Aggregated reviews for My Favorite Murder with Karen Kilgariff and Georgia Hardstark

Lifelong fans of true crime stories Karen Kilgariff and Georgia Hardstark tell each other their favorite tales of murder and hear hometown crime stories from friends and fans.

Love it (5/5)

Amazing podcast!

Amazing (5/5)

Judge found the podcast and are listening from the start. Sooooo funny and I love everything about it ✌🏼 From Stockholm with love ❤️

Entertaining and interesting (5/5)

Fun show! Interesting stories and relatable and really funny hosts.

Just shockingly good! (5/5)

Just started this crazy ride (2018) from Sweden!! It’s like listening to my besties at a girls night out!!

The best (5/5)

Favourite podcast. Period 😁

F U C K I N G • B E S T (5/5)

10/10 Ohkrrr

Great podcast! (5/5)


The (5/5)


Best podcast ever! (5/5)

Gives me the best of everything! True crimes and laughter! Thank you for enlighten my life❤️

Don't get murdered!! (5/5)

I listen to a lot of podcasts, probably more than is considered healthy, a big part of all these podcasts are about true crime (shot out to LPOTL), it's my true passion. MFM has in a pretty short amount of time become my absolute favorite podcast of all time and all categories! I feel like I've found two hilarious and smart people who are as obsessive about the dark side of humanity as I am, and I get to hang out with them every week. The chemistry between Karen and Georgia (and Elvis) is amazeballs, funny, sweet and feels very genuine. You do run the risk of becoming slightly/very depressed and/or losing faith in humanity when you binge on true crime for too long. With this podcast though you only risk laughing out loud in inappropriate places and maybe forgetting to pick your kids up from daycare, but it's totally worth it! Never stop what you're doing 💕 /A murderino from the deep dark Swedish north

Favorite true crime podcast! (5/5)

Thanks to My Favorite Murder I know how to stay sexy and not get murdered!

Can't get enough (5/5)

Without MFM and LPOTL I don't even know what I'd do with my spare time... I'm addicted. Karen and Georgia are terrific hosts with a somewhat scattershot focus that is just right for me. They balance the line between terrifying and humor perfectly and put a wonderful amount of focus and empathy on the victims. Great comedy true crime pod.

Funny (5/5)

This is funny and morbid. Highly recommended!

Entertainment and murder (5/5)

FUCKING love this podcast. Two wonderful hosts who talk about life as well as murder with a humorous twist. SSDGM ✨

Funny, friendly, frightening (5/5)

Would recommend this podcast to anyone who like true crime.

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ (5/5)

love u guys

Love it! (5/5)

One of my favorite podcasts!

Always stays sexy! (5/5)

Funny, witty and murdery!

Skip the small talk. (3/5)

I'm not listening to hear your life stories. Please just talk murders.

Stay sexy and don't get murdered! (5/5)

Worth every second.

Just fantastic! (5/5)

Entertaining and witty, Karen and Georgia have got me hooked!

My Favorite Podcast <3 (5/5)

I love it intensely

Love murder? Then you should listen. (5/5)

I love this podcast more than any other podcast I've ever listened to. Karen and Georgia tell the stories fabulously and when they tell little anecdotes about themselves and their own lives and such they're also hilarious. And their comments about the murders/murderers they tell us about are on point. I'm a proud murderino.

My Favorite Podcast (5/5)

This is such a great blend of humor and gruesome subject matter. I love the chemistry and the banter between the two hosts. It feels like a slumberparty with your best friends - one where you talk about horrible twisted murders.

Contagiously interesting and inappropriately funny (5/5)

Every week These women are luring the spirits of different serial killers into digital alleys. Then the girls proceed to kicking the crap out these rejects individually. The hosts are walking the delicate line between having respect for murder victims and preserving our mental health through laughter. The proverb "Dying is easy comedy, is hard" have been tested by so many comedians through the centuries. When you have listened to an episode you will most probably have an epiphany:- "Dying is hard if you are killed, dying is easy if you laugh yourself to death".

My favorite podcast! (5/5)

Really interersting and creapy. I Love these girls.