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Huddled Masses tells stories from the heart of America. Politics, culture, crime and human rights are all tackled by award-winning journalist Alex Hannaford. Season 1 called Dead Man Talking led Alex on an investigation into the crimes and confessions of The Railroad Killer. Season 2 called Battleground looks at the people who will decide the 2020 US Election with a group of stories from the swing states.

2: S2: Battleground - Politics of the Pandemic
Alex speaks to leading emergency room physician and epidemiologist Dr Craig Spencer, about dealing with misinformation during the Covid crisis and what this tells us about a divided America. They also discuss Craig's time working in a New York hospital at the height of the pandemic. Battleground is presented by Alex Hannaford ( and produced by Peter Sale (

17: Introducing Over My Dead Body
Looking for a new True Crime podcast now that Dead Man Talking has finished? Here's a trailer for a podcast recommended by the DMT team. What happens when a seemingly-perfect marriage ends in a nasty divorce and someone ends up dead. Listen to Over My Dead Body today wherever you’re listening to this or

16: S1 DMT: The Corrections Officer (BONUS EP)
In this special interview, Alex speaks to Dead Man Talking listener and former Corrections Officer, Bobby Blanton. Bobby worked as a guard at the Polunsky Unit, which houses Texas’s death row, and got to know Angel Resendiz well while the serial killer was an inmate there. Bobby explains why he believes the confessions on the tape are true.  Presented by Alex Hannaford ( and produced by Peter Sale (

15: S1 DMT: The Q & A (BONUS EP)
In this special episode Alex looks back on the Dead Man Talking series and answers listeners' questions — ranging from his faith in the US justice system, regrets on losing the tape, and why Resendiz was only ever charged with one murder. Presented by Alex Hannaford ( and produced by Peter Sale (

14: S1 DMT: The Finale
In the final episode of Alex's investigation into the confessions of Angel Resendiz, we look at all the evidence gathered so far. Was his hunch that Resendiz was telling him the truth correct? Or has he been led down the garden path? Plus, find out whether he's found a lawyer to help with Andres Mascorro's appeal. Presented by Alex Hannaford ( and produced by Peter Sale (

13: S1 DMT: The Breakthrough
As he approaches the end of his investigation into the confessions of Angel Reséndiz, Alex has been trying to get a lawyer to look at the convictions of Diamantina Kolojaco and Andres Mascorro. He finally meets Catherine Greene Burnett, Associate Dean at the South Texas College of Law in Houston, and finds a big breakthrough in the case. He also finally meets Andres Mascorro's family and updates them. Presented by Alex Hannaford ( and produced by Peter Sale (https://www.petersale...

12: S1 DMT: Michelle Lyons (BONUS EP)
In this episode Alex speaks to someone who not only spent lots of time with Angel Resendiz on Death Row, she also watched him die. Michelle Lyons was spokeswoman for the Texas department of Criminal Justice and she’s got some pretty unnerving things to say about Resendiz as she got to know him pretty well on his time on Death Row. Presented by Alex Hannaford ( and produced by Peter Sale (

11: S1 DMT: Run with the Railroad
In 1997, two young lovers, Jesse Howell and Wendy Von Huben, went missing in Florida after riding the rails down there.  Two years on, Resendiz confessed to killing the couple, and led detectives to Von Huben's body.  Alex looks deeper into this case and finds strong similarities with Resendiz's confession to him of multiple murders on the California/Arizona border. Presented by Alex Hannaford ( and presented by Peter Sale (

10: S1 DMT: The Attorney
Alex travels back to Houston to meet Les Ribnik, one of Angel Resendiz's appellate attorneys. Before the Railroad Killer's execution, Ribnik, believing his client may have information about other murders, was quoted as saying: "The state should be patient and wait for my guy to die another day so these other cases can possibly be cleared." So what did Resendiz tell Ribnik about the murder of Daryl Kolojaco? Presented by Alex Hannaford ( and produced by Peter Sale (

9: S1 DMT: Holly Dunn (BONUS EP)
A special in-depth interview with sole survivor of the Railroad Killer, Holly Dunn.   Holly tells Alex about surviving the attack and trying to rebuild her life while knowing Angel Resendiz was still at large. Presented by Alex Hannaford ( and produced by Peter Sale (

8: s1 DMT: Midnight Train to Georgia
In this episode we hear about the brutal murder of an elderly woman called Fanny Byers in a tiny rural Georgia town, a case that profoundly influenced what Alex thinks about Resendiz and the confessions that he made.   Presented by Alex Hannaford ( and produced by Peter Sale (

7: S1 DMT: The Lover
Diamantina’s former lover Andres Mascorro, who was also convicted of Darryl Kolojaco’s murder, has finally agreed to be interviewed in prison — after years of Alex writing to him with no response. Mascorro insists he is innocent; that police coerced a confession from him and threatened to deport his undocumented family back to Mexico. He tells Alex: “I never knew what one signature could do.” Presented by Alex Hannaford ( and produced by Peter Sale (

6: S1 DMT: An Innocent on Death Row?
In this episode we learn about the case of Louis Perez, a man on death row for a triple murder in Austin, Texas. But the modus operandi of the killer was eerily similar to that of Resendiz. We meet Louis’s sister, Delia Meyer, who has campaigned tirelessly for her brother since his arrest two decades ago. She takes Alex to the railroad track near the murder scene and asks: did the Railroad Killer commit this crime too? Alex discovers that Perez’s former attorneys once filed a motion to stay Resendiz’s exec...

5: S1 DMT: False Confessions
Was Angel Resendiz lying in order to delay his execution or bolster his own myth; to get credit for unsolved murders around the Unites States? In this episode, Alex speaks to Jack Levin, an expert on serial killers, and Chuck Weaver, a professor of psychology and neuroscience - and an expert in false memory - to get their views on the Resendiz tape. We also hear the story of Henry Lee Lucas, one of the most prolific serial killers in America, who confessed to over a thousand murders before detectives real...

4: S1 DMT: Blythe Part 2
Alex is still in Blythe and still has lots of work to do to follow up on the claims of Angel Resendiz. He visits the two sheriffs' offices that straddle the Arizona / California state line to find out if any of the unidentified remains listed in the database could have been victims of the Railroad Killer. Things here are less straightforward, and could other serial killers have been operating in the area? Presented by Alex Hannaford (  and produced by Peter Sale (https://www.pete...

3: S1 DMT: "Where the river bisects two states" (Blythe Pt. 1)
In this episode the interview tape reveals another confession: Resendiz claims he killed “three or four” people on the border of Arizona and California. Although he can’t remember the name of the town, he’s precise about the location. It’s Blythe, California, and Alex goes there to investigate. There, he meets the local police chief, and plays him Resendiz’s confession. His response: “I believe him, and I’ll show you why.” Presented by Alex Hannaford ( and produced by Peter Sale ...

2: S1 DMT: The Kolojaco Case
In 1998, two people were sentenced to life in prison for murder. Diamantina Kolojaco was found guilty of persuading her young lover to kill her husband for the insurance money. But a year after she went to prison, serial killer Angel Resendiz wrote to her from death row with a message: that he had committed the murder. In this episode Alex interviews Diamantina in prison — her first ever media interview. Could an innocent couple die in prison for a murder Resendiz committed? Presented by Alex Hannaford (h...

1: S1 DMT: The Tape
In the first episode of Dead Man Talking we meet journalist Alex Hannaford, find out about his interview with serial killer Angel Resendiz fifteen years ago, and listen to his interview tape. We find out the back story to Resendiz and his crimes, and about the trial which ultimately saw him facing execution. We hear Alex's memories of meeting Resendiz and how he’s still haunted by the confessions to further crimes that he made during that meeting. Presented by Alex Hannaford ( a...

S1 DMT: Introducing Dead Man Talking
Haunted by an old cassette tape of an un-investigated confession by a convicted murderer, journalist Alex Hannaford begins his investigation into the crimes and confession of Angel Resendiz aka The Railroad Killer, who criss-crossed the US by freight train in the 80s and 90s, choosing his victims at random....