Aggregated reviews for Mint Arrow Messages

Mint Arrow Messages is a podcast from blogger and content creator Corrine Stokoe who's best known for her fashion and deal blog Mint Arrow. In Mint Arrow Messages we talk to influencers you know and love about the REAL grit that made them who they are, the hidden stories of struggle, challenge and triumph. We're sharing their stories in hopes to create more awareness, compassion, kindness and understanding in a world that's starving for more goodness.

Corrine is as real as it gets (5/5)

Corrine is so down to earth and I love that you can see who she is and what she cares about that is way more important and way deeper than just good deals. She’s amazing. So inspiring.

Love Monday Mornings with Mint Arrow (5/5)

I love Corrine’s approach to sharing and learning about different topics, people, & perspectives. She has help to open my eyes and is always wanting to break down stereotypes to help educate others about various topics!

The good in the world (5/5)

I look forward to each week’s episode. I love to see the gospel of Jesus Christ in action. I have learned about many different subjects and my life has been enriched since Mint Arrow messages came along.

Game Changer (5/5)

Best podcast ever!!! If you want to feel inspired, educated, and peace do yourself a solid and listen. Anyone could benefit from the stories and topic’s shared. It’s a bright light in a dark world. Every episode is filled with goodness and knowledge. After you listen you will feel excited to act and be a little better than before. Jandie Lowe

I love Mint Arrow Messages! (5/5)

I look forward every week to a new Mint Arrow Message podcast episode! It is always so uplifting and leaves me feeling so good! Thank you for being a positive light in such a dark world.

Monday’s are the best! (5/5)

Listening to Mint Arrow messages is a great way to start your week. I truly look forward to Monday mornings, knowing there will be a new podcast to listen to. It really motivates me to get up early and go walking. (The struggle is real.) The podcast is always uplifting and inspiring and has introduced me to so many great individuals that I now follow on Instagram and just adore! Thank you!

Full of goodness (5/5)

I’ve followed Corinne’s fashion blog and Instagram feed for a long time, and this podcast makes me an even bigger fan. These messages are interesting and uplifting — your day will be better and brighter for listening!

Uplifting (5/5)

Love how very uplifting and positive this podcast is! The perfect start to my week every week!

What a Jem (5/5)

So glad I found this podcast! I love the honestly of Corinne and Neil. I love all the guests they’ve had on. Keep it up!

I wish I could give you 100 stars! (5/5)

I hadn’t heard of your website until I stumbled upon your podcast. You are Mormon Oprah!!! Every week you put out another gem and I’m constantly learning and pondering new ideas and concepts. I love all the guest speakers you bring on. Honestly, the content you put out is too good! On a side note, my cousin happens to know you and said that you really are as kind as you sound. ❤️ Thanks so much for spreading so much knowledge and joy. I can tell you put much thought and planning into each episode.

Fantastic Podcast (5/5)

This is one of my favorite podcasts. The content is amazing and inspiring.

Great stories from great people! (5/5)

This podcast is full of inspiring stories from people who are so interesting to listen to. Highly recommend!

Mint Arrow Podcast?!?!?!!! (5/5)

I love Corrine at Mint Arrow! So excited to be able to hear all of her wisdom on the podcast!! I’m only 1 episode in and I’m hooked!!

Inspiring in all the right ways! (5/5)

Mint Arrow Messages has quickly become one of my very favorite podcasts. Corrine has a way of bringing out the best in every guest on her show. Her guest selection is INCREDIBLE! 🙌🏼 Just when I think I couldn’t love her podcast anymore, she releases a new episode. As a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, I feel like I am inspired every episode to come closer to Christ, and to reach my full potential, not only in spiritual matters, but practical matters as well! Truly, I’m a better person because of this podcast! Thanks Corrine and Neal!

A light, uplifting listen (5/5)

I love this show! So many podcasts I listen to are ambitious and can get heavy if I binge too many. This show is always refreshing, light, and put me in such a calm good mood. Love Corinne and Neil!

Uplifted & glad I listened every time! (5/5)

I’ve listened to nearly every single episode of the Mint Arrow Messages podcast and I NEVER regret it! Corrine is well spoken yet relatable and each of her guests share stories and experiences that leave me inspired, uplifted, and a better person. Thank you Corrine and Neil- keep up the good work!

LOVE this podcast! (5/5)

I appreciate Corinne’s thoughtful selection of guests she invites on the podcast. Everyone is genuine and authentic in sharing their personal experiences. There is something in each and every episode that resonates with me. This podcast is real, positive, and something I plan my day around so I can listen without interruption! Thanks for creating such a bright space!! ❤️

Love this podcast (5/5)

What could be a stressful and long commute in traffic, is always peaceful and calming after listening to Mintarrow Messages. I always feel uplifted and inspired!

So great (5/5)

Love these uplifting messages Corrine. Thanks for sharing your wisdom and insights with the world. ❤️

I live this podcast! (5/5)

I have loved listening to this podcast, in inspires me and makes me want to be a better person, at the same letting me know I’m doing ok and to just keep trying! I always need a Kleenex 😭 handy! I’ve been touched by their faith and testimonies! ❤️

Amazing, inspiring, wonderful! (5/5)

I have loved listening to the Mintarrow Messages while I get ready in the morning! They are such an inspiring and uplifting way to start off my week/ day!

Love this podcast! (5/5)

I love Corrine, what she stands for, that she shares the Gospel. I really enjoy the topics and so far my favorite podcasts are when it’s just Corrine and Neil and they share their own stories. They are wonderful people 💜💙

Best podcast! (5/5)

I love listening the mintarrows podcast! Every episode is up lifting and makes me want to be better and do better. I love who she interviews and how she looks at all perspectives in life. I’ve learned and have gained so much insight from this podcast

Always Uplifting and inspiring (5/5)

Love this podcast! The content is always inspiring. Each episode leaves me feeling ready to help others, inspire change, and be better. Thank you for producing such great content!!

Question (5/5)

Omg!!! This is amazing! You understand!! I have a question, who is that book “codependent no more” by?

My new favorite podcast! (5/5)

Corrine is such an inspiring mom boss who really puts time and effort into creating these podcast episodes. The topics she chooses to talk on are so important and insightful. She not only brightens my day whenever I listen but also inspires me to be my best self and go the extra mile in life. I’m so glad I found this podcast and also love following her on Instagram!

Best Topics🙌🏼🙌🏼 (5/5)

I love listening to every episode. Corrine dissects really tough topics in such a classy and sensitive way! I love it🙌🏼🙌🏼

Must listen! (5/5)

I love how informative and uplifting this podcast is! :) such great value!

So enlightening and uplifting (5/5)

All these episodes have so much light in them, and make me want to be better and feel better equipped on HOW. Grateful for what you’re doing!!

Amazing podcast (5/5)

This was a answer to my prayers, I love everything Ralphie reaches. Thank you for sharing this. I just signed my husband and I up for her workshop and I can’t wait!

I REALLY enjoyed listening! (5/5)

Learned so much about parenting from just one episode! What a great podcast ♥️ Many blessings to you!

Wish there were more podcasts like this (5/5)

There’s so many crime podcasts, or things that make you feel dark instead of light. I love that this is uplifting and positive. A breath of fresh air.

So much positivity (5/5)

I love Corrine’s genuine openness and positivity! Listening to her podcast motivates me to be the same way and find hope in a crazy world!

Not For Me (1/5)

I listened to a few minutes of the episode of Kenzie Elizabeth but had to stop due to Kenzie’s vocal fry. Corrine referred to Kenzie as a pro podcaster, which I can’t wrap my brain around. This podcast is a good example of the importance of how you speak. Even if what you’re saying is interesting, you’re going to lose credibility when your voice sounds monotone and your vocabulary is limited.

Refreshing (5/5)

Hey Corrine. I’ve been following your I Instagram for for five years now and I absolutely love you as a person and I love your Podcasts. It’s refreshing and genuine and REAL. You dig deep with all different topics and you don’t shy away from the uncomfortable topics. Your guests are relatable and some are inspiring with what they have endured. Keep it up. I look forward to hearing every week what you have in store.

Inspiring! (5/5)

There’s so much dark in this world. This brings a little light out of the darkness!

Great, positive interview on a diverse group of topics (5/5)

Corinne and Neil are so positive! I love that they’re using their podcast to discuss a variety of topics - often tough ones - and do it with a message of positivity and hope.

Love these! (5/5)

Love to listen to these when on the road!

Amazing! (5/5)

I enjoy listening to the Mint Arrow Messages. The messages are inspiring and uplifting.

Loooove (5/5)

Love this podcast & everything it covers! 😍

❤️❤️❤️ (5/5)

Love this podcast!!!


I absolutely LOVE this podcast! If you need something to uplift or inspire you, subscribe and listen to this podcast! 💛

All (5/5)

Sweet and inspirational!

Love (5/5)

Really love your podcast

Uplifting and inspiring (5/5)

I’ve been following Mint Arrow for years and when they came out with their podcast I was so excited! I love their genuine love for each other, God and others.

Authentic! (5/5)

We all know life is difficult to navigate. Sometimes coming on here and listening to Corrine and Neil talk especially in their debut episode is just like getting to have an authentic conversation. It doesn’t feel rehearsed, it’s just a place of sharing and I love that!

So inspiring! (5/5)

I love Corinne and these messages! I leave so inspired after listening to her podcast. I listen as I run on my incline trainer. It’s a great way to start my day!

So positive and inspiring (5/5)

I love listening to these positive and inspiring messages! It is refreshing to listen to these messages of hope and positivity, especially with so much negativity going on around us in the world. I look forward to the upcoming messages!

💜💜 (5/5)

Relatable, vulnerable & honest

Inspiring positive podcast! (5/5)

Love listening to Corrine interview all walks of life! She is real & inspiring! ❤️

Love this Podcast! (5/5)

I just love listening to these such inspiring stories! It’s the perfect uplifter and motivator when I’m feeling down. I am really grateful that these people were brave enough to share their special experiences! Totally recommend!

Great podcast (5/5)


Inspiring (5/5)

Love listening to anyone who is so completely real and open about their life and not afraid to share their faith. Truly inspiring.

So uplifting (5/5)

I love following Corrine on social media because I feel like she is a bright spot in a, at times, very dark world. I am so glad she has ventured into podcast so she can spread more positivity and truth.

Powerful (5/5)

I love Corrine’s inspiring messages filled with so much hope and love. She is a light to the world, and I love that she shares that through her podcast.

Amazing!!! (5/5)

Love your podcasts

Impressed (5/5)

I love that she’s tackling all sorts of things including and especially millennial faith. ❤️

Mint Arrow Messages (5/5)

Love this podcast! Very inspiring!

Love it (5/5)

Corrine is the sweetest blogger ever! I don’t follow many bloggers but I enjoy following her because she stays true to herself. I love her podcast because she spreads positivity and love! Loved the podcast about the NICU with Jenn because my twins stayed in the NICU for a month. ❤️

Weekly inspiration (5/5)

These are just like weekly devotionals that truly uplift and inspire! Wonderful messages from real people with real struggles and strength!!

Love (5/5)

Love to have something uplifting to listen to.

Best blogger & podcast doesn’t disappoint (5/5)

I recommend this podcast to my friends that want to hear an uplifting & inspiring listen. I love the messages and hearing other hard-working and persevering people that Corinne interviews. 💛

Shaibrow (5/5)

So excited to listen to all of your podcasts! So inspiring!

Love this Podcast! (5/5)

Such an inspiring and uplifting podcast!

First podcast (5/5)

I never loved podcasts until i started listening to these!!! Obsessed! So down to earth!

Love love (5/5)

I love listening to Corrine and her husband. I have followed her blog for years and I was so excited when she announced this podcast. If you want something uplifting, real, and just all around good, you need to listen to this.

Postpartum Depression (4/5)

Thank you for talking about postpartum depression. It's so helpful to hear more people taking about this.

So inspiring (5/5)

I love the realness of this podcast. Sharing our difficulties helps to unify and strengthen us.

Love this! (5/5)

Corrine is so genuine and I love how gentle and kind she is. The world needs more of that! Listen for inspiration 💓

Amazing (5/5)

I love the variety of the people and topics on here! It’s uplifting and inspiring to listen to.

Love this podcast! (5/5)

Corinne shares wonderful stories of individuals who overcome challenges and inspire others. I am uplifted by her stories each week!

Love your podcast! (5/5)

I love how real you are. How you share your faith, your opinions, and your podcasts reach so many different levels of emotion so far. I loved your first episode, and admire your faith, and individual perspective you bring to podcast listening.

Great Podcast (5/5)

Corrine is super great to listen to. Love the podcast!

Love her! (5/5)

Absolutely love her positive take on life.

So Uplifting! (5/5)

This podcast is so uplifting! I look forward to a new episode each week! If you need something happy to listen to this is the solution!

Love! (5/5)

Love this podcast. I love listening to these episodes when I need a little pick me up! So inspiring and uplifting!

So uplifting and inspiring✨🌈 (5/5)

Absolutely love listening to podcasts like this one that help teach, inspire, and uplift. There is so much negativity in the world today that I find I really have to seek out the good. Mint Arrow Messages definitely delivers the light and inspiration!✨

💕 (5/5)

I love how Corrine always invites the people she’s interviewing to give their advice on what other people should do if they were in their situation. It makes the whole thing so relatable!

So uplifting (5/5)

I love listening to Mint Arrow Messages because listening to Corrine is like listening to a friend. She is real, honest and genuine. Definitely worth my time and yours.

Uplifting!! (5/5)

Absolutely love this podcast! It’s happy, uplifting and so much more! Thank you for this Corrine!!

Absolute love (5/5)

These are inspiring and uplifting podcasts! It’s a great way to start my day 💕

Positive and uplifting (5/5)

Love the constant uplifting messages. Thank you for sharing your testimony with the world.

Inspiring! (5/5)

All Mint Arrow Messages are so inspiring and I look forward to each new episode she releases! Definitely one of my favorite podcasts to listen to!

Inspiring! (5/5)

Loved the episode with your sister discussing preparing for her Ironman! Great listen to get motivated to try something hard!

So uplifting! (5/5)

I love listening to Corrine and all of her guests. Each episode is uplifting and makes you want to be a better person. 💗

Great podcast (5/5)

I love the variety of topics on this podcast. It’s new but I’ve really enjoyed it so far.

Uplifting and Encouraging (5/5)

Listening to Corinne have meaningful conversations with her guests is becoming a highlight of my week. Every episode so far has left me inspired. So excited for more!

So good! (5/5)

I have thoroughly enjoyed listening to Mint Arrow Messages, and have been so inspired by what has been shared on past episodes, and I look forward to all the goodness to come. I highly recommend it to everyone!

Love, Love, Love! (5/5)

I just listened to the podcast about Neil’s brother, Dave. Through the tears I left feeling Love, Comfort and Hope! Thank you for sharing your experiences and efforts to make this world a better place!

Love Mint Arrow (5/5)

The mint arrow podcast is so down to earth. I love how the topics are real things we as humans are facing. Love her positive outlook on life!

Uplifting and Inspirational (5/5)

I have so enjoyed listening to Corinne's podcasts thus far. The topics have been interesting and meaningful. I love that she asks those she interviews what others did that helped them during their time of need. I really feel like hearing those responses is helping me be more compassionate to people around me who are going through hard times.

🤗👍🏼🥰 (5/5)

I have so enjoyed listening to Mint Arrow Messages. Uplifting, inspiring and motivating all at the same time. The world needs more authentic influencers like Corrine.

Her heart is open and full of light (5/5)

I love this podcast, it is so full of heart. You can feel the kindness and love from the interviewer and I feel like I am actually friends with Corrine. She is so Ernest and open I love it.

Love the messages—just too long and boring! (3/5)

I hope that as Corinne gets more experience with interviewing, her questions will improve so we can hear the interesting parts of the stories in less time! (For example, leave out all the details about Brooke’s race dates and the exact location of Jordanelle, etc. since those don’t matter to the audience as much as how she felt and what motivated her, etc). In each episode, some of the details are mentioned two or three times—I just don’t think most people have patience for that kind of repetition, you know? Keep the story moving and just hit on the important parts. I prefer a podcast 30-40 minutes long. I won’t give up on it yet though because I like your honesty and the way you share your heart and your faith. Hope you know this comment is posted love! ❤️

Honest (5/5)

Thank you for creating this Podcast. It feels like honest emotion. I appreciate the topics.

Been looking forward to this podcast! (5/5)

I listened to both episodes this week, and they both were incredible. I can relate to the postpartum depression episode, and Corrine did a wonderful job describing her experience. The other episode was extremely powerful and moving about Neil’s brother. I especially loved the talk from the funeral at the end. I look forward to upcoming episodes! Thank you for being a light to everyone!

Service (5/5)

Thank you so much for sharing things so close to your heart. You two are such an inspiration for me to do more for others because of things you have been able to share with this podcast. ❤️

Amazing!! (5/5)

I just binged the first two episodes and LOVED every bit of it. I have followed Mint Arrow since the beginning and have just loved Corinne and her positivity and love. Can’t wait for new episodes to come each Monday!

Inspiring and insightful (5/5)

I love Corrine’s meaningful Monday posts on Instagram and her podcast episodes are even better! She is so relatable and easy to listen to, plus I feel uplifted and inspired to be a better person after listening!

Amazing people! (5/5)

I have been a follower on Instagram for a while now and have always left a post feeling uplifted, informed, and grateful! A friend shared a quote recently about if someone makes you feel more rejuvenate after spending time with them, give them more of your time! Although I have never met the Stokoe’s in person I always leave feeling rejuvenated and feel like my time spent on the things they share are valuable to me. They are so aware about real life experiences and I appreciate their willingness and openness in sharing such tender and personal moments with us. I’m a new found podcast listener and am So looking forward to having them be one of my first “go-to” podcast!

So inspiring!! (5/5)

It is so refreshing to hear someone speak so openly about their love for the gospel and the hard things in life. Thank you for letting people in.

Real and uplifting (4/5)

When I saw “postpartum depression” in my podcast feed I immediately clicked on it, without noticing who it was by. I’ve always loved Corrine’s Monday messages and real talk on her instagram (and wishful shopping on her blog deals). I think in time she’ll find her groove with podcasting too. I had to laugh that she thought being tight on finances meant buying off brand canned food but for the most part she is super relatable and I love that she talks about vulnerable topics. I’m excited to hear what she’ll discuss and the new things to think about through this podcast!

Relatable and enjoyable (4/5)

I have enjoyed your blog, but I LOVED what you wrote this morning about wanting to bring light and something uplifting to the world. Shopping and deals are fun, but something that touches the soul is very needed. I loved the podcast! It’s fun to listen to both you and Neil and the postpartum episode is so true for me.

Positive and uplifting (5/5)

I love Corrine’s positivity and how she tries to bring light into the world for others. Looking forward to more episodes of this podcast.

Amazing (5/5)

You’ve always been an example to me of light and faith. And this heartfelt podcast exceeds all expectations. Great job!!

So excited for this (5/5)

Love listening to this podcast and following you on instagram! ❤️🥰💕

💗 (5/5)

I am looking forward to hearing these podcasts every Monday! Inspiration for the week!

Beautiful in every way (5/5)

I love the message behind the stories of love, hope and faith. Life isn’t perfect but we have to live it and share our experiences with others.

Honest and true to themselves (5/5)

So relatable and they are really so supportive of one another!! Can’t wait for more

Amazing! (5/5)

So uplifting! Can’t wait to hear more ❤️

Inspiring (5/5)

I walked away from this first podcast after having watched the events unfold on the news and then hearing how you both have taken a tragedy and used it for positive.

💗💗💗 (5/5)

I have admired Corrine’s positive outlook and spiritual perspective on Instagram, and look forward to getting more of that goodness via podcast form.

Heartfelt, inspiring, real (5/5)

I’ve loved Mint Arrow Meaningful Monday for years and have looked forward to the launch of this podcast for months! The first podcast was heartwarming and gave a glimpse into what it was like to listen to inspiration instead of focusing on the darkness that could have taken over the circumstances of Dave’s death. Thanks for sharing this story ❤️

Kheavner (5/5)

I’m so excited and happy for you!!! Loved listening to these can’t wait for more. Thank you so much for sharing!

So excited!! (5/5)

I am so looking forward to these on Mondays!! Mondays are my off days meaning I clean the house and I’ve been looking for more podcasts to fill my day!!

Beautiful Tribute (5/5)

I loved hearing how your family took such a tragic death and found a way to lift and encourage others in your grief. After listening, I wanted to do better at life. Dave got it right. Thank you.

Honest and real... (5/5)

With only two episodes in I can already tell that Mint Arrow Messages will be a light to an often dark world. Life can be heavy and these two want to help you see that there is light and hope and it’s there for everyone. My guess is that we all know someone who we can share these messages with! Love these two!

mrsegbert (5/5)

Sometimes we forget how much goodness there is in this world as the bad and the ugly usually get more coverage. It’s so refreshing to listen to uplifting messages despite difficult, and sometimes heartbreaking, circumstances. Y’all are extremely inspiring and are definitely making that difference in the world that you desire. I love the podcast so far and can’t wait to listen every Monday! Keep up the good work! ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜

So good (5/5)

So excited to keep listing to these podcasts!! So far it’s been a good one. Love all the wise wisdom Corrine gives. She is such a good example of how being happy and working to make your life happy makes life so much better!

Love it! (5/5)

Looking forward to more uplifting options to listen to as I do my weekly cleaning! Thank you for sharing tender moments from your life and family!

Can’t wait to hear more! (5/5)

Love Corinne and the messages she’s shared online. This podcast is so awesome!

Love this! (5/5)

I’m so excited to listen to this podcast! I always love to hear inspirational and uplifting messages and learn from others. Can’t wait to listen!

Courtney Clark (5/5)

Love the honest and raw that you two speak! Looking forward to listening to the podcast!

Uplifting (5/5)

So thrilled to find such uplifting content dealing with such real topics. Keep them coming please!

Truly Inspiring! (5/5)

I heard about Mint Arrow through my friend Tiffany, and I have loved it ever since! I’ve loved the meaningful Monday posts so much and I can’t wait to keep listening every Monday for new content! It’s so amazing to me how vulnerable Corrine is and I know so many people who are inspired by that vulnerability, honestly, and authenticity!

Vulnerable and Real! (5/5)

I was so excited to listen to Corrine’s podcast because I follow her IG and love her honesty. These first few episodes touched my heart and brought me to tears. She has a way of connecting with people that is so genuine. Thank you for sharing with us!

This is going to be great! (5/5)

Just from following along Mint Arrow on Instagram, seeing Corrine’s sweet, smiling face and feeling of her tender spirit, I know this podcast will be amazing! I am going to listen tonight during quiet time!

Genuine and lovely (5/5)

I love how genuine Corrine is and the was she shares her life’s ups and downs has helped so many people. Looking forward to listening to this podcast to enjoy her lovely wisdom!

Unique and inspiring podcast (5/5)

I am so excited that Mint Arrow has created a podcast!! I already feel like Corrine is my real life friend just by following her Instagram and blog, but I’m so excited to get to listen to her talk more about meaningful messages via this podcast. I’ve listened to the podcast about Dave and am impressed with how well they delivered a beautiful message, which must have been very hard. Thanks so much for doing this! I am so excited to listen along!

Alicefayer (5/5)

Mint arrow has a soft spoken voice that draws you in. So excited for her.


I loved Corrine’s perspective and insights into postpartum depression. Every expecting and new mama NEEDS to hear this! It’s so easy to feel that we are alone in this journey of motherhood, but that cannot be further from the truth. Thank you for sharing what you’ve learned with such honesty. Can’t wait to make Mondays a little more magical with Mint Arrow’s meaningful messages! 💕

Podcast blessing! (5/5)

This podcast is powerful. Doesn’t matter if you are LDS or not you will feel Heavenly Fathers love! Monday’s just got a whole lot better.

Must listen! (5/5)

Such a beautifully put together podcast. Mint Arrow Messages brings light to some dark subjects, you will leave feeling uplifted and inspired. I am looking forward to more episodes!

Awesome (5/5)

Beautiful people! I love that you use your platform to share God’s plan! Thanks for being so brave and sharing the good!

Love the first one. Excited for more (5/5)

So powerful, inspiring and uplifting. I’m crying while I’m listening to the first episode. Happy tears, tears of gratitude, tears of mourning for your family. Thanks for being vulnerable and spreading goodness and light.

So good! (5/5)

So excited that these are live and can’t wait to continue to listen!! 😍😍

Love Everything (5/5)

So excited to listen to these podcasts! Love everything Mintarrow! I especially love listening to Neil and Corrine talk candidly!

Love!! (5/5)

I have enjoyed Corrine’s blog and instagram for a while but these podcasts are amazing! I love the things she focuses on and the positivity she radiates!

Power in Vulnerability (5/5)

Thank you so much for sharing these sensitive parts of your life. Vulnerability truly has the power to reach out to, connect with, strengthen, and uplift others and I admire the way you have done this together. I loved listening and can’t wait to hear what’s next!

Uplifting & inspirational (5/5)

I loved listening to the first episode. It was full of light, love and hope. I am amazed at the positivity that they both share in the wake of something so sad and terrible. I’m so glad they decided to share this story and look forward to more episodes.

Very inspiring! (5/5)

Loved the podcasts. Can't wait to listen to more.

So excited to hear your motivational messages!! (5/5)

I listened this morning and I was so impressed with how you were “in tune” so you could make this so impactful in a positive way for others. I teach a primary class and I challenged the children yesterday to be a light to others this coming week. Thanks for being a light to me, now I need to make sure I’m paying it forward in any way I can!

You can’t help but feel good (5/5)

I follow Mint Arrow’s Instagram, and I always LOVE her meaningful Monday posts, so I was so excited to hear she was creating a podcast with that same idea in mind. She has such a good perspective on things, and I learn from her (and her husband!) every time I read her posts. I listened to this first podcast and it was just what I was expecting and hoping for- encouraging, uplifting, motivating, heartwarming (and heartbreaking at the same time), and sincere. It really spoke right to my heart. Thanks Corinne for following the push you had to do this! Highly recommend!

Staci Monroe (5/5)

This is such a good podcast! It will help anyone who is grieving any loss in their life. It helps us remember that families are forever!

Ms (5/5)

I have a pretty long list of podcasts that I listen to. I'll move Mint Messages up on the list. So uplifting and motivating to do good. Thanks Corrine and Neil

So authentic! So uplifting! (5/5)

You guys are such a positive influence in the world! The messages you share are uplifting and encouraging. I’m excited to follow along as more of your podcasts come out. Thank you for sharing and thank you for being real with all of us. ❤️

Amazing podcast! (5/5)

Have listened to the first episode and absolutely loved it. It brought so much peace to me and I could feel the spirit so strongly. Have followed Corrine for many years now and I am so excited for this podcast! I know it’s going to be amazing!

Heart (5/5)

I love listening to podcasts that are full of heart! These can be tough topics to discuss, but you can feel Corrine’s heartfelt desire to teach and share. Love, love, love! - Amy W.

NOW I look forward to Monday!! (5/5)

Let me tell you, this girl is amazing! I have followed her for quite a few years and look forward to reading her posts. The deals are GREAT, but her messages of her life stories and beliefs is what I love the very most. She is genuine and not afraid to share her thoughts. She is sharing nothing but goodness with those that follow her. She is pure gold and I KNOW you will enjoy this podcast. Listening to her podcast will now make Monday my favorite day of the week!

Excited to hear this podcast! (5/5)

Meaningful Mondays is such a great message! I have loved it so far and can’t wait to hear all of the great content!

Beautiful Messages (5/5)

I am so excited to listen to these beautiful and inspiring messages. As someone who suffered with postpartum depression after my second daughter I am especially looking forward to listening to that episode.

Amazing (5/5)

I love how raw and real this podcast is. It’s so vulnerable and sheds light on important topics for the sole purpose of helping others.

A feel good podcast (5/5)

This podcast is encouraging and uplifting. No matter your religious background, I think you can be encouraged by the stories.

Love (5/5)

Looking forward to more episodes❤️ The episode about Dave had me in tears and totally inspired all at the same time. Thank you for sharing such personal things with us. I finished up that episode feeling like I want to live my life more boldly. Thank you for not being afraid to share your struggles, your faith and personal details of your testimonies. Thank you for being a force for GOOD!

Battle of PP depression (5/5)

As someone that suffers with postpartum depression I always felt like “there was something wrong with me.” Which led to bigger issues of feeling inadequate. The first podcast shed so much light on a dark topic for me. It gave me hope that I wasn’t the only one to go through this, and that things will get better. Being four months postpartum I know there is and end and have some new ideas to try to get me through. Thank you Corrine and Neil for sharing. I cannot wait to hear more!

Uplifting and Real (5/5)

I’ve been following Corinne as a fashion blogger for quite a while now, but what I really love about her is her optimism and positivity while keeping things REAL! This is such a rare combination and precious. I’m SO excited for all of the wonderful things that this podcast will be.

So inspiring (5/5)

Mint arrow is truly amazing! She is so insightful and has such a good approach to every part of life. This is such a great way to start the week.

♥️ (5/5)

Can’t wait to listen to these. Love the light and love you share!

Fabulous! (5/5)

I can’t wait to see all the future podcasts! Everything is so good! I’m left feeling uplifted and excited to be a better person!

Uplifting and Positive (5/5)

This was such an uplifting and positive message that came through on your first episode! Which is amazing since it was such a hard topic! I’m so grateful that you choose to share the good and are still sharing the good to bring light into the world! ❤️

Relatable, inspiring and full of love! (5/5)

I absolutely love Corrine and Neil, I’ve been anxiously waiting for this podcast to come out! It did not disappoint. Thank you for sharing your stories. You are inspiring and bring such a light to the world! I’m so excited to hear more from Mint Arrow Messages!

Amazing podcast (5/5)

I am so excited that Corrine has started these podcasts!! I really look up to her and am excited to hear her perspective and go deeper into some issues. Her episode two about her postpartum journey is especially helpful to hear about since I recently had my first baby.

💗 (5/5)

I have loved following your meaningful Monday’s hashtag over the years. Thank you for sharing your heart and your story. Looking forward to listening each Monday. 💗

Corrine keeps it real. I love that. (5/5)

I have loved listening to this podcast. It is raw, real and endearing. The experiences and the lessons learned are relatable and yet have already taught me and given me motivation for life. She wears her heart and her beliefs on her sleeve and I love her for it.

Beautifully done podcast with the goal of helping learn from others and love more. I love it (5/5)

The first episode couldn’t have been more powerful. 💥👏🏻It was so well done and eye opening, but also relatable. And then there was the second episode... I definitely feel more equipped to handle PPD in whatever way I encounter it, whether it be a sister, friend, or even seeing it in myself when I have kids. I love Corinne and everything she stands for... and this new podcast is no different. I love the dynamic between Corinne and her husband, too! They both have a lot of experience and wisdom to bring to the table. Definitely one of my new favorite podcasts! Give us the next episode! 😊❤️

Sincere and uplifting! (5/5)

So sincere and so open. I started with the second episode because I currently struggle with PPD after having my first child and it was such a great episode to listen to and to feel like your not alone! Can’t wait to listen to more! Seriously thank you for this podcast ❤️

Love Mint Arrow! (5/5)

This podcast is so well done. I love their message of light and goodness even in the darkness. I can’t wait for more episodes!

Inspiration for your life (5/5)

I have been following the Mint Arrow blog and Instagram for a few years now. I love how genuine Corrine is in everything she does. She inspires me with her passion for life, her family, and her faith. I am so excited to continue listening to her nee podcast and watching it grow!

Insightful & Inspiring (5/5)

Love, LOVING this podcast! I am so grateful & excited that you guys have created these podcasts & I am looking forward to more to come. I appreciate the genuine & authentic sharing!

So excited for this podcast!! (5/5)

I am looking forward to listening to this podcast every Monday. I have loved the Monday Messages on Instagram so this will just add to kicking the week off with love and kindness!

Excited! (5/5)

Love Corrine and excited to keep up with her podcast now!