Aggregated reviews for Kotaku Splitscreen

Kotaku's Kirk Hamilton, Jason Schreier, and Maddy Myers talk about all things gaming... and maybe more.

Quit Recasting   (1/5)

It was a great show! Now stop the replays and just relaunch it when you have new hosts lined up.

Thank you Kirk, Mary & Jason   (5/5)

I’ve been listening to this podcast for four years now. I look forward to a new episode every week. Jason, Kirk and more recently Maddie have guiding my through what games to try- shout out baba is you- to great commentary on gaming news and fun glimpses into their curated culture segments. The three of them are what made this show special. Looking forward to following them as a loyal fan on their next journey. Cheers!

This is the best video Game podcast   (5/5)

Jason, Maddy and Kirk know what they are talking about. They are great people. They are funny, entertaining and interesting with great takes, tons of knowledge and insight into games and the industry. They also aren’t too over the top, they aren’t annoying and despite what toxic gamer bros might say they aren’t corporate shills and give their honest takes on the games they love and the ones they don’t.

MUST GO TO ep222 4:15   (3/5)

IF you have a sense of humor, go to episode 222, and go to about 4min 15sec... maybe one sec earlier. 🤣 I mean... that was the weirdest way of saying you’re getting a sore throat. I haven’t listened to enough episodes yet, but from what I have heard, I’m not a huge fan of the socio-political perspectives they bring up. Not just because I disagree with them (which I do, for some), but also because I think that “virtue signaling” is annoying, it’s patronizing, and it’s reductive in nature. It's like boiling a nuanced issue into simple black/white terms. I think everyone should be able to believe whatever they want... whether it’s offensive, sensitive, deluded, uninformed, WHATEVER. But bringing said beliefs as a lens through which to analyze something like video games is a poor choice IMO. Especially for public consumption. Their beliefs are *subjective*... not everyone agrees with their beliefs. So it alienates a huge chunk of people who may otherwise share their interest in video games. It’s annoying when artists do it in concerts, actors do it at award shows, and when public video game discussion is invaded by subjective perspectives. 🤷‍♂️ BONUS: when you check out ep222 4:15, put the playback speed at 1/2... Jason sounds hilarious when you slow the speed to 0.5x. Super cringe worthy but it’s funny.

My favorite gaming podcast   (5/5)

Splitscreen is a weekly cant miss for me. The hosts have such great chemistry together and the show has great pacing because of it. They’re hilarious and interesting and don’t take themselves too seriously. There’s some top tier guests but also some lesser known who illuminate an interesting topic or game. The show also has really great audio quality and editing. There’s lots of gaming podcasts out there but Kirk and Jason make Splitscreen stand out

Kotaku needs fix this   (1/5)

Jason is the only reason to listen to this. Everyone else is utter trash. Bad personalities. Bad interviewers. Why does kotaku continue letting this podcast exist. Hey please do better. I know you can do it.

Just let Kirk have the podcast   (2/5)

SuperSilver420 was spot on. Jason can be cringeworthy. I’ve been listening to this podcast for over two years now and I couldn’t stand Jason in the beginning, but I tolerated him because I wanted to hear about games. Kirk pretty much has been carrying this podcast from the beginning. If it were a podcast with just Jason, I would’ve unsubscribed a long time ago. The same goes for Maddy. She’s extremely annoying and in many ways it feels like she’s anti everything. Her laugh drives me nuts. She could learn a lot from listening to the PlayStation Blogcast and seeing the difference between her approach and Kristen’s approach.

Jason Shryer isn’t funny!   (1/5)

I had to unsubscribe when Jason Shryer (author of blood sweat and pixels) decided it would be a funny joke to play the ENTIRETY of Idina Menzel’s “Let It Go” from the Frozen soundtrack. His opinions are often wrong just to drive the conversation, but if you want a REAL gaming podcast for free, stick with EASY ALLIES.

Great music podcast with some games analysis   (5/5)

‪Started listening to Splitscreen for the first time and heard Miracle Musical (also for the first time). Great podcast, even better music recommendations. ‬

Great Pod!   (5/5)

Such a great show! Every week I look forward to my weekly fix!!

Great segments!   (5/5)

I listen to this podcast on my way to work. Great segments by the hosts and has gotten me to think more critically about video games but also in some cases reminds me to not think at all and just dive in to a game!

The best in games.   (5/5)

Hands down the best video game podcast. Except for that other one.

Love it, all three hosts are great!   (5/5)

Love listening to the three of you talk about anything, and I really enjoy reading Maddy on Kotaku. Her newest piece on sexism in gaming(covering at least the past decade) was on point, a great read. Didn’t totally agree with all the Game of Thrones hate, but definitely enjoyed hearing this crew tear apart Rise of Skywalker. I had trouble finding a VG podcast I really enjoyed, for some reason, so I am overjoyed to have found Splitscreen. Keep it up! Stay sane!

Great review!   (5/5)

You all were amazing to both enjoy the plot beats that were satisfying while highlighting some of the challenges that the movie had. This is one of the few reviews who are mad that Poe and Fn didn’t kiss and appreciate you’re acknowledging how silly that miss is. Long time listener and first time commenter! Thanks for brining on Maddie! Live the varied perspective in spite of Jason’s “talk, talk, talk”. Also, you there and jamelle bouie are why I watched Watchmen and thank you because it was amazing. Love your takes Maddie and Kirk, and Jason’s investigative reporting!

To have loved and lost...   (1/5)

I used to love this show and it was one of my favorite podcasts. However, it seems I find myself increasingly frustrated as I listen. I’ve tried to consider what has been a major change to the show... I didn’t mind the addition of another host, but I do believe the quality of the discussion has degraded since... There does seem to be more condescension towards other viewpoints, with Maddy often laughingly mocking other potential idea. Other perspectives can be legitimate. (Also, I’m just referring to media/movies/games opinions)

Lol   (1/5)

Lol RoS was soooo much better than TLJ. Haha what planet are these people from?

in this job or the next   (5/5)

Love the show. I will follow you guys no matter what the podcast is called. 🤙

Good news coverage   (4/5)

I enjoy the dynamic among all three hosts, and I appreciate that they tend to have different takes on the same or similar games. The coverage of the political economy of the games industry has been great—increasingly so since doing the series of interviews on unionizing at GDC 2018. The show is well produced as well as a tight 1hr45min length. I dock it one star because the games criticism misses the mark on occasion. I prefer the media analysis on Waypoint Radio (though that show has been deteriorating of late in terms of general production and editing) and the discussion of game mechanics and the industry on The Crate and Crowbar.

Very decent!   (3/5)

Decent as ****! Jason has always been a little cringeworthy, Maddy laughs nonstop for no reason and it’s weird and annoying as hell, but Kirk is pretty cool. The discussions are usually pretty interesting despite how awkward 2 of the 3 hosts make me feel.

Current state of affairs   (2/5)

"Hey Maddy, did you play [insert game here]?" "No, [insert banal platitude]" (breathy, fake laugh) |repeat for length of episode|

Solid all-around gaming podcast   (3/5)

Pretty good podcast, been listening for a year or so. I enjoy the mix of both general gaming info and reviews, and more serious topics around the gaming culture and industry. Kirk can be kind of long-winded at times, but is good aside from that. Maddy has veered into Jimmy Fallon territory where she’s constantly fake laughing during and after everything she or the other host(s) says.

Amazing 3 person show   (5/5)

Jason used to make me cringe, but I love the synergy between hosts. Great show and love the games talk. I also really enjoy the end when they talk about other things they are doing or watching.

Three stars   (3/5)

What kind of weirdo leaves 3 star reviews? This kind!

Best video games podcast?   (5/5)

Probably! But I’m mainly reviewing to complain about the preroll ads. They’re so jarring lay different from the episode that I skip every one and they’re obnoxious. I’m listening to a video games podcast, so I’ve already heard of the latest huge blockbuster marvel movie, thanks.

One of the best   (5/5)

This is one of the best gaming podcasts out there, love the dynamic between all 3 hosts and how the content is broken up weekly between different topics, news stories, off topic, and finally the music recommendation. One of the few podcasts I get alerted on for every new episode.

Would definitely recommend!   (5/5)

Really enjoy the group dynamic, the coverage from video game news to casual games they’re playing, as well as the off topic conversations. Would recommend!

Great content   (5/5)

Split screen is the best gaming pod around

Amazingly fun until it gets political   (2/5)

I’ve listened to this podcast for at least a year and a half and think that when the focus is on games, they have some amazing conversations. Over the past year though, Jason and Kirk’s politics have started showing up in discussions and it’s extremely off-putting, especially if you’re someone like me with conservative view points. They do have a bias and they do color their podcast with it (their website Kotaku is guilty of the same thing), so if that’s not your cup of tea, I wouldn’t recommend it. Otherwise, their game conversations and industry insights can be a fantastic listen.

Much more enjoyable when they’re discussing video games versus pushing social reform agendas.   (4/5)

Jason you are great to listen to but man I cringe and fast forward when the topic shifts to labor laws and policy. Sure that’s an important topic with many nuances but I really just want to hear about video games as entertainment when I listen.

My Main Podcast   (5/5)

Every week I’m just thinking about how much I need the next episode. Thanks yall for the amazing podcast.

Stop interrupting each other   (4/5)

Please , especially maddi

A+ for the new dynamic   (5/5)

Really enjoying this podcast, especially since adding Maddi as a cohost. I dont even play 3/4 of the games they discuss, but the enthusiasm and humor keeps me interested. Only critique is NO MORE 24 TALK! Kiefer discussions should be limited to Stand By Me, Young Guns and The Lost Boys

Out of touch with gaming community   (1/5)

Do you guys really not understand why people hate Epic and their games launcher?! Have you not been into any message boards!? Was cool with the show until this latest episode, unsubscribed.

Informative and Funny, Good Stuff   (5/5)

Love the show - nice information on the gaming industry with a side of humor

Smart and enjoyable   (5/5)

I really appreciate the hosts’ reflections on video games. They make me stop and reconsider my own opinions, which I enjoy greatly. Thanks so much for generously taking the time to prepare and contribute on the podcast. You are one of my favorite shows.

Jason is annoying   (1/5)

1 Star for how annoying Jason is.

Unconditional love   (5/5)

Essential podcast for people who like to listen to knowledgeable, insightful, and genuine people talk about video games...even if the chemistry between the three hosts feels like Daenerys, John Snow and Bran Stark having a book club meeting. I love this show!

Love it   (5/5)

Love the pod

Recent Changes Have Made It Unbearable   (2/5)

I have been a big fan of Splitscreen for roughly about 4 years now. Unfortunately, the addition of the third host has brought the entertainment value down every week. When it was once Jason and Kirk, they had nice, whilesome conversations about everything (even Destiny, a game I do not care about but easily skippable). Then, Maddy joined... her conversations are of not much interest to me and everytime she speaks, its almost as if she is trying to hold back a laugh and it has been getting annoying. Not only that, but her inputs with Jason and Kirk always leads to her "cracking a joke," almost forcefully, and it is upsetting. I was fine with her random pop-ins, but now it is just hard to skip every time that she speaks about something.

Cluster   (3/5)

I appreciate each of the hosts views as they each bring differing perspectives and opinions but the addition of a third host has really messed with the flow. They seem to always talk over one another and don’t let anyone finish their point. It’s jarring to have all three talking at once and I find myself just deleting the weeks drop from my feed in recent weeks.

Still talk too much about Destiny...   (3/5)

You know that funny scene in The Lego Movie where Unikitty is left to stall and says business over and over? This podcast is like that except replace business with Destiny. With the addition of Maddy you think they would talk less Destiny, but I guess they would be incomplete if they didn't.

One of the best   (5/5)

Whenever I have little time to listen to podcasts, I always choose this one. Great, diverse opinions with lots of insight and even pretty good production value

Much better with Maddy—   (4/5)

Because Jason seems to mostly hate Kirk (or, at the very least can’t help but bully the guy every chance he gets) this show was tough to get through pre-Maddy. Now, with Maddy as part of the host trio it’s much better. It’s no longer just two dudes waiting for their turn to speak. Recommended!

Listen every week!   (5/5)

Jason and Kirk have always been brilliant and insightful as heck, but the addition of Maddy has made an already wonderful podcast even better. I’m always interested in heading everyone’s thoughts, especially because all three hosts are so insightful about everything that happens in the games industry. With the genuine friendship, chemistry and subsequent humor that comes from the group, it’s a treat to listen to this every week.

It's alright   (3/5)

Not my favorite video game podcast but will listen if i'm all caught up on my other shows. I don't know that i'll ever understand why the intro music sounds like the opening to SNL with massive saxaphones - every time it plays i keep waiting for someone to say "live from New York!" doesn't fit the show at all. The hosts are fine - they tend to get super negative on games they don't like - even more so than talking about games they like (which one of the hosts only talks about playing Destiny on his PC which is super unrelatable to me and most people). Super snarky - but then again, this was a Gawker company so i guess that's their bread and butter - kind of comes with the territory.

Freaking Patriots - Splitscreen is great!   (5/5)

Even though Tom Brady's stupid handsome face and the Patriots made it to the SuperBowl, I am once again giving a 5-star rating to this awesome podcast. Do I agree with every point or opinion? No. But that's ok. That's the nature of debate, opinion, discussion, etc. The Splitscreen crew brings a level-headed & thoughtful view to all sides of the world of video games. I also might be one of the few who is actually * excited* for more Destiny 2 talk. I'm having an identity crisis because I was a D1 Titan main and now love Hunters way more in D2. Keep it up, Splitscreen people!

stop   (3/5)

talking about bloodborne

More excited about this podcast than ever   (5/5)

Loving what Kirk is up to now and the edition of Maddy. Their coverage of Switch indies is may favorite content lately.

Keeping it Real   (5/5)

Great podcast that I have been listening to for over a year now. I was fortunate to find the time to play many of the games up for GOTY this year (did less Destiny grinding this year), and God of War was my pick. However I respect Maddy's take (episode 160) on why she didn't play the game. Keep keeping it real.

One of the best   (5/5)

The hosts all bring interesting perspectives to gaming. If you don't want a left leaning perspective then avoid this one. Anyone else, it's great!

One of the best!   (5/5)

One of my favorite podcasts for all things popculture and gaming related. The main podcast is focused on games and the gaming industry, but they throw in some popular movies and other related topics here and there, never feels like too much though. Glad they added a new co-host! I think she will be a great addition to the podcast! =) please keep them from taking about Destiny all the time ;o

Great weekly podcast   (5/5)

Kirk and Jason host a fun hour of games focused content. Adding Maddy to the mix is great. From talking about what they are playing, to the game industry news to more in-depth game topics, the format works and I look forward to my morning commute every Thursday.

Started decent but has gone downhill   (3/5)

I don’t mind giving your political views as a side note but when it’s overriding the conversation about the game itself, it’s pretty off putting. Also, Jason hates everything.

This is a weekly staple   (5/5)

Jason and Kirk are great and do a great job with gaming info, news, and opinions. Love this show every week. Also, please and Madi as a regular weekly host, she is great!

2/3 liberal rants 1/3 destiny   (1/5)

Too much biased politics and not enough multiplayer games

Destiny? Turn Off the Radio   (4/5)

Kotaku's Splitscreen is one of those podcasts that's enjoyable and frustrating in equal measure. Enjoyable: Jason Schreier, the intelligent talk about the video game industry, the Roomba Report. Frustrating: Kirk Hamilton, the off-topic segments that make you realize the hosts have terrible taste in everything from music to TV shows, and especially the ENDLESS Destiny talk. Nobody cares about Destiny as much as these guys, and if you do, you're probably too busy playing Destiny to bother with this podcast. I'm begging you from my soul, Kotaku Splitscreen, please stop talking about Destiny.

The pod is better with Maddie   (3/5)

My main issue with this pod is that Kirk and Jason feel like a mirror of each other in their voice and personality. The lack of contrast between the two of them makes the podcast a bit monotonous to listen to. But, this week they got Maddie O’Reilly on the show and the banter works so much better. I appreciate Jason’s writing as a journalist, but when he and Kirk get together to chat, we end up with 45 minutes about the minutia in a minor Destiny 2 patch. Please mix up the cast a bit more.

Good Show   (5/5)

Jason Schreier is a press sneak flop and I love it.

One of my favorite podcasts   (5/5)

This has quickly become one of my favorite podcasts. I love listening to the two hosts; they compliment each other well & they are so knowledgeable about games & all sorts of other pop culture. I love this podcast & can’t wait for even more episodes!

Just a little too political   (2/5)

When it's about games it's good, but often this keeps swinging into liberal political commentary and it feels like listening to two hipsters talk in a cafe in San Francisco....

More D&D Talk!   (5/5)

So cool to see Jason having fun in Dungeons and Dragons! Let’s turn this into a D&D podcast!!!

Get to the point   (3/5)

EDIT 8/2/18: It's okay once you skip the first 20 minutes of Kirk recomending music and books. It's turned more into a political podcast instead of two friends talking about video games. Jason and Kirk have extremly amazing chemistry and are a dominant couple of podcast hosts. The show never feels stale and the insight on issues the two have are always fun to listen to. The show has fun guests every now and then and it always makes Thursday a day to be excited for.

Music recs   (4/5)

Would be 5 but please stop with the music recommendations tho? It’s interesting when Kirk talks about game music, particularly as it’s usually undervalued as part of the overall game experience, but it really kills me when he plays completely random recommendations of Starbucks indie Muzak.

Decent discussion, bad sense of superiority   (1/5)

Good god I tend to defend Kotaku, but you even clickbait your podcast episode titles. Kirk is good at nuance, Jason has none.

Bias as hell   (1/5)

Just look at arena net.

Soapbox   (1/5)

I see someone else mentioned what I see more and more. Gaming and tech podcasts and moral grandstanding. Not as bad as some of the people on IGN (unless you agree with the negative comments about Trump/Right). But I really just want to get away from some of this stuff. Jason and the other guy agreed unions should be formed. I’ll just say pros and cons for that.

Great show!   (4/5)

Love the format but tend to get off track a lot. Would be better if you focused solely on gaming and left show discussions for bonus eps. Also too much Destiny talk!

My favorite   (5/5)

I listen to a ton of pods, but this is my favorite. Great hosts, smart commentary, thoughtful discussions of games as art and occasionally as an industry. Also, if you’re turned off by reviews calling one of the hosts “mean” or “condescending”- I couldn’t disagree more with that characterization. Some people just want all video game journalism to sound like a publishers PR release.

Come for the video game news, leave because of the moral grandstanding   (2/5)

I subscribed to this podcast for 6 months and really enjoyed it in the beginning. Kirk and Jason were fun and I liked how they covered video game news. I especially loved the episode where Kirk explained in step-by-step detail how to build a gaming pc (that might sound like sarcasm, but I truly enjoyed it!). Over the past couple of months though, I got really worn down by Jason getting on a soap box about some moral issue that was only tangentially related to video games. I started keeping track of how many times he would start preaching about developer unionizing and realized the cons have started outweighing the pros on this podcast for me personally. I started skipping more than I was listening to and am now unsubscribing. I might come back later, but for now I just need to take a break from all of unnecessary moralism.

I’ll pass   (1/5)

Just listened to the Smash Bros episode. I was turned off by how condescending the host is. His interview style sounded like an interrogation and his negative assumptions bugged me like saying people are paid to be excited about a game. You are going after a company I’m sure but maybe you don’t realize you are dragging those gamers through the mud as well. I won’t continue listening.

Well worth a listen   (5/5)

This podcast brought me back to Kotaku after years of turning my nose to it post acquisition. Great show, guys! Keep up the fun. I look forward to it every week.

Not very good   (1/5)

I unsubscribed awhile back. Jason sure does complain a lot and sounds pretty condescending. They get offended by tons of stuff too.

Mediocre   (2/5)

I listened in at one point and couldn’t stomach one of the hosts. Some of his questions are condescending and extremely negative. I tried a second time only to come across the exact same scenario. Stick to talking about gaming itself (you’re great at it) and lay off some of the gaming political rants. You lose credibility when you talk about things you clearly don’t understand.

Text size lol   (5/5)

Very nice podcast and I think the text size was perfect in God of War 4 lol. (Hoping GoW 5 comes out asap!)

Portlandia the Podcast   (2/5)

Have you ever wished for podcast where two white men compete to be the most woke, under the guise of talking about video games? If so, this is the show for you! Listen as Jason, a cartoonishly smarmy New Yorker, and Kirk, a former junior high music teacher, bicker about the politics video games and practice theological levels of moral preening.

Quality podcast!   (5/5)

I started listening a few months ago on a whim and I’m really enjoying the podcast. Kirk and Jason have great conversations and insight about the games they are playing and the news each week.

Podcast for Liberal PC Gamers   (1/5)

I'm pretty sure the only people who still listen to this podcast vote Democrat and play primarily on PC. I have no idea why anyone else would. Now that Jason is a PC Gamer, that makes both hosts PC Gamers. So much for diversity. Now they can be biased towards the PS4 instead of just being completely biased towards anything Xbox. Jason is the worst. Very negative, opinionated, and quick to dismiss a game he hasn't even played (like Cuphead, because it is on Xbox). Kirk dismissing CodWW2 after playing only 5 minutes. These are not "game journalists" no matter how much they say they are. And they aren't part of the gaming industry like they pretend to be. They are just gamers who write for a blog. Their hour long virtue signalling on the South Park game was the last straw for me. I tune in now and then, and it's still unbearable. The only time it's good is when they talk about games without trying to make it about some social/political issue (which is rare). They are both liberals, so of course they need to constantly remind you they don't like Trump. Just what I want in a video game podcast, virtue signalling and politics. Kotaku as a whole is becoming less about video games and more about social issues, which is why they are becoming irrelevant in the gaming world. Kirk is not as bad as Jason, but I hope they replace Jason with someone who is more open to games and platforms other than PC and Switch, and who doesn't feel a burning need to express a political opinion that no one asked for. They need more hosts who enjoy a variety of games/platforms (might be hard at Kotaku) But for now, If you're someone who truly enjoys gaming as a whole and is sick of platform superiority and identity politics, avoid this podcast at all costs.

Conversational, super interesting!   (5/5)

Love these guys.

Destiny segment   (5/5)

Found you from a friend and instantly fell in love with this podcast! The destiny segment game me goosebumps! Super well done!! Bravo

Fun & only getting better   (5/5)

These guys create a enjoyable and informative banter, and he recent ‘Secret Hunters of Destiny’ episode really took this show into 5-Star territory. Keep up the great work!

Thoughtful video game content   (5/5)

Excellent podcast, my go to podcast for the week. Very thoughtful conversations. I don’t always agree with their reviews (they rarely agree with each other) but Kirk and Jason don’t follow the herd and have solid thoughts behind their opinions. There has been a little more politics in the podcast lately, again thoughtfully discussed.

Mornings done right   (5/5)

Whenever I see this downloaded in the morning on my phone I find myself a little happier hearing the back and forth of two very insightful stand out games journalists offering their opinions and analysis on whatever news may occur that week. No matter the content their discourse is one for the ages and very hard to beat!

Unsubscribed   (1/5)

This was a really good podcast until they made it about personal politics and virtue signalling. The same goes for the Kotaku web site.

Awesome podcast   (5/5)

Of my video games podcasts this is the one I never miss. Although I don’t always agree with their opinions, their insight and dynamics keep me engaged even when they aren’t talking about video games. I hope they continue for a long time.

Great hosts make for a consistently rewarding show   (4/5)

I've been listening for a year and change and I haven't missed an episode yet! On the whole this show is very enjoyable. The two hosts Jason and Kirk are actually friends and it shows in their banter and overall chemistry. Jason also just wrote a book about the making of some recent games, so his perspective is informed by that research, and his comments often give me a new perspective on a game. The format of the show has steadily been improving. It now usually goes something like intro-> news -> feature (interview or something like that) -> what are we playing now -> wrap up. It has a good flow to it and before you know it the hour flew by. One minor gripe is they occasionally interrupt each other, which gets a little irksome, but it only really happens when they're talking to each other and not guests. Overall highly recommended show.

Worth subscribing to, but with a caveat   (3/5)

Context: this podcast is one of my three main videogame podcasts, along with Polygon Show and Waypoint Radio. Kirk is an absolute gem on this podcast and seems to be pretty open to any kind of videogame, and if he doesn't like something, he usually gives a well-thought-out answer. Jason is knowledgeable and interesting, and is definitely a wealth of information given he's the author of a recent industry book ... but he's also really dismissive of certain videogames or even genres of videogames. Obviously, I'm under no illusions that everyone needs to love every videogame, and in fact part of the reason Kotaku Splitscreen works is because of Kirk and Jason's divergent views in videogames (just as an example, Jason likes JRPGs a LOT, and Kirk doesn't really play them). But Jason can be surprisingly curt, to be generous, of certain videogames, putting them down wthout ever having played them. That kind of "analysis" is especially apparent in recent episodes like the ones where Kirk and Jason discuss every game from 2017. Of course it's not expected that they play every game, but some games they'll just dismiss as "lame" outright even if they haven't played them, rather than doing what critics should be doing, which is just saying they haven't played them and moving on. All in all, I still listen to Splitscreen, because there are some really great episodes with great interviews. But sometimes, it can be a real disappointment.

Good not great   (3/5)

They talk about games for the most part but also talk movies and tv shows. They also really only talk about 3 or 4 items each episode so if you are looking for an expansive gaming podcast this probably is not it. The game topics tend to be what is popular on their website so you will not get much in terms of indie gaming news or small developer news.

Does Jason not like Kirk?   (3/5)

Been listening to the show for a couple years now love the variety and the bonus episodes too but something is bothering me: Whenever Kirk makes a good point or is excited about something Jason is super dismissive of him or does not really try to follow up in the conversation. Kirk is great at doing this and actually responding and conversing well but Kirk kinda looks for a space to poke holes in Jason’s logic or make fun of him and so whenever Kirk makes a point Jason will quite literally say “hm” or “ok” and transition to the next topic. Jason mentions how he’s a journalist quite often and so I expected some dope like interview listening and responding tactics to Kirk but he kinda seems disengaged from him a lot. Kinda bums me out because both of these gentlemen are awesome I just wish it was more even I guess for them talking. Hopefully this is helpful, love the show and hyped for y’all to discuss game of thrones this coming year again!

Good but flawed   (3/5)

Solid commentary on the games industry. Kirk's horrific vocal fry can make it grating to listen to. Every week there's like 5 audio issues where it cuts back 10 seconds. Jason is an absolute treat and really is the reason to listen to this.

Meh   (1/5)

Used to be about games, now its about political statements and sponsors...

Complaining more than reviewing.   (2/5)

The hosts barely play a game, if they think a game is beneath them it gets reviewed with a snarky point of view that goes off on politics in real life other than video games? The latest review about the South Park game nails this point. One host played it and finished it, the other barely played then instead of a review it's about how the politics and humor holds up? It's not really going in depth or covering the game itself. Snore-taku.

Used to be game reviewers now political activists   (1/5)

I used to love listening to this show for their fresh, insightful, and funny takes on games. Now I am being shamed as a white male every time I listen. Constant bashing of Trump and praise if Hillary makes me cringe every time I hear it. The Southpark FBW episode is especially horrendous. I know you two lean so far left you can't even make it through doorways but please stick to what you know.

Jason and Kirk are Great together!   (5/5)

Jason and Kirk have a great rapport, and always dive into the most interesting topics of the week. Good insight, solid opinions, and cool occasional guest! Def my favorite weekly game related Podcast!

Best gaming podcast   (4/5)

Love the cast. Kirk's vocal fry and drop off in volume at the end of sentences is highly irritating. But great cast.

An essential games podcast   (5/5)

Kotaku's flagship podcast is a treat I look forward to every week. I've been a daily reader of Kotaku for more than a decade, but I didn't catch the podcast bug until last year when my commute to and from work jumped from 10 minutes either way to over an hour. Jason and Kirk saved my sanity that year, and although I've since subscribed to a number of other casts, Splitscreen remains a personal favorite of mine. In addition to being accomplished writers and insightful critics, Jason and Kirk friendly, funny, and charming. I look forward to joining them each week as they chat about industry news, their latest favorite games, Suikoden II, and Destiny among a whole wealth of other topics, and I think you will too.

Great!   (5/5)

Jason and Kirk are insightful, knowledgeable, funny, and interesting. Their charming quirks and unique perspectives keep me coming back week after week!

Garbage ad support   (1/5)

Podcast was fine but the ad support is extreme and vulgar political advertisements. I don't care about who the political ads are directed towards but it's very frustrating and I don't want to hear it.

Bleeding-heart hipster politics   (1/5)

Enough with the political talk. Stick with video games, which is actually in your wheelhouse. Your constant need to share your political views is a real turnoff.

Chill gaming podcast   (4/5)

I tend to skip most episodes due to lack of time, but the ones I've listened to have had thoughtful discussions about video games with interesting guests.

Great Podcast for video game and GoT fans   (5/5)

This has recently become one of my favorite podcasts. If you are a regular reader of Kotaku you are familiar with Jason & Kirk great writing and the podcast is just as good. Great format and great interviews.

Needs more....   (5/5)


Favorite weekly podcast   (5/5)

Come for the smart video game criticism, stay for the updates on Portland and NY weather.

What's Jason's problem??   (3/5)

Quit being so negative - he really came off as an unpleasant person in #89.

Excellent gaming podcast!   (5/5)

Love this gaming podcast! They know their stuff when it comes to games. Lively and focused discussions on the topic. Love the Game of Thrones bonus episodes that they just added. Keep em coming!

You get what you pay for ¯\_(ツ)_/¯   (5/5)

Subscribed for the intelligent video game related discussion, stayed for the Roomba Report.

Kirk & Jason Make an Excellent Team   (5/5)

Their focus on the actual development stories behind games is especially interesting.

Love this podcast!   (5/5)

Conversation is always interesting and it never feels like advertisement disguised as a podcast (like certain other video game podcasts I could name) This is definitely my favorite podcast!

Very informative, fun hosts!   (5/5)

I don't agree with a lot of the negative reviewers. I find the hosts to be very much in the sweet spot between knowledgable critic and everyman. While they're not always the funniest or engaging compared to other shows I've heard, they actually are great at communicating news, interviews, and opinions on new games. Each episode is packed with lots of interesting content, and I always look forward to hearing more. Great job guys!

Great podcast   (5/5)

Highly recommend

This is my favorite weather podcast   (5/5)

Helps keep me up to date on Portland and NY weather. and videogames no seriously, Kirk and Jason are good hosts, and they have a lot of really interesting guests - especially enjoyed the E3 coverage.

The one I look forward too   (5/5)

My favorite gaming podcast by far

Love the podcast   (5/5)

I listen to my fair share of gaming podcasts but I really love how Kirk and Jason stand out of the pack. The interview segments are well done. And from a fellow Dark Tower fan, I enjoyed the "what are you reading" book segment in episode 84 too. Keep up the great work guys! P.S. The weather in Charlotte, NC has been incredibly muggy lately.

solid and informative   (5/5)

Jason gets alot of solid scoops about game happenings and provides insight to alot of interesting japanese games that i havent given a shot and find myself enjoying on his recommendation. Kirk fills in the gaps providing some awesome tunes to the intro and provides insight to PC culture, something i'm ignorate to being a console gamer but find interesting none the less. But please change the mini transistion strums, kinda my only complaint, overall a great weekly listen

Good, Good Video Game Boys   (5/5)

Jason & Kirk have an excellent rapport and provide smart coverage on video games. By far my favorite video game podcast!

2 Super chill, Down to Earth Dudes Nerding Out   (5/5)

Love this podcast. Kirk & Jason are really cool, really smart guys who love games. I listen to a lot of gaming podcasts but there's something abput the rapport between these two that make it one of my favorites. If you're looking for a quality podcast where they talk about games and game culture this is a great choice.

Good Content Bad Pace and Terrible Music   (2/5)

When they talk and get into it I really enjoy this podcast. But it suffers from the sleepy pacing and NPR style tones of the hosts fall into after they kind of...plateau in what to say. And the sleepy, jazzy, night court meets PBS music doesn't help at all, it drags down all momentum and quite frankly sounds more like tacky elevator Muzak. Keep the guys, their thoughts but for the love of god quicken the pace, show some passion and fun. And ditch the awful music.

Great to listen to   (5/5)

An easy listen with two interesting and funny hosts.

Hosts come off pretty biased   (2/5)

The tendency for the hosts to dismiss a lot of criticism directed at games or developers as part of the "gamergate" movement is really annoying. It would be nice if they could be more fair and acknowledge that opinions come from a lot of different places and just because people disagree with you doesn't make them part of gamergate.

Most Thoughtful Gaming Podcast Out There   (5/5)

Kirk and Jason are not over-the-top "personalities" aka Jim S. or Greggy. It's not about them, it's about the games. And if you want informative thoughtful banter about games, gaming, and the industry as a whole...this is the place. And for the record, I like knowing what the weather's like in Portland. These guys do have some fun tension, but that's not the central element. It's about games. Thanks for what you do guys and please keep doing it!

Great discussions, great variety   (5/5)

Plus, unofficial Roomba and Doritos ads, which I guess I'm taking as positive aspects of the podcast?

These guys are the best!   (5/5)

Heynong, man! Jason and Kirk are the best. Great chemistry, fantastic reporting, great guests, and extremely entertaining to listen to. BONUS: wicked saxophone solos.

Great for Video Game lovers   (5/5)

Love Jason and his in depth take on the video game industry, along with his personal leanings towards JRPGs. Great pairing his thoughts with Kirk.

Kirk and Jason are obsessed with Roomba   (5/5)

They also are unreliable for NFL gambling advice. The podcast is pretty good though.

Great info poor personalities   (1/5)

Love the content just not the context of those who deliver it. Jason and Kirk are probably nice people but honestly just stick to video games please you love to throw out opinions with no information to back it up its obnoxious and it just comes off as sour and quite unconducive to your area of media or your podcast. Best of luck but stop whining.

Great stuff   (5/5)


Good stuff.   (5/5)

Probably one of the best gaming podcasts out there.

The show I was looking for.   (5/5)

Love the show. Concise, entertaining, provides good insight into not just games but also the world of video-game journalism and development. The hosts have their quirks, but that's what gives the show its character. WAY better than those 4-hour bro-fest podcasts made by that other video-game news site. Highly recommend.

Solid 5/7   (5/5)

What a dumpster fire of a podcast... The hosts talk over and interrupt each other constantly, you won't really gain anything for your time spent listening, and they rarly do interviews or have extra people on to break up the monotony. Though that is probably for the best as the last time they had to sub a host in, all that person wanted to talk about was Anime sex games (Great show, Fahey). Enough about what you don't get. If you want discussions on Roomba performance, multiple goadings from one host to the other to play Suikoden 2, and a fully fuctional but rarely used listener mail submission system, this is the show for you! Keep that fire burning, guys...

Thank you   (5/5)


I listen to this even when I don't care about the topic one single bit.   (5/5)

Usually I'm interested in the topic, but even when I'm not (like AT all) I can't stop listening. Kirk and Jason just have good conversations.

A great, straightforward gaming podcast   (5/5)

Jason and Kirk are two of the greats in games journalism, and the podcast is a great overview of what's going on in the world of games that doesn't come off as the audio version of a youtube show.

Good   (5/5)

They told me to do this. So I did.

Boring.......   (1/5)

The hosts don't even sound excited to talk about Video Games they have this weird hipster vibe that that kills me. Just not a fan at all.

Hosts are unlistenable   (1/5)

I turned on the latest podcast to listen to a podcast about Westworld. We are 43 minutes into the show and the show has not been brought up yet. What they have talked about: How evil Trump is, how being a SJW is awesome, and how much they hated mafia III. Also, the two guys sound so incredibly whiny. Just release the podcast under the hillary clinton campaign and get rid of the pretense of a video game podcast. Just disgusting.

Jason and Kirk are buds   (5/5)

That's how I see them, anyway. Every week I want to get in on their discussions. They perpetuate great schtick via Kirk's reticence or unwillingness to play Suikoden 2. But he really should. That's for you, Jason. Anyway, have been subscribed for months now and wanted to finally tell you guys great job. And Kirk, your intro literally makes me have to jam along in my car when I listen. Such sweet licks, 100% feel-good jams.

Hubert Humphrey   (5/5)

Come for the video games, stay for the Roomba Report

Great Podcast!   (5/5)

Love the different perspectives given by both Jason and Kirk. Also, can't underestimate the great theme song!

Hate the theme song   (3/5)

Good podcast, good hosts. Three stars because I absolutely hate the theme song. Sounds like something from an 80's family sitcom. Just sounds really out of place

The vocal fry hour   (3/5)

Two guys with unbearable vocal fry spending way too much time overstating the importance of their work as Gaming Journalists, and then a little bit of other stuff that isn't bad.

An awesome duo of gaming professionals.   (5/5)

I have been listening to Split Screen since episode 1 and have found Kirk and Jason to provide both entertainment and critical analysis in equal measure. Not afraid to disagree with each other, their distinct personalities lend the podcast an electric tension. I find that their weekly show carefully balances insights into the industry with analysis of the latest games, and they don't prioritize any one gaming platform. Can't wait to hear their 2017 predictions, as their 2016 predictions shows has to be one of the highlights of the year. Thanks guys for a fab show.

Great podcast   (5/5)

Good perspectives, entertaining banter. Jason and Kirk have different perspectives and it makes a great show.

Best part of Kotaku   (5/5)

Jason and Kirk are my favorite writers at Kotaku so it's great to hear them talk games each week. If you like games and wanna hear informed people talk about games, the industry, and more check this out.

Will recommend to my Mom   (5/5)

Refreshing and unique even if there's too much Destiny talk

Fantastic   (5/5)

These fellas have Hellas good kemistry!

Refreshingly Genuine   (5/5)

Bias up front: I'm a longtime Kotaku reader, and a fan of the writing that Splitscreen's hosts do. They're excellent journalists, and succeed at almost every turn in every topic that they tackle. Its this reputation that allows me to enjoy Splitscreen more thoroughly. This podcast feels some of the most genuine discussion about trending videogame topics that you'll find. It's always approachable, yet never lacking in expertise.

Must-Listen for Gamers   (5/5)

This plus Idle Thumbs are my favorites

Kotaku today, Kotaku tomorrow, KOTAKU FOREVER!   (5/5)

I've been an avid listener since episode one and I love the balance Kirk and Jason bring to this podcast. I love their genuineness! I love Jason's passion for RPGs and Kirk's passion for tormenting Jason about not playing most of them but assuring him that someday he will get to them (the story of many of us gamers lol). I constantly find myself looking forward to Thursday mornings to download the latest episode and find out where these two will take me.

Excellent!   (5/5)

Jason and Kirk host one of the best videogame podcasts currently out there. Splitscreen isn't complicated or flashy; it's just two cool journalists reconvening every week to talk some news and share some interesting and/or funny stories. They will also frequently talk about their jobs and experiences, giving the listeners brief glimpses into the life of a Kotaku writer and videogame journalist. It is a very smart, charming and unassuming podcast which offers some of the most interesting content of the medium (with a healthy dose of silly banter).

Great weekly commentary on gaming   (5/5)

Love the hosts' rapport and range of topics.

If you like stories about vomit and pigeons...   (5/5)

Then this is the podcast for you!! Also, video game talk.

Great discussions, unique perspective.   (4/5)

Been reading kotaku for a long time, and their new gaming podcast does not disappoint. Jason and Kirk offer insightful discussions about the games industry from the unique perspective of the games journalist. The hosts can be a bit dry, but the conversations about games are still entertaining and enlightening, especially for those who are interested in the inner workings of the games industry.

Video games are fun   (5/5)

Great podcast

Meh its okay   (2/5)

The info is good. But the hosts sound and act like hipsters which is a big turn-off.

Biased but informative   (4/5)

I've gone back and listened to them all, and if you can get past their references to obscure games (that you likely won't ever care about) then you will find some unique news. The highlights I'd point out would be the luke smith interview, fallout 4 extravaganza, and spilled secrets episode. Their conversations feel grounded and non-scripted, and that's amazing. yes they favor destiny, but that's because it's an amazingly popular game.....

Good show   (5/5)

Really look forward to it each Friday

Enjoyable   (5/5)

I love listening to the games media just chat about the industry, so Splitscreen is a fun listen. Also, they constantly talk about Destiny, so the podcast can't really go wrong as far as I'm concerned.

It's got what you want.   (5/5)

A laid back and chill gaming podcast from my favorite people in the industry. Also, their Destiny coverage is on point.

Behind the curtain   (5/5)

This podcast is great because they try to reveal some of the "mysteries" of the gaming industry in a very human way. And in a business where secrets (good or bad) are usually very jealously guarded its nice to be able to HEAR some of these things rather than read them.

#Fun #Chill   (5/5)

A pleasant podcast from a couple nice boys who--I can only assume--work at Bungie.

Good Stuff   (5/5)

Everything you love about Kotaku now in a podcast

Press Sneak Fudgery as far as the eye can see   (5/5)

Schreier and Hamilton do a fantastic job talking about games they love and interviewing important gaming luminaries. And maybe they'll one day get someone to actually spill all the secrets they hold. A pure Kotaku YES from me.

Quite enjoyable   (5/5)

A great addition to the already excellent offerings from kotaku. The hosts are fun and less elitist about their game opinions than some other podcasters which is much appreciated. Highly recommend.

Moar Kotaku Plz   (5/5)

Great gaming commentary. I love that the Kotaku crew has increased their community engagement recently.