Aggregated reviews for Last Podcast On The Left

The Last Podcast On The Left covers all the horrors our world has to offer both imagined and real, from demons and slashers to cults and serial killers, The Last Podcast is guaranteed to satisfy your blood lust.

They’re reasonable for my laugh wrinkles.   (5/5)

I love tuning in every week for not only this but Abe Lincoln’s and Kinda Fun. They always make me look like a lunatic on the bus, at the gym and pretty much anywhere public. When people ask “what are you laughing about?” And I answer “Oh just about (insert serial killer)” the look on their faces are puzzling . Adding brevity to darkness and I really appreciate the nod to mental health care. Thanks guys for making work fun and making me look like an insane person!

Love this podcast   (5/5)

These guys are f****** hilarious!! 🤣🤣🤣

Horrible.   (5/5)

Horribly wonderful storytelling and make you pee in the car humor. I love them.

From the Beginning...   (5/5)

Best podcast out there. Listener from the very beginning; the show means so much to me. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

My first podcast review - this b podcast is actually that bad   (1/5)

Not funny. It’s like listening to a 3rd rate shock jock morning show - complete with fart jokes. It reminds me of Crazy Ira and the Douche.

Best podcast   (5/5)

One of the best podcasts ever. Love you guys!


All the one star reviews are angry dudes

Great Laughs!!   (5/5)

These guys tell great, researched stories. I learn something in every episode and laugh and laugh and laugh. Most often to jokes I dare not repeat to most.

Excellent!   (5/5)

Been a listener for years. This is my favorite podcast and I listen to a lot of them! Joined on Patreon for extra content and everything there is just as great. Go check it out! You won’t be disappointed!

Hell yesh   (5/5)

This is a great podcast. All that needs be said my friends. This post makes me seem weird but I’m not. I’m serious really good podcast.

Who the f laughs like that?   (1/5)

I can barely stand listening due to that guy’s obnoxious laughing.

Hard to follow story through tangents   (2/5)

I was excited when I found this podcast because there is a large catalog with interesting topics. After listening to a few episodes I am not a fan. The hosts go on so many tangents it’s hard to follow the actual story. In addition, the hosts not only sound like they’ve all had too much caffeine but they also make inappropriate jokes about the tragedies. Think I’ll pass on this one.

Wow!!   (5/5)

Best podcast out there!!! I’m new to the podcast thing but as far as I’ve heard lpotl is number 1 I can’t wait for a new episode!! Keep it up boys! Thank You!!!

Hey idiot   (5/5)

If the shows not for you but you can still appreciate the effort and work that goes in to providing a great podcast that has overwhelming reviews doesn’t mean give it two stars. If you’re cogent enough to understand that you should understand this. I discovered this show 3 years ago and have since listened to all that I can. They got me through my divorce tbh and I learned to laugh at the messed up parts of life. Their gallows humor is amazing.

Yeah, yeah, yeah   (5/5)

You will get a whole lot of “yeah, yeah, yeah” and “no,no,no” as well as “well, alright then”...

Not for me   (2/5)

This podcast has been recommended to me a few times. The topics are great. I don’t mind tangents and even sort of forced jokes in a podcast. Those things can make you feel like you’re hanging with friends. I just wouldn’t be friends with these hosts. Take a listen and you’ll know whether you will dig it or not.

5 stars or go home   (5/5)

Whoever didn’t give this show 5 stars, your moms a ho.

Must listen   (5/5)

For any true crime fan. And also amazing comedy. Love these guys. It does take a listen or two before you get all the jokes, but once you do, you’re hooked. And they got a huge backlog to listen at any time! Love lpotl!!!

Bummer   (2/5)

The loud one is always struggling through a mouthful of spit. Child rape jokes in every episode. Meatwad impersonations. Marcus is cool and Ben is there

The Bobby Bonilla of Podcasts   (5/5)

The best there ever was/will be.

Great podcast for sure   (5/5)

Not only is this podcast hilarious and informative, it serves as the perfect test of character. I honestly wouldn’t want to know anyone who would give this a 1 star review so thanks LPOTL for help flushing out the weaklings.

All the 1 Stars are angry chicks   (5/5)

Best show ever

Awesome, but not for everyone   (5/5)

The show is great, but yeah its not for everyone. The humor is crass and the topics can get into occult and paranormal which is not for everyone. But for those who like this kind of thing this podcast is a special treat. The hosts work great together, have serious research in their topic. This is a comedy podcast, and its one of the greats. Hell, even the commercials are entertaining. Give it a listen.

Extremely Annoying   (1/5)

I couldn’t make it through an entire episode because these were the most annoying men I have ever listened to in my entire life. They did stupid accents throughout the entire thing and made an extremely interesting case garbage.

Terrible   (1/5)

Wish they actually talked about history for longer than 2 minutes before they went off topic woth useless jokes

Love love love   (5/5)

Best podcast ever. Thank you for doing what you do. I laugh out loud all of the time with headphones on and people stare at me like I’m crazy lol

Hilarious!!!!   (5/5)

This really gets me through the day and some depression. So funny and amazing. Love you guys

Terrible   (1/5)

I don’t know how this is a top podcast. Worst podcast I’ve ever listened to.

Homophobia in the first 30 seconds   (1/5)

Seriously offensive stuff in here.

True crime infotainment at its best   (5/5)

This show is incredibly informative and hilarious. Several times I’ve nearly had to pull over while listening to it in my car because I’ve been laughing so hard. They also have learned a lot over the years so while your mileage may vary on early episodes, the later episodes do a really good job of taking on sensitive topics respectfully without getting rid of the humor. Props to the boys for working hard and learning, and hail Satan!

Sooooo goooooodddddd   (5/5)

I love this podcast! I've been listening for years now. Took me a few weeks to get used to their rapport with each other, but now can't live without it!

Yassss   (5/5)

Love this pod! So entertaining and educational without making me feel like a nutcase for those late night serial killer deep dives on the internet 🤷🏻‍♀️. It’s the only pod I can get my fiancé to listen to with me and he finds it as hilarious as I do 🙌🏼 Highly recommend!

Informative,entertaining with a gory taste   (5/5)

Always look forward to each Friday when the latest ep comes out. The chemistry Ben, Henry and Marcus bring to each show is what keeps coming back for more. Even replying older ep’s I find tid-bits of info I didn’t catch the first time

Well Done!   (5/5)

Very throughly researched, the banter between the guys is fantastic. It took me a long time to warm up to Henry but it wouldn’t be the same with out all three of them. Love it! Hail yourself!

Offensive AF   (1/5)

Could barely get through the first episode I tried. They were joking about “retarded” people etc. Not a fan

Hail satan   (5/5)

I’ve been listening to last podcast since the very first heavy hitter and listening to these episodes brings me joy to hearing such wonderful and detailed history on serial killers and other things that bump in the night would recommend to anyone who feeds into dark comedy 5 stars and don’t forget hail SATAN!

🔧   (5/5)

Love, love, love this podcast. It is my favorite getaway whenever I need a little mind vacation. The hosts are amazing. The stories are fascinating and so thoroughly researched. I cannot recommend this podcast enough.

Props to the spooky bois   (4/5)

You’re one of the best-researched podcasts about the genre of spooky stuff. I don’t think there’s much room to improve on the quality of Marcus’s research. I’ve been listening for a long time, and I’ve seen you become more informed about the impact of your words. You guys have so far covered the Hadden Clark episode with grace, distinguishing being trans from gender-based abuse and trauma. In general, I want you to keep growing and learning in this aspect. Keep it up, spooky bois!

Unlistenable   (1/5)

Reminds me of a morning zoo show circa 1995.

So weird but fun   (5/5)

Love the back and forth between legit stories and paranormal the three guys interactions Also elevate each topic Especially Henry’s awful impressions lol

One of my Favs   (5/5)

I’ve cleared the catalogue a couple of times, and most of the time, I can’t dig a podcast for more than a few episodes because of some minor thing that gets under my skin or the lack of character in it, but LPOTL is truly great. The content is always interesting and superbly researched, plus the balance between Marcus, Ben, and Henry is just what a lot of the darker material needs, so at the end of the episode (sometimes) you don’t stare off into a corner forced into an existential crisis. These guys take you on a journey into convoluted swamps of human depriving and bring you right back around like any good host. I truly appreciate all the time and work they’ve put into it.

Solid podcast, great research   (5/5)

Just wish Henry wasn’t in free speech jail, these guys used to be so much funnier when they didn’t care about political correctness

Good info. Offensive jokes.   (2/5)

Love the information in this podcast but hate Henry and hate their joke. They are super offensive, some episodes I had to just skip bc they were getting so bad.

Go see them live!   (5/5)

I love these 3. Best podcast ever, and their live shows are absolutely next level. I have never laughed so hard at such morbid topics. Thank you Ben, Henry, and Marcus!


Fantastic podcast gets me through my days as a truck driver. I absolutely love the show and the hosts they are my new idles!!!!!

Why?   (1/5)

People love this?

Old guys in a New Time   (1/5)

These guys are incredibly offensive. I’m not the kind of person to frantically claim things are “offensive” because I dislike something, but these guys genuinely offend me to my core. From the incredibly racist “characters” these guys play to the way they discuss most topics these guys bathe in white privilege.

Adam & Eve Ad   (5/5)

Henry makes ads bearable especially when they are from sponsor Adam and Eve. Great podcast. Been listening to all the old episodes! Thank you guys for making working the graveyard shift extra special.


This show has so many great episode topics but they spend so much time telling ridiculous jokes about people who have lost their lives (which I find disgusting), and banter so much that nobody can hear a clear story WHATSOEVER. The details that we care about pop up every 5-10 minutes and are sandwiched in between so much MEANINGLESS CRAP. Please just get to the narrative. You are selling yourselves short and people come here for the NARRATIVE. geez! smh. thumbs down.

Love you guys   (5/5)

this podcast is great! not only is it entertaining but it uses comedy , great research and passion to shed light on some dark subjects! I have been here since episode 14 and still wait impatiently every week. ( now twice a week or more!! ) Big Happy vibes :) Who is my favorite? I cant pick cuz i love Marcus, Ben and Henry the together! ❤️👏🏻 Keep up the great work ! 💀

🖤🖤🖤   (5/5)

I absolutely love these guys. Been listening since the start and I’ve got to say they’ve only gotten funnier. They put so much time and research into each episode they’re hard work really shows.

Not my cup of tea   (3/5)

Gave this pod a try on two occasions and I just can’t get into it.

Nerd Alert   (5/5)

Love these guys. They appeal to my dark, hilarious soul. They’re a perfect comedy trio! Every episode makes me laugh. Toilet humor at its absolute intellectual best.

can’t get enough   (5/5)

my favorite podcast in the entire world, i’ve already listened to every episode and i’m going back through it again. every time i hear “there’s no place to escape to” i get so excited!! every topic is so intriguing and the guys are probably the funniest people on the planet. if you don’t like them you just ain’t on their level yet. thanks for being you guys keep up the amazing work!!

I must survive the Armageddon   (5/5)

I must

Vampire Hunter Episode: tasteless jokes on child abuse   (1/5)

Unacceptable jokes made at the expense of victims of child abuse

These guys, I tell ya, are right up my slick ally way!   (5/5)

Slammed 5 years worth of this podcast into my dome in a couple of months and am almost caught up! Seriously this podcast feeds my dark side in a way that I don’t have to bother my actual friends and wife. Thanks buds!11 more years!

Like the content and ideas   (1/5)

Like the content and ideas but get funnier. Your humor really only pleases stupid people but keep making stuff about serial killers

I love these big nerds   (5/5)

I’m gonna be honest. Either you love them or hate them. But, it must be sad to not have any taste. These guys are constantly making me pee myself from laughing, which, can be a huge inconvenience but I DEAL WITH IT because I LOVE these guys. If I could I would adopt all three of them. Feed them good food. Tuck them in at night. Brush their teeth, maybe brush their hair- idk- is that creepy? All I have to say is - they are the shiznit. Keep at it, my dudes.

Big fan but   (3/5)

Love this podcast. Love humor and facts but their bias come through very strongly in some episodes. For example, leaving neverland is very interesting the. BOOM suddenly it’s an episode talking about Mormonism (which some of the remarks and “facts” they say about the religion are definitely bias and almost untrue. Their resources are slightly questionable.) Skip the episodes you don’t think are for you but ones that do catch your eye are worth the listen!

I’m starting with the Mormon material   (4/5)

Y’all are totally taking all time for my podcasting! I love your show. When I’m done here maybe I’ll go back to my “usuals” lol. I’m on the second part. Thanks!

Love them.   (5/5)

The best stories, great hosts, hilarious.

Soothing tales of murder   (5/5)

I fall asleep to this podcast every night. I giggle at Henry’s jokes manically in my dark and empty room. The podcast continues to play while I sleep throughout the night. I continue absorb it all without being aware I’m doing so. I CANT STOP AND MY DREAMS ARE FILLED WITH BLOOD AND GORE. A+ 5 stars.

Kissel + football   (5/5)

I really feel seen when Kissel talks about football and then his cool hip friends shame him.

Last Bro on the Left   (1/5)

I just don’t get it. Several people have recommended this podcast to me and now I have to question their mental competence. I’ve tried. God knows I’ve TRIED to listen to this podcast! I just can’t ever make it past 15 minutes. It’s just a handful of hyperactive, not very funny and not very witty bro’s trying to out-joke each other. I’m constantly waiting for one of them to drop the classic “That’s what she said” at any minute. The details of each podcasts subject are lost in the melee of shouting and over speak. That’s not even saying much because most of them don’t do ANY research on the topic they’re discussing. After the “Alien Agenda” episode I had to unsubscribe. The jokes stereotyping Asian lady’s as bad drivers was just dumb and offensive. You guys went to far. Listening to this podcast is like being at a bad cocaine party at a frat house that’s gone on way way too long.

Great content, just ok comedy   (2/5)

Really love the content of this podcast, especially there recent deep dive into Mormonism. Not a fan of the comedy aspect, especially Henry Zebrowski’s weird accents and comedic timing. Great listen if it’s a subject you want to learn more, not so great for pure entertainment purposes.

So Fun   (5/5)

With not a lot of good going on in my life, these dudes truly know how to put a smile on my face and make me laugh. Thank you. As for all the people who just leave 1 star reviews, you seriously need to get a life. If you don’t like it move on with your life and keep your miserable attitude to yourself scumbags

It’s good but   (1/5)

To much side bar convo and can’t stay on subjects

People are pretentious   (5/5)

Absolutely love this podcasts. Hilarious and full of information. They go through pin point details of subjects lives. Everyone giving 1 star probably think they’re “foodies” on Yelp too. Very shallow. Keep up the good work boys 👍🏻

Best Podcast Ever   (5/5)

Simply amazing. Love love love this podcast. Funny, informative, creepy as hell, what more could you want?

Great Show   (5/5)

I was looking for freaks and geeks but little did I know that I found love. I listen to this show with my AirPods in, and I must say the looks I’ve received while laughing out loud has made people walk a little bit wider when around me. Keep up the great work, Hail Yourself, and anyone who rates this as a one star podcast has mash potatos for hands.

Very Fascinating.   (5/5)

Shred, donkey, and the princess do a pretty good job of making me laugh. 10/10 would listen to in my swamp.

Safe for Scaredy Cats   (5/5)

I’m a huge scaredy cat, but I absolutely love the paranormal and spooky things like ghosts and aliens and I’m obsessed with serial killers. These guys do SO much research on everything they present that they’re pretty spot on with their information. The way in which they present their information is also really interesting. They present the facts, but they also intertwine humor into it (where appropriate). They make you laugh after getting really freaked out about something they talked about or bring humor into things that otherwise terrify and fascinate me. It’s not everyone’s cup of tea but honestly I’ve learned SO much since I found this podcast, these guys dons phenomenal job. 👌🏻 So if you’re a scaredy-cat like I am, this is your podcast!

Annoyed and unamused.   (1/5)

Banter is great but what about the actual background or information? I think these guys are more focused on being funny, which they’re not. I also find them to be slightly sexist. I will not listen or recommend these guys again. If I could give this zero stars I would.

Can’t do it anymore   (3/5)

Ben Kissel ruined the podcast for me with his incoherent stuttering interruptions. We get it, you like making movie references. Marcus and Henry are awesome, but I can’t listen to it anymore

Fun, but too many tangents and silly voices   (3/5)

I really dig the stories and love learning about anything and everything that is creepy, but man, the irrelevant banter and made-up accents is really distracting and annoying, and I find myself fast-forwarding to the good stuff. I keep giving the podcast another shot, but I think this may be the last straw. It’s a bummer because this podcast could be really great.

Just get on with it!!!!   (1/5)

I was recommended to listen to this podcast and I couldn’t even make it through one episode. Listen, banter here and there is fine!!! But the jokes are almost every other sentence and I can’t follow any of the sorry line, its just too distracting! Let the guy tell the story and then make your stupid jokes later!!

Literal perfection   (5/5)

I’ve been listening to these guys from the beginning and I’ve found my people. Instead of a one star review has anyone considered perhaps saying “huh well this just isn’t for me” and moving on with their lives? No? Ok. Well either way hail yourselves and have some spooky spaghetti.

2 words   (1/5)

F'ing annoying was hoping to hear some sort of background of the haunted house but all I heard were dumb remarks.

Meh   (1/5)

Show looks really interesting on the surface... the topics are top notch...seems every episode gets stuck in the intro portion (joking/laughing) and just keeps going like that to the end. A lot of insider jokes that the listener has no idea about... and then they laugh on and on about it ... it’s like hearing elementary boys making lame jokes over and over and laughing hysterically ...the main dude seems like he could make a good podcast if he got a new crew cause he constantly tries to round up the group but that’s a fools errand

mixed feelings!   (4/5)

they do good research, MUCH better than [unnamed popular true crime podcast with much more appealing hosts] but god, they’re so frequently unfunny. Also, as a skeptical person the ghost episodes drive me crazy - the ghost “science” is such nonsense lol but altogether a pretty good podcast, they clearly work hard on it and it’s a mostly engaging listen

Awesome!   (5/5)

These guys are hilarious! Also, they research all the information extensively. They tell you the information along with their own insights and comedy. I like that they aren’t afraid to say what they want to say. In a world of delicate flowers, I’m glad Last Podcast On The Left exists. 😊

Pretty Sweet   (5/5)

Marcus sent me. These guys are hilarious! I finally got to see them live the other night in Orlando, and it was the most fun i've had in a long time! Anyone who states that they do not stay on topic is exaggerating to say the least, does not know how comedy works, and is in the wrong place if they want boring monotonous info. They present indepth information on occult, true crime, dark magic, all the cool stuff. They even make religion funny! , My fiancee now loves them too! I recommed starting with the Dahmer Party Series!!!!!!! You can thank me later.

Best Podcast Available   (5/5)

This is the most enjoyable and entertaining show I have ever listened to. The interaction between the hosts and their ability to discuss the true facts of what actually happened in a true crime case without being censored make it informational as well. Hail yourselves! And Hail Satan!

I wish I could like it   (1/5)

I started with the three Manson episodes and I doubt I’ll do more than these three. It’s thorough but at least a third of each episode is spent listening to annoying high-school boy antics and jokes. Lots of focus on people and their pubic hair aka “bushes”. Why? Why do we need to hear anything about bushes unless it’s a quote from the Manson book? It’s immature jokes. Plus, their opinions are so thick that you wonder how much of what they’re telling us is actual fact they researched or their opinion/interpretation of the fact. And they kept saying they were “rooting for” Manson. What is even happening?

Awesome show   (5/5)

They get a bit political at times for my liking, but it’s really well researched and fun to listen to. I also still can’t stop laughing about review bombing from Mormons.

Immature   (1/5)

They sound like middle school boys. I couldn’t get through the episode I started listening to because it literally reminded me of when you’re in a quiet place and a group of 12 year old boys walk in and are cursing loudly and talking about immature things they find funny.

Pretty good.   (5/5)

Pretty good podcast. The guys are pretty funny and do tons of research on the topic. Wish they would keep politics out of it, but other than that, it’s a great podcast.

Favorite Podcast   (5/5)

Can’t get enough. Great mix of information, comedy, horror, etc!

Amazing.   (5/5)

Been listening since 2015, and I gotta say this is my favorite podcast I have ever came across. Their dark humor and in depth research make this an interesting and funny listen. Marcus, Ben and Henry are hilarious. You won’t regret giving this a listen! Hail Gein, Hail Satan and Hail Yourselves.

Love!!   (5/5)

I binge listen to this podcast like it’s my job

I really tried   (4/5)

I honestly really wanted to like this podcast because the topics they choose are genuinely interesting, but I just couldn’t get through it. They cannot get through a story, everyone is talking over each other and I feel like there is so much good info I’m not hearing because someone was determined to add a dumb joke instead. Also the yelling is constant and does not die down with time.

Incredible Podcast   (5/5)

The research is thorough, the chemistry between hosts is perfect, and the topics are great. Couldn’t ask for a better podcast.

Is “unlistenable” a word?   (1/5)

Although the content is good, I find myself getting more and more irritated as I listen. Between the constant lip smacking, slurping/drinking noises and changes in volume as everyone interrupts each other and yells into their mics, I can barely get through an episode. Please be cognizant of how your recording affects your listeners.

Killing comedy!   (5/5)

Making murder funny is no easy task! Any fan of true crime will be able to enjoy the twisted humor and the fun of sharing our odd hobby with millions. Should be second only to Rogan!! Viva La DogMeat!!

Great!   (5/5)

Listen all the time

Henry is awful   (3/5)


I'm lovin' it!   (5/5)

LPotL rules! Also, the Mormon episodes were great!

Could Not Love a Podcast More!   (5/5)

The three all have such a good balance of research and insight and humor! Plus my enormous crush on Ben Kissel doesn’t hurt either...

Gotta laugh at yourself   (5/5)

You gotta be able to laugh at yourself. Thanks guys. See you in hell

Sure, Ben   (5/5)

I understand this pod trio works because of ALL three of the guys. Marcus is the storyteller, Henry is the comic relief and Ben is the Everyman who’s learning along with us. It’s a brilliant dynamic that can’t and shouldn’t change, for this i give them five stars. THAT SAID, prepare yourself to cringe whenever Ben pipes up. The man is a miracle in that he’s landed a successful career in the exact medium he’s the worst at. He’s inarticulate, tends to get louder and louder (side stories are a misery only because Ben’s role is enhanced and he yells the whole time), he can’t read and at least 75% of his movie references/word pronunciation are waaaay off. He also tends to lose himself mid sentence and then sheepishly bumble his way to the finish. Next to Henry, it is shocking that Ben is considered a “comedian”. Henry is Grade A funny, knowledgeable and his timing is perfection. His bits rarely fall flat, if ever. Ben is all thumbs.....down.

Maybe i am not smart enough   (2/5)

But I don’t know what they’re jokes are about half the time

Meaerder’s your sense of reality in all of the good ways   (5/5)

Can’t/can believe this crew is featured next to Conan OBrien in the top Comedy podcasts. Hard research. Dedicated team. Well-deserved recognition. Megustalations.

Absolute favorite!   (5/5)

I love these boys. Could listen to them talk about anything! Marcus does an amazing job with the research and storytelling and Ben n’ Henry are just the right amount of hilarious and dumb for my liking ;) I cry-laugh and replay at least 1-2 spots per episode minimum. They don’t take themselves too seriously but you can tell they work hard and care about making good content. Love their deep dives into tough subjects and especially their alien episodes! My absolute favorite podcast. Keep up the great work!!! 🥰

Dude   (5/5)

Hands down the best podcast out there. How these guys keep producing this quality content is beyond me. Megustalations and Hail Yourselves!

Where do I begin   (5/5)

I listen to this podcast almost every day at work. I started this year and have gone as far back as this app allows to listen to older episodes. It’s weird going past 2016 (in a pre Trump world) because it’s like they predicted it all. On a lighter note, the podcast continues to give me nightmares which means they’re doing a good job. Each episode paints a very detailed picture of the topic, and the humor keeps me coming back every day. Feels like I have friends at work that I can relate to and get me through the day. Henry is one of the funniest comedians I’ve ever heard and everyone should agree. EVERYONE. This week I listened to the Columbine episodes, and really enjoyed the horror show of a nightmare I had the night after— I got shot in the head but survived? Then gave the finger to a bunch of teen punks on the street that were making fun of me and my siblings and cousins, until they pulled out a rifle and started shooting us. I got shot in the knee. My cousin and I then tried to hide in a parking lot but the shooter found us but got distracted and left us. My brother died. Needless to say I woke up UNrefreshed and fearful of the world. But as always I came back for more and continued my day with the Jon Benet case and Murderers of the American Frontier. I am so glad Henry shares my view that we are ALL JUST HOLOGRAMS AND LIVING IN A FALSE REALITY. I love this show so much and appreciate Marcus, Ben and Henry for persevering all these years and doing all this research for their fans. Thank you for bringing a macabre smile to my face every day and hope to see them live somewhere. So ya you should 100% subscribe. Hail Satan

Reasons   (4/5)

I listen to this for Henry’s themed narratives, Ben’s obscure movie references, and Marcus’ hilarious laughter. Love it 👍🏼 I would’ve given it 5 stars if they weren’t so adamant about putting down the entire group of their listeners that are republican. You’re not a political podcast, so it gets old.

Awesome!   (5/5)

Hilarious, and informative. comedic relief mixed in with all of the most horrible serial murderers and terrible deaths throughout history. Highly recommended for those who love horror and the macabre. Big fan of Marcus, Ben, and satan himself...Henry. Me gust elations!!! P.S. Don’t EVER let Ben read. It’s true horror.

It’s a no for me dawg.   (1/5)


I like this podcast.   (5/5)

This is a good podcast with very in depth research on each subject matter. At first Henry was a lot and got on my nerves but he’s grown on me so I guess it’s ok now.

Poor Ben   (5/5)

Bed knobs and broomsticks?

Hail Gein   (5/5)

All 1 star reviews are from Israel Keyes

Marcus Parks. 100%.   (3/5)

Three stars. All for Marcus. -1 for Henry and -1 for Ben. Marcus does an amazing job and holds things together while the other 2 compete in the a-hole Olympics to see who’s the bigger narcissist.

Absolute Best   (5/5)

Nothing I love listening to more than these 3 dudes. Hail Yourselves!


Found this podcast recently and absolutely love it.

Meh   (2/5)

Great story telling. Actually entertaining Until the jokes. Less terrible jokes and voices and I wouldn’t have to turn it off half the time because I am annoyed. Story gets interrupted way to much with silly stupid jokes.

How is a mass shooting funny?   (1/5)

Good content into they discuss Columbine. I understand they want to kill rumors about the trench coat mafia and Cassie bernall etc. I get it. But all the laughter and mocking of the opinions of others trying to understand and process this horror is gross. Conduct yourselves as men

😳   (1/5)

I’m sorry, but no. You have to be a certain way to be able to listen to this podcast. I can’t. 🤦🏻‍♀️

Love it but the constant nose whistle is driving me crazy   (5/5)

I’ve been listening to y’all since 2015 and I’m from Lubbock so Marcus you make us proud but can you please do something about who’s ever nose is whistling lol not to take anything away from the Podcast cause y’all do great work thanks

GOAT   (5/5)

The absolute best pod I’ve ever listened to.

Bad first impression   (1/5)

Started listening to an ep but then they talked about ripping a woman’s clothing off, no thank you.

My favorite podcast   (5/5)

I started listening to these fellas right before the last presidential election. I needed a break from non stop politics, and this did the trick. It revived my interest in fun topics like hollow earth, 50shades of grey aliens, the financial plight of Bigfoot hunters, and even serial killers. My wife is the serial killer fan, but at least now I can pretend to keep up. I am a squeamish person, there are a lot of horror films I just can’t watch, but I love this podcast. I am still trying to figure it all out. You should too.

Annoying   (1/5)

I hate republicans too but can the hosts just stop.. the bias they show is gross..

Really Wonderful Macabre   (5/5)

Getting ookie spooky with the boys of The Last Podcast on the Left is the best. Been working my way through the backlog, really great stuff. Too funny.

It’s me...   (5/5)

...I was phone!!!!!!!!!

Best podcast   (5/5)

I love these boys more than life itself

Phenomenal   (5/5)

My absolute favorite podcast. Knowledgeable, entertaining, and well-researched.

Great podcast   (5/5)

I found this podcast looking for something different to listen to. And boy they did not disappoint. Ben, Marcus, and Henry bring a hilarious outlook on some of the worst thing people have done and seen. Definitely have been binging as many episodes as I can also most caught up to the most recent.

I used to hate your sound   (5/5)

But now I love your sound. I tell everyone about you now to make up for lost time.

Wanna hear about gruesome murder AND feel terrible about laughing?   (5/5)

You gotta laugh at the darkness. These guys get it.

Boyfriend loves it, I hate it   (2/5)

ADHD-like banter, loud talkers, and think they’re hilarious

Preparation H   (5/5)

If you gave this podcast one star because the hosts are “obnoxious”, try going to the store and purchasing a softer brand of toilet paper than you’re used to and/or some wet wipes and then give it another listen in a few days. I think you’ll end up changing your one star “obnoxious” review to a five star “hilarious” review. And you might just find yourself a happier, better person.

Hail!   (5/5)

Hail You Guys! Y’all are seriously a highlight of my week!

Zodiac   (5/5)

If you give this show less than 5 stars.....your probably the zodiac

Awesome   (5/5)

I’ve recently started to listen to podcasts and I have to say that this is my favorite. I especially love the chemistry between the hosts, although Ben makes me actually laugh I recommend this podcast to anyone looking for interesting well researched and funny topics.

Took me a minute...   (5/5)

I started listening to these guys because Georgia and Karen (My Favorite Murder) talk about and recommend them on their podcast. I must admit, it took me a minute to get used to the silly voices and the way these guys mesh... but ultimately, I’ve grown to love them. I love that they take these horrid murderers and make them seem utterly ridiculous (which they are), while the do the victims total justice by telling their without avoiding the hard to hear parts.... all the while keeping the whole thing light so ya rent so bummed out and depressed after hearing such horrifying brutality. And that they don’t cram everything into one episode so that you either feel overwhelmed by too much info. But also, you aren’t left feeling like you just read half of an interesting news article only to find half the article is missing. I haven’t yet listened to any of the paranormal stuff, as I am still skipping around the “heavy hitters,” but if they are anything like the serial killer episodes, I’m sure they are just as entertaining and informative. (Well, as informative as anything paranormal can be anyway.) Good job guys! And thank you! I, for one, appreciate y’all’s messed up sense of humor and look forward to seeing a live show if you guys make it to Tx. :)

Absolutely Addicted!   (5/5)

I’ve been listening to The Last Podcast On The Left for about 3 months now, and just recently finished the Mormonism series, and I have to say, I cannot express the enjoyment I find in listening to it. My commute and workday is that much better when I have something interesting to listen to, and presented in a way able to get a chuckle or two out of me. Highly recommend to anyone.

Might be obnoxious but funny !   (5/5)

I have to admit that when I first started listening to this I thought it was extremely obnoxious and I almost gave up on it. I’ve grown to love it .. it’s actually quite funny and extremely entertaining. I look forward to every new episode .

This is not the greatest review in the world, this is just a tribute!   (5/5)

I got recommended this show about 3 years ago and started with the Manson episode. That was all it took and I was hooked like a meth junkie! I’ve listened to every available episode and am currently patiently waiting for something new. Gotta say my only complaint would be that I can’t listen to the earlier episodes. I love the chemistry between all 3 of the “hosts” I would and do recommend them to everyone... I’ll end with a Hail Satan, Hail Me and Magustilations!

Incredible   (5/5)

Meticulously researched and funny as hell.

Why do I love you guys?   (5/5)

Couldn’t tell ya 🤷🏻‍♀️ But it’s true. I’ve listened for a couple years. And I’m still making my way through the back catalog, Sometimes it’s kind of like I’m force feeding myself and need to regurgitate however I just keep on consuming that CONTENT!!

Crass but addictive   (5/5)

This podcast might not be for everyone, but it’s certainly dominated my free time. I only started listening a year ago, but I’m nearly caught up on all 400 episodes. The earlier episodes are definitely not as focused and informative, but eventually they started putting in the extra effort and have become one of the most important parts of my day to day. Ben is a lovable straight-man dope, Henry is delightfully absurd and at times offensive, and Marcus is the information factory that has made this podcast what it is. I love these guys like best friends.

Freaking love it   (5/5)

BEST. PODCAST. EVER - always funny - occassionally informative

Really wanted to like it   (1/5)

I really wanted to like this podcast as it was recommended by a friend who also loves Crime Junkies...more like true crime for middle school boys ...I had to make myself finish the episodes I listened to, not a fan

Indoor track   (5/5)

I was listening to episode 385 whilst running on my gyms indoor track. I laughed out loud at the ace Ventura and Tim gun section that I should probably get a new gym membership because I looked like a psychopath. Thanks for getting f me through my workouts 💪

Boring   (1/5)


Favorite Podcast of All Time   (5/5)

you need to be into things on dark and spooky side of reality to enjoy but if you is seriously the BEST podcast out there. You get the funny, goofy, “feel like you are part of the group” side of a comedy pop culture podcast, but then incredibly well research deep-dives into endlessly complex, scary and interesting topics. They do an amazing job on this podcast, and make you laugh along the way! Great archive of topics, I listen nearly everyday!

Love it!   (5/5)

Started with Betty and Barney Hill episodes, hilarious and interesting at the same time! I was recommended to listen to the JoneBonet Ramsey episode but cannot find it. Is there anyway to listen to the older episodes?

Fellas (and ladies), this is it.   (5/5)

Not only is this the funniest podcast I’ve ever listened to, but it’s so incredibly weird and interesting. If you’re looking for something different, and you’re not easily creeped out, this is the podcast for you.

Piece of baklava   (3/5)

Guys! Pizza gate isn’t real! Everything else is real without a doubt tho! I do enjoy this podcast but it couldn’t hurt to go a little deeper now that this show has become a virtual gold mine. C’omon people get with the program. It’s 2019 and Jeffery Epstein has been murdered in prison. That doesn’t warrant any response from ya!?

Obnoxious and not entertaining   (1/5)

I listened based on a recommendation from a friend, and I found the hosts to be obnoxious, immature, and unfocused. They seem to be trying entirely too hard to give the impression that they are having a good time and i didn’t find them to very funny at the very least. The subject matter might have been interesting, but they didn’t give any background on specific things they were bringing up (at least in the episode I listened to), so I couldn’t really follow along. I’m not quite clear how they got as big as they have.

Great research   (2/5)

I used to listen, but I had to unsubscribe. They do awesome research, but it’s like listening to three thirteen year old boys. It just got too annoying.

Like weird stuff? Check this out!   (5/5)

Listen to this podcast if you enjoy learning about paranormal stories, out of this world facts, serial killer knowledge and more! I learn so much for this podcast! When you also listen to this podcast, you feel like you’re a part of this group and it feels like home when you listen to them! I highly recommend this podcast to anyone who craves information!

Best podcast out there!   (5/5)

I’ve been listening for a long time and these guys are just too funny. They all vote be together perfectly although I feel like they have been bending at the knee to sensitive pansies that get “offended” and email them crying about it. Grow a pair people. Woke culture is ruining comedy.

It’s very entertaining for fans of dark humor   (5/5)

Satanic ideas, extra terrestrials, cults, twisted history, and anything else dusted in weirdness. I dig the religious episodes. The open and thoughtful speech on satanism is super inspired and feels real. I don’t see this podcast as an act or forced skits but the characters and humor is on par with comedy bang bang or teachers lounge. It is somewhat of a serial format so I recommend listening to ALL OF IT. It will pay off. Thanks for the comedy and the edutainment. More Henry’s mother stuff please.

Best podcast of all time   (5/5)

Absolute best podcast ever created. It’s become my comfort in the background when I’m working or tinkering with something at home. The guys couldn’t be more likable and relatable. I’ve listened to the entire library and eagerly await every new episode. Thanks guys! I hope this never ends!

best podcast   (5/5)

I’ve listened to my fair share of podcasts and this one is truly the best. The research is unmatched and their funny comments and Henry’s impressions make the dark stuff easier to take in. I basically force everyone I know to listen to it. HAIL SATAN! HAIL GEIN! HAIL YOURSELF!

My freaking favorite.   (5/5)

I listen to it every single day.

Amazing!   (5/5)

This is hands down my favorite podcast. They go so in depth with each case and not to mention they are absolutely hilarious. If you haven’t listened to it yet you’re missing out

Favorite podcast   (5/5)

My favorite part of the week!

Simply the best   (5/5)

The only people that don’t like this show are Religious people. They can dish it out but can’t take it. This show is informative and hilarious. I’ve started from the beginning and I’m about half way through. It puts me in a great mood and cheers me up. Hail Satan.

Best show   (5/5)

Don't. Ever. Change.

Thank you guys   (5/5)

I suffer from chronic panic disorder and major depressive episodes, and this show has helped me so much. When I’m having a panic attack, listening to episodes I know well grounds me. When I’m having a depressive episodes, they always make me laugh and educate me at the same time. I love that they get personal with their audience, and I love the topics that they so thoroughly research. So thank you guys. Hail you forever.

I haven’t listened to this podcast   (5/5)

...however, I am giving it a glowing 5-star review because someone from the church of Latter Day Saints posted a review calling you bigots. LOL. dont they know that by calling you guys Bigots they are perpetuating that which they are chastising? Bigot: “A person who is intolerant toward those holding different opinions” Goes both ways there, finger pointers! Learn to live the humble Christlike paradigm you preach about! K... now back to searching for podcasts so I can smear other people’s reviews. Kehni D, esq. the 3rd

Never have I ever...   (5/5)

Never have I ever loved a podcast more than this one. Edu-tainment at it’s finest. 🖤

Laughing at the dark side of the human condition   (5/5)

If I could give more stars I would! If you’re looking for a podcast with a somber man jerking off in a corner over serial killers, this is not for you. If you want a well researched and hilarious podcast about the strange and bizarre underbelly of the human condition, this is it. Think Z-Morning Zoo radio meets obsessive late night Wikipedia murder hole. Crass and informative perfection. As a taste test, I recommend trying the Manifestos and Aum Shinrikyo episodes.

Easily offended beware   (3/5)

If you have any kind of faith in any religion, be prepared to be offended. But also remember they’re leftist atheists. Definitely some laughs, but simultaneously you want to beat them with a stick. Those who are easily offended shouldn’t listen.

I tried   (2/5)

I’ve tried listening to a few different episodes, with generally long periods of time in between, and I just can’t listen to this podcast.

Fun stuff   (5/5)

Keep up the great work!

I want to like it.   (2/5)

I want to like this podcast because I’m interested in the topics at hand. However, less is more. They are trying way too hard to be funny and it becomes cringeworthy. I just picture three grown up nerds with poor hygiene sitting in a room burping. You get lost easily because they interrupt with their moronic loserville jokes every five seconds. The sound of their laughter makes me turn my volume down. Stick to the topic and chill out with the butt plug humor. I realize I’m the minority because their reviews are so high. Like I said, I want to like it. I just don’t and it bums me out. I’ll keep trying.

Great!   (5/5)

This show is hilarious!

A Podcast Made by Bigots   (1/5)

I’m a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints and I found the Mormonism episodes to be highly rude and offensive. At the moment Mormonism seems to be popular to make fun of but for others it is the religion we follow and are sensitive to remarks. Perhaps think twice next time before making fun of a religion?

Echo chamber   (1/5)

It’s a poor blend of comedy and information that amounts to a left-leaning echo chamber.

You guys keep me alive   (5/5)

You guys are like my 3 weird uncles at this point and I love this podcast so much. Thankyou for providing the content that makes me laugh on the worst days and nights 💕 Hail Yourselves!

Interesting when hosts are not screaming   (3/5)

The shrill comedy “bits” aren’t really funny (think that’s mostly Henry) & the dutiful laughter that follows each of those breaks sounds like a laugh track. The base narrative is well researched & interesting & some of the riffs are funny (I laughed at Hiscox in the Picton episode, so truly my standards are not high!) I could just really do without the shrieking & giggling & voices that all sound the same.

this podcast is the best   (5/5)

idk what else to tell you, these boys make me laugh while also teaching me facts. ED-U-TAIN-MENT

If I could give more stars I would   (5/5)

This podcast is hilarious, informative and overall perfect for any true crime fan. **with some alien and paranormal stories too* I listen everyday and the stories and funny banter is perfect for my commute to work. Do yourself a favor and listen, you’ll be dying laughing in no time!

Well blended   (5/5)

Great blend of comedy, story telling, and education!

Have you ever   (3/5)

Have you ever watched a Ken Burns documentary and thought “Some good old fashion alien cannibalism, a dash of crotch jokes, and an oddly unhealthy amount of references to the movie ‘Clue’ would do this series wonders”. If “Yes” then you’ve found your new home. If “No” then do yourself a favor and prepare to be emotionally scarred and check out an episode. The research is spot on and horrifically wonderful. As a bonus the feisty little guy occasionally says something funny

Was great until PC culture got to them   (1/5)

Used to be great but as time goes on they just get more and more politically correct and start virtue signaling. If you’re even slightly conservative you’ll also get to hear their bias against you while never making fun of the other side of the political isle. They just need to go back to how the show used to be where politics were left for Abe Lincoln’s Top Hat.

Great Research-Annoying Host   (3/5)

I think the show is very well-researched and the topics are interesting. However, the guy who sounds like he’s doing a bad impression of Chris Farley making all of those dumb comments after every sentence adds nothing to the show. Remove him.

Best podcast on the store   (5/5)

I have been a LPOTL listener since fall of 2017 and I can not praise this podcast enough. I am eager every Friday for the new episode.

I love these guys   (5/5)

This lesbian can’t get enough of you crazy kids. Keep doing amazing. I’m so happy you found your niche.

More like Last Podcast On The Right   (1/5)

Marcus has great stories and Henry is hilarious. Not sure why they let an unfunny, capitalist, Warren-bootlicking, FoxNews commentator hang out with them.

Well researched   (3/5)

But lots of juvenile humor. Thanks Marcus and team for your work.

Favorite Podcast Ever!!! Not for the easily offended.   (5/5)

Refreshing to listen to a podcast that throws political correctness so far out the window that no one gets away unscathed by their hilarious and critical investigations. Funniest podcasters that have ever lived.

Mormonism episodes   (1/5)

I am a member of the church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. I had never listened to this show before, but I saw the Mormonism episodes and listened to one because I think religious debate and analysis is interesting. However, the show was less of that and more making fun of our religion in a very offensive manner. I’m not one to get offended easily, but I was appalled at what I heard in the episode. We are not a cult. I understand if you think our religion is weird and if you don’t agree with our beliefs. I also respect your opinions and your right to free speech, but maliciously attacking a religion or group of people is never okay. We believe that just as much as you claim to.

Serials   (5/5)

Would you guys want to do a Podcast with a serial killer via phone call? Would you be able to do so unbiased? Be open minded?

Best of the best   (5/5)

These guys are the best of the true crime podcast genre. If you’re not sure where to start I recommend Biggie and Tupac.

Omg funniest guys out there!   (5/5)

Love this entertaining and educating!!

Just one tiny request.   (5/5)

This is a wonderful podcast. It deserves 5 stars. The only minuscule point that I have to bemoan is that they covered WACO way too early in the run. Before the research got so tight. I beg of you (them zir astralkin) to redo WACO as a well researched multi-episode run. Perhaps combine it with Ruby Ridge, or cover both with the failing of the ATF in the 90’s. So much was left on the table with the WACO episode! To arrive at a maniacal sinful messiah is just following the mainstream press bastardization of the affair. There is so much more to it. From WACO: Rules of Engagement documentary to Janet Reno and the Clinton Whitehouse to Vince Foster, and on and on. This topic is a Zebrowski goldmine. Please kind sirs of LPOTL; please.

One of the best of all time   (5/5)

I imagine it’s an acquired taste but in my opinion, LPOTL is one of the best podcasts to ever exist. The guys are hilarious and they each add something vital & unique to a formula that continues to get better over time. Marcus truly deserves so much credit & respect for the amount of time & research he puts into every topic. Really fascinating stories punctuated with dependably accurate facts & paired with imaginative role playing (Henry) & some of the crudest humor I’ve ever heard forms the winning combination that is LPOTL. Rise from your grave! Hail Satan! Hail Wournos!

Hail Satan   (5/5)

5 is not enough stars. These guys are so funny in such an organic way. Feels like you’re hanging out with friends.

One of my favorite podcasts!   (5/5)

Love the show! You guys should do several episodes on The Franklin Expedition.

Favorite podcast!   (5/5)

Every episode the research gets better! I’ve been listening for a few years now and it’s definitely not gonna be everyone’s taste but I think all three hosts are extremely funny.

Well researched and hilarious   (5/5)

These guys are great! Marcus does amazing research and is great at story telling. Henry often cracks me up and I love Ben’s dad jokes. Some of the earlier episodes are a little rough and at first I wasn’t sure I was going to like this podcast but I’m so happy I have it a second chance.

My favorite by far.   (5/5)

Absolutely recommend this podcast. It’s well researched, well produced, informative, and funny as all hell. Hail satan!

Love it   (5/5)

I listen to the guys whenever I’m on a long drive, cleaning the restaurant where I work, or when none of my students are in my shop. So, like, all the time. Super informative and funny, a great true crime podcast. Also, never knew a podcast could have such a gigantic fan base.

Hair yourselves!   (5/5)

I absolutely love this pod! Marcus’s research is 2nd to none, Henry’s input is funny as well knowledgeable, and Ben’s role as the listener who is learning with us it fantastic. I would recommend this to everybody that is interested in learning

The Last Podcast on the Left   (5/5)

The best true crime podcast I’ve heard. Accurate start information with the comic relief necessary for the subject matter. I’m Not just saying this because I desperately want to fill a room with fluffy lavender clouds with Henry. Hail Satan.your ssyytyttttyyyytttyyyttfysfuddydzzyszsydydsy

Favorite Podcast!   (5/5)

My sister told me about LP earlier this year and I can’t believe I went so long without listening to them. Highly recommend if you’re into true crime, aliens and all around crazy af stories. Favorite podcast by far!

Entertaining and informative!   (5/5)

Listen to this podcast daily while driving for work and it keeps me awake on the road. It’s probably the most entertaining way to listen to stories of the true crime genre. I admit that more than 50% of the humor and jokes of this show fall flat, but these guys do have their moments that get a good hearty laugh out of me. Maybe even a couple of times brought to tears. With good humor, good fun and captivating topics. I will be listening to this podcast for years to come.


These guys had a perfectly good podcast until they screwed it up ENTIRELY with occasional political banter where it is not needed!! PRE 2016 election stuff is amazing! Everything after that is plagued with ill-placed political hits ... JUST BE ABOUT THE CONTENT!!! STOP adding political humor and you’ll be a ten!!!

TLPOTF   (5/5)


This show is the bomb   (5/5)

I am a proud lpotl listener and love this show !! Marcus hats off to you for your hard work holding Ben and Henry together 😆 Ben I love you man your like the big brother who holds Henry and apart😇. Henry the best for last you my friend are a twisted little monkey 🐒 but you are funny as hell man and knowledgeable about all of the topics you guys discuss . Carry on you merrymen of the twisted three.

Brutally bad   (1/5)

If your idea of a good podcast is what sounds like 12 different guys constantly interrupting each other to cram an unfunny joke into the conversation....this is for you!!

Like no other!   (5/5)

I found this gem when I was bored at work about 7 months ago and I can’t listen to anything else. I saw them live when they came to Pittsburgh they were great. The combination of their 3 personalities just go so well.

The Only Podcast   (5/5)

This is the only podcast I ever recommend.

Separate Side Stories   (4/5)

Love the podcast—I’ve made friends at work/in lines/in random scenarios after seeing the pod pulled up on people’s phones and exclaiming how enjoyable it is for me. It is a unique phenomenon, a particular type of lightning in a bottle where you know you’re going to get along with others who also appreciate it. However, despite listening to dozens of Side Stories, I just can’t get into it. I know you probably won’t, because you want it to go out to all LPL subscribers, but I’d love it to be separated—it always tempts me to unsubscribe from LPL and just check back in to marathon the various series and standalones. Thank you all for all of your work, and double-thanks to Marcus for being an advocate against the stigma of mental health.

Best podcast out there.   (5/5)

Like I said above these guys are easily the best podcast out there. These guys take any topic and make it interesting and funny. I try and stray away from them every once and awhile and every other podcast puts me to sleep. These guys actually keep you entertained and cracking up laughing.

Want to like it...   (2/5)

You want to like it, but if you are a rational thinking human that doesn’t live in a fantasy hipster life in Brooklyn, you may have some issues with the garbage they spew about anything besides left wing propaganda. I’m from the SF Bay Area btw...

Amazing   (5/5)

Love the show, Most of there heavy hitter episodes and the analysis of the serial killers is accurate to what I learned in my Criminal Justice classes, laughing at all the people butt hurt that they factually talk about Trump being a dipshit

The Best   (5/5)

Seriously. The best True Crime Conspiracy UFO Occult Serial Killer Comedy podcast ever made.

You Shouldn't Like It, but Then Again Maybe You Should   (5/5)

I feel like anyone with a soul should turn this podcast off, cut off their ears and bury them under ground. I mean, the things these three sick guys cover, child murder, rape, children-murdering rapists, children that murder rapists -- well maybe that last one isn't so bad. The trio, Ben, Henry and Marcus cover the worst that the human species has to offer, but somehow, and I don't really know how, they make even the most terrible crimes funny. I want to say I'm the type of person who had to talk themselves into liking this show, but that wouldn't be true. I'm a sicko just like these three and just like most of you reading this review. A word of warning, LPOTL isn't for the faint of heart of the easily offended. The good news is, the guys seem to make a point to offend everyone and don't single out any nationality or gender or religion or anything like that for their ridicule. Everyone is fair game -- except the vicctims of the crimes. Never make fun of the victim is their moto. So, megustalations and, as always, hail Satan!

Unbearable Hosts   (1/5)

I really wanted to like this podcast because the subject matter is interesting. I gave it an honest try, but these guys are more annoying than a crying baby on an international flight. If these choads would knock off the unfunny, juvenile attempts at humor, the length of the podcast would be cut in half. It is constant, cringeworthy “humor” after every sentence about the subject. It’s like listening to those horrible terrestrial radio DJs on the local pop station. Listening to this podcast because you care about the subject matter is like watching pornography to see if that nice lady ever gets her sink fixed. Proceed at your own risk.

HAIL Henry, Ben, and Marcus! ☠️👽👹   (5/5)

This is my favorite podcast ever. I love it so much that I usually go back and play it again while waiting for new episodes to come out. I love how informative and funny it is. You can tell right away that these guys are very passionate about the topics they do and that they are actually close friends, which makes me feel like I’m in good company every time I listen. I am very proud of you guys and how far you’ve come. You truly bring joy to my week every time I see a new episode has been posted. Keep up the amazing work and hail yourselves!

Bumblebutt   (5/5)

You guys are hilarious and put out the best shows. I recommend Last Podcast to almost everyone I meet, and all of my friends are tired of me talking about your various episodes. Five stars isn’t enough for you guys. Six hundred and sixty six stars across the board. Thank you all, Hail Satan!

The realest podcast out there.   (5/5)

These people get to the truth through their expertise in research and deliver it with unbiased real facts. If you don’t like The Last Podcast On The Left, your life is miserable. Hail satan and st Anne. 🤘🏼

hail satan   (5/5)

my favorite podcast. it’s makes my day every time a new episode is posted. i wait all week for wednesday and friday. so funny and well researched, there’s just no podcast like it.

From Great to Hate   (1/5)

Like so many other things in the last few years, this podcast has been gradually ruined by politics. The hosts, whose outlook I genuinely enjoyed in the past, have made themselves pretty unlikable at this point. It has also noticeably colored the way they approach topics and made the podcast overall just less entertaining and bland. Their recent take on Epstein was where it went from gradual decline to a nosedive and by Episode 383: Q&A I realized these guys have totally lost the plot.

Different Strokes for Different Folks   (5/5)

I started just listening to heavy hitters and then moved on to cults and supernatural phenomena. The amount of detail and research Marcus puts into every episode is insane. If people want to hear “just the facts” then they should read the sources Marcus lists and then shut off the podcast. They’re funny, outrageous, and incredibly entertaining. The dynamic between the three boys is awesome and incredibly organic. Sorry to those who gave it 1 star and said they talk too much. I’d much rather have detailed multi-episode series than just have a bland and under-researched report on the same topic for 45min. If that’s what you want, listen to MFM. If you want just the facts, the listen to True Crime Garage. To each their own I guess. Personally, this is the best true crime podcast out there.

Detective Popcorn’s Last Ride.   (3/5)

I listen at work, it kills some time.

Love This podcast.   (4/5)

I love this podcast. I enjoy the topics. I just found it and I keep listening to catch up!! I can’t stand Henry. He does impressions and what he thinks is funny and it so annoying. So I just push the fast forward 30 seconds button so it can get back to the good parts! They do great research!! And Marcus is great at delivering the topics!! Just less Henry would make it GREAT!! UPDATE!! I want to say that I was extremely ignorant!! I am new to podcasts. I started checking out other podcast on true crime and stuff!! And OMG!! When they are just monotones telling facts it can’t keep my attention not even on stories I’m massively interested in!! So I realized! Henry jumping in to make jokes and change it up makes it where it wakes you up and makes sure you are paying attention!!

Thank u   (5/5)

You guys are so amazing. you have helped me escape from so much:,) thank you .

I listen almost every day   (5/5)

Humor, true crime. Satan; what else can you ask for in a podcast? LPOTL is the most well researched and entertaining podcast you’ll find on the internet. It’s definitely worth your time.

<3   (5/5)

much love

Skipped Libra on ep. 137   (1/5)

is it petty to give one star because they forgot something like three years ago? yes. do i care? no.

Thank you   (5/5)

I like forward to the main podcast and side stories every week. Thank you guys for helping me and so many of us feel less lonely and bring a smile to our faces.

They don’t stop   (2/5)

Please just tell the story

My go to podcast   (5/5)

Simply the best podcast out there.

It’s an anti trump circled jerk   (1/5)

Cool if you are obsessed with morality porn. Marcus and Ben have just become too obnoxious to “edutain” anyone.

Hilarious and Haunted!   (5/5)

I love listening to the banter between these guys! Their multi-part series episodes are my favorites because they make such heavy topics semi light-hearted (cough cough Mengele)! I hope they keep podcasting for years and years to come.

Best   (5/5)

Simply one of the best podcasts ever.

Hilarious and Informative   (5/5)

These guys make my day, and sometimes make me mildly nauseous lol. But thats what I’m looking for! A little sick, a little silly, and all around entertaining. LPOTL forever! Hail Me!

Fun True Crime   (4/5)

Although the pattern gets obvious with Ben’s reactions of “woah” and Henry’s distasteful jokes at times but I enjoy Marcus’s storytelling

The. Absolute. Best   (5/5)

I cannot stop listening to this show. I am completely obsessed with their humor, intelligence, and facts. These 3 are so great together. I will be sad when I have to wait for new episodes. FAN for LIFE.

Good for a College Crowd...   (2/5)

This podcast clearly has found a niche with a specific audience, but I am not in it. The "humor" is very low brow and crass, which I can usually tolerate, but I think this goes too far--DEF NSFW. I may have been able to get past that but the talking over each other drove me nut-so. I've tried to listen to at least 3 different episode, but have not been able to make it through a full show. It's a bummer bc it seems like they do a great job researching their shows and have some great topics.

THE BEST   (5/5)


I’m a fan   (5/5)

When I first listened to this podcast I was confused and thought there was 5 different people talking. And they were loud and obnoxious so I didn’t revisit it for a long time. Once I gave it an honest go, these (three) dudes won my heart. They’re weird, quirky, and love what they do. The stories they cover are up my alley as a lover of all things mystical, paranormal, extraterrestrial, and true crime.

great research, great banter   (5/5)

really well researched, do a great job explaining each topic or serial killer. also fantastic chemistry between all of them

Thanks   (5/5)

These guys are fantastic

My favorite podcast!   (5/5)

It took me a while to get into this one, but now it’s my favorite podcast by far. I’ve listened to every single episode. Some of them multiple times. Once you figure out the odd chemistry these three geniuses have you can’t help but love them. They makes the worlds worst scenarios lighthearted and easy to digest.

Love   (5/5)

You guys are who I inspire to be in a podcast. Keep killing it and hail yourselves! I look forward to your side stories and regular ones!

Not Your Granpa’s Podcast   (5/5)

I listen to this podcast to break up the grueling 10 hour shifts I work analyzing chromosomes for cancer—not to write a book report or #humblebrag about my superior knowledge of the occult at parties. I don’t get invited to parties precisely because people weren’t ready to hear the TRUTH about this thin veil of LIES we call REALITY. This is by far the only podcast that has the ability to both make me laugh and yet also, give me bone-chilling nightmares (hello Franklin cover up pop-up book). The content is evocative, entertaining, heartbreaking and at times utterly asinine and slapstick, but that’s shoebizz baby! Big ups to my boyz, Triple L 4 Lyfe, dolla dolla bills ya’ll

Best podcast around.   (5/5)

Last podcast on the left is by far the best show around. Ben, Marcus and Henry are so funny and very well researched. Big fan of the heavy hitters and the side stories, as well as the dark history! If you're thinking about starting this adventure, do it! You won't regret it. If you guys see this, keep up the amazing work, it's very appreciated!

Not as funny as they think they are   (2/5)

The content in this podcast is very interesting and they cover the topics well but their playful banter, constantly talking over one another, telling jokes that aren’t funny, loud laughing makes it a very hard listen.

Great   (5/5)


Can’t stop listening!   (5/5)


Couldn’t do it   (1/5)

I’m at work & needed a good podcast for crime... Barely made it through 13 minutes of “Epstein”, no thank you. Too much rambling, jokes that aren’t funny. Couldn’t do it. Nope.

Awesome! :)   (5/5)

Love this show! The guys have great personalities and hit on a lot of interesting topics. It’s awesome to hear how the program has changed through the years. Keep them coming!

Only podcast I can listen to consistently   (5/5)

As far as true crime and comedy LPOTL hits the spot. Although, the humor may not be for the sensitive, they are still respectful to the victims. These guys are so amazing! I love their humor and the topics fit in my “crazy” interests about 90% of the time! It’s three different personalities coming together to make my day with each new episode. Even if occasionally I don’t agree with their opinions I still love their dynamic, and that makes this podcast unique and enjoyable.

Very very good   (1/5)

I have a hard time finding podcasts that are informative, funny, and hosted by ppl who’s voices never get annoying. You guys are the perfect balance and include tons of great details a lot of others choose to exclude. Keep killin it!

Great show!   (5/5)

Great show!

My favorite podcast!   (5/5)

Well researched and informative with so many laughs! I love the delivery. I remember at first I was wondering what the hell was going on. Once I realized their format, it became clear how clever this podcast truly is. After I found a specific episode I was interested in and I had learned their personalities, I was sold, I ended up bingeing the entire catalog. This is the only podcast that genuinely makes me laugh out loud. Keep doing what you’re doing, guys!

Hilarious   (5/5)

Love these guys! A great trio of well-balanced characters. Thanks Henry for the characters - they make the pod for me! Can’t wait for mormonism V!!

Love these knuckle heads.   (5/5)

All the research that Marcus does makes for a good podcast. The banter between the three is fun, and an hour or longer commute flies by. Thank you Hong Kong Henry Zebroski for making my daily drive easier to deal with.

Best ever!   (5/5)

I love this podcast! Love the banter between Marcus, Ben and Henry. Thank you Henry for the commercials! I normally pass commercials up but not when you do them! You make commercials bonus content! Thanks!!

Falls short   (2/5)

New listener, but of the 100 impressions that I have painfully listened to, I laughed at maybe 2 of them. Wish the personalities would concentrate on the story telling more and less on the interruptions and blabbering.

Praise Satan for this podcast   (5/5)

It’s the one podcast I’ve remained in love with since the beginning! I have never been disappointed in these boys or the podcast. All 3 put something special into it- and it’s the 3 of them together that creates the perfect podcast SOUP! While all 3 contribute greatly to the podcast, a special mention of Marcus is well deserved. It’s evident he puts SO MUCH work into the research, script writing, and I respect that he’s always sure to cite all of the sources they get their info from (unlike some other podcasts). Thank you you wonderful m-effers for all you do! Please don’t ever stop! 😊

SHOW   (5/5)


Hail Satan!   (5/5)

This podcast is always funny and informative in the subject that they discuss. Love the three hosts and would love to have a drink with them. Wish you all at the Last Podcast Network the best and drink some Sierra Nevada for me sometime!

So fun 😊   (5/5)

I love these goofy dudes and love true crime. Marcus really does a lot of research and has lots of details and between the three of them you can still sleep at night. I imagine a giant Kissel on my shoulder and a loud, aggressive Zebrowski while I’m walking my dog at night. I’m sure I look crazy, walking and laughing as hard as I do

Foul and Toxic   (1/5)

Don't let these biggoted, intolerant and ugly men gain a greater platform than they have. They are exactly what is wrong with American society today.

Good, but sometimes problematic   (1/5)

Not happy about their comparison of Ed Gein to a transgender person (even Psycho goes out of its way to point out Norman Bates isn’t transgender, he’s just crazy), or their suggestion that most serial killers throughout history who were gay wouldn’t have been killers if they had been able to be open about their homosexuality (think about it), but usually a solid podcast. Actually, I’ve changed this to a one star review because they consistently use the word “f——t.”

Too Morning Zoo   (2/5)

I find this podcast taxing to listen to. It sounds like a morning zoo crew at n a low level radio market. Seems like they try too hard to be funny and the constant interruptions of each other is exhausting.

Favorite pod   (5/5)

Missing my Hong Kong Henry

Hilarious and informative!   (5/5)

Just recently discovered lpotl earlier this year. I’m late to the podcast game! These guys are informative and entertaining. I laugh out loud multiple times an episode! Currently binging my way through all of the episodes. Got through a 7 hour drive in a blink of an eye with these guys on the air! All 3 of the guys are full of information, charm and hysterics! When they laugh at their jokes and each other seems genuine adds to the podcast! It’s true crime/horror/ comedy at its finest! When they go off topic on tangents is great, it breaks it up and keeps it interesting! Keep it up guys! Thanks for the entertainment!

Falls short of potential.   (2/5)

This podcast truly has the potential to be one of the best out there- they do their research & you can tell they put the time into it. what ruins it is (Henry) yelling/interrupting w/ stupid impressions/imitations. It’s not only not funny & distracting - it’s painfully awkward to listen to & takes what would be an excellent podcast & keeps it at an immature/amateur level.

Just no   (1/5)

Tried listening to the 9/11 Part One. Couldn’t get past the hosts making fun of the situation. They said after making fun of the terrorists it would be serious... not so much. Still a bunch of laughing, terrible voice imitations and jokes that weren’t funny. Disgusting.


i could listen to these people y’all for years on end

Love these boys   (5/5)

They banter- a lot. Some may not like it but personally, I find it hilarious. Gets me through my work hours! Most definitely listen to it by my headphones 😂. You all are awesome- also Travis Morningstar on his odd fill ins. Lucozade is life- I feel you

This show is great 66% of the time:   (3/5)

The other third Ben is talking. Is there a place I can get this show with the Ben removed?

Some of y’all need T-Swift and you need to calm down these guys are great!   (5/5)

Decided to leave a review after seeing some rather negative ones....I have really enjoyed this podcast ever since stumbling upon them awhile ago while searching for a true crime podcast. In fact, these guys have SO MUCH personality it has absolutely ruined so many other true crime podcasts I try to listen to! Their energy, relationships and sincere love for what they do make listening to other podcasters feel like listening to paint dry! I had no idea the rabbit hole I was going to fall down after listening to my first episode because I have binged nearly every true crime and serial killer episode these guys have done. While not all the topics are for me, these guys are highly entertaining and despite what some say, hilarious and I enjoy the three different personalities they each bring. Is this podcast for everyone? No. Neither is plaid or crocheting. My point is, is that if you get offended easily by “insult comics” or comedies like broad city or Family guy, you won’t enjoy this. And if you are waiting for the rapture clutching your rosary pearls, Mary, then I suggest you bypass these boys because this is all in fun and not meant to be taken so seriously. Henry is hilarious. Detective Popcorn changed my life. Can he be crude? Sure. And I love it! Every time he says “what?” After Kissel’s sometimes random commentary I laugh. Marcus’ research skills and delivery are unreal! Living in Texas (although not from Texas originally) I totally get what he refers to at times and he seems like a pretty chill guy. And Ben adds that grounded element that really helps to balance out these three personalities and keeps things interesting with his counter-perceptions and bud light limes. These are the kind of guys you wanna go have a beer with after a hellish day at work. Sure, there are some jokes that I thought were almost borderline....being a gay man there have been a couple here or there where I was like, “that was a close one guys”, but they constantly reiterate their love and support for the communities and the people they all joke about (except maybe the Hyatt place they seem to really hate that 😂). AND DESPITE WHAT SOME SAY THEY DO NOT VICTIM BLAME OR VICTIM SHAME. They’re like the best friends that can “say those things” and get away with them because you know it’s meant in good fun and not meant to be so serious. If Joan Rivers had been a pot smoking, bud light drinking chain smoker she’d probably fit right in and if that’s not your cup of tea, well Becky grab your bottle of kombucha and seaweed chips and move along.

Road trip material   (5/5)

I’ve been road tripping all day just WAITING for Mormonism Part IIII to come out. Where you at?

The best of the best   (5/5)

This show is truly one of a kind and I can’t recommend it enough.

Low Rent Comedy Podcast Reading Wikipedia Articles   (2/5)

Honestly 2 stars might be high but they do their research by watching an hour TV/YouTube special or reading a book. Here how every episode goes: Marcus does all the research and is trying to get the horrifying information across. He gets cut off by clown shoe Henry trying to insert himself ALL THE TIME with his awful voices and tangents he starts with no direction and eventually peters himself out. Ben will add a comment here and there in between Henry and Marcus while being the butt of jokes because he’s “a monster”. You’d be better off going to Wikipedia and reading these articles yourself and finding a better comedy podcast. Oh and it’s very annoying to listen to Henry ramble how everything, no matter how far isolated, is actually a Republican conspiracy. I’m not even political and I find it offensive.

Bobby Bonilla   (5/5)

I would rather listen to old episodes of this, than new episodes of anything else. Except for Page 7 cause I need my Jackie.

Uh..   (2/5)

I like the main topics but I truly feel like these guys are on coke or something lol they talk super fast, get side tracked and bounce from one topic to the next and constantly talk over each other

Woot   (5/5)

What was that that phrase don’t forget nine aleve in ... round table of gentlemen 5 stars BIRD LUGER RIP. ain’t ever got a ps4 holdenators NO

These boys sound scrumptious mmm mm!   (5/5)

You boys be craaaazaaaaay! Love it, hollaaaa? $$$$

Breaking down Academic Barriers   (5/5)

The greatest thing about LPOTL is the unpretentiousness and genuine love for the subject matter. As someone who attempted to rise in the ranks of historical academia and found resistance at every corner because I didn't adhere to the establishment narrative, The Boys are truly doing great work. Its important for history / etc to be accessible. This is what podcasting is all about. Hail Satan.

Absolutely perfect podcast   (5/5)

I so glad I found this podcast recently and have 3 years of back episodes to listen to. I do wish they would hire an old grandmother who will slap a wooden spoon on the table and scream “Get back on point” but their rants and off shoots of the topic are absolute gold. Well worth a listen and glad to support the show!

<3   (5/5)

Alas the travails of listening to this back catalogue and all those of podcasts associated with this gem!

Keeps me productively entertained   (5/5)

Saw you guys live in Denver and respect the research and efforts y’all put in to this podcast

Absolute entertainment   (5/5)

This podcast is one of my all time favorites! You three muchachos bring your A game every time you record a new show. I don’t actually lol too often but I legit lol thanks to you guys!! Anywho thanks for all you do and all the time you dedicate to your craft!

Awesome   (5/5)

An awesome podcast. Funny, creepy, dirty, disgusting. Everything you’re looking for in a podcast!

Love these boys   (5/5)

The trifecta of great podcasting hosts. Each host, (Marcus,Ben and Henry) bring such wonderful personality to the show and fascinating topics every week! Also Ben Kissel LOVES Bud Light Lime. EVERYONE knows it!

The change of format has weaken this show!   (3/5)

I find the “relaxed fit” and “side stories” episodes to be a waste of time. I still really enjoy the main episodes.

Hail Last Podcast!   (5/5)

Literally getting me thru a really bad menapause.

My favorite podcast   (5/5)

These rascals are the right mix of research, story-telling, humor, and being horny.

Could be Exceptional   (3/5)

TLDR: Mainline episodes are informative and well made, but Side Stories episodes are annoying and poorly made. Humor lands about 75% of the time, but discussions tend to delve into guilt tripping and other weird "modern humor" topics. If you can ignore that sort of thing being brought up quite frequently, or you agree with their positions whole-heartedly, you'll probably get a few laughs and be entertained. When I first started usingiTunes, I found a podcast called "Weird Things," which discussed topics like the paranormal, true crime, and weird tech news. Eventually, I just stopped really enjoying their content, so when I found this podcast, I was interested. The mainline episodes are entertaining, and are usually quite well made. The three hosts specialize more in true crime rather than the paranormal, if that matters to you. They, also, attempt, and mostly succeed, for me, in interjecting a lot of humor into the subject. Most mainline episodes are incredibly well researched, with a few exceptions, unfortunately, but are very informative about the subject. The Side Stories episodes, however, are not nearly as well made. There isn't a script they reference, jokes tend to be all over the place and usually don't land, and the information just isn't as specific and detailed as in a normal episode. Earlier mainline episodes tend to be less focused, by the three hosts always try to stay close to the topic. Side Stories episodes are just pure trains of thought, whithout much deeper thinking or researching. I gave this a 3/5 due to the fact there is almost two seperate podcasts being produced at the same time; one of which is good, one of which is bad. The hosts are usually funny, but occasionally go off on tangents that seem nearly identical to every-other comedian, nowadays, which doesn't help the overall score.

Rise from your graves!   (5/5)

Absolutely my favorite podcast ever. Hilarious and informative.

My favorite podcast EVER   (5/5)

You can tell Marcus Parks puts his soul into his research, Henry Zabrowski puts his heart into his characters, and Ben Kissel puts his entire EVERYTHING into his nerd alerts. Out of all the true crime podcasts I listen to (and I listen to a lot) this one is my favorite. You’re in for a real treat with these guys. 💘

My last episode of Last Podcast   (1/5)

It pains me to have to unsubscribe from what was my favorite podcast after hearing one too many anti-police statements From Ben Kissel. As a proud police officer in a major US city, I have turned the other cheek several times as Kissel continues to regurgitate the trendy disrespect towards law enforcement that runs rampant in America right now. But when Kissel stated in a recent side stories episode that he believed that the young white man who killed the baseball player’s wife and child in Florida was only spared being shot in the head by the responding police officer due to the pigment of his skin, it ruined the podcast for me forever. As a police officer who has been in the same situation several times in my career, I find it asinine for someone to think that an officer would allow such a factor as the color of a persons skin to enter into the split second decision to use lethal force or not. Kissel never related whether the individual was armed, which I assume is because the article he was citing did not mention this fact. Regardless of the fact that the male was naked and covered in blood, if he was not armed and did not pose an immediate threat of death or serious bodily injury to the officer or civilians in the area, then the officer has been trained to result to varying levels of non- lethal force to neutralize the threat, one of which is the use of mace or pepper spray. For Kissel to later state that this was a situation where he believes an Officer would be justified in using lethal force, without having knowledge of the presence of a deadly weapon being possessed by the individual, shows his ignorance of standard police practice and training. And it was even more disheartening to hear Henry agree with Kissel at the end of the conversation. Perhaps Kissel should educate himself further on the various escalating level of force policies of police departments in the United States before further bashing the brave men and women in blue who put their lives on the line everyday to protect and serve the citizens of this country. And maybe Kissel should try to research ( or ask Marcus to research) some of the countless stories of brave men and women in blue who have shown almost “Super-human” restraint in similar encounters, as these type of stories would fit right in with what made me enjoy TLPOTL so much. Unfortunately, I won’t ever get to hear it.

Eating Bear   (5/5)

So first off, I love the show and you guys are hilarious. More importantly though, after listening to the latest relaxed fit I wanted to share that I once had bear and it was one of the more delicious meats I’ve tried.

They are my best friends and don’t even know it!!   (5/5)

This podcast is informative, entertaining, and makes me laugh so hard that my coworkers give me the side eye. Henry, Ben and Marcus all add something different and all are integral to the success of the show.

Three guys I wish I could hang out with   (5/5)

I love this podcast, it’s not only interesting and well researched but they have a way of making you laugh through some pretty horrific stories. I’ve listened to them weekly for the past three years and they never get old!

So well made it’s hard to listen to anything else.   (5/5)

You guys have this down to an art. Every episode is so well edited, just distilled information with a somehow light nature. After listening to all of your archived episodes, I find it hard to listen to other podcasts because I’m accustomed to this high quality of entertainment. Best podcast out there for true crime, and all things related. Marcus deserves a reward for his diligent level of research. Genuine knowledge and comedy.

Edutainment   (5/5)

I love these guys. Bring Detective Popcorn back. 1 STAR REVIEWERS TO THE GULAG.

We Love It   (5/5)

The podcast which other podcasts aspire to be.

Excellent   (5/5)

This is easily my favorite podcast in my long list of podcasts that I listen to. It's like hanging out with your friends discussing the macabre nature of humanity with a heavy helping of humor, and that's the genius of the show.

Far and away the worst I have ever listened to   (1/5)

Only reason why I checked this one out is I wanted to listen the story of Carl Panzram. I lasted 9 minutes of these two idiot laugh at their own jokes. Some jokes and laughter are fine but was nonstop for nine minutes and I assume through the whole podcast. They need to have an option of zero stars, that’s what this one is.

My favorite   (5/5)

I absolutely adore this podcast & it’s creators. Henry, Marcus, and Ben make my commute to work so much better. I adore them.

Tries too hard   (1/5)

Narrators tries too hard to the point where it’s annoying

The best of the best   (5/5)

Always five stars- I love these boys ❤️

Too much banter....   (1/5)

Tried the podcast yesterday because I heard some great things. While might be fine for others, there was way too much banter and nonsense for me. For each piece of information, you have to endure minutes of attempts at humor (some is funny) and off track commentary. There might be good information, but I just couldn’t sit through the nonsense.

Making fun of victims   (1/5)

Making fun of victims is in bad taste


Love this show so much. Already 200 episodes in after a month.

Henry makes me hungry   (5/5)

The guys are great at delivering disturbing information in a funny medium. Marcus does great research. Henry and Ben do a great job of driving Marcus insane. What’s not to love. Hail yourself.

Best Hecking Podcast Ever   (5/5)

This is my all-time favorite podcast. It deftly combines horror, true crime, and the supernatural with comedy. I have spent many days at work randomly cracking up while listening to this show. 5/5, hail yourselves.

New favorite podtalk   (5/5)


Morning Zoo Any Time of Day   (2/5)

Do you wish your local Morning Zoo was available any time of day? Do you think Bob and Tom are as funny as Bob and Tom think they are? Do you wish Dingo and the Baby were a real show? Do you like listening to raspy-voiced guys yelling at you and laughing at their own jokes? If your answer to any or all of those is yes, then this podcast might be for you. It is not for me. Which is a shame because people I like and respect have talked big things about it. But it’s just bad. One of them seems reasonably well researched. The others are just a load.

Not History   (1/5)

The rise of Mormonism is messy and complicated, but these guys could not be more immature in their delivery. Caricatured views of complicated figures, attempts at comedy, and misunderstanding is all I found. I have no problem with them producing this podcast. Just recognize it for what it is — guys trying to be funny while spinning a narrative that maximizes “comedy” and doesn’t regard fairness or historicity.

😘🍤   (5/5)

Shrimply the best! Butter than all the rest.

Amazing podcast!   (5/5)

Wonderful podcast but not for the easily offended. Thoroughly researched, informative, and entertaining.

Live, love and go ahead and laugh   (5/5)

Stop listening, go back to lord RAYEL. You have to see how they treat the lightest of topics to truly appreciate the heavier.

Genius   (5/5)

Megalicious! An addiction. Thank you.

Enjoyable but   (2/5)

Listen this podcast research is unreal and it is so educational and interesting. I love the topics that they choose and the amount of research that goes into it at length. But there is this one guy on there and he always makes these not funny/insulting impressions and honestly he ruins the podcast for me. I can’t listen to many of the episodes because it just becomes annoying. A real shame.

FIBE STARS   (5/5)

I AM GIVING YOUR PODCASTVFIVE STARS been listening since spree killers 2, so happy for all your success. Okay sleep tight, wear your seatbelts, kisses

Fun way to learn   (5/5)

One of the only podcasts I look forward to weekly. Fun way to learn about true crime and conspiracies.

Best   (5/5)

Lemon scented awesome

Funny, informative   (5/5)

I love this podcast! Definitely my favorite podcast. It’s so funny and they do their homework. I checked them out after I read the Crime Junkie plagiarized from them. So glad I did. I highly recommend!

Awesomely entertaining & educational!   (5/5)

Want to look like a psycho on your lunch break?Or, do you like to creep out family members with far too much detail about serial killers and aliens? Ever want to make sure your partner is right for you by testing their ability to cope with your oddly macabre sense of humor? Then this is the podcast for you! Love these guys!!

Yeah racism or people complaining about the racism jokes aren’t funny   (4/5)

But everything else about the show is enjoyable so just ignore those bits

The best of the best   (5/5)

Super well researched, excellent storytelling and often laugh-out-loud hilarious! The earlier episodes are a little on the abrasive side. I think they’ve really hit their stride in the last year or so.

NO   (1/5)

Sophomoric humor with one of the host cackling in the background .Others do the true crime/ comedy podcast better and with a natural unforced sense of humor . Trying to get through the Dean Corll episodes but this juvenile rubbish . Cheers.

Unlistenable   (1/5)

Mindless banter to hosts who laugh at their own obvious jokes. Too much BS to get through before getting to the story.

Good quality, impressions are too much   (3/5)

The hosts are really funny, good quality, but the constant impressions get super annoying. I like the storyline and they do great research, but an impression of every character or situation is actually very annoying. Belle Gunness episodes we’re so interesting but SO annoying

Only way I make it through some days   (5/5)

These guys are the best! The topics are thoroughly research and expressed through the incredible give and take between the three of them. If you want to be laughing during traffic for a change check this one out!

20% less trying to be funny and it’d be great   (4/5)

Had this show recommended to me. The guys really do seem funny, but there is just this air of relentless, desperate effort to be funny that takes you out of the show. If that were toned down I would listen to this all the time. The discussion is good, make that the focus. Seems like you’ll incidentally be funny! Sincere advice.

Love y’all!!   (5/5)

Greetings from planet Earth! Thank you all for being so f-ing amazing, and also for keeping company along my treks through these amazing United States, throughout the years. Everyone give these guys a listen, and hail yourselves (hail Gein!!)!!

All hail   (5/5)

Turns out I was wrong. When I finally warmed up to these 3 I realized the genius of concept and execution. Henry might be one of the best character actors there is. Hail satan!

Terrible 👎🏽👎🏽👎🏽   (1/5)

I had to turn it off after a while because I couldn’t stand the cheesy morning radio personality vibes.

I love these guys   (5/5)

You guys rock Don’t let loons that are giving bad reviews stop you They are funny and a little crazy 😜 lol Love you guys

I stand with Ben   (5/5)

All I gotta say is I agree Ben, I agree.

hail the boys!   (5/5)

desert island, pick just one podcast, this would be it.

Extremely obnoxious hosts   (1/5)

I am disappointed. The cases are very interesting but the hosts are terrible!!!! I started with the Kurt cobain episode and made it about 10 min in before I yanked my earpiece out. It’s so bad.

Marcus Parks rocks!   (5/5)

That pun works on 3 levels of Marcus. This is still my all time favorite podcast!

I LOVE these men   (5/5)

I don’t even know what to write here, other than that I love this podcast. I love Henry, Marcus and Ben for their various, amazing personalities and the research that goes into every episode is honestly staggering. As a woman, I felt like I needed to write a review so that other women don’t do what I almost did, which is ignore it, strictly because the hosts are men. These guys love women and respect women and I would probably stalk Henry (because I live in SoCal, I love Marcus and Ben too <3) if it wasn’t for his stunning wife! Keep it up guys, you keep me going on the daily. LUV U 4EVA

So good!   (5/5)

Great podcast for people who aren’t idiots.

Hail yourselves   (5/5)

According to Ben, I deserve a Pulitzer just for typing this.

Beavis & butthead if they grow into adult stoners   (2/5)

These are type of people who were a holes in high school and developed into human beings. Their podcast they are making fun of people with mental issues.before some jerk off was saying how he like put sex toys in his mouth. I know their comedy, but they just really nasty human beings. They feel need to be little others to justified why they so cool. When their greatest achievement was passing high school with cs and ds.

Can’t live without these guys   (5/5)

This is my go-to podcast for my commute. The research is excellent and all of the guys are hilarious, especially Ben. Yay Ben! Thanks for doing what you do.

Mormonism Episodes   (1/5)

Has anyone covering these episodes ever read the Book of Mormon in its entirety?

Amaze-balls!   (5/5)

Can’t stop listening! Going to be bummed when I’m finished binging them and have to wait for a new episode each week like a commoner ;) My family has gotten super used to my response from hearing my name called being, “Huh?,” because my earbuds are always in.

Kissel is right...   (4/5)

...from Mormon Episode 2, transcribing might be harder than just the dictating the story. Also, great podcast series. 👍👍👍 Never miss an episode. Love it.

It’s jocular talk.....   (5/5)

Heil Dogmeat, Too Real and The Truth!!

Incel superstars.   (1/5)

They might have even helped create the movement. It’s like a rehab program for incels....showing you too can rise to the top of the incel heap.

Hail Satan!   (5/5)

Hail me!

so good   (5/5)

all the topics are interesting!!!

Impregnate my girlfriend.   (5/5)

Hail detective popcorn!!

Disgusting , vile and tasteless   (1/5)

Really tasteless .

Ben Kissel snickers   (5/5)

Idiot literate! Gold, never change lol

Best Podcast Ever   (5/5)

Truly funny and fascinating. Love the guys. Hail Last Podcast Network !!!

Stupid, pointless, nonsense   (1/5)

Probably the most obnoxious podcast I’ve ever tried to listen to. A bunch of nerds who think they’re hilarious talking compete nonsense. It’s incredibly stupid in every way.

Obnoxious   (1/5)

Great concept with well researched topics but the hosts are obnoxious dude bros that scream over each other and laugh like donkeys for an hour. Lose Henry altogether and tighten up the other hosts, this could become good.

The Best   (5/5)

The best podcast available and if you think otherwise you’re factually wrong. Also Kissel drinks BL Lime and we all know it.

May corrupt your loved ones   (5/5)

My two year old heard this and bit me

Great podcast   (5/5)

Best podcast ever

Hands down my favorite pod cast   (5/5)

Hilarious and great at telling the story

Weekly escape   (5/5)

The boys are my weekly escape, as I listen to them religiously on my 40 minute drive back-and-forth to my somewhat serious job. They are hilarious & great at storytelling. The subject matter can range from true crime, to aliens, to truly outrageous things that I would rather not admit that I laugh at! Hail Yourself!

The A from the latest side story   (5/5)

Love the show long time listener from Arkansas! Is it possible the A in blood under the heart is reference to the book the scarlet letter?

Like wine   (5/5)

Been listening for years, they just keep getting better and better!

Funny and informative   (5/5)

This is the first podcast where I've listened to all episodes. Each guy plays a different role and does it well and they have a hilarious dynamic together

Funny/crude/loud/obnoxious/interesting/offensive   (5/5)

These guys are fun hosts, good topics, a little insensitive but lighthearted if a little ignorant. I don't assign someone else's values as my own just because I enjoy something they create. Have fun with the little things we have left! It's the end times!

Go somewhere else!   (1/5)

Wow doesn’t get much worse...... just wait!!!! Thought I would be able just to laugh along, but the outdated tropes and lack of anything of substance to add to any topic that they cover is just to overwhelming

Not my cup of tea   (2/5)

They were trying way too hard to be funny and missing the mark a lot. Maybe if I was drunk or high it would be better.

The Kings of the Cast   (5/5)

110% the best podcast in this sphere of existence. Let them into your collective unconscious!

Best podcast ever   (5/5)

Hilarious, love these dudes! I get worried it’s going to accidentally connect to some other Bluetooth while they’re talking about Sasquatch erotica but it’s cool. Everyone needs a bit of that.

Makes work easier to deal with.   (5/5)

Gets me through work day. The podcast is like having my friends covering different topics. Hail Yourself.

😍   (5/5)

Good research + hilarious group of guys. I have listened to every episode twice and I’m in love

Bless’d pod   (5/5)

Marcus and my mom share the same birthday. 5 stars.

Favorite podcast!!!   (5/5)

This podcast is amazing!! These three are so funny!! Amazingly well researched! I love true crime but I always learn something new from these guys! This podcast got me through 30 hours of labor!

This is when the cannibalism starts   (5/5)

BL for Ben

Great Podcast   (5/5)

I have been a listener since 2014, and still just as good! Keep it up guys!

Too much useless banter   (2/5)

It would be good if they didn’t think they were comedians. Each episode has about 45 min of their useless jokes and banter that’s off topic.

Hilarious!   (5/5)

My favorite. I love this show and the trio of weirdos that run it!

288 episodes deep and still going strong   (5/5)

I’ve made it this far, and it’s the only podcast I have never gotten sick of. Hilarious fellas, I can’t get enough of their witty antics! Keep up the great work Ben, Marcus, and Henry!

My new favorite podcast   (5/5)

Absolutely hysterical AND you learn something! How can you beat that?!?

Hail Satan!   (5/5)

So good, I’m re-listening to all the episodes and still laugh just as hard as the first time. I recommend listening to the heavy hitter episodes first because they’re educational and hilarious.

Best podcast out there   (5/5)

I’ve been listening to these guys for years, and it never gets old. The best, dark sense of humor and I love listening to them each week.

Amazing podcast   (5/5)

Not for people who can’t take a joke, as you can see from the very few low star reviews.

The guys are the best   (5/5)

Love this podcast. These guys make me laugh, they are different from each other that you know whom each is. Just an enjoyable podcast all around.

A great joy   (5/5)

Love the podcast! Always makes me laugh!

Comedy Gold!   (5/5)

These guys keep me sane during my work commute.

Best Choice of my Life   (5/5)

This podcast has brought me hours upon hours of entertainment. As someone who has always been interested in the creepier side of the world, these guys have given me something that filled a part of myself that was missing. I hope these boys never go away!

Greatest Podcast Ever   (5/5)

Detective Popcorn...enough said



I’ve tried & tried.   (1/5)

I’ve tried so hard to love this podcast but I just can’t. You have to be okay with crude, horrible, un-funny jokes at other people’s expense almost constantly. I’m no prude, don’t get me wrong, but so much of this podcast is just plain not funny and they love to showcase their bias on every single topic.

Uplifting and enlightening   (5/5)

I found this podcast about a year ago and I was instantly hooked. Coming from a family that doesn't have the best history with religion and cults, I can honestly say this podcast has helped me cope with things and has helped me be a happier person. I have always loved true crime, the paranormal, and just generally the darker subject matters of life and this podcast really brought that joy and fascination back into my life. Yes the subject matter is often very dark and disturbing but the way they discuss it really helps make things more palatable. Some other reviews say they go too far with these jokes but I have always had the mindset that joking about these things really help cope with how horrible people can be. I've introduced this podcast to so many people and they've all loved it. So if you like learning about all things dark, disturbing and weird, this is the podcast for you. PS Henry, Ben, Marcus, you guys and the LPN crew have helped make me a happier person and I can't thank you enough! Hail yourselves!

Megustalicious podcast!   (5/5)

I’m easily amused but I don’t laugh easily (which blows but I guess I’m a laugh snob idk), and these guys make me laugh so hard that I have an asthma attack like an old pathetic wheezing whoopie cushion. I have to use my inhaler more, but I think of you guys with every puff of that chemical laden life sustainer and smile...and require another puff...worth it. Please continue to assist me in laughing myself into an oxygen deprived stupor from which I may never return...absolute best way to go. Hail Seitan!

The best!   (5/5)

This show is the benchmark of my week. I cannot stand most other true crime podcasts as they tend to glorify the a-holes. These guys poke holes with humor in mystique of toxic masculinity surrounding people who do terrible things.

Serenity Now   (5/5)

Syrup Nazi here! Love the show. Rosy Cross carrying Illuminutty. Love you three like Brothers. May we all walk in the Garden and rock out to music beyond our wildest dreams. May true change come fast and furious. Live long and prosper. Fraters - Ben K, Henry Z. Marcus P. !!!! Sorors too let’s they #metoo they are our equals!!!

Laughter and death   (5/5)

Do you like laughing? Do you like murderers, cryptozoology, and government conspiracies? This podcast manages to do them all. Marcus is the brains of the show bringing all the facts, Ben is the conscience, and Henry is the humor. The three good friends bring every topic with levity, humor, and heart. If you thought there was nothing funny about Jeffrey Dahmer you’ll find that “there’s bones in the chocolate!!”

You make me smile!   (5/5)

I’ve been listening for about a year, and not to get all sentimental but y’all have helped me through a really tough time in my life - thank you for all the laughs! Had the pleasure of seeing the guys live in SLC, and that was awesome too. Lots of love from the Park City librarian, and keep it up!❤️

Mormonism part 1. AMAZING!!!   (5/5)

I live in Idaho Falls. I am in the epicenter of this cult. You guys are awesome. Marcus you are my hero. You guys are going to crush this series!

I like, congratulations.   (5/5)

Edutainment at its finest and the standard for what all other podcasts should aspire to be. While other podcasts rely solely on subject matter to reel you in, it is the hosts of LPL that truly make the difference.

Best Pod!   (5/5)

I love this show!!! It’s informative but it’s fun. I don’t feel so bad laughing about murder with these guys near! Keep it up!!!

Mormonism   (3/5)

I have to say I have pretty much enjoyed every episode I’ve listened to so far from you guys. Your podcasts are very entertaining and very knowledgeable on the details of what you were talking about, but I am an Lds member. I am not Active I don’t regularly going to church but I highly respect my religion and how I was raised. I never felt like I was in a Cult, my parents were never judge mental and I felt like I was raised in a wonderful environment. I can honestly say I have the best two parents that raised us with great values. I did feel like you were highly disrespectful about your comments on the religion even though you continued to deny that you were trying to make fun of our history. I would suggest maybe toning down the negative comments but I am only one person and my review probably won’t matter but it’s worth a try letting you know how I feel.

Amusing and educational   (5/5)

It’s funny, you learn a lot, can’t beat that! Sometimes their jokes go a bit too far, but that’s just a sense of humor thing that some might not appreciate. To me, it’s everything I’ve been looking for in a podcast, love it!

Love this show!   (5/5)

My husband and I look forward to this show every week! I do make him listen first, because I get a smidge squeamish about a few of their topics. I generally avoid the heavy hitters, but I can’t get enough of the cryptids, aliens and paranormal stuff. The show is super dark, but they are respectful of victims. They are hilarious and relentless at mocking serial killers

Know-it-all leftist history   (2/5)

It’s entertaining if you can get past the liberal judgmental BS, and just focus on the story they are trying to tell. Thanks

Great for new parents   (5/5)

Want something to entertain, teach, and keep you in positive spirits while changing a blowout diaper at 4 AM. Look no further that TLPOTL?

Review   (5/5)

Ben is fat and the ugliest and he’s tall.

One of the best   (5/5)

These guys do some magic where once you hear them you’ll find you have an ear worm and search out more.

Good Friday   (5/5)

From St. Thomas Episcopal church, We love your mysteries and listen all the time, We still think satan is gay but you are very funny Henry so it’s ok. All the best, -Genesis Boys Choir

Best true crime podcast   (5/5)

Henry is the funniest Ben is the most informed/ stable Marcus: second best researcher outside only to Dan Carlin With their powers combined: the best podcast. #betterthanjoerogan

A weekly celebration of Marcus Parks   (5/5)

He’s honestly just the best 🤗

Used to be great. Now just political 👎   (1/5)

The early episodes of this podcast were amazing! So entertaining, well researched and very interesting. Now you should just rename it Abe Lincoln’s Top Hat #2. I don’t even disagree with you politically but I’m so sick of hearing about it and every episode you seem to add more and more. Unsubscribing and hoping to find another entertaining podcast that’s doesn’t just end up a political rant.

Great job!   (5/5)


Congratulations   (5/5)

One of thee best podcast ever!! Love it!! But Congratulations Chris D’elia podcast is the best ever!!!

Thanks   (5/5)

This podcast helps me get through life..... seriously.

Love the boys!!   (5/5)

This is my number one favorite podcast! Thanks for making me laugh. Love you guys!

funny   (5/5)

some of it can be in bad taste sometimes, but their hearts are in the right place.

The greatest   (5/5)

The best!

Nothing like anything else!! Truly love them so much!   (5/5)

Every time a new podcast uploads I stop everything to listen! I love you guys! Love love love!!!! They always make me so happy they truly are my favorite podcast! They have given me so much I really wish I could give them back half of the laughs and the good times. 10/10

Best podcast   (5/5)

I listen to a lot of podcasts, but the boys are my favorite. I’ve listened to every episode and have loved listening to them grow up and hone their craft. Hail yourself!

Uhhhhhhhhhhhh!   (5/5)

This is the best thing to happen to my career since I was hired! Keeses!

suggestion   (5/5)

love you guys, especially love hearing henry get fired up. I think henry should be allowed to rage from time to time. LET THE LITTLE MAN ROAR

Henry is NOT funny   (4/5)

This podcast is genuinely enjoyable. Super well-researched and presented and pretty funny much of the time. I wish it was just Ben and Marcus. They are consistently able to present information and have pleasant banter. Henry is wildly obnoxious, frequently offensive, and occasionally racist. His jokes are funny 1/10 tries and he seems to think he’s way funnier than he actually is. I still love listening and his idiocy doesn’t diminish the listening experience too much, this would be a top notch ‘cast if Henry wasn’t involved honestly.

MFM for Men   (5/5)

It’s just like my favorite murder, the jokes are a little darker. If you don’t like MFM, you won’t like this. If you love MFM, you’ll find this hilarious.

Best podcast ever   (5/5)

true crime, cryptids, magick, faeces, and all the weird things in between are covered in an insightful yet hilariously horrifying way. Marcus, Henry, and Ben are the best

Obsessed   (5/5)

Love them, would marry all of them! well researched content and just hilarious. They deserve ALL the stars ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

National Treasures   (5/5)

These guys are national treasures. My wife told me that before I listened, and her track record is still unblemished. Marcus, Henry, and Ben are the best in the game.

Love it   (5/5)

The Live show I went to this last year was one of my favorites (like better than MFM and Criminal live shows and I really liked those). The ridiculousness of the podcast makes my brain feel better.

Hilarious and informative   (5/5)

Many true crime podcasts are either too light or too serious, but LPOTL occupies a sweet little spot right in the middle. Each of the three hosts brings a different kind of brilliance to the table. They are thorough, eloquent, well-researched, and hilarious. Sometimes the humor is clever and sometimes it’s dumb, but I mean, that’s every day real life comedy baby. They are some of the most hard-working and fan-oriented people in the biz, and I appreciate them so much. They do a live stream once a week and I would recommend checking it out because getting to see/know them makes the podcast even better. LLL x

The only podcast that matters   (5/5)

When it comes to choosing between keeping close personal relationships fostered over years and years or constantly debating who would win in a fight between Carl Panzram and Richard Kuklinski, all I gotta day is good riddance and TRIPLE L! Hail me.

Hail Satan   (5/5)

Don’t make the mistake I did and listen to this podcast in public. It made me LOL and got me dirty looks from everyone at the bar.... 🤷🏼‍♀️

It's a great and funny show!   (5/5)

Been listening for about a year and Henry, Marcus, and Ben are gret.

🙄🙄🙄   (2/5)

The topics they cover are really interesting and I enjoy listening to them, HOWEVER they make way to many guy jokes to the point that I have to fast forward to them, their pretty gross. On top of that the jabs they take at Christians is pretty gross as well. We get it. You guys don’t like Christianity. But you can drop it. Not every Christian is as bad as you paint them in your show. It’s getting unbearable to listen to your show at this point.

Hated it.   (1/5)

Have tried multiple times to get into their podcast since I always hear it recommended but I don’t see why. They are all so annoying and can’t get over how obnoxious and loud they are.

Used to be great   (2/5)

I was a devoted listener for about 2 years but the last six months the content has fallen drastically. Side stories is awful and has no real content but bad jokes. The hosts can barely make it through a regular episode without some stupid bro talk and bad jokes every two minutes. It’s become work to listen to unfortunately.

Laughed so hard at work   (5/5)

I am pretty sure it’s why I got fired. For the record, it was Flavortown 2: Flavorbound that got me.

Marcus, Henry and Ben are the best!!   (5/5)

This show is my favorite podcast. I’ve listened to almost ever episode. I’m thinking about making my second go through! Thanks to the guys! Hail Satan!

My Absolute Favorite Podcast   (5/5)

I love this podcast so much. I’m studying to become a forensic pathologist, and many of the other people I meet are interested in True Crime. Whenever anyone mentions a case that interests them, chances are that LPOTL has mentioned it! I’ve gotten so many people hooked on this show.

Incredibly informative and absolutely hilarious   (5/5)

Ever since discovering Last Podcast I’ve become mildly obsessed. The amount of research done for each episode is insane and they manage to make me laugh about the darkest most messed up topics. I can’t recommend it enough. Love these dudes.

i tried   (2/5)

i really tried to get into this podcast, but their side tangents and the talking over each other got very old, very fast.

Mostly fun and informative   (4/5)

I say mostly only because the hosts are a little too credulous when it comes to UFOs, conspiracy theories, etc. But when they talk about true crime, serial killers, and the like these guys really cook!

Not bad   (3/5)

I liked the Bonnie & Clyde series. Other episodes I’ve listened to has some nonsense that’s not even related to the topic or even funny.

Best Podcast Platform, no arguments.   (5/5)

I don’t want to listen to any other podcast. I just go back in the library and retro listen. Do it, [email protected]!

Can we just...   (5/5)

Can we just have an episode of y’all talking about slipknot? 😂

The best   (5/5)

I adore you guys. The best podcast to listen to while I’m knitting or working. Hail Satan!

Forever the best!   (5/5)

I’ve been listening to these guys for over three years now, and I continue to grow more and more hooked with every episode. The extensive research done behind these topics, and the non stop laughs they provide make for such a well rounded podcast. I met these guys at their live show last year and they were the most genuine and respectful people ever. Keep it up guys!

long time listener shout out   (5/5)

thanks for being my podcast touchstone in Tokyo. and marcus is right, no one listens to podcasts in Japan. i asked a few people what podcasts they listened to, they looked at me like i had a d!ck on my forehead. untapped market! though the translation would be really hard. anyhoodle! keep up the good work! お疲れ様です!

Hilarious edutainment   (5/5)

Love my boys at Last Podcast - hilarious and a great ray of light in this dark world.

My favorite true crime podcast   (5/5)

I seriously love this podcast. Most true crime podcasts struggle to balance comedy with getting through the story, but LPONTL nails it. I love how they each add their own personality to it. Henry and Ben are hilarious and Marcus is an excellent researcher and narrator. I would recommend this to everyone who likes true crime!

delicious and covered in butter   (5/5)

can’t get enough - this podcast brings me great joy. always learning and always laughing. unbeatable!

Love this show   (5/5)

Met my best friend through a common interest in the podcast. We really bonded over these weird guys talking about crimes. I’ll always cherish this podcast. As long as they keep putting out episodes, I’ll keep listening.

The gold standard   (5/5)

I can’t say enough good things about LPOTL it’s by far my favorite podcast and the guys not only teach me but entertain me every single episode. Hail yourselves!

It’s   (5/5)

Of my life owes pwoppwwppwopwo


My most listened to podcast by a mile. keep it coming boys.

Oddly...   (5/5)

....this is my second review! I don’t think I’ve ever done that before. I have to say that this podcast did something I wasn’t expecting. I’ve been through a string of very psychologically abusive relationships throughout my life. I just got out of a particularly painful one a year ago. Listening to you guys talk about the psychology behind sociopaths, their victims and abusive relationships had really helped bring me understanding and closure. I can’t tell you how much that means to me. Thank you.

In love   (5/5)

I freaking love these guys. The humor is right up my alley and the topics are fantastic.

My Fist Podcast Review   (5/5)

This is a really good podcast. Probably my favorte thing is all the info on UFO's and ghosts. I have listened to all the episodes and I steal their jokes and tell them to my friends all the time. Very dark subject matter sometimes but that goes with the territory. Hail Satan

Fun spin on true crime   (5/5)

You have to have a bit of a twisted and juvenile sense of humor to get these guys. I have both of those. It makes me laugh when they make fun of serial killers. Def one of my favorite shows.

Best podcast on the left!!   (5/5)

Haha this pod is too funny. The axe murder guitar solo gets me every time. Zebrowski is the best!

Beat show on iTunes   (5/5)

This podcast definitely gets me through the work days smoothly. Hail Satan

delete Henry   (1/5)

The content of this podcast is wonderful and unique but Henry is literally the most cringey disgusting repulsive human being I’ve ever heard speak and he ruins this podcast entirely. I try to start episodes but within a few minutes of him speaking I have to listen to something else because he is literally the worst.

Listening to this podcast in 1/2 speed   (5/5)

you should hear them talk about old navy pants in slow motion.

Its ok   (3/5)

They cover interesting topics with an interesting take and a lot of information but they put to much of their personal politics and far to much cop bashing in some episodes.

Not sure why people like this podcast   (1/5)

I tried to get into it, but the hosts come off as a bunch of foul mouthed 12 year olds trying to talk over each other. Maybe some of their episodes have interesting content, but good luck sitting through the failed attempts at humor to get to it.

Deliciously evil   (5/5)

Just found this show but I have already listened to the ones about the big time killers. I love everything about this show. Thank you for doing the bloody benders but you have to do one about Chernobyl.

Funny af   (5/5)

Great side stories as usual and thanks Henry for the Lizzo suggestion, I love her 😍 my sis told me she’s a classical flute player and posts Instagram stories every week where she twerks and plays music😂 keep up the good work guys!

So good yet so mediocre   (3/5)

50% gold 50% fluff

Sonically Agreeable   (5/5)


Intriguing Cases and Hilarious Banter   (5/5)

I’ve been listening in for almost a year now and every podcast feels like I’m catching up with old friends. These guys know their stuff and I respect the amount of research they put into their work. My old American Literature professor at good old Queens College, a.k.a The Harold Schechter would definitely approve. It’s also nice to just have a laugh at the absurdities of the world with Side Stories and the rare treat that are the Creepypasta episodes. When life gets tough it’s nice to know there will most likely be a new episode to turn on with the perfect balance of humor and true crime. Thanks for doing what you do!

Love love love this podcast.   (5/5)

Listening to the Bonnie & Clyde stories and just laughed and laughed but also intrigued by the story telling. I am hooked on the podcast. I can’t wait for more episodes.

These fellas are awesome!   (5/5)

These guys are so good, they can add a little comedy to some crazy events in history. I love the Irishman impersonation in The Donner Party part II. 😂🤣 Keep up the great work fellas!

The very best podcast in the BIZ   (5/5)

I am absolutely obsessed with LPOTL. they are so hilarious and have truly learned so much from their shows. I have about an hour commute daily and is sometimes the best part of my day. We saw their live show in SLC, UT this year and was so amazing! Genuinely down to earth guys that truly love their job. Definitely recommend to those that love true crime, comedy (trust us) and some conspiracy theories!

Long lost friends   (5/5)

I recently stumbled onto TLPOTL and was instantly doubled over in laughter. Each episode is better than the next and even better the second time around. Marcus Parks aka dog meat is the man with the facts. And his laugh is the most contagious, possibly a future murder accomplice? You tell me! Henry ‘Hong Kong ‘Zebrowski is the funniest man alive, keeping the podcast listener in shape from laughing so hard. With them big GD HANDS! Lol. And last but certainly not least, the elephant in the room -Ben Kissel is the voice of reason and devils advocate. Is he a time traveling nazi? Possibly. He seems like he ran thru many a polish towns toting an mg42.... or was that his grandfather? Either way these three form an unholy trinity and I say to them.... HAIL SATAN!! HAIL GEIN!! HAIL YOURSELVES!! MEGUSTALATIONS!

Hit or miss   (3/5)

Their subjects are always well researched and interesting. The digressions and hysterical laughter get old quickly.

The best!   (5/5)

This podcast is so great. The boys are hilarious and Marcus is always so prepared with the information and facts about the topic. Definitely worth a listen if you love to learn about the macabre and the supernatural. To those who say this lacks the female perspective: that’s because they’re literally all dudes. How can they provide a perspective that isn’t their own? If you want the female perspective, go listen to My Favorite Murder. You guys are awesome. Don’t change a thing.

First thing I did   (5/5)

I realize I could have written this review via Android, but no. I got an iPhone and the first thing I did was subscribe to LPOTL and the second thing I did was write this review. Pros: LPOTL is highly therapeutic. When I feel bad I listen to Ben read Creepy Pasta and everything is right with the world. Cons: I now feel like most people are serial killers and that the moon is hollow, but Trump is president so any dystopia is possible.

Can’t stop   (5/5)

I love these three! They all add something to the pod! Marcus and Henry really delve into their topics and do great research! Keep it up gents!

Great Podcast   (5/5)

Been listening to a ton of podcasts but needed a break from the politics and found LPOTL through a friend who’s been singing praises for years. These guys are fascinating- Marcus’ narrative style mixed with Henry’s improvisational “history acting” and Ben’s pleas for common sense and normalcy make me laugh to myself a lot, while listening through my ear buds. Not a podcast to listen to with toddlers in the car but a great podcast for a couple who likes to watch the travel and discovery channels. I have learned so much and can’t wait to hear what else they cover.

Lame   (1/5)

The guy with the voices is such a tool.

Use your brain   (5/5)

While it’s clear to see the moral development and awareness of the hosts has grown over time (all these uppity butts better remember where they started too), the guys have SUCH refreshing perspectives. I read comments that they don’t have a woman’s perspective, and I wholeheartedly disagree. They’re really well-educated about bias and prejudice, individual and systemic, against bipoc and women, etc. Someone talked about how the JonBenét case had gross comments made about the victim- it’s smart and informed comedy. If you take what these guys say at face value and don’t understand the nuances of what they’re doing, you’re a goon, and you’re missing out on quality content.

Best podcast on the left   (5/5)

Easily my favorite podcast. I listen to it almost everyday on my hour long commute and it always picks me up on the long drive. Covering everything a horror, true crime, sci fi, etc. fan loves and funny as hell while doing it. #1 good spooky boys

5 Stars   (5/5)

If you give this podcast anything less than 5 stars, you probably also like the sound of puppies burning alive, put mayo on your French fries, and think nickelback is a “Great F*ckin band dude!!” By the way Marcus sent me here.

They are rather pre occupied with their weenies   (1/5)

title says it all

I had to change my review from 1 star to 5!   (5/5)

I’m not gonna lie, at first, I gave this podcast a 1 star and just immediately stopped listening. I recently gave it another try because they covered a case I was interested in, and I gotta say, these guys do their research! I’m very impressed and have listened to a few more episodes since, and I had to change my review to 5 stars. Thanks for putting so much effort into the facts, and continuing to up your game.

Love!   (5/5)

I love this podcast and I’ve learned so much! These guys make me look forward to getting in my car every day. It’s definitely not for everyone, but if you have the right sense of humor and get to know these guys, you’ll never look back!

anyone rating 4 stars or less   (5/5)

it’s a comedy true crime podcast, if you don’t like comedy in it you need to go somewhere else. all of you people whining and saying things like “normally i have a sense of humor...but” probably have the personality and sense of humor of a wet paper bag. quit being sour and let these guys keep being great

Best podcast all around.   (5/5)

The chemistry the 3 have is remarkable which makes it not only easy to listen to but exciting. the deep research that’s done & the effort put into each episode is outstanding. the fact that these three men don’t get the respect and recognition they deserve is mind blowing. keep up the good work guys

Love these dudes   (5/5)

This has been my favorite podcast for like five years, and I only love them more each episode.

Not for the faint of heart   (5/5)

These guys are refreshing in a lot of ways- they don't censor themselves and are unapologetically... dark. The combination of personalities and interests is what makes this podcast so Spicy. Marcus is an excellent narrator and researcher- (he has several degrees on this stuff) and Henry's commentary and input as a comedian and actor is hilarious and often times makes the story a little lighter. If you find the laughter annoying, and just want the story, this is not the podcast for you. Ben Kissel's level headedness and light hearted input is a relief sometimes. I do wish they would mention the victims more. Also, if you are too ' mature' to laugh at penis, butt, and fart jokes you're dead inside. As a woman, activist and researcher, these guys absolutely make my freakin day. Hail Yourselves!

Person who called 4 stars or less raters “stupid idiots” is right.   (5/5)

You really don’t deserve to listen to this podcast.

🤘   (5/5)


It’s 5, Stupid Idiots   (5/5)

If you didn’t give this 5 stars, you didn’t deserve to hear it

Hail   (5/5)

One of the best true crime/occult podcasts out there, it’s funny, informative and overall awesome.

Marcus Marcus Marcus   (1/5)

Marcus needs his own podcast. I love em, but more and more often Ben is useless and Henry is an annoying mood-breaking screeching goon.

Obsessed   (5/5)

I’ve been working my way through this amazing podcast for months - every single day on my commute to and from work. Well researched and informative, hilarious, crude, and unapologetically authentic. I’ll admit, I am sometimes a little uncomfortable telling people this is my all time favorite podcast, lol! Keep it up, I only fear for the day I get caught up and have to wait for new episodes!

💚💚💚   (5/5)

Love you guys!!! I’m recently new to the podcast world heard about you guys through another podcast. And haven’t been stop listening. I’m at the point where I’m running out of episodes 😞. Keep doing what your can’t wait for the next episode 💚😊.

❤️   (5/5)

Love this podcast! The guys are hilarious.

Great Topics, Bad Humor   (3/5)

Guys, you obviously do your homework on your topics. I honestly appreciate that. But man, the endless breaks of bad accents, impressions, and jokes really kill the shows for me. No doubt, you guys are funny but the barrage of you guys trying to “out funny” each other after anybody noted with a funny last name is mind numbing. I couldn’t even make it through your Rendlesham Forest podcast

Disturbing Offensive Content   (5/5)

Appalling! The so called Hong Kong Harry is NOT FUNNY. The racism is terrible and these Trump supporting frat boys are disgusting! The host of the show, Blake, is the worst of all! His alcoholic rants glorify Coors light binges and drunk driving. My kids listened to it and I had to explain to my son Berthard, what finger blasting was! He will never be the same after listening to this “podcast.” Worst of all is the quiet guy Mark. I AM SURE HE HAS MURDERED. He gives me chills and I know people. Do not listen to this “show” You will be irreparably damaged. I hope Christ smites these satan worshipers and that they burn in eternal hellfire. Amen.

My kind of guys   (5/5)

I should have given you these stars four years ago, and for that I am sorry. Love what you fellas do and always lookin forward to what’s coming next!

Hong Kong Henry Zebrowski   (5/5)

Amazing podcast! Love the different material they cover!!!

Hilarious   (5/5)

This podcast fits my sense of humor to a T. I recommend this to anyone with a dark twisted side

Hail LPOTL   (5/5)