Aggregated reviews for No Jumper

The Coolest Podcast In The World. Hosted by Adam22 Watch these interviews on YouTube right here:

Lisa   (5/5)

Ivanita is doing so well and like she is funny and Beautiful of her she likes me we are best friends to Each other Dobre brothers is Amazing like pulling pranks on Lucas Marcus a lot you know go my channel is Lisa Dobre and click below Comment you are done give us 1567 post 34 followers subscribe my lock Channel watch my videos pulling pranks on Marcus Lucas

AK Vs. adam   (5/5)

Akademiks acres like my ex on her period. BITCHY

20/20 of rap culture   (5/5)

Adam does his research, not gonna be a fan of every guest, but when you get a guest you like in your for a treat. Smart well thought out questions.

Best general music/life whatever podcast   (5/5)

Love all the topics and the interviews they hold. They are great to listen to keep it up! I can drink three bangs in a row Adam... 😂😂😂

Rappers ,strippers   (2/5)

When I started listening to your podcast about 3 weeks ago I noticed about 1/4 of the way through the interview it seems like you are checked out from who ever you are interviewing . And on one show you had Stormy Daniels on and she said that she was the longest actor in the business that’s because she has to not because she wants too. She busted!

N word central   (1/5)

Its insane how often housephone says the n word. Its like a white girl saying “like or literally”

Dear Mr. 22,   (5/5)

Colson Baker seems to be a perfect blend of David Bowie and Rakim. 🕯 It’s Opposite Day. 🕯 “The voice” he’s discovered during quarantine makes me want to LIQUID YAWN 🤮 🤢 🤮 -Les Couchon- 💄🐷🍒👠

22 shots   (5/5)

Long time fan here, good to see Adam refocused, his getting this channel back In order!! Keep it up brother

🏡☎️   (5/5)

MAD PROPS TO HOUSEPHONE ON THE LATEST POD W AD & CAMGIRL! not to say he didn’t have it in him to begin with but it was dope to witness him hold down the responsibilities of leading a podcast, like bringing the conversation back to topic & maintaining smooth/natural conversations throughout. Absolutely killed it having to take on Adams roll in his absence.

BLM.   (1/5)

Adam cares more about stores than black lives. It’s obvious these issues don’t affect him and I’m sad bc I supported Adam. You were talking about the issues with no empathy for the black community and it’s because you’ll never know how much pain we’re feeling and have been feeling. This isn’t just some fun debate... this is real. Dude stop profiting off our culture. You were basically using Republican/Trump talking points. This podcast episode was dangerous and I’m sorry Housephone and Camgirl has to listen to it and stay civil. Disgusting. You want to think of yourself as an ally but it’s not enough. You will be remembered on the wrong side of history.

House phone   (5/5)

House phone is the goat!! Can girl is the feds I’m telling you she boring af!!!

Love it!   (5/5)


.   (5/5)

No jumper- Coolest podcast in the world

No jumper   (5/5)

They have the best podcast in the game 🤟🏻👍🏻

Every podcast is lit   (4/5)

Foussey is the dumbest person ive ever heard Hahahaha

What’s up Adam!!   (5/5)

Adrian from eastern Washington (practically Idaho) here. Just wanted to say fantastic podcast! By far my #1 go too, I’m checking every morning for content! Keep up the great work bro!! Hit me on IG @a_staab

Adam is H i L a R i O u S 😂😭   (5/5)

when he said Celina the 🐸 Powell had bird boobs, serious STDs, told her he would never help her build a platform & then called her a cracked out space cadet.. #micdrop 🎤⬇️ throw the whole burnt 🐸 away 😭😂🤣🤣😂

Fire cam girl   (5/5)

Cam girl is over sensitive and not funny, house phone Adam and yuri should be the main host

.   (4/5)

I’m a fan of the interviews. Adam ask the tough questions. I’m just not a fan of the actual podcast show.

coolest podcast evr   (5/5)

good podcast

More housephone and camgirl   (5/5)

LOVE the weekly podcast with camgirl and housephone wish y’all would do more content with them!!!!

No Jumper=The Best Podcast ever made   (5/5)


Zzz   (5/5)

Fi stah

You bool fool   (5/5)

Dope af keep smashing them hoes and livin your best life keep it lit 🔥

Lowkey hella good   (5/5)

This is the best podcast that I have heard in my life

.   (5/5)

Put ep 21 of no jumper show on here

No Jumper   (5/5)

Best podcast in the world no 🧢

Great   (5/5)


A parody   (1/5)

Avoid, Adam22 is a nazi white supremacist. Alt Right propaganda

I’d rather not.   (1/5)

Thought it was about basketball with the name and cover art but not about basketball just about Adam’s girl getting banged by multiple black men why he records these podcasts lol

Ben Simmons????   (5/5)

I thought this was a Ben Simmons pod.

A+   (5/5)

My favorite podcast lets u keep up with different people like Dax getting jumped etc. nothing else to say it’s just good

Listen everybody   (5/5)

I’ve got something to say. About the one and only XXXTENTACION. I’d like you all to know, that xxx gave us not only music, but information that depression is normal, but when lives are lost to suicide each week or month. Multiple artists have showed and told us that suicides not okay, yet it still happens so stopping all this violence gone in to the world and give us the piece we needed and each artist that have tried, thank you all for helping and I hope all of you understand to help all the criminalization and suicides in the world go away so we don’t have to lose the ones we love so thank if you’re reading this

Da best   (5/5)

A very interesting fun talk show where blunts are hit harder than the topics.

🔥   (5/5)

Fuego! Top 5 fav podcasts.

A   (5/5)

Best podcast ever

Adam 22 best interviewer hands down!   (5/5)

Best Podcast, Stay medicated

Volume   (1/5)

To low. If you use the transit, terrible can’t hear them speak on high volume. But Adam probably purposely did this just so he will have all the views on YouTube instead. Smdh Adam why.

.   (5/5)

I really like when Lena co-hosts. She always offers an alternative perspective that adam wouldnt otherwise reach and i really appreciate that.

Thief and a liar   (1/5)

Adam22 is garbage

:)   (5/5)

Adam is the best!!!

Where is it?   (3/5)

We need that banks n big mike to go up already!

Amazing   (5/5)

This is the best

I want to learn about other people   (5/5)

I wish you could add the xxxtentacion interview

You old fart   (5/5)

Keep it up man MUCH LOVE

Hey but cracks   (5/5)

My butt itches....can I do a podcast with you adam

Mr Adam22   (5/5)

Always coming with the banger Interviews

Need better guests   (5/5)

Just heard the dj vlad interview💯🔥🔥 wish he interviewed more people like that vs clout chasers

5 star podcast   (5/5)




Best podcast   (5/5)

Adam22 is IMO the best source for upcoming rappers and urban news. King of the underground rap news!

I love this   (5/5)

Adam puts my favorite rappers on here💕💕💕

good   (3/5)

Volume is too quiet. increase the volume overall

Coolest podcast in the world   (5/5)

No cap

Adam22 is a god with interviewing best podcasts ever   (5/5)

I only listen to Adam22 now

Adam22 is the goat   (5/5)

All his interviews are fire and there is a lot of stuff to be learnt from these people

Music   (5/5)

Add me on Instagram @hbk_neurosis Adam hit me up for a interview

Alshawn   (4/5)

Love cuhz

Adam is a great conversationalist   (5/5)

I really appreciate the effort made to have a great conversation. I listen to both No Jumper and Joe Rogan very often. Great job Adam22 -DecaY

This podcast is the best   (5/5)

This is the only podcast I’m listening to and I always thought that podcasts were for old people and that it was about old people stuff. But this podcast talks about like relevant stuff that I care about because I love rap and I’m 12 so this podcast is very important to me, also this is the greatest podcast in the world.

Adam22 = Podcast GOAT   (5/5)

The coolest podcast in the world is accurate. Honestly great interviews, entertaining shows, funny, informative and if you’re fan of rap/hip hop, urban fashion and the occasional porn star...then get on the No Jumper wave. Adam22 is the podcast GOAT

🔥🔥🔥   (5/5)


Review   (5/5)

Adam always has the 5 star quality podcast !!!

Predator   (1/5)

Adam22 is a sexual predator/abuser who likes underage girls

Post!!!!   (1/5)

Post Every Interviews!!! I Get Bored At Work!!

“The coolest podcast in the world”   (5/5)

This is so amazing. Especially the questions, i will look up no jumper on youtube and watch like 10 but anyways keep up the good work homes

Update   (5/5)

Update the podcast I listen to this ubering I can’t watch the vid come on man

Love no jumper   (5/5)

Great podcast, great people come on, and it leads to hours of entertainment

Culture vultures   (1/5)

Gave it try a few times. Much cringe. Go away.

Best podcast   (5/5)

This is the only podcast I listen to

The guests make the show💜   (4/5)

Love the hiphop and yt guests Fix the audio tho chris

Rope   (5/5)

coolest podcast in the world

👹   (4/5)

Idk bruh

🔥🔥🔥🔥   (5/5)

This dude knows who’s next!

🔥🔥   (5/5)

Xxx and ski mask podcast 😂😂🔥

Adam 22 show 😪   (2/5)

Your old Adam 22 shows used to be so funny and awesome to listen too with a bunch of people but the past couple ones seem more like interviews

Life Changing   (5/5)

I am 16 and follow adam and current pop culture a lot. All the people involved on his shows are perfect representations of different backgrounds, experiences, childhoods, and from different places. It shows no matter who you are, you can succeed. Totally different people are coming together to create a positive environment. No matter what social media says, these people are changing the world one step at a time. @adam22

Coolest podcast in the world   (5/5)

This is the best podcast hands down. Favorite podcast was xxxtentacion’s. #ripx

Disgusting what he does   (1/5)

This is the lamest thing. A 45 year old washed up drug addict hanging out talking “clout” and drugs with the youth. This shouldn’t be a podcast.

Top notch   (5/5)

Checked out the interview with Ghostface Killah and it led me to subscribe. The host is a great listener and asks very compelling questions that are clearly well researched. Also he has on some great guests. Thanks for this top notch podcast

No.   (1/5)

Just, no.

How I keep up   (5/5)

I heard diplo say recently on the podcast that people select their type of music that they listen to forever at like 19-20 yrs old... this podcast is my avenue to combat that by keeping up with who’s next. It’s also just funny as hell

Not good at all   (1/5)

Guy is an admitted rapist, and his podcast is awful too. Avoid this podcast at all costs.

Relative and enjoyable   (5/5)

Right now topics, very interesting point of view from relative icons in the industry. Very humble and realistic

How have I never heard of this before.   (5/5)

It’s cool to hear how these artists really act/think. Can’t wait till I make it in your show! Much love! -Nasty Nelo



Good but where’s the Lil peep interview   (5/5)

No jumper is the best around. Entertaining isn’t a problem while listening to the podcast

Poop   (5/5)


No jumper   (5/5)

Just recently found out about no jumper thanks to YouTube.. hands down amazing. Do a podcast with jelly roll

Really awesome   (5/5)


Coolest podcast in the world   (5/5)

Great content

Adam22   (5/5)

Adam22 is the man!!

Favorite Podcast   (5/5)

This is by far my favorite podcast. Love Adam style and all the guests he has on. This is the podcast for hip hop and a good time. This is one of the podcast that has inspired me to create my own. Keep up the great show No Jumper! My ears are glued.

Best hip hop interviews   (5/5)

Adam gets the culture and understands rappers enough for the interviews to be more like casual conversation with friends. Still waiting on the SGP interview!

Adam OSS   (5/5)

He just a smart guy! That’s how you do it! On point dude! Respect!!

best podcast   (5/5)

easily lives up to “the coolest podcast in the world” . ropegang for life

#1 Cloutcast in the world   (5/5)

Best interviews with some of the most unique personalities in the world. Like Gary V. on Molly.

y’all mind if I scream rope gang?   (5/5)


👌🏽   (5/5)

The best interviews

Coolest podcast in the world   (5/5)

Nuff said

So good   (5/5)

My favorite podcast right now

ROPE GANG   (5/5)


Amazing!   (5/5)

I really enjoy this podcast. Especially The Tanner Fox Interview!

ADAM22 KILLIN IH!   (5/5)

Hands down dopest podcast out chere. If you read these reviews Adam22 let us get an interview on Hesh and Housephone!

Cool   (5/5)


Realest talk show   (5/5)

Adam and Robesmans ability to keep it real while keeping it as casual as they do is unmatched. You really end a show feeling you've gotten a genuine impression of the interviewee. Keep 'em coming.

It's a knife   (5/5)

great conversation w/ amazing guests 💯💯💯

No Jumper   (5/5)

love the interviews, great people always on the show.

Rope Gang   (5/5)

Awesome podcast just don't care for that Lil House Phone guy

yes   (5/5)

it do good

Hella good   (5/5)

These podcasts are the best man I love them

Scoped this out!   (5/5)

Big Raad sent me this way since he's making a future appearance on both our shows. I see you got the homie MODSUN on - right on! 5 Stars.

rope gang   (5/5)

still waiting to hear back and see if Adam22 and Robesman will be heterosexual life partners and adopt me

Not Woke   (5/5)

Very Problematic, Un-Woke and tons of Appropriation in the podcast, everything I'm looking for! I love it!

Good stuff   (5/5)

5 stars for posting new stuff regularly and landing the first ever interview with SexJ

I don't usually write reviews but...   (5/5)

This is an amazing podcast, I've been keeping up with it since the Shane interview. It's very diverse and there's loads of different type of people who come on the podcast, from rappers to clothes designers, even a pornstar. Seriously one of the best podcasts, and it's the coolest podcast in the world. Recommend it to your family and friends folks!

rope gang   (5/5)

rope rope rope

No Jumper   (5/5)

Notification Gang Pleighboiii!!!👨🏾🤘🏼🔫💊🔥✊🏽

#NoJumper   (5/5)

Interview YungDoedieBlunt

Tite   (5/5)

Super tite

It's...   (5/5)

Very lit

awesome and informative   (5/5)

everything is great! no boring questions either like every other interview

coolest podcast in the world   (5/5)

only podcast i enjoy listening to ❤️❤️

Sweet sweet love   (5/5)

Sweet podcast. Mad respect. Love the podcast and love OSS. Stranger. Love all the edits. Here is a reserve because I listen to all the time and thought I'd write this. Supper inspiring

Ay   (5/5)


Great   (5/5)

Podcast is blowing up fast everyday, great content, keep growing

🌊🔥💦   (5/5)

Skrt skrt

Great podcasts!   (5/5)

I never write reviews but the dude deserves it so yeah it's probably the only cool podcasts out there, gives you an insight on young creatives that are starting to shine such as in the music industry or fashion.

Coolest Podcast in the World   (5/5)

I've been tuning in for a few months now, including the YouTube episodes on their channel of the same name, and it's addicting. Adam interviews the right people in the communities to grow a cult-like fan base and every single episode except for the Asspizza one is great. Check it out!

Best podcast in the world.   (5/5)

I consider Adam, the Howard Stern of rap interviews.

👌   (5/5)


No Jumper Podcast Review #1   (5/5)

I watch these podcasts on YouTube mostly. Very entertaining.

😂😫😈💯   (5/5)

"no jumper, the coolest podcast in the world" - lil b. umm okay lil b said that so it has to be true subscribe and smash the fuccin like.

TCU meets information.   (5/5)

Just subscribe, you watch the videos now just listen when you drive.

🔥👌🏿   (5/5)

Everything is dope. Please try and get Nakel smith and Kevin Bradley on here. Keep them coming

Really the coolest podcast in the world   (5/5)

From hip hop to street wear, the best podcast for the culture.

My new favorite podcast   (5/5)

Every single episode is entertaining, informative and compelling in some way. I was only familiar with guests from three of the episodes but I've listened to every other episode afterwards and I love this podcast. The host cares about the subject matter and clearly does his research before every episode. Keep killing it

Hilarious and Entertaining   (5/5)

I really enjoy the podcasts posted by No Jumper. They are really interesting and informative, but also casual which allows the artists to feel comfortable and be honest with the host. They also get really personal and funny. I recommend the Pouya & Fat Nick Interview to start. :)

Good Stuff   (5/5)

Just finished latest episode… super fun listen. Will def stay subscribed.