Aggregated reviews for Jamie's Christmas Cracker

This is Jamie’s Christmas Cracker - my brand new podcast where I’ll be taking the stress out of Christmas by sharing everything you need to make the big day a success. I'll be answering all your foodie questions and give you the inside track on what me and my family will be eating this Christmas. I'm joined by my my old friend and mentor Gennaro Contaldo as we swap tips, tricks and hacks to make this Christmas a time of pure joy.Check out the Terms for Contributions and Privacy Policy.

Surpringly disappointing (3/5)

I love Jamie Oliver, and on so many of his cookbooks, I have been inspired by his US broadcast TV shows and Facebook posts… But this single episode of Jamie and Gennaro it did not leave us very inspired. Still a fan,though, and can’t wait for more veggie challenges!

More more more (4/5)

Jamie Oliver won me over when he tried to teach those West Virginia ruffians about good nutrition. Very excited about this new podcast. Enjoyed the antics of his mentor and the old stories. I'm going to pound some turkey filets into medallions as veal substitute now. Keep it coming guys!

Amazing (5/5)

I love listening this while I do my homework!

Good stuff (5/5)

Loved it! Hope there’s more!

Pudding it to the test! (5/5)

Enjoyed Episode 1 & looking forward to #2. I’m not keen on Yorkshire Pudding but would love to try a steamed Christmas Pudding. Maybe some tips? Suet? And why has the price of vanilla extract gone through the roof? To make the stuff at home is it simply vanilla beans pickled in vodka? And I think it is completely normal to feel sorry for a little misshapen Christmas tree, btw. Enjoy your work, Merry Christmas...

Classic Jamie (5/5)

Loved everything about this podcast, I’ve been following Jamie since the Naked Chef days and he is the main reason I cook. Informative tips, funny anecdotes and much more in this great Jamie Christmas Podcast! Can’t wait for more!