Aggregated reviews for Kwik Brain with Jim Kwik

Kwik Brain is a fun, fast-paced show designed to help busy people learn and achieve anything in a fraction of the time! Your coach, Jim Kwik (his real name), is the brain & memory trainer to elite mental performers, including many of the world’s leading CEO’s and celebrities. In this easy to digest bite-sized podcast, you will discover Kwik’s favorite shortcuts to read faster, remember more, and ‘supercharge’ your greatest wealth-building asset: your brain. Whether you’re a student, senior, entrepreneur or educator, you will get the edge with these simple actionable tools to sharpen your mind, enhance your focus, and fast-track your fullest potential. Get show notes, Jim’s latest brain-training, and submit your questions in our private community (free) at: Jim Kwik is the founder of, a widely recognized world leader in speed-reading, memory improvement, brain performance, and accelerated learning with students in over 150 countries. After a childhood brain injury left him learning-challenged, Kwik created strategies to dramatically enhance his mental performance. He has since dedicated his life to helping others unleash their true genius and brainpower to learn anything faster and live a life of greater power, productivity, and purpose.

Great valuable info (5/5)

I’ve been listening to your podcast for several years now and have even written about it in a few blog posts. Keep up the great work that’s so valuable to people of all ages.

Kwik brains (5/5)

I love your podcast Jim they are amazing as you are

AMAZING!!! (5/5)

I am blessed for discovering this podcast, keep it up man! You’re the best! Greetings from Egypt!!

Nuggets (5/5)

Kwik nuggets of practicalities! Yeap.

Amazing (5/5)

So much insight!

Dandapani and Aaron Alexander (5/5)

Just listened to these two episodes after watching the 10 steps. I am hooked. I struggle with bipolar anxiety and depression and I believe I have memory issues due to stress and medication. The discussions I’ve heard here about concentration and then body language and using your body to create health and wellness are really encouraging. One of my biggest take aways is to bring concentration back to center for focus and mindfulness. Another is to be aware of my posture and remind myself that for optimal mood and health I want my shoulders back and head up. Thanks Jim Kwik.

Light bulbs (5/5)

I am so glad to have found your podcasts. They have been game changers for me. I have been suffering with how to learn and reading issues due to multiple TBI, stress, and poor diet. I had pretty much given up on my memory and learning, but with listening to your podcasts things are starting to change for me. It would be lovely if you did a podcast on resilience. Thank you for everything!!

Small tips for a big difference (5/5)

Interesting, I woke up exhausted today and I know I have to find a way to get better sleep. I open up this podcast to see the sleep episode with Dr. Jay Korshandi. I will definitely be trying the red lightbulbs at night & waking up to watch/feel the sunrise to see how it improves my sleep at night. Probably some yoga in the AM, too. Thanks, y’all!!

Sprinkling misinformation (1/5)

In the episode with Dave Asprey, he spread some pretty dangerous misinformation. Cooked animal meat and processed meat is classified as CARCINOGEN by the World Health Organization. Worse than the nicotine you've been a slave to. Jim, I unsubscribed to your channel for serving up this misinformation and for not researching before publishing this episode. So disappointed.

Volume too LOW (5/5)

Love the podcast but the volume needs to be adjusted. I’m listening with all the volume up on my phone and it’s still LOW. :(

Very valuable (3/5)

A little bit slow, however.

Phenomenal podcast! (5/5)

I discovered Jim Kwik on Ed Myletts podcast and I’m so glad I did! This podcast is fast and efficient with truly life changing tips. The top down memory trick Jim discusses in the Favorite Brain Foods episode totally worked despite my initial skepticism! I really enjoyed the episodes on habits as well.

Informative!!! (5/5)

Hello! Writing a review to teach what I just learned like Jim suggested! It was new to learn that women are more at risk for Alzheimer’s than men, and that the disease really sets in usually during menopause, decades before the symptoms show. It was also new to learn that some women can go through menopause earlier than the average woman (in their early 40s vs early 50s), and that these women often feel depressed and alone during this time and therefore are often prescribed anti-depressant medication. That’s sad; I’m with ya sister!

Great Episode (5/5)

Jim brings on a great group of guests. All knowledgable and willing to share great information and personal stories. Nicole was no exception. I enjoyed when she talked about the dichotomy, and societal norms, or perhaps abnorms, around selfish versus selfless. It reminded me of a blog I wrote called "I'm Selfish, Not Horrible" Well done @jimkwik!

Life changing (5/5)

At the risk of sounding dramatic, this podcast series changed my life. For a while I had been noticing some forgetfulness, but I chalked it up to doing too much (fast paced job, active family life, etc). But then I forgot something REALLY important. So I set out to find some ways to improve my memory and discovered Kwik Brain. Well, I’m not simply improving memory, I’m working towards a healthier mind and a healthier body. I’m eating so many “brain foods” you’d think my life depended on it (it does), my house is cleaner (Step 2: make bed), I’m reading more (every day as I sip my turmeric tea), I’m a better listener (jumble those letters and be silent!) and on and on. I feel so rejuvenated, and so optimistic - and I’m only getting started. Many thanks to Jim Kwik for his powerful words and his amazing work.

What an awesome podcast (5/5)

I started listening to Kwik Brain after running into a post on Instagram. This podcast has great information, innovative ways of using your brain and intellectual property more proficiently. It has also caused me to become more introspective about how I operate on a day to day basis. By doing so, I am more proactive in paying attention to how I ultimately affect my productivity by increasing my mental functionality. I’ve recommended Kwik Brain to over 10 people in the last month. What a beneficial and well done podcast!!

Outstanding! Learning so much! (5/5)

I just recently started listening and my reading speed has increased from about 180 words per minute to about 280 words per minute. It has always taken me forever to read books but now I have a renewed energy when it comes to reading. I’m also trying to learn a second language and I cannot wait to see how much Jim’s lessons will help me.

Sleep well (5/5)

I thought the reminders are so helpful. I learned about 5 minutes of sun, early in the morning may help me to feel awake. Can’t wait to try it. What best to do if it’s a cloudy a.m. ? I am thinking it may be to exercise for 7 minutes?

Fall in love with your brain (5/5)

I’ve been enamored with Jim’s coaching to extract every ounce of power I can from my own brain. I’ve found that as I apply what I’ve been learning from Kwik Brain I’ve been able to ramp up my performance and feel great as I do it. Highly recommend!

Hacks That Help and Heal!! I could binge listen all day (5/5)

This is a MUST listen to Podcast for every person. Our brain is the best computer on the planet, yet we mostly are not taught to care for it, protect it or learn how to use it to its maximal capacity. Kwik is deeply passionate about sharing this information and he does it in bite size digestible pieces. He challenges you to make cutting edge changes ( from nutrition, to exercise to visualization, meditation etc.) to enhance brain health.As a speech-language pathologist working with stroke survivors and those recovering from traumatic brain injuries I vouch for the accuracy and effectiveness of the many "hacks" he offers. Jim educates us with an exciting and memorable mix of his personal knowlege as well as extraordinary interviews with fascinating people. I could binge listen all day! THANKS JIM!! PS I recommend it to all my patients! Tsgoyna Tanzman,MA/CCC SLP

Thank you (5/5)

I love this podcast ! I have been working through depression and just being overwhelmed with working on my Doctorate but this podcast has allow me to put things into perspective and make changes daily. Thank you Jim Kwik one day I plan to attend a seminar, training something soon.

I don’t have access to some of the episodes! Why?! (5/5)

I don’t have access to some of the episodes! Why?! How can I play them?!

So blessed (5/5)

Very blessed that someone shared Jim Kwik’s video post. Since March I’ve been following Jim and subscribed to his podcast and YouTube. So happy to know that brain power has nothing to do w/ family background, age or gender but it can be train. We can be limitless and faster. Jim, you and your team are an inspiration to the world. I started reading again. Last time I finished a book was 14 years ago. Now I’m back to reading. I’m eating brain foods. Getting into the habit of using my opposite hand , making my bed, writing Thank you journals, taking cold showers. Creating new habits and sharing them because the more you share the more you learn. Jim you are my superhero.! Thanks for giving us podcast and helping us find treasures every time. More power and God bless you more!

Your #1 Brain Coach...🧠 (5/5)

Hey Jim! I am so thankful for this podcast… I have struggled with brain fog, anxiety, and memory problems… I remember laying on the hospital bed, eagerly waiting to see if I was going to be okay... (I am a little reluctant to share this story but I hope this encourages at least one person...) Earlier that day I felt fine but later it kinda just hit me... It was dark outside now and I was feeling dizzy... My heart started pounding and I started to lose feeling in my hands and feet.. It was so hard to breath. My parents rushed me to the hospital and by this time I could barely walk because my feet had little to no feeling in them... I had to use a wheelchair to get into the hospital... The doctor pushed me into an empty room and asked me to sit on the bed... Getting up, I nearly fell to the ground because my weight was too much for my legs to bare... By this time I was on the verge of crying and was vocally telling the nurse how scared I was... I was only around 14 years old... I didn't know what was going on... I laid in the hospital bed waiting for a doctor to run in and tell me I'm dying... (I know that's a little extreme) To my surprise, I started feeling better... and when the doctor came in, he told me that I just experienced an anxiety attack... At the time, I didn't even know what that was... But what I did know, is that I kinda wish the doctor had said I was dying. I was ambarassed to tell my parents that I was okay... and I felt stupid for wanting them to take me to the hospital... If you haven't experienced anxiety, it makes it hard to think clearly and easy to think that the worst case scenario is happening to you... But when the anxiety is gone, it makes you feel like a burden to others and that you were just over exaggerating... (It's easy to beat yourself up over) This was the first of many anxiety attacks that I would have over the next few years... At one point it was so bad that I would had them consistently every night... It was a daily battle that I felt alone fighting... Now here is where it gets weird... Looking back on it now, I am incredibly thankful for my anxiety... It has made me cautious about my lifestyle… and about what I eat. Without my anxiety I wouldn’t have become a ferocious learner on brain health... Your podcast has given me very practical tips to help anxiety by changing my diet and habits… I am so thankful for this podcast and I love all the wisdom that you freely give in it! I would love to take one of your courses someday:) Again thank you!

Brain Training (5/5)

I love this show it has improved my mental performance and memory by 40%. I remember so many things now.


JIM what can I say coach,Been a fan since I first watched your video in 2017 you had only 6k subscribers.You are doing an awesome job teaching everyone everything you know about super learning without jealousy.Brain is the most precious organ indeed and the most interesting thing is that your the precious one guiding our precious organ.I love the way you inspire us that we too can be like you .I cracked Tony Buzans “The Speed Reading Book” with your techniques.Love you a lot brother ❤️.I am 17 though.”LEARNING IS YOUR SUPERPOWER BUT LEARNING HOW TO LEARN IS SELF EMPOWERMENT “-tahmid_726 And all the words straight from the heart.Grateful to Almighty he gave me such an splendid coach like you.These podcasts are absolute splendid.Thank u Jim .I wish I could met you at least once before the final buzzer comes in.-tahmid_726

Alzheimer’s and short term memory loss (5/5)

I’ve been following you on Instagram and YouTube for sometime I’ll be 56 in a few days and only in the past week or so learn how to find how do I listen to a podcast. The thing that drove me what is the daily podcast giveaway for Alzheimer’s Awareness Month. I love your material all the time and have been faithfully sharing little tidbits with my 14yr old son. Thank you for your insights and inspiration!!

Brilliant (5/5)

Like all of the other reviews on here, I have nothing but good words to speak about this podcast. The few I’ve listened to (just started this week) is nothing GROUNDBREAKING. But like Kwik says, this is all common sense, but not common practice. Through your own phone, Kwik is holding you accountable in your every day thoughts and actions.

Great podcast (5/5)

This is a great podcast. I just started listening to this podcast not too long but I like and enjoy it, I shall be listening to more in the future. I like how there are short videos I can listen to when I go to town. My first one i listened to was episode 125 (so far my favorite) and I was able to get multiple value points from it that helped me answer some questions I’ve been asking myself.

My favorite podcast! (5/5)

Excllent podcast filled with incredible tips, insights and compassion. Thanks for my weekly dose of ah ha's!

Thank you for being you (5/5)

The insights I have gained from these podcasts have been incredible and inspiring. Thank you for doing what you do. @jimkwik @kwikbrain

Never a dull episode (5/5)

This podcast is so amazing, and I always take a lot away from it no matter what the topic is. It’s hard to say which ep is my favorite, but there are definitely a few that I have listened to multiple times. I’m a forever fan!!!

Love this podcast! (5/5)

So much great info in this show. It'll show you how you can unlock your potential and really see what you are capable of. Give it a listen and see what kind of info your mind can take in to show you new doors to the world.

Obsessed! (5/5)

I am totally obsessed with Kwik since I learned about him and his techniques. I have immediately been able to use his methods to improve my memory. I started listening to my first Kwik Brain podcast thinking I would only listen for a few minutes...and listened intently to the end. My big takeaway from Dr. Oz was to make a "not to do list."

My favorite source for brain training (5/5)

I have been a fan of this Podcast since the very early episodes. Jim provides so much free value, and he finds amazing guests to do the same. Jim's teaching style makes it easy to learn each new technique, and he has totally changed how I think about the process of learning. If you like what you find here, and I think you will, I would also highly recommend his e-courses.

Brain Journey (5/5)

Realizing my brain’s development over the course of my life was not optimal caused discouragement in my life. Then I found Kwik Brain and now I have a resurgence of hope that I can rise to new levels. Thanks you!

Quick and Easy to Implement (5/5)

Love listening to Kwik Brain Podcast. It’s always has a quick and easy technique that you improve in your life.

Alzheimer’s & Brain Health Awareness 🧠 (5/5)

My grandfather currently has Alzheimer’s and Dementia and I’m his sole caretaker. After watching someone you love go from the person knew, to only having bits and pieces of them left is heart wrenching. I started listening to Kwik Brain when I began to worry about my own brain health and what my family would have to go through. Kwik Brain gives me some peace of mind knowing that I’m exercising my brain and memory to prevent anyone I love from seeing me go through, in the future, what I’m witnessing my grandfather go through now. I love Kwik Brain and the mission Jim Kwik is on to promote Brain Health Awareness. Keep spreading the word!

Hello (5/5)

Thank you mr jim qwik for all these excellent podcasts. I finished your 30 day program and feel so much more comfortable with using the methods you taught. The key is to practice and practice. Thank you so much

Awesome content, sharing this to my family esp my daughter. (5/5)

I wanna be Kwik... i learned so much that i challenged my daughter to do this with me. Now we more quality time, sharing similar experiences... Great job!

This is one of my favorite podcast (5/5)

I’m a seeker of knowledge and if your are too, you won’t waste your time here. I love the context in every episode.

Loved learning about this tool (Viome) (5/5)

Every time I listen to @JimKwik’s podcasts I think to my self: how will it get better than this? And I’m constantly surprised on the new topics and tools that he’s always sharing. I quote Jim Kwik: “knowledge is not power, it’s potential power. It only becomes power when you use it”. I plan on using and sharing this tool. Thank you 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻 #kwikbrain

Great source of valuable info (5/5)

Very impressed with the level of knowledge and insight into many different areas of life and learning. Love it!

This is so Important (5/5)

Thank you for this ,it’s important stuff I love to learn and especially about this because it runs a little bit in my family thank you so much for all that you do and it works.

Chocolate on your butt (5/5)

One of my favorite episodes was on memorizing a grocery list. I actually can still remember the list of ten items, and I listened to the podcast several weeks ago. This is AMAZING because I’m the person who has to write a list to remember what I need, then I don’t remember to bring the list, and I inevitability forget the one item I came for in the first place. Also, I’ve started becoming better at remembering names. Or at least, I’ve learned the importance of it, and tools to help me become better at it. I look forward to meeting new people so I can practice. I’ve stopped saying “I’m terrible with names.” The greatest gift of his content is that I’ve stopped feeling dumb or less capable of learning new things. I realize I’m not stuck at this level of understanding, and that my brain is like a muscle. I just need to workout my brain muscles to get it to become stronger, especially in the areas where it’s weak. All of his podcasts and podcasts where he has been a guest, teach me something new, and I go into my day feeling more capable with practical tools.

I love it!! (5/5)

Excellent ideas!!

💜 (5/5)

I have epilepsy and stay up to date with Jim’s stuff all over social media. The things I have learned from listening to him have helped my journey with tough brain challenges. I’m forever grateful for finding his teachings/podcast/kwik learning!

There’s a takeaway in EVERY episode (5/5)

My biggest takeaway from the episode with Dr. Oz on fighting mental fatigue was learning that a consistent circadian rhythm is a powerful component in maximizing your energy. I’ve been trying to wake up at the same time every day for no real reason, but now that has purpose! Also, I LOVE when talking about how “the way you do anything is the way you do everything,” it was said that “you can do anything, but you can’t do everything.” It’s true that the way we execute tasks (even the small ones) is a basis for how we’d perform when handling bigger tasks, but there’s less benefit if you try to take on ALL tasks. I just love the structure of these podcasts and truly value, without knowing Jim, the dedication he has to the world’s learning originating from his own trauma. Truly a gift to the world.

Highlight of my day!! (5/5)

I been listening to this podcast for a couple of months now and it has really improve the way I learn and read. I recently spoke to my thirteen year old daughter about it and advised her to listen to it while she is off from school. Today will be the first day we are comparing notes on the podcast and I couldn’t be happier. I can’t wait to see what she thinks of it and how this will improve her life. Thank you Jim and your whole team for your amazing work. You are truly changing life and I am beyond grateful

Remove obnoxious intro skit (4/5)

I recently subscribed and love the content, but the intro to each podcast is obnoxious. I’m listening to multiple episodes to catch up and I have to turn the volume down on my phone for the first minute and it really throws off getting into the content. If it were a fantastic intro I could see keeping it, but it’s lengthy, loud, and doesn’t add to the podcast.

Complete Convert (5/5)

I Everywhere I go, I keep telling people about Jim Keillor and this podcast!

Life changing (5/5)

Simply the best. Jim, your inspirational kindness matched with your intellect makes you a joy to listen to. Thank you always✨

Amazing! (5/5)

I heard Jim on another podcast and decided to check this one out, and I’ve been bingeing ever since. Quick episodes are easy to fit into even the busiest of schedules, full of information and he is totally dedicated to seeing you succeed!! It’s amazing!

Keep it up! (5/5)

Great show

Love to listen (5/5)

I live to listen to this inspiring Podcast. So motivating with great ideas tips and suggestions for improving not only your memory but LIFE!

Thank you Coach. (5/5)

Thank you so much Jim, giving this podcast 5 stars is the least that I can do for you. This podcast is a game changer in the modern world. Can’t thank you enough, I can honestly say you have helped me grow to be a much happier, healthier, and smarter person. I look forward to supporting all your future ventures. So happy I stumbled upon you from David Meltzer. “You are smarter than you think!” Ps where can I get a Brian shirt?!

Silent-Listen (5/5)

Sometimes I just plan what to say next, so I get too in to my thoughts don’t actually listen or get excited and interrupt the person I’m talking to. Learning to be silent while listening is a plus.

Thanks Jim (5/5)

Absolutely love the practical advice paired with simple exercises and approaches. Keep up the good work!!!

Biggest lesson (5/5)

Truly gold. But the message that most resonated with me was during the last couple of minutes. The treasure we seek lays in the work we are avoiding. Avoiding the hard work makes life harder.

Game changer to be optimal in life. (5/5)

Jim and his work have had a life changing effect on me and my teaching as a high school world history teacher and varsity basketball coach. His podcast is incredible. First head him on David Nurse-Game of Life podcast. I listen to a few episodes each day on my walk. I used FAST in teaching my students how to learn and understand better. I just introduced LATCH yesterday in organizing information. I could teach a lesson each day to my my students. The life skills Jim is coaching are fundamental to a person living a great life of happiness and connection. My students are even more empowered to reach the greatness they have in themselves because of Jim. As a teacher, coach and person thank you Jim. Would love to have you speak at my school. Ryan Mounce

Entertaining and educational (5/5)

I love listening to this podcast while I get ready for work each morning. I loved learning about Jim’s morning routine, and incorporated elements of it to create a morning routine that works for me.

The best (5/5)

Do-able tidbits to improve memory and brain health. Love how short they are and always great take-always that make listening worthwhile! Love this podcast!

Awesome! (5/5)

Love the short and sweet episodes. Thank you Jim!

Love (5/5)

I love this podcast but I will admit the last podcast about healing broken heart, I feel like a lot was left unexplained and a lot more information was needed or left Untouched. When you release all worry about expectations do you just continue miserable with a partner or is there any advice or in depth explanations for it all? Yeah you can be conscious but that doesn’t change the fact of a lot of things nor does it heal a broken heart. I don’t even know what I’m asking but I just feel like there was a lot more that could’ve been put in this episode for more useS

Fabulous podcast! (5/5)

Short, sweet, to the point and repeatable for easy reminders! I know it’s already making me better at everything I do. As a former teacher, I have great recall of students from decades ago but now in sales I struggle at times with work related names and reading. Now that connecting the dots between emotion, learning and remembering may seem obvious, being conscious of it changes everything! Thanks again!

Best podcast ever! (5/5)

I learned so much from each episode. It’s informative and motivating! Thumbs up to Jim for his great work!

Amazing (5/5)

Truly nuggets of wisdom every day! I feel smarter all the time. Thanks so much Jim!

Life changing coaching (5/5)

I can’t believe how much I’ve learned and I’m only at podcast # 9. I picked up a book I’ve been wanting to read and tried Brian’s technique to read faster and yes it works! I got through one fourth of the book in one sitting. I didn’t get distracted and I retained the information! Thank you Brian.

Kim Kwick Using light (5/5)

I thought it was one of the most influential pod casts I've ever heard. It was awesome.

I'm getting kwiker and smarter (5/5)

It's a pleasure as always to listen to Jim and his guests talk about any and everything to help improve your mind and life all the time.

Taught my grandson (5/5)

After listening to Jim Kwik’s podcasts, I taught my 7 years old grandson to read some sight words. I placed some Pokemon cards with 5 sight words and he was able to memorize 5 sight words with each Pokemon card. He learned 25 sight words in a short amount of time and enjoyed learning them. Thanks for teaching me. Rani

Stress less and accomplish more.. buy my book (1/5)

This is the first episode I listened to and thought that I may be able to get at least a clue, just a clue, to the “how” on the guest’s definition of deep meditation. I listened through the guest’s pitch and her credibility build up, blah blah, she explained “why” mediation is so good. Just to build up to the “how” questions, where the real value in transacted... And her suggestion? Was to buy her online course and book! The episode didn’t give me even a hint into the how...this is a distribution channel for this guest. Disappointed.

Highly Recommend (5/5)

Jim gets great guests on his show. He asks all the appropriate questions and makes sure that the guest gives advice the listener can use in their daily life.

Amazing! (5/5)

Love this podcast! I have learned so much! Thanks so much for sharing!!!

Just great! (5/5)

Great podcast, awesome content and allot of knowledge bytes. ❤️ it 👊🏽

Mr. Thinkredible (5/5)

Jim is an absolute superhero! This podcast is worth listening to every single day so Jim can download his superpowers into your brain which he does with a kindness, positivity and generosity that is unlike anyone else. Just incredible. Thank you.

THANK YOU! (5/5)

My brother introduced me to the mind of Jim Kwik about a year ago and I have been listening to him DAILY ever since. I appreciate you so much, Jim!

Helpful stuff simplifies things. (5/5)

Am doing the teaching thing leave a review. Motivation is the key. Have to be motivated. Am reaching last 5 years of my career as a computer programmer past 36 years. Now is about the soft skills remembering names would be one for me to improve. Another would be past projects I worked on and people involved when work with manager planning more work.

Takeaways that spark joy! (5/5)

After every episode, I seek to embody the one takeaway that sparks my joy and creativity. Then, I share it with my family and integrate one thing in my business and personal life to help me live out the principles. This podcast is my new neuro fix!

Kwik Brain (5/5)

Thanks Kwik Brain for the Kwik and insightful ideas to improve my life. I listen to it while driving and get tons of inspiration!

A Must Have in Your Library (5/5)

I heard Jim on Kevin Rose’s podcast and was instantly hooked. I have started with his first podcast and am working my to the most current. He is genius and am really loving his tips!

Grateful (5/5)

Jim provides you with golden nuggets of wisdom in each episode. He provides such great information for anyone who is interested in getting better and developing new skills. Great on the go and each episode is worth re-listening. Thank you Jim!

Gold+Diamonds!!! (5/5)

Incredible just one quote, “Information +Emotion = Memorization” the entire thing is quotable!!!

Devouring (5/5)

I love this podcast. Started at the beginning and went through about 12 episodes in one day! Can’t get enough.

5 Stars is not enough. Jim Kwik is a 10 ⭐️. (5/5)

I’ve never come across a better brain/mind coach than Jim. I’ve worked with Neurologists, Neurosurgeons, and performance coaches for nearly 15 years and nothing I ever learned or experienced within that cast even comes close to Jim’s “Kwik Brain” techniques. “Kwik Brain” will take you to levels of learning you never thought you could ever realize or experience. The dude cares, is humble and is as sharp as a razor! Thanks Jim!

Epic Jim! (5/5)

I love Jim’s PC. He speaks and shares exercises on how we can maximize our brain power and in turn change our behaviours.

Greetings from Libya (5/5)

Been following for a couple of months now and these podcasts boost my knowledge and mental happiness significantly , specially in the harsh environment i live in ....thanks


I love everything about this podcast! The bite sized episodes are perfect. Jim is an absolute star. It's funny how obstacles and challenges tend to generally help us grow and flourish (if you stay positive, work hard, and want to do good in the world). Thank you Jim!!!!

Jim Kwik is the Best (5/5)

I’ve searched for the answers to better brain function for decades. Jim Kwik has all of the answers. Pay attention and become the person you always knew you could be. Jim Kwik is awesome.

Building Community (5/5)

I’ve been struggling to get dopamine any semi-healthy way I can, i.e, moderate alcohol consumption, work day coffee breaks, and watching (bingeing) on my favorite shows. But I think those habits which started as a moderate practice have increased because I decided to distance myself from a community I had been with for decades. I do not regret that choice especially because I needed to embrace and answer to prodding in my spirit to live out my true identity. I am still answering the call, but in the meanwhile, I have to stop using drinking as a filler for hugs...Getting out to dance this weekend and finding a new spiritual community. Thanks!


Jim, I’ve been following your podcast for a few months now. I’m so grateful for your insight and willingness to teach. So much knowledge and responsibility has been given to me through this podcast. It’s just amazing and highly, HIGHLY recommend it for anyone looking to self improve, mental health tips in a practical way and just basic understanding on how they human brain works with all the mystery that still surrounds it. THANK YOU.

Great pod! (5/5)

I love that each episode is short. And it’s in normal person’s terms (not over your head with scientific terms). With Alzheimer’s being so common these days, I’m all for trying to keep my brain healthy.

Love Jim’s practical, powerful teachings! (5/5)

I feel more motivated and confident already and look forward to super charging my memory and creativity!

So great! (5/5)

Love love love this podcast! Super quick and easy techniques that work! I went to a wedding where I knew no one and actually remembered the names of every person I met! Couldn’t believe it!

How to turn knowledge into action (5/5)

This podcast was absolutely so helpful!! He had so many good things to say! Definitely something I was struggling with. He’s definitely very encouraging and motivating. Thankful for this.

Waking my brain (5/5)

Thanks Jim for having Dr Daniel Amen on your podcast. My bright moment is when he talks about how to fix your brain with positive things and thoughts. I have looked up Dr Amen and am waiting for his new book to come out (pre-ordered). Thank you for waking my brain.

I love having Jim in my pocket! (5/5)

I am thrilled for this podcast! So far it’s amazing. I will be listening to all the episodes like a loyal stalker. Keep shining and sharing Jim.

Valuable, easy to learn tips to make your smarter and more successful (5/5)

Love this podcast and the bite-sized information that is digestible, relatable and effective. Great job!

Changing Lives (5/5)

This is awesome!! I work patrol as a deputy and when I get a few minutes to sharpen the edge I listen to this podcast. Humble guy, who speaks clear and concise. Check it out!!

Jim is amazing (5/5)

I’m only a couple of podcasts in, and I’ve already learned so much! So motivating and lots of useful information that empty will use for the rest of your life

Kwik Cash and Credit for the Brain. (5/5)

Every podcast from Jim has lead to immediate improvement in my life with simple and easy to do actions steps. Thank you Jim and The Kwik Learning Crew you rock and you do it with massive speed and accuracy.

Very Valuable Podcast! (5/5)

I am only on Episode 7 but have already gained so much valuable information. Thank you Jim!!!

Learn anything faster (5/5)

I’m so excited I am 67 years old and I am getting ready to go to COLLEGE I’ve never been to COLLEGE before I’ve always been put down and told that I could never be anything because my parents were not anything but they were something I know my parents but I was always told I could not I would not I cannot and I’m 67 years old I’ve raised three wonderful sons and my husband love me after 38 years he always told me I could not do anything but now I have come upon this I’ve always had a knowing that there is more to our brain into our learning and something that was being left out in our traditional school I am tend to listen to every podcast by you Jim quick and I am I am excited and I will let you know in the whole world will know that I have achieved what God wanted me to but she we are so much more then we are told by the world thank U thank U thank U there is so much more I want to say but I’ll end up writing a book here on Long Island and that is one of the things I do you want to do I have a book inside of me that’s wanting to come out I want to help contribute to other people and give them hope but there’s so much more and I’m going to achieve it I’m going to learn and I’m going to live I to old age but look younger than the number they put on me I may be called 67 years old but inside I know I’m much younger and smarter than I have been told that I am thank you.Once more you are truly a God send right on time.

Read faster (approx title) (5/5)

Just about perfect, bite-sized lesson packed with good material and convincingly delivered by a true expert in developing students. Jim Kwik gives us many similar, good, short lessons on iTunes. Marvelous. Generous.

Following after saving me from my class yesterday! (5/5)

I had been struggling with my studies, yesterday I almost had my first panic attack. Between my readings ( I read slowly and struggle to maintain what I read), quizzes, and other homework (laboratory), thought Its going to be my first week not to pass all my homework. Bumped into to YouTube his YouTube channel, watch him them BOOM! Thank you! - Maria

Whoa, rocket-fuel! (5/5)

Just listened to episode 72 on learning from mistakes and man that’s all it took for me to subscribe! Jim is incredible clear and content loaded on every line! As someone who is a self-proclaimed champion of self awareness, introspection and critical feedback, there were SEVERAL nuggets on reviewing and assessing your mistakes to make the absolute most out of them! I will be using this episode as a reference AND a little bit of “gospel” too for anyone interested in this subject!

A++++MAZING!!! (5/5)

A++++mazing!!! This is one of the best podcasts ever!! Jim Kwik is a master teacher. One of the best gifts you can give yourself is learning how to learn faster with more retention. Jim Kwik will show you the way! My favorite takeaway to learning #FASTer FORGET (Forget your limitations) ACTIVE (Apply your learning). STATE (Info + emotion = long term memory TEACH (When you teach what you’ve learned you learn it twice)

More! (5/5)

Would love to see more podcasts here. Everything on here is awesome.

Skipping with joy !! (5/5)

I’m so excited about learning and remember Ing , because I just learned that I can be taught to remember.. this is like a new day ! And beginnings ... I thought it was over for me ... getting old and that’s part of life .. but I have hope ! Thank you so much and yes I put it in my face page .. I always will ♥️♥️♥️🙏🏽

To the Point (5/5)

Love this podcast, I don’t have time to listen to a 45 min episode with 10 min of content. Kwik Brain gets straight to the point. I loved the episode of working smart vs. working harder.

Thank you! (5/5)

I’ve been looking for something like this for a long time. I try to listen to something to help me be a better teacher everyday on my commute in to school. I am definitely going to give this a go. Thank you @Jimkwik for creating the podcast and thank you Dr. Cheryl Peterson (@EXPLOREpeterson) for recommending it!

Recalling Dreams (5/5)

I just discovered Jim on YouTube, and I'm instantly hooked! This episode on dream recall has some nice additions to my own practice, so I'm eager to test them out. Thank you, Jim!

Empowered (5/5)

I don’t usually write reviews. I stumbled across this podcast listening to something else and I subscribed because it’s something short and useful. I’m sitting here taking notes and being engaged and feeling hope for my memory and my lack of attention. I can’t afford the lessons that are being offered but for once I’m feeling like I am not dumb and I am capable. More capable than I give myself credit for. Amazing tips and thank you for the positive message.

The best podcast, period! (5/5)

Down to earth, practical tips!! Amazing!!! Thank you 🙏😊😇

Thanks Jim (5/5)

Id like to thank you for the wonderful work you are doing by sharing your information with others. Im at a very difficult point in my life and by wanting to improve my situation i came across an advert on Facebook with Mindvalley. I watched the video to the end and then just wanted to know more on how i can impove my broken brain as i say as well. Please guide me in the right direction. Thanks again

I thought that I had a broken brain as well (5/5)

My parent used to say you are not stupid you just need more effort.. a lot effort. It was so hard for me to learn, I have a horrible short term memory... and now after 43 years finally thanks to you, now I am committed to chain my brain... I’m finally optimistic and believe.. thanks for changing my life....and I’m doing it.

Jim Keillor (5/5)

I’m so glad I stumbled across Jim definitely a game changer will be purchasing the course ASAP!!

THANK YOU, Jim!! (5/5)

Your words have changed the way I look at life. Thank you for sharing your insight with us. You mentioned that you value your listeners’ time and want your podcast to reflect that...I so appreciate what you’re doing for us as listeners. Please continue to inspire and “as the body moves, the brain grooves” is my new mantra!

Awesome Podcast (5/5)

Thanks for this terrific podcast! Jim’s hacks work. My memorization has improved dramatically in only one week of applying his principles.

Jim Kwik Rocks! (5/5)

Thank you Jim for sharing your wisdom and seeking out experts for your informative interviews!

Just learned about this. (5/5)

I am currently listening to the Align podcast. Jim is a guest at the podcast. I just subscribed to his podcast based on his talk with Aaron Alexander. If I could acquire the “superpower” he talks about. That would be awesome... Jim is humble, well spoken and a truly spectacular guy to listening to.

Jim Kwik & Max Lugavere - A Path to Brain Power (5/5)

This podcast is packed with useful information. Jim’s insight into the brain and memory goes hand in hand with Max’s knowledge of how to best feed and fuel the brain. My primary takeaway is that one must feed the body/brain the right food in order to achieve the best brain performance and ability to learn. Also listen to Max’s podcast with Jim as a guest. You will be glad you did.

Amazing! (5/5)

Jim and team are amazing. The podcasts are short and very useful. There aren’t any “ums”, “uhh”, or pauses. The guy is a speaking machine.

I Love Big Brains & I Cannot Lie! (5/5)

Jim, I love your victory story of how you used your adversity (a few brain injuries) to your advantage! I model myself after your concept & I take all the things that were meant for bad to turn them into my advantage for helping others triumph over their similiar tragedies. I was raped so I can help others with that. I have been clean & sober so I can help others with that & I thank God for that! I love your podcast Jim, you have taught me a lot and introduced me to a lot of intellectual equals, like Dr. Hyman. I thank my mentor, Lewis Howes (I'm in his Inner Circle Mastermind) for introducing me to you! Also, Jim I KNOW you really care about us! I see you on my social media & I really appreciate your support on my IG, Twitter & Facebook! Thanks for being here with me during the hardest times of my life, Jim! I hope I have the opportunity to help you in a big way really soon! You are worth it, Jim! Liberty V Justice/YouTube CEO--I Am Worth It Inc

❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ (5/5)

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you, so much useful information, so glad I came across this and can't wait to keep learning more! This is truly exciting to me that I can train my brain.

Movements (5/5)

Never knew that movements, sitting and standing positions affected brain but am not surprised. Great information on that show.

Always inspiring! (5/5)

Jim's podcasts and videos are always something I make time to listen to. There is so much value in everything he does. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Great and Practical (5/5)

I've been learning from Jim Kwik for the past 6 weeks and I'm really learning a lot about having a superbrain! His podcasts are excellent and practical for anyone who wants to strengthen their brain and memory. Daniel Gilbert, PhD

Life changing, great information (5/5)

I’ve meet jim at the national academy of future physicians and medical leaders and his speech was super uplifting and made me feel much better about everything in my life I can’t wait to unleash my mind!

Fresh Ways to Learn Kwikly (5/5)

I love Jim’s fresh perspective, common sense - playful - imaginative approach to learning and brain health. He’s able to erase negative beliefs from years of damaging conventional education and replace with resilient confidence! Well done – I look forward to each lesson. 😍

Speed Reading (5/5)

Enjoyed your podcast its great for short attention spans gets to the points rapidly thanks

Great Stuff (5/5)

I just discovered Jim's information, the timing is perfect for me. Take the time to look into it and hope it helps you as much as it helping me.

Awesome !!! (5/5)

Jim is incredibly well versed in his overall knowledge relating to the brain and the body. I’m learning a lot from Jim and his awesome guests! Thanks, Jim, for providing this important content!

Jim Spoke to Me (5/5)

Listening to Jim speak is like vitamins for my heart and soul. Thank you!!

Awesome content (5/5)

I have seen 3-4 pods so far. But I can feel the power of each word that was spoken. I have been a couple of them for the last 6-7 months now. But knowing more about from the pods really gave me more ‘potential power’ as you call it. Need to put my new knowledge to action! Thank you so much for all the knowledge.

😱 (5/5)

WOW!! Who knew how impactful bite-sized information could be?! This podcast is helping revolutionize my entire life. I'm so glad that I discovered the YouTube interview that led me here. Most likely I'll be a lifetime student, fan, & some sort of a mentee/colleague of Jim Kwik. Because of him, the world is a better place. Thank you!

Wow, fantastic! (5/5)

Jim has a gift for sharing his knowledge in a way that is infectious! Not only does he give quick tangible nuggets you can apply today, but he inspires you to want more and pass it on. Great podcast. Love his work and his guests!!

Absolutely Love this Podcast! (5/5)

I am addicted to this Podcast. With just listening to the first few episodes, I have doubled my reading speed and I am retaining more information that I have learned. I’m excited to keep improving and getting my brain stronger. Thank you Jim! You have changed my life.

Amazing Stuff (5/5)

My favorite podcast

Awesome (5/5)

Jim comes from a difficult background which is probably what makes him know so much about the brain. Great information and I can’t wait for the next one! So inspirational

Surprisingly Entertaining (5/5)

This show is ridiculously effective and Jim is ridiculously smart. He gives great breakdowns and tips and thoroughly educates along the way. Episode one teaches FAST, which is probably going to stick with me the rest of my life. Great stuff! Do it!

Use acronyms to learn: ABRA (5/5)

What did I learn in this episode? In releasing negative thinking, use the acronym ABRA which stands for Acknowledge Breathe Release Align. Acknowledge the negative thought , breathe in the positive thinking you want, release out the negativity you don’t want, align your mind with what you do want. Short and powerful podcast.

Good podcast with good information (4/5)

The most important thing that I learned from the first episode "Learn ANYTHING Faster" is that all learning is state-dependent. A lof of the time, I am not in a good state emotionally or mentally. I am either bored, tried, lonely, or angry. I need to put myself in an optimal learning state

Good, but can become very sales-y (4/5)

I’m enjoying this podcast series, but I find it grating how freely he takes up 40-50% of a 13 or 14 minute podcast pushing his other online resources in a round about way that makes you wonder if he thinks you won’t notice where he’s going with this.

biochemisthacker (5/5)

jim kwik is my HERO! actually, he’s OUR SUPERHERO! I just love all the timely, concise, well- presented, relevant material you cover… I really feel your sincerity and passion for your mission. Keep up the great work!

Great podcast (5/5)

Jim puts together a great podcast with a ton of value. I highly recommend!

#Buffalove (5/5)

Hope you receive this warm greetings from Buffalo NY. I just got done listening to your podcast and wanted to encourage you by saying how much I appreciate your effort and attention to detail. Keep up the great work happy Podcasting friends 🎙

Excellent Resource (5/5)

I have been following Jim for quite some time on social media, and also downloaded his podcast... but had not set aside the time to listen until today. I am so thankful I did as it will be something that I refer to (and share with others) quite often for personal growth and development! Thank You Jim Kwik!!

Love the Bite-Sized Nuggets (5/5)

I just recently starting following Jim Kwik. Some day, I hope to take some if his Kwik-Learning courses. In the meantime, he has a TON of content between what he sends in emails when you subscribe, to anything on YouTube. I am thrilled to be receiving these smaller doses of his wisdom, and am excited to catch up and be current on this podcast!

Learn4Life (5/5)

SO excited to learn more about ALL of these topics!

Amazing Analysis of Various Psychology Concepts (5/5)

Amazing podcast on various psychology concepts and how they can be used to improve your thinking and skills. Episodes revolve around attention, concentration, creativity, drive, energy, flow, learning, memory, negativity, problem solving, procrastination, reading, goals, habits, stress, anxiety, meditation, and sleep. I also like that it's not rooted in any specific underlying religious beliefs as it usually happens with some such concepts. Exactly the kind of podcast I was searching for about such topics so right on target.

Very practical! (5/5)

I really am enjoying this podcast! The advice is very practical and I'm getting some great new tips and ideas that will help improve not only my memory, but my overall health in general. Thanks Jim for the informative content, I just got to episode 4 and was very impressed with how powerful a tool visualization is in remembering things.

Kwik Brain Gratitudes (5/5)

My only regret is not taking the time to learn to learn sooner. My jumbo gratitude to Jim’s humble teaching & compassionate sharing of the knowledge. Your coaching content is valuable & priceless. Here! Here! Celebrating healthier brain together with the world. Thank you 🙏🏽

fantastic (5/5)

never found anything that resonated with me in this amount. I had/have similar problems and characteristics. i am using this as my next step in growth. thank you Jim.

Can Connect Even Deeper Now!!! (5/5)

No more fighting for my limitations around my memory!!! I have struggled remembering people’s names my whole life. I love deep connection with humans, and find myself so embarrassed not being able to remember names (YET)! Thank you Jim for your incredible podcast and extraordinary wisdom. This has been such an answer to my prayers! Cannot wait to dive in deeper.

Just what I needed (5/5)

I stumbled upon gym quick the other day as he was interviewed by Joel Brown. I was so impressed by his story that I dug deeper into his podcasts I now have hope for continual learning as a senior citizen.

Best stuff since sliced bread (5/5)

Words can’t describe the gratitude I have for Jim and his ability to teach me how to read and retain what I’ve read. I feel more empowered with the ability to access and apply the knowledge I just gained. Nothing is more rewarding to know that my mind has expanded and allowed more room for growth. I love you Jim!!!

Perfect Podcast (5/5)

Incredible information with just enough length to be informative and to not run too long!

Great content! (4/5)

I really like this podcast. Its short and the content are excellent. However, the intro and ending are just too long and redundant. I think he needs to shorten it. I understand it’s probably for marketing purposes, but still...otherwise everything is good.

Hope! (5/5)

I have felt that my brain was simply broken and I just had to accept my poor memory and move on. Jim has given me hope that I have more power than I realize through simple and easy techniques which I can apply immediately. Thank you!!

Outstanding!! (5/5)

I've been listening to Jim for a few months now and I can't stop talking about him to family and friends! He offers great informations in short podcasts and his tips really works! I love it because it is practical usable info and not a lot of BS and fluff!! Thanks Jim!!


Great information with practical advice to improve your learning. Love it.

Life Rewrite with Kwik Learning (5/5)

Kwik Brain is an excellent tool to help you metalearn* so that you can efficiently reprioritize, restructure, change life direction toward positive outcomes, set new goals (and achieve them) and completely rewrite your story. Im beginning to rewrite mine. With that said it is a tool not a cure all pill, you have to do the work. This leads me to a question for Jim Kwik: Dear Jim Kwik, If you’re reading this I’d like to ask a question/ make a podcast request: How do you encourage a person that has practically given up on themselves because of traumatic brain injury to learn Kwik Brain strategy? My mother has traumatic brain injury and she is at a stage in her life and in a place where she feels it would be futile to try to reverse the damage and recover. As a person that has had to meet the same life challenge, I was wondering if you had any advice on how to encourage a person who feels this way and is suffering from TBI. Her injuries were due to a medical mistake and this has caused her to distrust her doctors and not seek the help she needs to improve her memory. She is frustrated, embarrassed and depressed.... and talking about it only causes conflict. So what would you do if you were in your 50s and had to go through this again? What would you need for people to say to you to motivate you to try? I’m really hoping you read this and maybe make a podcast with advice on helping people with TBI because it would mean a lot if I could help my mother restore hope and happiness in her life. I’ve also messaged you personally on FB and will try other avenues to get my message/ question to you. Who wouldn’t do anything to save their mom.

Appreciation and Congratulation (5/5)

Hi, thanks for amazing podcasts. according to the fact that my heart is full of kindness and advice so I want you to know that I have revelations and some days a go a message from the invisible world was - I try to translate it in English-( تنجعك و لا تنسي و هو رب العرش العظيم ) it means cures you and you don't forget anymore who is the lord of the great throne after that I had two revelation that taught me to be focus and think to find the right question and then ask the right question and think to find the answer and likewise continue till the seventh depth of the concept. And I think you know that the revelations are part of you that alway with you they are really strange you won't forget them ever so motivation took place persistently. after that as in bible told ,knock to be open and explore to find and want to have so I started to persistently(knock) with huge interest(want-motivation) search(explore) for what I promised to be and I find your podcasts the best of all. So as I guess -but I don't judge - that you are the tool of the lord of the great throne so congratulation to you that you get whom you supposed to be,as Shakespeare told: "to be or not to be that is the question" and I see you find the answer. By the way I didn't become yet what I supposed to be. And because I want you to know I should say you that I supposed to be one of the superiors in understanding the concepts of god commands up to depth of seventh and until the right time I supposed to be again I do appreciate for your help. PS: I said command because in control engineering when someone do something they say he thought and when he decided he command with his brain to his body to do something. So mind is commander and body is the executive unit.for example imagine I decide to buy a car I command with a series of thoughts to buy the car and it means I do things according to my thought series and finally I buy the car. In fact I command with these thoughts series that I want to have a car and at last after my command will be execute I'll have a car.and God also used the word command for himself and us in his book.for example Ten Commandments.

Great information! (5/5)

Jim Kwik gives incredible tips for improving your brain and memory. Keep these coming.

It all starts now! (5/5)

Thank you.

Life-changing (5/5)

Jim is awesome! This is probably my favorite podcast. The episodes are short, but powerful. I feel much more confident now that I’m remembering names, reading faster, and eating better. Thanks Jim!

Memory (5/5)

I’m terrible with names,studying, just retaining knowledge.Ive dropped out of college and ran away from advancement in my career because of my lack of retention.I hope this works for me I’m only on the second episode but I’m enjoying it.

Trained Brian (5/5)

Jim, Thank you for sharing your struggles and your work with the world. Can you you share your top 10 books on learning? Thanks again! Kareem

Amazing podcast and compassionate coach! (5/5)

I LOVE 💜 this podcast. Not only does it help me achieve my learning goals with tips and tricks for becoming more effective, but Jim has allowed me to embrace the super hero within. My creativity and child-like self thank him for believing in us and reminding us we all have the ability to be super heroes. Thank you, Jim and Kwik Brain team! X


Valuable content, must listen !!

Awesome Podcast ! (5/5)

I found Jim initially on Impact Theory, and upon watching the episode I was intrigued by him. I followed him on social media, and eventually noticed the podcast and gave it a try. I have not been big into podcasts until listening to KwikBrain. It is a very easy podcast to listen to, while driving home, riding the bus, or eating dinner. I enjoy how he explains everything, and the usefullness of everything he teaches. I am grateful that Jim is sharing these episodes for free, and am a strong advocate that everybody at least gives it a try !

So glad I found this! (5/5)

I look forward to the possibilities that are ahead now that I’m learning faster.

Lots of good tips packed into a short podcast (5/5)

These short podcasts give you tips and insights to help improve your personal productivity and performance. I find it useful.

😁 (5/5)

Thank you Jim!!! I'm so excited to learn these new techniques and apply them in my life.

Amazing! (5/5)

You have my undivided attention! I can’t stop listening to these podcasts. And changing the way I think is wonderful. I’m happier, and excited, and so surprised at my own memory lol! Thank you so much for what you do. :)

Love it (5/5)

Just started and so many things I can apply right away.

I can legit read over 50% faster after a one minute tip (5/5)

I’m only into about 10 episodes but already Jim’s advice has paid dividends on how well and how fast I can accomplish tasks. Going from reading 48 lines of reading per minute to 70 after one tip is exciting for this avid reader. That would be over 50% more books a year....although I’m not sure I can get away with placing my finger as a visual aid on my computer at work... we’ll see. Anyway thanks Jim and keep the episodes coming!

Unbelievable Brain Coach (5/5)

Jim I want to send you the warmest regards I can. I recently found your program while surfing through YouTube. I was so impressed by the interview you gave I wanted to see what it was like for myself. The tip you gave for memorizing a 10 item shopping list was amazing. Not only could I remember the items at the end of the episode but I set a timer for 3 hours during which time I went on with my daily routine and not thinking about the items at all at the end of which not only could I name the items forward and backwards but also out of order. Amazing!!! I recently graduated with my Bachelors and wish I would have found you sooner. I am contemplating getting my Master to try out more of your techniques, even without going back to school I think you have made my every day life much easier.

Actionable Advice for Brain/Mind Health (5/5)

This is one of the few podcasts that actually got me into the utility of podcasts themselves because it's actually a utility - a utility for your brain - that you can use actionably due to the bite-size nature of the advice itself, usually ~10minutes. Jim feels to me like a General Practitioner for your Brain giving you ideas for how to maintain your brain health daily throughout your life which intuitively felt to me like a no-brainer, heh. I mean it's free information wouldn't you eat a free quality avocado? For example, he might offer an idea for how to remember a name or piece of information by adhering to acronyms and/or alliteration, or maybe an idea on how to easily integrate mental novelty into your life via brushing teeth with the opposite hand, juggling, or reading with a pointer. That's why the podcast is short, because all the information is easy enough to explain quickly and so you can fit this into your daily life as opposed to an hour podcast which sometimes I avoid until I have the "time" and then I may or may not get around to it. The other element to it is his interviewing of other high-achievers who share their own advice on brain/mind health which is nice because it basically acts as a "buffet" for you to pick and choose from, because at the end of the day we all are attracted to different ideas based on our preferences, lifestyles, opinions, etc. The only other thing I would add is that he has a positive-flavor that surrounds his content which imo is important for allowing information to be absorbed. I actually first heard/saw him through Urban Monk on Youtube some time ago, somewhat part of the same modern health "hacking" genre it seems to me.

Thank you (1/5)

Great podcast, so many jewels of wisdom here!

Great nuggets and guests on this podcast (5/5)

I recently ran across Jim's name and found the website and podcast. I went through all the podcasts in two days. I ate it all up. The topics are solid. The guests are very informative. The information is easily digestible. I'm going to go back through my favorites with a notebook in hand to take notes. Highly recommend.

Thank you! (5/5)

Life changing info! Thank you for creating this! Merry Christmas!

Great Podcast (5/5)

Excellent content; perfect length. And Jim is an energetic and knowledgeable host. Love this podcast!

Speed Study Secrets! Great tips! (5/5)

Here’s what I learned Stop: 1. Multi tasking 2. Eliminate distractions (Put phone on airplane mode) 3. Stop cramming Start - 25-30min interval study 4. Acrasia Start: 1. Active recall 2. Spaced repetitions 3. Sense of smell Scent to spray on self ie. Essential oil 4. Listen to music (60bpm) Baroque Alpha state 5. Sharpen your saw (See: Steve Covey‘7 Habits of Highly Successful People’)

Great podcast (5/5)

This is an amazing podcast with great tips in a short period of time. Thank you for all the information.

Saving Humanity (5/5)

Jim is a visionary, the rocket that will propel humanity from the Dark Ages and past preconceived forcefields into the dazzling cosmic possibilities of the Human Spirit.

One of the best podcast!! (5/5)

Jim Kwik is very helpful. He shows very digestible ways to improve your memory and to learn faster. I really appreciate the length of his podcast too. They are straight to the point, easy to understand and easy to teach to others!

Speed Reading (5/5)

I first heard about Jim on a James Altucher podcast. Much of what I have learned, so far, are things I realize I've used in the past. These podcasts seem to help bring things together for me. Thanks for taking the time to put them out there for our use.

Helping me back (5/5)

Jim, I had an anoxic brain injury in April and it changed everything for me. Used to being quick on the draw and able to learn easily, I suddenly found myself struggling to remember to complete even basic tasks. Your info has been priceless for me in giving me confidence and skills to improve and get back to where I was before. Keep up the great work!

Student (5/5)

This was a great podcast and everyone has this issue, I have been having a severe challenge with it lately and do EFT, but for some reason did not think to use it for this issue, thank you for this re-cap on my memory.

Decent info but.... (3/5)

The podcast itself needs a better structure. Too many acronyms. Not everything needs an acronym

I found my potential, so can anyone. (5/5)

Thank you Jim, since I started to listen to follow you I have improved so many aspects of my life, now I believe I can do anything I put my mind into it, you helped me getting the right state of mind.

Amazing!!!! (5/5)

I first heard about Jim from a couple other podcasts like SPI and The Model Health Show and loved his authenticity and passion to help others. These are real world skills that will make a difference. Thank you Jim for not hoarding tha knowledge but sharing it freely.

My Takeaway (5/5)

Discovered Jim Kwik from James Altucher's (awesome) podcast. My biggest takeaway from this podcast was that "information combined with emotion becomes a long-term memory). Also "zero times anything is ... zero!!" One episode in and I can already tell this will be my favorite new podcast.

Ain't no better place to learn how to learn (5/5)

Jim Kwik is an amazing teacher, and I get something new from every podcast episode. I'm taking notes and putting my learnings into action, and I believe I'm learning and performing better for it. Thanks, Jim.

Wow! I’ve improved memory & reading time! (5/5)

I have seen improvement after listen to a couple of pod cast! He has me as a number 1 fan

Great brain training (5/5)

Jim does a great job keeping things on target and getting information out in small segments. I look forward to his podcasts.

Sold (5/5)

Hi Jim! I found you thanks to the interview you did with James Altucher. Please go back! I loved the chemistry between you two. I'm so fascinated by your mission and reason for creating this concept. I'm going back to school for my second degree and this is EXACTLY WHAT I NEEDED to help me really grasp all that I'm learning and cut down on all the reading that is required. Already your podcast on how to remember word definitions blew my mind. So simple! And so effective! I'm really excited to keep using your training to help me excel, basically :) You're awesome. Thanks.

Note Taking (5/5)

This is easily the best info I've ever received. The Capture / Create note taking method is a game changer. It's all a game changer. What I've noticed the most about what he teaches is the state of mind that's needed for the best learning, retention and recall. Top shelf info!

Great! (5/5)

Great podcast! Very helpful. I plan to apply these methods to my life. Thanks so much, Jim!

Energized! (5/5)

I am so energized on my morning walks as I listen to the latest tip from Jim Kwik - the amazing, humble and knowledgeable brain guru! He's authentic and relatable. I can also use this information in my coaching practice and refer clients to the podcast.

I love Jim! (5/5)

One of the most impactful pieces of marketing advice I ever received was to ask if someone would miss your content if you were to suddenly disappear from their inbox. That's the long way of saying I'd miss all of Jim's content. In all of my time following and learning from Jim, I feel that I have had so much value added, even from his small anecdotes or tips. His "meat and potatoes" material is even better. His podcast is just another way to get hooked. I love to learn and I feel supercharged and better performing thanks to him. Thank you Jim!

Lots of Repetition... (3/5)

On episode 7 so far and have heard at least an episodes worth of repeated lines and catch phrases already. I'm still listening because the new tidbits are great, but I'm curious as to how short these episodes would be if he didn't repeat the same one liners over and over in each episode.

Empowering (5/5)

Kwik techniques, his knowledge and sincere care, can become a very powerful asset for anyone that wants to improve their brain power!!

So easy to apply his tips into my daily life (5/5)

I find this podcast invaluable. I have learned so much since subscribing. Each podcast is a quick tidbit to improve your mind, your memory, reading, etc.I just love it! Highly recommend.

Fantastic podcast. (5/5)

This podcast is one of the best and it always provides some excellent content. I am a lifelong learner and this podcast fits that. Great job!!!

Addicted to this podcast (5/5)

I love that each episode is short but full of great information. It has helped me so much with my memory and they are such fun techniques!

Listen Often! (5/5)

Hands down a must listen to podcast if you want to live your best life!! Love the whole KwikLearning suite.

Love Kwik Learning and this podcast (5/5)

I've discovered Jim Kwik through Tom Bilyeu on Impact Theory and since then I've been loyal follower. I love his story and how Kwik Learning was found. I've always struggled with reading comprehension, numbers, test taking, and memory. I was often the first to get eliminated in a spelling bee and my reading comprehension was usually below grade average. Growing up in an Asian household I believed I was stupid and my left brain was broken. Till' now I am still very insecure about speaking in public but Jim's "Kwik" lessons give me confidence that my left brain is just a muscle that needs some exercises. One muscle at a time, one "Kwik" lesson at a time. Highly recommend this to everyone. PS. My met one of my neighbors last week and he told me his name was Henry. I sang "Henry Henry Hippo" a few times and to my surprise I saw him a couple weeks later remembered his name!

Best brain podcast! (5/5)

I love listening to this podcast every time I listen I learn something new i look forward to each new episode.

Looking Forward to Learning! (5/5)

I met Jim earlier this year and was impressed with his story and message. I've always been interested in accelerated learning and productivity, so am enjoying listening to the podcast to learn more about his method.

Thank you! (5/5)

Jim Kwik, you have re-opened my mind to a new world of possibilities! You have reminded me that the greatest supercomputer on the planet is something I carry around with me between my ears! Thank you for your sharing, caring, and determination to help those of us that are willing to, to realize the untapped potential within each one of us! Too much thanks!

Motivation! (5/5)

Jim is inspiring and has helped me focus, learn faster and more efficiently and has helped me to read faster!! I am so glad I stumbled on his plan. I'd recommend it to anyone!!

Kwik Brain with Jim Kwik, @KwikLearning, @JimKwik, #KwikMill, and #KwikBrain. (5/5)

I've been following Jim Kwik for a while now, and I've grown in admiration for his sincere mission of helping people to use their brains to their fullest potential to succeed in whatever field they choose.

Jim Kwik is a F***ing legend!!! (5/5)

Jim changed the game for me. I can read much faster and retain more.


It is a great podcast you can olmost feel what spencer is talking about the tour and how to push yourself to make it.

My favorite podcast! (5/5)

I've heard Jim on other podcasts as a guest over the years. Always a fascinating listen. This podcast is such a great value because he is actually teaching you techniques to improve your memory and brain power! I've saved each of the episodes until I can sit down and actually take notes. His episode on taking notes was a game changer for me! I was at a conference and used his techniques which has allowed me to actually take action on the notes of taken for perhaps the first time, ever!! Finally, I love that each episode is around 15 minutes. Truly Kwik Learning!

👍 (5/5)

Very powerful podcast ! I would recommend everyone! Thank's a lot

Practical, fun podcast that works (5/5)

I always have a long list of podcasts I want to listen to but I know if I press play on Jim's Kwik Brain podcast I will come away with some piece of tangible advice. So, Kwik Brain is my favorite podcast and I love that the episodes aren't too long. I can fit them in in addition to watching my daugther and working. And, I feel even more confident and prepared afterwards to bring my most focused, present self to my work and my family. Thank you, Jim! Highly reccomend.

Outstanding Podcast (5/5)

I first heard Jim Kwik on the Model Heath Show and quickly became a subscriber. I enjoy the bite size training and look forward to much more.

It doesn't get better than this (5/5)

I have never listened to anyone more dedicated and genuine. Jim Kwik truly wants to see everyone progress! The tips can be implemented immediately and the little proverbial sayings last a lifetime.

Great podcast! (5/5)

Love the Kwik Brian podcast. I enjoy the short, focused format and actionable takeaways.

Helping my brain! (5/5)

So happy to have found Jim's work. It's both inspiring and practical. Highly recommend!

Jim Kwik helps you stay TUNED IN to your Life! (5/5)

I am so thrilled Jim launched a podcast! If you're seeking to be fully expressed and bring ALL your gifts to the world, Jim's quick tips, tools and resources will help you (and your brain!) reach peak performance. I listen to Jim while driving, working out and yes... even while mowing the lawn! I love his 'bite-sized brain hacks' ... his excellent advice ... and he brings in the best guests, all sharing their awesome, actionable insights. If you're struggling to stay focused or find yourself distracted by all the noise out there, you must subscribe and listen to the Kwik Brain podcast. Especially helpful to students and startup founders!

Inspiring (5/5)

2 months ago I underwent surgery where my airway was lost for approximately 10 minutes resulting in a hypoxia related brain injury. Because of Jim's willingness to share his troubles with a brain injury and the way to overcome that, I no longer feel that my prospects are dismal.

A Must Listen for all Superheros! (5/5)

I learned about Jim from two of my favorite podcasts (Unmistakeable Creative & The Model Health Show) as he had been on the show multiple times. When I learned he finally had his own I was extremely stoked! I listened to all the previous episodes back to back all at once and often re listen to them when I'm doing what I love most which is investing in my health through fitness. What I love about Jim's podcast is the quick, simple and actionable ways to increase your learning power everyday! I can see how these useful learning hacks are improving my skills and abilities at work and at home. So grateful for this podcast and Jim's passion to help, give and share his knowledge with all of us!

High Performance at its finest! (5/5)

Brain, Memory, Learning, and Speed Reading Hacks for Super Heros and the rest of us... It doesnt matter what you want to learn Jim Kwik's Kwik Brain podcast should be at the top of your list!!! Best Podcast on iTunes period... KJ

Supercharged brain! (5/5)

Love all of Jim's work and now I can take him with me on my rides! His work is the only one that really makes you feel like you have a super brain!

Yea!!! (5/5)

So excited to learn Jim has a podcast. I have paid for his quick reading and quick recall programs and both have dramatically improved my speed and retention. This has been huge as I am in grad school right now and preparing for my boards. Thank you, Jim!!!

Simple but helpful tips! (5/5)

I can't remember how I found this podcast but I love how it's easy to listen to, it's broken down into simple pieces and it's information that can be used daily. Thank you and keep those tips coming !🙂

Fabulous Fast and Powerful Podcast! Thanks Jim! (5/5)

I adore Jim's Kwik Brain podcast. One of my favs for sure! As an entrepreneur, doctor and a lover of learning, I adore Jim's podcast and the plethora of useful information. I've applied so many of his tips to improve my ability to continue to grow as an entrepreneur and a person. Thanks for keeping our brains sharp and ready to learn, grow and expand. Plus It's a joy to learn from you. Thank you for this fabulous content Jim! Kwik Brain is an excellent podcast! -Dr. Katie Henry

Jim's training via podcast (5/5)

Kwik podcast helped me learn presentations rapidly (the position system/hack) and now I am going to teach my grandchildren Jim's methods so their schoolwork will be more efficient.

Super Hero Training (5/5)

So often in life and business we have great ideas but we become discouraged by our own limiting beliefs. Jim Kwik reminds us we all have super hero brains if we only spend a little time to train them! This is my go-to training podcast! Brilliant support and coaching for your brilliant mind! Thank you Jim!

Everything Jim Kwik does is high quality (5/5)

I can't believe that we are able to get this much info for free Thanks Jim. These are wonderful. I really appreciate this information.

To the Point :) (5/5)

I like how direct these are. Information on the go. I love knowlege and self improvement, this is one of my mediums. Keep rockin.

Kwik on time; Big on results (5/5)

These podcasts are short enough to listen to when your time is limited. And they deliver a big reward as far as knowledge and motivation!

Awesome and unique podcast! (5/5)

I just found this the other day and have already almost listened to all of them. I've been very interested in meta learning (learning how to learn) and this is one of the best ways to maximize your learning efforts.

Awesome and Exceptionally effective (5/5)

I have read 7 books this Month. As a once avid reader who became an avid ( read addicted) Netflixer this podcast has reinvigorated my love of reading and learning. It has accelerated my reading speed with simple tips and hints as well as my knowledge base on all kinds of disparate subjects. I highly recommend it. Invest in yourself and listen and apply this podcast!!

Worth checking out (5/5)

I really like Jim Kwik's stuff. Learning how to read and learn better is so important and a favorite hobby of mine. The episodes are easy to digest as well averaging 10-15 minutes. Give it a listen if you are interested!

I've learned Kwik (5/5)

I have learned how to apply so much kwik thanks to Jim Kwik lol. This is an amazing podcast for real. I've definitely applied his reading hacks to my studies, and they have been such a great method of studying and remembering.

Excellent Podcast (5/5)

Everything Jim does is excellent and the podcast is one of my favorite! More KWIK learning please!

Amazing podcast for who want to achieve more (5/5)

I'm fascinated to everything that help me to learn and unleash my potential and this podcast has all this things. Thank you Jim for the great tips and hacks to allow me achieve my fullest potential. Your podcast is amazing!

Great things come in small packages! (5/5)

This Podcast is simply incredible. As someone who values higher education it has been my goal to "learn how to "learn" more efficiently. Jim's bite size brain hacks are awesome because they are short and sweet. Because they are shorter than most podcasts I have listened to, they pack a lot of power and I seem to retain the information much better than other Podcasts. This subject matter to me is so unique and presented in a way that makes me want to apply it. Thank you Jim for the work you do! It has changed the way I approach learning for the rest of my life.

Wow! (5/5)

I have to say, I personally haven't ever been able to use the products because I can't afford them as a student. But through listening to these podcast I am actually learning alot!

Full of Gratitude (5/5)

I first heard about Jim from the Shawn Stevenson podcast and knew I had to find out more about this guy and what he has to offer. I was told I have a learning disability in high school and needed special ed classes. I accepted that label and felt "stupid". I have since then gone on to graduate nursing school with honors and now applying what I am learning form Jim. I am learning so many amazing tips that I can put into practice right away. I already see a difference. I wish I knew you in high school. :) He is really enjoyable to listen to and great at teaching. I hope to meet him in person one day. Thank you for all that you do Jim.

Kwik Brain - One Of The Best Podcasts I've Found (5/5)

Thanks Jim and team for all of your hard work. I love your Podcast and I have been putting them to use. For those wondering what the podcast are about, make sure you check out My Morning Routine, Improve Your Memory Now and most importantly, Read 1 book a Week podcast. It sets the proper foundation for you to really start putting your brain to work. I love these and cant wait for more to come.

Jim is Amazing! (5/5)

This podcast is unbelievable. I can't tell you how many insightful moments I've had- just in the 1st episode, I wrote over 5 pages of notes. I love how knowledgeable and personable Jim is. He makes learning fun and exciting, and I am already applying so many of his tools to run my business!

Engaging and practical (5/5)

If you are a constant learner, this podcast is definately one to add to the list. I'm a big fan of podcasts like Freakonomics, Hidden Brain, and other podcasts that are both educational and build skills so this fits right in. Thanks, Jim, for providing this wonderful content to us.

Love the advice (5/5)

I have been listening to webcasts of his talks for a couple of years now. The podcasts just make things a lot easier and more convenient to follow and go back and review. Love the show

An absolute must in the podcast playlist! (5/5)

This is my go to podcast on my way to work. It truly helps clear my mind and allows me to be focused and engaged with everything around me in a whole new way. It feels like a personal recontextualizing service for my brain, where I can filter any situation through the processes shared here.

Amazing Teacher!!! (5/5)

Jim is Amazing and his methods are even more Amazing.. We can not achieve with out a Amazing Tool like are Minds aka Brain Thanks Jim... Mr. Tycoon "The Wealth Architect"

Kwik Worka Quick (5/5)

Great, easy tools to get your memory working for you. Remember faces, numbers, information - and discovering that you can quickly learn to read fast might be the best part. I watched a video from Jim and followed along. I had no expectations. I learned that I can upgrade my memory easily, just by making certain associations. Jim has an endless supply of techniques that really do work. I am excited for the podcasts. Keep them coming!

Worthwhile (5/5)

A podcast that's very productive and effective. Fast and easy to learn.

Huge impact on Life (5/5)

This has already had a huge impact on my memory, focus, and day to day life. Highly recommend learning all that you can from Jim Kwik

Valuable Stuff (5/5)

Do NOT be fooled by the brevity of these Podcasts! They are short but Jim packs a lot of information in each one. He shares his knowledge and also has great guests with different areas of expertise.While Jim's is a memory trainer the podcasts focuses on much more than that. It is about total life improvement. This should be on your MUST listen podcast list.

Don't forget! (4/5)

Jim's teachings are always useful and actionable, his teaching style is accessible and fun! As we age it's important to exercise our brain and memory helps us to hold on to meaningful experiences. Thanks Jim!

Great podcast! (5/5)

I recently discovered Jim Kwik and his trainings. He explains everything in a clear straight forward manor. These are real tips that actually work! Thank you Jim for doing this podcast so we can get even more great info.

Amazing Content in Perfect Bite-sizes (5/5)

I love brain hacking. Anything I can do to get smarter, I'm on it. Jim provides absolutely actionable content to help us improve in the best ways. He is a fantastic host. He delivers the hugely informative content in an entertaining and easy-to-digest format. This has become one of my favorite podcasts; one that I always look forward to the next episode. Thanks Jim!

Invaluable!!!!! (5/5)

I've been following Jim for a long time now listening to every podcast he has been on because the information that he disseminates is absolutely invaluable! I love Kwik Brain!! Keep up the great work Jim!!!

An essential podcast! (5/5)

So grateful for all the amazing techniques and tips. Fast and easy to learn

Get your Brain Right (5/5)

This is one of my favorite podcast and more importantly peeople to follow!!! He's not only Kwik, but sharp and super knowledgeable! Always with great guest and content! Jim Kwik on my top 5 list!!

Practical tips (5/5)

As a graduate student, I turned to Jim's podcasts for strategies on improving the effectiveness of my studying. Each episode includes practical tips including the Pomodoro technique and spaced repetition. I've already begun applying principles I learned from the podcasts. It's early in the semester, but I feel that my retention is increasing and my learning experience has been enriched. I highly recommend that anyone looking to improve the way he or she learns downloads an episode and start utilizing tools provided in the podcast.

Awesome Podcast! (5/5)

I initially heard of Jim on The Model Health show podcast and I loved his story and how he delivered his teachings. So when I heard that he had his own podcast I immediately ran to download it and listen. I'm usually a visual learner. So if it's not in front of me being shown, odds are, I won't get it. Jim is great with his words and speaks in a way that makes what he is teaching easily digestible. I can honestly say since downloading the podcast and implementing Jim's principles, I'm reading faster, retaining more information (without writing it down as usual) and my name recall is vastly improved, which is uber important as I'm a gym owner and constantly meeting new people and fostering new relationships. Thanks for the positive impact you've had on my life Jim. 🙌🏾 -Dave Lewis Jr. #KwikBrain #KwikMill @KwikLearning

Love love love (5/5)

The quick episodes are packed with info and I love what Jim is teaching. I've been soaking up these podcasts like crazy and it's changing my life! Love the speed reading tips. Just one tip from Jim has made a huge impact.

Jim is the man! (5/5)

I'll be honest, when I first heard about Jim's story and what he was claiming. I thought it was a lot of marketing and hype with a small chance that the content lives up to what was claimed. Glad I was wrong. Everything he puts out is clear, and actionable ideas that will help you improve your memory power. Thanks for what you do!

Awesome podcast (5/5)

Jim you really inspire me with everything you do such a great man to give back and truly help the human race to develop and advance with your show I have noticed my Brain to literally advance and can read much faster and retain more than ever before for that I thank you Jim! Keep rocking!

Quick tips by Jim Kwik (5/5)

The podcast on Grit is lifesaver.

4yr Old's - G's to Genius (5/5)

Normally my 4yr old doesn't like listening to podcasts in the car. However I had Episode 32 on one morning on the way to Preschool and he seemed quiet. Next morning however he asked for the "talking show about greatness" This time listening and asking questions as we drove. Next couple days we continued to talk about the importance of the 4 G's to genius and why they are important to us. (Especially Gratitude, Growth and Giving .... still working on his understanding of what Grit even is.) I love that we can have these sorts of conversations, thank you Jim, keep it up!

Favorite podcast (5/5)

This has been my new favorite podcast. As a professional student, a lot of these things have really helped me focus and helped me to make sure I am utilizing the "Kwik Brain" skills for my education. Thank you Jim for a great podcast!

Awesome podcast (5/5)

I have learned so much about how aspects of the mind work and how to use them to my advantage when it comes to reading and learning. Thank you Mr Jim Quik. Hopefully one day I can shake your hand in person one day.

A podcast you need to subscribe & listen to! (5/5)

Jim is amazing! Intelligent, has great content, interviews and the info is applicable right away! If you want to mentally get better & learn "kwikly" then listen to Jim! Love your work !

This is great for busy folks!!! (5/5)

The short podcasts are jam packed with information. Even us busy folks can take 15-20 minutes to learn so much

Kwik review (5/5)

I first heard Jim Kwik on the Order of Man podcast. He is incredibly smart and I have enjoyed listening to these incredible concepts

Awesome Podcast (5/5)

I'm so glad I found this podcast through Lewisshowes on Instagram. I been such a forgetful person, and I am looking into improving my memory. Wanted to buy books on the subject but listening to podcast is one of my favorite pass time. Thank you so much Jim kwik!

Kwik Fix (5/5)

These episodes are great on the go. They are shorter in duration with actionable information. Looking forward to continuing the journey !

Love it (5/5)

Love listening to you when mowing the lawn.

Learn how to be limitless (5/5)

Learn how to be limitless

Just What I Needed! (5/5)

I have so many books to read, so many things to learn and talks to remember. With Jim Keil's teachings I can get through things FASTER with these podcasts as I didn't have time to learn them any other time-consuming way. And, he teaches things I never thought he would touch on like proper sleep, morning routines, learning new habits and on and on. I finally don't feel overwhelmed.

I'm actually learning something (5/5)

Love this podcast. Short but full of great tidbits of information and ideas on how to implement them. Looking forward to more episodes.

Awesome brain hacks (5/5)

I'm a new listener but already, I was able to put his techniques into practice immediately and found improved effectiveness with life management (i.e. learning to have a block of unscheduled time to fight cognitive fatigue and enhance creativity/problem solving), as well as learning (i.e. quick tricks to have info go from short to long term memory). Jim Kwik is concise, and shares effective brain hacks aimed to enhance your life/improve the ease of life as opposed to cramming yourself with more to do. Thank you so much for existing!


What I Love about this KwikBrain Podcast is that it's STRAIGHT. UP. VALUABLE. No Fluff or a wasted second, Jim shows you how to make immediate Progress and Change on your topic of Choice. Within One Hour of listening to Episode, "how to give a speech with notes" , I used the principles to memorize all 21 Leadership Laws from a John Maxwell Book I was reading, and had a blast doing it. Incredible. He even finds the time to like my instagram photos, and one day soon we will have our picture together! Thanks Mr.Kwik! - Benjamin Burkhalter (American Ninja Warrior)

Thank you (5/5)

I'm really understanding how to be the best me possible by listening to this podcast.💯👊🏼

This podcast helps me! (5/5)

The Kwik Brain Podcast with Jim Kwik is incredibly useful. He gives tips and tricks on healthy brain foods, how to prepare for speeches, and even remmeber grocery lists. I find this podcast so useful, I am encouraging my teen boys to listen in regularly - I know it will help them be better students. Highly recommend!

Great podcast (5/5)

Enjoyed this podcast, very informative

Fun & Helpful (5/5)

This short weekly podcast will help you improve your brain and relationships. Get it!

So glad someone shared this with me (5/5)

I listened to Jim's interview on the Unmistakable Creative podcast yesterday and it blew me away. I felt so validated and more importantly I was intrigued by the tips he gave and stories he told about others who have been successful at accelerating their learning, improved memory, and speed-reading. I had to subscribe to this podcast and although I'm not close to being caught up with these podcasts I am glad someone introduced me to Jim's work.

I can’t listen fast enough (5/5)

Actionable, life changing techniques are what you’ll find in this podcast. Jim Kwik is a servant-hearted leader who truly wants to share his expertise to the betterment of anyone who takes the time to listen and implement. This is next level knowledge!

Distilled wisdom with no filler (5/5)

In each short episode, Jim shares tips and techniques that you can immediately apply to learn faster, read faster, or remember better as well as ways optimize your brain, focus or state. Whether you want to improve mentally, physically or financially, he gives you the foundation to do it all more efficiently.

Make sense (5/5)

Most of the thing I hear make sense. I trust him on the rest of recommendation. I heard about Jim on the Art of Charm podcast.

Great Content (5/5)

I love all the information you are providing regarding brain health. I do wish the content was available on other plateforms besides Facebook. I know I am unique in that I do not use social media. However, I hope you will consider offering the content available on Facebook on your website. Thank you!

Great podcast! (5/5)

I'm also loving the Kwik Reading and also Kwik Memory!

Absolutely Phenomenal !! (5/5)

Jim is the real deal!! These techniques truly will give you the advantage. I've always struggled with remembering names and as a Personal trainer / Group fitness instructor it's imperative to remember people's names, their list of goals and their stories. The online program isn't in my budget yet but I'm sure it's 100% worth it.

Highly usable! (5/5)

One of my favorite podcasts. Jim Kwik knows his stuff and shares tips that are actionable and to the point. My fave so far is number 18 with Julia Roy on productivity.

Appreciation (5/5)

Of all the podcasts Jim Kwik is the one I turn to for instant, uplifting information and learning----that you may apply that very moment. Thank you so much for your brilliance and generous sharing.

doubled my reading speed (5/5)

Jim, thanks for all the knowledge you give so freely! I have been studying my CE class to renew my insurance license and I started using my left finger and played baroque music-this doubled my reading speed and helped tremendously with my comprehension. the epsiodes on speed reading and sub vocalization were my favorite so far. Thanks again!

Each PodCast Supercharged! With... (5/5)

I've listened to most of your podcast and some of them a few times over. I was multitasking while listening to these. I've been aware of Jim Kwik for over 3 years now. I'd keep getting these email newsletters. I even had a dream last night I attended one of your workshop seminars. I know it was a live seminar of yours because it didn't seem like the usual teachers I listen to. I'm going to listen to every podcast. I'll take notes the next time around. I can honestly tell just by listening to Jim Kwik, I felt my mental awareness and emotional acuity reach levels of advanced coherence. The entrainment of these podcast are felt through the energy in the way Jim Kwik speaks, teaches, and dialoges. I always had really good recall on my own. I journal all the time. Except now I'm going to take it another level higher and read 1 book per week. My nutrition and health is really good. Except I know I can always learn a bunch of new things. Thank you Jim Kwik. All these years later, I'm glad I finally "plug in" to listen to your pod cast. I'm sure a few years ago you didn't have a podcast. Except now, it makes things much easier and more flowing. I'm likely to sign up with one of your online courses. If I ever attend a live seminar in person, well then I can say, thats a really spectacular dream becoming awesomely true!

Powerful (5/5)

Powerful information in each episode!! A must listen to. Follow Jim and his Kwik learning. Amazing stuff. Never dull. Always learning.

The best! (5/5)

I love Jim's productivity hacks and interviews with knowledgeable guests. It's great food for your brain.

Great Tips (5/5)

Great tips. Great little podcast for a short commute.

Huge and Immediate Impact (5/5)

Thanks Jim! Eaily the most immediately useful, impactful and inspiring podcast I have ever listened to... and only about 15 minutes long! I can't get enought and listen, learn and teach every time. Learn to Teach, Teach to Know, Know and Share and Share with PASSION!

Kwik brain works! (5/5)

Applying Jims brain knowledge should be a standard in elementary education. I have been fascinated with understanding our emotional intelligence and be at my most excellent. This system in just 2 episodes has made all the difference. I cannot wait to share and teach what I learn from Jim! Thank you Jim! FAST MOM😊

It's Like a Shot of Espresso for my Awareness (5/5)

Something about bite sized information makes for a brilliant on the go learning exercise. I always look forward to your latest podcasts– especially curious to learn more about Lucid dreaming. Thanks Jim, keep inspiring!

Kwik and Retainable (5/5)

Perfect podcast for quick essential tid bits!

Neat and informal (5/5)

This podcast is great! It's very practical and does a good job at making good points and giving spectacular advice. I'm really loving the podcast so far. Kwik does a phenomenal job at explaining things thoroughly in a short amount of time so you come away with new useful info...kwikly ;)

so far so good (5/5)

great energy, attitude, and content! thanks for the live streams, Jim :)

True Brain Hero (5/5)

Jim shares some of the most valuable information for personal growth and overcoming typical mental barriers. With his help I have added some very valuable tools to my life which has improved all aspects of who I am and how I am now able to take control and shape my future. Thank You very much Jim.

Fantastic content (5/5)

I am so glad I discovered this podcast! Jim and his tricks and hacks are amazing!

Heard you on the Art of Charm (5/5)

Immediately subscribed and downloaded your entire archive. I love this!!!

The most actionable and helpful podcast (5/5)

This is one of the most useful and actionable podcasts that I've heard. He helps you actively apply his teachings in real time and you actually see change. Cool!

Supercharge your mind (5/5)

How much are you capable of learning? You won't know until you start to explore this podcast. Well done!

Love this podcast! (5/5)

I've said for years that multitasking is inefficient and ineffective (but all I get is eye rolls). Thanks for validating me (and teaching me lots of new tricks). Sincerely, Chris Real world redneck podcast.

Wonderful podcast (5/5)

I am so glad to have found this podcast . I just found it this morning and downloaded all of them . I've already improved my memory by the methods described . Out of a list of 10 words to memorize I could only recall 4 but by using Jim's techniques I was able to recall all 10 just a few minutes later. I'm impressed and would love to learn more .

Awesome Podcast (5/5)

Awesome Podcast! Jim, thank you for all this great information. Plus, your Story on how you meet the X-Men cast was pretty amazing.

FAST (5/5)

I just heard the first podcast and I'm hooked. This guy delivers! Give episode 1 - 10 min and you will be hooked too. So glad I found this guy.

Great podcast (5/5)

I have always been looking for ways to better my memory and I found Jim Kwik online. Hands the the best teacher on how to improve your life!! Thank you Jim for your gift of knowledge!!

Favorite new podcast!! (5/5)

Kwik Brain is definitely my favorite new podcast!! I have listened to all of the episodes and have totally hacked my brain! I am going to go back and re-listen with my 11 year old son so he can learn these awesome ways to better use his brain!! I'm also going to share with all of my teacher friends! Podcasts are quick and keep my interest! I can't wait for each new episode! Everyone should listen to this podcast!!

Always something to learn and implement (5/5)

These quick podcasts are fantastic. I always learn something and can implement them right away. Highly recommended

Fitness enthusiasts (5/5)

Great content and information

Taught my eight year old periodic table! (5/5)

Am a huge fan of Jim Kwik, and this podcast is no exception. In fact I would say this takes it to the next level. Why? These are bite sized chunks that enhance, inspire and encourage us all to become better learners. As Jim says is learning (knowledge) is power, then learning to learn better is a super power! I not only feel clearer, more on top of things, but utilized his memory technique to teach my eight year old daughter the first 10 elements on the periodic table. Which is of course awesome, but even more awesome is how it makes learning fun for us to share in together. Thank you Jim, and to all - this is worth listening too!

You MUST subscribe to this PODCAST! (5/5)

In just a few short episodes I've learned so much, and even let my 6th grade students listen to how to remember the Top 10 Brain Foods. Also, his simple technique to read a book in a week + increasing my reading speed actually worked! So grateful for Jim Kwik! Keep up the great work!

Amazing Content! (5/5)

Jim's tools for productivity are highly effective, easy to remember, and easily implemented. If you want to stay sharp and on your game, Jim is the go-to.

I love this podcast! (5/5)

I like this podcast so much that I've listen to multiple episodes twice. The brain techniques really do work for memory, takes practice to become a fast reader but there's even hope for me who's dyslexic. 😁

Kwik miracle (5/5)

Although I knew aobut Jim Kwik and had my team of people attend his conference, I fought and resisted listening and learning. My team loved what they learned and I was bumbed that I did not get to attend the conference and hear what Jim said in person. Once I choose to not resist and be open to learn. I love how he knows that I have been a passive learner,... and how to get me into gear. With effort and support from Jim, I am now empowered!!! Telling everyone!

Greatful! (5/5)

I am thankful for coming across this podcast. How inspiring is his message to be someone who has overcame learning deficits to being someone who teaches some of the greatest minds to expand their capabilities? Amazing!! Thanks to Sifu Kwik, shout out to JKD, I am learning tools to help my understanding of the capabilities in which the brain is able to achieve. Things I previously perceived as impossible, I now look at as attainable. I am glad for everything that he does and endless information he is willing to share for free, with no ego involved. You rock and thank you so much!!

SUPER! (5/5)

This podcast is positively SUPER! S - Short and sweet - perfect bite size bits of learning in each little, value-packed episode U - Unique - unlike anything else out there! Each episode is actually a little coaching session! P - Practical and powerful - the srategies Jim shares will help you to improve your relationships, increase your confidence, and help you to be a better listener, teacher, leader, speaker, coach, partner, parent, friend, and all-around human! E - Entertaining - every episode makes learning fun! R - Relatable - Jim openly shares about the learning challenges he has overcome and makes you feel like high performance is FOR EVERYONE. Jim's coaching style is nonjudgmental, kind, compassionate, and down to earth. He makes you feel like you can do anything! As Jim says, everyone wants that Limitless pill, but maybe it's not a pill, it's a process. THIS is the process to unleash your limitless Kwik brain! Subscribe now and spread the word. Thank you so much, Jim! Your work is truly life-changing!

Ryan Jones (5/5)

Thus far, I've listened to 7 out of 8 (so far) of Jim's podcasts, and I really like them. I like how he keeps them short and sweet but full of valuable information. I only just joined the Kwik Brain community on Facebook, but I've been following both Jim and Kwik Learning on Instagram, and I really like the message he puts out there; not only that, he seems to live by that which he preaches as well which is basically, "change your brain; change your life." I think the message that Jim puts out there is more than worth anyone's time and effort, and this is coming from someone who's been working on his own brain most of his life and listening/reading on what other people (doctors, psychiatrists, & researchers of Noetic Science) have said about the brain and human potential.

Practical Magic! (5/5)

Great practical tips for doing incredible brain and memory feats that appear magical. I dig Jim's spirit, and perspective. Inspiring.

Awesome (5/5)

Thank you so much for the insights!!


I suffered a stroke 7 months ago. The greatest fear I had beyond becoming paralyzed was losing my memory. Because of the fact that I am a musician, my brain found other paths to communicate with my arm and leg. I work out my brain using Jim's Kwik tips daily to preserve and expand my brain capacity. I have had the honor to perform at Jim's home. Jim is very brilliant and humble. I am blessed to call him a friend.

Inspiring (5/5)

inspiring and great! please come out with more!

Changed my life (5/5)

Thanks Jim for finally having a podcast! Best brain tips and techniques for people that don't have a lot of time!

GOLD!!! (5/5)

This podcast is pure gold! I'm already reading faster thanks to Jim and his awesome brain hacks! Thanks so much!!!

Quick, powerful brain hacks (5/5)

I love this new podcast, filled with powerpacked quick tips to use your brain more effectively.

The KWIK way is my new FAVORITE WAY ... (5/5)

I am a life long student and absolutely LOVE that this podcast is created to help people fall in love with learning in an innovative & genuine way! THANK YOU for walking the talk and sharing your KWIK way with the world !!

Freaking Awesome (5/5)

I would already fall into the Jim Kwik "disciple" category, and this podcast is just one more reason why you should as well. I'm particularly focused on improving my reading abilities. After listening to Ep. 4 and 7, and applying the quick tips, my reading speed has improved by 33%!!! Thank you Jim for doing what you do, keep up the phenomenal work. If you're looking to create a better version of yourself and your brain, this is the place for you!!!

Quicken your Brain @ 2x Speed (5/5)

Great lessons on improving your memory! I listen at 2x speed- learn in half the time! Truly one of my favorites

Loving this podcast (5/5)

I heard about this podcast from Jessica Ortner and am so glad I did. I LOVE that they are short, under 15 minutes, and the perfect length to be able to listen to them over and over again. I play one, sometimes two every morning while I'll getting ready. There is so much great info packed into them and I'm really excited to implement the tools Jim shares to improve my memory. I have definitely fallen into the trap of believing I just have a bad memory but am ready to let that go and show myself I actually have a great memory!

Best ever!! (5/5)

This was fabulous. I will teach it to my speakers class. They are alays saying they are too olds to learn. Thank you for your podcasts. You make everything so easy and clear!!

Superhumans Rising (5/5)

Yess!!! I've enjoyed listening to Kwik on the Model Health Show, Bulletproof Radio and more. He's literally Professor X! Out here teaching us to control our power and reach our higher potential. Memory and information retention is more important than ever right now and in true superhero fashion Kwik saves the day just in time with his new podcast! Thank you.

Jim Delivers! (and his podcast is ahhhmazing!!!) (5/5)

Jim's been my go-to-guy for all things memory-related for quite some time now. He's got a natural gift for teaching others how to use the abilities they don't even know they have to optimize their performance, and in turn, their lives. He's one of the most relatable, genuinely caring and uplifting people you'll ever meet. This is one podcast you'll never want to miss even one episode of!

I have terrible memory (5/5)

I always thought I had terrible memory but I realized that all it lacked was training. Watching and listening Jim's lessons and generosity to share all his learning is so amazing. I've seen my reading speed over time and with mental discipline at Jim's mental gym- it can get better for anyone!

Take charge of your learning experience! (5/5)

If you want to take charge of your learning experience, this is the podcast for you! Jim Kwik coaches you to build a toolkit for learning that is practical, useful, enjoyable, and (in my estimation) invaluable. I am so thankful for his generosity in action as he builds us up.

Remember Everyone's Name (5/5)

I learned about Jim Kwik in March '15. His talk at H.P.A. grabbed my attention. I've been captivated by his teachings ever since. These podcasts are an invaluable tool for anyone interested in high performance.

Finally (5/5)

Every time Jim would talk as guest of some other show I would desperately look for his own podcast to get another doze of his wisdom ... finally it is here!

I needed this! (5/5)

I am a busy mom of 2 and have started my own business as a health & nutrition coach. The skills Jim Kwik teaches are invaluable in my field. From listening to his podcasts I have already improved my reading speed, ability to memorize names and improve my note taking to better remember facts. I cannot say enough about how easy and clear he makes this and shows you how you can apply it to all areas on your life. Thank you Jim Kwik for taking the time to spread your knowledge and expertise for free.

episode 1 (5/5)

This guy appears to be able to hack your memory. Since he's a friend of Dave Aprey, he'll become a friend of mine

BS (5/5)

Jim has a wealth of knowledge on memory and reading faster. I have been following him for a few months . He has a lot of energy , inspirational , humble and his positive personality wants you to join in his cause. Thank you Jim 👍

Jim teaches us how to improve (5/5)

My clients expect me to stay current but the dark truth is that I read slowly. Jim's podcasts are helping me tackle this age-old problem Ron Joyal

Great stuff here (5/5)

I've listened to some of Jim's videos on Facebook and they are filled with tips and tricks to help you think better and faster. Looking forward to more of this podcast!

Thanks Kwik Brain (5/5)

I have struggled with memory most of my life, school was especially tough I had k and no one new what it was. I was told there was just something wrong with me. Jim's pod cast and course have helped me remember what I read. I would read a book and barely remember what I read. I would read a book 2 to 3 times. I can relate to my struggles now.

Stellar podcast (5/5)

The Quik podcast generously offers prized information compressed into easy to digest gold nuggets of wisdom. Learn techniques to efficiently utilize your mind power to get an edge in your career, utilize your time more efficiently, have a healthier brain, or just remember a shopping list. There's a little bit of something to be learned for everyone.

Kwik Brain Really Helps! (5/5)

I am taking college courses now and Jim's Kwik Brain tips really help. I don't have much down time, so these quick nuggets of info are perfect. Thanks Jim, for helping make my tired brain work a lot better.

Focused, usable material (5/5)

Jim Kwik's podcast offers easy to comprehend, yet inciteful, information on how how to improve memory and productivity. Easily worth a few minutes of your time!

High quality learning and productivity in minutes! (5/5)

I loved Jim Kwik's content from the minute I heard him speak!! This podcast is GOLD 🙌🏼✨! It's full of productivity, inspiration, learning hacks and is the perfect companion for the busy high achiever always looking to grow and develop. Would love to hear him speak one day. I am a school counselor trying to make the most of my time and energy and this is an amazing source of self development for me! Thanks so much for this resource!!!

Thanks for your knowledge (5/5)

Podcast is great and I'm working on your student class right now on week 4!! Learning a lot from them both! Thanks again!!

Learn Kwik - Brain ON! (5/5)

Jim Kwik - Brain Superhero - teaching students (and we're ALL students) what we should have learned in school. But - it's NEVER too late! So listen and learn. You'll be amazed!

Fuel Your Brain (5/5)

Jim is such a wealth of knowledge, and now you can "take" him where ever you go! Yay! You can run, walk, whatever and learn on the go. What is especially good about this podcast is that it's edutainment - you learn and are educated at the same time. This podcast is a must listen!

Instant do-it-now kind of tips! :) (5/5)

Showing some love from Instagram live! <3 Having always wanted to take his class but being a broke college student, it kwik-ly made my day when I found out Jim started a podcast. His tips are things you can apply immediately and it will honestly surprise you how well they work, I memorized the top 10 brain foods on the first try! I'm looking forward to new podcasts every week, and can't wait to eventually take his class as well!

Kwikly Improving My Memory!!! (5/5)

Jim Kwik's podcasts are short, sweet, and to the point. He gives great applicable examples and simplifies ways to boost our memories and capacities of our brains. He makes the info digestible and do-able, and it's been helping me daily with remembering names, reading faster and focusing better. Thank you for the great content, cannot wait to hear more!!!

Jim Kwik A True SuperHero! (5/5)

I love your podcasts. You have condensed your lessons so eloquently. I love your voice too and I was overjoyed to remember the 10 brain nutrients because I learned it by visiting your office in New York by using my imagination from a talk I heard you give a couple of years ago. The new list of brain foods was shared by me immediately. Same for technique to remember names. You have inspired me to go beyond my dyslexia and know the joy of Re-Membering that I too am a Superhero. Thank you so much!

Great info in the right size offering. (5/5)

Perfect sized actionable information and reinforcement. Keep it coming.

Personal Development at Its Best (5/5)

I've been studying and practicing personal development for many years during which time I've listened to MANY podcasts. Jim's tops them all in terms of listenability and applicability. Very practical tips, widely applicable and easy to approach. Keep up the good work Jim!!

Wahoo! (5/5)

Be good to your brain and subscribe to Jim Kwik's podcast. Improve your brain power and memory. It's easy hit subscribe and then listen!

A Great Podcast for Learners and Entrepreneurs (5/5)

Jim Kwik's new Podcast, Kwik Brain, is awesome! Once I found out that he had a podcast, I immediately subscribed to it. Jim knows his stuff! His podcasts will help you improve your performance in work and in life! He is authentic, motivating and energetic! If you are someone who likes to learn or is an entrepreneur of any kind, add this podcast to your list! I'm recommending it to all my friends and to my email list as well. The episodes are just the right length and teach something new in every episode. Subscribe! You won't be disappointed, in fact, you'll be smarter because of it!

Kwik start (5/5)

This is fantastic to have access to Jim Kwik's tips/work. My memory needs an overhaul. Hope this helps!

Awesome (5/5)

I am heavily into meta learning and I truly don't like paying for courses online and everything from memory to speed reading Jim is excellent and bringing the cookies of knowledge down from the top shelf. He is so generous with everything that he just gives away if you pay attention it will change your life as it has mine thank you Jim

Remember everything! (5/5)

This podcast is awesome. Bite sized everything haha please make some episodes on Focus

Ms. (5/5)

I stepped WAY out of my comfort zone to go to a (maybe the first) KWIK learning Conference. I have learned SO much from him and feel that the Universe guided me to him and then to others who he has partnered with. I can actually walk out of a networking meeting and say goodbye to the folks I met by NAME (YIKES!, That's a big one for me), but more than that, at 67 I had that mindset that it was normal not to remember much as I aged. NOT TRUE! So glad to be able to open my brain for KWIK training. Thank you, Jim. Forever Grateful...

Expand your brain! Find your superpower (5/5)

I first heard of Jim Kwik on Dave Asprey's Bulletproof podcast. I know Dave only gets the best most talented people on his podcast and Jim is indeed one of the great brains and great leaders in learning and mastering these skills. I will watch or listen to any of Jim's free talks and hope to someday soon take one of his courses. Thanks so much for the podcast!

Amazing tips and tricks for your Brain... (5/5)

Jim Kwik is a master at helping boost your brain function. This podcast provides easy to follow techniques and simple steps to remembering them in short but powerful lessons. Check it out and you will be amazed at how fast your memory and everyday life will start to improve.

Engage your super powers (5/5)

Jim's is a legend and I am so stoked for his podcast. So far the episodes on reading have been my favorite. I have started using his tips for speed reading and am already seeing massive results. Mike Flynn, Host of The Impact Entrepreneur Show.

Can't get enough;) (5/5)

That's true! I wish I stumbled upon smth like this when I was in school... This podcast gives hope to ppl like me who struggled with memory from the childhood, and never thought things could be different as an adult... I've listened to all the episodes and can't wait to hear more! Keep up the great work, Jim ✨🙌✨

Great Podcast for your Brain Health (5/5)

I have heard of Mr. Kwik from another great podcast. His conversation and story enlightened me to follow him on Instagram. Over the last few months, I have been repeating that same podcast and when I found out that Jim has his own podcast, I immediately subscribed! The value gained from his podcasts has already been paying off! I can't wait for more episodes. It is a great podcast to listen to before you go into the office or workout. Keep up the great work Mr. Kwik!!

Me (5/5)

Tremendously interesting and extremeley amazing learning experiences.

Excellent (5/5)

Thank you Jim, this is excellent, easy to understand and implement. I look forward to each coming episode! This is so needed - for everyone!!!!

Amazing!!!! (5/5)

This is absolutely amazing!!!!!!!!!! 🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌

Kwik Brain Podcasts -nice & quick learning tools (5/5)

What I love about these podcasts is that they are QUICK! Jim teaches you Quick tools to sharpen your brain. A small investment in time leads to big results!

Following (5/5)

Grateful to you Jim. Your tips are applicable and easy to understand. I already find myself teaching our kids your techniques for learning- keep them COMING! 👍

Excellent content (5/5)

Excellent content

Jim Kwik Seminars (5/5)

I cannot recommend Jim's teachings more highly! *****+

What'sss up!! (5/5)

This is a must listen podcast! Believe me, learn to believe!


Do yourself a favor and listen to this material and apply it. You'll be amazed at the effectiveness, simplicity, and kwik-ness in results! HUGE thanks to Jim and his entire team for all they have done thus far and everything they continue to work on to help us tap into our dormant superhuman super brains. Cheers!

Valuable information beyond measure! (5/5)

I came across Jim Kwik via another podcast and SO THANKFUL I DID! My mind used to be like a steel trap, but over the years I have lost that ability. Compound that with losing my mother to Alzheimer's last year, and there came my wake up call to take my brain health seriously. Jim's podcasts are short, to the point sessions of ways to improve your memory. I highly recommend everyone take a listen to the valuable gifts he gives!

Just what I needed (5/5)

So glad to have this opportunity to learn from Jim Kwik. What I've learned so far from the podcast is: Focus on what you are learning. My memory is not limited by what it has been in the past. Being passive doesn’t help learning. Information combined with emotion becomes long term memory. Motive matters.

Something special (5/5)

While searching the web for a special - must read - life changing book, I discovered this podcast full of useful insights and practical, life changing advice that probably not one book could offer. This podcast has inspired me - 52 books is my humble goal and one is already complete with more retention and enjoyment at my new pace. I guess I found something special.

Busting Brain Myths & More (5/5)

Well worth your time! -- We've learned more about the human brain in the last 20 years compared to the last 2,000. So let Jim Kwik fill you in on the details! The topics of the podcast are broken down into segments, which will help you absorb the material in a way that is user friendly and easy to understand. It's full of tips and tricks you can directly and immediately apply for your life, ranging from brain health to learning, memory, and performance enhancing tactics. -- I am looking forward to sharing future episodes with my family. -- Thank you to Jim Kwik and his team at Kwik Learning for the service this podcast is providing! Love & Light to you!

Quick (Kwik) learning! (5/5)

Jim is the man! Learning how to read faster and memorize more things are 2 skills everyone should improve and Jim is the preeminent expert on these topics. I love that the episodes are Kwik too. Everyone has 10-15 minutes to gain important knowledge. So even if you work from home, you can listen to episodes on your morning commute from your bedroom to your office!

Love it!! (5/5)

Jim's a master teacher and communicator. His podcast is incredible!

Where have you been all my life? (5/5)

Loving these bite size shows and how easy the information can be assimilated. Thank you!

Great Podcast (5/5)

I'm so glad you now have a podcast. This has been a great addition to my subscriptions and has immediately become my favorite podcast. The information is priceless,

Yes you can! (5/5)

Practical, applicable, and fun! Thanks Jim!

Great content. Great length. (5/5)

Jim packs extremely helpful content in a manageable timeframe. This is a must listen! I'm looking forward to growing with the Kwik community!

Woo Hoo… Jim has a podcast! (5/5)

Wow! Jim's podcast is a MUST for anyone interested in improving brain performance. Each podcast is a bite sized nugget of wisdom. With the "tips for reading faster" podcast, I improved my reading by 28%… in 16 minutes! Thank you, Jim!

Seen Live, Great Support (5/5)

I've seen Jim speak live several times, and its amazing! Having this support materials to reference quickly is an unbelieveable tool. Thank you Jim, short, sweet, powerful and to the point! So excited for new episodes.

Helped my autistic child (5/5)

Jim offers methods that helped my autistic child see that he has the power to change his brain by working it out as a muscle.

No Matrix chair? Learn from Jim! (5/5)

Learned about Jim during his interview on Lewis Howes' "School of Greatness" podcast. His teachings have helped me to remember names better which improved my networking skills...and reducing my anxiety in public settings! I'm on the road a lot, so having his podcast helps me to learn, um, "Kwik-ly" while I'm driving. Excited to learn more and hope to meet him in person at one of his live seminars. Appreciate your superhero efforts, Jim!

Great news! (5/5)

So happy Jim has a podcast! His information and techniques are easy to understand and apply. Useful for anyone no matter the age, profession or current ability level. This podcast is exactly what my brain needed, thanks Jim!

Excellent info and a kwik pace! (5/5)

I want to thank you Jim for putting this podcast together! Not only do you provide us your world class brain, free of charge, but you also engage the audience to work! I am loving the podcast, especially the 10 brain foods and tips to remember grocery list! I will not at my body parts the same way!

What a gem! (5/5)

I truly feel the generosity every time Jim says he's our memory coach - that's how personal and practical this podcast is. Every episode is packed with so many helpful teachings on how to strengthen my brain. I can't tell you how many times I walk into grocery stores imaging avocado rubbed on my head. But the ability to read more and faster is the most invaluable benefit in my life. I feel so empowered and hopeful about my brain powers. Thank you, Jim!

Fantastic! (5/5)

Jim Kwik makes learning fun and inspiring, and I love that his podcast is short and to the point. It makes listening easy and leaves you wanting more. Kudos and huge thanks for your coaching, Jim!!

are you kidding me?! A real no-brainer (5/5)

I listen to 3 other podcasts, not because I don’t want more, but when most podcasts are 1-2 hours...who has the time?? So when I found Kwik Brain, my mind was instantly BLOWN! Jim is smart (obviously) for making each brain coaching session just 10-15 minutes! I goes by so fast I binged listened to 6 episodes. He’s not only inspiring, but everything is so practical and relevant. Since Jim had a brain injury and his own learning challenges, it is clear he really cares about my success, just the kind of person you’d want in your mental corner. And remember to do the exercises, I already DOUBLED my reading speed and can routinely recall 10 new names a day, such a confidence booster!

A 'must do' podcast for success driven leaders (5/5)

Jim Kwik has been a global brain trainer for years but this podcast is just what i needed. Quick, bite-sized insights to use every week that have already helped me to ovewrcome some of the self-imposed obstacles to achieving my goals. Subscribe, share and be all that you can.

Loving the Kwik Brain podcast! (5/5)

I'm so glad I was directed towards Jim 's new podcast. I've listened to each podcast several times and am looking forward to the new ones coming. Such a wealth of information we all need!

Incredible, eye opening, inspiring! (5/5)

Getting to know THE Jim Kwik has been a highlight of my year! Jim pours into everyone he meets with his wisdom and insight! A must listen if you're looking to up your business game this year.

Quick Must-Listen Bytes (5/5)

Love how easy it is to learn a new nugget of wisdom in these episodes! So happy to see Jim expanding to podcasts!

Awesome (5/5)

Simply the best, learning so much from these podcasts. Jim is an amazing teacher.

Kwik (5/5)

When Jim Kwik speaks it's best you listen! Wisest man on the block! Prov. 3:13 Happy is the man that findeth wisdom, and the man that getteth understanding.

Jim is actually a Superhero (5/5)

I'm pretty sure Jim is a member of X-Men in disguise. He has superpowers of all of them and that's what he teaches in the podcast, how to unlock your brain, memory, learn faster, etc. I'm not even joking, it's like he has a way of getting people like me to listen and take action. And I'm not easy. I run my own motivational platform and there are only a handful of people on the planet that really pump me up, he's one of them.

What AMAZING tools! Thanks Jim! (5/5)

These tools and tricks to activate my brain power have been amazing. I was already pretty good at remembering names with faces but I can remember even more now in just a few practice sessions. The grocery list has helped me too and saved me money at the market. I highly recommend this podcast to anyone because you can always learn and improve yourself!

Great podcast (5/5)

Jim kwik is the real deal -a quite unassuming man offering profound but simple to implement ways to better navigate both personal and professional life. This podcast series is awesome. Jon Warner- METal international

I'm so glad this is now available (5/5)

I've heard Jim speak a few times and he's amazing. I'm happy I can now listen easily over and over. Recommended!

At any age (5/5)

Kwik shows us we can keep learning - I'm relieved at 64 - it's not too late!

Smart Podcast (5/5)

Jim Kwik has created a quick podcast with the equal punch of long over produced shows. This program has become my daily brain vitamin! Thanks for making this show!! This is a much download.

Thank you! (5/5)

This is my new favorite podcast! Saw this guy speak at an event and he blew my mind. These are awesome so thank you!

The Kwikness (5/5)

I've had the pleasure of seeing Jim speak multiple times at my entrepreneurial group METal. His content is always fascinating, insightful and useful. So excited to have this opportunity to learn more about how I can improve my memory thanks to him!

Awesome! (5/5)

Jim Kwik is amazing! I have seen him speak several times and learn something new every time. I highly recommend his Podcast.

Connector. Disruptor. Constantly curious. (5/5)

I met Jimmy today. The dude's amazing!

Check it (5/5)

WhAt a great resource

Very insightful and immediately useful (5/5)

Highly recommended and an easy useful program

Speed to Smart (5/5)

I've heard Jim speak a number of times. He's real and authentic and changes the game. And now a podcast? Awesome!

Great Stuff!! (5/5)

Great speaker and awesome content- Thanks Jim

Awesome (5/5)

Get smart fast!

Amazing (5/5)

Amazing podcast for busy people that want to learn more immediately. Incredible golden drops of knowledge.

Super smart (5/5)

Jim is a super smart, super nice guy with amazing tools to kick your brain into overdrive!

Awesome! (5/5)

I just subscribed and I feel smarter already!

One of the best! (5/5)

Jim is amazing when it comes to memory, Speed reading, or learning anything faster! He's helped the biggest A-Listers and movie stars, billionaires and innovators improve their mind to be better at what they already do. This podcast is a game changer and I love that in a few minutes per episode I can optimize my life!

Dr. Paul Health Geeks Radio (5/5)

Jim is the man! Great podcast.

Love this! (5/5)

These episodes are short and packed with useful tips on learning/productivity 😊 Really loved the one on how to read a book a week.


I love all the practical tips Jim gives!! Thanks so much for changing my life Jim! It's great when you don't have much time but want to kickstart the day🎉

Amazing Coach!! (5/5)

This podcast is one of the very best. Jim is an phenomenal teacher, I've learned so much from him. He delivers every time. I highly reccommend his content. Everytime I hear him speak I'm always hoping that more people could hear his amazing messages. Now you can!

Jim Kwik Teaches You The Secrets (5/5)

I was introduced to Jim Kwik's work through the Bulletproof Radio podcast and became an immediate fan. This quick-hitting, relevant, smart podcast is what productivity junkies like me have been waiting for! I look forward to every new episode. 💯❤👍🏻

Amazing content! (5/5)

Amazing content! This is a must for entrepreneurs and anyone pursuing mastery.

Excited to listen & learn! (5/5)

Love the short, focused format & actionable takeaways. Great stuff, as always, @JimKwik

Awesome (5/5)

Great podcast! Awesome info in a short amount you can apply right away!

Solid, easy to implement, concise and authentic (5/5)

Jim's podcast is micronutrient for a hungry mind--I call it the organic miracle-gro for the mind. His ideas are solid, tested, actionable, easy to implement and practice and he is authentic. My 11 year old son and I listened to the first 4 episodes and started to put them into action right away. What he teaches is what we should be teaching to kids from the moment they open their eyes to the world. As a Dentist, Author, coach and a cartoonist ( and a parent) I have used many methods to learn (and learn how to learn--metalearn) and his methods are top-notch!

Love! (5/5)

Jim Kwik knows his stuff and provides so much value!

Great (5/5)

Great stuff here!

Forget?! (5/5)

Thank you Jim! George at Civilized Caveman shared your new program and asked his community (Hugs and Bacon) to check it out if we thought it might provide value. Just finished your first episode and your first point of "forget" resonated so much. I just had the aha moment of why certain types of learning have appeared more difficult for me than others. I put up roadblocks in terms of multitasking, limitations, and what I already know. Such simple concepts but it took you enunciating them to give me that light bulb moment. Thanks and I look forward to listening to the rest of the episodes!

Brilliant (5/5)

Jim Kwik is a genius! Love everything he does including this podcast!

Food for Thought (5/5)

My favorite thing about Jim Kwik is the accessible, actionable nature of his methods. Now, it's chopped up into "kwik" bites... perfect for building better brain habits over time!

Awesome (5/5)

Thank you Jim for unleashing your knowledge and wanting to help others! I feel like an information sponge after listening to the 5 episodes! Looking forward to moving on and putting many new things into fruition!!!

Part of my routine (5/5)

Came across Jim Kwik on IG and LOVE everything he's about. Now with this podcast, it's like I have him coaching my in my living room while I work. This is now 100% a part of my self-care/development routine. A must-listen :)

Jim is the Brain Master (5/5)

I know Jim personally and I've had the pleasure of watching him teach athletes, actors, celebrities and audiences how to improve their memory, read faster and increase productivity by mastering their brain. You probably can't hire Jim, but listening to this podcast is the next best thing.

Keep Listening! (3/5)

I listened to 1 and a 1/2 podcasts so far and I haven't learned anything new. I am going to keep listening though because he has a lot more to say and I think I will learn something soon! He has a great teaching voice.

Looking forward to these (5/5)

Looking forward to the podcasts for helping memory and such after TBI. Awesome stuff. Thankful the Civilized Caveman told me about this.

A Great Listen (5/5)

So glad I was sent here by George! So much great information that will be worth it's weight in gold! Thanks for sharing your wisdom!

Just what I've been looking for! (5/5)

A bicycle accident a year ago, left me with a severe brain injury. As a software engineer (and professional geek), I was on my computer EVERYDAY! When I woke up from my coma, I couldn't even remember my computer login. I'm having to "relearn" everything. How to walk, talk, type. Everything. I searched "how to learn quick" - and thankfully, I came across this! This podcast is bitesized, but it packs a huge punch! Take a listen, doesn't take long - and you'll be hooked. You're welcome.

Invest in yourself! (5/5)

One of the primary take-aways from these lessons have to do with saving time: improving your memory, accelerated learning, speed-reading... Why? Because we want to save time right? Time is our most important resource. You have NO excuse to invest in yourself, invest in your life and listen to these QUICK ten-minute episodes (especially at 1 1/2 speed). I have what I refer to as "army brain." After graduating from college, I spent over 10 years in the army on active duty and most of the time I feel like I just got real dumb. I can't really explain it, but without having any TBI or anything, I just feel like my brain is tired and filled with useless information. I'm getting ready to go back to school after more than 10 years away and I really want to use my time wisely and be able to retain information quickly and effectively. Kwick learning is such a great resource. Lastly, I may have been out of school for a while, but I consider myself to be a student of leadership. This podcast is another excellent tool in leadership development. I say again, invest in yourself by having a listen!

Fascinating (5/5)

Your brain is the largest tool you have. Anxious to activate increased brain power and memory with short, effective podcasts!

So excited (5/5)

I think Jim is a genius! I am so excited he has a podcast now!

Can't wait (5/5)

I can't wait to learn more! It sounds like Jim has a lot to teach us!

Impressed (5/5)

I have a difficult time remembering names, locations and items. I've only listened to one of your podcasts so far and I now know 10 healthy food items and where to find them on my body!!!

Finally! (5/5)

Jim has an amazing ability to keep this simple and incredibly effective. Love This Podcast!

Brain Candy (5/5)

Thank you Jim for the simple and bite size approach to using, keeping and improving brain function. I am scheduled to teach a class in a month to a group of new people. I am looking forward to practicing and being able to gauge my growth. Thank you George for sharing!

Finally, there is help. (5/5)

I am excited for tools to improve my memory and brain power in general. It is encouraging to hear tips from someone who has been there with brain trauma. I am recovering from a concussion (3.5 months at this point). I am waiting and looking forward to full recovery and restoration of my cognitive abilities And, the upgrade from Jim's Kwik Brain tools. Thanks to Civilized Caveman, George, for connecting me. Blessings.

Kwik Brain for special needs parent (5/5)

I am so excited to have been pointed in the direction of Kwik Brain by Civilized Caveman, George Bryant. As the parent of two special needs teens, I have felt my memory worsening for even the basic everyday things....wrong words...can't find my glasses (on my head)...going into a room and forgetting what I was looking for. So far Jim's tips have been AMAZING! I really think this program will be life-changing. Looking forward to learning more. Thanks Jim!

Can not wait to listen to more (5/5)

The Civilized Caveman turned me on to this podcast and I have already listened to the first podcast and can not wait to listen to more. The first podcast was short and sweet but open my eyes to what is possible. I will be looking forward to listening to practicing some of these skills soon.

Jim Kwik is a Legend (5/5)

I have followed Jim's work for the last few years and have had the pleasure of meeting him in person on multiple occasions. In addition to being a genius, he is also an extremely humble, kind and generous man. Starting this podcast is yet another example of his huge heart, bringing his brilliance to the world and transforming lives through his content. 🙏🏽❤️ I learn something fascinating with every episode. I highly recommend having a listen. Your mind will mind will thank you!

On my way to a "Kwik"-er brain! (5/5)

I learned of Jim Kwik's brain trying through the Civilized Caveman. I really enjoyed how easy and fast the podcasts are. We love in busy times and some days, 10-15 minutes is all the time I have to dedicate to podcasts. I love the flow of the podcast and the reinforcement at the end to help you remember what was discussed!

One Episode In... (5/5)

I listened to the first one and was blown away! I listened to it again because I realized I wanted to take notes (and I dont usually like taking notes). While I was listening I was realizing that this information was extremely beneficial for me and how it could help me to become a better me! Something as simple as the word FAST now has so much meaning to me. Cant wait to listen to the other episodes!

Jim Kwik is a Gift (5/5)

Jim is a WONDERFUL person & teacher. He's here to simply help others, which is why I admire him so immensely. He offers a treasure trove of incredibly useful data in both personal and professional lives and also makes me laugh! This podcast is a gift and his information is stellar. Open the gift, free your mind, and start the day!

This is like a brain adrenaline shot with every episode! (5/5)

These are so cool. Love the consumability of this podcast. Simple action tips and hacks that I can learn and do in under 30 minutes. Where most podcasts are really long and often times, I don't have the time to listen to the entire episode, this one I can't get enough of. Awesome Podcast. One of my favorite podcasts for sure!

The only podcast you need to listen to (5/5)

Jim is a genius. The best memory and brain expert in the world which is why every famous actor, celebrity, musician, and more use him. 10 minutes a day will change your life and create dramatically different results in your life.

Great podcast!!! (5/5)

Excellent podcast Jim!!! Well done, great info!!

Great idea! (5/5)

Love the high value, practical content in a short format! Thank you!

Loving the short format! (5/5)

So I went to the Kwik Learning Conference last weekend, which was incredible! And in addition to the really good brain training tools we learnd there, we also learned of this new podcast that Jim is starting. I'm already really appreciating the short format of these podcasts and the great content getting brodcasted in nice bite sized chunks. Bravo!

Visualization works (5/5)

Love the Kwik brain podcast! Visualization is a transportation tool for the future. Remembering names with imagining location technique really helps!

Love this guy!!! (5/5)

Jim has inspired me to break my oldest glass ceiling, the one that has been hanging around for the longest time and seemed unbreakable. I am ready to outshine myself in a huge way and with Jim's work, I feel I have the tools to take my biggest leap so far. I love his content because it is transformational and easy at the same time. I am proud to be a Kwikie!

Easy to understand & use tips (5/5)

Thanks Jim! These tips are very easy to understand and quickly apply to real life. I am so very excited about what I can learn. Using a pointer to read is brilliant and has really helped me pick up the pace. I'm engaged. I don't fall asleep and I retain the information.

Kwik Learning (5/5)

I have greatly benefited from Jim Kwik's courses on speed reading and memory recall classes. These podcasts keep me engaged.

Brain Nutrients in a Podcast! (5/5)

Jim delivers powerful life-saving, brain-transforming messages and key learnings with ease and grace. His voice is super clear, his tonality triggers latching on new concepts and his humble, honest, genuine personality comes out through his expression. You can tell he's passionate and believes in what he is sharing. I feel empowered after listening to one of his podcast. Me love me some Jim Kwik!!

Worth it! (5/5)

Tools to accelerate our path forward - deeply appreciated.

Enlightened Information (5/5)

Your information is so connectable. Thank you!

Awesome podcast in bite-sized chunks! (5/5)

Jim Kwik's work is a must for leaders, entrepreneurs, teachers, and anyone interested in being on the leading edge of their personal development. In easy to digest and bite-sized chunks, Jim delivers powerful tools to maximize your brain, improve your memory, and accelerate your learning. Could you imagine what your life would be like if you could read a book a week? A day? Jim teaches you how to tap into these superpowers and so much more. Two thumbs up!

Rev-Up Your Learning! (5/5)

Jim Kwik is masterful at distilling information, encoding it and retrieving it. He teaches us how we can learn better. He has helped me hone my focus, ditch distractions and increase productivity. What an easy way to get these brilliant tips in 10-minute chunks we can apply straight away. I'm beginning the Kwik-Reading course today with the target of reading 1000wpm by 2018!

Awesome podcast! (5/5)

Bite sized nuggets for a Kwik brain! Love it!

Love Kwik learning! (5/5)

Jim Kwik is incredible. His info can be put to use right away- it is easy and accessible!

Just because you couldn't, doesn't mean you can't (5/5)

Jim Kwik teaches you how to learn to learn: memory techniques, speed reading, and more. Have you ever forgot someone's name? That doesn't have to be a permanent condition. Remember one of Walt's Rules. Just because you couldn't do something before, doesn't mean you can't do it now. Listen to Jim's free short podcasts and improve your life.

Very insightful! (5/5)

Jim, thank you for the great tips you showed us the last two days! Very helpful!

A MUST For Personal and Business Growth Development (5/5)

Being part of some super duper expensive elite Masterminds, I thought it was just another conference; yet my mind and expectations were BLOWN away by Jim at his most recent live event. My brain never felt so energized and stretched so much, it felt like I had a brain upgrade over the weekend!! I would highly recommend Jim's heartwarm guidance and golden nuggets. Not only inspiring, Jim's words of wisdom are what everyone needs in today's moderm world full of informational overload and noise. Just take the first step and have listen to Jim with an open mind, and get ready to transform. There is a Superhero in all of us!

Awesome Podcast!!!! (5/5)

Great podcast! I plan to leverage the techniques that Jim shared during the podcast. Well worth your time!

The key! (5/5)

Jim Kwik is the real deal, his programs are terrific- he is able to explain memory boosting and speed reading concepts in a way almost anyone can understand and employ!!

Hell yes! (5/5)

Jim is amazing, and his podcast is shaping up to be as well. Simple, quick, actionable advice that helps you use your brain more effectively. Give it a try and you won't be disappointed.

Awesome event (5/5)

I just wanted to thank you and your entire team for an amazing event this past Friday and Saturday in LA -- filled with fun, laughter, education - an experience with tons of takeaways and kwik learning. I walked away with so many new tools for remembering names , speed reading, sleep patterns and how the brain works. You are awesome, generous and a gentle soul- all rolled into one. The podcasts are such a nice reminder of those things you taught us- Looking forward to getting these little reminders

Superhero (5/5)

Podcast are awesome. Had a blast this weekend at Kwik Conference 2017. You made become a believer in myself to become my own superhero to overcome my challenges from since I was a child. I had a lot more to say, but keep it short for now. I'm looking forward to your online courses. Can't wait 😁. Thank you Jim.

A Different World of Learning (5/5)

Wow!!! An amazing opportunity to step into a very different world of learning! We are lucky to have Jim in this world of Podcasts and sharing his most prized teaching. Step in, listen and apply the knowledge. It is life changing.

It works!! (5/5)

I have had the privilege of seeing Jim speak at two events and you can really see how passionate he is about his work and he truly cares about helping others learn. He gives very practical ways on how to read a book a week, recall others people's names quickly and remember my grocery list without a written list. I am absolutely blown away and how easy it and how it truly works. Thank you Jim! Try it it works!!

Pick Kwik! (5/5)

Say "no" to good and "yes" to great! Show up to learn from a true superhero genius of our time. You'll love him!

Awesome way to 10X any area of life! (5/5)

Amazing bite size information to efficiently master the mind! Thank you so much for sharing all you know, Jim!

You need a Mentor. (5/5)

You need a Mentor and now you have found one. With Great Responsibility Comes Great Power.


Bite size nuggets easily digestible, long lasting taste... Great stuff

MD (5/5)

These little clips are terrific learning tools. I love these, and encourage you to do lots as you have indicated that you will. I plan to help spread your name and your messages. Your conference was one of my very greatest learning experiences. I have gotten a lot of AHHHA moments of new information that was presented ( and how to relate to it), especially in the theta state of falling asleep and waking Wayne Wightman MD..

The ultimate clue! (5/5)

If genius leaves clues then Jim Kwik is a very generous genius because he not only leaves clues but shares his genius through coaching!

Bada Bing Bada Boom (5/5)

Jim quick is my favourite 💡Superhero. He inspires me with his PTG (Post Traumatic Growth) & motivates me to practice Gratitude (Loving myself in my current state) while practicing tiny positive habits to keep evolving into a better version of myself. I now know that I am capable of so much more and destined for greatness with the help of Jim Kwik 👏🏽

Grateful (5/5)

This weekend has been so valuable and informational that will change my life. You are such a beautiful, giving person. Many thanks for being you!

Thank you (5/5)

Thank you so much for a fantastic weekend. I believe you have saved me from a slow death and have given me so much hope for my life. I am so excited to finish the different programs and finish reading a book. Many blessings to you and your staff

Beyond Amazing! (5/5)

Jim is one of the most amazing people I have come across.

Bite Sized Brain Training (5/5)

I've been waiting for Jim Kwik to launch a podcast for the longest time. The episodes are quick and filled with useful content. Worth a listen.

AMAZING!! (5/5)

What an incredible experience. Jim opened a world of possibilities!