Aggregated reviews for Making Sense with Sam Harris

Join neuroscientist, philosopher, and best-selling author Sam Harris as he explores important and controversial questions about the human mind, society, and current events. Sam Harris is the author of five New York Times bestsellers. His books include The End of Faith, Letter to a Christian Nation, The Moral Landscape, Free Will, Lying, Waking Up, and Islam and the Future of Tolerance (with Maajid Nawaz). The End of Faith won the 2005 PEN Award for Nonfiction. His writing and public lectures cover a wide range of topics—neuroscience, moral philosophy, religion, meditation practice, human violence, rationality—but generally focus on how a growing understanding of ourselves and the world is changing our sense of how we should live. Harris's work has been published in more than 20 languages and has been discussed in The New York Times, Time, Scientific American, Nature, Newsweek, Rolling Stone, and many other journals. He has written for The New York Times, The Los Angeles Times, The Economist, The Times (London), The Boston Globe, The Atlantic, The Annals of Neurology, and elsewhere. Sam Harris received a degree in philosophy from Stanford University and a Ph.D. in neuroscience from UCLA.

Making Sense (of the world’s nonsense) (5/5)

Sam has been, and continues to be, a voice of reason in the face of the many harrowing challenges of our time. He is one that has many valuable opinions on such challenges and yet, more valuable still are his thoughtful and articulate explanations of ideas. Ideas that we all must grapple with in order to continue to make moral and social progress. The guests on the podcast are much more often than not, extremely worthwhile to listen to. Highly recommend to anyone and everyone who is looking to broaden their horizons on a myriad of topics.

Sam is So Trumpian (1/5)

#175 Woman raised in repressive Muslim family finds it difficult to leave her religion because of WESTERN LIBERALS!

Thank You (5/5)

Hey, Thanks for helping to keep my mind sharp, and exposing me to some of the smartest people in the public space. DLS

Balanced and thoughtful (5/5)

If you need a break from groupthing and hyperventilating pundits, Sam Harris provides remarkable insights into some of today's most complex issues. With a rich diversity of guests and topics, this podcast consistently (and repespectfully) offers thought-provoking ideas you won't find anywhere else.

I am a better person because of this. (5/5)

Sam Harris has changed my life for the better, I can’t recommend this podcast highly enough.

Sleep aid (2/5)

My name is Sam, my robot voice will put your human mind to sleep guaranteed.

Indispensable (5/5)

I don’t know how I could live without Sam’s podcast. He has become my go-to person for sanity, for waking up to the issues and people that deserve my attention, and to questioning my default liberalism and seeing it from a new angle. I owe my sane, more balanced view of the world to Sam and his guests.

Informative (5/5)

I’ve been introduced to many new perspectives through this podcast and I’m very thankful for how it has challenged and helped change my worldview. I think I’m a better person because of it. Thanks!

You can’t win every argument (2/5)

I stumbled onto this podcast and was initially drawn to how well articulated Sam Harris is. I loved his guided meditations and his discussions of religions, spirituality and consciousness. After listening to about 10 episodes, however, I started to get annoyed by the constant references to his social media “fights” and the whole “I am right, they are wrong” narrative. Not sure why someone who claims to be in the search of truth would be so self-righteous. Also not a fan of Paul Bloom that he keeps interviewing in multiple episodes. Overall I listened to about 23 episodes. It became more difficult to not get frustrated with Mr.Harris’ constant effort to control the narrative regardless of who he was interviewing. Moving on to something else.

I am praying for you, Sam (3/5)

This isn’t intended to be a review but a comment. Just want you to know that I am praying for you and I’m sure many others are as well. That you would see God’s grace and love and goodness and that he would use you to share who He truly is someday.

Dear Sam, (5/5)

People exchange food stamps for drugs in America. It’s a black market. Citizens also trade their prescriptions for money and sexual favors. In closing: I think it’d be beneficial for our county to elect Kanye “the turkey” West as our next president🕯 -Les Couchon- 💄🐷🍒👠

Interview with Weiss (5/5)

Loved the interview! Very interesting!

Too much “Orange man bad.” (2/5)

Loved the podcast when it first appeared. Bought his books. Listened to all of them. And now I won't listen to a full episode. Sam Harris is suffering from an advanced case of “Orange man bad” syndrome. How sad.

Invaluable (5/5)

I think I learned more from this podcast than (German) High School and College combined and I was a good student! Incredibly educational content and the most interesting thought leaders of our time as guests. Sam also has a meditation app but I just meditate to whatever he‘s saying - best voice ever - and one of the very few voices of reason out there. He is way ahead of his time and gets a lot of heat for it. People will eventually come around and praise him for the genius that he is.

Start from the beginning (5/5)

Great podcast not sure how I didn’t catch it earlier. It’s so good I went back to the beginning and every one is really interesting

I’d rather listen to Matt Dillahunty... (3/5)

I used to contribute and am now glad that I don’t since he left Patreon. I’ve been feeling very let down by some of his content and interviews lately. I like challenging my viewpoints daily and have learned some profound things from this podcast, but also don’t appreciate some of the hyperbolic stances he has been miseducated on as of late. I’ll have to take a break and maybe come back. I have to say I was very disheartened by the narrow and privileged mindset through the whole entire Caitlin Flanagan interview.

My hero (5/5)

I love you, Sam, keep up the great work! Sometimes I feel like an outsider politically, because I just don’t fit in on the left anymore, and never did fit in on the right, even though I’m Catholic to the core. My sense of fairness, equality, and common sense is constantly barraged by the left and my sense of community, inclusion, and belonging is bashed by the right. What’s an avowed centrist to do?! My answer: Meditation and Sam Harris. A soothing balm for the parasympathetic nervous system. Oh and stay off the social media platform that starts with a T.

👍👍 (5/5)


Must Listen (5/5)

Great podcast on topics everyone should be concerned and interested in.

Was good, now has fallen into (1/5)

Orangeman bad syndrome.

Entertaining/Annoying (4/5)

I look forward to Sam’s interviews and thoughts though I don’t agree with his line of thinking on some things. He seems to feel quite victimized by the left and falls into a rut over it. His defense of the far right and “free speech/hate speech” is at times baffling. His over sensitivity regarding “woke” left is tiring. Regardless, I enjoy listening, it’s like hearing Spock repeating mantras trying to understand why things don’t compute. Rated four because I do value this.

This used to be so good (1/5)

Sorry, I can’t take any more whining about “wokeness.” Back when Sam Harris talked to scientists and philosophers about their research, this was my favorite podcast. But now he seems to think the most pressing issue humanity faces is people being mean to him on twitter.

Challenges me (5/5)

I may not always agree with Sam or his guests but this podcast is a must. It challenges me to think about things through a different lens. At times I feel uncomfortable but in a great way. One cannot listen for long and not walk away unchanged in some way.

My secret (5/5)

These podcast are the best thing available for insomniacs. Put your headphones on and you’ll be asleep in less than five minute If you wake up start them over. One episode will keep you asleep for about a week!

Most intellectually stimulating (5/5)

Sam Harris’ podcasts are always some of the most intellectually stimulating and interesting podcasts that I listen to. He always has a wide variety of guests on from different backgrounds whether it be science, meditation, journalism, religion, etc.

Superb Content (5/5)

If you are looking for good discussions on important topics of our time, this is the podcast to be listening to. With his focus on how ideas shape our lives and societies, Sam Harris bravely takes on issues that many avoid. We need the kind of honest conversation found on Making Sense both to challenge our assumptions and also to find ways of coming together as human beings. I can not recommend this podcast enough. Thank you Sam Harris.

Ugh enough (1/5)

Mr Harris is too full of himself. Sick of his constant threading trump supporters as not racist, not using dog whistles ugh supports tucker Carlson?!? Ugh enough, no one cares how he feels about the left. Mr Harris seems confused and has hurt feelings Hope he feels better and talks science again soon

Perfect pod for free thinkers who don’t fully swing left or right! (5/5)

It’s so refreshing & encouraging to listen to someone so smart who actually has views on both sides of the spectrum. While some episodes delve into the complicated & often frustrating state of politics, most episodes cover all areas of life in general; history, culture, consciousness, etc. I just love spending hours listening to brilliant people discuss big ideas in life, without feeling like I’m being fed left or right wing talking points. I find myself listening & agreeing with points on both sides, no matter the topic. The country needs more of this type of discourse.

Andrew Marranz Interview (3/5)

I have followed Harris’ work since “Letters to a Christian Nation” came out. I am a big fan of Sam’s; however, the interview with Andrew Marranz was a great display of several major assumptions Sam and other left-leaning speakers are making. Beliefs in America, national pride, caring about our shared culture, protecting our boarders are not racist. Yet Sam and Andrew clearly feel that they know what intentions are held by moderates and conservatives. They are out of touch with a majority of Americans and their liberal, elitist bias shines through.

Andrew Marrantz interview (5/5)

So good especially when it got contentious. Excellent interview — very topical and enlightening.

Hard listen (1/5)

For someone who claims that they have no free will, Sam voluntarily carries a lot of contention for many of his guests and nitpicks on arbitrary terminology as well as often draws in arguments otherwise not needed. Not recommended if you like open minded discourse.

Poor choices in interviewee (1/5)

The episode of what should we eat is interviewing a physicist who fell into public health and does not have a biology background. He’s making general remarks about obesity science when he doesn’t understand the underlying processes.

Is this guy doing OK? (2/5)

What’s up with this dude now? why are all his podcasts revolving around nazis racism and trump like as if that’s all that’s going on in the world. His content USED to be pretty good. Now they’re just weird. Find a new topic man what’s up with you 🤨

Sorry to say, I am giving up on this podcast (1/5)

I had been a longtime fan of Sam Harris and even made a substantial contribution to his podcast when it first came out. Recently, I have only listened occasionally because he seems to turn every show into a lament and then an argument about how he has been unfairly characterized or attacked by “The Left.” To me, his arguments often overreach, particularly as he tends to present The Left as a monolithic straw man on which he can project a bad behavior or motive. It gives one the impression that, in this regard, he is driven more by personal grievance than by intellectual rigor. In any event, it is tiresome.

Mediocre podcast (1/5)

Not worth my time. I strive to excel and to be all I can be. My 2 cents... Sam Harris belongs in a mental hospital. If you want to acquire excellent knowledge directly from a real neuroscientist and philosopher; then I suggest you abandon Sam Harris immediately and replace him with Dr. Joe Dispenza.

Overall excellent contribution to rational discourse (5/5)

One of the best podcast series I have ever found. Whether or not you share his perspective or disagree, challenge yourself to listen.

Mind Changer (5/5)

I can't recommend this podcast enough. Sam Harris has helped me think more deeply and reasoably about issues and has changed my mind on a few. I appreciate this podcast so much that it is one of two I support financially.

Making Sense (5/5)

Very Intelectually challenging!!!

Pastor Sam leads his flock (5/5)

Sam is the true Messiah, a modern Moses, delivering the chosen people out of the hellscape of anti intellectualism and into the Promised Land of milk, honey, humanism, honest truth seeking, and reason founded in good faith and science. There Is No Sam But Sam! Hallowed be thy name. Amen.

Making Sense Podcast (5/5)

Really thoughtful conversations with truly great guests. Sam Harris is a great host, great listener, fair, and makes this podcasts one of the best conversation podcasts to listen to.

McAfee (5/5)

A visionary Great show

Beacon (5/5)

Sam is a beacon of truth and integrity.

I love it...but (3/5)

This is a truly great listen. It's a weekly listen for me. I do love this podcast. However, I would be foolish if I didn't point out few things that take away from the intellect of the show. 1) Speaking with guests who generally line up with your way of thought makes for a lack of thinking. 2) Bating questions or pointed questions. Questions that can only be answered one way or the way Mr. Harris desires you to answer them. 3) Whenever specifically Christian ideas or thougths are brought up they are brought up from primarily the perspective of a fundamentalist. Which is the smallest subgroup of Christians worldwide and...again...manipulates the listener a bit. But...his desire for you to be converted to Atheism is to be expected as much as a Christian Evangelical podcast is going to try and convert you to their faith. So if you take everything with a grain of salt as well as put in the work to research what he says then listen and listen well. Also...The Bart Ehrman show and his beliefs can be easily explained away by other, as qualified, scholars.

Voice of Reason (5/5)

Sam is the leading voice of reason in our society

The best (5/5)

Without question my must listen to podcast.

The best interviews (5/5)

Sam is an exceptional listener who not only asks thought provoking questions but also helps the listener to think about larger themes as the interview unfolds. Truly unique and one of the greatest interviewers I’ve ever come across. Even when the guests or topics aren’t particularly interesting, I’ll still listen to Making Sense.

high quality discussion (5/5)

HIGH QUALITY. reasonable, not radical/extremist. I recommend this for anyone who wants to muddle through complex issues in our society. I always learn a lot by listening to Sam and those he interviews.

It is changing (3/5)

Sam is very smart guy I dont know why these days he is fixated with what his critics are saying. Critics voices are getting louder in his head that every discussion has to pass thru addressing what his critics are saying about him and trying to offer his counter. Quality of the discussions suffer too.

Unpredictable worth (3/5)

Tremendous mind inside of Sam—why use it to pour drivel from the mouth of his guests into he minds of his listeners? The guests on this podcast vary between being a must-listen to “must forgive Sam for letting such people exalt deception to the public”. Sam is wasting time.

Great (5/5)

Love the podcast and really appreciate Sam’s work. Please have Glenn Loury on again, or give John McWhorter a shot. Best voices on racial issues the world has to offer as far as I’m concerned. Thanks Sam 🙏🏼

Insightful, meditative, fantastic (5/5)

Absolutely fantastic podcast. Sam Harris takes a measured and thoughtful look and deep dive into all current and pressing issues with society, life in general, and our culture. Whatever side you’re on, he’s careful to give credence and thought to all opinions. He has his own as well, but offers them fully thought out, and with calmness. A thought leader for our time.

21st Gold (5/5)

I absolutely love this podcast. So often I feel isolated with my thoughts but when I listen to Sam I feel less alone in this crazy world. Thank you Sam and his team.

Honest (5/5)

He’s an honest man and the interviews are a good listen. Excellent if you’re trying to get views of a leftist to be informed but don’t want to listen to the crazy ones.

Arrogance too high to tolerate (1/5)

Educated but wisdom.

Lots of buzzwords (1/5)

Stopped listening after I heard white supremacy mentioned half a dozen times in a span of a minute and the country we live in was called Trampistan.

Eddie ty (5/5)

Hey z the

Helpful Podcast Hack (5/5)

Tried #168 during a workout but found it a bit trying. Changed speed to 1.5 and it was an entirely different experience.

Harris’s transformation to woke (1/5)

I have listened to Sam for years now and I have to say that he now has nothing to offer except book promoting. As he is so scared to challenge the dominant woke paradigm. Bye Sam Joe

I mostly like Sam despite (4/5)

his TDS. It bleeds through occasionally with ridiculous claims about Trump coming from an otherwise seemingly grounded person. The Russell Brand interview is funny because Russell is so ignorant of the facts and seems bothered that Sam is so well prepared.

Never Trumper (2/5)

Many intelligent arguments and information. But I can’t get past his disdain for Trump and the battle of trying to take our country back from elitists not unlike himself. He is a big Andrew yang guy, so there you go.

Another reason to live (5/5)

I suffer from bipolar disorder, and it can be overwhelming. My wife and children can sometimes seem like not enough reason for me to feel motivated and engaged. My job is very boring and bereft of meaning, even though it’s the means by which I support my family. I need to learn new things. I need to reflect upon my own existence. Every single day, an episode with Sam Harris helps me cope in a way other remedies haven’t been able to. He’s always objective and honest with his guests and listeners. He’s guided by a search for truth and his focus on mindfulness is a great help to people with mental health issues.

Love or hate Trump... (5/5)

Either way, you should listen to this show. This dude is 100% intellectually honest about every topic. And no topic is taboo. It’s pure honest discussion among smart people. It’s a safe space for intellectuals.

Nattanun Sangkasaba (5/5)

Here is the gateway to make sense of the worlds! I am lucky to find the podcast helps me keeping my mind set intact, particularly, in this strange time!

clarity (5/5)

a great way to learn about great ideas, while also stimulating your own critical thinking - sam balances the art of captivating the listener with sound reasoning and informative interviews, while also tackling some of the most ‘toxic’ topics of today, keeping you alert as you might not agree with everything but are sure to be interested and opinionated. i’ve learned a lot from sam and his guests. definitely my favorite podcast.

#123 Identity and Honesty (5/5)

Thoroughly enjoyed the show, as I do all your pods. Both you and Ezra, whom I have listened to a lot are quick, articulate, good faith discussers who I guess were to some degree talking past each other. I think Ezra could have better acknowledged the calumny directed at you re the Murray interview—whom haven’t read. I have trouble (and I’m a psychiatrist) sorting out what’s identity (and the myriad ways it makes us who are) and what’s identity politics, in the sense that it seems we are all tribally political. Thanks Loren WoodsonMD Santa Monica CA

I’m done (2/5)

I’ve been a listener for 5+ years, a contributor, and a user of the “Waking Up” app. I’m done. Sam is a sloppy, walking, talking example of Duning-Kruger. The sad truth is that a glaring ignorance of history and manifest human nature can’t be corrected by “intuition”. It’s disturbing his thought hasn’t evolved in 5 years. He’s still playing 2014’s greatest hits and obviously doesn’t expose himself to any new information. He’s a fixed, impermeable object. An arrogant mess. A bundle of unexamined, irrational biases.

Thank you sam (5/5)

I love your podcast. I've listened to you for years and read your books. I also love your meditation series. Keep up the great work

Nothing wrong with being #2 (5/5)

2nd favorite podcast. Wish he would put out more episodes.

No More (2/5)

I’ve been listening to the Waking Up podcast (now Making Sense) for years and had found it an interesting exploration of ideas, consciousness, purpose, destiny, and perspectives. But unfortunately, like many favorite podcasts, it seems to be on a slow descent into madness since 2016. Most of the content now involves Sam evoking faulty and narrow logic in the fervent defense of seemingly imagined slights against his own ego. I am not a member of your cult of personality, Sam. I am also not aligned against you in some random subreddit. I was a subscriber to your podcast and have given you many chances, but my life is too short and I have too much I care about to waste my time listening to you air your personal insecurities about your fragile ego while defending arguably indefensible statements you or your guests have made. I wish I could say otherwise, and I thank you for the years of content, but I’m out. Unsubscribed.

Lifeline for this new un-believer... (5/5)

Thank you Sam. I just recently discovered your work in the process of extricating myself from Christian fundamentalism. Toggling back-and-forth between a couple of your books and subscribed to your podcast and waking up App. Your gentle yet incisive thoughtfulness is an incredible gift. Please keep up the wonderful work. :-)

The Most Comprehensive Podcast (5/5)

One of the main things I look for in a podcast is being introduced to large swathes of new ideas and/or having my existing ideas challenged. This podcast is preeminent in that sense. Words simply cannot succinctly describe how grateful I am for having been introduced to this podcast. Few things beat listening to brilliant people converse about incredibly interesting subjects. And Sam is exceptional at fostering these discussions. Sam’s ability to dissect systems of ideas from an expansive, macro level understanding down to their deep, fundamental roots is almost unparalleled. And he’s equally adept at doing the reverse... Across a wide variety of subjects.

My favorite (5/5)

Making Sense is my favorite interview format podcast by far. I appreciate how Sam H is able to articulate ideas so clearly. What a relief. His meditation app is also great. Sam Harris is a treasure. Thanks for all your work!

Intriguing (4/5)

After listening to several episodes of the podcast I plan on reading Waking Up. I agree or appreciate his perspective with a lot of what he says. But so far I haven’t found his critique of Islam in America particularly grounded in the empirical, which is important to applied logic; something he claims is his driving force. Similarly, he critiques liberals who are intellectually disingenuous by saying they’ll help Trump get re-elected but fails to prove why (not that I don’t share those concerns) or seems to ever explore the hypocrisy of conservatives. Why?

Eric C (5/5)

There is no podcast, that I know, which always attempts, and often succeeds, at getting to the truth of a matter. The thoughtful formulation of arguments and ideas are masterful, and a striking example, of why we should never take our 1st amendment rights for granted.

Perfect (5/5)

Dr. Harris is a master of breaking apart stories and then helping us realize their depth. I have yet to hear an episode that bored me. He’s like a less uptight and much more intuitive version of Ben Shapiro. I like Sams podcast a lot. And his books....

Very thought provoking (5/5)

Caitlin Flanagan and Sam Harris talk about the headline issues in practical and judgemental ways. You may disagree but you almost certainly will hear sound justifications for the expressed judgements. Listening with an open mind will be an edifying experience,

Watch out for the hidden anti Muslim agenda (1/5)

Claims to be a liberal but believes that the only thing to worry about in the world is Muslims coming for Jews. Does not think that climate change, white supremacy, or Trump is a problem just those demented lefties.

#167 (5/5)

It’s important to listen to this episode, ultimate housekeeping. Imperative even- not for leftists, not for the right, but for humanity. I am impressed at your unwavering honesty backing your comments, not backtracking. It was unreal to hear my own thoughts, spoken far more eloquently than I could have illustrated, also thoughts I hadn’t even thought of, but align. I admit, I initially began to listen to your podcast to fall asleep to, because of your methodical and comforting tone... but after just a few episodes, I’ve been hooked. I don’t listen while I work, as I do other podcasts. I listen and cognitively process. Agree or not agree, but listen. On a lighter note. Although I feel I have a relatively extensive vocabulary, I found myself making a list and looking up several words from this episode. Which I really enjoyed because I’m a self proclaimed nerd. Be well and appreciate you answering, but not condoling your “hate mail” stay brave.

A-1 Podcast (5/5)

Sam Harris is one of the most influential “intellectuals”, for lack of a better term, of our time. He thinks through every position he states and is not afraid to talk about topics important to society here in the U.S. and around the world. He helps give hope to my life in knowing that they are still rational people out there thinking about our future. He has on great guests and they cover a vast range of topics. I strongly recommend this podcast to anyone who enjoys civil discourse and multi sided debates.

Too poor to be a patron so here I am writing glowing reviews! (5/5)

Sam is one of the more level headed new atheists out there and I appreciate his show and having challenging guests on to debate at times. I think we can all learn from moves like this where we bring up the hard topics with people that generally disagree with us. P.S. Sam has the best vocab of any one I know so just listening to this podcast should help you in that department!

Sincere, Insightful, Courageous and Smart (5/5)

Sam Harris exhorts us all, and provides a platform, for us to stay in conversation as a community, as a nation and as a species. It is hardly important that I don’t always agree with him. I am very grateful for what he does and I believe deeply in this project. We need a lot more of this in our world if we hope to heal it.

Sam Harris is really amazing (5/5)

I don’t know much about life despite being 36 and feeling like I should know more but I really relate to this podcast. I find myself really relating with a lot of Sam’s questions. Almost like when I am wondering something when the guest is talking, it’s very often Sam’s next question. I think it’s because Sam is really listening to his guest and is very open to conversing with them and getting them to open up. I really liked his conversations with Ricky Gervais. Anyway I think any person would enjoy this. Also, I recently subscribed to the Waking Up app (about 3 weeks ago) and I have found it to have created meaningful changes in my state of mind and I have this feeling of general calm and wellness always. And i really appreciate it. Thanks Sam.

Appreciative (5/5)

Thanks for tackling the challenging/hard topics. You engage force the listeners to evaluate, contemplate and even challenge the reason why they take a particular stance or believe what they believe. To not be afraid to face their own biases

Awesome (5/5)

Genius, thoughtful, incredibly adept at reducing complex topics into digestible information. Love this podcast

Full of beautiful logic and compassion (5/5)

It’s hard to think of another voice today that is so thoughtful about expressing their knowledge and opinions. The guests and conversations are thought provoking and relevant, it’s quite brainy but accessible. He doles out hard truths and moral quandaries but it’s clear that the motive is based in compassion and a desire for us all to better understand ourselves, each other and the world.

Thank you! Best podcast! (5/5)

I’ve learned so much from you ! You make lots of sense! Love your explanations! Love ❤️! Love your meditation guidance!

Don’t listen if you aren’t willing to think. (5/5)

Thank You, Sam for facilitating truly meaningful conversations for every human, regardless of their race/ political support/ ideology/ belief systems. Such nourishment for the brain (can I say mind?) :)

Voice of reason (5/5)

Sam Harris is a thoughtful, provocative, and intelligent voice of reason among the litany of histrionic outlets in today’s media landscape. Whether you agree with him or not, his podcast provides a place for sane dialogue. To review his podcast with anything less than 5 stars is patently absurd & likely speaks more to personally held biases among the subject matter.

Sam just can’t drop islamophobia! (2/5)

An example of his podcast. Talking about apples and oranges. Sam: you know Muslim jihadist eat apples! Diatribe of islamophobia continues.

Should be called “Going to sleep” (3/5)

Something about Sam Harris’ voice just puts me to sleep every time I listen to this podcast. I wish I could stay awake for the conversation because the subject matter is really interesting but his voice is soft and monotone. No real feedback, I don’t think Sam Harris should ever change his voice, but if you need something that puts you to sleep...

From an immigrant (5/5)

I am a naturalized citizen from E Europe. I lean right and I am a Trump supporter yet I ll still rate Sams work with 5 stars for effort. Obviously, we disagree over many, many issues yet I appreciate Sam. To dismiss someone that still has a high level of sanity in today’s landscape would be unfair. Oh ....hope your heads don’t explode over the Trump admission.

Tremendous value (5/5)

Intelligent and clear discussions of substantive topics.

A beacon of sanity in an insane world (5/5)

I really value Sam’s content. Often times I feel slightly insane when absorbing media and conversations with with friends, family, colleagues, clients, etc. The guests and info presented in this series are both illuminating and validating for me. So few people seem interested in truly exploring the nuance and complexity of political and social issues, but here you will find much of that.

Always a valuable listening experience (5/5)

One has to struggle to find a podcast as continually interesting, worthwhile, and wide-ranging as this one. Keep up the good work. It speaks for itself.

A Beacon of light in the pall of blight (5/5)

A diverse and endlessly interesting series of conversations. It feels like being a fly on the wall for all the most interesting discussions that have ever taken place. Life enriching.

Narrow Stereotyped Perspective (2/5)

Rarely do I send commentary as I often assume while your staff may read the comments most never come to your awareness. Hopefully you will actually be able see this comment. Iam an African American (AA) psychiatrist who typically enjoys your podcasts even when there are positions I do not agree with. As a member of an African American family with members of varying generations who attended Harvard undergraduate and graduate schools; and who has many AA friends with similar associations allowing a discussion like this to go unchecked only encourages the perpetuation of institutionalized racist stereotypes. (at least I hope she lacks this insight rather than truly being racist). How disappointing to hear no challenge of Ms Caitlin Flanagan’s low opinion regarding the ability of African American students to succeed at Harvard or other Ivy League schools! As if no white student accepted to these schools flounders, changes to another less difficult field, or experiences college as more difficult than they expect. As if there are no white kids from an inner city or lower socioeconomic status who may also be granted consideration for those parameters during consideration for admission. By virtue of her assumptions every white student admitted to these colleges by default of their white privileged upbringing must be brilliant, well prepared, and confident. She even goes so far to suppose that if on the small chance the African American kid is very smart and is admitted on the basis of his/ her own merit he would surely feel uncomfortable and as if he is the odd man out. For surely he or she is so intimidated being surrounded by all of the oh so brilliant white people, that his educational experience will be so so stressful. As such she posits the AA student should go elsewhere, somewhere less than the Harvard’s and Princeton’s of the world to spare themselves this trauma. Can you not see how condescending and presumptuous this is? Would she tell her white children they should take the easy road? Would she assume a white person who may not have had exposure to a certain culture or experience forgo an opportunity because they might initially be uncomfortable? It was surprising to continue to hear African Americans still spoken of as such a monolithic group. As if all AA students must have come from some inferior inner city school, scored on the lower end of the spectrum, or require remedial help. Surprise, but there are actually many African Americans who are middle class, upper middle class citizens, and down right wealthy who are professionals, who send their children to excellent college preparatory schools. While the topics of college diversity, identification of factors which should determine college admission, and college preparation are of concern; Approaching these issuers through the narrow reductionist lens of race is unhelpful. The problem is complex and multifaceted and possibly not primarily one of race but one of socioeconomics and the woefully inept public education provided in most areas of low socioeconomic status (white, Hispanic, blacks, other).

Caitlin Flanagan episode (3/5)

All I could do is laugh at the interview with Caitlin Flanagan. She doesn't understand history, feminism, or feminist history, and she comes across as stupid and uninformed.Sam Harris' s championing of her is also nothing by laughable.

Status-Quo Champion (1/5)

When this guy says nuance it means maintain status quo ~ the dude is super racist no matter how softly he tries to soft step ~ you cannot explain away the system by subscribing to it..

Interesting conversations (5/5)

I love to hear Sam’s take on politics, science, and everything in between, and he usually has really interesting and insightful guests as well. Funny to read negative reviews from people on both sides of the political spectrum...I think that means you’re doing something right.

Best Podcast Out There (5/5)

Sam curates the most interesting guest list in podcastville. His conversations are interesting and varied, and he allows his guests to present their best self and is always kind and fair.

Intellectual, obviously. (1/5)

I like Sam’s books. I subscribed to Waking Up as well. But hearing him on this podcast gives me the impression that he often needs to always feel smarter than his guests. His vernacular is overly scientific, and often mismatched, and comes across as pseudointellect....

TDS (3/5)

I like listening to your podcast... but I have to say you most definitely have Trump Derangement Syndrome.

Reasoning with super cool brain! (5/5)

In a world of eternal chaos, Sam Harris makes his arguments in such a calm and methodical way, even if you are completely against his team, you have to listen to it! Even though I have a few disagreements with his view on certain topics, I find hard not to agree with him on most of the subject matters! A true champion of reason and humanism!

Greatjob Sam (5/5)

Today’s podcast is if you’re listening to Einstein,Nietzsche conversation. Very lucky trying to grasp all. Nice how Sam lays it down and remains very witty listen to the whole podcast is necessary to enjoy fully.!!

Constantly thought provoking (5/5)

Sam, thank you for continually causing me to rethink my view on a topic, sharing thoughtful commentary, and bringing crazy smart people to my attention. You are the most well spoken person I listen to. Truly one of my favorite podcasts!

Phenomenal (5/5)

Sam’s way of being himself and sharing his opinions while exploring grand ideas with other intellectuals is delicious brain food. As far as podcast hosts go, Sam does a better job than any other I’ve yet come across of making clear to his audience when he is speculating on an idea and when he is sharing insights from empirical sources.

Educational and Entertaining (5/5)

Sam always has a way to stimulate my intellectual curiosities and an impressive ability to present his views in compelling way. I agree with many of his philosophies and thoroughly enjoy the guests he brings on the show.

Thank You Sam (5/5)

Whether you agree or disagree with his view on any given position, you have to agree that what he is doing is of utmost importance in these times. Sam, Joe, Dave, and Ben doing these long form interviews allow topics to be fully unpacked and looked at from all different angles. I've quit watching corperate news for several years now and I am thrilled to have these guys as sources to the information so I can form my on view. So agian I say Thanks Sam!!(and Joe, Dave and Ben)

Fave podcast (5/5)

I'm a woman (minority) and I LOVE Sam's conversations and his meditation app. Just listened to Ricky Gervais... amazing. I support the podcast monthly & the supporters content is even better (town hall w/ Eric Weinstein).

So Incredibly Important (5/5)

Seriously considering visiting his patreon after leaving this review. Having an open forum for intelligent discussion that is outside corporate influence is so important!!

Not the podcast it was (3/5)

Harris has a knack for getting interesting guests, and for being willing to make or support arguments without regard to political correctness. The problem is how much of the show has become Harris talking about how liberals don’t value free speech and how mean they are to him on Twitter. Whether you agree or not, it is not an interesting enough topic to make it worth listening to. I am listening to the Jared Diamond episode and it is frustrating that every point Diamond makes about societal collapse or the relative outcomes of different peoples becomes just more grist for the liberals-are-mean-and-hate-free-speech mill. I’m giving it 3 stars in the hope that some day Harris will get off this hobby horse and go back to engaging with ideas.

Best Podcast! (5/5)

Best Podcast 🙏🏻🙏🏻

💯 (5/5)

Thoughtful and entertaining discussion on important subjects, can’t lose with this podcast.

A truly indispensable resource (5/5)

Sam is relatively unrivaled in his ability to combine bold, sometimes boundary-pushing dialogue with consistent nuance and thoughtfulness; add that to his impressively articulate speaking manner, and I see no reason to not become a regular listener. One of the most valuable resources I’ve come across.

Really Enjoyable (5/5)

Very succinct, insightful thoughts on a variety of subjects.

Title says it all (5/5)

He just makes sense! Thank you!

For rational thinkers and those who need to learn how to be (5/5)

For rational thinkers and those who need to learn how to be - covering diverse topics including science, politics, religion, etc.

Intellectually Hilarious and engaging (5/5)

My life would be diminished without this podcast

Favorite podcast (5/5)

Thought provoking and incredibly addictive!!

Sam and his guests can change the way you look at the world (5/5)

This is my #1 podcast, the one that I enjoy the most and listen to first. Consistently thought-provoking, interesting with a range of eclectic guests. I often learn something new from Sam and his guests. It's informed and helped me refine my thinking on a range of issues.

Ricky and Sam are amazing together! (5/5)

Truly one of the best yet. Thoughtful and thought provoking.

No hype, all substance (5/5)

Listening to this podcast is like having a long, meandering conversation with good friends over great whiskey—if your best friends were the smartest people in the world.

Always Makes Sense (5/5)

Really enjoy the thought provoking content and Sam Harris’s unswerving focus on the right thing to do and challenging his guests to do just that. It’s terrific.

The best podcast (5/5)

Sam Harris has the best podcast on the planet. Hands down.

Wonderful Episode (5/5)

Sam and Ricky Gervais making simple complete common sense. Let’s clone them!

T Rex (4/5)

Listened to the interview with Ricky Gervais- love that man! I respect Sam and listen as often as I can , but I am so outclassed by his intellect that I find it very hard going, like reading about chaos theory. So, imagine my surprise to hear Sam say that we should recreate the TRex a la Jurassic Park, “why wouldn’t you “. For an incredibly smart man I think you missed the entire point of the movie. The entire premise of the film is the colossal hubris of humanity to think we can outwit nature, which seems apropos given our current climate trajectory. I do also think we should also bring back the T Rex but so we can save the bees.

My new favorite podcast (5/5)

The clarity and frankness of this podcast is refreshing.

A space for real conversation (5/5)

The world would be a much better place if all humans would be willing to engage in the kind of long-conversations presented here. Deeply appreciate the opportunity to hear the deep thinkers Sam Harris gives here. I want to climb the walls when he prattles on about meditation. Yeah, it’s great for you. Enjoy it, Sam. But you proselytizing about is about as irritating to me as me evangelizing about Catholicism would be for you. Neither practice can be scientifically proven but is deeply personal. Let’s just leave it at that and move on.

Annoying (2/5)

What he says can be interesting but is prone to talk and talk forever. Seriously. Will ask questions that are like 5 min long. Unsubscribed because I just couldn’t take it anymore.

Medical intelligence (3/5)

Loved the podcast still a fan and EHR is my field of study. I so desperately wanted to share this episode with peers but felt silly telling them to skip 12 or so minutes of unrelated content. I feel for the situation and hope that journalist has a quick recovery, but that should have been separated somehow like a different episode. It detracts from the whole episode.

This guy is a sensationalist. No thanks. (1/5)

I tried listening but could not get past his sensationalism.

Required listening (5/5)

Sam Harris is a worldwide treasure having the best conversations with the smartest people. Soon, being a listener will be a requirement for anyone who wants to be in my life. Seriously, if you aren’t listening to these conversations, you are doing yourself a huge disservice.

I don’t always agree (5/5)

I don’t always agree with everything that Sam says. But he’s thoughtful, reasoned, and reasonable. He is thought-provoking and I feel like I’m a better person for listening to his podcast. He is not immune to the Trump hysteria. In fact I think he’s blind to his own level of the derangement syndrome he suffers from. Nevertheless, always thought provoking which is greatly appreciated.

Finally intelligent analysis and dialogue (5/5)

If you are open minded, intelligent and like dialog discussing all sides of an issue from an intellectual perspective. This podcast is for you.

Wide ranging subject matter surprising views (5/5)

Just listened to my first episode. Politics, culture, racism, me too, looking beyond liberal vs conservative, and even touching on journalism’s capture of these various threads. Would love to be part of the conversation. Or be able to start a conversation like this. I feel I learned something and am refreshed by the willingness to discuss topics like Trumpism and reveal a new way to look at the topic. Warning: if you can not tolerate anything other than the canned one liners that demean your chosen opposition and shut down thought-well this ain’t the place for you.

Excellent (5/5)

Sam is much further left than me politically. With that said, I find much of his analysis spot on. It is refreshing to hear someone speak with nuance on the topics he covers. Keep up the great work!

Fantastic. (5/5)

A thoughtful, honest, and well-reasoned discussion.

Thoughtful (5/5)

Great in depth insights into the issues we are confronting today.

Thoughtful (5/5)

Thoughtful diverse show with interesting guests.

Grateful (5/5)

So thankful to find Sam Harris. Listening to this man speak so much logic on interesting topics is amazing. He’s unbelievably smart and his conversations are incredibly entertaining.

Truly Meaningful Coversation (5/5)

Thanks, Sam, for having the b@!!$ to discuss these controversial subjects...and the wisdom to do so thoughtfully. Hopefully , humanity will survive long enough to thank you for all you’ve done to save it from itself.

Harris is an obligatory listening (5/5)

I cannot recommend Sam Harris’ podcast enough. One of the most brilliant minds this country has given. I always feel selfconsious when I listen to him. I wish I could have such a command of English and poise when presenting ideas. Can’t wait to get his “waking up” app.

Beyond stupid (1/5)

Worst nonsense I ever listened to. Pathetic pompous crap. Jesus.

Thoroughly thoughtful discussions (5/5)

Can't recommend enough. Undoubtedly one of the best.

Awesome (5/5)

I just pooped my pants

Required listen (5/5)

Thought is good Question your thinking Speak with all

Making dishes great... again? (5/5)

Sam Harris has done a strange thing to me. I pretty much only have time for his podcast while I’m doing the dishes, and now I find myself either smelling citric soap when I hear nuanced political opinions, or spasmodically bashing Trump the moment I see greasy pans. Don’t ever stop, Sam.

Pure Intellectual Gold for the Rational Mind (5/5)

This podcast is a godsend. If you are intellectually hungry and someone who has just had it with dumbed-down soundbites, sponsorship interference of content, pre-established talking points, and all the other manipulative, less than honest, self-serving, self promoting stuff out there, then you have found a home. Making Sense with Sam Harris is a treasure trove of current, diverse, intellectual conversations, between Sam and world experts in all their fields, the contents of which are completely unadulterated by any outside manipulation: no sponsor’s concerns, no time constraints, not even a need to be polite (although Sam certainly is.) This podcast is driven by unbridled, deeply informed curiosity about everything in the world, including brilliant explorations of politics, philosophy, culture, science, religion, meditation, and even martial arts. Mr. Harris has managed to create a listener-supported venue wherein he relies financially on nothing and no one except his listeners, himself and a few staff to put together this Webby award-winning treasure of thought-provoking interviews with some of the worlds greatest minds. Sam Harris evolved from a bright young graduate student with severe stage fright, to an overnight best-selling author (while still in school,) to a doctor of neuroscience, and finally to a newbie podcaster. Realizing that he could literally reach hundreds of times more people through podcasting, compared to his highly successful book writing, he worked for years to grow his podcast in a direction away from any dependence on outside influences, to craft his stellar reputation for intellectual honesty and to get some of the world’s very best intellectual minds to sit down with him for extended and in depth interviews. This is the opposite of the Reader’s Digest version of intellectual discussion. And it is deeply satisfying. For people like me, his success feels like salvation. With the attention span of the average person apparently getting shorter and shorter, and with actual communication and the exchange of ideas between people becoming less important than how many “likes” on Facebook or “retweets” a person gets, Mr. Harris brings us back to a world of facts, logic, intellectual honesty in the deepest sense, and he does it with humor, courtesy, good fellowship and the unbridled joy of learning and discovery. There are maybe one or two other podcasts out there that operate at this level. If you have already found your bubble and don’t want to be challenged in your thinking, don’t want to hear anyone who might have a different point of view, are threatened by ideas and opinions that could conflict with your current worldview, then you should probably save yourself the trouble of listening. On the other hand, if you are yourself intellectually honest, open to real ideas you might not yet have considered, and interested in informing yourself on a huge array of topics, do yourself a favor and give it a listen. You’ll never stop.

Conversation and civility in the age of outrage (4/5)

Sam’s rational and logical voice in the age of outrage and emotional arguing is so refreshing. I love that he gives people the chance to present their best argument on their point of view and engages people he disagrees with as fairly as those he agrees with.

So excellent (5/5)

Among the very very best podcasts. A very high standard of guests, discussions & hosting. No smarter show anywhere. Love it. Never miss a show. Get smart with this show. If all of USA & world would listen we could solve a lot of our current problems. Thank U very much Sam!!! A national treasure.

Very Informative, Mind-Changing, Enjoyable (5/5)

I’m probably one of the few evangelical conservatives who’s listened to every episode of Making Sense. Sam is open-minded and conversational, and he has one of my favorite interviewing styles of any podcaster. He’s an honest broker, and he genuinely cares about the truth. I believe he has an unsophisticated understanding of Christianity, but he may be the most careful, mindful intellect I know.

Sams feelings are hurt (2/5)

Sam needs to get over people calling him names.

Tends Toward the Right (3/5)

Harris is more-or-less American “liberal”, which he doesn’t understand is on the Right side of politics globally. His guests tend toward the right, with the latest a concern troll bemoaning the 2020 election should Sanders be the nominee (with the pretense that Sanders is extreme). Typical guest. When Harris isn’t being fake-edgy and speaks to interesting people who aren’t political hacks, the podcast is good. That’s about 35%-40% of the time. If you’re cool skipping silly/non-serious eps (me), or you’re a so-called “Libertarian”, or otherwise see the world as equal no matter what black or brown people say, this podcast may work for you. It’s not for everyone; and it’s NOT objective or truly concerned with morality/philosophy.

Always fascinating and highly informative (5/5)

Sam Harris is one of my favorite authors and human beings, his philosophical discussions on the human experience, religion and spirituality are always based in logic and critical thinking. These podcast episodes are always something I look forward to and cannot recommend them enough to anyone with an inquisitive mind willing to have your perspective altered on a great many topics.

Unlikely fan (5/5)

I’m a Trump supporter, but that doesn’t stop me from loving Sam Harris and this podcast. I disagree with him on many topics but that doesn’t matter. He engages in conversations with people from all perspectives without trying to play the “gotcha game”. He has a real, two sided discussions that I have learned so much from. He is a breath of fresh air in today’s political climate.

Important Forum (5/5)

I have learned so much from Sam’s books and podcasts, been exposed to many of the great minds and researchers of our time and the past. Thank you Sam for the informative and entertaining nature of your discussions, your integrity, and openness. Yes, there are some topics, like Trump and Islam, he is so passionate and frustrated at being unable to make his points with those having opposing views that it not only gets tiresome but seems not always open minded on Sam’s part. BUT! His willingness to speak with those of a different perspective gives us the opportunity to try to understand their view point and his ability and desire to draw out their thoughts has helped me to remain more neutral than Sam seems at times. This is so valuable, especially right now with the polarity and insane political correctness inhibiting so much of our free exchange of ideas.

Annika’s Awesome Podcast!! (5/5)

Great podcast Mr. & Mrs. Harris!! You had me laughing out loud more than twice, and I could totally hear and feel how your relationship was “getting in the way” of your normal guest flow. It was delightful and fun! Well done both of you, and my book is ordered Annaka:-)

Conscious episode (5/5)

The best episode of the best podcast. So interesting and so utterly charming to hear Sam and his brilliant strong funny wife discuss and debate about something so profound, and yet sprinkled with easy laughter and references to their everyday ordinary life. A billion stars, I could listen to the two of you talk about anything, please do more episodes together. Can’t wait to read Annaka’s book, ordered it as soon as I finished the epi.

Dave3442 (5/5)

A pleasure to listen to. Very well thought out and articulate. The subject being discussed almost doesn’t matter because the dialogue is so intelligent and rich.

Sometimes great (3/5)

Sam is an enigma to me. Some of his podcasts and interactions are completely reasonable and refreshing while others are so severely tainted by his aversion to Trump that it is hard to tolerate. Why is it so hard for “open minded people” to maintain perspective and objectivity? No wonder he needs to meditate so badly.

Smug Harris (1/5)

Not rigorous in his thinking, makes no effort to balance his pre-conceived biases (see interview on Muller Report), utterly incapable of listening or trying to see the other side’s point of view. This podcast is a soapbox. Not what I’m looking for. See ya!!!

Making sense (4/5)

Intelligent, fascinating conversations on important subjects. Making Sense is my favorite podcast.

Thanks and goodbye (3/5)

Sam’s book End of Faith changed my life and led me to Richard Dawkins’ books. I feel as though I’ve evolved from a Bible/God fanatic searching for truth to someone now sure of what’s not true. However, Sam’s Waking Up left me flummoxed about self and consciousness. I have tried to learn from podcasts and videos, but I do not have his neurologist education and especially not his money and time to go on all these retreats, spend time with expert meditators and experiment with helpful drugs. How can I benefit from someone so out of my realm of reality? After listening to him and his wife talk, I decided to quit beating myself up about not grasping all of this and just enjoy this world and life. Thanks, though, Sam for getting me to this point. At least I do some form of meditation daily and wouldn’t without your book and app. Judy Holtam

Unbelievably Obtuse (1/5)

Those on his podcast that disagree with him are disparaged with comments of “confusion” and “not looking at the data”. For Mr Harris, Data happens in a vacuum. Done with this dude

Cheers (5/5)

Never heard Sam laugh so hard before . Annika definitely his better half.

My favorite (5/5)

This is the one podcast I listen to out of many that I make a priority to listen to when they are released and I’m never disappointed in that decision. The latest episode with his wife is fantastic and gives Sam Harris a human face we rarely see in other podcasts. I would say his episodes with Joe Rogan are about as close as we get to this human side of Sam and those are the podcasts I found him on and became intrigued by his content. I’m glad I found him. Thanks Sam!

Mr. & Mrs. Harris (5/5)

A complicated subject through the eyes of a brilliant couple. This podcast brought many smiles to my face. It was fun, light, and made me want to learn more about this topic. You guys should do more joint podcasts. Delightful!

Epiphenomenalism is bs (2/5)

Sam’s recent podcast didn’t make any sense. He and his wife say that consciousness has no causal effect. That doesn’t make any sense. If Consciousness had no affect how could you even discuss it? Sam being a philosopher should know that basic fact. While not everything we do is caused by conscious areas of the brain, some are. While Libet and others have found that some decisions are partially predetermined by brain activity out of “our” control, more important decisions that have things to actually decide on don’t. Ori Maoz has done the experiments on this. I expect Sam to know about this literature.

Only podcast I pay for (4/5)

I find this podcast incredibly valuable. It’s the only one I pay for. I give it 4 stars instead of 5 because I think Sam is almost willfully defiant in certain of his biases. I really liked the discussion with his wife (I’ve downloaded her book and plan to read it soon), but I found it quite unfortunate (even disconcerting) that the first thing we hear from this obviously intelligent woman is a girlish giggle. Twice. I know that’s because she’s his wife, so the mood of the episode is more casual, but it’s unprofessional, and as the host he did her a great disservice by not editing it out and restarting the podcast. Great podcast overall. Thought provoking.

Sam’s new co-host Annaka Harris? (5/5)

Longtime listener here, and have never had more fun listening than with Sam’s recent episode with his lovely wife, Annaka. What a laughter-filled, sweet interview. We should all be so lucky to have someone so brilliant and funny in our lives that makes us laugh that hard. Sam, your belly laughs are the antidote to all the heavy stuff you discuss on your show, so it was great to hear it! Thanks for everything.

Mr. and Mrs. Harris (5/5)

I loved your discussion on consciousness! You two are such incredible examples for those of us who, like me, did not have secular, scientific-minded, and spiritual parents to look up to. You will never know how much you have impacted my life. I am forever grateful. May your life be filled with love and happiness.

Laugh (5/5)

Good to hear you really laugh bud!

Brilliant! (5/5)

Yes, brilliant!

Thought provoking (4/5)

Topics covered are important and the guests are diverse. I play a little mental drinking game while listening wherein I take a shot of whiskey every time Sam uses the word “analogous” and as a result am usually hypothetically wasted by the mid point. Seriously though, great podcast with my only real critique being the often sub par audio quality.

Changed my life. (5/5)

Sam Harris does an incredible having conversations that range from deep and difficult to timely and fascinating. His approach to life, controversy, and humanity, in addition to many lessons and much information learned from his conversations, has helped to change my life and make me a better consumer, learner, skeptic, and human. Thanks for helping to build this incredibly valuable platform for conversation!

Underrepresented voices (4/5)

I was really enjoying this podcast and listened to each new episode. However, I recently stopped listening knowing that there are professional women’s voices who could contribute to the subjects of the podcasts, but they are considerably underrepresented - and often not represented at all. This is Dr. Harris’ prerogative, of course (particularly given his distaste for identity politics), but it’s left *me* with a distaste for the show.

Boring! (1/5)

His voice will put you to sleep and his biases are evident. Complete waste of time, and I couldn’t even make it through one.

Getting side-tracked (4/5)

I love this podcast, the discussions and Sam Harris’ way of thinking. My one major complaint is that when he has a guest on the show, with a novel topic or area of study to discuss, Sam will in many cases wind up spending an inordinate amount of time arguing with them over one of his favorite topics like mindfulness or the nonexistence of free will. While I agree with Sam, I have heard plenty on these issues from him and am interested in the new topics his guests have to offer. A good example of this is his recent podcast with Adman Grant. I was interested in a discussion about psychology and group dynamics in the work place and all the things Adam was ready to bring to the table, but Sam wasted half the show with a pitch for mindfulness when Adam clearly wasn’t all that interested, and frankly neither was I even though I meditate. Sam needs to learn to let things go and focus the discussion on bringing new knowledge to his podcast listeners rather than arguing over the same old things

No self? No problem. (5/5)

The flesh inside my skull is pleased.

The most valuable podcast available (5/5)

The most valuable podcast available

Great podcast! (5/5)

Some of the smartest and most thought-provoking conversations I’ve heard.

Amazing (5/5)

For those interested in the mind, Sam Harris' podcast is one of the best. Constantly interesting and entertaining, he covers psychology, society, morality and many other important issues and questions. I feel like I get smarter every time I listen to it.

Cogent and informative (5/5)

Sam Harris’s publications and lectures are sweet nectar for anyone who appreciates well-reasoned, calm, and fair treatment of difficult and often controversial issues. One may disagree with his positions, as I and his guests sometimes do, but can appreciate his path toward those positions. I further appreciate that he calls out intellectual laziness and dishonesty wherever he sees it, on the left or right. I often find myself sharing the podcasts with friends and urging them to listen.

Sam Harris is brilliant and interesting. (5/5)

Review title says it all.

One of the bests (5/5)

Great source of inspiration for what to read, what to explore and how to think rationally. Highly recommended.

A brilliant mind, articulately worded (5/5)

I think every person I have ever met would benefit from listening to this opus.

The best podcast (5/5)

There’s really nothing else worth listening to in comparison. This is what intellectual honesty looks like.

Always has been the best. (5/5)

What can be said about Sam that will encompass the value of his podcast? Always has been the best podcast since he got his footing in the format and it’s one of the great pleasures of each week to get notified about a new edition. Longtime supporter and practitioner of meditation who advocates for his Waking Up Course as well. Do it.

Likes the sound of his voice (2/5)

Sam Harris likes the sound of his voice, like a lot. I get it, that’s his podcast, but gosh he’s incapable of just asking questions meant to illuminate his guests’ perspective—he always has to put himself forth as a thinker, a supposedly clever one at that. Rarely has a podcast sounded so smug and sometimes sanctimonious (anytime it comes to Harris’s pet peeves anyway). It’s really a shame, for his guests are usually great, and so we learn a lot from them. I just wish Harris could efface himself and stop hammering his pop science/philosophy and trying to sell his books and tour tickets.

Best podcast out there! (5/5)


My favorite podcast (5/5)

Im very far left and disagree with Sam sometimes, however I love listening to him and like the way he thinks. This podcast is solid gold and definitely worth your time.

Iffy (3/5)

Thoughtful, science-based, philosophical. However, the more I listened, the more I heard his defensiveness about issues relating to gender, which made me think he knows he’s treading in bad-faith territory. What confirmed this was scrolling though the episodes and seeing how few of his guests (much like Joe Rogan’s) are women, and it’s maybe 10 percent. So, I wish I could support him, but this is aggregious sexism, and therefore I am out. Listen to Mental Illness Happy Hour instead. He is open to talking about real humanism and our shared vulnerability including EVERYONE, without dividing it by sex. Our stories are part of humanity, so let’s please stop putting ourselves on opposing teams.

Meh. (2/5)

I actually enjoyed some elements of the podcast until Sam started pushing his political views. And I unsubscribed when he and his buddy tried to gaslight us about the Mueller Report.

Great Podcast (5/5)

One of my favorite podcast! Keep it up Sam.

Excellent episode on the Mueller report (5/5)

This podcast is fascinating, low key and good listening for adults who can’t handle the Reading Rainbow sound affects and cadence of many other GenX podcasts. The Mueller Report episode is a must listen for all.

He’s good (4/5)

But not THAT good. I’ve always found it hard to listen to Sam talk. He’s incredibly monotone and frankly boring. I have to give him immense props for being the thinker he is, open to dialogue and part of the IDW, all that jazz. He’s an important person for sure in our politically autistic times. However, and I’m sure there’s a lot to be said about facts over feelings here, he bugs me, personally. I mean, I remember when I was a loser teenager, an angry angsty atheist, hating on religion with the fire of a thousand suns. Now I understand that an overbearing atheist IS in fact, worse than a vegan. Islam? Sure, a LOT of problems there. Every other religion? Not really. No reason to wantonly crap on people because they found God or whatever. So I’m agnostic now, because you CAN’T know what’s out there. Also, I’m pretty sure in regards to the mueller report, he basically said at the beginning, “Why are trump supporters wrong, and what do we need to know or say to get him out in 2020.” And I’m over here like, seriously? He’s basically a leftist loon right now! I’m all for holding orange man accountable, but I get the feeling Sam doesn’t like him for the same reason a lot of progressives don’t like him. Because he’s loud and crass and uncouth. If so, GET OVER IT. I’m so tired of that crap. We KNEW who he was when we elected him. This is no surprise to anyone. Did he openly collude or do some criminal act? No? Is he being prosecuted or impeached? NO? Is there any basis for hating him other than he is Trump? NO?!? THEN SHUT UP ABOUT IT! The hilarious thing about this is I HATED trump when he was elected. I was a leftist progressive fool. Now, years later, I’m on the Trump train, for good reason! And we gonna riiide all the way into 2020 baby! That or Gabbard/Yang.

A Breath of Fresh Air (5/5)

Sam Harris provides an arena where honest, civil, and courageous conversations can take place. This podcast stimulates my mind, and gets me motivated and excited about facing the issues of our time with civility. Sam invites us all to breathe a breath of fresh air and nourish ourselves with open conversation. It becomes more apparent that our capacity to positively advance the human condition lies squarely in our willingness to communicate and share ideas with each other without all the defensive postures we tend to generate.

Good Thinker (5/5)

Even though I am not an atheist, I enjoy Sams ideas.

The conversation with Christakis makes me a better person (3/5)

Listening to the eloquent conversation between Sam Harris and Nicholas Christakis was mesmerizing and I wish it was longer. Their individual intelligence and lucid ideas made for a listening experience I highly recommend. We live in a sea of content where anyone can easily sink into pessimism and misery about the human condition and our collective future. Nicholas Christakis’s grounded and scientifically supported message of ‘bending towards goodness’ in the arc of our human story is a message that I intend to integrate as a bedrock of how I look at our human story. Thank you for that message and for this conversation.

Sam Harris is pissing off many on the left & right the (5/5)

... he must be doing something right.

Essential (5/5)

In my opinion, this podcast is essential listening for anyone who wants to try and grasp the deeper, harder, and most important issues of our time. Sam is not afraid to take on the most controversial or the most complex and nuanced challenges we face via open, honest, and — crucially — long-form conversation. This the true antidote to the talking heads on cable tv, the sensational headlines and paper-thin opinions we are fed daily via everyday media. Do yourself, and the world, a favor and listen to this. Thank you Sam.

Best of the Best (5/5)

Sam is one of the smartest, sharpest, no-nonsense voices out there in the podcast universe. His lengthy interviews never fail to inform and challenge me.

One of the best intellectual discussion podcasts (5/5)

I just discovered Sam Harris’s podcast last weekend and have already listened to several episodes. Very deep, nuanced discussion of a variety of fascinating topics. Can’t recommend it enough.

Christian Sam Harris Fan (5/5)

I am a Christian and I love to listen to Sam Harris. He always has thoughtful responses and he appears to be seeking truth at the most fundamental level. He represents the Hume of our day in how he tackles modern and complex religious, cultural, and scientific inquiries. I remain a Christian and for me he has helped deepen my faith at the same time appreciate why people have a difficult time with religion.

Sam Harris: misunderstood on social media (5/5)

Sam Harris is not primarily motivated by the social/political agendas that most people on social media channels associate him with. In fact, Sam Harris is concerned about finding the truth in things, and increasingly, he is concerned about freedom of thought and science, even when thinking about certain things makes people uncomfortable, even for noble reasons. Sam Harris is not a white supremacist. He’s not alt-right. Sam Harris is a compassionate socially liberal person. Fiscally, he seems to be more inquisitive than automatically right or left. The great thing about Sam Harris is that he is honest and tries very hard to be unaffiliated, looking to his own moral intuitions to challenge notions that are of any persuasion, left, right, or otherwise. Listening to these conversations will make you a better person.

Thank you! (5/5)

Thank you for being able to communicate with someone who thinks differently than you and still be able to speak highly of them! I stopped using social media because of the emotional drive behind everything. Honestly, I liked seeing people and their updates, it’s the constant content that trigger emotional responses. Sharing what I want, that is my choice, but the idea that material is being feed to me to get a response- that’s unfair.

One of the Best of our Time (5/5)

I am only sad that I didn’t find Sam Harris sooner. From his books, to his meditation app, to his brilliant podcast. His content is incomparable. I am a huge fan of how he thinks, what he challenges, and his goals with his content accessibility for anyone who wants it. He is using his incredible platform to have some of the most important conversations that this country needs to have. He always go deeper with his guests when I feel he should, he articulates things in a way that helps me understand my own views, and opens his audience up to experts and a dialog that I have to believe will lead to problem solving in the future. Thank you, Sam. Come to Seattle soon!

Keep on pushin’! (5/5)

A breath of logical fresh air. When feelings are so commonly stifling the human thought process.

Fantastically clear and concise arguments (5/5)

This podcast is a must for anyone who cares to promote civil discourse and quest for knowledge. Thank you Sam for shining critical light on complex issues.

Gr9 (5/5)

So gr9

an intelligent friend (5/5)

Harris is like an intelligent friend whom one can always count on to bring a well thought out argument to any position he stakes out whether or not one agrees with him in the end. Even when my opinions don’t align with his I am forced to respect his commitment to take the time necessary to think through an issue before coming to whatever conclusion upon which our views diverge.

So important to practice critical thinking (5/5)

I have been listening for several years, but just today remebered to leave a review. Sam's podcast is vital to these times. Practicing critical thinking and refining our language and ability to conceptualize arguments are essential if we hope to perpetuate any kind of meaningful society. This podcast helps dismantle disingenuous and sloppy thinking, and illuminate more precise ways that we can talk to each other about important and sometimes complex issues. Thank you!

Beyond good (5/5)

Meaningful. Have learned so much. Historical conversations taking place. Expert navigation

Sam has changed my life for the better. (5/5)

Hands down one of the most critical thinkers alive today. My personal beliefs and philosophies are challenged and/or reaffirmed each podcast as Sam masterfully contextualizes nuance and perspectives. This podcast is a must for everyone simply because of how well Sam can clarify one’s thoughts on a myriad of issues that us humans are faced with throughout life.

Great podcast (5/5)

This is the most interesting and stimulating podcast I’ve listened too. Please keep them coming. Thanks Sam Harris!

Good interviews on important topics (5/5)

Sam Harris does a good job interviewing his guests and is very articulate at expressing his point of view. He has founded a very strong point of view on a range of topics which I’m generally very aligned with, so I’m an easy target. However, to win over others I think Sam could improve his approach. To that end my primary criticism is that I sometimes feel he doesn’t do the best job summarizing and articulating an opposing point of view to his best ability before countering it. I think doing so would help. It’s possible there is a lack of empathy at some intellectual level that prevents this. I think overcoming this would make Sam even more effective. Despite this, he is one of my go to podcasters for a clear view on many topics.

Excellent podcast-much needed in today’s environment (5/5)

In-depth, mentally stimulating conversation. I don’t always agree with sam but I greatly appreciate him taking on difficult topics and doing his best to debate them honestly.

Amazing podcast (5/5)

I have learned so much from his podcast. Sam and his team have successfully created a safe ‘sandbox’ to discuss controversial issues effecting the world today and tomorrow.

The BEST...except... (5/5)

Hands down, unequivocally, without doubt the best podcast out there from one of the most brilliant minds today. Although, every now and then… You get an episode like the Mental Models ep and it’s so painfully difficult to listen to. There’s zero substance and intellect and his guest has the intonation of a Kardashian. Otherwise, simply the best...

Mental Journeys (5/5)

Great interviews with fascinating people!

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️👍🏾👍🏾 (5/5)

It’s a great series of well thought out and intellectual topics. I love the way you actually get to think on the topics! Unlike other podcasts that tend to direct you into left or right this podcast is more neutral (it does have a lean) but it’s not directly forced onto you tainting your own autonomy

Mixed bag, Alternating thoughtful discussions with blindness (2/5)

I have listened to sam’s podcast for more than two years. Thoughtful discussions about conciseness and mind, highly frustrating when Islam, social justice or “the left” are discussed. Not sure if it is arrogance or blindness but when I find myself screaming questions to the sound system I know it’s time to take a break.

My favorite podcast (5/5)

Extremely stimulating conversation, terrific questions, multiple points of view on display. My favorite podcast!

Excellent (5/5)

One of the most eloquent public thinkers of our time. A courageous seeker of truth. Sam has many influential guests, who are at the top of their fields.

Thanks Sam for a great podcast. (5/5)

Scroll through the ratings. I think it’s unusual that the ratings are either 5 stars or 1 star. Who would be intellectually dishonest as to give only 1 star, unless their motivation was simply to discredit the podcast and lower the average star ratings in the hopes of diminishing the shows influence? 5 STAR SHOW!!!

Well-Rounded, Expert View (5/5)

Sam Harris tackles many of the most complicated and thought-provoking issues facing mankind. He offers substance and clarity on deep questions surrounding reality, truth, the mind and the impact of certain world religions. And perhaps most importantly, I find his soft, calming voice a soothing counterpoint to the heavy content.

Most effective podcast I know. (5/5)

One of the most helpful podcasts. Gives the insights, practices and skills to change your understanding, effectiveness, and power to change your experiences. Listen to it. The app is even better. It offers 9-14 minutes a day. Listen to the free ones. They’re short and great.

Great content, masterful vocabulary (5/5)

Sam is not out to be a “yes man”. He will open your eyes to the nuances of the issues of our time, and he will do it with the mastery of the English language that no current news anchor or commentator can match. This podcast keeps my optimism alive, that we have more than sports, patriotism, and religion deluded idiots in America. Challenge your perceptions and intelligence by actively listening to what he is saying; your critical thinking skills will improve!

One of a kind (5/5)

Sam Harris defines intellectual. He is a pure polymath and has a respect for, and lucid unique way with, the English language - very hard to find anywhere else. He is humble and calm (something I truly admire and actively try to emulate), prepared, confident and forthright. His is always the first podcast list I exhaust before I move on to the rest I have saved. (I have never been especially interested in terrorism, but his episode entitled “What do Jihadists really want?” is one of his best, in my opinion- the efficacy and clarity of his way with words really stands out- never condescending, only important and earnest and sincere.)

Great Podcast (5/5)

I’ve been reading and listening to Sam Harris for a few years now. It’s valuable, and I’m happy to support it. I do disagree with him, but there is where the real value is.

Very underwhelmed (1/5)

Pretentious without corresponding substance

Not worth the listen (1/5)

His Islam episode is the first I have listened to, but it is clear this guy does two hours of research so he can run down the list of points he already wants to make. Not worth the listen if you are looking for nuanced thought. If you are looking for eloquent ways to argue for your biases, give it a listen.

Making More than Sense (5/5)

To say Sam Harris “makes sense” is a gross understatement. Sam is the most orderly sophistication of genes to serve as a coherent proponent of rationalism in all of human combinatorial genetics thus far. The title of his podcast is testament to the precociousness inherent in an analysis anchored by rational purism that eludes the left, is exploited by the right, but commended by the scientists (sometimes in hiding). Sam is clearly beyond his time, where a majority of intellectuals are deluded by political correctness, but where he remains absolutely compliant to data immaculate from human emotion or political perversion. His speech is raw, true and sometimes not commensurate with a political language game. But again, is as true as true gets. Honesty has never had a more intelligible interlocketer.

The dictionary definition of mansplaining (1/5)

He ststes his opinions as objective fact.

Thank you!!! (5/5)

Thank you!!! Enjoying it.

Changed my podcast perspective (5/5)

Sam Harris is the first podcast guy I’m listening to that is not a comedian. I never thought I’d listen to smart people just sit and talk about things. Joe Rogan mentions him so much I had to check him out. I’m hooked. He has a point of view that I ind interesting, even if I don’t always agree with.

Educational (5/5)

Great interviews

Boring (1/5)

Fell asleep twice

Scatter brained (1/5)

All over the place

Making Sense > Waking Up (5/5)

I’ve always been a fan of Sam Harris. Even when I disagree with some of his ideas (very rare), his arguments are well thought out and presented in a logical way. I’m happy he changed the name from “waking up” though because “woke” has become synonymous with “I get all my information from YouTube and Instagram”. My natural tendency with any public policy is to trend “left”... but I’ve considered myself more “centrist” on a lot of issues in the last couple years... and that’s okay (even though it seems everyone disagrees with me now and conversationally attacked by both sides... I’m either a “libtard” or not an ally... don’t know when that happened). It’s about “making sense” of what works even if the data and science doesn’t support your first inclination.

Always valuable (5/5)

The most intellectually satisfying conversations I have ever encountered.

Well produced, but... (2/5)

It’s a well produced show, with a very closed point of view. He masquerades his opinions as science, and then claims to be objective, or somehow more correct, because he doesn’t view himself as emotionally involved in a given topic. I used to be a fan, and still so enjoy some guests he has on. But on the whole, I think he’s not too interested in furthering the world, and is more interested in preserving the status quo, which undoubtedly benefits him, and others like him.

So thought provoking (5/5)

There is always something I learn on these podcasts from Sam Harris and his guests. He deals with large issues that I often find myself wondering about. Likebabgreat aftertaste, youll think even more afterwards.

My favorite podcast. (5/5)

I listen to podcast all day while at work. At a certain point I felt like I was wasting my life listening to true crime and purely entertaining podcast. Making Sense has been a game changer. Not only have I learned lots of invaluable information from this podcast but it has also made me strive to become a better communicator. My mind has opened up to ideas that have made me a more intelligent person over all. I’ve benefited from it in real life, practical ways. I’ve now read Waking Up and use his meditation app daily. The meditation app is a different discussion but in short it has changed my day to day life in a very subtle yet immensely impactful way. At the heart of it I really like Sam Harris. I have so much admiration for his use of words and his commitment to clarity while communicating. I have a lot left to learn from him. He has helped to build a foundation that I can build from.

Fantastic! (5/5)

I agree with most of what Sam says but not all. So thoughtful. Russell Brand with whom I have agreed in the past vaguely sometimes ... that episode revealed just how stupid Brand actually is. Yikes.

Imperative Conversations (5/5)

For anyone interested in what the most brilliant among us are thinking, this is a must-subscribe podcast. It’s a weekly masterclass on a wide range of topics.

5 stars (5/5)

Sam is brilliant! Great show!

Only one downfall... (5/5)

Sam Harris doesn’t put out a podcast a week! I can’t say enough about this podcast. Very educational and stimulating. Ps. His Waking up app is exceptional!

Great (4/5)

I Recently started listening to Sam Harris and I think this is one of my favorites so far. I feel like all of his podcasts are so educational which is one of the reasons I like his podcasts.i would definitely recommend this podcast.

Voice of Reason (5/5)

Sam Harris is the voice of reason not the advocacy, and his social commentary has a strong factual base.

indispensable (5/5)

The place where self-improvement and fun overlap the most.

the best (5/5)

sam harris is an important part of my evolution as a human being. his thoughtfulness and grace permeates thoroughly within his books, podcast and mentorship with mindfulness.

One of the better podcasts out there but... (4/5)

Sam is definitely a great podcast to listen to, but I’ve found a few things very irritating the more I listen. One, he lowers and calms his voice down at the beginning of every episode, it’s not a huge thing but since I’ve heard him live, and doing interviews and he sounds very different it’s annoying. Two, his dislike for Trump is somewhere between insanity and hilarity, I mean the whole Trump needs to be off Twitter is so ridiculous that I struggle to think Sam is capable of being objective on this subject. Three, please for the love of god release more content and don’t worry about editing so much. No one cares if you or your guess mess up a little. Ezra will always hate you and always be a pathetic twerp. Finally, keep it up Sam!

Voice of Reason (5/5)

Wonderful podcast. Sam is level headed and rational with an ability to explain some very complex subjects.

Waking Up (Making Sense) (5/5)

Sam’s podcast is complemented perfectly by his meditation guidance and lessons, in his new waking up meditation-oriented program. Each is great, but I’m especially loving the meditation course. So glad he doesn’t get focused on “selling himself” like some guru (makes sense given his position on deities, though slightly in tension with his understandable concern for reputation, which isn’t as REIFIED as he sometimes treats it as being (sorry, I to put that one word in “all caps” so the auto-correct function wouldn’t change it). I share his concern about being misrepresented (and often intentionally “misunderstood”) however there’s nothing much we can do except be our best selves. And transcend self as much as possible. He IS far better than so many self-anointed “guru” types with whom I’ve studied meditation over decades. They all seem to claim “I studied in Nepal” (or “India”, etc) but they only did so for a few months or a year. He did 9 years study but never brags about it as particularly amazing to have done. Just interesting and a beginning like everyone is a beginner if truly wise. The others I’m referring to — Americans I won’t call out by name - haven’t the ability to impart what Sam so compassionately does, without letting his own “self” get in the way. It’s a genuine gift he’s offering through this teaching, and he’s not profiting off it as he could. That only serves to underscore the truism that its isn’t how many agree or are addicted to looking that makes “content” great (never has been so, still isn’t, even if history is mainly written by the relatively powerful). I prefer his intellectual (ie epistemologically humble!) approach to people strangely lumped on with his current material ;as if they were his “competition,” eg the Jordan Peterson type.... that’s like comparing JS Bach with Taylor Swift.... each is fun but one is seriously making good material that will last by influencing so many.... and making his efforts accessible for free if one cannot afford them..... so pay up if you can!).

Thought-Provoking Conversations on a Great App (5/5)

I have never subscribed to a Podcast before Making Sense but I decided to give it a whirl after reading Dr. Harris's books. It has been a fantastic purchase and there are still plenty of previous podcasts left for me to listen to. Spend a few bucks a month and you'll get some insight from many brilliant minds.

Excellent platform for intelligent discussion (5/5)

Sam has always impressed me with his clear minded approach and constant striving to bring clarity and understanding to the topics discussed. Keep up the excellent work, good sir.

Wow (5/5)

Clear, eye opening and intelligent podcast, i'm amazed at how time flies when i listen to it.

Amazing (5/5)

Having the conversations that are needed.

Breath of fresh air (5/5)

Listening to Sam Harris is like a breath of fresh air. He is level-headed, wise and compassionate. His voice is so needed in our world and I’m very grateful that he is out there doing the work that he does.

Been a long time fan of Sam (5/5)

Love the podcast since the beginning... the intro guitar is not great.. everything else is wonderful

Most Sam-Harrisful Harris yet, straight from the mind of Sam (Harris) (5/5)

I've followed Mr. Harris' career since he first started writing publicly, and have always appreciated his candid, calm, well-reasoned approach to the most profound and impactful topics of our time. This podcast, like his writing, is usually controversial and always thought-provoking while remaining thouroughly accessible to a broad audience. Thank you for your contributions to the world, Sam.

My favorite podcast! (5/5)

Podcast is a treasure!

Could Not Be Better (5/5)

Sam Harris just makes sense. He knows what he's talking about and he tackles the hard questions and even harder conversations. This podcasts changed how I view myself, my life, and the entire world.

Why I follow, what I’ve learned (5/5)

I have followed Sam for years. There are some things I believe about him that may seem to counter what other say of him. This week is the week of the Christchurch massacre. After years of listening I believe that if Sam was in that church on that morning that he would of placed himself between those targeted and the shooter. If I would have learned that he died while guarding a group of people I would feel a lot of emotions. Surprise would not be one of them. I can not say that about a lot of his detractors. If I was there & I found myself between the shooter and targets (not saying I would. I don’t know and never hope find out) But if I was, the part of me that was doing whatever good I could is the same part the hears Sam. That is inspired by him. This is why I listen.... Sams ideas & arguments are much larger than what I hear on any 24 hour news channel. Are far sighted. His goal is not to eliminate any religion from humanity but to try to prevent any future generation from living in fear or shame from any religion or political idea. That if people can find comfort in this world without hurting other people or themselves then that is the path we must choose. These are just a few things I feel I know about Sam via his public profile. How one could truly listen to him and take away any other ideas besides treating others with dignity and kindness baffles me. And another thing. For crying out loud, hitch would of been with her. He wouldn’t of loved it but hitch siding with the other option is the most laughable sentence ever punched into a qwerty keyboard. I can’t keep paying for content right now. And I know that I spouted a lot of hypotheticals but for those on the fence about listening, doing so has made me a kinder more thoughtful human of all people everywhere unless they hold & abuse power. Thanks Sam, take care.

Rich, valuable, honest discussions (5/5)

Sam’s incredibly honest, thoughtful, and patient with the guests he interviews/converses with about a wide range of topics. He has brought to light issues and flawed ways of thinking that I was previously unaware of. He truly shines light into dark areas. That being said, I would like to see him have more Evolutionary Psychologists on the pod, to date I think Geoffrey Miller was the only one he’s had on. People like David Buss or Steven Pinker (who he says he’s good friends with) would be nice to hear from. Overall a must needed pod amidst all the confusion and faulty perceptions of...well, everything.

An Imperative Guide to Reason & Critical Thinking (5/5)

I can’t thank Sam enough for his dedication to providing his unadulterated views and opinions on some of the most critical areas of the human experience. It doesn’t take long to recognize the amount of time and effort it takes to walk people through a set of morals and ethics through critical thinking, examples, and irrefutable analogies that can strike a cord with just about anyone willing to listen. Once you understand Sams’ core principles and code of ethics, he takes you on a journey through socially deemed “taboo” topics without fear of retribution and is the epitome of why more conversations like these are imperative to any attempt to improve humanity.

Brain Retrain (5/5)

Sam's Waking Up course is life-changing. It is amazing how just 10 minutes a day has helped me become so much more aware of the character of my mind at any given moment and subsequently allowed me to refocus my attention and be more frequently present in my experiences and interactions. I look forward to meditating with Sam daily because I know I am improving my quality of life.

Makes Sense (5/5)

Sam and this podcast are a treasure for those who value intellectual conversation in an age of vapid talking heads and political spin. He clearly isn't always right or fair, but he is one of the few honest and gifted people out there trying to make sense of these confusing times.

Few others compare (5/5)

Sam Harris is a great mind many more would do well to listen to, his content and interviews aren't only enlightening, but inspire critical thinking, a desire for knowledge and a want to change what it means to be compassionate and moral. I can’t recommend this podcast, his lectures, the waking up app and his books highly enough.

Very thought provoking. (5/5)

I highly recommend Sam's Waking Up course (app) and his book by the same name. They are great complements to one another. It would not be an overstatement to say they significantly changed my life for the better. Thank you, Sam.

Totally Worth It (5/5)

You really don’t know what you’re missing or perhaps better said, what you’re paying too much attention to. Sam Harris does a fantastic job making it painfully clear how to alleviate your own self-imposed suffering. If you want to clean your cognitive space of the excess negative junk, this is the perfect app for the job.

I NEVER do these but... (5/5)’s thinkers like Sam the world needs more of. Since a child I’ve seen the disconnect in our moral thinking that he addresses and I’m happy someone’s done it. Like these, his noises on most issues are as reasoned as one could hope. The writings & the podcast (specifically) have served as a Cosmos like series that’s illuminated the darkness of my own conscious experience, and my take on existence as a whole. Whether intentional or Sagan before him he’s become an inspiring teacher. His shows each a portal into another realm of knowledge & discovery. His meditation app a doorway to a more clear-headed, less reactive, and more empathetic self. His books windows into reasoning, writing, and sometimes taboo yet begging to be confronted topics. His conversations bubbles of good-faith, intellectual honesty, and very often mind-blowing good stuff. And he himself appears to be a likable person with spiritual foundations, a fierce intellect, social goodwill, well-rounded interests, cosmopolitan views, philanthropic inclinations, a self-effacing wit, and a top notch respect for ethical, moral, and honest thinking & behavior. And despite the Ivy League credentials he seems to also speak, and effortlessly so, that of the common or layperson. Thanks, Sam. Harris4Prez2020! #2020Vision

Always worth the time (5/5)

Consistently excellent and thought-provoking. I particularly enjoy the fact that the format is not squeezed to a particular length but rather extends to fit the content and conversation, and that it is a conversation and not an interview. It is the one podcast that I regularly forward topics of interest to friends and family.

Amazing (5/5)

One of the few podcasts that will help you how learn and think.

Too much fluff, takes far too long to hit any points (1/5)

This is definitely one of those podcasts that is 90% fluff and Point list chatter. They take way too long to get the actual conversation going and take way too long to bring up any real conversation points.


Really great stuff makes my brain feel good

Great, but ew to the rebranding. (5/5)

Great content, but that new graphic and new music is lacking.

Indispensable (5/5)

These days there is no more important podcast in my library. Bringing the most important modern thinkers to my phone, Sam Harris is gifted as an interviewer on the most important topics of our time.

One of the best (5/5)

Thought-provoking, deeply insightful and well articulated. Even when disagreements are apparent, Sam always leads a productive conversation about tough topics in today’s society.

Something worth listening to (5/5)

What a joy it is to listen to truly meaningful conversations about truly meaningful topics. As always, Sam’s well exercised intellect provides a superb primer to exercise one’s own intellect on the subjects which matter most in our modern lives.

Impossible to overestimate (5/5)

Though I am sure he is far too humble to think of himself in such terms, Sam Harris is one of the most courageous, reasoned, mindful, and intelligent thinkers speaking publicly in the world today. The all-star lineup of guests that he draws to the Making Sense podcast is a testament to his global credibility and polymathic chops. His lucid, deductive reasoning, without artifice or "gotcha" constructions, make him one of the most exceptional interviewers you will hear.

Essential listening (5/5)

Essential listening for those curious and thought bubble-averse.

Sally Satel (1/5)

Did you check her license or ID to make sure this was the Dr.? She is a blithering idiot who misquoted half a dozen things about 12-Step Programs. Having grown up in these areas as a family member was in AA, she got 80% wrong or out of context. Really really pathetic. You’re going to get a lot of emails and responses.

Ear Cheetos (5/5)

I love listening to Sam Harris, his rigorous thinking, clarity, and openness to discuss a range of fascinating topics - and the fact he also discusses them people he disagrees with sometimes. I also started using his Waking Up meditation course app, I recommend checking it out, I'm really enjoying that too.

Essential listening (5/5)

This is one of the very few podcasts I consider so essential that I support it financially. In fact, I also meditate using his app. Watching Sam "think in public", and trying to follow along, is a terrific exercise in rationality, and his non-woo approach to spritituality is real-life useful. I don't agree with him on everything but, when I disagree, I'd certainly better have my ducks in a row.

Very Fair (5/5)

As a Christian Conservative, I find Sam and his interview style and insightful conversations very fair minded. I came across Sam in his shared podcast with Ben Shapiro and then Jordan Peterson “debates”. While I may not agree with Sam’s point of view on some issues, his conversation style and openness to productive debate is a welcome addition to the partisan world we are in. I can sense that Sam can disagree with many of my values, and make a sound and rationale argument to help me understand his view on the world as an atheist.

Making Sense (5/5)

This is an amazing podcast!! Sam Harris is thoughtful, brilliant, and a fantastic interviewer.

Objective (5/5)

I appreciate the way Sam tries to see things from an objective point of view, and is willing to have tough conversations. Open discourse is important.

Garbage (1/5)

What absolute complete garbage. Brings on guests who go against the scientific consensus to spew ignorance and he allows them to continue.

This App is a great tool for meditation! (5/5)

I use this App almost daily. Sam’s experience as a meditator, neuroscientist and philosopher combine to make this a very special resource. Please give it a try. It helps me immensely.

I like Sam. (5/5)

I like Sam. I don’t agree with Sam, and he wouldn’t agree with me. But he has well thought out positions. And that makes his discussions valuable to me, even more so, because we don’t agree. I wish all the people I disagreed with had put as much of the effort and thought into their views as he has.

Review (5/5)

Love this podcast thank you Sam for this gift of knowledge, to continue to grow, learn and expand the mind

Likely the most intellectual podcast out there (5/5)

Sam has great, super smart guests on the podcast and knows how to ask hard, interesting questions. Solid formula for a great podcast. Seems simple but been rare to find

Phenomenal (5/5)

Sam Harris really tries to find the truth in a range of different issues. He brings on relevant and interesting guests. Highly recommend

Life-Changing (5/5)

What would my life be like without Sam Harris? I have followed him for the past 4 years and he has been a tremendous influence on my life. He makes me make sense of events, emotions, and people I experience. I also just started using his meditation app which is amazing. Highly recommend this incredible podcast to challenge and broaden your thinking.

❤️ (5/5)

Great show.

Love Podcast-dislike Square! (5/5)

I love the podcast. Was frustrated by the Jack Dorsey interview though. Mostly because of my own personal feelings toward Square. I don’t agree that is a “noble” cause. As a very small business who tried to use Square at one time, I found the fees extremely high. I believe they did find an underserved community, but decided to capitalize and really had no interest in serving this community. Please, just call it what it is, a good way to capitalize on businesses who are hungry to serve more people, and thereby decrease their own business profits to put more $$ into the pockets of another large corporation.

Excellent and valuable (5/5)

Sam Harris brings us brilliant guests and has conversations with them that rise above the din of popular politics, religion, science, etc. He engages with the discomforts of our society, culture and evolution with a mind towards growth, deescalation of violence and expanding rational discourse that is sorely lacking in our current world. We need more conversation like this in the public sphere, and I am personally grateful for it beyond what words can express; it is an inspiration!

Long form, clear conversation. No hype. (5/5)

Sam is one of the clearest thinkers out there. Engages in important conversation, and actually listens for understanding, and only then tries to be understood.

Voice of Reason (5/5)

In these turbulent times, Harris provides a balanced approach with a pleasing delivery. His logic and command of language are staggering.

Highly Recommended (5/5)

Incredible content. All of the episodes have really valuable information, even in the unlikeliest of places! Excellent podcast, highly recommended!

So depressing (1/5)

Do not listen to Sam Harris if you are looking for anything uplifting . He is boring, depressing and totally unconvincing in a flat affect sort of way. He is arrogant and narcissistic. Comes across as thinking he is all knowing. Stay away.

Listen and learn (5/5)

I don’t know what I would do without pod casts like these in today’s world. It’s shocking how many people want to live in a bubble until they get a taste of how much else is out there.

Brilliant minds on brilliant subjects (5/5)

Simply the best minds talking about subjects few dare to even think of. I honestly look forward to my daily workout so I can get a wee bit wiser with Sam.

5 stars (5/5)

Love this podcast. Fascinating guests, great conversations

The lighthouse in this fog. (5/5)

Sam Harris is a treasure. He helps not by the normal appeals to quick fixes or wishful thinking. His podcast will make you think more and examine your life. You can only become a better happier person listening to him. I subscribe and donate.. I have never thought for a second I wasted even a dollar.

Great (5/5)

It’s like, so great.

Best podcast (5/5)

No fluff here. The only podcast that I listen to almost every episode all the way through. Sam Harris is Brilliant and a pleasure to listen to. Brilliant guests as well.

Can’t be better (5/5)

Sam has become a valued presence in my life. His ability to converse seems as tonight he has an internal script writer, with each sentenced being crafted so eloquently. His views of consciousness, humanity, politics and culture fascinates me. As a side benefit, I have a growing list of words on my dictionary app that I never even knew were part of the English language until being nudged to look them up after hearing Sam use them. I don’t know if Sam lacks awareness that the average English speaker has no idea what “fecundity” or “castigate” means, or if he just is trying to establish an intellectual superiority. But for me, I enjoy upping my word game. Thanks Sam for bringing these dialogues to us and for the very helpful meditation app as well.

A leader of our time (5/5)

Sam has become one of my favorite people on the planet. His podcast covers such a broad range of topics featuring the most interesting guests. “Making Sense” has become my go-to podcast for a reliably thought provoking experience.

Making Sense, makes better sense (5/5)

Hi Sam, First, I like the migration on the name. Well done. Second, thank you for the interesting and thoughtful conversations you engage, and illuminate with streams of thinking. I also congratulate you for the talking about Buddhism and the qualities of Buddhism as a science and technique. There is a silly misunderstanding of what mediation is, and are you inspire people with your podcast and your app to engage in something that is serious for their evolutionary well-being.

Death by 1000 cuts. (5/5)

You cannot completely understand in words the full impact of growing up surrounded by ‘Good Christians’ when you’re a gay person. I call it Death By 1000 cuts because it wasn’t just one thing that ate at my soul it’s was hundreds of small comments that would eventually crescendo during the early days of being completely out. Overlooked often is how a LGBTQ youth grow into an adult under the repressive musings of Christianity. Finding your podcast was in a way like a second coming out except this time I was coming out as a fan & fellow intellect. Your words MAKE SENSE to me. Thank you.

📢 (5/5)

at this point I just like his voice

Breath of Fresh Air (5/5)

Refreshing to listen to someone that is so smart. Have listened to his two episodes with Jordan Peterson and his episode with Ezra Klein. Love it!

Read the Talmud (1/5)

Oy Vey Goyim. Read the Talmud.

Good but ONE BIG GRIPE (5/5)

These are a lot of fun BUT: - the whole point podcasts / audiobooks is that you can do other stuff while you listen - Sam Harris has said that his preferred way of reading books is to both read and listen A major problem with the podcast is that the interviews are simultaneously dense and meandering. EXAMPLE: I’m like 2/3s of the way into the Paul Bloom interview about Empathy where he’s against empathy. And I get the gist from the 8:1 puzzle and generally grasp what his deal is. But here’s the thing, the podcast is almost done and I still don’t have a working definition of empathy. I dropped what I was doing when I thought he was going to get to it, like 2 or 3 times, but he never did - at least not quick enough for me not to go back to my work. Now I have to google this thing. So - dense and meandering - Harris himself likes to both read and listen.... POSSIBLE SOLUTION: I think the podcasts would be so much better to listen to if they had a few short hand note that resembles lecture notes to a philosophy seminar. Some definitions, a modus ponens here, a modus tollens there. I enjoy listening to these podcasts but I do find it frustrating to have to rewind, and sometimes re-listen to a LOT (or Google the subject and their work), to get a tiny but essential analytical nugget necessary to round out my understanding of the discussion. So, just a brief, skeletal outline or even just some definitions to accompany each podcast, that the listener could review either before or during listening, would make this so much more enjoyable.

Best podcast... (5/5)

...of all time. It’s not even close.

Eye opening (5/5)

Guy literally inspired me to be a better person and a clearer thinker. Must listen.

More content (5/5)

Love it, more please

It's okay (3/5)

sometimes interesting, sometimes annoying.

Grateful (5/5)

I love and appreciate Sam Harris, while Ezra Klein is a giant tool. Would ask Sam to consider bringing on slightly less famous guests who are still brilliant: we need his help growing our platform!

Excellent. Informational. (5/5)

Sam displays a real passion for science and reason. He's apolitical and a valuable curator of relevant information. Thank you for your hardwork, Sam!

Thank you (5/5)

I disagree with a lot of what Sam Harris says, but he's honest and very thoughtful with every one of his ideas. He's also open to debate and discussion unlike many many people. He has some wonderful guests and he himself is very interesting to listen to. Recommend for everyone no matter your politics.

Good Stuff (5/5)

Good Stuff

Incredible listening (5/5)

The variety of topics, the depth of knowledge, and the clarity of thought on every podcast is almost unmatched. If you’re going to start listening to podcasts, start here.


Sam has an amazing ability to talk about all subjects without getting to emtional about the issue and even when emotional not irrational. Trump may be the closest thing to an exception to this rule. Either way he has broughten a new way of looking at the world and also put my creeping nihilism to rest, as an athesist in a family of belivers meaning was hard to put my finger on, and that has been just a phase and not a way of being in large part because of sams podcasts, books and talks. as any of the" four horsemen" will do. Give it a listen

Intellectual, Insightful (5/5)

All conversations held with Sam Harris are intellectual and insightful. A perfect supplement for Freethinkers. If you were ever a fan or inspired by Christopher Hitchens, these discussions are worth your time. We carry the torch of reason for future generations!

Podcast unlike any other (5/5)

Demonstrates how people should be conversing in our modern day. His ability to invite people from across the political spectrum and discuss super intense/controversial topics should be a lesson to all.

If you like to learn things take a listen. (5/5)

Best podcast ever

Enjoying it.... (5/5)

I enjoy Sam Harris for the thoughtful, sober analysis he provides on a wide range of subjects. His guests are consistently captivating interviews and exchanges of ideas. Sam is polite, measured and gracious. Keep up the good work Sam, we need you.

Thank you Sam (5/5)

Auditory gold.

Short list of regular listens (5/5)

This podcast is one of the few I listen to regularly. Politically and culturally I am relatively opposite of Sam, but his well-reasoned thoughts and stance on life always make me think, even if I don’t always agree.

Sam Harris cares... (5/5)

San Harris has developed one of the most reasonable voices on serious issues facing our society. He implores the listener to gain perspective. He gives his guests a platform to broadly characterize their viewpoint while engaging in a dialogue that opens the interviewer,interviewee, and listener to maintain space for new ideas to enter. 10 years ago I was turned off by Sam Harris, because I found him too sharp in his delivery. His development as a human being is evident in this podcast. He has matured in his delivery and maintained the rigor in his intellectual and philosophical pursuits. This maturation on all accounts is inspiring, not to mention the content of the podcasts. My consciousness has been raised 10 fold. Make sure to check out Sam’s meditation app Waking Up. A no fluff, sound approach to LEARNING the value of meditation. Thank you.

Blind man leading blind men. (5/5)

The msm is at least as guilty for rise in American tribalism as the internet. Why didn’t he ask how many New York Times’ articles were shared by the Information Research Agency in their black groups? Willingly blind elitist snob.

Good Job (4/5)

I do not agree with his views on politics, but I really respect his way of thinking.

A new huge fan (5/5)

Out of 2018, one of the good things I came out with is finding Sam Harris! These waking up podcasts are excellent. Full of exciting and thought provoking topics and ideas. It revealed to me a whole new world of ideas and thoughts to explore and read more about. His voice is soothing, his attitude is open, non judgmental, and he invite us all to question, explore, and understand.

Voice of reason (5/5)

Sam is one of the few critical thinkers whose honest and informed opinion is a shining beacon in the thick fog of militant ignorance that seem to swallow the U.S.

dude saved my mind (5/5)

This world is full of dissonance and depending where you grow up... depending how skeptical and how necessary facts are to you.. The world can be a very dark and aweful place. To know that there are indeed people out there capable of looking straight into the face of ignorance and misinformation and tear it down... it's a very warm feeling. In fact his podcast created the space I needed to accept who I am and come from a place of deep depression and start to live a life that I am proud of.. One where I can seperate identity politics from personal negitivity. I have learned to find space for and appreciate people who I do no agree with and essentially all things are better in terms of how I act. I realized asserting reality(in a healthy and sustainable way) is the key for me, sam has been a great resource in that quest.

Not a Sam Harris Fan (2/5)

I gave this podcast two stars because Harris often invites good guests on his show. Other than that, I don’t find his ideas especially deep or well thought out. He falls into the category of privileged white male who believes that if everyone saw the world as he did, humankind wouldn’t have anymore problems. His views on race are especially weak/underdeveloped and his failure to have a conversation with Ta Nehisi Coates is simply immature. It seems like anyone he disagrees with he can write off as “unreasonable”. Harris is the arbiter and final authority on reason, after all.

Your average racist behind science and statistics without a context (2/5)

Sam Harris has become and icon in White supremacist groups, something that should surprise anyone who listens to his podcast. His politics and views of the world align with the extreme right. It’s a wonder why he’s so anti Trump when they are so alike. For a scientist, he’s very close minded, someone who hates to lose and argument or even compromise. He plays his victim card when he’s criticized but has no problem slandering others.

Beacon of truth (5/5)

I would say that Sam follows the high ground of truth in every topic he addresses. While he does cover a lot of Trump news, and he’s quite right in what he says, the topics covered are varied and always in depth.

Excellent podcast (5/5)

Rational and reasoned thinking is such a powerful tool. Thanks for doing this Sam!

Ep145 ********TEN STARS******* (5/5)

Sam and Peter - beyond my expectations. The thing I always knew was possible. I've been reading Sam and listening to Sam for a long time now, since Letter to a Christian Nation. This particular pairing of minds lit up places in my head that have never been lit. In particular, Peter's reference to David Foster Wallace's commencement speech "This Is Water." And Sam's describing "metta." Two earthlings who appear to want nothing more than to find all the ways we could possibly reduce suffering in the world. In each of our little lives. Heartbreakingly beautiful.

Fantastically Brilliant! (5/5)

Doesn’t get any better!

Brain porn (5/5)

Waking up pod makes us smarter.

I can’t bear a day without listening to Sam Harris. (5/5)

Listening to Sam I feel like I’ve crawled toward the light and away from the matrix that has drowned out the reason in life. He’s the anti- matrix and engaging in honest dialogue will bring you closer to other humans. I can’t wait till the next podcast.

If there’s one podcast to listen to, it’s this one (5/5)

Sam caters to a diverse range of viewpoints in an intellectually honest and engaging way. I truly cannot state enough how much listening to the waking up podcast has helped me become a better listener, learner, and person. The subjects he tackles are diverse and while he describes himself as a ‘liberal’ he’s able to see situations and arguments for what they are as he manages to leave out the negative emotions that seem to permeate culture and impact out social decisions.

Level-headed (5/5)

Sam Harris is truly worth listening to. He discusses various subjects (with interesting expert guests) from a factual perspective so there’s no one-sided hysterics. Guns? Artificial intelligence? GMO’s? This guy’s your man. Enjoy!

Great Podcast! (5/5)

I find the people and discussions on this podcast to be very entertaining and informative. Nice work!

Absolutely the THE BEST (5/5)

Waking Up is the only podcast I can recommend without reservation!

The Conquering Hate episode (5/5)

Sam got out of the echo chamber in this episode! Deeyah Kahn is brilliant, articulate, and provides a perspective we all need to hear and heed. She changed my view on extremists. I’d love to hear more voices like hers. Thanks for introducing her.

Really outstanding (5/5)

Incredible! I love this podcast. One of my favorites. Really appreciate the integrity and honesty of the discussion.

Trump Derangement Syndrome takes another victim (2/5)

He’s brilliant in many many ways but is currently so obsessed and concerned with Trump that he has begun to abandon his more rational, impartial nature that drew me in when I first discovered him. I would give him 4-5 stars if not for that. It’s sad to see an intellectual such as he being caught up in this childish discourse of moral grandstanding and apocryphal doom and gloom peddling.

Trump bashing (1/5)

Was excited to listen to Sam today but all I got was an earful of Trump bashing. If I want that I can turn on the news!! MAGA

Love this podcast (5/5)

Amazing content. Love his interviews, his books, and his app!

Listening for Years (5/5)

I always look forward to a new episode. Sam errs on the side of truth which can sometimes be antithetical to desired political outcomes, but truth ultimately is all we can strive for in the long play of humanity.

What a thoughtful Podcast SHOULD be! (5/5)

Sam gets better all the time and although he comes at topics from his own perspective, he is willing to engage any opinion and change his own opinions when presented with an effective argument. In today’s constant diets of confirmation bias and tribal associations, few if any media/information sources will have longer thoughtful discussions that aren’t ultimately driven by the clickbait/soundbite culture. Some amount of personal bias is almost unavoidable, but I think Sam does a better job of examining and eliminating them in his opinions than pretty much anyone. Are YOU willing to be as philosophically rigorous and honest with yourself and others? We should ALL strive to be!

My favorite podcast (5/5)

Wide variety of guests and topics explored with clarity and openness.

Latest episode on hate (2/5)

I have been a listener to the podcast for a while and appreciate the conversations immensely. This latest episode was truly mesmerizing and deeply insightful. In my view it’s the best episode to date. I have Ben hesitant to become a Patreon but I will now. Thanks Sam

A force for good (5/5)

I like Sam Harris because he thinks clearly and deeply, and he makes loads of sense to me. I also like him because he uses this power he has for good: he interrogates our (collective human) beliefs, our ways of thinking, even our understanding of mind. And always he makes a case for believing better, thinking better, and being more mindful.

Confused (5/5)

But enlightened

Helps expand my thinking (5/5)

I really appreciate how Sam explores topics honestly and is willing to delve into conversations that are hard to navigate given the divided nature of things these days. I wish he was able to hold more nuance in regards to religion, but that aligns with his reputation. His exacting skepticism is often helpful, but sometimes unfair.

An Evangelical review (5/5)

I love Sam Harris, not in a weird way. I do not know him personally, and disagree with him on almost everything. That said, as an Evangelical, traditionally Calvinist, conservative leaning individual this podcast has helped me think, and think hard. I appreciate the nuance he evokes from me and how he challenges my faith in God. His thought, questions, and approach are an indispensable aspect of my thought life in that I require the robust alternative he presents to my own views of the world. I thank God for Sam Harris, which I realize is ironic and odd, but true nonetheless.

Love! (5/5)

I dont remember the conversation that led my doctor to recommend this podcast- but I am so happy to have found this- Pretty sure I found my new school girl crush. I appreciate how fair Sam is in his interviews- there were also a few times this podcast had gotten me to pause and say ‘huh’ on a few occasions. Thank you for putting out something to quench my love of learning and broadening my worldview almost every week.

One of the fairest and intelligent minds of our time. (5/5)

Regardless of your political persuesion, give Sam a chance. He is the most fair and calm political and philosophical figure in this day and age.

Mhgghjyf (5/5)

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Mr Harris please remember how to listen (2/5)

This has great potential and started well but lately I cannot listen to it. I would appreciate it if Mr Harris would let his guests talk rather than talking all the time and telling them what he thinks he knows, or what he thinks they should believe/think/know. His ego seems to be more alive than he realizes alas.

Clarity, Controversy and Consciousness (5/5)

Sam delivers ideas in such clear a concise way that’s it’s hard to stop listening. He tackles controversial topics with an almost clinical approach that allows me to set aside my confirmation bias (at least a little) and open to new ideas. I thoroughly enjoy his work on consciousness and benefit greatly from his insights on meditation and mindfulness.

top shelf (5/5)

Most worthwhile!!!

The best podcast (5/5)

I love a huge variety of podcasts, but Sam is the clearest thinker i’ve ever had the pleasure to listen to. I’ve run a virtual marathon of bad ideas throughout my life, having been born an orthodox Mormon and winding up a passionate member of the extreme left by 30, I always hungered for more information and new frameworks with which to model and view the world. I actually found Sam through a Young Turks interview with Cenk (still a good show for progressive news, but over-encumbered with their ideology at the expense of reason, nuance and any facts not friendly to their views like most pundits) and was initially quite vexed with Sam’s harsh view of Islam. I became a fan inadvertently through my attempts to prove Sam wrong, but discovered instead that Sam was one of the few willing to confront all available facts and build nuanced views that never oversimplify just to satisfy an ideology. There are times when the facts are not politically expedient, but the great thing about Sam is that he’s not a politician and is willing to bear the social cost of addressing topical minefields of political correctness. Sam has given me the vocabulary to understand what lead me to apostatize from religion in the first place: Faith is the opposite of Reason, and institutions that propagate and rely on faith for legitimacy spread the worst ideas available for their own selfish ends. Keep up the great work!

A thoughtful interviewer and intellectual (5/5)

While I occasionally will differ in viewpoints, Sam is very fair and balanced in exploring issues. If you are truly an open minded person looking to delve into facts to get at heart of issues, this is podcast for it. It is free of the ideological brainwashing that much of mainstream seems to have fallen prey to.

Listen (5/5)

Been listening for a long time. Sam has improved drastically in his conversation/interview skills. Good conversations with a wide variety of guests.

Meh (1/5)

He certainly likes to hear himself talk and rambles on and on in expensive sounding word salads. Ultimately, very little to these word salads. But in the time of “long form” this passes and intellectually stimulating. Very sad.

Must Listen for Everyone (5/5)

This podcast is incredibly insightfull and probes deep into a whole range of important issues.

A Voice of Reason in Dark Times (5/5)

In a word where everyone is screaming and fervently doubling down on their beliefs as part of their identity and walking fully in step with the groupthink of their political party, Sam Harris creates a much needed haven of logical thought out positions on today’s social landscape. He brings much needed positivity and teachings for personal growth and exploring ideas. His calm and thoughtful philosophical approach to issues is a welcome contrast to the shouting matches you see on cable news.

Thoughtful and interesting and a refreshing alternative to most media infotainment. (5/5)

Very thought provoking.

Courage (5/5)

I appreciate Harris for his courage in taking on subjects others see as kryptonite.

So pleased that you spoke with Derren Brown. (5/5)

It’s not hyperbole to say that when Sam announced he would be interviewing Derren Brown, I got chills all down my arms. I’ve been a major fan of each man’s work for years, and am so pleased to have listened to their conversation. Both Sam and Derren’s work have cracked the way I see the mind and my world, for which I am grateful.

Best podcast out there for free thinkers seeking the truth on important and interesting topics (5/5)

In my opinion, Sam is the clearest, and most reasonable public intellectual out there. Fantastic podcast on a wide range of topics.

A path to reasonable discourse with your fellow man. (5/5)

Sam shining the light on controversial topics, and discussing them reasonably has provided me with the tools necessary to have discourse with people in my community successfully. I have learned to put the partisan passion aside and view the entire picture from the center. The podcast has changed many aspects of my life for the better, and I have an overwhelming sense of gratitude for that.

Mixed emotions (4/5)

I listened to his episode with the author of Sapiens. One of the best books I’ve read in recent memory. Brilliant individuals, but I’ve walked around for 2 days like someone ripped out my soul.

Evidence based decision making (5/5)

I can’t express how grateful I am that Sam and this podcast exist. He is a man who is really thinking, open to being wrong, and uses evidence to determine what it right. There is no need to agree with him. You will get a lot out of his way of thinking either way. He will probably also persuade you on a lot of topics. He certainly has me.

Thought provoking (5/5)

He could do better at trying to find common ground with opposing guests, but overall the show makes me think which is a good thing

Thank you (5/5)

This post cast has changed the way I see life and giving me the courage to actually learn and grow and read read and read thank you for your talks and the first you bring on

Pod rocks the mind! (5/5)

Love when you talk politics, I know this bores you but your perspective is enlightening.

Bravo Rebecca & Sam (5/5)

The last 11 minutes are amazing and the conclusion was spot on. Thank u both for moving the needle forward by fearlessly making change – happen.

Never Miss an Episode (5/5)

Sam’s podcast is a must. Each episode contains a ton of thought provoking questions/insights, and even when there’s disagreement, the discourse is respectful and thoughtful. Highly recommend!!

Mr (5/5)

Man, what a command of the English language! Sam is the consummate intellectual. In today’s climate where the desire for truth seems to be anachronistic, Sam is bringing an appreciation for long-form discussion, facts, and the search for the truth. I hope the very best for him and that his popularity will grow. Sam has helped me to acknowledge my own confirmation bias and has given me the intellectual wherewithal to be open-minded and to challenge my own beliefs, to be fully objective. It would be so cool if he could gain enough recognition to be a “household name” - what a difference he could make!

Great podcast (5/5)

Very interesting and engaging discussions on many interesting topics

This man’s brain is a national treasure (5/5)

Do yourself a favor and dip into some of the most important things being discussed from a genuinely unique perspective. This podcast makes the world better.

Sonoran Desert Compliment (5/5)

I take long early hikes in the Sonoran Desert in Arizona many mornings per week. Listening to Sam Harris podcasts during these hikes complements my experience perfectly; his careful intelligence, thoughtful deference to opposing opinion, and exquisite logic of language somehow remind me of the austere beauty and timeless lessons of the desert. Each morning the sun comes up over the hills and in my mind. Kevin L. Perrin

Best podcast out there. (5/5)

This pod has deeper and clearer thinking on the most controversial topics in the mainstream today, and highlights some others that should be.

Thank you Sam! (5/5)

Sam has literally changed my life. I can honestly say he is one of the 5 people in my life that have made me who I am: my father, my cycling mentor and coach, my Drill Sargent, my paramedic preceptor and Sam.

Life Changing Podcast (5/5)

At a time when our world is full of "alternative facts," "fake news," and overall discord, Sam Harris is a voice of clarity. He tackles issues that others are afraid to, or simply haven't given much thought. His clear-eyed view of the human brain, coupled with his staggering intelect, eloquence and wit make every episode a revelation. This podcast has literally been life changing.

Conservative review (5/5)

As a conservative I appreciate the honest debate and openness for discussion of ideas.

Always Fascinating (5/5)

This is easily my favorite podcast. Though I listen to a number of podcasts, this is the only one I follow faithfully*, and listen to every episode as soon as it comes out. The guests are always fascinating (with one or two exceptions—I’m thing of “The Best Podcast Ever” episode). The topics are often mind-blowing. Never fails to enthrall. *hee hee, Sam

Meditation App (5/5)

Life changing! Thank you for all your he time you put into the app!

Mostly good, somewhat disappointing (3/5)

I am new to this podcast and have been enjoying the episodes I’ve listened to (binge style, 4-5 in a weekend). However, I’m alarmed at the misinformation given about vaccines during the interview with Dr Nina Shapiro. Both parties are clearly undereducated about the issue and only regurgitate standard propaganda without intelligently raising and thoroughly discussing contemporary criticisms of vaccine policy, which include issues raised by prominent researchers and physicians. I expect a more open minded, in depth treatment of such a controversial topic from a critical thinker such as Harris, and I hope the issue receives a more balanced treatment in the future.

Informative, but I don't like the host (3/5)

This podcast should be renamed "Sam Harris make you go to sleep" instead of "Waking Up with Sam Harris". While the content itself is very informative and at times insightful, I think the tone of Sam's voice is so dull and monotone. Despite the interesting subjects he chooses to discuss I really can't get into it.

One Off? (1/5)

Maybe I listened to the wrong episode to start off this podcast? But it was the highest rated episode on the home page, so I had great hopes. Good intentions for level headedness that devolved into two journalists (certainly one more than the other) addressing questions about their past works and actions with the same hubris and pomposity they attribute to today’s politicians. I had hoped this podcast would be an opportunity for humility as a perspective (certainly an underrepresented one), much like Fareed Zakaria’s GPS strives to do. Unfortunately, I did not find that here.

I have listened to one episode... (5/5)

Because the issues discussed are real (e.g., the "call out" culture, #137--Safe Space), and because I find no one in my circle of influence has time to discuss these things in sufficient granular detail, I loved "Safe Space" on Waking Up with Sam Harris.

A mandatory path of thought (5/5)

Listening to the podcast force you to slow down getting into a mandatory path of thought. Not possible to listen without learning something

Outstanding Podcast and Teacher (5/5)

Sam's podcasts are outstanding! His Waking Up Course is excellent! I am learning so much. I am a paid subscriber and am going to increase my subscription his work is so insightful and informative!

Here’s How to Think. (5/5)

Harris interviews the smartest people in the world about a range of subjects, many of which he has opinions about that are the opposite of his guests. Harris is not out to win, he’s out to communicate, express himself as clearly and objectively as possible, listen, learn and teach. If you’re looking for a partisan dose of whatever you personally believe in, peppered by a rousing bucketful of flawed logic and ad hominem attacks, there are plenty of podcasts and interview shows you can listen to that aren’t this show. Check out his interview with Neil deGrasse Tyson for a great example of two smart people having an honest conversation. Nobody loses. Everybody wins, and most of all you the listener.

Conservative listener (5/5)

Currently I’ve only listen to episode 140 with Matt Taibbi, which I enjoyed. I found Matt to be very reasonable and found his opinions on journalism to be enlightening. I particularly enjoyed the conversations on the current situation in Saudi Arabia, the Russian investigation, and the financial crash of 2008. I may not agree with Sam’s politics, however I believe he is sincere. I look forward to hearing more of his opinions, and interpretation of current events. I became aware of Sam Harris on the Ben Shapiro show. I’m hoping that his show will afford me the opportunity to hear the best, and most reasonable arguments against my typically conservative positions.

Makes you think (5/5)

Sam Harris is not afraid to take on the tough topics and confront the received wisdom on them. Though I am a religious believer and he is an atheist, I find he sharpens my thinking by making me go back to basics.

Ego (2/5)

Maniac. Pompous. Arrogant.

Used to be fantastic! (1/5)

5-star variety podcast that turned into the same anti-Trump show over and over again. Yes, Sam’s opinions on Trump and his cronies are all objectively correct. But this podcast was a positive source of education that has devolved into uselessness due to repetition of warranted but pointless negativity. Sam, you’re worth too much to be preaching to the choir. Switch what you’re doing with your life.

What we need. (5/5)

Someone who does his best at laying out facts that others don’t always want to hear.

Lacking in Self-Awareness (3/5)

In general, I believe this podcast is mostly worth listening to. But Sam is completely blind to his own foibles. On an AMA, he explicitly says that if he had cognitive biases, he would be the first to know. How can a smart person miss the mark so horribly? He often paints himself as the only person who views the world rationally, which is simply mind-boggling. The worst is that Sam doesn't see how he is blinded by his personal history. He has been attacked unfairly by some on the left. Thus Sam has a great affinity for anyone else attacked by the left. He will defend Charles Murray - the favorite "scientist" of Nazis and white supremecists - as "the most unfairly maligned person in my lifetime." Wow.

Claims to be only path to the truth (1/5)

... and antidote to others who “conspire” against uncomfortable facts. So of course, listeners should be skeptical. Anyone who claims to be without bias is likely one of the most biased. And anyone who tells you that only they can lead you to truth is more of a cult leader than a public intellectual.

You are my lifeline to sanity (5/5)

MSNBC and CNN make me doubt my sanity

Great conversation! (5/5)

Like any podcast they aren’t all great, but Harris’ hit-rate (for me at least) is over 80%— putting him in the rare 5 star category. Great guests and Harris continuously demonstrates broad mastery with a willingness to be open to perspectives and topics. An excellent balance of intellect and practicality.

Excellent (5/5)

Open and honest discussions.

Learning a lot (5/5)

Sam’s and his guests insight are educational. The style of conversations had here should be a model for the world.

Amazing, insightful podcast (5/5)

Love Sam Harris - he is so intelligent and easy to understand. Very easy to listen to. Always talking about super interesting topics.

Great addition to my life. (5/5)

Sam is intelligent and very well spoken. I don’t agree with EVERYTHING he says, but I don’t at all feel attacked by him like so many other podcasts tend to do. He simply provides his perspective and let’s you make your own decisions. I’d recommend this to anyone and everyone!!

Sam speaks my language (5/5)

His approach is level headed, his guests are top notch in their fields. My 2019 personal budget will include monthly support to this excellent content. Thanks for adding a voice of reason to this insane society.

App changed my life. (5/5)

I'll be reviewing this podcast based off usefulness, since I believe this appraoch will be useful right next to standard reviews. It's an intellecrtual podcast but, Sam Harris invites very interesting people, and people with different point of view than his; allows the podcast to not force one particular view point (Sam Harris') onto the listeners. An example of this: Sam Harris is very critical of Donald Trump for multiple episodes, and on ep. #117, guest Niel Ferguson, made a very strong argument for goods to come out of Doanld Trump's victory, which made even Sam Harris change his mind, but most importanly my own. The guest invited onto the waking up podcast range from, biologist, politicians, philosphers, entertainers, comedians, cosmologist etc.. What's special about this, is not only do you hear from differnt "lenses" on topics - a comdeians view on psychology (Scott Adams) - but, you discover new new books to read. I read books on budhism, pschology, morality, evolution, meditation, childrem mindfulness etc., all due to guests. My best and, most important take away from Waking Up podcast, are books to read. The best tool you have is your mind, but it's the ability to change your mind, that can make you become a better person.

Good pod (5/5)

Good pod

Not only (5/5)

Not only is it an amazing guided meditation, unique in its own way, but the lessons are very insightful. The combination of listening to both gives you a different way of thinking about the world.

Just the Best (5/5)

Always interesting, educational, and humorous. I've learned more from this man than anyone else in my life.

Good! (5/5)

I disagree with Harris on a lot of issues. But he is a great curator of ideas and facilitates some incredibly insightful conversations.

Sam is brilliant (5/5)

I love this podcast and I will be happy to support it someday- please support it financially if you can I love not having adds! Sams conversations are diverse and in depth. It’s amazing!!!

Consistently one of the best podcasts in existence. (5/5)

I’ve been a huge fan of the podcast for years. There’s nothing else like it.

A valuable contribution to our discourse (5/5)

Waking Up is the best podcast available, full stop. Reality based ideas and commentary, driven by the experiential knowledge of the illusory nature of the self, identity and belief, and a sincere desire for creating the word we want through honest conversation.

Great Listen Every Time (5/5)

This is a really great podcast. Never boring, always scintillating. There is stuff here that you're not going to get anywhere else. The Paul Bloom episode is a great start if you're looking to jump in. You'll be hooked. Sam goes out of his way to make it easy to listen to. Great editing and production value.

Good job (5/5)

Sam is praiseworthy and smart intellectual. Apart from his atheist views, everything else is weapons-grade stuff. Please keep up the good work Sam.

Highest Value Podcast (5/5)

Sam Harris' Waking Up podcast is perhaps the best podcast available. I truly appreciate the effort, dedication, and care Sam, his team, and his guests put into providing this content to the public. What an amazing time we live in to have this valuable information and high caliber dialogue available for free to the public. We will all be better and more enlightened people by listening to this podcast. Highly recommended!

Sam has turned into everything he hates. (2/5)

I have been reading and listening to Sam for over 10 years. He was always a sound and sane voice in the world of the intelligentsia. However these past few years he has become almost insufferable. If you disagree with him it’s your failure. He claims to find fault with people who mind read, but now he seems to pretend to know things he cant possibly know about people. He has become his own worst enemy and as he likes to note about others, he has totally lost the plot. A plot he helped write... be honest, don’t pretend to know what you don’t, and give your opponent the best possible pov you can. A shame.

Just awesome! (5/5)

I don’t know if there is anyone I agree with on most topics as much as Sam Harris. So much info to soak in on the many hours his podcast provides.

A masterpiece (5/5)

This was the first podcast that I subscribed to, and I have tried several others after that, and to be honest none of the other ones came even close to its quality. I truly admire the work that Sam Harris has done till date, and I hope he continues to do so in the future.

Fantastic podcast (5/5)

Have been listening for years, lots of good info. Thanks for the great work.

Best one (5/5)

This is my favorite podcast (of dozens I often listen to.) Sams insights and observations are profound and his guests are outstanding.

Clarity of thought (5/5)

You may not agree with everything that Sam says, but he will make you think in clearer, more justifiable ways, and help you to fully understand what your truth is.... he is incredible.

I wait with baited breath for new podcast (5/5)

I love the new meditation app but the podcast is also excellent. I'm always waiting for the next post. Wish Sam had time to do more podcasts on the science of consciousness. The few that are available are fascinating. I will never get tired of this topic. Ann Gottesman

So Enjoyable (5/5)

Always interesting ideas. I don’t always agree with him but he always makes me think. He has introduced me to several authors that also brought me great enjoyment a more understanding about the universe in which I live.

An antidote for the superficial sound bite media (5/5)

Sam Harris can be counted on to have on interesting guests on important and timely topics and most importantly, to take the time and effort to fully explore ideas and grapple with differences. Conservatives, libertarians, progressives and all flavors in between will find their cherished beliefs rationally challenged. Wether you agree or disagree with the guests or Dr. Harris, you will come away with a better perspective.

Brain food (5/5)

Sam Harris dishes out some of the most nutritious brain food delivered via Podcast.

Leading An Examined Life (5/5)

Essential part of then contemporary tool kit for leading an examined life! Exceptional podcast series from one of the great “contemplatives” of our times.

Thoughtful Podcast (5/5)

I may not agree with some things that Sam Harris says, or all of the guest he has on. What I do appreciate is his willingness to debate on ideas that are somewhat controversial.

Sacred & Profane (1/5)

You know I have always been on the fence with you. You can be brilliant and then the biggest AHole Ive ever have heard. This monologue has probably been the one to swing it for me. I have seen YOUR reaction to your critics and you are much worse than Kavanaugh in this case. Let keep in mind the facts not your intuition if we ran the world like that what the F. Enough of u, u r one of a few thousand podcasters so good bye

A Voice in the Wilderness (5/5)

I'm constantly amazed at how well Sam can take complex issues in science, religion, meditation, and contemporary social issues, and break them down into easily digestible and rational discussions with his guests. I contrbute $100/mo. to his podcast precisely because, now more than ever, we need to promote level-headed dialogue about the important issues confronting us, when media frenzy and political polarization seem to be tearing us apart.

Not insignificant (4/5)

Sam, I incidentally encountered you through other podcasts. I don’t remember now which one. It might have been Malcolm Gladwell, or perhaps even Joe Rogan. The point is I wasn’t looking for you. I’m sure the long-term trend of my life is unlikely altered much by having encountered you. Nevertheless on a week to week time frame I do feel joy listening to many of your podcasts. You clearly have a very powerful intellect. A true gift. That endowment might be less useful to the world if it didn’t also come with the healthy amount of humility you display, a trait unfortunately absent from others of your stature. Now that I’ve hopefully established that I like you, I’ll get to the point of my writing you. I’m a Christian. You’re an atheist. You find fundamental cognitive flaw in the idea of God, in the idea of Jesus as the son of God and that redemption and restoration of the soul is possible through belief in Him. To you Heaven, Hell are fictitious conjurings of a weak mind. This is my question to you. How does my (or anyone else’s) individual belief in God and the honest practice of faith affect either the short-term or the long-term trajectory of your life? There’s lots of bad actors historical and present, religious and not that certainly have altered the course of humanity. Institutional and incentive biases aside can we agree that my personal faith intersects with your life not at all. I have no interest in trying to justify for you my way of thinking. I know of that wasted endeavor. I do wonder however why it seems so important to you to convince me of your way thinking. So much so that you sometimes stray from your usual approach of tempered reasoning and instead enlist the use of derision and mockery. You quote stats of the growth of the secular movement as though it is a healing of mankind. It presupposes that all atheists have individually explored the fullest depths of this existential question and thusly arrived in synchronous conclusion on the matter. As though every atheist by very nature is more logical than a person of faith. Or is it possible that atheism can organically follow tribal growth not at all unlike Christianity or other faiths. All this causes you to lose your advantage of intellectual influence. I feel I shouldn’t tell you of this weakness because, let’s just say it we are competitors in this area. But truly we are not. I am not your opposition. For now I will continue to listen to your podcast and even compensate you through subscription to your meditation app. I do hope however that even while continuing to drum the beat of atheism that you’ll let loose the ill-effects of belittling people of faith. I’ll further hope (for your comfort stopping short of saying pray) that you use your gifts of intellect and communication for the positive benefit of people of all backgrounds. Best of luck to you.

Guests good, Harris bad (2/5)

Some of his guests are interesting, wonderful people, but the host himself is just as prone to religiosity and fanaticism as any theist.

Public Intellectual par excellence (5/5)

Sam Harris is a great example of a public intellectual, a deeply and broadly learned person who puts his mind to the important issues of the day to great results. In this podcast, he invites a wide range of intriguing guests on to engage in dialogue. As he stresses constantly, conversation is the key to understanding.

The Podcast That Got Me Into Podcasts (5/5)

As my title suggests, Sam’s show began an upward spiral into intelligent and thought provoking podcasts. Sam uses stone-cold reason to address current and future issues while interviewing today’s brightest (and sometimes controversial) intellectuals. If I had to choose only one podcast to subscribe to, this would be the one.

Great mind to be exposed to (5/5)

Thank you Sam for being yourself and letting us peer into the tome of knowledge and wisdom that is your brain. 👍🏻👍🏻

Obnoxious Recent Episode (2/5)

I usually like Sam and his podcast. I’ve listened to over 100 episodes. But the most recent release, with Bill Maher and Larry Charles, was just awful. The know-it-all smugness of these guests was ridiculous. There’s nothing they haven’t done, didn’t know or want to learn. And blaming the republican wave on “cheating” sounded like children on the playground after their team lost. You can do better, Sam. Much better!

Amazing podcast (5/5)

This is one for fascinating long form discussions, and helpfully lending alternative views on a giant range of great topics. This podcast made me love podcasts.

Thanks Sam. Great podcast (5/5)

This is one of the best podcast ever. Sam brings on very intelligent people and usually has very in-depth conversations with them. Very interesting conversations. Highly recommended

Great podcast! (5/5)

Great host, great guests!

Do yourself a favor and listen! (5/5)

Also, go ahead and download Waking Up app. Meditation lessons are fantastic!

One of the best podcasts I know of (5/5)

I rarely rate anything but when I do… I do it so others can find it on iTunes because listening to knowledgable individuals engaging in thought provoking conversations should be on everyone's agenda. It’s like a good deed to yourself.

Best interview podcast out there (5/5)

Even if you don't study philosophy, you can probably comprehend most of these episodes if you're willing to Google a few concepts. It will make you smarter. Go for it!

The gold standard of philosophy podcasting (5/5)

Sam is brilliant, doesn’t back down from controversy, and attracts brilliant & controversial guests to dig into complex issues and produce more clarity. Badassery for smart, curious people.

Amazing (5/5)

This is the first podcast I ever listened to and I’m hooked! Love this. Love the honesty and transparency of Dax. And, as a Michigander I love the connection “we” have;) thanks Dax!!

Pushing the conversation forward (5/5)

Sam does an amazing job at finding great interview subjects and putting forward moral and reason based arguments for his ideas. This podcast has helped open my mind and rethink many conceptions I previously held. It has been a source of growth for me, and continual growth is key to life and well being.

Episode #89 Being a Better Person (1/5)

My first experience with your podcast was episode #89. I thought I would get advice about becoming a better person. Instead, within the first 15 minutes of the podcast there was discussion regarding negative opinions about POTUS. If you cannot respect the President, then you have no business airing an episode called “Being a Better Person.” Do yourself a favor and take your own advice. Trump is the President. Accept it and grow up.

love it (5/5)

I don't always agree but it is super refreshing to hear what other have to say. do yourself a favor and take time to hear some extreme opinions

Simply the best (5/5)

Nothing more to add

Profound (5/5)

Terrific conversations concerning issues we as a general public very seldom if ever converse over. Sam is a much needed voice in our time.

Great podcast (5/5)

Wish Sam would focus more on the podcast and less on live events that only a fraction of people can attend.

A bit arrogant but smart (3/5)

I’d appreciate if he had more people who don’t agree with him already.

Nope (1/5)

Not todsy

So Much To Think About!! (5/5)

I love this podcast. I know that, going in to each episode, I will definitely come out with so much to think about.

Review (5/5)

If there was a star system available to rate Sam’s podcast, with 5 being the most possible stars, I would award him all 5 available stars.

Life changing (5/5)

The pod really opened up my mind to a new dimension of thought I didn’t know was there. By far my favorite podcast out

Great great content! (5/5)

This is great stuff, so interesting and great source of intellectual content. Sam Harris, keep doing the great work. It’s very much appriciated!

Finally! (5/5)

Absolutely wonderful to have a source where one can go and listen to long-form, highly cognitive, and wide ranging talks and discussions!

Mr. Harris is honest. His guests mostly challenge my opinions. (5/5)

These conversations sometimes bore me / represent my feelings / and expand my world view. A bittersweet experience I'm embracing because I don't feel like I'm being manipulated. Disclaimer: I'm currently drunk... but I keep coming back over the past year or so. blah blah blah

A more Conscientious person? I think there is none (5/5)

Sam Harris has the eloquence of an Orator, the intellect of a Scientist, and the inquisitiveness of a Philosopher. I have been indelibly inspired and educated by his podcast.

One of the most interesting & intellectual podcast out there (5/5)

The spirit of conversation flourishes in what Sam Harris has been able to create.

All we have is conversation. (5/5)

Sam is right: all we have is conversation. This is the best tool for our species and society to advance and work together to tackle the big problems - even if these discussions aren’t always “easy” to have. Thought provoking and engaging discussions to listen to!

Best Pod (5/5)

Best Pod out there.

One of the few people having nuanced conversations (5/5)

Thank you for elevating the dialogue! Braver than I could ever be, so I'm glad someone is willing to speak intellectually in the public sphere

Thought Provoking! (5/5)

Challenging, balanced and respectful.

title (5/5)

I love Sam's clear thinking & the fascinating topics. He also introdues me to other thinkers from the so-called intellectual dark web.

A wonderful and continually interesting podcast (5/5)

This is the best podcast out there

Consistently refreshing (5/5)

It's so refreshing that at least a few people like Harris are out there having such interesting albeit controversial topics. Thanks, Sam

So good (5/5)

Definitely make time for this podcast in your life! Always excited for new episodes.

Maybe it used to be good? (1/5)

This last episode was horrendous. Upon first listening it seemed quite compelling. In fact, the episode was produced to be so.... but if you want to really engage in a conversation about race, racism, and why you’re being called one, bring in the experts and engage. Instead, you brought in a 22 year old undergrad you’ve deemed the voice of the future. He’s literally done nothing in the realm of social justice. He’s credible because he’s black, written 4 articles on race, and goes to Columbia studying philosophy? In addition, the tone, the 10 minute monologue about commercial freedom and bringing truth to society... really setting up the stage, getting into your listeners subconscious, and positioning yourself as a truth provider before having a facile discussion over race. Ok!

Smartest man on the planet (5/5)

Sam Harris has influenced me to be more thoughtful and to make a stronger effort at being a better human being. P.S. I’m still a Christian.

Superbly done (5/5)

I don’t have much time to listen to podcasts, but I make time for this one. Agree or disagree with Sam Harris. Either way, it’s an education.

Sorely needed (5/5)

By far my favorite podcast. Sam is amazing - knowledgeable, logical, and wise across a staggering range of topics, he somehow manages to also be humble and witty. What a refreshing and sorely needed perspective he brings to our public dialogue. When it comes to influencing people, all we have is violence and conversation - so we better be able to tackle difficult conversations if we want to ultimately avoid violence. Go Sam.

Intelligent conversation! (5/5)

About interesting and current subjects, Sam has in depth conversations.

Favorite Podcast (5/5)

This is (and has been since I started listening about a year ago) my favorite podcast. Sam Harris is one of the clearest thinkers and sharpest speakers on the planet today. This is not to say that I agree with everything he says. I don’t; and I often disagree entirely. But I always learn something, and I’m always inspired by his example to think and speak more clearly. Above all, I admire his dedication to these “experiments in conversation.” I think he’s absolutely right in his belief that conversation is really the only way forward. He is a pioneer (and maybe the best of the current moment) in this new, long-form exchange. These conversations are so interesting and engaging that I find my own intellectual life being essentially curated by the Waking Up Podcast. Much gratitude for Sam Harris and his work.

Mind Expanding (5/5)

My first exposure to Sam Harris was an interview conducted by Ben Shapiro. I was impressed with Sam's ideas and civility. It was a very different experience to listen to. I have since listened to several of his older interviews as well as some of his most recent ones. Each is an experience of growth and understanding. He is simply the best.

Always A Pleasure (5/5)

I’m a Christian but I can’t get enough Sam Harris. I appreciate his deliberation with those he engages with, even if coming from a different perspective. I also find myself agreeing with many of his critiques concerning religion, though I wish I could offer some counterpoints in person. Still, it doesn’t get much better than Sam when it comes to intelligent and humble discussion. Highly recommended.

Awesome intellect (5/5)

Great guests. Deep thoughts. Rational discussions. Respect for reason and logic. This is a great podcast for those not afraid to think hard and question common assumptions. Not for those who automatically accept the status quo!

Outstanding! (5/5)

Great podcasts!

Fascinating (5/5)

My new favorite podcast. Can’t get enough. He interviews some of the brightest, and most thought provoking specialists and experts from so many different disciplines and areas of intrigue. And Sam, is never boring. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed every episode I’ve listened to thus far. Thanks Sam, and keep it up.

One of best Podcasters (5/5)

Based on my anecdotal experience ‘lol’

The Best Podcast (5/5)

This is the best podcast that I am aware of. Much good fer yew 2

Super rational discussions (5/5)

I have found that these discussions that Sam Harris has with notable subjects very rational empathetic progressive and sensible. Having come from a strict religious sect (the Amish) and now clearly seeing the backward way of thinking that they had, I find these discourses extremely refreshing and providing an honest approach to the issues at hand today!

Can’t get enough. Important and entertaining. (5/5)

I absolutely am addicted to this podcast. Sam Harris opens your mind to many ways of thinking but most importantly he is committed to having open honest conversations. If we could all exchange ideas and opinions the way he and almost of his guests do, I think we could really move forward in a productive and peaceful fashion. Thank you Sam for your bravery and commitment to making the world a better and wiser place.

Wow (5/5)

Rational logical even thinking in a sea of partisan bickering. Should be required listening for every American.

Intellectual Dumb Web (3/5)

What used to be one of my favorite podcast has been taken hostage by this idea of a self-victimized group known as the “intellectual dark web”. I would suggest Sean Carroll’s Mindscape podcast. It’s what this podcast used to be and better.

Beware: this is a racist podcast. (1/5)

Sam Harris is a racist and the kind of racist that will engage in mental gymnastics in order to present himself as neutral, because he knows it’s really not cool to be racist in modern society (you can here him express his angst about this whenever he discusses this topic). Fact is that you’d have to have missed the entire history of academic work on race in order to hold this view, and Sam demonstrates his ignorance on this subject routinely. Someone close to Sam might do him a favor and ask him to either stay away from such topics or at least give time to a black intellectual that actually represents the views held by the majority of black Americans on this topic.