Aggregated reviews for Invisibilia

Unseeable forces control human behavior and shape our ideas, beliefs, and assumptions. Invisibilia—Latin for invisible things—fuses narrative storytelling with science that will make you see your own life differently.

Confrontation   (1/5)

I love the show but was really disappointed in the Confrontation episode. I don’t see how yelling hateful things at a couple of white teenagers solves anything with the issue of race. If racism in America is gonna be remedied it’s going to have to be a two sided conversation. And that two sided conversation shouldn’t consist of white people losing their nationality’s and heritage by just being identified as white.

very very good   (5/5)

so many things to love about this show, especially the complexity. always makes me think differently about something. usually makes me think about many things.

J’adore, Amo ese podcast,So good.   (5/5)

Thank you three for such fine observation: all the interest, passion, stimulating discovery, reflection, dialog. And all the sounds.

The best podcast   (5/5)

Thought provoking in all the right ways including sometimes difficult ways, this podcast will challenge your assumptions. It explores important issues that each one of us do or could grapple with in our lives. It is utterly human - which we all need right now.

One of the greatest podcasts!   (5/5)

This podcast is honestly one of the best out there, it was the reason I found a love in podcasts!! And now all my podcast choices have to live up to this one which has been proven to be quite difficult! Love you guys and thank you for all the hard work you’re doing!! ❤️❤️❤️

Production Values   (5/5)

I spent about a month listening to Hidden Brain which I thoroughly enjoyed but then I stumbled upon Invisibilia and I am so impressed with the production values, the challenging topics and how many different pathways you get lead down with the show. The hosts are engaging, witty and they sure draw you in to the things they are exploring.

Vocal fry is a derailer.   (1/5)

Would love to listen more but both hosts use that annoying voice technique.

Not a fan of the new direction   (4/5)

Not a fan of this season. Go back to fun science, emotional stuff. Still love your storytelling abilities though!

Favorite   (5/5)

Definitely one of my top 5 favorite podcasts. As a science teacher with a background in psychology I find this show extremely effective in the mixing of feelings and data. It takes true events and stories and weaves them beautifully into a tale to remember. The way the hosts interview others and speak is incredibly empathetic and relatable. The topics are diverse and always seem to have a lesson that is not forced but rather welcomed.

Thought provoking   (5/5)

Every episode leaves me wanting more. So many interesting questions brought up. Always worth my time.

Amazing Podcast!   (5/5)

I love this podcast! It gives me so many interesting stories with different views and no bias! Definitely recommend!

Interesting and enlightening   (5/5)

Very much enjoy this podcast that describes complex topics in a simple yet engaging way. I just wish the episodes came out more frequently!

Enlightening and thought provoking   (5/5)

Thought provoking stories that challenge our perceptions and beliefs in an unbiased way

Favorite Podcast   (5/5)

Very out of the box topics, very meaningful and seep topics. My favorite podcast that was introduced by my speech professor!

Very informative podcast   (5/5)

Love listening to it!

Interesting engaging and often ignorant content.   (1/5)

I have listened to every episode... I AM a fan. But they are progressive to a fault. It pains me to even write a review but I’m not going to avoid it. Certain episodes are overly progressive to the point that they are biased. I’m probably not going to listen now that I’ve really let what I’ve heard sink in. I can’t depend on the information not bending to their obvious bias.

Fantastic and varied   (5/5)

Really well done episodes that are thought provoking and simply great stories to listen to. Highly recommend this to any casual listener.

One of the best podcasts out there   (5/5)

The theme that ties the show together is broad: “The invisible forces that shape human behavior.” This leaves the episodes open to cover SO many different topics. Even if you’re not into psychology, give this podcast a shot. I promise you won’t be disappointed, and it will give you new perspectives and ways to view the world that you’ll carry with you for a long time afterward!

Frying my brain   (3/5)

Gosh I love love love this podcast, the content is awesome but the vocal fry of the host drives me batty. Maybe this means I’m getting old, I dunno, but this would be sooooo enjoyable without all that fry ay ay ay. I can barely listen to most episodes. I feel like such a crumudgeon, but can this be coached out of someone? Because everything else is great!

They make me think and I like it!!   (5/5)

This podcast is fantastic. Plain and simple, listen to it!!

Falling too far into the trappings of Victimhood   (3/5)

I’ve listed to Invisibilia from the beginning. Literally Ep 1. I love it and really enjoy the deep dives into human psychology and perspective. The Episode tittle Confrontation was a big swing and miss. Please revisit this episode and investigate the lessons learned by the black students. How were their hateful beliefs of white people and white community challenged? I agree that being placed into uncomfortable conversations is good for growth but why has the participation of white students dropped to near zero? Is that healthy for our American society? How does Hanna feel now about sending her daughter to this summer camp?

So freaking amazing!   (5/5)

Every season is just so outstanding! The stories are so interesting and you learn about yourself through them!

Simply sublime   (5/5)

So, I am a person who has resisted the podcast trend for years. I’ve never enjoyed lectures, sermons or speeches of any kind, and found all podcasts to turn on the same button of boredom in my brain. Enter Invisibilia. This show is so wonderfully entertaining and intellectually stimulating, it has completely revolutionized the way I see podcasts… And even the way I examine my own thoughts and the actions of others. It serves as a beautiful and moving way to look at the world, and understand why we do what we do on a more profound level. And like all great works of art, it is essentially and ineffably HUMAN in the best possible way.

Amazing Podcast   (5/5)

Thank you for this amazing podcast, incredible research, you are all doing an outstanding job. So happy to have discovered your work, so many years to catch up.

One of my favorite podcasts   (5/5)

Invisibilia was one of the first podcasts I ever listened to, and it’s the one that really got home hooked on podcasts. The journalists are excellent and the stories they cover stick with me long after I’ve listened to them. Worth a listen, to challenge the way you think or view the world.

Such in-depth storytelling   (5/5)

I absolutely love Invisibilia. I truly get to immerse myself in each episode & that’s due to the amazing storytelling & production quality. Give it a listen!!!

This got me into podcasts   (5/5)

Now I am subscribed to like 10 but season 1 of invisibilia got be into podcasts back when I was studying abroad in central America and itching for a bit of English. This is by far the best podcast, the one I look forward to most.

Fascinating, Compelling, and Simple Enough to Learn From   (5/5)

This show is phenomenal. They touch on tough topics, and talk about very real and culturally relevant issues. They ALWAYS explore multiple sides of the issue. And they present it all with metaphors and stories so that I walk away feeling like I learned something that I can retain, rather than a bunch of mumbo-jumbo that makes me feel smart.

Fascinating mysteries unraveled   (5/5)

Like a mystery novel about real life, Hanna and Alix (the hosts) reveal pieces of the story like they’re painting a surreal picture, except it’s a depiction of real life. Fascinating content presented with the warmth, humour and cutting realism of a group of incredibly insightful friends. I always walk away from an episode knowing more, asking more questions, and feeling a sense of wonder at how tenuous my sense of how the world works is.

A M A Z I N G !!!   (5/5)

So good! Every single episode dives deep into whatever topic they are discussing, and you get so much out of it. I would definitely recommend giving it a listen.

Has potential   (1/5)

I just want to hear a good story. I don’t want to be swayed towards the left which is what most of the stories do.

Wisest, bravest podcast around   (5/5)

These are some of the most thoughtful, open-minded stories I have ever heard that are fascinating. They take some subject or issue and find the real story buried in it. It’s so well written and fact- checked, with amazing great interviews with all sorts of folks from all over the world. These podcasts are like those great essays on things that seem unrelated but aren’t. I also love how nice and melodic their voices sound. I hope they are around for many, many years !

A delight, first, second, even third listen   (5/5)

Kind of like reading the Bible, you are a different person every time you dip into Invisibilia, so different aspects grain your attention. If, by mistake, an episode I have already heard pops up...I will often stick with it because the depth of the inquiry into the topic is such that, nuances or sometimes even major themes I missed the first time, leap into the forefront of my consciousness. I so much prefer this podcast to Hidden Brain. The same types of things can be explored but this isn’t reporting - not a lecture, but a conversation between curious people on which the listener is welcome to eavesdrop. The hosts at times share their vulnerability, which is just like yours, because the whole point of discovering the dynamics at play of which we are bringing to light that which has been hidden. I enjoy the flow of the episodes (the production is strong - good choices of music underneath the language, great editing and excellent sound quality). It sounds as if it is not scripted at all, though it obviously is. This podcasts deserves your loyalty. If you are a curious person, willing to explore beyond the superficial, join Invisibilia’s podcast subscribers. You will go on unexpected journeys and lead a richer life for having listened.

Invisibilia Helped Me Find My Gender   (5/5)

Back in early 2015 I was listening to “Paige’s Story” and heard the word “genderfluid” for the first time. It blew my mind, and was the first time I heard about genders that are outside of the binary. I heard something akin to my experience of gender, that was a conscious struggle without a name or community. I suddenly had a word, used that in a facebook search, found the first of many groups of people whose experience sounded so much like mine. I found community. I found people who didn’t see me as a weirdo. I suddenly knew I wasn’t the only one with this struggle. It changed my life. It’s made it better, so much better. Almost five years later to the day I presented at the Building Beloved Community Beyond the Binary Conference on Deconstructing Cis-ness. I’ve changed my name, I’m celebrating the new ability I have to change my birth certificate to say X.

I liked it when...   (4/5)

I liked Invisibilia when it used to be more edgy and the hosts weren’t afraid to challenge the biases, opinions, and beliefs of the people they were interviewing to get them to examine these invisible forces. Lately the hosts have grown more hesitant to challenge people on their beliefs and opinions. Take for example the episode with the hardcore music scene and the female lead singer that punched a fan in the face. She showed no qualms about doing it and expressed no remorse. She stated it as a boast. The hosts failed to challenge her on this physical violence and don’t even mention it as being reprehensible even as an aside. In the past the hosts would challenge the person’s thinking or actions. Or the episode “White v White” where Mark’s black wife expresses some straight up racists beliefs and the hosts failed to confront these beliefs...again, not even as an aside later. The hosts’ silence on these racist comments is deafening and gives a silent nod of approval to them as well as on the physical aggression of the hard rocker girl. It seems that lately the hosts have become reticent to confront certain people, but curiously enough not others. It’s quite interesting. The difference is conspicuous and it is not lost on us. It seems as though the hosts are possibly unconsciously guided by the invisible force of fear and that it is affecting who they chose to challenge and who they chose to be bobble-heads with just nodding in agreement. I challenge the hosts to examine the invisible biases in their reporting and interviewing and how they are afraid to confront certain people but not examine how they are allowing fear to guide their choices and actions. What does it say about what the hosts think about certain people when they treat them with kid gloves? Is it complimentary or insulting and patronizing? It clearly states they don’t believe certain people are resilient enough to having their thinking challenged. I challenge the hosts to do an episode examining their unconscious fears and how they affect who they chose to ask hard questions of and who they chose to tip toe around.

Been a fan since the beginning!   (5/5)

Always refreshing perspective which sometimes turns things upside down in my own mind.

Love the first couple seasons, but...   (3/5)

The last few seasons have turned SO political. The concept I originally loved about this podcast is that it always tried to present both sides fairly, whether the podcast agreed with that viewpoint or not. That concept, however, is a long thing of the past, sadly. That all said, the first couple seasons are wonderfully thought-provoking and dynamic.

Amazing   (5/5)

So good. So real. Worth the listen

Love the show!...BUT WHYYYY🤷🏾‍♂️ ? ? ?   (5/5)

Okay, **1st — I’ll try & keep this as concise as possible, but unfortunately, that won’t be the case. Considering the 2nd (or next **Point) **2nd — I’ve Never-In-My-Career left a “public” review via: this (or any other’s) PODCAST App platform. I was however, a formally & "officially” paid critic that has, for a vast majority of these past years, “unofficially" reviewed, edited & offered “services”, to several of the top Podcasts currently & previously competing in this arena. — LOVED the episode — And really LOVE all the episodes you gals help host & produce...HOWEVER ☝🏾....there’s some insight that I believe will be of “unique” benefit to the success of the show;) For discretionary purposes, I’m using an acquaintance/friend of an acquaintance/friend’s profile. I would suggest reaching out as soon as possible. If not, that’s just as well...I truly wish you gals the best of luck & you'll continue to do just fine! NY’s — HBloom —

Excellent listen   (5/5)

Always fascinating.

LOVE IT Five Stars Plus Amazing App   (5/5)

This podcast can tell of some complex but altogether brilliant and seriously thought provoking concepts in several unprecedented ways relative to our current reality and still finds away to connect us all the way back to our primordial beginnings. I find the discussions oozing in challenging innovative concepts while it explores depths of human emotion in waves that will amaze and surprise with any of the numerous technological advances which threaten every aspect of existence we’re able to conceive of with ever more wonder and anticipation! Everybody needs this in their arsenal of Podcasts and to listen to them all!

TERRIFIC   (5/5)

This is my favorite podcast. It’s helped me see the world in powerful ways and has been a compas in many moments. More than anything, it’s helped me think for myself and stay curious.

So many cool things!   (5/5)

I love how they come up with such fascinating stories.

Not well made   (2/5)

I could only tolerate a few episodes. The subject matter is what intrigued me, but the episodes are unorganized. There is no logical flow of conversation. It sounds painfully scripted. This host does not have a voice for podcasts, it drove me crazy. The content is essentially anecdotes with no resolution or explanation. Example: “Guest: We think my son has memories of a past life. Host: wow that’s crazy wonder what it could be. People have recorded this suspicion before. End.” Not a fan at all, especially after listening to Hidden Brain which is fantastic. What a disappointment.


This is my favorite podcast. And that's coming from someone who has listened to a frightening volume of podcasts. They take the most unlikely topics and have you on the edge of your seat about it! I cannot say enough good things truly

I love it.   (5/5)

This show makes me think in all kinds of new ways. I find myself talking about something from this show once a week easily.

That’s deep   (5/5)

Really interesting and well produced thought experiments, taken and tested in the real world through research and great interviews. Love all the women hosts and producers.

Well told, thoughtful journalism   (5/5)

I love listening to this podcast. The recent episode, “The Last Sound”, was an incredibly told piece that should be played to the world! It was so moving. If this doesn’t win awards, I will be stunned. Great work! My heart goes out to Bernie, in gratitude for his work and empathy for his losses. Thanks lovely pod producers!

Excellent   (5/5)

If you like creative and engaging stories, this is for you.

Always interesting.   (5/5)


Hasn’t been the same   (2/5)

The first season was very interesting. Now, it only seems to spotlight a certain political agenda. Some of the hosts’ voices are unbearable to listen to.

One of the best   (5/5)

This podcast is beautifully produced and always thought provoking. With over 700K podcasts to choose from, I listen to some of these episodes several times over. That’s just how good this is.

A new way to look at the world   (5/5)

All the things that cross your subconscious mind in an hour podcast. From love to race to morality, you can explore anything. The hosts are absolutely amazing.

always worth a listen   (5/5)

I am never disappointed by the episodes I listen to even when I’m only listening for ASMR reasons!

Great. Simply great!   (5/5)

Just listen to this...

My favorite podcast   (5/5)

Just amazing. Keep up the good work!

Love this podcast!!   (5/5)

Very interesting topics that have personally helped me in my personal life

Invisibilia   (5/5)

My favorite podcast ... Frame of Reference has helped me explain to my grandchildren how to look at life. Thanks to all of you ❤️

One point   (4/5)

All good but why why why feel the compulsion to add all that moog rock beat to what are gorgeous natural sounds? Especially annoying for me, a nature appreciator; a birder; a classical musician, and most of all, someone listening to a story about disruptions by humans of sounds and survival of our animal co-habitants!

A sprinkle of joy   (5/5)

I loved the latest season! Your thoughtful and well told real life stories make me feel connected to other people in these trying times. Thank you for bringing a little joy into my life every week.

Great info and great personalities   (5/5)

If you like smart discussions on interesting topics, you will love Invisibilia.

Top talent   (5/5)

Been listening since the beginning and I’m consistently surprised with stories and facts and ideas, and always sad when I’ve reached the end of a season. I hope these keep coming for a long time. Excellent editing and producing and all of that. Love!

The first season was fabulous but...   (2/5)

The first season was fabulous but has never returned to its glory days since. The first season contains one my favorite podcast episodes of all time, so for me to choose to stop listening is such a disappointment. I’m typically a “bitter ender” and stick with things regardless but, there are so many other podcasts around these days, I just can’t... If you have the time, listen to the first season. But beyond, it’s not worth listening. They cover the same stories as other podcasts (like hidden brain and science vs) but in an overproduced, clumsy way. And if they happen to find a unique story, it’s—to put it as frankly as possible—dumb. They try to hype it up with all sorts of self-importance and production for the episode to only be about nothing.

NPR Voice + Vocal Fry   (2/5)

The NPR Voice + Vocal Fry is just painful.

Educational and beautifully produced!   (5/5)

Educational and beautifully produced!

always leaves me thinking about it afterward   (5/5)

I’ll never forget listening to the first season about blindness, but each season has it’s own jewels throughout. Keep it up and thanks for always being so fresh with your stories and ideas!

Informative   (4/5)

All of the episodes are very interesting but I liked previous episodes because they were a bit shorter

The best podcast out there   (5/5)

Storytelling that makes you laugh, cry, rejoice, and learn something about the world and yourself. Can’t be recommended any higher

An Invisible But Audible Force   (5/5)

Few activities of mine are as efficient and rewarding than walking for exercise with wireless earbuds listening to Alix Spiegel, Hanna Rosin or Lulu Miller! You’ve become an invisible force shaping my views, opinions and even behavior!

Engaging and interesting!   (5/5)

Really interesting topics, presented in a thoughtful way. Thanks so much Invisibilia crew!

Such Great Topics & Productions   (5/5)

Huge huge huge fan of this show ! Such Great Topics & Productions. Everyone should give a listen!

One of my favorites   (5/5)

This was one of the first podcasts I started listening to and I still love it years later. Such good story telling and really interesting information!

Like the program in General, but...   (4/5)

In general, I find all the content provided by NPR to be fair and compelling. However, in a recent episode of Invisibilia, “The Confrontation”, the female reporter uses the phrase “sounded like a scorecard at a golf club. Billy, Sam, Mike, You know, a bunch of Old White Guys”. I found this offensive and insulting, no matter what a person’s race might be. If a person wants to change his or her name, it is not another person’s duty to second guess that individual’s decision.

Brilliant   (5/5)

This is one of the best if not the best Podcast out there. Amazing story telling and brilliant insight. Don’t miss out!

I never write reviews... but this one is deserving   (5/5)

I never write reviews. But this podcast is so breathtaking I felt compelled to break my conviction. I started it during the latest season on a long car ride. I have since become so entranced, I’ve listened to every other episode and am constantly checking in looking for the next one. If you want pithy, engaging, emotive, and just overall amazing content, this is the podcast for you. It will make you cry, laugh out loud (even alone in your car), and open your eyes to things you never knew existed. Thank you team Invisibilia, you are amazing!!!

Thoughtful, detail researched, funny and well told   (5/5)

You learn something from each episode and the episode leave you with more questions to ponder

Love this show!   (5/5)

This show is very well thought out and is really great.

Love this show SO much, but...   (5/5)

This is one of my favorite shows ever! But the vocal fry of both hosts have gotten pretty irritating lately. Maybe it’s me... but I’m rarely pulled by vocal fry, and the last episode I listened to I had to stop and listen to it later when I wasn’t so annoyed. LOL But it’s such a great pod, it’s well worth checking out!

“Capitalism is great!”   (2/5)

The host wasn’t kidding when she flippantly said that and stopped listening. As another reviewer said, this podcast is tired, not growing with the times. Neoliberal junk.

Always amazing!   (5/5)

The hosts, and people working behind the scenes are very talented when it comes to story telling. Whatever the subject, the story stays interesting!

Great Podcast, but...   (5/5)

Bring back the dance parties!

Best podcast out there   (5/5)

This is the best podcast I’ve ever listened to. It’s thoughtfully made from beginning to finish, from the choosing of the topic to the framework of the story. This week’s episode was especially interesting (about hydra). I love Daniel’s personality haha

Warms your heart and makes you think   (5/5)

My family’s all-time favorite podcast. Love the diverse topics, the storytelling, the very real conversations, the thought-provoking challenges to what you think you know. But you almost always have to hang on to the very end of an episode to get the real a-ha moments!

Love it.   (5/5)

This pod cast is my very favorite. It always holds my interest and such interesting stories.

Insightful, thoughtful, brilliant   (5/5)

Wow. This show is just a deep dive on some tough topics. With unique prospective, intelligent thoughts laid out in detail that make you feel so deep feelings. Love it

One star for effort   (1/5)

"F*ck white people!" Not racist at all...of course this helps...

Keeps My Mind of Running   (5/5)

This is a podcast that I save until it’s workout time. I become immersed in the stories and it takes my mind of how tired my legs might be getting from running.

Very Entertaining   (5/5)

I really enjoy this podcast. It’s one of my favorites. Unique and unusual yet very catchy.

❤️   (5/5)

Invisibilia is a fantastic podcast - beautiful, thought-provoking stories of humanity are told through a thoughtful lens. Highly recommend!!!

Changed and not for the better   (3/5)

After I listened to the very first episode of Invisibilia, I was so hooked I could hardly wait a week until the next one. It was hands down my favorite show during its first few seasons. I’m not sure what happened after Lulu’s departure, but I haven’t been enjoying the episodes as much. Both in terms of the breadth and novelty of subjects covered, as well as the way they are covered. These days I get what I miss about Invisibilia from Radiolab.

Better than it used to be   (4/5)

This show isn’t boring anymore! Glad I gave it another chance.

5   (5/5)

Getting better and better!

Must listen!   (5/5)

Outstanding! This show has really opened my mind in a completely novel way! Highly recommended!


Invisible is one of my favorite podcasts of all time. It was one of the first podcasts that got me hooked. The stories are so interesting and unique. Go listen now!!!

Failure to grow   (1/5)

I’ve been listening to Invisibilia for years now and am changing my review from a 5 star one. I attribute much of my personal growth to the way it once urged the listener to think. However as time has gone on it seems their topics have become more tone deaf to culture and society. It also seems likes the hosts have failed to do much of the growth they seem to have gifted much their audience. When they asked if the empathetic way of Invisibilia was dead? I’d say that’s the closest they’ve been recently to self awareness. You want to hear about the issues, tilt your head, and mutter “such a shame”? This is the show for you. If you’re about action and progress there’s better podcasts these days.

Amazingly human!   (5/5)

I absolutely love this podcast! I love the stories the bring to my podcast app! They’re so human, open, and thoughtful! Thank you for continuing to bring this podcast to everyone!

The Best   (5/5)

Only wish there were more frequent episodes. My favorite, so smart and interesting.

High quality journalism   (5/5)

My fav podcast!

Spring 2020 season is a must listen   (5/5)

I have been telling everyone with ears to listen to this season of Invisibilia. It feels important, helpful, and relevant. I wait every week for the new episode to drop and text it to all the people in my life!

Realness   (5/5)

Truth, is sanctuary. Thanks ♥️

So good!   (5/5)

You will not be able to get out of the car! The storytelling is wonderful.

Educational, thought provoking, engaging, great storytelling, entertaining.   (5/5)

I look forward to every episode. I never know what I’m going to get, but it’s always a delight.

Rosin is great   (5/5)

That is all.

Love the show!   (5/5)

This is such a lovely podcast that always shares interesting and well researched stories.

The best   (5/5)


An unlikely superpower   (5/5)

The podcast about the woman with the gift of smell which can predict health condition was both illuminating and emotionally powerful. The focus was not as much on the special gift but on the life, decisions, interactions of people surrounding the woman. Doing the next right thing, whether you know about your special gift or not is something we all can do and relate to.

Hit or miss   (3/5)

Three stars seems generous.

Love This Podcast   (5/5)

I learn so much listening to Invisibilia!!

Great thought provoking show   (5/5)

I love this show! Helps me think about things a lot differently than before and I appreciate that

Nice!   (5/5)

A bit left field for me, but very interesting!

So interesting   (4/5)

Invisibilia constantly makes me do mental gymnastics on matters I thought I had a firm opinion on. Also it’s very professionally made. Great show.

So much talent dedicated to despair   (4/5)

This podcast is brilliant in many ways, sometimes circumspect. But the main voice is despair. Whether race relations, extinctions, climate change (cascading climate collapse as they put it) or human culture. The grim educated voice with a piano playing in a minor key tells amazing stories as if for some future civilization that digs up an iPhone in a billion years, charges it up and listens to how we destroyed our planet. The talent and production are awesome, but the research is incomplete and predictably biased toward self- loathing. I suppose their neoMalthusianism May finally be true, but please fact-check the narratives that imply that the world is coming to an end. Coral reef health is on the upswing in the subtropics, as are whale and sea mammal populations and reforestation now outpaces deforestation. These constantly repeated tropes need to be explored with greater skepticism. Like the population bomb or the moral paic over nuclear fission in previous generations some truly damaging policy can result from all this hand-wringing.

A Whole Lotta Good   (5/5)

These folks are incredible storytellers. They have a near magical way of taking individual stories and kneading them in a way that is shockingly profound. Thank you Invisibilia team for the thoughtful, moving stories that you share.

On my top 5   (5/5)

This podcast is so well done - I become rapt with my head and my heart. Thank you Invisibilia, for your fine reporting.

Check White Privilege: The Confrontation   (2/5)

As a social scientist who explores intersections of race, identity, and learning in science education, I was eager to hear “The Confrontation,” an episode that explores a program that engages Boston youth in this difficult topic. But I was sorely let down. Not only did the host seem challenged to engage deeply with race, racialized narratives, and societal hierarchies, but she seemed (ironically) to be unaware of how her own white privilege shapes her sense making, experience - and journalism. I think the producer (who I believe is African American) called this to the host’s attention early on (that a white interviewer might not be appropriate for the context) an important perspective that was ignored. The host should consider learning with and from youth of color, empowering them to tell their stories, and elevating THEIR voices, rather then focusing on their white washed interpretation of the experience, or maybe don’t engage with topics of race at all.

Astoundingly informative   (5/5)

I don’t think I’ve ever Learned so much in an hour. Bravo on your years of research, heartfelt narrative and musicmultiple voices, and inherent call for justice.

My go to podcast   (5/5)

I love this podcast. Highly recommend it.

Used to love this show, but ...   (1/5)

Just listened to the episode “The Profile” and it plays like a high school AP media project. Weak, superficial, not at all captivating. I think they are currently letting some free lance junior varsity talent have a go but oh my this is weak stuff. They’re hurting their brand.

From science to opinion   (3/5)

This show started with facts driving the story. Now it appears that the focus is to start with an opinion based premise that appears to tailor the narrative to prove the narrator’s emotion based conclusions.

Best Podcast Ever   (5/5)

I love this podcast so much it’s infinitely entertaining but also informative and thought provoking. They tell stories I never would have heard before that I would have missed out on!! The hosts are awesome!

Amazing!   (5/5)

This is one of my favorite podcasts—it has a variety of important topics with beautiful structure and storytelling!

My #1 Podcast   (5/5)

A great combination of psychological insight and human interest stories. I am frequently emotional after listening to something incredibly profound. I also want to hang out with these people because they are not only smart but cool. Warning - you will become that person that endlessly shares podcasts /advice with family, friends and acquaintances and plots ways to figure out how to MAKE them listen to something they MUST hear.

Please bring back the wonder of science and the mind!   (2/5)

In the first seasons, Invisibilia was a wonderful journey through the mind and psychology with evidence-based wonder. Coinciding with Lulu’s departure, this show took a turn toward incredulity (the children who see the future???) and raw emotional tugs (whale songs) with such build up and massive let downs (all questions and no pointers to real research). Bring back the wonder of science and the mind!

Growing into new spaces   (5/5)

I’ve been a fan of Invisibilia since the very first episode and it has been very cool to see this podcast grow and evolve. I want to thank you for your brave explorations of the themes of race in your recent episodes. They have helped stimulate my own thinking and learning as I seek to understand my own position in the overall scheme of things. Being confronted isn’t always comfortable, but I think that’s the point. Hats off to you all.

Great and informative stories   (5/5)

All of the stories are very informative and interesting. As a person who is very frightened by climate change, this has been a great source of hope and information.

Love it!   (5/5)

I love the variety of topic. Great storytelling!

Thought provoking   (5/5)

This show is thoughtfully created, interesting, and educational. Keep up e good work!

What a waste of time.   (1/5)

So utterly boring even apart from the one sided social justice propaganda tone.

One of my favorite   (5/5)

The Hosts ability to investigate these hidden thoughts feelings emotions prevalent throughout our world and make some sense of them is amazing. At times it rubs against what I’m comfortable with and pushes my boundaries and that’s how I know it’s well written and thought out. Thank you for the work you’ve put in and please continue!

The BEST I can’t get enough   (5/5)

There are not enough episodes it’s that good, it’s interesting, the topics they dive into and explore are interesting. From race to gender, to neurological topics it just goes there and explores the facts and they are not afraid to leave it open if they don’t know and or they have room for the grey.

Love this Podcast   (5/5)

I’m an avid Podcast listener. Invisibilia is well produced, thought provoking, and binge-worthy Podcast. Check it out! You won’t regret it!

My favorite podcast   (5/5)

Invisibilia is consistently entertaining and thought provoking. It has been my favorite podcast for several years now, I am thrilled every time a new episode is uploaded! I recommend to everyone I know.

Vocal FRIED!   (2/5)

I want to listen but the vocal fry affectation (and it does seem like the hosts are actually trying to crackle their voice) is so distracting and has become a consistent part of this show. My partner and I used the most recent episode (White vs White) as a game. Sped up, slowed down, real time. It irritated everyone on our Zoom party but became a game. We all did our own Invisibilia episodes as vocal fryers. Until we got bored. Now none of us want to hear millineals deliberately cackle their voice. Is this a prerequisite to be a host? The content falls flat too often ... maybe a producer said “with a little crackle, people might actually like this.” Good grief.

Gross gross gross   (1/5)

Please stop pushing the racist agenda. There are so many more things that could be covered to help the world push forward. This podcast does nothing more than feed an already huge racist monster.

Too one sided   (2/5)

Covers important issues, but smugly disregards differing opinions. The best episodes are the ones that don't talk about race, because the hosts are still open learning from the info being revealed and discussed. mostly thinly veiled propaganda.

The Confrontation- worst media episode ever on any platform   (2/5)

I was disgusted hearing about the black supremicist program. That this podcast seeks to celebrate white shaming is a huge step backwards. I felt ill listening to this episode.

Yes!   (5/5)

This podcast has so many great stories and information! Love! Keep on keepin on!

One of my favorite podcasts   (5/5)

Absolutely loved the latest podcast about superpower. The message at the end about finding your next right thing was empowering at times like today. Keep up the great work (and bring back Lulu Miller)

Essential listening   (5/5)

Invisbilia is amazing. Most episodes are under an hour, and packed with insightful and downright special content. If you give it a chance, in time, you, like me, will inevitably hear the voice of Hanna Rosin/Alix Spiegel every week (unless the show’s on break) and become instantly spellbound and comforted. From A.I. to race, this podcast brings every issue to the most human of levels. You should

Love this podcast   (5/5)

Invisibilia is easily my favorite podcast. It’s a must listen, imho. I come away from each episode thinking about the world a little differently. Still think about the episode on the town for people with mental illness— that episode spurred a paradigm shift in my way of thinking about the possibilities for our medical care and the systems we currently have. Guess I should listen to it again!

What happened?!   (1/5)

Invisibilia used to be one of my favorite shows. Not anymore. This new season is just awful so far. I’m not sure what happened but the episodes are boring, desperate & the few tiny bits of goodness that shine through aren’t good enough to keep me listening. Good luck.

Extraordinary   (5/5)

Unusual. Fascinating. Provocative.

Episode 2 nothing but woke propaganda, BOOOOO 🖕🏼   (1/5)


An enjoyable, skeptically optimistic podcast   (5/5)

In the short year I’ve listened to this podcast, it’s changed my life in numerous, beneficial ways. I feel not-crazy enough to to write a review, which has always been an invisible force I deal with in my world. Love the latest episode! Hope to hear more of Joy’s unique and incredible sense of smell in the future!

Great!!!   (5/5)

Excellent for walking dogs!

Love Each Season   (5/5)

I love this show. Always a little different view on something we all overlook.

Intelligent and Interesting   (5/5)

Listen to this show!! You will be smarter as a result and and a more interesting person. Lots of conversation starters for when we’re able to gather as groups again.

In My Top 3   (5/5)

Invisibilia is definitely in my top 3 podcasts that I listen to!! Always interesting and informative points about people and situations in our world. It’s a show that makes you think and keep thinking. Keep up the good work!!

Possibly the best Podcast   (5/5)

Invisibilia is top notch. If you appreciate a unique perspective about a ever expanding collection of intriguing topics, you’ll love this program. It’s hard to express just how wonderful it is.

Vocal fry   (3/5)

I love this podcast. Fascinating, well made, and unique stories. However I just can’t listen to it because of the presenter’s vocal fry. Never used to bother me, then years ago TAL did a show on vocal fry and now that’s all I hear.

excellent   (5/5)

5 star review amongst the top podcasts. thank you.

Too political   (1/5)

social justice warrior themes, doesn’t really challenge your view or intelligently address each side. I found it too biased and one sided without thoughtful consideration for other opinions

Love it!!   (5/5)

Wonderful podcast with great stories

Very eye-opening   (5/5)

I appreciate the ideas and depth of “story”. Well put together and certainly kept my attention.

smart sensitive narrative. favorite podcast   (5/5)

It draws me in every episode. I keep playing my favorite ones with my friends and family. So many intelligent insights towards human emotion and behavior. Brings me to tears so many times also. Fully recommended

What a joke   (1/5)

Racist, society crushing bull corn. Don’t let them try to brain wash you too.

One of my top 5   (5/5)

I have been listening to thus podcast since the beginning, and I love it, it’s always fascinating and surprising.

The Profile and others   (1/5)

General note about the podcast. I understand why some people like this, but there’s just too much talking. Too much overproducing, too much of the hosts. In general, most things NPR related these days is about style. (And people used to complain about the sedate NPR). This is still in my feed, but IDK why. Heartbeat Episode: Started bad with the commentary about the heartrate of different animals. “I don’t mean to be judgey”... that intro was awful, and tainted the rest of the episode... I listened to the whole thing with the facination of watching a car wreck. The Profile Episode: Well, I've been beaten to the punch by other reviewers... This episode was awful. Who thought this was a good idea for a show? Are you showcasing the cluelessness of the current NPR generation? Are we supposed to feel some sort of skewed empathy for the girlfriend and her blasé boyfriend who didn't seem to care if he got spoofed? And the game with the actor? what the hell was that? NPR has been deteriorating. They are focused more on entertainment and personality, and less on content. I can barely listen to their flagship shows (Morning Edition, and ATC) for the self absorbed sing-songy hosts, and their podcasts are following right behind (save for a few holding their standards. One star, and verging on unsubscribing.

Was good, now virtual signaling garbage   (1/5)

The first season of this podcast was awesome - scientific and interesting. Now it’s degraded into lazy unimaginative virtual signaling tripe. The science and curiousness have been replaced by angry anecdotal messaging. I get it ladies, you’re frustrated but this is no way to change people. I’m not turning away because I don’t like the message. I’m turning away because your message is boring.

Fascinating & Useful   (5/5)

Fascinating, timely, in depth information! Thanks.

Amazing podcast!   (5/5)

Never disappoints. Real and insightful stories about life that make it feel like you are watching a gripping movie - but true.

Favorite podcast   (5/5)

My only complaint is that they don’t produce more content! This is one of my favorite podcasts- the way they combine threads of different topics in novel ways, their voices, their moments of nonsense, is unique and utterly fantastic. A Must listen!

i love this show!!!!   (5/5)

amazing content!!

Thoughtful storytelling at its best.   (5/5)

I can’t wait to listen to every new episode.

Stumbled upon this gem   (5/5)

I was scrolling through my podcasts app for something to listen to...somehow came upon this refreshing somewhat heavy definitely interesting piece. It’s definitely worth listening to. Absolutely wonderful. So many feelings while I listen.

Fantastic and innovative reporting   (5/5)

I look forward to each new season!

Amazing!!!!!   (5/5)

One of the most thought provoking and heartwarming podcasts I’ve ever listened

engaging and inspirational   (5/5)

looking to be sucked into a story that teaches you about society, human nature and current events? This is it~ what a wonderfully produced podcast~ I await for each new episode each month

Love   (5/5)

Love it. Can’t get enough. Ever time a season ends I cannot wait for the next one.

What’s happened to background music?   (5/5)

I love this podcast so much but am I the only one that kept getting distracted by the background music in the first episode of this new season? It’s so aggressively cheery and in your face. I keep pausing it and listening to other things... Edit for episode 2 of new season: the music is just so present and distracting I couldn’t get past the first few minutes after it started! The subject matter is so compelling though so it’s tragic. Maybe I need to hear earlier seasons to see if this is a new phenomenon or if it’s just me.

Everything I love in a podcast   (5/5)

The detailed and thoughtful storytelling, the funny and heartfelt tone of the episodes, the way Hanna and Lulu give a deep look into the subjects of their stories, and the unique angle these stories approach the world. Those are just a few of the MANY things I love about this podcast.

Disturbingly racist content   (1/5)

I didn’t expect this type of bigotry from an otherwise culturally sensitive and empathic podcasting team. Really saddened that they’ve fell in with the Richard Spencers and Louis Farrakhans of the world. We need more empathy and understanding. Togetherness. Not this.

Everything from a single perspective   (2/5)

So many interesting topics that are covered from a single, solitary perspective. Little nuance... little science... all confirmation bias to a particularly woke perspective. The decline of this podcast to this state is the saddest part.

Insightful and Thought-Provoking   (5/5)

Invisibilia is one of my favorite podcasts. They cover an array of topics, but always with a very human focus. The episodes explore the things that could divide us, but through a lens of empathy that ends up emphasizing what brings us together.

Super interesting!   (5/5)

I love this podcast it’s a lot like this american life and 99% invisible :)

Love this podcast   (5/5)

One of favs

Such an excellent podcast   (5/5)

This podcast has some of the most interesting stories.

Love   (5/5)

Always a favorite, well produced and memorable. It’s thoughtful and provocative and dives into stories in a unique way.

Sad   (1/5)

Reverse this and see how long it stays up 👌

Loved it since the first season   (5/5)

Really good.

Thought Provoking   (5/5)

I love Invisibilia. This podcast thoughtfully analyzes and explores little things that make a big difference in our lives.

Totally obsessed   (5/5)

This podcast is amazing.

Interesting and engaging   (5/5)

This is my favorite podcast!

Always interesting   (5/5)

I can’t get enough

Great!   (4/5)

Very compelling and interesting podcast.

Great Show   (5/5)

The show is very insightful and captivating. I look forward to these episodes more than any other podcast.

Lacks critical thinking skills   (1/5)

For a show that presumably has high expectations of itself, Episode 2 of this season, Confrontation, was a disastrous display of the how far off the rails you can go when you fail to hold vogue ideas up to any scrutiny. The host’s complete credulity toward predominating academic views on racial tension without the slightest bit of skepticism was jarring. I’ve followed Hannah Rosin for years and it’s disappointing to hear someone who is otherwise inquisitive channel some truly corrosive ideas about how we should see each other as humans, failing entirely to actually interrogate those views.

Never Disappoints   (5/5)

I really enjoy this podcast. I don’t think I’ve ever skipped one. That’s unusual.

Favorite   (5/5)

Always look forward to this podcast!

used to be good   (1/5)

What happened? This does not feel like the same show as previous years. Either it has changed or I have. Either way, it’s a no from me.

My new favorite podcast!!   (5/5)

Best podcast

I look forward to each episode!   (5/5)

One of my favs, I keep coming back for more. Rare and amazing stories. I don’t mind my commute as much.

Want to love   (2/5)

But, I don’t. This American Life plugged this podcast so much, and I trust that. But I just can’t get into it. It’s boring, disjointed, terribly written. Really wish it were better.

Back When I Was Older   (5/5)

Wake up and smell the coffee! Have you not heard of reincarnation? Have you not heard of the kid who saw a photo of the late Princess Diana and said “Hey, that’s me. I was that Princess before...until the sirens came” Diana’s exit point from the physical plane. Not to dwell on royalty, but when I was a toddler, I was always asking my parents if we could go to “Sandringham” - a property owned by the British Royal Family. My daughter was my sister in one of my other lifetimes, and my Husband No.2 was my mother - he frequently appeared as her in nightmares. I also think the parents were a little too anxious to prove that Van was “our kid”. In the ebb and flow of lifetimes, “ownership” does not exist.

Love It!   (5/5)

I love love love this Podcast. It is fascinating how so many invisible forces in society impact our lives every day.

Easily my favorite podcast.   (5/5)

Not only are they incredible stories but every episode really makes me question my view of the world. Favorite every time. So happy excited for the new season!!!

Hypocritical   (5/5)

NPR has been doing everything possible to derail the only candidate with a serious climate plan—so it seems odd they’d present a podcast that exposes how little time we have left to do anything to fix the situation. Aside from that, great podcast.

They’re back!!!!!   (4/5)

I missed you!

So good I can’t stop listening! A++++ Journalism!   (5/5)

I really love this podcast and have learned SO much about being a human! I have gained knowledge about other people that help me see life differently. Not only has it helped me with a variety of themes in my own life but one episode in particular about “Entanglement “ helped me to have more empathy for others. Please keep the seasons going!! Journalism at it’s best !!

I am a d d i c t e d to this podcast.   (5/5)

I have learned so much about life as I know it and the world around me through this podcast. I have seriously opened my mind and heart to thoughts and ideas that I never considered before. What I love about it is I can relate with at least one person in every episode. I am changing. It is inevitable and I love it.

A MUST Listen for EVERYONE!   (5/5)

A terrific journey through the mind! I laugh & I cry! Just beautiful! You’re all genius! I tell everyone I know about this podcast!

Dating profile episode   (1/5)

What a stupid episode!!!! I can’t believe how absolutely pointless that was. The boyfriend obviously had a profile. Come on man. Nobody felt anything by the fake call at the end. Nobody felt duped because nobody was invested. Cat fishing has existed for a while, it isn’t provocative. Once she said her boyfriend was on tour with his band, I knew he was lying to her. Who better to have a dating profile than a man who travels around.

Listen... NOW!   (5/5)

This podcast never fails to capture my attention and expand my mind.

Highly recommend   (5/5)

This podcast makes you want to be a better person and helps you understand where our natural perceptions may be wrong wrapped in beautiful tales

Part of my everyday!   (5/5)

I had a friend from Finland and a friend from California talk about this podcast. Anyone that knows me well knows I would love Invisibilia. I have been binging from the beginning. I listen while I work out, but especially while I paint, and also while I do my nightly routine before bed. I find the conversations so fascinating, I learn so much and I just want to meet them and discuss the topics! Or anything, really! Currently trying to catch up, starting season 3. Still can’t recognize your voices haha. Thank you!!!

Far from what it once was   (2/5)

The 1st season of this show was a joy to listen to, but we are a long ways from what was there at this point. The style and content has changed quite a bit. Seemingly, this podcast is a prime experiment of NPR to essentially see what they can get away with. The content is impeccably produced, but its also long, seemingly stretched- the episodes often have a long build up before they get to their payoff / denouement. And the commercials- good gravy, I know these things cost to produce, but no other podcast I listen to requires multiple commercials at the start, finish and middle- sometimes more in the middle if its a longer episode. And to cap off the ads with begs for donations is very disheartening. If the production costs are sky high, then maybe they need a different model, like subscriptions. As it is, this podcast is marginally enjoyable with occasional brilliant spots still.

Pretentious   (2/5)

Just, I don’t know, just irritating. Too many people trying to sound effortlessly cool whilst constantly namedropping, dorking, nerding our. Whatever. I guess it’s amazing and brilliant. Bluhhh.

Astounding   (5/5)

I listen every day and I can’t wait for season 6. They’ve made cry at work and I’d like to think somehow they’re making me a better person. I’m learning to empathize in certain situations when normally I wouldn’t. I can’t wait to listen and learn more. They’re doing astounding work and I can’t wait for more Invisibilia!

Amazing   (5/5)

Learn about so many things

I’m Addicted!!   (5/5)

Love the podcast!!!! So many stories and definitely opens up my mind to so many topics! It has made me more self aware :)

Good stories, terrible voices   (1/5)

I wish they’d find better narrators for the stories.

Just discovered this podcast   (5/5)

Fascinating stories, very well told. It leaves my brain feels alive and awake.

Season 5 episode 8   (5/5)

The episode was great but I was wondering if anyone explored the possibility that the dating site generated the fake profile.

The only thing invisible is their ethics   (2/5)

I used to like this podcast until they released an episode that presented the torture of young girls as a valid medical program instead of a horrific quack treatment. Their inability to grasp what they got wrong has made me doubt the reliability of their other reporting. Not a trustworthy source of information.

A Very Offensive Rom Com   (5/5)

This episode was amazing and really made me think. This needs to be a real rom-com! It should end the same way with our main character L ending up with the Josh Chan look-alike who then begins to question his own attractions.

Great story telling   (5/5)

I just listened to I,I,I. Him and it made me cry. Had only really enjoyed this American life when I came into the podcast world but I stumbled onto Invisibilia and hidden brain and I am in love. I have truly enjoyed listening to the tales of things that make us human and related. Sooo good ❤️

Topics you didn’t know you wanted to know about   (5/5)

I get hooked to almost every episode and end up talking about them with others. My only feedback is to coach guest hosts a little on what vocal fry is. Listening to the Profile episode and the story is so good and I love the host’s thought processes, but the fry is very strong and on the end of almost every single sentence. Distracting but still a great episode! Love you guys!

Invisibilia?   (4/5)

Invisibilia- a podcast about unseeable forces that control human behavior and shape our ideas, beliefs, and assumptions. “A Very Offensive Rom-Com” fails to remain true to what Invisibilia once was. Along with other episodes of Season 5, what happened to the science? What happened to telling stories in a way that allows the listener to decide what they think about a grey subject? I miss the unbiased presentation of multiple viewpoints along with relevant science that encapsulates the tough subject at hand. The podcasts seem to be leaning towards telling stories about favored social causes and away from education & illumination. Why is the weatherman’s stance on the cause of global warming relevant? Why bring up issues that don’t add to your stories? “A brief history on the hypersexualisation of Asian women & white supremacy”? If your episode is about attraction & implicit bias, let’s hear multiple perspectives on the issue. This was the first episode of Invisibilia that I’ve walked away from feeling like I had nothing to take away. There are themes arising in Season 5 that are taking away from the successful formula that Invisibilia used to execute so well. I hope the podcast & its producers can return to what made it so great in the first place.

99% invisible/invisiblia   (4/5)

Listened to the same topic and intro from 99% Invisiblia. Word for word. Even though this ELIZA episode diverges into a more modern app... the beginning sounded alarmingly copy cat.

I Don’t Know What Happened   (3/5)

This was one of the best podcast on any platform. This last season is more disappointing with every episode. Please go back to the original format. Please. The first few seasons were exceptional. I have to say this last season is really boring. When the episodes are over I am actually upset that I kept listening waiting for when the episode gets great but it never does. I really hope the creators find the magic that made Invisibilia so great. Best wishes from a hopeful listener. Thank you for your work.

Started out like trash, got better, then became trash again   (1/5)

That episode about the fake dating profile was the kind of bait and switch that makes me unsubscribe from lazy podcasts

i’ve fallen for u yowei   (5/5)

Naw i’m just kidding. although i do LOVE everyone in this show. every host, every story, every execution it’s so interesting and they somehow make what seems like a pretty narrow field of metaphysical and hyper emotional topics always read afresh. I have my own little podcast bubble and i hardly venture out but this one just got absorbed into my bubble. welcome invisibilia <333

LOVE to learn about all this stuff we can’t see   (5/5)

I’m an artist. I make very large abstract paintings. Things you can SEE. But I’m inspired by all the things we cannot see. These podcasts are so very very fulfilling. These are the concepts that infiltrate my work. Listening to stories about what we cannot see helps me understand more about why I’m painting what I’m painting. Anyway. I’ve been listening for a few years now and I cannot recommend this show enough for those who need to understand MORE about being human.

Season 1 = amazing   (3/5)

I listened to season 1 so quickly and mourned when it was over. The story telling was amazing, the information gripped me, and I really got lost in those episodes. But now, I don’t feel so gripped by the episodes. To me, it seems like they spent an extreme amount of time and effort on season 1, and they just aren’t able to do the same with the seasons that followed. I still listen, but a new episode doesn’t excite me as much as it used to.

1 of the best.   (5/5)

I’m a podcast snob. As a business owner/operator and a mother of 900 children (3, actually): podcasts are my simultaneous refuge and access to the world around me. I thought I heard the best and I almost had breakdown (“please, don’t listen to joe rogan simply bc there’s nothing else left”, I thought to myself). Then, I found Invisibilia and felt like I’ve been saved. Emotional, intellectual, and highly relatable content presented in a way that makes you crave more. Invisibilia fills a void that you never knew existed.

I’m in love!   (5/5)

It’s made me laugh. It’s made me cry. It’s made me think outside the box. So many times it has had me pause & ponder. I love this podcast. Such wonderful stories.

Quenched!   (5/5)

The best juice box for a thirsty brain!

Lowered standards   (1/5)

Used to have nice researched storytelling but has shifted to pseudoscience and incomplete stories. Exxon Mobil greenwashing ads make me feel sick.

Wonderful show!   (5/5)

This is one of my favorites.

Amazing   (5/5)

Consistantly stunning stories with remarkable soundscapes. The only show that I re-listen to from time to time!

Can’t get enough   (5/5)

Seriously can’t overstate how much I love this podcast. I jump for joy when there is a new episode. Hanna, Alice and lulu tell beautiful stories through a thoughtful, intelligent lens.

What happened?   (2/5)

This podcast once harnessed the talents of some of the most brilliant women in radio in service of previously uncharted deep dives into the human experience. This season they've moved into the shallow end of the pool. Promising premises are left at just that. Recorded conversations with relatives in decline go nowhere. An intriguing story about a child with memories seemingly not his own, again, goes nowhere. Hanna Rosen left The Waves to work on this full time? I'm unsubscribing.

Awesome!   (5/5)

Great job guys! Awesome podcast, always look forward to listening to your intelligent, educated, inspiring stories!

Hypocritical   (1/5)

I’m tired of listening to podcasts who claim to care about the planet and people but then I hear ads for BIG OIL, WALMART, and WATER BOTTLES. Practice what you preach.

“The Profile”?? Please try harder   (1/5)

I’ve been a long-time listener of Invisibilia, but this last episode was simply terrible and unexpected from this caliber of podcast. You can’t ‘conclude’ a show by forcing the sentiment that it doesn’t matter if the ending was acted out or simply theater. It was pointless. Maybe this was just a public way of proving your boyfriend’s profile I was fake? I’m not unsubscribing but will hopefully update my review at some point. Update- still unimpressed. The last show about dementia, while sweet and feelgoody, it was uninteresting and written as though for a 6th grade audience.

I used to LOVE it...   (3/5)

This latest season seems to be a bunch of short personal essays and this isn’t what hooked me and made me a serious listener. Please bring back the long format and the actual reporting. Pretty please?

Must listen!   (5/5)

This is an invaluable gem of human life seen through a unique and thought provoking lens er auditory mic. I am a slightly less idiotic and self obsessed because of this fantastic pod. Namaste Hanna and Elise!

So freaking good   (5/5)

I binged the first couple seasons and have been eagerly awaiting the newest episodes! Keep it up!!

Depth is gone   (1/5)

Used to look forward to new episodes, but not anymore. This is fiction not journalism. They take an interesting premise, scratch the surface and walk away or worse make up stuff then walk away. “Want a great mystery about a fake profile and a sluthy investigation into who’s behind it?! Just kidding, we didn’t work hard enough to figure it out so we wrote a script and interviewed an actor instead... how about an intriguing story about kids who inhabit the thoughts of people far beyond their life experience? This boy has memories of a life he hasn’t lived!! We got some recordings of him not exhibiting these memories... and we’re spent. Phew, adulting is hard!” And even though Click and Clack are ashamed every time Invisibilia says it... this in NPR.

Families broadening their minds   (4/5)

I just love this podcast for all its depth and values on the human mind. It is wonderful to broaden logic and philosophy within the family unit; kids thinking outside their daily lives about other aspects of the world. Not to mention growth within our adult minds. Axioms are making links, links are creating patterns in behavior, behavior is changing who we are for the better!

Can’t Stop Listening   (5/5)

The podcast that got me back into podcasts. Every episode holds my complete attention throughout. The content is interesting and thought provoking. They are well written and edited. The topics are relevant and important. As someone who recently completed an undergrad in psychology, I’m a bit biased. The structure of the episodes in this series has helped me have more effective conversations with family members about topics in psychology as it provides framework for issues. This allows me to add details I recall from my courses when necessary without losing others. I am recommending this series to everyone.

Intellectually dishonest and pointless   (1/5)

The first few episodes were interesting, but always more of a tease than real digging into otherwise interesting subjects. So many words for so little substance in the end. The host often makes some completely speculative bold statements which makes this very hard to listen to for someone coming to learn something. If you’re here for the story telling, you better really like the hosts because they are clearly very into hearing they own voice making pseudo poetry though lingering purring sound. Once I heard them, I couldn’t unhear them and stopped listening. That was a few years ago. Last week I thought I would give it another chance during a road trip. I listened to an episode called The Profile. Someone impersonates the host bf and.. that’s it. If you think there will be an interesting investigation to find out who that is, forget about it. Just the host going through a therapy session with you as a therapist, free of charge. She even makes up a fake interview with a random actor. So now that we’ve established that this is not journalism either, what is it? Some self centered fiction writer with access to a microphone who thinks everyone should care about her life.

Super interesting   (5/5)

Great storytelling, great topics. So intriguing at times. I’d definitely say it has made me broaden my perspective and it has sparked many deep and interesting conversations with my closest friends.

Sponsor is Exxon Mobile...   (1/5)

Nah, ya’ll. No way I’m giving any of my valuable time to a podcast supported by Exxon Mobile. I ain’t drinking that Kool-Aid. Not in 2019 when we all know better.

Absolutely obsessed   (5/5)

i haven’t been able to find a podcast that i am as obsessed with as i am with invisibilia. Engaging and personable. Leads you to consider your place in society and how your thoughts and mind impact EVERYTHING. so eye opening i love

Mer   (5/5)


I need more episodes!!   (5/5)

I am so in love with this podcast, I can’t get enough. The stories these fabulous women find and the way they tell them are just so spectacularly captivating. More, more, more!

2x, double plus good   (5/5)

love it, listen to fav episodes 2-3 to times. my only healthy addiction. thank you for your commitment to honest work.

Amazing podcast   (5/5)

So entertaining and educational. Great to listen to all day every day!!!! Great work !

It’s a shame   (2/5)

This podcast was such a treasure in its first couple of seasons, however it is unfortunate that the quality has slipped to such a low standard. I’ll give a last try before unsubscribing but a fictional episode of a non-story should not be a new standard for a podcast.

Used to be good   (1/5)

What happened? This show used to be one of my favorites. Now, the shows are short, have super lazy “reporting,” and the hosts basically make stories out of nothing. Seriously, most of the recent stories are just reaching. It’s a shame.

You can’t call this reporting   (1/5)

Previous seasons were so good! What happened??

What happened?   (1/5)

I used to love this podcast, but now The reporting is incomplete and unsatisfying. I can’t recommend it anymore.

Lazy “reporting”   (2/5)

I’ve been enjoying this podcast less over time as the quality started to slip. This latest episode where we’re treated to a fictionalized account of the reporter and her boyfriend confronting a catfisher is what finally made me unsubscribe.

Pseudoscience with no disclaimer   (2/5)

“Memory capture”? Come on guys.

A quality podcast that has gone off the deep end   (1/5)

The “memory catching” episode is a shockingly credulous look at fringe, pseudoscientific interpretation of an imaginative child’s words as proof of past lives. It’s irresponsible to cover things like this in this way. I hope they offer a correction or follow up. I’m disappointed NPR would release something like this.

Loved this podcast, a little disappointed w/ new layout   (3/5)

I really loved this podcast but am not in love with the new shorter less in-depth version. Still interesting stories though... but feels like it is ending unresolved.

Decline in quality   (2/5)

I used to very much enjoy this podcast. I’ve decided to unsubscribe today after the episode “Back When I Was Older”. There was just very incomplete story telling. The writerly voice is distracting when Alix Spiegel is reporting and the stakes for most of these stories seem very low. It’s also disappointing that in this particular episode no scientists were consulted, leaving it feeling very incomplete.

The Profile   (1/5)

This episode made me so mad... a complete waste of.. what? Time? An episode dedicated to a girl finding out that someone was using her boyfriend’s (kylelll with the profilelll, she literally drags it out like that) photo to catfish and then, at the end, to have a fake improv “confronting” the guy using the photo. Then ending the episode to say, “feel betrayed?” LOL what?? I’m astounded as to how pointless that episode was. I feel betrayed by the fact that I subscribed to Invisiblia and that’s what came out.

Not sure about it anymore   (2/5)

I really enjoyed the first season, but since then, the quality of subject matter and reporter skills has deteriorated. Many of these topics are questionable, and not explained well enough to “believe” in the invisible “forces”. I no longer look forward to the episodes but check in once in a while to see what kind of whack ideas they are reporting. Using the word reporting, loosely. There are more eloquent one star reviews, I recommend reading those before listening!

Great podcast, and Great Podcast name   (5/5)

You know what’s not invisible? The quality of this podcast

Awesome   (5/5)

This show is super interesting. The way they tell each story keeps it really engaging and I love how they connect different stories within each episode.

Love it and story suggestion   (5/5)

I love the nuances that this show captures, stories and pieces I don’t see or see only the surface of in mainstream news sources (especially internationally). It goes more in depth than other shows and covers a diversity of topics I never would have thought of. I have an idea for further shows, as I am an American that has been living abroad since 2014 and am currently in the middle of severe civil unrest in Santiago, Chile. It would be great to hear a show (in English) about the protest’s roots and its origin, stories of those detained, government and law enforcement perspectives, the curfew and dictatorship to now comparison with citizen survivors, and/or great acts of peace demonstrating unity. I appreciate the dedication of the journalists and staff of this show- thank you!

Stimulating   (5/5)

Invisibilia examines more philosophical topics, providing fantastic thought-food in the process. Give at least one a try. They are pretty much all good.

One of the best NPR shows   (5/5)

I love the insightful investigations of this show, it offers such an interesting way to learn about the world. It’s very reminiscent of This American Life and the TED radio hour, which I think are top-tier NPR shows.

All   (1/5)

Too much vocal frrrrrrrrryyyyy I am deleting this podcast.

The profile   (1/5)

Terrible. Annoyed I just wasted my time on that episode.

So good!   (5/5)

Learn something new every time I listen - so cathartic - love this podcast

More   (5/5)

I love this podcast. Wish there were more frequent episodes.

Thoughtful and usually lighthearted   (4/5)

I like this show. I don’t always agree with the methods in which things are discussed or the conclusions that are drawn - but it does make me reflect on new ideas and that’s something I appreciate greatly. I do wish there were more of a scientific backdrop to the discussions as a lot of topics are based on feelings and conjecture. Studies begin from feelings and conjecture though - so maybe I should be more open-minded! I thought profile was an interesting episode and I’m surprised at so many commenters who are unabashedly feeling betrayed when that reaction was already discussed in the show.

I love it   (5/5)

Every nite I pamper myself with a mineral bath that lasts about an hour. The podcast has made me think, laugh and shed a tear. Thx

Who Greenlighted This Concept?   (1/5)

This is my first time feeling compelled to write a review on a podcast. What the hell...? NPR should not even allude to the idea of creating fake content. This was a personal project that dead-ended and had no place being broadcast with a fake ending to listeners that come to NPR for news and educational, fact-based content.

Too many ads   (3/5)

I thought NPR was ad free. I would prefer you get them all out of the way at the beginning. The ads break my connection to the stories. I like some of the stories.

Shaaaame   (1/5)

The number of 1 star should say it all... I was interested then immediately turned off & un subbed as clearly the show has lost what made it good and that profile... smh🤨🤬

Profile   (1/5)

Ok you betrayed my trust in your truthfulness as a reporter and made be understand that this show is about you and making yourself feel better. That’s not what I expect from Invisabilia and I’ve been listening since the beginning. Shameful!

The profile!👎🏻   (1/5)

Are you kidding me? I’m not sure about Invisibilia anymore. Just you telling a story in that tone doesn’t make it interesting! Waste of time.

Never Get That 20 Minutes Back   (1/5)

I was bothered by the cat fishing pizza guy’s absolute ambivalence about stealing another’s identity in the hopes he’d get laid. (And how in the hell would that even work once he needed to actually meet someone?) Then...we find we’re cat fished. Gee, guess ya got us there. Now I feel dumb. Wait, I don’t at all. I’m just annoyed. This is typically a pretty good podcast. Worth the time in a sea of good podcasts. It had been a minute since I listened last. Guess it’ll be some time before I listen again.

Profile was such a betrayal   (1/5)

The ending of Profile was such a betrayal. Everything up to the end was good, and then I felt cheated.

The profile   (1/5)

Yikes...glad I listened to this on 2x the speed. There was no story. It could have been summed up in one sentence “people catfish on dating apps.” No additional thoughts or “investigating” occurred. Really disappointed.

Just can’t listen anymore   (2/5)

“Profile” ... I resent giving my time to this story, which turned out to be a session of boring roleplay therapy for the narrator. My impression is that Invisibilia has been dumbed down and shortened in hopes of appealing to the millennial demographic. Yuck.

The Profile   (1/5)

I’m a little shocked. I typically love this podcast and I’ve been anxiously awaiting every new episode. I listen to podcasts on Spotify but I needed to get this off of my chest: I have never been so bored while being lied to in my entire life. By the end of this episode I felt deceived, robbed of my time, and angry. There wasn’t a story here, and the responsible thing to do would have been to drop it and find something else to broadcast. Instead, we received a meandering, listless lie. I’m so disappointed.

Was a fan   (2/5)

Latest episodes have been navel-gazing. The Profile in particular is ridiculous - no unexpected twists other than a fake ending. This podcast is starting to lose the insight, creativity, maturity, and empathy I enjoyed about earlier seasons.

Love it!   (5/5)

I just love your podcast. The episode Fearless really made a huge impact on me and that week I confronted one of my fears of confronting a situation I’m not comfortable with . A co-worker said something that made me mad and offended me. I did it , I co fronted my co-worker and it completely made me scared and sweat, but I did it and it was awesome!

Miss the old format   (4/5)

I still enjoy, but I miss the old format-so now this podcast is at the bottom instead of the top of my listen list

Tone Deaf   (1/5)

Unsubscribed due to tone-deaf, blatant racism and sexism in the episode A Very Offensive ROM-Com. Not to mention the sexism of host Hanna Rosin.

Deleting invisibility   (1/5)

This was the last straw. Absolute drivel. I cannot listen to this anymore. Please grow up.

Trust in the show compromised   (1/5)

I’m glad I’m not the only one who noticed the most recent episode seems very fake. Bf: “I’m going to punch him” catfish: “if anything bad happened, we’ll meet up and you can punch me” Yeah, that seems like something a real person would say. This is embarrassing, and it compromises my trust in the reporting on the rest of the episodes which are usually fantastic. Don’t be fake. Talk about why you felt the need to fake this story. That would be interesting and probably relatable if you can be honest.

The Profile   (1/5)

I generally really love this podcast and think it’s well done - but this episode left me bewildered. Which feat of mental gymnastics was more impressive - the narrator convincing herself that her boyfriend is an innocent victim or the producers trying to convince the audience this is a compelling story about the blurred lines of fact and fiction? Either way it’s cringe worthy. No validity is given to the simple (and probable) answer - her boyfriend created a profile then deleted it when he was caught. Instead we are subjected to some serious rationalization and terrible play acting. The producers should have 86’ed this idea and taken this woman aside, given her a glass of Chardonnay, and told her the truth.

Disappointing   (2/5)

This season is not near as good as previous ones. Non-stories. Kyle made the profile.

Dump him!   (5/5)

I love the podcast. I’m sorry you have gone so far to try to prove your boyfriend is innocent. But that is his dating profile. Dump him. Save yourself the future heartache. Please give us the update! All the best!

Untrustworthy, Unsubscribed   (1/5)

This used to be a interesting sciencey podcast. The latest episode features a reporter that got catfished and then tracked down and interviewed her catfisher. Except she didn’t interview the catfisher, she hired an improve actor to make up an interview and put it on the air. Ha ha jokes on me. Isn’t that an interesting meta commentary on who we can trust? No. It’s lazy producing. With no conclusion this story should have been shelved. Since I can’t trust this podcast, I’m going to do what sane people do when presented with BS. Walk away.

Definitely the best podcast I’ve ever listened to   (5/5)

I LOVE Invisibilia!

Exxon Mobil as a sponsor???   (1/5)

That’s an all-time low bar

I love this show   (5/5)

I was wondering, if you never found the owner of the “fake profile”, um how do we know Kyle isn’t playing all of us...

Great stories but....   (2/5)

The stories are great. Well researched. The interviews add substance, but I CANNOT get past the vocal fry. Yowei and Hanna are the worst. What’s funny is that when they’re interviewing people, or they’re playing back their phone calls there is minimal to no vocal fry, but when they sit down and record the episode.... it’s like they intentionally do it. I’m actually surprised they don’t fix this on such a “professional” podcast.

Overall a good podcast but   (4/5)

There are several good episodes and some that I personally find a little boring, but the most recent one titled “The Profile” left me a little annoyed. My opinion based on the story is that the boyfriend got caught, deleted the profile, and went along with whatever his gf thought it was to save face, which is why the profile was never found. Instead of questioning that aspect, a fake alternative ending was told. I don’t know these people and I don’t know if something was left out that could connect the dots..but it just didn’t sit right with me

A bit too political when there is no need   (2/5)

I don’t know what’s happened this season, but it feels like every episode there is some small, unnecessary political jab going into an otherwise very objective program. For example on the weatherman episode, why mention interviewee’s views on climate change? Or why mention that the reporter doesn’t like the idea of “what people think something is, is more important that what it actually is” because it’s “Trumps idea” in the “Point, Shoot” episode? Please go back to your more objective-based show.

The Premise Has Shifted   (2/5)

My rating is an average of all the seasons. The first couple of seasons were great (especially the first one): engaging reporting, interesting narratives, and filled with scientific content that actually matched the show’s description and the way it was advertised and introduced. As time went on, the quality rapidly deteriorated. The episodes lost a lot of the science content (there were token connections made, but it became more involved in human interest reporting) and a lot of the charm evaporated. It began drifting from the initial premise of investigating the hidden forces that control our behavior, and became…something. So my subjective rating goes down over time. But the last two episodes (Kraftland and The Profile) are just human interest pieces that flop completely outside the show’s premise. The stories don’t seem to even be about people who were so interesting that the reporters sought them out; rather, they’re either a story about someone already known to the person reporting on them, or about the reporter’s own personal life. In a different context, they might even have been interesting, engaging pieces. But compared to the excellent early episodes, they look stupid, boring, and pointless. There are two things that have led me to unsubscribe from this show. First, this latest season isn’t anything like what so engaged me from the start. The episodes simply aren’t Invisibilia anymore. And, as I’ve mentioned, the show has been trending in that direction for a while now, so it’s not just this latest season where I’ve felt this way. Second, the latest episodes have completely lost any charm or interest for me. It’s especially noticeable with The Profile, but a lot of the more recent episodes are written like little mysteries, where it takes sooooo long for the actual point of the episode to appear. I don’t mind having information or a story unfolded for me over time, but they’re now written in a deliberately obfuscating way that I find very frustrating. The Profile was annoying me even before I got to the “twist” fake interview that so many others seem so annoyed by. And the ultimate point of that episode, which was only completely clear after that “twist,” was the utterly mundane point that “Things aren’t always what they seem.” Okay…great? So, to summarize, I’d rate early seasons five stars, and then gradually decreasing until this last season, which gets one star so far. My advice: listen to the first season or two, then stop. Don’t subscribe. It’s not worth it, especially since it’s doubtful this ship will be righted anytime soon.

The Profile was a Terrible Episode   (1/5)

What a joke. So it seems like the episode didn’t work out because she couldn’t actually find the catfish so she just made it up. Serious crap. Serious waste of time. No journalistic integrity.

Media literacy   (1/5)

I have loved your show until recently. Your recent podcast that intentionally confused and disoriented listeners (on the possibly fake dating site profile) may have been cute theater, but it required misleading listeners. I listen to lots of intentionally mind expanding fiction, but I don’t appreciate being tricked. Basic media literacy requires picking trusted sources carefully, you have lost my trust. Unsubscribe.

I love Invisibilia so much, I’ve re-listened to every episode   (5/5)

I’ve been listening to Invisibilia for over two years! The episodes can’t come out fast enough. Through thought provoking and engaging subject matter, these episode grab onto my attention within the first few seconds, and keep my attention for the entirety of the show. I can’t recommend Invisibilia enough!

I like the show, but I couldn’t keep subscribed after blatant Exxon greenwashing ads   (3/5)

I think the show has good stories and is generally empathetic - which can be good. But I couldn’t keep listening or stayed subscribed after the blatant greenwashing ads by Exxon.

Great Suggestion from The Friend Zone   (5/5)

HeyFranHey from The Friend Zone said this was a binge worthy podcast and they were not wrong! Loving the range of perspectives and audio quality

awewome   (5/5)

One of my favorite shows! Superb!

One of my favorites   (5/5)

This is one of my favorite podcasts. I love how it constantly gets me to think about issues in different ways by exploring things from multiple perspectives. The empathy episode in particular was amazing!

Wonderful   (5/5)

I really love this podcast! It’s so well done. Interesting topics and fascinating stories. Highly recommend it!!

You are AMAZING!!   (5/5)

This podcast is one of my absolute favorites - it never disappoints and always really makes me think. Special thanks for this episode on empathy. It perfectly illustrates the conflict that I as a deep believer in the power of Empathy have always struggled with: The problem with being an empath is that you also empathize with complete jerks! Thank you so much for being brave enough to make this journey together publicly so we could be along for the ride!!

She Who Strives Toward the Light~   (5/5)

Please keep going! You All are Amazing!!!! Thank you for all your hard word and dedication!!! Positive Vibrations~ xo

Women apology   (2/5)

The “I’m a woman so I need to apologize more than once” part was very unfortunate :/

Unsubscribing   (1/5)

I was a fan/subscriber for a few years, but the show went off the rails this year. At times, it’s borderline irresponsible. I was disappointed to see it take such a turn.

Really great stuff!!   (4/5)

Thanks for showing the various sides of a story...the invisible issues you all shed light on are very interesting! That being said (&I'm sorry to be a hater, here) but the reporter who pronounces "wronGGG," while excellent in all other aspects, I have an aversion to that interpretation of how to pronounce "wrong!" Mind you, when she says, "but (a man's last name) is getting older," she doesn't say, "gettinGGG." She doesn't say, "if the feedinGGGG ever stops (will there be hungry bears everywhere).." She's very talented in many other ways.. perhaps it's just me being a brat! Great job to all involved.

End of empathy - wow a lot there   (5/5)

Really enjoyed this episode. My favorite part was when the host who is my age had her views changed by the young woman applying for the job. And yes you had to give her the job she did great. Looking forward to hearing more.

Podcast-Buff’s All-Time Favorite   (5/5)

I love podcasts- I listen to everything from investigative journalism to comedic entertainment industry interviews, docuseries to fiction. Invisibilia is my favorite podcast of all time. Always surprising but also always *fascinating* (sorry, Radiolab), human and cathartic but never dreary (no offense, This American Life). Sip-able and binge-able. And always, truly, profound. The only podcast I’ve found that can consistently entertain a car full of folks who don’t otherwise have anything in common. These hosts will earn your trust and pay it off, consistently. No matter what you’re into, no matter what you need, Invisibilia will move you, inspire you, make your day, and help you connect with others and with yourself. Sans sappiness!

I love this podcast!   (5/5)

I find the stories fascinating, interesting and thought provoking. Listen to it!

Can’t get passed the vocal fry   (1/5)

Please, even as an affected Millennial Tag, the speaker’s vocal fry and the way she swallows the microphone made my ears split. Stop it!

Sooooo Good!   (5/5)

To say I love this podcast is an understatement. I have been binge listening for two weeks and pretty much every story is a winner. Not only does it give more insight to human behavior, I think it helps you take a closer look at yourself too. I can’t believe it took me so long to find Invisibilia.

My favorite podcast   (5/5)

This is my favorite podcast. It’s nuanced, occasionally imperfect, but invariably makes me think and analyze my own stand on the stories. I love hearing intelligent women tell stories with depth, insight and candor. It’s one of the best podcasts you’ll listen to, despite any negative reviews here!

Voice training   (3/5)

I love the stories that this podcast dives into... but every single interviewer has a horrible habit of feathering their voices when they speak! It’s difficult to hear what is being said when the feathering happens with EVERY SINGLE SENTENCE!!!! Please please stop. It weakens the story and quite frankly, the interviewer as well.

Here we go   (5/5)

Ain't gonna lie. It's fun stuff!

One of the best   (5/5)

Invisibilia is one of my favorite podcasts out there right now. The way the hosts weave together the narrative and the lesson is incredibly powerful. Each episode leaves me feeling more awakened, and I often find myself sharing the stories with friends and colleagues months after the episode aired. 100% worth a listen.

Fantastic   (5/5)

I find myself looking at the world, circumstances, perceptions, and society differently after every episode I’ve listened to so far. My favorite for now is How to Become Batman.

Kind grossed out   (2/5)

There are ideas introduced in this podcast that I have found inspiring, but I often find I must deeply challenge whatever information is presented, even if I initially follow with my heart. I wonder why a podcast so focused on human narrative can be callous in what ideas their stories are advocating and supporting in our already harm saturated collective. I have found troubling racism, sexism, ableism, etc. in the reporting. Who is the intended audience for this podcast? I think the episode that did invisibilia in for me was the latest podcast on empathy. I felt the reporting misunderstood what’s imperative in our time: to not lose sight of anyone’s humanity, but to restructure and rebuild who has access to empathy and humanity at the expense of no one, and to never lose sight of our values. The podcast lost touch with values which ask for change in a system that hurts people. For too long, perpetrators of harm have contained not just the power of money and physical resource, but also emotional resource. Who historically has access to empathy and understanding, and who doesn’t?We see many micro and macro examples of this, from ignored victims of child abuse for the benefit of fathers, to the Supreme Court. What have these systems of harm done to our people and our planet? What kind of collective story does Invisibilia want to perpetuate? I’m not sure they’re in touch with what that means for them right now. Oh, and don’t ever use “crazy” to deny voice to anyone, but especially women. Or kids. Or people of color. That really grossed me out. Unsubscribed, though having the perspective of such an impassioned climate denier was interesting, it was an incomplete understanding. Etc. etc. I should do my homework now

Favorite podcast   (5/5)

Absolutely my favorite podcast. This was the podcast (besides Serial) that got me into podcasts! When a new season comes out, I’m like a kid on Christmas Eve!

Love this show   (5/5)

I am so glad I found this podcast. So well put together and great information

Used to be better   (3/5)

I loved the first season and how unique the stories and the style were. The second season had Emotions and Reality, a total of 4 parts, that I loved, but the rest? I feel like they lost their style, took on more of a news style than storytelling, and honestly I’m bummed. In the new season, I’ve dropped out of listening. To tune in to hear about people in pain and ex cons is just like turning on abc or cnn but with more details. I really can’t convey how bummed I am.

The other real world   (5/5)

This episode is so challenging to how we perceive our reality I’ve shared it with so many friends who had the same reaction you did a remarkable job and you should win some kind of award for this episode and it should be basic listening in every psychology and sociology class in the world

Great story telling   (5/5)

Love the topics this one covers and how the stories are told.

Appeal To The Fringe - Antifa-Left   (1/5)

The show is so out-of-touch with mainstream America and Americans. The show’s hosts pander to the most extreme views on nearly every subject and dismissively disdain moderate (or, gasp, to-the-right of moderate viewpoints). DON’T WASTE YOUR TIME - THIS SHOW’S NOT WORTH IT!

Empathy is good.   (3/5)

The empathy episode is sadly to me emblematic of this entire season. The previous seasons were truly about invisible things and quite interesting and thoughtful. The episode about empathy however gives a voice and ground to the exact force that is pulling society apart in all directions. We cannot say that it is OK to reserve empathy only for those who agree with us. The precise purpose of empathy is to allow someone to understand their opponent. This understanding is the first step towards peace and resolution and change. Change and peace cannot come without empathy first. It makes me sad that they conflated the idea of empathizing with another person with the idea of justifying their behaviors. Empathy is not justification. We must always seek to empathize with our enemies. Truly, love and empathy are disarming.

Love love love   (5/5)

I just started listening to invisibilia, I’ve jumped around from season to season & ive yet to listen to an episode I didn’t genuinely enjoy. I love their prospective on the various topics they discuss in their episodes & now open minded they are in every sense. I’m now an invisibilia addict, especially love the episode everything good and the problem with the solution. Listen listen listen!

Gorgeous show   (5/5)

There are so many good podcasts out there, but I would definitely put Invisibilia in my top 3. The stories are so engaging and beautiful and I end up talking about them for days afterwards. Don’t miss it.

Decline in quality   (2/5)

Sorry to say- it’s just not as good as it used to be. The stories are less compelling and less coherent. Also please stop using alarm clock sound effects. Nobody wants to hear that.

Season 2 episode 6 The end of Empothy   (1/5)

I have very much so enjoyed this podcast, however the last show called the End of Empathy was disturbing on it’s view and role of compassion/empathy. To hit so far off the mark on this episode wrt what I heard from others it very disturbing. I intend to follow this up with an email to further explain my disagreement with the episode’s overall conclusion however in short I would say that compassion leads to peace and the lack of to anger/fear. In my life I have seen and experienced the power of compassion and no longer see the advocation for the lack of it as valuable to an individual or group.

Was good, now not   (2/5)

Most of those in the first year were good, a few great. I dropped out because other Podcasts had more consistent quality. Gave them another try recently and wonder what happened. This season they’re light, confusing, research poor and badly edited. The empathy episode was a mess. To the producer, your expert wasn’t against empathy, but said it shouldn’t be one sided. And the woman looking for a job acted like my 12 year old, with her feelings that it was only right to have empathy with people she agreed with. And the endless back and forth by the host on whether she was wrong was tedious. And the rom com episode was probably worse, but I gave up on it half way. This show really needs an editor and maybe drop a little data in now and then instead of just cute anecdotes.

Smart and Personal   (5/5)

I love this podcast! It always engages my mind and gets under my skin. Thanks for the careful reporting and human explanation on interesting and important issues!

Love this podcast   (5/5)

One of my favorite podcasts, brings attention to things I wouldn’t of thought of in creative ways. I also appreciate all the research and work that’s put into it.

Weird growling   (3/5)

Why do all of the narrators on this show turn the last word of every sentence into a broken growl? It’s distracting. Too bad because I like the topics and stories.🤷🏻‍♀️

It’s good but...   (3/5)

I’m on season 2 and I loved season 1 but then they introduced Hannah. Unfortunately, I’m not a fan of her. I love Lulu! Her stories are wonderful!! I guess I love the psychological ideas that are presented. They’re things I haven’t thought of before. However, things have become a bit more political and I just think ugh! Why does everything have to go there?! I have to wonder is that Hannah? So, I have mixed feelings now.

Postmodernism ate the podcast   (2/5)

All the reviews for the last two episodes have it right. What an amazing 180 on ethical — whatever they are doing. It certainly isn’t journalism. I just recommended this to someone I have to make a good impression on after not listening for a while. Now I have to undo that somehow...

This podcast should merit a higher rating - too bad it doesn’t   (3/5)

I’m puzzled by Invisibilia. The hosts are smart, articulate, and personable. The stories are intriguing, the production values are high, and it’s carefully written and well edited. It’s evident that lots of work goes into each episode. But I’m disappointed. Perhaps that’s because the production suffers from a fatal lack of intellectual rigor, and real depth. Too often at the end of an episode I end up feeling that I’ve just listened to pablum, and the takeaway might be something like “Life is complicated and confusing, and sometimes that can be overwhelming.” “The Fifth Vital Sign” left me with the same feeling of emptiness. I ended it with no greater understanding of the syndrome called “Amplified Pain” than when I started it. The framing of the treatment program featured in this episode was also strangely untechnical, as though what was evidently a rigorous and difficult program of desensitization was some sort of return to a the more stoic social culture of pain tolerance prevalent in the 50s. That to me is rather like discussing the problem of homelessness by referencing “The poor ye shall always have with you.” The profiling of the doctor who chopped off his finger and didn’t feel it was also weird. What is the listener supposed to make of that? That pain is for the weak? Perhaps the man was in shock from his injury, I really have no idea, but I’m unclear on how this anecdote contributes to understanding how pain is experienced by different people, or why some people develop crippling, idiopathic pain. I keep trying and failing with this podcast. I would ask the hosts to try harder, to keep in mind what they really want their listeners to learn. They have to be capable of more than this.

A Tale of Two Invisibilias   (2/5)

The first two seasons of Invisibilia were absolute magic. They were thought provoking, emotional and once the episodes were over the listener continued to marinate in the message after the story wrapped. Lately the show feels like a completely different animal. The content is not all that interesting and it feels more than ever that an agenda is being pushed on the listener rather than having the story speak for itself. I’m heartbroken. This was one of my all time favorite podcasts and I didn’t even finish the last season because it was drivel. Bring back the magic!! It could be that the producers and the hosts are different and if so, the heart of the show left with them.

New Season, Great Pod - don’t listen to those haters   (5/5)

I read a bad review and disagreed. So this is me negating those reviews in the best way I know how. This pod continues to have all the essential elements to time-well-spent. I laughed, cried, grew, learned, etc. Keep up the good work ladies.

Best podcast   (5/5)

My only complaint is I wish there were more! Really touching!

Listen to old seasons   (2/5)

This season is not good. I was really excited but most episodes now I can’t finish. It’s boring very drawn out even sped up its hard to listen to. Sorry I really want to like this new season.

A Very Good Podcast   (5/5)

Related, but different stories are told masterfully by two amazing women. Bonus: hosts who really seem to respect their subjects!

The Best!   (5/5)

My favorite podcast. Thank you!

Unsubscribing   (1/5)

I have been impressed with the topics covered by this podcast, but recently learned of Hanna Rosin’s horribly judgmental article about Liza Long, author of “I am Adam Lanza’s Mother.” Ms. Rosin couldn’t be less empathetic and obviously has no experience dealing with the mental health system in the US. Now that I’ve seen the real Hanna, my guess is that she openly mocks Invisibilia’s interviewees over dinner while delighting in her perfect life and her blessed lack of need for mental health services.

Hana needs a humble pill   (2/5)

The Reddit feed on this piece is 10x more useful than the pod itself. I’m sure the producers will take that as a compliment, but in this case it’s really not.

Ditto to missing the old Invisibilia   (2/5)

The most recent season seems like a completely different podcast. Is this a badly written parody? Are they pranking us? I really enjoyed the first season and the topics that it explored but the this last season has been so miserable. Two episodes in particular, a very offensive rom com and the end of empathy, were so ridiculous I had to turn them off. It wasn’t that they were offensive. They were the storytelling equivalent of bombing. Don’t read the room Invisibilia. Stay tone deaf. Make the listeners cringe. Nobody is on board. Just so so bad.

New Perspectives!   (5/5)

Such a great podcast that helps you understand people and situations around you in a new way. Grows my brain & interesting & entertaining!