Aggregated reviews for In Our Time

Melvyn Bragg and guests discuss the history of ideas

great but the host...   (4/5) a little pushy sometimes. Not terrible but takes me out of it a bit.

fascinating and rich show   (5/5)

So much expertise, every episode.

Best kept Secret   (5/5)

This is one of well done podcast. Guests are picked well for the topics. I always learn something from each episode and always looking forward to that "Do you want Coffee or Tea"

Top Notch!   (5/5)

This is how podcasts should be done. Fascinating topics, with a range of knowledgeable guests, and a host who isn’t afraid to guide the discussion and keep it interesting. Some people find that annoying, but I experience it the way I would a good university seminar. One of the best, with a massive back catalog. I hope it goes on forever.

Interdisciplinary wonders   (5/5)

The eclecticism of topics, always pursued with rigor, is astonishing. I feel so enriched after every episode. I also enjoy the occasions when the professors disagree and politely but insistently fight each other on minor historical minutiae. Fond memories of grad seminars, sigh

Great content but the host interrupts A LOT   (3/5)

I like the thoughtful episodes, since there’s obviously a lot of preparation and research that goes into each one. However. The host interrupts the guests constantly! Sometimes, a guest will start a sentence 4-5 times and he keeps interrupting. It’s extremely distracting so I have to be in just the right mood to listen. Appreciate the content though.

Feed Error   (4/5)

Love the podcast, but for a while now the feed has been sending notifications of new (or replays of archived) episodes without actually making those episodes available.

Host needs to stop interrupting   (3/5)

Wonderful guests and interesting topics, but Melvin Bragg almost incessantly interrupts guests mid sentence, which really detracts from the podcast. It’s not only run on answers- often a guest is mid way through their first sentence before he’s cutting in!

Update feed please   (5/5)

The link must be broken because the latest episode, Frederick Douglass, was not in my feed. I had to go to the website to listen to it. Thanks for producing this great podcast.

Best best best   (5/5)

Melvyn Bragg is truly a polymath and this program needs to be a university course.

Everything I was ever curious about   (5/5)

Melvin’s preparation in guiding the conversation never ceases to amaze me. His topics are diverse and thoroughly overviewed in the time allotted and he always has included 1 female guest. I’m a big fan.

Great guests and topics but weak host   (1/5)

The host interrupts, and then forgets to mute his mike so his shuffling of papers or heavy breathing disturbs the presentation of the others.

In our time   (5/5)

Just the absolute best I have been listening for more than 16 years to this program- what helps make my life better!!

Deep dives into interesting topics with academics   (4/5)

Each episode delves deep into a specific topic, I’m partial to the history of science area but philosophy, history, art, and literature are also very good. It’s a host and several academics having a chat for which they’ve all prepared very well. There’s virtually no wasted chatter so I listen to this when I know I can focus ( or the topic is just too compelling).

such a special show   (5/5)

I like how the guests and the host are working TOGETHER, not fighting with each other. Wish all of cable TV news worked like that

Learn something new   (5/5)

Enjoy a cup of coffee or tea with Melvyn and his guests as they discuss topics you didn’t know were so interesting. In-depth, academic, and often funny (the gin episode is a highlight!). Go ahead, learn something new.

Best show ever   (5/5)

Best show ever! They delve into a subject head on without any of the usual let’s talk about ourselves first, our pet peeves, our glorious achievements, and how we came to this subject in the first place. Me me me! It is totally the opposite of most shows. Each invited guest takes turns to answer a question on a given subject and does not get interrupted. It’s clear, precise and extremely charming. I also listen to the philosophy one.

Nerve wracking   (2/5)

I started with the Frankenstein episode. While the guests were very knowledgeable Melvyn’s constant interjections were so distracting. It was like I was listening to a game show where the “contestants” have 20 seconds to nervously share their knowledge before they are interrupted. It was not a pleasant listening experience.

“Evolution of the Horse”   (5/5)

A RARE miss for you. (Not rated, this time.). Hope you will take another crack at this subject, when additional experts announce themselves. These oarticular experts had a 99% mechanical approach, as if they were discussing obsolete automobiles. The FOLKLORE of horses, the religion of the Old Iranians, all the juicy DETAILS of their actual role in the human culture of the nomadic Eurasian people, the inspiration they have provided through the ages, the details of their role in medieval times (what IS a “palfrey,” anyway?).... Their role in popular culture, literary models, the latest behavioral discoveries... You need MORE EXPERTS in areas other than horse-meat on this topic.

Highest academic quality   (5/5)

This podcast / radio show has the highest quality academic discussions you will find anywhere for free.

Such good questions   (5/5)

I love the host’s questions — a sure bet every time that he’s done his homework.

MELVYN   (5/5)

Nobody does it better than Melvyn Bragg

Love the discussions   (5/5)

The pace of the conversations, the depth and breadth of subjects covered here are simply remarkable. The extra bit at the end is also very enjoyable, as people share their more particular interests/views on some subjects, and the passion really shows. P.S. I always listen to the end to find out what everyone wants to drink that day

In Our Time BBC Radio 4   (5/5)

Best history show on podcast. Excellent historians and show format. I listen to several history podcast. This is my favorite!

One of my favorite pods.   (5/5)

From coffee to Doggerland, Melvin and his guests drop some serious knowledge. I really love that one Ancient Greek scholar who’s on regularly with the sumptuous serpent-like voice.

Outstanding Stuff   (5/5)

Love the wide range of topics discussed by experts. Particularly liked Doggerland and the recent Coffee.

Great Podcast—with occasional stumbles   (5/5)

I look forward to this podcast and almost always profit from it. But “Coffee” and “Doggerland” (something like that)—not so much, or rather, not at all

This podcast is the bomb!   (5/5)

Best podcast ever

Excellent   (5/5)

Excellent guests and Melvyn is a very good interviewer - he always asks the questions the layperson listener has and keeps things moving. The history episodes are the strongest in my opinion but all are good.

Just the best   (5/5)

The quality of the experts, the variety of perspectives, and Melvyn’s ability to make complex concepts accessible—this program is simply the best. I primarily tune in to the “Culture” episodes, especially the literature-focused ones, but I’ve found so much value across the board. I love to hear people speak passionately about their fields, and I always learn something new and fascinating, even about topics I’m already familiar with. SO GOOD.

Got history of science podcasts?   (4/5)

What could be better than 4-6 people in a room discussing a topic for about and hour followed by coffee or tea? Topics rangs from literature, philospophy, religious, and history (including the history of science). The guests change per episode (except for the excellent moderator). I'm a sucker for the episodes on the history of science which are fascinating... to me.

Just when things get interesting...   (1/5)

There’s a confused old man interrupting or switching the subject, it’s actually infuriating

Hands down best thing ever   (5/5)

I’ve learned so much listening to this podcast. My favorite was on enzymes. Seriously. Enzymes. This show is that good. One thing I particularly appreciate is that the show’s panels always feature at least one woman as an expert. Even the math and science topics. Take that, gender stereotypes!

My favorite Podcast!   (5/5)

In Our Time never disappoints! Every podcast is a positive learning experience!

Melvyn, please stop interrupting!   (4/5)

This is a great history podcast but Melvyn is constantly interrupting his guests and it makes it really hard to listen to sometimes. I would like to hear more from his guests and much less from him! Otherwise the guests and topics are always great!

Bragg is a BOSS   (5/5)

Bragg is a great host. He’s dealing with HUGE egos. The fact that we can learn anything is thanks to Melvyn’s preternatural ability to reign in these massive eggheads. I will always be a fan.

PDC2   (5/5)

A lovely bit of audio education.

Don’t underestimate the women on this podcast   (5/5)

Great podcast. Does Melvyn treat women differently than men? Yes. But what many seem to miss is that these women don’t need your protests. Formidable academics like Mary Beard, Angela Hobbs, and many others are not slowed by Melvyn’s inadequacies. These women return again and again to his podcast because they are well published, respected and know that they are experts in their fields. They don’t let his biases bring them down. If things change you will have these women that engage to thank. Your reviews will not do quite as much comparatively. Most Americans are probably not used to this format, especially with academics guests. Melvyn receives their notes in advance and can get irate if they deviate from them or go off on tangents. You miss the respect he has for his guests as he tries to keep any one guest to make their point of view the entirety of the show. It’s good that people are paying attention but I wish they would plug in to who these professors are and what they do for a living.

A classic   (5/5)

I love this show so much! Always interesting and I always learn something!

Interrupts Women   (2/5)

I love the podcast but often can’t listen because Melvyn disproportionately interrupts the female guests. Like, constantly. Just let them talk! They’re the experts! It’s really off-putting.

How do we know this?   (5/5)

That's my question to historians when everything sounds a little too detailed and thankfully Melvyn Bragg is not too shy to ask his guests how much stock we can put in various historical tales. One of a handful of BBC programs in my arsenal against ignorance, "In Our Time" has enough depth and breadth to make me feel I've pushed back the onslaught of assumptions and outright nonsense a little farther each time I listen. Many thanks to all involved in producing the program and "Congrats!" on twenty years.

Host maintains intellectual discipline on the panel.   (5/5)

Bragg is so good at maintaining intellectual discipline on the forum that he can sometimes come off as heavy handed. But, because he has the courage to be rude when it matters, he is able to keep the panel completely focussed on the critical point of the issue. The result is a rich and satisfying discussion that will keep you coming back.

Great show, occasionally boorish host   (4/5)

Excellent discussion and breadth of topics on this show, but Melvyn has an embarrassing tendency to cut off female guests in the way he seldom does to males.

I love Melvyn   (5/5)

This is a wonderful radio programme, stick around for the bit at the end when Melvyn asks the guests what they missed. Thanks to everyone involved in making this fabulous, illuminating, entertaining show!

Very informative. Host keeps the show focused   (5/5)

My wife and I love the show. It's always informative about the entire subject even in the short time given. The host does a good job keeping the university professors from taking too much on any one detail or an academic disagreement. He knows how to keep the conversation substantial, serious, and focused on what non-academics would like to and need to know. Some topics are uninteresting to me of course. Those that I do listen to I learn and understand something new and not esoteric. Very informative. Highly recommended. Been listening a decade plus.

Performer   (5/5)

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Arm yourself with knowledge   (5/5)

The show has introduced a great variety of historical events to me. This program provides a firm foundation of information about the topics. It is a balance of essential information and commentary from the guests. Mr. Bragg keeps the show in balance.

Entertaining   (5/5)

For the most part the topics are entertaining and always in depth... & I thoroughly enjoy the producer coming in to offer tea or coffee at the end. Bragg is tremendous.

Great format and content, very bad app pacing.   (4/5)

Let me just say that this is one of the very good podcasts for in-depth discussions on an encyclopedic range of topics. However, the pacing of the program is often not satisfactory, and more than occasionally annoying. Often a direct question is asked, and the scholars would ramble on for minutes, not actually answering the questions, prompting the host to frequently interrupt, disrupting the flow of conversation. What they should do is to schedule better in advance, agreeing the relevant questions, terms used, and indispensable background information that must be presented.

Great guests, horrible host.   (3/5)

Great guests, horrible host.

Essential   (5/5)

Outstanding in both breadth and depth - and is so due to rather than in spite of Melvin’s direction and correction.

Excellent podcast   (5/5)

Varied selection of topics. Excellent panelists.

Fantastic Show   (5/5)

Brilliant, well-rounded show. Covers a broad spectrum of interesting topics and Melvin is excellent in how he maneuvers and guides the show. I listen to shows repeatedly at work. Keep them coming!

Time is of the essence!   (5/5)

I’m always impressed by Melvin’s ability to move forward thru a subject being discussed with his perfect questions. His guest may stray from the subject and Melvin is able to move the guest back.I’ve never thought of him as rude. I feel he is brilliant! What ever the subject, I’m amazed, that he is able to ask the perfect question at the perfect moment. I’m sure his guests know of and expect his interruptions.

Melvin   (5/5)

I enjoy Melvin as a commentator, for multiple reasons. Chief among these is that he often asks questions that I was thinking. The fact that he is confident in his questioning, willing to state what he does not know, allows me comfort.

Interesting   (5/5)

Rated this as 5 stars because of the guests and topics. I agree about Melvyn. I wish he would quit interrupting quite so often and let his guests finish a sentence. Although that does help when one of the guest is a little long winded

Fascinating despite the host   (4/5)

I’ve listened to this podcast for years. Most of the topics and guests are terrific, both in the information they provide and their insights. I echo other reviewers concerning Melvin Bragg. His rudeness has worsened over the years. I’m also now distracted by his heavy breathing and paper shuffling. I have to make an effort to ignore the audible breathing of Melvin while a guest is talking. Credit to the guests for making this podcast worthwhile.

Listen for the guests; ignore the host   (5/5)

This is an outstanding podcast with supplemental materials to make it a mini university lecture. The guests are almost always excellent and interesting. Melvyn Bragg, the host, is brusque to the point of rude, especially to an American ear. He is likely trying to keep people on task but his imperiousness gets old fast to this Anglophile American ear.

Host is demeaning to women   (2/5)

I have listened to a few of these and was blown away by the expertise of the guests, but the host constantly interrupts them with his mumbling, quite rude comments. In many of the episodes I listened to, he cuts off the female guests so much that they hardly can even get their information out, and are left with fractional amounts of time to speak compared to their male guests. I was astonished at how blatant it was. I cannot express how much I dislike this host, despite the excellent content of the guests. If they got a new host, I would listen.

Ignore the bad reviews   (5/5)

Someone falsely claimed the host is sexist. Untrue. Melvyn treats every guest the same. If a guest wanders Bragg gets them back on track by interrupting them and steering them back to the conversation. Male or female every guest is given time to talk. It’s only a 45 minute show. Focus people. Trust me you’ll love this.

Host is rude to guests   (4/5)

I notice the host really freaks out when he hears something he has never heard about before - especially from a woman. A guest started talking about “the matter of Britain” - a literature reference (I think it was in the Tristan and Isolde podcast) anyway he doesn’t like it if anyone presents him any info he isn’t aware of. And of course he just insists on interrupting or telling a guest to hurry up frequently.

Sounds terrible host boooooring   (3/5)

This show is super informative and the panelists are wonderful. The host is like a stale biscuit which is one of 2 unfortunate things. The second issue is that this show has so much heavy breathing and lip smacking sounds that aren’t filtered out it’s distracting and annoying.

Brilliant host   (5/5)

Cannot believe the host’s grasp of facts, figures and concepts. Keeps the program moving at a pleasant pace. Effective in controlling his academic guests - keeping them on topic.

Horrible Host   (1/5)

Melvyn Bragg is so incredibly sexist that I finally had to delete this from my feed. I listened to Bragg interrupt women, tell them to shorten their comments, congratulate them if they kept their comments short, and argue with them. I finally had enough when he told a woman during the “extra time” whom he prevented from making a comment that she had plenty of time given to her to make a point during the regular time. Women academics - boycott this!! Women listeners - delete it!!

Great content, below average host   (3/5)

I love the guests that come into this show, they were well picked In that they are interesting, dynamic, and extremely knowledgeable on the topic. They explain things well and are very insightful. The host is annoying, he interrupts his guests constantly with questions and his own thoughts. In addition, this may be because I am American, but he mumbles and talks very quickly sometimes so that it’s impossible to hear his 100th interjection. I have mixed feelings about this podcast but I persevere through the bumbling host so I can listen to the great guests

Always interesting   (5/5)

I learn so much from this podcast. There are so many interesting topics covered. I love the style of having a panel of experts to provide evidence/experience and the quick succession of questions from the host. I’ll definitely keep listening.

Great podcast   (5/5)

Great podcast

History made interesting   (5/5)

The podcast does a great job of going in depth for each topic, sometimes a little too much but nonetheless interesting.

Wonderful   (4/5)

I’m a history major in the US and I love this podcast. The guests are extremely knowledgeable and provide excellent context for whatever setting they’re exploring. Thank you for the podcast! I only took off one star because it seems that the host Melvin continually interrupts his guests, particularly the female ones, in a rather rude way. I love listening to their extended answers.

Absolutely fantastic   (5/5)

Excellent quality, excellent delivery, excellent content. Thank you.

Excellent   (5/5)

This is like having coffee once a week with a bunch of fascinating scientists and historians. I enjoy hearing different perspectives and being introduced to new subjects. If you like history or science you will like this. Happy listening.

Curmudgeonly and great!   (5/5)

Love this. Nice little sound bytes on topics and I love Melvin’s persona. I can hear him shaking his cane at the experts

Essential   (5/5)

Where else could you find true deep context for some of the most enduring and iconic moments of history and science and culture? An exceptional podcast.

more prizes!   (5/5)

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Essential listening   (5/5)

Essential listening if you're interested in a range of science, history, society, culture, arts, etc.

The best   (5/5)

Incredible podcast.

plz fix the missing artwork problem!!!!!   (5/5)

The podcast is not showing its artwork once downloaded. really disturbing, plz fix it apple!!!

Listener for 7 years now   (5/5)

I recommend this podcast to all my friends- I have enjoyed and benefitted from it for years now. I first discovered it when I was looking for something to listen to while running in New England in the winter, and In Our Time turned what would have been a cold slog into 40 minutes where I found myself listening so hard that I hardly noticed the mud, sleet, or snow drifts. There are enough episodes to easily follow one's interests. Some panels are better than others, but in general an episode gives a good snapshot of the most current academic ideas and attitudes about the topic. Upon a topic that the listener knows nothing of she will gain a good overview, on a familiar one new insights. My go-to.

Simply the best podcast   (5/5)

Consistently fascinating, engaging, and entertaining. I can thank Melvyn for introducing me to Evelyn Waugh, Mary Beard, the evolutionary history of the whale, and so many wonderful episodes. A treasure.

Dense, but insightful   (5/5)

This show is not for the casual listener, but as someone who is passionate about history and likes to hear in depth academic discussion, it delivers in spades.

Expansive & Informative   (5/5)

These podcasts cover every subject in a concise manner and with expert analysis. Everything you want to know, but about which you will never have enough time to read.

In Our Time, a reluctant fan’s perspective.   (5/5)

Stumbled on In Our Time while looking for a direct link to the BBC Global News podcast a few years ago. I have to say at first I found it a bit dry when compared to more audience focused podcasts. Now I am completed addicted to Mr. Bragg and his erudite and knowledgeable exploration of basically everything worth knowing in (and outside) of our world. Fascinating discussion with learned experts on topics ranging from Jayne Eyre to Echolocation and everything in between. Mr. Bragg is an excellent inquisitor and asked probing and knowledgeable questions on every facet of the days’ subject. In order to fully appreciate the talent of Mr. Bragg one MUST listen to his interview with Dennis Potter which is as beautiful a thing as can be and allowed Mr. Potter to express his views on life and art (which were very prescient particularly his perspective on Mr. Murdoch and the advent of False News) in his last days. Really a show of the highest excellence and something that represents the best of our western Anglophone culture and the true purpose of the BBC.

Ridiculously good   (5/5)

I always leave each installment of In Our Time with some new insight or idea, and often a new book or books to seek out. Simply presented, with scholarly perspectives for the curious mind, expertly guided by Melvyn Bragg. Bravo!

In our time   (5/5)

Four Quartets This was an interesting episode. All the episodes are enlightening and rich for me. In your concluding remarks you said that Eliot wrote ‘all shall be wellk,and then US dropped itsbombs. Ithink Eliot would not have envisaged such a possibility. He was simply quoting from Dame Julian of Norwich. ThisI learned from online search. Chandrasekharan Chennai India

Food For Thought Indeed!   (5/5)

Preparing for a 7 hour bus trip home & was looking for something interesting to listen to on the way, figured since some of the shows I enjoy watching on YouTube are BBC 4 programs I would take a look at what they had to offer in the way of podcasts. Picked out a few episodes that caught my eye & the first one i listened to completely blew my mind! The podcast was about Ben Franklin in Englan, I assumed they were just discussing the thing about the bones found under the house he rented- which they did cover, but as things progresed they went into why he was in England & his orignal leanings toward concilliation, they talked about the events that lead to our grievances that lead to the declaration of our independance from England -one of the most important reasons being the taxation without representation is probably the first one we learn in elementary school, but I have never heard exactly WHY. Listening to this discussion I found out that we were given a charter that said we were the only ones allowed to impose taxes, but when England taxed us they were in violation of that guarantee, & combined with the other issues we had no choice but to stand up & tell England NO. I was so exciteed & I have enjoyed the other podcasts I've been listening to just as much! I love the way the topics are being discussed & dissected, the guests challeneged in their answers & made to defend their positions! Looking forward to listening to the ones currently downloading, my brain is the better for these wonderful programs!! BBC, you are the best!!

Excellent   (5/5)

I’ve been listening for almost a decade! The only podcast that has never let me down!

A wonderful resource   (5/5)

Unlike so many talk shows and podcasts, these are a series of well moderated, professional discussions on a wide variety of topics that are educational, thought provoking and easy to listen to while you are working on more mundane tasks. And given there are over 800 on file, they will last a good long while for the most ravenous listener,

A programme for grown-ups   (5/5)

Thank you BBC for this wonderful programme, which looks closely at subjects that often get little or no attention outside academia.

Rambling, obnoxious interruptions, people talking over each other!!   (1/5)

I really respect anyone who puts any effort and time into creating something. I really do. However, sometimes, they just cannot help themselves. I found the subjects discussed in the podcast to be very interesting but the damm host just cannot help himself from talking over, under and around the EXPERTS that he invites on the show. The guy keeps interrupting EXPERTS who try to answer questions he just asked or trying to explain a certain fine point. I guarantee you that the host’s bad habits, irresponsible behavior and antics will annoy you within 12 minutes. If you are patience like me and give him the whole hour on the first try, be careful and don’t use any sharp objects for a day afterwards as you may hurt yourself or someone you love intentionally. Now I can finally delete this podcast and get my sanity back.

Better than university   (5/5)

The entire BBC series, In Our Time, is outstanding. They go into depths, details, tangents, digressions, explorations that US programs simply do not match. The speakers are wonderful. Complex information is presented in a civilized, engaging, leisurely pace such that any one may enjoy. They are simply the best podcasts I have ever enjoyed. Brilliant work!!!!

Rating   (5/5)


Fascinating, informative discussions   (5/5)

A masterclass in topics as varied as can be imagined. Long may it run.

Simply put   (5/5)

The best free education you will ever receive.

Superb broadcasts for the curious and the literate.   (5/5)

All The in Our Time Podcasts are genuinely superb. The host keeps the academics on topic with a firm hand and sharp humor. Columbia University provides links to many of the podcasts so that students can use it as a resource in its core curriculum. Any educated person will find much stimulation and pleasure here. I listen to these podcasts when I want to reward myself.

perfect!   (5/5)

Scholarly yet accessible, light-hearted yet substantive, this long-running series teaches me so much! thank-you!

Spread the word   (5/5)

If every person on Earth would just take 50 minutes to listen to this intelligent, and insightful discussion, on any of the topics covered, World Peace would surely come pass. The inspirational stories and little known, but perspective altering arguments and contexts presented by scholarly experts, captained by the Moderator General, elevate the quality of discovery to where we’ll all thirst for more. Huge library of content; everyone will find topics interesting to them - spread the word.

I want to marry Melvyn   (5/5)

Melvyn is so subtly hilarious and extremely witty. He is SO charming and brilliant. I go to sleep every night listening to his soothing voice. I think he’s my soulmate. If you see this, Melvyn, thank you for enriching my life. 😽😽😽😽 Also, Melvyn interrupts because that’s his job to guide the discussion and make sure there is time to cover all the important points. The experts are there to give information, but Melvyn’s role is difficult and important, and he does it with such tact and elegance. He is truly a pro.

Excellent show (Melvyn’s throat clearing is jarring though)   (5/5)

I love this show and look forward to new episodes. One small note; please have Melvyn back off the microphone when clearing his throat. It’s quite jarring.

Love it   (5/5)

This podcast is always entertaining and brings you through the life of an idea or a person without any nonsense or filler. I do love how the bonus content always ends with the producer asking everyone if they want coffee or tea.

Melvyn Bragg is hard to take.   (3/5)

The contents from his guests is excellent in spite of him, not because of his skill as a moderator. He talks over and interrupts his guests.

The pinnacle   (5/5)

The absolute essential

A shame I'm too dumb for this.   (5/5)


Consistently excellent.   (5/5)

I feel that I am getting a second education in the liberal arts and sciences. Consistently great.

Thank God your back!!   (5/5)

Absolutely love this podcast. Summer break is too long!! Wide ranging topics and guests. I go back and listen to older podcasts multiple times.

Interesting and informative   (5/5)

Melvyn is an expert interviewer and I love the variety of topics.

Wonderful topics   (4/5)

Love the topics, great guests with lots of passion and knowledge to share. The host is, unfortunately, very rude to women- much more likely to interrupt them, dismiss them and talk down to them. With a better host this would be amazing.

The Best!   (5/5)

This is my favorite podcast. I wait for releases on Thursdays and just dread the few weeks when they take a summer break. Thank you BBC!

This podcast...   (5/5) so good with presenting philosophy that it got me into listening to other philosophy podcasts. This one is still my favorite.

Great Topics, Tiresome Host   (3/5)

I love the topics explored and enjoy the perspectives brought to each subject by the panel of academics and experts. But good lord, Melvyn Bragg is past his prime—he runs over guests and inserts himself into the discussion way too much. More and more he sounds like a doddering old man.

Excellent Podcast   (5/5)

Excellent podcast that covers a wide range of interesting topics.

Best podcast out there   (5/5)

For anyone who is looking for a thoughtful, poignant and intelligent way to pass the time, In Our Time is one such way. Melvyn Bragg's voice is one of the most recognizable in radio and, whether the topic is Hildegard of Bingen, Pliny the Elder or Photosynthesis, there is something for everyone, always delivered in a relaxing, calming way. I really hope things like this stick around!

I often sleep to this...   (4/5)

...because the accents are SO plummy and the discussion is SO civil. But it is not boring, just soothing. Insomnia has no chance against this podcast. Often, I listen again the next day , while awake. Really interesting subjects sometimes. Other times, obscure, maybe interesting.

Almost perfect, but....   (4/5)

I am a long-time listener and absolutely love this podcast. There is only one major issue and that is that Melvyn has an annoying habit of interrupting and talking over his guests. If this was an occaisional flaw, then I would have rated it 5 stars, but its constant. Come-on man, take a step back, listen, and quit interjecting yourself.

Enjoyable and educational.   (5/5)

Lively discussions about interesting topics that run the gamut from science, history & the arts.

Deep and interesting, relevant to our times   (5/5)

I found this by accident and listened to two episodes; I was amazed and posted on Facebook about the interviews. Thank you for this great show.

Topic Roulette   (5/5)

One of the few podcasts that consistently bring a smile to my face. Smart and well presented, the topics are always a pleasant surprise.

Food for thought   (5/5)

The very best podcast I listen to. Great topics, well presented with interesting people each week.

Genius   (5/5)

So intellectual and entertaining. Well done!!!

So interesting   (5/5)

I really enjoy listening to these various topics-- some familar and some unfamiliar.

Great   (5/5)

Looking forward to the return of this series.

guests are great - host is awful   (3/5)

The guests are great and I enjoy them until the host pops in with some idiotic comment.

Liberal Arts at its Best   (5/5)

This podcast keeps you engaged in thinking about the vast scope of human knowledge and experience. It is everything you wish your undergrad liberal arts degree would have been. The guests are the best scholars in their field, and the host is the perfect student. I listen to every new episode as soon as I can, and often go into the archives for more.

Favorite podcast!   (5/5)

This is my favorite podcast, it's smart and civil and funny. I always learn something new, and the topics vary wildly! So good!

My favorite podcast   (5/5)

Every week they bring in three new guests, who unleash a lifetime's worth of knowledge over the course of 45 minutes, on topics that cover the entire spectrum of human knowledge. I eagerly await each new week, when I will get to hear Melvyn's introduction, be introduced to the new discussants, and discover the fascinating story behind some new piece of history, science, art, religion, or culture.

You can smell the Earl Grey...through your ears!   (5/5)

I went to Cambridge University for a year as an undergrad and this show took me way back. I felt like a goofy 20 year old again; drinking beer in The Eagle while attempting to eavesdrop on conversations precisely like the ones moderated by Melvyn Bragg's In Our Time. I love the plurality of thought and the diversity of topic. From Circadian Rhythms to Beowulf - treat yourself and get your learn on!

By far my favorite podcast   (5/5)

Consistently interesting, fantastic guests, very informative.

Even when you don't care it's brilliant   (5/5)

Great conversations, intelligent people, candy for your mind.

Best pure science podcast!   (5/5)

This podcast goes more deeper on scientific topics than you find in other podcasts. If you like to nerd out on the wonders of the photon (or other scientific phenomenon) for an hour while driving to work this podcast is for you. If you are not innately interested in science, then you might find this show dry and boring. Here the listeners are treated like grown ups who find learning rewarding for its own sake.

Thoughtful & interesting   (5/5)

When this pod does a show on a topic you are interested in , its great. 45 minutes of researched , thoughtful , considered comments. In depth and insightful.

Five ⭐️s Are Not Enough   (5/5)

Melvyn Bragg, what an extraordinarily talented and good human you are. As one of your most enthusiastic podcast fans, who will tell anyone who will listen that they absolutely MUST subscribe to "In Our Time", I hope you know how so thoroughly respected, loved and honoured you are. You nourish our minds with the vast array of subjects (and special guests) and our souls with your consistently thoughtful approach. Thank goodness you're still a young man (!!!) so that we may all look forward to many more years of "In Our Time". Thank you, truly, thank you so much.

Top Notch   (5/5)

Excellent program! Wouldn't miss an episode. Thanks so much!

Terrific!   (5/5)

If you are a history junkie as I am this is a great podcast.

Example of What makes the bbc so great   (5/5)

Wonderful series. Where else can you hear academics discussing topics such as this.

Great podcast.   (5/5)

I just wanted to say that Mr. Bragg may have the best job going - great interviewer/facilitator. I also like the addition of the bonus material.

Real intellectual content!   (5/5)

I just love this show. It ranges from physics to African history to biography. No matter what the subject, the content is always interesting and illuminating. Bragg and his guests know how to give enough background for the uninitiated while still getting into some real depth. I’m so glad that I’ve been able to download the back episodes that were broadcast before I stumbled upon this podcast.

Intellectually stimulating and wildly entertaining   (5/5)

Melvyn, thank you for this podcast, your guests, and the topics you choose. The breadth of material and the depth of discourse fills my commute and expands my own horizons.

Love the guests. Could do without the host.   (3/5)

Great variety of topics, explained and commented upon by bright people who speak well. But the host, Melvin, is unbearably sexist. In older episodes, he would interrupt women regularly. Perhaps someone alerted him to this behavior, but he still interrupts women more frequently than he does men. In the Beowolf episode, he asks a guest to read from the original text. When she mentions that, in honor of International Women's Day, she'll read an excerpt about one of the women, he laughs, and continues to laugh as she begins to read. Later, in the "extra" material, two of the female guests note that the group did not discuss the role of women in Beowolf, to which Melvin replies "you got your plug." Listening to him is incredibly aversive. He is nails on the chalkboard. I love the content, but I'm not sure I'll keep listening. It's an unpleasant experience, wondering what unenlightened comment will come out of the host's mouth next.

The best... Love this show.   (5/5)

Great show. Interesting subjects... Mr. Bragg keeps it spot on. Could you do a show on Jan Zizka? Or Czech nobility...

To the host:   (2/5)

Please stop talking down to women.

Postwaste   (5/5)

This is an amazing podcast. Each week, I learn something. Very enjoyable.

Big Bowl of Brainfood   (5/5)

Melvyn's knack for asking the right questions and then giving his guests ample time to answer makes this an info-packed pod. So many things I didn't know and never knew I wanted to learn.

cognitive ecstasy   (5/5)

diversity, high-quality, and fun people. if you love to experience podcasters at its finest

My favorite high brow podcast   (5/5)

Melvin continues to put together some of the best, most interesting shows I've ever listened to. The cumulative knowledge that he brings to the world with his guests is astounding. He moves the topics along, getting deep and then widening to the larger scope of ever topic that I really get to learn something new. This is one of my favorites!

Always Fascinating   (5/5)

Melvin and his guests never disappoint. It's such a pleasure to listen to such an intelligent and stimulating show.

always a suprise   (5/5)

this is why the BBC rules. intelligent talk. expert opinion and true discusson. the time just flies by.

A Classical Education   (5/5)

A wide range of subjects, civilized conversation, people who are passionate about their subjects, and a host who can guide the conversation without intruding. It’s like receiving a classical education without knowing it. I like the addition of the afterwards conversation. It makes me feel like I was in the studio. I do miss the blog though.

6 ****** if I could   (5/5)

6 ****** if I could

Thought-provoking   (4/5)

Always an enjoyable listen!

Fascinating, even to a young Yankee   (5/5)

I'm an American in my 20s who stumbled upon this recently and have become enthralled. The perfect blend of history, literature, and science, shared by experts and a delightfully curious host. Bragg seems to pick topics that genuinely fascinate him, and he doesn't disappoint. I've learned to never skip episodes because the shows I think I won't enjoy often become my favorites

Most Excellent   (5/5)

Simply the most consistently engaging podcasts. Keep up the excellent work!

My favorite podcast   (5/5)

Wildly different subjects and always fascinating. Whether it's the Delphic Oracle or the history of tea, you'll leave with new insights on the world.

Mostly excellent....   (4/5)

...except that he sometimes treats his female guests a bit more harshly in that "stupid girl" kind of way and doesn't really give then a chance to clarify. Other than that, good show.

My favorite podcast   (5/5)

I cannot sufficiently praise this show. Some weeks are better than others, but it is consistently first rate. So many times I have finished the program and then gone off to hunt down further information on the topic discussed -- always with a sense of gratitude to the show. Please keep up the great work. Melvyn for President!!

Archives....Please, please, please!   (5/5)

It would be a dream come true to have access to the archives of "In Our Time" with Melvyn Bragg on iTunes. Pretty please?

Please please please   (5/5)

Where can I find more of these? And why aren't there more archived ones for download? These are amazing conversations on fascinating topics. It's like meditation to just start one up and listen to smart, civil people discussing a complex topic. We need more of this these days. A lot more.

Best Podcast Ever   (5/5)

The title says it all, the self-contained format of the podcast and the varied themes makes this the most informative and intelligent free download on itunes. Well done Lord Bragg

Don't like his manner   (2/5)

He comes across as arrogant and boorish. The attitude gets old quickly and overwhelms the subject matter. Needs to take himself far less seriously.

Makes for a pleasant commute   (5/5)

This is candy for the mind. I actually look forward to my time on the bus so I can listen to this podcast. The only thing that's wrong is that it will not allow for downloading earlier podcasts. That's too bad because the archive goes back more that 10 years. That's a lot of commutes.

Great   (5/5)

Disappointed Charlie Rose doesn't podcast? Here's your consolation.

My favorite podcast   (5/5)

This is the best podcast I've ever listened to, which I've been doing for 2 years now. Can't recommend it highly enough!

Excellent   (5/5)

A consistently high level of discussion -- this is *the* podcast for educated people who want to understand complex historical events and ideas in depth. Always enjoyable, always enlightening, never a mere gloss, like so many educational podcasts. Thank you for making this wonderful podcast!

Truly outstanding   (5/5)

One of the best podcasts out there.

Best there is   (5/5)

Get the best minds together and then Mr Bragg on the mic. This is as good as it gets for educating yourself and finding academic wonder. I listened to a string of these podcasts whilst walking on my own through Yosemite National Park. An uplifting and unforgettable experience. I love and revere this guy. Please don't stop.

Quite simply the best   (5/5)

This is a superb listening experience.

A 2nd education   (5/5)

I love when Melvyn gets annoyed with his intellectual guests, aka when they don't seam to follow his script and go off on some tangent. Ahh he is so smart ....

Excellent   (5/5)

This is the podcast I look forward to the most every week. Informative, educational, and interesting topics. Melvin keeps the conversation on topic and interjects insightful questions and occasionally some witty levity. Most highly recommended. So much so that I felt compelled to write my first review of a podcast.

I love this Podcast.   (5/5)

This is the most insightful History podcast going. Thought provoking & engaging -- please keep the time travel going.

Seminars On Important Concepts   (5/5)

This podcast is like the best of college forums-- it collects experts on a subject and then discusses the important concepts and events of that subject. It is categorized as "history" but it is about literature and events and ideas that are significant today. They don't have to draw out the contemporary connections-- rather they spend time telling us why the subject is important for all time, not just today. Wonderful!

In Our Time is My Favorite PodCast   (5/5)

This is the best podcast to which I subscribe--bar none. I look forward to each one, and I often listen to them again and again. I am actually on my spouse's account because I insisted he subscribe as well, and I'm making sure he does! The spouse adds this: As someone who was introduced to this recently by my wife and who loved the one program I could access, I wish you would put the others back on so that those who just discover this great podcast could access earlier podcasts like most sites.

A true gem   (5/5)

There is none other like this in radio or podcast-sphere. The ideas are profoundly developed (as much as possible in a 40 minute program anyway) yet quite accessible. Best of all, the topics characteristically explore the foundational pillars of thought and culture (philosophy, natural theology, history, theoretical sciences). This is in contrast to much of the programming on NPR that betrays a sadly insular pragmatism concerning what constitutes a worthy intellectual enterprise (typically centered around news, politics, and contemporary culture). Don't tune in here if you're looking for a chat about the causes and cures of the current economic downturn. But by all means partake if you are curious about a 6th century scholar-statesman's inquiry into the universal human dilemma of finding consolation in the face of uncertainty, injustice, and looming mortality. Here's another telling contrast: Melvyn Bragg moderates with a kind of masculine edge (at times even confrontational, although respectfully, with the panelists) in a style congruent with the intellectual rigor of the program and in a refreshing departure from the stereotypically amorphous, effeminate voices that grace NPR. My only complaint: it's only 40 minutes!

Where angels fear to tread   (5/5)

These podcasts are very interesting on a case by case basis for the rational, insightful discourse prodded by Melvyn Bragg's carefully planned questions. To my mind, though, and the factor that sets them apart from virtually every other podcast is the courageous exploration of so many divergent topics. Recent episodes have covered historic subjects like Henry VIII's annexation of the monasteries as well as the physics of time. The subject matter is unfailingly important (Henry's conversion of the monasteries effectively created the Church of England and launched centuries of catholic persecution in England), and the guests are always well-picked, knowledgeable, polite and happy to share. Every new episode is a highlight on my schedule. It's hard to imagine a commercial media company going down this path. Way to go, BBC!

This is my favorite podcast   (5/5)

I look forward to it every week. It's obviously UK-centric, but even the British history issues are interesting. Some of the topics and guests are so sublime that it is laugh-out-loud funny at times...but always interesting. A good way to kill 45 minutes.

Love it!   (5/5)

'In Our Time' has everything I could hope for from a podcast - it's intelligent, it covers a wide range of topics and it goes into more depth than most other programs of its length. Fantastic!!

Great Show, but I would love to have past episodes!   (5/5)

I hope that iTunes and BBC Radio 4 will make available the past shows of In Our Time. They were only up on iTunes for a week before they were replaced, and I would love to have another chance to listen and download them. Thank You.

If You Care About Ideas...   (5/5)

Only podcast I listen to regularly. Count on it for a well-regulated intelligent discussion of significant historical concepts, events, and personalities. These may be scientific, philosophical, political, literary, or religious. Bragg chooses his panelists well (usually British academics), prepares well, runs a tight ship--no maundering on pointlessly here--and grinds no axes. Topics range into the unexpected and unfamiliar but rarely into the obscure, and never the trivial. Hate it when Bragg takes a vacation and I have to do without.

Where's it gone?   (5/5)

This podcast has been missing for a couple months now, and it's a shame. Please come back, Melvyn!

Gotta love IOT, but   (5/5)

But where has it gone? oh itunes please get this link fixed...

Hands down my favorite podcast!   (5/5)

Simple without being dumbed down. I love the depth of the topics and the variety of the topics. Metaphysics one day and the next the spread of Islam. The style is great with each person taking their time to give their information. Bragg should also be given credit for being a great host.

Best of the Internet   (5/5)

It's incredible that programming this intelligent exists "in our time" - that is, that it inhabits the same universe as Big Brother and MTV. The level of discourse is unbelievably high yet still accessible to the average curious listener. Bragg is somewhat pushier than the British ideal (I suspect a debating background) but is a master at drawing the best out of his brilliant guests. I find myself listening to particularly interesting shows two or three times over. Bravo! This is one of the best radio programs of all time, and God bless Melvyn Bragg for sharing it with us.

Tremendous (Now How About Archiving?)   (5/5)

This is one of the best podcasts available, and it is baffling that the programs are not archived. To have previous programs available would be a great service to your listeners.

It's Magic! The Unexciting Becomes Fascinating!   (5/5)

I was introduced to this series when I downloaded the podcast on the subject of one of my favorite authors, Albert Camus. I expected very little and certainly did not anticipate subscribing to the series, however, I immediately became addicted to this podcast. I loved the discussion about Albert Camus and have thoroughly enjoyed every topic in this podcast. The presentation and discussion of each weekly subject consistently captures my attention. Formerly, I would not look forward to listening to seemingly uninteresting topics like "The Dissolution of the Monasteries" or "Ada Lovelace". Now, I know that Melvyn Bragg and his guest scholars will present fascinating details about each topic. This podcast is easily one of my favorites!

Brilliant   (5/5)

Engaging discussions on interesting topics.

I look forward to his podcasts!   (5/5)

He has intelligent speakers. I learn something with every episode. He goes over the issues well. The topics are varied and interesting. This is a a true gift to itunes!

What a Great Show   (5/5)

I recommend this podcast to anyone fascinated by ideas. The subject matter is broad and the guests are extremely knowledgable. Mr. Bragg does an excellent job in asking insightful questions, but doesn't hog the spotlight. I look forward to downloading it each week.

The Best Podcast in Existence   (5/5)

This is the best podcast period, exclamation point, exclamation point.!! The topics are always fresh and interesting, and when they are not ... like when I forced myself to listen to the show about plate ... tectonics ... zzzzzzz ... I was surprised by how interesting Bragg made them. Super excellent. Awesome excellent. Incredible excellent.

The most exceptional history podcast available   (5/5)

There is no cruft, Melvyn starts right in on a topic and gets to the meat of the discussion immediately. I have listened to every podcast over the last year and not once felt robbed of my time. This is among my top 3 podcasts of any type, and I hope the BBC will keep producing this for many, many years to come!

Spellbinding   (5/5)

I love this podcast, simply love it. Categorizing it under history just doesn't do it justice. Even the scientific topics, which are a bit lost on me, are made fascinating by the conversational format of this program. The participants are always learned but never self-consciously intellectual. Bragg is an excellent host who guides the conversation without being pushy. This one is an absolute must for people who like to think and learn.

Where are all the other podcasts?   (4/5)

This is a great podcast, civil, learned, informative, but there a TON of other episodes that used to be on i-tunes, and aren't available that way anymore. What happened to them? I think you can still hear them via their website, but I sure would like to have them on the i-pod.

Unparalleled Programming   (5/5)

The thoughts and opinions of some of today's brightest academic luminaries pair with presenter Melvyn Bragg's wit, charm and considerable intellect to create the most intelligent, reasoned, fascinating, and relevant programming available virtually anywhere. You won't find anything like "In Our Time" on American radio or television. "In Our Time" has been a landmark in my intellectual development and will surely be so in yours. The downloadable podcast format makes this programme even more enjoyable as one can revisit past shows and gain even more from the rich discussions than upon initial listening. A must.

Simply the best podcast out there   (5/5)

To classify this under history does not do it justice. The topics covered are truly catholic - while Melvyn Bragg obviously has something of a personal bias towards literature and culture he also chairs many truly informative and challenging discussions on science, religion, philosophy and history. The presentation is snappy and entertaining but never superficial. The participants are always true experts in their field who are able to communicate well to the layman. While I have tried listening to many podcasts this is the one I come back to again and again. Nothing else comes close.

In and Out of Time   (5/5)

This BBC program is excellent, presented in high quality format. But no episodes are currently available. What's up with that? iTunes should bring this podcast back ASAP.

The Very Best Podcast   (5/5)

Smart, incisive, thought-provoking -- simply the most invigorating podcast out there. Melvyn Bragg is brilliant at exploring a variety of topics, from science to culture, from personality to history, and getting his sometimes stuffy academic guests to "play the game" and enlighten us. I only wish iTunes had a deeper archive so that I could listen to the podcasts from early last year. No other podcast approaches this one in accessbility, intelligence and lack of pretension.

One of the top podcasts out there   (5/5)

I look forward to the new podcast every week. For the unfamiliar, each week there's a new topic (the Opium War, Ghengis Khan, Anarchism, Heart of Darkness - as you can see a wide range) and the host has 3 experts on to discuss the background, immediate event and the long-term impact. The moderator does an excellent job of keeping the academics from bogging down and clearly does his prep work to bring the more critical elements to the surface. Listen and you'll be hooked.

Good Mental Exercise   (4/5)

Frankly, I've never been a history buff, and some of the subjects fail to hold my interest. But those that do - wow. It's wonderful to listen to experts on esoteric historical and cultural artifacts effortlessly bringing the past to life. The recent episode on anesthesia was anything but anesthetic.

The Life-Long Liberal Arts Degree   (5/5)

I rarely miss this podcast. My commute just vanishes. In fact, I'm sometimes stuck in my driveway until it's over. For the history buff, this is pure pleasure.

Facinating History of Ideas - accessible but not dumbed down!   (5/5)

I've been listening to this podcast since receiving an iPod Nano for Christmas in 2005. I've always been fond of BBC & NPR broadcasts, but this was unknown & inaccessible to me until then and it's become my absolute favorite. I only wish they would make the archives available in MP3 format. The discussion is always interesting; Melvin Bragg does an excellent job of leading a fairly comprehensive discussion of complex topics in under an hour!

Best history food for the brain   (5/5)

I hear a lot of science podcasts and in my humble opinion this one is excellent if you want to hear serious discussions about various historic trends and figures. I get new insights in every episode because experts talk about the topics in an understandable way. They lay out the big picture and show new connections between different areas.

as good as they get   (5/5)

I am immensely impressed with this podcast. It is extremely informational, interesting, and covers such a diversity of topics.

Intelligent discussions on a wide range of subjects   (5/5)

Love this podcast--You never know what the subject under discussion might be, but it doesn't matter. It's always intelligent, articulate, fascinating. Thanks for letting me listen in!

The Most Civil Discussion on The Net?   (5/5)

You know all that juvenile behavior you get on other 'talk shows': * Hyper-competitive guests obsessed with outdoing each other. * Guests who rigidly ignore each other's contributions (unless they're crudely trashing them) * Everyone talking at once. Louder and louder. Well, there's none of that here! The standard of discussion on this podcast can't be found anywhere else. Quality.

Grad School w/o the Exams (that's good!!!)   (5/5)

Didn't get that trip to Oxford....well this is just as good. Soooo British and thoughtful and a wide variety of topics...GREAT mind candy.

Superb   (5/5)

This is the most education and entertaining podcast I've yet found. The sheer breadth of subject matter keeps the show from ever becoming dull--although the insightful questions of the host and the in depth, entertaining answers of the panelists would never allow that to happen, even if the subject were the same every week. With a rotating cast of guest panelists, I would expect the quality to vary, but whatever selection process the producers use must be working. The panelists are engaging and respectful of each other, even in their disagreements, and I never fail to finish a podcast without learning something. Bravo!

Simply Amazing   (5/5)

Where else can I hear people talk about Emperor Charlemagne one week and the Riemann Zeta function the next? The evolution of mammals and then the search for the graviton. This series is simply amazing. There are probably few other ways to expand your brain this much just by playing your iPod.

Enlightenment, On Demand   (5/5)

"In Our Time" is, quite simply, the reason I listen to podcasts. Host Melvyn Bragg moderates three guests on a range of topics--art, culture, history, math, science--and the result is nothing short of fascinating. The format, structure and civility of the discussion make it absolutely priceless in getting the point, and the topics are often things I'd never pick up a book about, but the topics always end up being categorically spectacular. Would that there was something so enlightening on American radio these days.

Clearly   (5/5)

Whatever the subject - philosophy, science, history, or ? - you WILL learn something from this show. Fascinating insights and perspectives. One of the best.

Strectch Your Mind   (5/5)

In Our Time makes me feel like I am back in college, attending an interesting course in the humanities. The topics stretch the mind. The moderator is knowledgeable in all of the topics, but collects the best minds to discuss the subjects. Topics range from esoteric historic events (such as the Field of Gold) to the broadest topics (such as Gravity).

Words for your Mind   (5/5)

The "In Our Time" series pulls the best contemporary thinkers and scholars into a roundtable discussion to discuss issues of importance: politics, religion, culture, history, philosophy, science, literature, etc. The host finds new scholars each week to discuss a particular topic. Recent topics include a roundtable on astrophysics which attempts to answer--as best we currently know--what the universe is made of. The program was fascinating. Another recent program discusses the origins of angels and how the human concept of angels has evolved over time. If you are looking for a podcast to really make you think, this podcast is for you. You will be hard pressed to find such an interesting discussion in other podcasts.