Aggregated reviews for Live In Concert from NPR's All Songs Considered

Hear live shows from Spiritualized, Andrew Bird, Wilco, Bon Iver, Alabama Shakes, Beirut and many more. Recorded by NPR Music at venues and festivals across the country.

!!!!!!!!   (3/5)

This is great! A hundred excellent live shows that I can listen to whenever I want! The range of these shows is amazing, and the sound quality is awesome. Problem is, anytime you fast-forward or listen to a different song on an ipod, it brings you back to the start. You can press pause and play, but anything else will restart the podcast! What the heck? Fix this and this will be a six star review, but right now it's just really frustrating!

NPR   (4/5)

Thanks very much for the podcasts...Terrific, I am most definitely over-gorging on not just the quantity,but also the quality of your offerings...keep it coming....

The best....the absolute best!   (5/5)

Thank you, thank you, thank you! That's all I can say. This podcast is amazing!

Hours of drive time bliss...   (5/5)

This goes beyond a "service." These a little bits of music history. It's hard to get one's head around how diverse a range of music is represented here... and did they make it clear THIS IS FREE!

Leonard Cohen at the Beacon Theater   (5/5)

Fantastic sound and music - can't wait for the CD! Great job NPR - as always! Thanks!

Amazing   (5/5)

Getting great songs, news, and podcasts all for free was too good to be true. So during member drive season they finaly guilted me into becoming a supporting member.

Fantastic   (5/5)

All songs considered is THE place to find new music. Bob Boilen and co. do such an incredible job of bringing new music to a society where corporate noise pollution is force fed down our throats. More importantly, ASC give music the perspective necessary to be truly appreciated. Whether it's from an artists interview or Bob's own interpretation, ASC will change the way you find, listen to and appreciate music. Live concerts is incredible. Take the best bands around today, record a smaller, intimate concert and podcast it for free. I can only imagine how gratifying these podcasts are to the artists themselves. I have spent hundreds of dollars on concert tickets as a direct result of hearing these. In short, Live Concerts and All Songs Considered have made me a NPR fan for life and are the primary medium for finding great new music. Thanks.

So... amazing...   (5/5)

I can't even fathom the extreme awesomeness of this.

Thank You!   (5/5)

A Truly Great Podcast with great music. Thank You for teh free radiohead concert they are truly one of the best bands alive. Thank You so much for the free concert, NPR hooray!

I'm glad I found this!   (5/5)

Thank you, NPR!

GREAT podcast!   (5/5)

One of my favorites so far. Some of the best band selections for sure..& most at their best here. GREAT podcast. I'm a fan from the get-go. Way to go NPR!

excellent podcast   (5/5)

This podcast is so good. I totally wish I got to go to all of the concerts that this podcast puts out, because they are all amazing. It's unbelievable how much talent NPR is able to report on.

NPR can do no wrong   (5/5)

stupendous. obscenely good. and FREE!

Great Radiohead   (5/5)

a free Radiohead concert with their biggest hits this is really awsome I love Radiohead

Great Experience   (4/5)

This is a great way to hear your favorite artists live. However, the 'narrator' at the beginning is not necessary... "The house lights are dimming... People taking out their cell phones..." There doesn't need to be anyone telling us that. Other than that, excellent.

This is awsome...   (5/5)

being able to have these recordings, of some really great music, is worth my membership with NPR.

Holy Wow   (5/5)

awsome bands?! full concerts?! free?! I love my comrades at the NPR :)

Another gift from the national treasure: NPR   (5/5)

Hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of hours of free music that is well-recorded from fine artists. Who but NPR in concert with passionate artists could provide so much pleasure for all of us?

the best   (5/5)

this is so freaking cool! highly recommend the DCFC.

Thank You NPR.   (5/5)

Thank you NPR for bringing us these amazingly performed tunes. The only thing I am upset about is that I didn't know about it sooner. Take a listen, they are well recorded, great bands/performers and will make you happy. All for the price of breathing air. Enjoy.

What a vault!   (5/5)

NPR really gets it don't they. I constantly find myself tuning in, be it radio or these podcasts, to bring some prospective to this world. Bob Boilen really seems to approach these particular podcasts with reverance and exuberance. Great Job all! I would like to see more of those "small office" videos, or some other venue videography, but I'll be more than thankful for what I get.

Amazing   (5/5)

Tom Waits!! NPR opens a window where ticketmaster closed a door

Wonderful   (5/5)

I've discovered a lot of new artists from this (and other NPR) podcast and I have to say "Thank You". While not every show will have someone I like, more often than not I either get someone I love or someone I am going to love.

Great!!!   (5/5)

This is one of the best finds I have had on Itunes. It does not get much better than this. From Radiohead to The Walkmen, there is much to listen too and it is unedited--and free!!! I'm not sure how you beat this.

Oh, sí, fantástico   (5/5)

Pues simplemente fenomenal: Arctic Monkeys, Spoon, Black Mountain, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Jose Gonzalez, y más más más!!! Un delirio. Radiohead, por dios! Hay que suscribirse ya, es imprescindible. Gracias, NPR! Gracias!

Raise your lighter, er, cell phone high!!   (5/5)

Thank you NPR and Apple for brining these awesome concerts to us!! I light my lighter app on my iPhone while listening to many of these shows!!

Simply outstanding   (5/5)

The Live Concert series is simply amazing - where else can you find such a perfect triumvirate of quality artists, quality recordings, and free files! Look through their huge catalog - such an incredible array of artists, you're sure to find a bunch you like, a bunch you've always wanted to check out, and a bunch you've never heard of but will never forget. Big ups to NPR for continuing this series, and for now making them available as podcasts (I remember a couple years agao, when I had to stream them to listen)!

Embarrassment of Riches   (5/5)

A pristine copy of the Radiohead tourclosing show at Santa Barbara? A rare Nickel Creek live show? The Frames? The Raconteurs? Just crazy that we have these shows. Thank you forever, NPR!!

Awesome :]   (4/5)

Can you get the 'Jonas Brothers' on here? Please?

Thanks NPR!   (5/5)

This is such a credit to NPR and their on-going commitment to the general public. The fact that all of the concerts are free, not to mention the outstanding production quality, is such a treat. Thank you so much NPR!!

woooooow   (5/5)

ya got stephen malkmus and shieeeeeeeiieieieiet

A great treat!!   (5/5)

Thank you NPR. You rock. Doc Watson was an especially nice treat.

Awesome!   (5/5)

Screw the videos, games, or the applications, this is what's filling up my Ipod, and it's FREE! Thanks Itunes and NPR!

Great concept, HORRIBLE sound quality   (3/5)

I LOVE NRP!!! I'm just wondering how the sound techs were able to bring an olympic sized swimming pool to each of these concerts.. and why in the world they would choose to record all of this great content under 12 feet of water? The idea is so unique, I jumped at the chance to get this for my ipod. I got in my car, plugged in the pod and was all set for an amazing sound experience.. WOW was I wrong! PLEASE fix this! Plug into the board, use better microphones, whatever.. I downloaded 4 concerts and the sound is terrible on each of them. My car stereo couldn't make these concerts pop, I also tried my home stereo (Onkyo603) and the sound is really sub-par. The concept is great, the sound quality... well, I already wrote about that in the title

One word...   (5/5)


Amazing!!!   (5/5)

These are awesome! The whole concert recorded into one thing! I have been waiting for something like this. Pleeeze try to get Foo Fighters, Weezer and Puddle of Mudd. They are my three favorite bands!

I've never been more excited about a podcast find   (5/5)

This is an amazing series. I am constantly finding things that are new and exciting. The sound quality is great, and content even better. Keep this comming NPR!

The Jakob Dylan set is great/I had trouble finding it   (5/5)

I particularly enjoyed the Jakob Dylan set. It wasn't readily apparent to me as it was on the same Podcast as the Young @ Heart Chorus. Maybe someone could indicated in the Description when there are multiple artists on one Podcast.

These are lame songs!!!!   (2/5)

Maybe you should add pretty RECENT songs not old timer songs!!!!!

Thank you with true sincerity...   (5/5)

What can really be said that has not already...? I was brought to this web-cast via the Newport Folk Festival and cannot believe the wonderful music available for EVERYONE! This is truely a treat and an unneeded reminder of how much NPR offers the public. Thank you so much for this and all that you do. If you are not a member, please do yourself and the human race a favor and join! You will be a better person for it...we all will!

Outstanding   (5/5)

One of those things that renews my faith in the internet. Love it.

Great   (5/5)


Travis Live in Concert   (5/5)

You have got to download this concert. It is fantastic. I listen to it more than any Travis CD or any other CD for that matter. This podcast made me love Travis music and I can't wait to see them live the next time they come to Dallas. I think I am gonna give it as a Christmas gift this year...that is how much I love it.

What a treasure trove!   (5/5)

Here you'll find new discoveries and old favorites. Who else would do this? Some you'll listen to, then delete. Others are real keepers.

The Femi Kuti Concert is amazing   (5/5)

I've heard Fela Kuti before but this is the first time I've ever hear Femi, its really a stunning concert from beginning to end.

great but...   (5/5)

this was awesome but what happened to all the concerts??? i never got to download them.

A virtual treasure chest.   (5/5)

Just fantastic. Concerts from bands I love, The Arcade Fire, Wilco, Josh RItter, and Belle & Sebastian, and from bands I've wanted to check out but haven't gotten to yet, Iron and Wine, Spoon, and The National. Thank you NPR. You are one class act. Keep on rockin'

God Bless NPR   (5/5)

I used to get all the NPR music podcasts (before there were so many) , but know I just cut to the chase with some live music. This is very satisfiying.

Shhhhh...Would be worth paying for.   (5/5)

A great diverse selection of artists. I actually check who's coming to these venues in D.C. to see what NPR will be broadcasting. Love the shows from The Black Keys, Arcade Fire, Ted Leo & Cat Power. Looking forward to the John Doe & Wilco shows!! Keep it up!

So few a Review???   (5/5)

Wow! I just have a hard time understanding how the best podcast has so few reviews. The Frames. Swell Season. Iron and Wine. Now, Bon Iver. Someone at NPR knows exactly what the "is" is all about. THANK YOU NPR.

Doc Watson podcast   (5/5)


One of THE best podcasts out there.   (5/5)

The music and recordings are phenomenal. I can't recommend this enough.

what's up with gogol bordello?   (1/5)

it said 45+mins on the itunes store, but after i download it... it became a 1:22 minute time lapse video... WT-!

This is the best podcast on itunes!   (5/5)

I downloaded the Ted Leo concert, when it opened with Sons of Cain I felt like I was there.

oh. my. gosh.   (5/5)

Where have you been all my life? This is an amazing idea, with great sound quality, especially for a live recording. It's strictly the concert, they don't try to stuff in a bunch of promo stuff at the beginning of the recordings. The selection is also great and getting better all the time. It's like they looked at my library before choosing which concerts to put up here. Can we get some LCD Soundsystem though?

Great Diversity   (4/5)

A very worthwhile show, especially for those of us who can't get to concerts frequently. I've discovered some great new artists on here. Sound quality is spotty as you would expect with live recording in various venues, but this is great material to have alongside the studio recordings.

One of itunes best kept secrets.   (5/5)

So far all the concerts I've downloaded have been pretty good sound quality, and a great selection of well known to up and coming artists. Great for your ipod and especially great for free. Thanks itunes.

An Amazing Podcast   (5/5)

Not only do they have all the bands you love, they're in concert! So if you couldn't make the last show that came to town, you can always listen to them here! It's Great! Superb! Fantastic! Its (insert word here)!

Great Quality, Great Concerts   (5/5)

Well worth subscribing to. The quality and diversity of concerts will make this podcast a regular treat and worth saving on that hard drive.

NPR is awesome for having these live concerts for download!   (4/5)

Check out the Neko Case concert if you are going to listen to any of these, it is a gem. She is a wonderful musician and is a lot of fun to listen to. There is not a bad song in the whole hour and a half long concert. If you are a Neko fan, you'll love this, and if you've never heard of her, you need to give this a listen!

wow   (5/5)

pure brilliance in audio format deff check out the hold steady, rilo kiley, and gogol bordello concerts if you are fans even if you aren't you will be

ahh!   (5/5)

i think this podcast... changed my life. :D i love LOVE ben gibbard. he completes me.

Like Being There But Not   (5/5)

Family, Life, Job, Tedium... who can go to a concert once adulthood really sets in? These podcasts are like being there but not. Sit down to your computer, turn up the volume and dance your way through your day. Thanks NPR! All you out there reading this, become a member now! And then, do yourself (and your brain) a favor and tune into your daily station's news lineup. You don't know what you're missing...

Limited Selection   (3/5)

How can you call this "All Songs Considered" when at least 90% of the music here falls into some subgenre of Rock?

National Public Radio   (5/5)

This is just another reason why we should all support NPR. I love NPR. Every time I sit down to eat I listen along with "All Things Considered" and "Talk of the Nation". Of course "All Songs Considered" is a different kind of treat. Bob Boilen rocks!

Excellent!   (5/5)

There is a difference between listening to a cd, and listening to a concert. This podcast gives you the real concert experience!

Thrilled   (5/5)

Thanks! NPR is AMAZING! Swell Season is amazing!! Much appreciation!

Amazing!   (5/5)

Wow! Best podcast dicovery ever! Some faves, The National and Josh Ritter

Great Podcast   (5/5)

Great podcast, keep them coming.

HELL YES.   (5/5)

iTunes, I love you. FREE CONCERT BOOTLEGS FOR EVERYONE! Superb quality too! I mean it! Arcade Fire, OK Go, BJORK!!, and many others. Everything! Keep raking in the boots...perhaps...Chilis, or Electric Six? Yup we love ya. Rate this 5 stars to get more free boots!

Amazing Awesomeness   (5/5)

I was amazed when I saw that they were offering some of these great concerts for FREE!!!! FREE. Might I reiterate FREEEEE!!!! Yes, this has to be one of the best podcasts out there. I highly recommend subscribing. And if you are thinking twice about downloading a concert or two, FREE. The Josh Ritter concert is particularly good.

This is why NPR is awesome   (5/5)

I love all these bands, and the concerts are free, what could be better?

This is so amazing!   (5/5)

Great selection of bands and decent sound quality. Two thumbs up!

Who Knew?!?!   (5/5)

WOW!!! What an amazing lineup of talented indie artists!!! Be sure to give a listen to the Andrew Bird and Josh Ritter concerts. Also, I am not particularly fond of bluegrass music but Nickle Creek blew me away!!! I mean I could not believe my ears when listening to the guy on the mandolin tear up a solo at around the 30 minute mark, not to mention the guitar, the fiddle, and the harmony between the female and male vocals.... I think I like bluegrass now!!!

Amazing!!!   (5/5)

This is great! For those who enjoy live (free) music, this is a great resource!

please improve sound quality   (2/5)

terrible audio, too bad. Hey spoon live sounds just like me singing along with them on the treadmill

itunes best kept secret revealed   (5/5)

this is what podcasting should be, full shows from great bands. wow. thanks itunes and npr!

Cool but...   (3/5)

audio isn't that great, but still it's free and the selection is wide there's somthing for everyone. I just fdon't think the sound is as good as it could be

NEED BECK!!   (5/5)

You guys need the following: R.E.M. Beck White Stripes ... those are the only "alive" ones i can think of... how about Led Zep when they come back?

The First Real Podcast.   (5/5)

This podcast has an Arctic Monkeys show. I was never able to make their shows when they come to my home town. This is sweet... I have always wanted to go to an Arcade Fire Concert but never could.... THANK YOU NPR I LOVE YOU FOR THIS

LOVE IT.   (5/5)

I can't believe how awesome NPR is. I already listen to them all of the time but this is just a great PodCast. GREAT music, GREAT artists, GREAT podcasts. I am a fan. I'm considering becoming a member of NPR.

stupendous podcast orgy of excess   (5/5)

Another stupendous podcast orgy of excess! At first I downloaded the ones I didn't already have from the All Songs Considered podcasts, but it seemed maybe these now are offered in better fidelity than before. Getting them all--greedily--now I will have them all in one place, even if thirteen (by my count) are redundant from what I already had. When I will ever be able to listen to nearly three days' worth of music who knows, but it is nice to have a chance to try to find out. Nor would it be so great if the artists represented weren't all ones someone might care to listen to. Hearing music in a live setting that one has heard on CD is a nice bonus for having bought the CD in the first place. And the unfamiliar artists might be worth a listen to as well for this price of admission. Hugely recommended!

finally   (5/5)

It is about time all of these concerts are in one place. There are some great ones here.