Aggregated reviews for Pod Save the World

“Pod Save America” cohost Tommy Vietor thought foreign policy was boring and complicated until he got the education of a lifetime working for President Obama’s National Security Council. On “Pod Save the World,” he and former deputy national security adviser Ben Rhodes break down the latest developments and bring you behind the scenes with the people who were there. New episodes every Wednesday.

Weird Sponsers   (3/5)

I like this podcast. It’s informative about things that don’t get much coverage elsewhere. But recently (past year or so?) they’ve started shilling for some really strange health products. Food, drinks, CBD, etc. Eerily reminiscent of what you would hear on InfoWars. It lowers their credibility to a point that makes me uncomfortable.

Heat!   (5/5)

Feel bad for you guys and your families. I live in Bullhead City, AZ. Where it has been 118 for days. However, we ha e air conditioning because 118 is cool to us from 130. Get fans and buy ice in front of the fans works great. Stay well , love the podcast. 💜😎

Tommy, Tommy, please talk more slowly   (5/5)

Especially when you get worked up! The pod is so great that I hate to miss anything.

Softball interviews and contradictory viewpoints   (2/5)

They make some smart and interesting points, yet they often contradict themselves, resort to petty insults and engage in very softball interviews. Despite having real world experience in the Obama White House (where they did some real good), they focus more on ideology and what a perfect world would look like.

The Best or Crooked Media!   (5/5)

I’ve learned so much from Tommy & Ben. I ❤️ this podcast.

Review from Worldo   (5/5)

Great pod!!! As a Worldo who just moved from Honduras to Izmir Turkey, i can’t get enough of crooked foreign policy and Ben’s rants!!!

Whoops   (2/5)

Anyone who says “… But more importantly…“ After announcing Kamala Harris‘s candidacy gets a quick unsubscribe and low star. Forget you

Review   (5/5)

Good pod

Learn more about the world   (5/5)

I have been listening to this podcast since it came out. I very much enjoy the addition of Ben Rhodes and think Tommy and Ben have a great way of taking complicated issues around the world and walking you through why things may be happening and what it means for America and the global community. I don’t care about the background noise, ben’s ‘yelling’, ads or other petty small gripes. Come on people, get real. There are some larger problems with the world right now. This show is expansive in its multitude of topics, the guests are interesting and diverse and if you want to be a better more informed global citizen, it’s worth your time.

An important/my favorite podcast   (5/5)

This is the most important podcast Crooked puts out. Tommy and Ben make international policy issues feel accessible. Thank you.

The insight provided by Tommy and Ben is Invaluable   (5/5)

‘nuff said

Blind intellectuals   (2/5)

I used to enjoy listening to this podcast and I do enjoy the topics they cover but every time I listen to these guys, I just feel they are constantly trying to manipulate peoples world views. I’m a liberal, leftist, but they represent what I find wrong with the left today. They always agree on every issue and blindly follow the likes of Bernie, AOC, and others on the far left. They make the usual talking points of the far left with out even exploring opposing views let alone have guests with differing opinions.

Ronald Reagan   (5/5)

Reagan new books spuds like it about time for his book for those of us who served active duty we know the truths He is the one responsible for the current trends trump and his acolytes Thanks Heather Davis

Must listen pod!!!   (5/5)

I wish you were all this working in the White House. I miss having intelligent caring people running my country. Keep up the hard work!!!

Awesome hosts   (5/5)

I wish I could get everyone I know to listen. Even though it’s left leaning everyone can learn a lot about how our government works. I’m a big fan of all Crooked Media podcast. Started listening to “Keeping It 1600”. So happy for you all. BTY...I’m a “baby boomer”! :)

So informative   (5/5)

So nice to listen to intelligent people speak each week about current events.

Please do a podcast about the Russia-Afghan story now!   (5/5)

Really enjoy listening to this podcast. Keep them coming!

Enough with the Ads!!   (3/5)

Love this Podcast. BUT getting totally put of by the way ALL Crooked Media show hosts try and sell the products by personal reviews. So Fake it just has become a reason for me to cut a podcast short and go search fo another one. I understand need to advertise, so just go with a product’s normal Ad. They are becoming so repetitive it is almost worse than Trump saying “FAKE NEWS” all the time!

Love you guys   (5/5)

PSW is so informative and I look forward to it every Wednesday. Ben please never stop yelling!! I LIVE for your rants. You and tommy are the best ❤️

Love this Pod   (5/5)

Such great information about world affairs. Ben’s rants are my absolute fav!

End of neoliberals   (1/5)

More nonsense from 2 professional grifters

Must listen   (5/5)

Love these guys

Literally great   (5/5)

One of my favorites!

Long Live Pod Save America   (5/5)

One of my very favorite podcasts, right? <3

Right?   (5/5)

Five stars because it’s great, and everyone should listen to it, but can we stop ending every other sentence with “right?” It has become podcast ease, boilerplate contagion. Please, no more. Even Barbaro is doing it now! You sullied Barbaro!

Great News Show   (5/5)

Great news show that looks at international news from an expert level of experience.

“Row” like “cow”   (5/5)

Lately I’ve been hearing this word mispronounced all over the place. So annoying. Also, leaders may “perpetuate,” e.g., a false idea, while they “perpetrate” a crime. Love your show, though!

Disappeared?   (5/5)

Where in the world is Rudy Sandiego ?

Ben Rhodes, don’t stop yelling!   (5/5)

I saw some bitter comment complaining about ben rhodes’ yelling. I think his yelling is great and would love for him not to stop yelling great podcast

Can Ben Rhodes stop yelling?   (4/5)

Content is usually A1 but his

Pod Save The World...   (5/5)

Could save the world if enough people listen.

Funny and informative, yet lacking   (1/5)

A sermon made for the choir, this show is made for those who think that Obama’s presidency was the highest point in America’s recent history. And there is what this show is lacking: self-reflection and critical analysis of history. Obama’s foreign policy, like Mr. Youssef pointed out was not too diferente from G.W. Bush. American history of interventions, invasions, and sponsoring coups and removing democratically elected leaders like in Iran and Guatemala in the 1950s is unknown or plainly ignored by the hosts. Their former boss was another neocon good at reading speeches. I hope one day they can’t get out of their comfort privilege zone and see the world from the eyes of non-white male Americans. Finally, I wish they knew that not every leader outside the US and Europe is a dictator. Democracy is not a not a commodity only reserve for the White people. Evo Morales and Hugo Chávez were elected by their people, just like Trump was elected, but unlike Trump, they got the actual majority of the popular vote. Inform yourselves and stop sounding like cheerleaders for a system that only cares about the few.

“Sentient beer bong”   (5/5)

One of the best of d-bag frat boy Matt Gaetz I’ve ever heard. Love your pod.

What about HK?   (4/5)

If you are handing out accolades for how COVID-19 has been dealt with, think about HK. We have just over a 1,000 cases and 4 deaths. People in HK have a respect for each other, health professionals and the dangers of coronavirus. We did not go through a total lockdown, instead, many people have continued working since late January when we started dealing with this situation.

Informational   (5/5)

I always learn so much from this podcast! I didn’t think I’d like it originally, but it’s great!

I always look forward to Wednesday   (5/5)

Special thank you to Tommy this week for recommending the incomparable Bill Moyers. I hadn’t seen “buying the war” and I’m so glad I did. I’d really like to know some of your other sources of info particularly for World/International affairs? Keep up the good work you two!

Thanks for trying   (5/5) save the world, that is. If anyone can do it, it’s you two. You and your buddies (Jon, Jon, and Dan) have kept this baby boomer sane and informed. Much appreciated!

Frauds   (1/5)

You cowards are just stroking your own egos and it is truly comical. You clowns forget to mention the fact your “boss” weaponized CIA and FBI for political support. James Comey May start snitching soon boys, walls are closing in, and no matter how much bs spin the whole Russian Hoax bit is about up. Tick Tock clowns Tick Tock

Incredible insights on international affairs!!   (5/5)

I’ve been listening to Pod Save the World from the very first episode and I must say, this has become the highlight of my Wednesdays. Tommy and Ben provide such insights into issues happening all over the world in ways that are easily digestible. Their former experience working in the Obama administration tell us how situations and decision making would be handled, often in stark contrast sadly to who we have running our country today. Their news delivery, stories, and incredible guests help shape a new progressive version of foreign policy that we can be proud of. Great work Tommy and Ben!

Top Notch   (5/5)

Listening twice during Corona. Love this pod and all the Crooked pods. Ben - the people giving you crap about background noise must not have young kids. Shoulder shrug emoji.

Great podcast, distracting background noise   (4/5)

Ben, please record when kids are napping!

Best Podcast for World News   (5/5)

This podcast has always been a staple each week for me... And Tommy’s book recommendations are on point, I write down every single one he mentions! 😊 Much love!❤️

Recording from home   (5/5)

Love your information and delivery but Ben NEEDS to get his background quiet. It is so distracting.

Informative   (5/5)

This podcast is fantastic - it really helps keep me informed of issues that don’t always rise to the surface.

Absolutely the best.   (5/5)

Tommy and Ben have a wealth of experience to share, and the ads are invariably hilarious. I lived abroad for many years and can’t get enough of this content. And PS- please always keep the swearing!!!

Partisan, but the best perspective you can get.   (5/5)

They really don’t like Trump or Republicans, but at least they have the personal experience to back what they say. These are former officials, their perspectives carries substantially more weight than some pundit. They’ve been there and done it. We should listen to what they have to say.

How did we get here.   (2/5)

A dedicated episode or episodes concerning the invitation of displaced Jews followed by formation of Israel and their subsequent total domination of indigenous peoples would be helpful and educational. This conflict underlies and contributes to so many conflicts in the Middle East and terrorism throughout the world. More education would be helpful to understand the conflict and to pressure our governments and businesses to play a true mediating role. Tommie’s incessant “attack on Muslims” in India comments without any mention of discrediting of early reporting allows disinformation to persist.

Pod saves us all   (5/5)

Love it!!! My fav part of this show has become Tommy making Ben go crazy! Tommy is no longer the beige, deck shoe, he’s quite funny!

Missed opportunity   (1/5)

I’ve listened to PSA since Crooked’s inception (and Keeping it 1600). These days, PSA has become unlistenable. Lovett is single handedly carrying water for the other guys in the original crew these days, with Lovett or Leave it and Hysteria (thank God for Gloria) keeping the straight shooter voice alive. Even if Dan Pfeiffer qualifying every criticism of the ineptitude of the Biden campaign were not exasperating enough (and I loved Dan), the transition into Biden apologists has now been completed. Not a single blip of criticism for Pelosi’s endorsement of Henry Cuellar (or the blacklisting of insurgent challenges to dem incumbents). And the support of Vietor for Jessica Cisneros without the criticism of Pelosi is certainly not enough. Favreau will benefit from the bigotry of low expectations as he rarely had anything interesting to say at all (so he has been little more than a facilitator all along; kind of a scam for Lovett and Vietor to be cofounders for that matter). It is so sad to see this once brilliant company (I even let the ads play back in the early days! and I write this with a merch tee shirt on my back) becoming so irrelevant. Consider that people like me listened to you guys for the straight talk and the humor; for FiveThirtyEight and especially Matt Yglesias (Vox’s The Weeds) have just as much humor and orders of magnitude of insight to entertain. I hope Crooked can course correct and provide some actual distinct value — criticism of the short comings of the Democratic Party... that’s the edge of the crooked media team. You can sandwich it with compliments on what they get right and contrast with the right wing absurdity. But be aware that turning your platform into an apologist megaphone for The establishment and a criticism of the Right is irrelevant at this point, that’s the lowest common denominator of punditry and hot takes. And if Biden screws this up while you try to manufacture enthusiasm for his pathetic candidacy out of thin air (even when he says “he has NO empathy for young people” who are Now almost quarantined and sacrificing their economic prospects For a lifetime pretty much for an older generation that commits political violence against the young), it will doom this once promising media company completely.

Corporate Democrat Controlled   (1/5)

Pod = saves us from corporate Democrats as much as Republicans. Not happening here

Interesting and informative   (5/5)

I’m studying international relations in college and this podcast has been a great study aid to keep me informed on global issues while I’m in school. The production quality is great and the hosts work really well together! They cover many different regional issues so there’s always something new to learn about, and while they’re both upfront about their liberal beliefs, I don’t feel that any bias negatively influences their coverage. They’re both just extremely passionate and committed to reporting on global issues. Highly recommend this podcast to anyone who wants to get a more global perspective on politics or just wants to hear about interesting stories going on in the world.

Always thoughtful, knowledgable and, despite the times, enjoyble to listen to   (5/5)

Tommy Vietor and Ben Rhodes are great on foreign policy and conduct super informative interviews with experts too. Highly recommend. They always manage to think through current US/international events with warmth and humor even when said events induce despair and outrage. They give credit where credit is due - I find them fair and clear-eyed. Obviously they're Democrats and tend to strike a thoughtful balance between progressive perspective and D.C. insider / institutionalist, meaning they seem to appreciate the deep expertise that shapes government professionals' takes but also the progressive desire for change in U.S. policy toward for instance, ahem, certain U.S. "allies" in the mideast... If you're anywhere on the spectrum between the Intercept to Lawfare, you'd probably find this podcast very thoughful and worthwhile.

Thank You   (5/5)

Thank you so much for keeping me informed and interested in international affairs. Because of this podcast, I feel confident discussing current events and correcting dangerous misinformation.

Losing Patience with this Podcast   (2/5)

First let me say that I am a life-long Democrat and generally a Progressive. However, I’m losing patience with the slanted view of this podcast. All we hear is that America can do nothing right and never will again now that Obama and his advisors are out of office. Yes, Guys, we are all clear on the fact that you advised Obama and that in your opinion no other president ( or advisors) will ever measure up. Well, Obama’s gone and so are you so let’s start looking forward please. Stop whining and put some constructive ideas out there before you become just a couple of has-beens.

Used to be great   (1/5)

This was a great podcast until Ben joined the show. Back in the day, Tommy provided smart and useful analysis, but the show’s intelligent commentary eRhoded into partisan blather with the addition of the world’s biggest crybaby. Still love ya Tommy. Go to hell Ben.

These guys were *how* high up in the Obama administration?   (2/5)

Listening to Ben and Tommy consistently be outraged at debatable American actions and indifferent to outrages of bad foreign actors really shows that there’s something to the “Blame America First” school of criticism of the Obama administration. If you don’t believe me, listen to how calmly they talk about the Chinese Communist Party directly causing the coronavirus outbreak in the March 25th, 2020 episode (and how calmly they discuss said Party then trying to blame the US for it), and how outraged and animated they are at Trump administration actions towards Iran in the same episode. -Appalled Massachusetts Democrat

Great service...speaking truth to power hungry idiots   (5/5)

Thank you guys for getting us the fact based truth. I absolutely loved the interview with ambassador Susan Rice, she’s awesome! 😎

Grateful to all at Crooked Media   (5/5)

You guys / gals are the bomb! Thanks for keeping us informed, enlightened and empowered!!

Crooked media   (5/5)

Love the whole family

Great   (5/5)

I learn so much from this show

Really appreciate the prevalence of women’s voices   (5/5)

Especially lately in discussions of Syria and Afghanistan

Syria   (5/5)

Thanks for the info.

Had to unsubscribe and stop listening after years...   (1/5)

Super disappointed and disheartened by this past episode and their complete disregard the Cuban experience. As the daughter of refugees, there was 0 empathy towards Cuban dissidents and their traumatic experiences with the government that STILL EXISTS!!!!! Just step foot into any school, hospital, “store” or any apartment building maintained by the government. The people are still widely oppressed and are stripped of all basic human dignity. To belittle their experiences by saying “oh Fidel is dead, they’re fine” is insensitive and hurtful. This is the exact sort of thing that will continue to disenfranchise voters. Best of luck and become a little more aware.

Informative & engaging   (5/5)

If I were only allowed one podcast to listen to, this would be the one. These two are incredibly knowledgeable and descriptive. I love that they cover foreign policy, domestic issues, and give a fair assessment to topics that usually have a skewed bias in the media

Bloomberg reporting was irresponsible   (1/5)

I’ve been listening to this podcast for a while despite having some objections to the views of the hosts. But their reporting of Mike Bloomberg was nothing short of irresponsible. They discussed only his policy views (which have conveniently changed in the past 2-3 years) and did not at all discuss his history of racism and sexism. Blue no matter who I agree with, with the exception of Bloomberg who would only continue to normalize wealthy, corrupt, oligarchic presidents. I’m disgusted with the relatively favorable coverage of him on the most recent episode of this podcast and am unsubscribing.

2020 election results contention as “fixed”   (5/5)

Question discussion: if Trump loses, says election was invalid because of interference and will not conceded and calls for new elections. How to anticipate and address?

A must-listen   (5/5)

News from around the world and how the latest US news impacts our foreign policy, explained in a simple way (but never dumbed down) by people who really know what they’re talking about. Sometimes terrifying, but that’s not Tommy’s fault! Thank you so much for helping me understand this world a little better

Pete commercial   (3/5)

This, like psa, is nothing more then a very long Pete buttegig commercial. Noooo thanks.

Love it   (5/5)

Great podcast, VERY informative. However, it’s Kim JONG-un not Kim YONG-un. The host has been saying it with Y for some inexplicable reason. I’ve studied Korean. It’s not Yong.

Eh   (1/5)

I used to really enjoy both this and pod save America I even loved “the wilderness”. Ever since Ben Rhodes joined PSW I’ve avoided it. You guys are so grossly partisan while simultaneously complaining about partisanship of others. Really wish you guys were alittle more balance and that Ben Rhodes was just a guest, so I could avoid those episodesa

Great in depth podcast!   (5/5)

When you want to dive deep into the world of politics, this is your podcast! I only wish that more people would listen to the knowledge you share! Have you guys thought about making a short version, be it videos, infographics, or a cliff notes version, that can be easily shared???

Yes!!! Bring Back Caring About People   (5/5)

I love what you are guys are doing. Thanks for continuing to tell the truth and promote caring for all life.

Great show-Needs LOUDER AUDIO   (5/5)

I listen at the gym at top volume and still struggle to hear. And I don’t want to miss a word.

Crooked Media’s #1 Podcast   (5/5)

This is the best podcast from the Crooked Media group. Vietor reminds us the U.S. is not alone on this earth and that our foreign policy decisions are more important now than ever before in our history as a nation. Ben Rhodes makes it even better!

My favorite podcast   (5/5)

I’ve been listening to PSTW since the beginning, but appreciate it all the more now that I’m an American living in Europe. I always learn something and enjoy the occasional Ivanka/Jarod rants and Royal Family stories. Keep up the great work!

Can’t listen anymore   (1/5)

Honesty have given the Crooked Media pods the last two years listening and I can no longer support them over their distortions and passive aggressive attacks on progressive democrats in the US.

Wonderful brilliant and funny   (5/5)

I’ve been listening since Thanksgiving. The guys are so smart and funny. These are scary times to put it mildly, so thank you for both your podcasts

Just a bunch of lies   (2/5)

They just lie and it’s very biased but they are funny so

Hacks   (1/5)

Basic extreme liberal hacks

Tech issues   (4/5)

I love the content. My complaint is with how this show’s episodes on the iPhone consistently show as being unavailable after downloading. I then have to delete and download again - every time.

Middle East Peace-fantastic   (5/5)

This was the best. Listening to George Mitchell and Tommy as well as other guest. So informative and truthful and reflective. I love this show. We learn so much background and history. Thank you so very much. Guess I never sent you this! It’s now Jan 5, 2020 and I’m listening to your honest and helpful podcast relating to Trump’s latest ill or not well-though out strategy of killing the Iran general. You help me so much in understanding what’s going on in politics. Your honesty and past and present experience so welcome. Thank you for what you’re doing. We need to win in 2020 because this man is so inept as a president and he leads people in very dark ways. Happy New Year. We need to be hopeful and work at it.

Thank you for the emergency pod on Iran   (5/5)

Thank you for the emergency pod on Iran. I feel more informed without feeling more emotional.

Thanks   (5/5)

Great pod

adore :)))   (5/5)

an incredibly accessible and entertaining way to stay informed about the myriad ways our world is unraveling before our eyes!! but really, I don’t understand those who argue that the hosts are too elitist or condescending; after all, they were White House officials under Obama, and I think that drawing on their personal experiences working for a (successful) presidential administration only adds to their discussions. Their expertise is definitely valuable. They also cover issues that have received little attention over the last 2+ years and bring in a lot of interesting guests from outside the US to ensure that the conversation isn't just conducted from the US’ perspective. The commercial breaks are annoyingly long, but I’m aware that the podcast that I deeply enjoy wouldn’t exist without commercials, so I guess I have to be mature and just hit the skip button instead of feeling put out that time consuming and detailed content isn’t free!

Outstanding   (5/5)

This is a go to for informative, highly intelligent and nuanced analysis.

Better before Ben   (4/5)

I’ve been listening to this show since the beginning and I have to say it’s gone down hill since you’ve added Ben as a regular. I was happy with the addition in the beginning, but now it’s starting to feel like the Ben Rhodes show. Tommy barely speaks at all, and I miss the all of the interviews with other foreign policy experts and journalists. Is Ben a co-host or a guest, cause it seems like you’re trying to make him both, and I gotta say it’s not really working.

The best from Crooked Media   (5/5)

As someone who has listened to many of the Crooked Media podcast this is clearly the best one. It’s insightful, smart conversation that has a considered—not reflexive—progressive world view.

Thanks for this   (5/5)

I really value this perspective on the rest of the world.

Be A Worldo!   (5/5)

Don’t be ignorant! Become a Worldo. I’ve learned so much listening to this pod. I appreciate Tommy and Ben’s backgrounds adding context to the information they are sharing.

Meh   (1/5)

I enjoyed the first few episodes I tuned into, but then began to feel that the hosts came off as elitist know-it-all’s. The most annoying thing about this pod are the long, not funny, commercial breaks, whereby the hosts read scripted advertisements while simultaneously laughing amongst themselves like they were doing a comedy routine. Thank god there’s a “forward 30 seconds” button. And after recently reading the 2018 Politico article, “The Genocide the U.S. Didn’t See Coming” I will never “see” Ben Rhodes the same again. Great job Ben! Back in 2016 your eagerness to help the Obama administration engage rogue regimes in the hopes of changing their behavior trumped your ignorance (or not) of the Rohingya people’s plight. Pod Save the Rohingyan people! I just unsubscribed. The bloviating was getting tiresome anyway.

Insughtful & funny   (5/5)

It’s the best when Ben Rhodes loses it & bring Yair Rosenberg on more often please

Insightful global political breakdown   (5/5)

My favorite international affairs podcast! Insightful reviews, relevant topics, and great guests!

Real news   (5/5)

By far my favorite pod cast. It’s a clear and concise review of foreign policy and foreign news. Delivered by thoughtful, experienced and honest people. Keep it up.

Love the show!   (5/5)

I always look forward to PSW. Great info & insight. Love interviews w/ Mehdi Hasan, and I'm happy we're hearing more about the ongoing atrocities with the Uighurs and Kashmiris. Also, it's been awhile since I've heard about what's happening w/ the Rohingya in Myanmar, and I'm wondering if conditions have improved...? Finally, I would also like to have an update on the Yemen crisis. Thank you!

Daniel Jones and the Torture Report   (5/5)

I admire this podcast and appreciate the perspective Tommy and Ben provide from their experience in the Obama Administration. I would like to hear their perspective on this report and the information it provides about the role and participation of individuals they were familiar with and the policy they pursued

Pod Save America   (5/5)

Fabulous foreign policy episode with Julie Smith. A must listen. Tommy remains my favorite. Best nerd podcast, week after week. Love it!!!! Listen please. Another year and Pod Save the World is still my favorite. I never miss one. Tommy and Ben are great together!

What happened?   (5/5)

It seems to have dropped off line a few days ago, at least on Apple.

Insights you won’t hear elsewhere   (5/5)

Excellent pod by well-informed, uniquely positioned FP geeks - but accessible to a broader audience as well. The episode with former Australian PM Rudd was one of their best. It’s obviously a US-focused pod but guys - even within those parameters, there’s a lot more to delve into on things like US relations with regional powers like Nigeria or Indonesia, and the tectonic shifts occurring in the US power vacuum within and among other regions of the world. And there are FP stories to be told that aren’t about war - whether military, civil, nuclear or otherwise. I really appreciate the human rights focus on stories like the Rohingya and Uighurs but even there, you tend to be beholden to whatever grabs US headlines. What about Cameroon? Haiti? West Papua? Would love to get your take on a wider panoply of FP issues to which people should be exposed. Your insights matter now more than ever. Great podcast!

Cash App   (1/5)

I love the podcast, but look out for the Cash App, before you decide to do business with them check out the reviews, they are, pardon the pun, crooked. Fortunately I was able to get my money back, but they did everything they could to prevent it.

Insightful commentary   (5/5)

Love the content. Interviews are excellent. Forthright discussion of mistakes and successes of Obama administration foreign policy efforts. Rhodes arrogance is a bit of a struggle, but the show is worth it.

Used to be one of my favorites...   (1/5)

...but lately the content is too large to download (200MB) without a WiFi connection. When you’re barely getting by on Social Security, things like WiFi, cable, streaming, etc. are luxuries. A mile-long walk to the library for free WiFi isn’t easy during the cold when so I’m missing out on a good podcast.

For folks who are interested in international affairs, it’s must   (5/5)

Very well explained foreign policy and current global affairs. If you are into international affairs or want to know more about our world, should listen to this great podcast!

You will learn so much   (5/5)

If you are not generally interested in the non-US world or worry that you don’t know enough history to put world events in perspective, you need this show. Tommy is smart and committed to thoughtful discussion. Excellent guests provide larger understanding and have often “been there” in Obama times. And Ben is super. No funny business. Just smart, informed talk.

I needed this!   (5/5)

I was so lost when it came to world news until I started listening to this show and now I look forward to my Wednesday morning commute with Tommy and Ben! Thanks for helping keep us informed in a digestible way and for being entertaining as well!

Where have I been?   (5/5)

Do NOT ask me why I took so long to subscribe to Pod Save the World. I have spent the last 48 hours binge-listening to every episode and feel as if I have had a two-day survey course in world affairs. Great interviews, great hosts!

important   (5/5)

if you’re not a foreign policy/politics nerd such as myself i highly suggest listening to PSW to understand the significance of current political events in other countries, how they impact us, and how the sad state of our politics impact them.

Biased in favor of Israel:(   (1/5)

Episode presented themselves as representing the left thinking on issue of Palestine statehood, and they don’t give voice to actual left. One state solution not mentioned at all. Disappointed! Won’t listen anymore

Phish   (4/5)

Please keep the fact that you like phish a secret. It makes you look stupid!

So insightful   (5/5)

It’s like hearing voices from the past when foreign policy was not run by incompetent fools.

Excellent   (5/5)

The best foreign policy podcast out there. Informative, insightful and nuanced conversation on complex issues brought by people who know what they’re talking about.

Perfect way to start your day!   (5/5)

This podcast is a quick, detailed and informative way to start your day. 20 minutes during a morning walk or commute and you’ll feel well-informed. I’ve been waiting for a podcast like this to come out and this delivered! Thank you!

Excellent Interviews   (5/5)

I found this last podcast to be very informative. Appreciated Susan Rice’s insights and the Vice reporter discussing China’s repression of the Weghers. I always learn something from your show.

Worst people in the world   (5/5)

Please do not exaggerate situations, we have been involved in other countries politics all over the world, the people in those countries are Not the worst people. Please be mindful and truthful. The current Government is so horrible we really do not need to stir the pot .

Pod save the world   (5/5)

I've learned so much from the listening to Ben & Tommy. I really enjoy the comfortable interviews of the WH group they worked with. The recent interview with Susun Rice was filed with stories that were funny, sad but informative BRAVO

More Latin America!   (5/5)

Pod Save the World is one of my favorite podcasts to stay up to date with foreign affairs. Ben and Tommy’s insider commentary on what’s happening around the world is a fantastic resource for those who wish to understand why foreign policy is important and how it affects us here in America. THAT BEING SAID: the analyses are often isolated to the conflicts the media focuses on already. What about the 24 hour curfew in Quito? What about the military marching through the streets of Santiago and the protests ignited by economic inequality? What’s happening in Argentina right now that’s causing incredible economic instability? Why are elites fleeing from Brazil in record numbers? I understand there’s a lot to cover right now, but there are important events outside of what the major media is focusing on and I’d like to hear them talk more about things I can’t learn about on Up First.

In ‘Send Giuliani to Syria - Yezidis ARE Kurds   (5/5)

Greatly enjoy learning to your podcast. One correction. Yesidis ARE Kurds. Yezidi is a religion. Kurd is a ethnicity. Unlike other ethnicities in Kurdistan, for Yezidis, their mother language. There are Sunni Muslim Kurds, Shia Muslim Kurds, Christian Kurds (some prefer Assyrian Christians), Zoroastrian Kurds, Jewish Kurds. Muslim Kurds say the Yezidis are the original Kurds, Zoroastrians who absorbed aspects of other religions along the way.

Feel smarter listening to these guys   (5/5)

In today’s crazy world, it’s hard to keep up with the latest real life consequences of the Trump administration, and this podcast keeps it real in terms of the actual threats to our National Security due to the actions of this president. The political horse race coverage of Pod Save America is great but this Pod is critical listening for anyone who cares about our standing around the world. We need a new Crooked Media Pod that could focus on domestic policy and how the administration is dismantling the government or how policy decisions are impacting things here in the US.

Best Source of Foreign Policy News   (5/5)

I learn so much from Tommy (and now Ben also) every week! They always have smart, thoughtful guests and they bring their own knowledge and experience to a critical lens on foreign policy. Keep up the good work guys!!!

Instructive   (5/5)

I enjoy this show as it reminds you that there is a big wide world out there and that the US used to be (hopefully will again) outward facing. A refreshing break from the current insular mindset. It is interesting to hear a myriad of wonky details on international relations. I enjoy hearing Tommy and Ben provide the background and context on foreign relationships and issues. But please change the theme music - I can’t stand it!!

very informative   (5/5)

keep up the great work!

It was good until it wasn’t.   (2/5)

I loved this podcast up until the David Cameron interview in Oct. 2019. They have constantly talked about Brexit and how much blame Cameron shoulders, and yet did not challenge him in anyway. It was the most disappointing interview I have heard on PSW, and I’ve been a dedicated listener since it’s launch. I know the context in which in they operate (progressive, liberal democrats), but this interview was a solid reminder that they are just political hacks.

Another Ben fan   (5/5)

I think Ben has been a great addition to the pod! He brings even more behind the scenes insights from the Obama administration and gives Tommy someone to bounce stuff off of when discussing current news. Even though the pod always seems to scare the bejezus out of me as it informs me about the delicate high wire act that is foreign policy and the potential disastrous consequences, I’m so grateful to get informed, especially as we select a presidential candidate- I’m learning that foreign policy is probably the one area the president has the most power to act unilaterally.

A must hear   (5/5)

These folks give you a world perspective about all the most relevant things going on that you need to know. Great global perspectives from two guys who have the chops!

Ben Rants   (5/5)

Ben you don’t need to apologize for the rants that’s what makes PSTW! (And helps us all avoid going insane)

Wednesday delight...   (5/5)

Knowing I have this pod to get me through the first couple hours of work on Wednesday’s helps get me through the week. Put in the earphones, tune out my fellow construction workers, and catch up on the big picture stuff. Tommy and Ben do a fantastic job, if only we got two a week!

Love being a Worldo!   (5/5)

I always come away from the episodes knowing much more about foreign policy issues than I did going in. Please introduce some merch that says Worldo!

Jung not Yung   (5/5)

I love this podcast, and I know it’s a bit silly, but the only thing that really drives me crazy is that Ben Rhodes always says world leader’s names wrong. For example, he says “Kim Yung Un,” but if you can read Hangul, you know his name is JUNG not YUNG. His name is: 김정은 not 김영은. 정=Jung; 영=Yung. It’s a very small thing, but I cringe every time he says it. 🤷🏼‍♀️

Interesting Insight But Getting Too Long   (2/5)

Also Ben Rhodes does not need to be a screamy and screechy. We get it. Things are bad.

I listen while cooking or driving   (5/5)

This is a great podcast to listen to while doing tasks about the house, because the hosts break down complex world issues and problems in an easy to understand way.

Good - but   (3/5)

Ok, smart guys, great guests, really informative. But enough with the bro culture. “Haven’t you worn out those sheets yet?” Really? Plus a sprinkling of Lazy Speech F bombs detracts from what your trying to accomplish.

I Was a Fan but now I am disappointed   (1/5)

I really loved your analysis but Tommy’s recent tweet about Modi annexing Kashmir was an disappointment,Kashmir is an integral part of India per the Instrument of Accession signed in 1947 agreeing to accede to the Dominion of India. The mere removal of special status of Kashmir which was a roadblock in consistent democry within a natiion is not Annexing.

Deep dive into domestic politics and foreign affairs   (5/5)

I used to think I was very well-informed and widely read on politics. Then I started listening to this pod and discovered that I’m a blithering idiot. Tommy & Ben don’t actually call their listeners idiots; they actually assume a significant level of intelligence and background. But they have a knack for knowing when the rest of us are thinking, “Huh?!!” and are happy to take a quick side trip to lay the groundwork to be able to fully explain a policy issue. It’s incredibly informative and I recommend it to every political junkie I know (as well as people who just want more info about x, y, or z). Great work guys; love the pod!!

So informative and helpful!   (5/5)

I’ve been listening to PSA for the past few years, so I decided to give pod save the world a try. I’ve been so happy and now never miss an episode! Ben and tommy help explain what’s going on in the rest of the world with a progressive point of view. The interviews are so interesting and I love getting caught up on international news from 2 bright, experienced guys.

Ranting and Raving   (1/5)

I thought this was going to be a decent podcast which talked about geopolitics and provide insightful analysis but I was proven wrong quickly. The host yells 90% of the time about Trump. If Trump were to solve world hunger the host would still find a way to scream in the microphone. If you actually want to learn about what’s going on in the geopolitical theatre don’t waste your time listening to this podcast. If you want to know more about how Trump is screwing up the country then listen to this.

Great podcast!   (5/5)

I am addicted to this podcast! It has definitely enhanced my understanding of current foreign policy issues. It is engaging and entertaining at the same time. I had the good fortune to meet Ben at the U of Chicago last spring with my teenage foreign policy nerd daughter. He was so kind and encouraging to her. We are total Friends of the Pod!

How are these two credible   (1/5)

It’s amazing that these two loons discuss world affairs with any credibility given how the Middle East got set aflame when they were at the helm with national security matters. Also, it was a lot better before Rhodes joined. Vietor used to just ask a bunch of leading questions to people who actually know what they’re talking about, but since Rhodes joined it has gone way downhill.

Are you there Tommy?   (2/5)

Ever since Ben Rhodes joined the show it’s kind of shown how little Tommy can actually speak about foreign policy. The show generally goes like this: Tommy introduces a topic, Ben talks for 20 minutes, Tommy: “That’s crazy,” *repeat with next topic*.

My favorite podcast   (5/5)

Great podcast! Recommend 100%.

Very intelligent look at the world   (5/5)

I have been all over the world, usually hot spots.(retired military) It is refreshing to hear people that have actually seen the world and helped shape it talk about current events. Keep up the great work.

EeeeRAWN not EYERANE   (5/5)

Omg plz tell Ben Rhodes to pronounce Iran right, it’s killing me inside

Jong/Yong   (3/5)

Great podcast but please, please, please Ben Rhodes: stop mispronouncing Kim Jong Un's name! "Jong" is a Romanization of "정" which is pronounced "Jchung." Why do you insist on using a "Y" sound, especially when everybody else, even Dan, pronounces it much more closely to how it's said in Korean?

A+   (5/5)

By far my favorite pod. Full of content and super educational. Ben and Tommy make a great team. With or without interviews the show is fantastic.

Rhodes rants are my favorite   (5/5)

This podcast was already great before they added Ben Rhodes. I already never missed an episode when it was just Tommy. But my ultimate favorite are Ben’s rants. I know it’s not funny that he gets genuinely upset, but honestly he does it in such an entertaining way. PSW just hits another level with Tommy and Ben

Much needed podcast!   (5/5)

I would be lost without Tommy and Ben to help me understand what is going on in the world! You get the whole story, who are the good guys and who are not. What is going on with Brexit, Iran and Iraq, Israel, an amazing podcast, I never miss it!

Mattis Rant   (5/5)

Ben Rhodes’ Jim Mattis rant was thoroughly enjoyable & enlightening! More importantly, he point by point dissected Mattis’ hypocrisy (aka “heaping pile of BS”) in criticizing Obama and not Trump, kids in cages, speaking fees, etc. As usual, another great listen.

A Weekly Must!   (5/5)

PSTW is incredibly entertaining, while being super-informative. My foreign policy knowledge has skyrocketed since listening to Tommy (and Ben, who is a very talented writer). They connect the dots on all that is happening around the world and bring it back to domestic policy. You don’t have a fully formed opinion on the world until you hear this podcast every week.

One of my favs   (5/5)

So educational!

Great podcast for IR nerds   (5/5)

One of a kind in its sole focus on foreign policy and always very engaging

Favorite Pod   (5/5)

I’m a huge fan of all the crooked media pods, but this is my favorite. Tommy and Ben cover a huge range of topics and do a great job of boiling down the huge world of foreign policy. The highlight of the pod is pretty much anytime Ben gets set off. I identify big time.

Love it   (5/5)

Easily one of my favorite podcasts. I have been listening since the beginning, and am never disappointed. I always feel much more aware of what is happening in the world after an episode. I have also been turned on to events in the past that I missed, specifically the horrific story of Sergei Magnitsky. Look forward to Tuesday each week. Keep up the great work, Tommy & Ben!

A Path Forward   (5/5)

It is hard to learn what is important about our nation’s foreign policy through the press because of an overriding tendency to treat complicated issues as simply a score card for Republicans or Democrats. Pod Save World delves into issue after issue as these issues shape or misshape our global policies. The conversation is lead by former White House foreign policy staff, so the insider view is compelling and very refreshing. A must listen for anyone who simply wants to learn more about America’s role on the world stage.

Interesting, Intellectual, Invigorating   (5/5)

A great way to stay up on foreign policy during a drive or long run. Love learning so much and hearing from a whole range of guests. Keep it up!!

Save the World Save America POD   (5/5)

Excellent podcasts produced on continuing basis to help America retain sanity (we hope). Thank you excellent people at Crooked Media.

Background   (4/5)

Fabulous for succinctly giving enough background to put current issue in context Always listen but please ask Ben Rhodes to stop screaming. Hurts his credibility.

Love a Good Ben Rhodes Flipout   (5/5)

A. The info and the explanation of the how and why in this podcast are second to none. Love the thorough and easy-to-understand analysis of events. B. I absolutely live for those moments when Ben goes from very measured and calm to super annoyed and frustrated and LOUD AND ANGRY AND THEN EVERYTHINGBECOMESONEWORDWITHLOTSOFSWEARING. I know I’m not meant to laugh, but I can’t help it. Just pure rage.

Never get rid of Ben Rhodes   (5/5)

This podcast can be dark and depressing but it’s super informative. I adore Tommy Vietor but never ever ever ever get rid of Ben Rhodes. His rants Adore you Ben!!

Thank You   (5/5)

For this podcast and the experience and smart prospective behind it. The commentary is factual and comes from actual expertise (grateful for the addition of Ben). I appreciate you both!

Is this why DEMs are losing in this country?   (1/5)

Hypocrisy. You guys may have gone to a lot of countries. But you know nothing about any foreign country for sure. In your eyes, their is one way, your way, in the entire universe. That’s pathetic but at the same time dangerous. You guys are much more dangerous to the world than trump is. Wish Warren or Bennet can make some difference to this country. PSA is way much better when you are not talking. Stop cursing around and say more constructive stuff you hypocrite. Shame on you.

unsubscribe   (1/5)

Every time I've tried to listen to this show one of the hosts ends up SCREAMING into the microphone and I shut it off. Happened 3x and I'm done.

Great podcast, but...   (3/5)

I love this podcast, but Ben yelling into the mic is really beginning to grate on me.

Best foreign policy show available   (5/5)

If you care about the rest of the world and you are frightened about Trumps policies, you must listen to this podcast Tommy and Ben are the most knowledgeable in their field

Worldos   (5/5)

This is a great podcast with smart, insightful, passionate dialogue and some humor and great insider stories

Dunking on Erdogan   (5/5)

I loved Ben’s interview with Enes Kanter. My heart went out to him listening to what he, his family & fans are going through. Like he said all he wants to do is play basketball. This makes the world seem very frightening. I am proud to be an NBA fan hearing how much support he is getting from the league. Also you guys covered an incredible amount of really important news in this pod. I’ll be anxious to hear your next one when you find out that Netanyahu caved to trump Looking forward to reading Ben’s article in the Atlantic. Thanks to both of you for being some truth & sanity in this otherwise upside down world

Favorite Crooked Cast   (5/5)

Love love Pod Save the World. Great interviews. Very informative - thanks for the fantastic podcast!

Logo breaks my heart but I adore Tommy.   (5/5)

I’m beginning to understand the world so much more, since Tommy dives into issues that have always saddened and frustrated and confused me. Great guests, great explanations, great commentary.

Good   (5/5)

I like it. I like it a lot.

Generally top notch   (4/5)

I listen for insightful analysis on world events from people more knowledgeable about it than me. But sometimes they’re just venting frustration into the mic, which I don’t like. I get it guys, I’m angry, scared, and frustrated too, but yelling at the mic doesn’t do anyone any favors.

Simply the best   (5/5)

Love Tommy and Ben. They explain world events so well, I can talk circles around anyone who thinks the bozos in DC know what they are doing. Really appreciate their Middle East and trade explanations, too.

Dunkin on Erd   (1/5)

Re-save the episode! Not available to play/download

World needs more pods like this.   (5/5)

World events in an easy to digest package

Worldos   (5/5)

Tommy and Ben are A+ at making me scared of not just American politics but the whole world’s politics. Kidding aside, it’s a great show and encourages me to pursue a career in the foreign service. If I was cool and suave like Burt Macklin.

Great show. I would listen to B Rhodes all day   (5/5)

Love consuming this as a solid summary of world events every week. Ben Rhodes also provides awesome background and context to a lot of these complex international concepts or dynamics that are not visible to the casual observer.

Excellent Focus   (5/5)

Please consider making making this podcast a regular destination/listen. Lots flying under the radar in international events that deserve far more detailed focus, and this pod zeroes in on them impressively. Well-informed, knowledgeable hosts and experienced guest interviews add to the great mix. Thanks to the Crooked Media Group for making this is a staple of their roster.

Fantastic!   (5/5)

Love this podcast! They help give context to situations the general public may not (and most likely don’t) understand. Very much needed conversation about foreign affairs and international relations.

Super informative   (5/5)

Much needed global context in this era

Unmatched in the foreign policy pod genre   (5/5)

This podcast is amazing and something I look forward to listening to on my way to work the morning it comes out. Tommy and Ben offer their amazing insights and experience on relevant foreign policy/national security/diplomacy topics, as well as find intelligent, experienced, high profile individuals to bring on the pod as well. My one complaint about this show is oftentimes it seems like Tommy is kind of shepherding the show along and asking the questions, while Ben has all the answers and/or is the one to elaborate on the point of discussion most times. It can feel a bit interview-ish. I'd love to hear a little more give and take from Tommy rather than just seemingly interviewing Ben on his viewpoint sometimes. Other than that, great show and keep up the amazing work.

Wednesdays   (5/5)

Tommy and Ben bring some sanity to the chaos of Trump’s foreign policy (or the lack of one).

Best Foreign Policy Podcast   (5/5)

I wish this podcast was released everyday I could listen to them talk all day. This and apps Save America are amazing. Really knowledgeable guys.

Foreign Affairs impacts domestic affairs   (5/5)

We need people to listen to this show and be aware of what is happening around the world and how it impacts us!

Great world politics pod   (5/5)

I love this pod. I started getting interested in politics after the most recent Iraq war. Many people my age went to war there and it became clear that the way the war was sold was built on misinformation on some big points. Since then I've been interested in the US place in world politics and how it works. Tommy and Ben help to provide US world politics context to the news of the day, explain where the foriegn service and US agencies fit in, and bring some great experts on to explain things. I learn something new (many things often times) each time I tune in - plus it's fun!

Foreign Policy Podcast   (5/5)

I live for the Ben Rhodes blow ups on this show. Top notch.

An Immediate Favorite   (5/5)

I began listening to this almost as soon as it debuted, and it remains on par with my love for Pod Save America. Especially with the relatively recent addition of Ben Rhodes, I have never felt more informed on foreign policy, and I’d like to thank Tommy and Crooked. In a time when normal news is all domestic because of Tr*mp, this pod is essential. 💙

I’ve learned so much from this pod   (5/5)

Covering topics that get skipped by most media outlets. Love it when Ben is on because his rants are a great reminder that this administration is doing outrageous things and we can’t become complacent. So many smart guest interviews.

Be smarter for free   (5/5)

Or be dumb and it will cost you

Great show.   (5/5)

Informative and entertaining. Love these guys.

Like listening to “Potterwatch”   (5/5)

I seriously love these guys and feel like they are sending out encouraging reminders that the resistance is real, our memories of a better time are not fake, and this dark time must be exposed for what it is. We may not be in exile (yet) but this podcast is like a reminder yo keep fighting..... couldn’t resist the Harry Potter reference above... fellow nerds will totally get it.

Feel Not Dumb!   (5/5)

Tommy and Ben are a super source of foreign policy insight, and they keep me informed beyond what’s happening in my general geographic region. It’s great to be informed, and even greater to be entertained while learning more about the issues of the day. Plus they both have great stories from their time in the White House which are always fascinating and often hilarious. It’s on my “don’t skip” list each week!

Love this Pod   (5/5)

I learn so much from the Pod! Absolutely love it. It cracks me up when Ben goes from being calm to getting fired up and absolutely going off on the ridiculousness of this administration. It’s critical that we pay attention to what is happening on a foreign policy basis. There are things happening all over the world that we do not realize and should be concerned about. Tommy and Ben are awesome!

These Guys are Awesome   (5/5)

Given that we're currently melting down in a massively terrifying fashion, it's easy for Americans to forget that there's a great big wide world out there waiting to kill us. Or waiting for us to kill them, whatever. Pod Save the World keeps me updated on the 95% of humanity that can't vote Trump out in the next election. Entertaining and informative with the right amount of Pod Save America snark. Great work from Tommy Vietor and Ben Rhodes.

Great pod   (5/5)

Very informative!

Fun and Informative Ben and Tommy are Great!   (5/5)

Great Podcast one of the best one's on Crooked Media. My only complaint is when I am listening at work at a moderat volume, Ben will suddenly start yelling and I have to turn the volume down.

Good as a weekly international affairs recap.   (4/5)

I’m a big fan of Tommy, and a fan of the pod as a whole. My only constructive criticism is that Ben really toes the line between outspoken trump critic and sounding like a resentful ex, which can generally detract from the listening experience. If that makes any sense

Better than Pod Save America   (4/5)

Civil and informative, no bombast and cheap laughs; just straightforward.

Best Podcast from Crooked Media   (5/5)

Great hosts in Tommy V. and Ben R. Reasoned and reasonable argument. Just the right amount of fang.

Countdown to Ben Rhodes meltdown... 3 - 2 - 1   (5/5)

This is a great weekly review of world news with some great interviews & perspectives from Tommy Vietor & Ben Rhodes. My favorite part of the podcast is waiting to see what event du jour is going to trigger Ben into his weekly rant.

Great Cast   (5/5)

My fave color is red.

So smart   (5/5)

Love this podcast! So much insight from Tommy and Ben

Very good   (5/5)

Great stuff, absolute experts talking about important things. You may even laugh, what more can you want

This pod rules   (5/5)

This is prob my fav pod. Great guests, great host, great pod. Highly recommended

Graduate course in foreign policy   (5/5)

Clearly a left bias, but great exploration of issues.

Deep dive but not too wonky   (5/5)

I learn a lot from this podcast but never feel like I am studying for a test.

Great Pod   (5/5)

Keeps me informed on major international issues. Thanks, Tommy and Ben. You guys know your stuff and provide a valuable perspective.

Informative   (5/5)

If you’re looking for news on foreign politics and this is the perfect podcast. Ben and Tommy are great.

Favorite podcast   (5/5)

Every week I look forward to Tommy and Ben’s insights on world events and perspective on national security and diplomacy. Also Ben’s righteous rants are a bracing relief from the bothsides approach of so much of the media. (I thinks he’s run out of stories about Queen Elizabeth II, tho. 😉 Needs to get another audience with Her Majesty.)

Wow   (5/5)

If I were a student in international relations, this would be a cheat sheet.

Informative   (5/5)

Thank you.

Great foreign policy pod   (5/5)

Great hosts and guests give information that can often get lost in the daily news cycle

Great overview and analysis   (5/5)

This show has always been a great overview of foreign policy issues with smart analysis by Tommy and his guests. Adding Ben Rhodes as a regular has really upped the game for this show. Worth it alone for the segments where Tommy springs something on Ben that triggers a rant. Ben Rhodes is one of the world’s top ten ranters.

Best info on international relations   (5/5)

So many podcasts focus on domestic issues- this podcast discusses vitally important info about the rest of the world. Great hosts too!

My go-to podcast   (5/5)

I absolutely adore this podcast! Tommy and Ben make foreign affairs and national security matters super accessible and fun to learn about. Their experiences working for Obama come through clearly in their discussions (and I love the rants they go on when something particularly stupid happens in the world) and they infuse everything with some trademark Crooked humor. The guests are always phenomenal as well (I am begging you Tommy and Ben please get the Bombshell podcast women on as guests) -- basically this is the best podcast you could ever listen to!

Smart, Funny, Easy To Understand   (5/5)

Real experts talk. Global policy, economics, relations, etc. Recommend for students studying international relations, public policy/political science majors, etc. and also for anyone who is curious about world event and issues. Awesome show.

One of my favourites!   (5/5)


World news affects us all   (5/5)

Now that I’ve been listening for almost a year I can say I have never been so up to date on world news and more importantly how that news impacts the US and how US policies affect the world. Tommy and Ben are passionate and well informed. And when you’re lucky you get to hear a hilarious story from the Obama days 10/10 recommend


Makes my brain happy to listen to policy from around the world!! We are not a isolationist Nation! We have to understand and know what the rest of the world is doing! Please please please keeping the passion and fun going GUYS!

Go to Podcast   (5/5)

Love this podcast for international affairs. Hosts are awesome.

AMAZING   (5/5)

Love it! So much. So informative and really expands the scope of understanding I have for foreign policy and how its connecting to domestic policy.

Welcome Ben   (5/5)

Before Ben this podcast was in my top five and now with Ben definitely my top three (don’t miss an episode). Enjoyed episodes when Ben was a guest and thrilled now to hear him on each episode. Welcome Ben! (Loved your book btw)

Refreshingly honest and thoughtful   (5/5)

Tommy and Ben both have real world experience and behind the scenes stories to illuminate their analysis of world events. A favorite podcast!

Foreign policy for beginners   (5/5)

I love how Tommy & Ben make foreign policy and news accessible for those who may follow US news closely but feel like foreign affairs are overwhelming. I feel like I learn something new every week. Come for the news but stay for the Tommy & Ben rants.

So good!   (5/5)

Thanks for the insight. Also check out Pod Save America.

Grateful   (5/5)

Always learn things listening to this podcast I trust what I hear. Thanks y’all!

I like to know things.   (5/5)

I love listening to Tommy & Ben explain the way the world works. Or doesn’t.

Smart meets funny   (5/5)

Incredibly well informed, funny, and easy way to get your international news!

Yay global affairs!   (4/5)

As an international affairs nerd I love the weekly breakdown of complex global problems on this show. However, since Ben Rhodes joined the show he starts ranting a lot and I just... tune it out? Loved Ben’s book and the pod guys, but it’s hard to focus when Ben just starts yelling about how unfair everything is right now politically (which it totally is). I’ve got other podcast outlets for my outrage. More international affairs news, less rants. Thanks!

Fascinating, Funny   (5/5)

Great perspective on international Issues and Ben's rants are hilarious.

🎶This Pod Can Show You the World🎶   (5/5)

I really enjoy listening to Pod Save the World bc Tommy and Ben do such a great job in delivering complicated foreign issues of which I otherwise would probably never be aware, and they do it with wit, savvy, and sincerity. As an English teacher who incorporates texts that utilize and evoke concepts such as empathy and compassion, I’m now better able to guide students in examining societal problems on both national and international scales. Lastly, PStW provides me with such great reading recs whether it be from something Tommy mentions or a book penned by a guest. So, thanks to Tommy and Crooked for making me (at least feel) smarter!!

Informative, Entertaining, Top Fav   (5/5)

Pod save the World is part of my commute podcast heavy rotation! Tommy&Ben are so smart, accurate, and funny! I suggest listening to all the Krooked podcasts, one for each day’s commute!

Foreign Policy that’s Actually Intelligible   (5/5)

Listen... Understanding foreign policy is difficult, but I’ve learned so much from listening to Tommy and Ben. Their perspective is interesting, and it’s great to have a clearer picture of the world and how we fit into it. Side note - I once spoke to Ben while waiting on a hotel elevator in Hawaii. Internally lost my mind, but didn’t mention I was a Friend of the Pod because I didn’t want his wife and children to be creeped out.

Favorite Pod!   (5/5)

This is my favorite pod. The guests are amazing, the discussions are funny, smart, interesting, and informative. My kids love listening in for world news and “The F Word”. Plus Ben Rhodes’ Queen of England story!

Tommy cakes   (5/5)

Loyal listener of all crooked media, but Tommy is my absolute favorite. Both informative and witty, a must-listen for those hoping to keep a finger on global political events through the barrage of coverage on domestic politics. Thanks so much!!

My favorite podcast   (5/5)

As a political science student, Tommy and Ben help me in literally every way possible. I sound so smart when I regurgitate their ideas in class and in papers (and I've definitely cited them in APA format)! They are super fun to listen to during my commute or at work. In fact, I kinda look like a crazy person when I listen on the L and smile and laugh. Tommy and Ben tackle scary issues like "are we going to go to war with Iran?" and "Will Trump use the nuclear codes on his own people if Alec Baldwin portrays him on SNL again?" Their expertise is so helpful to me, as are quirky narratives of life working with Obama in their White House years. Highly recommend this podcast!

Eyes wide open   (5/5)

Thanks for the reminder that the world is bigger than our own backyard and that we are not the center of the universe. With all the chaos in the US, it’s easy to forget issues around the world and the role we play. The topics are relevant, revelatory and necessary. “Hands down” (still not sure what that mean) my favorite pod (sorry Jon x 2)!!!! Ben & Tommy 2020!

Worldos Unite!!   (5/5)

The best pod I’ve found to tackle issues going on around the globe. Seriously recommend this as most American news sources give international issues short shrift.

Addicted to this pod!   (5/5)

Gives a great update on what’s going in the world.

Pod Save the World   (5/5)

Great show that keeps you updated on international events and how the Trump administration is undoing years of hard diplomacy.

Love, love, love this pod!   (5/5)

Thank you Tommy and Ben for hosting this amazing pod. Every week you break down what is happening with our foreign policy (or, you know, lack thereof) and provide insight to what goes on behind the scenes. I love how you give historical perspectives to provide the background listeners need to understand the context. This educator is impressed and pleased. Keep up the awesome work!

I love this podcast   (5/5)

I listen to many podcasts (as I love to hear smart people talk about interesting things) but this is my favorite one. Tommy and Dan are so knowlegeable about world politics and diplomatic relations and they make it all completely engaging, approachable, and fun to listen to.

I’m addicted!   (5/5)

I’ve become a devoted POD fan and POD SAVE THE WORLD is my go-to for information on where the US foreign policy (or lack thereof) is headed during these especially trying times. PSW covers more than any cable or news network which have devolved into navel gazing between Trump tweets. Ben and Tommy always have great insight and info about what’s going on and their interviews with a wide array of political/social figures are always top notch. They’re a great addition to the PODS SAVE MY LIFE group keeping me sane during the Trump debacle.

Great Pod   (5/5)

Great pod

The “Keep It” of Foreign Policy pods   (5/5)

Nothing beats the Wednesday one-two punch of Keep It, followed by this informative juggernaut. Tommy and Ben have the expertise and wit to make any international news worth checking up on. A must-listen for anyone curious about the world around us. Come for the progressive foreign policy insight, stay for stories about Ben disrupting Queen Elizabeth’s bathroom break on Air Force One.

The best way to stay up to date on foreign policy   (5/5)

Come for the foreign policy deep dives, stay for the Ben Rhodes screaming rants.

So helpful   (5/5)

It’s hard to find news on international affairs all in one place! I love listening to Tommy and Ben take on all the issues with nuance.

International Relations cheat sheet   (5/5)

These guys turned me into a college kid who knows to much. Highly recommend

Great show on news around the globe!   (5/5)

Not that Tommy wasn’t great, but having Ben on has made the show even better. I like the cursing and ranting about how messed up this administration - because none of this is normal! We’re not the only country in the world so I like learning about what’s going on in other countries and how America is or isn’t involved in other countries

Great podcast   (5/5)

This podcast is informative and interesting. If you care at all about international relations this is a podcast you’ll like.

Great discussions every week!   (5/5)

Thank you Tommy and Ben for your insight into this crazy world we’re living in. Every week I learn so much!

Very Insightful & Imformative   (5/5)

Love the perspective and information on the topics discussed. Great guests.... Keep it coming.

Pod Save The World   (5/5)

This is one of the most informative and entertaining pod casts available. Ben and Tommy are knowable, and funny. If you are interested in foreign affairs this is the place. I look forward to each Tuesday pod cast.

Great podcast   (5/5)

Love hearing Ben get worked up

Best Show for Understanding the World   (5/5)

For a very long time I felt that international news was very inaccessable. It required a bunch of background knowledge of the players and often quite a bit of historical knowledge as well. Pod Save the World makes it so understandable and all in just an hour a week. Tommy and Ben make things make sense in a concise way but with all the context you need. I feel smarter after listening and even get a giggle or two in each episode. So worth a listen.

Please Listen   (5/5)

There is more to this world and more affecting us than DJT (not my president). The information and discussion on this podcast is something I can’t save I look forward to each week, but as a citizen of the world need to listen to to understand this world. Thank you for your insight, humor, and intelligence. I should’ve written this review a while ago, and I apologize for its catalyst to be your plea on today’s show.

Love this show   (5/5)

Smart, poignant, and unbiased world news. Not held to a standard by big Corp. sexy voices, and strong motive to heal the world.

Great show!   (5/5)

Most pragmatic of all the Crooked Media shows. Appreciate the diversity of guests and the practical breakdown on current events.

Love the whole Crooked Media Team!   (5/5)

Kudos to all of y’all for supplying great content! I love Pod Save the World and appreciate all of the hard work put in to keep me up to date with world politics.

Insightful, in-depth, intelligent.   (5/5)

This is the one podcast I don’t tire of listening to. Profound insights by Ben, who dealt with many of these foreign policy issues in the past (when an adult was in the room). Nice break from US news coverage.

Informed not overwhelmed   (5/5)

I listen to this show every week and it keeps me focused on what’s most important. Tommy and Ben do a great job taking the overwhelming amount of news in the world and not only simplifying and condensing it, but sharing their thoughts in a really smart and thorough analysis. Keep it up, guys!

I love Wednesdays!   (5/5)

I love Wednesdays when I get to hear from Tommy and Ben. They dive deeply into national security issues, and as former national security staff from the Obama, they are honest about any shortcomings or failings of their administration, only enhancing their credibility.

Thoughtful look at the world   (5/5)

Great pod! Compared to Pod Save America, I feel like there’s a bit more variety of stories since the range of topics is more broad. Also, the guests are really informed and bring a lot of domain knowledge to the various stories. Highly recommend!

Funny and informational   (5/5)

As an International Public Health student at Hopkins, this has remained a great way for me to unwind and listen to something besides lectures, and it still benefits me professionally. Still sometimes gets me very fired up to continue my social justice work.

God Bless Tommy and Dan   (5/5)

I get absolutely lost in all the news these days, but Tommy and Dan make it easy to follow. This show is full of nuance, depth, and exactly how much humor you need to be able to stomach the often chaotic and depressing events of today. I wouldn’t be able to keep up windy them.

Thank you for my bi-weekly dose of international political news!   (5/5)

I listen religiously and it’s all I could ask for in a podcast! Thank you Tommy and Ben!

Informative and actually fun!   (5/5)

I don’t know if anyone else could make such dire events and situations entertaining besides the Crooked Media crew. Highly recommend!

Unrivaled and Unique   (5/5)

I am so glad that I discoverd Pod Save the World. Not only is it incredibly informative, but provides a common sense discussion about foregin policy and international fairs that is sadly lacking. Throw in the humor of Tommy and Ben and you have an unbeatable combination. And since you asked in a recent pod--I'm a fan of the profanity. Only suggestion I might have is some more crossover with Pod Save America (which i started listing to after Pod Save the World)--always nice to get some different perspectives/backgrounds. Oh--and more merch!

More valuable than a college course.   (5/5)

I’ve learned more about politics and the inner workings of the most scandal free administration from these guys than I ever did in my Politcal Science courses and that was one of the classes I actually showed up for!

Intelligent conversations about foreign policy   (5/5)

Keep up the good work, Tommy and Ben!

Love this podcast!   (5/5)

I learn so much every time I listen. I personally embrace the spontaneous profanity. Thanks for keeping me informed!

Very informative and entertaining   (5/5)

Only gets 5 stars because I couldn’t add a 6th. Great job guys, keep it up!

Love the show, bring on real China experts   (5/5)

Over all a great show and they bring on experts from every field except Asia. Their analysis and knowledge of China is incredibly shallow. Melissa Chan, Jame Palmer, Leta Hong, Chris Buckley, Rui Zhang, Chris Balding (slightly hawkish but strong economic knowledge)

Good pod!   (5/5)

This podcast has helped me to better understand and care about world events. If you ask me ... IT IS A GOOD POD.

Very Informative Podcast   (5/5)

Tommy and Ben are very knowledgeable, realistic and personable. This has become one of my favorite podcasts about foreign affairs and I’m very appreciative.

Love it   (5/5)

Love this pod. Ben Rhodes is the nerdy friend you call because he knows everything about a particular topic. His expertise is invaluable in helping me understand world politics. Tommy is a great, knowledgeable guide. One of my favorite pods!

Discovered by reading Ben’s book   (5/5)

I actually read Ben’s book first and that is how I discovered Crooked Media. Now my week revolves around Pod Save America, Pod Save the World, and Lovett It or Leave It. In fact, I just spent a good portion of a 12 hour fight from Hawaii catching up on the episodes I missed while we were on vacation. It was an ideal way to spend the flight. I love all the podcasts, but I find the information on Pod Save the World extremely helpful. As a high school World History teacher, and a mom of young kids who can’t always turn on the news, I am grateful to be able to keep up with world events and hear insightful commentary while I drive, or with my headphones while I’m cooking, cleaning or walking the dog. I have found it very helpful in bringing current events into my classroom discussions. Additionally, I love the book recommendations! I have read some amazing books that I wouldn’t have time to find otherwise.

Love the insightful, sober review of geopolitics   (5/5)

I really appreciate this show. It provides a weekly deep dive into a range of geopolitics coupled with valuable perspectives of Ben and Tommy. The show is divided into two parts: a review of events and an interview. I find the former more valuable than the latter because the interviews may require more sustained attention to a particular topic than I want to invest. That said, I just listened to an interview by a Turkish author who wrote a book about authoritarianism that was fascinating. My only suggestion would be to map the coverage of various regions to be sure that there is not overweighting of coverage on a particular topic while missing issues from various regions. Hard to do though. All in all, this is a show I look forward to listening to each week. Keep up the good work Ben and Tommy!

Writing a Review for Ben to Read   (5/5)

The pod is much better with Ben and the swanky newish theme music! Tommy is a great host with a charismatic voice that allows him to slide some very funny sarcasm under the radar. Adding Ben to the mix to allow the show for regular rants and the outrage that defines our current political climate is perfect. Now that the show has two hosts it feels more consistent and reliable, like you know what to expect which gives it the “checking in with old friends” vibe that PSA has when it’s the three main dudes all together. I have no opinion on swearing other than if something genuinely upsets you it should be okay to swear about it, but if it’s just casual swearing for laughs it’s probably pointless. The guys are funny enough naturally without having to try extra hard.

For all the World-Os   (5/5)

Would give it six stars but Tommy doesn’t trigger Ben enough.... Pro-Profanity. Pro-Hope. Keep up the good work, gents!

So much to learn & so entertaining   (5/5)

This is easily one of my favorite podcasts, especially now with the addition of Ben Rhodes. Listening to him and Tommy each week has taught me so much about history and current foreign policy. They both have such incredible knowledge, will admit when they messed up in the Obama administration, and have such fascinating guests. Plus, hearing Ben rant - even though it’s about something absolutely horrible or infuriating - is easily one of my favorite moments of the week 😂

Wealth does not equal intelligence   (5/5)

As retired Foreign Service, I appreciate your expertise on the issues. I thank you for supporting my huge embarrassment at when a feather-weight like Ivanka shows up at a substantive foreign policy conversation or when a no-nothing thinks I need his uneducated take on American history and GW’s crossing the Delaware to secure the airports. Time and again the Trumps put forth the false notion that being stinking ’ reach means you’re smart. No. It just means you stink.

Insight into foreign affairs with humor   (5/5)

I love listening to Tommy and Ben. The information is always thoughtful and provides an inside look into today’s crazy events. They call bs. Always humorous and passionate. A must listen to podcast.

Best of the Crooked Media podcasts.   (5/5)

The podcast to remind us that life happens outside the United States too. I am thankful for Tommy and Ben’s thoughtful commentary and interesting guests. I live for a Ben rant, although as a nurse I worry about his blood pressure! Since we appear to be voting, I’m pro-f word.

Think I heard a Rhodes’ snicker   (5/5)

I have learned so much from this podcast, having listened to it since its earliest days. This episode was really instructive (I’m not going to try to spell her name) with the Turkish journalist/author. And I imagined Tommy might have done a little face plant when he couldn’t get a break on ‘hope’. She did get around to it in the end though! Great work.

My favorite Podcast   (5/5)

I listen to a lot of the crooked media podcasts and I saw PSA and Lovett or Leave it when they were in Minneapolis. But Pod Save the World has become my favorite. I love the insights of both Tommy and Ben, both are so intelligent. They break down foreign politics down to an understandable leave and they are so passionate. Please continue to tell Ben bad news for the first time while recording. It makes me feel better that other people are freaking out too! Subscribe everyone. It’s the best, hands down.

Speaking of reviews...   (5/5)

Love the pod, so informative on complex issues a vast majority of Americans lack perhaps even basic awareness of, let alone comprehensive understanding (to our great detriment, I may add). I just wanted to chip in that I am on the pro-profanity side of the polarization and when Dan totally flips out, it’s totally cathartic and therapeutic to me. It gives me a moment of great joy in otherwise dark times.

Interview with Ash Carter   (5/5)

Wow! What an outstanding interview. Thank you for this informed look at a true unheralded patriot who served the nation putting country ahead of party. It made me physically sick to think about the rot and corruption introduced into the system by Trump.

Tommy and Ben   (5/5)

I love the informative and entertaining banter between Tommy and Ben as they discuss the week’s global news.

Grateful   (5/5)

As the daughter of a US diplomat & a LWV lobbyist, the thoughtful conversations offered on this podcast strike a deep cord in my soul. I cry for our/my “beloved” country everyday we must suffer under the catastrophe of Trump and his minions. You honor the best minds and visionaries who have strived to make this land a viable experiment in democratic government that is worthy of guiding and fostering world peace. I do my best to “share” your wisdom with my family, friends & colleagues. Thank you for doing your best to help Save the World. These words I wrote a year ago still apply. This is my absolute favorite podcast!

Favorite podcast   (5/5)

I live for Ben’s suddenly combustible rants rising up from an otherwise placid man. He is my anger translator. Tommy and Ben both do a great job talking about the news in a way that is comprehensible and make me more informed on foreign policy. I always look forward to Wednesdays now.

My Go-To Source of International Policy News   (5/5)

I love the diversity of guests you bring on the show. And, truth be told, I LOVE it when Ben curses! Keep up the good work!

Great and informative podcast   (5/5)

love Ben and Tommy’s dynamic. tommy had always been great but adding Ben makes this even better!! Love listening to this after reading Ben’s book

Love it   (5/5)

One of my favorite podcasts. Very thoughtful, smart, funny, and I love a good Ben rant 😂. I like the variety of guests they interview each week.

My own personal PDB   (5/5)

Solid and timely commentary from people that actually seem to know what they’re talking about (unlike a certain not-to-be-named cable news network (fox)). I enjoy it because it’s enjoyable, but also because I always feel more informed about what’s going on in the broader context of the world after it’s done. Really enjoy stories from Tommy and Ben, but even more I enjoy the interviews with other experts. Overall a great show. 6/5.

do you read the reviews?   (5/5)


Good mix   (4/5)

I like the commentary and the interviews.

Love your podcast.   (5/5)

Smart, funny and informative.

Great, informative pod   (5/5)

As a recent guest on the pod said, “I don’t believe in hope, but I do believe in determination”. There was a period of time when, even though this sort of topic is my jam, I just couldn’t listen to these smart, informed people discussing weighty foreign policy issues because all I felt was despair. Well I am doing my darnedest to harness my determination these days and I do enjoy Ben and Tommy (and his cakes!) and their thoughtful takes on issues around the world. Thanks, guys!

Amazing Podcast!   (5/5)

Such a great podcast! Tommy and Ben manage to be informative and entertaining in what is, for me, the perfect length for a weekly podcast! Highly recommend

Rants are the best   (5/5)

Tommy and Ben give excellent overviews of the hottest topics in foreign affairs and they tell great behind the scenes stories from their time in the White House. I love when Ben goes on rants against Ivanka and Jared. There is so much righteous anger and laughter that it delights me every time. Tommy always provides a conscientious perspective and moral concern about recent events.

Second Chance   (5/5)

Listening to Pod Save the World has given me a second chance to learn about about things I missed when they were happening.

My favorite political podcast   (5/5)

I enjoy the show because of the rage rants and profanity that make ME feel better. I also like how I get more context to the headlines of the week and hear from experts of foreign policy - also did I mention the profanity is one of my favorite parts of the show??

Ash Carter Interview   (5/5)

This is my all time favorite interview. Ash Carter makes so much sense. His world views deserve more attention.

It’s Real!   (5/5)

Of all the Pod Saves, this one often is the most policy-oriented. Tommy (and Ben) really really like what they do, and it shows, and it’s great. Thought; maybe you guys could also teach Foreign Policy History Lessons? i.e. “Today a quick history lesson on ______. Here’s how it relates to today.” Idk, just thought of that while writing. You guys are doing great, love it, love you, good day sirs

These guys....   (5/5)

I absolutely LOVE these guys. They are two of the smartest foreign policy people I’ve ever listened to. They make amazingly complex subjects easy to understand. And MY FAVORITE thing is to hear Ben LOSE HIS MIND on occasion about things he’s so passionate about. It always makes me giggle but I also listen to his logic and see the big picture! I absolutely love this’s a must subscribe!!!! I have a huge foreign policy crush on these men!!!

Such a smart pod.   (5/5)

Tommy Vietor and Ben Rhodes bring intelligence, insight, and humor to their conversations about world news and their interviews with world newsmakers and observers. Really sharp and helpful. Their years in the Obama White House (sigh) have given them a unique perspective into how the world works, or should work, and America’s place in the world picture.

Love the Ben Rhodes rants!   (5/5)

More rants!

WOO!!   (5/5)

Hope you guys read THIS one you guys rock!

Favorite of the Pod Save family   (5/5)

Tommy and Ben provide expert analysis of foreign policy in a casual and accessible way. Their discussions are less of an echo chamber then Pod Save America and the experts they get on are really engaging.

Helpful and entertaining   (5/5)

PStW has become a fixture of my week. I knew I needed a deeper understanding of foreign affairs, but was seriously daunted by the idea of doing a lot of research on my own. Listening to this pod every week has given me a foundation for that, so it’s less intimidating. I appreciate Tommy’s and Ben’s very different styles: Tommy has a more measured, thoughtful approach that I find really easy to listen to. But Ben’s rants capture a lot of the anxiety and urgency I think we’re all feeling. I highly recommend this podcast to anyone who wants to become more conversant in world news and politics. And for what it’s worth: I like the cursing.

Love your podcast   (5/5)

I was wondering if you could go specifically into the information of the Iran deal. I know there have been lots said by Fox News about pallets of money and I’m just wondering what is true. Thanks

Ben reads the reviews!   (5/5)

So this is for him. I love it when he goes off on a rant. It starts slow and as he goes on he’s really yelling. I don’t think he even takes a breath. Tommy sets him up so perfectly. It’s a really serious subject and I am outraged as well but I find myself laughing! What a way to take in serious world issues.

The US needs to hear from these guys right now   (5/5)

Their worldview and their guests represent and remind us of what we lost in 2016. But please stay specific and on topic. Yelling feels good but actually helps to disorient and distract, even for those of us who have spent careers being yelled at. Mental fatigue sets in when the yelling starts. We are listening.

Really excellent pod!   (5/5)

Very highly recommended if you want an informed take on world news. I think that Tommy and Ben are a couple of the most intelligent and insightful political commentators out there right now. Due to Trump fatigue, this show has actually moved ahead of Pod Save America in my rotation (Trump is still kind of a nauseating, looming presence here as well, though thankfully in the background most of the time).

Understanding our political world   (5/5)

Great foreign policy podcast. Tommy Vietor interviews interesting figures in the know. He asks pointed questions and lets the expert answer. Very engaging and informative. I am personally a fan of Ben Rhodes rants. The July 2109 Ash Carter interview was superb.

Informative and interesting   (5/5)

Love this podcast! It is a great way to keep up with world news in a way that makes sense and keeps you informed, in a way that doesn’t feel so heavy.

This was my favorite crooked media pod until   (4/5)

Ben Rhodes became a permanent feature. He rants and is boring. He upstages Tommy and the guests. He talks down to his audience. He clearly knows a lot and it is not that I disagree with his positions but couldn’t he just consult in the background? I do a fair amount of news reading on my own and something I really valued about this pod was hearing from different people who have worked in government. There seems to be less and less of that and more pundit style news analysis. Tommy Is a GREAT interviewer and I want to hear from him and his guests.

My favorite of the Pod Save series!   (5/5)

Organized and informative, Tommy and Ben are concise and clear in their conversations and easy to listen to without diminishing the issues.

Worldos unite   (5/5)

Highlight of my week. Tommy and Ben make international news understandable. I love their anecdotes from their past experiences, and the interviews are always stellar.

Much Needed Listen   (5/5)

I love and appreciate this podcast because Tommy Vietor makes global affairs accessible to listeners. The most recent episode, with Avril Haines was especially enlightening. I loved how Ms. Haines was transparent and then when Tommy, Ben & Avril compared the administration they worked for to today’s sideshow, I felt we got a clear indication of how dedicated this staff is/was. Really insightful

Not into the Ben Show   (4/5)

Used to love PSTW when Tommy had many different guests on. The varied perspectives added value. However lately it’s the Ben Rhodes show w your host Tommy Vietor. Will hang around to see if it evolves. If not, I’m out.

Worldo   (5/5)

I love that Tommy makes everything so understandable. These are crazy times and while sometimes Tommy and Ben make me more anxious about what’s going on in the world, they know their stuff. Thanks for making such a great podcast Tommy.

Crooked   (5/5)

I’ve been a die hard crooked media fan since day 1. The fact that these guys are all formerly attached to the Obama administration and that a bunch of the guys are from Mass like myself is what got my attention. Once you here the core guys talk is what sucked me in and keeps Me listening . But by adding Ben Rhodes to pod save the world has taken this show to superior levels I listen to the same episode multiple times it’s hands down my favorite show anywhere (web, radio, tv) and as much as I love the shows I hope that you are all part of the new administration you guys are what this country needs in our daily government

Ben rants are great   (5/5)

Tommy I appreciate your thoughtful insight & knowledge. Ben adds so much to this podcast his rants are great.

STOP NOW   (2/5)

I started listening to this show because I wanted to hear world news and avoid the now continual presidential race. I have been less than thrilled with the domestic politics/ presidential focus that keeps creeping. I want to hear stories I can’t hear on cable news here. I don’t want a candidate showcase.

Real Insight, Hot Takes   (5/5)

Tommy and Ben are exceptional at framing current world events in a way that make them real to the every day life of an American citizen. They offer insider’s knowledge into the politics of foreign affairs and the connections that they forged while working in the Obama administration mean that they always have stellar, intelligent guests who are right in the middle of what’s going on in the world today. And can I just say, I could listen to Ben Rhodes’ Queen story a million more times. It has me crying in the car on my way to work.

Engaging, smart, informative   (5/5)

I love this podcast. The hosts and their guests draw on their wealth of experience and knowledge to shed light on what’s going on in the world and how it fits in both the broader context of history and the more specific context of its impact in the U.S. A great show!

In love with Tommy V.   (5/5)

Thank you for keeping international politics real. Tommy and Ben are brilliant. One of my favorite podcasts.

Interesting to keep up, but the interviews are my favorite   (5/5)

Ben and Tommy are fascinating to listen to, and I like being able to hear about not only what’s going on on the world stage, but the context of it and just how the same or different it is than usual. But my favorite part is always Tommy’s interviews. He has the most interesting people and topics; mostly they’re timely and relevant, but actually my favorite are when someone’s book on a completely different topic is coming out (he did one recently with an author who wrote a book about the Troubles which was amazing). I always end up expanding my To Read list!

Love   (5/5)

Love this show. Super informative. Tommy explains worldly issues in language everyone can understand.

Liberal left Uncomortable   (3/5)

As a politically active liberal, I can say this is a funny, quick, and well-made podcast. That being said, I don’t think this this form of media adds anything positive to civil discourse. Listen to this podcast if you want to further yourself into a liberal echo chamber and hate anyone who doesn’t agree with you.

This podcast makes me angry   (1/5)

Tommy and Ben never invite any pro-Israel guests nor do they ever try to explain why Israel wouldn’t want a Palestinian state. Is it possible that 2 intifadas have traumatized them? Im not saying everything they do is right, I’m just saying that you aren’t having an intellectually honest conversation if you don't try to understand where both sides are coming from. Not all problems have a solution, and certainly not an immediate solution. This is one of those problems.


I really like this show. Very interesting.

What a relief -- update   (2/5)

Thanks for this podcast. The absence of snark and giggling that goes on on Pod Save America is such a relief. Update: I used to listen to this podcast every week, and appreciated Tommy's deep dive interviews. I learned a lot. But the personality and content ot the show has changed so much with Ben Rhodes on. I unsubscribed. Now I only listen if I find the topic is really compelling -- which is unfortunate since I used to listen regardless and actually learned new stuff all the time.

Military   (3/5)

I think you guys equating the military budget as a slush fund actually negatively reflects on you. Especially when you go on to say that the money that was redirected was needed for what it was budgeted for. There is no Secretary Defense right now, so who is there to push back on this?

Used to be my favorite   (2/5)

I looked forward to this podcast every week but not recently. The addition of Ben Rhodes and the multiple topics per episode was not good, in my opinion. Ben in small doses is fine but he goes into historical rants that are just obnoxious. I used to learn something about other countries before but now with multiple topics, it’s all just superficial info. Go back to the old way, please.

Too Biased to Trust   (1/5)

It’s possible that I could learn some things from this podcast, but I just don’t feel like I can trust them given the extent to which they simply ignore any information that contradicts their vicious anti-Israel bias. I know a lot about the Israel-Palestine conflict, so on that topic I am aware that they are essentially lying to the audience to prove their point. The blatant skewing of facts in that case undermines the whole endeavor, as I just don’t feel like I can rely on them for any sort of informative, nuanced discussion.

Love but miss old format   (5/5)

Love this podcast and especially the addition of Ben Rhodes! I like the run-down of current foreign policy topics but would like some of the old format with a podcast dedicated to one in-depth look at a topic.

Still my favorite on Crooked Media   (4/5)

I’ve only listened for about 6-8 months so I can’t comment on how the pod was before Ben Roades, but this is a great pod. Ben, please take it down a notch but it is still great to hear someone with passion for the state of the world. The guests are great and help to make sense of things. I think the pod is clearly partisan but (except for occasional rants) it lays out good and problematic, and the reasons they believe why, on both the Obama and trump or bush administrations. The BEST idea is on this latest pod where Tommy says that a fun/quirky story should be shared more often, like Ben shaking down the door (almost) on Queen Elizabeth. Please add some of that to every show!

Love it   (5/5)

I learn something new every week! Ben is my favorite!

Downhill since the format change   (1/5)

Pod Save the World was really good when it featured long interviews with interesting guests. Now the podcast is primarily Ben Rhodes ranting about foreign policy and world events, with only the last 10-15 minutes talking to an actual, interesting guest. If you’re looking for something that replicates the format of Pod Save America, you’ll like the format change. If that isn’t your thing, don’t waste your time.

Excellent   (5/5)

Terrific podcast for understanding the current issues

Essential   (5/5)

I have always loved this podcast and even more now with the addition of Ben Rhodes as cohost/guest. This conversational approach is essential to understanding today’s global issues efficiently.

Ben Rhodes   (5/5)

Love how Ben gets so excited talking about foreign policy! Love Tommy’s insight on everything! Keep it up guys.

Not a fan of the new direction   (2/5)

I have listened to this pod for two years now but with the recent addition of Ben Rhodes as a regular I will not be a consistent listener anymore. Went from a highly informative smart show to constant negative ranting. I miss the deep dives of various world topics and showing a fresh perspective on foreign policy to make it interesting a relevant for everyone. Now every single topic turns into why it was perfect under bens direction and now everything is terrible. Hate to write a negative review because I loved this podcast when it was tommy alone but can’t listen anymore.

More Focused Episodes   (2/5)

I loved this pod in the beginning when the episodes were more focus dives into a specific issue. Now the episodes are bloated and a little all over the place. I miss the early episodes. This show does not need a cohost and was better without the rants and multiple topics in a single episode.

Gotta love when Ben loses it   (5/5)

Like your mom sneaking healthy veggies in your mac n cheese - Pod Saves the World feeds you a heaping, healthy bowl of global news and thoughtful perspectives you will love to gobble up. Eclectic, knowledgeable guests- always wicked smart. And speaking of wicked smart, I could listen to Ben Rhodes all day, especially when he totally loses it over the stupid and absolutely ridiculous (scary) news of the day. Tommy Vietor is a charming, sharp and sometimes cheesy host and really good interviewer. Please, sir - I mean, Mom - I want more!

Ben Rhodes ruined this podcast   (2/5)

Ben Rhodes’ angry ranting is grating and not informative. It’s like listening to liberal foreign policy right wing radio. His constant name dropping and “when *I* was in [x country] with OBAAAAMAA” are so smug and sycophantic. They are almost never relevant to the issue at hand, it’s just bragging. The interviews are great and I appreciate the idea of the podcast but god, I didn’t even want to listen to Ben Rhodes when he was in the admin. I certainly don’t to listen to him now.

‘I Get It Now’   (5/5)

i stole this from Tommy’s ending comment to a recent discussion, but I Get It Now is the perfect motto for Worldos. favorite podcast.

Pod Save the World   (5/5)

Intelligent and articulate discussions of the morphing world order. All ages should listen. Tell a friend or colleague.

Foreign Policy for the lay person   (5/5)

This podcast manages to explain hard issues in a fun way without talking down to the listener. That is not an easy task and I love it!

The long interviews are great, the news run-downs less so   (4/5)

I really enjoy the long interviews that are incorporated into this podcast with various writers, experts, and civil servants from around the world. These are in-depth and really give you insight into things happening around the world that is hard to find elsewhere. The news rundowns/reactions are not as good - they tend be shallow and not to add as much insight, and devolve into rants (an understandable impulse given what is going on in the world, but it’s not something that actually adds insight for the listener). Unfortunately the podcast seems to be moving in the direction of more of this kind of content, which is why I give it 4 stars instead of 5.

Pod Save the World   (3/5)

I would have rated 5 stars until this year. I used to really like this podcast and listened to it every week--very informative, interesting topics--but Ben Rhodes was added to the roster this year; and while he is also very informed and can be interesting, he tends to take off on these yelling rants that disrupt the flow of the information. Fast-forwarding through them is disruptive and time-consuming and has caused me to listen less often.

Even Better than a Butcher Box!   (5/5)

...and I love beef in my box

PSW on Crooked Media   (5/5)

Sorely needed foreign policy fix difficult to find in existing media. Get you some.

Excellent   (5/5)

Such a great way to hear smart analysis of complex foreign policy issues. Engaging host and insightful guests. Always worth the listen, highly recommend!!!

Listen up!   (5/5)

Because foreign policy is sexy too.

Love it!   (5/5)

Thoughtful and clear with the occasional laugh to boot. Tommy is so freaking smart and he invites the best of the best on the show. The episodes always make me think about the big-picture when it’s so easy these days to get sidetracked by the nonsense. And even when the big-picture is scary, something about Tommy’s style makes me feel safe.

Informative and hosts are great!   (5/5)

I’ve been loving the new music and look! Tommy Vietor and Ben Rhodes are knowledgeable hosts and I find them fun to listen to! We live in interesting times and this pod allows me to gain a little more perspective. Thanks Tommy!

The best of crooked media   (5/5)

I enjoy all the crooked media podcasts, but this is, I think, the most stimulating. The range of issues covered and the insight Tommy (and, recently, Ben) bring to them is a breath of fresh air in what often feels like a news cycle relentlessly dominated by (presidentially induced) American myopia.

Great podcast!   (5/5)

I love this podcast, clear, smart, and informative with great interviews

Helpful and Entertaining!!   (5/5)

I'm a big fan of Crooked's other podcasts, and I love Pod Save the World! Tommy and Ben bring personal stories from their experiences working in the Obama administration to insightful conversations with other experts about current events around the world. This fall, they covered the murder of Jamal Khashoggi with enough background info to help me understand what happened within the context. PSTW is little more serious than PSA and I always learn something from Tommy, who is brilliant and has a cute dog. Five stars for making me feel smarter than I really am and because the ads usually have Lovett in them.

Great & informative weekly listen   (5/5)

This pod is a weekly necessity for keeping up with world news on a busy schedule, and Tommy and Ben are knowledgable hosts. I always appreciate that with every story, they make sure to include the necessary background information. There isn't just an inherent assumption that we all know the origin of Brexit or that we're experts on Venezuelan foreign policy. This podcast is always interesting, I always learn something, and I find myself looking forward to their accessible explanations of complex world issues.

I feel smarter   (5/5)

Pod Save the World will make you smarter. It was good with just Tommy Vietor interviewing smart people about global politics and issues. Now that Ben Rhodes is a regular, it is a necessary listen if you want to know what is going on and how it impacts America. Thank you Crooked Media!

The perfect podcast if you love international affairs!   (5/5)


Great International Overview!   (5/5)

Love hearing an international perspective that is usually lacking in MSM

Good, wonkish content.   (5/5)

I vastly prefer the more policy and context oriented content versus constant dunking.

Thank you Tommy, very cool!   (5/5)

This is a great podcast for those interesting in world news and US foreign policy. Enlightening and educational - it’s a great way to stay informed of what is happening abroad and how leaders at home are dealing with it. Very legal and very cool!

Easy listen   (5/5)

This is the best of Crooked Media. He goes in-depth on international issues that the American media typically glosses over. Easy to listen to while working. Definitely unapologetically left-leaning, but since the news media isn’t typically objective, why should a guy with a podcast be held to a higher standard.

Favorite podcast   (5/5)

So good, highly recommend for anyone who is looking for a new podcast! I wasn’t particularly interested in foreign affairs before I started listening to this podcast. Now I constantly refresh the podcast app on Wednesday’s waiting for the new episode.

Awesome   (5/5)

I feel smarter every time I listen to this pod.

Great but...   (4/5)

I was disappointed in its very clear centrist bias in discussing US involvement in Venezuela which bordered on propaganda. Still it’s informative and well done.

Great   (5/5)

It's pretty great

Favorite Crooked Content   (5/5)

I’m a big fan of all the Crooked shows, but this one is my favorite. I have zero political experience but love the enlightening insights on foreign policy, not just on what is happening around the world, but also explanations on how the Obama administration handled similar situations. Tommy’s interviews are all well thought out on heavy topics while including humor where appropriate and he always has on fantastic guests who are experts in the topics at hand.

Thanks!   (5/5)

Thank you for the Venezuelan explanation!! Great podcast!

My go to podcast   (5/5)

My only gripe is that this podcast only comes out once a week. This is my go to for foreign affairs news analysis.

Great podcast   (5/5)

So informative and makes world politics super interesting!

I look forward to it every week   (5/5)

Excellent way to keep informed about FoPo

Hits all the high notes   (5/5)

Tommy and his guests, especially Ben, keep me informed about what’s going on in the world. They don’t talk over your head, and I love hearing their anecdotal stories about their time in the NSC. Keep it up guys!

Examine and Understand “What in the World?”   (5/5)

This show has very well credentials guests, avoids rant and deeply examines sensitive, international issues. From Venezuela to Iran to Israel/Palestine, real foreign service professionals and scholars explain the complex issues and characters involved in the most important situations. Excellent guests who answer very strategic questions from Tommy who has the experience and credentials to guide the interviews away from an ideological, one dimensional propaganda rant to a well rounded conversation.

Stay informed!   (5/5)

Great opportunity to stay informed about world affairs in the belly-button gazing U.S. Tommy, Ben and guests are great!

Smart foreign policy discussion   (5/5)

Thoughtful, intelligent conversations about foreign policy by someone with real world experience in government. This podcast helps make sense of what’s happening around the world, and how it relates to our lives. Highly recommend.

My ears are getting smarter than my eyes   (5/5)


Informative, In-Depth Discussion   (5/5)

Finally, a podcast on international issues that goes into depth, and offers substative background on U.S. policy positions and international developments. Thought-provoking and interesting. Excellent discussion of Brexit and issues w/ Iran and around world.

The best of Crooked Media   (4/5)

Of the pod saves, this is the most objective and free of echo chamber bs. Very much appreciated.

Smart and educational   (5/5)

This is my favorite of the Crooked Media podcasts. It’s both smart and informative. I have learned a lot by listening to podcasts on how people who work in world policy think and where we are and where we are going.

Fantastic!   (5/5)

Thanks your your diligent and awesome work digging into the real issues. I appreciate you !

New Year, new podcast   (5/5)

I have been a major fan of “pod save the world”, it was my favorite CrookedMedia podcast until “hysteria” hit the scene. The new music and design are great, easing the disconnect between the content and packaging. :) Everyone should listen and subscribe!

Banger???   (4/5)

The new theme music is anything but a banger. It sounds like a lazy last minute attempt at EDM. Tiësto would not be impressed. Tommy Vietor as smart as he is, is the least enthusiastic host of Pod Save... Corny white boy tries so hard to sound fun but fails and stays a corny white boy.

Central and South America   (4/5)

Was hoping for some coverage on the Venezuelan Presidential inaguration and the region’s unprecedented response. I know that US foreign policy in Central and South America isn't exactly prime time material anymore, but we in Latin America are still heavily influenced by decisions made by the US government with regards to the region. More [if just a little bit more] coverage on US foreign policy in Central and South America!

Bring back the old format!   (3/5)

Less “news round up” with Ben, and more episodes on full topics with good guests. You’re good at this on your own; bringing Ben in so much looks like a crutch you’re using that you don’t need. It’s changing the voice and style. Don’t mess with a good thing. Also the new intro music is meh.

Always worth a listen   (5/5)

Similar to other Crooked podcasts, this has a liberal bias; however, there are always intriguing guests and I feel like the host can admit to mistakes or missteps in the Obama administration. I especially like the variety of topics and how many are current and newsworthy.

Love the pod hate the new look   (5/5)

I'm sorry but I think the new look is bad. The background is flesh toned. Nuff said

Amazing!   (5/5)

I look forward to this podcast every single week! It is the only one I set aside special time for so I can listen uninterrupted. I love International Relations, and I appreciate the guests that are on this podcasts. Tommy finds hosts that are not only fascinating in their personal and/or professional lives but experts on the topic that is being discussed that week. I think this podcast gets overshadowed by the more well-known Crooked Media shows, but this is a must listen. I look forward to many more years of Pod Save the World and hope for a live show tour sometime in the near future!!!

Making the world great again   (5/5)

This podcast reminds us all how important foreign policy is to the safety and securty on Americans and everyone else in the world. When the country is run by simpletons who think that building big walls and a bigger military is a substitute for well thought out diplomacy, we will all suffer.

Love it !   (5/5)

Love the addition of Ben Rhodes, thank you for the weekly foreign policy education. Much needed these days.

What if I told you...   (5/5)

What if I told you foreign policy could be made accessible to you, stripped of the partisan jargon often surrounding it? What if I told you the host from Pod Save America that is always interrupted by Lovett gets to be the catalyst for this gold mine of foreign policy info? Welcome to Pod Save The World with Tommy Vietor. UPDATE: I attended ZERO of my Middle East politics courses this semester and read NONE of the material and got an A in the class. Tommy and Ben prepared me well.

THANK YOU for all your hard work   (5/5)

To the entire crooked media team, thank you all. You provide something necessary and we all appreciate your passion and hard work. Keep it up!

Lifesaver   (5/5)

Initially Pod Save the World and PSA were a lifeline - now I seriously look forward to every crooked media drop. Informative and uplifting - more than just gallows humor. I wish the team traveled more because we have politically active expats all over the world and we want to see the sets :)

Great show   (5/5)

I’ve always loved this show, and it’s even better with Ben Rhodes as a regular co-host. Keep crushing it, guys!

Excellent Podcast - Pod Save The World   (5/5)

Awesome podcast. Very informative, great guests, Tommy keeps it interesting.

Pod Save The World   (5/5)

Great podcast!!Extremely interesting topics!! I look forward to this pod every week! Thank you! Ben Rhodes is a great addition to the pod. Hope to hear more from him.

So important!   (5/5)

Tommy rocks and brings on incredible guests every week. PSTW is desperately needed in an age where it feels like only a precious few truly pay attention to international affairs.

Policy, not glibness.   (5/5)

Love the deep focus on the big picture.

Love Tommy and Ben together   (5/5)

I really am enjoying the Podcasts hosted by Tommy with Ben Rhodes - They have a great rapport and the subject matters have been very interesting Thanks!

Great episode!   (5/5)

November 20th episode with Karen and Jared was top notch! Both choices were excellent. Learnt a lot about right wing site monitoring and more about Jamal. Thanks Tommy!!

Plain-speaking policy depth   (4/5)

I love this podcast because foreign policy is the kind of public policy I know the least about. It is often intimidating to jump into such a complex subject but Tommy & guests make it very accessible.

Sox   (4/5)

We thought the bombas Sox were lousy

Foreign policy insight   (5/5)

As a relatively new political activist I have found a great source for info and insight into US and world policy. Thanks to Tommy for the geek-out sessions!

Status quo foreign policy from Obama hack   (1/5)

Like the other Pod Save casts, you get an hour of endless droning about the evils of Trump and his foreign policy when its a continuation of the Obama administration. If you enjoy DNC email & press releases, this is the podcast for you. If you have a working brain and don’t worship DC hacks that have no real insight or worldview, you will like see through the stupid charade of the Pod Save empire, preying on the stupidity of mainstream democrats.

Informative and interesting🤔👍🧠🌎   (5/5)

One of my favorite podcast on world news because it so interesting and focuses on issues and events I didn’t even know about. Makes me feel smarter.

Love this one!!!   (5/5)

Love this one!!!

Tommy and Ben   (5/5)

Wonderful to hear that Ben is in LA and he will be on air with Tommy frequently. Tommy and Ben are so smart about national security and our relationships with other nations. Their interview style is respectful and their analysis is intelligent. Thank you both.

Great show just got better!   (5/5)

I already loved Pod Save the World, but it’s even better now that they’re adding Ben Rhodes. Great idea to have a segment where he & Tommy discuss the news! Fantastic, informative podcast that helps keep me plugged into the wider world.

A deep breath   (5/5)

Always informative providing information I cannot find easily elsewhere. Probably more pertinent is that a rational perspective is presented that can function as an anecdote to the incompetence and self centered stupidity demonstrated by the current administration on a daily basis...thank you! We all hope this can be stopped at a single term.

Best of the pods!   (5/5)

I never write reviews, but this show is just the best. Tommy is so down to earth while covering complex subjects with high profile guests. Such a great resource for understanding our world today. I only wish he did more of them! It always seems like there is more to cover than they can get to in one episode a week. Keep it up!

Oct 9   (5/5)

It’s really A great thing to hear people who sound like normal, American, fact-based, educated, caring people running for public office. The country is in such a terrible state and the presidency of Donald Trump and his merry band of sycophants is really distressing. Thanks I’ve listen to you since 1600! I love all the pod save stuff. A 70-year-old grandmother Who firmly believes that there is a better world coming with the next generation who were offering themselves first service. What an impressive bunch. #NoBS! Louise San Diego

Smart but not boring   (5/5)

Tommy is my favorite of the Crooked Media folks - though I enjoy them all. I find this show to be the right balance of insight, information with a touch of politics. Sometimes I need that to balance my diet of purely political podcasts. Love the guests and topics too. Makes me feel more informed, not just outraged.

Vital!   (5/5)

Insider's view of the current political scene, as depressing as it is. Forewarned is forearmed.

Awesome   (5/5)

I love this podcast. Tommy is not just intelligent and well spoken but also a great interviewer. Very informational

Excellent   (5/5)

Always excellent and informative, challenging and hopeful. Totally awesome thanks!!!!!

3 great nterviews   (5/5)

Wow, there are some incredible people running for office on real issues. 🌊

Oct 9 Pod   (5/5)

Listening to the three candidates running for the house was amazing and gave me hope, thank you! It was also nice to listen to the issues and actually use our brains.

Yikes   (1/5)

I thought pod save America was bad. This takes the cake (the one you are forced to bake at gunpoint). They just want to turn our diverse world into an progressive Clinton loving utopia.

Superb Discussions On Foreign Policy   (5/5)

Tommy Vietor is well connected among those in the diplomatic and intelligence communities. He uses those relationships to bring us insight and intelligent discussion on America’s standing in the world and gives us a peek behind the curtain of the diplomatic world.

My first podcast and I’m hooked!   (5/5)

I love Tommy Vietor’s voice I find it soothing and yet commanding at the same time. He asks the right questions and his guests are full of information we all need to hear. It’s a sane voice in a crowd of babbling idiots and I laugh and simultaneously yell at the radio repeating his exasperation’s to the ether. You’ll love this and look forward to a new episode every week, I promise.

Wanna know about world events?   (5/5)

Tommy V gets all the incredible guests and usually makes me feel better about the state of our world. Usually. I always feel way more informed.

Amazing podcast!   (5/5)

I love this podcast and the folks behind it!!

Save dual sovereignty 🙏   (5/5)

Just listened to the Sept. 26th interview with the Atlantic’s reporter Natasha Bertrand discussing The amicus brief by Orin Hatch, regarding presidential pardon ability on the state level. A really fascinating, well-informed and important interview. Scary stuff we need to pay attention to! Go Tommy!

Love this podcast   (5/5)

Such a great way to get an in depth look an an important world event every week. Tommy Vietor is a great interviewer/conversationalist and brings on amazing speakers that aren’t just blindly liberal, but intelligent people who do fight back of a liberal says something they don’t agree with

More subject matter experts please   (3/5)

I like the subject matter and Tommy asks good questions, but why do the guests have to be journalists every week? Journalists are great, but when we’re talking about complex FP issues I’d prefer to hear from subject matter experts and policy practitioners, not a NYT columnist.

Must hear podcast for me!   (5/5)

Every week listening to this is an absolute must on my iPad. Great job, clear and concise. Thank you for a terrific job.

Precise & Powerful   (5/5)

The info Deray brings to us, to me, I’m not hearing elsewhere. God I need to know the details of the daily deep experiences of him and his formidable guests. Thank you!

Great   (5/5)

By far the best Crooked podcast. Great for an independent. Pleas tell John Kerry to stop hitting the table when he talks.

What...what?   (5/5)

This is actually my favorite crooked media podcast (though all are fantastic). I feel so much more informed and knowledgeable on what is happening in the world. And most importantly, my 17 year old asks to listen to this in the car vs “her music”. So win win for all of us.

Always interesting, often frightening   (5/5)

The host Tommy Vietor always has thoughtful questions for his smart and experienced guests. You don’t usually come away hopeful about the present moment, but always better-informed. Also refreshing is the wide variety of backgrounds of his interviewees, particularly really smart and knowledgeable women in many fields.

Outstanding summaries of world issues   (5/5)

Pod Save the World is great for people who aren’t well versed in foreign policy. Tommy and his guests break the issues down so they are able to be understood and processed.

Amazing   (5/5)

I love and listen to all crooked media regularly, but this is my first rating. The info about the Hatch brief compelled me to rate it! I don’t think I would hear about that anywhere else! Keep up the great work!

Lovett   (3/5)

Shut Lovett Up. You. Run to long w your. Fack commercial i would. Like. To hear more podcast. Not. Lovett

Great Podcast   (5/5)

Tommy makes wonky subjects approachable, great podcast!

Making it easy and good to understand policy&the world   (5/5)

Excellent work. Every time. We need more episodes! More voices that feel no need to apologize for asking us to learn and care and act. The pod is clearly well researched and motivated by love of the topics as well as concern and hope.

Gotta check it out. It’s worth it!   (5/5)

Always thoughtful and funny and going after interesting topics, be it the crumbling of our democracy under the current administration or something as ludicrous as Space Force (though that episode does have cool laser sounds). Always worth the listen!

Fantastic show   (5/5)

Great conversations with intelligent, influential people who know what’s going on in the world. Don’t miss an episode.

Good appetizer   (5/5)

Love listening to the Pod. It gives me a overview of so many topics and has led to many book purchases and additional research.

Super educational   (5/5)

Of the three Crooked pods I follow religiously this one is my fave. The guests are consistently great and I love how Tommy tries to provide context and history. This one goes beyond the headlines.

informative   (5/5)

informative, insightful, smart and funny

Love PSW   (5/5)

Tommy Vietor is the best, and this podcast consistently features the most interesting and important conversations. Listen! You’ll learn something.

I love this podcast!   (5/5)

This podcast lets me learn about the world unlike any other. Fantastic guests and it’s always interesting!

One of my favorites.   (5/5)

Great listen for smart and funny world events conversations with access to awesome interviews. And still relevant if you're consuming Trump or Mueller news like an addict waking up covered in Washington Post articles and copies of the criminal code every morning.

So Great!   (5/5)

Wonderful, thoughtful podcast.

“Great question, Tommy”   (5/5)

I learn something valuable every time I listen, largely because of the quality of the guests and Tommy’s very straightforward questions. A solid antidote to the outrage machine.

More Story, Less Ranting   (4/5)

I am between four and five stars here. The host has great guests with deep knowledge and experience with their subjects. The show is about international policy. I would give it five stars if their bias to the left didn't come through at times. I'm not against being left-leaning, but am against obvious bias in news and information shows.

Best pod   (5/5)

My favorite podcast by a mile. Love geeking out every week on different foreign affair topics.

My #1 podcast   (5/5)

It’s the first one I check when I’m looking for something to listen to. I’m not a foreign policy nerd, just someone who likes to know how the world works and this show delivers.