Aggregated reviews for Lore

Lore is a bi-weekly podcast (as well as a TV show and book series) about dark historical tales. Each episode explores the mysterious creatures, tragic events, and unusual places that fill the pages of history. Because sometimes the truth is more frightening than fiction.

LORE!! 🤩 (5/5)

I love Lore! It’s one of the best podcasts that I’ve ever listened to! It’s very informative and at the same time creepy. I wouldn’t recommend this to anyone below ten years old, though. My sister’s eleven, and is scared of most ghost stories, so even for her I have to be very careful in the episodes that I let her listen to. The podcast can sometimes get a little graphic in their descriptions, (the podcast IS about “the other side” and vengeful spirits after all!), but as long as you don’t mind a little gore, and if you like getting scared, then Lore is the podcast for you!

Hi! (5/5)

This podcast is amazing !

Intriguing, creepy, bedtime stories (5/5)

I listen to this while falling asleep. The stories are interesting and the delivery is calm which lulls me to sleep. It’s not intended to be a sleep story but it works for me!

lore all day (5/5)

Dig this podcast. Very intriguing, imaginative, and informative. Sometimes it’s worth listening to an episode a second or third time through. Fantastic work Mr Mahnke!

Love the podcast - app is being weird though (4/5)

Might be the app, but every episode I press on plays the most recently published episode. Apple glitch I suppose? Love the podcast though! Definitely one of my go-to’s.

I like the podcast but (2/5)

Every episode I play is about Springheel Jack... I don’t know what happened it’s not on my end, I don’t think, because every other podcast I listen to is working correctly.


I have read all the books and listen to the podcast every moment I get

Thank you (5/5)

Love your voice, love the stories, enjoy the awesomeness of your podcast. Thank you for keeping me going daily at work!

Good stories, annoying robotic delivery. (1/5)

The research put in for the show is awesome. I feel like a lot of the times we like things that are a little different. The thing that kept me liking the podcast, is the thing chasing me away. The weird quirky voice used to be kind of cool but after awhile it becomes annoying. I am not at all trying to be mean but I am just giving my opinion.

Always wanting more (5/5)

This was my first podcast I really got into. I first watched the show on amazon and loved it! Than started listening to the podcast! I can’t get enough of these stores !!! I enjoy your other podcast Cabinet of curiosities and Unobscured!!! I have always liked history but thought the stores were a little one sided.

Good (5/5)

I think the stories you tell and how you tell them is quite fascinating to say the least my thoughts on it Good overall Good story Good performance Good visual Good in all factors go check it out

Creepy, intriguing folklore (5/5)

Such an amazing podcast full of facts, great story telling, and no bs podcast chit chat!! You need to listen to this podcast if you love short stories about common, and uncommon, lore.

Lore rating and review (5/5)

I love this podcast! The way he tells the story makes it scary and intresting

These are great (5/5)

My girlfriend just told me about this podcast the other day and I can’t stop listening. Well done and several give me chills.

Just perfect (5/5)

I don’t usually like podcasts because they’re annoying or boring, this one has been a surprising breath of fresh air. Love absolutely everything about it.

So intriguing (5/5)

This is great! It’s all the weird folk lore stuff I love and you learn so much each episode.

Look forward to listening (5/5)

Hi, I hear you like it when people say hi. I love, love, love your podcast. I’ve listened to every podcast (more the once) even the Lore extras. Only criticism, the podcast should be weekly; I would like more but a daily podcasts is probably asking for too much. Your narration is great, hauntingly hypnotic, don’t pay attention to criticism from nitpicking trolls looking to hate on something people like so much it was turned into an TV show.

Hi! (5/5)

Just became a huge fan! Thanks for keeping it interesting!!

Hi (5/5)

Hi! You say you like it when people say hi. I love this podcast!!!!!!!!! The third one is sooooo good. My 5th grade science teacher told me about the lunatic coming from the root word luna part. Please keep making these!! My world geography northern hemisphere got me hooked!!! We listen to it when we do our work sometimes

Hi (5/5)

I know you enjoy when people say hi, so I am doing so! I have begun listening to previous episodes of this podcast. I am in 2016 right now! Listening to you is a great way to help the long commute I occasionally have for work!

Great pod with fantastic host (4/5)

Very interesting podcast about dark history and legend. The way Aaron narrates though, takes it to a whole new level, and I don’t think anyone else could have made this podcast work. In the beginning, I didn’t think that this seemed like a very interesting concept, but after a few episodes, I totally changed my mind. Great for lovers of both history, and horror legend.

Too slow early... gets a little better in recent episodes (2/5)

We started at the beginning and found it a bit dry, slow, and boring. Some of the more recent ones are a little better but we are gonna pass!

My favorite podcast (5/5)

What a story teller! His material by itself is thoroughly intriguing but the way he narrates takes those stories to an even higher level! LOVE me some Lore:)

All (5/5)

I’ve been listening for ever now and I love your voice and the music. When the seasons change from summer to fall I know it’s time to bring out the lore. I’ve been listening to it so much I started it all over again and you’ve grown so much over the years of the podcast. I still think this is probably one of the most interesting and capturing podcasts out of any that I’ve tried listening to about folklore and scary stuff

Absolutely the best! (5/5)

Thank you for such a wonderful podcast. I’ve watched both seasons on prime also and hope more are coming. You’ve a wonderful talent, thank you so much for sharing it.

Absolutely fantastic! (5/5)

Arron Manhkey’s amazing narrating voice mixed with his amazingly written stories are so very alluring!

I haven’t stopped listening... (4/5)

This podcast and I have an on/off relationship. Lore is unique in its content and scope, which I appreciate. I have managed to listen to every episode and recommended it to friends. That being said, Aaron is a little obvious is his endeavors to be a great storyteller of our time and sometimes feels as if he’s trying too hard. Like if he submitted his scripts to a writing teacher, he would get them handed back red-lined throughout, chastising his overuse of quips and lackluster attempts to employ irony. But this is the world of Lore, and it’s his world, not a high school English class. I suppose he is entitled, and the podcast is a quality production with (typically) above average content. While I can definitely get my fill of Aaron Mahnke and need breaks before listening to more episodes, overall A- / B+.

The best podcast (5/5)

I’m ashamed it took me this long to review this podcast. Lore got me listening to podcasts and is something me and my husband look forward to every other week. Do yourself a favor and listen to the entirety of this podcast feed three times.

Hello and thank you (5/5)

Hi Aaron! You have the best voice for podcasts I’ve ever heard and I look forward to each and every episode you post. Keep them coming and thank you, Jeni

Voice is hard to listen to (1/5)

I wish I could ignore this because the stories are good.

Love these stories. (5/5)

Great storytelling and wonderful music. Deliciously creepy.

Fantastic!!! (5/5)

Hi Aaron! Lore is my absolute favorite podcast. Aaron is an excellent story teller plus his content is fascinating and fantastic!

the host -_- (2/5)

bored to death! i've listened to 3 shows. Something about this hosts voice. One of the most boring, robotic voices. Change the host. The stories are not bad.

My favorite podcast (5/5)

This is the podcast that got me into podcasts! I love it and keep coming back for more.

Best. Podcast. Ever (5/5)

I listen to this podcast in the car and before you know it I’m at my destination. Aaron Mahnke is a great story teller.

Hi (5/5)

Aaron likes when people say hi. I like when he makes podcasts. Every story is beautifully told and tied to a deeper pattern of human behavior. Seriously incredible talent behind these gripping podcasts.

Great info but... (4/5)

His conclusions sound like me writing an essay in 6th grade. I’m sorry dude but sometimes you are reaching and it sounds so cliche. I don’t mind your voice tho :) I still listen often.

Puns (5/5)

I live for your puns. Don’t ever stop!

Great content, Voice a bit annoying (2/5)

This podcast has some excellent content. But the voice reminds me of someone who doesn’t seem confident in their work and sounds a bit nasely. Not sure how to explain it other than it’s just not for me, almost puts you to sleep. I’m looking to be excited, similar toAstonishing Legends, not fall asleep driving.

RE: Host (1/5)

One of the worst voices and speech patterns in podcasting. Shocked this is as popular as it is.

Puts me in the Halloween spirit! (5/5)

I listen to Lore each October. Great prep for Halloween. Fun to listen at night with the lights dimmed and my pumpkins glowing.

Lore (5/5)

Every episode is gripping and beautifully told, truly one of the best podcasts out there.

So good (5/5)

I’ve been listening for years. Every episode is a pleasure to listen to.

Dull (1/5)

Unfortunately very monotone and boring. Sounds like someone reading an article. Desperately needs a co-host to discuss the topic, not simply read it aloud.

Excellent Storytelling (5/5)

The title says it all

Best Podcast EVER! (5/5)

I have listened to all of them!

One of my favorites (4/5)

I love the content of this podcast, but I do find the writing and the narration style a bit grating.

Lore is great! (5/5)

I’m Aaron Manke, and this, is Lore. I’ve honestly got that stuck in my head! My mom introduced to this to me and I’m (reasonably) obsessed with this podcast! It’s a little gory, but it’s great! You should check it out too, the first few are a little bumpy. I recommend starting from the latest episode. My favorite episode so far is called Debris. This me sign off, PEACE!

Used to be my favorite podcast (3/5)

It’s still a great podcast but recently every episode seems to have a “white man bad” segment that comes off more forced and takes away from my immersion.

Amaze balls (5/5)

I love this show. I love Aaron’s voice . I follow him on Twitter and I can’t help but read everything he writes in his Lore voice 🤘🏻🤘🏻😂

Excellent podcast! (5/5)

I listen to this podcast and my work, and the time just days by. I love the stories, so captivating!

Love it! (5/5)

A friend recommended and I’ve been listening every time I get a chance!

I think it’s great (5/5)

I finished a campfire story telling podcast and was looking for something similar, I’ve seen lore on amazon prime so figured I’d give it a chance. I’m new to podcasts in general, but I wanted to say that your podcast has actually been a great tool for the panic attacks I suffer from. I’m listening to them pretty much all day but it helps a lot to focus on this and just breathe, the guys voice is soothing and calm, and I’m happy I found this podcast. Thank you Aaron.

Here from day one (5/5)

And I’m still so in love with this podcast! I got my husband hooked and every time a new one is out we listen together!! Keep up the work Aaron, I know it’s hard work and I appreciate all that you do!

Self-care (5/5)

This podcast changed my life. I used to listen to music in the car, ruminating on anxiety and other negative feelings. I would would zone out on my long drives and feel like a zombie once I arrived at my destination, which was negatively impacting my work productivity. Then, I found this podcast. I don’t waste my time listening to the same songs on repeat anymore. The content is wonderful, and I could listen to Aaron read or say anything. I consider this my best form of self-care. I will often re-listen to old episodes when I cannot sleep, and it calms my anxiety and depression when I’m feeling off. My whole family listens now, and it’s even helping a grade school girl with her own anxiety. So, thank you Aaron, for helping us all get through rough days.

Best podcast! (5/5)

I’ve been obsessed with this podcast! My English teacher introduced me to this podcast and I listen to at least 3 episodes a day!

Great pod! (5/5)

Intelligent and mesmerizing. I enjoy every episode

Great Stories (5/5)

These are great. Have you ever researched the Benders and Benders Mounds in Kansas?

Horrifying! (5/5)

I love almost everything horror and this was no different. Please listen if you have a strong stomach. I would highly reccomend.

Not for me (2/5)

As the show has gone on I sort of realized it’s dramatically reading what feels like Wikipedia. And the tempo has begun to grate on me.

Great stories! (5/5)

Some of the best stories to listen to, all told through an amazing storyteller. I love to listen to this podcast on my morning runs, the thoughts of “what happened to so and so” keeps me from thinking about how much I dislike working out.

We love it!! (5/5)

My husband and I love to listen his story while driving.

Terrible narration (1/5)

The host’s awkward reading and over the top writing make this show a chore to listen to. I got through a lot of episodes just because there aren’t many podcasts in this genre but I can’t do it anymore.

The absolute best. (5/5)

This is a podcast that I can listen to every single hour of every single day. Nothing short of amazing.

??? (1/5)

I am confused about why this has so many good reviews. His voice sounds like a robot trying to be human. The intros do not connect to the actual story. Why?

Nice Listen (4/5)

Entertaining stories in a short format that is great for when you just want a little taste.

Very Informative (4/5)

High school level writing, with bad puns and rhetoric questions in every other paragraph... The stories are entertaining and have a fun insight on history, worth the listen

Tainted Well (5/5)

I was amazed to find some family history included in this podcast. I have a collection of my family’s history linking us all the way back to the O’Carroll clans’ most notorious siblings. I actually had similar night terrors to Margaret herself and drew pictures of the “monsters” I saw that look eerily familiar to what Aaron describes. I’m a huge fan of this podcast so hearing it even vaguely linked to my family’s history was SO EXCITING! Amazing research and storytelling skills. I got chills.

Not what I thought it was going to be (4/5)

I gave it four stars because it’s probably my fault that it wasn’t what I thought it was going to be. I googled the best scary podcasts to listen to and this one popped up. Not so much scary but he’s a great story teller and has a good voice to listen to. The podcasts are just like the description, but if anyone is looking to be spooked, look elsewhere. Otherwise great listen!

How does he make everything so boring? (1/5)

Drone drone drone

Way cool (5/5)

I love the creepy episodes. Keep it up Aaron! Great for Halloween! And KIDS! MWA- HA-HA-HA-HAAAAA

Addictive (5/5)

I can’t seem to stop listening to this podcast! I’ve seen the TV series and was worried I wouldn’t like the podcast as much but I think it’s actually better! Every episode so far has been interesting and made me want to dig deeper into the subject on my own.

Love Lore (5/5)

I’ve been listening for over a year and absolutely love Lore! It was the first podcast I ever got into and love the amount of research that goes into each episode. Eric really tries to acknowledge the supernatural while still keeping a scientific mind about these weird and strange stories.

You see... (4/5)

Great stories, and I love the research that goes into them. He’s not the greatest at pronouncing things, and he’s not a voice actor, but his voice is somewhat relaxing. However, you see, this rating would be much higher, you see, if he didn’t say “you see” so much.

Amazing Podcast (5/5)

I love lore history and this podcast does an amazing job with that subject. Informative and interesting. The tales are well presented and even the music in the background is beautiful!

Hooked from the start! (5/5)

Lore is such a great podcast. I first heard about it from the Podcast Harmontown and I instantly listened to the first episode as soon as I could. Once I found out that Aaron was from a few towns away from me and many of the early episodes are based around Massachusetts and New England I got even more excited! If you like spooky and creepy but also want history then you NEED to listen to Lore.

Love it so much (4/5)

His storytelling is amazing, the music is beautiful, the stories are great. My only complaint is that I swear it's FOREVER between episodes. You'd have to ignore it for years to get a binge-worthy amount

Could it get any better? (spoiler alert: no.) (5/5)

in all honestly, Lore is my favorite podcast by far. i’ve been listening since 2017(ish) and i’m still eagerly awaiting a new upload every two weeks. if you’re a fan of the supernatural, this is a podcast for you. if you’re a fan of psychologically thrilling characters from history, this is a podcast for you. if you’re a fan of myths/legends/folktale, this is a podcast for you. and even if you get scared easily and hate horror (like me), this is still a podcast for you. there’s something about Aaron’s delivery that leaves you feeling like you’re sitting around a campfire with friends, listening to spooky stories. it’s all perfectly captivating and enthralling in the best way. i wish i could give it a higher rating. very very highly recommended.

Best stories! (5/5)

This podcast is amazing!! He’s a great at story telling and the content is stellar.

Just press play.. (5/5)

Lore is a masterpiece that combines history with fear that keeps you entertained. Believable stories that leave you thinking all night. I’m a teenager and hate history and lose interest in things quickly, but this is the only podcast that keeps me entertained while working. Good luck!

Such a good show (5/5)

Very well researched, written, and delivered.

By far my favorite podcast (5/5)

I have always loved folklore and legends, scary stories and horrifying truths about our world, and Aaron delivers that with every episode. I somehow keep coming back to the first episode every month and listening to the entire thing up to the newest, and I can’t wait for when that takes me more than a month!

A Fairy Tale Come True (5/5)

I absolutely love Aaron Mahnke and all the amazing podcasts he is a part of, Lore of course was my intro and his podcasts are the only ones I listen to. His story telling ability is something I envy, and the history of each episode is so well researched and informative. If you also love Lore you should also check out Unobscured, Cabinet of Curiosity & Noble Blood. Honestly I would be so sad if this podcast went away, I love every other week because it starts off the first three days of my week with a new episode of these amazing podcasts. My only wish is that one day he will do a Lore episode on mermaids. KEEP UP THE AMAZING WORK AND PLEASE DONT STOP!!!!

Thanks for the memories. (3/5)

I used to be a big fan. In the beginning Aaron was original and interesting. You could hear the passion in his stories as well as by his research. However that’s all gone now. He sold out. Everyone has to make a living so I don’t blame him. But putting ads in the middle or towards the end of the show is such a let down. You take the listener, who’s engrossed in the tale and put them right smack dab in the middle of real life capitalistic BS. The one thing that has always kept me coming back though is the music. If the composer has a podcast I’ll be subscribing. But sadly I’m unsubscribing from Lore. Thanks for the memories.

Spooky Season!! (5/5)

Celebrating October 1st by binging Lore!! (As if I need an excuse).

Love the show, love Aaron’s morals (5/5)

I have loved Lore since the very beginning. And I LOVE that Aaron called out the gross and hateful actions of someone in his industry. I briefly tried to listen to Sword and Scale and Mike Boudet’s other podcast Monstruo. I was disturbed by how Mike Boudet spoke about women, about murder, about many things. I unsubscribed from Boudet’s podcasts long before Aaron said anything and was so happy when he did. Standing up for what you believe in isn’t always the most popular decision, as you can see by the hateful reviews below. But the work, research, and care Aaron has put into all his podcasts is amazing. So proud of all he’s done! I cannot recommend Lore highly enough.

I Don't LIke It Anymore (2/5)

Used to be a good podcast, when Aaron was hungry. Those days are gone. Fewer podcasts as Aaron gladhands and dreams of bigger and better things now (what happened to Amazon?). Research and production values have deteriorated significantly. Podcasting, like fame, is fleeting.

Obnoxious Ad (4/5)

I love this show-up until recently when they decided to use that one odious meth-ladened ad. I can’t even listen to the show during the day let alone at night anymore due to that obnoxious ad.

A review (5/5)

The podcast is good to listen to and hi Aaron 😀😀😃😃

Worth a listen (5/5)

Great entertainment. Great length. Long enough to get some actual detail and depth on a topic, but short enough for this who aren’t digging a topic. This has sent me down a rabbit hole to research topics of great interest on multiple occasions. Good writing. Good narration. Any time entertainment can also teach you something is definitely a win.

Good stuff. (5/5)

Always interesting.

Lost what made it great (2/5)

I used to really love this podcast as it used to look a lot more at why people tell the stories they tell and what place those stories have in culture. The history and culture surrounding the urban legends was always more interesting than simply reporting on them. As time has moved on it has devolved into a much more mundane paranormal podcast and seems to have lost its more analytical edge. I'm not saying it should push skepticism constantly, but after a recent episode referenced those TAPS charlatans, I realized what made this podcast special has worn away with time and it would no doubt become another 'OoOOooo! Maybe there's REAL GHOSTS' podcast shortly. Unsubscribed, thanks for the good memories.

increasing ads (4/5)

I realize that ad revenue keeps the show going. However, the ad content has crept up from five to ten to fifteen minutes. Over half the show is a long ad for "Blue Apron." I have also lost interest in this stream due to the huge mess that was the Bathory episode on Amazon. So many errors. . . . .

Amazing! (5/5)

Super suspenseful and beautifully told stories definitely give you the chills!

My favorite thing to listen to (5/5)

The lore tv show was so entertaining I watched each episode and wanted more- this podcast is literally the only reason I even started listening to podcasts, and I’m so glad I did. I subscribe and listen to all of Aaron’s shows and enjoy them all but these brief stories are by far my favorite.

Looooovvvvveeee (5/5)

I love this! It’s easy to listen to while I’m at work and I learn so much. (I also can crack my ankles and toes on command line the Fox sister, who knew?) I have recommended this podcast to so many others. I love binging so I wait for a few episodes to stack up. The way it’s edited, the flow, Aaron’s voice, it’s just all around good.

The reason I like podcasts (5/5)

This show is the reason I like podcasts. I don’t even know why people hate on this great podcast. Didn’t their moms tell them if you don’t have anything nice to say then don’t say anything?

Wow! (5/5)

I’m literally on the edge of my seat sometimes! Fascinating topics! Keep up your great work!

Hi! (5/5)

Hi! Fantastic short, yet informative, histories

Amazing (5/5)

Best podcast I have ever listened too. Keep them coming!!

Love Lore!! (5/5)

I can listen to Aaron Mehnke talk all day long!! He is such a wonderful storyteller and the music just tips the scale towards infinite awesomeness!!

My favorite podcast! (5/5)

Keep it commin’!

Hi Aaron (5/5)

Great stuff Aaron, I work on boats on the coast of Maine. I was literally underway in Casco Bay when I heard the first lighthouse episode, and now when I’m working in the fog part of me hopes to see the Dash. The sea monster stuff is incredible. Thanks for the experience, and keep the water stuff coming!

Great stories (5/5)

Hi! I heard about your podcast through Amy Bruni’s Instagram account. I loved your most recent podcast and will be binge listening to your series.

Awesome and meditative (5/5)

Excellent and informative. I love lore.

Great Storyteller! (5/5)

Aaron Mahnke has an amazing voice for storytelling and he has found very interesting topics and stories to talk about. Highly recommend to anyone who listens to podcasts.

It’s fantastic (5/5)

It’s both interestingly informative and spine tingling at the same time. I can’t recommend it enough.

Amazing podcast (5/5)

Been listening to it since the beginning and I still love it! Highly recommend for everyone even if you don’t like scary stories!👍

Episode was good (5/5)

That’s all I had to say about it. It was good. VSCO girl!

Shortest Straw (5/5)

What a GREAT episode. Loved the way you tied the stories together. Best one yet and I’ve listened to many of your Lore episodes.

Awesome (5/5)

Loving this podcast, thank you!!!

Yawn (2/5)

The show was great at first - creepy and about genuinely interesting topics, but gradually turned into a show about 19th century spiritualism, and random tragic events.

So over this podcast. (2/5)

I listen to Lore and Cabinet of curiosities (both of Aaron Mahnke’s podcasts.) there are definitely subjects he talks about way to often. (Seriously please take a break from Salem and witch hunts) his puns make me crazy. They’re delivered so dryly and so commonly that I groan every time. I’m starting to get bored with these pod casts as they feel incredibly redundant. Same kind of content, same dull tamber and lifeless delivery of the story. Same music in every episode. And of course ends with a painful pun. Don’t think I’ll listen anymore.

My favorite Podcast EVER! (5/5)

Aaron does an unbelievable job doing research and telling lore. I have to admit, I was a bit wary at the begining, but after listening to the first podcast, I completely fell in love. His story telling, the way he describes the events that are happenening, and the truth embedded in the story makes me feel like I'm taking a trip right into the mysteries. :)

Lore (5/5)

It’s a good pod

Best Podcast EVER!!! (5/5)

I love lore! Listened to almost every episode! I can’t stand the negative reviews on this podcast talking about Aaron’s amazing voice, for this style of creepy story Podcast it is absolutely perfect and wouldn’t have it any other way! Thanks Aaron for all the hard work in delivering these awesome episodes!

LOVE LORE! (5/5)

Huge fan, I’ve listened to every episode. Thanks for continuing to bring me creepy stories. Haven’t found another podcast I love more than Lore!

No better time than fall start (5/5)

As a stay at home parent life and be isolating! This podcast makes me feel less alone while learning and growing. There isn’t a lot of time for me to sit and read a good eerie book but this makes me feel like am. Thanks for all you do Aaron!


Friggen love this podcast! At first I wasn’t to thrilled with it but after listening to 2 full episodes I cannot stop listening. Even started from the very first episode.

Soooooo good (5/5)

It’s the best podcast ever you guys should also check out Ridiculous History

I would give more stars if I could (5/5)

This is the best podcast ever! It’s just the right blend of creepy and history. I’ve been listening to him for a few years now and I finally have a chance to see him LIVE! Can’t wait! Everyone should listen to this.

Truth is always stranger than fiction (5/5)

Hey, You have the illustrious distinction of being the only podcast that ever made me hurl. And that is actually a compliment. The vivid reporting and storytelling style of macabre and unusual things in our world is amazing.

Loving it! (5/5)

I’m very picky about my stories and these always blow my mind. I recommend to anyone who values a good shake in the core! I also enjoy the historical information given to better explain the stories. It provides another level to the setting and story itself and is just plain interesting. If you’re like me and believe it’s not a scary story unless it happened I definitely say subscribe!

Reason for the Season (5/5)

Lore was one of the first podcasts I ever listened to and It is one of the best out there! I got my tickets for Lore in ATL and I cannot wait!! Cannot wait!!!

Mesmerizing voice (5/5)

Your voice is so relaxing I absolutely love listening to you ! Top podcast for me 😊thank you

Episode 122 (5/5)

There was an audible “Whoa!” that escaped my lips at the end of this episode.

Pretty good series (3/5)

Despite the cliched writing style (complete with sometimes heavy-handed interpretations of historical views based on a modern perspective), annoying grammatical errors (“of you and I”), and lazy pronunciation of pretty much any foreign word, the stories are pretty engaging. Definitely worth a listen.

Short Straw (4/5)

I’m a regular listener to podcast, but “short straw” was just too gruesome to finish.

Automaton?; No more (5/5)

09/19 Update: oh yeah somebody got a voice coach and I like it!!! Is the author/narrator a robot or is the audio altered? It's so distracting to listen to him narrate. Some sentences are perfect whereas other have awkward pauses between. each. word. Please. listen. to. yourself. Otherwise, the stories are great.

The best!! (5/5)

I have recently binged watched every episode and am in love!! The narration is amazing and the stories captivating!

Started great... (3/5)

I like to consider myself one of the very fist few who started listening before the commercial and the hype and the amazon series so.. I appreciated how cool Lore was. I’m happy with all the success it has gotten but I wish it had retain the nuance and mysteries of the first 80 episode or so. As someone mentioned, the current episodes sound more like history lessons instead of folklore.

Needs a graphic warning (2/5)

I enjoyed this at first but the last few of been overly descriptive of rather gruesome content. I’m not a super squeamish person but listening to the very descriptive script of cannibalism is enough to make me stop listening.

Great podcast, but the commercials in the middle ruin it for me (3/5)

Great podcast, but the commercials in the middle ruin it for me.

Great creepy podcast (5/5)

Loyal listener. Love the stories. I’m a huge horror fan and when my father recommended this podcast, I was hooked. Love to listen when I’m gaming and shooting zombies. Perfect podcast.

Listening to someone read isn’t fun (1/5)

Monotone script reading is tough to listen to.

Love this podcast. (5/5)

I wish it would post stories more often than every two weeks

The perfect podcast (5/5)

Amazingly paced, beautiful background music, and always interesting. I’m glad Aaron Manke has multiple projects, and I enjoy them all, but I could loop Lore for hours.

Makes a crazy day calming (5/5)

Thank you for this great pod cast! When I’m having a crazy stressful day I always throw on my ear buds and one of the Lore podcasts new or one I’ve already listened to and instantly relax. Aaron’s stories are always great to listen too and his voice is very calming. Thank you for keeping me sane!!!

Fantastic show! (5/5)

Fabulous show- always enjoyable!

New listener (5/5)

Really enjoy this podcast. I like hearing about where some of the folklore and things originate from. Also find his voice soothing to listen to.

5 Stars (5/5)

Love the short episodes! Perfect for my commute to work. Every episode is entertaining and I’ve learned something new (and creepy)!

Love it!! (5/5)

Been listening for two years and I love it!!

Losing the Lore (2/5)

Lore has become more about history and less about Lore. This was my all time favorite podcast, but as of late, I feel like it’s more of history podcast. I always enjoyed the historical element but now I feel like it’s most of the podcast instead of a folk lore story. It’s no longer the spooky story fix I loved.

Best podcast (5/5)

I love this podcast and have been listening to it for months now. It’s the best ever!

The uninvited parasitic guest (5/5)

I am one of the hosts of the podcast This Week in Parasitism and the president of the organization Parasites Without Borders. Recently one of the Infectious Disease Consults, an individual I precepted during his training, sent me the link to Lore. It was to the episode The Uninvited Guest. Well done and engaging podcast! Lore is a well researched and high production quality podcast. I can recommend a listen. Daniel Griffin MD PhD

Captivating! (5/5)

A fantastic podcast produced by a really great guy. Each episode captures your imagination and leaves you wanting more..

Perfect podcast for the bizarre. (5/5)

I used to listen to a few other horror podcasts but when I found Lore, as well as Unobscured and Cabinet of Curiosities I became obsessed. I enjoy learning about the uncommon history and the macabre and these podcasts combine these. The narration is done se well and so clear that it adds suspense to the already eerie stories.

Love it. (5/5)

I wait for this podcast every fortnight. Each stand alone story has mystery and raises many more questions. Aaron is a great storyteller. I am hopelessly hooked on both Lore and A Cabinet of Curiosities.

Just wonderful! (5/5)

I’ve been listening to Lore for a couple years now. Never disappointed.

Wonderful. (5/5)

I’m not even sure how to say everything I need to say. Aaron’s got a soothing, gentle voice, which makes the material even more spooky in a way. I am currently in the middle of the Uninvited Guest episode - y’all, I’ve listened to episodes on serial killers, vampire panics, body robbers, but this one is actually freaking me out. Well done to the team at Lore!

Entertaining and creepy! (5/5)

This is one of the first podcasts that I’ve listened to, and is definitely a high quality podcast, and even a noob like me can see that. I love the ghost stories and lore that is talked about, and you should seriously consider giving it a listen. If you’re into something creepy and fun, this podcast is for you. I’ve listened to all the episodes, and they’re all incredibly interesting, so start listening now, what are you waiting for?!?!

Good luck stopping yourself! (5/5)

Once you start listening, you won’t want to stop. So elegantly spoken and amazingly peaceful and powerful re-telling of long lost folklore and historical events. So grateful I found this! Thank you!!! Loved the Seattle episodes. Fun leaning about local lore.

Hosts grasp of history is dubious (2/5)

Not my favorite

1st one I ever liked!!! (5/5)

I love this podcast. I was never into podcasts at all before, but when I found Lore I became obsessed! I really love the deep dives into stories from all over the world, and I especially love the light darkness you shine on them ;) I listened to all of them as quickly as I could get through them, especially when I get ready in the morning. Thank you so much! Sara S.

Masterful Storytelling (5/5)

Eerie voice. Amazing stories.

The first 80-90 are amazing! (3/5)

I heard Aaron Mankhe on NPR, immediately was interested. Lore is an AMAZING podcast... the first 80 or so episodes... super addictive, super entertaining and can be psychologically haunting. Unfortunately, somewhere after 90ish it really falls off. Keep waiting biweekly for it to claim that special something back, but it keeps letting me down. I’ve listed to the first 80 three times though!

This is the best podcast ever (5/5)

I love this soooooooo much it is scary and fun

Delightful (5/5)

Quirky, spooky, and forgotten bits of folklore come alive thanks to Aaron’s meticulous research, incredible writing, and absolute passion for bringing us these stories.

Simply Amazing (5/5)

I love it.

A lot of fun (5/5)

Aaron presents the stories in managable doses and they are just spooky enough. Can’t wait to give the Amazon series a try.

Good but... (4/5)

It’s a great podcast until you get to the episodes in the high 80s they follow more scams than lore and it’s more witches or mediums that I lost interest but before then it is very good with great episodes a great narrator that feel so well done

Soooo much spiritualism! (3/5)

I get excited when there’s an episode about something other than spiritualism, but good show overall.

OMG (5/5)

OMG de puuuuuuuuuns!!!

My first and best podcast (5/5)

I was introduced to podcasts a few years ago by a friend who loves this show. I was hooked from the first episode! Of all the other podcasts I listen to, it's still my favorite. Funny thing is, this isn't really my genre. But I love good storytelling and Aaron's voice and speaking style captivated me.

My most recommended podcast (5/5)

I tell everyone to listen to LORE! Aaron is a genius storyteller/host. I couldn't love another show more. 🖤

Interesting and Spooky (5/5)

If you love folklore in general, then I highly suggest Lore! It’s spooky in an unsettling way—not in a nightmarish way!—and will have you pondering over the topics long after you’ve listened to them! If you come across a story that you’re familiar with, those are even more fun because you’ll likely hear something new from the tale~ Aaron’s voice is perfect to set the mood, but doesn’t ever breach into creepy. I’ve always had a hard time with horror and unsettling stories, but these are a great way to get into the genre without really making a full commitment to the story! There’s juuuuust enough information to pique your interest, but leaves enough out to go research the subject on your own, which I love!

Spooky! (5/5)

Spooky, but won’t give you nightmares. My 11 year old daughter and I always listen together

Spooky without being gross (5/5)

Great storytelling and spooky topics - it’s creepy without needing to be gory or gross and it is based on actual historical events which adds to the creepy factor. Aaron does his research and knows how to tell a story. I listen to older episodes again while waiting for the new one to come out.

Super Addictive (5/5)

You’ve been warned! You won’t want to stop listening once you’ve started. It’s like True Crime meets Stuff You Should Know.

Oh it’s good.. JK it’s the BEST! (5/5)

I love lore sooo much! It’s super gross but still!

My love of lore (5/5)

I LOVE scary stories and this is PERFECT for me I love it!!♥️♥️♥️

Highly recommend 😊 (5/5)

I Love this podcast. Its fascinating and Aaron’s voice is relaxing. Even though some of the topics are dark he delivers the stories in a way that isn’t derogatory.

1000% the best podcast (5/5)

1000% the best podcast I have ever listened to! The storytelling, the sensitivity and humanity, and the cultural breadth are all perfectly on point, and the music acts as the ideal complement!


This is literally my favorite podcast ever. I listened to myths and legends to compare and let me tell you it doesn’t. I love everything about this podcast. i’m definitely going to recommend it to my friends!

Never miss an episode (5/5)

Lore is without a doubt the first podcast I’ll listen to if it’s a Monday & there’s a new episode out. Even if it’s a story I’ve heard before, there is always a reason to listen through to the end. I enjoy Aaron Mahnke’s other podcasts, too, but Lore remains the best by far. I think I’ve been listening for about 3 years? I hope to continue for 3 more!

Enjoyable (5/5)

I thoroughly enjoy listening to this podcast. The stories are usually quite interesting and well told. To be honest, the writing leaves a bit to be desired so listening to many episodes in a row can get a little tedious. Mahnke tends to use the same few phrases over and over like saying “you see,” “well...” and a few others that get on my nerves. I need to take a break from the podcast when I start noticing stuff like that so if you’re like me then it might bother you a lot. Overall, it’s a great podcast that I always recommend it.

Intelligent and Accessible (5/5)

Great podcast that's well-researched. Lore strikes the balance between intelligent and accessible to a mainstream audience. Thank you!

👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 (5/5)

i don’t know how horror stories can be relaxing, but aaron manages it. love it!

I love it (5/5)

I absolutely love this podcast it is filled with so many interesting stories. I love to just listen to Lore while I’m around the campfire.

Go away haters (2/5)

I have no clue why people think they can do anything they want in the comments. This is a great podcast

Liked older episodes (3/5)

Not to be a jerk, because I appreciate your hard work, but you talk like Siri now,

Lore (5/5)

This is freat

Great stories, but don’t love the narration (2/5)

I love the stories being told - they are fascinating and I like how they unfold during the story. I feel bad saying so, but I really struggle though with Aaron Manhke’s delivery. At first it didn’t bother me much since I was so fixated on the story, but his voice sounds robotic to me and the inflection at the end of each sentence, where every statement sounds like a question - it’s making it really hard to focus on the stories. I’ll keep listening to it for now and hopefully I can learn to get past it again. Update: several episodes later I still can’t get passed his voice. I’ll be back someday if a different host takes over

Do not listen in the dark (5/5)

This is a wonderful podcast, but please listen with the lights on. The creepy subject matter, the ominous music, and the host’s way of ducking you in will leave you looking over your shoulder for La Llorona and the goat man.

Favvvvvorite! (5/5)

I have been a fan of Lore since 2016. Aaron Manhke is one of my absolute favorite podcast hosts. All of his stories are interesting! When I can’t sleep, his is one of my go tos between the music and his lulling voice. Absolutely relaxing. Keep up the great work, Aaron! You’ve got a fan for life with me! ❤️

Huge Talent (5/5)

Here is a podcast for all ages, however parents should listen to individual episodes before sharing with young children. Aaron Mahnke is to literature and story telling as Bach, and Beethoven are to classical music or Spielberg and M Knight Shyamalan are to the movie industry. This is a young talent that proves himself in books, on television and especially in this and two other podcast. This one will lead you to the others as I will in the future. “Lore” is a remarkable podcast about the folklore of not only in the United States but world wild, told in the perfect cadence and the mellow voice of Aaron Mahanke. Please give it a listen. I feel sure you’ll agree. And to Mr. Mahanke, if you happen to see this. “HI”

Love this podcast (5/5)

Wow such a great listen .. I found Aaron’s Unobscured and have been hooked on his story telling since!

This is great! (5/5)

This was the first podcast I subscribed to

Awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (5/5)

Best podcast ever!!!!!!

Lore was my first ever podcast binge - excellent! (5/5)

I am fairly new to podcasts. I was actually introduced to Lore via Season 1 of the Amazon Original series. I love historical and literary context for folklore & dark history, so Lore’s approach is perfect. I highly recommend supporting Lore on Patreon to listen to the extras in the archives & the new Behind The Lore series. It is only $5 monthly to support an independent podcast.

I love this podcast (5/5)

I’ve been listening to this podcast for 2 years now and I listen to every new of the best podcast ever.

Hi Aaron!!! (5/5)

This podcast is a great place to quench the thirst of needing story’s and legends

Love, love, love! (5/5)

Lore was the first podcast I ever listened to and I’m still hooked to this day, waiting every other Monday for the new episode to appear! The story telling is amazing and it really keeps you on edge. Just the right amount of creepy and history!

🔥🔥🔥💯💯💯💯👌👌👌👌👌👌👌 (5/5)


Love the openness of the storytelling (4/5)

This is one of my favorite podcasts. I love how they simply tell the stories, leaving room for the listener’s interpretation. This was lost on the Amazon Prime show. The show is well researched despite the inevitable pronunciation wars. The stories vary from local versions of Bigfoot to ships lost at sea. Which keeps it interesting. My one complaint is Aaron’s cadence. I understand he’s trying to create “ambiance” but it just comes off as robotic and broken. Honestly, either you get used to it or this isn’t the podcast for you. At over 100 episodes I don’t think the delivery is going to change. Either way, I highly recommend you give it a whirl, you never know what you might discover.

Perfection (5/5)

👌so good

Doesn’t pass the Turing test (3/5)

The stories are well chosen and the scripts are relatively well-written, but the host’s voice is excruciating to listen to. It’s not just the nasal quality and weird accents on certain words, but he also in certain instances sounds vaguely robotic... like, no real human alive speaks like this. I’d absolutely love this podcast with another host/narrator, someone who just speaks normally if that’s not too much to ask.

The perfect podcast (5/5)

Lore has everything I could ever want in a podcast. Beautifully produced, and well researched.

Lore is pretty good (5/5)

Lore is a really good podcast, from the audio, to the music, to the story’s themselves. Even thought it’s really good in all those categories, there’s only one complaint I have. Some of the story’s are sometimes really similar, and it may get kind of boring for some episodes because you feel like you’ve heard it lots of times before, but for the good episodes (which is pretty much 90% of the podcast) there awesome! Some of the episodes kept me on the edge of my seat. Some episodes were really interesting, like episode 117. So, give this podcast a chance. Even thought some of you may find it boring, that’s fine, but for the people who like mystery and horror, I really think you should give this podcast a try.

Best podcast ever !!!!😀 (5/5)

I listen to this podcast as much as I can!!!!😀😀😀🥰

Me encanta. (5/5)

Buenos relatos y un locutor que le da gusto y vida a lo que lee.

A fan (5/5)

Been a fan for years ty

Lessons in Macabre History (5/5)

Listen while visiting the locations on Google Earth. Fascinating!

You need this (5/5)

I love listening to it every night before I go to bed. It’s like sitting around the campfire and telling ghost stories.

Scary but beautiful (5/5)


this is amazing!! (5/5)

this app is actually amazing! i recommend listening to lore. it’s kinda thriller i guess. but seriously this is one of my favorite apps

Good not Great (2/5)

Content is okay in general but sometimes disconnected. My personal pet peeve would be the lack of detail in the episode detail. Wanna relisten to the episode you hear the other night or sent it to your daughter good luck finding it based on the written detail. It’s artistic but nonfictional.

keep the good content going (5/5)

I listen to this on my way to work and home. i am addicted! great content and great writing.

Keep It Up Aaron (5/5)

OMG!!!! I have an hour commute (via road) to work. This podcast is my lifeline! The excellent writing and broadcasting you’re able to loose yourself for a short time. This podcast is excellent!

Promo code (5/5)

Love the show! But FYI the promo code for the Native Deodorants is actually 20% off not $20 off..😬 still gonna try it though..

Big fan (5/5)

Very interesting and sometimes creepy storytelling.

One of my favorite podcasts!! (5/5)

Aaron creates such an aura around his tales of lore that I cannot turn an episode off!! I love to spend an afternoon or evening just listening to one episode after another. I’ve also listened to repeat episodes, and they’re just as entertaining as the first time!! If there’s any complaint, it’s that occasionally Aaron has an odd cadence to his narration, but for the most part, I’ve learned to ignore that.

Earlier episodes are better (4/5)

Let start off by saying I love Lore. It’s the first podcast that got me hooked on podcasts. Aaron’s narration is impeccable and the episodes are well researched. However, I’m removing one star because the topics haven’t been as compelling as earlier episodes. I’ll always listen, though. My all time favorites are the episodes about the werewolf from Germany and the Jersey Triangle.

😴 (1/5)


Excellent (5/5)

Well researched and comprehensive without dragging. I really love the way Aaron speaks to us!

Inconsistent these days (2/5)

I used to really enjoy this podcast despite the narrator’s monotone droll. Lately, I’ve noted the podcast’s content to be really hit-or-miss. When the content held up I didn’t find myself focusing so much on the bad narration.... To note: I can’t imagine how hard it is to maintain a consistently entertaining program for an extended period of time...You can’t win them all every week...

B O R E (1/5)


⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ I’ll forever be obsessed. (3/5)

This•Is•My•Favorite•Podcast ! I’ve been listening to Lore for over a year now I realized I never reviewed one of my favorite podcasts 🤦🏼‍♀️ So here I am! I specifically tell people about how much I love how Aaron articulates and grabs my attention the entire podcast. The research, writing and music is impeccable. It’s calming, informative and the perfect amount of chilling. Just go Subscribe already! Thank you Aaron and Lore Team! ♥️ Another big fan, Leslie C. from Atlanta

Relaxing and Informational (5/5)

It’s something about Aaron’s voice that brings me back over and over. It’s the appealing fear factor of folklore and history that also makes me a longtime listener. I adore this show.

Terrific (5/5)

This is by far the best podcast I’ve ever heard. The narration is top-notch. The stories are very engaging. It’s no wonder this is an award winning podcast. I expectantly await every new episode.

Incredible (5/5)

I have loved this ever since it first started

Setting the mark. (5/5)

This podcast has set the mark for what a good podcast can and should be. Narration, content, and music are all top-notch. Absolutely excellent in every way.

Enjoying past episodes the most (3/5)

In all honesty I avoided the Lore podcast like the plague becuase I had seen the TV show first and did not like it one bit. After some time I gave the podcast a shot and didn't mind it so much. Luckily I started on older episodes because if I listened to the new ones first I wouldn't have bothered to continue. Older episodes are much more entertaining. The show is generally well researched and the tales entertaining but there are a few annoying aspects of the postcast. For example the halted, sometimes unnatural delivery of the host and his need to mention that the podcast is "produced by, me, Arron Mahnke..." instead of just including this in the podcast notes and leaving it at that. Aaron already introduces himself in the beginning of each episode. If you enjoy listening to stories of lore, old and new, this podcast is worth a listen, if you start from the beginning...

Used to be better (3/5)

I never leave reviews on apps (this is my first) but this podcast was the reason I started listening to podcasts. I learned about Lore very early on and binged probably 50 episodes in a few weeks time. I got others hooked on it as well! But unfortunately I share the same sentiment as others, it is not riddled with ads and it truly takes away from the experience of the show. I wish the author stuck with this show only, I have loved Aaron from the start and out of loyalty I’ve watched the show, seen him live and have listened to the other shows too but this was the best work in my opinion and I wish more focus would be given to it. The stories are longer and as much as I love that I feel they are rushed and I’m constantly lost. I will continue to listen out of loyalty but I’m just a little sad it’s not as good as it used to be.

Quite a range of quality & a serious lack consistency (3/5)

I’ve enjoyed quite a few of the 117 episodes (at the moment), but they seem to have become hit or miss. The over-dramatized statements (without any real drama attached) and occasionally poorly pronounced word (“across” regularly popping up with an added “t” or “ed”) began to drive me crazy around episode 70. When these happen rarely, they don’t take away from the fascinating stories. When they are the only regular aspect of the show, they’re a real turn off. Also, story transitions should be natural—not horrifically forced (even for thriller, suspense, and horror stories). I have replayed episodes as an example to my children of bizarrely-poor story transitions. They are cringe worthy. Aaron, your voice isn’t creepy. It sits somewhere between normal and almost annoying. I’m not sure you can turn your voice into much else, but push it to further your resonance rather than the nasal quality. Ending on a positive note, the historical facts mixed with historical uncertainty creates a thought provoking story when done right. There are episodes of real storytelling genius. Keep working on your craft to improve. Thanks!

Obsessed (5/5)

If you like weird history and stories, you’ll love it. Not too scary, just the right amount of suspense. I discovered this podcast almost a year ago and binged every episode in a matter of weeks, and listen to the new episodes the second they’re available. None of Aaron’s podcasts ever disappoint!

First introduction to what is now an obsession (5/5)

Lore was the first podcast I got into (props for getting me hooked before Serial!!!). I love everything Lore and it will always be my first love 😂. And yes, I’ve binged the Amazon series and have all the books 😁.

Great! (5/5)

One of my favorite podcasts in general. Aaron is a master of his art. His tone and delivery is spooky and he’s so well researched. I usually wouldn’t be interested in a lot of the topics, but he makes me interested. Fantastic show.

Great podcast. (4/5)

Great podcast. The stories are interesting and filled with history and science. The only reason I give 4 stars and not 5 is the commercials for the sponsors. It takes away from listening experience in my opinion.

Inconsistent (2/5)

Early on, this was my favorite podcast and I blew through the first 50 episodes. Since then, it has become really hit or miss. The topics are rarely very interesting anymore and ads make up close to 10 minutes of each show. It’s pretty disappointing because this used to be so, so good.

Used to be a good podcast - awful now (1/5)

This used to be a good podcast but the creator made a cash grab and now he has too many podcasts, books, bad tv shows and much more. He has done this at the expense of his core podcast and he appears to not care about his original audience. It’s basically Wikipedia turn of the century ghost stories now. He’s also an unbearable busy bragger on Twitter now. Listen until 2/3 of the way through and thank me later. Sad to see it decline so sharply so quickly. I miss what it was.

Literally the reason I listen to podcasts ! (5/5)

I was told to listen to Lore years ago by a coworker. I had no clue what Podcasts were and Lore was the perfect way for me to dip my toes in the water. The stories are incredible, spooky, and interesting. Aaron’s writing and voice make each episode consistently high quality. I re-listen to Lore whenever I need a pick me up or a little thrill. Definitely my all time favorite podcast.

Tales as old as time (5/5)

Mahnke is a master storyteller and brings the darkest depths of human history to light. Every episode is like a new journey in a time machine with a wonderful narrator.

STELAR! (5/5)

I love this podcast it combines history, folktales, horror, mythology and history into a Masterful piece of investigative storytelling Some would argue that Aaron Mehnky’s Odd tone and annunciation of his narration is uncomfortable or unneeded, but to me I think it’s perfect, because it adds to the frightening darkness to each of the stories, because even if the stories are already interesting, spooky or rich enough to stand on their own if they are to be in the narrated orally they need emotion I need to have emotional depth and interest added to them and I think Aaron does this perfectly.

A Class Act. (5/5)

Well done, perfectly put together and beautiful narrated. I look forward to each and every episode!

Best podcast. Period. (5/5)

This podcast is engaging, educational, and the perfect mix of dark, humorous, and reflective. Thank you for putting in the research and effort into producing this beautiful show!

Best podcast ever!! (5/5)

“I’m Aaron Mahnke...and this is Lore.” Sends chills up my spine every time! Been listening for years now and just wish there were more! The 2nd season of the tv show was good too!

Ignores Facts for a Story (2/5)

Really used to love this podcast, but these days Aaron relies too heavily on narrative priming to try to tell these stories. The accounts have gotten less detailed and shorter in length, and you can always predict where Aaron will go next. Between this and Cabinet of Curiosities, Aaron too frequently retells popular and famously debunked stories and completely ignores any information that disproves the hook. After finding myself yelling at today’s episode (We get it, it’s Ringu!), I’ve decided to unsubscribe.

Was so good, now just meh (3/5)

Lore used to be my favorite podcast and it stayed that way until about episode 100. One thing that really annoys me about the recent episodes, is where is the lore? It’s moved away from actual lore topics and figures in different culture’s mythology to ghost stories (which are still interesting) and then to just simply boring historical antidotes.

Just this (5/5)

Great show and I’m saying “HI” I just visited Key West. Which was called and of Bones. Human bones were all over the inland . This was back in the 1560’s and rediscovered 1700’s. Would be nice if you could find out why this happened.

best storytelling out there (5/5)

I love this podcast! I’ve listened to almost every episode now and I’m still totally addicted to these stories! They are well-researched and I learn a lot from each episode while being entertained as well. I’m a history teacher so I appreciate his focus on context and understanding cultures through their own tall tales.

Fabulous podcast-er (5/5)

I love the stories, the history, the music and the layout.

Amazing podcast (5/5)

I just came across this podcast last night. I subscribed and am currently binging the episodes. Stellar storytelling and pace. Love this guy.

This is one of the best podcasts ever (5/5)

IGNORE THE BAD REVIEWS. This podcast is AWESOME and I don’t know why people are saying otherwise

Traditional Story Telling for the 21st Century (5/5)

The sheer amount of research that goes into this podcast is impressive. It feels like the podcaster cares about his craft, and it makes me really appreciate the podcast. The story telling is superb. Not sure why people keep complaining about his voice. He is using it for effect, and to add an air of creepiness. I hate when people read with no emotion like they are reading a report. And if he started doing that people would complain too. I will say at times it does seem like the listeners intelligence is getting insulted when he says something about a well known story as if it’s a big twist the listener wouldn’t see coming. HOWEVER, usually the twists get me and I look forward to them!! Amazing podcast! Highly recommend. Love that the episodes are digestible and the perfect length.

So good but so bad (4/5)

I can’t stop listening to this podcast because of how interesting the subject matter is, even though the host’s delivery drives me NUTS. Aaron needs to pull out a thesaurus/get some editing help and lay off of the phrase “it seems.”

Lore (5/5)

I listen when I’m cleaning, while I’m getting ready for the day, running errands, any down time! I love it so much!

Love this stuff! (5/5)

I love this stuff! Sometimes I will go a month or so without listening just so I can binge listen to a few episodes at once!!

What happened to Lore (3/5)

This was my go to podcast back in the beginning. The stories were great and seemed well researched. Now it seems that most of the great tales have been told and Aaron and his research team are grasping at whatever they can to get a show out. I don’t want to be to harsh because this cast gave us all hours and hours of awesome and entertaining content. Now I just feel like maybe all the great stories have been told and it’s time to move on.

Awesome (5/5)

I've been a 5 year listener. Sometimes I go back and listen to some of my favorites again. :)

So. Aaron? why...the, affectation? (2/5)

Do you think that your work isn't good enough to stand on it's own, and so you need to talk with a weird rhythm to get attention? No, Aaron. The content is great. Just speak normally. Remember that kids are listening to your podcast: do you want them to think that they should talk the way that you are talking? No,of course not.

Amazing! (5/5)

Lore is the best mix of historical fact with scary, macabre, and done right chilling true stories. Aaron is a magnificent storyteller bringing us fans of history and mystery together like never before. This is a must listen!!!

Amazing!! (5/5)

I have been a loyal listener since it began. The stories and his incredible voice he lends to each one is great. Someone got me hooked and I continue to listen.Keep up the great work. I highly recommend this to anyone looking for some creepy stories!!! Aaron does such an incredible job. Keep up the good work!!!

More Lore! (5/5)

Amazing! Must listen!!!

Great podcast (5/5)

Lore get me through long road trips and make my at work interesting. There is nothing like this.

Phenomenal storytelling! Great score as well! (5/5)

Aaron is a extraordinary storyteller, and Chad Lawson plays the perfect accompaniment to these stories

More! (5/5)

I just listened to your stories on a road trip and I didn't want them to end. Keep up the great work and thank you, I plan to continue to binge whenever I have the time for it.

Lore is incredibly special (5/5)

Aaron is such a gifted story teller. I listen to Lore as a podcast and watch the streaming show. I recommend Lore and Cabinet of Curiosity to everyone!

Awesome podcast (5/5)

I love Lore! I don’t miss new episodes. It is well narrated by A. Mahnke, intriguing and it shows professional research has been done with each episode. Love it!!

Lore is a storytelling game changer! (5/5)

I binged on this show. It’s rare to come across a program which perfectly blends history and storytelling in such a compelling way. A wonderful reminder that not only do stories connect humanity in mystical ways, but are absolutely essential to our survival. Aaron Mahnke is the modern sage we didn’t know we needed.

Still love it! (5/5)

I’ve listened to every episode and look forward to every other Monday morning when that wonderful tone tells me there is new episode! I love Aaron’s tone and quirky sense of humor. It’s soothing and takes me to a different time and place, even if that place is dark and disturbing. Keep up the good work. I love Cabinet of Curiosities as well. I’ve learned about some cool topics of conversation from that podcast.

Everything You Could Want (5/5)

This podcast is so spectacularly done that I’ve gone through it a couple times now. Each episode is refreshingly spooky and told in a way that makes you feel like you’re right there. If you’re looking for a podcast that features soft haunting music, delightfully scary true stories, and told by a narrator with a smooth calming voice, then this is it. I can’t recommend it highly enough.

The best (5/5)

Lore is my favorite podcast, and I highly recommend Unobscured and Cabinet of Curiosities too! 💙

Lore is storytelling at its finest (5/5)

Lore lures the listener in with with stories that are well written, carefully edited, and impeccably narrated. It is, as the title of this review states, storytelling at its finest.

Great show (5/5)

I didn’t find the show until recently and went back and listened from the beginning. I listened to most of the shows at least twice. Aaron is an amazing storyteller and the content of each episode is the best in the business. Definitely take the time to listen to each and every episode more than once

phenomenal (5/5)

been a sub for about two years now. i always look forward to updates. i’ve recommended it to all of my friends, great work. absolutely unforgettable

Incredible story telling (5/5)

Lore is a award winning podcast based on the scariest real life stories about the dark side of history. Hosted, created and produced by Aaron Mahnke Lore tells stories of creatures, places and people that should only live in our scariest and most twisted nightmares. The thing I love about Lore is that Aaron does an incredible job telling the story along with a well mixed audio backdrop I can spend hours listening to these stories from days gone by to even some more modern Lore stories. - Podcast Junkie

So addicting! (5/5)

I started listening to the podcast when my dad showed me it. Now I’m going back listening to every episode one by one. The mix of fantasy and truth is spectacular. I highly recommend this podcast and the story’s in here are unforgettable.

Robotics (1/5)

Your voice is robotic and this podcast is just disappointing, use to like this show, left for a while and thought I’d give it another go, but had to turn it off shortly after. Maybe put your show under “sleep aid” and you might get better reviews. Just trash to me

Alluring, Well Researched (5/5)

Great stories, well researched, and definitely intriguing!

Lore (4/5)

Stop speeding up the podcasts!! Just play it at a normal speaking speed.

Family bonding (5/5)

My 11-year old son and I listen to every new episode on the way to school. Great entertainment for the both of us. Some episodes have inspired family trips. Thanks for the info and entertainment.

Fab (5/5)

Don’t be fooled by S&S fans being upset that their host was no longer allowed on the podcast network they were on. This podcast is WONDERFUL. And- there is a TV show on prime. Great listen for those who like to hear about cultural lore!

P3COS (5/5)

I count down every two weeks waiting for this show. It got me into podcasts. Great production value. If someone complains about the ads, they should know how to spell ad.

What happened to this show? (1/5)

This has become unlistenable. You have a 30 min show and like 1/3 of it is adds. Do you even listen to the add placement? You have them cutting you off mid sentence in some cases. Just poor production and management, pretty disappointing...

Good, but could be better (4/5)

I love Lore. The stories are well told, although I’ve noticed a few factual errors in some episodes. The voice has a hypnotic quality that comes across well and sets the tone well. I feel like it’s getting a bit repetitive. For example, ever since Chas wrote the Lore music, the music has been the exact same songs. We used to get interesting and varied music, but now it’s the same old Chad Lawson tracks. Also, it’s obvious what interests Mahnke and where he’s from. Most of the stories seem to be from the spiritualist movement, and with a few exceptions they’re from New England. Sure, he’s done episodes on Seattle and San Antonio, but compared to all the other episodes that cover the same time and place in New England? Maybe a better title would be “Spiritualism in New England”?

Just What I'm Looking For. (5/5)

I have been looking for a podcast that not only is interesting, but sends a chill down your spine. This is by far my favorite podcast ever!

This is a great podcast (4/5)

Aaron does such a good job of storytelling and bringing you into these dark folklore tales! I listen to this in the morning to wake up.

Amazing (5/5)

This series is actually SO good. The amount of research and work put into each episode is on another level.

Gave it a chance (1/5)

It is an intersting concept but I often found myself falling asleep when attempting to listen to this.

I’m amazed (5/5)

I cannot believe the detail, the research and the incredible storytelling skills he has!!! What a wonderfully creepy, chillingly poetic podcast! I’ve been a listener since the beginning and I sincerely look forward to everything Aaron Mahnke will continue to create!

Love (5/5)

Love it. It’s my favorite podcast.

A Loring (5/5)

Just discovered this gem recently and I can’t get enough. Even stories I have heard of before or seen adaptations of either on film or TV, come alive anew in these well researched, beautifully delivered podcast! Just sorry I didn’t find this sooner!!

Lore (5/5)

My favorite podcast by far. From great storytelling to interesting facts to perfect background music, Lore is a well made show that I can listen to over and over. Thanks A.M.

Trip down the spooky memory lane of history (5/5)

Absolutely love this podcast! Have been on board since the early episode Unboxed. Was even able to attend a live show and meet Aaron, the host. The piano music in this podcast’s heartbeat. Truly fantastic mood setting without overwhelming the story telling.

Meh (2/5)

I enjoyed the earlier episodes, but now it just seems to be recycled material. Also, tons of self promotion.

Love it, just one minor complaint (4/5)

Love the Podcast overall! Interesting subjects, and I like Aaron’s voice. My only small complaint would be that the titles don’t really explain what each one is about, so when you are searching later for something you’d like to listen to again, it’s hard to remember which episode it was.

You sabotaged Sword and Scale (1/5)

Sword and Scale is one of the best, most interesting podcasts ever, and you soiled it. Doing what free speech means and unsubscribing from you, instead of ending your show like a coward.

Great story telling! (5/5)

I am new to podcasts and I find myself not watching tv but listening to your soothing voice. Keep up the good work. I am a forever fan.🥰🥰

The Real Truth (4/5)

What did Aaron say about Sword and Scale ? Also I agree the show is boring now. Ever since he hired people to assist with research. I’m not saying they are bad at their work but it does dilute quality. Just a matter of fact. Episodes 1-30 110% 30-60 90% 60 - 113 50% I used to have aha moments and was super impressed with his work.

Great material (5/5)

Yes, he does talk slow, but to me it’s soothing and not annoying. His material is always great and the shows always give me a chill. Some are weird and some are just downright scary. Keep up the great content!

Snooze fest... (3/5)

When I first started listening to podcasts I really enjoyed this one. But after listening to and subscribing to other podcasts I find myself skipping this one cause it gets kinda boring. I will have it on and realize I zoned out forever ago and don’t even know what the subject matter is anymore. I will still be subscribed to cabinet of curiosity cause I like the length. This show is just a snooze fest now.

Wonderful and soothing (5/5)

Even with creepy, odd, and interesting topics Aaron makes every episode so soothing. I have been listening since episode 3, when he mentioned a place I was familiar with. I love the New England history and stories. Wonderful and keep hustling.

Just saying Hello (5/5)


Lore (5/5)

Lore has taught me things that I did not know that happened back in the ancient times

There is nothing like this! (5/5)

I’m many things, a shanty man, folk-story teller, an educator and a paranormal enthusiast. I lead historical and ghost lore driven walking tours in Chicago and New Orleans and it gives me great pleasure to recommend this podcast to my guests nightly. Thank you for bringing poetry and that exquisite dark beauty to your work!

Not that good anymore (1/5)

I am dropping this podcast because the quality has gone down and for what they did to sword and scale

Awesome! (5/5)

This is such a great podcast to listen to if you enjoy the spooky and mysterious. I have enjoyed this podcast for at least two years now and can’t recommend it enough if you’re in the spooky-and-mysterious fan club.

People hate this podcast??? (5/5)

Why? I love Adam - his voice, the stories he tells, the way he spins the tale with a creepy vibe that makes you wonder whether you should be in the room alone with him. So many of his tales resonate with me and they and he are an absolute delight. ... here’s a suggestion- if you don’t like Lore, DON’T Listen to it. Unsubscribe and listen to whatever does for you what Adam and his stories do for so many of us.

Good (4/5)

Good but haters should be quiet

Great podcast! (5/5)

My favorite podcast to listen to. Two thumbs up.

Leave my podcast alone! (5/5)

So many of you are angry about your dumb sword and scale podcast. Maybe people should watch their mouths and the things you enjoy wouldn’t be canceled, so don’t go ruining other people’s personal enjoyments just because you’re upset. that being said I love this podcast, I like learning new bits of information in a calm manner. I look forward to every episode!

Would and have recommended (5/5)

Great podcast

One of the best (5/5)

Aaron provides a wealth of knowledge and powerful storytelling for his listeners. I love the mix of truth and myth - the extras after the ads is always delightful. If you like a good story and the even better truth behind it lore is the podcast you are looking for

Great podcast and extensively researched (5/5)

So much research and work goes into this podcast and it really shows.

All this haters (5/5)

This podcast is rad, I have no idea why people hate it. He does a great job narrating and keeping the story alive, I listened to sword and scale like all these “haters” suggested and that podcast is just a bunch of audio clips... with a less than adequate host. GO LORE 🤪🥳🥳🥳👍👍👍

What’s this drama? (5/5)

I read all of these one star reviews and I was confused, so I looked into the issue. The S&S issue seems irrelevant. A lot of people complained and his network dropped him, which is what happens when you choose to say things your network doesn’t endorse. He has not been silenced. He is free to continue making his podcast, just like his network is free to drop him. It doesn’t seem like Aaron and Rabia are particularly involved in the cancellation. No one here is dogging the quality of S&S. That being said, I enjoy Lore. Worth a listen. It’s not a true crime podcast though, not sure why people keep saying that.

Clever, Creepy & Cool (5/5)

Listen to the podcast that launched an Amazon series. History, folklore, ghosts monsters, mediums, etc. Listen once you’ll be hooked.

Boring... (1/5)

Boring, just boring.

Garbage (1/5)

Absolute trash podcast run by trash.

Absolutely love it. (5/5)

I just finished the first episode and I can already tell I’ve struck gold. Not only does Aaron do an amazing job at story telling but the music in the background is incredible. I know that sounds silly but I love the score he uses in the back of his talking. It gives his story just that extra magic that it deserves. Fantastic, can’t wait to listen to more!

Yawn (1/5)

He sure talks slow! Follows slows storylines as well!

Liberties taken... (3/5)

Liberties are taken in the telling of the stories by changing some facts about how things happen in the story. I feel like only one source is used for the story, but Aaron does an okay job telling the stories. Diggin it.

Congratulations on 4 years of Lore! (5/5)

Please keep doing it 100 more! I never miss an episode:)

Weird wonderful stories (5/5)

Favorite podcast by far.

I’m horrified and smarter ! (5/5)

Aaron Mahnke had me pod binging on Lore By episode one ! It’s thought-provokingly creepy , nerdy and fascinating all at the same time! Danny Kemp

Hits the right note (5/5)

I cannot wait to listen to a new show whenever it’s released. It deals with a wide range of history and mystery and Aaron does a great job delivery the chills. It never indulges in gore or violence, but more accurately creates an atmosphere for the listener to journey through. So good.

I’ve been listening for so long!!!!! (5/5)

I’ve been listening since about episode 20 and I’ve listened to all of your episodes except 102 to 113 YAY!!! 🙉🙉🙉🙉🙉🙉🙉🧜🏼‍♀️🧜🏼‍♀️🧜🏼‍♀️🧜🏼‍♀️🧜🏼‍♀️🧜🏼‍♀️🧜🏼‍♀️🧚🏼‍♀️🧚🏼‍♀️🧚🏼‍♀️🧚🏼‍♀️🧚🏼‍♀️🧚🏼‍♀️🧚🏼‍♀️🧚🏼‍♀️🧚🏼‍♀️🧚🏼‍♀️🧚🏼‍♀️🧙🏻‍♀️🧙🏻‍♀️🧙🏻‍♀️🧙🏻‍♀️🧙🏻‍♀️🧙🏻‍♀️🧙🏻‍♀️🧙🏻‍♀️🧙🏻‍♀️🧙🏻‍♀️🧙🏻‍♀️🧛🏻‍♀️🧛🏻‍♀️🧛🏻‍♀️🧛🏻‍♀️🧛🏻‍♀️🧛🏻‍♀️🧛🏻‍♀️🧛🏻‍♀️🧛🏻‍♀️🧛🏻‍♀️🧛🏻‍♀️🧝🏼‍♀️🧝🏼‍♀️🧝🏼‍♀️🧝🏼‍♀️🧝🏼‍♀️🧝🏼‍♀️🧝🏼‍♀️🧝🏼‍♀️🧝🏼‍♀️🧝🏼‍♀️🧝🏼‍♀️🧝🏼‍♀️🧙🏻‍♂️🧙🏻‍♂️🧙🏻‍♂️🧙🏻‍♂️🧙🏻‍♂️🧙🏻‍♂️🧙🏻‍♂️👱🏼‍♀️this is me!!

Sleepy storytelling (1/5)

His voice drones on as bad as the boring stories he covers. Snooze fest.

Used to love this podcast until... (1/5)

Used to love this podcast until I saw that the creator took to social media to air dirty laundry about other podcasters. This sort of behavior is is distasteful, inappropriate and unprofessional. Because of Mr. Mahnke’s blatant ill will and lack of professionalism towards others, I can no longer support his efforts and have since unsubscribed from the lore podcast and deleted the lore tv series from my library. I hope that Mr. Mahnke can ditch the childish behavior and find a better human within himself. Personal issues are just that, personal. Keep them to yourself going forward.

This is a great podcast! (5/5)

Hi, you said you like it when people say hi. I like this podcast because it’s spooky and it’s great to listen to at siblings practice or during a road trip. I’ve been listening for a long time. I especially like that you don’t say like a lot. I recommend this podcast to all. Idk why it is only a 4.5 not a 5. Keep up the great work and content.

The host is a jerk (1/5)

I unsubscribed because they screwed over the host of Sword and Scale and shunned my favorite podcast The Top 5 of Death. Will update if I find out things change.

Most interesting (5/5)

This podcast is great at verbally illustrating the origins of many tales of lore. A lot of the episodes are chilling and all have been interesting. There’s no need to watch them in order- just pick one that piques your interest and dive in. Your imagination will thank you.

Wow (5/5)

From the detailed storytelling to the pinpoint perspectives, this podcast was and is amazing.

Perfection! (5/5)

Lore is just wonderful. It covers urban legends, history, myths, and curiousities in engaging and respectful ways. It tells the facts and yet leaves room to wonder and imagine without ever promoting pseudoscience or anything like that. Aaron is a great writer and a great person - I love his podcasts and his Twitter feed!

Love it (5/5)

I am legally blind, so voices are very important to me. His voice is amazing and the podcast is something I’ve recommended to all of my friends and family. I have been standing in line getting a coffee and there was a couple behind me talking about a new podcast that they could listen to. I told them about Lore and they loved it. I always want to look in dealer to the things he talks about in Lore.

Unsubscribed (1/5)

Can’t support a podcast that advocates censorship. People can be jerks but still be good at what they do. It’s what makes us unique individuals. But the folks at Lore think the people they deem as jerks should be shut down and silenced. Everyone needs a voice, even those we disagree with most. 🙌

Hi (5/5)

I heard you like it when people say hi. Awesome pod cast. I listen every week. Keep up the great work!

Listen. (5/5)

Unique. Entertaining. Creepy. What else do you need?

Wack Voice (1/5)

Something about the way this narrator speaks is incredibly unappealing. If you are looking for a storytelling podcast you can pay attention to, look elsewhere. The narrator has issues finishing a sentence

Just hit play. You’re welcome. (5/5)

I originally downloaded Podcasts for Veterinary research just to keep my brain working outside of work and to hear opinions of others in my field. I soon ran out of things to keep me interested, because there are A LOT of seriously misinformed people who consider themselves veterinary professionals out there. I wanted to find something else for my severe ADHD brain to focus on so I continued my search. I love supernatural stories and I’m kind of a history buff, so I looked for those, but most left much to be desired, and couldn’t keep my attention, but those failed attempts did, thankfully, lead me to the LORE podcasts. I listen in my car to and from work and while bringing the kids to and from school. They love it, and I can’t thank Aaron Mahnke, enough for the fact that listening to him tell these stories keeps them both COMPLETELY quiet, save for a question about what’s going on in the story every now and again. Then, back to silence. I listen when things are slow at work and they even have me looking forward to walking my dog, Samual, who enjoys that fact that his walks are now longer 😂. LORE, the real history in them, and his voice, keep me enthralled and wanting more when it’s over. I’ve gotten my fiancé into them along with a few friends and even trying to decide where on my little spaceship mom car I was to put my LORE decal, because more people need this podcast in their lives. Sadly, I’m almost out of podcasts in this series, but I’m very excited to listen to his others that he’s mentioned at the end of these. If you’re thinking about listening, but unsure if it’s just another juvenile ghost story, take my advice and hit play. You’ll fall in love.

My favorite podcast ever. (5/5)

This podcast has helped me with my anxiety and renewed my love for mystery, horror, and podcasts in general! I hope to listen for years and so happy for the lore creative team!

Eerie and yet weirdly calming (5/5)

I listen to this on my way too and from work. It’s creepy because so much of the myths are based on real history, but Aaron’s voice is so calming that I’m never too spooked. Especially nice to listen to on rainy days.

Love lore (5/5)

I love this podcast!

This podcast filled a void in my life I didn’t know was missing... (5/5)

This podcast came into my life at a time of struggle when I had fallen out of touch with myself. It reminded me of a time when I loved mystery and truly helped me. Thank you Aaron!

The Darker Side (5/5)

The stories told are great. Interesting folklore, some forgotten, are told with a great weaving of the tale. Hi.

Curiosity Peaked (5/5)

Love the way this show intertwines narrative, history, and folktales from all over the world.

Still amazed! (5/5)

This is simply a fantastic listen, every time.

Great (5/5)

Love this podcast! Very interesting stories

Obsessed with this show! ❤️❤️❤️ (5/5)

I’ve always been a fan of myths and legends so I love listen to this podcast!! It’s soo interesting and I learn so much with them ❤️

Lore (5/5)

Lore is one of my favorites. Beautiful music. Excellent storytelling. Eerie myths and strange and poignant truths mix for a truly haunting experience.

One of the best podcasts out there! (5/5)

Aaron Mahnke and his team present compelling, well-researched stories that make you think, and might even inspire a dream or two. Highly recommended!

Creative and Original story telling (5/5)

I love this podcast. The thought and in-depth study of not only the facts, but the human side, the emotions of the the people in the history and myth and lore (wink) are told in just a way that it draws you in. It’s addicting, but also the soothing voice is quite the weapon on late evenings. Can’t wait to see what else happens in this brilliant world that continues to expand into other forms of media! The halloween live show from last year was thrilling!

Love it (5/5)

I have trouble sleeping so I always turn on Lore before bed. Now that’s not an insult! I love the stories, lore and history with these podcasts! It’s very calming and helps me focus on something. At some point I fall asleep and listen to the rest later. Super great story teller!

Lore (4/5)

I like learning about history every day. His voice is very captivating and soothing. And it is full of fact based his store cool. I learned a lot about a lot of places in the United States.

Lore is everything (5/5)

I cannot wait for new episodes. Aaron works tirelessly and puts so much effort into the show and it shows. It’s so unique to any other podcast and I appreciate the time put into it. I love the information Aaron exposes and puts his own touch on. Definitely recommend to everyone

Ignore the pathetic bad comments (5/5)

Ignore the petty comments from the blind, misogynist supporters. Aaron does real research and has provided quality episodes for 4 years. This podcast has actual context and isn’t filled with an hour of poor quality news recordings and/or 911 calls. Love the way the stories are laid out and narrated! This is a staple in the examples of podcasts done right. P.S. This is not a true crime/murder podcast. There seems to be some confusion on that.

Loyal listener still in love with this podcast (5/5)

I started listening to Lore around episode 30. It was Fall and I was craving something spooky. I never thought I would be so enveloped and enamored with a podcast. I recommend it to everyone who enjoys a good story. The books and tv show on amazon prime are also a great addition and standalones.

Virgin podcast (5/5)

The first podcast I ever listened to and am having a hard time finding others that can fill Aaron’s shoes. Started at #85 and worked my way back to #1 and then finished the more recent ones. Great narrative, wonderful stories, and love Aaron’s voice. I have recommended this several times.

Lore can bore (1/5)

Long drawn out narrative, with piano ramblings in the background make this a great podcast for you insomniacs out there

Wonderful Delve into Creepy History and Folklore (5/5)

I cannot get enough of this podcast. I fell into it backwards when the first season of Lore was released on Amazon Prime, and I realized it had been a podcast first. It's such a neat show with excellent research and storytelling. Even stories I was already familiar with seem even more interesting after listening to Aaron's storytelling combined with the fascinating facts or stories dug up by his research team.

Awsome (5/5)

I listen to this every day and tends to make my life a little more interesting. Thanks



! (5/5)


Electronic voice (1/5)

When I first started listening to this podcast, I had no idea why the writer was using a voice machine to narrate his stories. Now I know it is his actual voice. The writer also likes to go on twitter to start arguments with other podcasters. Very unprofessional.

Excellent work, ignore whiny bad reviews. (5/5)

Extremely well done, awesome stories and great narration. 95% of the bad reviews are people whining over Sword and Scale....

Love Love Love!!! (5/5)

I wish I could give this 10 stars!

Wow (5/5)

Creepy, dark, insightful, intellectual, educational all of these describe why this podcast gave books and a TV show. I’ve been listening for a few years now I just felt a review was needed

Sword and Scale. (1/5)

Why does Aaron Mahnke care what Mike Boudet says? I’ve listened to both Lore and Sword & Scale. Lore was fine but Sword & Scale is a better podcast by any measure. I don’t care about political correctness, I don’t care what your religious or political beliefs are. I just like good content, regardless of your political agenda. Live and let live, just because you disagree with someone doesn’t mean you’re right. I will never listen to another episode of Lore and will actively discourage all friends and family from listening. I simply cannot condone this behavior. Social media is not real life, it’s a fun house mirror.

So so (2/5)

Interesting stories, terrible narration

Terrible (1/5)


Excellent Podcast. (5/5)

If you want a fun way to dive into some folklore from around the world and remain captivated while doing so? This is for you. The music sets an excellent tone as well.

... (2/5)

This could be a really good podcast, but the speaking cadence of the host is really annoying. You aren't Shatner, buddy.

niceeeeeeeeee (5/5)

Don’t listen to bad reviews. I ignore what happened with sword and scale...I just like the podcast...

Always interesting (5/5)

This podcast is fantastic and has really stood the test. The whole way its presented is engaging and leaves you always wanting more.

Very entertaining!!! (5/5)

This is so enjoyable. Entertaining and educational. I love driving, relaxing, and listening to these stories. The music completely sets the mood for the tale. Thank you Aaron!! Continued success

Missed Opportunity (2/5)

Mahnke seems to channel Von Daniken and Shatner for this podcast. Von Daniken for his utter credulity and Shatner for the weird seemingly random unnecessary pauses littering every sentence. It is too bad because the topics are fascinating, but when presented with virtually no critical thinking it is a waste. I mean, the Jersey Devil is real because so many supposedly saw it. Come on, now. If that was true Elvis would still walk among us. And, Aaron, just because someone else said American Naval hero Stephen Decatur saw the Devil doesn’t mean he was actually a witness. You can do better.

Great podcast! (5/5)

I love this podcast and the Amazon prime show. It’s unfortunate that the majority of the bad reviews are from people swept up in drama about podcast politics and not actually rating the show. You can ignore most bad reviews based on the level of anger - lol. It’s good, interesting, and well thought out. I recommend listening.

My absolute favorite thing. (5/5)

I pretty much only listen to any podcast created by Aaron Minke, and they are some of the most creative and alluring things I have ever heard. They pretty much ruin every other podcast for me, although I’m trying to branch out. Please keep up the great work!

Joke (1/5)

This “crime” podcast is a joke. Also the voice is one of the most annoying voices I’ve ever heard. Can’t even listen to it

Ignore bad reviews! (5/5)

He’s the absolute best storyteller I’ve ever heard 🙌🏻👏🏻

Lore is a Bore (1/5)

Don’t waste your time, try giving S&S a listen instead!

Can’t stop listening (5/5)

❤️🤩😘 OMG!!! I can’t stop listening to this I spent three hours listening to it, instead of playing video games I sat there is the car with my Dad listening to it for three hours!!! I give this podcast 5 stars!!!! 😘🤩❤️

Bummed. (1/5)

Annoying. I can’t get behind a podcast that has destroyed another well respected podcast with mob mentality. Now when I listen it just irritates me because I feel so angry towards those behind it, ruins the whole show.

Getting boring (2/5)

Used to be one of my favorite podcasts, but it seems like recently they’re running out of good material. After about 4 years of listening, I’ve decided to unsubscribe. If anyone from the show actually reads these - maybe you guys should expand the parts of the world you pull these legends from since you’re clearly running out of good stories from the US.

Too many bad reviews (5/5)

My mom and I are obsessed. Ignore the bad reviews.

Can’t get enough (5/5)

I love all the trolls on here. This is about as flawless as a podcast gets. Love it.

Amazing (5/5)

It is a better version of history class

Lore is Awesome (5/5)

Its hard to wait two weeks I have it set in my calendar And listen on the way to work For anyone that loves creepy stories or historic odd events this a great way to spend your thirty minute commute to work or home from work. I love this Podcast. Aaron if you read this could you look into an old tale of Midget Mansion in San Antonio Hard to research it but used to be an abandoned house that we and hundreds of people partied at when we were teenagers. The mansion has sense been torn down and an apartment complex was built over the property called Promontory Point. You obviously have better research resources. Thank you for your hard work and entertainment. Brilliant.

Obsessed (5/5)

I absolutely love this podcast, and everyone I’ve recommended it to has fallen in love with it aswell!! I listen to it every day when I walk to school. Best podcast out there in terms of research depth, enjoyment, and intrigue.

The. Stilted. Delivery. Is...awful. (2/5)

The title says it. The stilted and drug out way that Aaron narrates makes my skin crawl and my brain liquify. The high, tinny voice doesn’t help. A simple equalizer filter would help a lot here. The twists and surprises are always obvious too, so the payoff is never worth it. These factors caused me to take a long break from listening. I discovered this podcast after it was up for some time, so I was way behind. Because of this, when I tried listening to another episode, I chose a more recent one to see if his delivery had matured and improved. It had not. The same topics oils be done so much better by a different host, so I’m going to find that.

Just all bad. (1/5)

The narratives voice is awful for voice over. The writing just lacks interest. I wanted to like this podcast so much; however it was so disappointing.

Thank you (5/5)

Myself and my son love the stories. So, thank you.

💘 (5/5)

I’ve read one of the lore books and watched the first episode on amazon prime, the way he tells stories is so interesting! You can keep up with the train of thought and I listen to this podcast every time I get in my car! Lore is not just a great podcast, Arron is a great story teller and I love everything he has come out with

Fantastic PodCast (5/5)

Since I’ve been introduced to this podcast, it’s been a enticing and I’ve been trying to listen to as many episodes as possible. If your into history and folk lore, you won’t be upset. Cheers

Amazing.... (5/5)

Hi and thank you Aaron! I truly love this podcast. I found it after discovering the show on Amazon Prime Video! It’s a wonderful escape from the constant repeat of the same songs on the radio. Learning is truly fun when you have such an talented storyteller! I look forward to the next season of Unobscured.... another great podcast. I have binged all episodes of every show!😊

Favorite Podcast (5/5)

This is my absolutely favorite Aaron Mahnke podcast. You can tell how much research is put into each episode. Plus, the episodes are long enough to tell the entire story.

Meh (1/5)

If you love true crime and want to listen to a professionally produced podcast, listen to Sword & Scale. Far superior. You can’t get better true crime anywhere but at Sword & Scale!

Excellent podcast (5/5)

I’ve been a big fan of this podcast for years. No complaints, give Lore a good try.

It will /lo͝or/ you in (5/5)

I love it. Try it once...It will /lo͝or/ you in!

💗💗💗💗💗 (5/5)

It’s so good and I am obsessed with it and I am only 10

Rlly awesome (5/5)

Absolutely amazing i love this series i got my dad into it even tho this stuff creeps me out i still like listening to it bc this stuff happens

This is sooooo blah! (1/5)

Very blah.....would not recommend this podcast

Love the stories and his voice (5/5)

His voice is very soothing and made for story telling which he does exquisitely. I so enjoy the amazing balance between the fantasy and the reality. I like to listen to stories with out being told what to think. He keeps a great open mind and isn’t trying to get the listener to believe anything but leaves it up to you. And clearly does excellent research. Thanks so much for this podcast. First podcast review, that’s how much I like it. I am starting from the beginning since I’ve listened to ever single one!

Eye-Opening (5/5)

This podcast provides an insightful look on all things mysterious. If you have a passion for stories and history, Lore will certainly have what you’re looking for

Awesome (5/5)

This is one of the best podcast on this site. Everyone else is so unprofessional or doesn’t keep themes or just blabbers without cause. It’s refreshing to find some content worth listening to

Great podcast overall for chapter book starters (5/5)

This is a great podcast for starters looking for new podcasts and I know that these episodes are kind of long, but it’s awesome. Trust me. Aaron please reply to this review and hi!

Play at 1.5 Speed (4/5)

Excellent content but speaks at a William Shatner pace

Great Podcast (5/5)

I really love this podcast. It’s a perfect blend of scary, sad, and suspenseful. Every time I get on a bus, this is what I listen to.

Its less about actual lore now and all about weird stories (1/5)

This show started phenomenally, sharing bits of actual lore and their impact on humans or why people would create/embrace these weird folktales. Not every story was about American lore either, so it was a nice bit of variety each episode. Now every episode centers on a weird American event (usually 1800s to 1910s and it’s always rooted in the spiritualist movement) that might be supernatural or might not but by the end the hint is it most definitely is, and then the beginning has one or two loosely researched tales to make it seem like the whole episode has a theme and isn’t just about this one aspect of the Spiritualist movement. He tries too hard to give each episode a theme and doing that makes it clunky and like a high school freshman turning in his first research project. Some of the episodes deal with proven hoaxers or falsified events and yet he presents them as if the proven facts might be up for debate or he leaves out parts of the events that don’t fit the narrative he wants to tell. Those episodes infuriate me and question the ability of his research. All his episodes are predictable now and none of what he presents has anything to do with lore anymore and always takes place in America. It’s gotten so boring and uninteresting, I’ve stopped listening to new episodes when they come out. Might unsubscribe and keep all the older episodes I like. Won’t be checking out his other podcasts or the TV show since it’s probably exactly like this.

It should be good (2/5)

I don’t know how anyone can listen. The stories are so interesting but told in the most boring way. I’ve given it more than a chance but my attention can never be held.

Lore is awesome (5/5)

Aaron presents very well done well researched scary thought provoking stories. Some folks are hating because of another podcast so they are voting him down. Don’t be a sheeple, listen to Lore and make up your own mind! You won’t regret it!

Great (5/5)

This is a great podcast

Best story podcast (5/5)

This podcast has set the bar extremely high for other story podcasts. Aaron Manke’s writing and narration is on point. I have this podcast on repeat because no other come close to the suspense, story, and delivery.

Extremely boring (1/5)

Excellent if your looking to fall asleep!

Great stories! (5/5)

I love this podcast. Great research and story telling!

Great listening! (5/5)

Love this podcast!

Great Podcast (5/5)

This podcast is awesome. It captivates me during my boring work day which is awesome. I started listening back in 2015 with the 2nd episode, I HIGHLY recommending starting with the beginning and working your way to the end.

I love this! (5/5)

I absolutely love this podcast!

Lured me in (5/5)

I first saw Lore on Amazon and was obsessed. Waited for the second season and was even more captivated. I was anti-podcast until I found Lore Podcast! The first few episodes got me so scared I slept with the light on! Keep doing your thang!

Censorship (1/5)

One star for trying to censorship other podcast. You guys are lame and jealous.

this podcast is intresting (2/5)

I bought His book . I thought at first it would be boring . but good for sleeping . He always sounds like he needs to use the bathroom! Some of his podcast are interesting .

Excellent podcast !!! (5/5)

I’ve enjoyed this podcast quite a bit since I heard about it from a coworker. Don’t listen to the haters!

Waste of time (1/5)

You just can’t stand it when others are doing well huh? Unsubscribed. If I could give you -5 stars I would. Shame on you.

Great but some ideas (5/5)

I love your work, Mr. Mahnke, and you should do another episode about voodoo zombies, or just zombies. 🧟‍♂️

Please do some research guys (5/5)

I too was disappointed about Sword and Scale but after further research I’m no longer of the opinion that the action taken was undue. Read a bit more about the situation everyone and maybe you too will find information that will change your mind.

Terrible podcast (1/5)

This podcast was a huge let down

💕 (5/5)

I have listened to every show - love this history and delivery of it all.

Very disappointed (1/5)

To go after one of the best podcasts in hopes of getting attention you weren’t getting is deplorable. I understand that negative publicity is publicity; however to get the recognition by attacking someone and ruining their podcast is below disgusting. I was already struggling to continue listening to this podcast, secondary to the monotone presentation without any emotion, now knowing more about the character of Aaron my unsubscribing is an easy decision.

Lame (1/5)

Thanks for ruining my favorite pod cast

Great stories, needs a better mixer (3/5)

Great stories but I feel like the music is sadly unheard at all in the mix. Almost feels like an after thought. I feel like if Chad and Aaron worked together on that element, to have it actually score the moments of the podcast instead of passively existing quietly in the background it would make the podcast feel much more frightening.

Five stars - one of my favorites. (5/5)

Creepy and well crafted

Has fallen a lot (1/5)

This used of be one of my favorite podcasts, but now the production value and narrative structure/style have taken a significant dip. The stories are boring, and seem very rushed. And he doesn’t seem to have his heart in this podcast anymore. His other podcast is boring too. Very very disappointed in this one.

Zero stars. (1/5)

What is this monotone hag even yapping about? Save yourself from falling asleep and listen to another podcast.

Absolutely captivating. (5/5)

This podcast never fails to be fascinating. It's incredibly well researched and the host, Aaron Mankhe, delivers the stories in such a captivating manner. I've been a listener since the very beginning and I look forward to the show every week. I hope potential listeners don't believe the negative reviews from Sword and Scale fans, as their host has attacked and been terrible to Aaron on twitter. Aaron, keep up the amazing work, you're very much appreciated.

Great show don’t listen to haters. (5/5)

I love that I can play this with my kids and everyone is interested and entertained. (Also a Cabinet of Curiosities fan!)

Excellent Podcast (5/5)

And the host has a tremendous amount of integrity. The 1 stars are a campaign initiated by a terrible podcaster and even worse human being.

Huge fan (5/5)

I’ve been listening to Lore since the beginning and I still look forward to new episodes. Love what Aaron does!

It’s different (5/5)

I like it. It’s tales of old-and they take you out of your mundane day to day. Some of the tales are strange and completely unbelievable and some make you wonder. Which is all it’s meant to do. Enjoy it, it’s fun on a early morning drive to work or a late night drive home!

⭐️ (5/5)


Petty Fans (5/5)

I’ve really enjoyed this podcast during my super early morning commutes, although sometimes the episodes can be hit or miss. Some have more interesting content than others. Some people might not like Aaron’s delivery, but I don’t have many complaints. I normally don’t write reviews, but I just felt like I had to leave 5 stars for all the salty Sword and Scale fans leaving 1’s.

You must feel proud (1/5)

This podcast was mediocre on its best days. Will happily unsubscribe podcast after hearing the news that Aaron weaseled his way around to silence another podcast I listen to. Sword and scale is some quality stuff. If anyone else is reading through these. Go ahead and listen to that podcast over this garbage. Aaron is a SJW on a mission to end free speech. Nazi America here we come!

Not captivating and presented in an uninteresting way (1/5)

Not captivating and presented in an uninteresting way, I attempted to listen to this podcast and was not drawn in or interested.

Thank you! (5/5)

Thank you for calling out disgusting behavior when you saw it. I’m glad S&S is cancelled and Mike got what he deserved.

I like it (5/5)

A lot of reviews are pretty terrible and I respect your opinion, but I like it and I don’t understand why people don’t like it is it really interesting for me maybe not you but that is your opinion not mine

Terrible (1/5)

I have given this podcast a couple chances and usually just unsubscribe quietly when I don’t like something but since you have a loud opinion about free speech I feel I should say the hosts voice is not catching at all and I find myself loosing interest over and over and having to rewind to relisten.

Fantastic (5/5)

I’ve been a fan of this podcast for over a year now. The stories are interesting and it actually helps me relax and fall asleep easier. I appreciate his attention to details and his storytelling abilities. I highly recommend this podcast.

Excellent (5/5)

I dig the way this show is written and Aaron gives it a special feel with how he tells the stories.

BORE (1/5)

The stories are lack luster and Aaron’s voice is so monotoned I can’t even focus on what he’s saying. Definitely not a podcast I’d recommend.

Waste of time!! (1/5)

I tried I really did. But Aaron your podcast is pretty terrible! I don’t often leave reviews but hopefully this will help others not waste their time on Lore!

Knowledge & history, junkies look no further (5/5)

I just started listening to this podcast a few days ago and am totally hooked, it is fantastic. It’s obvious a lot of time and effort are put into making it, and it’s a high quality, fascinating show. If you’re a history junkie or lover of random knowledge, you should definitely check out this podcast!

Blah (1/5)

Some topics are slightly intriguing, most episodes are boring and it’s a struggle to listen to him talk because. He. Talks. Like. This. The. Entire. Time. Would be cool if he took some of his reviewers into consideration and quit talking like a jackass so you could focus more on the subject. Annoying and distracts you completely from what he’s even saying.

Disappointed (1/5)

Tried to listen and watch non of Aaron Content is worth the time or the wasted space on any of your devices

Trash (1/5)

You should be ashamed man. You’re not even good at what you do.

Goodbye (4/5)

I love this show. It is well written and interesting. I have to unsubscribe when I found out about Aaron’s bullying of another podcaster. I will not support anyone who decides to become part of the PC police and censor the free speech of others, even if that person is a jerk. Reminds me of the problems that he outlines in the first season of Unobscured. Not as deadly but just as harmful. Shame on you.

Meh.. (1/5)

I’ve been a listener from the early days of Lore. I stopped listening as I felt that the newer stories are lacking. They don’t grab my attention like they use to. Not sure if they are running out of “Lore” to talk about or what. it’s just the same thing over and over. Today I listened for the first time since November (I listened every week) and I was just not into it anymore. What a bummer. I would now only listen to it for the piano score.

Amazing Show (5/5)

I have always loved lore and I love it even more knowing that Aaron stands for something good!

Painfully unaware of itself (1/5)

I’d give it 5 stars if it were any good. Stories are plodding at best, monotonous, and the material gets recycled often. The smugness of the host drips from every word in the stories and shouts from the roofs of every advertisement. I’ve spent enough of my life ridding myself of that type of person, don’t need one invading my earphones as well. There are plenty of good horror podcasts out there, go listen to one of them. Hard pass.

👎👎👎👎👎👎 (1/5)

Terrible podcast

Shameful (1/5)

I never write reveiws, but felt you were owed another 1 star rating and someone telling you how ashamed you should feel for what you've done. S&S is clearly your biggest competition and you are very obviously jealous of Mike Boudet. Shameful and pathetic. Oh... and I unsubscribed from Lore, not only because you're horrible for what you did, but because your podcast is boring and a waste of time.

Nah (1/5)

I tried to listen to the few episodes that sounded interesting but seemed the “true crime” stories are loosely based on some facts. The narrator seemed to add fiction to his stories to make them more dramatic. Look elsewhere for better content.

LORE? More like BORE (1/5)

Aaron’s story telling is incredibly dry. This podcast is not so good for a story, but it’s great if you have trouble falling asleep.

Not horrible (1/5)

Not horrible but still boring.

Fantastic (5/5)

Beautiful storytelling and production! Great for road trips.

THE BEST (5/5)

I’ve listened to this since the show started and I’m hooked. This is literally one of the best podcasts out there! The content is creepy and interesting and I love it. Plus the narration is awesome! Aron, you created something amazing.

Waste of air (1/5)

Read Title of Review.

Used to be a fan but was blocked by Aaron Manke (1/5)

I really loved Lore. I supported Manke by buying all of books, watching his show, and subscribing to all of his pods. Lore was always my favorite. But then I was blocked from his IG for offering criticism (I was not crude or vulgar) and he lied about it on Twitter and blocked me, telling people my comment wasn’t appropriate for children, which was a lie, he just didn’t want criticism on his feed. I can’t continue to support the creator, even though his content is great, as I can’t even support him in social media because of petty actions. Solid content. Not so solid creator. Since he can’t seem to separate the two, I won’t either.

Lame (1/5)

Enough said.

BOREing (1/5)

Love the concept but the delivery is so dull. It takes such an interesting subject and makes it completely boring. The host’s voice isn’t engaging whatsoever. Gave it a good few listens but it’s not for me.

Very vanilla (1/5)


You should be ashamed (1/5)

I used to really enjoy your podcast and tv show but I had no idea you were against free speech. Now that I know that I will no longer be supporting anything that you are involved in. Just because something hurts your feelings doesn’t mean you have the “right” to destroy someone’s career. It is people like you who participating in “social justice” that are creating more anger and hate in this work than those whom you are supposedly are fighting against. It must be exhausting being offended by everything! Free speech isn’t about your feelings!

You sound like a Ro - bot (1/5)

You sound like Siri’s retarded little brother. Very close to being human, but the engineer who built you needs to go back to the drawing board. What’s with the montone, halting. Way. Of. Speaking? I really like reading the descriptions, though, so good work on that!

So boring (1/5)

Should be called BORE. That is all.

Lame (1/5)

I can’t stand the voice...

Very boring. (1/5)

I listened to 3 episodes. Couldn’t get into. I’ll give it a few more episodes.

Excellent (5/5)

Informative and interesting material with a great vocal delivery.

Favorite Podcast (5/5)

I thoroughly enjoy listening to your stories and even my husband enjoys them as well.

A good kind of creepy (5/5)

I really enjoy the stories and the way Aaron tells them. I’ve learned about so many urban legends and stories from this podcast.

Love it such a good podcast (5/5)

I listen to theses everyday and they never get old

meh (1/5)

crazy how high this is rated. mediocre is a polite stretch. find something else.

Don’t support this show (1/5)

This guy Aaron monkey is a joke. His product wasn’t good enough so he had to go and be a douche SJW and try and take down sword and scale because the host said things he didn’t like. Don’t give this loser your time.

Just Listen (5/5)

I don’t know what people are talking about with censorship and his writing skills being sub par. But I have listened to 92 of his podcasts and followed all of them just fine. (I am a High School Senior) Also just sit back and enjoy if you don’t then leave. The best way to fight against his censorship is by not giving him publicity. Anyways it is a great podcast.

Can’t get enough of this show! (5/5)

I love all the stories and even the TV show. Keep up the great work! :)

I’ve heard better (1/5)

Or a fan. Couldn’t get into. I thought the TV series would bring to life, but didn’t.

Lore (5/5)

I love this podcast & look forward to each new episode!


SLOW.. Boring..... his voice sounds like he's Oding on prozac.

KO podcast (5/5)

Aaron’s voice coupled with the masterful music composition is just a KO punch when you are tired. Best sleep podcast on here in my opinion

I enjoy free speech (1/5)

Too bad the host of this podcast doesn’t share the same views. If you don’t like what other people are saying, don’t listen to it. But don’t go out of your way to censor free speech and try to control what others listen to. Unsubscribed.

Holier than thou (1/5)

Aaron comes off as arrogant and, even though I was a fan of the show in the beginning, it’s boring and forced now. Not to mention he had a hand in getting Mike from Sword & Scale “cancelled” which is ridiculous and a shame because that was the best true crime podcast on the app. Problematic people still have to work. I guess these days we think anyone who offends us deserves to be stripped of everything. Shame on you, Aaron

A bore (1/5)

It’s underwhelming and they’re much better podcasts that do the same content. Slow pace and uninteresting are putting it nicely.

Creepy, oddly soothing and informative. (5/5)

Lore is a surrealistic blend of the macabre, myth and haunted history. I love listening to these at night, just before sleep, when mystery and imagination most enjoy their dark embrace.

Great content (5/5)

This was the first podcast series that I could engage in long term. I love the creepy folk tales and I love that he presents the stories in a way that leaves it up to you to decide whether you think it’s true or just lore. His voice is soothing and easy to listen to and the music is extremely well done. Personally, I am quite shocked at the number of negative and one star reviews based on nothing more than Aaron’s personal twitter account. Many of these reviews even state that the reviewer has never listened to the show. It seems unfair for these reviews to be allowed to remain since they have nothing to do with the actual podcast content. I love this podcast and that opinion is based on performance and content, nothing more or less. I look forward to new episodes and am always excited when I see the next one posted.

Bore (1/5)

Interested in the content of this podcast, but am out to sleep by the narrator’s full voice. Also disappointed that he does not have a sense of humor. Sure he knows what that means.

New listener - and I’m hooked (5/5)

At the recommendation of my co-worker, I downloaded random episodes for a recent road trip and was disappointed when my last downloaded episode ended - I’m addicted! I enjoy the story-telling and I love how the music adds to each episode.

More like BORE (1/5)

Not a fan of Aaron or the show 🤷🏻‍♀️

Horrible (1/5)

Worst podcast I have ever listened to. Don’t waste your time.

Can’t get into it (1/5)

I’ve tried to listen to this multiple times because I’m interested in the content but I find the narrators voice boring and it doesn’t pull me in like other Podcast hosts.

Found a new favorite podcast! (5/5)

I found this podcast after hearing Boudet’s SoundCloud, then doing some Googling. I admit that I had seen “Lore” in my suggested listening, but the description didn’t draw me in. For whatever reason, I decided to listen to Episode 1, about vampires. Well, like a bitten victim, I was transfixed, and listened to the next four episodes in one setting. Looking at other reviews, I am surprised at the negative comments regarding the host’s speaking style. He reminds me a bit of Roman Mars in 99% Invisible (another podcast I love). It is a refreshing change from the “shock jock” or AM radio DJ style so many podcasters seem to think is necessary when talking about dark or controversial subjects.

Allway liked it (5/5)

The only well polished podcast I can think of that does not get too smaltzy. The music has allways been impressive, it works without treading too far into maudlin. Could be the best or worst thing to hear when you are alone.

Ugh! (1/5)


Way overrated (1/5)

Sword and Scale is a much better show

Don’t bother listening (1/5)

Trash podcast with an even worse host. -10/10

Wide variety, engaging and love the music (5/5)

I see a lot of negative reviews this week based on whatever drama from another podcast being cancelled, and it’s prompted me to finally leave a review. I will agree, the narrating style took me a sec to get used to. I love Casefile’s style, and Aaron’s style is different, but is still certainly clear, his tone changes, and his voice is pleasant. I think everyone has a preference for narration styles, but Lore does a fine job. I love the variety of stories and topics and themes. I feel real emotion, and have had certain episodes truly stick with me for a time afterwards. I love seeing where each episode takes me, and have felt the stories to be fairly unbiased and always entertaining. Aaron is a great story teller. The music is absolutely beautiful. I adore it. You can find Aaron’s voice to not be your style. You can enjoy other podcasts styles better. But this podcast is very well done. It is polished, it is entertaining, and it is so very bingeable. The reviews made out of anger for other podcasts seem to distract from the purpose of rating at all. It’s spiteful, when reviews should be informative for those looking to check it out. This podcast is definitely one worth listening to, especially for at least 3-4 episodes, and you will get the best idea of whether or not it is your jam.

Great podcast! (5/5)

Love the stories and the narrator; he is informative and quite witty as well. Really enjoy listening and learning from this podcast!

Not good (2/5)

I liked the description of the podcast, since it made it sound like interesting series of stories. However, his voice is not right for a podcast because it is monotonous. No excitement on interesting facts. Also, the music might be beautiful but not for this. I am surprise it made it to 4 years.

Great stories but.... (3/5)

I enjoy the subject matter, but the Shatner-esque narration is a little off-putting.

Disappointed (1/5)

Pretty upset you decided to attack some of my favorite podcast (sword and scale, monstrou, etc) because of that I will no longer listen to your podcast.

Thanks for ruining my favorite podcast! (1/5)

I will never listen to your show because I am sure it pales in comparison to Sword and Scale!

AMAZING!!! (5/5)

Thank you for telling wonderful folklore stories.

Favorite podcast atm (5/5)

I love anything spooky or historic and this it THE ONE for me. Aaron’s voice is super soothing and actually reminds me of Cryaotic’s voice (a YouTuber). Love listening to this on the way to work and just on long drives. 10/10.