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Naturopathic Doctor, Acupuncturist, Chinese herbal medicine, areas of specialty Environmental medicine, nutrition, and nutrigenomics. Clinical practice 16 years.

Episode 70: Interview with Dr. Joan Ifland on processed food addiction Part 3
This is the final installment on our interview with Dr. Joan Ifland, on what is and how to deal with the Addiction to Processed Foods.  This is perhaps the most important issue in health care, rather self health care. Now that we collectively are entering an era where our health is determined by our dietary choice it is incredibly important to be aware of the ‘engineering’ of our food into great tasting junk devoid of nutrition. That is the state of processed foods today. As Dr. Ifland would say: These are ...

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Episode 69: Interview with Dr. Joan Ifland on processed food addiction Part Two
Perhaps now you have your eyebrows raised a bit from what was discussed in part one of the interview with Dr. Ifland, where we covered the nature of addiction the evolution of processed foods in today’s culture. You now know the consequences of blindly letting yourself or your family reach for another bag of doritos, or cheese puffs. Now the question remains what is inherently dangerous about them and how to ‘De-process food’ our diet and what does all of this have to do with the Ketogenic Diet anyway?   I ...

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Episode 68: Interview with Dr. Joan Ifland on processed food addiction Part I
Perhaps there’s no more avoided topic in the entire field of dietary nutrition than “Processed Food Addiction”. The reason it is NOT discussed is because ‘processed foods’ is a vast, complicated, and for the most part, hidden and disguised as to not be easily identified to the consumer. To add to that, the concept of addiction is something we have a difficult time believing applies to us personally because it implies we can’t control our behavior. We tend to think of drugs, or alcohol or tobacco as being ad...

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Episode 67: Prequel to interview with Dr. Joan Ifland about Process Foods Addiction.
What does process food addiction have to do with the Ketogenic Diet? Initially the answer is by dropping the carbs you drop a lot of processed food, usually, in the process. However, for many, it's not that with most additions...‘Just saying no’ doesn’t always lead to stopping the behavior that we are addicted to. This topic explores the advent of the industrialization of processed foods that started in the late 1980 with the Tobacco companies buying up the food companies and bringing their expert...

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Episode 66: Dr. Goldkamp is interviewed on Radio Naturopath - About his past medical history and present Keto lifestyle
Dr. Goldkamp comes back for a sequel to his initial interview to go deeper on the details of how he’s implementing Keto. C8 Keto MCT Oil: Our Facebook Group

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Episode 65: Interview with Dr. Christopher Palmer Talking about Behavioral Disorders and Keto part 3
That “cocktail of medications” used for treating behavioral disorders have their side effects as anyone who knows of someone using them would know...some with horrible side effects. Dr. Christopher Palmer, Psychiatrist at Harvard, has been using the Ketogenic Diet as a way to avoid all of that. His story is absolutely jaw-dropping. In this interview he will talk how a “metabolic” intervention might well be a miraculous alternative for people who have been living a lonely life numbed by layers of medications...

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Episode 64: Interview with Dr. Christopher Palmer Talking about Behavioral Disorders and Keto part II
I’m hoping you haven’t caught your breath yet from the first part of the interview where you learned of Dr. Palmer’s first exposure to the Atkins diet and how that changed his life and his father’s life. Now in part II, he delves deeper into the connection between Mental Disorders (Schizophrenia, Bipolar, Depression, Dementia, as examples) and metabolic disorders (diabetes, obesity, Cardio-vascular disorders, as examples). Think of epilepsy as an example of both and knowing the some of the medications used ...

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Episode 63: Interview with Dr. Christopher Palmer Talking about behavioral disorders and Keto Part 1
Brace yourselves for part 1 of a spectacular interview with a person who, in my view, is bringing Keto to places no one ever thought possible...Behavioral disorders. Then again, as Dr. Palmer points out the ketogenic diet was originally developed specifically for a behavioral disorder in the first place: Epilepsy.   Take my word for it. You will love this interview...And will most definitely complain that you’ll have to wait an entire week for part II.    Links: C8 Keto MCT Oil: https...

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Episode 62: Prequel to an Interview with Dr. Christopher Palmer MD on Keto and Behavioral Disorders
To think most people only think the Ketogenic diet is about weight far from the truth. Nearly 100 years ago the ketogenic diet was created for a neurological disorder: epilepsy. Now 100 years later much of what works for epilepsy works for behavioral disorders as well. Makes Sense. To think though that a ‘dietary’ approach could work for Schizophrenia, Bi-polar, ADHD, Autism, Obsessive - compulsive disorders as well, is revolutionary. This is the very edge where Dr. Christopher Palmer is looking a...

Episode 61: Precision Keto for Spectacular Health
We have been developing a comprehensive Keto Coaching Program to address the what we haven’t been able to address in our previous programs. This is a brief explanation about how our next coaching program will go much deeper. We will look at areas that are seldom examined, like nutritional deficiencies, hormones, various labs that are often missed, genetic SNPs (search for potentially troublesome mutations that can be addressed) and even common toxins.  All this because because nearly 60 percent of people wa...

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Episode 60: Part 2 of interview with Dr. Stephen Cunnane
Picking up where Dr. Cunnane left off in part one, we get into other aspects of ketones and what we know about them specifically, brain health, and how the brain’s ability to use ketones as a fuel does not diminish with age. Rather, it is our ability to use glucose as a fuel decreases. Due to the decreasing effectiveness of the insulin to get the glucose into the brain. Sometimes referred to as insulin resistance. The great news is ketones are not a problem and they are available. We talk about MCT Oils in ...

Episode 59: Current research on possible ways to restore brain function in the elderly with Dr. Stephen Cunnane
The are very, very few people such as Dr. Stephen Cunnane that have done so much work on ‘brain health’ with aging. Though he states others have come before him that have pointed to use of Ketones as an ‘alternative’ fuel for the brain, it is Dr. Cunnane’s work on the ‘Keto-Pet Scan’ that showed just how vital it is. To Many, the work of Dr. Cunnane offers incredible hope in how to restore brain function in those with MCI, mild cognitive impairment and AD.   Enjoy listening to his comments on his work in th...

brain high health stephen research human dr impairment diet study fat alzheimers dementia low karl cognitive function carb ketosis lchf mci mild ketogenic ketones cunnane goldkamp

Episode 58: Prequel to interview with Dr. Stephen Cunnane
Dr. Stephen Cunnane’s work, his life work, has been very influential in how we understand brain health today. More specifically, how we can improve MCI (mild cognitive impairment) and Alzheimer Disease through the use of a Ketogenic diet or consuming highly ketogenic saturated fats or even exogenous ketones. This is a brief background on his work, why it so very significant today, and something you can use.   Links:  Dr. Cunnane’s presentation at Ohio State Conference August 2018

2 brain health stephen dr impairment disease diet alzheimers diabetes type karl cognitive function ketosis mci mild ketogenic ketones keto cunnane goldkamp

Episode 57: In the Mind of Dr. Westman part II - Looking to the Future.
Going deeper in the discussion with Dr. Westman of the conditions that are improved with Keto. Also looking into the future with the idea of an entirely new discipline of medicine developing: "Keto Medicine” and what and why this is something very different than anything that has previously existed. Did you know that there is something that Dr. Westman no longer believes is true in terms of medicine because of his vast experience with implementing Keto now? Find out what it is, learn what “Page 4” is all ab...

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Episode 56: What’s on the mind of the Physician with the most experience with using the Ketogenic Diet - Interview with Dr. Westman part I
This is a rare opportunity to go deeper on the Ketogenic Diet with someone who has been using it for many different conditions. Even though his practice is outwardly focused on obesity within the Diet and Lifestyle Clinic at Duke  University, many other conditions are referred to his practice exclusively to have people learn about and how to implement the Ketogenic Diet due to its many health restoring attributes. Having witnessed first hand how effective his practice is I can certainly testify to both the ...

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Episode 55: Prequel 2 to Interview with Dr. Eric Westman - The Ketogenic Diet
Dr. Westman Is the physician who has treated the most patients with the Ketogenic diet.  Having seen what he has does in his Lifestyle Clinic at Duke University, his work is nothing short of remarkable. This is an introduction to all that he represents and has done for the Keto community and medicine in general.   C8 Keto MCT Oil:       Our Facebook Group

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Episode 54: C8, Caprylic Acid Triglyceride - The Secret Fat That Makes You Thin
This is a podcast devoted entirely to going deep into what exactly C8 triglyceride is, why you would, and how you should use it. From how it affects your metabolism by creating ketones within 15 minutes of consuming it, why it can help one loose weight, make you feel more energetic, to helping with epilepsy. This is a much overlooked fat to add to your ketogenic diet. Whether it’s for weight loss, energy, or athletic performance C8 is very helpful. C8 Keto MCT Oil:

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Episode 53: A Dr. Ben Summary Sequel
This is a quick summary of the major point, and the important points, that Dr. Ben Bocchicchio presented.  I did this quick podcast to make sure the basics were understood and could be implemented by everyone. Dr. Ben Bocchicchio was WAAAAY a head of the others. At a time when Aerobics were all the range Dr. Ben was changing lives both in the hospital and in the gym.   Hope you enjoy this. Got questions…. Send them in. We got answers. Simply email me at Show Links: Just 15 minutes, tw...

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Episode 52: Warts and all...How Karl & Judi entered into Keto, to save their lives
A tad dramatic?...Absolutely not at all. Driven by a need for few more guaranteed breaths of life. Two almost terminal conditions resolved by doing something unimaginable from their experience. I was interviewed by a radio station (naturopathic content program) to disclose why we are so driven and passionate about the Ketogenic diet or way of living. This is our story. A candid open disclosure, which has apparently received a lot of attention. There are some definite transferable lessons here for many peopl...

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Episode 51: Interview with Dr. Ben Bocchiocchio the inventor, the researcher, the coach behind HIT who has been doing this for over 50 years Part 2
Listen in for part two of this incredible conversation with Dr. Bocchicchio. Touching on more science and personal experiences from his decades of research and applications of HIT, follow Dr. Ben as he delves deeper as we draw towards this discussions conclusion. If you have not listened to the Prequel or Part 1 be sure to get yourself in gear and catch up. You do not want to miss out, trust me. Our Facebook Group Dr. Ben

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Episode 50: Triple your results on Keto with High Intensity Training Slow Movement. Interview with Dr. Ben the inventor, the researcher, the coach who’s been doing this for over 50 years.
Perhaps you think you know all about HIT, well I doubt it and you will too after listening to this interview with Dr. ‘Ben’ Bocchicchio who developed this method of working out that anyone can do. He’s worked with celebrities, athletes, paraplegics, cardiac patients to help them reach levels of strength and metabolic fitness none thought possible.  Seldom does any of us get the chance to not only talk with someone who really knows his material (he has two PH.Ds and a Masters degree) but someone who has 50 ...

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Episode 49: Prequel to a Marvelous Conversation with Dr. Bocchiocchio AKA Dr. ‘Ben'
If I told you that you could absolutely change your health by doing this one thing for 14 minutes twice a week...something even osteoporotic women can even do...would you? Well, this is that thing. It’s as close to a ‘universal’ SECRET SAUCE as there could be.   Ah, but you would have heard of it by now if it were true. I’d have to say you weren't looking hard enough, and apparently, nor was I. But here it is. Stayed tune change your life by adding something to your ‘Keto’ regime that will increase your ben...

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Episode 48: Seeing the complete picture of our medical data with Heads Up Health
This is one extraordinary person with an extraordinary vision: To connect all of your bio and medical data in one place digitally.  This will allow you to see trends in your own data and labs, your health. Imagine having all your labs graphed out, your weight, fat mass, muscle mass, blood glucose and ketone readings, blood pressure, diet entries, microbiome, your Fitbit data, and apple watch etc, etc. all tied into just one place and accessible by your laptop or smartphone.   No, it is not too much to know...

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Episode 47: Seeing Patients at The Lifestyle Clinic
A full day of seeing patients with Dr. Westman at The Lifestyle Clinic at Duke. Without a doubt Dr. Westman has treated more patients with the Ketogenic diet than anyone in the US if not the world. I was fortunate enough to be able to shadow him and participate in his rounds for the day in his clinic. Lots to talk about.     Our Facebook Group

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Episode 46: LowCarb USA Conference Highlights
What I learned at the conference that was just an unexpected wonderful surprise.   Our Facebook Group

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Episode 45: Prequel to interview with Dr. Westman
When people ask who has the greatest experience with working with the people on a low carb diet, there is only one answer. That’s Dr. Eric Westman. He was only person to actually conduct studies on the approach and methods that Dr. Robert Atkins employed to treat people with a low carb diet...that resulted incredibly reproducible outcomes. At a time when dietary recommendations by physicians was low fat Dr. Westman was looking in the opposite direct to change peoples health status.     Our Facebook Group ht...

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Episode 44: Where We've been and What's A head in 2019
What we accomplished in 2018, our purpose, and what we want to do in 2019. A look at what happen 100 years ago in 1919 and what really hasn’t changed much at all.   Our Facebook Group

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Episode 43: Interview with Dr. Thomas Seyfried part II
Catch your breath from part one and get ready to be introduced to the larger context of treating cancer 'as a metabolic disease' and how essential a calorie-restricted ketogenic diet is to achieving a return to health, creating healthy cells from cancerous ones...a return to “the society of cells” as Dr. Seyfried says. Is it possible? You bet.   Links:   Efficacy of Metabolically Supported Chemotherapy Combined with Ketogenic Diet, Hyperthermia, and Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy for Stage IV Triple-Negative B...

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Episode 42: Interview with Dr. Thomas Seyfried Part I
From Vietnam To The Cutting Edge of Cancer Research …   Fighting To Save People's Lives In a Different War 50 years later.   In this episode, the first part of the interview with Dr. Seyfried. Tom mentioned briefly that he spent a year in Vietnam as part of the 1st Calvary Division...The 1st Cavalry Division is one of the most decorated combat divisions of the United States Army and had some of the highest casualty rates of the entire Vietnam War. As he calmly puts it: '...From firebase to the jungle’ is wh...

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Episode 41: Prequel to interview with Dr. Seyfried part III
The Shot heard round the world.   “… the origin of carcinogenesis resides with the mitochondria in the cytoplasm, not the with the genome in the Nucleus.” Researchers have transplanted the nucleus (it’s DNA) of a cancer cell into a healthy cell that had its nucleus removed. When that new combined cell with healthy cytoplasm and mitochondria but DNA from the cancer was injected into mice no cancer developed.   But when the cancer cell with the nucleus of a healthy cell was injected into mice, those mice deve...

a nuclear as disease diet cancer metabolic treatment transplant ketosis mitochondria ketogenic carcinogenesis ketones

Episode 40: Prequel to interview with Dr. Seyfried II
"Bottom line: where are tumor cells getting their energy from?" This is the entire focus of "Cancer as Metabolic Disease" and Dr. Seyfried’s work. His years of research have lead him to what many of us believe is an incredible breakthrough in treating cancer based on metabolism (what is the source of energy for tumors) and then how to starve the tumor of these fuels, killing the cancer but not the patient. Absolutely key to this therapeutic approach is a calorie restricted Ketogenic Diet. Listen in as we co...

energy a get cells do as disease diet cancer metabolic where their ketosis lchf ketogenic ketones keto

Episode 39: A super busy entrepreneur discovers Keto…And gets help to make it happen.
Interview with a professional that decided to embark on a ketogenic lifestyle (for her, Zero Carb with some minor exceptions). She enrolled in our first beta coaching program and has achieved some outstanding results. You may recognize yourself what her challenges were. A wonderful person, hyper-focused  on the things she can control in her life, being a single mom with a 9 year old son.   Our Facebook Group

interview high entrepreneur diet zero fat diabetes low carb ketosis lchf diabetic ketogenic keto

Episode 38: Prequel to an Interview with Tom Seyfried PH.D Author of “Cancer as a Metabolic Disease”
Thomas Seyfried is one of a couple of people in the world whom have challenged the medical establishment over the past 20 years. Presented with a higher, more provable truth of how to manage cancer which is now being carried out at a few places out side of the US. His focus, explanation, hypothesis is that cancer is a “metabolic Disease” as opposed to a genetic Disease. That means that understanding how a cancer acquires it fuel (source of energy) and blocking that is a far, far more effective method of tre...

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Episode 37: Going Deeper on Artificial Sweeteners Part II
Link to Israeli study:  Artificial sweeteners induce glucose intolerance by altering the gut microbiot   Correction: Said this study was done in 1914 meant 2014.   Our Facebook Group

podcast health diet low gut artificial carb ketosis lchf microbiota sweeteners ketogenic ketones keto

Episode 36: What I learned from a 7 Day Fast
After leading a group through their first fast...I go over my own 7 days fast, the data, what changed and how fasting is...once again…being used to reverse type II diabetes.   Show Links: Therapeutic use of intermittent fasting for people with type 2 diabetes as an alternative to insulin ADA Deems Low Carb Diet Medical Nutrition Therapy for T2D Glu...

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Episode 35: Reflections on Keto at an Italian Family Wedding
What to do at a wedding…An Italian wedding! If you’re keto. People watching is inevitable at weddings, there’s all types, but at an Italian wedding there are many heavy people. It's a reminder that Keto is not known to many. It gets personal, in that you see people that you've seen through years at the other family events that are not doing so well…and you know you could help them with just a few words. Yet the larger reality is that some things are better left unsaid. Our Facebook Group https://www.faceboo...

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Episode 34: Fasting, And Why It May Help Your Autoimmune Condition
Thought you knew fasting? Lets’s talk. There’s now a variety of fasts, water fasts, bone broth fast, Fasting Mimicking Diet, Protein Sparing Fasts…Now, we’ve learned that fasting could possibly reverse completely or at least improve autoimmune conditions like MS due to a drop in IGF-1 during the fast and then returning to normal…Interesting stuff for sure. Show Links: A Diet Mimicking Fasting Promotes Regeneration and Reduces Autoimmunity and Multiple Sclerosis Symptoms

water diet fast protein bone broth fasting ketosis lchf intermittent ketogenic ketones keto sparing

Parkinson’s disease: Avoid getting it before you look to improve it with Keto.
As remarkable as ketones are in incredibly improving Parkinson’s disease, it’s best to avoid it in the first place. Listen in and find out how. See, we often talk about how keto is so helpful for Parkinson’s but often omit disclosing why eating organic foods may help reduce the incidence when we recommend eating veggies on keto.   Show Links:   Study uncovers cause of pesticide exposure, Parkinson's link Genomic and pharmacogenomic biomarkers of...

podcast high disease diet fat low parkinsons carb ketosis ketogenic mct ketones keto lcfh

Episode 32: Artificial Sweeteners: What You Don’t Know May Kill You
Since everyone has a sweet-tooth to some extent, knowing what each sweetener actually is, its effectiveness, side effects, and which are known toxins is important to know. This is a first in a series on artificial sweeteners and ‘natural’ sweeteners commonly used. We’ll cover why some are considered toxic,what problems with some of the others are, and which are considered safe and possibly useful.   The list we’ll cover list in the order of usability.   Best Don’t use any sweetener at all.  While on keto yo...

n sweet diet low stevia sweetener naturopath splenda ketosis sweeteners ketogenic xylitol ketones keto ketone naturopatic

Episode 31: A Deeper Dive on Dairy, Acne, Prostate Cancer and Laron syndrome
Taking a deeper look at dairy and why it is not only such a problem for so many but a near definitive cause for cancer. Acne and prostate cancer having a strong association with dairy consumption. Also, will be looking at a group of people who have a genetic defect (Laron syndrome) that blunts the effects of IGF-1 and  the insulin increasing effects of whey.   Reference  Links: Linking diet to acne metabolomics, inflammation, and comedogenesis: an update. Evidenc...

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Episode 30: Keto Coaching Group Call
Join as we have an open check-in discussion of our Keto Coaching Weekly Group call. We drill down into the effects of exercise on blood sugar level, and hear from each person on their individual progress. Our Facebook Group

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Episode 29: Treating infertility in women with the Ketogenic Diet
Female infertility is a heart breaking condition for many couples.  Long before a woman or a couple decide they need to see a reproductive endocrinologist they should look at the underlying cause, which for most women is insulin resistance. If you take care of that, something that the Ketogenic way of life is tremendously effective with, then you may not need further medical intervention.   Join me in this discussion of PSCOS in Women and what to do about it, and its parallel condition in men. Show links/...

women men diet infertility ketosis lchf ketogenic keto

Episode 28: The importance of specific fats to be used in Keto with other factors to help bipolar, autism, etc.
The Ketogenic diet creates so many benefits for various conditions, and yet those benefits can be increased by using the right kinds of fats along some knowledge of nutrigenomics. Listen to this deeper dive into understanding why some fats are more important than others in the conditions of bipolar and autism along with knowing a little about your gene - nutrient interaction. This topic will be elaborated on future podcasts and is meant to be a foundational explanation for further discussions. Abstracts of ...

podcast and of autism diet bipolar types fats ketosis lchf ketogenic ketones keto

Episode 26: Confronting misinformed medical information about Keto
Sometimes you just have to stand up to false information in the media and show how and why a particular article or research paper is incorrect. Today I do exactly that but going through a well-sited article in a medical blog that actually misrepresents what the ketogenic diet actually is. Listen in on why this article has misled many physicians by misrepresenting information and where the correct and bonafide studies and information can be found. Links included for both. Podcast links https://www.virtaheal...

podcast medical diet facts ketosis lchf misinformation ketogenic ketones keto

Episode 27: Stop Keto MCT Products From Destroying The Rainforest, Buy RSPO Certified Products!
Little do most people know that they are directly contributing to the destruction of the “lungs of the earth” (the most sensitive ecosystems in the world, the Rainforest) by using products that contain non-RSPO palm oil. That is non-sustainably harvested palm oil. Listen to this interview with the U.S. Outreach Representative for the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil. This is perhaps the most important interview I’ve done because it will directly inform you about how your specific product purchases are con...

podcast the save sustainable awareness diet palm oil rainforest ketosis lchf ketogenic mct ketones keto rspo

Episode 24: The 2 Most Important Reasons Why You Should Consider Keto. It’s Not What You Think.
Certainly there are many benefits to the Ketogenic diet. Weight loss, diabetes reversal, improved athletic performance, improved dementia and so forth. However if you were to ask people who have been doing ‘Keto’ for a while, what they appreciated most about Keto… THE answer would be; a tremendously improved sense of well being, mental focus, and that all of their aches and pains have pretty much disappeared. This is due to something no one talks about, it increases your GABA…so what?? And, decreases your i...

podcast for best diet why reasons ketosis lchf ketogenic ketones keto

Interview With THE Most Connected Person in the Keto World Today AND CEO of Low Carb USA: Doug Reynolds
Episode 23: Interview With THE Most Connected Person in the Keto World Today AND CEO of Low Carb USA: Doug Reynolds Doug's Links and Info on Low Carb USA! sf-2018 Malcolm Gladwell speaks of people like Doug Reynolds in his book "The Tipping Point". People who are connectors; ‘messengers’ in essence. They see things about to happen that they believe are potentially life-changing. So they reach out to people of influence and...

podcast diet naturopathic naturopath ketosis lchf ketogenic ketones keto

Episode 22: The most experience Keto coach therapist you’ll ever meet, seriously
Most of us have witnessed the renaissance of the ketogenic diet and its application for so many conditions from epilepsy to cancer and much in between. However what you don’t know is that this rebirth was ’mid-wifed’ by a few people who, because they have witnesses near miraculous transformations in people, wanted to know more and became the icons of the Ketogenic movement. Beth Zupec-Kania is one of these people.  Her experience, her story, her drive are amazing. She would deny that she’s anything specia...

podcast diet ketosis lchf ketogenic ketones keto

Episode 21: Mariam Kalamian Explains Why Keto Works With Cancer
Mariam is nothing less than an extraordinarily tenacious researcher of all things Keto. Her impetus comes out of a deeply personal experience of helping her son Raffi when he was diagnosed with brain cancer. When I first met Mariam, rather watched on stage telling her story, it sent a chill down my back. She is one of the most requested interviews by many medical and laymen interested in learning about the benefits of the ketogenic diet for cancer patients. Her TED talk has been in high demand and her book:...

podcast diet low carb naturopath ketosis lchf ketogenic ketones keto

Episode 20: Going Zero Carb with Dr. Paul Mabry
Beside a career in medicine that spans decades, tours in Iraq, speaking 6 languages, playing piano, working on cars, he can be found coaching tennis at the local high school. When asked how he would like to be introduced he said:  “No need to give any big intro and the only ax I have to grind is that sugar is a slow acting addictive poison.” He is a self described “night errant” in terms getting the word out about reversing diabetes and obesity. A reference from the book: Don Quixote, by Cervantes in 1605. ...

podcast atkins diet medicine naturopathic low carb naturopath ketosis lchf ketogenic ketones keto ketone

Episode 19: Interview with the most authoritative ‘Keto’ author, Ellen Davis
Every so often in life a chance meeting with someone opens doors to for you on some level. For me if I had connected with Ellen Davis I would haven’t never attended Dominic D’Agostino’s first Metabolic therapy conference in 2016 and have connected with all of the researchers and practitioners of the Ketogenic diet. Ellen Davis’s books and Website are required reading for all of ‘Dom’ grad students. Listen in to what Ellen has to say. She’s a down-to-earth ball of fire that has created perhaps the best refer...

1 2 interview davis diet naturopathic diabetes type ellen naturopath ketosis lchf ketogenic ketones keto

Episode 18: Going Deeper on Dairy
In the world where we like to make things simple, black and white, dairy is complicated. Sounds healthy, good macros but it is very problematic from many people…. And perhaps not a good choice for including on your ketogenic diet.  This episode will dive deeper in the gnarly issues of the most addicting food you ever salivated over, dairy, and what we know about it’s disturbing problems....

diet naturopathic low dairy carb ketosis lchf ketogenic ketones keto ketone

Episode 017: Is Dairy Deadly for Keto?
There’s nothing more addictive than Dairy… Specifically cheese… and pizza.  Ever wondered why? Listen to what what all dairy products have in common Hint: it’s related to heroin. And some of the serious health conditions that all dairy products are  implicated in causing, like diabetes, heart disease, serious auto-immune disorders like MS and autism....

podcast diet low milk dairy carb naturopath ketosis lchf ketogenic ketones keto

Episode 014: Keto Week 6/7 discussion w/ (Keto-Newbie) Brian
Join our Facebook Group: Check out our Blog for more great insight and content:

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Episode 013: Interview with the Woman Who Saved My Life
In this Episode Dr. Goldkamp hosts none other than Judi Lacava Goldkamp with an intimate, in-depth look at her experience with Keto and how it has become an answer and positive change in her life and why....

dr nutrition naturopathic low naturopath ketosis lchf ketogenic keto goldkamp

Episode 011: Supplements
Dr. Goldkamp Chimes in on the, oh so frequent question..."Suppliments?".  Listen in on whats commonly used, their purpose, why you might take them, and even what he takes himself*...

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Episode 010: Week 3 discussion w/ (Keto-Newbie) Brian
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Episode 009: Fasting

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Episode 006: Keto Week 1 discussion w/ (Keto-Newbie) Brian

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Episode 005: 4 Years that Could Have Changed Medical History

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Episode 003: The History and Evolution of Ketogenic Diet pt. 2

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Episode 002: History and Evolution
The History and Evolution of Ketogenic Diet...

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Episode 001: Introduction to Starting Keto

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