Aggregated reviews for Podcast Beyond - IGN's PlayStation Show

Host Jonathon Dornbush is joined by Max Scoville, Brian Altano, and other IGN editors each week to break down the latest in PlayStation releases, news, and more.

Derailed   (1/5)

The show is absolutely derailed at this point. As a long time listener, I believe the following can help the show get back to its roots: a) get Lucy off the show ASAP b) focus on games instead of your political ideologies and beliefs — this somehow pertains to point ‘a’ c) cut down on bad jokes

Keep Going Above and BEYOND!   (5/5)

The show has gone though some cast changes but everyone on this show has been great! I love that they speak to the more relevant cultural events and put them in the context of video games. Also, how the cast doesn’t shy away from race, gender, and other issues in the games industry/nation as a whole. It does us all good to hear about these things! As a listener of the old IGN Pubcast I was ecstatic when Lucy joined the gang! Keep up the good work!

Nah   (1/5)

None of the good episodes of the podcast are on here it only goes back to 380. And the current cast just isn’t interesting.

When a career in journalism was never meant to be...   (1/5)

Y’all need to stick with gaming news and get off your personal SJW crap.... people come to this crap to escape the onslaught...

Games   (3/5)

So far so good

Fantastic   (5/5)

After listening for a few years, I can honestly say that this is my favorite video game podcast out there. The hosts are all entertaining to listen to, and they do a good job of covering multiple topics every week, so you always feel like you are “in the loop” with the video game industry. Their insights are interesting, and they always have a unique take on whatever video game or bit of news they are covering. Almost every episode feels unique and different too: they rarely repeat the same topic, which keeps things feeling fresh week-to-week. I do wish that the episodes were longer- the hosts often have to end their conversation early because they “run out of time,” leaving me wanting to hear more or see where the conversation goes. If the episodes were 30 minutes to an hour longer, I would still listen, so I would recommend increasing the average episode length. I also wish that the core cast would be in more episodes together- one or two members are often absent, and the best episodes are the ones where they are all together. Every week, I look forward to hearing the latest Beyond episode, and seeing what the latest news and games are, as well as spending time with the hosts. I seriously recommend listening to this show- it’s a great time. Beyond! (One more thing- for some reason there’s an elderly Irish woman that shows up on the show a lot- what’s up with that? And how does she know so much about video games?!)

Politics   (1/5)

This is a great show when it talks about video games. Lately it has turned into left wing politics. We don’t want to hear about your San Francisco politics. Get back to PlayStation. Janet Garcia is the worst. Her politics and her voice. Ouch. Thankfully there are other great podcasts to listen to.

Get Lucy Off The Show   (2/5)

She ruins any flow between other hosts or guests. I used to somewhat enjoy the show, but since she came on it’s almost unlistenable

Pen clicking   (2/5)

First let me say I love IGN I listen to every nvc, I got the app, I love ign. I bought a PS4 pro just to play final fantasy 7 remake so to listen to a new podcast on the game I couldn’t wait for. I was so bummed to listen to the spoil cast of it and all I hear is a pen clicking through this whole episode. I couldn’t concentrate on any of the episode all I hear is a pen none stop. This episode of the FF7 remake spoil cast I just can’t do but sadly this was the only reason I got this podcast. Hopefully the rest are great for everyone else the one episode I wanted just made me scream quit clicking your pen!!!

Spoiled Last of Us 2   (4/5)

Please title your podcasts accordingly. Last of Us 2 impressions? Your spoiler warning is quite lacking in the description (no end time). I usually don’t read the description (as was the case this time) unless the podcast title suggests spoilers. Not cool, especially in light of Dornbush’s tweets decrying spoilers.

Podcast   (3/5)


Jonathan’s Doing a Great Job   (5/5)

I’ve been listening on and off for a few years now, and I think this is one of the best PlayStation-focused podcasts out there. I don’t always agree with everyone’s opinions, but that’s a good thing. In today’s pretty volatile online culture, I think it’s good to be able to listen to different perspectives than your own and still respect the opinions expressed, and the people on this show give good table time to explaining why they like or don’t like something, while not calling out the opposition as ‘wrong’ or ‘stupid.’ They keep their heads level and above the controversies pretty darn well. Jonathan’s a great host, too, and I love the other journalists they have on. Thanks for the awesome podcast!

Selective Gaming News Coverage   (1/5)

Unfortunately, IGN will not cover Sony and Naughty Dogs attacks on the YouTube Community. You can still get news but take it with a grain of salt. Beyond will cover for Sony when push comes to shove.

A shell of what once was...   (2/5)

Beyond! Just got done listening to the FF7R spoilercast and gotta say, it was pretty vanilla...and cut off because of time, seriously? When has transitioning in a conversation or guiding topics because “we don’t have much time left,” ever been a good idea. Honestly, I have stopped listening somewhat because of this and kind of a “paint by numbers” approach where I feel like you are just going through a checklist, as opposed to sharing your passion and love for the PlayStation ecosystem and games. This show still holds a special place in my heart, but not because of the present, only the past...

Changing my previous rating from 1 star to 4   (4/5)

I originally gave this podcast a 1 star rating. The first episode I listened to (death stranding), they blasted the game, the gaming industry, and only read reviews from fans trashing the game or back handedly complementing the game. Whoever was on this podcast for that episode, guest or host, must’ve been having a bad day or a rough time in their life. After listening to more, I’ve come to like it. I feel that they’re reviews and talking points have become a little less biased to coincide with IGN ratings and workplace “group think”. I feel they still pander to their company’s (IGN) reviews and don’t really go far off in their own opinions but, I think they have gotten better over time. Great job on the FF7 review and having people with different opinions and background of the original game. Keep it up guys!

BEYOND!   (5/5)

Very long time listener, I watch the video when I can but mainly just listen every week. Love all the people that work so hard to get this show done week after week. Love all the IGN podcasts but beyond was my first many years ago and still my #1.

Mark Cerney’s Podcast   (5/5)

Enjoying the hype of waiting for the next PlayStation console each time. You don’t see any articles about the experience of PlayStation until you play it. Over the years, the games have been phenomenal. You will never know if PlayStation makes virtual reality, look like television.

Switching to a different PlayStation podcast   (1/5)

Most of the cast is fine, and I’m cool with that if they’re providing good info. But, Lucy’s “insights” are convoluted and boring. Also, we get it... you’re a lesbian. No one cares! Quit shoving it down everyone’s throat

1 hour Kinda Funny ad   (2/5)

Used to love this show before Dornbush took over and had to express his love for Greg every episode. Obviously Jonathan wants to be the next in line to leave IGN for KF. Just go or get off Greg’s ****. They act like beyond was just Greg but fail to ever mention what Colin did for beyond and you better believe they’ll never mention Sacred Symbols. It’s funny too because it sure feels like a lot of Colin’s opinions are stolen from his podcasts and are podcast beyonds “hot takes”. Oh, and Lucy, we know you’re a lesbian. That chick from the kotaku podcast also had to subtly mention in every episode that she liked women like it ever was an important detail. Get it together “Kinda Beyond”

Getting better   (2/5)

This is an update from my 1 star. As I have listened over the last 8 years, this show has changed a lot. Jonathan is starting to get it going again but would like to see more of the community out reach that once was podcast Beyond.

Beyond....   (5/5)

I enjoy the overall show, but growing tired of hearing about Bloodborne, your beating a dead horse, it’s a PlayStation show.

Great content, terrible audio quality   (3/5)

One of my favorite IGN podcasts by far. Great hosts, fantastic discussion. I’m downgrading to three stars because the audio issues are only getting worse. Volume levels between segments and ads are wild, and lately there’s been really bad compression throughout the episode. I know you guys can improve the audio quality - please do it!!!

Beyond!   (5/5)

The cast of Dorny, Altano, Scoville and that elderly Irish woman are great. It took a bit, but the perfect cast has been assembled

Loving the new sound design   (5/5)

I’ve always loved this show, but the audio quality always bothered me - not enough compression and piercing frequencies popping up now and then, but this all changed in episode 627! Keep up the good work.

Worst Playstation podcast   (1/5)

It’s tough for me as a Playstation fan to unsubscribe a podcast dedicated to this console; however Dornbush has pulled this podcast so low, that listenting to it seem like a waste of time. Sacred Symbols is a much better podcast for Playstation fans or even Gamescoop. I will not listen to another Beyond episode until someone else replaces Dornbush as the host.

Lost their way   (1/5)

I like Dornbush as a host but apparently ign can’t find anyone else that actually likes PS on there staff cause they surround him with folks who actively dislike saying anything good about playstation. The show is constantly derailed by bad jokes that get driven relentlessly into the ground, consistently derailing the few minuets of each show someone was trying to stay on track. They rarely miss the chance to tell you why xbox is doing it better though. It’s pretty sad considering the show’s legacy.

5 stars   (5/5)

Hands down the best bloodborne podcast on the internet.

This podcast has lost its way and is unbearable   (2/5)

I listened to this podcast for about 8 years and the current hosts and driven it into the ground. I got tired of the cringe. Sorry but dornbush is terrible and this podcast is borderline unlistenable. This was always the “good” ign pod but unlocked has lapped it in every meaningful way.

What happened?   (2/5)

I’ve tried giving the new cast a chance. I really did. But the direction of this once great podcast is now more about feelings and uninteresting conversations. Is IGN a “safe space” now? I don’t care what sexual orientation you have. Or what gender. Or whether your mommy loved you or not. If I wanted to listen to that, I’d subscribe to some psychology podcast or whatever. C’mon people. Enough is enough. It’s frustrating. And shame on Altano and Scoville for letting this podcast fall so low.

Worst gaming podcast on the internet   (1/5)

Like the title says, this is hands down the worst gaming podcast on the internet. Jonathan Dornbush seems like a good guy and has some decent takes, but anything he brings to the table is completely wiped out by Brian Altano and Max Scoville. Altano and Scoville have no business being on a podcast as they bring nothing useful or interesting to the table and somehow manage to take up significant portions of airtime speaking yet somehow not saying anything. Scoville used to be this show’s host but was demoted and how he is even allowed to still be a part of it is BEYOND me. Sacred Symbols and even IGN’s own podcast Gamescoop are superior to this podcast in every way. Avoid this show at all costs.

My enjoyment has dropped   (2/5)

I loved this podcast for years but my enjoyment of it has faded. I prefer podcast like Sacred Symbols to focus on more thoughtful PlayStation content. Beyond will hopefully return to form in the future but where is stands right now, other gaming podcasts are just better.

Painful   (1/5)

The show has become so painful to get through. I stopped listening because Jonathon became the host, he talks so fast that he sounds like is mumble rapping. He needs to slow down when he talks...Bring back Max he has a good sense of humor and looks like a combination of Ace Ventura and that loser from there is something about mary...I believe is Matt Dillon. Max Ventura or Max Dillon!

I love this show! Audio though...   (4/5)

Man I listen to this Podcast every week! I have been listening since 2016! Haha My only concern is the audio quality has been sloppy over the past few months... The one this week (11/20/2019) was the worst. There was a constant fuzz that was happening every time someone spoke. It wasn’t my AirPods because I used four different types of headphones and I even used my phone speaker and it was all the same! Fix that! 5 stars!!!

Excellent! :)   (5/5)

Great content! Perfect for Playststion fans!

Has potential, Jonathan’s presentation is terrible   (1/5)

Firstly I’m a fan of this podcast from the days of Greg & Collin. Not trying to say ones better than the other but as a host Jonathan’s loudness of “ummm”, “uhhh”, & “but’s” are so loud I just can’t keep myself listening from a migraine. I literally will save this podcast as the last to listen to, not because it’s a “best for last scenario” but because I don’t want a headache going into the others. Jonathan please lower your voice with these or move the mic away from your face when doing this. If you can’t I have to unsubscribe. Take some pointers from Ryan McCaffrey off of Unlocked... something. The show has interesting topics & opinions... But, they are unbearable to listen to.

The Best PlayStation Podcast   (5/5)

Simply the Best PlayStation Podcast you can listen to.

Come for the games, stay for the laughs   (5/5)

I like listening to the rotating cast along with the host Jonathon who keeps it fun. What I like is that along with commentary on gaming news and views, we also get unique sections like Trophy Test, Memory Card and so on. Every time I play a new episode I'm excited to find out who is on the podcast this week. It's like knowing about a roster of podcast participants and wondering who you will get to listen to this week. Every person brings their own personality and style to the discussion. Honestly, most of the time I do not care for or even play some of the games they are discussing, but I am interested in hearing them talk about it, with their in-jokes and opinions. Of course when I'm interested in the game or genre they are talking about, that makes it even better. (Jonathon, I am with you on Kingdom Hearts. It's funny how you usually only get half a minute to talk about it. I like how you steer the conversation.) The banter, the playfulness and the professionalism really makes this podcast top notch. Keep it up fine folks! Beyond!

Microphone Blunders   (4/5)

These guys are some of the best in the biz, yet after studio changes and equipment shuffling, they still bash the microphone a couple times per episode. Jarring for headphones listeners. Also unprofessional. Just like all IGN podcasts, and all videogame podcasts in general, it needs MORE SAMUEL CLAIBORNE.

Need a better group of people   (1/5)

This podcast is good and bad I’m glad to get the information on PlayStation but the group that delivers it never sounds like that want to be there smh I can’t tell if there permanent or just was in hallway and was forced in to talk please also get some people of color on the show I’m blinded from all the white on the show.....beyond

Awesome PlayStation Thoughts   (5/5)

Jonathan and the crew have been amazing with keeping this show alive, relevant, and fun to listen to. I’m glad I came back in after not listening for a while. Look forward to tuning in every week from now on!

Lucy   (1/5)

How many times does she have to display that she doesn’t know the medium and simply has a feminist agenda..... I know you guys live in Cali and you’re a part of mass delusion but seriously. She’s ruining the show.

Bad moves   (1/5)

This is show is getting weird and not in a good way the last episode was the worst ever why dedicate a whole episode to Control a game that is mediocre at best this why I just listen to scoops podcast

Quality is much lower than it used to be   (3/5)

The original Beyond was fun and engaging and was a great source of PS info. However, any character that this show once had was lost recently. If you’re looking for a more entertaining show that has a little less depth to the PS4 news, check out Game Scoop

Sad   (2/5)

Didn’t even invite one of the founders to appear on episode 600. Classless. I’ll no longer be listening.

Love Jonathan and the crew!   (5/5)

I felt I needed to give Jonathan some love since ppl seem to be so unnecessarily negative toward him. You’re so quick with your responses and humor and I think you’re doing a great job Sir. I wish I could post multiple reviews and drown up all this negativity. Things change people, goodness.

Cringe   (1/5)

I really want to enjoy this show. I’ve been forcing myself through it just for the info. But Jonathan’s voice is horrendous. He does not have a radio voice at all. Plus the fact that he mumbles so much. You can’t make out half of what he says. Dead sense of humor. Other guys will be cracking up and he will cut them up with some irrelevant comment then move on to the next subject. There’s no fun in this podcast because of him. Ryan McCaffrey should do beyond and unlocked. He’s the perfect example of how a host should be.

Awesome people to listen to about PlayStation content   (5/5)

Love all the hosts they have on and they all have a great sense of humor and they’ve had a bunch of cool guests

Bring back Max   (1/5)

The new host is terrible bring back Max

Please fix the show.   (1/5)

I have listened to this show for years. It is now consistently painful to get through. The topic is constant back patting , followed by depression. The show lacks energy and enthusiasm. I want to hear about games and not what a depressed “cool guy” thinks and all the guest that enable this behavior. Kingdom Hearts is not great. Get over it. Bring back Max and Brian or cancel the show , thanks. P.S. Alanah,Max, Marty, Brian, Daemon, Justin. Think along these lines of personality. Colin is killing it. Pay attention.

A solid podcast   (5/5)

I’ve been listening to Beyond for years and I still look forward to each new episode every week. Keep up the awesome work, love what you do.

Had to stop listening   (1/5)

I’m a huge IGN podcast listener. I keep up with most if not all programs offered by the website. I’m sad to say I’ve unsubscribed from Beyond as the current host Jonathan is awful to listen to. I’m sure he does great work for IGN but hosting a podcast is not one of them. I miss my PlayStation news but it had to go. If someone takes over at some point, I’ll come back.

Has become so boring   (1/5)

Come on guys you are talking about video games. Stop taking yourself so serious! I had to stop listening to Beyond because it has become so boring. Video games are meant to be fun but this podcast seems to think that they are an NPR show. If you want a good IGN podcast check out game scoop. Those hosts don’t act like they are changing the world with each hard hitting video game opinion.

dam   (1/5)

kinda blows w out max brian allanah marty greg colin etc

15 year old love   (5/5)

I’m 15 and I listen to you guys a lot I listen when I’m laying down and in school or when I’m playing games keep up the good work u guys have been doing a good job.

Need to stay on topic. It's starting to get ridiculous.   (1/5)

Please get Max Scoville off of this show. If this is supposed to be an informal podcast about PlayStation, leave it at that. We don't need to hear random politics. These guys need to stay on topic. For some reason Brian forgets that he isn't hosting Nintendo Voice Chat. It's getting sad.

They hate you now   (1/5)

Quality dropped since coming off video. Seems like they don’t care or respect your time anymore. Sounds like they’re drunk and I wouldn’t be surprised if not even wearing any pants during the recording. There is a lot more sex talk, cursing and overall deplorable behavior id you’re into that.

Well done JD   (5/5)


Beyond   (5/5)

Love the new format of audio only. Also the quality of the audio is 1000x better.

All grown up   (5/5)

A great start to the audio only *ahem* I mean the human sound show of beyond. Less restrictions make this podcast so much better. Jonathan has brought this podcast up a notch and I can’t wait to hear more.

Why bring race into game reviews?   (1/5)

Certain hosts bring up the protagonists race , gender, and sexual orientation into game reviews. You can definitely tell they are based in San Francisco

Thanks for speaking louder dornbush   (5/5)

For a while you could barely hear what Johnathan was saying, now it’s noticeably better. Great show guys, love your sense of humor.

Beyond!   (5/5)

Probably my favorite podcast.

So this is what Greg Miller started?   (5/5)

Cool. All you all need to know right now is this podcast is worth subscribing. I never heard a single episode of it and I don't plan on to at all. All you really need to know is that Hungry Box is a coward and he can't compete against Kinda Funny. Joey Noelle will CANNON BLAST HIS FAKE SUPER SMASH BROS. PLAY PHANNY OFF STAGE JUST LIKE HOW NICK SCARPINO WILL RIP INTO IT WITH NO LUBE OR PROTECTION BECAUSE NO MERCY FOR THE WEAK!

RIP   (1/5)


Danm good   (5/5)

I loooooooovvvvveee it. It’s f🐱ing good keep making them 👍🏻🤘🏻👏🏻😁

Favorite podcast   (3/5)

Absolute favorite podcast but you choose to hide your content in ign so it’s a raffle if I can ever listen. Make a podcast section on your app. Jeez

Beyond juvenile   (1/5)

Great for kids.

Not everything has to be a live stream   (3/5)

This was a good podcast that I would listen to when it dropped and only skip a couple episodes a month on average. However now listening to the recorded live feed it feels like it’s just a live show, not a podcast, that they upload with zero editing. Consistent mentions of images and switching cameras that take away from the listing enjoyability. I didn’t mind the ads because you should make money (thought it was odd how long it took IGN to out ads on it), but if this is an attempt to dive traffic to the site then you have lost me as a listener in general. It doesn’t feel like any editing goes into this to reduce the parts where the live stream content doesn’t work with an audio format. I love Max and Bryan from the Comedy Button as I did sub to their Patreon for a while (will again soon because it’s quality) because they make hilarious stuff so it’s nothing against them. However this podcast is like adding stevia to a diet soda and telling em it’s just as good as he regular version when you know it’s not. The IGN AU Pubcast does it right and better with audio skits and hectic yet structured run from start to finish. It’s an amazing funny show that is worth the listen for the skits alone and they actually put an E tag on it so if you are an adult you can actually listen without these annoying sound effects.

Keeps getting worse   (1/5)

Been listening for a long time and the show just gets worse and worse. The newest hosts are young and irritating. Had to stop listening a couple weeks ago. Tried to give it another shot but couldn’t stand it. Sorry to go, hopefully the show gets some new hosts on the panel at some point. Update checked out the show and even worse hosts. Stay away! Much better PS podcasts out there.

Amazing   (5/5)

Funniest podcast at IGN. One of my personal favorites.

Best PS podcast   (5/5)

Very good commentary on what’s going on in the PlayStation world

Unsubscribing   (1/5)

Start covering PSVR and I’ll come back. I’m not asking for half the episode, but they blather on about anything and everything and we can’t get ten or fifteen minutes of PSVR an episode? And get someone who has vr-legs and not some ball of mush.

Horrible   (1/5)

I can’t believe how common it is to hear comments and remarks about Trump or the Right. And NOT surprisingly it’s not positive. I don’t come to a game site to hear some guys making comments or shirts saying how they don’t like Trump. I wonder if they would allow workers to make comments and wear shirts saying how they don’t/didn’t like Obama or the Left.

Good stuff   (5/5)

Wish there was more e3 coverage, but this is excellent

On episode 540, the word is “lit” not “lighted.”   (2/5)

On episode 540, the word is “lit” not “lighted.”

BEYONDDDD!   (5/5)

My favorite podcast! I listen to all the ign podcast but beyond is by far my favorite! I’d love you guys to bring what VR playing back, even befor I had a PSVR I loved hearing what was coming out (even if it was just about an elephant peeing and pooping at the same time) and now with the amount of quality games coming out I think it’s worth a talking about for a few mins! Also a little bummed you guys moved brapid fire over to YouTube only, i always have beyond playing on my commute to work, at the gym ect so I never really get a chance to toon in. I know you guys are pushing really hard to get YouTube views and subs, but don’t forget about us audio only guys and girls! In my defense I’ve tried to watch the show and I have a fictional picture built up in all of the hosts in my head and seeing what everyone looks like in person confused the hell out of me. It’s like your favorite book being made into a movie and the actors look nothing like what you’d expect! different podcast but I thought Pear Schnieder Indian for like a year and I blew my mind when I saw a picture of him, yes I know the name makes no sense and he’s constantly references being German but hey, my brain does what it wants.... Hahah anyways keep up the good work! Always a pleasure to toon in every week!

Good podcast bad dialogue   (3/5)

I enjoy the podcast however hearing them say “like” after almost every word became quite jarring.

Great podcast!   (5/5)

What a super crew of gamers. I love listening to you guys each week.

Beyond the pom tom in buhon mon   (5/5)

This bombcast is awesome in the hizouse

What I need   (5/5)

These guys and gals do it well provide me with the news of what's going down in the gaming world

mikebat86   (5/5)

Great info and always funny Brrapppd

Really miss ps I love you   (5/5)

I was really missing ps I love you. Colin you especially. I gave up on beyond about year ago. I've been missing a PlayStation news update so I had to check in. I was pleasantly surprised Max was gone when I tried to listen again. So happy Marty has become the host. I'm not sure max is gone for good but I can always hope.

Great Podcast Becoming Less Great Due To Focus On Video   (3/5)

The Beyond boys have been asking for a review, so here we go. This is a great podcast I can easily recommend to anyone with an interest in video game news/reviews. Not only is the show great, but I think Max and the rest of the gang did something really impressive when they took over from Greg Miller, they made it their own. They didn't try to mimic the previous show but did their own spin on it, and continue to do so very well. However, somethings been happening that is hurting the show, atleast from my perspective. Recently chunks of the show have been omitted from the podcast format and are being thrown into different mediums like YouTube. The past few episodes they've cut the shows short and are now putting segments exclusively on the YouTube channel. I may be in the minority here, but I have no desire to watch podcast stuff in video form. It also seems like the flow of the show has shifted ever since the video format changed, from the old podcast brick comedy club room to the talk show stage. Episodes used to feel relaxed and that they allowed themselves the time to talk about whatever they wanted for however long they wanted, whereas now the segments seem more rushed and less organic. I don't think this is unique to Podcast Beyond, and actually seems common with podcasts that have pivoted to the video format. I'm grateful that we get a new great show each week, but I wish that they'd go back to the old podcast (non-video focused) format and allow themselves to more casually produce the show.

It's not your grandpa's BEYOND!   (3/5)

Ever since Greg and Colin left, and Max and crew took the helm; the show has changed drastically. It took a little while, but I feel the show has finally hit it's stride. Still not the biggest fan of Allanah, but she's not a deal breaker. Give it a listen.

Boring   (1/5)

Good god this podcast is so boring

BEYOND!   (5/5)

Great show guys, keep up the good work

Beyond is the best!   (5/5)

I listen to most of IGN's work going on 3 years now because you all feel like buds to me. I look forward to hearing everyone's thoughts on all kinds of games, but what I enjoy the most is getting to know the panel and guests. I love the banter and how you guys all are just being yourselves and letting us be apart of your worlds. The production, both audio and video, are always very impressive. So well done to the guys and girls behind the scenes! I haven't been on a Sony console since PS2 and mostly play Xbox One, you guys have had me hunting for a PS4 for months now. I want in on those exclusives! Keep being good to people!

Thought provoking.   (3/5)

This is probably one of the most thought provoking gaming podcasts out there. There are always interesting topics and the knowledge that every editor has about the gaming industry is impressive. However, there is room for improvement I think. Many of the editors seem to have missed some beloved titles that have always resonated in the gaming community. There seem to be very few personalities on IGN that have played the Kingdom Hearts series for example. Also, sometimes the conversations sound a little fake like a room full of robots are trying to express themselves. Besides these small gripes, this is a solid podcast with extremely well versed game writers that consistently keep things interesting.

Great podcast   (5/5)

Great podcast but need to work on the audio issues, for some reason Unlocked sounds fine but the last few episodes of Beyond have either had all mics at different volumes or they all sound muddled... other than that small gripe I love listening every week.

Great gaming podcast   (5/5)

This is a great gaming podcast to listen to, but I think they need to turn up the mic or gain, the intro is normal volume compared to all other podcasts but their voices are so low I have to turn up to 80%+ volume to be able to hear it in a quiet office.

Returned   (5/5)

I'm so glad Gregg left! I stopped listening a few years ago, but when I recently found out he started his own YouTube channel I just had to check out this pod! Much much better than before! Keep up the good work, guys!

A dead podcast   (1/5)

Brian altano is the most offensive person to ever grace a ign podcast. Just because he says he is Italian doesn't give him the right to insert said offensive Italian comment and than act like he's the most progressive person on the planet. Simply trash podcast these days take a pass guys!

Wow worst PS4 podcast ever   (1/5)

If you like hearing about two games over and over and over again then this is your podcast. Ugh

No longer good but bad.   (1/5)

Laughing at bad jokes podcast. Calling them jokes is the funniest part of this statement

Miss the old hosts   (2/5)

Quality of the podcast which used to be a mandatory listen for years is just not to the same level of fun and seems to lack the structure and care of the earlier years. Here's hoping it evolves to something better.

Great   (5/5)

It's great

I don't even own a PlayStation   (5/5)

I'm a gamer that appreciates games for existing -- despite not owning a PlayStation I enjoy listening to this panel go on about everything in the world of PlayStation every week. Informative, funny, tragic, happy, unlocked.

Good fun. Great set   (4/5)

I don't listen to it on here but I do watch it. Overall it should have something for every Sony fan. If at all I can get all access to Death Stranding I'll bump this up to 5 stars. Happy listening. Free Max's shirts.

Love this!   (5/5)

Been listening for years and will be listening for many years to come! Love that Ryan McCaffrey!!

Great video game podcast with fantastic cast   (5/5)

Brian, Max, Marty, Alannah, Zack, and Andrew plus others are informative and entertaining. I have fun listening to to them hang out as friends rather than overly formal and produced, though Max tries valiantly to give a modicum of structure to the show and that's great. It's just slightly unbalanced which is great for me. Keep up the good job!

Love it   (5/5)

Awesome PlayStation podcast.

BEYOND   (5/5)

keep up the great work

I like ham   (5/5)


Keeps me up to date in PlayStation world   (5/5)

I want to preface that I'm not primarily a PlayStation guy, but this show keeps me relevant on all PlayStation going ons. I generally like to hear their commentary and reviews. They don't have any gimmicky radio games that leave me coming back for more, but that could always change. And Alanna is sometimes on the show and she's definitely a good change from the guys, and keeps up on games so always a bonus.

Beyond!   (5/5)

I have been listening to podcast beyond since they first started doing this many years ago. All I can say is. This show is awesome! Never stop!!! Beyond!!!

Great   (5/5)

It's great

Best podcast Ever!   (5/5)

These guys make my work day so much Better! Love the gaming news and the updates, Keep up the great work!!

Thanks Max and friends!   (5/5)

I Don't have/never had a PlayStation console, but still love this show! Hosts are very funny and have good banter. I really like how they keep things light and entertaining each and every episode.

Highest Quality PS4 Podcast!!!   (5/5)

This is by far the best podcast I have ever found for PlayStation focused content. The hosts are knowledgeable and great to listen to. Subscribe now if your a gamer! Promise you won't be disappointed!

One of my favorite video game podcasts   (5/5)

I listen to this podcast the day it comes out every week. with a busy schedule, they keep me up to date on video game news. the dynamic of the hosts is extremely nice, the flow of their conversations makes me feel like a part of it. thanks for making such a good podcast, IGN.

Beyond!   (5/5)

As a long time fan of Beyond, I can happily say that this is not what it used to be with Gregg & Colin, it is its own new thing, and that's OKAY. Listen to just a few episodes and try not to get addicted to the sultry smooth voices of these crazy PS boys and girls, Max, Brian, Marty, Goldfarb, and Alanah when we are lucky.

Beyond!   (5/5)

Podcast Beyond made my dick bigger. 5 Stars

Inspirational   (5/5)

I hate writing reviews but I felt inspired after listening to episode 487. The guys were talking about a game and it's developer restricting streaming rights and around the 46 minute mark Altano said "If there's a one in a million chance you can become rich and famous by streaming video games DO IT!" As a person that is aspiring towards a career in games media and doing my own version of what these guys do I don't think he could have said anything more meaningful to me. Everyone on beyond offers awesome opinions and insightful perspectives making for fantastic entertainment but with one statement Altano turned me from a casual listener to a life long fan. Thank you Brian, really needed this after losing the Undertaker earlier this week.

Beyond!   (3/5)

I really wish the new podcasters would spend less time interrupting each other to make a new quick joke, and spend more time on PS news. It's sad that Colin morosely left kind of funny so now I don't know where to get good PS news. I will always support Beyond and IGN, I know it's tough to put on a podcast, just wish they'd give us more concentrated material.

Good going guys.   (5/5)

I'm glad that you all can keep going. If only tech fetish could be as lucky.

Beyond!!!   (5/5)


perfect mix between a improve show and gaming news   (5/5)

i call it being infunnyative! luv this podcast!!

Good, new Hosts, but not my Podcast Beyond   (2/5)

It may be that I just prefer the days when Colin and Greg were at the helm. They had a chemistry that was special. Hell, it still is special. (Kinda Funny & Kinda Funny Games Podcasts are magic.) I grew up with Podcast Beyond in my mid-teens, through to my early 20's. I'd listen to it without fail whenever it was released. It was my first podcast and hearing the opinions of the guys was always special. Their personalities complimented each other so well and when you'd add people to the mix such as Ryan Clements or Andrew Goldfarb, you knew you were in for a great week. It's been a long time since I've listened to one of those episodes. I don't dislike the new hosts. In fact I like them all just fine. Marty is passionate and very knowledgeable about the industry. Brian is funny and the stories he shares about his life concerning video games are always enjoyable to hear. Alanah's perspective is always interesting to hear, given her history as a fan who cared about games and desired to cover the industry. Max's opinions and matter of fact attitude is refreshing to have when topics are being discussed and analyzed. He doesn't care what people think and isn't attempting to impress people. It's refreshing. Saying all this, it's clear my issue isn't with the hosts. I listen to them all and read quite a bit that they post on IGN. (Any of their appearances on Game Scoop are solid and they shouldn't be missed.) Sadly, when it comes to choosing a PlayStation Podcast to listen to, I have to go with the magic that is PS I Love You XOXO. I recommend that to everyone reading this. Their knowledge of the industry, their style of tackling topics and even their non-Video Game banter is always fun to experience. Be sure to check them out.

Ugggh   (3/5)

Been listening for years, even stuck with it after the decline(Greg and Colin leaving). Now with the new podcast studio, audio quality has taken a huge hit. Getting closer to unsubscribing. I'm a fan of Comedy Button, but keep to the PlayStation content on this show.

Horrible new format   (1/5)

This is supposed to be a Playstation centric podcast these guys dont even know half the stuff they talk about. Terrible host just ugh im done listening to this.

test   (5/5)


Beyond   (2/5)

I have listened to this show since the currents hosts took over, for a while this was one of my favorite video game podcasts. Recently though the show hasn't been as entertaining as it has in the past. I hope that the show will improve.

Great podcast and drinking game.   (5/5)

Excellent podcast! We like to turn it into a game where we take a shot every time Brian Altano uses the word "reductive". If you like PlayStation, or amusing jokes by real funny boys (and girls), check this out.

Max.....   (1/5)

I don't think I can support beyond after how childish Max acted towards Collin on twitter.

Not good.   (1/5)

Max is a great guy and super funny on the comedy button. However, he is not a good Playstation podcaster. He often loses control of the guests and lets em get off topic. Very effortless performance by the rest of the cast. All of this is in comparison to Unlocked.

Beyond! BRAP BRAP!   (5/5)

great podcast for all of us Playstaation gals and guys out there.

Not the same without Greg and Colin   (2/5)

Sad that I can't even stomach listening now that Colin and Greg are gone.. used to love beyond.

Not good enough   (2/5)

Like a new coach coming in after the departure of a great one, the new hosts of podcast Beyond! had a big shoes to fill. It was smart that instead of trying to replicate the format and chemistry of Greg & Colin era, Max and co chose to do their own thing. Unfortunately their "own thing" just isn't good enough. The lack of real structure and interesting and informative segments makes it a chore to listen to. Also the overabundance of painfully unfunny gags/jokes (looking at you Max) plus off topic digressions make things even worse. Granted the Colin & Greg era was guilty of some of these issues from time to time, it wasn't nearly to the extent of the new show. To be honest the only reason why i haven't unsubscribed Podcast Beyond! is because I take long commutes to work and there's only a handful of podcasts available.

Max Scoville is the single worst part about this show   (1/5)

Max Scoville is the single worst part about this show, and has been since he arrived on the scene. It's like he's an 8 year old in an adults body. I hate to admit it but I don't like this whole unstructured thing IGN has going with these podcasts now. Unlocked is awesome, Fireteam Chat is awesome, but seriously I used to love this podcast and now I can't stand it because of Max Scoville. Losing faith in IGN rapidly...

Really gone downhill...   (2/5)

I've really given this a long time to grab me again after Colin and Greg left, but this has done nothing but steadily decline. The last 2 episodes are really what lost me. Max is just god awful going off on rants about nothing and aren't even funny. Sure lets spend 75% of a PlayStation podcast not talking about PlayStation. I'm going to give this one a year break and see if when I come back they have finally booted Max and Alanah off the show. One can only hope. This honestly isn't even a fanboy of Colin and Greg, it's really just bad casting on the hosts.

BEYOND!   (5/5)

Tried listening to the old Greg and Collin stuff. Boring. Max is a way better host. More energy. Out with the old, in with the new!

Audio Mix Problem   (2/5)

I love Beyond. I've been listening for such a long time but the audio mix quality on this show has progressively gotten worse and worse. The most recent Episode (today is 8-13-16) has Marty, Max, and Alanah, but I can barely hear Alanah. I love their content but the audio problem is too much to look over. Maybe they don't do a sound check before they start recording but for a company at IGN's level I think they should have the best sounding podcast on iPhone. I also want them to have the best sounding podcast because I want this show to be huge! Hopefully they can improve their audio mixes.

11/10   (5/5)

Love this podcast, it's my all time favorite.

Great... But the ham episode   (2/5)

This podcast was great ! I loved listening to it on my drive to work. It's funny and has a lot of good info about games. I love the questions and the guest speakers. I would have given this 5 stars but the 2 episode ham thing was just terrible . Is there someone that's in charge of keeping people on track? The very least have someone that would have stopped this?

Lame   (1/5)

I don't get how anyone can like these hosts. Even the old dudes who people slurp over, Colin and Greg, were terrible.

Terrible.   (1/5)

What happens when you get 6 people in a room who all want to be “the funny one”? You get yelling, screaming, and completely incoherent conversation. Half of the time I’m not even sure what they are laughing about, like something happened in the room and I get to listen to them cackle like middle schoolers. The Max guy thinks he is way cooler than he is, and Brian thinks he is a comedian. Just terrible.

Beyond!   (5/5)

I love ze show.

What a shame :/   (1/5)

The new hosts are a disgrace to the beyond legacy.

I really tried   (1/5)

Long time listener, when Colin and Greg left I said you know what, these news guys deserve a shot. I did give you guys that, but now sadly I'm done. I feel like you guys scream over each other and it's like you have to be in a room with you guys to even get a joke. It's like your trying to alienate all of your listeners. Cut the hosts down to two people or something. It's like a bunch of teenage kids trying to get the attention of 1 girl, it's just loud annoying jibberish. I'll keep the IGN app but bye to BEYOND.

Not as good as "PS I love you xoxo"   (3/5)

The original hosts left this podcast to start the one titled "ps I love you xoxo". This in one is still okay but not as good.

I Love the New Show   (5/5)

This is not the old Podcast Beyond. This is also not a bad thing! I appreciate all the things the new group bring to the table and there can never be enough podcasts about how great PlayStation is!

Beyond   (4/5)

I don't own a ps my self but I still like to listen to there podcast and if I get a ps I'll know a lot

Hamtastic!   (5/5)

Hamfoolery, shamanigans and hamor, all the things you come to expect from your favorite PlayStation porkcast. By far some of the wittiest podCasters in the business. Look forward to every week.

BEYOND!!!!!!!!   (5/5)

Beyond... Nothing else needed, listen to this. Haven't had a PS system since PS2, still love the show, Marty and Brian, even Mr.ColdHearted Jared

BEYOND!   (5/5)

Love this podcast. Down to earth and entertaining folks talking PlayStation, what else could you want.

BEYOND!!   (5/5)

One of the best podcasts ever!!!

A Bucnh of Guys Talking PlayStation   (5/5)

It may not always be the same hosts, but they all talk about PlayStation and how much they love it. The topics range from hardware to games and all the rumors in between. The show goes off the rails a lot, but the relationship between the cast is one of great friendship.

It's ok...   (2/5)

As someone who wasn't a fan of one of the original hosts, this show has continuously provided solid info about the PlayStation platform. Lately it has been filled with cringeworthy jokes, and they tend to go off rails a lot. There's still some solid info and opinions in there, but only if you don't turn it off first because of the reasons above.

Scoville Ruined this   (1/5)

This WAS a great podcast. I even had high hopes when Marty took over but the death of this podcast was Max Scoville. Guys a joke. His energy toward PlayStation is always "meh." Why even bring him on? Alana's legit but One Star Scoville ruins this podcast.

Please just stop...   (1/5)

How long will IGN subject the masses to Max and Brian's brand of "comedy"? Random does not equal funny... Or Brian's ridiculous tangents and what it's... I'm no prude but cursing solely to curse is amateur hour... Sad thing is my distaste for these two is starting to rub off on Marty and Clements... If u want a PS podcast that isn't so "try hard"... PS I LOVE U by KINDA FUNNY

Good crew besides Scoville   (1/5)

Fire Max Scoville, he's lame. Doesn't stay on topic and his jokes are lame-er. Also, will still listen regardless because I'm an idiot.

Finally Had to Unsubscribe   (2/5)

I have been a fan of the podcast for years and was a bit upset when the previous hosts decided to leave IGN. I wanted to give the new hosts a chance to figure out what they wanted to do with their reboot of the show. And I did for long enough. Unfortunately, the show has gone in a direction that I just don't enjoy. They have their moments, giving detailed and insightful information about video games, but too often, the show is hijacked by "The Comedy Button." It's great to add some humor to Podcast Beyond. Some is great, I like that. Sadly, the show is now mostly hosts trying to be funny all of the time and derailing the great video game conversations that occasionally occur. The best part of the show, intelligent conversations about video games, rarely happens anymore. It's unfortunate. Many of the hosts are great on other podcasts. They are part of amazing discussions on other shows and add a touch of humor here and there. It's only Podcast Beyond where the nonstop, seemingly trying too hard to be funny, slapstick comedy happens. And that's a shame. I used to love the show and looked forward to it every week. Now, I can't even listen to it without getting annoyed. I really am sorry about leaving the "Beyond" community and having to leave a bad review. I hope the show, someday, can get back to what it once was, an exceptional video games podcast.

A farewell to Beyond! As it was   (3/5)

Greg and Colin were what made Beyond! What it was. The unique segments, the unique commentary, in depth insight provided by Colin, witty banter provided by Greg, and a rotating third chair which kept the show fresh. I have listened and watched this podcast transform over the course of over 200+ episodes into what it became. Greg and Colin left to KindaFunny where I now go to get a similar blend. Now they have been replaced by Marty who is a great replacement. Though the show is no longer something I listen to, PS I Love You XoXo is more in that vein. Keep at it Beyond!

Not what it once was   (1/5)

A PlayStation podcast that doesn't talk about PlayStation. Nothing but nonsense and rambling. I've heard more Nintendo talk than PlayStation. This used to be my favorite podcast. Now it's crap!

Awful   (1/5)

This show is terrible. Whatever "Beyond" was is now dead and buried. Do yourself a favor and just pass on this poor excuse of a podcast. Max is awful. Max isn't funny. He has ruined one of the best things IGN had going.

Beyond...   (3/5)

Im keeping my review at 3 form 5. As a fan of the Comedy Button and Playstation, I enjoyed the new podcast but I can't help but feel your playstation knowledge and experience is lacking to say the least. I loved beyond, I wish you the best, hope everything works out. But I can't listen to it anymore. It was the episode about Ham that broke me.

Best IGN Podcast   (5/5)

My favoriiites! These guys are so lame.. But in the best way. I love listening to them talk PlayStation and (really) whatever else that wanna talk about. ONE THING THO. Be nicer to the Garfep! Pay more attention when he talks :c. He gets talked over at times.

Way Downhill Since Colin and Greg Left   (2/5)

Let me start by saying I used to absolutely love this show. Unfortunately, this podcast has gone way down hill since Colin and Greg left. I finally, begrudgingly hit the unsubscribe button today after being a subscriber for over 2 yrs, as I find Marty, Brian and Max sadly boring. There is no enthusiasm for anything or unique insight into interesting topics. The only thing they seem completely capable of is complaining un endlessly or making stupid jokes about ham that are not even remotely funny, maybe I had to be there....

From #1 to garbage.   (1/5)

Everybody's "talk" (more like yelling like idiots) at the same time, they try to be "funny" all the time, cracking jokes like this is a comedian show, and who the F told Brian he's funny? Greg gave Marty this podcast in a gold platter and he fu*k it up bringing this clowns to it.

I'd give it 0 stars if I could.   (1/5)

The podcast is pretty much everywhere, I understand that rambling and getting off topic is part of a podcast but these guys take it to a whole new level. None of them are actually funny they just spout random garbage until something makes one person laugh and they coast off that. It's suppose to be a game podcast and they just lightly touch on topics and then derail. Worst podcast I've ever listen to.

It never lets me down   (5/5)

Well let me start by saying BEYOND!!!! enough said

Please stop shouting   (2/5)

I really want to like your podcast. But can you guys talk instead of shout? Or talk about games instead of ham or Cheetos? Thanks.

Terrible   (1/5)

This podcast has really gone down since the original crew. Avoid.

Not what it was   (2/5)

I am a long time listener to Beyond starting to listen in the teens. Greg and Collin left to start a new company and left the podcast in the hand of some capable people. As I listened to new episodes with the new team, there was not much change at first which was a good thing. Eventually the show started to loose focus and direction. There is no structure, no one respects the host, there is far too much joking and talking over each other, and there are far too many people around the table. I think things started going downhill when Greg and Collin started their new PlayStation podcast called PS I Love You X O X O. In about 1 week PS I Love You became the number 1 PlayStation podcast and I think the new crew of Beyond just gave up. It seems they simply don't care about the brand or legacy that was once there and it's just another task for them to grind out as part of their job. The soul of the podcast is no longer there. Rest in peace Beyond. I hope you can turn the ship around but for now I will listen to the guys who made Beyond what it was. PS I Love You is the new Beyond.

What a shame   (1/5)

For the last three years I've listened to this show every week. Last week I finally had to say it was time to stop. Colin and Greg ran an entertaining show with jokes, but also focus. After last week, hearing the crew eating ham into the mics (unbelievably disgusting), I realized that I don't look forward to the show anymore and hadn't for a long time. Instead I found my self getting annoyed at the way the show was running, the unnecessary yelling, the terrible jokes and Goldfarb saying "like" every other word, I just had to stop. Thankfully PS I Love You XOXO is around because those guys know how to create an entertaining and informative show.

Was awesome....then the boys left   (1/5)

This was the best podcast ever, then Colin and Greg left, and now it's just the unfunny guys.

Shame the show fell apart   (1/5)

The show wasn't great just because of Colin and Greg, it was great for the structure, banter, and PlayStation discussion. That is all lost now. I would recommend PS I Love You XOXO if you want a great PlayStation podcast.

I really tried.   (1/5)

This is a first for me. I usually only write reviews if they are positive, but I have held this podcast in high regard for a while and just have to be honest. I'm a 31 year old gamer with not a lot of time on my hands. This podcast used to mean something and it has just fallen so far off the rails. It doesn't go to say that what the new crew does needs to be the same as the old. Original is good but it's just all over the place and so often off topic. I stuck around out of being faithful to what I loved every week for a while. Also I enjoyed Brian in the past as well as Marty and always thought Andrew was great too. I watched Max before ign and liked him. But this new formula or lack of has driven me away from the good contributions you have had for me as far as podcast and videos go, to a feeling of my time being wasted. Again my time for gaming and entertainment is short at this point in life and its become so hard for me to manage. I fee like you guys can do better I don't know if I'm walking away completely but today was the complete realization that the time listening to this podcast can be put towards another. I really tried to rock with what you guys were bringing to the table.

Unsucribe   (1/5)

I'm a Beyond follower since episode 150 and I have to say this has become the worst PlayStation podcast out there. Bryan Altano has to be the worst host in the planet, with stupid humor(stupid is putting it nicely) and childish reactions to every single news or comment. It's a 40 year old dude acting like a 12 year old child. Do yourself a favor and search for Greg Miller's new podcast "PS I love you XOXO" or "Giant Bombcast".

Love ham   (5/5)

I Love ham thank you

Beyond is Dead   (1/5)

I use to come to podcast beyond to get up to date on all things playstation. Now this podcast has turned into a one hour fart joke with ten minutes of actual PlayStation news.

Beyond!   (5/5)

Beyond has grown into the most enjoyable podcast out there. It is just like sitting down with some friends and discussing your favorite hobby. And love of ham. All the hosts and guests have great chemistry and fun together. Incredible job. Beyond!

Get rid of Alanah   (2/5)

When you have Alanah everybody turns into immature idiots who try to speak louder, and try to make the most stupid jokes than each other. She is smart, and wants to bring a lot to the table with her maturity and knowledge, but the rest of you idiots ruin the show. Talk PlayStation, and stop measuring dicks.

Decent podcast that's having some problems.   (3/5)

This was clearly the best playstation podcast in the Greg and Colin days but since they left IGN the quality has sadly dipped. And, honestly, seems to be getting worse by the episode. A lot of people seem to be blaming that on the new host, Max Scoville. Personall,y I don't feel like he's completely the problem. The problem is combining him with Brian Altano. That's where things usually go wrong. A good podcast needs a host willing and able to control the conversation and keep things on in the general vicinity of the topic. When Max tries to get Brian on track or is very obviously is trying to move things along, Brian ignores him and keeps doing whatever he feels like until he decides to stop. That's a thing that's happened more and more often with Beyond. It's also something Brian doesn't do on the other IGN podcast he's on, Nintendo Voice Chat; which is hosted by a firmer hand in Jose Otero. It's gotten to the point now where Beyond is getting kind of hard to listen to sometimes. I hope they can fix it because I still like listening to IGN staff talk about playstation but I'm not sure how much longer I'm willing to do it over the sound of Brian Altano doing everything short of yelling "Pay attention to me!" in the background for 10 mins at a time.

A little professionalism never hurt.   (1/5)

Video games are fun, but you can still have fun and be professional. Max just constantly reminds the listener how dumb video games are and very rarely seems to take the billion dollar industry that employs him seriously. Podcast Unlocked on the other hand is a great example of a podcast that is fun and still comes across as professional.

I am sorry   (2/5)

Ok I will start this by saying this was my favorite podcast for the last 4 years, although I have had a great time listening and loved being part of the community of best friends, that spark has really left this show. We all love jokes and being goofy but I can't listen to two members just shooting inside jokes back and forth anymore. I am not trying to trash anyone's style but I really think this show went in a bad direction. I think possibly Alana, Goldfarb and Marty might be able to focus this show again, remember we listen because we love PlayStation, and want to be part of a community, not just loud barking. Sorry boys it is nothing personal.

Was great…not anymore sadly   (1/5)

This version, after Colin and Greg left, is pretty terrible. I've stayed with this new version for a year and listened every week, but they talk too much about strange things that don't have anything to do with the PlayStation world. The humor is real cheesy and doesn't click with me. I'd recommend Ps I love you xoxo podcast over beyond for better ps analysis and interesting takes on everything PlayStation

Just isn't the same...   (1/5)

I'm taking a break from this podcast. I gave it an honest chance for months but the new line-up just doesn't hold a candle to the old guard. Max and Brian are usually great on all the other shows they host, but this just feels phoned in. Maybe over time it'll grow into itself, but this isn't the Podcast Beyond I fell in love with. Who knows, maybe a name change would've made all the difference, but with this I'm no longer listening to any IGN podcasts on a regular basis. What a shame.

Fall From Grace   (2/5)

Listener of the show for the past 3 years. I have been tempted to stop listening since Greg and Colin left. The show feels immature with forced attempts at crude and frankly, dumb or nonsensical humor. Shows like the Giant Bomb Cast or PS I Love You do it right. IGN, please get control of this show or find better hosts, or just keep Brian Altano off the show or on a leash. He does fine on NVC but that's because one of his bosses is on the show.

Beating a dead joke   (3/5)

If you’re looking for a podcast that definitely knows how to beat a joke into the ground, pick it up and carry it to the top of the Burj Khalifa and throw its corpse off. Pick up the bag of pennies they brought with them and drop them one by one on top of the body, race down pick it up fly to China. Grab the joke by the hair and slowly, step by step walk to the top of Shanghai Tower leaving lego pieces scattered on every step. Then by the sheer fact that this joke is on this podcast it wakes up and they kick it down the same stairs where it tumbles down 128 stories to the bottom where they conveniently left shattered glass and all the broken hopes and dreams of all the listeners that thought this podcast would be good after Colin and Greg left it.

Great still!!   (5/5)

Liking them more then Colin and Greg. Yes it's happened. The torch has been past

Not good   (1/5)

I don't think I'm alone when I say Colin and Greg made IGN at least made me want to keep tuning in only podcast I listen to anymore is NVC max is horrible and he's not funny at all.

Okay longtime listeners, we get it, you don't like the new show   (4/5)

I've been listening to Beyond ever since episode 406. I like it, though some of the things on there can be a bit stupid or annoying. What I don't like, though, is how horribly the fans from the era of Greg and Colin are reacting to the show. If you listened to one of the early episodes with Max as host, you'd know that they aren't trying to replicate what Greg and Colin were doing, but something unique. If you want to listen to Greg and Colin, go listen to PSILoveYouXOXO, because that is more like the older iteration of Beyond.

10/10 (or 5/5 as the case may be)   (5/5)

Whenever I need a good laugh, this podcast is there. Keep at it.

Disappointing ham   (1/5)

It seems like this podcast really suffers from a lack of moderation. The presenters constantly shout jokes back and forth until they are painfully unfunny. They makeup story's and then laugh at guests that don't understand that the discussion is fake nonsense to the point I feel sorry for the people on the show. There's also just a general lack of knowledge causing many discussions to miss important facts about the topic.

The host tries too hard   (1/5)

This was never going to be as good as it was with Colin and Greg but these guys are not funny. They also don’t seem like real playstation fans at all. The worst offense though has to be Max and his terrible attempts at humor. It’s not funny and usually ends up making him sound as a spoiled teenager. I think I would like Bryan but the Max/Bryan duo is terrible. Marty seems like he is really knowledgeable and loves games but also falls into the lame attempts at humor. I think if they replaced Max it would be much better.

Big Improvement   (5/5)

Max and Brian are a huge improvement over the completely awful Colin and Greg

Diminishing Returns   (2/5)

Been listening to Podcast Beyond since 2008. I stuck with it after Colin and Greg left but I just unsubscribed as of today. I like both Max and Brian but the combination of the two is just too much. It seems as if they are constantly trying to 'One Up' each other and it's exhausting. It's time for a serious shake up at the Podcast, Goldfard/Marty/Jared would be my roster of choice. I'll check in on the show in the next few months to see if any improvements have been made. Now that PS I Love You XOXO exists Beyond is becoming largely irrelevant.

It's ok. We like you. Don't try so hard.   (1/5)

I mean, wow. I can barely get through an episode now while having to listen to the failed attempts of clever humor from Max and Brian. Dudes. It's like you are trying to be the funniest kids in class every week. Fail. We like you already. You don't have to try so hard. Now I have to go back to solely listening to the chubby Miller and pretentious Moriarty. Sliva, how could you let this happen. Shame to your sweaters as well.

Please get rid of Max Scoville.   (1/5)

There’s no other way to say it. Max Scoville is the least funny, most annoying person on the planet. Such a loud mouth. I can’t even imagine being in the same room as that guy without wanting to punch him, let alone voluntarily listening to him on a weekly basis. Stopped listening after hundreds of episodes of beyond due to Max.

BEeeeeeeYOND!!!!!!!!!!!   (5/5)

Love this podcast, I still enjoy the show even after the crew change. They always bring great energy to the show and still give me the news I love. Thank you Max, Brian, Marty, and Goldfap!

Give it a try but I didn't like it   (1/5)

It's nothing more than gender politics, hipsters, and race baiting white guilt. Don't indulge in this trash. Ever since Collin left Max made this into a puss filled cyst.

Beyond Annoying   (3/5)

Update: yea! No Greggy! But I think it's a comic podcast now. Still, no Greggy! +1 star. ---------- The podcast is ok but I stopped watching it because Greg Miller told me to. Just under a year ago, I was joking around on Twitter begging him to stop saying "beyond" so much. The ceremonial shout and response of the word at the begging of this podcast is ok I guess. A little cultish. Reminds me of being back in the Catholic Church. But Greggy insists on saying it all the time, even in videos that have nothing to do with Playstation. So having just watched one of these videos, I get on Twitter and, as a joke, I beg @gameovergreggy to stop saying "beyond". He replies "Stop watching us!" I reply, "Done." And I haven't watched anything on IGN since...until today. After a year, I check out this podcast and still find Greg Miller as annoying as ever. To me he comes across as arrogant and no where near as funny as he thinks he is. I'd like to watch the daily minute but I just can't, on principle. I gave this podcast a second star because at least it's not as long and rambling as the bombcast.

Not what it used to be   (1/5)

A fall from grace.

unprofessional   (1/5)

Please i dont know who has the cat but it is so unprofessional to have it meowing during the podcast, please get the cat off the podcast, everytime i hear it i want to delete the podcast. I dont know if you dont care or think it is funny but you represent IGN. My impression of your site is based on the quality and information i get from your podcast. Unwanted and distracting noise in a podcast is a cardnal sin. If you did not have the cat i would rate your podcast 3 starts. I think you need to have more content and less meaningless coverstations. I have been listening to IGN for years but i dont want to stop listening to beyond because of this. Currently my favorite IGN podcast is Unlocked i think they have the correct balance and good interviews, you should do the same. I hate to write negative reviews but it has been bothering me from day one of the new format and i had to send in the review.

New Podcast Beyond is a shell of its former self.   (2/5)

I have listened to Podcast Beyond since episode 200 and enjoyed the Playstation central podcast until about a year ago. I don't typically write reviews because I feel most products I consume live up to their title or description. As soon as Colin and Greg left of course it takes a bit to get used to new hosts and such but I just cannot listen to this podcast any longer. Max Scoville is the new host, Marty, Andrew Goldfarb and Brian now make up the panel. Not even bringing back Goldfarb could save this show from Max Scoville's total lack of knowledge. I listened to this show to hear about PLAYSTATION topics and listen to the flow of the industry in which Sony and Playstation occupy. I just cannot get over Max Scoville's total lack of knowledge regarding video games as a whole or even just Playstation for that matter. I understand that a host is more or less suppposed to control the flow of the show but he can't even do that. I gave this show a year since the renewing of it, but I have to say goodbye. If you want a show centered around Playstation, listen to PS I Love You XOXO by KindaFunnyGames.

Wish they where actually PlayStation fans   (1/5)

It feels like they are doing the podcast simply because they need one on their channel and not because they're actually PlayStation fans....

Is this a ps show or comedy show   (1/5)

This needs work do you even know how to make a show or are you just joking around for an hour and calling it good

Finally had to unsubscribe   (1/5)

It is not often I leave reviews but I felt it was warranted in this case. After many years of listening I finally decided to unsubscribe from this podcast. This show has devolved into nothing more than juvenile humor with little to no industry insight compared to other PlayStation podcasts. Max and Brian are simply not funny and add little in the way of hosting personality. I kept hoping that this podcast would improve over time after the new crew established their chemistry but the exact opposite seems to have happened. While I still love other IGN products such as GameScoop and am a huge fan of Jared Petty, it is very sad to see this once great podcast fall so far.

Unfocused.   (2/5)

It used to be that the show had a format to it. Roper Report, TOW, Ryan's song of the week, etc. and it was mainly Playstation centric. The current cast brings energy and great repore, but seemlingly the reason for gathering for the podcast (Playstaion topics) has been tossed aside. I still listen on a weekly basis, but my expectations have are also been subsequently lowered for the show as it is currently being produced.

Changes needed   (2/5)

So this was an incredible podcast, but recently it has been really awful. Something needs to change, above all they need some new blood over there at IGN.

Not the same   (1/5)

This podcast is a joke. It's not the same without Greg and Colin. I recommend everyone listening to PS I Love You. They actually talk about PlayStation news.

Fantastic Podcast   (5/5)

The show is informative and very funny. All of the guests/hosts are fantastic and I love listening to them every week.

Not as good   (2/5)

The new podcast personalities following the departure of Greg and Colin are pretty annoying as they spend a crap ton of time joking around and going off on a tangent into complete randomness. It wouldn't be so bad if they it came off as natural or if it was somewhat remotely funny (which it can be sometimes) but most of the time it's seems like a completely forced act. There were a lot of times I just had to completely cut off the podcast because it takes forever to get to the meat of the news and it was simply not entertaining. The group are a good mix of PlayStation enthusiasts to "Meh, I'm here because I have to". You don't really get the same passion from current hosts to that of their predecessors, minus Goldfarm and Marty.

Love this show   (5/5)

I started when the new hosts took over so I don't have anything to compare to, but these guys keep me entertained the entire time. I consider myself more of a Xbox lover, but these guys have me more excited to hear PS news then anything else. Keep up the great work guys and BEYOND!

Ugh   (2/5)

They dont seem super into playstation really and they dont really seem to care. Colin and greg have a new show called ps i love u xoxo its exactly the same as the old beyond check it out

Too off topic   (1/5)

I'm primarily a playstation gamer, but I find myself listening to the other ign podcasts as this one gets way too off topic, way too often. I love Brian and Marty, but when the majority of the show is off topic conversations, it gets pretty old. Maybe it needs a host change.

Drop in quality   (1/5)

I used to love this podcast. This is the podcast that got me into podcasts, but ever since Greg and Colin left, it hasn't been the same. I'm a huge fan of Marty, max, golfarb, and Brian but they just don't know how to do this podcast. They don't have anything close to a semblance of a format for the show 5 months into it. They make segments and then drop them immediately, others they forget to do and only do them once every 3-4 episodes. It's sad. I want to like it

The show has gone down since Greg and Colin left.   (3/5)

Max and Marty on the same show is a disaster that's made me stop watching. It's a comedy war with these two. I want news, not a comedy show.

Watching your favorite podcast ran into the DIRT   (1/5)

I Used to love this podcast but max and brian have destroyed this "beyond" Repair Goldfarb you deserve better than this.

1/2 of the Comedy Button   (2/5)

If you like the Comedy Button and Star Wars this podcast is for you. If you like Playstation it's not so great. They only cover AAA games and ignore the Vita and any game that's not cover story worthy. It's been completely stripped of anything that made it great except Goldfarb. Not even News Ghost can save this podcast.

used to be such a classic.   (1/5)

Marty Sliva, Brian Altano, and Max Scoville don’t take games seriously. They rarely can collaborate on a good gaming point or conversation. Instead this playstation podcast is filled with 5th grade ADHD humor. They only occasional guest with any redeeming quality is Jared Petty. He goes to show just how much passion for gaming and playstation any of the weekly hosts clearly lack.

Unreliable!   (1/5)

This podcast has become very disappointing, uninspiring listening.


New hosts don't have the power Greg&Colin brought to the podcast table

Ugh. Max.   (2/5)

The host, Max Scofield, doesn't want anyone to spend any amount of time on tangential points (no conversational tone here!) but will then spend minutes on performing a joke bit that is, in the end, hardly worth a chuckle. Please get him off this podcast.

Time to hit the reset button   (2/5)

This used to be one of my favorite video game podcasts. I've been listening to Beyond for 3 years, and even gave the new guy(s) I good go when the old crew left. I'm sorry but the quality has just fallen so far in the last few months I can't bring myself to be excited to listen anymore. Seriously, the new normal for this show seems to be pretending like being unprepared is some kitschy/hipster process that will result in podcasting gold. It's so bad that even people I like on other podcasts come off as obnoxious and annoying (Marty and Brian). Please give the reigns over to someone who seems to actually care about not just PlayStation, but video games. I just can't listen to a bunch of coworkers have ironic conversations about In-jokes and how tired/unprepared they are anymore. Time to hit the reset button.

Just bad   (1/5)

This podcast is not good...bordering awful. Nobody stays on topic and they continuously try to one up one another with poor attempts at humor. The crew also likes to talk all over one another like an episode of Always Sunny...except no one's funny. There's no moderator who keeps people on TOPIC TO TALK ABOUT PLAYSTATION. Close your eyes and you can practically see everyone climbing and smashing the other to get towards the microphone.

No good after 2015   (1/5)

If you watch any episode of 2015 and later it won't be good

No longer the best   (1/5)

Sad day, I unsubscribed to the podcast that got me into podcasts. I've tried, dislike the hosts and format, moving on

Different show with new hosts   (1/5)

With the departure of Greg and Colin, podcast beyond has turned into a different show. Max and Marty should start a new show with different title.

Brutal.   (1/5)

This has become so bad I don't even know where to start. The lack of anything video game related, the forced humor, the nonsensical tangents they go off on every few minutes accompanied by everyone talking over each other and hysterically laughing over one another about absolutely nothing? I'm not even a big fan of the old hosts Greg and Colin bit at least that show was well organized and all about games, this one is literally nonsense, it stinks now and it's pretty sad that it's come to this.

Misleading reviews   (1/5)

Should have reset the reviews when the new cast took over. If you look at the reviews posted since then they are all around one to two stars. Misleading to leave the five star rating Greg and Colin earned on this 1 star reboot. Vince is really the only thing that stuck out as a positive. He's great when he's on.

I tried   (1/5)

It seems like the target demographic for the show has changed. The show is full of immature jokes. Half the time is spent with the guys cutting each other off, trying to 1-up each other. It's been fun Beyond!

Simply put...   (1/5)

...I just can't listen to this show anymore. This podcast was once my favorite but it has become so unbearable since Greg and Colin left.

Get rid of the host!!!   (1/5)

Can Max Schofield be replaced with ANYBODY else? Seriously. Anybody. He ruins this once awesome show.

Podcast Unsubscribed   (1/5)

Man what a downfall. What used to be one of my favorite podcasts has become nigh unlistenable. Formerly funny and informative, now it's just a bunch of guys "improving" "comedy" way too loudly, with Marty Sliva, who used to be great, annoyingly laughing at Every... Single... Thing the insanely unfunny Max Scoville stammers out. Marty's still cool when he sticks to the topic at hand, and all the other guys and gals remain awesome (mainly Brian Altano, Jared Petty, and Andrew Goldfarb, with the occasional appearance of the lovely Meghan Sullivan), but even they seem to be trying awfully hard to be hilarious all the time, in some misguided attempt at bringing 'energy' to the show. Well, it's not working, unless you think 'shrill noise' qualifies as 'energy'. Besides, i can get those guys on other, less sophomoric, IGN podcasts, where i don't have to tolerate Max Scoville. It's sad, because i used to look forward to Beyond! every single week. And i really did give this a shot-- 20+ episodes is more than fair i think-- but i'm just going to have to let this thing go. Max Scoville is just fingernails on chalkboard to me, and he ruins the quality gaming love that everyone else brings to the show. Sorry guys. Ditch Max, and maybe drink less Red Bull, and i'll come running back. Until then, it's been fun...

Ps4   (4/5)

Best playstation podcast ever beyond hope

I Tried, no respect   (1/5)

I gave the new beyond the old college try. I feel like this crew doesn't have any respect for the subject matter. They are loud and try too hard to be funny. Unsubscribing. This will be my last Beyond!!

I used to love this podcast   (1/5)

I've listened to beyond for years, and the show was incredible during the greg colin goldfarb and clements age. After greg and colin left, i listened for 7 months. Now, i'm deleting it from all my devices. The hosts tend to get really preachy, spend the entire episode telling bad jokes, and rarely actually talk about playstation. It was fun while it lasted, but I really cant bear to listen to it anymore.

Great stuff   (5/5)


Spaztastic Synergies!   (5/5)

Overall entertaining show to listen to, whether or not the crew is way off topic or super focused on all things Playstation. The IGN staff has great chemistry that builds upon their insights and shared love of gaming.

An embarrassment   (1/5)

I have tried i have waited hopping it will get better. Im not trying to be mean but the new host Max is terrible he literally offers nothing to the conversation but the worst dad jokes ever my god….nobody knows anything about playstation i love brian but his knowledge on playstation is terrible. marty is the only positive on this show and even that isnt even close to save this train wreck of a podcast. none of them have any chemistry what so ever. rebuild this from the ground up with out max and brian…please…..beyond hopefully. (only reason its still 5 stars is because all of them are from before this iteration of hosts)

👌   (4/5)

Ep. 398.5 was entertaining

No more...   (1/5)

This latest E3 podcast was an absolute piece of crap. This group is so disorganized and I hate to be just another "Max Hater," but he's terrible. He even admitted that we all miss Greg and love him more...and why is that? Because he's informed, entertaining, and not a bumbling idiot. This sounds harsh, but the drunken mess of an episode pushed me too far. I can't even believe you'd post that garbage to the public (even with a disclaimer). I'm done with "Beyond."

Not as good as before   (2/5)

The podcast is no longer releasing on schedule and the new hosts seem to stray off topic of Playstation and video games a bit too much. On a major E3 week there was no Tuesday episode? It's now Friday and still not one word? This was my favorite video game podcast but I can no longer say this.

Max is bad...   (1/5)

And so is brian...and so is the hipster guy that's name escapes me. Major drop off after greg/colin. I tried giving it a fair shot; but I can't do it anymore. No structure...the attempts at humor are forced and unsuccessful. The "news ghost" bit makes me what to shoot myself. Move on folks, nothing left to see here.

BEYOND!!!   (5/5)

The Beyond podcast is something I accidentally ran across on my PS4 IGN app. Greg and Colin were great hosts, mixing Greg’s care free with Colin’s matter of fact, is a great combination. The show has changed hands to the capable and also entertaining Max and Marty. I am still enjoying the Beyond podcast, however; it is not the same show it once was. Is that a bad thing? No. The information is relevant and the foursome of personalities is enjoyable. I always look forward to Tuesday afternoon when my iPhone downloads the new episode. BEYOND!

Love this   (5/5)

Great podcast. Love listening to this.

A missing game   (5/5)

For being a playstation podcast you guys consistently miss a HUGE playstation only game (I know it's on PC but it's only on Playstation console wise) and that is Final Fantasy XIV which is the biggest MMO on consoles and its keep Square Enix alive. With Heavensward dropping soon what are the odds we can see a topic about all this?

Ditch Max Scoville!   (2/5)

Man I used to love this podcast when Colin and Greg were running it. I do like the new cast...except for Max. He's pretentious, abrasive, and he very obviously knows very little about video games. If he stays, I'll probably have to delete this podcast from my feed :( Even though Marty Sliva is my hero.

Nix Max   (2/5)

I began listening to Beyond about a year ago when I was preparing to buy my PS4. I thought I would just catch up on some game news, since I hadn't been following games for the last few years. I loved the show immediately. Those guys had really good chemistry, and it felt like something special. Think what you will about Colin or Greg, I don't always agree with them but they understand what they're doing. Unfortunately the beyond I got used to ended shortly thereafter. Luckily I can listen to the old gang on Kinda Funny. I highly recommend there new venture. I've continued to listen to this podcast since their departure but it has been tough. I agree with the other critical comments that they ramble way to much and the vibe is certainly awkward. Max does seem like he is trying too hard, and doesn't seem to enjoy doing this podcast. As the host of the show, it is his job to keep things on track. I see there are some others that enjoy his style and know him from previous work. This is my introduction to him and I'm just not a fan. His humor and delivery is too much in the vein of 4chan memes and seems to come off as forced Marty and the rest of the gang are cool with me. Those guys all have a great knowledge base and I enjoy hearing from them. Max seems like he doesn't even like many games. Throwing a new hire into this legacy podcast seems like a huge mistake. Let Marty Host!

Out of control...   (1/5)

The new "format" (I use this in the loosest form of the word) is horrendous. But completely 100% changing the dynamic of the show rather than honoring those who came before them and those who made it possible for them to do this show. They have disrespected it by ripping down what it was. Max is an absolute child when he speaks. He rambles and jumps from word to word with zero structure on his sentences. It is insane. I LOVE Brian & Marty. Brian can weave his words into this great stories about his childhood and how certain games have touched his soul. Brian makes me want to actually go get games and play them. Marty is intelligent and has a deep love and passion for this industry. I would prefer that they took podcast beyond down to Marty and Brian. Then brought in a 3rd person week to week. (Like greg and Colin did it before they left) Have a more structured show. Have actual segments. Not an unfunny U witty host just ramble about nothing at all. I'm sorry Max....but you RARELY mention Playstation and games. Im sure you do play games but it's hard to even tell that you do. Please fix this. It went from one of my favorite podcasts to me barely able to get through an episode.

Great job!!   (5/5)

Love the show keep up the great work!!

Retire Show!   (1/5)

This is not Beyond anymore. Ever since the old cast left, Beyond ended. IGN should have retired the show and started a new Playstation podcast. That would have been the respectful and honorable thing to do. Instead, the company wants to cash-in on the huge install base created by the people that built it over 300 episodes.

Classic   (5/5)

Not just great for Playstation fans but fans of video games in general. You get conversations that are fun, hilarious and insane or deep, smart and thoughtful. On top of that the new hosts were passed the torch and haven't missed a beat.

New Changes to this Podcast   (3/5)

This review is a little late but I really wanted to give the new hosts (Max and Marty) a chance and give them time to warm up to the Beyond audience, with much thanks to Brian. Although the change of hosts didn't seem to hinder the energy of the podcast, the constant ads and new topic layout makes things a little messy. Topics have become more general and some discussions can now easily stray away from what we are listening to this podcast for, Playstation. Colin and Greg didn't leave with the spirit of the podcast but it seems like they left with the genuine spirit of Playstation. Now I really don't mind skipping a week of Beyond.

The devolving of a podcast   (2/5)

Once Colin and Greg left the podcast we all knew it would be a different podcast, which is okay. Sadly, the podcast now is struggling to find a foothold, and it seems sporatically put together in a hope of breaking from what Colin and Greg had built. While the occasional guests are fun, some guests such as Vince have a history of repeatedly offending the Christian, Jewish and Muslim listenership every time they are on the podcast, and it has nothing to do with videogames. Time is precious, and I would rather listen to a great podcast instead of one that is okay. Hopefully they find footing soon and make it their own, because right now the new hosts seem to be stumbling to capture the essence of what Beyond! is.

Not good anymore   (1/5)

I've been listening since EP 200 and man how things change!! The new cast just can't cut it for me. Marty is not funny and needs to stop, Max feels like he's trying a bit to hard and sometimes feels annoyed by Marty. They only cover very niche games for PS and have no flow or structure for the show. This will be my last beyond!!!!

Downhill   (1/5)

Ever since the new hosts came on the podcast quality has gone down. It's as though four people came together to make a playstaion podcast who doesn't even care about talking about playstation. I find myself falling asleep listening to these guys. I miss the old crew.

Got bad fast   (2/5)

Since the departure of Greg and Colin this show has gone downhill rarely playstation only podcast this is a sad version of what was the great Beyond and I hope they change their ways and talk more about playstation than their own personal lives.

Yet another PCast down...   (1/5)

What really gets me about this podcast is what I see in many podcast these days. I have been listening to gaming podcast longer than I care to share. Early on they were great. Full of good news, on piont about always focued on the Video Games not the personalities. Now eveything is about the podcasters and tier image. They are all trying to promote a certian image of themselves and gaming discussion is a back seat. These guys spend some much time talking about nothing. On the way to work today I just wanted to yell at my Ipod and tell them to stop jabbering and talking over each other. Get on piont! My tips would be. First Stop drinking coffe before the show. The whole crew talks so fast you cant follow a thought they speak on and maybe its becasue they dont have one. Second Talk about the games and cut the fluff. Third read some of you reviews and try to make some changes. All in all I truley think the video gaming podcast market is falling off the cliff. Rarely do I find a good gaming show these days. Sad

Just Awful   (1/5)

This is nothing like how it used to be. You’d think IGN would try and get people who are at least familiar with PlayStation games to host their PlayStation podcast. I gave it a try after Greg and Colin left, but there’s nothing redeeming about it. It’s unfunny, offensive in their ignorance of the subject matter, and embarrassing.

Off to a rough reboot   (1/5)

This show has lost a lot of character and gained a boring b-squad. Not a fan of Brian, big fan of max and Marty is hit or miss. I really enjoyed Max on destructiod especially the classroom thing he did with the cyber punk books and movies. Don't mean to be a dick but Brian is the lamest dood to come from the tristate. Does not rep. Colin was a great example of that ny state of mind. Brian step ya g up...

Beyond is Getting Teeth Pulled with no Novocaine   (1/5)

This podcast was painful to listen to when the always angry, only plays niche games nobody cares about, Colin Moriarty, and his hetero life mate Greg Miller were the hosts of it. Since they have left the show, some clown named Max something-or-the-other has taken over and it's turned into nothing more than an unlistenable brofest. Hell, the last episode they didn't even talk about the news in gaming at all. In fact, I listened to their last show, which will also be mine, less then 12 hours ago and I have no idea what they even talked about because it was so irrelevant. It's a terrible, no good, very bad listen..... Don't bother listening to this podcast if you care about gaming at all.

BEYOND!! Hilariuos!!   (5/5)

Ive never laughed so hard with this new crew! Keep it up!

Kids   (1/5)

They are a bunch of kids with microphones. They can not stay on subject for more than two seconds before they start with the random yelling. This podcast is one of the biggest reasons why some people still don't respect the craft of podcasting. They are a little to much "pro Sony" and they disrespect other games way to much. If you're looking for professionalism, go elsewhere, like the Game Informer podcast.

Amazing Playstation-centric Podcast   (5/5)

Fantastic conversational podcast about everything Sony Playstation. Love the personalities and opinions they have brought together from the early Roper, Miller, Haynes and Clements Moriarty, Goldfarb, Miller…and now the new ERA of Scoville, Sliva & other IGN members. Amazing conversation to listen to and also a great community to be part of. BEYOND!!!

I concur, Major Quality Drop   (2/5)

I used to love this podcast because of the information it imparted on Playstation and its insights on the gaming industry. Yes, the banter was fun, there was an identifiable structure in its dialogue. I never felt lost or excluded from the conversation. Things have changed. Instead of bringing something fresh, the new four guys just ramble without any form. For example, in episode 382, they spent 50 minutes on 3 news topics. In the past, that would have been an entire episode. I wouldn't mind the rambing too much if it wasn't for the fact that it seems like one long conversation by four people who speak, think, and opine the same. There were not diversity of points of views, no conflict or debate; it was purely rambling. A couple times, I've fast forwarded +10 minutes and they would be talking about the same thing. I hope they add structure to the podcast so I can listen and identify what they are talking about.

Major quality drop   (2/5)

The new hosts just ramble with little to no structure. I'm not trying to be mean, they are cool guys but it's a pretty boring experience. If you like the IGN Nintendo podcast (90% unstructured conversation) you'll enjoy the new beyond.

Will get better   (3/5)

After the initial post Greg/Collin episodes have been ok. News and topics have been great guys and your on the right track. But one thing that I might just be imagining is the passion in this podcast seems lost. You guys work really hard and are super dedicated and I thank you for all the great content. However since Marty is one almost every podcast and Brian is loved on nvc, I'm feeling as if your playstation podcast is just people talking about playstation instead of passionate playstation guys really pumped about playstation culture. Not asking to be fan boys but Greg and Collin found the sweet spot between playstation fanboys and just talking about a topic related to playstation. While they praised Nintendo and Microsoft you could FEEL the pride toward playstation. Thanks for all your hard work! You guys are awesome!

Beyond!   (5/5)

Loving the new team dynamic! Loved Colin and Greg, but once they announced they were leaving, I was glad they ripped of the bandaid quickly. The new four person podcast is a return to form, a breathe of fresh air into my already favorite podcast!


Can't wait for This new generation of BEYOND!!!

Beyond awkward   (2/5)

First I'd like to express my sadness for the passing of Greg Miller. The replacement hosts for the most part constantly point out the fact that they're new to podcasts and seem so focused on trying to have something catch fire. News ghost? Boo! They seem to have potential but I think they should embrace the show and take themselves and this show less seriously, that's what made it fun.

New host problem   (1/5)

The new guy called Max looks like a Xbox or PC person (which is totally okay), but does he even has a PSN account? You know this is a PlayStation podcast, right?

New Crew   (5/5)

Although I'm sad to see Colin and Greg go, I am excited for the new crew and I am looking forward to seeing what they bring to the table. BEYOND!!!

Beyond to the new hosts!   (5/5)

As a new PB listener (about a year ago), I’m still pleased with the quality of the cast of the podcast. Starting with #382, the new guys seemed to let the podcast go a bit free-form instead of sticking to the very strictly segmented flow of the previous hosts’ when they were at the helm and I truly like this. Also, (can’t remember who said it) mentioned that he wouldn’t continue the News section as the “Roper Report” as he did know who Roper was; as a newer listener, neither do I. TL:DR version: I like the revamp post Colin and Greg - I will listen to their podcast as well as this one.


i started watching about 24 episodes before Colin and Greg left..... I still felt like crying. You guys are so amazing and I will miss both of you!!! Mitch i look forward to listening to all of your bew podcasts. Please get Greg and Colin live at 400!!! Love you guys, keep up the work. And Beyond!

10/10 -IGN   (3/5)

10/10 -IGN

Really   (2/5)

Marty and Brian or good on this podcast. But the other 2 guys come on get it together, you guys drag stuff out to long. This is the first time I ever turned the beyond podcast off. Can we get more of Marty and Brian please.

Beyond!!   (5/5)

A podcast that each every single week, I get excited for Tuesday's. With new cast of Max, Brian, Marty, and Jared. The laughs keep coming as well as the love and passion of Playstation. Beyond!!

Go BEYOND!   (5/5)

While I will miss Greg and Collin, the Playstation community that surrounds this podcast is amazing. Whether you are a long time Playstation vet, or a new PS4 owner, this show is for you. I have complete faith that Marty Sliva will continue the awesomeness that is Podcast Beyond!

How To Create A Community   (5/5)

I've listened to Greg, Colin, Ryan, Jeff, Goldfarb, Roper, the entire Beyond family since episode one. The term family is not one I use lightly. I truly feel connected to everyone that has spent time on Beyond. Obviously Greg and Colin are the fathers, crafters of what Beyond has become over the years, but I'm thrilled I get to be a part of the next era of Beyond with Marty and Max. Is there any greater reason to download a podcast? A feeling that you aren't just downloading an hour of talking, but you are staying connected with your best friends each and every week. Each time a member of Beyond left IGN or even just from being a regular on the show, it was painful. These are people I've never met, barely even communicated with, I don't even own any Playstation consoles, yet their presence was missed and I made sure to never miss an episode. Whether you stumbled on to this because you want to stay up-to-date on everything Playstation, on what games are coming out, or hear ramblings about events, IGN, and anything else that comes up, give Beyond a listen and become a part of our family. Finally, be sure to listen to 382 and BEYOND to experience the exciting new directions that Marty and Max will surely take us, the friends and family of the show.

Beyond!   (5/5)

This is hands down the best play station podcast out there! Greg and Colin made this such a colorful show and they will be missed. I love the segments on the show and enjoy putting this on every week in my car

Good riddance   (2/5)

Now that Greg Miller is gone, I hope the podcast will be easer to listen to.

Beyond!!!!!!   (5/5)

One of my favorite podcasts of all time. So sad to see Greg and Colin go but excited to see the direction Marty will take it.


Greg, Colin, and to all the others who contributed to BEYOND! I am one of the silent listeners who has been there since the beginning. I have followed your reviews, read your articles and transitioned with you over to KINDA FUNNY GAMES. I knew you when I had only been married for a few years with no kids and I was a broke college student. I have since graduated, I have been married for 13 yrs, I now have 5 kids, and I have owned a PS3 & PS4 and VITA! I knew you guys were something special from the start- you captured lightning in a bottle- and I wish you the best in your new & future endeavors!!! BEYOND! Sincerely, The Silent Listener PS: Colin, your not as old as you think, I'm 36 now, and I'm still older than you :P

GOAT Podcast   (5/5)

Had to get a review in while watching the last of Greg and Colin, but this is the best podcast I've ever heard! Great segments, awesome returning inside jokes, amazing community. 10 STARS!

BEYOND!.... No more   (5/5)

This was the best part of my week, once a week I got the beyond show. It was a family it was important to me. First we lost Ryan that was painful however I got over it. Ryan moved to a podcast that I do not enjoy but I still had Greg and Colin; now they too are gone and moved to a podcast that at the time I do not enjoy a podcast with a guy named Tim who I wish to like but I can not stand the persona he puts on or how he leads the show. After years of going to events I feel like a member of my family has passed away.. BEYO... What's the point. R.I.P.

BEYOND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   (5/5)


2015 Beyond!   (5/5)

As Im writing this review now Greg & Colin have left IGN and sadly are wrapping up their days as hosts of Podcast Beyond! But all I wanted to say to you two guys is thanks for the great laughs and crazy stories you guys made my days at work go by much faster and though this show may change you guys will forever be the spirit of the show thanks for the many great years you guys...BEYOND!

Podcast BEYOND   (5/5)

Great podcast BEYOND!

BEYOND!   (5/5)

Playstation news, video games, hilariousness, what’s not to love?

BEYOND!!!!   (5/5)

Listen to these guys every single wednesday on my long runs. Love you guys and the humor of the show! BEYOND!!!!

The Bomb💣   (5/5)

Honestly the greatest podcast. Done

Beyond!   (5/5)

I don’t even own a Playstation and I still find myself tuning in each week. Greg, Colin, and the 3rd chair are brimming with personality and do the best at connecting with their audience than any other IGN podcast. Keep it up!

Beyond! Hits you right in the feels.   (5/5)

When your feeling sad and blue. There is nothing like a shot of whisky and Greg and Collin giving you a little Beyond! to get you through the rest of your day.

Beyond!   (5/5)


A silly cavalcade of Playstation news!   (5/5)

Every Playstation fanboy with a decent sense of humor should be subscribed to these guys!

Beyond!!!   (5/5)

The best podcast!!!

Best Playstation Podcast   (5/5)

If you are a playstation fan, you must listen to this podcast! The hosts are not only incredibly knowledgable and well-versed in all things playstation but have a tremendous rapport that keeps the show very engaging. I’ve been listening for a couple of years now and it remains something that I look forward to listening to each and every week. Beyond!!!

BEYOND!   (5/5)

Best podcast if your a Sony owner. I own both, but only use XBOX1 for exclusives and prefer PS4. My only complaint is this podcast only runs once a week. C'mon IGN pay these guys more and get em on daily.

BEYOND!!   (5/5)

Best podcast ever

Beyond!   (5/5)

My favorite podcast ever. Greg and Colin make my work days way better. Thanks guys!

Non-stop-absolute-fun!   (5/5)

This podcast has something fun and new every single week! I have been listening to this podcast for about seven years now and I don't see myself stopping anytime soon. This is a "must-listen," guaranteed.

BEYOND!   (5/5)

I just found out about this podcast while using the PS3 app. It's one of the most entertaining and informative podcast out there. BEYOND!

One of the best PS podcast around   (5/5)

IGNs Beyond podcast is a great podcast for playstation fans. They do a great job of delivering the latest news and rumors for all PS consoles. The host of the show is the one and only Greg Miller. Greg is ALWAYS full of energy and is the perfect host for the show. Greg's co host is Colin Mordi-something. He is the more serious guy and is the face of playstation. The 3rd host is always on rotation. My favorite is Brain Altano, but that's just me. The more you listen to this podcast, the more you start to understand their jokes. For anyone looking to listen to a weekly podcast about gaming and playstation you should check out Podcast Beyond.

BEYOND!   (5/5)

If you are a fan of Playstation you should be listening to this podcast.

BEYOND!   (5/5)

Best gaming podcast around. Hands down.

I love these guys!   (5/5)

Give them 3 episodes and you'll be a Beyond fan for life. BEYOND!

Bad Apple   (2/5)

This podcast would be tolerable if I didn't have to hear that dude Colin's voice on it.

THE BEST   (5/5)

BEYOND! This is my favorite podcast. I listen as soon as it comes out, makes me laugh aloud and is something I look forward to it each week. Do you like playstation and/or enjoyment and smiling? Then you owe it to yourself to subscribe.

Best playstation podcast   (3/5)

With personalitys like Colin, Greg, and the recently loss of Andrew and Ryan make for great listening for your commute. With the exception of Jared Petty who brings it all down w his no comical banter or Brian Altono talking over every one with stale comedy. Sadly the show has been on a down slide since Goldfarbs leaving having no solid third voice to fill that void.

BEYOND!   (5/5)

By far the greatest community of game enthusiasts the world over. Playstation centric , yet open minded. Greg , Colin , and the ever rotating third chair take a comfortable humility to their love for the Playstation brand. Thank you all for your hard work and "BEYOND"!

Beyond   (5/5)

One of the best podcasts to listen too.

Needs Improvement   (2/5)

This should be called the Playstation Vita and Indie Game Podcast, because that's usually where the conversation ends up going. Based on their own reporting, the Vita hasn't sold well and most Playstation users don't want to own one. So why spend so much time talking about it?!! Same issue with Playstation games. Why neglect mainstream titles and overindulge discussing Indies? Think about the listeners interests and a little less about your own.

BEYOND   (5/5)


BEYOND!!   (5/5)


Beyond!!   (5/5)

Definitely the main podcast I look forward to listening to every week! All Playstation business and all nonsense talks. Love it! Greg, Colin, and the ever Rotating 3rd Chair keep it up! Cheers my friends. RIP Andrew Goldfarb Dany T.

Beyond!   (4/5)

I really enjoy these podcast but I lean more to watching the video version on ign's website, my only problem is that the podcast on the site are hard to find, you guys need to get a dedicated section on your site for podcasts, it is insanely hard to track down a full podcast most of the time I finally find the podcasts, but instead of the full podcast video, it is a shortened segment of the podcast which I don't like because I listen to the full podcasts, besides that I love what you guys do keep it going and please make this happen!

BEYOND!!   (5/5)

Awesome show :)

Beyond!   (5/5)

"It's like crack, for your ears."

Beyond!   (5/5)

Keeps me up to date on PS need while still being entertaining.

Great podcast   (5/5)

Love the intelligent debates and discussions. Keep up the great work Greg and Colin.

Beyond!   (5/5)

been listening to podcast beyond on and off for years now. nothing got me by a stupidly slow saturday work day at a paint store quite like Podcast Beyond.

Beyond   (5/5)

Love the show!

Awesome podcast   (5/5)

The hosts are great. They crack me up every time and have great insight. I'm always looking forward to the next podcast! BEYOND

BEYOND!!   (5/5)

This podcast has a cult following, and it’s easy to see why. Listening to Beyond is one of the highlights of my week. Great hosts, and a lot of fun. BEYOND

Not good at all   (1/5)

You will hear a curse word every 30 seconds with the use of Gods name I'm vain.Disgusting.Seems as though their doing it annoy Christians.I like Playstation but not enough to listen to atheist curse for an hour over games.

Beyond   (5/5)

One of my top podcast wish Clements would come back

best gaming podcast around   (5/5)

Read above. its true

BEYOND! A Podcast.   (5/5)

This is a community of sony fans not just a podcast not just news this is entertainment this podcast is why I keep going back to read ign everyday!

BEYOND   (5/5)

This is hands down my favorite podcast from IGN, and definitely the best playstation podcast on the Internet. Greg and Colin are hilarious and have very interesting insight into playstation and video games in general. They have some of the best chemistry of any podcast duet out there. Especially when Brian Altano joins the mix. The only thing I have against this podcast is that Colin won't play dark souls, shame on you.

BEYOND!   (5/5)

Love these guys!

Best Gaming Podcast   (5/5)

Even if you aren't a Playstation fan you will still love this podcast.

BEYOND   (5/5)

Always a great podcast. Love the main personalities Colin and Greg. If you're a PS fan or just a gamer, this podcast is a must!

BEYOND!   (5/5)

The PS boost I need every week. What happened to the IGN comic podcast though?

BEYOND!   (5/5)

Amazing podcast. If you love gaming, watching this will only deepen your love! BEYOND!

Enjoy it   (3/5)

I really enjoy this podcast. It's not at the top of my trickle down list, but when I have time I listen to it.

BEYOND!   (3/5)

Fantastic podcast for all news Playstation.

Amazing!   (5/5)

A bunch of best friends mix gaming and comedy to make the best podcast ever!! I look forward to every episode

A great weekly listen!   (5/5)

This is a game that is worth listing to week in and week out!

Above And Beyond...   (5/5)

Podcast Beyond is an interesting & enjoyable podcast that does a lot in just a hour. The show itself progresses through a general format of talking points, nudging forward at a brisk, yet reasonable pace. These topics are a great source for condensed Playstation related news that offers its listeners comfortably sized pieces of what’s going on within the vast Sony world of gaming. The real stars of the show here though are the divergent conversations that occur on a, more-or-less, frequent basis. These discussions — surprisingly — have a propensity to be both entertaining and insightful, conveying unto them an intensity and spirit many (gaming) podcast tend to lack. The host, Gregg Miller, imparts much of his gusto into these heart-to-hearts and does a truly fantastic job in making these conversations feel natural, as though I could be having these same deliberations with my own friends. tl;dr — Podcast Beyond is an insightful and enjoyable one hour conversation about everything Playstation; come for the news, stay for the conversations.

BEYOND!!!   (5/5)

The best gaming podcast on the internet. By far. Goldfarb. Colin. Greg. The best crew. BEYOND.

Hey guys   (3/5)

How about uploading a podcast:/ It's been weeks since the last one.

One of the funniest and most informative podcasts on all things playstation   (5/5)

the number one playstation podcast in the universe. tons of funny moments, lots of great information on playstation and video game news and discussion. subscribe

Beyond!   (5/5)

This is good stuff. I don't even own a ps3/4 ATM. I've been listening for about a year. I just like video games, and people who like VG talk about it. Keep it up IGN team.

BEYOND!   (5/5)

These guys are always funny, insightful, and genuine. Great podcast.

Podcast 310   (5/5)

Seriously, great show about GTAV and the music at the end by Generation Wasted was sick! Love this podcast!

BEYOND!!   (5/5)

Whether you like PlayStation or not, Beyond is great.

Because it's just great   (5/5)

Why listen to a room full of PlayStation fan-boys sitting in a room and talk about the good and bad about the gaming industry of the week. Because it's just great… no its Beyond!

Awesome   (5/5)

This is awesome podcasts if you love hearing about Sony news

Great show   (5/5)

Keep it up

BEYOND!!!   (5/5)

This is probably the funniest podcast around and it also talks about the Playstation universe.

Listen to it.   (5/5)

These guys are too funny.

beyond...   (5/5)

Only podcast that I listen to on a weekly basis. Good stuff.

BEYOND!   (5/5)

Jacob, jacob, jacob.... Best podcast out there, they cover everything you wanna know and hear about, while keeping it fresh and super funny! Their awesome friendship completely comes across and it's a weekly necessity.

Great for all gamers, with PS emphasis   (5/5)

This is my favorite video game podcast. Lots of fun and some good laughs

Love IGN!!   (5/5)

This is hands down the best gaming podcast ever. If you're into games it's totally worth listening to. Not one boring moment in any episode. BEYOND!!!!

Beyond!   (5/5)

Been listening since episode 226 :) you guys are all amazing to listen to whenever i am running or just wanting something to listen to! Keep it up! BEYOND!

Best videogame podcast   (5/5)

Simply put, there's nothing better out there. Beyond!

Beyond!   (5/5)

Love these guys there funny talk about the awesomeness of playstation this podcast is great

Best podcast ever! :) BEYOND!   (5/5)

I love this podcast. These guys are great to listen to and I always enjoy listening to this awesome Playstation podcast. :) BEYOND!

Best PlayStation Podcast available.   (5/5)

I started listening around episode 250. I enjoyed listening to Greg, Colin and Andrew so much so, that I went back and began at episode 1. The information and topics might be very outdated but it doesn't matter, these guys (and all the previous Beyond members) are funny and entertaining. There's a great rapport between them. They get off topic enopugh to keep things interesting but not so much that the show loses it way. The best thing about this Podcast is the relationship they have with their listeners. We are not fans so much as friends. I often listen while playing GT5, or when grinding, It's perfect for when you have time to play but don't need the sound. I couldn't make it out to San Francisco for episode 300, but I have every intention on making 400. Beyond!!

BEYOND!   (5/5)


Podcast "Beyond" the Rest   (5/5)

I must admit that I did not start listening to Beyond until about episode 297, but since then I have been hooked. These guys do a great job at informing us about whats been going on in the gaming world, while keeping us thoroughly entertained throughout the process. I have listened to quite a few gaming podcasts but this one is by far my favorite, the only other one I listen to is the occasional Oversea's Connection podcast, but Beyond is much better. Good job guys and keep up the good work. Brap!! Brap!!

Fun and informative   (4/5)

Great podcast! I'm a regular listener. :)

Beyond 5 stars   (5/5)

I look forward to this podcast every week! Keep up the great work! BEYOND!!!

Always puts a smile on my face   (5/5)

This podcast is BEYOND any other podcast. Podcast Beyond makes my day. BEYOND!!!

Really Good Podcast!   (5/5)

BEYOND! This podcast is very informative, and it's fun to listen to!

BEYOND!!!   (5/5)

The number 1 podcast ever!

To infinity and BEYOND!   (5/5)

Greg Miller is the man!

It's great!   (5/5)

Hands down the best podcast I've listened to. I've been listening for a year now, they are consistent in posting new episodes and they are very entertaining. I look forward to every new episode! Keep up the good work fella's!

BEYOND amazing!   (5/5)

The best video game/Playstation podcast the Internet has to offer!Greg Miller,Colin Moriarty and Goldfarb all do an amazing job and strike a great balance between analysis,news and jokes.You are doing yourself a disservice if you don't listen to this Podcast.BEYOND...!

BEYOND!   (5/5)

Very entertaining, informative, and a comprehensive video game podcast. Conversation focus towards Sony Playstation but doesn't exclude educated perspectives on anything else video game-related.

BEYOND!   (5/5)

It's just fun to listen to, even if you aren't a gamer. You can tell Greg, Collin and Andrew have so much fun recording this. It's truly the number 1 playstation podcast on the web! Beyond!

GARFEP   (5/5)

My morning drive is tolerable because of the Roeper Report and ensuing shenanigans. The face that this caliber of entertainment doesn't cost a cent is fantastic!

Friends   (5/5)

I'd be a lot lonelier without them.

BEYOND!!!   (5/5)


Beyond!!   (5/5)

Great podcast, however sometimes I feel Andrew Goldfarb isnt such a good addition. Colin & Greg have great chemistry though. Shame Ryan Clements left IGN

BEYOND!   (5/5)

Not only is this hands down the greatest gaming podcast out there, but Beyond is easily one of the best and most entertaining podcasts in general that I've listened to. Been listening for a little over a year now and it's awesome.

Beyond!!!   (5/5)

Best playstation podcast/game podcast I can think of. Collin, Gregg and Andrew have a good chemistry together. And I'm always waiting for the next podcast to come out.

5of5   (5/5)

Just 5

Playstation nation #BEYOND   (5/5)

Best playstation podcast ever in the world!!!!! Beyooooooooooooooooonnnnnndddddd

Beyond!!!!   (5/5)

This Podcast is a must listen for anyone who is a fan of Playstation and great Humor.

$&@*ing fantastic!!!!!!!   (5/5)

Easily the most entertaining gaming podcast there is. Full of news, opinions, random tangents and other things that is always entertaining.

Beyond!   (5/5)

The number one hypothetical abortion podcast, best podcast on the inter webs. All you need to know about PlayStation and games right here for your enjoyment.

BEYOND!!!   (5/5)

I have been listening to this podcast actively since around episode 205, although I have known of its existence since they started it. I wasn't aware of the fact that I could listen to these podcasts on my computer as long as I had the iTunes program installed, or I wouldn't be stuck playing catch-up like I am now (stupid me). :) Now that I have my iPad mini, I have enjoyed listening to their podcasts from anywhere in my house without having to lug my laptop around to do it. The current main roster of hosts, Greg Miller (@GameOverGreggy), Colin Moriarty (@notaxation), and Andrew Goldfarb (@garfep) have a great chemistry, and while Podcast Beyond! is mainly a podcast centered around everything PlayStation, it is also a conversational podcast where almost any subject can be and usually is discussed, and often times in a very entertaining manner. They have guests on frequently ranging from other editors that work at IGN, such as Brian Altano (@agentbizzle) and Oi, it's me, Keza MacDonald! (@kezamacdonald) (Sorry, couldn't help myself, lol.), to people that are huge in the gaming industry, such as one my personal favorite guess as of late, the President of Sony Worldwide Studios for Sony Computer Entertainment, Shuhei Yoshida (@yosp). I do have to say that I truly miss having Ryan Clements (@PwamCider) on Podcast Beyond! as a regular host since he was let go at IGN back in February shortly after the PlayStation 4 reveal event due to staffing cut-backs. :( I would highly recommend anyone that wants to start following this podcast to go ahead and do so, (you won't regret it, unless you have no sense of humor, lol) but after you have subscribed, head over to IGN where they have almost every episode of Podcast Beyond! archived. That way, when they say or do something that doesn't quite make sense to you, you will get the meaning behind it (usually), and can laugh along with them on their numerous inside jokes and other routine things that they do each episode as a tradition. Definitely one of the best, if not the very best podcast available on iTunes, or anywhere else you may download podcasts.

Why don't you have this already?   (5/5)

It's IGN's best cast talking about stuff you care about. Subscibe already.

I love ign   (5/5)

Honestly this is the perfect podcast for any playstation loving gamer definitely worth subscribing to

What else. Beyond!   (5/5)

Greg, Collin, and Goldie keep you updated on all things playstation! Also you giggle alot.

Simply the best!   (5/5)

There's nothing better than the opening salvo of BEYOND! to start each episode and the absolute hilarity that follows. Beyond! is my favorite gaming podcast and is great for keeping me up to date on all things Playstation while filling time with off the walls comic tangents and anecdotes that will keep you wanting more. Come for the Playstation news, stay for Gregg, Colin, and Andrew's amazing repetoire and hilarious personalities bleeding through in every episode. BEYOND!

Too much foul language   (1/5)

I was hoping this would be a great podcast, but the foul language turned me away. I want to hear a fun, intelligent, and informative podcast. However, all I heard was a bunch if immature guys cursing and being stupid. No thanks, the official Playstation podcast is going to be my only choice now.

Best Playstation podcast in the world.   (5/5)

The official list of upcoming software on all three Playstation platforms by the IGN editors.

Beyond!!   (5/5)

Keep it up guys - it just keeps getting better.

BEYOND, BEYOND!!!   (5/5)

When a podcast mixes great humor with great video games that is when I ultimately surrender to the awesomeness of Ign's BEYOND podcast. Where they discuss everything dealing with my favorite console in the world playstation!! BEYOND!

BEYOND!!!   (5/5)

I love this podcast!!! I sit sit back and relax by listening to this and playing community made maps on portal 2.

Funny yet enlightening!   (5/5)

The best of both worlds! Great humor and insightful commentary on PlayStation.

The podcast that got me into podcasts   (5/5)

If you like video games (especially PlayStation), thoughtful commentary, great personalities, and a good amount of humor, this podcast is for you. It's the perfect combination of video game information, commentary, and humor.

Greg Miller Rules   (5/5)

Who needs music when I can listen to BEYOND!

Terrible Audio Quality Janks a Good Podcast   (2/5)

I must be the only person who cannot understand why podcasters like the Beyond crew cannot figure out simple things like audio quality. The last podcast had one of the guys apparently 10 feet from the nearest microphone and therefore impossible to hear. There was just a lot of dead air and the other guys saying "yea, right, right" Also why do they think it is good to bray laughter at top volume while an inch from the microphone, or doing an incomprehensible phone call by holding a phone to the mic. Ridiculous. Come on guys..

Mic levels and shut up   (2/5)

I listen to about 6 episode now. For some reason they haven't figured out tha mics have levels. Every episode there a people that are way lower than everyone else and people that are way higher. So you have have people shouting or to low to hear. The second bad thing is they constantly talk over each other. How many episodes do they have to do before figuring out this is a problem. Do they even care about quality.

Beyond and more   (5/5)

Great reviews and funny editors. Good work

Fun & Informative   (5/5)

An all around package. They give me the news and opinions I want and make me laugh the whole way through. Big fan of Colin and Greg. Beyond!

Could be better   (2/5)

The cast is pretty annoying. They ramble on and on about unrelated topics which at times become frustrating. Every now and then they talk loudly then speak very low and fast. I feel like there needs to be more focus.

BEYOND!!   (5/5)

So amazing! Its hilarious and yet informative... So many running jokes!! I laugh out loud all the time. Listen every week!

BEYOND!!!!!   (5/5)

Best gaming podcast, trumps all

Sound Check Please   (3/5)

Can you guys please listen to your own podcasts? I love to listen to you but when you all speak we cannot hear you or you all yell into the is not pleasant at all

BEYOND!!!   (5/5)

Best podcast ever.

Okay. I don't hate it. I hate to see the wasted talent.   (1/5)

The show is unnessarily blue. But they are really good guys. Greg is a man child, Collin is an old man. Put together there are Peanutbutter and Jelly. Greg does not cover up his bias. Greg should be doing Improv or stand up. Collin needs to study economics, May i suggest ECONTALK, as it is clear that ecomics is his true passion.

Best of the Best   (5/5)

This is one podcast I cannot miss. Funny, informative, entertaining, and relevant. Keep up the good work!

BEYOND!!!   (5/5)

Simply the best Playstation podcast on the net!!! Greg and Collin are awesome! Thanks, guys, for setting the bar so high, and hitting it each and every week! BEYOND!!!!!

Pure Awesome   (5/5)

My favorite podcast out there. I spend the week re-listening to past episodes laughing every step of the way. If you are a avid gamer or a PlayStation enthusiast, then this is the podcast for you.

Beyond   (5/5)

Informational & Hilarious

Amazing   (5/5)

Amazing love you guys.

Raising out the flames like a Phoenix   (5/5)

My cousin showed me this podcast and I'm glad to say that listening to these guys revived my love for my ps3 and started playing again! Beyond!

ok   (3/5)

Not the best, not the worst. Kind of fanboy-ish....

BEYOND!!   (5/5)

Love this podcast. I've only heard 20 or so but I really enjoy it!

#1 Podcast on the internet   (5/5)

This is the best Playstation podcast on the internet. The personalties of the hosts shine each week. Funny, entertaining and informational.

Awesomeness   (5/5)

I don't know why i took me this long to listen to this and I have listen to other podcast. Gregg Miller is the reason I know check IGN for all my video game and movie news. and i will admit i check it every 30 minutes.

Lots of fun   (5/5)

Really enjoy this podcast

Beyond!!!! Awesome   (5/5)

Keep up the great job guys!!! Beyond!!!!!!

Best of the best   (5/5)

If you want a top tier gaming podcast, then look no further. If I had to make one complaint it would be that the episodes are a little short compared to other gaming podcasts. And even though this is a playstation podcast they have no delusions of the playstations short comings. Awesome show

Love it   (5/5)

Love it

AWESOME   (5/5)

Came for playstation stayed for the personality. I actually do feel like a friend when I listen.

Beyond!!!   (5/5)

The best podcast ever!!! Worth 6 stars even! 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

Beyond!   (5/5)

Download. Listen. Love it.

Everything you could ever want   (5/5)

This is a great way to get all of your Sony related gaming news! However, I don't really care about Sony-related news specifically. I started listening to this podcast for the great banter between Greg and Colin and I can just never get enough.

A must listen for PS owners.   (5/5)

All things Playstation that is a must listen for the news and reviews.

BEYOND!   (5/5)

I'm a fairly new podcast listener and this is really the only podcast I listen to every week. I've been listening for about this entire school year and loved every episode!

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐   (5/5)

#1 playstation podcast? Heh......more like #1 podcast.......PERIOD!

Awesome   (5/5)

Great podcast. Beyond!

10/10   (5/5)

This podcast is amazing. Has changed my life.

Is this podcast good? No not at all it's fantastic   (5/5)

Podcast beyond is one of, if not the most enjoyable, informative, and funny podcasts ever made. If ur having a bad day just listen to a new or old episode and I'm sure ur day will be turned around.

Beeeeeyooooond!!!   (5/5)

These guys crack me up!! I listen to them on the bus to class and people wonder why I start laughing out of no where.

BEYOND!!!   (5/5)

Love the show, it is equal parts gaming news and friends having hilarious conversation. If you own a playstation this is a must listen. Looking for more real gamers to play with on psn, send me a request with beyond as the subject, my name is RattimusGordan

Beyond   (5/5)

A fantastic podcast for any who enjoy Playstation.(Or even those who do not sometimes)

The best video game podcast on the Internet   (5/5)

Beyond is simply the best. The boys always deliver with each and every episode by providing great insight into the gaming industry and hilarious off topic conversation. If you like PlayStation and silly humor then you'll love Beyond. They also keep the show at a good length unlike other gaming podcasts.

my favorite podcast.   (5/5)

Podcast beyond is always my favorite podcast, every Tuesday is like my holiday because of beyond!

Been listneing for years   (5/5)

and it's still as brilliant as ever. Keep up the good work.

Amazing   (5/5)

Best podcast on the interwebs! Beyond!!!

Never fails to entertain me   (5/5)

I never watch TV, so what can I do while I am not gaming or gaming? Listen to podcast and this is definitly the best one. I just love their relationship with one another and also gaming news though am an xbox user (maybe ill switch?) I miss Ryan though, his laughter always made me laugh. Keep it going boys! love this podcast, and thanks for the hard work.

The Internet's Number 1 Playstation Podcast   (5/5)


Awesome Podcast   (5/5)

I'm an Xbox gamer, but I started listening to Beyond! after I picked up a Vita for on-the-road fun. These guys are great! After listening and following Playstation for the last year or so, I'm thinking of switching to PS4 in the next generation. Thanks Greg, Collin, and Andrew; you guys have earned another loyal listener! (BTW: The Vita is awesome!)

IGN's best podcast   (5/5)

IGN has many great podcasts, however Podcast Beyond is the best. Funny, serious and informative. Greg, Collin and Andrew (Ryan we miss you man) have kept me entertained and a loyal listerner for over 100 episodes. BEYOND!

Love it!   (5/5)

You gotta love Greg, Colin and Goldfarb! Very funny!

Great   (5/5)

Best show ever

Awesome   (5/5)


Awesome   (5/5)

Love you Greg!

My Favorite Podcast.   (5/5)

This is may favorite Podcast! I recently just got back into listening to podcasts and no I don't miss an episode. Gregg Miller is hilarious. The pride of Long Island, Mr. Moriarty brings the seriousness and keeps the show on track. And Goldfarb brings his own thing. You guys are a great mix, keep it up! Clements is missed. BEYOND!

Best Playstation Podcast ever   (5/5)


Beyond!!   (5/5)

A must listen for any playstation fan

Great podcast.   (5/5)

Fun podcast to listen too. Definitely my favorite Playstation podcast. From time to time, though not as often as the detractors would have you believe, they might talk about something other than Sony. I don't mind this though as its a conversational podcast and makes it feel more like a group of friends. Check it out if your a Playstation fan.

Great podcast.   (5/5)

Greg and crew are very charming and funny, and the podcast is informative and entertaining, if you're interested in video games this one is a no brainer.

Always entertaining   (5/5)

Always fun and entertaining

B-E-Y-O-N-D!   (5/5)

The most helpful and informative/hilariously raunchy podcast about Playstation ever. Pure Perfection.

Couldn't stand Colin, had to stop listening   (1/5)

He's too annoying... Also, sick of the stupid inside jokes. Suited for a 15 year old

Overrated   (1/5)

I have been a long time listener of podcast beyond and for some reason this podcast now annoys me... This video game journalists no longer stay on the subject and instead talk about their little inside jokes that no listener cares about and much less knows what they are talking about.... I use to listen to this podcast for there expertise, hints, and opinions but I can't stand to listen to them talk about what restaurant they ate or what pizza they ordered.... I don't mind a joke here and there but at least stick to the subject and at least talk about something ur listeners would get after all the listener is why u make these podcasts right?

What can I say, I love it!   (5/5)

Funny and full of good perspective. Keep up the great work!

Beyond   (5/5)

Love this podcast

BEYOND   (5/5)

You really can't get a better crew talking about everything and the beloved Playstation console. Collin, Greg, Goldfarb, and guest keep the one liners going and keep the ears If you are looking for a fun hour with plenty of humor and balls on the table news via , The Ropert Report, you can't find a better podcast.