Aggregated reviews for Huddled Masses

Huddled Masses tells stories from the heart of America. Politics, culture, crime and human rights are all tackled by award-winning journalist Alex Hannaford. Season 1 called Dead Man Talking led Alex on an investigation into the crimes and confessions of The Railroad Killer. Season 2 called Battleground looks at the people who will decide the 2020 US Election with a group of stories from the swing states.

Lady B   (5/5)

Burned through the entire series. Waiting for updates!!

Compelling   (5/5)

Interesting story but it was the host that kept me coming back. Will there be another season?

I really enjoyed this   (5/5)

Very interesting and I’m looking forward to any potential updates!

Great podcast!   (5/5)

Looking forward to more!

Loved it !!   (5/5)

Can’t wait to hear your next season!

Revealing look into the Court System   (5/5)

A very provocative lay investigation into the court system......looking forward to the next season!

It was me... I did it...   (4/5)

For the most part, this podcast has compelling content and I enjoyed it. However, we heard the same sound bite from the taped confession way too many times.... it was over kill. “It was me... I did it....”

Engrossing-   (5/5)

Well done. Thank you! At first I was a little baffled by the Luis Perez rabbit hole-( I’m sorry, but he seems guilty), but the host brought everything back into focus and the relevance became apparent. I appreciate the process.

Illegal immigrant killer   (1/5)

Just listening to the first episode and the host says something like “serial killers are a very American phenomenon” and I’m thinking OK this is where he’ll tell us Resendiz is Mexican. Nope. Why wouldn’t a journalist report this fact? Resendiz was deported several times but kept reentering illegally. Illegal immigration has been a very newsworthy topic recently, but why would a reporter broach a highly relevant, politically topical matter, right? Apparently reporters are here to *not* talk about interesting things, and to omit facts significant to current policy debates. It’s so tiresome having the world interpreted by left wing journos all with the same political prejudices.

Not too bad.   (4/5)

Good podcast, great host. My only issue is that there is no real resolution. I’m not expecting him to solve the case in one season but at least make another season to update us. It just ended so abruptly. Other that that, it’s a good binge.

Engaging   (5/5)

Interesting voice and no annoying side kick. Pertinent interviews. My new go to. What happened to all the old episodes I never heard?

Solid 1-day binge   (5/5)

Solid 1-day binge

Dead Man Talking   (5/5)

Very engrossing and well-written.

Excellent podcast   (5/5)

Very well done and entertaining

Intriguing   (5/5)

Just discovered this Podcast. I have been totally binging as fascinated with this story and especially Alex’s voice.

Very Entertaining   (5/5)

Highly recommend. Can't wait for next season

Excellent podcast!   (5/5)

Highly recommended podcast; especially for fans of Bear Brook, Counterclock, Happy Face, etc. Compelling and intriguing, this podcast will have you hooked from the first episode.

Great podcast!   (5/5)

Very interesting and compelling. Can’t wait for an update on the case!!

Well told   (5/5)

As being in the criminal justice field, you had excellent follow ups, questioning witnesses, and just all around great work. Hope you find a lawyer. And can’t wait for season two.

Bad storytelling and poor focus   (2/5)

Had potential but became super repetitive. I felt like this could have been a 3 episode series. Also the theme song makes my ears bleed.

Great true crime podcast   (5/5)

Haven't gotten all the way through but can already tell the rest will be enjoyable. A compelling story told by a great storyteller. Great overall production values. The only negative thing I can say about it is that the theme song kind of annoys me. LOL.

Awesome.   (5/5)

It’s like a real life Bolaño novel.

Very nice   (5/5)

The narrator’s accent is so satisfying. Love it.

Bad storytelling   (1/5)

The narrator injects himself into the story too much. We don’t care how many times he moves back and forth between uk and Texas. And don’t tell me that you’re going to tell me. Just tell me. It sounds like a leaving now intriguing story but it’s just told badly. Out of order. Repetitive. Repetitive. The first episode could have been told in 3 minutes.

Worth it   (5/5)

Not a huge true crime guy but the investigation and story telling our fascinating

Revealing   (4/5)

Entertaining, and got better as the series went along.

Fantastic   (5/5)

Great investigating Alex! 🤞for a 2nd season.

👍👍   (5/5)


So good!   (5/5)

One of the best crime podcasts I have listened to in a while. Well done!

Great show!   (5/5)

Love this show! Hope you do another season!

Love this Podcast   (5/5)

I am super picky about podcasts (there are only 3 I listen to regularly besides DMT) and this one had me hooked from the first episode. Without giving any spoilers, it is just amazing how much the host was able to uncover, and the progress that was made on the case. Fantastic show! If you love true crime, I definitely recommend giving this podcast a shot!

Excellent   (5/5)

Excellent excellent excellent. 100% binge worthy

Politicized Final   (2/5)

Here we go. People just have to politicize everything. I should’ve known it was coming. First of all, he started talking about the West Memphis three. There is a lot of evidence to show that those three kids did commit that murder. They were let out because D-bags like Henry Rollins, Eddie Vedder, Johnny Depp, and a host of other ignorant celebrities jumped on board to free those kids. Look into it yourself. In my opinion, looking at all the evidence, they were guilty. Don’t let one documentary shape your opinion. A documentarian or podcaster is only going to inform you of “facts” that back the case they’re trying to make. Then he segues into an anti-death penalty diatribe. I don’t care what your opinion is on the death penalty. But can we just have one form of media it is not politicized in a world where everything is politicized? This is just the finale. The whole series is flat. He claims to be a journalist, yet obviously made up his mind before doing this podcast. Just goes to show you that genuine journalism is dead. Just the facts, sir.

Intriguing   (5/5)

I wish there was more! However, I appreciate the fact that he went in not knowing where the findings would take him and it was just as much as a “surprise” to him as it was to the listeners. Hope to hear more soon!

Quality Podcast   (5/5)

I listen to a bunch of true crime podcasts, and this one is really good. I really liked Alex the journalist and narrator. A lot of true crime podcasters seem to focus more on the killer and the gruesomeness of their crimes than the impact on their victims and their victims’ families, and I think Alex empathized with and focused on the victims. I would definitely listen to another podcast series by him.

Podcast keeps your attention.   (4/5)

I could have done without the Michelle Lyons episode. She boasted of witnessing almost 300 executions, completely detached from the inhumanity of it. Whether you support the death penalty or not, sounds like Lyons has her own little touch of sociopath. She offered nothing that gave us insight into Resendiz. Her focus was his attraction to her. Her inappropriate giggling, recounting what she was wearing, commenting on his small stature as if that was the reason he was an unacceptable suitor, was disturbing. She found so much humor in this tragedy and really got a kick out of him posing with Coke. I’ve read accounts by chaplains and wardens whose job entailed watching executions. Their lives were forever changed. I might just get her book from the library to see if she is really as devoid of any human empathy as she came off. This was an unnecessary episode. I don’t believe she got to know him at all and had nothing to offer.

Very interesting   (5/5)

Eery and interesting. Thanks for the work Alex

Please number your podcast 1,2,3 etc   (4/5)

Read title line Thanks

Boring   (1/5)

Nothing of any real interest. A bunch of wild “maybes” or “possibilities” but all conjecture. Pretty uninteresting.

Good podcast, terrible last episode   (4/5)

I’ve really liked this podcast but the interview with Michelle Lyons was terrible. I found her extremely off-putting and thought the joking about a man on death row flirting with her were awful. She clearly liked the fact he flirted with her no matter how many times she said otherwise. I didn’t listen to the whole thing but will listen to the final episodes.

Decent podcast but too much emphasis on ads   (4/5)

The story is interesting and a good fun listen but it seems as though they are making more smaller episodes with filler for more ad reading   (5/5)

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Not bad   (3/5)

Interesting subject matter, I find myself wanting to hear more, but I feel like it’s a bit scattered from episode to episode. It becomes hard for me to remember what happened the previous episode. That theme song however, is one of the most annoying pieces of music that I have ever heard. I’m always tempted to shut it off as soon as I hear it begin


For the longest time I only listened to Casefile but when they recommended Dead Man Talking I decided to give it a try and WOW it’s GREAT! I listened to the first 10 episodes in 2 days. The story is fascinating and the entire podcast and storytelling is so unique! DEFINITELY give this podcast a try!

Interesting story, but sometimes repetitive and emphasis put on facts that seem questionable at best   (3/5)

The story is really interesting and I think the host has a great basis to do this research. It seems at times, however, he places emphasis on people and evidence suggesting Resendiz is guilty and brushing opposing suggestions to the side. I like investigative podcasts that consider both sides of the story and this seems pretty biased at times. The straw that broke the camels back between three and four stars for me was the interview with Louis’s sister Diane. I understand she is going to take her brothers side, but her description of the incident just seems incredibly vague. Additionally, I find it kind of suspicious there was some random “scrawny Mexican man” walking down the street mentioned by some stranger, but nobody else saw this individual nor did that person make a statement to police or anyone else. It was mentioned that Resendiz wouldn’t kill in a house with children... so did he change his methods and morals only for this incident? The problem with this account is that the host agrees with her description of the incident and brushes off any evidence to the contrary. Even when such does come up, he still says “oh well I still think he did it” but doesn’t give a good reason why. Like I mentioned, this is an interesting topic but hope the host can be a little less biased in future installments. If you set up the podcast saying “this is why he is guilty of more crimes” that is one thing, but this isn’t it boss.

1 out of 5   (1/5)

Poor audio and the story moves like an epileptic snake.

A-1   (5/5)

I have zero complaints about this podcast. It’s highly intriguing!! Don’t sleep on this one

Good Podcast   (5/5)

Great podcast 👍🏻 Keep it up

Modus Operandi   (4/5)

This podcast was advertised by my fave ATWWD. It is interesting, but as many others have mentioned details, recording are repeated unnecessarily. Most annoying is the phrase modus operandi. Otherwise it’s enjoyable.

Very interesting   (5/5)


Bad   (1/5)

Unbearably repetitive. To the point that I swore I listened to the episodes twice but it was new. Don’t waste your time.

Nice work   (5/5)

Just listened to the first episode. Great format, good interviews and I’m super curious to see where this ends up. Great job. Super into this and I’m American and not a Trump supporter. I’m curious just how stupid you all think we are because of that fool or is it all chubby and hotdogs? He’s a disgrace. Been sharing it with all my friends and I love the theme song. Keep up the good work!

Obsessed   (5/5)

Great format and storyline. Hate waiting for new episodes weekly but worth the wait. Wish they were a tad bit longer but will take what I can get. Looking forward to the next episode.

Just plain stupid   (1/5)

You ask the dumbest questions and then repeat them You’re an amateur They will let anybody do a podcast Nowadays

When are we going to get a new Episode?   (5/5)

Aren’t we overdue for a new episode?

Wickedly awesome   (5/5)

This is my new favorite podcast. Very informative color exciting and fascinating. I don’t know if I could write enough and how good this podcast really is. Give it a listen you will not be sorry.

You should know ...   (3/5)

... how common it is for killers convicted of multiple killings to "confess" to more crimes for the sake of notoriety and posterity. The layperson may not understand that, but a journalist should demonstrate having done his homework and acknowledge that, after this much time has passed since he made the tape as a young reporter.

Magnolia’s in East Downtown Houston   (5/5)

There is a cafe in EaDo Houston called Magnolia’s that happens to be on the railroad as well. Wonder if that was the place Darryl picked him up. Hmm

SO GOOD!   (5/5)

Totally hooked on this podcast - love Alex's work - the production value is top notch, as well. Can't wait to hear more!!

Love this!   (5/5)

Awesome podcast!

Wow!!!   (5/5)

Some scary stuff going on here! The best podcast I have encountered in a long time. The music gives me the chills! Thank you for sharing this story that gives me nightmares. Excellent host, I want to hear more.....

Love it!   (5/5)

Really enjoy the way this is structured. I had never heard of this serial killer so his story really intrigued me as well as your quest to find the truth. I’m very conflicted as I assume you were as to wether believe their stories or not. Keep it up!

LOVEIT   (5/5)

Im afraid of Angel's voice! Great music. Awesome content.


Oh man, this show is perfect and i can't wait to see where these discoveries take the investigation. CREEPPPPPPYYYYYYYYY.


Episode 2 is officially here and I AM EVEN MORE OBSESSED THAN BEFORE!!!!!

Ignore my username 🙄😬   (5/5)

I’m really excited for the future of this podcast! It’s amazing so far and so worth a listen!!! Can’t wait for more

Excited for more   (5/5)

Thsi show quickly became one of my favorites. 40 murders? How did this guy get away with doing this for so long without getting caught? Imagine who is out there right now? Ughhhhh creepy.

living FOR THIS   (5/5)

the producction is amazing and so is the story telling =- a match made in heaven!

DMT DMT DMT!!!   (5/5)

Can't stop sharing this show with my friends. Legit obsessed.

Best podcast of 2018   (5/5)

I'm really into this story. I think any exploration of a persons actions and life take an amazing amount of courage and persistence. I would expect more to come out of Resendiz's life before the end of this pod. Excited to see where it takes us.

Need more now thanks byeeeeeee   (5/5)

just keep making more episodes and release them hourly K THX

100% go listen to this show   (5/5)


love it so much   (5/5)

im going to listen to episode 1 again right now!

Really enjoying this   (5/5)

made me look into the railroad killer more and i'm just happy i didn't grow up in texas at that time. those poor people, this guy was truly a psycho

if creepys ya thing   (5/5)

ya gotta get in here and listen

Love podcasts?   (5/5)

Well here's another one for you to listen to. The suspense is beyond anything and I'm eagerly awaiting episode 2.

Dead Man Talking   (5/5)

I live here in Missouri City, Texas and recall this crime. I have enjoyed how you have presented this story and learn things that I didn’t know before. I can’t wait to hear the rest. Keep up the good work.

Resendiz is a nut job   (5/5)

I'm very happy he's not around any more and I'll NEVER EVER go to Texas. JK i love Texas

No surprise this show is getting such great reviews   (5/5)

just listen and you'll see why

Boom again   (5/5)

Gotta admit I think Audioboom puts out a decent slate of shows. Look forward to hearing more of this one.

A+   (5/5)

Gotta tip my hat to this show. My friend told me to check it out and typically I find True Crime a little too dramatic, but Dead Man Talking has some great storytelling and journalism that puts it in a class of its own.

feeling it   (5/5)

seems like this story is going to have a lot of extra layers to it - can't wait to see them peeled back one by one

Yessir!   (5/5)

This is the podcast of the year in my opinion. Resendiz was a menace to society and I can't believe how crazy he really was. I always thought those crime shows over-hyped these killers for the drama, but DMT has me totally thinking differently about that. 10/10

Awesome   (5/5)

Added to my list of shows I'll be listening to on road trips. This is a keeper and one that I can see myself listening to over and over again.

Perfect release time   (5/5)

Loving the creepy vibes of this story. This guy was a real mad man.



If you love true crime podcasts, get in here!   (5/5)

I'd put this show up against any other true crime show out there. Can't wait to see where this one takes us, it's going to be a fun, scary and wild journey through this dude's life.

More like Dead Man Talking to me!   (5/5)

Sends shivers down my spine when I hear Resendiz's voice. So unsettling.

This story is INSANEEEEE   (5/5)

How did this guy get away with this for so long. Never buying or living near train tracks EVER!

I NEED MORE!!!!   (5/5)

Give me more episodes nowwwwwwwwwwww!!!!!!!!!!

I <3 Alex   (5/5)

great writing and am enamored with the host!

It delivered   (5/5)

heard the trailer and subscribed immediiately and episode 1 surpassed my expectations. A+ 10/10

I'll never walk by the railroad tracks again   (5/5)

this story is giving me the creeps, but I still can't get enough. If episode 1 is this good, I can't wait for the rest!

Not really what it claims to be   (1/5)

One episode and a trailer so I’m not sure where all these reviews came from. The title is deceiving because you don’t hear much talking from the dead man unless that 45 seconds of his confession tapes is it. The entire thing is conflated self important and heavily edited to showcase the host while featuring very little from the killer. If listening to a podcaster tell you their conflated version of the killers confession is what you want then this is for you but I would rather just listen to the killer in his own words. Look up the confession tapes, they’re easy to find.

Awesome!   (5/5)

I love this. I love podcasts that investigate crimes and the truth and this is a perfect example of that. I look forward to more!


can't believe someone so evil could go on for so long without being caught. Glad he's not around anymore and loving this story!


I'm obsessed with this show and am now on my 3rd time listening to episode 1 and am currently going down internet rabbit holes to learn more about this psycho!

Dead. Man. Talking. WOW   (5/5)

Everyone needs to listen to this pod - it's really amazing and I feel like it's going to take us on a weird and wild journey!

love the artwork   (5/5)

the cassette is pretty genius and really ties the whole thing together

Bravooooooo!!!   (5/5)

Can’t wait to binge this series!!

A+++++   (5/5)

I'v e been folloing the rail road killer for awhile now and this show is giving me more info then I couldve ever imagined



living for this podcast!   (5/5)

this show is right up there with up & vanished and dirty john. loving it so far !

Brilliant   (5/5)

Great journalism. Great storytelling. Great subject. Really digging this so far!

THIS IS AWESOME!!!!   (5/5)


SO far SO GREAT!   (5/5)

really awesome stuff and proves once again that great journalists should continue to use podcasting as a way to get their shows out there!

Perfect lead up to halloween!   (5/5)

I spent some time in Houston and it's kind of crazy all of this was going on at a time before I was there. Crazy to think these people are out there. ::chills::

There's something ....   (5/5)

totally unnerving about hearing the real voice of a serial killer. Kinda brings a whole new layer of creep into an already creepy topic. If you're into getting the creeps, this is the perfect show for you. If you're into great journalism, this show is perfect for you.

DMT   (5/5)

Scary story since I live now in Texas and been to these towns, for work , can’t wait for more !

interesting   (5/5)

im a guy from the dallas fort worth area and i have never heard bout this. really dark stuff.

Good start   (5/5)

Great listen, looking forward to the rest of this series. Some solid audio engineering and presentation as well!

DMT   (5/5)

Thanks, Doug Stanhope! This is a great October recommendation. Cheers!

DMT   (5/5)

Loved the first episode! Music is great, story is awesome!

One of the best podcasts out there!!   (5/5)

Very well produced podcast. Love it...

Really love this so far   (5/5)

If you love true crime or if you love amazing storytelling, hit up this show immediately!

This guy killed 40 people?!??!   (5/5)

This is crazy and I can't imagine actually talking to such an evil person! I can never look at trains the same again!

this show is everythinggggggggg   (5/5)

A+++ and the accent is all I need in my life RN

Yasssssssssss   (5/5)

Living for this show right now. I need EPISODE 2 like YESTERDAY!

Everyone in my office loves this show!   (5/5)

I sometimes put on podcasts to pass the time in the office and my co-worker asked for a recommendation. I told her I was listen to Dead Man Talking now everyone in the office can't stop talking about it!

Yay! First review!   (5/5)

HIGHLY recommend! Fabulous storytelling. This is gonna be a wild ride!

TRRK   (5/5)

I've been watching documentaries on this nut job for years and love learning more BUT 40 FREAKING PEOPLE?!?!?!? HOLY MOLEY!

A++++++   (5/5)

the host is pulling a string and I'm so excited to see where it takes him

Intriguing Case   (5/5)

This is fascinating - can’t wait to hear if Alex uncovers new evidence

The Railroad Killer!   (5/5)

Kinda surprised I don't see this dude's name that often - he's one of the most prolfic serial killers of all time and I'm, as weird as it is to say, super excited to learn about this dude's life.

Loving. This.   (5/5)

EWWWW this dude was sooooo creepy and the host really has a case on his hands. Can't wait to see where this one takes us!

Been waiting since the trailer for episode 1   (5/5)

And this show absolutely delivered what I expected it to. Jeez this rail road killer guy is nuts!

I dig...   (5/5)

Keep up the good work, I’m looking forward to future episodes...

Thanks doug stanhope   (5/5)

I’m enjoying what I’ve heard so far Doug stanhope Gregg chaille Bryan Hennigan Chad shank Becker Inman Morgan Murphy And AMY BINGO BINGAMAN!!! Fulfill my podcast dreams and caviar wishes. Now I have DEAD MAN TALKIN’ So good. So good.

Hmmmm   (5/5)

Interesting story. Can’t wait to hear the rest.