Aggregated reviews for Kickass News

Hosted by Hollywood producer and political media strategist Ben Mathis, KickAss News is a twice weekly podcast that features the most interesting personalities and thought leaders in politics, entertainment, tech, business, science, and more. Enjoy the podcast? Then please support the show and help keep us on the air by making a donation to our GoFundMe campaign at Another way you can support the show is to subscribe to the podcast and leave us a review on iTunes to help keep us ranking strong on the top podcasts charts. For more information visit Thanks for listening!



LoveThisPod928   (5/5)

I love this Pod! Your recent episodes with Judd Apatow and Dan Rather were VERY GOOD. The host asks the smart insightful questions I would want to know myself. There's a reason this pod is always in the TOP 5 on here. Consistent excellence.

Made my holidays a little brighter   (5/5)

I've been spending the holidays with family and found Kickass News in the Top Ten on Apple Podcasts. I've been binging 10 episodes over the weekend, and I think Kickass News is my new favorite. I even played a few in the car for my uncles and aunts and they agreed that the host Ben is just wonderful. Congratulations on your success!

If you want non biased critical thinking interviews and news, don't subscribe.   (1/5)

Look I'm an independent, but this news is conservative pandering with no critical thinking. While there are some interesting view points and a couple good life advice ones, overall I've come to the conclusion that this news is totally biased and one sided and they don't even attempt to bridge mainstream media veracity with conflicting view points. Sorry but lack of asking the hard questions when clearly they are needed right now... it's pitiful. Do better. There's less biased news out there.

Biased   (1/5)

Biased and one sided. Just another conservative seeking to bash Democrats over and over again while leaving out key facts. Would love if this show looked at both sides of these issues as it does cover interesting topics of discussion and news.

Great   (5/5)

I am impressed with the shows so far--just great!

Great content - Great voice   (5/5)

The content is timely and diverse. The host’s voice is perfect for podcast interviews. Honestly one of the best

Wish I could like it, but sadly NO   (1/5)

Not up to my standards

First time listening   (5/5)

Really enjoyed this podcast

Very enjoyable!   (5/5)

Ben gets the best guests to talk about the most interesting things!

Love the variety!   (5/5)

Enjoy the variety of guests that you interview and they are always interesting topics.

Disappointed with interview technique   (2/5)

I was excited to find this new highly rated podcast, and chose the Anthony Bourdain episode for my first listen. Unfortunately, the interviewer did 70% of the talking, with lots of yes/no questions that didn't yield a very interesting piece. I'm not sure if that's indicative of his typical style, but it was disappointing - not even close to the quality of interviews in NPR or Freakonomics.

Wow   (5/5)

Unbelievable guests! How do they get these guests? Great interviews and great questions.

This is specific to the Leslie Stahl episode   (2/5)

I have been listening to this podcast off and on for a while and have generally found it good. However, the latest episode, with the Leslie Stahl interview was a real disappointment. Mathis, of course, asked her about her post election interview with Trump, but completely ignored the criticism of her “softball“ questions in that interview. He accepted without comment or challenge her assertion that it was a good interview and was well-received. I would have appreciated hearing her respond to the criticism. I expected more b

Host loves to hear himself talk   (1/5)

Stop talking about what the podcast is about and just play the podcast. Too much interviewer interruption.

Thoughtful   (5/5)

This podcast is excellent. So so so much better than the crap the infotainment industry is feeding us. The diversity of guests and topics is outstanding, ranging from politics, world events, entertainment, and popular science. Mr. Mathis describes himself as a republican. As far as I can tell he is rather centrist in his positions and disposition. Most importantly the podcast is civil and open to discussion from across the political spectrum and mostly minus the idiotic ideologues on both sides.

Mathis draws great interviews.   (5/5)

This podcast has become a staple for me. I listen to every episode translating into hearing each advertisement. The ads aren't too often to be irritating and sometimes they're even helpful as to what's new to me out there. Mr. Mathis always has interesting guests and he has also become a really talented interviewer.

Are you kidding me with Dennis Prager   (2/5)

This was the near equivalence of Alex Jones as far as view points. I typically enjoy this podcast, but that was absolutely painful to listen to. Find a legitimate guest to interview next time instead of that jack of a so called conservative.

Seriously?   (1/5)

Just another left-leaning, politically biased host that loves to pander. I prefer a root canal.

Political Junkie   (5/5)

Really interesting, diverse group of guests. Substantive questions and dialogue. Keeps you engaged till the end and waiting for the next episode!

Intros and ads   (2/5)

Intros and ads are almost more of the time than the actual podcasts. meh


I'm a teacher and I've been using my summer break to catch up on some the episodes I've missed. I am endlessly impressed with the host's intelligence and with the remarkable roster of guests you've gotten lately. I've even recommended your show to my students. Kickass News of intellctual discourse we need right now. Bravo sir!

Still excellent   (5/5)

Ben Mathis is a welcome voice of reason. When I read conflicting reviews on here complaining that the host of Kickass News is both a right wing neocon AND a liberal anti-Trumper, then I figure that's a sign that he's doing something right. With politics moving to such extremes, I find Kickass News to be a rational, thoughtful voice that looks at the issues fairly. In a world full of crazed partisan rancor, I thank God that there is Ben Mathis and Kickass News. Please keep up the great work! We need you. :)

Great   (5/5)

Well produced and allways interesting

Mathis is a robot   (2/5)

The guests and content are fine but the host sounds so deadpan and robotic I can't stand to listen.

Enjoyable podcast; however…   (4/5)

The introduction is so lengthy it almost summarizes the complete interview making it unnecessary to listen.

Enjoyed your Hugh Hewitt interview   (5/5)

Your interview with Hugh Hewitt shows that smart political discourse is not dead. Grateful that there is Kickass News. Thanks for all you do.

Great!!!   (5/5)

his podcast is just great. Keep it up man!

topical and often funny   (5/5)

I really enjoy ever episode but I especially liked your recent podcasts with Bassem Youssef and P.J. O’Rourke. They were so funny and topical.

Best podcast on iTunes   (5/5)

No joke. Best podcast on iTunes today.

More then excellent   (5/5)

The host Ben Mathis is very sharp and well read. He invites the most interesting people on his podcasts and he always knows his stuff when he talks with them.

the only podcast I haven’t gotten burnt out on.   (5/5)

I used to listen to 15 different podcasts a week and I got burnt out on all of them except Kickass. You have held my interest for over a year. That says it all!

Great job.   (5/5)

Great job! Big fan here.

very good.   (5/5)

Kickass News is so much better than Maron. Just sayin.

appointment listening   (5/5)

I’ve practically stopped watching cable news entirely, but I listen to your podcast religiously every week.

Smart and fair and balanced.   (5/5)

I’ve noticed very few one star reviews for this show, and I’ve also noticed that they all seem to accuse you of being “anti-Trump.” It seems that they have never listened to the show because I have found you to be very fair and even handed. Your show may be one of the last places I can find sane, non-polarizing discourse that considers all sides of the issues. Ignore the handful of Russian Trump trolls on here and keep doing what you’re doing!

longtime listener and fan.   (5/5)

Longtime listener and fan. Thanks for everything you do. Kickass News is among my favs!

tops!   (5/5)

Your show is tops w/ me and my friends.

Thank you for this great podcast.   (5/5)

Your interview with Henry Winkler aka The Fonz about his books and how he coped with dyslexia was really inspirational. Thank you.

loved Patricia Cornwell int!   (5/5)

Your interview with Patricia Cornwell re: Jack the Ripper case was so interesting. Loved it and just became a subscriber. Looking forward to more!

Finally a host who actually reads the guest’s book! Well done, sir!   (5/5)

Kickass News is pretty impressive. The host always seems to know his stuff. Unlike a lot of hosts, he actually seems to read his guests’ books before he talks to them. That makes all the difference in the world.

The thinking man’s podcast.   (5/5)

Kickass is a thinking man’s podcast.

new listener and love the show.   (5/5)

I just discovered this one and listened to 6 different episodes in one weekend. Not one dud in the bunch. Clearly I’m hooked.

Top 5   (5/5)

Kickass News is definitely in my Top 5 along with Maron, Nerdist, The Gist and Stuff Your Missed in History Class.

I never miss an episode.   (5/5)

Kickass News and Podcast for America are the two podcasts I never ever miss.

One of the best podcasts on iTunes.   (5/5)

Ben Mathis puts out one of the best podcasts on iTunes. Especially when you consider that iTunes doesn’t do anything to promote this podcast like it does with other podcasts. It’s impressive to see a podcast get to the top rankings entirely on its own steam and the quality of its content. The guys at iTunes should really take notice!

It’s in my top 10!   (5/5)

Kickass News makes my Top 10! Bravo sir!

This podcast ALWAYS delivers the goods!   (5/5)

I think the key to Kickass News’s success is consistency. They put out two reliable podcasts every week and the quality of the content and guests is consistently excellent. A lot of podcasts disappoint or you never know what you’re gonna get, but not this one. It always delivers.

My go-to podcast!   (5/5)

Kickass News is my go-to podcast for my long commute.

Love it!   (5/5)

I’m a subscriber. Love this one. Can’t wait to see what’s next.

Smart, quality content from Ben Mathis   (5/5)

This is quality. Smart content. Not for dummies.

Awesome podcast.   (5/5)

Awesome show. Keep ‘em comin.

top notch!   (5/5)

Congratulations to Mr. Mathis on a really top notch podcast.

longtime fan.   (5/5)

Longtime listener. Kickass News is great.

I’m sold on Kickass!   (5/5)

I’m not usually a big podcast listener but my wife is and she kept talking about Kickass News. So finally I asked her to play a couple podcasts for me, and I was sold. I am now a proud Kickass News subscriber.

Two thumbs up!   (5/5)

Two thumbs up for Ben Mathis and Kickass News

big fan!   (5/5)

This show has yet to disappoint! Big fan! Keep up the great work!!! :)

*****   (5/5)

Very few podcasts warrant five stars in my opinion but Kickass News makes the cut in my opinion. The host, the guests, the topics are top drawer.

Keep up the great show!   (5/5)

You do a great job. Keep it up.

A very intelligent, thoughtful podcast   (5/5)

Loved your interview with the cast and creators of the television program Humans. I’m a fan of that show and you asked some really brilliant questions about how far or close we may be to true A.I. Very intelligent stuff.

Love Kickass News.   (5/5)

It’s just really, really, really good. Nuff said. Kudos to Kickass News and Mr. Mathis!

I’m hooked!   (5/5)

I enjoyed your interview with Phoebe from CRIMINAL podcast. I’m a big fan of hers and now I’m a fan of yours as well. I just subscribed and I look forward to more.

Longtime listener for 2 yrs.   (5/5)

I’ve been listening for 2 years now. I’ve loved watching this show grow and I’m psyched to see where you take this. Great job Ben!

Great!   (5/5)

Kickass News is great.

New Fan   (5/5)

I just discovered Kickass, and am quite excited about the breadth of topics! I was desperate to find a new program, as traditional media has become unbearable, and conservative shows don't offer much variation. I'm not afraid to hear both sides of current issues!

Very good job, Ben!   (5/5)

This show has come a long way. Good job Ben!!!

Great show. Has become one of my favs.   (5/5)

I’ve been listening for a while now and I’ve noticed a marked improvement in the sound quality. Some of the earliest podcast episodes were a little rough, but this show has really evolved and the sound quality now matches the quality of your content. Thank you for all the effort you’ve put into this great show.

Five stars. Great guests.   (5/5)

How do you get such amazing guests? I’m a big fan.

Very good!!!   (5/5)

The host Ben Mathis does a wonderful job with this podcast. I’m continually surprised by the interesting topics and big name guests he gets. Very well done.

Great!   (5/5)

A terrific, very interesting, professionally done podcast. Keep up the great work!

New fan!!   (5/5)

Love your podcast. I've listened to the last 10 and now I'm going to go back and listen to all. Looks like I have a new favorite! Bravo Mr. Mathis!

Great Poscast   (5/5)

I appreciate the interesting guests and the excellent questions asked by the interviewer.

Not good   (1/5)

Other similar shows are much better

Smart, relevant and funny   (5/5)

Ben has access to relevant and interesting guests, he asks smart questions, and he's hilarious. Bonus - his voice is very sexy and charming.

no news here   (1/5)

bad pod unless you want to hear an elite rant against anyone who disagrees. no balance. no journalism. just another elite who hates Trump. he won the election dude. you may want socialism but we do not. iam a moderate, no Trump love here, but i know bias when i hear it.

Kudos   (5/5)

Because of you, my 5-6 hour flight delay was easily bearable! Kept me at the edge of my seat (literally)! Salute!

Roger Stone interview   (1/5)

Ugh! Stopped listening👎

Tried it, but it's not very kick-***   (2/5)

I tried to like it, but the ads and intro to the guest took 8 minutes!!! Not to mention the host is very bland when it's just him on the mic. Great if you need to get to sleep. Not recommended.

Great interviews   (5/5)

The interviews are great and varied from week to week. My only improvement would be a shorter introduction.

Great topics & guests   (5/5)

Lots of interesting topics and guests. I get a lot of great book ideas from all the authors on the show.

Excellent Show   (5/5)

This is my favorite♥

Hands down the best political podcast on iTunes   (5/5)

Consistently excellent content from Ben Mathis. I look forward to the newest podcast every week.

Your topics and guests are A++   (5/5)

Just listened to your interview with Platon. That was so interesting. I really appreciate your hosting style and the diverse and interesting range of topics and guests you bring on your podcast. You do excellent work and it’s much appreciated!

How reporting should be done   (5/5)

Straight forward questions, ideal guests to be on the show, and now gotcha gimmicks.

expected 2 Episode in a week   (5/5)

awesome gusts with their Episode. i expected 2 Episode in a week. great job guys. thanks

Here ya go brah.   (5/5)

5 start guys

Very very good   (5/5)

Probably the best political podcast I've heard yet.

Wow! Latest episode blew my mind!   (5/5)

I've been listening for a few weeks and have enjoyed your podcast immensely, but after just now listening to your interview with the chairman of the Homeland Security Committee Rep. Michael McCaul, I felt that it was time I gave you a review. I already ordered McCaul's book on Amazon as soon as I listened to this one. The threats he described blew my mind, especially when he detailed the Intel behind these possible threats. Shocking and informative. Thank you for the public service you do with this podcast!

Love it   (5/5)

Here ya go buddy

Awesome   (5/5)

you’ll hit top 5 for me soon

Great podcast   (5/5)

It’s now firmly in #7. But keep it up – and you’ll hit top 5 for me soon

5 stars   (5/5)

Great meeting ya. Here’s your review!

happy every time   (5/5)

I get happy every time I see a new episode.

fantastic.   (5/5)

He makes every show worth listening too.

Here ya go brah.   (5/5)

Here’s a review.

Wish they would go longer.   (5/5)

I think the show should go on forever. Always leave us wanting more I guess!

Great guests, great hosts.   (5/5)

This show has an amazing line up of guests,

great hosts.   (5/5)

as well as two hosts with fantastic chemistry.

best podcasts   (5/5)

Just one of the best podcasts out right now.

just awesome   (5/5)

These guys get it. They are just awesome together.

At last found it   (5/5)

One of my friend told me about it then I start to find it & couple of hours before I found it

Awesome podcast   (5/5)

Really great podcast series mostly I liked this podcast episodes.So thanks Ben for your outstanding approach.

Political Gossip   (5/5)

Love to lessen political gossip but sometimes it's badly effect our society

Most recent episodes are nice   (5/5)

Here some episodes are really great but most recent episodes are awesome.

Awesome episodes series   (5/5)

I liked kickass most recent episodes

Found it useful   (5/5)

It's really help me to complete my term papers coz it full of information.

Political podcast   (5/5)

Previously I listen my kind of podcast but this one is my first political podcast & Honestly I liked it much.

Best Political Podcast   (5/5)

I think kickass are best political podcast in iTunes.Liked it

Great & Full of information   (5/5)

Love most of your episode Ben & Here is your five star.

Found it useful   (5/5)

Most of the episode are very useful for gather political knowledge.that's the reason I like this podcast

Love this podcast   (5/5)

Regularly I listen this podcast series when he update any new podcast so I'm fan of it.

Most recent episode are awesome   (5/5)

I Bens most recent episode & looking forward for more exclusive episodes.

Great Collection   (5/5)

They talk about very informative & Effective subject that's the reason I like this podcast episodes

Liked it   (5/5)

Love all of this podcast episode coz it's very informative.

Very informative   (5/5)

Really I love those podcast episodes.

Great Collection   (5/5)

Really rare & great political collection here you can learn many things.So listen Ito once

Liked it   (5/5)

One of my best podcast episode really liked it

Great   (5/5)

I enjoyed most of them episode & it's really informative.

Great Podcast!!!   (5/5)

Just discovered this show. Love it! Well produced and great guests. Blows away NPR! Keep em coming.

Love this   (5/5)

Very very interesting all of the podcast..

I like this show   (5/5)

This show is very helpfully i lik this

Superb   (5/5)

This keeps and getting better and nice..

Best   (5/5)

Kicass Politics is very best....

awesome.   (5/5)

This is all of the best

Best of all   (5/5)

This all sound is very helpfully

Great team.   (5/5)

These guys get it. That’s all that matters. I love the podcast.

great podcast   (5/5)

Why are you reading this review? Just press play on the dang podcast!

Keeps getting better every week.   (5/5)

The audio quality is off the charts,starting to look fantastic too. love it

Superb   (5/5)

Love listening the latest episode, it was quite amazing

Great   (5/5)

Overall show is fantastic and even its each single episode has its own worth.I am sure u gona love listening this show guys.

Amazed   (5/5)

Very well hosted show ,I like it.

Mild   (5/5)

Love the Pinch of comedy with Seriousness.

Awesome   (5/5)

Great Combination of Entertainment and Politics.

Brilliant Podcast   (5/5)

I am Crazy about this show and always eager to see whats next.Hattssss offff

Superb   (5/5)

Amazing show with an amazing Host.

Hey Ben Boy!   (5/5)

I told ya I’d write a review bud.

I love that episode.   (5/5)

I love that episode. Awesome cast

If I had no knowledge of history or current events I might think of this as informative.   (1/5)

Ahistorical, misinformed with a poor grasp of basic economic principles. But that was just the fist few minutes of listening, I am sure that the rest of the shows are informative and enlightening. /s

Loving this show   (5/5)

Every week I get more and more sucked in.

best episode   (5/5)

That was the best episode so far guys.

Keep it goin…   (5/5)

Don’t stop this show no matter what!

Love it.   (5/5)


6 stars.   (5/5)

If I could, I’d give ya 6 stars.

Wow.   (5/5)

I don’t know how I didn’t know about this show earlier.

best team   (5/5)

This is the best team in podcasting.

great   (5/5)

Oh yea… Here it is. 5 stars for my bro.

Oh yea…   (5/5)

Great stuff.awesome.

5 stars.   (5/5)

5 stars. For a great show.

Keeps getting better.   (5/5)

It’s everything you want and more out of a cast.

Thanks guys.   (5/5)

I have a 1 hour drive every single Sunday – and listen to you every week. It’s the highlight of my week.

Excellent   (5/5)

Excellent podcast so far. Two thumbs up.

Great new podcast   (5/5)

Loved it. Well done Ben Mathis. I will continue to listen. I’m sold!

Fun, informative and different   (5/5)

Kickass politics is a breath of fresh air compared to the usual NPR schlock on iTunes. This show makes politics fun and it tackles issues that many of the other news podcasts miss. I like the host a lot and the guests have been very interesting. Good job!

Biased and bad   (1/5)

I don't mind different points of view, but this show doesn't even use critical thinking just conservative pandering

Fantastic   (5/5)

I listened to every episode over the past weekend and not one of them disappointed me. This podcast is one to watch for!

Excellent learning tool   (5/5)

Great podcast,accessible,useful and interesting.

Great   (5/5)

love the interface and concept . RECOMMENDED !!!

Really Good   (5/5)

I have a few favorites and I am so happy to add this one to them! I have been waiting a long time for something new and good!

This may be my new go-to podcast   (5/5)

The first few podcasts are really great. I'm kinda surprised considering that this show is pretty new. The host is very smart and interesting. The guests are pretty big political stars and the topics seem to be unique enough to stand out. Looking forward to the next podcast. Your new fan. :)

How did you get such fantastic guests!   (5/5)

How did a new podcast snag so many top tier guests? I just listened to the Ben Carson interview. Great stuff.