Aggregated reviews for No Man's Land by The Wing

No Man’s Land is a podcast about women who were too bad for your textbooks. It's hosted by Alexis Coe, the in-house historian for The Wing, a network of work and community spaces for women.

Great!   (5/5)

More episodes please!

Engaging and insightful   (5/5)

Alexis Coe brings history to life in this “podcast about women who were too bad for your textbooks.” It gets intense so would recommend listening without any young kids around. Every episode is very well researched and presented - the Silvia Plath episode was my favorite and I hope more episodes will drop soon!

more please!   (5/5)

we NEED more episodes! i love learning about these strong women! Its super empowering and I need some female energy in these times!

Happy discovery!   (5/5)

What an unexpected surprise it was to find this fascinating podcast! My mother always loved Sylvia Plath’s work, so I listened to the one about her first. Simply fantastic!! Please continue creating these wonderful episodes, Ms. Coe! Thank you!

More episodes please!   (5/5)

I LOVE this podcast and I want more episodes. Sylvia Plath was one of my favorite poets and to truly learn about her was so important to me. I feel like English teachers just sum her up as depressing and we analyze her poems, but she was BRILLIANT. And Queenie?! Wow that was an incredible story. I hope Alexis Coe comes out with more episodes one day!!!

Fantastic!!!   (5/5)

Love this podcast, I am ready for more!

When will new episodes be dropping????   (5/5)

I love this podcast! I am currently revisiting it for the second time and picking up new and interesting tidbits i had forgotten the first time around. I love this history podcast around women FROM a woman who takes new and interesting approach to discussing their lives. In particular, I enjoyed how Alexis Coe examined the lives of Sylvia Plath and Ana Mendieta from an angle not based around their untimely deaths, but instead around their incredible lives the work they created during them.

Please make more!   (5/5)

Title says it all. I need more of this! We all need more of this! Women are amazing and I love how this podcast celebrates them.

Fantastic   (5/5)

Fantastic podcast. My only complaint is that it is too short, I want more! I appreciate this well-written, well-spoken podcast with truly important subject matter.

Great work!!   (5/5)

gobbled up first season. Will there be another on the way?

Grateful revelation   (5/5)

Your episodes of the authentic, complete histories of remarkable women is for me like Howard Zinn’s People’s History of America. You are making these women come alive. Knowing them gives me life. Thank you 🙌🏽

Beyond worthy   (5/5)

Please, people, we need these stories told. The content tells our stories in refreshing truthfulness.


This is one of the best podcasts I’ve ever listened to. Hands down. Please come back. I feel so inspired listening to all these women. We deserve to hear the other sides of the story!! And No Mans Land is our messenger.

Bad   (1/5)

Not good

Where Did This Show Go!?   (5/5)

I just recently discovered this podcast and I love it! I’ve learned so much! Sadly I realized that the latest episode was uploaded December 2018. I want more!! Please, No Man’s Land, come back!

I need more!!   (5/5)

Everyone should listen to these stories! What amazing women have existed in this life.

Tears of Delight and inspiration?   (5/5)

Late to the game, but I just listened to my first episode and am inexplicably crying after listening to Women’s Social Clubs. 💛💛💛

Thought provoking and inspiring!   (5/5)

I was so inspired ! Pleaseeeee give us a season 2 soon !

Favorite Podcast   (5/5)

I listen to a lot of podcasts, and this is the only one I’ve ever reviewed. No Man’s Land is hands down one of the best podcasts I’ve ever listened to and I can’t wait for the next season. I discovered it very recently and cannot stop listening. Thanks to The Wing for producing such an awesome show.

A must listen   (5/5)

Absolutely wonderful! Very eye opening and thought provoking.

This is such a great podcast!!!   (5/5)

I absolutely love this podcast. You guys reveal the truth about women, including forgotten women. Please keep posting!

Perfection   (5/5)

I just stumbled upon this podcast and binged it. I WANT MORE! Well researched, well presented, and so interesting!

Just wow!!   (5/5)

This is hands down one of the best podcast I have heard in awhile. It’s super informative and diverse. LOVVEE IT!!!

Incredible historical investigation & interpretation   (5/5)

My favorite new podcast. I cannot wait for more! When is season 2?! Is there a thing we can donate to?

We need season 2   (5/5)

This podcast is amazing. I hope they do a second season soon

More please!   (5/5)

I have been starving for a history podcast like this! It’s sooo well researched and really giving information that you don’t get elsewhere. It’s emotional and informative and inspiring all at the same time, while still having moments of joy and fun. I would so sincerely love another season!

Leaving us wanting more?   (5/5)

Absolutely in love with this podcast - we need more! Hearing stories of women from the past does a great deal for inspiring and empowering women in the present. Please bring more!

SO. GOOD.   (5/5)

I love this podcast. I only have one complaint: Why aren’t there more?? Will there be a season 2?? THESE ARE THE QUESTIONS KEEPING ME UP AT NIGHT.

Agreed   (5/5)

Very well composed nice to listen to while filing at work. I actually feel I’m using my time well instead of blaring music!

Love this podcast!   (5/5)

Love this podcast! When are you coming back for more!?!?

Profound stories of strong women!   (5/5)

My only complaint is that there aren’t more!!

SO GOOD!   (5/5)

I’m am SO glad to have stumbled across this podcast! The subject matter is intriguing, the storytelling is engrossing, and the whole thing leaves me inspired and wanting more. Thank you for teaching me more about the women I love!

More please!! 😍   (5/5)

Absolutely love this podcast! It’s so interesting and empowering. But when will there be more episodes!? I need more!

Dying for more   (5/5)

I absolutely adore these stories. Each episode fills me up and leaves me wanting more. I love Alexis’ approach to storytelling, and I can’t wait for more episodes.

Brilliant   (5/5)

One of the most interesting looks into history and a perspective we don’t hear often - absolutely love it, please keep going!

We want more ♥️   (5/5)

Please keep them coming! I’m hooked! Alexis Coe love your voice and this podcast!

Definitely recommend   (5/5)

I LOVE this podcast!!! It is very informative on strong, influential women that I knew nothing or little about. Thank you and please keep recording! ☺️

Moar   (5/5)

Please, moar.

Bad enough to inspire me   (5/5)

I love the tag line women too bad for your textbooks! History is revealed in misconception and then unraveled so it applies today! More!!!

We need more of this!   (5/5)

Well told stories and connections to the present times

More episodes please!   (5/5)

Love the show. Please post more episodes!

Love!   (5/5)

Absolutely loved this podcast.

More, please   (5/5)

This is an addictive podcast!

❤️💜💛   (5/5)

Beautiful podcast honoring women for their skill & tenacity — beautiful, inspiring, heartbreaking, enraging, engrossing. Thank you!

Please I can has more?   (5/5)

So well produced, fascinating and inspiring. I hope you can do more! 💜

Can’t Get Enough Of It!   (5/5)

Holy crap I want to binge listen like I’m eating potato chips. But it’s way healthier than that. Keep them coming please! Sharing with female artists and friends. So moved by Sylvia Plath’s retelling, and Ana Mendieta’s incredible art and the incredible injustice of her death. Eating this up. And I’m totally gonna have to come hang in Chicago soon with y’all.

Fantastic   (5/5)

These podcasts are eye-opening and well produced. The one on Sylvia Plath was extraordinary. This is a show you must subscribe to, highly recommended.

Solid   (5/5)

Well researched, great premise. Alexis’ work is legit. Minor criticism: Alexis has a sibilant s that makes listening in headphones a bit painful at times. However her content is so wonderful, well researched, and perfectly framed for 2019. I’m a fan!

Amazing   (5/5)

I love this podcast!!

Give me more!   (5/5)

Incredible storytelling of overlooked women. The one thing is that you need to switch starting the pod with the god awful Mrs Maisel ad music- the ad isn’t even bad but it’s bad placing and quality and made me turn it off the first time I listened.

Courageous   (5/5)

I’ve been devouring this podcast since I found it. I work among male construction workers, many of whom merely tolerate me as an outspoken woman with skills and opinions. This podcast feels like a secret support group I listen to at work. Thanks for boosting my courage to be good at what I do and not giving a sh** whether That intimidates men. Thank you!

Fantastic   (5/5)

This is my favorite podcast and I just found it yesterday. The first season is incredible and Alexis is a wonderful historian and host, very engaging and easy to listen to. Also, I want the theme music from the intro to play on a loop when I walk through the halls of my office.

Loved it!   (5/5)

Amazing soundtrack. Really well told story. I’m so interested now in all women’s stories that you guys are going to tell.

Love it   (5/5)

Excellent, exciting history; perfect for feminists and historians alike!

Inspirational   (5/5)

Very well told stories of amazing women. So glad you’re sharing their stories

Fanny Fern   (2/5)

I am disappointed in your podcast it wasn’t Fanny Fern who organized Sorosis but Jane Cunningham Croly. As a club woman this story is very important to me. Thank you for your time A. Eccleston

Amazing podcast!   (5/5)

Great listen, every episode was easy to follow and incredibly interesting.

EPIC!   (5/5)

So unlike any other podcast out there rn! I fully appreciate the amount of research that goes into this and it’s fresh perspective! It’s crazy to think about how much of society’s views have been skewed by gender inequality. LOVE IT!

One of the best   (5/5)

No Man’s Land is by far one of my favorite podcasts out right now. NML has featured a diverse range of female movers & shakers from the well-known to the not-well-known, truly helping to make women’s history accessible to the masses. Alexis Coe’s way of blending the historical with the modern by discussing the historical figure’s impact on modern day, reminds us of how studying, sharing, and honoring historical women is necessary for building a current equitable society.

Fabulous New Podcast   (5/5)

A wonderful look into the lives of important and either misunderstood or overlooked women in history. With so many (still excellent) podcasts that depend mainly on secondary sources, this show stands out as incredibly well researched, filled with excellent interviews from family members and historians. The variety of subjects is very intersectional, covering women from many different fields, backgrounds, and sexual identities. My only gripe is how short the episodes are, I would happily listen to a 90 minute version. A real gem of a podcast, would recommend to anyone.

Amazing   (5/5)

Simply amazing. Well researched. Excellent telling of impactful stories that I had never heard before!

One of the best   (5/5)

This podcast is amazing. I hope they get all the money and make many, many more episodes 🙌🙌🙌

EXCELLENT content   (5/5)

This is an incredibly thoughtful and powerful series- really excited to keep listening

WOW!!   (5/5)

This podcast is exceptional! Great insight of the many forgotten important woman in history. Love it!

Best thing about Thursday!   (5/5)

Always excited for the new episode. Awesome stories full of inspiration. Keep it up!

Love this!   (5/5)

Interesting how about one on Bessie Coleman

Thoughtful women in history podcast   (5/5)

Thoughtful, well researched and produced. Unique and entertaining.

Brilliant   (5/5)

I never knew or learned about Sylvia Plath, and had no idea about the depth of the work of Ida B. Wells. Thank you all so much for doing this work! Please keep this going. <3

Despite brand it is Great!   (5/5)

I purchased the magazine. Waste of paper. Made me put off listening until yesterday. Once I started I couldn't stop. Alexis Coe has stepped up their content by 1000%. Just do yourself a favor and skip the ad at the beginning.

Incredible Show   (5/5)

Well researched and presented. I am so glad there is a podcast highlighting history’s forgotten/misrepresented women. It gives them their voices back and shows another generation how to be strong, resilient and heard. Well done!

My new favorite podcast!   (5/5)

Can’t wait for more - this is excellent, engaging and smart. Love it.

HERSTORY   (5/5)

Finally a podcast focused on learning the real stories behind women. Love it!

Awesome.   (5/5)

I need more!!!😁🖤

2 outstanding startup podcasts   (5/5)

Highly recommended


I love this so much already. Great podcast. Need more!!!

Nice   (5/5)

When I heard Ana mendieta I knew I had to listen. The intro is a little obnoxious but otherwise an excellent podcast. I absolutely loved that they included Plath. I look forward to listening to more.

!!!   (5/5)

More, more, more!!!!

Need more   (5/5)

How are there not 100+ episodes for me to binge already??

Loved   (5/5)

So well researched and great! Can’t wait for more

YES   (5/5)

Yesssssssss I am so in love!

Good start, not great   (3/5)

I love the concept! I definitely love to hear more about the ladies who were too bad for my textbooks. But I’m hoping the execution of these podcast will improve/not be delivered so flatly. I think the best way to describe it is that the storytelling element could definitely be improved upon. I think if you pair Alexis with a writer who understands great storytelling, the production/general engagement will improve. Wish you guys all the best and am excited to hear the episodes to come!

Amazing women, great stories   (5/5)

So many amazing women ignored in history. Love the idea, and great execution of the first episode... the story of a Harlem legend.

Love   (5/5)

Not even done with this first episode and I am already in looove

Herstory Nerds Will Love   (5/5)

Absolutely love this!!! Really excited for new episodes.

The podcast I’ve been waiting for!!!   (5/5)

Love this podcast! Exactly what I’ve wanted.

finally!!!!!   (5/5)

been waiting for this for ages and it does not disappoint!

Please   (5/5)


Yessss   (5/5)

This trailerrrrrrrrrrrrrr xx cant wait for more!

No Brainer   (5/5)

New tales and spins on the familiar. Check. Someone with a fresh voice. Check. History I actually want to learn. Check. I’m a sucker for anything Alexis Coe.

Finally!   (5/5)

I can’t wait for this podcast!!!

I <3 No Man’s Land   (5/5)

No Man’s Land is my favorite publication, and I can’t wait to listen to the voices of the magazine (and beyond) come to life!

Wing Is Everything   (5/5)


love The Wing🌟   (5/5)

Super excited to hear this!

I can’t wait!   (5/5)

I love the Wing and am so happy they’re finally launching a podcast. I can’t wait to listen to the first episode!

The Wing does it again!   (5/5)

Is there an end to their brilliance? No, there is not.

Historical feminism   (4/5)

I can’t wait for this!!! Hoping it will be like my college classes...except more feminist!

Stanning for NML as of right now   (5/5)

SO READY FOR THIS. I respect No Man’s Land as a brand big time, and I am beyond excited that they’re moving into audio. NML printed stories are real, funky, hardcore journalism packed with fresh info I can’t find elsewhere. Sounds like their reporting and Alexis’s style of historiography had a baby that is this pod, and tbh feeling blessed.


CAN NOT WAIT FOR THIS! A podcast with all women's voices telling women's history? Where have you been all my life?

Bold women from all walks of life   (5/5)

So excited for these deep dives into women’s narratives from far flung corners of history and culture. Can’t wait to listen and be inspired!

This is awesome!   (5/5)

I’m too excited for this!

Love this trailer and the Wing   (5/5)

Woot woot!!

So excited!   (5/5)

This sounds amazing and I can’t wait to listen! I’ve been waiting for a podcast like this!

So so excited for this show   (5/5)

I can't wait to learn, to be inspired, to hear these great stories and then tell all my friends and families about it!!!!

Amazing!   (5/5)

This is so amazing! I love The Wing, and I’m so glad I get to listen to their new show!

SO GOOD   (5/5)


HERstory Done Right!   (5/5)

Yessss....I can’t wait for the first episode! Love the Wing