Aggregated reviews for My Favorite Murder with Karen Kilgariff and Georgia Hardstark

Lifelong fans of true crime stories Karen Kilgariff and Georgia Hardstark tell each other their favorite tales of murder and hear hometown crime stories from friends and fans.

Weet Woo (5/5)

Pretty much sums it up!

If you want facts they aren’t here (2/5)

I started listening to this podcast thinking it would be a great way to get my by until a new crime junkie episode came out but it’s pretty much all the hosts talking about their personal lives. Which at times has been funny but there’s little to no facts in their episodes in comparison to crime junkie. They being nothing new to the table in regards to the actual crimes. I use this podcast as background noise. Very rarely is there an episode I listen the whole way through. They even talk about how the podcast is rated for its “humor” and not for true crime.


If you’re a fan of women empowering other women through comedy and true crime, this podcast is for you!

LOVE MFM (5/5)

One of my favorites!!! So funny and great murder stories 👍🏻

Love It (5/5)

Recommend by a good friend and now I’m binging from the beginning and I love it, consistently makes me LOL.

Can’t Get Enough (5/5)

I can listen to this podcast all day, love Karen and Georgia so much! Love love love MFM!!!

Karen is the greatest (4/5)

I listen to this for Karen. She is comedic gold, a great storyteller, and really drives the show. Georgia’s constant negativity can be really a drag, but Karen consistently saves it.

SSDGM (5/5)

I’ve listened to so many true crime podcast and this is by far my favorite!! Thank you ladies for making me laugh! SSDGM

I cannot focus without mfm in my ears (5/5)

I started listening to mfm at work to pass time and to focus my mind. Now a year later I literally cannot survive the morning hours without mfm blasting violently thru my AirPods.

Get to the point (1/5)

I listen to TC pods for the content. If I have to skip the entire first section of audio just to get to the case itself, I’m out. Every episode feels like an inside joke I’m not allowed to know about. Idk... add that to the social media following that’s just an incessant onslaught of internet bullies, and I’d rather not.

Live Shows = The Worst (3/5)

I adore Karen and Georgia and have been an avid listener from the start, but the live shows and especially the Santa Barbara My Favorite Weekend shows are unbelievably annoying. The audience will not shut up and it makes it impossible to listen to. They pander to the audience with old tropes is the show in a way the prevents more original jokes from being created and that makes me miss the OG MFM. Still love them but just frustrated.

Favorite podcast (5/5)

I love Karen & Georgia. They feel like friends of mine telling me horrible stories but I’m still laughing hysterically while they do it ! Love the LIVE shows ! Please never stop making these podcasts !!!

I like true crime now (5/5)

at first i didn’t get true crime because it wasn’t really presented in a way that i really could vibe with it but MFM changed that

Come 4 The True Crime, Stay 4 The Life Lessons (5/5)

I started listening to MFM to keep me company while pulling all-nighters in college, but it’s become so much more than that for me. Hearing about Karen & Georgia’s shenanigans in their twenties has made me take mine a little less seriously. I really admire them both and they are incredible entertainers. (Keep up the good work, y’all!)

Love u but not true (5/5)

Double chainsaw hands is soooooo not true !!!! It is physically impossible!!!! Anyone who ran a chainsaw for a living knows this is not possible at all!!! But love you guys you didn’t tell the story.

My favorite podcast (5/5)

This is my favorite podcast! I don’t say that lightly. Every episode is great with many being about murders I have not heard about! I also love the friendship and the true connection that y’all share! I started from the beginning and I’m 40 episodes in as of today! Keep up the great work!

👍🏿 (4/5)

They should consider giving a time stamp of when the episodes actually start in the show notes. Great podcast but is sometimes hard to follow.

These girls are funny! (4/5)

I REALLY like this show except the live shows. Omg too much screaming! It can all get really annoying.

oh my gods (5/5)

I love this soooo much!! My WiFi is called SSDGM sooooooo I think I’m obsessed. Stay Sexy And Don’t Get Murdered! GoOdBYe!!

Funny and Informative (5/5)

Never thought murder could be funny but Karen and Georgia tackle crazy stories with the upmost respect and comedic flair. If you love true crime subscribe

The axolotl (5/5)

He is not a fish. He is a salamander, a Mexican salamander and he is very cute. Xoxo new subscriber 💘

My Favorite Podcast (5/5)

I look forward to Monday’s and Thursday’s specifically for this podcast. NEVER STOP MAKING THIS!

Exactly right (5/5)

This podcast is exactly right.

Best podcast! (5/5)

This podcast has brought me so much joy in the hardest times! The way you ladies raise awareness about the importance of mental health is amazing.

Stay sexy (5/5)

I used to skip the beginning and get straight to the murders. Then I just started listening to the whole thing. I am so invested on knowing what they are both up to. I feel like they are my friends lol . I started listening to the old episodes from beginning to end, and I feel like Karen and Georgia are my friends lol!! Love the podcast so much. I listen while I am working out, and laugh to myself. ❤️❤️❤️

Still Entertains! (5/5)

Now that podcasts are up and running and more popular than ever, MFM is still the one I continue to return to and listen to because of its hilarious hosts and interesting stories! Love Karen and Georgia!

Great podcast!! (5/5)

Love this podcast and Georgia and Karen!! Keep up the great work ladies’

Home (5/5)

I always look forward to a new episode! Great mix of humor and truth. SSDGM!

SSDGM (5/5)

These women were made for this. It’s the perfect podcast for people that love true crime and comedy!

Love this podcast! (5/5)

Hi Ladies, I love the podcast, but the live shows are getting unbearable with all the screaming. It’s hard to listen to the stories when you have 7 girls shrieking in the background every other word ... Other than that BIG fan! Anyways....Stay sexy and don’t get murdered... unless you’re one of those 7 girls shrieking.

My new favorite! (5/5)

Love this podcast so much! I mean what else do I have to say it’s pretty great. It’s funny and interesting true crime podcast!

my favorite podcast (5/5)

I can't get enough. Thank you for the work you do!!!

Murderino (5/5)

Best podcast, hands down. Love these women, kitties, and Steven! #SSDGM

Anxiety Cure (5/5)

I have struggled with extreme anxiety and depression since I was a child. Listening to these women explain their struggles so realistically helps me connect to them, and my inner struggle. This podcast helps soothe my anxiety, and helps me learn ways to cope with horrible, tragic events. My most favorite podcast.

Best. Podcast. Ever! (5/5)

I love all that y’all are doing. You help me get through my work shift and give me a great excuse not to talk to other people. I love the hometowns and the animals and the way yall describe things. It has me laughing most the time! I hope I can come see one of your lives in Texas next year!

Amazing (5/5)

You two are the cure to my anxiety and depression. I love this podcast some much. Please come back to denver soon!!

The best podcast (5/5)

You ladies are SO funny, and I love the way you present the cases and speak on the human aspects of your life like insecurities and therapy. Keep doing what you’re doing.

MFM rocks (5/5)

Love these ladies. SSDGM!

Weekly treat! (5/5)

I love this podcast!

Mixed Bag (4/5)

I’m am very much a skipper and don’t understand the 30 minutes of random chatting at the beginning of every episode, the minisodes are nice for avoiding that. The live shows are hard to follow and I don’t know how people actually listen on their phones? But overall I enjoy their takes on each story even if I don’t always agree with their retelling. And all the butt hurt Trump supporters getting big mad in these reviews are just icing. Keep it up!


My daughter and I totally connect through this podcast. Love it! Georgia and Karen keep me hang on every single word. True advocates for those who have been harmed. Thank you for what you do. You rock. SSDGM

Great Recondmendation (5/5)

So my Junior year of highschool (2017) my english teacher recommeded to the whole class to listen this podcast; and me being into true crime stories i was intreasted, but never got around to it. Now two years later i finally got to it and i love it! I've been binge listening from the begining and I really enjoy it. They talk about these horendous acts in a way that allows you to listen without being terrified, getting the point across while sprinkiling humor on a heavy subject.

The podcast that made me obsessed with podcasts (5/5)

Absolutely love this podcast!

Binge worthy (5/5)

This podcast has become my whole life! I love Karen and Georgia, amazing humans, amazing content, I couldn’t imagine my life without this/them!

Garbage (1/5)

This podcast is completely unorganized. There is no direction. I listened to 15 minutes and have ZERO idea what the point of their discussion was.

Love love love!! (5/5)

Love this podcast and the crew. Finally know I am not alone....Murderino’s 4 Life. SSDGM❤️

Spellbinding (5/5)

Best of the best! So funny and informative, love these ladies !!

Too my jib jab (1/5)

I struggled to get thru one episode...SO much useless talking and the endless f-bombs are NOT impressive. I wish I could give two stars to the intended topic, but I’m not sure if they ever got to it. Don’t waste your time!

NOT my favorite murder podcast (1/5)

I lasted all of 15 minutes. After the third person whose name they either got wrong or just flat couldn’t remember it was clear that listeners probably knew more about these crimes than these two. I mean who in their right mind can’t remember the name Adam Walsh????!! Stick with your wine and politics ladies, leave the murder stories to people who actually care enough about the victims to get their names right. Oh yeah, and drunk-sounding, gratuitous f-bombing banter doesn’t take a whole lot of talent. Pass.

Karen introduces DYNAR and I’m never the same again! (5/5)

I’m not sure which I love more (and I love both equally 🙄), but Karen, you and Chris make me close my eyes laugh! Love. Love. Love. I am still in year 2014/2015 and I enjoy the pre Karen before MFM because your chemistry with Chris is equal to Georgia but different! You are SO TALENTED! So happy to have such honest funny humans! MFM AND DYNAR!!! 👏👏👏 THANK YOU! ❤️❤️❤️ P.S. not driving freeways kills me. You are so funny all the time! ❤️

Can’t listen anymore (1/5)

I’m over this podcast. There are so many others better then them. They were good at first but have become so self serving and pretentious. Good bye and so long

Used to be my favorite (2/5)

I love the personalities, I love the murder discussions but soooooooo put off by the political commentary I have to quit listening... I don’t think they consider the fact that they have a wide range of listeners and when you push your political opinions in this forum as if everyone listening agrees with your thoughts... it just sits wrong!!!

In love with this podcast! (5/5)

Just found this last week and I’ve been binge listening to it from the beginning. Karen & Georgia crack me up!

Love it (5/5)

The best!!

No words can do this justice! (5/5)

From episode 1 I knew I was finally listening to something I can invest time into! These two beautiful murder loving babes rock my world every single time I hit play! Stop wasting time reading this review and just click play and listen to the magic yourself!

Too Political (1/5)

If I wanted political opinions I would listen to a political podcast. Better non-political options out there.

All sorts of feels (5/5)

Your podcast makes me so happy, scared, and have full body chills all at the same time!! I love everything about your show and hope you will bring it on the road to St. Louis. Thank you for reminding us to stay sexy and not get murdered (and other assorted things).


I can’t emphasize enough how amazing this podcast is!!! These woman are amazing! I AM THE KAREN TO YOUR GEORGIA

Amazing (5/5)

I love this podcast!! It helps get me through the work day.

Listen!! (5/5)

Georgia and Karen are everyone’s new best friends. I didn’t think I liked the podcast at first but something kept me listening. I’ve listened to the whole catalog now and it’s so good! I recommend the podcast to all of my clients!

Help Rev Up A Boring Day (5/5)

You guys always make me laugh even when I’ve had a terrible day. I love that no matter where I am or what I’m doing, one line from this show makes me burst out loud even in public spaces. Thanks for making this podcast and I can’t wait to catch up to the latest episode!

I love y’all so much!!!!💕 (5/5)

This podcast is literally the only reason I even open this app!

I like the minisodes (3/5)

I love listening to the mini episodes! However I never listen to the full episodes because it goes too off topic and gets confusing. They don’t feel well organized and researched. I’ll stick around for the minisodes but I’ll go elsewhere for actual cases.

Snowflakes (5/5)

Remember when everyone used to call Democrats snowflakes? Well these comments are showing who the real snowflakes are. If you’re offended by their politics, then in the words of Karen, you can get the f*** out. Keep up the good work ladies!

Boring! (1/5)

I hate all the rambling they do! I’m a huge crime junkie fan and highly recommend their podcast they keep it unbiased and not every other word is the f bomb. I really tried to give it a chance but it’s so boring and they are offensive. Do not recommend!

Great show (5/5)

#195 Karen hits it out of the park this time. Great Guest

Obsessed (5/5)

Love the show. Karen and Georgia are my best friends that I’ve never met.

I love you guys so much! (5/5)

Favorite podcast.

Nix the politics (1/5)

I’ve been listening to this in order on my commute and I find it fascinating! There have been a few I hadn’t heard of before so far. Only complaint is the political commentary. Edit: I’m on episode 55 and I have to change my rating due to the progressively crueler and insanely ignorant political and area bashing. Georgia is every hipster I went to college with. Offended by everything for everyone...unless she said it. Get out of the habit of surrounding yourselves with people who agree with everything you say. You might learn something. Not all of these complaints are from “boomers” as you like to maintain, either. I’m in my 20s. Be the change you want to see. I love listening to the actual stories, but the egocentric callousness is pretty disappointing.

The best! (5/5)

I love Karen and Georgia so much! This podcasts makes my work days so much better. I finally caught up on all the episodes and I am so sad as now I have to wait for new ones each week.

Get into this podcast (but stay out of the forest) (5/5)

MFM has become such a weekly touchstone for me. Georgia and Karen are smart, funny and so real. Listening is akin to hanging out at a party and talking with friends. I’m so glad I started listening!!

Yay! (5/5)

I love this!

I prefer the minisodes (3/5)

Less useless banter in the minisodes. Too much talking in the beginning, maybe save it for the end once we get our true crime fix?

Love this (5/5)

Monday and Thursday’s are my favorite days of the week!

I think I’m on a fishing line, because I’m HOOKED (5/5)

My sister got me onto the podcast and I’m absolutely loving it.

Enough with the live shows (1/5)

In one way I’m thankful for them because it reminds me why I will never waste my money on one - but in another (much more painful way) I cannot stand them because they are a non-stop reaching for jokes by Karen. Georgia has a hard enough time keeping her thoughts and words together and it doesn’t help when Karen interrupts every few seconds with a horrible pun or unnecessary joke. I’m sad that they rely so much on aiding their live shows now and less on creating new content. It’s extremely disappointing.

Quality is gone.... (2/5)

I still really enjoy this podcast, I love Karen and Georgia! However, they seem to have gotten really lazy with this show and I question if they actually want to do this?

I love them so much! (5/5)

They have a great community and they aren't cringe like other podcast can be

Love this show! (5/5)

I’ve been listening for years now, and am consistently entertained by and interested in what Karen and Georgia have to say. They tell stories with respect to the victims and provide humor when you need to hear it. There’s no true crime podcast like this one!

My Favorite Time of Day (5/5)

The best part of my day is listening to Karen & Georgia. I never, ever listened/watched to scary stuff but they have introduced me to deal with the worse thing that is murder, the best way possible with laughs (when appropriate)

Love (5/5)

Great hilarious podcast! Elvis is the BEST!!

Awful (1/5)

This has to be one of the worst podcasts about true crime I have ever heard. These women talk about themselves nonstop, it takes them almost 15 minutes to get into the actual story. Do not recommend

It’s getting repetitive (3/5)

I used to love the podcast when it first started but as others have stated, their incessant rambling in the beginning, political high horse and sloppy story telling have really got to me. They go on about nothing for the first half hour and even when I try to skip ahead it takes more time to find where the cases start. It’s not worth it to me. Also, I know they’re trying to be funny and relatable but I really can’t stand how every other word Georgia says is f***in. I’m not a pearl clutcher by any means (hell I throw that word around on a daily basis) but her excessive overuse comes across as very juvenile and uneducated.

The best friends I’ve never met. (5/5)

This is what I imagine a podcast with my friends would be if we ever started one 😂 Both Karen and Georgia are smart, funny and just overall amazing! My sister got me hooked a few years ago and since then, I’ve gotten several other friends hooked! If you haven’t given it a shot, do it!!

Useless banter and poor research (1/5)

Karen and Georgia are annoying- filling the air with useless words for the first hour and then they make poor attempts to do proper research on the cases. I’ve heard so many careless mistakes they could have avoided if they weren’t total airheads who love to hear themselves talk. If you want funny and true crime... keep moving to the Last Podcast on the Left. Marcus Parks does amazing research and you can tell he is 100% dedicated to his effort to produce quality content. Hail yourselves!

Slightly disappointing (1/5)

I really wanted to like this podcast. In theory it’s a great idea but the conversations they have at the onset of every episode is extremely boring. It would be so much better if they included more storytelling and actual true crime content. Hopefully they respond to people’s feedback and gain back some listeners!

Wish I could give a negative star (1/5)

I thought I would like this podcast because I just love a good murder story but sorry you lost me once you started bashing the Republican Party. Why can’t we keep it neutral. Also way too much foul language.

Less chit chat (3/5)

Wish they talked more about the actual stories! Not a fan of THIS.much banter.

Good stuff (5/5)

Muy bien

Really want to love this show but... (2/5)

These ladies are witty, but why talk for 30 minutes about yourselves before getting to the shows topic?! Can’t that stuff wait til the end and whoever wants to hear about what the hosts ate for breakfast can do so after the story has been told? I end up wasting my time trying to fast forward to find when they actually start talking about the story.

Love This Podcast! (5/5)

Honestly the only podcast I regularly check in on - Karen & Georgia, you guys keep me sane and entertained on the 405 so ty for that. 👏🏼

Please no Politics (1/5)

“When I say ‘Be kind to one another,’ I don’t mean only the people that think the same way I do. I mean be kind to everyone.” -Ellen I used to love this podcasts until they made me feel as if I was a terrible person for my political beliefs. It’s your podcast so yes you can say whatever you please, but that doesn’t always mean you should. All I have to say is you guys should think about taking the approach of Ellen 💙

Please no Politics (1/5)

“When I say ‘Be kind to one another,’ I don’t mean only the people that think the same way I do. I mean be kind to everyone.” -Ellen I used to love this podcasts until they made me feel as if I was a terrible person for my political beliefs. It’s your podcast so yes you can say whatever you please, but that doesn’t always mean you should. All I have to say is you guys should think about taking the approach of Ellen 💙

I love it but.. (4/5)

I just want to start by saying I still love this podcast. Karen and Georgia always make me laugh and the stories are very interesting. I can tell they do their research, and I can appreciate that. BUT.. I agree they make nasty remarks about politics, God, and always seem to throw shade at anything opposite of their beliefs. I get that it’s their podcast but it does put a bad taste in my mouth considering it is a true crime podcast I just don’t think their personal political or religious views belong here.



Sloppily put together and lots of filler (1/5)

For a true crime show, it’s obvious that there is very little research done for each episode. It honestly sounds like they skim Wikipedia for each case for like 5 mins before the episode - which honestly feels a little disrespectful. Besides the actual true crime content, there’s about 45 minutes of filler at the beginning and throughout the show. A lot of this really derails the case. Don’t get me wrong, I like some banter here and there but they really go over the line and it’s too much. If you want a fun true-crime podcast with actual true-crime content, look elsewhere.

Love this podcast-but please leave politics out of it (5/5)

Love y’alls podcast! Both of you are so witty, and put a humorous spin on such a dark topic. I also like how you add tips for your listeners to be more aware of their surroundings to prevent unwanted situations. However being a conservative from Texas it is a huge turn off to hear you all deliberately encouraging listeners against bipartisan. Please listen to Ellen D and her thoughts on both parties getting along. Besides that still love the podcast and enjoy it on my hour commute in Houston traffic!

How is this a true crime show? (1/5)

I was looking for a true crime podcast and found this. They literally only talk about themselves. I have tried 3 different episodes and I skipped so much and still haven’t heard anything true crime!! Why is this so popular???? Do not recommend.

I (1/5)


All time favorite podcast (5/5)

I love this podcast because it covers so many different topics. You feel like you are chatting with friends! They are so real and relatable!

Love the banter! (5/5)

A mix of hilarious banter, bringing important subjects into light, and obviously true crime/murders and creepy/ ITGOESALLTHEWAYTOTHETOP stories. I personally thing that the banter is what MAKES the show! A lot of other reviews talk down on it and the people that are leaving 1 star reviews complaining about how they are “too political”, those people are the ones who don’t agree with Karen and Georgia’s views but if they spoke about different (alt right) politics they would be praising them for being brave enough to let their option known, so take those reviewers with a grain of salt. Honestly they really don’t talk much about any politics, maybe the first 30 min are them introducing, updating the followers, witty banter, bringing subjects to light, etc and the last 20 min they talk some more about themselves and things going on! 100% would recommend!

Okay boomers (5/5)

The only people who rate this podcast badly are ones that can’t put their trump loving views to bed and enjoy two best friends having a good time and talking about crime. Great podcast, I usually skip past the first 15-20 minutes of banter and get straight to the murders but I love them just the same

Great podcast (4/5)

Episodes keep repeating themselves heard the same story in different mini episodes more than once

Witty and SO fun (5/5)

Some how makes my fascination with “the macabre “, which my therapist refers to as a “drama addiction “ more palatable and I feel, borderline healthy! They are so brave, vulnerable and real...just like hanging out with friends!


I’ve been a fan since the beginning so I’ve listening to all the episodes more times than I can count. They’re sweet and relatable and normal and it makes me feel like I’m just listening to my friends tell stories. Love the show. Love them. Can’t get enough.

At my age! Lol (5/5)

Best podcast ever I love them I turning 54 and for the first time I feel free and proud to talk abut murder to my fellow mudarinos 😁

Leave politics out (1/5)

I really enjoy listening to this podcast, however come on ladies leave the politics out of it. You bash Republicans, your fans are not all Liberals. Have some respect for everyone, isn’t that what you expect? If I wanted a political podcast I’d search one out. When you don’t bash republicans and your president the podcast is good. Can’t do you a separate political podcast?

single minded (1/5)

Super disappointing how these ladies use their platform to further divide society. In today’s most recent ‘minisode’, they criticized one of the contributors for (barely) supporting ‘Women for Republicans’. From what I gather, if you don’t agree with their every point of view, you’re a terrible human, end of discussion. This is far from their early days of inclusion and kindness. Stay sexy and don’t isolate your audience

Ugh (1/5)

I’m sad I have given these ladies my listens and downloads for so long. The show is way too political now. I listen to shows like this to get away from politics and the constant fighting from both sides. An occasional joke would be fine. But being so judgmental and hateful so much now is just exhausting. They are being and acting exactly what they say they hate and stand against. Absolute hypocrites. No more MFM for me and the awful book made it to the trash can. No sense in sending it to Goodwill for someone to waste their hard earned money on.

Love MFM (5/5)

MFM is like having a chat with your best friends. Honestly I’d even listen if they quit true crime all together and it was just a podcast of talking. They are both great storytellers and I love every epsisode!

Listener since mid 2017 (5/5)

I’m hooked to the podcast stories and these silly but great ladies. I back tracked to slowly hear the episodes I missed. When new eps come out, it is priority to hear. I definitely skip the long ads though! Regardless, out of the many years I have listened to podcasts, this is my favorite. I have been into true crime since I was a little child in the 80s reading 1910-1930s murders in old century books (Bonnie and Clyde hooked me).

Political (1/5)

I don’t listen to crime podcasts to hear political crap. I don’t care to hear snide remarks or how you think people on one side are evil. Way too much middle school girl talk and not enough focus on the stories.

Unsubscribe (1/5)

For a group that preaches inclusion, they talk down about those with republican views. Not every Republican is a terrible person, like not every democrat is a great person. They are as hypocritical as they claim other people are and seem to enjoy talking trash about half the country because they may have opposing political views. FYI this should be an entertainment podcast, not a political one. At the very least, you should talk about other groups of people with respect and maybe keep in mind that not everyone can share your viewpoints. Maybe practice a little of the inclusivity that you say you do.

Not a weird fan girl podcast (5/5)

My sister told me about this podcast and at first I thought it was going to be some weird fan girls salivating over murderers. As someone who loves true crime but doesn’t like to watch any show where a murderer is glorified or talks a lot about themselves I didn’t bother... not until one day I found myself out of true crime podcasts and decided I’d give it a try. I LOVE THIS PODCAST. It isn’t super detailed but I love it because I’ve heard most of the cases. It does present true crime in a way that is refreshing, fun, and reminds me of my conversations with my friends.

CrimeJunkie people writing poor reviews to sabotage MFM (5/5)

I’ve seen this five times now, and today wanted to do something about it. Anonnie8 below leaving a comment bashing MFM but saying everyone should listen to CrimeJunkies. Sketchy. CJ already pays for positive reviews, and now they clearly are trying to get ppl to listen to them by bashing other shows. Gross. Ashley is a gross selfish piece of crap.

All my friends secretly listen to this (5/5)

My roommate had friends over yesterday and one said they didn’t understand how people could listen to informational podcasts, and the rest of us (offended) said “ favorite murder count?” Then we were all like WAIT you listen too??? Love it sm! Thanks for constant entertainment on the way to work, but NEVER on my way home from work so I’m not scared to enter my empty apartment

Brightens my Day (5/5)

Makes me laugh out loud, while shopping at the grocery store.

Favorite podcast of all time (5/5)

I love this podcast, listening truly does feel like hanging out with good friends. This is one of the first podcasts I ever got into to & it remains my favorite, I’ve tried listening to a lot of other true crime podcasts but a lot of the are incredibly rehearsed, stiff & forgettable. The best part of my favorite murder is how honest & genuine Karen & Georgia are, they are honest about their pasts & how that has shaped them as people & I think it’s beautiful! Also I love how they handle criticism, they are always willing to learn & own up if they make a mistake & they help enlighten their listeners as well! 20/10 would recommend & do constantly.

Too political (3/5)

While I throughly enjoy this podcast as a whole, it drives me insane how political they are. If you want to talk politics create a separate podcast - keep this one to murder.

Stay Sexy (5/5)

I love Karen and Georgia, and their take on murder. They are seriously funny and crack me up! Stay sexy and don't get murdered! I love how they are so open about mental health issues and are advocates for care.

Boring & Misleading (1/5)

All they do is talk about themselves, it’s incredibly boring. Why is this the top crime podcast ugh

Loved Your Halloween Show (5/5)

I have really loved the halloween stories. I cannot wait to deep dive into the rest of your podcasts. You guys have great chemistry and make me want to listen even more to your show. Love your swearing. Be you. Sarah Ankney Sassy Pinterest Pinterest Specialist

Constant disappointment now (5/5)

Was really hoping that the ladies would give us some great murder tales for Halloween, instead we basically get a full length minisode. So disappointing, every single week I keep hoping they will get the magic back. It’s not happening and I’m not renewing my fancult.

Duh (5/5)

I’ve been listening to MFM since near the beginning and just realized I’ve never rated & reviewed it. I am one of the probably millions of listeners that are not only completely obsessed with the podcast but also feel that Karen and Georgia are my BFFs. Thank you for doing what you do!!! I’m so happy for your successes🥰🖤🥳🧚🏽‍♂️🤘🏽⚡️🦄🦠🔮👻

First podcast (5/5)

This podcast introduced me to true crime podcasts, and I appreciate Karen and Georgia for doing this for me. So lovely and great!

Can they talk about themselves any more ?? (1/5)

I’ve been listening for 10 minutes and they’ve yet to start talking about anything other than themselves. How is this a top rated podcast I can only fast forward through so much

Ugh (1/5)

Listen to a lot of crime pods, and this is by far the worst. Complete waste of time!

Like listening to your two best friends (5/5)

I love this podcast so much that I’m ashamed I haven’t reviewed it before. In it, the co-hosts each tell the story of one murderer per episode, liberally punctuated with tangents about therapy and how not to get murdered. The hosts are both hilarious, and their self-deprecating humor never makes light of awful crimes or mocks victims, but creates a little distance between the listener and the awfulness they describe. Not to be missed.

Fav Sister Bonding Time ever (5/5)

Me and my sister are OBSESSED! After she forced me to start listening, I’ve loved it since. It’s our favorite thing to listen to, every long car ride or time at the beach.

Love you ladies (5/5)

Keeping ruling!

Murderino (4/5)

I have realized recently I’m more into the Minisodes about hometown murders or crime than the main show. I may not have listened since the beginning but I’m a long time listener and I tell why they have been very successful!

Surprised by the bad reviews (5/5)

Well Hello! I’ve been listening from the beginning and I assure any new listeners that the quality of production and inclusivity of this podcast has only gone up through the years. We have all been educated together about our unconscious bias and insensitivity towards human experiences we don’t understand. Definitely give it a chance and if not it’s your thing, blessings to you as you explore other interests. 🖤 SSDGM

It’s good if you’re not looking for TRUE crime (2/5)

I used to be a fan of this podcast for the past year or so (I think I got into 2018 episodes) and then had to stop. I used to put it on and like to listen to the banter before the talking about the crimes, but I started to get annoyed at how long it took for them to actually get into the crimes. Additionally, I started having trouble following the stories because they’d interrupt them with banter and side notes. I also began to notice how political the podcast started getting (and I’m a liberal) to the point this I was annoyed. I’d listen to a politics podcast if that’s what I wanted to hear. They also cuss, A LOT. Again, I am young and liberal and I also cuss, but not every other word. The swearing got very distracting. My biggest tiff with the podcast, and the one that ultimately made me stop listening, is the amount of times they make things up or say that they don’t know something about the crime. A lot of the stories started boiling down to reading Wikipedia and web sleuth pages. It seems disrespectful and kind of embarrassing to not research or fact check real crimes that happened to people. It is humorous and I used to find it funny, but I stopped listening for all of the reasons above. If you’re not bothered by any of that, it is a good podcast that fills the time. For true crime enthusiasts, I suggest Crime Junkie, a podcast based out of Indianapolis that’s thoroughly researched, takes about 30-45 minutes an episode, and has little banter.

I feel seen (5/5)

Have never related to anyone this hard in my life. It’s like listening to a conversation between me and myself. But, like, funny and smart.

I love the minisodes (5/5)

This is really two podcasts in one. There are episodes called minisodes that consist of listeners writing in with their own stories and comments from the two hosts. Then there are episodes that consist of comic banter and descriptions of two crimes, with a crime story coming from each host. Some of the two crime episodes are recorded live, when the hosts are on stage in different theaters. All the episodes have some comedy and some crime. I am dedicated to the minisodes. Don’t expect this to be like other true crime podcasts. This one has a different take on things. There’s also some four letter words included, so be prepared.

Showing your humanity and cultivating community at its finest! (5/5)

I hope the title says it all! Love you girls and how truthfully yourselves you are. Also, I love true crime lol.

Going downhill (1/5)

I was such a big fan from the beginning however as I’ve stepped back from the cultural phenomenon that was MFM I see how problematic the girls have become as they no longer strive for inclusiveness but have a adopted an “oh well can’t please everyone” attitude. No amount of well intentions can fix the show, I recommend not getting too involved in the podcast but is still ok for the occasional listen if you’re low on options.

Meh (3/5)

Used to be obsessed with this podcast, I’ve even seen them live. Now they just chat too much about nothing. I’ll be a half hour into the podcast and still haven’t heard a single detail of the crime. This one ran its course for me. Also really enjoyed this more before politics were involved. You preach against hate a lot, but you sure seem to hate a large portion of people in the country that you don’t even know.

Oh no (1/5)

They are the reason why women are generalized as not being funny. It’s Embarrassing to women comics everywhere.


Georgia & Karen’s chemistry is amazing! It took me a few episodes to get into their rhythm, but once you get used to the Cali girl banter you find yourself genuinely enjoying and getting to know them both through the humor, sensitivity, and encouragement for one another as well as victims. Their ability to keep the truly horrible deeds of heinous people on a more light hearted note is something that I appreciate. Do not mistake the light heartedness as being passive or condoning these crimes, it could not be further from the truth. These women are strong victims right advocates, encourage women to f**k politeness (WHY ARE WE NOT TEACHING THIS TO GIRLS AT A YOUNGER AGE?!?) and they just happen to be funny, cute, strong and political.

I can’t stop listening (5/5)

Love this podcast

Daughter got me started (5/5)

I raised a girl who loves a good murder story and these girls fit the bill!

Keep political opinions to yourself (2/5)

Did my best to ignore their attempts at shoving politics down my throat. Couldn’t do it. Not sure why this day and age people think their opinions matter. Nobody is listening to a true crime podcast hoping to hear what you think of the president.

My favorite favorite! (5/5)

I listen to this show literally every day, and even though I’m caught up, I’m constantly re-listening to old episodes because at this point, it’s a comfort thing. You girls and your sweet voices bring so much laughter to my life!!

Best Podcast You’ll Ever Listen To, Period! (5/5)

I was recently introduced to MFM it’s been a little shy of two months and I’ve binged like a crazy woman. I can’t stop listening. It’s funny, has great stories, the ladies are inspiring...I can go on and on with nothing but good things. I think I’m a little too obsessed. 😋

Disappointed (1/5)

I heard great things about this podcast but the story telling is just awful and feels lazy.

Chit Chat with true crime! (5/5)

Love listening to this each week! I like the mix of chit chat with true crime--it makes the true crime easier to digest. This world is really scary and Karen and Georgia help get us through it each week.

Still going strong (5/5)

Have been listening forever and still love them!

Funny and creepy- the best combo (5/5)

The humor keeps it light and the murder keeps you on your toes! I love!

Vocal fry! (3/5)

Oh. That’s some serious fry. I don’t know if that is a regular contributor, but I can’t do it.

Loveeee (5/5)

I can never stop listening to this it makes the day so much better. I wish there was not so much cussing so i could listen to it around kids but..... listing to a murder podcast around kids isnt a good idea anyways lols😂😅 so honestly there really isn't anything i could complain about beside i wish they would not talk about religion ever unless it involves the story’s, but honestly love these two i feel like im best friends with them. ❤️


I listen to this podcast all day at work. I usually get bored with shows/podcast, but this one though! It literally makes my day go by faster, and it’s so interesting that sometimes I can’t stop listening haha! Karen and Georgia are freakin awesome, and I want to be friends with them lol.

Hi diddly ho Murderinos! (5/5)

I seriously can’t stop listening to you girls!!! Comedy, suspense, heart feeling, and especially terrifying stories! You girls win! 💜💜💜 iloveyou 😊

Nope (1/5)

I started listening when episode 3 was released and it was pretty good back then but now this podcast is unlistenable. The politics and rambling off topic while thinking their funnier then they are really made me dislike the podcast

Random suggestion (5/5)

Love the show no doubt, happily stumbled upon this podcast back when it started, they were only up to episode 10 at that point. Anyway, random suggestion, I would love if they could post their sponsors on either the episode details or on their website. I always hear about ads that I want to look into, but I always forget the code of what the name of the company was. Would be awesome if they posted it somewhere. That’s all! Keep up the amazing work!

A must-listen for anybody who loves true crime (5/5)

I don’t write many reviews but I felt I had to for this amazing podcast. I recommend it to anybody I know who’s into true crime and have gotten my entire family and my boyfriend hooked! Karen and Georgia make these tragic and horrible events palatable and their chemistry is so fun to listen to. They make you feel like you’re right there with them and part of the conversation. If I could give more than 5 stars I would. SO GOOD!!!!

My Favorite Murder podcast (5/5)

This podcast is funny, informative, supportive, and profane by turns, and I wouldn’t have it any other way! Thank you for being the engine that has set the Murderino train in motion! 🤓

Hilarious (5/5)

Love this podcast!

RandomPhandom (5/5)

My son and I look forward to this podcast every week! Even though he’s 11 and the ladies do use adult language, this Momma has a mild case of morning commute road rage and cusses like a sailor. No shame. Thankful for your show, all the laughs and wonderful energy. SSDGM!

Fabulous! (5/5)

Great listen!!

No (1/5)

Most annoying people ever.

Sorry I’m a Republican (1/5)

I thought I would love this podcast until politics get brought up. Turned it off after that.

Awesomeness (5/5)

I love this podcast! I just wish I hadn’t went through all the episodes so fast! I want more!

💜 (5/5)

The thing I hate most about this podcast is being all caught up 😕

My favorite murder (5/5)

I love this show I listen to episodes over and over. I love the humor the case study style and it’s thankfully not another dramatized re-telling. It’s facts and commentary it’s real people no acting.

My BFF’s (5/5)

I love this pod cast

True Crime from Two Awesome Women! (5/5)

Love this podcast. Great true crime stories, told by two women who, after just a couple of episodes, feel like they’re your friends. In addition to their ability to bring humor to something so dark, I truly value their willingness to be vulnerable, open, and honest. Thank you Georgia, Karen, and Steven!!

it’s just too good (5/5)

i cannot stop listening !!! absolutely obsessed- it’s funny, it’s educational, and down right amazing

Tried to get through it twice (1/5)

Tried two random episodes because it gets such good ratings. I can’t figure this one out. They never seem to get to the crime part. Lots of chatting about not much in particular. Every other true crime podcast I’ve tried (and I’m through most at this point) is better.

So Entertaining! (5/5)

I love this podcast since I’m a true crime junkie. I sometimes fastforward through the small talk and definitely the liberal politics.

Amazing! (5/5)

Love the podcast and the openness to share with the listener.

Love these chicks! (5/5)

Love this podcast

Look...Listen (5/5)

This podcast is life changing. I love you all!

Best Podcast (5/5)

I can’t find another podcast I can listen to after listening to My Favorite Murder. Karen and Georgia are the best. Love their conversation and the way they tell the stories. Also, their incredibly open and touch on mental health in a way I really, really appreciate. 10/10 recommend!! Start with a minisode so you get a feel for what these episodes are like

Good but nothing special (2/5)

I get that they claim humorously to be “non-factual” quite often and that they would list this podcast under the comedy category, but come on, they’re just not as funny or entertaining as they think they are. I’m not a one time listener, I’ve listened to about the first 50 episodes (I drive constantly for work) and have just not been very satisfied with the result. There’s typically only one laugh per episode and it’s not even that great of a laugh. I feel like I waste over an hour just to hear a half-assed description of a murder that I really want to hear more about. The only exception is when Karen talks about episodes of “I Survived”, episodes like that are so gripping that it’s crazy. But nonetheless it’s still just a person quoting an episode of a shoe she watched which feels mildly plagiarized but it shows passion. Passion is something this show lacks. They can talk all about how they take these murders and victims seriously but if they keep making jokes as a frame to these stories then are they really paying proper homage to the victims? In my honest opinion I would unsubscribe to this podcast and follow Crime Junkie and even subscribe to their Patreon page as well. Their episodes are so so well detailed and full of real research and fact and have an abundance of passion. Sure they’ve fallen under scrutiny for plagiarism on 2 of their 100+ episodes but come on we’re not all collectively taking a college class together let’s just chill about that it was just two times. Idk that’s just my take. Karen and Georgia y’all are great but come on, just talk a little more about the murders than yourselves

Awful audio (1/5)

I want to love this podcast but I can’t even get through 5 minutes because the audio is trash and no it’s not my speakers it’s their mics

This Podcast Saved My life (5/5)

This podcast literally saved my life. Okay now that I have your attention the truth is is saved my life... from boredom! Lol seriously, this is my all time favorite podcast. I recommend MFM and Bizarre States!! SO AMAZING! I also wanted to thank this podcast for helping me move forward (not move on) from when I was r*ped (twice actually). I used to never be able to hear the word. It would be an immediate trigger. But with the way these ladies have dealt with these crimes and awful things has helped me see a new perspective and way to cope with it. It’s safe to say I can finally talk about what happened to me and not be afraid. Thank you Georgia, Karen, Steven, and Elvis. And always remember to never go into the forest.

Ughhh (1/5)

Annoying, boring, too much off topic rambling. If I wanted a political podcast then that is what I would listen to.

Used to love (1/5)

Been listening since day one.. loved the banter as it was like hanging with my friends.. I didn’t mind them not really researching the murders as it really is a comedy podcast... I’m just so tired of the liberal political correctness.. “ we are accepting of everyone because we are all equal” unless you are a Christian or conservative... Georgia deciding to draw a middle finger in all of the Bible’s at hotels.. really? If that had been said to her about the Tora she would be mortified. Karen.. “ I’m so glad my dad is not a republican” because as a Democrat he’s more tech savvy and republicans are basically too stupid and paranoid to learn new technology.. I miss my “old friends” that just used to be funny and not talk about their politics..sad :(

These girls saved my life (5/5)

Thank you. I never knew how much of a positive effect a podcast could have on me & my internal dialogue. Thank you!

Best podcast ever!!! (5/5)

You will love this podcast for sure!!!!! Amazing!!! Love it!!!

Good Stories.. Hard to listen (2/5)

very good at story telling just sometimes hard to listen with all of the curse words. i normally don’t mind them but the girls say the f word every sentence and it becomes very repetitive and hard to continue listening

MFM (5/5)

Love this Podcast!!!

Worst “True Crime” Podcast (1/5)

This podcast is the worst. Used to be good but now they waste so much time with talk irrelevant to the true crime part. My god, all the political crap too. Seriously just shut up already. Maybe need to recategorize their genre from true crime to political bullsh*t. 👎🏼

Obsessed (5/5)

I absolutely love this podcast. Been binging it from episode one. Highly recommend. They give a fun and interesting spin to the murder cases.

Great Podcast (5/5)

I love this podcast and have listened to every episode. I read some recent comments and I have to say: This podcast is really about listening to two funny, charming and flawed friends who love true crime. It’s not about hearing polished true crime reports. I believe they’d be the first to tell you that;) They hang out for at least 30 minutes before they share the true crime stories. This is my favorite part of the show because of their funny, goofy chatting and I’m there with them. They candidly discuss important things like mental health and women’s issues as well as have fun. Listeners might also be turned off if Karen and Georgia mention not supporting Trump. However, honestly these are brief comments in passing that are true for them, not a soapbox or harping that I’ve read. If you can’t handle a person not supporting who you voted for, go screw yourself . TLDR: this is a podcast about the hosts and all their comedic awkward and real glory, not necessarily true crime.

Truly my favorite part of the day! (5/5)

The words “I need to call you back, if I don’t get to listen to my murder podcast on my way home from work — I will be so crabby” are actual words that I said to my mother today. I now look forward to my daily commute, and this podcast really helps to decrease my anxiety. So thank you for this podcast, and SSDGM!

What is your pet peeve? (5/5)

I absolutely love this podcast. And I’m only in 2017. Love love love it! Love their book! But please please please, and I can be the only one out in this world with this pet peeve, but can you please not take sips of your drinks right next to the mics? I can’t stand the sound of people gulping or chewing and I just want to listen to you two all day long, but I can feel my anxiety rising when I hear gulping or swallowing spit. Maybe it’s changed so I can just shut the f*ck up. But I gave you 5 stars because I really love this!

Oof. Nope! (1/5)

This podcast is painful to listen to: #1 Endless droning non-interesting banter. Just enough! #2 Political comments. I think we are all sick of that. #3 The hosts appear to be intentionally acting unintelligent, claiming things like they don’t know basic directions, can’t pronounce names, etc. Ladies, cut it out! Do better! Don’t keep up the narrative that women have to be cute, funny, ditzy etc to be valid! #4. After at 30 minutes of uninteresting blather they start talking about the actual crime, which appears to have been poorly researched. Really no solid facts to speak of and the story is hard to follow. #5 These ladies are foul. Goodness gracious the language is atrocious to the point it’s distracting. #6 So much nope!

Love this show! (5/5)

Theses girls are awesome and funny! Comedy and true crime all in one listen, who knew that would be amazing?!?! Love you Karen and Georgia!!

The Lowest Limit (5/5)

Yesterday’s episode was so good!! Thanks MFM.

Empathy and self examination (5/5)

I get emotional at the beginning and end of each live show episode. The way the audience cheers for our heroines. The way our girls express their gratitude and remind us that we made this community. It always gets me. And all that Georgia and Karen reveal to us - about themselves and their efforts to grow and be accountable, the feminist observations and of course the humor.

Political (1/5)

Keep politics out of podcasts. Unsubscribing now.

They need a new word besides “fu$k” (1/5)

Tried to get into this podcast but they drop the f-Bomb so often that it dumbs down the entire story. Presentation is very “valleygirl-ish” and hard to listen to. It’s a shame because I’m sure the stories would be great if I could make it to the end of one.

Best podcast! (5/5)

I want these gals to be my besties!

Get to the point (1/5)

Content really takes a backseat on this podcast and delivery is inadequate. During an hour show, these ladies read 5 min worth of content and spend the rest of the time talking about irrelevant topics like themselves. I enjoy a wide range of language but sadly these two drop the f-word every 10th word in an attempt to appear edgy while slurping Diet Coke into the mic. Zero stars.

G ... learn to talk (4/5)

I have listened to EVERY episode faithfully until 193 but god dam Georgia please. It’s been 3 years. Take a class. Hustle JUST LIKE EVERYONE ELSE. Sometimes your Georgia’s blatant lack of being able to SPEAK normal sentences is exhausting. Karen can’t carry you for 3 more years. Georgia’s so funny while listening but the lack of focus when you’re talking, Georgia, is enough to make me want to find something else to listen to. In other news this podcast has been amazing for my life and I love them and the community. But like G . Come on .

Ahhmazing (5/5)

I binged from the beginning and finally after about 4 months got caught up. I love listening during slow times at work and when I am driving. They are so funny and engaging. SSDM!

Banter is a good thing (5/5)

The banter makes the show!

It’s okay (5/5)

I don’t hate it.

This podcast is dope (5/5)

Georgia and Karen are so laid back and chill and I love it. They don’t just drone on about crime facts like other podcasts do and they are able to create lighthearted moments in the midst of any murder story. They are hilarious! I only wish there more episodes!

Sad It’s Changed For the Worst (3/5)

I’ve been a Murderino for 2 years and have loved this podcast. It’s accompanied me on many a road trip and kept me entertained and laughing out loud unlike any other show. I’m so sad to hear the divisive political language that’s become more and more frequent on this show (and I’m a young independent moderate!). It was a place of inclusion for us that have the non-conventional interest of true crime, and was pretty funny. Now it’s feeling like I have to listen to a soap box lecture while waiting for my favorite show to start. I respect your views and opinions, but it’s really getting stale and turning me off from the wonderful rest of your show. It felt like this was a community to escape to and listen to a funny spin on my favorite topic. Now the negativity from the polarizing political climate has even infiltrated this. Still love you guys, but come on.

Love it (5/5)

This podcast is incredible. I look forward to listening every Monday and Thursday.

Girls talking with a side of murder (5/5)

Karen and Georgia (and Steven too) have changed my life! I adore listening to them and feel like we are old friends.

New to this podcast life (5/5)

Ive decided after a year of having subscribed to listen to this podcast from the very beginning and I can finally say someone gets me! I’m so late to Georgia and Karen’s podcast but love them already! They make my morning commute, work time, and evening commute entertaining and I’m just hoping I’ll finally catch up to the 2019 episodes. Thanks girls! I’d love to go see some of your live shows!

My Favorite Murder Reloaded (5/5)

Stop with the political references. Love you guys and I am a Republican woman and you are generalizing with your uninformed comments about who I am. Why is it ok to be sensitive to all other groups but not conservatives? We are not all bad people.

Used to love it (2/5)

I used to be a die hard fan and would look forward to it every week. After their 3 month break they still are posting live shows, and it feels lazy. They do little to no research now besides reading straight from the wiki page. It all just feels like they don’t prioritize the show and it shows. I was once a loyal listener and fan, but I’m now I’m wanting to unsubscribe.

Keep on cussing, it’s at least one of the reasons that I am here. (5/5)

Despite working in law enforcement you lovely ladies ushered me into true crime, please keep doing what you do so well. Thank you for letting me listen.

My least favorite podcast (1/5)

This podcast is just an advertisement for all their other podcasts. It used to be good a few years ago, but is awful now. These women act like they are gods gift to earth and the true crime stories have completely lost their way. Absolutely awful!!!!! Also Georgia is a one upper and I can’t stand it. Literally everything and anything has happened to her, like how much attention do you need?????

5 Stars! (5/5)

I just discovered this podcast and I’ve listened to 23 episodes in a week and a half (yikes). Karen and Georgia are incredibly hilarious and riveting. They have made me completely paranoid about anyone that I meet, and have taught me important life lessons such as: 1. Trust your gut. 2. Always yawn in front of people to check and see if they’re a sociopath. 3. Staying sexy and don’t get murdered.

Prob star names (5/5)

Corky chesterfield

People wonder how I have a desk job (5/5)

This is the answer

Absolutely the best (5/5)

I love the banter between these ladies! I started from the beginning and can’t wait for new episodes. I laugh out loud in my office and often talk back to Karen and Georgia. Ya’ll make my day!


Best podcast ever. I love them with all of my heart.

I’m a Karen (5/5)

I’m going to be Karen when I grow up. Well into my alcoholism. Love you ladies!

Nope (1/5)

I used to like this podcast. It was good at the beginning but now too much BS at the beginning and no one cares about the correction corner.

Sad dissolution of a podast (1/5)

Originally I was a huge fan of MFM, but after wading through the dull drivel that is the Karen the Georgia monologue since the original episode,since they became “popular” it is impossible for me to listen to the self-ingratiating BS podcast where they STEAL the intellectual property of people trying to investigate the crimes and instead “ummms” and “ubhhhs” and other “beep no boops”... They no longer care about the women affected - they are the typical LA media hoars.

To All The Haters... (5/5)


Perfection (5/5)

I have listened to every episode. Some more than once. I have seen the ladies live. MFM is my absolute favorite podcast. It is like listening to my girlfriends talk! So much so that I catch myself talking back to them as I drive! 😂 SSDGM

💀 (5/5)

Unpopular opinion: the banter is my favorite part. Also cats. Murder stories are interesting too 🤪

Favorite (5/5)

I LOVE listening to this podcast. I feel like I’m hanging out with my two best friends

I’m done (1/5)

I have listened for well over a year. I started from the very beginning and I was obsessed. Now I cannot stand it. Georgia and Karen have become way to political and it’s really unnecessary. The correction corner takes up half of the show and it’s super annoying. Do research and there would be no need for corrections. Crime Junkie is way better, you get actual stories with real facts!

Get to the Murder!! (4/5)

I love these girls but ugh! The talking at the beginning at the episode becomes grating really fast. I love playful banter, but for it to go on for a half hour and it being just a personal conversation that the listener could care less about? Come on... Ladies, I love you dearly but you could benefit greatly by having a script.

Love it for what it is (5/5)

I’m so happy I found this podcast. True Crime has always intrigued me, and what’s not to love about Karen and Georgia? They are real, down to earth, funny, and witty. This Podcast is not for people who expect a super formal presentation or tightly structured flow. Rather, they are friends having a casual conversation about topics they’re interested in while providing authentic commentary and a willingness to dive into deep, important issues. They have a perfect balance of lightheartedness and seriousness. I genuinely enjoy listening to these ladies; they’re not afraid to share their thoughts, but they always do it in the most thoughtful, socially responsible way possible. I appreciate their authenticity and the vibe they provide to their stories and discussions. Plus, it’s impossible not to smile when hearing how eager Elvis is for his cookies.

My Favorite Podcast (5/5)

Love this podcast and their personalities. I’m a fan! #murderina

Def not for everyone (1/5)

I love true crime podcasts. I’ve always found that even a bad one is still pretty good. Until this one. Maybe it’s just not for me. For full disclosure, I only listened to the first one. The girls come across as superficial and a bit immature. They don’t seem to appreciate the gravity of the subject matter, and they seem to find this hilarious. They also seem to have an indiscriminate prejudice regarding “southerners” (related to their perceived indiscriminate prejudice that southerners practice). Herein lies the problem with our country-but that is just a side note. The bottom line is, I don’t mind informality-it really works on some podcasts and can be fun to listen to. But I just found this to be unprofessional. It may improve as it goes along.

Not worth it. (1/5)

They literally spent the first 45 minutes just talking and laughing. Couldn’t even get to the actual true crime story and even when they did they kept having side conversations.

Mfm (5/5)

Just started listening. It’s intriguing. You guys are great. My only complaint is you should get more in depth 😍😍 but besides that it’s very very entertaining

Love the consistent subtext of this podcast (5/5)

I do not typically write reviews, but I am because I think some of the negative outlier reviews may be missing a salient point. In all of the podcasts I have listened to (and YES I have listened to all of them) a consistently present theme is the hosts honoring the victims and survivors of horrific crimes. In many of the more salacious media-based True Crime broadcasts the person committing the atrocity(ies) becomes the focal point. This frame of reference can unfortunately cast the perpetrators as antiheroes and their victims as mere statistics. Georgia and Karen seem to have a unique ability to focus on the humanity of the victims and survivors even if the context of the story is on the actions of the killer. I think this is a very important perspective to share and I’m glad these women have taken this approach in crafting the content of their podcast. Furthermore the more detailed nuances of crimes they share also have the capacity to increase knowledge on environmental and behavioral situational awareness. This could potentially help a listener avoid becoming a “statistic.” Yes I guess the language can be a bit “salty” but in my opinion the value of the content and intention of the delivery far outweighs any distraction that language might cause.

Irritating (2/5)

You’ll have to fast forward the at least the first 20 minutes of every episode to get to the actual murder stories. Lots of banter, sometimes funny, mostly irrelevant. No thanks.

Too much political chat (2/5)

I enjoyed the podcast besides the fact that somehow politics are always brought up and their feminist views...very irritating, just stick to the murders

The most awesome fantastic podcast (5/5)

I realize I'm late to the party but, better late than never! Karen and Georgia are so funny and as fascinated by murder as I am. If you love true crime with a dash of humor, you will enjoy spending time with Georgia and Karen. I'm working my way thru the series starting from 2016 and every. Single. Episode. Is fantastic. Keep it up ladies ~ I'll be listening!

Get the f*ck out if you don’t like it! (5/5)

Just like y’all say at your live shows: If you don’t like the show or can’t handle it- get the f*ck out!! I’ve been reading the comments from all these snowflakes that can’t handle “the f word” - poor whiners. Or that can’t handle the political speech...cry babies. Georgia and Karen don’t hold back. They inspire a lot of women like me! I appreciate that you ladies open yourselves up to us. I love the episodes. Y’all have distracted me and gotten me thru some rough times. I appreciate the banter. I appreciate that y’all feel the same as I do about our corrupt government. I also like that you’ve strayed away from true crime a bit and doing other interesting topics including the paranormal! I’ve been a murderino from way back. You know your core audience and these small minded people leaving crappy reviews are not it. Karen and Georgia and this podcast are a great success! Don’t be scared of these women killing it! And if you are, refer to the title of this post! SSDGM ❤️

Used to be a huge fan... (1/5)

I started with MFM when they were on episode 7. I was obsessed, kept up to date and listened to old episodes on repeat. Now they have become abrasive and full of themselves. Their lack of research, at this point, is just embarrassing. Georgia’s retelling at the latest live show posted is just.... a mess. They apparently have a researcher too so I’m not sure what the deal is but between the sexism (yes, it goes both ways ladies) and the lackadaisical approach to their craft I can’t even bear to listen anymore. Unsubscribe.

Keeps Me Sane!! (5/5)

I love these women <3 Their intros are hilarious and they help me keep my stress in check!

By far my favorite podcast (5/5)

I’ve been listening since the very beginning and Karen and Georgia have become my best friends (that don’t know me). I live for their sometimes 45 minutes of BS before the actual murders, no skipping here! Hands down the best podcast ever made.

What the Whaaaaa?! (5/5)

Does Karen chill at Georgia’s apartment, discuss Murder upon murder, and then go home alone... at night?! Dafuq? No. Not even once. I mean, it’s all fun and games until your partner gets murdered.

Beep boop bop (5/5)

My favorite girls in the world. They really make it feel like a conversation with friends. I love them and their quirks and the unapologeticness. The perfect podcast from the perfect murder queens.

Love (5/5)

I just started I’m binging all day at work and fall asleep to it. My new favorite murder podcast. I bought the book too. Never stop!

I look forward to Thursday’s (5/5)

This podcast makes me feel like I’m discussing cases with my friends and I love it.

You Ladies Keep my mind Busy & Relaxed at work!! (5/5)

I work nights at a Los Angeles Hospital & sometimes things get monotonous & keeping you ladies in my mix help me finish fast & happy. Thank You!!

so happy (5/5)

as a person who’s been stuck inside for a while - it seems all i do anymore is listen to audiobooks. i’d heard about this podcast about a year ago and decided to give it a shot after finishing a book and getting that bummed feeling you do when you’re used to a setting/characters and need a new story etc. i’m SO happy i finally checked it out. it’s been such a breath of fresh air. as weird as that sounds considering the topic haha. for years i’ve been watching nothing but forensic shows since never missing american justice (yay Bill K) and then later stumbling onto autopsy on HBO. i had no clue how much i’d enjoy this podcast (my first try at listening to one btw) or how much it would end up feeling like i know these two women. it’s just so good. and they are both hilarious while also being respectful to the stories/real life people. i know they’ll never see this but - thank you, G&K. you’re very good company. crazy lady signing off. SSDGM.

My girls (5/5)

These girls crack me up at work especially with the intros. People that hate on it have no sense of humor. Keep it up ladies and Millenium Ray Morris 😂😂

Love!!! (5/5)

Love this podcast! Just started listening to it a few weeks ago and I can’t stop binging it! Keep up the great work ladies (:

Great podcast if you give it a chance! (5/5)

While traveling across the USA in an RV for 4 months my son suggested that we give MFM a listen. I had no idea what to expect, and at first it seemed like they took forever to get to the murders, but then I realized how much I enjoyed their random talk about life. I think they are amazing women. I wish them all the success they have achieved and more. I enjoy the way that they are respectful of everyone and are empowering to women. They are great role models. Karen’s voice is just like butter, and her laugh is the best I’ve heard. Georgia is so sweet and honest and goofy. Both are lovable. So, you haters out there, be like them. Be kind. Reserve judgement. Yes, they have a couple of tics, but they are not annoying, they are normal and real. The only thing I don’t like is at first I got to binge their podcasts and listen constantly or whenever we were driving. Now I have to wait for Thursdays to get my fix. I know, first world problems, lol. Anyway ladies, thank you so much for your contribution to the podcast world and to people in general. You guys are f’n awesome!!!

Karen’s Voice (5/5)

I love the sound of her voice. That is all.

~My favorite~ podcast (5/5)

LOVE Karen and Georgia!!! I feel like they’re my best friends even though they have no idea who I am 😅 I’ve listened to EVERY episode thus far and I’m OBSESSED. Keep it goin’ girls :-)

Very funny ladies. (4/5)

The podcast is really funny and enjoyable, but when the first 20 minutes are completely off-topic chat, it’s hard to still consider it a true-crime podcast. It’s more like a chat show with a true-crime segment at the end. Perfectly valid, but not what I’m looking for.

Potty mouth & rambling, love it! (5/5)

It’s Comedy, And it’s kind, empowering & Informative Comedy. If you want facts & a linear thought process, Karen actually begs you to go somewhere else. If you want company and to be entertained with terrible stories, this is the podcast for you!

Love them (5/5)

I recently started listening from the beginning of their podcast after I bought their book (the title sealed the deal for me). I haven’t read the book yet but the podcast brings me a weird level of comfort for being true crime. I’ve always been fascinated with the dark and twisted. I’ve always felt weird for wanting to talk about things that other perceive as “negative” or “downers.” But I’ve never been able to pretend that the world is amazing or positive or all good because I KNOW it’s not. Thank you Karen and Georgia for making me feel less alone and less like a freak for liking weird/dark/freaky stories. I’m hoping I can find true friends through this podcast as so many others have. Thank you for giving light to the darkness. Thanks for making me laugh!

Distracting (1/5)

Constant dropping F*** was distracting and unappealing. Unsubscribing unfortunately. 🙄 I listened for 5 minutes and they didn’t even get into the case.

Favorite podcast! (5/5)

I tried listening from the beginning of the series about a year ago and didn’t love it, but since then I listened to the most recent 20 episodes and then started back at the very beginning, and just can’t get enough. Obviously it gets better as they get the hang of it, but it really is great from the start. Also I want Elvis ❤️

I love it except for the um’s (4/5)

This was the first podcast that ever got me into podcasts and I love it. I sit at my desk and crack up while listening at work. Then my coworkers ask me what I’m listening to, and I have to tell them that I’m laughing about murder.... Karen cracks me up but some episodes she can’t stop saying “um” and i get so irritated, and then some episodes she has flawless delivery... ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ also to the comment below mine, they already did Polly Klaas! Google it! Episode 24.

Georgia (5/5)

You know you’re a millennial, don’t you?

Clean up the language... (1/5)

I don’t mind a podcast host dropping the f bomb occasionally, but Georgia’s very liberal use of the word makes this podcast completely unbearable. Grow up.

Not for me! (1/5)

If you’re in potty mouthed girls talking about nothing this podcast is for you. Not sure how this is in the top ten podcast. Makes you wonder. Disappointed for sure.

Yasss (5/5)

Stumbled upon this podcast via a google search and have been binge listening since! Thanks for the content I really love this podcast! Karen and Georgia are hilarious! Appreciate y’all!

My favorite podcast (5/5)

I got started on this podcast via a dear friends’ recommendation, I had zero true crime interest ( or so I thought ) at the time, and I gave it a listen. Here I am, having listened to every episode and eagerly awaiting new ones by the week. Shoutout to the Male Murderino Mafia. I have yet to find another male friend that listens but I’m thinking there must be more out there than just me 😂


My favorite part of the show is that these women are advocating for women and children while I am getting my inner sicko fulfilled! I have learned so much and have been safer since listening to you two. Thanks! I’m sexy every day!!!!

murder queens!!! (5/5)

These ladies keep me company almost every single day. I’m on my 3rd time listening to everything through just because I can’t get enough of them! They’re truly like my friends. Stay sexy and listen to MFM!!!

Can’t get enough! (5/5)

Love this podcast! I’ve been listening in order for the last year. I love hot Karen and Georgia can bring light into very dark circumstances and still have empathy.

Ba duh duh duh (5/5)

Karen is a really great , super witty story teller and Georgia is hilarious. These make a Fantastic duo and the podcast is great for long drives! BUT! The “ ba duh duh duh” sound Georgia makes while reading drives me crazy !!! PLEASE STOP THE “BA DUH DUH DUH!” Sound!!!

Love it!!!!! (5/5)

I love this podcast so much my mom and siblings and mom and dad all love it too! I hope there will be more noises of her cat too.

Polly Class, Petaluma Murder (5/5)

I’m from Petaluma and grew up next door to Polly Class. Can you guys do an episode on her Murder?

Review Reader (5/5)

Funny thing about is all conjecture! All the negatives about this, that and the other IS what I love about this podcast. The banter back and forth, the humor and camaraderie between the hosts is appealing to me. Two people with a common interest (and meeting in the middle) to discuss and find humor in something so sad and appalling. Thank you Karen and Georgia!

Love. (5/5)

These ladies are funny and have very real conversations. Nothing feels forced. Some podcast hosts have such bad chemistry or try too hard. Karen and Georgia are awesome. I love the banter. I love the true crime. I love how they end with a “f—ing hurray”. I love Steven. If you want super detailed and well researched true crime - this is not it. Karen and Georgia will tell you that themselves. When I’m in the mood for that, I go to Case File. In fact, these ladies will always give you recommendations for other true crime podcasts. They’re just that rad. There are a lot of gnarly stories (namely ones involving kids) that I can only listen to when Karen and Georgia tell it. They’ll usually skip the gruesome details and refer to the murderer as “a mother f—ing piece of a s—t” or something along those lines.

Good stories and fun gals! (5/5)

I personally love the mix of stories and banter. Perfect!

Luv you guys;) (5/5)

Just got turned on to your podcast and am really enjoying it;) I also have a story of a murder in my home town that involved the new ice cream truck guy who also lured kids in the neighbor hood to do bad things. He was caught after the police found the body of a teen that had been brutalized which led they back the him. I was too young to ride on the truck but my brother was not and later had to testify. I found a small article on the web as it happened back in 1968-71 Lorna

So happy I found these ladies! (5/5)

Love the stories and the ladies are hilarious. Keep it up girls

Came for TC, Stayed for the hosts (5/5)

I think it’s really important for folks to understand that this is first and foremost a podcast about the hosts and their friendship together. If you want to hear a meticulously researched true crime story this isn’t the place. I’m personally an avid watcher of true crime YouTube channels that put in the research and present everything in a very neutral manner so I can understand the expectations people have. I love this podcast because of the conversational tone and the experience of learning more about the hosts as the episodes go on. It makes me feel a little less alone while I’m driving long distances or knitting before bed.

Too much “um” (4/5)

Karen please stop staying Um, it’s all I can hear some episodes...very distracting. Otherwise love them!!

Blah blah blah (1/5)

If I wanted to know about your personal life minutiae I would keep listening. But I’m searching for true crime. Just can’t do this much filler.

The show has potential (1/5)

This show could really be fabulous if the hosts cleaned up their vocabulary.

I hope this show lasts forever (5/5)

Karen and Georgia are one hell of a team. Stay sexy and listen to this podcast.

Where is the true crime content? (1/5)

I was listening to an episode for the first time ever that seemed interesting (loved crime junkie and was looking for another true crime pod). I’m now 20 min in and there’s STILL no mention of the content that is in the description?? Why? Looking for other suggestions of a good crime podcast bc I have a feeling this isn’t it

This podcast has it all. (5/5)

Karen and Georgia are hilarious, through live shows and recorded episodes. They never cease to make me laugh out loud, while also helping me reflect on the crime and murders that take place in our society. The combination of horror and goodness balances out well in this podcast - making it bearable to listen through all the truly awful crimes. Also - the hometown episodes are hilarious. I appreciate Karen and Georgia constantly growing as well, they seem open to feedback and constantly adjust their verbiage to try as hard as possible to be respectful of everyone. Keep up the good work! :) Can’t wait for the next episode.

GOAT (5/5)

This is my favorite podcast. I love them and their personalities and all of their talking and cussing. The intimate workings of their friendship and the details about their lives and personal growth are impactful and beautiful. They make me laugh and cry and then we talk about murder and what more could you ask for in a friendship or a podcast really?

The best ever! (5/5)

Two wonderfully genuine women that I could listen talk about anything and everything, you go ladies 🤘

Get to the god dam point (1/5)

Ramblinggggggg I can’t even get interested in the story we don’t care abt ur personal lives or anything

Pleasantly Surprised! (5/5)

I had several friends recommend this podcast to me knowing my love for true crime. At first I could not stand all the “off topic” chit chat so I only made it through about 4 episodes. A few weeks later another friend was talking about MFM and I thought “dammit! I am trying it again” it seriously took about 16 episodes for me to enjoy it but now I am obsessed!! I LOVE them! Regarding the live episodes; I was warned that I may not like them as much but I was pleasantly surprised at how much I don’t mind them lol. I am so so glad I didn’t give up on this podcast!! It is the BEST!

Long Time Listener (5/5)

I’ve been listening to MFM since late 2016. I believe it came out in January of that year. I’ve loved the podcast since my first listen. Karen and Georgia are hilarious and genuine and I feel like they’re the big sisters I didn’t know I needed. Get the book. Join the fan cult. All that. Also. Fun fact: I discovered Lizzo because of them and will forever be in their debt for it.

This podcast makes me paranoid! (5/5)

I just started listing to it and I love it! It’s so funny and the REAL murders that they talk about remind me how f*cked the world is, and I now trust nobody, not that I did before but now I really don’t. You never know who the killer is! I live alone In a studio, so I think the killer is everywhere also doesn’t help that I fall asleep to it. I listen to it non stop. I don’t have a TV- I know total killer. I am so scared of everything now but I guess thats a good thing? I was listen to this podcast at work and my manager came up behind me one day, and I screamed so load because I thought she was a killer! Anyway I love this podcast this is my new podcrack. Podcast that I am binging.

So much potential... (1/5)

I love crime podcasts and have been searching for a new one to binge. This has come up numerous times as a highly rated podcast so I decided to give it a try. All I can say is wow... there’s so many good stories covered and interesting takes given but the amount of cussing from Georgia.. take it down a notch. You’re talking about people’s deaths and the constant cussing and off beat jokes, it’s disrespectful and disheartening. If something tragic happens to me or my loved ones, I hope that you guys won’t cover their stories given your tactless approach at storytelling. Karen is a lot more tolerable but she does say “um” like she’s never taken an high school English class and done a presentation before.

A great true crime/comedy mess! (5/5)

I love this show! When you run out of murders or regular episodes, the live episodes are perfect to have on in the background! These ladies remind me of my family in WA while I’m living in Hawai’i, so I of course recommend. Perfect mix of comedy and the craziest crime stories you’ll hear!!! Everyone leaving reviews saying they swear too much... f*ck OFF, loser

Not great content (1/5)

Really just them talking and laughing, then reading a Wikipedia page.

Amazing Podcast (5/5)

Karen and Georgia are amazing! This is a great podcast if you love true crime, but also want to laugh along the way to keep things light.

True crime at its finest (5/5)

This podcast is great because it's like talking with girlfriends over coffee about your favorite true crime obsessions. I’ve been around since the beginning and still listen regularly, have been to at least three live events, and even bought their book!

Hard nope. (1/5)

I used to really enjoy this podcast. However the hosts push their political views and radical feminism so far down your throat I can’t force myself to listen anymore. (And thats coming from a liberal!) Also their fandom is horrible. Except for one specific group that I’m still in I find their fans extremely hateful and rude. I stopped listening ages ago. GFY

Used to be amazing (1/5)

TC is what made you popular. Stick to that. The show has become too much about ego and agendas.

Love/hate (5/5)

Love the podcast, hate the live shows. Girls are trying way too hard with an audience.

Love love love (5/5)

I’ve found my people. Murderino for life

Great podcast for crime junkies (5/5)

Besides being intelligent, hilarious women, Georgia and Karen have created a lovely community with this podcast. They’ve given forensic science a cool spotlight and always tout the importance of taking care of your mental health. The heart of the podcast is about trying to wrap your brain around the really horrible things that happen all too often in the world. Through conversation and humor, they outline tales of justice (and injustice) and personal safety tips.

Best true crime podcast (5/5)

No other podcast comes close.

I laugh, I cry, I feel safe & understood (5/5)

I binged all three years of this podcast in 5 months because it is simply irresistible. Georgia and Karen have come to feel like close friends, mentors, and role. They are two beautifully flawed and accepting women who tell even the most tragic stories with a combination of the same humor that many of us use as a coping mechanism and boatloads of empathy. I cannot say enough about this duo. I recommend you listen to them, learn from them, and thrive with them... just as you do with your closest friends.

Stay Saved and Do Gods Missions (5/5)

Love these ladies, this one is always a fun listen. Makes my commutes and travel so much better. P.S. I love seeing all the Trumpers unsubscribe because they can’t control/silence the hosts political beliefs. Lol snowflakes. Ba bye.

Worst Vocabulary (1/5)

Was so anxious to discover a new crime podcast since I LOVE Crime Junkie...but geez..get a vocabulary!! I heard sh** and f*** WAYYYY to much!! Sometimes I understand a slip, but sooo disappointing. Clean up your mouth and this could be a great listen!

F*ck yes! (5/5)

I love everything about the show. I actually listened to the audiobook before listening to the podcast, and after finding myself relating SO much personally to the audiobook content, I had to find out what I had been missing out on for the past three years. Let me tell you, it’s been fun and entertaining! I don’t know why I just sat here and read through reviews but I’m irritated I did, because now I want to respond to all the grouchy hags personally. I’m especially entertained at the folks saying there are too many f-bombs because that’s something I find especially endearing. I’m so over people getting their panties in a wad over ‘bad’ words. It’s refreshing to hear people speak unfiltered in their authentic vernacular, especially empowered females.

It’s good but too much random talk (3/5)

They’re really good when they actually talk about the murder stories/events but it takes way too long to get to that part. I couldn’t listen to a lot of episodes because there was too much random conversation. Just get to the stories, I shouldn’t have to skip through the first 15-20 minutes of each episode to get to the murders.

Funny but Sexist (3/5)

Love this podcast. I’m catching up and currently on episode 46, but I’ve got some feedback. I find the hypocrisy between male and females especially from Georgia very difficult to listen to at times. For example, just on the episode I am actively listening to when David Letterman’s stalker is mentioned Georgia states that it’s such a man thing to do to talk about the stalker on his show (seemingly insinuating he was antagonizing it) but then within minutes when women who had stalkers were brought up she’s mocking the people who say “what did you do to cause it” (because that’s not okay and is victim blaming) when she JUST SAID a very similar thing just about a man, but it’s STILL victim blaming. Also the female school shooter got all the sympathy for her sexual abuse, but when men’s histories are mentioned that involve sexual abuse Georgia has actually said “but not everyone who goes through that becomes a murderer.” And moved over it but women who are the victims and sweet baby angels no matter what they do. Love the podcast and the content but I would love for her to be more self aware of her statements and the inequality of blame sometimes. And in their defense, I’m not caught up so maybe this has already been addressed and has improved! I will keep listening and love it and y’all are hilarious. Love you both. Stay sexy don’t get murdered.

Disappointed (1/5)

I used to be a really big fan even considered going to a live show, but in the past few years the podcast has taken a dramatic turn for the worst. They used to have really good content but recently they seem to get more out of the f word and completely unrelated topics. They are still funny but if you’re here for true crime, you’re in the wrong place.

Disappointed (1/5)

I used to be a really big fan even considered going to a live show, but in the past few years the podcast has taken a dramatic turn for the worst. They used to have really good content but recently they seem to get more out of the f word and completely unrelated topics. They are still funny but if you’re here for true crime, you’re in the wrong place.

Updated review (5/5)

I wrote a review this summer as a long time listener who was super bummed about what I felt was a derioration of the podcast, reliance on live episodes, etc. I've noticed that since G&K returned from their summer break, they both seem markedly happier to be there and more prepared. I've enjoyed the recent cases they've covered and think they've improved.

MFM (1/5)

Worst podcast ever..... f*** word use way overboard!!! Voices are annoying

Creeps in the Parking lot (5/5)

Hello , one day me and my friend and her 1 yr old daughter where getting out of her car about to go into Kroger . My friend got in her back seat to get her kid and her purse while she is doing that I’m out of the car people watching; I’m always looking to be aware of my surroundings; I notice this guy who’s walking through the parking lot but not towards the door like he couldn’t remember where he parked . As he’s walking through the isle I see him coming closer , we start walking up to the door and suddenly his direction changed towards the doors too right behind us and he’s walking fast so I told my friend to walk faster and once we got closer to the door he turned around and walked back to the parking lot.. 3 weeks later two men try to snatch a girl from a store about 30 mins away .. ALWAYS BE AWARE OF PEOPLE AROUND YOU . Stay safe and sexy - Holly

Keep your political views to yourself please. (1/5)

I have had several people tell me this was a good podcast. I have tried to listen to it but they just talk nonsense so much and then their political views come out. That’s when I had enough. Won’t listen again.

My bffs (5/5)

They make me happy. They’re funny and clever. ❤️

Too much chit chat unrelated to the crime stories (2/5)

Semi entertaining but I found there to be too much chit chat unrelated to the crime stories...was hoping for more story, less sidebar

Get over yourselves (1/5)

If you can get over the first half of the podcast, where they talk about nothing true crime-related, and talk about stupid stuff they do and Karen’s humblebrags—bless you. Their treatment of mental illness topics are not as meaningful as it should be treated. They claim to be all about the subject and how it’s ‘so real’, but there are times their own ignorance gets in their way. When you try to write in and express concerns about this, their rude staff basically says “it’s their show and they can say what they want to.” The first couple years of this show were fun. Now it’s a lot of Correction Corner (how about researching beforehand rather than spread misinformation?). And Georgia apparently never learned to read. Karen should also use her real voice instead of this nonsense that she’s trying to do, make herself sound younger than an almost 50 year old. This podcast is trash. This is NOT true crime. This is True BS

Terrible (1/5)

The name of this podcast is offensive. People have died. There is no favorite to a murder.

Best thing to ever exist (5/5)

I don’t even know how many times I’ve listened through because I listen to at least one episode every day. Karen and Georgia take every day walking to class and writing essays from boring to wonderful! Also, if you guys are reading this, I’m using one of your episodes as a source for my paper on the Galapagos affair. Love from Tennessee!!

Hilarious (5/5)

New follower who is indulging on this podcast.

Can’t stop! (5/5)

I can’t stop listening! I have started from the beginning and love it. I’m scarring myself on how many murders you talk about that I already have heard of. Great podcast!!

Hilarousss (5/5)

The BEST podcast for long drives. The MFM ladies are hilarious and have great chemistry. To the people saying they don’t like their use of the F word.. it’s their podcast and they can do what they want. If you don’t want to listen to it, then don’t. There are plenty of people who don’t f**ing care ;) Thanks for the laughs and spooks ladies

Stay political ? (2/5)

I wish you guys kept politics out of it. It’s super annoying and just pisses me off. It’s supposed to be a murder related podcast, not your liberal beliefs. It’s made me get to the point where I now am u subscribing. Bye ✌🏼

The greatest (5/5)

I don’t know what I would do without this podcast now, while at work. These two are hilarious and always put a smile on my face. They explain cases in detail and both are so authentic and relatable. The way they banter with each other is refreshing and much needed. There is also a cat named Elvis involved, you’ll look forward to him just as much as I do, when he does speak. I’ve been listening for a little over a month now on Spotify but I just had to come and rate/review them. It is much needed to show how much I appreciate their podcast and want others to enjoy it just much as I do. You both rock! Stay quirky and don’t get murdered! 💛 -Brian

Political Biased (1/5)

I really enjoyed this podcast at first but their political views and biased comments were getting out of hand and annoying. It stopped being fun. These gals are amazing but they started side tracking towards their political opinions which didn’t coincide with the show; but it if it doesn’t bother you then enjoy the show!

Awful (1/5)

This show is a cluster. I can’t even tell what is going on. I’ve tried it twice now and it’s just a bunch of talking like a morning talk show and laughing and saying the f word. 20 minutes into a show and still no actual story. Would give 0 stars if I could

FFWD through chit chat (4/5)

Can you add the time where you begin talking about the cases in the notes so we can skip over the chit chat in the beginning?

This Pod Can Do the Impossible (5/5)

Ok, lemme tell you a funny little story about the power of My Favorite Murder. A few years ago I made up with my ex, and we’re now very close friends. He wanted me to meet his other ex (who he dated after me) whom he was also still friends with. I was incredibly hesitant about this. I mean, who wants to be in that situation, right? So long story short through a series of events, my ex’s other ex and I end up meeting one another. And guess what? Now we’re SUPER tight. Why, you may ask? Literally because of MFM. Somehow, within the first five minutes of meeting each other, the topic of murder came up and I was like, “Omg do you listen to MFM?” And she cried, “YES! It’s one of my favorite podcasts!” Turns out she, like myself, is a HARD CORE Murderino, and the rest was history. This podcast proves that the impossible is possible through comedy and a mutual fascination of murder. There’s little I can say that hasn’t already been said before, but Karen and Georgia truly redefined the True Crime genre. These ladies balance out the horrors of this world with comedy, while putting the victims of these heinous crime at the forefront. They talk about the tough issues we’d rather not look at, like having compassion towards the abuse that many of these murders endured as children while never allowing that to be an excuse for the horrors they later would commit in life. Most importantly, they created a massive community of supportive Murderinos. This podcast has very literally saved lives, with thousand of fans adopting SSDMG as a personal motto. The amount of MFM groups out there (online or otherwise) has created lasting friendships and community that is absolutely invaluable. I will forever owe so much to these ladies ❤️

So annoying (1/5)

I am old, and their voices grate on me. Plus, they can’t not swear. I tried this podcast three different times because people keep raving about it. This last time I listened for ten minutes then fast forwarded ten more minutes. And they STILL hadn’t tackled the two cases they teased.

Meh (1/5)

It could be great but as many others have already said. 5% of crime stories and 95% of crap. For awhile I just skip the 95% craps but it’s gets old quick and better just move on

20 mins of outside conversation (1/5)

25 mins of outside information is entirely to much

A lot of chatter (5/5)

I love this podcast. I like the women of this podcast and listening to them talk and before you dive in know that a lot at the beginning is just them talking about their lives. I also feel like they have come a long way with research and try to be as factual as possible however this is not an in depth you are going to leave knowing everything. This podcast it has both Karen and Georgia's opinion known and I think that’s fine I can make my own judgment about what they are talking about later. This podcast is fun and entertaining and you will learn about a crime but if you want in depth look elsewhere. I also like that they are up front with that it is supposed to be a story we are not going to listen to a 911 tape and guess about what that means and try to spin our judgment on that. We are here to tell a story and in some ways that can make it more real and human.

The Language Ladies (1/5)

I can’t even get through the content because the swearing is non-stop. And the cackling. You ladies need some medication to calm you down. I feel like I need medication after listening.

bUt ThEY tAlK TOOOOO mUcHhhh (5/5)

All the people saying they talk too much and are too whiney: just say you hate women and move on. And if you don’t want for things to get “political” then literally go hide under a rock because everything is political these days. Say the f word every now and then and just CHILL, this is supposed to be fun, and if you don’t like it, literally LISTEN OR DONT, they say it all the time. Karen and Georgia are both amazing REAL people with REAL personalities and problems, no ones perfect so coming for them and calling them alcoholics?? Get a f#%king life dude.

No real content (1/5)

This feels like the Idiocracy version of a true crime podcast. Really obnoxious.

Ehh (2/5)

This podcast is mediocre at best. All this podcast is about is two white women trying way too hard to be funny, talking about how they hate white men and Trump is the only reason there are any problems on the planet. Then when they have nothing else to say about white men and Trump, you might hear some murder stories of you’re lucky. You can never hear a story straight through because they make little comments that have nothing to do with the story, then they go off on a rant and you totally forget what’s going on. It’s an alright podcast, I guess, but I wouldn’t recommend it.

Great podcast (5/5)

I love the podcast, I’m on episode 30. The only things I don’t like about it so far is when the details are skipped in some stories and Georgia gasping loud so you can’t hear things.

Love these ladies! (5/5)

I love listening to these ladies while I’m working slinging the mail and packages. Keeps me laughing all day long. I’m a new listener so I have plenty episodes to keep me going!

Didn’t live up to all the hype (1/5)

I couldn’t get through an entire episode. I am use to high caliber podcasts and this isn’t one of them. I got through 5 mins and had to stop. They were just bantering back and forth for 5 min before even going into the story. I’ll just stick to any other true crime pod from now on. Thanks but no thanks!

Have they run out of murder stories? (3/5)

Is it just me or have they been doing less actual murder stories and more weird or mysterious events? The show has the word murder in the name! Less haunted houses and filler, please.

Addicted (4/5)

Okay, I love this podcast. Unbelievably interesting storytelling. Great stories, and I love the integration of listeners’ contributions. One of the speakers is, however, quite annoying (with silly unnecessary comments and use of gratuitous foul language) but the other one carries the program. (Names are withheld to protect the innocent.) You’ll figure out what I am talking about when you listen. ;) I really believe that the show could be improved by keeping one host and replacing the other, that is unless the younger one can self-evaluate and understand her own obnoxion factor. I have referred this podcast to many friends, and all of them have told me that they cannot bear listening to it with the obnoxion of this one host. Great but could be so much better with the older one paired with someone else. —H.W.

Great Podcast, Leave the politics out (1/5)

As the title says, too much politics. Stay sexy and stick to murder, please.

Used to be better (3/5)

Unsubscribing due to the hosts being unable to keep their political beliefs out of it. Please know and respect that not all of your listeners are liberal. This isn’t a political podcast, we get enough of all of that in our daily life, keep it out of here.

Stop saying “um” :( (3/5)

I really like this podcast but I can’t deal with all of the “um”s and it’s hard to listen to!

Came for murder not politics (1/5)

Had heard about My Favorite Murder through recommendations on Spotify. Ratings seemed to suggest a great new podcast to binge! But about 2 minutes into one of their newer episodes they went off about happenings in American politics, which is not what I was expecting (or wanting) from a true crime podcast. Won’t be giving it another listen.

My favorite podcast (5/5)

I have listened to this at least 3 times through. It doesn’t get old and I always end up laughing out loud.

Annoying (1/5)

Whiny, annoying drunks.

Could do without all of the unfounded opinion spewing (2/5)

I started listening to this show a few years ago and I loved it, but as time has gone on I have become more and more frustrated with the way that Karen and Georgia let their opinions fly without doing any research whatsoever. I am pretty much middle-if-the-road politics wise, but when you continually spew your hatred of anything different from you without trying to understand their side of things, I have to step back. They also continue to use words like “ambulance driver” and make blatantly false statements about first responders. I am ready to click “unsubscribe”.

Favorite True Crime Podcast (5/5)

Listener from the very beginning! Love this podcast. I do, however, wish they spent just a little more time fact-checking.

Not true crime (2/5)

15 minutes in , yet to hear the word “crime.” It’s a gossip show.

Race for the Rescues (5/5)

Awe girls! I just heard you mention Race for the Rescues as I was getting ready for the race! Ok, my getting ready is sitting on the couch with my race partner, but she is up for adoption and has to be in a stress free space! We are only doing the 1k as she is a senior and I’m fat and going through a divorce! Cheers ladies!! Love your podcast! It keeps me giggling through my work day. The new office space is like a silent disco and you all are in my ears!!

✨✨ (5/5)

I can’t listen to any other true crime now after discovering MFM, I love the hosts and the comedy too much. I also love the interesting stories they’ve been doing later that still involve murder but are less true crime-y. (Like Dyatlov Pass)

LOVED it for so long.... (1/5)

I loved listening to this podcast despite overuse of f*%#. Then the politics began and I just couldn’t anymore. I hate politics and listen to podcasts to get away from it and the constant barrage on social media and news. Using a true crime podcast to spout random comments about their political thoughts and beliefs just got too tiring. I’m so disappointed and feel like with every political comment they were backstabbing half their listeners including me. I’m going to find a murder podcast that sticks to the subject and stays out of politics.

No more Georgia please (1/5)

I listened to 100+ episodes because I loved Karen but I just couldn’t stand Georgia. Went over to Crime Junkie and never going back. Ashley that girl is a great story teller. Someone please take the mic away from Georgia. She shouldn’t be podcasting.

Stay Out of the Forest, and Download More Episode’s (5/5)

I’ve been bingeing this show since October 2018, and lawdy is it addicting. I’ve talked about it incessantly, and have gotten a few friends to listen so now all of us talk about MFM. I even have a SSDGM tattoo. So, I guess you could say I’m a fan and it’s definitely my favorite podcast.

Annoying (1/5)

I’d sure like to listen, but I feel like I’m just eavesdropping on a random conversation. There isn’t anything worth listening to and I’m 15 minutes in. Just cackling about their sidebar topics. I’m out.

Funny (5/5)

You guys make my week and are always hilarious and fun!! But the last couple of episodes you have been especially hilarious keep up the great work!

Easy on the digestive system (5/5)

Unlike those nightmarish Haribo gummy bears, this show does not wreak havoc on my GI tract. Thanks, Karen, Georgia, Elvis, and Steven. SSDGM Blaine G.

You are just good people (5/5)

I can’t get in to any other podcasts because I’m always comparing them to yours!!! I mean there are others I like. But not love. MFM has everything. Murder, love, comedy,inspiration,therapy. Everything. Also, your book! It’s honestly my favorite book ever! I think every woman needs to read/listen to it. Young and old. Thank you for being born. Thank you for being exactly who you are. You are very appreciated. Please please please come to Missoula Montana. Or Washington? We need you.

LISTEN!!! (5/5)

These ladies are the f****** bomb!!!!

Too much nonsense (3/5)

I loved the first episodes until they got longer and jabbered too much. Too much nonsense & not enough substance to this show. I just can’t listen anymore.

The OG (5/5)

There are two types of people in this world: people who like Crime Junkie and people who like MFM. I’m the latter.

It’S tOo PoLiTiCaL (5/5)

Looks like the last episode weeded out the trump lovers. Byeeeeeeee I love this podcast! Their banter is great and it is what a lot of murderinos love. It is NOT comparable to Crime Junkie, if you want to hear a straight murder story with an annoying sidekick then yes-go back to Crime Junkie. If you want to feel like you are a part of an awesome group of people that love to share their lives and the things they are passionate about then MFM is the tops.

Boring (1/5)

They cuss every other word and don’t get to the point. What are they blabbering about? Booooo

Not worth the hype (2/5)

Like the idea of the hometown murder episodes but the normal episodes are 20% actual content, 80% the hosts talking about unrelated stuff and they got so annoying I eventually just stopped listening to show altogether


I’m late to the party but I’ve been binging this podcast!! Love that even though the stories are so messed up, Karen and Georgia are funny as hell and lighten the mood. Honestly the best crime podcast I’ve ever listened to!

From a “non-podcaster” (5/5)

After listening to their book on audible (bought simply because I liked the name. LoL ...and I LOVED it, btw), I needed to know what this podcast was about. Since I’ve never listened to a single podcast ever, I had no clue what to even expect. FF to 3 months later.... I am all caught up on past episodes and have the biggest girl crush on these two! If you’re reading the reviews because you aren’t sure, just stop. Go back, click “all available episodes,” scroll back to 2016, and enjoy. :) You won’t be disappointed, I promise :) it was super cool to hear them from day one and follow along as the Murderinos grew and grew and became this awesome MASSIVE family and this crazy idea they had to just sit in Georgia’s apt and talk about murder grew into something bigger than they could have imagined :) I’ve laughed, cried, screamed with excitement, lost sleep from fear, and grimaced with disgust.... but most of all, I’ve discovered a sense of acceptance and belonging and reminded myself that I DO still have my own interests and I haven’t completely lost myself. And f*ck anyone who can’t accept my weirdness or tries to change me. gotta go call my dad, now... apparently I’m in a Cult. ;) SSDGM YALL! ❤️ (At times they do get a little political, but it’s never been enough to make me stop listening. And I avoid people’s opinions on politics and religion like the plague)

Listen to this now (5/5)

This is hands down the best podcast due to the fact that it’s a taboo subject to listen to and definitely talk about. But when Georgia and Karen get into it you are literally laughing out loud! The connection they have and their different backgrounds is what makes this podcast so interesting. The mini episodes are hilarious and we will make it to the live show next year for sure! Keep up the good work and definitely subscribe! Murderino Joe

Hard to ignore (3/5)

I love the stories they tell and both of them, but Karen says “um” so often that once I noticed it’s the only thing I hear now

Lost an hour of my life!! (1/5)

So this came highly recommended and I felt like between the airhead comments, the constant swearing and like 5% talking about lost me! Not a are all over the place...buh bye

Such a kind and funny flow (5/5)

These two amazing women are like family without the resentments - they get a long so well and forgive and make fun of any misunderstandings or moods they’re in, and just keep the flow going. Their humor and love for each other makes this one of the best podcasts to enjoy. Not to mention all the true crime stories!! What a combo. Thank you Karen, Georgia, Steven and cats.

yas queens (5/5)

I love them so much but singular critique as of recent, specifically @georgia: less historical stuff & more actual murder plzzzzz

Stay sexy, and don’t get murdered (5/5)

There’s a good reason this show’s so popular. I f—King love these ladies and what they do. The stories are disturbing, profound, compelling, and enlightening. And even though the research is at times questionable, there are the crazy, hilarious tangents these conversations and the super real bouts of empathy. If you’re weird like me, You’ll feel like they’re your best friends.

Love these gals. Great show!! (5/5)

I have listened to all the episodes and look forward to the next one. Great job!!!

Ssadbah (4/5)

I love this podcast for the comedy/murder. But I agree that I really don’t care about their political standings. Just the other day they were talking about bringing a weapon to the laundry mat for defense but in the next breath they are talking about their anti-gun views. Protection is protection. And how many of these people who you feature would have been better off... like ALIVE... if they had a gun for protection. Think what you want, but stay sexy and don’t be a hypocrite.

Funny not Factual (2/5)

The banter between G and K is cute and quippy and witty, like if Gilmore Girls had been on HBO instead of the WB/CW. The "stories" of the actual crimes or survivor stories aren't really the point of this show- they are kind of a vehicle for the hosts to talk about other things and make dark jokes. That's fine. I got that going in. Sure the tales of horrible things have thrill value, but they are not particularly well narrated. My issue with this podcast, what has made me lose interest, really, is the absolute laziness and sloppiness of the research. Their sources are sometimes tv shows or tabloids. Georgia fails at pronouncing basic words. Like "coffin." It's hard to balance the comedy with the cringe-y and uneducated moments. That said, some episodes are really funny and entertaining. And others have exasperated me so much I deleted my podcast app.

Used to be a big fan (1/5)

I would listen to this show for hours and was an avid fan. Don’t mind the mindless banter, the “f” word, or discussion of sessions with psychologists, but the episodes just aren’t very good anymore. The show was on a slow downward trend since Karen and Georgia started doing live shows and the decline has accelerated in 2019. And I really don’t want to listen to political views. I get enough of listening to people expounding on politics by watching and reading the news stations. Politics isn’t entertaining (except when SNL does it) and I listen to podcasts for entertainment. There are too many good choices available that are truly interesting and entertaining. And BTW, not all successful business people disregard the welfare of their employees. Past tragedies at the hand of greedy employers is a reality but generalization of a group of people, as Karen did in her statements during the Triangle factory fire episode is the same as making attributions about races, cultures, gender identities, etc. Goodbye !

Tried it did not like (1/5)

Tried 2 episodes but after first ten minutes still dicking around never got to a specific crime. Waste of my time.

Awful (1/5)

Tried to listen for the first time. 20 minutes in an still haven't heard anything worth listening to. I’m not offended by cursing but it’s just so dumb and not needed. It makes you sound dumb. Awful podcast. Can’t even listen. Back to Crime Junkie.

So disappointing (1/5)

This podcast came highly recommended but it is so bad, it is all over the place and maybe 5% talks about true crime. So bad and poorly done.

My secret besties!!!! (5/5)

Georgia & Karen are the best at tag-team presenting stories of murder and mysterious deaths as well as assorted interesting listener-supplied info. They have strong political and social views, so they are not everyone’s “cup of tea”; but certainly worth the time to listen and find out. I don’t agree with everyone at my church about all social, political, & medical issues; and I don’t agree with everyone at my workplace about all political, medical, & religious issues. But I’ve yet to meet anyone who can’t get behind DGM!! (So if 100% of the world can back 60% of their tag line, maybe we all have more in common than we think!

Boring (1/5)


What happened?! (2/5)

Karen said, “We’re going to talk about stuff that has nothing to do with true crime for awhile.” But really, that’s more than half of the time. Their murders are shorter and less researched than they used to be. It’s more of a podcast where they keep in touch with each other than one of a “true crime, comedy podcast.” I keep listening with hopes that it will get better.

Love it ! (5/5)

Favorite murder podcast it’s funny and yet you get to hear stories . Love it so much

Amazing (5/5)

Just started listening a month or so ago but I love this podcast. Karen and Georgia do their research to give detailed stories while adding in their own humor. They also will graciously accept criticism and correct their wrongs. So easy to listen and enjoy

The reason I’m obsessed with podcasts (5/5)

These ladies are amazing. I have always been a huge true crime nerd and never really had anyone to discuss cases with. I would 100% recommend this podcast to anyone and everyone, Karen & Georgia are hilarious, so down to earth and relatable that I feel like I’m part of the conversation. Told my 62 year old dad about this podcast when I started listening a year ago - he loves it just as much as I do.

Delected due the unnecessary used of F-word (1/5)

The use of F-word demeans the content...

A gift from the true crime gods (5/5)

I’m so obsessed with this podcast! I tell everyone I know to listen. Karen and Georgia’s comedic chemistry is undeniable and the stories range from your fav heavy hitter serial killers to people and tragedies I’ve never heard before. Great intro podcast to people who are new listeners. 20/10

It’s a traaaaaaysure (5/5)


Couldn’t finish 1 episode... (2/5)

So in their defense, I did not finish an episode...but that also counts against them. I really enjoy a good crime story, but the personalities of the hosts got on my nerves almost immediately. As I continued to listen, it just got worse as they dropped the “f” word every 5 seconds almost as if it were an “ummmm” or a “ya know”. I don’t enjoy excessive swearing anyway, but it was especially distracting to the story and was just unnecessary noise that came across as a lack of articulation. And in my opinion, they just weren’t funny when they were trying to be. If you like true crime stories, my favorite podcast so far has been Crime Junkie.

WeeetWooooo (5/5)

This podcast keeps me sane for 8 hours a day while at work. I think they are both amazing! I can’t wait to see them live!!

Love this podcast! (5/5)

This is one of my favorite podcasts and wish I could listen to them everyday. They are relatable, funny and tell the stories so well. I also really appreciate the openness about anxiety and mental illness. I struggle with many metal illnesses and it is always nice to know that I am not alone. SSDGM!

I was a devout fan until POLITICS (1/5)

I was a fan from the very beginng and have even been to live shows, but once you started bringing politics and political correctness into the picture, you lost me. There's a time and place for that, but I don't think this is it. This podcast is called MFM, I want to hear about interesting murder with funny banter between K & G. I also felt like as time went on, the podcasts got worse? I know I'm not the only one. I feel like Karen became very lazy with her "research" and literally just recaps an episode she watched on ID or TLC. I don't know if it's because she spreads herself too thin between being a writer and doing the podcast, but don't commit to hosting a podcast if you can't even do the bare minimum. Especially a podcast that you so clearly make $$$ from. Because of all of this and more, you lost me as a listener for good. I've switched to Crime Junkie and enjoy their content so much more. If you've gotten sick of MFMs bull, try Crime Junkie, it's a breathe of fresh air.

Is this podcast actually about murder? (1/5)

I honestly couldn’t tell you what this podcast is about... Very unprofessional and very unorganized. How does this podcast even have any listeners?

UM (5/5)

I um love this podcast um but the ums get so distracting ( I’ll turn it um off ☹️). I enjoy Karen and um Georgia and their um storyumtelling. I LOVE THIS PODCAST but the um um um um umsssss KAREN

Used to be good (2/5)

I used to enjoy listening to the Minisodes , I listen to the newer stuff and it seems like they have just decided use the platform to push their Political ideology and sell merch. Their show has become like The View murder edition.

Best Podcast (5/5)

I am obsessed with MFM!! I listen to it all the time and am so entertained by every episode. So happy I found this podcast, it is a must-listen if you like murder!!! Great podcast

Doors locked (5/5)

I’m on episode 15, in a week. Jumping to current as well. Love you two! It’s getting to know and relate to you both is amazing! Keep it real!

New best friends (5/5)

I literally talk about Karen and Georgia like they’re close personal friends... I just started last week and I’m already on episode 12. Seriously my dream is a wine night with them watching criminal minds or another crime show/documentary. Also love that they aren’t caught up with the facts, something about telling it like a story without fact checking makes the stories scarier.

Love these ladies!!! (5/5)

I’m late to the game and only recently found this podcast this summer. I love mysteries and I love the format of this podcast!! You ladies make me laugh out loud all the time and have taken my mind off some of the rough patches in my life. It’s a great combination of fun and mystery and it definitely helps break up the day when I listen to it at work and also on my weekend drives. Keep it up ladies!! SSDGM!

You’re becoming hard to love (5/5)

This is one of my favorite podcasts. I love listening to Karen & Georgia after a long day at work. I have always found them to be inspirational women and the topic very interesting. That being said it is going downhill... fast. A long break followed by a lot of non murder stories and endless commercials. I am 7 minutes into this week’s episode. Two commercials so far and a corrections corner about his last weeks story came from daily mail (obviously not a reliable source but it was still interesting to hear Karen tell) and then sighting reddit comments followed by a reminder to see your shows in the UK?! I am 100% for women making that big money, unfortunately despite making it the quality is not as good as it was before the long hiatus.

Worth it! (5/5)

I started listening based on a suggestion from my sister and now I am hooked! I started from the beginning and while driving to Sacramento listened about Karen and Georgia discuss the Sacramento Vampire eeekkk! It was terrifying and wonderful all at the same time! I love their story telling and their short podcasts called My Hometown Murders. I give them 5 stars but I will say they take a minute to get to the murders sometimes. I still love you guys!

Um (2/5)

I like the podcast but this latest one was hard to listen to because of the amount of ums and uhs. We all do it but it feels like you should have it under control if your hosting a podcast and if not re-record it.

My rating stars are fading....... (2/5)

I loved the beginning, G & K were funny and talked about true crime. Then about 10 or more episodes in, the political stuff began. I can’t imagine how bad the newer episodes are, now that the politics are getting wild over impeachment talk. I moved over to Crime Junkies. SSDGM. Byyyyeee MFM.

Ehh (1/5)

I was recommended this podcast after telling a coworker about how much I love Crime Junkie. I listened to a more recent episode assuming I could just jump in, but there were so much random pointless banter and inside jokes that I didn’t understand. I went back to the very first episode and started listening from there, but now 3 episodes in, I still can’t get into it. I want to listen to true crime, not these girls discussing random stuff. Crime Junkie is SO much better. I am recommending everyone listen to that podcast if you like true crime. Also, is the swearing every other word necessary? It usually doesn’t bother me, but it’s a little excessive. Sorry MFM, I’m out. ✌🏾

You won’t regret listing to this podcast (5/5)

Many friends recommended this to me. They told me to listen to the episode that tells the true story behind Three Billboards Outside Ebbing Missouri since I love the movie, but I couldn’t get into it. Recently, I started back at Episode 1 and have binged listened since. Karen and Georgia tell great stories and their personalities make the show even better. You will laugh out loud, but you will also learn how to stay sexy and not get murdered.

My Safety Net (5/5)

I’ve been listening for a year and when I caught up to the weekly episodes I restarted listening from the beginning. It’s my go to when I’m driving, doing stuff around the house, feeling scared and alone, and when I need a smile. I should have written a review a long time ago. This podcast is amazing and makes my heart so happy. Highly recommend.

Get to the point and the actual STORY (1/5)

listening to their side jokes and laughs is the most annoying thing ever. they don’t stay focused on the story and get off track way to often

Slipping (2/5)

I’ve never written a review before, but it feels like the show is slipping. I really wish they would go back to the main episodes being about murder and true crime instead of industrial disasters and odd occurrences like Dylatov Pass. The minisodes are where that nonsense belongs. Gimme murders! It just feels like the ladies have gotten too big for their britches now that their network has blown up, or maybe they’ve just checked out. Almost feels like back in the day when Karen was too busy to do anything but regurgitate episodes of “I Survived.” I mean, when you’re charging $100 a pop for your live shows and clearly have enough ad revenue, the least you could do is more than an afternoon’s casual research, as Georgia likes to mention she does. Maybe someday they’ll get back on track, but until then Jensen and Holes is picking up the slack.

Slipping (2/5)

I’ve never written a review before, but it feels like the show is slipping. I really wish they would go back to the main episodes being about murder and true crime instead of industrial disasters and odd occurrences like Dylatov Pass. The minisodes are where that nonsense belongs. Gimme murders! It just feels like the ladies have gotten too big for their britches now that their network has blown up, or maybe they’ve just checked out. Almost feels like back in the day when Karen was too busy to do anything but regurgitate episodes of “I Survived.” I mean, when you’re charging $100 a pop for your live shows and clearly have enough ad revenue, the least you could do is more than an afternoon’s casual research, as Georgia likes to mention she does. Maybe someday they’ll get back on track, but until then Jensen and Holes is picking up the slack.

Couldn’t be more obsessed. (5/5)

This is all I listen to all day.

Hilarious (5/5)

Is it a true crime podcast? Mostly. But it’s also two ladies that feel like they’re your friends, talking about sh** that they think is funny or cool. I’ve been catching up, listening from the first episode (I’m late to the party!) but I absolutely love it. For those upset about the Trump comments...they’ve been clear about their political views from the start. You don’t have to listen, and it certainly doesn’t make the podcast bad. Banter between the two, including politics, Netflix shows, favorite foods, etc. has been part of it FROM THE BEGINNING. Want a true crime podcast that’s strictly facts? There are plenty out there. This one ain’t it. We love MFM because it’s relatable, funny personalities with just a soupçon of true crime. Don’t take it so seriously.

Love the show (5/5)

I love how liberals are considered "snow flakes" yet there are so many people rating the podcast poorly due to them being offended of your comments about politics HAVE TO LOL Keep doin what you're doin ♥️

Love these ladies (5/5)

This podcast is responsible for my 30 lb weight loss! i walked and walked listening to this from the beginning and now it’s 6 months later and i’m so much lighter! They’re hilarious and they care. And they care about victims and women especially which makes them anti Trump sort of by default... Anyways. love the podcast!!!! thanks for the health kick!

You Gotta! (5/5)

Wonderful podcast community

My favorite podcast ;) (5/5)

Karen and Georgia are so funny, relatable and great story tellers! They have such empathy for the victims of their stories as well as such honesty for their own struggles. It’s a wonderful true crime podcast to get through the work day, a long commute or a workout.

Enough already (1/5)

This podcast has the same problem that almost all True Crime podcast have, the sidekicks are terrible.

Best. Podcast. Ever. (5/5)

I just delved into the world of podcasts and podcasting. I LOVE THIS PODCAST. Georgia and Karen are hilarious. I’ve binged their podcasts for the last week and a half. I’m on episode 30. Their voices are so soothing. They’re fantastic. 10/10 will recommend.

Game changer (5/5)

This podcast has changed my commutes from a daily slog to something I look forward to. I am so happy I have found Karen, Georgia, Steven, et al.

True crime comedy - or get the f*ck out (5/5)

Murderinos unite! Karen and Georgia. I don’t even need to write anything here. Hi Dotty. Stephen’s mustache. G’BYE!

Terrible illiterate Podcast (1/5)

I listened to all of the Crime Junkies episodes so I decided to try something new. Big mistake, this podcast is impossible to listen to. Back to Crime Junkies we go.

Heartbroken (1/5)

This used to be my favorite podcast. I would look forward to new episodes every week and listen immediately and then go back to old ones to work my way through the catalog. But, now Karen and Georgia have fallen into the trap of thinking that everyone is entitled to their political opinions and that is not what I am looking for. I finally turned it off yesterday because I was almost 15 minutes in and they hadn’t even started talking about the murder itself. Wish they would go back to the old way of doing things.

So Now I love you two (5/5)

The first to episodes I was like these chicks are doing too much BUT after going further I realize I love them. They are freaking hilarious. No murder isn’t funny but what they have to say is too funny. And listen it still makes sense. Most podcast are so serious. But they talk about what I love and make me laugh at the same time. Thanks ladies.

Murders are not funny (1/5)

I did not like their style of telling the story. There is a lot of side talk that is not worth my time. I started listening because the reviews were phenomenal so my expectation has been a little high. Sorry ladies murders are not funny and I sometimes I thought you were a little senseless.

Used to Love this Podcast (2/5)

I used to absolutely love this podcast, but I feel like it’s really gotten hard to listen to over the past year or so. I still love the mini-sodes but can’t stand any of the full length podcasts. When they’re not live, they’re jaw jabbering in the studio for WAY too long. I also get so frustrated that they assume all of their listeners align with their political views. While I am all for political dissent, a podcast labeled as “true crime comedy” doesn’t feel like the right medium. Nobody likes to feel like they’re being preached at, especially when they are hoping for some comedic relief when they choose to listen to this podcast.

Love their relationship! (5/5)

This podcast makes me think I’m sitting in a room talking to my best friends! It’s great!

Lurrrrve (5/5)

I’ve been a loyal listener since the beginning. I love their banter and sarcasm and the way they tell their stories is so easy to follow. As fall as politics, I don’t care if they talk about any of it. They have a platform and are able to have an opinion which I feel is important to speak up in times like these. It just sounds like the one star-ers are offended that Karen and Georgia don’t like Trump. Oh well?

Love it, great to distract kids! (5/5)

Kids love the stories and they are long enough for the wife and I to get stoned and make love. Thank you more than you know!

My Favorite Podcast (5/5)

My favorite gals! Thanks for being funny while also giving me my true crime fix.

Karen and Georgia are real people (5/5)

... entitled to opinions. Take em or leave em. Do you stop visiting with your family because you can’t agree on politics? If the answer is yes then I feel sorry for you. Not being able to have relationships with people who are different from you one way or another will greatly limit your life experiences. Get out if you cannot handle their candid and short but sweet political two sense. It is literally about a 10 mins sound bite among hours and hours and hours of great content. I feel bad for y’all, keep that mind open and SSDGM!!

Yasssss (5/5)

Love you, Georgia and Karen (and Steven and fur babes)! A perfect mix of true crime, relatable social awkwardness/anxiety, and comedy. ❤️

My Favorite Binge (5/5)

I’ve been listening since last year, even binging old episodes and I love these ladies. Above all else, I want to thank Karen for continually CONTINUALLY showing up and representing for black and brown people! She consistently uses this platform to shed light on the injustices and disadvantages against black and brown and she’s fearless in doing so. The people of color who listen in often definitely see you, girl and need you to know you’re definitely invited to the next cookout lol. Love both you ladies!

Love this podcast! (5/5)

Started listening to this podcast a few months ago and I’m about half way. Love listening to you guys talk about true crime as I’m working, it helps me get through the day. As far as the negative comments about politics, they should’ve known your views if they had listened from the beginning. That’s their fault. SSDGM -Lauren ❤️

Personalities Galore! (5/5)

I love this pod! I like the true crime aspect, but what I really love is that we get to know these women. Their quirks, humor, politics, religion, and pasts are all part of who they are and I love hearing about it. It’s like they are my friends. Keep up the good work ladies! And keep on fighting the good fight!

God I love this podcast!!!!! (5/5)

I love listening to this even when it freaks me out when I’m home alone :)

I don’t get it (1/5)

I have really tried to give this podcast a chance, but after like 6 episodes of me just fast forwarding through the BS to find an actual true crime story, I have failed. Like... WHY do people like this? I don’t care about your fear of blood clots on flights or your merch. Get to the effing point! I actually yelled out loud at my iPhone I was so irritated. Worst podcast ever. Hate.

My favorite podcast (5/5)

Karen and Georgia makes this the best true crime podcast with their spontaneity, charm, and true love for what they do. Keep being exactly right!! ❤️

My favorite (5/5)

At first I wasn’t sure about this podcast. I felt they talked to much, but as I got to listening it has become my favorite. My first podcast was Crime Junkie, but this by far is the best one for me.

Listen from the beginning... but be prepared to fall in love (5/5)

The community, the stories, the inside jokes. Come for the loose retelling of true crime and stay for the deep love you’ll feel for the murderino community.

Proud murderino (5/5)

Beyond proud to be able to listen to two informed, intelligent women who are socially conscious and have a moral compass they feel that they can share. They’ve created a BEAUTIFUL community where people are free to share their opinions. I’ve met these incredible women at a meet and greet and can’t say enough great things. Thank you for raising awareness to this horrendous political climate Stay sexy and don’t let idiots run the country (regardless of political affiliation)

A murderino born a little too late (5/5)

I say this because I fell in love with these ladies shortly after they were live in my hometown. I love how real Karen and Georgia are and how they make me feel like I’m just sitting and chatting with fellow true crime/murder obsessed friends. They aren’t afraid of getting it wrong (correction corner is always fun) and definitely describe things the same way I would. SSDGM!

Needs five stars (5/5)

Long time listener, and this podcast has EVERYTHING. Love the rants, love the banter, love the true crime/comedy mashup. Yes, they voice some of their political opinions here and there but it shouldn’t bother you unless you’re an ornery Trump supporter. Karen and Georgia are killing it and they deserve five stars ok bye.

Forever my Favorite (5/5)

This is the podcast that made me fall in love with podcasts! Karen and Georgia have managed to beautifully balance horror and humor in such a respectful way.

Love this podcast! (5/5)

Here for support! I’m glad you shared your political views! This is the funniest podcast I’ve ever listened too and loveee me some murder!

The only podcast you need (5/5)

Literally the only podcast I’ve ever listened to.. and probably will ever listen to

still freakin great!! (5/5)

I’ve been listening for a good while and I honestly don’t mind live episodes at all!! I mean at least it’s something! I like all the episodes and am ever so grateful that y’all are still going strong even with this psychos who give you crap As for the reviews about politics GEEZ you mention politics once and all of a sudden people are angry and saying you’re “shoving it down their throats”, what a bunch of dummies. I support you girls fully! And even if I didn’t agree with y’alls political pov I would still support, I wouldn’t ever wanna not gonna miss out on the crime and murder stories!

Tears of laughter (5/5)

I love this podcast it was my first one and is now part of my daily drive. These ladies have had me in tears of sadness, laughter, and relief, it’s a great podcast. They talk about things I don’t wanna hear about or I don’t agree with but I’m an adult and can understand not everyone believes the same so I just fast forward a bit and move on. Hope to see them live one day!! SSDGM

i’m a relistener (5/5)

i, shamefully, am on my third round of listening to this podcast from the beginning. i don’t care that i’ve heard these stories two times before already, they’re still just as interesting and i love the non-crime talk between karen and georgia. i think they’re funny, strong, intelligent, self-aware women and i love to get to know them and hear their opinions and stories. most of all they’re real, they seem like normal people and i can relate. i started my third re-listen after i finished their book earlier this may because i didn’t want to wait a week to hear them again. thank you karen and georgia (and steven!).

Sorry (3/5)

I’m sorry but I only like the MiniSodes.

Literally the only podcast I listen to (5/5)

^ no joke. I just discovered podcasts because I live under a rock. I found this one and it’s all I need. I have always loved crime and would read books about it but I can’t stomach reading on the subway, aka motion sickness. This podcast is so satisfying. Being an anxiety sufferer with an insane fear of death, I find solace being able to learn about past crimes while adding a twist of humor. I personally love Karen and Georgia’s personalities as I can relate to them with the sarcasm and therapy talk and all that good stuff. I don’t want someone just reading me stories - otherwise I’d buy an audiobook. If that’s what you’re looking for... then bye. Yes, many people can read stories but their passion for this and wit are what make this show.

Best True Crime Podcast (5/5)

I just discovered this podcast and have been binging it for the last few weeks. It makes my work day go by so much faster because it feels like listening to conversations I’ve had with my friends about true crime.

Perfect combination of comedy and true crime stories (5/5)

Perfect combination of comedy and true crime stories. Stories told with a twist of comedy but mindful and sensitive to victims.

Love this podcast (5/5)

I love this podcast, I got my sister listening she’s in England, I’m in Arizona, keep it up!!! You make my drive to work and back more enjoyable 💕

Murderino (5/5)

I LOVE being a murderino! I listen to this podcast every day, even with my kids haha. My oldest (who’s 4) loves the ending with Elvis and always wants to give him a cookie hahaha. Keep on doing great things girls!!

Went downhill for me .... (1/5)

The podcast was great when it was actually about murder and True crime.

MFM Got Me Into Podcasts (4/5)

I’ve been listening to MFM from almost the beginning of the show and have always been a big fan. In recent months, however, I did get wildly annoyed with the live episodes and rambling on about merch available. It seems like both ladies took the reviews seriously and corrected themselves, because it hasn’t been an issue in their past few eps! Please continue to be your funny selves and tell your stories the way you do because that’s why your fan base is so big! Those complaining about them sharing their political is so rare that they share how they feel about politics. And tbh, “not talking about political views” when the country is run by a racist/xenophobic/homophobic idiot that is impacting peoples day to day lives, it’s no longer about politics!!! It’s simply them sharing something that effects their day to day aka what they always do, so get over it. No one wants trumpster murderinos anyway 🤷🏼‍♀️

Ugh! Eye roll! (3/5)

I had been enjoying this podcast very much. I like the banter. I am totally turned off when you start with politics and brought up impeachment of Pres Trump. If I wanted to hear about that I’d tune into politics. Ladies, a big part of your crowd are supportive of Pres Trump and think it’s a modern day witch-hunt. Better off sticking to murder stuff. Stay non-political & don’t get murdered. Selina.

Consistently fun and entertaining (5/5)

I am kind of grateful that I found this show so late so that I don’t have to wait a week to listen to new material. My new best friends Georgia and Karen kill it consistently and introduce me to new horrors I’ve never heard of before on a weekly basis. Nice mix of recent and older stories. Look and listen, if you want straight story telling without hosts’ personalities, there is PLENTY of boring content for you out there. If you need hosts to pander to you by hiding their political views, I’m sure there’s plenty of junk out there for you too. Indeed, you’ve probably already found it. 👍Goodbye!

SSDGM (5/5)

Here in support. Long time listener and I still love the podcast. So much fun silliness!

My Favorite Murder (5/5)

This show is what finally interested me in podcasts. These people are now my family of the heart. Funny, self-deprecating, informational, empowering, so relatable and just the best podcast ever. Phenomenal

My Favorites (5/5)

I love Georgia and Karen. They’re so comforting for me, it feels like I’m hanging out with old friends. Murderino’s forever!

Talented and funny (4/5)

As a true crime fan I really enjoyed the show. Karen and Georgia are really talented and funny. Unfortunately, as a conservative republican, I really don’t feel welcome. So, I regretfully unsubscribed. It’s a shame when entertainers feel the need to alienate half their audience. ☹️

Can’t get enough! (5/5)

I’m listening from the beginning...again! I don’t even watch tv anymore I just want to hang with my bestest friends that don’t even know me 😂

Would Rate 10 Stars if I Could (5/5)

Absolutely adore these women and their ability to make me laugh every episode. My friend introduced me to this podcast and honestly it’s been the only thing I’ve been listening to for weeks. Karen and Georgia are the most relatable women and have the uncanny power to make me feel like I’m hanging out with them every episode and talking about murder. Stay sexy!

Lose the politics (1/5)

I was a loyal listener until recently. I used to come to MFM to escape from the rest of life including politics. It’s their show so talk about what you want by it’s my life and I have zero desire to listen to their political rants. Bye MFM. How disappointing.

splendiferous (5/5)

Keep the random conversation— the throw away lines are extra awesome! This podcast is DEEP. I know, yeah on the surface it's about fave murders, but as the show has evolved it's become about much more and that's why i love it and them. They have a social conscience, try to do good with their ideas and sweet kindnesses to all people and animals, and shred the shyte out of asshats all over the world. Also, they are perfect foils for each other. I think the best part of the cast is the intro when they are unscripted and just talk. it's charming and often hilarious. to me this is the BEST part of the show! I think the murder parts have gotten old because ive listened to so many they now all run together, but I never listened to them for that anyhow!

Crime or politics (2/5)

Unfortunatley, I did not get past the intro as they jumped right into Trump bashing and how happy they are about the launching of the impeachment investigation. Turned me off immediately. Bummer as I love true crime podcasts but there are definitly other choices!

Lots of boring side talk (1/5)

I don’t know if it’s just me but I came here for true crime not all this side talk. Long random conversations that go on and on.

Too political (1/5)

Why are y’all pushing politics on your viewers?

Entertaining Murder Fix (5/5)

Gives me my fix of murder and comedy!

Love (5/5)

Can’t get enough. These ladies are fabulous with a capital M!!!

Just a little true crime between friends (5/5)

Love these women and how they tell these stories. Their focus is always on the victims and what good comes out of these horrible situations, while making you laugh to cope with the terrible. Georgia and Karen create a warm and welcoming places for all murderinos to laugh and cry and love true crime.

True crime (1/5)

Unfortunately I only made it through about 30 seconds of my first episode before I ended the pod and deleted! I searched under the true crime section to listen to murder stories! I did not look under true crime to listen to two lady’s all excited about an impeachment inquiry and to hear their take on politics! You know all listeners may not be liberals and hate the president!

Not here for your political views (1/5)

Even if the content is great (don’t know because I turned it off) they lost me when they started over sharing on their political views. Not sure you can justify calling anyone out for “hate” and then immediately go into a rant about wanting the right to hate something.

Waste of time (1/5)

Decided to check them out because I heard as a true crime fan you have to listen to MFM. Because I was in the car I just hit play and it played their most recent episode. It took more than 19 mins into the podcast to start talking about the story of the week and then it wasn’t even about murder. The two hosts spend more time doing movie reviews and book club and complaining about trump. I’m not a fan of trump either but that’s not why anyone’s here. Talk about true crime that’s the point! In this world you got to grab the listener from the start and this just doesn’t do it.

A good listen. (2/5)

Until they spend 10 minutes rambling about anecdotes and politics. Someone told them to open up on the show more and screwed us all!

They are the Queens! (5/5)

I love them so much! I look forward to every episode. So funny and so relatable. I appreciate their openness and honesty. Keep it up gals!

My Favorite Podcast (5/5)

I’ve tried to like others but none doth compare to my first true love of this entertainment format... MFM! Karen and Georgia are the best. They shed light on the darkness, are real with us about their lives, plead for the normalization of seeking mental heath care, and encourage us all to live with a little gumption and SSDGM!!!!!! Much love to everyone who works so hard to put together this fabulous show!

The best (5/5)

I’m scrolling through these ratings and noticing a few reviews with negative comments in regards to them openly speaking out their political views. I’m here to say that I loved Georgia and Karen before they spoke about their views and I LOVE them even more now. I’m unsure as to why people are so surprised by this?? but anyway... Love the show, love them, I hope they keep doing what they’re doing.

Ummm politics really? (1/5)

Won’t be listening anymore. Is everything really about hating Trump? Seriously. Lost a listener on that one. Do a political show if you want to discuss politics. I’m not interested in hearing about how y’all want to impeach Trump. Total turnoff.

It’s not just about murder (5/5)

I love that they not only cover true crime, but also do survival stories, ghost stories, and other lighthearted stories. I find their banter refreshing and very funny. If you don’t like it DONT LISTEN!!!

Still the best (5/5)

I appreciate their humour and honesty so much. I’m currently re-listening to everything from the beginning and their growth as people is amazing. They’ve become so self aware and really do their best to be vulnerable, honest, and compassionate. As much as I love the stories that they cover, I’m more invested and interested in their personal stories and the words of wisdom that they share.

Like hanging with my besties (5/5)

Love the ladies and crew so much! 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

Well, so much for that... (2/5)

MFM began as a truly exceptional podcast. Karen and Georgia’s casual and effervescent charm, coupled with a complete disregard for the “rules” of a standard podcast, put them way ahead of the pack. Aside from the occasional political ranting from the clearly liberal Georgia, MFM was a rare find. It is so sad that the effervescent charm has turned into practiced polish. The loss of the gleeful spontaneity is diminishing the warmth of the show. As if that is not enough, the darling duo have begun inserting political commentary. So Boring!! If I want to hear tasteless political commentary I’ll listen to cnn. So, having discovered that my favorite murder podcast is killing the mood, I’m going to take Karen’s advice. I’m stopping the following and getting the F**k outta here.

yeet (5/5)

some good s***

Too political. (1/5)

They talk about not liking people just because their political views are different than their own. I don’t support discrimination of any kind. Besides that it would be a good show.

This podcast is such a disappointment (1/5)

You guys talk about how you hate it when things get political, yet y’all are doing exactly that. Can y’all just tell the story and not record yourselves catching up for over 10 mins.

Too much anti-business (2/5)

Why would Karen and Georgia jump to such conclusions about corporate greed? It is just as shallow of a position as they say about all of their shows. No back up. No research. I’m appalled today.

Uggghhhh (1/5)

I’m not sure what I am listening to. Tried the most recent episode and 20 minutes in they are still talking about their personal lives with no hint of what the show is actually going to be about. Are the hosts supposed to be funny and edgy? There are sooooo many better True Crime genre podcasts out there, not wasting another minute on this garbage.

Be respectful of people’s political beliefs (5/5)

This podcast is amazing!! Super interesting and very educational. There’s lots of people on here giving bad reviews because they mentioned that they didn’t like Trump and honestly that is childish. You don’t review someone’s podcast poorly based on that. Grow up and don’t be such a snowflake and take your listening elsewhere.

Please just don’t (1/5)

Unimpressive. There are WAYYY better podcasts out there

Annoying (2/5)

I am trying so hard to get through an episode because I really like the story but they took like 20 mins to get to the story then they have random side conversations and they cuss like every other word which is fine if it was adding something to the story but to me it seems forced and seems to take away from the story. I have had so many people recommended this to me but I tried listening to a newer episode and an older one and I just feel like I can’t get past their inability to just tell me the story.

Lighten up (5/5)

I love this podcast for what it is: two women hanging out and talking about what they find interesting! They don’t claim to be experts and say that they get their information from Wikipedia all the time. It doesn’t make the podcast bad (to me); it makes it relatable. I love these ladies and everything they talk about. It’s a podcast about friends discussing true crime! If you’re looking for an overproduced podcast with sound effects and ambient music listen to something else! Also, if you’re mad that they stated their political affiliation quit being such a sensitive snowflake (;

Love the YOU TWO! (5/5)

You ladies are the best!!! Feels like hanging out with my two best friends every time. Always appreciate that you both speak your mind (politically or otherwise). To all the haters: They are humans. They are allowed to have opinions. If you disagree, feel free to try something else but don't hate on REAL people expressing REAL thoughts.

I can’t like it (2/5)

I’ve given this podcast many chances. But I can’t stand the 20 minute long intros or chitchats about their personal life!!! NO ONE CARES. After their small talk there more commercials and after 25 and more rambling you finally get into the story. I hate the way they unfold the stories. They are not good storytellers, I often get lost since they jump around a lot. Also, I find a lot of the jokes not funny and inappropriate. These girls think they are way funnier than they actually are. Here’s some advice for the hosts: get over yourself, get right to the story and improve your storytelling skills. If u want to be funny go to an improv school.

How is this podcast even popular? (1/5)

Took 20 minutes of stupid rambling about themselves to get to the case they were gonna talk about.

Poorly researched and (1/5)

I tried really hard to give these girls a shot, but every episode seems to start with 20-30+ minutes of inane chatter before the episode even starts. When they do get into the story, the lack of research is appalling and the fact that they’re just reading a wikipedia article aloud is extremely apparent. It appears to me that you’d need to be a fan of these women, and not of true crime, to be genuinely interested in this podcast.

Going Downhill (2/5)

As many of the other low star reviews have said, this podcast just isn’t what it used to be. Back in the day, it was actually about murder. Their banter was witty and comedic while being respectful of the subject, but didn’t go on too long. These days, the banter is most of the episode. It’s full of inside jokes and unrelated opinions. The stories are hurried and lack real facts and quality. And most importantly, the new episodes don’t even feature murder. Just because a story is weird or interesting doesn’t mean it belongs in a murder podcast. It’s been a real disappointment. I don’t want to give up on this podcast, but I would really like to see Georgia and Karen return to what made the podcast great in the first place.

Politics? (1/5)

I had subscribed to hear murder stories- not their backlash against the President. I do not care to hear their political views.

Love the show // bone to pick (4/5)

Long time listener- first time reviewer. Both Karen and Georgia do a great job. Lots of chat at the start but if you don’t like it, super easy to fast forward to the main course. With that said, wishing Georgia could cut the habit of swearing every other word during her stories - not because I find the words “offensive” in the least, but because “f*%k” has become a filler word, and filler words are tiring.

Amazing. (5/5)

I started listening to this podcast because I work as a ICU nurse and jumped in on a patient’s friends’ convo about true crime. I mentioned I like LPOTL and one of the friends was like “OH! You have to listen to My Favorite Murder!” I knew the friends were cool because their friend was seizing and on APRV ventilation and they were still talking about true crime. They also dressed cool. This was like 3 months ago and now I’ve listened to all the episodes. Theeee enddddd! (Singing voice; how I end shift report at work)

Hilarious (5/5)

So funny! I’m so mad I didn’t listen earlier. Been binging all week!

5 F’ing stars!!!!! (5/5)

Love them! Went to their live show in Portland! Can’t wait to see them -live again! I’d be willing to TRAVEL internationally! I listen to their podcast faithfully! I’m funnier, safer, and more supportive and sensitive of my fellow Murderinos thanks to this MFM podcast! I was so sad when my audible book read me the last pages of their book! My husband is now hooked too! I love spontaneous guffaw laughter-and a sweet giggle from Steven or Stephen (I’ll admit I’m not certain) makes me giggle too! Keep it coming! Even when it ....gets worse! Favorite T shirt ....I’m the daddy in this situation!” I’m a dog person but if I had an Elvis -I could play for the other team!

best podcast (5/5)

i feel like they are my best friends they make me laugh they draw me in with their story telling and make me feel okay to be human

Insensitive. (1/5)

Just the name of this podcast is honestly disgusting. “Favorite murder”? That’s a terribly inconsiderate name when you remember that there are actual human beings getting hurt in every way imaginable. The very first episode “my firstest murder” is absolutely terrifying. To use a euphemism in regards to murder is just wrong. And every episode after that is similarly named. Think about the families of those these insolent people are storytelling about. They have to see these cutesy names in reference to their DEAD relatives. This isn’t cute. This isn’t a joke. This isn’t some stupid insignificant topic that people should be allowed to joke about. These are real people who were murdered and their storied should be considered important enough to be professional about. I don’t care if this is just storytelling. There is a bar of professionalism that should be upheld when regarding murdered people. I refuse to even continue listing to this impudent, imprudent, and poorly named so-called podcast.

It’s getting worse... (1/5)

Karen and Georgia appear to have ‘jumped the shark.’ They can’t make it through a single episode without dissembling, apologizing, or virtue-signaling. That’s the problem with trying to have everyone love you!

Trump haters (1/5)

Just discovered you ladies and was really enjoying the podcast. Then I discovered you want our President impeached. Won’t be listening anymore. You should have left politics out of it 😊

Used to be great, fell off a cliff (1/5)

Overall: Listen to episode 167 and earlier, new episodes are just not the same. This podcast used to be great and I would listen on a daily basis. When they decided to go on their vacation, I reverted to listening to old episodes for a while but was disappointed with how long of a break they took and eventually moved on to find new podcasts. I started back up again as soon as they released new episodes but the new episodes have been extremely disappointing. They barely cover murders or true crime anymore. The latest episode (189) finally pushed me to write a negative review. Karen covers a non-murder story that was just covered by the Daily Mail ~a week or so ago. She references and basically just reads from the Daily Mail article as her story. After a long vacation, I wouldn’t expect someone to start acting this lazy at their job for at least a few more months. I listened through her story hoping Georgia's would be better but I was disappointed again. Georgia covers the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory Fire which is again a non-murder/true crime story. I understand both hosts think that true crime stories are horribly sad and disturbing (as I'm sure we all do) but listeners are here because of the weird interest in the details of true crime that we all share. It would be great if Karen and Georgia could get past their sudden onset of sensitivity towards sharing actual true crime stories or hire new hosts to take over the podcast for them so we can get back to hearing about actual murders.

Annoying (3/5)

I wish they would cut out at least half of the chit chat. It gets old and makes me loose interest in the storyline.