Aggregated reviews for Keto Naturopath

Naturopathic Doctor, Acupuncturist, Chinese herbal medicine, areas of specialty Environmental medicine, nutrition, and nutrigenomics. Clinical practice 16 years.

Best Keto info I got!!! (5/5)

I am addicted to podcasts and I listen to 7-8 hours a week if not more. Dr.Karl’s podcasts are exceptional in a way that they are explained in simple terms and comprehensive at the same time! I really enjoy his prequels so much as they prepare me for more complex podcasts by Tom Seyfried and such! If you are new to Keto and want to learn the history, start with the first one and work your way up! It’s worthy the time!

Excellent (5/5)

For an overview of Thomas Seyfried's Metabolic Theory of Cancer, and possible treatments of Cancer using this perspective listen to episodes #38, 40 and 41. Although Dr. Domonic D'Agostino's work is not emphasized, he collaborated on "Press-pulse: a novel therapeutic strategy for the metabolic management of cancer" published in Nutrition and Matobolism on February 23'rd 2017. This 2017 treatment can be found by title search or under PubMed id: 5324220. I look forward to the upcoming interview of Thomas Seyfried which these 3 episodes lead up to.

Most comprehensive and interesting historical (5/5)

Summary to date of the evolution of ketogenic in easy to understand language for the average person. Thank you. Does episode 1 and episode 2 while labeled differently contain the same content?

Most informative, Science-based keto podcast (5/5)

Keto Naturopath is the most informative and scientifically backed keto podcast. You will learn something new every episode, backed by science and delivered without judgment. I have listened to well over 50 hours of podcast and YouTube videos from at least 10 different sources and this one is the best!

Best Keto podcast (5/5)

If you’re interested in Keto you need to listen to this podcast. Dr Goldkamp provides the most comprehensive explanation as to why your food choices make a huge difference in your life. Following his advice I lost 50 lbs in six months. But the health benefits from the Keto lifestyle is what makes me committed to it. Thanks Dr Goldkamp!


Really helpful information and advice. I can’t get enough, I would really benefit from additional pod-casts once a week is not enough.

More? (5/5)

Best intro to keto I’ve heard-concise, uncomplicated, easy to understand. Will there be more?