Aggregated reviews for Monster

From Tenderfoot TV and HowStuffWorks, 'Monster: The Zodiac Killer' dives into one of the most notorious, unsolved serial killing sprees in history. Despite sketches, cyphers and taunting letters to the press, the question still remains: who is the Zodiac? While you're here, don't forget to listen to Season 1, 'Atlanta Monster', which tells the true story of one of Atlanta’s darkest secrets, almost 40 years later.

Needs focus   (3/5)

While I can appreciate what Payne is doing, this podcast has the same problem as up and vanished- fascinating story but takes waaaaaaaaY too long to tell it. Just lacks strong editing I think. I could only listen to so much of narcissistic Wayne Williams too. Drove me crazy how he never stopped talking. Only made it to episode 6.

Great listen   (4/5)

Great podcast. Both seasons were really good. Looking forward to the 3rd season.

Dishonest Reporting   (1/5)

There was no attempt to find a truth in series, it was pretty clear the author had his mind set on proving Wayne did not commit the murder. He even admitted after the show was finished that Wayne had likely lied to him and probably committed some of the murders. Just poor reporting and prejudice becomes more evident the more you listen

Long gestation period   (2/5)

The first two seasons were really great; well done! However, it’s been more than nine months since an an original episode dropped. Boy, I’m getting tired of receiving 1 min snippets presenting other shows that may or may not contain content.

Started brilliantly ended horribly   (3/5)

First few were great n then it became conspiracy theories yuck no ty

Wonderful   (5/5)




Mind Blowing!!!!   (5/5)

I am a 30 years old black male living in Atlanta right now and I had never heard of this story. This is my very first time ever listening to a podcast and I just so happened to run across this one while browsing and I’ve been so invested into this with-In my first listening and I’ve been listening everyday all day while at work on the forklift lol, the fact that this podcast has the detailed sounds and dramatic music as if your watching a crime serious on Netflix is what peaked my most interest besides the actual story of Wayne Williams it’s self. I’ve watched plenty podcast like Joe Budden’s and Gillie the Kid joints but to actually listen to this as if I’m watching tv. I absolutely loved it, and now I’m about to go listen to your older podcast Up & Vanished. Thank you guys, this is what I believe a great story telling podcast should sound like 🔥🔥🔥

Not good   (2/5)

This podcast went off the rails when it began to indulge wild conspiracy theories. If you don’t think Wayne killed the kids, or the two adults he was convicted of killing, then you don’t know much about serial killers.

Too much unnecessary info   (2/5)

This guy jumps down every rabbit hole he can find and it’s a wandering, winding story that I just lost interest in.

Contraband   (5/5)

I bet Wayne was in the hole Because this was around the time he was on the news for being caught with a cell phone in cell

Talking to fast   (3/5)

I’m not sure if it’s just me but this story is extremely interesting, however, I find it very difficult to keep up or stay attentive because it seems as if the interviews of both the host and experts are sped up. No way these people talk that fast.

Insane   (5/5)

For my first ever podcast this got me hooked into podcasts💯💯💯

Great listen   (5/5)

Lots of research and well put together.

Disappointed   (1/5)

I wish the podcast would have went into the psychological aspects more. Wayne is believed to be a narcissist and sociopath which are reasons many people believe he was not responsible for the child murders, perhaps not all of them, but many. I don’t think this podcast explored that angle well enough.

Hmm   (4/5)

It’s an ok podcast

Good start, but very biased   (1/5)

Okay, the man did kill some people but not the kids, SO HE IS INNOCENT NO! No! He killed people! So lets get him outa jail? What???. Not good!! Very racial divided. I understand theres this thing people love to throw out there and how theres so much racism. This podcast is racist.

Love it!   (5/5)

I love this podcast! I hope you’re planning another season!

Atlanta Monster   (5/5)

Thought this was great. Very detailed ... unbelievable story -totally recommend!

Disappointing   (1/5)

Subject matter interesting, execution poor.

Ok but not great   (3/5)

It seemed like they stretched it out into so much more than it had to be and you only brought biased people on

One sided   (1/5)

Boring, one sided, once Wayne took over, it’s disgusting this killer was giving a platform.

Not worth the time   (1/5)

I gave up. So annoyed with the wild conspiracy theory’s and lack of evidence or basic facts. You gave a platform to individuals who are interested in pushing agendas and creating a divide. Not worth the time.

Almost had me   (3/5)

I was trying to be fair minded and weigh theories and evidence until the prison phone call. I wished that Payne had not let Wayne take total control of the situation. He immediately started with manipulation and distraction tactics. Payne should have taken the upper hand and not let Wayne dominate and campaign. It made me sick to my stomach at how manipulative it was and I’m sure he’s done this with everybody he knows. I went from “probably not “ to “ this is an ego driven sociopath that probably did”.

Giving up   (3/5)

I really wanted to get into this one, but I think I’m done on episode 5. The whole thing may absolutely have been a terrible failure of justice for the accused, the victims and the families. But I don’t feel like this podcast is giving any clarity to that. Many words, but lacking investigative rigor.

Slow and unfocused   (3/5)

I love investigative journalism and true crime, and I really wanted to like this podcast. After listening to the first few episodes, I simply don’t have the patience.

Great   (5/5)

Well done! Surprise conclusion.

,hard to understand   (3/5)

This podcast is awesome; good investigation into cases we all know. I think its especially relevant considering the most recent season of mindhunter of which is based on the case. The only qualm i have is that the prison phone calls are VERY hard to understand and are at many points unintelligible, and without any clarification from the narrator, leaving me feeling like there are things I’m missing, things that may be important later. Edit: i have now listened to the entire season and am changing my rating to a 3. This podcast leaves WAY more questions than answers, and not in a good way. There were many ideas started and not finished. For example, the bridge experiment. It was done, but without any follow up. Felt like a complete waste of resources. Why go through all the trouble to block down an entire road, going through all the proper channels and filling out bundles of paperwork just to not share any of the findings? This podcast was well made, but left me feeling uncomfortably dissatisfied.

Conspiracy Theory BS   (1/5)

Wild conspiracy theories are given more weight than actual investigation work by experts. Pure garbage.

Fine, but these pauses?!?!   (4/5)

This podcast does an ok job at telling these stories. It’s well researched and fascinating. But there are so many weird elongated pauses! It’s radio silence. I constantly think my phone stopped working. It’s really annoying and so bizarre that a podcast of this caliber doesn’t catch this mistake. Please stop doing this if it’s on purpose. It didn’t build suspense, it just seems amateur.

Time well spent   (5/5)

Great presentation and content; listen to this and then backtracked and listened to Up & Vanished. Looking forward to his next.

Amazing!   (5/5)

I will listen to anything that Payne Lindsay is involved in. Not only is the content of this podcast intriguing but it is also very well edited and put together to create truly entertaining content. Thank you Payne Lindsay!

Too many ads   (2/5)

So many ad breaks makes it really frustrating to listen to

Great through episode 4/5   (3/5)

I tried to keep an open mind about this podcast, but the sheer amount of airtime given to wild conspiracy theories became off putting. Perfectly valid to explore the guilt of innocence of Williams for the child murders, but the framing of the investigation felt fact-less and anecdotal. Williams’ relative intelligence or personability has nothing to do with whether he committed some or all of the murders.

Good, but not great.   (3/5)

The podcast was good, but not great. I feel like it’s not enough to just bring good guests to the pod and hope the listener pieces the truth together themselves. To really understand and get into this case, I would have liked to see more original investigative journalism (like the “splash” incident). I get it’s a very large case with many avenues. It would have been nice if Payne picked one and wove everything into that theory. It seemed like there was no central thesis to this pod, and that makes it tough for me to completely “click into”.

Well done   (5/5)

Anytime Payne is involved in an investigative report be prepared for a very thorough podcast

It’s not the same today   (3/5)

Love how you investigate this story and ask questions. I didn’t like how you let “mayors” and “media” make statements that black kids still don’t get the same justice today as whites. It shows ignorance. This country has made huge leaps and bounds in how we handle people then in our past. That was the only part I couldn’t listen to. It’s just not true. The media is not news anymore. what has not changed. News is now propaganda so listening to podcasts like this lets you hear the whole story to make judgements.

Great podcast   (5/5)

A must listen!

Switched stories   (2/5)

Episode 1-3 finding the Atlanta monster Episode 4-18 Atlanta monster is innocent Summary. This is a stupid podcast and waste of time.

Great but...   (3/5)

I’m finding this a well-researched and interesting approach to the Missing and Murdered Children cases and to Wayne Williams. However, this podcast could use some sound engineering and editing. Both during the podcast itself and between podcast and ads the varying sound levels/volumes are distracting and off-putting.

Disappointed   (1/5)

Highly disappointed in this podcast

Awesome podcast!!   (5/5)

I grew up in the 80’s and I did not know about this case. As true crime fan, this podcast kept me wanting more each episode. Payne and crew are fantastic storytellers and bring together these stories in such a way you feel like you are there. Thank you for all your hard work guys and I can’t wait for more awesome podcasts!

Season 2   (5/5)

Season two is a different podcast now, Just called ‘The Zodiac Killer’ if y’all were wondering

Now “Culpable”?   (1/5)

Season 2? Disappeared?

What happened to season 2?   (3/5)

? B

Payne Lindsey’s Least Annoying Effort So Far   (3/5)

I just completed the podcast Atlanta Monster (2018). This was made by Payne Lindsey, the same annoying kid that made the podcast Up and Vanished (which despite him, is somehow surprisingly entertaining). Though Atlanta Monster doesn’t have an ending that resolves as beautifully as Up and Vanished, it is much better overall. Atlanta Monster was made with the help of HowStuffWorks which got rid of pretty much all of the issues I have with Payne. Payne is a narcissist and a terrible narrator, for a few reasons, and tries to milk ever podcast he comes out with by continually adding extra unnecessary episodes. Fortunately, with Atlanta Monster the powers that be made sure to make this far more bearable. This is a well made podcast and I would assume most True Crime lovers would find it entertaining. But like Happy Face Killer, which I just listened to as well, it starts off strong for the first third and for the last two thirds I started to lose interest. The first part is an introduction and tells you the facts of the case mostly. After that it’s mostly interviews and theory’s, some of which are interesting, most of which are simply okay. For the first third I give it 8 stars out of 10 and for the rest I give it 5. Overall I give it 6 stars out 10.

Season 2   (5/5)

I thought there was a season 2?

Got me!   (5/5)

This podcast hooked me in immediately! I’m a lover of true crime and I had never heard of this case. It was fascinating from beginning to end!

Binge worthy!   (5/5)

I love how well they tell this story! I’ve listened to it twice since there is so much info they give. It’s edited so well and the music is great! Best podcast out there!

Fran   (5/5)

Yes i too know i saw it had a season 2 but now its gone!!!! I need to see that

Well constructed   (5/5)

Thanks to all. Good work

Amazing   (5/5)

Couldn’t stop listening to the Zodiac. So intriguing and kept me wanting more. Very well produced. Please do more!

Talked in circles   (2/5)

Kept waiting for the podcast to get to the twists and turns it was alluding to but it just kept going in circles. Felt like I kept hearing the same things over and over again, and the phone interviews went way too long after the point was made. Also, sound production is pretty bad. I kept having to adjust volume because it would be super loud and then super quiet. Gave up after episode 7. I’ll just watch season 2 of Netflix’s Mindhunter instead.

I Never Knew!   (5/5)

So many details about the investigation and suspects. Really informative and a great podcast!

Fun   (4/5)

I enjoyed this one on the whole

Season 1 is perfect! Season 2, not so much.   (4/5)

Atlanta monster is one of the best podcast I’ve ever heard! But, zodiac, season two, is not as good. Season one has better research,Better form, better everything. I found myself tuning out most of season two and having to re-listen to stuff.

More About Conspiracy Theories Than True Crime   (1/5)

Got through episode three of season one and gave up. It pulled a 180° from detailing established facts and evidence in the first two episodes to straight up crazy conspiracy theories. I can’t believe how highly this was recommended to me, because it’s trash.

WoW!   (5/5)

Loved season 1 "Atlanta Monster" and now I love season 2 "Zodiac Killer". Always informative and fast paced but mostly very entertaining. Looking forward to, hopefully, season 3.

It’s Not Too Bad   (4/5)

I liked listening to this at first because this story takes place from where I was raised. It’s not the greatest but it’s worth a listen.

Enjoyed it thoroughly   (5/5)

Great podcast

Mid-way through season one.....   (4/5)

The content is good. I learned about the Atlanta Child Murderer a while back. I am stunned at the fact people believe he is innocent. Dude is a complete narcissist, sociopath and hurts to listen to him speak.

Could have been great   (2/5)

Interesting premise but the podcast can’t get out of its own way. Tell the story from A to Z! Chopping it up into arbitrary segments doesn’t do anything to build suspense if that is the intent. And the “music” is too much - distracting techno noise. Like another reviewer said - do it like Serial. Straightforward with no awful background music.

So much promise   (2/5)

I wanted to like it, it had so much potential, but it was overproduced. I felt like I heard the same clips over and over and over. The pre and post stuff took to much time.

Interesting cases   (5/5)

Both seasons have covered interesting cases and have great production value.

Payne Lindsey Knows How to Podcast   (5/5)

Excellently researched with pleasant narration. There are so many unknowns about the Zodiac, but a good portion of the information in this podcast I had never heard. It was a refreshing take on the Zodiac case, the people and families he affected, and the continued search for the killer. There is also sound advice therein which warns listeners and “fans” of murders and crimes to remember that these are humans, in real life, who have been irrevocably changed by the Zodiac’s actions.

Shout out   (4/5)

Gotta give a shout to the music production in this podcast,,, love it——- granted I’m a synth head, but kudos music guy!!!

Kept me sitting on the edge of my seat.   (5/5)

I first started with the Atlanta monster season 1..I started with that season because I was born in Cobb County Ga in 1972. I can remember my parents talking about it when it started in the later 1970’s. I enjoyed listening to this podcast because of all the conversations, evidence, and views. I am in the middle of listening to the second season about the zodiac killer, my wife and her family all lived in the Bay Area during his rain of terror. Infact my wife can remember her mother hiding under a bed with my wife as a infant. Keep up the good work. I hope you do a season of the BTK murderer.

A must-listen   (5/5)

The Lagacy episode is what made this PC stand out to me. While the story telling of the series is strong, with good pacing, and thoughtful, insightful participants- the most thought-provoking episode to me was the last. There, the writers ask compelling questions about how the killer fits into true crime and what the fascination with true crime means to society. Bravo to the creators for producing a complex and captivating experience while being tactful and sensitive.

Zodiac 5 Stars - Atlanta 0 Stars   (5/5)

The Zodiac was superbly presented and a podcast of exceptional story telling. I listened to the Zodiac on the edge of my seat for all the podcasts. Atlanta/ Wayne Williams was extremely irritating to listen to. That’s several hours of my life I will never get back.

👌   (4/5)

Great podcast but way to many ads

Very Repetitive   (2/5)

Overall solid content and nicely delivered. My biggest complaint is how much information is repeated each episode. Each episode is 26 to 29 minutes long. This is made up of approximately 2 minutes of promotions for other podcasts and probably 5 minutes in total at the beginning and end of each episode that is repeated. One preparing such a podcast should follow the Serial model. Straight to the point and they rarely repeat information. However, when they do there is an explanation provided (they explain it will be addressed in later episode or explain why they are bringing up again). The Serial podcast assumes the listener has listens to previous podcasts, as they should. Novels do not have a page or two at the beginning of each chapter rehashing what has happened thus far. Additionally, there is about 5 minutes each episode of nonsense. Either in interviews/snip its from third parties or the host rambling on and on about nothing. Don’t waste listeners time. If you only have 10 to 15 minutes of content that is ok, embrace it. Shorten each podcast or combine them.

Podcast writing   (5/5)

Absolutely love it. The writing and the music is so professional, the interviews are great and it’s awesome to hear from Law Enforcement’s perspective on cases like this as well, because they are people too and they are working these difficult cases. Well done absolutely love it.

Woefully inept   (1/5)

Overpromises and underdelivers. At around the halfway point into the Zodiac season, they just abandon any pretense of journalism. They dismiss established theories with dubious suspicion and little or no countervailing evidence. Yet they entertain fantastical theories of ghoullish "Zodiologists", none of which could stand under any serious scrutiny. And it has a horrific bed of music.

Falls apart   (1/5)

Starts interesting- then the authors are so eager to make it fit their theories, it loses credibility.

No   (2/5)

The first two episodes were rich with production value and story telling. Then it turned into conspiracy theory rabbit hole interviews.

Interesting   (4/5)

Very informative and interesting the ads are the worst part of it but it was great overall...

Too many ads and teasers   (2/5)

Way too many repetitive ads and replays/teasers

Poor journalism   (1/5)

A bloated, biased account of the Atlanta child murders. Ignores evidence that weakens the position the creator takes. An incredibly superficial analysis of the impact of racial context on this case and the impact of this case on Atlanta. Little focus on victims, exorbitant attention on Wayne Williams’s claims. Definitely not concerned with what I personally find intriguing and under-investigated in this case, and beyond that a repetitive and poorly paced presentation.

No real investigation and bad music   (1/5)

Firstly, I found the knock off Stranger Things soundtrack tasteless and oppressive. This isn’t a scary movie or a Netflix tv show, these are real stories of murdered kids in the city of Atlanta. It doesn’t need to be hammed up with electronic music. Secondly, if you want to listen for information, facts about the case, etc., that is, for an actual investigation, you will be sorely disappointed with this podcast. What you get instead is a pieced together and disorganized mass of conjecture, anecdotal evidence, hearsay, etc., without much context or discussion. Simply put, they do a poor job of organizing the information and the information is not very good.

They like to play commercials and replay the intro   (3/5)

1st season was ok. 2nd starts off good but they play the intro and commercials just as you start getting into the story so a 30 min episode has 3-5 breaks... I’m coming from Case File, Dr Death, Cold, Wonderland, so I think my standard is pretty high up there. Fix that and I would give it 5 stars

Great show!   (4/5)

I love the podcast and greatly enjoy the dynamic between B and Denver! My only qualm is that B. Scott frequently uses the word “adulate” or “odulate” when referring to switching things up or making changes. I believe the word he’s looking for is oscillate. This is definitely not coming from a place of shade, as I am totally a fan. Just something that I hope will be a helpful observation. ❤️❤️❤️ you guys!

Fascinating and well done   (5/5)

I’ve only listened to season 2 about the Zodiac Killer, but it was extremely fascinating. The podcast is well done and lays out the Zodiac murders in comprehensible way. Definitely recommend.

Just not conveyed well   (1/5)

I tried and tried to listen but could not hold my interest. A real surprise.

Could be better   (3/5)

I enjoyed this podcast, but it seemed like there were advertisements every 5 minutes. I would like more content and less advertising!

Not that interesting   (2/5)


Giving conspiracy theorist a platform   (2/5)

Season one I thought was well done. But season 2 seemed like he interviewed every single conspiracy theorist. I’ve never lost interest so fast in a podcast. Just became unbearable. Payne was in over his head with the zodiac content. Thought I would get more insight on the crimes but nothing new. Feel like Payne always has a problem expanding past the meat and potatoes of a story.

Not a fan   (3/5)

This wasn’t produced w the best quality & the interviews are scattered.

great podcast   (5/5)

love love love

Too many ads   (3/5)

Just finished season 1. Way too many ads. I’ve never fast forwarded through podcast ads before this one. Quite annoying and made me like the podcast less. Can’t listen to Season 2 yet for fear of ad-stress. As for the actual story I thought they did a good job telling it. Being born in mid 80s not in Georgia I hadn’t heard about this.

Great!   (5/5)

Great series!

Gripping story with narrative the lost the plot   (2/5)

This is for season 1. I thought the story itself was very interesting. But shortly after episode 2 the facts were more and more ignored and wild speculation was the narrative. Felt like the definition of losing the plot. Went from a fan to seriously disappointed quickly.

Interesting stories but repetitive   (3/5)

Both seasons have been about interesting stories that are told well by Lindsey. However, he edits the stories in a repetitive manner. The same clips are used multiple times and I feel like you could listen to one episode, skip one, and not have missed anything because it’ll just get repeated. Also the ad breaks are awful. I’d rather he did all the ads upfront rather than spread out. Kinda makes it difficult to enjoy with the interruptions.

Season 1 okay   (3/5)

Learned a lot about the Atlanta child murders, the potential conspiracy, and was left questioning. There was no mention of the hair fiber DNA evidence discovered on one of the victims that was a 98% match to Wayne (saw that evidence on a documentary). A bit disorganized in the story telling, audio quality inconsistent but understandably so for some of it, and no redundant name association to characters’ voices (people may have been introduced in ep2, but you simply just hear their voices in ep6 or 8 and you have to recall who’s talking as there is no reminder...especially as some voices are similar, and maybe I took a few days off during episodes and don’t remember the names of various characters). Video does a name on the screen to remind you who’s talking, and then there’s your own visual identification of the character’s profile, you should do something similar for an audio medium just by editing in/saying a name at various points throughout for clarity.

Great S1- prepping for Mindhunter S2   (5/5)

I knew only surface level info about the Atlanta Child Murders from catching a true crime show or two about it but had no idea the depth of the case. Since Netflix’ Mindhunter is going to be based around this case I figured I’d get a little more info and ended up binging the whole thing in one insomnia fueled night/morning. So good! Will catch Zodiac the next time I’m awake all night.

More commercials nothing new   (1/5)

3-5 commercial breaks for a podcast that doesn’t give you anything new. A waste of time! Don’t listen to this because there is nothing new to zodiac story. Don’t waste your time!

Good basic overview   (4/5)

If you don’t know much about the Atlanta Child Murders or the Zodiac Killer this is a good place to start. I have to say so far (episode 5) I am enjoying the second season better than the first. The first season was really disorganized, information was all over the place, not chronological order at all and the focus was really on the person who was arrested for the crimes, not the victims or the crimes themselves. The second season tells the stories of the actual crimes in much better detail, in chronological order. I also like Matt as a narrator more than Payne (sorry). In the first season I had to adjust the volume over and over again depending on who was speaking. The second season the audio editing is much better.

Review   (5/5)

Really enjoyed the insight into the Zodiac

pretty good   (5/5)

season 1 was great, full of content, season 2 was redundant and boring after the first episode or two, hopefully next season turns it back around

🙄   (2/5)

Listening to Payne talk about himself and his skill as a storyteller is getting olllllllllddddd. We’re here for the story. I don’t know if I can do another one of his podcasts. We get it. You did up and vanished, and people got arrested.

Chill with the background music   (3/5)

I liked Atlanta Monster a lot and Zodiac pretty well, so I would consider myself a fan. But the production in the zodiac season is really over he top, it’s almost unbearable to listen on headphones because there’s always background music in all of the episodes that is really distracting. Sometimes it’s loud to cover up poor sound isolation (Rabbit Holes episode) and sometimes to add mood but it’s totally overdone. Please pair it back!

Alright, I’m Listening   (3/5)

First season was stronger and more interesting. The second is a bit long and middling. I’d seen the movie Zodiac and didn’t think this covered anything I hadn’t already known. It might have been cut down to a shorter episode run and been just as informative...

Very entertaining   (5/5)

I’ve got a long commute and this true crime pod cast (both Atlanta Monster and Zodiac) entertained me for many many hours on the road! It’s like getting to listens to a TV show and done well enough that you never feel like you’re missing the picture. My teens had good conversations with me about these cases too.

Poorly edited   (2/5)

Worst editing I’ve heard in a podcast. Lots of whacko conspiracy theories.

Loses Its Way In S2   (2/5)

First season is great cause it highlights some things one never thought of in the ATL child murder case. But S2 has loftier dreams with its subject (who’s never been captured) so there’s only so much to be said. Halfway through, it deviates into conspiracy theories, enthusiasts, and a final episode that reads as a condemnation of the very culture that allows this kind of podcast to exist in the first place. Also production wise, there’s a consistent drone noise in certain sections that’s incredibly unnerving (in a bad way) and distracting to listen to. Please pare down and focus if there’s a S3 cause I’d love to continue listening.

Not bad, great information okay production   (3/5)

So the pros: A lot of great information, investigation and interviews. Cons: Narrator is stiff and can be very repetitive. I also don't care for podcasts/books where the investigator/author clearly likes to tell his own story as well. I don't care if he had to hop on a flight to meet someone. Long, confusing intros and outros.

More   (5/5)

For the love of God More!!!

Fraud   (1/5)

First episode you kinda trash everyone who’s done research on this for countless years. Then you say what you have is groundbreaking and totally original. Quick update for those about to listen, there’s nothing original or groundbreaking here. It’s a lot of here’s the evidence, well that’s not enough. Yeah, we all know the case is unsolved. This is a clear cash grab of a popular topic.

Misophonia trigger   (2/5)

Couldn’t make it past the second episode because one of the men giving information constantly has a smacking sound while he was talking. He was in both the first and second so I assume he’s on all of them. It sounded like he needed a drink of water every time he spoke.

Relating rumors and conspiracy theories is not true crime   (1/5)

As with Atlanta monster and many tenderfoot shows, it quickly devolves into rumors without any fact checking. Strings you along with absolute trash. Stick to the facts like the first episodes.

Low-hanging Fruit   (1/5)

No new or compelling information about the Zodiac case, stretched out for far too many episodes. Seems like a lazy cash grab. Overall, the case of the Zodiac Killings is interesting, so it’s easy to regurgitate the same info over and over again to get people to listen. Can’t recommend this unless you know zero about this case and really, really like an abundance of advertisements.

Season 2 Loses Steam!   (2/5)

Episodes 1-8 are good. Not great, but good if you’re into true crime stories. After that, the podcast loses focus and is painfully repetitious. I stopped listening after about episode 11... it just became boring to me! The “music” is also really annoying, and like, trying too hard.

Amazing   (5/5)

I am completely obsessed with this podcast! Super intriguing. Love hearing both sides of this case because we know there's always two sides to a story. I have a few episodes left...but I hope justice is served once and for all. Especially since the case is officially reopened.

Too long   (3/5)

Has spellbinding moments but is twice as long as necessary -to get in more commercials i presume. A number of these true crime podcasts as like this, 2-3x as long as necessary. Please be more concise to show respect for the listener.

Boring and exhausting   (1/5)

This could’ve been done in 1 or 2 episodes. Three to be extra thorough. Fifteen is tedious and repetitive at best. The podcast lacks an interesting angle and without a new perspective, it’s just a long regurgitation of an already well known case. Unsurprisingly, I suspect Payne Lindsey was hoping for another ‘solved’ cold case in the wake of the golden state killer and so he drug it out as long possible.

Pretty good   (5/5)

This was actually pretty good. Very objective. Told different sides of the story without bias.

OPENS with an ad   (3/5)

Fairly interesting story made slightly more interesting, but there are TOO MANY ADS. The little stinger before ads is now a trigger that makes me drop whatever I'm doing and skip as quickly as possible. To be honest, the ONLY reason I'm forcing myself to stick with it is I stupidly downloaded the entire season one day and it added OVER a gig of data to my mobile usage. Not only did I literally pay for this show, I have to listen to the terrible ad reads to boot.

Wrap it up   (2/5)

Good lord. That was an excruciating exercise - just because you record everything, doesn’t mean you have to USE everything. Lost count how many times I thought, “okay, we get it.” This podcast could have easily been cut down by half. Have never listened to any of the other productions by this outfit, so not sure if they are all strung out like this one. The actual case was interesting, but not enough to go on that kind of audial death march.

Great podcast.   (5/5)

I read through some of the reviews and though I do agree that there are far too many ads, I am enjoying the first season. My bff suggested I listen to it and it doesn’t disappoint so far.

Bored.   (2/5)

I listen to less than stellar podcasts all the time. I’m super forgiving, as long as the story is good and the effort is there. This podcast is so boring! I wanted to love it but I just can’t.

Top Rate   (5/5)

In a world where we have trash documentaries like Finding Neverland, this is top rate. I don’t know how anyone could give it a one star. I am a local small town journalist that cares about the truth and objectivity. Yes for one episode they SEEM like they are biased but you have to listen to the WHOLE season to hear them go thru all the evidence. Anyone who ranks them with a one star must be someone who was covered unfavorably in one of their productions. This is the one podcast where I literally can’t wait until next week. I am addicted to these producers.

Season 2   (1/5)

Started off pretty interesting and I was hooked... now they just keeping dragging the story on and on with no new additional information. Very disappointing. It’s so boring to listen to. Payne’s podcasts have seriously gone down hill ever since his debut with U&V season 1.

Trash   (1/5)

This garbage does an injustice to real investigative journalists. It’s lazy at best, poorly produced with lots of ads! Trash. Please put this podcast out of its misery.

All filler   (1/5)

Not much in the way of substance, but a whole lot of rambling, frustrating, and disjointed talk. Poorly planned out podcast and it shows.

Season 2   (1/5)

It’s becoming painfully obvious they are dragging this season out as long as possible.

Season 2 Is a Dumpster Fire   (1/5)

Season 1 is good. Not spectacular, but good. Season 2 is unbelievably bad. There are some episodes that mention the Zodiac case for maybe five minutes. There’s so much filler that has nothing to do with what the series is allegedly about and it’s an absolute bore.

Don’t waste your time   (1/5)

While I don’t fault the group for trying to make money, this is one that is just obviously a commercial only venture. Drags on way too long and has commercials about every logical pause. The topic could be covered in five or six episodes but is stretched on and on like salt water taffy by rehashing events and boring interviews. My recommendation - just don’t.

So hard to listen to   (1/5)

Payne is the worst. In every podcasts I’ve ever listened to with him, his tone and cadence make everything he says sound fake. It’s so sharp and rehearsed. I feel like I’m being read a terrible news article by a robot.

Get a new sound guy!   (1/5)

New to podcasts- loves Serial and this was recommended by Podcasts to try next. I’m really confused why this has so many episodes despite having very little content to offer- other than the opportunity for sponsors and ads. Also not sure if it’s just me but does anyone else think that the sound editing was awful? I’m listening in my car and can hardly hear the Williams audio so would turn it way up but then Payne’s voice was SO LOUD afterwards and the music was so full of bass that I couldn’t hear low voices well. Get a new sound guy! I’m picking my next Podcast much more carefully!

Learned new facts   (5/5)

Learning about these cases were interesting and it is great how much research and time is spent to get all the information. I really enjoyed listening to this series because it was a catching story that did not drag on forever.

Losing interest in the later episodes   (3/5)

While I understand that the Zodiac case is full of speculation, the fact that the show would interview a bunch of random people to share their encounter with Zodiac is really unnecessary and adds nothing to the show.

Silent gaps   (1/5)

It’s the late 70’s, it’s the south and racism is involved or not. Did it get your attention? Wish I could get my few hours back from listening to this junk.

Monster-Season 2: the Zodiac Killer   (3/5)

I think episodes 1-11 are solid. However, episodes 12-13 are mostly filler about internet detectives and a copy cat Zodiac. I’m waiting on the promise of new info. about the case. The next episode(14) appears to be about DNA given the success of catching the Golden State Killer. I’m hoping for a new suspect to be proposed as well as bonus episodes provided that there is more informative content.

Fascinating   (5/5)

I’ve listened to other podcasts and docu-series about the Zodiac killer. I enjoy this one. I’ve listened to other Payne Lindsey podcasts, and despite the hate he gets, I still like what he brings to the table. I look forward to more seasons as they finish up this one.

Misleading narrative   (1/5)

Initially was looking forward to the podcast, but when listening, I noticed that the narrator shamelessly left out critical evidence that emerged during the trial. Instead of focusing more on objective facts, he spends too much time interviewing conspiracy theorists.

Boring and Dull   (1/5)

These theories are not only absurd, but just downright laughable and repetitive. This podcast is boring, drawn out, and uninteresting on every level.

Too Many Ads, Boring Perspectives   (1/5)

I suffered through much of Season 1 before giving up due to too much filler material, and ad breaks every 8 minutes. Season 2 started off as being tolerable, but the ads and personal perspectives have become only worse. I get it, advertisements are what fund your ability to create such podcasts...but maybe you should consider turning these episodes into 1 hour length parts if we're going to have mattress ads shoved down our throats 4 times per half hour segment.

Ignoramouses united   (1/5)

The same people who slow down to stare at a car crash - celebrating a horrid time in a minuscule moment. Why can’t they find something helpful to do with their time? This includes the producers of this show: none of them will accomplish anything that helps anyone except themselves in a perverse and greedy way. Do they think they are somehow helping their survivors that are still alive of the victims? Delusional.

Why give a platform to ghouls   (2/5)

Stick to the facts, tell the story, but why devote so much airtime to the Zodiac followers?

Ignore the One Stars!   (5/5)

Very unclear who Payne angered based on all of these one star reviews, but I find it fishy given the nature of his podcasts. I think he and his crew have done a great job covering a very old case in a comprehensive manner. Ignore all of the comments from people who clearly who have a vendetta...

Awesome work   (5/5)

I think this podcast is very well done! Listen for yourself😀

Too many ads, annoying host   (1/5)

If you cut out all the filler and ads, this podcast would be about 10 minutes per episode. Host is also really irksome. He tries to imbue the podcast with an urgency that is consistently undermined by all the filler.

Boring   (2/5)

I tried to get into season 1, but it was pretty boring and didn’t hold my attention. I’m also frustrated by the idea of giving Wayne more exposure and chance to spread his views. He may not have killed the children, but he killed someone and I didn’t like hearing from him.

Descent into garbage   (1/5)

Interesting listen for 7-8 episodes, but after that takes a lazy turn into interviewing amateur theorists instead of sticking to the facts from sources directly knowledgeable of the case. What’s worse, some of these folks—who possess the same relevant qualifications as you, dear reader—accuse people who have never been charged or seriously investigated of being the Zodiac, which is both irresponsible and aimless storytelling. If you’re expecting a payoff, it won’t be found in this reporting. To the contrary, you just might find out you too are a suspect, depending on which set of unrelated, misinterpreted clues the “Zodiologists” piece together next.

Zodiac is great!   (5/5)

Zodiac is great! It’s a story everyone knows well, but without the editing, and added drama of Hollywood. Makes you think twice about who really did it.

Hard to follow   (2/5)

Interesting stories. But Payne Lindsay is hard to follow. Half the time, I’m not really sure what’s going on in the story.

Poorly done podcast   (3/5)

The last few episodes of monster are simply fulfilling the episode quota. No reason to listen to them.

Out of steam by episode 3   (2/5)

Started off ok I guess, but has been spinning it’s wheels since episode 3. The story hasn’t moved since and just keeps repeating the same things about the same guy. It’s just a vehicle for ads at this point

So boring.   (2/5)

The previews promise never before heard evidence. Nothing new, extremely anticlimactic and just downright boring.

There’s nothing new here on zodiac story   (1/5)

If you’re unfamiliar with the zodiac story, the first few episodes are interesting because you get the background story. The latest few episodes have been rambling, pointless filler, e.g., interviews with zodiac obsessed people who really need to get a life. Lots of hype here but doesn’t deliver. I don’t know how he has stretched this out to 12 episodes so far.

Good for the first few, then gets so bad   (1/5)

The beginning of this podcast was good, but then the host starts interviewing crazy conspiracy theorists that have no real evidence. Unfortunately had to stop listening.

Love it!   (5/5)

Solid podcast. Keeps you interested.

Free podcasts are great.   (5/5)

I myself don’t know a lot about the Zodiac Killer and can’t wait. All you one star reviewers, get a one 💩 review.

Short on content   (3/5)

Found this should as they were beginning season 2, I love the quality of production but the half hour seems incredibly light on content for how often they’re released, it’s a great listen but leaves you wanting more

Very interesting and well done.   (4/5)

Loved it.

SO. MANY. ADS.   (1/5)

Don't expect to get too into this story- right as it gets good they cut to commercial. I found myself fast forwarding more than I actually listened to the content. Every five minutes- BAM. Some sponsorship crap. I get that podcasts need to make money but... for a podcast that was so heavily touted as “groundbreaking”, Im unimpressed. Id rather listen to a youtube video, at least Id actually get information instead of promos for hair color or business card printing.

Not impressed   (1/5)

Way too over produced. Stretches out the series twice as long as it needs to be in order to advertise.

Another Great Podcast by Payne   (5/5)

Payne tells the story where it makes sense and keeps it interesting. I don’t understand how people write negative reviews on this. He does a great Job! Must Listen

Another Garbage Podcast by Payne Lindsey   (1/5)

A true crime podcast produced & hosted by Payne Lindsey you say? I'll pass..his podcasts are filled with massive hype, made-up sources and filled with ads, ads and oh, more ads..

Ads are killing this podcast   (3/5)

I enjoy listening to it but you cannot have 3 commercial breaks in a 30 minute podcast with at least one of them being in the middle. It’s incredibly annoying to have to pause what I’m doing irl to fast forward through commercials. Worst placements of ads I’ve experienced. Other than that Season 3 is really interesting and I enjoy it but the ads are making me want to quit 🙃

Overproduced and stuffed with filler content   (1/5)

Man, this podcast is bad. i'm picking up ast the second season due to an interest in the Zodiac Killer. In the first episode, the host claimed they'd be looking at unexplored angles - now at Episode 7 (where I'm quitting), there has been nothing new explored. The host is annoying, the content padded, and they pad the show with the most pointless tangents. After the killer's threats of taking out a school bus, the host seriously interviews a guy for 5 minutes about how that would be handled today. Who cares? I'll stick to Casefile for my true-crime podcast needs. Less sensationalism, way less filler.

Ok here’s the deal...   (2/5)

You can’t argue with the production quality of The MONSTER series podcasts. Well recorded. Sound is good. Music is powerful. And to be honest changing the narrator for Season 2 has been a really great change (Payne Lindsay doesn’t have a good “radio” voice which makes the storytelling bad so that’s a good change this season) The down side is that nothing happens in these podcasts. You tell the story but there is NO plausible theories or ending. Everything is open ended. I am a legit true crime junkie and I listen to a lot and I like that the MONSTER series is a continuous well produced series but there has to be something you give the audience that they can’t get just watching movies or reading Wikipedia.

Used to be my favorite....   (3/5)

This podcast used to be my favorite, but for the second season they chose a murder that a lot of true crime lovers already know, without presenting new info:( plus all the episodes are now only 1/2 hour instead of about an hour (in the first season). Much, much less engrossing. Hope they go back to season 1 style.

Confusing reviews   (3/5)

I’ve been listening to a decent podcast about The Zodiac Killer - so far, there’s only been 5 or 6 episodes and they are hosted by Mike Morford, a cohost of the Criminology podcast and has the website. Many of the reviews are about the Atlanta Child Murders committed by Wayne Williams with a different host. I guess this is a problem caused by How Stuff Works having a completely different topic in what, I guess, is being called the second season of Monster. Part of the problem is, I think, having a different image for each “season,” which would explain why there’s an image of The Zodiac Killer and reviews about murders on the other side of country.

Rehash of the Wikipedia page   (1/5)

You can get the same info by perusing the Zodiac Killer Wikipedia page and a website or two devoted to the case. The drama queens who do this filler-loaded podcast said they would look at different angles and bring a unique perspective to the case but I have not learned anything new. I've simply heard the story told in a different way by a couple of clowns who think they are journalists and/or cops. They are neither. Go watch the David Fincher movie and skip this mixtape of feigned urgency, duplicate soundclips, half-forgotten memories, and panting, juvenile narration.

Horrible   (1/5)

These guys have nothing to back their pod and statements on. I loathe this podcast. All they’re doing is ruining pods for everyone else, taking advantage of the opportunity to put out really bad content. I can’t stress enough how bad and just empty this is. It’s really sad since this podcast is funded much better than most. All the hype is not worth it.

More Content Please   (4/5)

The Zodiac series is really gripping and creepy. Well told, but would benefit from more content. Like most half hour podcasts, by the time you cover the previous episode and then preview the next episode - your left with little content in the middle when its chopped up by advertisements. Cut the recaps and make it more engrossing.

Terrible   (1/5)

Don’t waste your time

Great job   (5/5)

One of the best and most compelling podcast that I have ever listened to. It states the facts in a way that keeps you on the edge of your seat. Don’t listen to the other reviews, this is truly amazing.

PAIN Lindsey   (1/5)

Was so excited for this story but just cannot get through this one. It’s so over produced - constant annoying music playing behind anyone talking. It’s PAINful. And, as always, Payne Lindsey is, well, just so painful to listen to. And so many commercials. Ugh. Hope the Bear Brook folks or someone else takes on this story. Then I’ll listen.

Too much repeating of information   (2/5)

The actual podcast is good but there is so much repeating of information, and the last 3+ minutes of every episode has to be skipped. It makes listening tiresome.

Too many ads   (3/5)

Interesting content. Constant ad interruptions

Waste of time   (1/5)

Read the book or movie if really interested in zodiac. Hosts are amateurs, one of the worst podcasts I’ve listened to.

Awesome podcast, too many ads though.   (4/5)

Great podcast. Love it and the first season, too. Wish there were less ads, though! Not relevant ads and they come far too often which takes away from the storytelling.

Engaging & Entertaining   (5/5)

After listening to the zodiac I found myself hooked on true crime podcasts. I found it hard to not want to listen to this podcast! While looking at reviews left by others I quickly realized that previous listeners hadn’t enjoyed this podcast as much as I did.. calling out the host for various reasons. Personally as someone who is unbiased to the show or its creators..(I actually had never heard of the Atlanta child murders) I found this podcast to be very well put together in the sense that it walks the listeners through a variety of points of view while not necessarily telling you what to believe but rather giving the details needed to truly be immersed in what was going on during that time period and the different social and political issues going on. Based on that fact and the way the story was both gripping and entertaining I would have to say this show was awesome and did exactly what it was meant to do entertain and intrigue and engage! The tragedy of the Atlanta Child Murders and it’s perpetrator/ perpetrators is something I have no right to form an opinion on out of respect for the victims and there families but this story as presented by the creators is definitely food for thought and has brought new light to this case. So for the hard work put into this into presenting this podcast, thank you. - one happy listener 💪🏻

Too many ads   (2/5)

Great story but too many ads....

Wanted to like it...   (1/5)

Gave this one a try after I attempted to get through Up and Vanished. Turns out it’s the host I don’t like. Can’t get past the delivery to enjoy the content.

An interesting listen   (4/5)

I was pretty entertained by season 1 and now season 2! Not sure why all the nay sayers ! I liked it!

Worst podcast   (1/5)

Worst storyteller ever. Just an absolute train wreck of a podcast. I couldn’t get past the 8th episode. Just terrible.

Season 2: save yourself the time and watch the movie   (1/5)

I really liked Up and Vanished, but season 2 of Monster stinks. It’s essentially the 2007 movie “Zodiac” told through a series of ads and boring interviews. No new information whatsoever. Hard pass.

All over the place   (1/5)

Baseline story is good. Jumps to really far fetched conclusions. Seems to just drag on an on for comercial sake. Poor reporting.

Ugh....   (1/5)

Filler, filler, filler. Host says the same thing over and over again. The host pauses, mid-sentences where, there should be no, commas.

Not bad, just lame   (1/5)

This show brings nothing new to the well trodden area of Zodiac podcasts. The host’s lack of personality, ignorance to detail and annoying sound design choices make this an almost unlistenable experience.

Before Monster We Had “Up and Vanished”   (3/5)

That was a pretty good show, but it has been average ever since. Now we have the granddaddy of all unsolved murder mysteries, and thus far, it is really slow-going, and completely retread information that even the most casual true crime fans know about. We want new perspective, if not new information. There is no need for this story to be milked by simple retellings, that aren’t even that in-depth. If this show gets better, I will change review. Thus far though, it’s a bit low on substance.

Love the podcast....but the ADS are ridiculous.   (4/5)

Every 5 minutes? Cmon now. I understand 4 ads per episode but at least make the episodes an hour long. At this point the ads are just as long as the actual content.

Starts out interesting then gets crazy   (2/5)

The first three episodes of seasons one were interesting. I had never heard of the case before so I learned a lot. But then after that the host starts interviewing a guy who thinks the CIA is responsible for everything bad that happens in the world. Not interested in hearing any more of that.

People giving bad reviews must be bitter cops   (5/5)

Do your jobs instead of having a podcaster do them for you.

Zodiac: Great In depth look at a cold case investigation   (5/5)

I’m enjoying the in depth look at the Zodiac investigation. I’m a retired police detective and current professor of Criminal Justice. My grandparents lived very close to the first murder and as a teenager in the Bay Area I remember this case well. This podcast provides a great source of information for those who may not be familiar with this case. I’m sharing this podcast with my Criminal Investigation students and use it as a prompt for discussion. Keep them coming!

Too many commercials   (1/5)

Right in the middle of the story, bam annoying commercials.

Would be much better without Payne   (1/5)

Payne Lindsey is an arrogant self obsessed person who makes everything about him

Old news for new commercials.   (1/5)

One way to get a job do a podcast geared more towards sponsors then content. Again Lindsay rehashes a news story with no new insight or information and spends more time on writing the commercials then doing research.

Not the same magic and disjointed   (3/5)

I am a huge fan of up and vanished, plus I appreciate when podcasts cover cases that I know nothing about. The first season covering the Atlanta monster wasn’t bad, but it felt a bit disjointed and the bonus episodes didn’t fit in with the season. This newest season covering the zodiac killer feels so forced. The storytelling isn’t strong and it feels disjointed. Perhaps this is because everyone has heard of the zodiac killer even if we don’t know all the facts. Maybe too many podcast producers are involved in this so it doesn’t feel authentic.

Embarrassing! 90% filler material!   (1/5)

Payne Lindsey continued downward spiral from up and vanished S2 (50% material, 50% filler) with this disaster of a podcast It’s 10% intro music, 20% « next episode », 40% ads, 10% useless content , 20% story Embarrassing money grab on many levels Watch the movie Zodiac instead!!

Don’t listen to the trolls   (5/5)

Also don’t listen to the overload of previews extras & trailers. They are definitely not needed, but the actual season episodes are excellent. Their funding allows for excellent production values and great research. The seasons explore the wider social, political and economic climate as a backdrop to the story, and focuses on the complex characters involved. This isn’t a podcast that is going to get into the blow by blow gory stuff, so if that’s what turns you on, you won’t find it here. This is more journalism than 48 hours or Nancy Grace. Payne Lindsey does clearly fancy himself, and is quite self serving, especially in Up and Vanished, but Atlanta Monster was excellent at objectivity, and it’s well rounded portraits of the players. Monster- Zodiac has a different narrator, and again it’s excellent. Payne is a great producer and is best behind the scenes, but he knows how to make really good podcasts.

More content plz   (2/5)

I’m here for the Zodiac season. Each episode is hardly 30 minutes and I swear almost 15 of those minutes are commercials. If you have a commercial quota to hit then at least consolidate your episodes so they’re longer and I don’t feel like I’m skipping over half the episode. I’m enjoying the small bits of content you’re providing.

Over produced. Not enough content   (3/5)

Content and interviews are solid if you can sift through the disproportionate number of ads and cross promotions. Bummer.

A MUST Listen!!   (5/5)

Just listened to S1 and this is awesome! I remember learning about Wayne Williams being the first black serial killer when I was a kid watching crime specials on the Biography Channel way back when. I thought the music provided a great atmosphere to the storytelling that left me feeling scared. I also loved that the storytelling was driven by witnesses, investigators, and Wayne himself. I really appreciate that you’re not telling me what my opinion should be but rather providing multiple perspectives so I can draw my own conclusions. I personally feel the Wayne Williams is guilty, but I don’t believe he killed all of them. I hope one day the surviving family members learn what really happened to their loved ones.

Great   (5/5)

I’ve enjoyed both seasons although I wish season 2 had longer episodes

Annoying background noise   (2/5)

Interesting story. Annoying noises.

Why y’all mad?   (5/5)

Idk why I feel like most of the people in the comments are mostly white, never grew up in Atalanta, and are cop apologists.... Payne simply gave the evidence he found if you don’t want to believe the police are not an institution that was set to protect citizens of color than I’m sorry. It’s the the truth. Get over your self loathing and get a clue. If there is so much debate around this mans guilt why not reinvestigate? After this is about the children & the police and FBI needed to do a better job hell they just pinned two murders on the guy and call him the Atlanta monster? The killings continued to happen after what more do y’all want? Watch a TV show if this ain’t for u

Monster In My Head   (5/5)

Just can't wait for each new installment! Very well done!

Informative & Creepy - perfect podcast!   (5/5)

This is a brilliant podcast. I have never had any interest in the zodiac killer until now.

Well done!   (5/5)

Zodiac season is the best yet!

Slow slow slow slow slow.   (1/5)

This podcast is S L O W. Suuuhloooooowwwaaah. Unlike the Atlanta murders, the story of the Zodiac has been told many, many, many times before. And evidently there's not much more to tell. Every 30-minute episode of this maddening podcast contains about ten minutes of content, 15 minutes of repetition, and 5 minutes of, well, silence. What's there for you if you have time to waste on it? Dull interviews, poor editing, and pacing that makes molasses in January look speedy. Do you want to hear speculation from the guy who currently runs security at the theater that some people think the Zodiac attended before he killed a cabbie in 1969? Me neither. Did you know that the Summer of Love took place in 1967 in San Francisco? Yeah, I did too. Did you know that the Examiner and the Chronicle were competing Bay Area newspapers in the late 60s? I didn't, but I don't really care. Do not bother.

Zzzzzzzz   (1/5)

Snoozefest. Couldn’t get past the first episode- it’s a shame Payne came out of the fate running with UAV season 1- but keeps attaching himself to these failures.

So bad it’s kind of good.   (4/5)

After the first two episodes I was going to stop listening. I liked Payne’s other podcast and think he’s pretty good. The whole premise of this podcast is hilarious. Millennial internet sleuth decides to take on the boomers by easily finding the mysterious zodiac killer. Episodes are short, commercials are plentiful, music is well done even feels spooky, it’s fascinating to learn about the zodiac killer, but I mean come on no shot they figure it out. Will continue to listen, in fact while I type this I put this to a 4 star from 3 because I guess you get paid from getting people to listen and I will. I don’t think up and vanished season 2 was my favorite and I got uninterested towards the end, I don’t think it ended well because I don’t even remember if they figured it out? Seems like the team hit it big with some investors and producers. Hope they are able to aggregate all the info collected over the years and catch a killer; but I doubt it.

A commercial   (1/5)

The commercials have more fluency and information then the shorter podcast “focus”

Bummed!   (2/5)

Overly funded, advertised and unfortunately lacking intrigue

Very interesting   (5/5)

Just got into podcasts and it’s hard to find stories to keep me entertained but this is not one of them it will definitely make you want to binge the whole season

Riveting !   (5/5)

I was 8 years old when the horrors in Atlanta first gained national attention. You guys did an excellent job tastefully reporting this. Thoughts and prayers to the families rocked and robbed by this monster. I am a new fan of your podcast. Highly recommend to all.

Do not waste your time   (1/5)

Such a HUGE waste of time. Please save yourself the disappointment. Awful podcast. And the guy is a total douche bag. Get this crap out of here! I wish I had the option to not give it a star.

Still have hope   (2/5)

It’s hard to write a review when I haven’t heard all 15 episodes yet, but so far it’s a major disappointment. The Zodiac Killer has been covered, discussed and analyzed for almost 50 years now. It’s hard to find “new” or “exciting” information so I understand the content portion of the Podcast might seem repetitive. However, this Podcast is seriously lacking analysis or opinion or insight, which is why we listen to Podcasts. I don’t need to hear Robert Graysmith’s book on the Zodiac in an audio style “podcast” format. So far the content puts me to sleep and I hope episodes 5-15 will offer more analysis and opinion. It’s really hard to get into a 30 minute episode with 2-3 advertisements mixed in. Like I said, I’m still holding out hope but I got more out of Generation Why’s episode on the Zodiac than this far. I really enjoy the interviews and the music, but the content and analysis are subpar at best.

Too many ads   (2/5)

I liked the first season, and the second season also has interesting content... but every 5 minutes or so he interrupts the podcast for an annoying ad about “underwear” or “New Years resolutions”. They are losing me as a listener if this continues.

15 episodes could be 5.   (3/5)

Came into this podcast with great anticipation. Zodiac has always intrigued me. Unfortunately, this podcast loses all its momentum with consistent ad breaks and episodes just 30 min in length. I just finished episode 6 and haven’t learned anything that I couldn’t have seen in the movie or read on Wikipedia. I get the sense that the suspense is “manufactured” because the material is, in 2019, lifeless. I believe I’d have enjoyed much more a series on the investigations of suspects. Perhaps a focus on Toschi and his efforts to nail down the Zodiac. Overall, it’s not a bad way to spend 30 min, but would much rather lose myself into a 60-90 minute mini series.

Commercials and fillers   (1/5)

The majority of this podcast is ads and filler content. The latest episode spent its entirety talking about the dilemma of publishing killers’ letters. Nothing about the Zodiac. This is a common theme in Payne’s podcasts, it seems. My dude, if you don’t have enough quality content for 12 episodes, just do 10 or 9. You’re souring us with all the filler episodes.

I like it   (3/5)

That’s it... it’s informative and entertaining. Everyone stop being so negative. It’s a podcast... if you think you can do it better than do your own.

Soundtrack   (5/5)

5 stars for the soundtrack

Dont listen to the haters   (5/5)

I enjoyed it.


Payne and his team did an amazing job with this podcast. As a documentary filmmaker, I love the pacing of the edits and interviews, the use of music was perfect, and Payne’s narration interjections was genius! Great job.

Nothing new here   (1/5)

Way too any commercials nothing new here. If you want to know about the Zodiac through a podcast you could gain a lot more in depth information from a podcast called Criminology that did an entire season about the Zodiac case it was well done. Other podcasts have also covered the Zodiac

Let’s ignore the facts   (1/5)

Everyone ignores the evidence because how could a black man possibly be guilty of killing those kids. Trying to free a guilty man. Ridiculous.

Good but not my favorite.   (4/5)

I personally really like Payne and have enjoyed all his podcasts. I like this one, but it's definitely not even close to my favorite. Or his best.

Give Payne Lindsay a chance   (5/5)

I have read many bad reviews of this podcast. In my opinion the first season of Up and Vanished was great. Atlanta Monster was not as good as Up and Vanished but I still really enjoyed it. Payne is young and not as experienced as some but as his podcasts go along they get much better. There are a lot of one star reviews but these podcasts are free. If you don’t like them then don’t listen. Stop trying to tear a guy down for bringing a cold case back to light. Thanks Payne

This Is Not A Good Podcast   (1/5)

There are plenty of great podcasts with great storytelling, production and hosts. Sadly, this is not one of them. The story of this podcast is seeminglhy very compelling, but, the storytelling, production and host are so bad, it makes an interesting story intolerable. The host, Payne Lindsey sounds so stiff and his devlivery so forced and robotic, you'll find yourself wondering how any reasonalbe producer could allow him to host this. It's just awful in every way. The production is also painful. A flood of archival newscaster audio, often just inserted to seemingly fill time and not to support the narrative, just overwhelms the story without adding to it. Interviews are clipped, the audio design, although really great from a music perspective, is overused and insterted at weird moments that literally destroy the tension (instead of amplify or build on it). Honestly, how this level of awful production is allowed in what seems to be a professional podcast is unconscionable. Finally, the storytelling. Literally, the most important part of a great podcast and, in this case, the element that will make you want to smash your phone. In Storytelling 101, each episode builds to a tension-releasing crascendo and resolution (or, at least to some sort of conclusion). But, this story is literally all over the place with little to no rhyme or reason as to what it's trying to say or reveal. There is even an episode about conspiracy theories that is so effective in throwing the entire story off the rails, that you question why you are listening in the first place. Don't waste your time with this podcast unless you are doing research on all the wrong ways to effectively tell a story.

Garbage   (1/5)

Waste of time

Try something new Payne...   (1/5)

This is just bad.

No original thought/ideas   (1/5)

Was very excited at first, but quickly realized it’s just another surface level history lesson on the same facts and details that have been told over and over again.

Host Can't Steer a Show   (2/5)

Season 2 Review How is this show rated so highly when all the reviews I see are negative? Positives: The Zodiac case is endlessly interesting. They have access to good sources with good info. Negatives: Horrifyingly bad commercial transitions. There's nothing to indicate when they're suddenly going to stop investigating and start selling toothbrushes. The show is pretty sure it's audience is stupid. The first episode states multiple times that what you think you know about the case is wrong. None of those claims were accurate for me. The host is not good. Doesn't guide the show well nor is he a compelling voice.

No more   (1/5)

Truly awful podcast. Season 1 of up and vanished was great and then it is like his head exploded with a huge ego. Cannot listen to this rubbish any longer!

Great podcast!   (4/5)

Love the podcast! The only problem I have is that the episodes are so short and so many of them. 15 separate podcasts for season 2, I mean come on. Make the episodes longer

Love Season 2!   (5/5)

Season 1 was okay, I kind of lost interest about half way through. But oh boy, they have me HOOKED on season 2! Great job!

Amazing   (5/5)

I was a huge fan of up and vanished and was really sad when the series ended. I was so excited when I found this because you’re such a great writer and I was always fascinated by the Zodiac killer. As expected, great research, interviews, and very well written

Racist   (1/5)

Made it to episode 3 on season 1 and episode 4 of season 2 before Payne’s racist remarks made me stop. Two things, In season 1, did the murders stop once Wayne was arrested? In season 2, you said something went wrong when the kids called the police stating they thought they saw a black man. We don’t even know what color of skin he has. Why was this wrong?

Nothing New   (1/5)

I was excited to hear this podcast. I have read the book and been a fan of the David Finches movie. The subject matter is really gripping, but this podcast did not add anything new. This is a basic book report that was written by just seeing the movie and reading Robert Graysmith’s terrific novel. Just does not measure up to others.

Not bad in the beginning, but...   (3/5)

Yeah, so the first couple episodes are good for Atlanta Monster. It leads into conspiracy type theories with Williams though, which I don’t like. I understand if you want to make a case that Williams didn’t do all the murders, but he did do SOME of them, there’s strong evidence (I.e. carpet fibers and dog hairs), a profile that matches his personality extremely well, and other damning things.

Nope. Not even comparable to the other two   (1/5)

I am trying to get into it. Hard to follow along - I guess to characters aren’t as impactful as ATLANTA MONSTER or UP AND VANISHED with that hippie girl from Colorado - not a fan ***unsubscribe***

Season 2: when do we get to the new revelations or information?   (1/5)

In the first episode of season two, the host mentioned how the movie Zodiac only scratched the surface of the story. But I am now five episodes in and I have yet to learn anything new about this case. Maybe it is just difficult to offer up new information on a widely known, 50+-year-old case. I thought that season one of Monster was a vast improvement over Up and Vanished, but season two seems to offer little in the way of new revelations.

Payne Lindsey 🙄   (1/5)

The content has potential, but I can’t stress enough how painful it is to listen to Payne’s narration. From awful inflection to the constant ego stroking, I can’t listen. I’m a true crime junkie who has listened to every podcast I can get my hands on (including U&V and Atlanta Monster) but just couldn’t take it anymore with Payne. Stop giving him attention so he can stop narrating and taking his “journalism” seriously.

Interesting   (5/5)

I had never heard of the Atlanta monster until this podcast. I originally saw that the cover said zodiac killer which is what caught my eye, because I had heard of that. I’m glad I started listening. Payne has interesting points and interviews. I like that almost every question I have thought of has been addressed by Payne. I’ve also seen multiple negative reviews that talk about Payne’s narration.. I disagree. I think Payne does an incredible job and his investigating is good too! I’ve started listening to Up and Vanished while waiting for the new episodes of Monster and so far I’ve enjoyed it as well. Anyway, good job guys. I’m just now getting into podcast and look forward to trying out the ones that you guys like as well!

Episode 5   (4/5)

Where is episode 5?

They leave out too much   (1/5)

They don’t even mention the DNA testing done in 2010 that further links him to at least some of these murders. Or the DNA testing of dog hairs that strengthens the case against him. They imply he is either responsible for all of the murders or none of them. In reality he’s most likely guilty of most but not all.

JUST STOP!!!! What is this???   (1/5)

Is this for someone who has NEVER heard of the Zodiac??? Payne Lindsey is such a fraud. Theres no new information AT ALL!!! ANYone could have watched the movie Zodiac, written a 3rd grade boom report, and read that into a microphone with some stock iMovie creepy music playing. USELESS PIECE OF SH!+!!! GO AWAY PAYNE LINDSEY!!!!

It’s bad. So many unnecessary details   (1/5)

This podcast is the equivalent of me in high school trying to right an essay. I never had enough content so I would add unnecessary sentences and details that had no connection to the narrative just to meet the required word count. I only made it through 2 episodes. Maybe it gets better. There’s so much background audio. It’s distracting. It makes no sense. I don’t understand how they keep letting this dude make podcasts.

Another disappointment.   (2/5)

Atlanta Monster was bad, and somehow this is worse. Overproduced dramatizations, ads every 5 minutes, and so little substance that I can’t even make a justification for listening.

Monster stuff   (5/5)

I’m really enjoying how this is covered. Just the facts.

Terrible   (1/5)

Terrible . Zero story line tons of ads

So. Many. Commercials.   (2/5)

There are a bunch of movies, books, and other sources of info about the Zodiac killer that don’t have any commercials. Get your info there. The amount of commercials in this podcast is out of control, and the info being shared isn’t unique enough to outweigh the irritation of constant commercial interruptions.

Ads on ads on ads   (1/5)

Typical payne podcast with an ad every 10mins during a 30min podcast.... Payne “the money grabber” has to relax if he wants to keep a following.

So much potential, but so ad-heavy   (3/5)

I really enjoy this podcast: it’s very well-produced, info-packed and analytical. But it is just SO advertising-heavy. It’s 2 1/2 minutes of ads, trailer and theme montage before you get to any content, then there are two obnoxious ad breaks which feel like they come on every five minutes and are jarring because we go from narration and interview to Payne suddenly talking jovially about underwear or Zip Recruiter. Then there is even more advertisement at the end. There is literally only 15 minutes of actual content in a 30+ minute episode, and it feels more like 8 or 10 minutes, and it’s really frustrating. Is all of this sponsorship really necessary? I guess it would be worth it to go easier on the production value if we could perhaps hear a little more content and less advertising per episode.

Woah   (2/5)

I get it’s a free podcast but half of each episode is ads. No meat to this one. First season was enjoyable, not going to finish season 2.

Snooze   (1/5)


I like it   (4/5)

Pretty creepy stuff. Not sure why all the negativity. This is pretty creepy stuff.

Awesome work!   (5/5)

I had never heard about the Atlanta’s Child murders and found this to be very informative! I love how Payne does his best to leave his personal views out in order to give the listener the opportunity to form their own opinion based off of what was uncovered!! Looking forward to more from this group!

Whisper woman   (3/5)

I’m sorry but I just can’t handle listening to the woman at the beginning of the podcast. She is trying too hard to be Erie or something else and her voice just seems too forced. If she wasn’t talking like that I think it would be a good series. But her voice holds me back

One star? ⭐️   (2/5)

What the heck? No one seems to enjoy this. I not think it’s awful, but there’s no doubt that it’s not as good as the first season. I can’t believe how many people gave it one star. Like every review is a one star. I went and checked the reviews of my favorite podcast Stuff You Should Know because I had to see if maybe they one post one stars? They don’t. This podcast literally is just one stars. The producer isn’t bad...why hasn’t he stepped up his game??? BTW: it’s totally a two star podcast on an interesting subject. I plan on finishing it. Not great. Not really close....but still. Better than one star.

To many advertisements   (1/5)

Seriously, advertisements like every three minutes. It’s like watching cable television.

Over produced   (2/5)

I have been following the podcasts related to “up and vanished” as I loved the first season of that. One of the main producers has a background in film and video. In listening to it, you can tell. There are moments that, if a documentary film, you can tell would have a shot of some blowing grass or a wind chime or the weather out a window. But without the visual, it doesn’t work. It creates a ton of dead space in the podcast that doesn’t have meaningful content to progress the story and points of the podcast. And talking content, there are so many cuts and references in each episode that repeat EVERY episode. It makes it feel like we are getting 10 episodes of a podcast that should be told in 6. It makes it feel like there just was not enough content and it’s being stretched to meet advertising needs.

Trying to get through it   (3/5)

I really like Payne in his other work and I'm fascinated by the Zodiac Killer case but on this series it's constant ads that it's hard to listen. I just fast forward the ads but that's annoying especially when you are playing this in your car or just trying to get work down while you follow along.

2nd season is sadly nothing new   (1/5)

First season was great but this second season seems to be revisiting a case that’s already been talked about to death. Music is amazing but way too many commercials with no transition

Season 1 not good. Season 2 a bit better   (1/5)

The podcast in season 1 begins speaking to people w their mind made up with conspiracy theories; not looking at facts but merely bend facts to fit their conclusion. Almost unbearable. Season 2 gets better. It is produced well. It’s the choice of content that leaves something to be desired.

First season was alright.   (2/5)

I thought the first season was pretty good, but now the second season the episodes are much shorter and crammed with ads.

Promo code Zodiac!?!   (2/5)

These are real people who really died. For this guy to profit off of it and these companies is disgusting. Every commercial break which is about every 12 minutes is nauseating. I get you have bills to pay that’s fine. I understand how it works. But to rub it in our faces. In the victims families faces is just rude. Do different copy. Do different sponsors. Don’t remind us that you and they are profiting off of the deaths of innocent young men and women. Zodiac must be getting a real kick out of this. He’s not even a man anymore. He’s a tool for narrative and commercialism. He’s risen above the murders. The symbol of death and fear and has become a symbol of money and entertainment.

Soooo many, over the top.   (2/5)

Really ruins the mood that every 8 minutes you have to listen to the narrator talk about his favorite toothbrush or underwear or whatever the F. A thirty minute episode usually gives you about 6 minutes of ads to sit thru. C’mon guys. Atlanta Child Killer runs rings around this season.

Desperate for content   (2/5)

This is such a rich story but there is so little content in episode. 1 minute preview of what’s to come, 1 minute title theme, 2 minutes resetting the scene and recapping the previous episode, 5 minutes content, 3 minutes of ads, 5 minutes of content, 3 minutes of ads, 5 minutes of content, 3 minutes of ads. The content itself is rich and the interviews are well done but there’s so little compared to the fluff and ads that surround it.

Hooked   (5/5)

Wow! Binged season 1 in two days, absolutely hooked on season 2!

Ad city   (3/5)

I enjoy the podcast but 2-3 ads in a 30 minute podcast episode seems a bit much.

Glad to see others didn’t get it!   (1/5)

I’m glad to see that others a didn’t get it...this podcast is nothing’s nothing different. Just interviews with people who have shared their stories a thousand times over. It’s a shame they worked so hard on basically rehashing an old old old story. Remember if you’re going to do a story like this we want some investigation not just news clip sound bits.

Fake   (1/5)

No way this has real 4 star reviews. This is garbage and all self serving. Terrible host. Cannot for the life of me understand how a company like Discovery cannot find a decent host and content. Just awful. Deleted already.

Missed opportunity   (2/5)

I love this subject matter and the guests are well chosen. But Payne Lindsay is terrible at creating suspense and clumsy with his words. I constantly skip ahead because often 2-minute audio clips are left unedited and long. It’s gotten better since Up and Vanished but clearly still bad. They use up all the interesting parts of investigations in one or two episodes and use the rest for speculation and conspiracy theories, which should be included but not the majority.

Very Bias   (1/5)

I can’t listen anymore to the Atlanta child murders anymore. After three episodes all I hear is how the police got it wrong and how it was a cover up and how it was probably a white person that committed the murders. Yes they police made mistakes and they admit to it on the podcast but they feel they still got it right. And how after his arrest did the murders seem to stop. This podcast was obviously made by someone who believes in every conspiracy theory out there. UGH!

Commercial Overload   (1/5)

I feel like the more popular Payne became the worse it meant for his listeners. I understand that a podcast has to make money. But a commercial every 3 minutes is a quick way to lose me as a listener. It’s overboard. I’m sorry. I really wanted to like this and listen. Made it to episode 3 and was just disappointed. I think Payne needs to find his passion again. This podcast is so far from what I’m used to hearing from him. Too theatrical. Too many commercials. Too many random music bits. Not a fan.

If you like listening to ads, this one's for you   (1/5)

I understand the need to incorporate advertising into podcasts, however there are about 4-5 ads for each ~30 minute episode and it's downright maddening. It's amazing that Payne doesn't seem to notice how blatantly ridiculous it is. As for the story itself, this subject has been covered so many times before and this doesn't bring anything new to the story. Loved Up & Vanished, but this podcast is downright awful.

Same thing different case   (1/5)

Another attempt of Payne Lindsey to strike the iron while it’s hot . Still leaning on his Up and Vanished season 1 success to sell Ad space. Though the topic is interesting the delivery is not , they even use some of the same music from previous podcasts . I don’t want to buy your mattress or subscribe to audible thanks. I am Up & Vanishing to the next podcast series!

Way too many ads   (2/5)

Too many ads for such short episodes

Love this Podcast   (5/5)

Love this Podcast - it’s as interesting as Up and Vanished!

Mediocre   (2/5)

And the intro music is an annoying rip-off of the “Stranger Things” theme. 3 episodes in: a whole lot of nothing. Pull your socks up, How Stuff Works!

I Love It!   (5/5)

I'm not great at writing reviews, just at sharing what I like. I love this new season on the Zodiac killer. I love Payne's style. I think the way it's presented is entertaining and informative. If you like his other podcasts, you'll love this one too.

Atlanta Monster   (1/5)

The first three episodes were decent/good then Lyndsey began interview liars. When your #1 supporter and the man who has all the information to show your innocence is imprisoned for life for setting up a murder...your credibility is crap. Then to interview Wayne Williams and show his delusions of grandeur is sad. Williams is clearly guilty and pulling the wool over people’s eyes. Lyndsey is pondering to racial tension for listeners and is pathetic.

Bad reviews seem oddly personal   (4/5)

Most of the bad reviews seem to be adhering Payne directly and in personal terms, which is strange. The podcast is entertaining, certainly not as good as other true crime podcasts but not nearly as bad as people here are saying.

Meh   (2/5)

I listen to 6 full episodes of season one. The story was interesting but the “investigating” piece of this was trash. I also hated the random gaps of silence before anyone spoke or music played. I ended up googling the case and learned way more than I did from this podcast

Started with Zodiac   (3/5)

Okay so far. Nothing new. The sound effects are HORRIBLE. Absolutely deafening. I actually was wondering if they were some sort of experiment to try to create anxiety in the listener. Hard to hear the speaker over the pounding "effects."

Top Shelf   (5/5)

Thank you Tenderfoot TV, Payne, Donald, Meredith and who ever else has a hand with this Top Shelf Podcast along with all the other Podcasts and A&E Special, Up and Vanished etc. Makes it easy to know if the Podcast is worth listening to or not. Don’t hesitate if you reading these to see if it’s worth it. Just hit play and enjoy.

What is up with these low reviews?   (5/5)

Each season of Monster has been well-researched and quite absorbing. I don’t mind the host at all. He does an amazing job. I really enjoy these informative, fascinating looks into terrifying realities.

boring   (1/5)

reads Wikipedia page and then interviews people who provide color but no insight.

Lots of fillers   (2/5)

Was I listening to a compelling narrative of the zodiac killer... or an ad for the podcast, followed by other ads and plugs... followed by 5 minutes of meaningful content?

Love the quality   (5/5)

This is a high quality series that gives solid information in an entertaining way and keeps you interested with every episode of both seasons so far

Episodes Way Too Short   (1/5)

Very well done, however the episodes are way too short. As soon as you get into the story, it’s ending. I would rather longer episodes than more episodes. I found this with pretty much all TenderFoot TV’s work, and it’s really disappointing as everything else is stellar. Hope this feedback gets looked at.

Not again   (1/5)

Payne and his team are back at it with the same self-congratulatory tone, over-dramatization, and distractingly-loud mood music that characterize both Atlanta Monster and Up and Vanished. I was hopeful that this season might be better, but it’s definitely not. I gave up listening partway through episode 1, when the narrator, some dude who created, began to explain something about how his lack of concern for “what society thinks” makes him uniquely qualified to solve the case. How and why either of these guys have a platform is beyond me.

Season 2 is garbage   (1/5)

Why do a season about an overly documented unsolved case with literally no new information? Zodiac was a trash idea and has been extremely boring


I really enjoy all these podcasts by Payne. There’s lots of adds sure, but it’s a business and that’s ok you can skip to the story. Can’t hate a guy for getting paid on his successes. My qualm is that I’m on the third of his podcasts and NONE OF THEM END IN ANY (satisfying) WAY! Up and vanished season one stirred up some stuff and got some convictions but no resolution. Then the next season ended with a few filler episodes about cadaver dogs and a patreon call for money, now Atlanta monster is the same. “You choose how you feel and that’s the answer” if I wanted that wishy washy I’d listen to a podcast about Tarot cards. My hope is that he eventually will STOP making a finite number of episodes before knowing how long it will take and stick with it till it’s over. It’s not TV you can make as many as you want. I’ll try a little longer but no promises I’ll stick it out.

Disappointing   (1/5)

Atlanta Monster was great. Season two however is a huge let down. Not only are they covering one of the most tired and overdone cases out there, Matt from STDWYTK is hosting and he’s incredibly boring to listen to. The only way it could be any more droll is if they had Ben and Noel on as well. The Zodiac has been done to death and nothing they’re presenting is new, or compelling. May as well do Who put Bella in the Witch Elm, it the Somerton Man.

Terrible   (1/5)

Really can’t stand the host. Wasn’t able to get through up and vanished for the same reason. Don’t waste your time.

Very good second season!   (5/5)

I must admit I did not listen to season 1 , not interesting to me. However, Season 2 is right up my alley! So many facts I did not know, even after reading books about this killer. Thank you . Looking forward to hearing all 15 episodes about this Monster called Zodiac.

Ugh.   (1/5)

This guy’s ego is so out of control he must have legitimately paid for all these positive reviews.

Thought I’d enjoy this but...   (1/5)

The start of season two is so lame. It just repeats the same facts over and over. They don’t dive into the details whatsoever and on top of that, there is an ad every 8 minutes. I can’t deal. Don’t tell me about a suspect that was quickly ruled out but not give reasons why they were ruled out. The fact that there seem to be so many details missing make this podcast less than entertaining to me.

Terrible.   (1/5)

Not good.

Disappointing   (2/5)

Zodiac was done much better by Criminology.

Noise   (2/5)

Podcast is alright, but I can’t stand that they have to have super loud noise that’s supposedly music in the background the whole time. It’s just too loud and obnoxious. I can’t listen to season 2 at all, it’s so annoying.

Why does it say Zodiac when this is Monster?   (1/5)

What kind of shell game is this? Every episode is Monster, a very good podcast about Atlanta Child Murders. Yet the heading and photos show the Zodiac Killer. Y’all get it together.

Waste of time   (1/5)

The ad experience is really awful. The show is also bad.

Ad reads   (1/5)

The 30 seconds between ads is less interesting than the ads themselves.