy is able to connect with the entrepreneurs and connect them to the audience. I always feel uplifted and inspired after listening to how determined people are solving the world’s problems. I want to start a company after listening to this. Top 3 podcasts for sure!

Wait Wait Mistake = New Favorite Podcast (5/5)

I actually found this show when the Peleton episode was accidentally posted to the Wait Wait Don’t tell me podcast. I’m so glad that happened. This show is interesting, compelling, and allow me to learn about people who took ideas and turned them into success. I love learning about this stuff and I’m so glad I stumbled upon it.

Life changing! (5/5)

If you are an entrepreneur, you need to listen to this. It will change the way you think, it will make you laugh and cry, heck, it might even make you a better person.

So interesting! (5/5)

I am really enjoying learning the back stories behind these entrepreneurs. Great format. I now look forward to my long commute so I can listen along .

Awesome Podcast (5/5)

I absolutely love this podcast. Love the insights and lessons and just hearing the stories of how businesses get started, the challenges and the successes. Love Guy Raz as an interviewer. A favorite!

Exceptional podcast on the market. (5/5)

Listen to this almost everyday in my car. Probably the best podcast out there. They do a great job interviewing these entrepreneurs and gives the listener a glimpse of the entrepreneurial world.

One of the best podcasts there is! (5/5)

This is the podcast that for me into podcasts! Guy is an incredible interviewer, and he has the best guests. Whether you want to own a business or not, you’ll love this show!

I’ve laughed. I’ve cried. I’ve gain motivation. (5/5)

Amazing stories, with such realness and intimacy - amazing work Guy! I’ve been up and low as an entrepreneur and I find these stories refreshing and motivating. Thank you.

Totally Recommend (5/5)

Love this Podcast! It is my favorite. I recommend it to my clients all the time. The stories are great and really like the host! Keep them coming please!

Extremely well done (5/5)

The guests have interesting stories on the background and struggles of their company, persevering through downturns, finding investors, and some luck along the way in their startup journey. Letting the guests do the talking, with some gentle guidance by Guy Raz, is a perfect combo for me.

Get smart and like it. (5/5)

Listen to learn from the successes and failures of some of the most accomplished entrepreneurs in our world. Also listen for Guy. I so enjoy hearing him ask his pointed questions with curiosity, kindness and zero ego.

Totally recommended! (5/5)

This is a really genuine and Jones show. Nice to hear and Guy Taz is a great host and knows how to take the interview person in a very intimate, fun and entertaining way to ya listeners! I really like it! Keep Building this awesome podcast!

Really insightful (5/5)

These interviews are very interesting. The host offers great questions to get the interviewees to tell their unique stories, and I love to hear how these people got started in their careers.

This is what I’ve been looking for (5/5)

I’ve always looked for a podcast like this, hell I’ve even debated making my own like this because I didn’t know it existed. So glad I found it

Excellent podcast (5/5)

Great stories

Keep making podcasts! (5/5)

I have listened to many of the How I Built this podcasts and felt that praise should be awarded. Guy Raz is thoughtful, interesting, curious, and his interviews are entertaining yet professional! This podcast is inspiring and always leaves me wanting to get out and create something of my own! Thank you.

Thanks for the brain fuel (5/5)

As the founder of a media company I am super “picky” with the content I consume. I am obsessed and so grateful for your interview style and brain fuel each morning. 🙏🙏🙏

Thank you!!! (5/5)

My favorite podcast!!! Hands down! 🙌

Sets the bar (5/5)

This show sets the bar for entrepreneurial podcasts. The questions are phenomenal, most of the guests are great; and the stories are often entertaining and compelling.

Review and get Gary Vee on the show (5/5)

I really like the show and I think guy is a good interviewer. I think he could be a little better and like Steven Dubner. The one thing that really annoys is repeated eps. Also can get people like Gary Vee, Seth Gordon, Neil Patel on the show? Also more big name entrepreneurs. Keep up the amazing work.

Never a bad episode (5/5)

Fascinating stories and so well curated. Guy is an incredible and thoughtful host, and I feel like I truly get to know each interviewee.

Very informative! (5/5)

Great podcast! Each episode brings a new story with new insights and learnings. Very helpful context for aspiring entrepreneurs!

Very informative! (5/5)

Great podcast! Each episode brings a new story with new insights and learnings. Very helpful context for aspiring entrepreneurs!

Great Interviews (5/5)

Guy Raz is a great hosts and has interesting guests!

fav podcast (5/5)

I like this podcast. Great stories from big time entrepreneurs.

Amazing! (5/5)

The best podcast on how to build things. Better the this old house. I think they have a podcast... G Unit!!!

How to butcher an interview (1/5)

Bizarre edits and mayonasie-like music smothering a potentially good interview. Some of the finest minds of our times interviewed by Guy Raz, who bores them to ambivilance about their own success. The beuaty of podcasts is the unlimited nature of the format, guests should be able to ramble or swear or say whatever, but instead these are radio broadcasts repurposed for download. Probably paid advertisements masquerading as radio shows.

Great stories (5/5)

Fantastic podcast. I normally steer clear of NPR because of the hyper-progressive agenda. This one, however, doesn’t get bogged down in axe grinding. Good and interesting stories of how businesses get off the ground. Really good content.

Thank you (5/5)

Inspiration to me and others

Incredible Democratization of Information (5/5)

This series changed my life. By giving access to common dreamers and aspiring entrepreneurs through captivating, personal, and eloquent interviews, this podcast series is changing the world.

Amazing podcast! (5/5)

I’ve been listening to this podcast for about 6 months now, and I LOVE IT!!! There’s simply no better entrepreneurial podcast.

Please stop having this download instead of Ted radio hour (1/5)

Love ted radio hour but it keeps downloading as how I built this! I’ve heard no updates about the glitch, when will it be fixed!?

My favorite podcast (5/5)

Simply no better podcast out there. I find ceo’s stories so interesting and inspiring. Keep them coming!!

Review (5/5)

Just what I was looking for...I find the stories of entrepreneurs interesting and inspirational. The interviews are very conversational and easy to follow. I hope this podcasts continues for a very long time.

Glitch!!! (1/5)

Anyone have a solution? I love this show but the glitch exists and I can’t see How I Built This Episodes on the App in ITunes. It only give episodes from another podcast by NPR. All options start with #. It’s infuriating!!! Just want the episodes downloaded to my phone

Tony Hsieh (4/5)

Enjoyed listening to this quirky character

Amazing (5/5)

Guy, This series is easily one of the best podcasts. Being able to hear firsthand how some of the worlds biggest companies were built is very inspiring. I was not into podcasts when I first discovered this series. I heard about a series like this and stumbled across this by accident. Once I listened to my first one I was amazed. It has become a tradition for me to listen to this when I pack for a trip. Thank you Guy and the whole team for this inspirational series. From, Jackson (Age 14)

Undercut by music (2/5)

The people and the stories are great. The questionable music makes it seem like the host and guests are not good enough on their own...they need the support of 'music'! Can't listen any more.

Love you Guy Raz!! (5/5)

I have always thought about becoming entrepreneur but always felt I didn't have it in me. Always talking myself out of it saying things like, I don't have the money, the support, the ideas or blah, blah. This podcast gives me hope and provides lessons for non traditional business people. Must listen!

Big fan (5/5)

Great episodes

Packed with inspiration (5/5)

How I Built This has power! It has the power to lift you. It has the power to light a fire in and underneath you! The only problem is, it is addictive! (Smile) Super inspirational!

Hooked! (5/5)

I just found this podcast last week and I am hooked! I have no interest in starting a company or being an entrepreneur but I just find the stories about how some of my favorite (and not-so-favorite) companies were made. Just outstanding intereviewing by Guy Raz. He asks all the right questions every time. The Kate Spade one is just wonderful, as is the very first one, Spanx! Give it a listen!

Like? Really NPR? (2/5)

I just started listening to my first episode. It was the one on Instagram. I’m shocked that NPR would have a host who would use the word “like” about every 3-5 words. I would expect that an NPR host might have a better command of the English language. So disappointing. Good idea for podcast but I can barely listen to it.

The human side of capitalism (5/5)

Fascinating insight into the humans behind huge corporations. I love the mix of self-made folks with grit and a great idea, vs business school folks who tend to be a little dryer and more profit-oriented from the beginning. The stories are always super compelling and give me insights into both human behavior and capitalism.

Great stuff! (5/5)

The interviews are fascinating with fascinating people. The interviews reveal all kinds of interesting insights.

Bravo (5/5)

Hey Guy Raz I’m a long time listener first time reviewer! Love the content sound quality pace and content of this podcast! The end bits about up and coming entrepreneurs is tops!! I love to binge listen when traveling. Any chance we can get Kara Goldin on? Thank you for this inspiring podcast.

Fascinating guests, fake voice (5/5)

Fascinating guests!

Amazing! (5/5)

This podcast is one of ultimate favorites. The way Guy hosts the interview its more like a conversation that you get to be a fly on the wall for. His voice is also very relaxing and comforting to listen to. This podcast is an absolute pleasure and a true gem! Keep them coming!!

Hi (5/5)

Hi, my name is caitlyn. I listen to wow in the world 🌎, I listen to the first episode and I had to write a review, it is sooooooo cool! Love the show🥳🤩👍😮😉❤️🤓🤗

please stop talking like that (3/5)

the content on this is generally great and of interest. After listening for a long time though I feel I'm going to have to stop. Guy Raz has one of the most annoying voices I've ever heard. It's not so much the tone but his cadence is leading and presumptive. When he asks a question he is never in the moment and asks from a position of eliciting an answer or response that he already knows to expect. He hits specific words and modulates tone in a very obvious and "learned" manner which shows he has been at this for far too long. Great podcast with the exception of listening to Guy----maybe it's time he handed over the reins to someone else?

Best. Podcast. Ever. (5/5)

This is hands down my single favorite podcast in terms of the entertainment value, knowledge, and inspiration it provides week after week. Thank you to Guy Raz and the entire HIBT team. I know it takes a vilage to deliver these each and every week.

Request (5/5)

This isn’t a review just a request. Can you interview the CEO of GOAT or StockX

I like it but it is glitchy (3/5)

If I pause it, I have to start over at the beginning. If I want to go back a bit to rehear something, I have to start over at the beginning. If I want to skip ahead a bit, I have to start over at the beginning. So unless I am ready to listen to the whold podcast, beginning to end, with no pausing, it isn't worth it unless I am OK with relistening. I closed app, rebooted, etc. This is the only podcast this seems to happen with. That said, I like the format of the podcast and the guests.

Great Source of Thought and Inspiration (5/5)

This is a favorite. It brings new people, new ideas and new inspiration to me in almost every new episode.

👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏 (5/5)

👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏 but can you make episodes ever 2 to 4 days. I heard all of them

All time fave (5/5)

Guy is amazing! He’s a wonderful interviewer and I love learning about businesses and how they were created! My favorite is Inspector Gadget!! He’s so adorable.

Guy Raz is Amazing & Incredible Stories (5/5)

All time favorite podcast. Guy Raz is the coolest and so talented at getting people to tell their stories. I love every episode.

Inspiring (5/5)

I’m just absolutely obsessed with this podcast! So inspiring and I’ve learned so much! Guy asks all the questions I would want to ask all these successful people. Keep up the great interviews!

The Music is Really Annoying (1/5)

Guy Great show but what's with the extremely annoying musical interludes. It's so annoying and bothersome that I can't listen to any more interviews! Please make it stop! Rick

What happened to Guy Raz? (5/5)

What happened to Guy Raz and his interviews on “How I Built This”?

It’s dope! Needs more diverse voices though (4/5)

Love the pod, wish there were more black and brown folks on the show that aren’t over 50. Thanks!

Great for business owners (5/5)

Oh how I love this podcast. I run a small business and have so many ideas swirling around in my head about so many things. I love listening to how real, every day normal people turn their ideas into multi million dollar companies. The questions guy asks are on point - the podcast really makes you think and root for those who hustle to make their dreams a reality. Maybe it’ll be me one day - maybe it’ll be you?

5⭐️ (5/5)

I like everything about this podcast. The stories are fascinating. The guests are interesting. Guy is a great interviewer in several ways: 1. Tempo 2. Humble 3. Knowledgeable 4. Curious

Cross-promotion ruined this feed (1/5)

Have always loved How I Built This and listened to every one - but now they just jammed HUNDREDS of other NPR podcasts into this feed. The beauty of podcasting (vs. radio) is that I can be selective and subscribe to only the shows I want. Massive Fail. I hope someone gets fired. I am certainly firing HIBT from my feed.

CEO Skin Perfect (5/5)

I absolutely love this podcast. It is a reprieve for me as an entrepreneur to listen to other successful business owners triumphs, failures and ongoing challenges. It is a lonely road owning a business so I can have a sense of connection through hearing these amazing stories. I love Guy and the questions he asks to tell the story!! I have told so many people to listen to this podcast.

Replayed episode after replayed episode (3/5)

Not much new content, a ton of reuploads. Getting repetitive and boring. You can do better.

Background music (2/5)

I actually would love this podcast BUT the awful and jarring background music that comes on while the participants are talking is so distracting and totally unnecessary! I lose the thread of the conversation.... it’s a bizarre addition to a conversation I would so enjoy. Can’t listen.

Background music is annoying (2/5)

Get rid of the background music. It is really annoying and distracting from the otherwise fine content.

Where are the episodes? (5/5)

All episodes taken over by another show.

Ah ah so so why am I getting Planet Money? Is it due to ahhh um ah so uhhhh luck? (1/5)

I love the guests. Guy is annoying. His brainless questions are really basic. I can’t stand the theatrics every episode when he pretends he’s asking an original question. Also, the feed is screwed up and I’m getting Planet Money episodes. So fix that, and ask Guy to just chill and quit the fake shy stutter thing and we can all go back to really enjoying these inspirational stories.

Stop putting other NPR shows on this feed (5/5)

I just got 102 episodes of Planet Money downloaded on my phone.

Weird glitch (4/5)

Something has happened recently where the HIBT podcast is being taken over by other NPR podcasts. Please fix this. I don’t want to listen to TED radio hour. I want to listen to HIBT.

Awesome (5/5)

I can’t stop listening to this. It’s really interesting! ❤️

Planet Money Instead on HIBT (1/5)

Please check HIBT is replaced by planet money

My favorite podcast (5/5)

Even the businesses I think I won’t be interested in are really inspiring stories. Each founder motivates me in different ways and Guy does an awesome job of getting founders to tell their full story

RSS feed (5/5)

The show is great. Something has happened recently with the Apple Podcast app. This week I’ve had show I unsubscribed from repopulate under other shows listings, ie 40+ episodes of Planet Money mixed into the HIBT series nestled within the HIBT title. Super weird, wasn’t sure where to share to help fix the glitch.

Issue (5/5)

How I built this is being replaced by planet money on my iTunes app. Please look into this and rectify.

#AmazingContent (5/5)

Love it!

RSS feed awful (1/5)

Random issues with NPR podcasts already listened to re-appearing (100s at once). Only see this issue with NPR feeds, having to delete them over and over.

Love it❤️ (5/5)

Hi I love this podcast and I listen to it all the time when I am doing my chores at home!! It inspired me to start my own small face scrub business and I am only 12 years old

What great stories! (5/5)

The stories of how entrepreneurs get where they are today are very interesting, fun to learn about and very cool to listen to.

Inspirational and motivational (5/5)

I have been listening to this podcast for years. It is by far my favorite. I just wish there was a new episode every day. Also, I read someone else’s comment about asking if success is due to luck. I like that question. Please keep asking it. 💙

Stop asking about LUCK!! (4/5)

Used to love the show but Guy's pointless questions are really starting to get to me. "So so so ho-ho-how much of your success would you say is due to luck" playing dumb when he asks the same stupid question to everyone. Who's gonna say it's not both?

Inspirational (5/5)

I found this podcast to be a source of my mindfulness throughout the week, Guy Raz and his guest are very articulative and candid. So it just makes you feel humane when you are listening to their conversations.


Guy is an amazing host! I love this podcast. It’s empowering and inspiring!

Too many reruns (3/5)

I love the original content of this podcast but lately it feels like nearly every “new” episode is a rerun of an old one.

Where are the women? (1/5)

I love learning about how businesses are formed over time, but -for the LOVE OF ALL THINGS GOOD-why are there so few interviews with women founders? It’s so annoying.

Love this podcast (5/5)

I like this podcasts much. It covers so many interesting topics.

Love it (5/5)

I listen to this podcast every night and I’m only ten years old

Great stories! Very inspirational! (5/5)

I love this podcast! It is unpredictable and exciting. Guy does such a great job intervieing the people and we learn so much about the way they think and work. I have learned that it isnt just one type of person who is able to start a sucessful company. There are all kinds of people that make it! I love to listen!

Motivation (5/5)

Dang i cant believe i have been missing this podcast. I am so happy i found this. It is motivating and inspiring. I literally cried during one of the stories. Very worth a listen. I highly recommend this podcast.

Good podcast. (5/5)

Love this podcast. Good info. Inspiring.

I love this podcast (5/5)

This podcast is one of my favorites. Even though I’m not a business owner (my husband and quite a few of my family and friends are), I find the journey of business owners fascinating. I enjoy hearing how they met their goals, and how they all at some point did not know what they were doing....they just did it! I find these risk takers so interesting. It becomes so clear why most of us are employees and not business owners. I learn something in every podcast. I think Guy does a good job of interviewing these CEOs as well. I have listened to so many episodes. I look forward to a new episode every time!

My favorite podcast (5/5)

Inspiring stories! Not suppose to be all about the most world changing entrepreneurs (and still this series has a few). It’s simply stories about how some pretty amazing people made a success from their product or service. Guy is a great host that asks the right questions! Love it.

Addicted to this podcast. (5/5)

Honestly, this podcast is my go to. I try to branch out to other podcasts, but none of them satisfy my need for creativity and entrepreneurship and revolutionary ideas. Plus Guy Raz has a voice that reminds you of every good male figure that’s been in your life.

I’m in Love... (5/5)

I love this podcast. I’m a budding entrepreneur and this podcast helps me to relate to people who have achieved the success I hope for. It feels more like I’m sitting down with these people and they’re giving me perspective & advice from what they’ve learned from their experiences. I look at them like mentors. They talk about the challenges they faced in their determination to continue to move forward to achieve their success. It helps me to continue to align my perspective and keep moving forward regardless of what challenges I face and viewing these challenges more like the opportunities they present. My only recommendation is asking more questions about how they create solutions through hiring the right people. Keep it going.

Unchallenging, self-congratulatory, boring (1/5)

I wanted to like this podcast, but every episode listens like an extended infomercial or self-help book. Disappointing the host focuses on sales & confuses goods with social movements. I can’t find anything inspirational about making money off a suitcase or trampoline or spin class. I can’t help but think ‘ ...and?’ I wish this was about admirable (or at least interesting) things people built - quality medical care, affordable insurance, suspension bridges - and not how someone figured out how to get others to fork over money for a gimmick. This show operates under the dictum, “There’s no such thing as strangers, only potential customers.” I even fast-forward thru ads for this when they appear on other podcasts.

The privilege to listen (4/5)

I love this show, but it often overlooks how a person’s privilege aided in getting them to where they are today and how it was involved in them building what they built. They ask how much “luck” was a part of the process (and some of these white dudes have the audacity to say that is wasn’t or minimize it), but it still overlooks that most of these folks started from a place of significant privilege.

I listen to HIBT every day. (5/5)

Best part of my day is the drive when I look forward to tune on to the HIBT podcasts.

Man crush? More like Guy crush (5/5)

Guy’s sweet dulcet voice perfect capture the

Interesting and entertaining for all (5/5)

Guy is a great interviewer and the stories, companies and industries are all unique. Interesting for entrepreneurs and business people, but also appealing to the masses due to Guy’s interviewing skills.

Best business owners (5/5)

So far every company featured in this podcast have owners and creators that inspire me. I love knowing people who care are successful. Hosts are great

Inspirational interviews!!!! (5/5)

I can listen to any episodes anytime, often repeating them too. The contents and questions truly bring out the highs and lows of an entrepreneur’s road to success. Incredibly inspirational show. Thank you.

The most amazing podcast hands down (5/5)

I can listen to this “Guy” all day. Amazing delivery and inspirational stories 🙌🏽

“Like” (4/5)

I generally love the podcast. Two issues. 1. Repeating previous episodes is annoying. 2. Guy’s use of the word “like”.

I would like you to do a show on Claire V. (5/5)

Thank you

Hey Guy! (5/5)

I love your show. I have one reccomendation. You should talk about problems that they deal with now. You stop right as they start to get big. Just a suggestion. Love your show, Emy Reeves California

Informational! (5/5)

Anyone plans to interview Jason’s Deli founder?

Overdue Review (5/5)

I don’t consider myself a business-minded or career-oriented person, but I love this podcast! It’s fascinating to hear how ordinary people came to build some of the most well-known brands and corporations. I subscribe to many podcasts, but this is definitely top 3 for me.

Worth the hype (5/5)

If you’re into business and entrepreneurship, this is a great podcast. Guy generally asks the questions you’d want to ask

Inspiring (5/5)

It is very inspiring to listen to the stories of past and present entrepreneurs. There’s always something that I will identify with, something that I will learn about that world. Excellent work NPR!

Fabulous (5/5)

Amazing stories that are very inspiring. Can't wait for more!

Binge listening (5/5)

Just discovered this at first listen! So engaging and interesting. Love Guy!

Road Trip Podcast (5/5)

I started my family on this podcast on a 3 hour road trip. By the time we reached our destination they insisted we finish the current episode before exiting the vehicle. Entertaining and clever. I especially enjoy the live episode banter.

The best entrepreneurial podcast (5/5)

Guy is thorough and clearly does his research. He pivots topics so seamlessly and has a great voice. I also love the background music. Listening is a truly spiritual experience 😂

Great Podcast (5/5)

Great podcast but, I would like to see Guy Raz do one called, "How I Broke This" also.

Very Inspirational (5/5)

Inspirational stories, and a great host.

Accessible, digestible business stories (5/5)

Guy Raz’s interview style is fantastic, giving guests the runway to tell their story, but gently guiding them when they start to ramble. All the stories are amazing. The entrepreneurs awe me, and though their stories inspire me, they mostly scare me away from wanting to do my own startup. Guy teases out the amount of sacrifice, tenacity, and luck needed for success. Answer seems to be more than 100% for each element. My most highly recommended podcasts to friends and strangers.

Love Guy Raz (5/5)

There are some bad podcast interviewers out in the world. They ask a question and then proceed to talk about themselves. I really enjoy the way Guy guides us through an interview that could derail every step of the way. Thank you for making such an enjoyable podcast. More, please!

... (5/5)

I like this podcast and recommend this to any bored person

Love this podcast (5/5)

Guy raz is amazing and this podcast wouldn’t be the same without him

Overall great show. Very informative. (5/5)

Guy Raz makes it clear that he’s genuinely interested in the subject matter of every interviewer. Love his passion and love learning the methods of entrepreneurship. Only complaint is that the music gets distracting overtop of the interviewees’ voices sometimes.

Great episodes (5/5)

Great episodes every week.

What about the workers (1/5)

How about rather than blowing more smoke for the capitalist class we get a show that talks to workers? This is a pretty gross program for the elite.

trrrrr (5/5)


A must listen to entrepreneurs large and small (5/5)

Great and inspiring stories from successful entrepreneurs. I can’t get enough of this podcast!

Like Listening to an Oscar-Winning Film on Your Way to Work (5/5)

A business owner whom I frequently hear speak at seminars in my town keeps referencing a podcast he listens to whenever he is presenting to a group of people. I never listened to podcasts in the past, but the stories he shares are compelling. Eventually, I just asked him, “What podcast do you keep referring to when you’re presenting?” He showed me How I Built This and now I’m addicted to this podcast. In the past, I associated podcasts with underproduced living room recordings by bloggers and wantrepreneuers prone to time-chugging tangents with audio plagued by mic equalizer and distortion issues. How I Built This is like listening to an Oscar-winning film on your way to work. It’s a rare collection of beautifully told stories from many of the world’s most famous entrepreneurs that you’ll want to experience over and over and over again. From the inspiring true stories to the cinematic background music composed by Ramtin Arablouei to the genuine, light hearted sound of Guy’s voice, I love everything about this podcast.

Enjoy every time your podcasts!! (5/5)

I find your podcasts inspiring and educative. Every time you have great speakers from different industries and backgrounds which it makes every podcast unique and interesting. Keep the great work!!!

Love it (5/5)

Amazing job!!

I like Guy (3/5)

I love Guy, but this might be a bit too long? It just feels a little disjointed or something.

Guy Rambling (4/5)

I normally love Guy on TED talks but his interview style on this is borderline rambling. Shorten your questions and let the guests talk.

Hands down - best content on earth (5/5)

Everything from Guy’s friendly voice and conversation style to the editing, music and the actual content makes this my absolute favorite content to consume.

Music is annoying (4/5)

I like this podcast but I reallyyyyyy wish there weren’t any music in the background, especially coming in and out throughout the podcast.

Inspiring! (5/5)

I heard about this podcast through another business podcast I listen to and OMG I am so happy I found it! As someone who wants to be an entrepreneur this podcast is so inspiring and really fires me up to work on creating my own business. I love listening to the founders talk about their companies. The only thing I wish was different is that I wish there was more variety in the interviews rather than interviewing the same people a few times. If you’re wondering which episode to start on, try the Air B&B (2episodes). Such a great story!

My favorite podcast (5/5)

I'm a devoted fan of this podcast. As an entrepreneur and small business owner, hearing how iconic brands got started has helped me navigate the challenges of growing my own business and always gives me new ideas to implement. Thank you!

A radio voice for the ages (4/5)

I love Guy Raz’ voice. In it’s rolling pitch it’s calming just as looking at water is calming. But the background music is a distraction. Time to ditch that!

Allow the rich to continue doing amazing things (1/5)

Why does Guy Raz like rich people so much? With this cast and the TED one, he must feel that they’re just more, well, interesting and exciting than the rest of us! And the PERKS of knowing them...what fun! What access! On this cast Guy asks the tough questions about luck vs talent, who helped them along the way, etc, but nothing messy or uncomfortable about worker exploitation or wealth redistribution. That could be awkward, and a journalist’s job is to continue being a journalist with access. A cozy corner to relax and watch how 30 years of flat incomes becomes 40. Now get off your seat, dear listener, and build something of your own! Forget political solutions: BIY!!!

Lacking depth (5/5)

In depth on questions on how, financing, challenges

A podcast for dreamers of all ages! (5/5)

It’s a podcast I periodically share with my two teens, or rather make them listen to excerpts at dinner time. It’s just amazing to listen to grit, ingenuity, creativity and doggedness- episode after episode.

Great interviewer (5/5)

I love this podcast! Guy keeps the focus on the subjects of his interviews, letting them tell their story without lots of distractions from ads or plugs.

Perfect (5/5)

As a twelve year old entrepreneur I have listened to every episode of this podcast and absolutely adore it. This has given me so many brilliant entrepreneurial advice and skills that I lacked two years ago. This will always be my favorite podcast and my ultimate goal in life is to be the one being interviewed. I hope to grow up to create an app called BITE. Look for it in 30 years. Love you Guy Raz!

New episodes???? (3/5)

Can you please make new ones instead of rehashing old ones ?? Also the JetBlue airways episode is only a how you built that episode....

Yay Guy Raz! (4/5)

I love Guy Raz from Wow In The World, and all the NPR shows.

A favorite podcast (5/5)

I love to listen in my own but this podcast is even more fun because my boys all love to listen with me! Would love to hear you interview Jessica Honegger, founder/CEO of Noonday Collection. I think Gregg Renfrew of Beautycounter would be a great interview too.

Love Guy! (5/5)

I listen to a lot of podcasts but this one is my favorite because it is so inspirational. Guy is such a good interviewer and asks the questions I want to know. He breaks down complicated topics well and I always come away with a few takeaways.

Dope Podcast (5/5)

Love this podcast because it is really inspiring people to make their own businesses and also it helps me sleep😴.

This podcast changed my daily life (5/5)

Instead of listening to music on my walk work. I now listen to HIBT and it has required my thinking and inspires me every day on my way to work. Changing my perspective before my work day starts. Thank you NPR and Guy Raz

Guy Raz asks really bad questions.. (1/5)

It’s a great idea for a podcast and I’ve tried it again and again.. the problem is the host will go “so you put your whole life savings into this.. was that scary?” Entrepreneur: “Yes, it was scary.” It’s the whole show. “I see that you left in 1999.. is that true?” “Yes, I left in 1999.” “I see that you went from $10k to $100k.. that must have been a crazy jump.” “Yes, it was a crazy jump.” If you’re looking for in depth questions with in depth answers, Tim Ferris is a good name to try.

Guy Raz is the GOAT (5/5)

The interviews are so well researched, and the follow up questions are so impressive. Guy is the best!

Life Changing (5/5)

Listening to all this amazing stories is so motivating!! KEEP IT UP PLEASE!

Best entrepreneur podcast (5/5)

If u are an entrepreneur or want to be one, this is the podcast to push u forward. Learning from experiences is the best form of learning and that’s what how I built this is all about.

Love HIBT (5/5)

I tell everyone that they should listen to HIBT! Even episodes about companies I don’t know are fascinating. I am not an entrepreneur, but I find the process interesting.

The best podcast you will ever listen to (5/5)

If you love to lean about how the top company’s you have herd of built them selfs from the ground up. Thank you guy for your amazing ability to walk us through the story of each of the businesses you report on.

DoorDash (1/5)

Does Guy realize that DoorDash pays their employees $1 per delivery? And that any of the customer’s tips may go to the driver to help boost their pay? That is correct; the customers are paying the DD drivers their pay. Minus $1 that DD so generously pays their employees (Sarcasm) And not to mention that many deliveries can be 15-20 miles from restaurant to customer’s house. Oh, and DoorDashers use THEIR own vehicle and pay for THEIR own gas. Perhaps Guy should learn more about the companies he chooses to interview. I’m sorry, Guy, but you picked the wrong company and CEO to gush about. DD is stealing from it’s employees. That’s why there is a class action suit filed against DD.

Have a business to run? (5/5)

There is no better mental fuel to keep you going if you own or run a business than listening to this show. Absolutely fantastic!

Love It (5/5)

Great and in depth would prefer for you to listen to this

Got worse (2/5)

I loved this podcast, but I’ve noticed an annoying trend. It seems like this happens every episode with a nonwhite or female entrepreneur: Entrepreneur: hel- Guy: so let’s talk about how you’re black and in business

A Diamond in the Rough (5/5)

Great Podcast. I listen to many podcasts and this one is a diamond in the rough. A friend told be about this podcast. Love it!! Thank You for all you do.

Such great, true stories!! (5/5)

Been listening for a while now, recommend this show to everyone!

JetBlue (1/5)

iTunes only provided only 4 mins of how you built that segment. Full episode not available?

Love How I Built This (5/5)

Please create some new episodes. I’ve listen to the current ones twice!

Always interesting (4/5)

Very good info on so many companies and how they started.

Love this podcast (5/5)

Guy Raz is an excellent interviewer. He clearly researches everyone he interviews and makes the guests feel very comfortable and at ease. He brings out the humor in everyone and asks all the right questions. I absolutely love this podcast and listen to all the interviews multiple times.

You MUST listen this podcast. (5/5)

The absolute flipping best! You can see the real people behind the names you already knew. I love most of them, but every once in awhile there’s one or two founders that just don’t seem sincere or nice people. But hey, it’s life, just like you are not fond of everyone you encounter in your everyday life. Great stories, very inspiring! FOR THE EDITORS: the last episode about JetBlue is only 4 minutes and it’s How You Built That. Please bring the full episode!

Great podcast (5/5)

I love this podcast! Really well done.

Sooooo INSPIRING!!! (5/5)

I can not even begin to describe how much I ADORE this podcast. It is deeply inspiring, thoughtful, funny, just amazing in every way. I live in an almost forgotten corner of Northwest Spain where the population grows smaller and smaller by the month due to lack of work and older generations passing on, and I am always wracking my brain to try to think of an idea/business/industry that would bring people and wealth back to this incredible paradise...although...maybe what makes it paradise is precisely the lack of people...hahaha...Anyway, Thank-you Guy for making me laugh, cry, think, wonder and mostly, for inspiring me so much!!

Jet Blue (5/5)

Maybe you’ve caught this already, but only the last half of the Jet Blue episode is available. I’m really looking forward to hearing it!

Highly recommended! (5/5)

I recommend this podcast to pretty much anyone and everyone! It’s so inspiring as a business owner but it’s also a great listen for anyone who feels afraid to make a change or shift into a new direction. Guy’s interview style makes each show flow really well too so it’s a pleasant listen aside from it’s content. Just extraordinary!!

Love it, Great podcast! (5/5)

Love it, Great podcast!

Tell me more! (5/5)

So hooked on this podcast. I’ve never considered becoming an entrepreneur but changed my mind after started listening to this.

Great content can't stand host voice (3/5)

Much like the Daily, it's great content, great stories, but Guy Raz trying to sound cute all the time is so hard to listen to, which is frustrating because the work behind it and the stories told are powerful.

Inspiring (5/5)

Thank you so much HIBT for the incredible stories. Each podcast is perfectly organized into an entertaining parable that turns these successful powerhouse entrepreneurs into relatable people. Favorite guest: Jenn Hyman. Highly recommended!!

Where are the women? (3/5)

So few women, almost no minority women (maybe two?), without male cofounders/partners. The few that do show up are almost exclusively for women-centric businesses. Women-centric businesses are amazing but I find it difficult to believe there aren’t other entrepreneurs out there in science, tech and other areas. These entrepreneurs need to be heard.

Love this !!!!! (5/5)

Absolutely love this podcast !! I started listening to this on my way to work and I was all alone driving listening to this podcast ! Some times I cry , laugh to myself listening to the journeys of leaders ! 🙇🏼‍♂️ I Highly recommend this

Uncritical cheerleading for the rich (2/5)

What dreck. Every interview follows the same pattern of “self-made man” nonsense in which, like Horatio Alger, the interviews eat ramen for a month, fight for heir big idea, and then, wealth. Systemic inequality? Not in Guy Raz’s world where going to an Ivy League school, or receiving a loan from a parent is just window dressing for the real key, an idea plus effort. And here’s the thing, I think the above is part of the reality. But Raz ignores everything else. The decision to shift production overseas, the move to suppress unionization, playing local governments for tax breaks that shifts the costs onto locals. Nine of those are touched on - and I bet the answer to why that is the case is that if he did, the very people who love him for what he does for them would shut him out. This is Davos meets a TEDtalk, in all its vomitous glory.

Fav Podcast (5/5)

Easily my top 3 podcast. Love the stories of all the journeys of some of my favorite products. Thanks for the authenticity and hope of entrepreneurship.


LOVE LOVE LOVE this podcast! The way Guy talks, the questions he asks, all makes for a wonderful, interesting interview - every time. I always leave feeling so inspired!!

Inspiring! (5/5)

I love this Podcast series! Very inspirational stories and Guy does an awesome job digging for answers that are highly relevant in the world of entrepreneurs. Thank you for putting out such a great series!

My favorite, hands down (5/5)

Guy Raz is such a great host, asking thoughtful questions and exhibiting some humorous disbelief. He has a way of getting people to open up, and he has a way of digging in to find those nuggets of details that make every entrepreneur more human. I find myself listening to episodes about companies I could not care less about because episodes end up being so entertaining anyway.

Makes the wheels in my head turn (5/5)

My favorite podcast. It makes the wheels in my head turn — totally inspiring yet does not hold back on the reality.

Amazing app! (5/5)

I’ve been listening to this podcast for more than a year now. Really really love it! Mostly thanks to Guy’s high art of interviewing his guests.

Love Guy (5/5)

He talks to clearly and I find him easy to listen to. He speaks to us all. Very relatable. Did I just make up a word?

❤️❤️❤️ (5/5)

These Podcasts have really inspired me!!!!


This podcast is my favorite EVER. Inspiring, encouraging, educational, entertaining... thank you thank you so much for it and I can’t wait for the podcasts to come!!!!

Five Guys actually Four Guys and a Gal (5/5)

Jerry Muller’s story of how Five Guys became the burger place we all know and Love is phenomenal, inspirational if you will. You all have displayed the true results of believing in each other and Teamwork.

Love it (5/5)

Great Listen

Great... but (5/5)

Great podcast but new episodes are few and far between. Started out fantastic couldn’t wait till the next episode and then it seems as if they gave up

Inspiring and interesting interviews (5/5)

It’s always a fun surprise to find out who the most recent interviewee is! I love listening to your podcast-the format is engaging, the questions and responses are always enlightening and it’s motivating to hear the wide array of beginnings to successful companies. I love playing it on long road trips in the car with my teenagers! They love how many of the brands are ones they know and love (Glossier, Instagram, Burton, Five Guys). They likely never thought about the “business” side of these companies or their history but now they do. Thank you!

I’m hooked! (5/5)

My son recommended this podcast about 3 weeks ago and since then I’ve listened to 15+ episodes. I’m not looking forward to the day when I exhaust the archives and run out of episodes! Love this podcast - I’m hooked!

Dry mouth (5/5)

I absolutely love this show! However, I have noticed on some episodes that the interviewee has a dry mouth and therefore their oral mucus is thicker and makes a smacking sound as they speak. It’s awfully disconcerting. I just heard it on the SoulCycle episode and the Carol’s Daughter one as well. As a physician, I would encourage the interviewees to drink lots of water before and during the interview and possibly for the studio folks to double check the sound with them before the interview starts.

Guy should treat guests with respect (1/5)

Asking a question and then answering it before the guest is allowed to speak is unprofessional and a rude power play. Better to learn from true journalists than Ms Gross.

First time podcast listener, now a devoted fan! (5/5)

Your show was the first podcast ever recommended to me and the first show I have listened to every single episode. I love hearing the stories behind some of the biggest companies out there and from some that I have never heard of. Each story reminds me of the true American spirit of building something that you believe in and having the tenacity and grit to see it through. I love the show and look forward to new episodes! To you and your team- keep up the great work!

Read review (5/5)

I have listened to Guy’s podcasts for 150 hours plus - I’ve heard almost all of the How I Built This and Ted Radio Hour - and I am deeply thankful for all the enlightening and inspiring things I have heard. NPR is clearly left leaning, which presents the typical biases. Given that acknowledgment, these shows are valuable for anyone who wants to learn more about a vast number of topics. My critique of the reviews for How I Built This: there is a flavor of review which faults Guy Raz and his male guests for being...male, and attempts to write them off as sexist, simply for being male and successful. I would caution against this appeal to identity politics because it is not founded in reality or based on the content of the podcast. Thank you for reading, have a good listen.

Terrible Episode re: Soul Cycle (1/5)

The Soul Cycle Interview was the worst episode of How I Built This. So disappointing. Not a thing about the product at ALL. Just about the number of clubs and money. No explanation what it IS, why people love it, why it became an obsession, why people would pay for it when their own gym offered spin. If spin was “over” in 2005, why did Soul succeed? What’s the teacher training like? How is it different than Fly Wheel? LAME

My favorite podcast! (5/5)

This is one of my favorite podcasts - the guests are inspiring, the conversations are compelling, and the podcast is so valuable! it always gives me a renewed sense of energy and confidence to create the success I want!

Excellent show (5/5)

Started listening to Guy recently on this podcast. Love the format, his breadth of questions and themes. If you are a budding entrepreneur, this is the show for you.

Informative (5/5)

This podcast is very informative, i am learning a lot from this show, thank you Guy for bringing excelent guest

Look forward to the show every week (5/5)

Out of all the podcast this one is my favorite by far. Sounds so much more clear and is to the point more than any other podcast.

👌🏻🌝👌🏻 (5/5)

extremely interesting to learn how these entrepreneurs build innovative companies and ideas. i really like the episode with the founders of reddit

Way too many reruns (1/5)

Almost all of the recent episodes have either been reruns or live recording of people that have already been on this podcast, and the live episodes have poor sound quality. Additionally, the way Guy Raz does his interviews is irritating because he always asks very basic and generic questions. He doesn’t show any insight with the questions he asks, and most of his questions are so basic that someone in middle school could of done a better job. This podcast would be better if there was a different host.

Inside of starters (5/5)

Amazing episodes of those who started something from nothing. Guy knows how to ask tough questions many people hesitate to answer. I learn from both Guy and interviewees. Thank you!

It’s okay (1/5)

I can’t get past all the “likes” by Guy and forget it if the person being interviewed speaks like that. I can’t follow and switch off.

One of the best shows if you’re looking for inspiration (1/5)

This is one of the best shows on the subject. Everyone wants to know, “what does it feel like to be successful?”.

Great show! (5/5)

Interesting and fun to listen to

Inspiring (5/5)

I listen to this podcast daily when I work. It’s absolutely amazing to hear the stories of other entrepreneurs just like me that had no idea what they were doing and turned their idea into wildly successful businesses. Great show!

Unable to stream (3/5)

Looking forward to listening to this podcast but the episodes are all appearing with an unavailable at this time message.

Must Listen (5/5)

Amazing podcast everyone needs to listen to

Wow in the wold is great (5/5)


Success is complex (5/5)

I appreciate how this podcast illustrate how complex it is to “become successful”. It is not from one day to another that people become successful or the “pull yourself by the bootstraps” is not real. There are so many people and institutions that come into play while people are building organizations and companies. I also appreciate the diversity of groups and individuals that they illustrate in the podcast. The only things I would recommend is to do talk to people who have started movements, collectives, and organizations because most of the people they interview are from corporations. Also, I would appreciate if the “luck question”, also includes acknowledgment privilege because many of the people come from families with money or graduated from IVY league schools. Lastly, I love the way the podcast is curated.

Entrepreneurial and Enjoyable (5/5)

I love hearing about brands I’ve used for years, those who have a cult following, and others which I’ve heard of began their journey to what they are today. Great overall style, Q&A, and meat to each story!

Wantrepreneur (5/5)

I am a hopeless Wantrepreneur. These podcasts offer such great insight as to how these entrepreneurs got it done. I love when Guy asks questions like “and where did you get the money for that” or “how did you afford to pay rent while you were bootstrapping your business “. These are answers to the nitty gritty questions that so many journalists don’t ask successful business founders. Keep up the great work Guy and team!!

Only does reruns of old shows (1/5)

Used to be my favorite podcast. Now only does reruns of old shows, which is really unfortunate.

Phenomenal series (5/5)

As an entrepreneur, I love listening to these podcast interviews. They are so entertaining and Guy does a terrific job interviewing these folks.

Interesting Topics (5/5)

I enjoy listening to different topics without options thrown in.

Absolute favorite PODCAST (5/5)

Love love love this podcast. Super informative. My co-workers are happy to listen with me on road trips although haven’t yet convinced them to subscribe.

Most Entrepreneurs (5/5)

Janice Bryant Howroyd’s story building ActOne Group was exceptional. “Overnight success” happens for the vast majority of us only after many years of steady hard work and determination. Integrity and gratitude, rather than luck, are far better requisites for success as Janice so thoroughly proves.

No diversity = Not relatable (3/5)

I enjoy this podcast, but the lack of diversity is a major downside. Only about a handful of the interviews are with entrepreneurs who didn’t receive significant financial support from their family to get where they are - whether as an investment, innate social capital, or paying for their Ivy League education - a luxury the majority of America doesn’t have. I can’t even name more than two interviewees that aren’t white males or females, and I’ve listened to about 70% of the episodes already. This is not about race, but this show is really more of a blatant spotlight on white privilege. Give us more diversity and this podcast might actually be credible and relatable.

Great (5/5)

Great 👍

Why so much tech? (3/5)

Please cut the tech interviews.... most of us in small business are bricks and mortal, shoe leather entrepreneurs.


Don’t get me wrong I love this show and I even flew across half of the country to see it live but now my interest is waning. What is the point of having a podcast without making new episodes? The insistence on capitalizing on old tried and true success is proving to make this podcast the NPR version of Nickleback. In the same breath the proliferation of reruns feels like producers/ Guy Raz are throwing in the towel and express their content with cashing in on royalties like a 90s sitcom. Coming from someone who has listened to every episode, long story short, I Want More Episodes! p.s. I can empathize with the difficulty of the endeavor, but can we go back to the roots of the podcast where Guy interviewed companies people have actually heard of. There can be space for the smaller companies. Some of them have the most interesting stories but I’m tired of the in between reruns, “filler” episodes that host multilevel marketingesque companies that I’ve seen less advertising for than a Jeb Bush campaign. The podcast has great potential but instead it’s being wasted. - a somehow still dedicated listener

Wonderful! (5/5)

This has been consistently my favorite podcast out there! I always come away from an episode feeling inspired and encouraged to pursue even my tiniest aspirations or ideas.

Entertaining, recycles content A LOT (3/5)

If you listen to the show for more than a year, for every 1 new interview he rebroadcasts 10 of old ones it feels like. I get that there’s so only many successful entrepreneurs out there but like vary it up from the classics (Kate Spade, WeWork, 5 Guys, Airbnb, Home Depot, SW, Spanx) or the usual suspects of tech. Like I want to hear about a wildcatter oil company in Nebraska, maybe one of the established crypto names (Winklevi, Ver, or Back),interview a biographer of Rockefeller that can hold his/her own on radio. Something new! Show really feels stale

Post new interviews (3/5)

Why do you keep posting old interviews?

Businesses tips! (5/5)

It is super interesting and I am able to listen to it for hours! There are a lot of business tips included if you want to start your own business.

Quite interesting podcast (4/5)

Love learning how people started their own businesses from the bottom up. Great to listen to this every week with a new episode. Highly recommend if you want to become an entrepreneur and start your own business. I would like to start a family gas station which will require about 120k initial investment.

Inspiring (5/5)

I’m a How I Built this junkie. I look forward to the new episodes on Monday. Thank you Guy for making these entrepreneurial stories available to us. There hasn’t been one episode that I haven’t taken valuable information from, whether it be a thought, quote, or new idea. You could cut back on the skin care companies, and sometimes, if you’re listening with headphones, the “dramatic” music overpowers the words of your guest making it distracting. Other than that, five stars. Thanks.

An inspiring listen (5/5)

I absolutely love this podcast. I look forward to every new episode. Inspiring and motivating stories. Guy is a great interviewer. Highly recommend!

So interesting (5/5)

Great idea for a podcast. Fascinating stories.

Could be amazing; host and random music in the middle of interviews destroy it (3/5)

Guests on the show tell incredible stories and really let the listeners in. The host asks joe blow questions and makes constant noises while the guests are speaking. Also, random music plays throughout the interview inconsistently; half the time I think it’s a noise my car is making. The interviews aren’t very well structured either. The timeline always jumps around which seems to be driven by a long story being jammed into 25 minutes.

Inspirational and motivation (5/5)

This podcast was recommend by a friend who is running a business. I’m so addictive to this show. No matter if you are working the 9 to 5 or want to start something on your own or currently running a business. You will find lots of great story to inspire you and keep you motivated. I’m currently building something and this podcast really helps you be inspired and motivates you. Like a great running buddy who pushes you to your next goal.

Amazing (5/5)

I listen to this podcast all the time. I love hearing everyone’s stories on how they got to where they are. This show is brilliant. BUT Janice of ActOne is touching to me I cried listening to hers. She is so beyond inspiring! I just learned soooo many life lessons in under and hour. Truly a phenomenal woman.

Love (5/5)

Absolutely love this show. It’s such a wonderful source of inspiration for anyone! Hearing the incredible stories of iconic figures in business (the good, bad and sometimes strange) can only propel one’s determination to succeed.

Best companion podcast (5/5)

Love listening to this while I am working out, stuck in a commute, waiting to board a plane or in a security line! It’s the best and I am sure ppl around me are noticing my expressions as I hear about all the experiences shared on the show 😊

Fantastic (5/5)

Guy does a great job with this podcast series. Very interesting episodes, with very interesting people.

DoorDash+Drivers+Gas Mileage=Pathetic Wages (5/5)

I was very interested to hear the story on DoorDash today. I started working for DoorDash about six months ago. It was great. During peak times DoorDash would offer bonus pay. Almost every night during dinner time the bonus pay in St. Louis was $4-5 per delivery. Wow! I was doing well. I was making almost $20 an hour. Fast forward to today. DoorDash rarely offers any peak pay bonuses at those amounts. Many many times we drivers are given ridiculous amounts of pay for driving far distances. For example, I might get a delivery that is 20 miles away and the pay is about six dollars. (This happens 9 out of 10 times.) No bonus peak pay either. I feel like DoorDash suckered us in here in St. Louis.It seems like DoorDash refuses to take into consideration the wear and tear on our car, the gas money we spend, and the time it takes to get to these deliveries. DoorDash is taking advantage of us. No one likes to be taken advantage of, especially me. If it weren’t for the awful pay, I would absolutely love to keep doing DoorDash. After listening to Tony talk about his company, I would have to say that he really needs to take a hard look at his app. If one does not accept a certain order, their acceptance rate goes down. My AR is 6%. (That is one of the ways that you get suckered into driving further than you want to.) Gas mileage here in Missouri is 54.5 cents a mile. I would love to keep doing DoorDash. I am good at my job and customers like me. I am always on time. Tony, if you are reading the reviews on this podcast, you may want to take into consideration my thoughts. I would think you would want very good employees to drive for DoorDash. However, with your lousy pay, it is just not possible for myself or others to do so. You would do well to learn about Shipt, a grocery delivery service, and how they treat their employees. Shipt pays well and actually responds to their people and makes needed adjustments when warranted. DoorDash-stop taking advantage of the people who work for you! Soon you will be left with no delivery drivers like myself who know how to give great on time customer service with a smile.

Great podcast but we need more man entrepreneurs stories (3/5)

I love the episodes on the Chipmunks, Compaq, And many others but I would love to listen to stories of more man entrepreneurs.

Guy Knows How To Draw Out The Most interesting facets (5/5)

The stories, even of companies that I’m less familiar with, are all different yet fascinating. Guy knows what to ask, drawing out the details, bringing the journey to life.

Love this podcast (5/5)

I like to listen to it when I am down and when I need motivation!

Download even if you’re not super into business (4/5)

I love this show and I don’t even know why. I have no background on venture capitalism or any business topics yet every story is so fascinating. Maybe I just like the concept of the underdog climbing to the top. It’s very inspirational, and I love the fact that most of these brands are recognizable. I don’t like the fact that they do reruns but that’s basically the only downside.

Great stories! (5/5)

Love these interviews with people that have done incredible things. It’s encouraging to every entrepreneur to hear how very few of these people had everything figured out before they went after an idea!

Guy needs to go (1/5)

He started out great but lately he has been interrupting his guests

Lack of new episodes (4/5)

This is a great podcast, but they no longer release a new episode every week. Instead they recycle previous episodes. It would be keep my interest more if there were consistent new content.

Master Class Level (5/5)

It is so inspiring to hear these entrepreneurs share their inspirations and struggles.

I Love These Stories (5/5)

This show is great, and hearing from all the founders is really inspiring.

I'm head over heels (5/5)

I never use that term "head over heels" but I am absolutely in love with this podcast (and Guy Raz for that matter). This show is so inspirational, I have listen to every single episode and recommend it to everyone I know!

Better without Guy Roz (2/5)

Good podcast but Guy Roz is hard to listen to. Always pausing (for effect I assume), and stuttering (repeating words multiple times when talking with people). If there was another host, I'd be back, but with Roz, I have to pass. Same with the Ted Radio hour. Good podcast, but Guy Roz ruins it.

Succeeding doesn’t have to be as scary as you think (5/5)

Amazing podcast for anyone who wants to build something- anything- significant out of your life.

Sdriv (5/5)

Best podcast ever!

Business Intelligence (5/5)

I love this show. I wish it had more content/shows. I believe I’ve listen to almost every episode trice

Used to be my favorite podcast (4/5)

I love that this podcast has fascinating interviews with crazy, unbelievable guests! But honestly, it’s a lot of replays now, and the bar for “successful entrepreneur” gets lower and lower.

The Best (5/5)

Love this podcast! Guy is great. The audio is superb. And the music really adds a lot to the stories of the entrepreneurial journey. Truly an awesome listening experience. I just hate that they don’t come out with new episodes every week but still the best podcast.

Wonderful Biz Podcast (5/5)

Always listen to it on my runs. It's more than just inspiration for business, it's also inspirational for life. Long-time listener, first-time reviewer. : )

Reruns on top of reruns (2/5)

This is my favorite show by far but the rerun situation has gotten out of hand. I have to check every time a “new” episode loads to see if it’s really new. It would be nice if they disclosed it in the title so I can stop looking forward to yet another episode I’ve already listened to.

Worth every minute (5/5)

Bumped across this after a blogger spoke about it. I was hooked after the first 5 min. Looking forward to being a faithful listener for years to come!

Love it. (5/5)

Best show. Learn a ton!

The best!! (5/5)

After being a diehard Sharktank fan, a friend turned me on to this podcast. I listened to every episode in less than a month!! And now I’m craving more! Guy and his team do an amazing job of highlighting years of work and challenges in under an hour. It’s also nice that sometimes the questions are creative and out there, but when necessary Guy asks the tough questions too. This is the best Podcast, can’t wait for the next episode!

Every episode I listen to ! (5/5)

This is such a great podcast for today’s world . I constantly bypass politics and negative feed that seems to be the norm . This podcast has made such a positive impact in my daily living and I appreciate so much more the products that surround me.( I alas I search for the ones I haven’t heard of ) I love that every time you ask a question, it’s exactly what I wonder . Thank you for creating this podcast and please keep them coming !!! This is what makes me believe in what is so amazing about our country ! Thank you !

Addicting and fun! (5/5)

This is my favorite podcast, I look forward to it every week! The stories are facinating and it's so fun to hear how these great companies got started. Guy is great too!

Inspiring (5/5)

I wait all week for new episodes. This show inspires me and reminds me what I am working toward.

Fascinating (5/5)

Interesting and educational

Not enough good new content (2/5)

I loved this podcast in the beginning, but the content and the guests got a little stale as time went on. Plus, they keep reposting old shows over and over again.

Yes (5/5)

Interesting stories, good interviews. Well done.

Re-Runs Out the... (4/5)

I do enjoy this podcast quite a bit but it really does seem like almost 1/2 the new episodes are re-runs. If they can get back to doing no re-runs then I'll switch this to a 5-star review. Really good content though & inspiring.

Great show great interviewer (5/5)

I listened to Guy Raz on the TED radio hour pod cast and liked his style of interviewing so decided to check this one out and was not disappointed very good kept my attention.

Like it! (5/5)

Listen every morning, thanks for the stories.

Great guests, great show (5/5)

I’ve been listening for a while now and I really enjoy the diversity of the guests and learning how they got started. It gives me a greater appreciation when I use a product from one of the featured companies, knowing more about their background. Thanks!

I love this podcast! (5/5)

As an entrepreneur myself, I am so enthralled with hearing the stories of your amazing guests! I am left inspired, full of possibility and ready for action.

Binging podcasts? (5/5)

I discovered “how I built this” through an ad on NPR. so I went to give it a listen, and... I love it! I have been binging the episodes straight. Guy is a great host!! And it’s inspired me to discuss possible business ideas with the girlfriend. If you like interviews, good storytelling and business this absolutely the podcast - Victor

Makes My Commute A Breeze (5/5)

I have a long commute on the subway everyday, and find the time flies by with these episodes. The guests are interesting, the interviews seem so genuine! I’m so glad to have these in my Podcast library, and always hope for diversity in the sorts of businesses featured!

So glad to have stumbled upon this! (5/5)

Heard the Larabar, Lyft, Panera and Wikipedia one so far, enlightening and inspiring. Who knows how many listeners today go on to feature on this in a few years.

Good stories, terrible interviewer (4/5)

As a founder/businessperson across industries of 30+ years, some stories happened in real time for me, many founders are friends or classmates. What is fascinating is the commonality of experience, particularly negative: the struggles, the hardship, the odds, the lonliness. And the perseverance, the lack of glamour (something which is confused with being successful today). To hear it again and again, in their voices is amazing. And inspiring. The only complaint I have is the presenter. As a presenter myself, and a consumer, I'm sensitive to style. His voice is excruciating. He doesn't really ask anything insightful or tease out new information. He is not only very mediocre but difficult to listen to. His hoarse/coughy/silent irritating laugh. And the courtier/fawning style. Literally want to slap him through the radio. He is not "nerdish,"as often described, that would be fine. But he sounds unsure, insecure, subservient. His enunciation and phrasing is terrible-collegiate. And the vocal fry. Ugh. I'm not sure why NPR keeps choosing these types (Ira Glass etc) of presenters; there are so many fabulous ones (look at the BBC for ideas). I'd be happy to do this!

I don’t understand.... (5/5)

You guys had such a great show going.. why are you posting repeats every week..?

Guy Does A Great Job! (5/5)

Guy makes this show go! He does an awesome job facilitating a good conversation with these guests. Id like to see even more of these shows in the future, so keep up the new episodes!

Great except for background music. (5/5)

I love everything about your show except the monotonous background music while people are talking. It’s often hard to focus on the dialogue. It gets irritating as I It seems to go on too long.

Most Inspiring Podcast for Entrepreneurs (5/5)

This podcast inspired me to launch a new product. I am now working with a team of engineers, and am on my way. This podcast has had a huge impact on my life, and I couldn’t be more grateful. I would recommend it to anyone interested in entrepreneurship.

Knocked Out of the Park! (5/5)

I love this podcast. As an entrepreneur who sometimes struggles through, I turn to this podcast for inspiration and a kick in the butt to keep going! I just love the stories and the range of products, services, and people whose stories are told here. I am always on the hunt for new entertaining and educational pods and this hits in all cylinders. The variety of entrepreneurs that Guy interviews is terrific and each one brings a great story. I love the long format as it allows for more depth. I wish the episodes would go on even longer. Great job and I highly recommend.

Great (5/5)

This is such an interesting podcast!

Total inspiration. (5/5)

Possibly the most inspirational entrepreneurship podcast out there. Well done Guy!


This Show is critical for anyone who’s trying to do something big with the cards stacked against them. It is a reminder of how much impact you have to be prepared to absorb during your journey to success.

How I built this (5/5)

One of the best podcasts I listen to on daily basis. Hope more to come , Guy Raz is the best!

More please! (5/5)

I love this podcast! Great storytelling, inspiring stories and entrepreneurs!

How I Love This (5/5)

My favorite podcast. Find every single interview fascinating. Can’t recommend it enough.

Long time listener (5/5)

Love how Guy takes all these big wigs to a place where us regular joes and jans can relate. Motivates me and makes me feel like it opens up a door to more possibilities!

Amazing Show (5/5)

Love the show and enjoy every episode 👌🏻

Great to listen to in the bath (5/5)

I listen to it in the bath for way to long and then spend all my afternoon listening these stories are extremely inspiring

Inspiring! (5/5)

Love listening to these entrepreneurs tell how they built their brand. They are everyday people who had a brilliant idea and persevered to develop their product.

Keep up the good work (5/5)

I love this podcast! As a Small business owner I find the profiles inspirational, and at the same time Totally down to earth. It is so refreshing to hear the trails and the tribulations. Always gives me food for thought and helps me put everything in perspective. So thank you and keep up the good work! Tesano

Great show! (5/5)

I listened to this daily. I wish I would’ve known about this program before.

Inspiring! (5/5)

A daily dose of inspiration for the budding entrepreneur! Love the stories, the varied perspectives, and Guy’s interview style. I take something away from every episode.

Best podcast ever...hands down (5/5)

Absolutely inspiring and loaded with real-world value. Aspiring entrepreneurs, real estate investors and business students...this is the show you’ve been looking for. Guy Raz has a tremendous talent for peeling back the layers of successful entrepreneurs.

Why so many replays of past episodes? (3/5)

Too repetitive.

Excited By Money (2/5)

Guy gets really excited by wealth divorsed from any sense of morality about how they achieved or what they've done with their accumulated wealth.

One of the only podcasts I listen to regularly (5/5)

there’s clearly a lot of research going into these interviews and I appreciate the diversity of industries that have been represented

Favorite podcast! (5/5)

I’ve listened to every episode!

One of my go to’s (5/5)

As an entrepreneur I absolutely love this podcast! It’s inspiring and encouraging. I appreciate when the guests talk about how challenging starting a business can be. I’d love to hear from whoever started craigslist and netflix😅

This is a dream podcast for an entrepreneur! (5/5)

I absolutely love this podcast so much! Not only is it fun to hear the stories of these very successful companies but I love taking the time to share their stories with friends who are going through their ups + downs in this entrepreneurial life! Thank you for the “realness” you bring to the show. It’s exciting to relate to these stories!

So well done! (5/5)

It’s amazing what the right format does for great content. So many other podcasts about entrepreneurs focus on casual conversations, which tend to feel rambly, but Guy is a master at creating a narrative and piecing together each founder’s story. The editing is really fantastic. Episode recs: Ali Webb of Drybar, John Zimmer of Lyft, Lisa Price of Carol’s Daughter, Alexa von Toebel of LearnVest, Sara Blakely of Spanx

Always interesting and inspiring (5/5)

Nice to hear the true stories that are the companies we all can choose to use. Thanks for creating and keeping them coming

Wonderful pod cast! (5/5)

Guy, I love the show! Just a couple of personal takeaways. First, I’m struck by how modest all of your guests are! I feel like this must be part of what makes people successful. And to quote my HS football coach, “luck happens when preparation meets opportunity!” Keep up the good work!

Great Show But Needs More New Good Content (4/5)

It’s great when it’s great. But it needs more interesting companies that people want to know how they started out. There are wayyyg too many re-broadcasts. It’s starting to feel like they are running out of people to find.


Guy Raz is a great interviewer and gets the bottom of every story!

Highly recommended....👍🏻 (5/5)

I have listened to around 10-15 of the episodes. I have been incredibly impressed on several levels. As an entrepreneur it is an encouragement to hear the good, the bad, and the ugly parts of the journey. There has, so far, been no political slant, conservative or liberal which is most refreshing. There was an episode where the guest did not use their Sunday School language and the host warned listeners in case they had young children within earshot. How. Respectful. Is. That. I keep downloading past episodes and keep being impressed. The host has a nice voice and actually allows the guest to tell their story without constant interruptions. If you want an interesting bird’s eye view and “just the facts, ma’am,” this podcast is for you! I’m telling you, if I could give ten stars...I would do it.

Great, interesting, informative and entertaining (5/5)

Guy is the perfect interviewer. He is better than even Larry King. He does his research and asks questions I would like to know about. His manner of voice and pauses make it perfect. Guest are phenomenal and very candid. This show should help and encourage future entrepreneurs. My wife and me really enjoy them. Thanks Guy and NPR.

Pseudo MBA (5/5)

You can learn a lot from this podcast.

Fascinating Stories (5/5)

Guy Raz is a strong interviewer and he gets amazing people on his show. I don't make time to listen to all of them but I am never disappointed.

Ak (4/5)

Background music while the interviewee is talking is distracting and unnecessary.

The Illusion of Understanding (1/5)

For all epsiodes: Luck played a more important role in the actual event than it does in the telling of it. And the more luck was involved, the less there is to be learned. Cool story, though.

Great! Very inspiring (5/5)

This is one of the best podcast. If you are a entrepreneur or thinking about it, this podcast has very inspiring interviews.

Amazing show! (5/5)

This is such a great podcast. Thank you!

Love this podcast!!! (5/5)

This podcast has taught me to reach for my dreams and it’s fun and cool to listen to the story’s.

One of my favorites! (5/5)

Guy and his insights make this one of my favorite podcasts to listen to for marketing advice. If you haven't listened to any of the episodes yet, you should definitely get started. You won't regret it!

Great, but... (4/5)

Definitely one of the best podcasts available, but they do too many reruns in my opinion. I’d personally prefer they release less episodes than they re-release past episodes so they can stay on a weekly cycle. Otherwise, the format, the content, the host, and the guests are awesome!

Amazing! (5/5)

This podcast is absolutely incredible! It offers so many in-depth looks into the triumphs and trials successful companies have faced. 10/10 would recommend.

outstanding (5/5)

I am a huge fan of this podcast. I am have gotten a lot out of my time listening. I am looking forward to more episodes.

Reruns Aren’t New Episodes (2/5)

How interesting the episodes are is very dependent on the guest star, which is understandable. I finally unsubscribed from the show, however, because it keeps putting old episodes in as if they’re new. Other shows I listen to run short revisits of past episodes when they don’t have anything new to run with bonus content. That’s fine. But pretending something old is new gets really annoying after a while for a show with varying quality in the first place.

Great inspiration (5/5)

Wish the podcasts were longer and went into more detail.

Obsessed (5/5)

I have listened to all the episodes in a matter of 2 months. They give me a unique outlook on life and I learn something from every episode. I would definitely recommend for all listeners!!! I haven’t met anyone who doesn’t like these!

Wait, do you REALLY like this show? (Check ‘yes’ or ‘no’) (4/5)

Overall, I like the show. Interesting people, interesting stories. Each entrepreneur brings a unique perspective on their specific experience and business in general. But Guy Raz, please let me introduce to something called the OPEN-ENDED QUESTION. It is an invaluable tool in interviewing. You have a habit of asking these leading ‘yes or no’ questions that stop the conversation in its tracks, or you disbelievingly repeat what the person has said in a way that makes it seem like you are not paying attention. I know you are capable of greater things. Instead of asking, ‘were you just terrified by that???’ You can just ask, ‘how did that make you feel?’ Instead, or saying, ‘Wait, so you just... (that thing you said 3 seconds ago)???’ (To which the only response is, ‘yes Guy Raz, I, as your guest was in fact was NOT lying to you...’) you can just say, ‘Wow, and then what happened?’ Or ‘How did you get there?’ Or, ‘why do you think it happened that way?’ Or just let them move on to the next part of their story without interrupting them. But seriously, I gave the show 4 stars because overall I do really enjoy it. Just letting you know what it would take to move it to a ‘5.’

Great podcast! (3/5)

I love this podcast... only thing is I wish there were new episodes instead of rereleases... :(


You cant stop watching till you find a better podcast.

My favorite podcast (5/5)

I look forward to every episode!

Consistently great (5/5)

Always interesting, grabs your attention and doesn’t let go!

Great podcast (5/5)

Very interesting/inspring stories, highly highly recommended!

Please make more faster! Love the show (5/5)


Amazing! (5/5)

This guy didn’t let failure get home down. Learn from your experiences and do it better the next time.

Amazing (5/5)

Highly Recommended!

💝💝💝 (5/5)

Love this podcast! Keep it up!!

Addicting (5/5)

Guy is great on this. Addicting.

My favorite (5/5)

This is my favorite podcast. I love hearing how they struggled and decided to win anyway.

Inspiration (5/5)

As an entrepreneur i listen to this podcast for inspiration. Every story helps me put things in prospective. It’s important for someone in the business world understands the real struggle and dedication of starting a business. This is hands down my favorite podcast. When i get frustrated or discouraged i just remember all the story’s of these great company’s and how they dealt with problems and simply kept going!

Best podcast! (5/5)

Love this podcast so much!

Thank you! (5/5)

Love this show!

Love it! (5/5)

Crave listening to this interesting podcast!

Great show when the have new episodes (4/5)

This is a great podcast. I am constantly looking for the new episode on Monday on my drive, but lately they have all been replays. That is the only reason I give it a 4 star. Please create more new episodes/content.

Can’t get enough (5/5)

Love this Podcast!!

Great podcast, lacking in new episodes (4/5)

This is one of my favorite podcasts. I would have given it a 5 star review, but repeat episodes are continually published instead of new ones.

Best podcast for entrepreneurship (5/5)

So inspiring

Excellent Show (5/5)

Well hosted. Perfect length /episode. Check out the RX Bar episode. The CEO/founder has a refreshing outlook on wealth and a humble perspective on how he made it to where he is.

Brilliant (5/5)

Great podcast!

Audio over interviews? (2/5)

The audio over the interviews (RX bar specifically) is really distracting. Just focus on the story. Doesn’t feel like audio is needed.

Guy is a really great host! (5/5)

I love this podcast. It is so relational.

Great (5/5)

I have learn some interesting things. I will be needing to build a business

Love this podcast! (5/5)

This show always inspires me to think outside of the box and remember that I am capable of building something great!

Bigger picture (5/5)

Finding out how some of the biggest business were started, is such an inspiration! From their struggles to successes. Love this show!

Stop the replays please... (3/5)

I started listening to this since the first episode and used to love this podcast. I’ve even been to a live recording. However, recently it feels like there’s more releasing replay of old episodes than new material. It’s really annoying and disappointing. I’d much rather see no new episodes for a month and exciting new content for every release. (Like how Hardcore History releases new episodes) If I wanted to hear an episode that has been aired, I would go back to look for them myself. Now I get excited for these new releases, only to get disappointed right after when I find out I’ve heard it already. So... please, please, please stop these annoying replays!!!

My fave podcast! (5/5)

Love listening everyday!

Thank you for the show (5/5)

I love listening to How I Built This. The guest come from all walks of life. The stories are captivating and the production takes details the guest probably told hundreds of times and provides great drama. So many favorites. Maybe I lean toward people that I relate to. I love listening to all the stories, even ones I couldn’t relate to like Patrick and John Collison and the brilliance they display. Michael Dell and Mark Cuban have wicked sales skills with a mix or creativity few are able to rival. Reid Hoffman and Howard Shultz have a brilliance that is so unique, you really have a difficult time understanding how talented they really are. I loved listening to Steve Ells fail to build a fine dining restaurant, Seth Goldman’s and Gary Erickson learning on the job, and the powerhouse teams that succeeded, AirBnB, Lyft, and Warby Parker. Great show. I can’t get enough. I loved listen to so many of the founders. The most inspirational guest for me are Blake Mycoskie, Apoorva Mehta, Manoj Bhargava, Tony Hsieh, and Miguel Mckelvey. Keep the episodes coming. BTW: how do you pick your guests? Great people.

Nice break from politics (5/5)

Good guests and interviews. Worth checking out- added to my rotation

Best show on entrepreneurship today (5/5)

Such a great show about entrepreneurship. Great storytelling. Guy stays out of the way of the guest while guiding us with more context. Loyal listener!

Love it (5/5)

I always tune in!

Inspiring! (5/5)

This is my favorite podcast ever. I love how I can listen to it with my children. It sparks wonderful discussions. My only complaint is that I wish there were more! Thank you for making a long commute tolerable!

Engrossing stories for everyone, not just entrepreneurs (5/5)

I’m positively addicted to this podcast right now. These stories of other people‘s creativity, passion and perseverance are keeping me glued together right now while I grieve the death of my mother. On the days when I’m having a hard time motivating and focussing, if I just turn on the podcast it’s like sticking a wind-up key in my back and watching me go. While I’m listening to them I can clean the whole kitchen, cook dinner, fold laundry, gesso and sand painting panels, tidy the studio and become engrossed in positive stories of other people’s struggles and ultimately... triumphs. As an artist, I’ve long been fascinated With the creative process in all its applications. Guy Raz has a knack for pulling out and highlighting the key parts of this process as it’s applied to building a business or a movement. The podcast is beautifully edited and sound engineered and to highlight the drama of the trials each entrepreneur or team has passed through in the realization of their dream.

Always inspirational (5/5)

Love these stories, helps me realize I can be a business owner one day too.

Mind Flow (5/5)

I love listening to this podcast! I feel like it gives me motivation to dream about my future and take chances on ideas I’ve been marinating on for years. Every story is interesting and unique, I love the perspectives in the storyline. Thank you and I’ll keep tuning in.

Gives my life meaning (5/5)

This podcast gives me meaning and pushes me to follow my dreams. Thank you for helping others follow their passions and spreading the love of entrepreneurship with this world. Look out world

Perfect for entrepreneurs (5/5)

This will make anybody want to become an entrepreneur. So many similarities with most people interviewed like having no fear of failure and quickly chasing their idea. They don’t get caught up in the things that a business school would usually tell you do.

Excellent content. Too many reruns. (1/5)

When this show first came out they would have a new episode every Monday. For the past few months they’ve had one every other week with a rerun playing during the weeks in between. The shows are awesome but I’m not a fan of the inconsistency.

Great podcast (5/5)

It’s always good to hear from successful people what their journey was.

Wonderful Podcast! (5/5)

This podcast features the best people and is so well put together! It is very inspiring— you can feel the passion in each and every one of these entrepreneurs! Thanks for making this podcast series the best that I’ve ever listened to!!

Ugh (3/5)

I love “How I Built This” but over the last year there have been more replays than new episodes. Replaying an episode is a cop out in the podcast world. If I wanted to relisten to Lonely Planet for a third time I would just scroll back thru the, always available, old episodes and play it.

Phenomenal (5/5)

I just love how Guy Raz conducts these interviews. He makes it so much fun while asking perceptive questions.

If you love reruns 👍 (2/5)

Love the show but only comes out once a week and mostly recycled episodes 😒 Get it together Guy!

One of the few reruns. Not the greatest show. Guy struggled to interview a private Steve Madden (2/5)

Guy struggled to interview Steve madden

Love the stories! (4/5)

The entrepreneurs and their stories are great. I find Guy Raz insufferable. Sorry.

Amazing stories! (5/5)

I am obsessed with this podcast and have not stopped listening since I discovered it. Addicting and inspiring!

I love everything about this show! (5/5)

Can’t say enough great things about this show. Great host who asks the perfect questions and awesome guests...winning combination!!

Great Show + Episode Idea (5/5)

Absolutely love your show! Please do an episode about Orange Theory. They are growing so fast and would love to hear how they grew, maintain consistency, maintain great service, and how they have cracked the fitness code! Thank you!

Great and inspiring podcast (5/5)

I am addicted to this Podcast, I want to start my own venture and it’s amazing to listen to all the inspiring stories and how they built it. Guy Raaz is an amazing interviewer and has the most cheerful voice. I look forward to more great episodes.

By far one of the best podcasts! (5/5)

Get ready to be motivated and inspired by some amazing entrepreneurs! I love hearing the stories of how these highly successful people started off. Always excited to see who they will interview next!!

Top 3 Podcasts (5/5)

As a small-business owner, these stories give me so much inspiration. Love every single one!

Love this podcast (5/5)

This is probably my favorite podcast!!! Really love it!

Guy (5/5)

I really think Guy Roz is one of the very best interviewers out there across any media!!

Review (5/5)

Love the podcast

Good show, lots of rebroadcasts (4/5)

I LOVE this show and I recommend it to anyone who is interested in starting a business. My only complaint is that they rebroadcast shows very often without tagging them as reruns. My phone automatically downloads ‘new’ episodes that I just have to delete again anyway.

My favorite podcast (5/5)

This podcast is inspiring and amazing. Incredibly valuable insights into businesses, their history, and their challenges. You made me love Southwest, Ben and Jerry’s, The Knot, Barbara Corcoran, Dell, and many others by giving such insight into who they are as people. I even like Mark Cuban more than before (not in love yet). Keep up the great work and hopefully you can inspire small businesses like myself to grow and be a future episode.

Fantastic and Engaging (5/5)

This is a great show. Guy does a good job at helping paint the picture of how so many companies grew from one person who didn’t know what he or she was doing in to large beasts. This is not about greedy corporate America but rather about the sacrifices and risks small entrepreneurs took to become big. Hope they keep making episodes and/or having people back!

Fantastic listen (5/5)

One of my favorite podcasts out there. Definitely worth the listen!

Favorite (5/5)

This is one of my favorite podcasts. I’ve listened to every episode and tell everyone about it. Keep the episodes coming!!!