Aggregated reviews for Movie Crush

Chuck Bryant of Stuff You Should Know sits down with your favorite people to talk about their favorite movies. Simple enough, but what we get is much more than that. It’s a look at what makes a favorite thing, and why someone’s favorite movie says so much about who they are. More conversation than interview, Movie Crush, at its heart, is about the love affair we all have with the silver screen.

Really Good Movie Podcast (5/5)

I really enjoy the discussions of the movies on Movie Crush. As a big fan of all things film related, I especially appreciate their recommendations.

Love It All (5/5)

Found Chuck through Stuff You Should Know. I’ve been trying to really get into movies lately and when he mentioned he had a movie podcast I jumped in with both feet and downloaded every episode of movies I’ve seen and every Mini Crush. I think I’m more of a fan of the Mini Crushes too be honest, but episodes like Casey in Kubrick and the Eternal Sunshine episode are just so dang fantastic. My suggestion would be to do more recent movies in the traditional Movie Crush style, not every new movie should be limited to a Crush to Judgement. Maybe have fan favorite guests come back and do their favorite *recent* movie. Just something to keep us younger folk in mind that haven’t seen all the classics.

Great Podcast (5/5)

Love listening to the show because it is very entertaining and gives me plenty of ideas of what I should be watching and re-watching.

I do like movies (5/5)

Very enjoyable. The hosts are well versed in the business of making movies. They cover a wide variety of genres. A must for any film fan.

Just started listening. Won’t stop soon! (5/5)

Truly. I have only listened to two podcasts so far and totally makes me want to go back and watch all these movies they are talking about... even though the title names only one movie, chuck and guest name so many other movies and pieces and parts of other movies. Oy. Thank you Chuck!

You won't even read this review (3/5)

I've enjoyed listening to movie crush over the last 8-9 months but Im blown away by Nole's (spelling) lack of movie experience...he hasn't seen Risky Business? It's no award winner but why is he on a podcast about movies when he can't comment on 60% of the movies/actors that Chuck brings up? Not necessarily a criticism but just an observation. Thanks guys.

Once Upon a Time ... in Hollywood (5/5)

I loved this episode so much. The whole podcast is great. I moved recently and lost my group of movie viewing/discussion crowd and Movie Crush is a great substitute.

Casey needs a podcast (2/5)

Please just give Casey his own podcast, he always has the most interesting things to say and offers the most insight into movies. Chuck and Noel’s opinions are just pretty bland and don’t often go deeper than “I just didn’t get it man.” Then they just run that circle for another half an hour until the episode is done.

Loved loved loved Election! (5/5)

Emilie and Chuck are my dream couple! Thanks for the great content guys. I truly enjoyed listening and chiming in as if I was there in conversation with you guys.

Had to quit (1/5)

When the podcast started I really enjoyed it. I liked how it was structured around movies, so even when the guest was someone I was unfamiliar with, I could still enjoy the show. Eventually it became your standard celebrity talk show and the movie became less and less of the focus, despite the title. Hour and half podcasts spent 15-30 minutes talking about movies on a movie podcast. Chuck is not a good enough interviewer for the chat show format to work. I hung in until Chuck felt the need to insult Childfree people in the Parenthood podcast. I turned it off and haven’t listened to it since, and haven’t missed it all.

Chuck Bryant: King of Podcasts (5/5)

I could listen to Chuck talk all day. About anything. Anytime. I don’t even care that I don’t agree with his politics, at least Chuck is fair, likeable and agreeable. Noel’s great too. The show has changed a lot over time, doesn’t seem like there are any noteworthy guests anymore, but I think it’s for the best as the deep dives with Casey Pegram are far more enjoyable than Dax Shepherd per se. Hope this one keeps going and going.

Not What I Expected (3/5)

I expected a podcast that had an in-depth discussion about a different movie every episode, but what I got were in-depth interviews with different people involved in the movie industry. The interviews are insightful and interesting, but they were not what I came for.

Candid and Genuine (5/5)

I absolutely love the interviews. The host, Chuck Bryant, uses his deep knowledge of movies to ask really insightful questions. His genuine and good natured personality draws out incredibly candid and fresh perspectives from his guests. I strongly recommend the Christopher Walken interview.

Great potential (3/5)

Great concept but editing is desperately needed. Chuck has a charming personality, but tends to mirror the guest’s viewpoint. This is a missed opportunity to add depth to the discussion with differing perspectives. Podcast as a whole seems very unstructured. Does this podcast focus on little known facts and background on movies, an overall summary of a film, or how the host and guest feel about about the movie? Too much time is spent discussing how the hosts feel about it rather than what it actually is. A shorter, more condensed review would have a much deeper impact. Also, the excessive cursing seems forced. Otherwise, it has great potential to be an entertaining and insightful podcast.

Walken (5/5)

The fact that Christopher Walken ended up hating the movie he chose was great. You should have asked him if he did all his own moves in the Fatboy Slim Weapon of Choice music video. I definitely laughed through this entire episode because of how bizarre it was, I don’t think there will be another episode quite like this one. Also I don’t think I realized that celebrities had legitimate disguises when they went out in public.

Love this (5/5)

Chuck is awesome & lovable. Great podcast for movie lovers! Only complaint is Howard the Duck is an awesome movie!!!

Skip the first 30 minutes (3/5)

For anyone wanting to try this out, you will have to regularly skip the first 30 minutes (at least) to get to the movie parts. When they get there, it’s great.

Great trend (4/5)

Nice upswing in recent months. Really like the “body of work” approach to a single director with one guest coming back. Looking forward to Alexander Payne series.

I love Movie Crush (5/5)

I love Chuck and Noel/Nowell (?sorry). I listen to them at night with ear buds and it is hilarious when the guys make me giggle or laugh out loud. My hubby must think I’m having fun dreams. I realize some may think this is nutty but I really like Chuck and Noel’s voices - they are very soothing. Anyhoo, love all the banter and insights into the industry. Thanks guys, appreciate the time you spend to keep us entertained.

I bought it hook line and sinker.. (5/5)

Kudos must be given to the planning and execution of the perfect April fools prank. Kevin Pollak was so incredibly deadpan and underplayed Walken perfectly that I was completely fooled, was a bit miffed at first when I found out but it was just too funny not to just laugh and go with the flow. Pollak is a master at his craft and Movie crush, well you crushed me with this prank. Well done boys, well done.

Christopher Walken (5/5)

Christopher MF’ing Walken Good one!!! Enough said.

Walked (5/5)

Omg! I laughed all the way through this episode! Highly uncomfortable as it seemed it was so entertaining!

Garbage (1/5)

One of the worst Christopher Walken impressions I’ve ever heard

CW FTW (5/5)

Walken! WOW! That was amazing! Totally different from the normal show, which I enjoy, but MAN O MAN, What a TREAT!

Christopher Walken episode (5/5)

I wanna start out by saying I love this show and listen to every episode when it comes out. I just finished listening to the Christopher Walken episode and thought it was hilarious. Mr. Walken just saying how ridicoulous and ham fisted Foot lose is even though it was his movie pick, had me cracking up. Maybe I just have a weird sense of humor.

Walken !!!! 👍 (4/5)

Wow! Great, funny interview with Chris Walken!!! For as nervous as you were, who wouldn’t! You did a great job!!! Love going back to some of these reviewed movies and hear others assessments!! Keep up the good work!

These guys are the best (5/5)

Always looking forward to my Monday evening commute when I can crush out with Chuck and Noel

Some folks seem to take themselves too seriously (5/5)

I was surprised to see a number of comments on low star reviews complaining about how the podcast is structured. I think it was apparent from the start that these were meant to be friendly, casual discussions about movies the guests love, not scholarly criticism. As a movie lover I enjoy this podcast thoroughly, and find fascinating the insights of guests in the “business” regarding how movies are made. I hope this has a long run!

Why so much hate, love this (5/5)

Not sure why it has less than 4 stars?! This is a good show and I love their mini chrushes and the guests ones are great too!! Doesn’t bother me that he can get “Star struck” or veer off. It’s a great podcast to listen to!

Yeah yeah yeah yeah (3/5)

Listen to SYSK and love it. Chuck is knowledgeable and entertaining. But- and this a huge but, the Movie Crush is IMPOSSIBLE to enjoy with the co-host saying “yeah, yeah, yeah” literally every 2 minutes. So wanted to listen to your show on Kubrick. I got about 5 minutes into it and had to turn it off. Its like he has some strange form of Tourette’s. Chuck- Listen to it and do the right thing.

Could have been good (2/5)

It had potential but Chuck’s white guilt and anti-Christian smirking have made this unlistenable. Plus, there’s only about 10 minutes of movie discussion. The rest of the episode is him pandering to the wannabe Hollywood elite. I still have hope for SYSK but it seems it’s going in that direction too.

A new favorite (5/5)

Love this show, I am not a huge movie buff, so this show gives me an excuse to watch new things, and also makes it easier to choose something to watch! Fun, upbeat and thoughtful!

Yes (5/5)

Just a good, natural feeling podcast. I listen to 100’s of hours of podcasts a year becomes of my job. This a good one. Love SYSK. So this is just an extension of everything awesome about that.

Crussshhhhhhh (5/5)

As far as fangirling/fanboying podcasts go, I typically sidestep them. However, this one is worth the listen, especially given the longer industry-insider narratives that poke through in some of the longer pre-review interview sections. Well done.

I love chuckers (5/5)

Chuck has a great voice and is a reliable dude. Chucks chuckles are contagious

Mini Crush makes me happy! (5/5)

I really enjoy the Mini Crush episodes. I love hearing the back and forth between Chuck and Noel. They both get so very excited about the movies they love.

Great Movie Podcast! (5/5)

I love Chuck’s podcast. He has great guests and great insight on movies and the industry. It’s a great listen to hear more about movies you know and love or to hear great reviews of movies to see! It’s fantastic 😁

It gets better (5/5)

I love Chuck but will admit the first few episodes are a little rough. The quality and overall content definitely improve. Even if you haven’t seen the particular movie the conversation is definitely worth listening to.

Mostly Great (4/5)

Great casual conversation about movies and people who love them. The mini crush episodes are fun, even though Noel can be overly critical and negative at times. Sometimes comes off as a bitter hipster. But his and Chuck’s banter is mostly fun and lighthearted. I read a comment saying that Chuck does not challenge his guests even if he may not agree with their opinions. I’ve noticed this as well. But I don’t think that would be appropriate when asking someone to come on a show and discuss their favorite movie. He usually just moves past it with a simple agreed, and sometimes their perspective may change his opinion. Which is what I love about movie discussion.

Greatest ever (5/5)

First of all buckeye and Berger king can shut their faces. Let’s start with buckeye. THIS ISN’T A SECOND SYSK. And Berger mcslowlykillinghimorherself shut up and wait for new episodes to come out. I mean it’s not like Chuck can choose their favorite movie. And one more thing buckeye. This is a completely different podcast than sysk so shut your tiny mouth down and sit in the corner and think about what you have done you babies.👶🏼👁👄👁

Casual Movie Addict Geekdom (5/5)

If you (like myself) are addicted to movies and you want some casual immersion into movie addict geekdom then this show is for you. Completely non-pretentious and not always super knowledgeable Chuck Bryant invites us along to talk movies with that people that make them or just love them AND the best part is we get the opprtunity to sit in on the conversation. Always a pleasure. Thank you, Chuck!

Funny, nerdy show...good for fans of film or pop (and counter) culture (5/5)

Thoughtful and at the same time comfortably loose dissection of great films! A bonus of the show is hearing Chuck’s gleefully exciting like when your sweet grandma drop an F-bomb for the first time. Keep up the good work Chuck and team!

Love it! (5/5)

Even the episodes where I know 0 about the movie are interesting.

Trope trope trope trope. (4/5)

I really like the show and have been listening since the first episode, but lately I wish they would get to the movie talk sooner than 30-45 minutes, and if I never heard Chuck use the word ‘trope’ again it would be too soon.

Just love movies (4/5)

This is a great show because it focuses on both famous and lesser known movies. They are movies that the guest doesn’t need to apologize for, they just bring them joy. The best episodes really go into why they are worth rewatching or seeing for the first time. A perfect companion to “Unspooled”!

Great podcast (5/5)

A wonderful podcast never miss it or the mini pods!

Not a place for politics (1/5)

Love the show, but I cannot continue to listen to the liberal drivel. I wish they could just talk about movies! Unsubscribed to this as well as stuff you should know.

Awesome Podcast, Chuck! (5/5)

You’re insight on the movie industry and opinions of popular and new media is always fun to hear. Hope you guys continue with great guest and great mini crushes!!!

Chuck is the man (5/5)

Love the podcast! Was nervous as josh and chuck went and did different podcasts because huge how stuff works fan but they are both great at their job. My only compliant is some of these movies I cannot get on Netflix or Hulu, I get intrigued on the movie they discuss then can’t find it. As a truck driver I’m always looking for movies to watch when parked! Thanks Chuck!

Great interviewing (4/5)

The interviews help me experience the inside of the industry in refreshing, interesting ways. I feel like Chuck is asking the kind of questions we common thinking people want to know. You hit a lot of interesting home runs. Dak Shepard killed it. Tarin Killam was a huge fascinating surprise. You’ll get five stars when you stop being lazy with all your f-bombs. Sometimes I feel like I’m listening to a couple of dudes playing video games on the basement couch.

Great (5/5)

Highly recommend.

Skip it (2/5)

There’s a useless intro, they don’t mention the movie for 40 minutes, then they revealed that they had so little understanding of the silence of the lamb‘s that they missed the fact that Buffalo Bill wears other peoples skin! Did you even watch the movie bro? There are plenty of movie podcasts where the host have seen the movie.

Really, really fantastic! (5/5)

Stuff You Should Know was my *first* podcast, ever. I eventually drifted off in favor of those podcasts that are rated E. I was looking for a dissection of Hereditary, and re-discovered Chuck in an adult format, and, YES!!! Such a great discussion about the minutiae of filmmaking, as well as thoughtful insights (the chills over some parts, specifically) that made me relive and re-love the movie. Just finished the Silence of the Lambs Ep with the fab My Favorite Murder ladies, and I have a single complaint.... I can’t possibly binge the podcast episodes, as I get so jazzed for the movie that I have to take a break to re-watch it EVERY TIME! :) Super thumbs-up, will be my newest go-to podcast.

Minisode 36 (1/5)

I can’t imagine a more frustrating but also strangely boring episode. It was truly awful. This memo was, according to you, supposed to be a real interesting look into the Hollywood casting process. You also hinted that it had connection with #MeToo. In reality it was neither. Then you proceeded to completely exclude the listener from any actually interesting tidbits by claiming that you couldn’t reveal them. You giggled over and over at how only you and your cohost could know all these fascinating facts. I can only assume you thought it was hilarious to keep the listeners in the dark. Thanks. It’s always fun to be laughed at while others talk about an inside joke. My advice is to rethink doing more of these in the future because this one was really alienating.

Chuck and Friends Celebrate Filmmaking (5/5)

This show takes you on a deep dive into movies that you may love, you may hate, or you may have never heard of. But Chuck and his guests keep it compelling because of their passion for the art of filmmaking, filling the conversation with obscure trivia and a thorough analysis. The premise is simple: Chuck has a guest choose one of their favorite movies, they watch it, then explore EVERYTHING about it! Along the way, we get to learn about the lives of guests and what made them love movies. What I love about this podcast is the way it makes me want to appreciate rather than simply consuming them as mere entertainment.

The Adaptation Ep is mindblowing! (5/5)

When you realized that Charlie “won” Darwinism over his brother—I’ve seen this movie so many times and never thought of that. I loved it before, but this observation just made me love it so much more!

More minis (5/5)

Chuck is great! Have been a long time fan. Love the full episodes with guests but the real gem are the mini crush episodes!!

Wastes too much time. (2/5)

This is suppose to be a movie podcast, but the first 30 minutes is always the host getting his guest’s life story first. I mash my “skip 30 seconds” button until they actually start talking about the movie the episode is suppose to be about. I didn’t come to this podcast to listen to a celebrity tell me things I can’t relate to. Just focus on the movie in question. I can relate to movies.

Chuck has a great laugh! (5/5)

I just listened to the Casey Wilson episode & it was so funny. She's simply the best. I loved how thorough you delved into my personal favorite parts- you did miss a few, but overall awesome!

Chuck has a great laugh! (5/5)

I just listened to the Casey Wilson episode & it was so funny. She's simply the best. I loved how thorough you delved into my personal favorite parts- you did miss a few, but overall awesome!

Well done (5/5)

Nice balance between formal and casual - this podcast is one of my favorites. Such a friendly vibration, consistently. Thanks, chuck.

Great podcast, love the discussions about movies (5/5)

Came to this podcast because I like the Stuff you Should Know podcast (another great one) and Chuck's enthusiasm in both podcasts makes them great listens.

Great podcast, but..... (4/5)

This is a really great podcast but I cannot listen to it at night because the advertisement noise is obnoxiously loud and wakes me up if I fall asleep and ruins my night sleep. Do something about that, it’s terrible. I’ve never dealt with a podcast with such an obnoxious noise when the advertisement starts.

amazing (5/5)

its amazing i just wish they sweard less

Like hanging with your movie friends (5/5)

This show is like the best conversations I’ve had with my movie friends. Fun, engaging and often times insightful and eye-opening. Well done.

Five Starz! (5/5)

I listened to the first episode when this first launched and I really did not dig it. But, I gave it second chance and l love it! I think I was expecting to be like SYSK...but, ya know what they say about expectations?? 😏

Mini Crush! (5/5)

I’m way down in Austin now but it took you randomly mentioning my hometown of Basking Ridge to get me to write a review. I get little 5 min breaks between managing conference calls all day - so it takes a whole day for me to get through a single episode - but I quit smoking and drinking coffee this year and Movie Crush has made the perfect distraction during those little windows where I used to run out for a quick ‘fix’. Many thanks!

Yay!!! (5/5)

I have to admit I can over for Karen & Georgia...but now I’m hooked!! Great podcast! Love it!!

Very Good Podcast! (4/5)

Very Good Podcast!

Could Improve (3/5)

I like Chuck, and I like most of the movies the guests have selected. But 20+ minutes of guest introduction and then Chuck enthusiastically agreeing with every opinion of every guest doesn't make for an engaging show.

Fun in my Ear Buds (4/5)

Chuck's enthusiasm for the cinema shines through. You can tell that he delights in sharing his nerd-dom with others. I am impressed with the guests he's been able to get on the show but miss his chemistry with Josh from Stuff You Should Know.

Crush On You (5/5)

I throughly enjoy this podcast because I often like to think of the way I'd answer the questions and discribe my favorite movie, or what I'd even choose. So many movies, such little time. Great pod!

I liked the subject and Im still surprised how much I like the podcast (5/5)

I only find a few podcasts I truly love and have to binge every episode. This is one and its because 1) Chuck is such a great host 2) the guests are outstanding 3) the conversation is both about life and about movies. If you love movies this is a must listen.

Can’t wait until this podcast is about movies (3/5)

I love Charles W Chuck Bryant, I love Nol, I love Stuff You Should know, but I can only give this 3 stars because it’s mostly about Chuck taking to one of his “famous” friends. The more “famous” they are, the less they actually talk about the movie. Sometimes the podcast only talks about the actual movie it advertises being about for 5 minutes out of an hour and a half. Mini Crush is a way better podcast because it’s actually about the movie. I’m happy for Chuck that he gets to hang out with drummers from bands he likes, but i had to stop listening at some point because the podcast is mostly not about movies

Always entertaining (5/5)

I don’t always agree but I’m always entertained. Chuck has gotten me to look at some of my favorite movies in a new light, even when he’s wrong. Keep up the good work.

This Pod doesn’t pass the Bechdel Test (2/5)

Lots of straight cis men talking about movies made by and for the same. Meh. I love Chuck and his other projects but this is glaringly obvious and makes me sad.

Great podcast. Great intro music! (5/5)

Arguably the best intro music in podcastland. I initially thought it would be hard to listen to Chuck by himself because half of SYSK is the chemistry between Josh and Chuck. But I was refreshingly surprised. It was a slow burn, but I got on board and now I look forward to the episodes. I mostly listen to the mini crushes because Chuck has a lot of insights into the movie business. But I listen to the interviews with the people or movies I'm interested in. I love that he got Broken Lizard!

Pleasantly Surprised Skeptic (5/5)

I was hesitant when I first heard an advertisement for this podcast. I love SYSK and I love Josh and Chuck's dynamic so I wasn’t sure how I'd feel about a podcast hosted by Chuck without Josh. I also really don't care at all about celebrities so when I saw he would have a new celebrity guest on each episode I really wasn't sure if I'd like it. I have to say it turned out to be a really spectacular podcast. Chuck does such a great job interviewing and talking with the guests on his show. He asks good questions and seems genuinely interested in their answers. The best part about this podcast is I don't even feel like I need to have seen the movie to enjoy the episode. If anything the episode makes me want to see a movie I haven't seen or rewatch a movie I have seen. I noticed a lot of the negative reviews were about the discussion not focusing more on the plot or analyzing the movie more in-depth. I really think if you want that you need to take a film class. It's refreshing that this podcast is just about the overall love of watching a movie, going to the theatre, and enjoying getting lost in a film. They don't break everything down and find all the hidden meanings and themes within each scene. It feels like sitting down with two friends and discussing a movie you love and just doing it for fun.

Disappointed (2/5)

Get Out is one of my favorite movies and I was SO excited to listen to it. However, they didn’t even talk about it! It was just a bunch of babbling from the guests about their stupid movie.

More movie talk, less chit chat (2/5)

I really want to like more this but the interviews before the movie discussion is an awful bore. I can see giving the hosts a couple minutes to give their background and/or plugs, but the 20+ minutes of conversation before getting into the movies is just an awful bore.

Dax Shepard Episode (4/5)

Love Raising Arizona highlights. Learned a new drinking game too! Drink every time Dax says the word “I”. Can you last the whole episode without passing out?!

fraught with spoilers (3/5)

I love Chuckers but this podcast is half baked. It lacks the balance achieved on Stuff You Should Know and the films and / or guests seem to always be irrelevant to me. I found a recent episode that looked interesting - Blindspotting stars talk about Get Out and starting out it was just ok. A bit lifeless and overly congratulatory to the guests but Okay. But within 20 minutes Chuck had spoiled several moments and tonal changes the guest’s movie had in store. This wasn’t even a movie that had come out yet! For shame. The number one rule of movie podcasts or reviews is to alert the listener to spoilers or better yet not to have any. So I have to tune out and unsubscribe. Sorry Chuck. I will check out your next podcast but I unfortunately will have to stay away from MC.

Love me some Movie Crush (5/5)

Long time fan of Chuck from SYSK. Always appreciated his detailed stories about when he worked in “the industry” over the years. I was thrilled when he announced this show - a unique premise for a podcast, with the perspective that few have. If you’re a film buff, this show is for you!

Entertaining but the commercial breaks scare me! (4/5)

I like listening to the conversations and I think it’s interesting, but the talking is quiet and mellow and then all of a sudden there’s a commercial break and the music indicating it SCARES me. It’s like a jump scare and it makes me mad.

Change the name (2/5)

This podcast needs more movie crush and a lot less guest crush. They spend an hour talking about the guest and amazing they are so by the time they get to discussing the movie I am bored or irritated. Actors and directors and producers are not all geniuses or amazing, they are entertainers. Just like the guy who break dances in the subway. If you love movies like I do, find a different podcast.

Too Starstruck (3/5)

I love some of this show, but the quality suffers a bit from the host being too starstruck with his guests to ever disagree or challenge any of their viewpoints, which could make for some real and engaging conversations. I’ve heard two separate guests give opposing opinions of the same movie and the host wholeheartedly agreed with both of them. In other words, he seems too eager to please to go any deeper than saying “yeah you’re so right” to any of his guests. A real missed opportunity that disappoints.

Chuck! (5/5)

It's so lovely hear to Chuck talk about this topic he is so passionate about. He has great guests and great knowledge of the movie industry. He is respectful and knowledgeable while being kind and funny. The best of Chuck.

Love it! (5/5)

I’ve listened to Stuff You Should Know for a couple of years now so I was really excited for this new show. I love hearing interesting people talk about movies and I’ve gotten so many great recommendations for tv shows from the fun mini episodes. This is my favorite podcast to listen to listen to when running errands and I find myself actually looking forward to going to the grocery store. Love it!

Love it, but need more (4/5)

I just started listening, because I wanted to hear the My Favorite Murder episode. I also enjoy Chuck from Stuff You Should Know, so thought I would check it out. I think this show is great, but the episodes need to be longer! There is so much more to talk about for each movie. For example, the Titanic episode was great but I feel like it barely scratches the surface of the movie. More please!

Great! (5/5)

What’s not to love? Chuck and dissecting movies -amazing. And a recent MFM / SYSK combo?! Yes please! Love it. I knew I would. Thank you for another great show.

Love it (5/5)

I’m a SYSK fan and Josh and Chuck are always talking about movies in that podcast, so when I heard Chuck was doing a separate one I was super excited. I love his guests and hearing their opinions on movies that I have or haven’t seen!

Recent sound issues (5/5)

Please fix the recent sound quality. I love this podcast

Great show great host (5/5)

Don’t be a jerk and bash something because you don’t like one episode. This is overall great podcast and has great flow with awesome guest.

Brutal (2/5)

Feels like he watched the movie once a week before recording. Painful.

Boring (2/5)

A good study in what makes a podcast banal. Cheap imitation doesn't hold a candle to Junkfood Cinema.

Meh. Just Not that Good (2/5)

This is called Movie Crush, which the host definitely does try to crush on all movies that are talked about. My issue is that the host just doesn’t really know his stuff. He recently did a review of Infinity War with another guest and they speak like your dad would for a movie. They can’t recall specifics of what they just saw; and speak in vague terms. This is pretty on brand for the host, Chuck. He seems to like movies but cannot recall actual events of movies, and hearing his interpretations of movies’ meanings just seem basic. If you want to hear people you know and like talk about their movies, it’s not bad. But the host is a detriment, and his crony episodes are intolerable. If you host a movie fandom podcast try to know your stuff.

The master interviewer / conversationalist!! (5/5)

Love this pod! My fav up there w mango and will!

love (5/5)

love analyzing film and the surprising answers some people have. but i get it, i like some particularly bad movies too

Yay! (5/5)

Loved hearing the Paul Schneider episode, keep up the great work!

Chuck has done it again! (5/5)

I LOVE this podcast! It’s like Chuck unplugged from the PG rated cleanliness of Stuff You Should Know (another one of my all time favorite podcasts that is somehow still getting better and better after all these years). He is so funny and just as sweet as ever, and gets these amazing guests to open up about their experiences with movies in the most personal and wonderful way. Ben Harrison of The Greatest Generation and other great podcasts called Chuck a luminary of the podcasting world, and I could not agree more. Thank you Chuck for another amazing program!


I’m a HUGE fan of SYSK so of course I had to support Chuck and his new show! I love listening to people talk about the stories they are passionate about! You won’t regret listening!

Entertaining, easy listening (5/5)

An enjoyable, and entertaining podcast!

Grrrrrrreat! (mostly) (4/5)

Chuck I love your stuff! But I have some constructive criticism. You describe things and people as "great", or "the great" a LOT. There are so many fantastic adjectives out there, so get yerself a thesaurus and diversify that lingo friend. And keep up the good work!

Way better... (5/5)

Than I thought it would be. (Sorry Chuck.) I have to admit, I didn’t have high hopes. I love movies, but not like crazy love. I thought that there wouldn't be much here. But it is really good. I have listened to every episode.

Great podcast! (5/5)

This podcast has peaked my interest in movies I was never interested in watching before even if there are a few spoilers! It’s about more than just the movie. You get a feel for the personal connections people had to the movies.

What Could've Been (3/5)

This podcast is ok. They don't get right to the point and the get a bit too much of track. All though, when they do talk about the movie, they do make some good points and they do say some interesting stuff. It's a cool concept and makes me look at movies in a different way. I love Chuck!!! Good... Fun & Entertaining!!

Brilliant podcast!!! (5/5)

Great podcast from the lovely Chuck!!! I’ve been a Stuff you should Know fan for years and this podcast does not disappoint!! Whether it’s listening to Chuck talk movies with celebs, or chat about the Oscars with his wife and his buddy, this podcast has all the wit, charm and spontaneity that we have come to expect from him. Give it a listen - you will not be disappointed.

Stuff you should know before making movie podcasts (2/5)

I kind of like this but there’s been more than one episode where either the guest or the host doesn’t know much about the movie in discussion. Makes my head hurt to hear the host never saw Robocop in its entirety and didn’t know about the sequels and even didn’t see many of the directors other films. Chucks other podcast pretends he knows things he really doesn’t

More Emilie!! (5/5)

I’ve loved listening to Chuck for a while, but I am now completely in love with his wife! The pre-Oscar show was so much fun to listen to. The dynamic between the two of them and their enjoyment of each other was a pleasure to be a part of. Thanks so much! Great podcast!

Still loving it! (5/5)

Mini crush #4 is so adorable! I loved hearing from Emilie! She was amazing addition! 💜💜💜

Robocop (5/5)

I like the episode but the host doesn’t know about robocop

Politics ruins everything (1/5)

Was a fan until Mini Crush 3 when Chuck and Noel’s leftist agenda seeped into the show (regarding illegal immigrants murdering Americans). Unsubscribed immediately. Disappointed their politics had to ruin a fun show.

Right up my alley! (5/5)

I love movies and I love to hear people talk about their favorite movies so this pocast is right up my alley. The best part about this podcast is Chuck Bryant's sincerity and geniune interest in his guests and why they love what they love. Give it a listen! My favorite so far is Tony Hale at Sketchfest.

Love this show! (5/5)

I love this podcast. I think this may be the only podcast I listen to, where I am not horribly late to the party. I love the Miller's Crossing, Jaws, Big Trouble in Little China, and Groundhog Day episodes the most. I also really love rewatching, and sometimes enjoying for the first time, the movies Chuck talks about in the show. I constantly daydream of the day I am asked to come on the show and talk about my favorite movie...because life goals. It would be a toss up between 'Hedwig and the Angry Inch' or the documentary 'The King of Kong: A fist full of quarters.' My first rated 'R' movie was Die Hard. I saw it at my grandparent's house on HBO with my dad. I was probably around 10 or 11 at the time, and my mom and granny had left to go shopping. I would have never been allowed to watch it if my mom was home. As my dad and I were watching the movie I kept waiting for him to realize this movie was not appropriate for me and send me out, or turn off the TV. He never did and to this day Die Hard is one of my favorite movies. Yippee Calle!

Solid podcast (4/5)

Once you get passed all the tangents and they start discussing the movie they planned to discuss, it’s enjoyable. Good host, good guests, and (mostly) good movies. It’s a keeper for my rotation

So good! (5/5)

This is such an entertaining podcast on the movies people love and why we love them. It’s great how it’s never just one movie that gets talked about and you can really hear people’s passion for the ones they love. Even if I don’t know the movie I still enjoy it!

Always waiting on the next episode (5/5)

Chuck is killing it with this idea. Introducing us (me) to people I might not know and talking about movies I either already love or slipped through the cracks. I really enjoy listening. Chuck, thanks for your point of view.

Delightful (5/5)

There are a million podcasts about movies. If you want to listen to people talk about films, there's definitly no shortage. But Movie Crush is special, and really stands above the rest. This is really due to Chuck Bryant being such a delightful host. He always has such a positive and uplifting attitude, and the conversations he has with his guests flow naturally and get into WHY we love movies so much better than any other movie related media I've seen. He has on great guests who are always entertaining. Chuck has become one of my favorite people in the world of Podcasting and I can't recommend Movie Crush enough.

Awesome (5/5)

Really enjoying the show. The length is just right, your spin on the topic is smart and I like the mini episodes. Keep up the good work.

Brilliant (5/5)

Love it!

Great podcast!!! (5/5)

Just wish you had a bit more time to go deeper on some of the movies. Great work keep it up!!

Directionless (2/5)

I thought this podcast would be about a unique and nostalgic look at classic movies, but basically it’s - “what’s up? Not much... yeah I saw that movie. What did you think? Uh... it’s good! Cool, thanks for talking.”

Fun, but needs a wider array of guests (3/5)

This is a fun show, and Chuck is a polished and genial host. It's really entertaining to listen to him and his guests geeking out about their favorite movies. But it's already getting boring because of the narrow range of guests and films. Of the 15 or so episodes so far, the guests have been almost all 30-40-something men talking about very predictable movies from the past 30-40 years, and 100% of the guests have been white Americans. That has got to change if this show is to avoid becoming a waste of time. So: how about inviting Roxane Gay or Romesh Ranganathan or Caitlin Moran or Chuck D. onto the show? Or, if it has to be another white dude, how about somebody over sixty whose filmgoing experiences were very different from those of almost all the guests so far, and who might name a film from before 1965? Once Chuck moves farther beyond people just like him, the show will surely improve dramatically.

jurassic park (5/5)

this would be the movie i’d talk about. chuck is the best. this show is fun and insightful. great guests talking about their favorite movies and movie going experiences.

Loving This Podast (5/5)

I’ve listened to Chuck on SYSK for seven years and was so excited to learn that he’d be doing this project. Results haven’t disappointed and I look forward to new episodes!

Awesome (5/5)

Chuck you are the man! Great pod!

Warm and fun (5/5)

Not without some new podcast fits and starts. This shows strengths lie in its warmth and comfort. Listening to Chuck and his guest discuss films isn't a deep film school dissection, which I sort of expected coming from SYSK. Its some how so much better. It's friends at pub or a party discussing their favorite movie over drinks. Chuck manages something so tricky right now, this show is genuinely inviting, and allows you to feel engaged without veering into triggering waters. I hope how stuff works puts out more content like this and The Atlanta Monster series and; not the too different for its brand The Daily Zeitgeist.

It Listens to the podcast (4/5)

Chuck is one of my top two favorite hosts of Stuff You Should Know. This spin off show of his is awesome and Chuck’s personality is allowed to really shine here. He is an encyclopedia of film knowledge but without the pretentious dorkiness of James Lipton. His relaxed style of conversation makes his guest at ease and let’s the listener be a fly on the wall for truly candid back and fourth about people’s movie history. The premise of the show is for each guest to talk about their favorite film but the real outcome is a wonderful conversation about films in general and how each guest relates and grew up with them. Chuck is such a talented interviewer that I hope this show takes off to where he is able to attract guest from other genres besides podcasts. So far most of the guests are of relatively similar background and age. I look forward to hearing from a bigger variety of people. I’m an every episode badge holder for Stuff You Should Know and hope to keep up with this podcast with the same dedication.

Great podcast ! (5/5)

I love everything you do. It was funny to hear you drop the F bomb the first time I listened. No complaints it's just surprised me from the vanilla how stuff works podcast :).

Made me laugh, cry, and everything in between (5/5)

I love Stuff You Should Know so when Chuck announced this podcast I thought "yes please!" Every interview is unique and just amazing. I want to watch/re watch every movie that is addressed on the show. Though I love all the episodes, the Groundhogs day one gave me a new appreciation for that movie. I saw it again with this show in mind and it literally blew my mind. 10+ years?!

My Favorite Podcast (5/5)

I’ve always loved Stuff You Should Know, and as a movie buff this podcast combines format with content perfectly! If you’re into humorous podcasts that also get into real thorough conversations about movies, this is the best one out there.

Off to a Great Start (5/5)

I’ve really enjoyed the first few episodes and it has sent me back to rewatch Titles such as Groundhog Day and Cable Guy. If you are a fan of Chuck from SYSK, his friendly, conversational, easy going style carries over here. In fact, where he sometimes feels to me to take second fiddle next to Josh on that highly regarded pod, here he stands on his own. It has that effortless feel that talking with a best friend about a movie brings. I really love when they talk around the subject, too, with guests mentioning other films they like or Chuck walking guests to share personal reasons why a movie or a scene or an actor is special to them. It’s a high quality production and all around entertaining in a casual, irreverent way and the five questions at the end are a nice close to the show. All around it’s great fun and I highly recommend.

Chuck’s in charge.... grab some Whoppers (5/5)

LISTEN EVEN IF you have NOT seen the movie being discussed. I thought I’d skip the Groundhog Day conversation bc I never saw this film.... McIlroy was still engaging and I will see Groundhog Day as soon as possible. Good work Chuck! (Interview your wife)

HQ great content (5/5)

I’ve listened to three episodes and I absolutely love this podcast. I’m more of a science guy so I thought there would be no way I would get into a show about movies but trust me give this podcast a chance and you will be rolling with laughter and have plenty of little tid bits of movie trivia to drop on your unsuspecting friends.

Sneaky! (5/5)

I wasn't sure just listening to Chuck would be a good idea and was wary of the lengthy episodes, but he is amazing at interviewing his guests! All of the best qualitites of "Stuff You Should Know" are here: the listening to the guest by Chuck before giving his own views, the rambling off-topic conversations, the devotion to the topic. I love it! I avoid the movies I haven't seen yet, but have added each of them to my Netflix queue because I 'm going to see them again through the guest's and Chuck's eyes, or listen after I see it for the first time. The best episode so far is "Jaws" with Roman Mars. Two of my favorite people to listen to on podcasts and one of my favorite movies. Great idea, Chuck!

movie fan must (5/5)

If when walking throuh a mall, getting a wiff of cooking poppcorn, make you hum a movie soundtrack, or quote smothing lik" do you feel lucky today, well do you punk" this is a must. I have listen to them all, but the InLaws episope is off the charts. Great guest, unbleavable storys, fantastic insights. Funny, interesting, informative. I don't know how a podcast could be better. " Shelly seprpentine."

Chuck's impressive! (5/5)

I like Chuck! I like movies!

High Marks! (5/5)

This is Can’t Miss Podding! Great work, Chuck.

Chucks the man! (5/5)

Wish there were more podcasts like this... excited for Josh to come on this show!

Movie Stuff You Should Know! (5/5)

As a huge fan of all kinds of movies and Stuff You Should Know, I’ll admit it. I’m biased. That said, Chuck raises the roof to new levels with this one. It’s great conversation with people talking about their favorite movies (and lots of other very interesting stuff). Do yourself a favor and check this out!

Growing on me (5/5)

The first few episodes have been a mixed bag for me. I think this podcast is still trying to find its way, but when it does, I think it’ll be spectacular. The most recent episode about Big Trouble In Little China really hit the mark and I’d suggest it as a starting point if you haven’t listened yet. Keep up the good work Chuck!

Really enjoy this show! (5/5)

This is so great. The best part of SYSK is the banter about movies and pop culture. Here it is on its own podcast. I really hope Chuck gets on Kevin Smith. Would be so cool to listen to them talk about Slackers.

Just a chat with some guy and his b list friends (1/5)

I love movies. This pc has nothing even mildly interesting about movies. I tried listening to 4 episodes of this ‘cast and it’s so un-entertaining. The movie talk doesn’t start until at least 10-15 min into the episode. All of the 5 start reviews seem like they are from Chuck “fanboys”. Maybe Chuck is great, but just not at this topic. Please try an episode or 2 then write an honest review. This needs to offset the reviews from people that just like Chuck and haven’t really listened to an episode. Things to make this interesting - don’t give away the movie in the title (this means you will have to get decent guests to draw listeners), get to the point - <30 min episodes and 2 min of pleasantries, have some type of format - the freeform nature of this show is so dreadfully boring. I’m out.

Two Thumbs Up! (5/5)

The only thing that I don’t like about this podcast is there are not enough episodes! Wonderful idea and execution of a discussion about passion for the movies. The thing that surprise me most is that even if I’ve never heard of the movie it’s incredibly entertaining and can turn you on to something new. If I didn’t like the movie it allows me to see it in a new light and respect it more. If I did like the movie I get to hear a new perspective and enjoy it more. Don’t change a thing Chuck! Perfection!

Awesome! (5/5)

Not surprising, Chuckers is a natural interviewer/conversationalist and I f*#@in’ love it when he swears!!!

Thoughtful discussion (5/5)

I love the segment about the guests personal movie history.

Excellent! (5/5)

Funny and casual film conversation hosted by one of the podcast worlds finest. Good work Chuck!

Excellent (5/5)

Fantastic, I’ve been a fan of Chuck for years and this podcast is a dream come true.

Jaws in the pool (5/5)

I always thought I was the only idiot kid that was afraid Jaws would “get” me in a pool, but then I heard you and Roman admit the same fear! My 70’s parents took my sister and me to see it at the drive in when I was six and she was eight! Love this new podcast not only bc I am a movie buff but such great guests!

Heading in the right direction (4/5)

As with most one-on-one interview shows, my interest level is highly dependent on the guest (and the guest’s chosen film). So far, I like what I’m hearing. My favorites have been (Little) Janet Varney and John Hodgman. Chuck Bryant displays an innate ability to get his guests to say interesting things. He says he’s not much of an interviewer, but I think he’s a wonderful and engaged conversationalist and that just might be even more valuable to a show like this.

Awesome (5/5)

More more more

Excellent new podcast! (5/5)

It's in the title. I enjoyed Chuck in Stuff You Should Know, and to see him flying solo on this project is a thrill. He's got some nifty guests, and has a lot of good stuff to say. Give him a listen, you won't be disappointed!

Good concept, perfectly suited host (5/5)

Chuck is a seasoned podcast host who has a good sense of humor, a warm heart, and is comfortable on the mic. The concept for the podcast is great because it’s always good to hear someone talk about their favorite anything; they certainly have something interesting to say about it and they care immensely about it. Chuck is perfectly suited to talk about movies, he (to the benefit of listeners, of course) can always conjure movie and pop culture tangents to pepper throughout his long-running poscast SYSK. After listening to the first few episodes of movie crush, I can tell it’s going to be a hit. Happy listening!

Like listening to an old friend (5/5)

Movie sidetracks are always a great part of SYSK. Chuck does an amazing job getting other people going on their movie takes

So good! (5/5)

I’m a big fan of SYSK so I was, naturally, excited for this new show. It’s exceeded all of my expectations! Chuck is so great as a solo host/interviewer. His natural down-to-Earthness, coupled with his goofy personality makes for some really insightful and poignant conversations! I listen to a couple other movie pods and this is definitely my favorite! Congrats on the show Chuck, I love it!

Relaxing and Informative (5/5)

Really enjoying the podcast, Chuck! I like how you dig into why your guest has selected their favorite movie, and how you are flexible with where the guest wants to take the conversation. A few suggestions (their free, so take them for what they are worth): - Give a brief synopsis/plot of the movie in the intro, especially for the lesser known movies, to help your audience relate to the conversation better. - Currently, all guests are sharing their favorite movie, which limits each guest to one appearance. For certain guests with whom you have a closer relationship, set up a recurring guest format (I would love to hear Hodgman again!) Keep up the good work, look forward to it every Friday!

So fun! (5/5)

Great job, Chuck! I love the show!

Tig tugs a heartstring (5/5)

So I like pulling over on the side of the road in tears when I thought I was going to listen to a fun and jovial Podcast. Thanks Chuckers.

Awesome! (5/5)

Love the new podcast Chuck!

Perfect! (5/5)

I love hearing people chat about their favorite things, and I also love Chuck so... Also Chuck’s potty mouth 😍😍😍

Love this guy (5/5)

Chuck is the man. Excellent new podcast!

Nice work, Chuck! (4/5)

I love the unique perspectives given by the fantastic guests! The only (slight) downside with the podcast is when Chuck swears. It’s like hearing my 10 year old swear. He uses it in the right context, but is far too sweet for such language. I get it thought, he’s passionate about the subject matter. As are all the listeners. Chuck swears, the guests don’t. It’s like the record skipping when he does.

Great concept (4/5)

I’m really enjoying this podcast. I love hearing the why behind the choice. Feels like you’re hanging with friends.

Not Good (1/5)

This podcast has superficial discussions, no in depth analysis of films, shameless self promotions, and boring chit chat for half the show.

So far, it's awful (1/5)

Great concept but you really start your podcast off with TRON, Mask and The Avengers?! Great way to get everybody sucked in.

Lacks chemistry, focus (1/5)

Love SYSK, but this rambling lacks the charm or chemistry of the original. Couldn’t listen to the full episodes. Will check in again 6 months from now to see if this improves.

Okay (2/5)

I was hoping for more discussion about the actual movie in the title. Great show if you just want conversation about movies in general.

A fine companion piece to SYSK (5/5)

This is good stuff. It’s early on in the adjustment with various guest hosts but Chuck still has the kind-hearted demeanor he’s known for in SYSK, sharing with us his movie knowledge without sounding like a know-it-all. I’d like to see more debates with guest hosts ala Siskel & Ebert in the near future. Love the Roger Ebert segment, and looking forward to seeing a weekly movie review show on YouTube.

Did you make this for me?! (5/5)

Chuck and John! My wife and I listen to stuff you should know, and she said I HAD to listen to the Avengers episode. The only negative: that I wasn’t there to talk with you two!! I too worked in a video store, actually worked there when the first MCU movies came out. I vividly remember long discussions with co-workers and customers not only about WHO the avengers were, but also, HOW the movies were going to avoid the black hole that so many superhero movies have been sucked into. Some of the things you guys talked about felt like they were coming straight from my mind and out of your mouths! Needless to say, I will be tuning in again. Can’t wait to hear more! Ps. If you ever want to do a series on the MCU, or hero-genre movies in general, drop me a line.

Charming Chuck is at it again! (4/5)

This is a sweet and fun podcast. I've always appreciated Chuck's movie recommendations on SYSK so having a whole podcast dedicated to his interest in film is great. Even when I'm not familiar with the movie I still find it interesting.

Movie Nerd (5/5)

I’ve been looking for good movie fanatic podcast, but have not been successful. Then along comes Chuck from my fave podcast (SYSK) to save the day. Loved the first few episodes. Keep going, Chuck - we (and by “we” I mean “I”) want the full repertory cinema nerd fest.

Best Laugh (5/5)

More Chuck to love!!!!!!

Two thumbs up with one (small) request 🤓 (4/5)

As a years-long fan of Stuff You Should Know I've really been enjoying this new podcast from Chuck. Has a lot of what's great about him as a host as SYSK but he's done a fantastic job of carving out a unique new space for himself and his guests on this series. Favorite so far is Hodgman. Only request: it'd be great if in future episodes Chuck and the guest could spend fifteen or twenty seconds or whatever teeing up what each movie was about or the plot or something. Kind of like what him and Josh do with defining SYSK topics at the top of each episode. It'd be a huge help for listeners like me to have something like "For folks who haven't seen or don't remember, Mask came out in 1980-whatever and was basically the story of Cher as the mother of a teenage son with a severe facial deformity played by Eric Stoltz, and the movie takes them thru _ and _." Definitely not a long plot rehash, but a one or two line refresher would be a huge help. =) Anyway, keep up the great work, can't wait to hear the next episode.

Elitist (1/5)

Elitist “progressives” deigning to lower themselves to share their opinions of movies with the proles. I hoped for better but got the usual nonsense of inserting personal political opinions rather than objective discussions of movies.

It's Chuck Bryant (5/5)

So you know it's gotta be good.

Diggin’ it so far! (4/5)

Really enjoying Chuck’s new podcast. I hope it just gets better with age. 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

Can a pop culture podcast be heartwarming? YES (5/5)

Chuck is a natural and he has found great guests to speak with and to share their stories about their favorite movies. As a from-the-beginning Stuff You Should Know fan, I knew this would be good. But it is actually great. Chuck's warmth and personality is contagious, his choices of guests is perfect and you guys... he SWEARS! Five stars.

Love it (5/5)

This podcast has been years in the making and Chuck does great with it. All those years of hard work in the movie biz have paid off in more ways than one! I love it. Keep up the good work, Chuck. You rock.

Unnecessary Religious Commentary (2/5)

I thought I would really enjoy this show and I was enjoying it. However, the host made a comment in the Notaro episode about being Baptist before “coming to his senses” later in life. I don’t care what your opinion on religion is. That’s not why I subscribed. I want to hear your thoughts on movies. Hearing that immediately turned me off, because I see myself as a sensical person who tries to live with Christian values. To imply that my precious beliefs are non-sensical is not why I starting listening to the podcast. I find it irrelevant and offensive. I have unsubscribed.

Tig Notaro (5/5)

Awesome episode with Tig Notaro! Equally awesome episode preface - go Chuck (and Tig)!!

I wanted to love it but . . . (2/5)

Chuck and Tig hardly talked about the movie. They didn’t give a synopsis of the plot. Chuck talked about what his most moving moments from the movie were but Tig didn’t get a chance to delve into that too much. It was a great interview with Tig but it wasn’t a podcast about the movie Mask.

Great work! (5/5)

Loving this podcast so far. Chuck brings over the easy conversational style we all love from SYSK into a new arena and talks about life and movies with his guests. Very entertaining show so far.

Great pod! (5/5)

This is a fun easy listening podcast that doesn’t take itself too seriously. I love Chucks style of banter with the guests which carried over very well from SYSK. Good job so far Chuck!

Yes (5/5)

Love the chuck

Really Interesting AND Entertaining (5/5)

I quite enjoyed listening to the two availible episodes so far. I had never heard of either of the featured films, so it was very interesting to hear about them from people whose lives had been impacted from them. I look forward to future episodes!

you can't go wrong (5/5)

You will love this podcast. I havn't seen either of the movies Chuck and his guests talked about, but now feel like I missed something and should go check them out. Enjoyable discussion abaout movies and life!

Love it (5/5)

I love hearing the actors discus the movie as well as their personal lives. It’s like chit chatting with a friend. Love Chuck as a host!!

A pleasure (5/5)

Chuck is the most well-rounded, likable, friendly mensch in podcasting. I would listen to him podcast about the phone book, whatever that is. Something as interesting as movies? Even better. You won’t regret getting to know Chuck.

Love love!! (5/5)

Congrats Chuck on the new Podcast! Loving it! Whenever you’re ready, I’m ready to discuss The Princess Bride! Lol! I’m a G list celebrity!

👍👍 (5/5)

Two thumbs up!

Movie Crush is the Best! (5/5)

There is a familiarity about Chuck. He warms the heart. And, opens the mind.

As always (5/5)

As always ... Chuck Bryant delivers. HE is us. And I genuinely enjoy his interaction with his guests. You can tell he's a fan, without being fawning. He's a good egg and I enjoy the format.

Another homerun (5/5)

Great banter, love this

don’t miss this (5/5)

excellent show, fun concept, host, and guests. I’ve not seen any of the featured films in the first few episodes and enjoyed it regardless

Subscribe with no regrets (5/5)

I mean it’s Chuck, stories and movies. Enough said.

Listen now! (5/5)

Another great podcast! Can’t wait till the new ones! Good job! “I was saying boo-urns”

Great new podcast! (5/5)

Not your average interview-style show. The question “what’s your favorite movie?” is a lot deeper and comes with a lot more psychological baggage than you might think.

Another great podcast (5/5)

From one of the hosts of ANOTHER great podcast.

Great podcast (5/5)

Such a great podcast by a great guy! Nice to hear more from Chuck.

Chuck has hit it out of park! (5/5)

Really interesting, engaging and funny. He interviews celebs, supposedly about their favorite movie. But this being Chuck, they digress down a bunch of fun rabbit holes. Perfect for my commute.

So stoked about this podcast! (5/5)

This is my first ever review of a podcast, I like it that much! Was already a SYSK fan And was so excited to find out Chuck was doing a solo project. It's great to see another side of his personality and his love of movies is infectious, I can't wait to see the movies that he talks about. Also, he has the kind of guests on that I want to hear. Highly recommend!

Excellent podcast (5/5)

It’s a pleasure to listen to Chuck, a font of knowledge regarding movies, discuss films with celebrity guests. He brings a great deal of warmth, empathy, and care to the conversation, and thus, while billed as a podcast about movies, in practice, it’s a conversation about life through the lens of film. Well worth a listen to anyone - movie fans and casual listeners alike!

Chuck Rocks (5/5)

Chuck is the best, I could listen to him talk about anything. The fact that I like movies is an added bonus. I’m already hooked after 2 episodes.

Neat show even when I haven't seen the movie (5/5)

I'll be honest, I enjoy the episodes even when I don't know the celebrity or movie. The only downside is there are spoilers. So if you think you want to see it, watch it first and then listen.

Love it! (5/5)

Chuck is the best!!!!!

Better than I expected (5/5)

I’m a big SYSK fan and was a little trepidatious about Chuck doing his own show but boy was I wrong. It’s so good, so heartfelt and so real. Great job Chuck!

Chuckles is great and nervously funny (5/5)

Love the intro. Best intro to any podcast that I’ve heard. Look forward to more episodes.

Great start... (4/5)

I really enjoyed the first couple of episodes of Movie Crush. I like Chuck's concept and his conversations with his guests are great fun. The format he has set up is terrific. He's got a success on his hands, that I'm sure of. I do have one concern: I was quite surprised by the F-bombs and a few other unnecessary naughty words. I'd suggest Chuck tone them down a bit, as they really aren't neccessary. In a couple of cases, it kind of sounded like he was going out of his way to insert the dirty word. No need to be a muckspout, Chuck. You're better than that! That's why I knocked a star off my rating (it would be half a star if it were available). Anyways, you're off to a terrific start, Chuck! I'm looking forward to much, much more Movie Crush!

Movie Crush ❤️❤️ (5/5)

Love you Chuck! The new podcast is excellent!

Sack Lunch (5/5)

Finally, we have it. The best movie chat podcast out there in the world. Move over criterion fetishists, Chuck the master blaster podcaster has staked a claim in the pop culture sphere. Get ready to get nerdy. Sans pretentiousness.

Fun movie podcast from Chuck (5/5)

Congratulations on the inaugural episode of Movie Crush! I am a school music teacher in California and a fan of action movies from the 80’s I really appreciated Jean Claude Van Damme-esque theme song for the show. I was unfamiliar with Janet Varney but what an interesting woman. I really enjoyed how you both were excited about so many under rated movies. My tastes haven’t ever really run to block buster movies either. Looking forward to future podcasts! Jered Sherrill

Chuckers at it again (5/5)

Please do a Dances with Wolves episode or at the very least Prince of Thieves

Movie Crush with Tig (5/5)

Very fun but lose the nervous giggle. It’s distracting and seems like he’s really not sure how to respond to his guest.

Awesome new podcast (5/5)

I’m LOVING this new podcast!! If you like movies and listening to interesting people talk about them check it out. Great podcast done by an awesome guy!

Great concept, excellent execution (5/5)

Chuck does a great job interviewing his guests. He makes it feel like you’re just getting together with friends, talking about movies. Love it!

Love Chuck, love movies, what's not to love? (5/5)

Chuck and Tig's Mask discussion had me crying through the whole darn thing--great conversation and review of one of my favorite movies.

This podcast rocks my socks (5/5)

I’m not a huge movie buff but this podcast will probably help me after I watch a movie and end up wanting to read an in depth discussion or review about it. Now i can just listen!

Love new content (5/5)

Thanks for expanding your content. I go through all the HSW pretty quickly.

Better than what I was expecting. (5/5)

And my expectations were high. I gave this PC five stars based on three criteria. Number one, Am I entertained from start to finish? Number two, do I wish the episodes were longer? And number three, do I wish there were more episodes for me to listen to? Big check marks for all three criteria. Check this out if you like movies and enjoy hearing interesting conversations about good movies, potentially great ones, depending on your taste. One request Chuck, please invite Doug Benson on as a guest. That would be an epic episode for movie podcast fans and a meeting between two Podcast legends.

Home Run! (5/5)

I’ve always loved Josh and Chuckles and am a loyal fan of SYSK. Am delighted to learn Chuck is a movie head like me. Interviews with other public figures talking about a sole title is just too delicious to resist. Loved the Chuck and Tig show and it was the first one I heard. If that is a giant hint of things to come, then Movie Crush will quickly earn a spot on my go-to podcast. Productions that can always be relied upon for excellent listening. Go Chuckers! Go!

So far, sooo good (5/5)

I am a big fan of Stuff You Should Know and this spin off is delightful so far! The first few episodes have been fun to listen to even though I haven’t seen the movies. I look forward to all the future chuckles.

An excellent production (5/5)

Chuckers, we love you.

really (5/5)


Great new podcast (5/5)

Interesting and funny, lots of trivia and chuck is great as an interviewer/solo host!

Ep. 1 - Amazing! (4/5)

Janet’s recollection of the Tron game with her dad was magical! What a great format. Chuck, You claim to not be an interviewer, but you were wonderful. Keep it up!

Not a fan of the casual F bombs (2/5)

When Movie Crush popped into my SYSK feed I was excited to listen to it with my 11 and 13 y/o kids. We have been listening to SYSK since they were 6 and 8. I've recommended SYSK to family and friends of all ages because of its overall quality and I know my mom won't have to hear people dropping stupid F bombs. Since Josh and Chuck make a concerted effort to not use crude language on SYSK and Movie Crush was being pushed into the SYSK world I figured Chuck would strive to keep the quality of his new podcast inline with SYSK standards. That's a negatory. I'm not personally offended by the language but I really hoped I could listen to this podcast with my girls and bond over one of our favorite past times, movie watching. I also can't recommend it to family members bc of the same reason. There is enough foul language in everyday life that having a reprieve from it is refreshing. I think if Movie Crush hadn't been pushed into the SYSK feed and listeners were told that it contained vulgar language and to listen at their own discretion then it wouldn't be so bad. But when you have a clean rated podcast you shouldn't start releasing explicit material into its feed. To put it into a context that Chuck might understand: me hearing good ol' Charles W Chuck Bryant drop those flippant, unnecessary F bombs makes me feel the same way Chuck felt when he realized what "Mustache Rides" on Gar's T-shirt meant in the movie Mask. Again, I'm not offended, just disappointed. Bad language is just cheap and lowbrow. You're better than that, dude.

Love smart witty (5/5)

Such an easy podcast to chill to, with smart conversation. Chucks easy going attitude is the medicine for what ails you.

❤️ Charles W. (Chuck) Bryant (5/5)

I can listen to Chuck talk to me all day long. Great job with this, man. Keep it up.

Yes yes yes!!! (5/5)

Haven’t finished the first episode yet but the theme song rules skool so I have to give it 5 stars. Also Chuck is great!!!

Way to go Chuck! (5/5)

If you are looking for a podcast with cool people talking about cool movies, this is for you. Way to go Chuck, I'm sure as you get more comfortable, it can only get even better. Cool people!!

Loving MovieCrush! (5/5)

The conversations Chuck has with his guest seem so effortless and I feel like I’m listening to two friends hanging out. Great job on your solo podcast! I can’t wait for the upcoming shows.

5 stars for sure! (5/5)

Love the show. Prepare yourself to research the movies they talk about and to rewind the show, to hear the title of movies again to make sure you got the right title. Awesome.

Love this already! (5/5)

Thanks for this! The idea of a podcast about movies from one half of the glorious SYSK team is heaven! Both of the available episodes are very good. Loving Chuck’s interview style. Can’t wait for more!

Barely about movies (1/5)

Perhaps it will find its footing, but right now, it’s kind of a mess. Half of each show is just general chitchat (the first ep didn’t talk about the film till 20 minutes in), and the movie talk is mainly warm «oh-it’s-so-good-don’t-you-think-it’s-so-good?» nostalgia. Not really about movies or movie love.

Awesome (5/5)

Great job Chuck. I am so excited for you and love the new podcast.

Love it! (5/5)

Very entertaining.

Lame (1/5)

It's just weird to hear Chuck swear so much. Not necessary! Seems like another liberal podcast that tries too hard and fails!

Home Run, Chuck (5/5)

Terrific concept, wonderful production values (that falls under the "of course" category but I don't like to take things for granted) and excellent vibe. Add to all these first-rate attributes the gob-smacking Tig Notaro episode and I'm hooked. So, so looking forward to the rest of the season. A++

Interview Jack O'Brien (5/5)

This show is going to be fantastic, The episodes I've heard so far are awesome.

Chuck, this is fantastic! (5/5)

I love sysk and hoped this would go well. You do not disappoint, my friend.

Chuck's Flux (5/5)

Digging this podcast so far! Keep it up Chuckers!

Insta-classic (5/5)

Keep the good interviews coming buddy!

So excited (5/5)

Yay! Love this I with josh would do a podcast! Yay!

Awesome (5/5)

I’ve always liked when Josh and Chuck get sidetracked talking about movies on SYSK. This is great!

🤓 (5/5)

Instant classic

Movie Crush (5/5)

Great outlook and insight! Can’t wait for more!

You're so lucky! (5/5)

You get to talk about movies as part of your job now while I sit here and inspect airplane parts! Very entertaining though! Can't wait until you make it to 1000 episodes of Movie Crush!

Hurry Up! (5/5)

And release some real episodes. Sheesh.

Great show (5/5)

Excellent Chuck,i love it as much as i love Stuff you should know!

Incredible stuff (5/5)

One of the podcasts legends at it again!

Highly anticipated (5/5)

Can’t wait to here what this guy is capable of once not handicapped by Josh. Just kidding!

Subscribed! And .... ACTION! (5/5)

Charles "Chuck" Bryant! VERY much looking forward to your new solo project! No doubt you'll extend your past life, educational and work experience into continued great success! Much success and happiness!

Classy and entertaining (5/5)

Chuck delivers with his humble and witty personality. He's one of a kind.

Cant wait for this! (5/5)

Chuck is the best and I can't wait to hear the first two episodes this week. Hooray!

Big love from ATX! (5/5)

Great first show keep it up Chuckers!

Great Podcast (5/5)

Chuck is a legend. This podcast can’t lose.

Can’t get enough of that Sugar Crisp(Movie Crush)! (5/5)

Chuck Bryant brings you some known and many unknown facts, opinions and stories from iconic films! Great listen and his personality just like in stuff you should know stands out jovial and a voice you can put America’s faith into. Give it a listen you won’t be dissapointed.

Chuck rocks! (5/5)

So excited about this new podcast. Way to go, Chuck!