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A mental health podcast for digital natives where Lucinda Price (@frooomes) and Madison Griffiths (@madisonrgriffiths) interview the people you follow URL and ask them what's going on IRL.

Likes & Order
Artist and modern-day satirist Campbell Walker (@struthless69) talks to us about his creative process, his relationship with bin chickens and who he’d never take the piss out of.Mia Panchetis, employment and industrial Senior Associate lawyer at Maurice Blackburn, describes how social media has changed the law as we know it, what makes a spicy post derogatory (and potentially criminal), and how the #MeToo movement is changing the current laws that govern sexual harassment....

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150mg Of Memes
Depression memes. You’ve probably seen them on your feed – you might have even chucked one a ‘like’ on a fragile Sunday night. We chat to Carolyn Duchene (@carolynduchene), an Australian meme queen who’s using pictures and words to destigmatise mental illness. Dr Bridianne O’Dea, an e-mental health researcher at Black Dog Institute, also pops in to provide a clinical perspective on the rise of Sad Boi Internet Pictures....

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Flexin' For Ca$h
When it comes to stunting on Instagram, no one in Australia does it quite as colourfully as Lillian Ahenkan (@flexmami). Hosts Lucinda Price & Madison Griffiths chat to Flex about her very own brand of 'online self' and what it means to be a loud, proud and unshakeable woman in this digital day and age. Oh, and we discuss her plans for inevitable global domination....

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Lifestyles Of The Instafamous
Kai Suteja (@urmumsyadad) is the Instagram meme lord who went viral for being funny and looking fly. While the platform made him infamous, he has mixed feelings about it. He talks teeth whitening, fake friends and the social anxiety that comes with having to live up to an online character in real life....

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After The Break With Osher
Osher Günsberg drops in for a characteristically-candid chat about his new memoir ‘Back, After the Break’ – a transparent look into how he lives with complex mental illness. We talk Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, the 2003 Australian Idol grand finale and civilians who still insist on calling him Andrew G....

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Searching For Thinspiration
Instagram-famous model and health advocate Steph Claire-Smith joins us to chat about the never ending showreel of thin, fit and FaceTuned women online, how disordered eating very rarely discriminates, and her unique collection of 'Before & After' snaps. We also chat to ex-Frank Bod founder Erika Geraerts about her new casual cosmetics company, Fluff. She discusses the way covering your bits in brown coffee scrub became a social media phenomenon, empowering Gen Y girls, and her ‘fuck you’ approach to the bea...

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What Is No Chill?
Comedian and PEDESTRIAN.TV presenter Lucinda Price bares all alongside writer and artist Madison Griffiths. The two double-down on their own experiences living with mental illness, poppin’ pills and playing FarmVille. To stay up to date with the latest ep drops of No Chill, follow us on Twitter, @NoChillPod. Otherwise, find us on the ‘gram at @frooomes and @madisonrgriffiths....

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