Aggregated reviews for No Filter

More than 300,000 women join Mia Freedman each week as she has candid conversations with interesting people who have fascinating stories to share. From Olivia Newton-John, Serena Williams, Marian Keyes, Liane Moriarty, athletes, actors, politicians, business leaders, authors and regular people who have achieved extraordinary things….they all let their guard down and open up in a way that’s positive and riveting.

Interviews with Heart   (5/5)

Love and so look forward to Mia’s interviews. No matter who her guest is, Mia comes with kindness, her nimble curiosity, and solid interview skills. I’m from the US and don’t even know who about half the guests are , but still enjoy every episode.

Eddie Jacku! And all of the Mama Mia family!   (5/5)

Hi all! Wanted to let you know that I just finished listening to this episode and it has made my day! If only, everyone could be this positive about their life! Loved all his detailed stories and why he feels the way he does today. He made me feel like I definitely need to be more appreciative of my ho hum life! Thanks for playing it again, LOVE your podcast, I constantly share it with all my family and friends, one of the favorites here! Have a wonderful day!

Always interesting   (5/5)

Love hearing stories of ppl

Brings me home to my country and soul   (5/5)

I’m an Aussie living abroad for the last 10 years. I got hooked on your interviews with the people that used to be sticky-taped to my wall and who had a huge impression on me, the likes of Poppy King, Andrew Denton, Cameron Daddo, and Natasha Stott Despoja. And now I’m hooked. The combination of Mia’s interview style and the people that she selects to converse with always makes for such an enriching encounter. Thank you.

One star Pushed wrong button   (5/5)

Not interested in your disrespectful view of our President. In true media style you commented on half (or less) view. Politics don’t belong in Entertainment and I am so tired of uninformed entertainment people acting like they are so much smarter than everyone else when they are spouting untruth and showing their ignorance at every corner. I only wish I could remember which pod recommended this one so I would blast them too! Truly happy to unsubscribe!!!!

Love   (5/5)

Big fan. Great guests. Always interesting interviews.

Cliches Abound   (2/5)

A first time listener. Was curious as to the host’s and guest’s view as to why they believe teens send nude selfies. The interview was filled with cliches such as, “we need to have more discussions about sex” and “abstinence does not work”. In the case of the former one cannot turn around without there being a discussion about sex, a magazine cover of some celebrity wearing practically nothing, and articles on how to make sex more pleasurable. Of course over half the movies produced include the perfunctory sex scene. As for the later, abstinence does work, if you practice it. If you don’t surprise surprise it doesn’t. The answer is don’t take nude photos whether you are a teen or an adult and you won’t have a problem. Actions have consequences which has been the state of affairs since the beginning of time. Hopefully other shows on this podcast are more intelligent and this one was simply a dud.

Too many interruptions   (1/5)

I wanted so much to hear the interview with Liane Moriarty, but Mia kept cutting her off mid-sentence 😠

Lost me at the rape episode   (2/5)

I really loved a lot of these episodes until the one with a woman who was telling people who have been sexually assaulted to “stop whining and get over it.” Giving her a platform seemed reckless and careless. I haven’t listened since.

Love it!   (5/5)

You may not necessarily be interested in every single guest at the outset but I find that every episode sparks my interest. Well worth listening to. Go back through the archives and listen gems like Jessica Rowe, Sarah Ferguson and Celeste Barber. You won’t be disappointed.

Amazing, Inspiring, Empowering   (5/5)

Mia Friedman is remarkable. I am an American obsessed with this Aussie. I love the mama Mia women’s network — I listen to many of them Including out loud and the well and the parenting one. No filter is exceptional — she is a great interviewer. The Roxanne Gay thing was not ill intentioned or mean spirited. It was a mistake that should not reflect on Mia or this podcast. As women we must accept sincere learning lessons and allow one to move on. Mia is great. You will love this.

My Cadbury’s assortment   (5/5)

I have gained so much listening to all of Mia’s interviews. I treat the Mamamia collection like a box of Cadbury’s assortments- depending on my mood there is always something to click onto to feed my soul. Especially being in the States and needing a good dose of Aussie normality. Thank you!

Awesome podcast   (5/5)

Awesome podcast! Mia has the most incredible interviews. Love it!

One of my favorites!   (5/5)

As an American, I love hearing about the topics on this podcast. I find it fun and refreshing!

I Love The Variety   (4/5)

I live in the US , not Australia, so often I am completely unfamiliar with the guests on the show. But I love meeting each and every one of them. It's a great window into a country and culture on the other side of the world, and the honest conversation is refreshing. Honestly, I don't always agree with Mia, but I don't think she expects everyone to agree with her. Even if every episode isn't my favorite, the podcast overall stays in my top 10.

Genuinely Don't Care About Your Apology   (1/5)

If you'd taken the time to read her book or at least the highlights, perhaps you'd have never been in this situation. You natural instincts of humanity would've kicked in. However, you did none of that, you just went to the easiest jabs you can make towards someone you don't know. It's easy to make fun of people that don't have the forehead you do, but think for a second how that makes people feel. Grow up!

Hypocritical   (2/5)

Was really looking forward to Mia's podcast with Roxane Gay, but her introduction was in such stark contrast to everything she and Roxanne discussed, it was like she never even listened to a word Roxane said or processed a word written in Roxane's book. If you're going to listen to a podcast by a woman who says she is sympathetic to women's issues and her guests' subject matter, this isn't the one. Her offensive reworking of her introduction merely highlighted the fact that she just doesn't get it.

Hypocritical   (2/5)

Was really looking forward to Mia's podcast with Roxane Gay, but her introduction was in such stark contrast to everything she and Roxanne discussed, it was like she never even listened to a word Roxane said or processed a word written in Roxane's book. If you're going to listen to a podcast by a woman who says she is sympathetic to women's issues and her guests' subject matter, this isn't the one. Her offensive reworking of her introduction merely highlighted the fact that she just doesn't get it.

Shame   (1/5)

Please apologize and learn from your guests. I am embarassed to have listened to you.

Roxane Gay deserves better   (1/5)

Actually read the book.

Roxane Gay Rocks   (4/5)

4 stars because i wanted more of Roxane Gay wisdom. I'll go get the book.

You Should Be Ashamed   (1/5)

Never heard of this woman Mia or this podcast/website before, and I hope she fades into obscurity after this. At this point I'm sure everyone has heard of the absolute appalling treatment of the brilliant Roxane Gay, so I won't explain the entire story. The ridiculous non-apology given by Mia was insulting. Whining about Gay not taking a photo with her. Um, she doesn't want to take a photo, and CLEARLY STATES WHY IN THE INTERVIEW. But the apology makes it sound like Gay is the one in the wrong about not taking a photo? Mamamia is supposed to be a women's space right? And Mia wants to go against a woman's decision not to do something she doesn't want to do? Okay, Mamamia. Another thing that really burned me up is Mia's use of "super morbidly obese" instead of fat. She acknowledges Gay uses the term fat but refuses in favor of the medical term, which Gay stated was dehumanizing on her This American Life episode. Obviously Mia is not a real fan of Gay, and has learned literally nothing. Do yourself a favor and never listen or read anything Mamamia puts out.

Don't waste your time   (1/5)

This podcast wants to appear enlightened, but actually lacks self awareness to the point where it's altogether insulting. Don't waste your time.

GARBAGE   (1/5)

i hadn't heard or heard of this podcast until i saw roxane gay was interviewed for it, Mia can probably thank Roxane's fan base for the listens that episode garnered. Needless to say the lengthy intro blasting fat bodies was difficult to listen to, but the host's inability to conduct an interesting interview with Roxane (one of my absolute favorite podcast guests on pretty much any other podcast she's been on) was astounding. Her questions are shallow and her insights are invisible. This podcast makes the case for why maybe 'anybody' with access to recording equipment and a production staff shouldn't necessarily make a podcast.

Absolutely horrendous   (1/5)

Please don't buy into their act, they are despicable people.

Trash   (1/5)

Bs nonsense

Trash   (1/5)

What a piece of trash - this show isn't worth your time or attention.

Trash   (1/5)

You need to lose advertisers. Apparently, that's the only thing that resonates with terrible people like you. The original description you wrote of your interview with Roxane Gay is trash, but beyond that, what you wrote was hurtful and shameful. What a sad sad excuse you are for a "feminist."

trash, trash, trash   (1/5)

The description of the Roxane Gay episode reads like something the meanest girl in middle school would write. What kind of trash adult would write such cruel idiocy? How do you people have jobs? Nobody should listen to this trash. NOBODY.

No stars for you Mamamia   (1/5)

I cannot believe this show's treatment and depiction of Roxane Gay. They took her work and her body and basically trashed it. What the hell Mia?!!!!!!!

Honest & awesome   (5/5)

I take so much out of Mia's weekly podcasts. Listening to No Filter while I paint, my ears & eyes are opened to a myriad of topics, personalities and issues. Whether it be confronting matters that are hard yet necessary to talk about (melanoma, IVF, euthanasia) or genuine, refreshing political conversations (getting out of the bubble!!)... I adore every episode.

Riveting!!   (5/5)

This is my go-to podcast when I catch subway. Mia has an intriguing presence that obviously makes each and every guest feel comfortable to open up and tell their story. There are a few guests that I had zero interest in buy then I listened to the podcast and I was pleasantly surprised.