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What a dive. (3/5)

Used to love this podcast. Can’t handle all the rebroadcasts, infrequent new episodes and now you’ve gone country? Dolly Parton is crap music with boobs. I thought we’d all moved on...

Must listen (5/5)

This is quite simply, one of the best podcasts out there.

The Best Podcast (5/5)

I don’t know if any other podcast has made me feel things as deeply and think about a topic in a completely different way. I am so grateful for the team that puts this out, and I look forward to the newest episodes. Ima forever listener.

Love this show! BUT… (4/5)

This show deserves five stars for years of amazing, interesting content! I appreciate the hard work and dedication! However, the cross-promotion of other podcasts have become obnoxious to me as a dedicated listener. It’s too common lately. I’m taking a star off because of how many episodes I’ve had to delete from my feed over the past year, that I simply don’t care about. I don’t mind you mentioning another project, or perhaps “sampling” another show at the end of a regular episode, but posting episodes from other shows in this feed is irritating to me personally. Also, your intro could use some updating. You play the pre-recorded intro, then the hosts introduce themselves, and restate the show’s title only seconds later. C’mon… Introduce yourselves, and let’s get to the good stuff!

Love this Podcast (5/5)

I devour these episodes as soon as they are in my feed. I’ve learned so much and often earlier than many people are aware of a thing (CRISPR comes to mind). I also really love the offshoot pods that have branched off of radiolab. Favorite episode: Bliss.

My introduction to podcasts and nothing beats it! (5/5)

Radiolab was the first podcast I discovered years ago and it is still the standard by which I judge all podcasts. Smart, engaging and fun. When I see a new episode I drop everything and dive in.

Too Politically biased (2/5)

I found a few of the earlier podcasts to be quite entertaining, but some are hard to listen to due to their politically biased opinions. Jad tries way to hard to be woke, it’s cringeworthy. A lot of the time they try to shape things as racist (when it’s not) and their distaste for the right is made quite apparent.

I love you but please check your racisms (3/5)

Radiolab. I’m writing to you from Johannesburg, South Africa. Listening to the episode “Songs that Cross Borders”, as one example of many, please examine the way that you talk about Africa and Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander peoples in this episode. Could they be construed as othering, objectifying? Robert, you in particular. I love this show so much and have been listening for years but you guys let us Black folk down with your unchecked micro aggressions and frankly, racist comments in episodes that deal with Africa and other countries with Black and Brown people.

One of the best programs out there (5/5)

One of the best programs out there

Birdie in the Cage (1/5)

I listened to this usually excellent podcast for years but good Lord, is this best you can do? A deep dive to reveal that there aren’t a lot of black square dancers? Please quit trying to mix liberal politics with your “scientific” stories1

Has forgotten it’s origins (2/5)

I understand the desire to get more political during these times, but art has social value without being overtly political and radiolab was more successful at expanding minds when it was still a science podcast. It used to pursue explored untold stories without knowing how it would unfold. Now, it’s gotten off track and forgotten the scientific method. I urge the producers to not forget Radiolab’s foundation. What was the square dancing episode about? Beyond not being related science at all, it was simply an uninteresting story. Was it trying to do something it took Ken burns 16 hours to do? It took an odd stance against the dance from the beginning... America was a British colony, it’s going to have some British cultural influences? Just as Canada has French cultural influences and Mexico has Spanish influences. I’m not arguing we shouldn’t shine a light on forgotten/erased histories, but this story wasn’t about that... it was about picking apart the square dance because at one time people wanted it to be the national folk dance? I would also like to add something... Though the national language is English, that doesn’t mean it’s excluding everyone who came here speaking another language (and most people did and do: Spanish, German, Italian, Polish, Arabic). Its about having a language that unites the country. To me that’s a beautiful and hopeful thing about the US. Shouldn’t stories/art be about empathy; identifying with people who don’t look like us or share our experiences so we can learn to see the similarities more than differences? Instead there is a trend towards pretending we can only enjoy/learn/etc from stories of people who share our identity. That seems dangerous to me.

Best podcast (5/5)

This podcast is amazing!

Way too political (1/5)

It’s sad this pod cast used to be educational and interesting now it seems to be all about the producers personal political beliefs and nothing about science. I’ve subscribed to this podcast for at least five years and I’m unsubscribing. I can’t listen to his nonsense anymore. They should change the name to Radiopolitics. They’re First episodes are worth listening to, anything recent is extremely liberally biased.

My absolute favorite podcast! (5/5)

I listen to so many podcasts... and this is the one I always come back to. I learn so much from every episode, and the music/production is SO engaging. Everyone should listen

Educational, Entertaining & Thought-Provoking (5/5)

I love this show. It’s getting better all the time. I’ve gotten at least a dozen people turned on to it and they love it too.

Dear Radio Lab, (5/5)

My wife enjoys the podcast. I am too much of a simpleton. -Les Couchon- 💄🐷🍒👠

Used to be a fan; Tired of the political propaganda (1/5)

I started listening to Radiolab way back in 2006–in it’s early days. I was a big fan of their analytical approach, engaging storylines and science-based themes. I’m sad to say that the glory days of Radiolab are over. In the past couple of years it has become a serial propaganda piece for extreme leftist views. As someone who used to identify as a liberal—back when we were actually “liberal”—it’s somewhat impressive that the political taint to this show could become so utterly intolerable to me. I honestly can’t get through a single episode anymore. I don’t think they could get farther from the objective, reason and fact-based focus that made them shine in the early days. Who really knows why, but I think it all started around the time Jad was hammered (and apologized in the subsequent podcast) for saying “b-tches”. It seems to have take a turn for the worse after that moment and has spiraled since then. I guess I’ll just chock this up to another media outlet catering to the absurdities of the most vocal and extreme minorities in their [listen]ership. I’ve unsubscribed for good and I wouldn’t recommend the show to anyone. Try Eric Weinstein’s “The Portal” instead. It is markedly more intellectually honest than the agenda-driven drivel of RadioLab’s current thought leaders. -Peace b-tches.

Stopped working (1/5)

It worked well but with the new iso updated it no longer opens unless I delete and reload losing all downloaded podcasts.

What happened to RadioLab? (1/5)

1st off, I want to say...I LOVE RadioLab overall. I’ve been listening for probably 15 years now, and it is THE podcast that got me into listening to spoken word audio. If anyone asked me what is your favorite podcast of all time, the answer is a no brainer, “RadioLab!” However recently, the themes of the shows and stories have been severely disappointing. For some reason RadioLab has strayed from the roots that made it the greatest radio show / podcast of all time, and taken up the SJW torch. For instance the most recent episode about Dolly, what was that!? You were trying so hard to fly that episode under the feminism banner even though Dolly herself said that it wasn’t her jam. Jad, can we please get back to parasites & cats jumping out of windows? I miss you guys and want the radiolab back that I fell in love with all those years ago.

G: Unfit (5/5)

I could not help but support this podcast due to the range of emotions that I experienced which led to an almost overwhelming amount of intellectual stimulation. I would describe this podcast as informative storytelling at its finest, but that description is missing something. Listen to it and you will know what I mean. This podcast is valuable.

Nothing like it (5/5)

I’ve been listening to Radiolab for a couple of years now and can always say I am blown away by the diversity of topics and well structured episodes. Even when you think something could never be up your alley, you somehow find yourself intrigued over an episode about eels. I absolutely love them. Thank you guys for making such a brilliant channel!

Missed the mark with the G: miniseries (3/5)

I normally enjoy Radiolab, but as the Mom of 2 Gifted girls, I was extremely disappointed with the G: Miniseries episodes. There are so many more relevant issues they could have dug into, such as the lack of gifted programs in many school districts, including those in the heart of Silicon Valley; the realities of being twice exceptional: both gifted and learning disabled; how gifted girls can fly under the radar, etc. Suggest the Radiolad team take a page out of ‘The G Word’ documentary to find more valuable reporting on this issue.

Miss the Old Radiolab (2/5)

The tone has certainly changed. Used to present issues in a beautiful way that allowed the listener to learn and draw their own conclusions- now the imagination of the listener is unnecessary. The story is decided for you by a pre-determined agenda of the presentation of material. I miss exploring my own opinions through the narrative of Radiolab stories. I used to be able to expand my perspectives through listening but now find Radiolab requires me to narrow my perspective in order to understand. Sad that this has happened.

Lost in Their Own Sauce (1/5)

This used to be the king of podcasts... but like all emporers, eventually they hit the town wearing their new clothes, and everyone is too busy patting them on the back to mention they are nude. Radiolab was once a great place to learn, explore, and to hear things from a different point of view. Nowadays, they beg for money (although they have sponsors) because theyve built up a staff of unnecessary people. They are also so agenda-driven, they get in their own way of what could be great stories. Adios, RL, it was fun while it lasted.

Big Fan (5/5)

Big Fan!!!

Awesome (5/5)

Listened for years

Best podcast I’ve had the pleasure of (5/5)

This podcast drew me in with data , science , economics, and story telling . Addictive. I always learn something from any given episode. It’s given me fantastic conversation starters as well as thought provoking content in my downtime.

Essential Podcast (5/5)

Radio lab is one of the most consistently great podcasts out there today. There is quality in every aspect of the show; whether it be the story, hosts, people interviewed, and even production value (great sound and music). Please give this podcast a listen. They are all pretty great and rarely do I find that I am not more knowledgeable and stimulated after hearing an episode. The end.

Ideas Worth Stealing (5/5)

Science, history and culture across all barriers. A guarantee you will expand your awareness. Love it on the radio, but I can binge by podcast. The editing is amazing and full of ideas for my own projects! Thx Jad and Robert.

What have you done 4 me lately (5/5)

You were my first love, Radio Lab, but what have you done for me lately. Bring back the love....

Always excellent (5/5)

Fun, entertaining and informative!


I love radiolab but for crying out loud, stop saying test tube baby. Unnatural Selection clearly hit a nerve: anytime you report on IVF there is a distinct lack of women’s voices and perspectives. Your reporting instead plays up the dramatic what-if scenarios and further stigmatizes reproductive care for women. No one is making “designer babies” or contributing to eugenics. People are trying to get A baby and overcome infertility. Stop with your clickbait reporting.

Fantastic! (5/5)

Excellent podcast exposing you to all kinds of new ideas—and new ways of looking at old ideas

World Class Journalism (5/5)

This podcast is simply amazing and I’m astounded time and time again by the research and work out in by the entire crew. Such professionalism and passion from the cast keeps you captivated on top of the fascinating stories they cover. Highly recommended for everyone!

Going Down Hill (3/5)

This show used to be peerless in production quality and content. Older episodes vibrated with awe and possibility. The more recent episodes remind me of a hastily dashed out homework assignment taking inspiration from whatever is close by the procrastinating author. Come back to us Radiolab. We miss you.

Himpathy Ruins Podcasts. (1/5)

"Right to Be Forgotten" Instead of spilling so much empathy on this man who exposed himself to two girls, why not think abour the girls' point of view? Or the point of view of literally almost anyone else? I would urge you to turn away from the white moderates' disease of empathising only with those who do harm. Please give more thought to what survivors go through and wring your hands less about the feelings of predators. I felt abandoned, triggered, and groomed by this episode. Please fix yourselves.

Not what it used to be (3/5)

I started listening to Radiolab in 2007 and it was my number 1 favorite show. It combined science with great story telling to create a sense of wonder and awe and total engagement. Its now taken a different more social/political bent and I pretty much stopped listening to it except for the odd show every now and then. If you want a taste of the awe inducing Radiolab that captured so many hearts and minds early on check out really old episodes like Placebo and Emergence which you can find on their website. I hope the producers realize that the new trend is not a good one and the show goes back to its scientific focus.

Perfect (5/5)

- every single episode is intriguing and interesting and leaves me with something great to discuss with friends and family - hosts are intelligent, funny, down to earth, and have pleasant voices - truly outstanding writing, editing, and producing I continue to be amazed at how skilled and clever these people are.

Consistently amazing (5/5)

That’s all. Thanks for all the work you do!

Great. Classic. Interesting. (5/5)

The show is well made and offers a great view on issues. If you don’t understand that the world is biased, wakeup

Too biased (1/5)

This used to be one of the best podcasts but it drastically changed during the fall of 2016. Ever since then this podcast has been extremely biased in favor of liberals and a lot less interesting.

Hit or Miss (3/5)

Most of the ideas and reporting for this show are so interesting, but I unsubscribed after hearing “Right to be Forgotten.” As another listener mentioned, the sentence “when Tamir Rice walked into the room” was totally tone deaf and uncomfortable to hear. Furthermore, they gave a whole sympathetic segment to a sex offender (flasher) who dwelled on his own sexual abuse as a child and lamented how the news articles about his actions were ruining his family life. When asked about his own victims, the flasher responded “They might be upset, but I don’t know. I hope they don’t think about it.” And that’s how the episode ended... This isn’t edgy reporting; it’s irresponsible and pretty lazy to give an interview to whoever cries the loudest for a platform. Please give voice to more compelling stories.

LIstent to the old episodes and ignore the new boring stuff (2/5)

In the beginning there was the incredible Radiolab with incredible stories exploring areas most of us were not even aware. It was presented in a way of meditative learning. Now, it just boring content trying to entertain. Most of the recent shows could be compressed by cutting out 70% of the "fluff. After listening to shows, I feel as if I've wasted my time.

The show could be so much more without..... (1/5)

For a show that is supposed to be about educating us in new ideas, this show truly limits itself on the use of profanity. Why not take just a moment to seek out an expressive word or phrase that reaches just a little further toward that goal. Thus show could be so much more without the use of profanity and I’ve written directly to the show asking that this be addressed. Since it has not, I have unsubscribed.

The best (5/5)

This podcast is for everyone. Science, human interest, legal etc.

Radiolab Got Me Into Podcasts (5/5)

A wonderful show I heard on NPR and I couldn't get enough of. I've gone and listened to every single previous episode, and was really upset after getting through the entire catalog because I wanted more. It's wonderfully written, extremely intriguing, occasionally emotional, and I usually get a good laugh out of some part of every episode. Jad and Robert do a fantastic job, and I've pushed this podcast onto all of my friends.

The best! (5/5)

This is my favorite podcast. So smart! So entertaining!

Changes your worldview (5/5)

This show simply inspires you to think of the world in a whole new way. I have listened to almost every show and I am speechless every time. Perfect road trip podcast. Jad and Robert will always have a special place in my heart.

Used to be best science podcast—now political commentary (1/5)

I used to love radiolab. It had really interesting science-based stories that always fascinated me. No matter how boring the topic sounded they always found a way to make it exciting and extremely interesting. I noticed in the past year or so that they’ve moved more to social science. At first it was ok as there was some scientific element to it, but now it goes so far away from true science and becomes more of a subtle propaganda piece for political ideologies. They also started asking constantly for money, although that’s slowed in the last few episodes, maybe because politics sells better than science and they’ve now sold out to meet that need. In a world where everything is politics these days, radiolab was my respite into true, fact-based scientific discovery. Sadly, those days are over and radiolab is just another money hungry media company preying on people’s emotions over politics.

I’m almost 50 years old... (5/5)

... and I want Robert Krulwich to read me a book so I can go to sleep at night. My biggest complaint about this podcast is that they don’t do more! Seriously love this, every freaking time. Humorous, insightful, deeply thought out, and always generous with... I’m not sure how to describe it. Compassion to the soul? I think that’s about as close as I can get. Keep it up, y’all!

Disappointing language (4/5)

I love this podcast and everything about it but wasn’t sure where to direct this comment. In the “right to be forgotten” episode Molly is asked if the group was going to vote yes on the police officer’s case and she responded “Yes but when Tamir Rice walked in everything changed”. I feel this language choice is inappropriate and insensitive. He did not walk in, and even a metaphorical/idiomatic expression in this case disregards what happened to him. Would be worth considering editing this bit out.

Good stuff (5/5)

Good studf

Like an Icelandic horse- simply the best. (5/5)

Truly. Thank you. :)

Long time listener (5/5)

I have listened to radiolab for years! Love it. Great content and so well put together.

Educated , Devoted crew (5/5)

This episode throws a whole new light on the death penalty... Podcast settings can be tricky to set for episode downloads..? This is the second episode i’ve had a chance to spend time with. Fascinated by the facts/figures/research.. You make life interesting again Regards A

Not what they used to be (3/5)

They used to be the best science podcast on the internet. Now they do social science with a hard science facade. Still very well done but now, indoctrination not education seems to be the goal. Even though I agree with most of their views, I find this disappointing. Also, We don’t hear near enough from Robert anymore. (Which I suspect has much to do with the above). Still mostly worth while, and I listen if I get the chance; but no longer a “must listen”.

Got me hooked (5/5)

This was one of the first podcasts I ever listened to and I still stay current on all episodes. What hooked me was the episode: Colors Man mind blown 🤯

Awesome (5/5)

OMG . I am student of math and science and feel like baby when I hear their work. Infective heredity is the best episode. Awesome work.

I recommend this to everyone I know! (5/5)

Sometimes I see the topics and think “meh” but I’ve never -not even once!-been disappointed in all my years of listening. This podcast has often changed the way I look at the world.

Astounding Propaganda! (1/5)

If you want the very best of indoctrination into the liberal agenda, this podcast is for you! By means of entertaining sounds, "pew! pow! vvrrrrtt!", and snippets of liberal deception, "what COLOR was the skin of that police officer again?", "how attractive and NICE was that gay man again?", "can you tell us how GREAT communism is?", you too can become a pink-haired, gender-neutral, emotionally-stunted freak who is triggered at the word "trump"! Wow, just came on again to note the hate speech in episode Gonads: X&Y at 25:11 This podcast is disgusting.

Consistently Excellent (5/5)

I'm a long-time subscriber and, after listening to the updated re-broadcast of More Perfect: Cruel and Unusual Punishment, I am reminded of the continuing role Radio Lab plays in bringing listeners in-depth analysis of critical issues without sounding like stodgy academics. Thank you!

This Good Samaritan story (5/5)

Did they have any physical evidence of drug overdose? Did Scott White get tested for the presence of opiates? That would seem to be the first thing to do when he arrives at the hospital “overdosing”

This Good Samaritan story (5/5)

Did they have any physical evidence of drug overdose? Did Scott White get tested for the presence of opiates? That would seem to be the first thing to do when he arrives at the hospital “overdosing”

Absolutely essential listening. (5/5)

Not to be missed.

Bring Back This Podcast Has Fleas!!! (4/5)

Please bring back This Podcast Has Fleas! It is amazing and I NEED you to make more! Please please please!

I Radiolab rocks!!!! (5/5)

I’m new to the world of podcasts I think this is the best one so far I’ve listened to quite a few now as I’ve investigated which ones I like just don’t know how you can compete with Radio Lab they’re amazing at what they do

Info (5/5)

Cool subject

Awesome (5/5)

Most NPR podcasts are good and well done but Radio Lab stands out for the thought provoking and deep insight into the subjects they address. Every episode is compelling even if initially the subject may not seem interesting. My only complaint is the stream of new episodes seems to have slowed a bit. Thank you Jad and Robert and the whole team!

topnotch (5/5)

Radiolab is as good as it gets for podcasts.

Love this podcast! But.. (5/5)

For the love of god please change that intro. it’s unbearable. Otherwise, it’s one of my favorites 😃

Early episodes are much better (3/5)

Newer episodes are marred by bias, agenda, and contrarianism rather than objectivity.

Variety (5/5)

I enjoy the variety this podcast delivers. My favourite is the one on crispr technology and how it’s come about

Controlled opps! (1/5)

No wonder JRE always endorses this pod. Keep distracting the masses with smartest animals/ G ! I listen for material to debunk! And thanks for keeping my pockets FULL🤗🙅‍♂️!

Nostalgic for the old episodes (2/5)

Radio lab used to be great and engaging, but it keeps getting less and less science-based and more and more science-adjacent with some very big leaps in interpreting the implications of the research they report on.

Please, just stop with “live” episodes. They aren’t working. (4/5)

This would be a perfect podcast if they didn’t insist on throwing in random “live” episodes. RadioLab is a top-tier program, superb in almost every way. Excellent sound quality and easy on the ears. I love this podcast. But live episodes have extremely diminished sound quality, and there’s always a “you had to be there” element between the crowd and hosts. The vibe of a live audience does not translate to the listener at all, and it’s at the expense of one of the best aspects of RadioLab! At the very least, indicate they are live IN THE TITLE so I can skip it. Just honest feedback from a fan. Again, I love this podcast.

Listen to the early episodes (2/5)

There was a time when the podcast was developing episodes based on fascinating science. Now all you’ll get is a shoehorned science that fits into whatever the current political news dictates. Just listen to the older episodes, especially the one on colors.

Not really a science podcast anymore :/ (2/5)

Bring back Jad and Robert and the science please. The topics have totally changed with the new producers and reporters. It’s not what I want to listen to anymore. This has turned into a society and culture podcast. I just want cool science info. It makes me sad, I used to love this podcast.

So fascinating (5/5)

It tells the past in a graphic way I also like that it actually brings the people who helped figure it out all of it. Jacob age 10

Great reporting/story telling!! (5/5)

Is this a horror story!?!?!

Subjectivity (1/5)

This podcast used to be amazing. Instead of letting the research and science guide the show in an un-biased search for truth, the journalists now come up with their position on a topic before hand and go looking for opposing views to trash and supporting views to support. At least give the people you don’t agree with a chance to speak. It’s ok if two people listen to an episode and end up having two different positions on an issue by the end. You are trying to force feed people your opinions on an issue. Give people more credit than that.

Great Pod (5/5)

One of my favorite podcasts.

Good stuff (5/5)

The “G” series has been excellent. Keep up the good work.

The BEST (5/5)

Absolutely the best podcast out there. Variety of topics addressed through the best storytelling. The first podcast I ever listened to was the Dinosaur Apocalypse and ever after I have listened to hundreds more. Thank you all for everything you do! LISTEN TO RADIOLAB!

USED TO BE my favorite (2/5)

I started listening in the early days and would recommend Radiolab to all. Slowly the content has gone downhill and the political slant has become much more the focus than the exciting stories of old. If you liked the old Radiolab, check out the Hidden Brain podcast. It is a worthy replacement.

Bummed (3/5)

I’m bummed that the podcast is now mostly political commentary with a few half-assed attempts to explain scientific stories. This used to be my favorite podcast that I’d look forward to - everyday. Now, I just cringe when I read the descriptions. I genuinely hope Radiolab can get back on it’s feet instead of crawling through the scat of modern politics.

used to be great (1/5)

You now have TOO MANY ADS! The interruptions are getting just too long for me.

Preferred the older content, but the new stuff is okay (3/5)

I started listening to Radiolab about 3 years ago when I saw an article about the CRISPR episode. I was hooked. The episode about Triage is probably my next favorite. The story telling and reporting is phenomenal. I’ve learned a lot listening to Radiolab and enjoy hearing about the science and discussion of application. I took a break for a while this year. It’s become very political. Still some interesting content but not really what I came here for.

Gold Standard in Podcast Storytelling and Sound Design (5/5)

They did an episode on the mantis shrimp and illustrated all the colors these shrimpies see by using a chorus singing a chord. Like, genius. Every episode is different but they often make scientific stories so human and so approachable. These episodes are a bit long but they cover a LOT of ground.

Used to love it (1/5)

No longer even pretends to be about science and technology. Very sad.

This podcast normalizes radical left thought (1/5)

Ive been a listener since I was a young man (17). And finally at my current age (25) I’ve given up defending radiolab when deciding whether they take it too far. This podcast leans a little too far left and it’s unfortunate because their audience shouldn’t be limited to people so far off center or even moderate left like me. But I digress and though they probably could care less I’d liketo give some encouraging advice. Stop telling your listeners what they should think by only offering your narrow ideology’s. Offer full representation and you can consider yourselves more authentic, honest and inclusive.

Truly another level in radio (5/5)

Even when I don't agree, even when I think they're not going far enough, even when I happen to be annoyed at Robert for interrupting one of their guests, I always learn. This podcast always adds to my life. Knowledge, thoughfulness, perspective. I'm so thankful for the team creating it.

Ay yi yi ... Unfit episode ... (3/5)

Look, I love this podcast. But when she starts talking in voice that’s traditionally been used to mock someone’s intelligence... I cringed. I know it wasn’t her intention, but just wanted to point it out as something to be mindful of.

My favorite podcast (5/5)

Consistently my favorite show. Inspiring, tear jerking and thoughtful!

Trump is evil (1/5)

Why do you have to destroy people’s Podcast 😈

This show is a must! (5/5)

I love listening to Radio Lab. It’s so well put together, the topics are always intriguing, and I learn something new each time . I downloaded and then listened to all the Radio Lab podcasts available and now I anxiously await a new one to be posted each week! Thanks Radio Lab, WNYC, and my local public broadcast station KUAC.

NOT a Science Podcast (2/5)

This show was originally recommended to me as a great science podcast. Since 2016 when I started listening, I would estimate that maybe a dozen podcasts actually discussed truly scientific content (i.e. biology, physics, technology). Those episodes are really interesting. However most of the shows are about social or cultural issues, interspersed with plenty of progressive editorializing. Look elsewhere if you want to learn about the hard sciences. If you want a show on politics and culture and least find one that’s honest about it.

G is amazing (5/5)

Just listen. Listen to the G series. Now. Especially “unfit”. Those last few minutes brought me to tears.

Down hill fast (1/5)

I use to listen all the time but the podcast has gone from science based stories to left wing agenda. Leave politics out of the podcast and I will start listening again.....

Radiolab (5/5)

Im a pretty young kid but I love these podcasts! Baby blue blood is my favorite. It’s just awesome how you find interesting topics.

My favorite podcast (5/5)

It’s the truth.

Listen To Older Episodes If You Want Real Content (1/5)

Throughout my teen years this podcast was my go to and never failed to amaze me with the power of science. Today they attempt to push their agenda through anectodal evidence rather than hard science. Even as a liberal myself it’s sad to see a science podcast with so much potential be caught up in politics. (Especially sad to see that bash on Jordan Peterson in Episode about the miseducation of Larry P, I can’t believe editors and producers allowed that in the episode)

Informative and entertaining! (5/5)

Radiolab has proved again and again, over the many years I’ve been listening, to boast quality journalism on fascinating topics presented with humor and creativity. I love Radiolab and always look forward to new episodes!

The one that started it all (5/5)

This was the very first podcast I ever listened to and the one that sparked my now endless love for them. I first listened to Radiolab in college as part of an assignment I was given. I was hooked after that and love it today as much as I did then.

Only podcast I keep coming back to (5/5)

Radiolab really hits on topics for every type of listener. I lose focus quite easily and these podcasts really keep me captivated. True journalism and a willingness to break boundaries. Simply incredible and I’m so grateful thank you Radiolab!!!! I listen to you on long drives, while doing chores, working and more. Thank you so much I’ve learned so much from you. Oh and people reading, if you have the means donate to this wonderful podcast.

used to be much better (2/5)

Used to be such a great podcast when it was mostly about science storytelling with Jad and Robert. Current episodes are more dramatized and not even internally consistent!

Interesting Content, Annoying Effects (3/5)

I see from the comments of others that I’m not alone in being distracted by the sound effects and strange editing. It seems like they started to try too hard. Nice content though.

Consistently excellent (5/5)

Always amazed and never surprised at the quality of information available to us.

Liberal propaganda (1/5)

Stay neutral guys and you just might keep more listeners. I can get my politics elsewhere, don’t tell me what to believe. Thanks.

Great (5/5)

Such a great show. Thank you

Ex-Perfect (2/5)

I wrote a review for this around 5 years ago. Old podcast- “This show has supplied me with facts to help ease interjections in social situations for years now :) Thank you so much for all your hard work” I just finished bit flip and a few of there other newer eps after taking a break from them for awhile and they arn’t doing good research anymore. They are spending a lot of time on speculation roundup to sudo science. This is a problem because it makes me wonder how much of there earlier work was also bs. Still good production value though

Political (2/5)

It used to be more pleasurable to listen to Radiolab. Much too political of late so I unsubscribed

Stop the annoying sound effects (3/5)

Often interesting but the use of all the sound effects are distracting, annoying and insulting to the listener’s intelligence.

Illuminating! 🤩 (5/5)

Love learning with you! I would love an easier link to your website so that I can see visuals. Must listen to your episodes over and over again so that I can really soak it in. Thank you very much. María Lucía Gómez-Greenberg ☺️

Ex fan (2/5)

Used to be one of my favorites but lost its way.

Desert Island Podcast (5/5)

This is, hands down, the best show. Nothing comes close.

There is no other Podcast like it (5/5)

Literally. They are in a league all their own and are incapable of producing an episode that isn’t profoundly great.

Great podcast, too political of late (3/5)

The production value of this podcast cannot be beat! Just absolutely a joy to listen to. While I’ve great enjoyed how they generally keep things apolitical, recently they have been more and more involved in the political sphere, to my great disappointment. I hope this is just a temporary condition and not a sign of things to come.

The Best Production On Air (5/5)

Also don’t believe any review that includes a grammatical train wreck of a sentence as follows. “Often this is done covertly often (?) implying that they (?) opinion is the right one. This show is better appreciated once you’re out of elementary school. Keep bringing the magic guys, nobody does it better.

Best of the best (5/5)

Best of the best

Used to love it, but it has changed too much (3/5)

I used to listen to this show religiously. I even went to one of the live shows. Recently, though, I noticed that I had not listened to it since last year, and I had 16 episodes waiting for me. So I started listening, and I remembered why I stopped. This show used to be super cool and all about exploring ideas through science. In the past 2-3 years it lost its way, and it became more about socio-political things. I get that shows evolve, but it’s just so far from why I started listening. Please go back to science.


This is hands down my favorite podcast ever! It’s is the most unique and interesting collection of stories told in the most fascinating and brilliantly creative ways. Captivating, clever and entertaining.

Where did you go, Radiolab? (2/5)

This show used to consistently stretch my thinking and teach me so much. Now it seems to be fixated on a one-track socio-political messaging. I wonder if the era of Trump has changed priorities...

Unbearable amount of sound clips and effects (2/5)

It’s unfortunate that a podcast focusing on technological topics assumes its listeners have such a short attention span that they must add an unbearable amount of irrelevant sound clips and sound effects which constantly cut off the speakers. It’s painful to sit through to try and get the overall message. I can’t imagine what goes through the minds of the intelligent speakers as they listen back and hear how often they’re cut off by annoying clips - embarrassing at best.

Great podcast (5/5)

Don’t be fooled by all of the negative reviews by sensitive conservatives. Just listen to a couple of episodes and see for yourself.

Often lacking logic and very biased (1/5)

Production quality is amazing, stories are usually interesting but instead of trusting the audience to be intelligent enough to come to their own conclusions, they force their point of view down the listeners throat. Often this is done with covertly, often implying that they opinion is the right one without facts to backup their case. In fact most of the time I them to be condescending, if they are going to share their opinion I respect that but don’t imply that the listener that disagrees is somehow unfeeling or uninformed. Extremely liberal!

The creators actually have two brain cells to rub together (5/5)

I adore this podcast. All the episodes are masterfully crafted with great scripts and editing, as well as wonderful, intelligent hosts and guests. WNYC always has great podcasts- RadioLab stands out as one of the best.

Awesome (5/5)


Artificially sped up recordings. (5/5)

I love your podcast but why the heck is it all sped up? I listen every week and as of yesterday the recordings are all artificially sped up. I cannot listen, it sounds awful. Please fix this so I can go back to enjoying it.

Great spectacle, disappointing content (2/5)

The sound effects of this podcast are enjoyable and the hosts are engaging and seem genuinely interested in the topics they present. If you enjoy relentless political agenda disguised as science, this is the podcast for you.

Listen to this podcast (5/5)

Finally became a member. Thank you for the years are wonderful content

Not angry just disappointed (1/5)

Really love listening to this podcast. Just very disappointed in the way they recently misrepresented Jordan Peterson.

Getting too political (1/5)

Please go back to what it used to be.

Really? (1/5)

5 minutes into my first episode and you are talking about how “dangerous” Jordan Peterson is? Seriously? You have no idea what you’re talking about.

Jordan Peterson is willfully misunderstood (1/5)

It pains me to give the one star to a otherwise great podcast but I can’t let them get away with misrepresenting Jordan Peterson. Why try to make him out to be a monster when you don’t even spend the time to justify it? He is not a “pro white mens rights activist”, he is simply pro human. Don’t judge until you have listened to at least 5 different lectures.

Always informative, always factual and always mind bending (5/5)

Very compelling, expertly researched, perfectly presented in a way to completely capture your attention and force you to sit quietly when it’s over trying to conclude how you feel about it

RadioLab Just Isn't Good Anymore (2/5)

The tone has shifted from scientific and informative to political and chastising, while rarely covering those politicized topics with anything resembling nuance. It's just propaganda now.

The shape has changed (3/5)

Up through 2018 they explored ideas, and the show was fascinating. I encourage you to go back and listen to just how elegant and curious those old episodes are. Thing have changed. Now the program starts by gently introducing a belief, then spends the next hour or so engaging in a kind of gentle advocacy that feels almost religious in nature.

A fallen star. (1/5)

This used to be an amazing podcast. Probably one of the best podcasts available. It covered science in a simple yet fascinating way that was well produced. At some point in 2018 we stopped hearing much from RobertK, and the topics turned away from science and moved to social justice with a heavy left wing influence. It went from one of the best, to propaganda. I’m no long entertained or educated.

loving this new series (5/5)

i love when radiolab takes on one topic over many eps. keep on!

It Used To Be Good (1/5)

It has now devolved into an alt-left pile of vomit.

Great info...please stop using the word “like” every 20 seconds (4/5)

I almost can’t listen due to Kristen Clark using the word “like” 3 times in every sentence. I love the energy and effort put into this podcast. Please please work on speaking sentences without vocal fry and like using the word “like” like in every like sentence 3 or 4 times

Not accurate (1/5)

I just heard the young lady say it would be lifted by a “boat” with a big “claw”. She then said the plan was to “yank” it up from the sea floor. I think this must be creative license although inappropriate. It was a very complex custom made large SHIP. The rate of ascent or pulling up from the floor was very slow and deliberate. I’m guessing she thought the plan dumb or ill conceived. Deceptive and sophomoric. Subscription cancelled.

So biased and being forced an agenda (1/5)

I use to love this show but now when I listen I feel like I’m being talked to as if I was misbehaving child. What happened to showing both sides so we can make a decision without feeling like we only heard one side? When they do try and show the other side they then seem to belittle that person.

Used to be Amazing, now political garbage (1/5)

Radiolab used to be such an amazing podcast when it actually focused on science and history - like incredible. Now, it's a political podcast that really strayed away from it's roots and that's very disappointing. It's not good anymore - I wish they'd go back to the science and leave politics alone because there are already so many political podcasts available.

Over done sound effects and editing (2/5)

Way way way too much going on, very distracting to the story.

My favorite podcast! (5/5)

Radiolab tells informational stories in a humorous, and mystical way. They have a way with music and sound effects, so it sets the mood just right. There’s certainly better episodes than others, but i definitely recommend this podcast for anyone, whether for informational purposes or not.

5/5—>4/5 from a HUGE fan (4/5)

I LOVE this show. It’s the first podcast I ever listened to and it has been inspiring and has fueled my sense of wonder in this world. However, I must say I too am disappointed that scientific topics have been left by the wayside in recent years. [[[For prospective listeners go back and listen to some of the earlier stuff it will BLOW your mind and show how some researchers are pretty much rockstars]]] Don’t get me wrong; I’m a huge fan of More Perfect and learning about social issues, but that’s not why I grew to absolutely love this show. There are many other outlets for those topics, but few shows that give such justice to the sciency stuff! Please please please get back to science!

Stories have become a platform for the writers opinions (1/5)

I’m very disappointed in how Radiolab has evolved. What used to be interesting, science based or human interest stories are now riddled with the reporters opinions. The Good Samaritan is a perfect example - the story was great until the reporter started adding his own ideas about right and wrong. I won’t be listening in the future.

thought provoking and entertaining (5/5)

This is one of my favorite podcasts. The storytelling is engaging, making any topic relatable and understandable while maintaining the entertainment value I look for in a podcast.

My favorite podcast (5/5)

High production value, interesting stories, it's been my favorite podcast for at least 5 solid years

I love this podcast (5/5)

I learn so much from it and the stories are ALWAYS interesting. They do a great job of diving into a topic in an unbiased way. Have been listening to this for years

The best (5/5)

I absolutely love this podcast. I stumbled on them many years ago and have been enjoying them for years.

Radiolab - Robert Krulwich = Perfection (5/5)

Love the show, can't stand Robert Krulwich. Please adjust accordingly. Thanks!

Bit flipping (5/5)

Always my favorite podcast! I’m dying to know what Toyota did to fix the problem. Seems like they swept this problem under the rug.

Good gone bad (1/5)

Radiolab was the first podcast I ever listened to. And I loved it. It was an amazing show that taught me so many things and just encouraged me learning new things that I had never thought about before, BUT I noticed a change a while back, they stopped saying from npr in the intro. I didn’t think much of it and I’m not saying npr made them good but after the split it seems that their focus shifted and everything turned into garbage. Now I don’t feel like I’m learning but more like I’m being pushed some agenda that I don’t care about. Bring back the fun science. Please.

Science and Poetry (5/5)

Listening to radiolab is like listening to a beautiful combination of science and poetry. It never fails to put me in a good mood and spark so much curiosity. Can’t stop listening.

So Good! (5/5)

There’s no better way to describe it other than, ITS SOOOO GOOD! Bit Flip episode is my new favorite!

I’m not a rocket scientist but... (1/5)

I’m am giving Radio Lab one star because they allow advertising from Rocket Mortgage. As a local lender who is actively involved in the community, Rocket Mortgage/Quicken has spent millions and its persuasion to destroy the market for local lenders. I believe NPR should be more responsible in choosing advertisers that support local business growth. As a local lender not only do I work hard for my clients, but I am also an active member of the Rotary Club of Richmond, Meals on wheels, project homes, Ronald Mcdonald House Charities, and other organizations here locally. I believe that RadioLab and many other NPR podcast should do what’s right and ban national companies that don’t represent the local market through philanthropy and volunteer people hours. Will Schroeder Richmond, VA

So sad. (1/5)

It actually breaks my heart a little to unsubscribe from radiolab. It has gone downhill. The guys were so great. We learned a lot and enjoyed the banter. Now the new additions taking on stories as big as American Samoa then slaughtering it with terrible journalism and the use of “like” so frequently.. I couldn’t finish it. You owe the people you’re covering more. You owe your fans more. That’s what she settled on even after editing?

Liked for light years (5/5)

Greetings. I am an ambassador from a distant alien race (alien to you). We have come to assimilate your planet. We were alerted to your puny lives by this show. It hypnotized half of the population with its amazingness. We have come to take it for ourselves. Muahahahahahahaaa. J.K. But seriously

I long for radio lab of old (4/5)

Science in this podcast was always so fascinating and well reported, the show of late has become so random and lacks actual scientific topics, the social topics are good here and there but now it’s constant if not then it’s a decent episode that is just pulled back up from the past. Please radio lab remember where you came from and start heading back in that direction.

What happened to this podcast? (1/5)

Ever since Robert took a step back, the fascinating “science” episodes took a huge hit and all we get are one quirky social-science episode after another. Between that, plugs for their “other” podcasts, and constant revisiting of “favorite episodes from the past,” I find myself looking elsewhere more often than not. This podcast is fantastically smart at its best but unfortunately the great content has become few and far between.

The Living Room (4/5)

Pretty horrified by the voyeurism of the woman in this episode. I hope her neighbor never hears this story and has to know she was being watched and obsessed over.

Sound Design (2/5)

The sound quality is agitating, every time they describe any kind of science it’s combined with weird sci-fi beeping or the audio is scored with ethereal type music, unnecessary. Hard to focus on actual stories with all the distraction, paper rustling, and weird changes in sound quality like you’re on a phone with a bad connection.

Odd changes (2/5)

I’ve listened to this show for about 10 years and it seems that it has fully transitioned into a crackle-voiced activism platform rather than a scientific curiosity program. It used to be entertaining and interesting and now it’s just kinda feels like punishment.

My favorite podcast for almost 10 years (5/5)

I started listening to it almost 10 years ago, and it is still among my favorite podcasts.

Would give 5 stars but... (3/5)

The “Asking for another Friend” episode hit a tone deaf mark in its opener. Really? We need to hear about how incredible /s it is that a rich white man skipped science class in his colonial style African boarding school, went on to serve in critical roles necessitating a scientific mind (oil), faking his way through it all to the bank, and is only now in his retirement giddy over discovering mitosis. No. Come on. Jad and Robert are usually light years better than this privileged nonsense.

Radiolabs the Gold Standard (5/5)

This is a generic observation/review of Radiolab after scrolling and reading the comments of unhappy folks who tuned in originally and decided to tune out. It was easy for me to discern their politics which sadly for them is their loss. But typical, and it explains so much. Radiolab is phenomenal. The hosts and producers are top notch. Always revealing and insightful.

Too much like for my liking. (2/5)

I used to enjoy the stories so much on RadioLab, and anymore, it's like, well, I like, know I'm suppose to, like, just enjoy those stories, but it's, like, the speakers are just like, so, like, I don't know, just, like, pausing to, like, you know, make a point? And end with that up-questioning tone to every sentence? So I'm, like, out of patience now. I'm sorry to miss the, like, more insightful stories, but it's just, like, I don't know, I'm like, tired of parsing the speech patterns of the speakers.

Biased content (1/5)

Some interesting story’s some of them educational and some political. I’m a big fan of the educational ones but when they shift to politics or everyday events they show an overly biased towards the left. They fuel our now soft society. Also just heard an ad from them asking members to join at an average donation of $75.

Shaming people Into donating. (1/5)

Not a good look radiolab. Lol

Samoa Episode made me cringe (1/5)

It was repulsive to listen to two clueless white Americans talk about this complex case of birthright citizenship and present Samoans as irrational for not agreeing with their privilege-laden ignorance. You were so incredulous and even laughed at the Samoans’ stance, but their reservations were perfectly understandable. The US has a long and ongoing tradition of obliterating cultures they consider to be inferior. Allowing anyone born in Samoa to become citizens would, according to the entirety of American history, result in Samoa being a carbon copy of the rest of the American empire. That means the white and well-to-Do would eventually seize power and all of the most desirable parts of land. People of color would be forced out by racism and gentrification and systemically oppressed JUST LIKE IN THE UNITED STATES. To hear the lawyer talk about trusting the US government is absolutely insane. This is a country where the oppressed have to fight for decades, centuries in some cases, for rights and protections freely given to wealthy white people. I think the Samoans would be better off fighting for gender and lgbt equality in their own country instead of fighting for something like birthright citizenship, which would eventually screw them in the end. 45 is a perfect reminder that we still have a LONG way to go in the US when it comes to treating people of color with dignity and respect. And Hawaii was and is a cautionary tale, just like Palestine is. When you allow non-natives to buy land, you open the door to people who will eventually take over your home, destroy your culture, and profit from your oppression.

It used to be good. (1/5)

Not anymore. Stopped listening

RadioLab has changes (2/5)

RadioLab used to be one of my favorite podcasts until it started getting focused on political issues. I hear enough of that in the news and don't find those topics to be in any shortage among other podcasts. Missing the old science content!

Sad. (1/5)

Radiolab has gone pants-on-head stupid recently, with a mean streak. “I’m going to take back the word gonads!” declares one of their idiot reporters. Take it back? From whom? It refers to ovaries and testes. It’s this kind of stupid and agenda-driven drivel that makes me very sad for the future of this once-excellent production. Oh, and Molly [Webster]: here’s your potluck dish. You’re just awful.

Asking for another friend - episode review (1/5)

Just listened to the episode titled asking for another friend and I couldn’t finish it. This is the worst kind of pseudo science. Saying that a dog is racist is dumb and feels like we’re now turning the clock backwards on scientific discovery and rational exploration. We have to re-evaluate behavior that has been recognized and studied in dogs for centuries but now under the new PC vocabulary. What used to be recognized as a dogs natural ability to recognize differences in people is now being referred to as racism? What the hell are we doing here? There is legitimate time and money being put into these idiotic studies. Gadzooks we’re getting stupid these days.

Less fun, more bias (1/5)

Longtime fan but it’s become far too political.

First podcast I started listening to and still the best (5/5)

Love the hosts, topics, production quality, everything! This is the first podcast that I ever listened to and I think I subconsciously compare every other podcast to it. For me, no other podcast has ever come close to what Radio Lab delivers.

Turned off (3/5)

This was a good podcast and was a consumer of this product, but the last wording for their donation pitch was off putting. They basically called you a freeloader if you didn't give. Alot of other podcast and traditional radio programs advertise. I dont want to freeload so i will no longer listen

Bring back old show! (1/5)

Bring back the old show!

Great info! (3/5)

RadioLab is an excellent source of knowledge and information on many different subjects but we really could do without all the dumb songs and sound effects.

I unsubscribed (2/5)

After years of listening I have unsubscribed. Politics have been forced down our throats constantly in the last two years and I’m sick of it. Not everything in life is about politics and this podcast, which I previously enjoyed, has gone down the same road as so many media outlets before it. The ubiquity of politics in media makes many, like me, feel as if its purpose is now propaganda. For a long time the US had the benefit of a media that reported facts. The media reaped the benefits of that in the form of trust. Americans as a result don’t recognize propaganda when they see it. I didn’t until I realized how obsessive it was becoming. I have now had my fill of politics. My reaction is now to shut off anything political. Life has more to it than all this and I refuse to sign on to all the hysteria. My life as a result of shutting off politics is so much less stressful. I recommend that everyone shut off unnecessary political discourse.

I miss Radio Lab When it was Actually a Science Show (2/5)

For years this was my favorite podcast. But over the past couple of years it has been transitioning from a fastinating science show to a run-of-the-mill gallery of "human interest stories" that are closer to party gossip than they are to informative discussion. And like gossip, I'm sure the episodes attract eager ears but what a loss for a show that once rose above the public pap with intelligent conversation from a scientific viewpoint.

Amazing! (5/5)

I got sucked in with the one about colors, and how we can only see colors we can name...mind blown!!! If you could do one on the myth that female sports create less revenue than male sports that would be amazing, I think the WNBA & the NWSL are good places to start.

Going Downhill (2/5)

This used to be the best podcast out there, but in the last few years they’ve taken a steep downhill dive. No longer interesting :( Take a listen to an episode from 2013/2014 and then a recent episode - you’ll hear it too.

Simply the best (5/5)

I've been listening to Radiolab for almost a decade. It is the gold standard for me when it comes to content and production. They make each episode interesting, relevant and entertaining.

Love it (5/5)

This is one of my favorite podcasts!

Update the intro (4/5)

I love this podcast. I just think it needs a new intro recording that is not as repetitive since listening to podcast episodes in sequence exaggerates the repetition.

Seriously I didn’t think TAL could get any whiter (3/5)

But then I found radiolab.

<3 omg so good <3 (5/5)

Best podcast I have ever listened to. I listen to every episode <3<3<3<3<3<3

Most thought provoking Podcast channel (5/5)

Every episode leaves me thinking about a topic for days, even longer. The context or story, always shows how our different perspectives are truly complex. Both sides of an issue are described in such a way that the listener can understand how the “other” sees things. The endings tend to have a twist that leave you hopeful.

Interleaved vocal interview editing. (3/5)

Please God stop editing the dialogue like this. The podcast is really good but someone seems to think that having the interviewer and the interviewee’s dialogue combined, then completing each other’s sentences, like a bunch of freaked out super twins from the bizarro world of a superman episode, is a good idea. This is not a good idea. It’s pretty distracting. Nine times out of 10 I can’t tell who’s voice is who’s. And worst of all, I get the feeling whoever is doing this thinks that they are cool and jazzing up the episode in a way that makes it more interesting. It does not make it more interesting it makes it less interesting it makes it almost on listenable and I don’t listen to the show as a result of that however I get really bored and exhaust all the other podcast that I do like and when that happens I scour for new material and sometimes close friends will suggest one episode from this podcast and I will listen to it and enjoy it. But due to this super annoying vocal editing approach I will not listen to it in succession.

Quality journalism (5/5)

Thank you for being quality, investigative journalism willing to tell the whole story and follow a story where it leads. Always excellent and informative.

Great show (5/5)

Awesome content and very interesting topics. Opens your eyes to past and current events around the world. As well as easy to follow scientific topics. Wonderfully narrated.

My favorite podcast (5/5)

I reference the things I have learned through this podcast on a daily basis!! Thank you so much for sharing these amazing stories.

Consistently Excellent (5/5)

This show consistently amazes me. Episodes are excellent, well-researched forays into every imaginable field, exploring the discoveries and realizations of our existence and the humanity behind them. This is the podcast that got me into podcasts. Unraveling Bolero, From Tree to Shining Tree and The Punchline are my personal favorites.

Oof (5/5)

“Hello this is radiolab and today’s show is” those words comfort me because every night I listen to a podcast and this is one of my favorites I have heard very episode that’s how much I love it

Fascinating topics (5/5)

Artfully explored

Priceless (5/5)

It’s actually easy to estimating the value of this podcast- in a word... priceless

Radio Lab going downhill (2/5)

I used to find Radio Lab brilliant, informative, and original. Now it contains more and more really frivolous stories often based on poor science. And what’s with all the swearing?! Especially ridiculous we’re the episodes ‘In the No’ and ‘Asking for a Friend’.

Tiring (3/5)

Occasionally I listen to an episode that is thicker with content, perhaps borrowing from another show. Usually, however, the incessant cutting style (no silences) and played-up host reactions (not to mention the cutesy inclusion of sound check audio and bonus floating "um"s) make it hard for me to listen. Putting aside the show's glorious past: I currently find the sound editing WAY too self-indulgent and twee. I get disoriented by the way you splice together and interweave seperate conversations, simply so you can achieve a reaction soundbite for every petty relevation. Podcasting is hard. I could not do it myself. But I also know I'd be half-tempted to make a sound collage every time, and it's not a temptation one ought to indulge so heavily. PS., Robert is NOT my fave host.

The BEST (5/5)

This is my favorite podcast of all time! Jad and Robert have unique abilities to make learning so much fun! I recommend Radio Lab to everyone who asks for podcast suggestions. Anyone and everyone can enjoy this podcast. I’m currently listening through every episode for the 2nd time!

Awesome (5/5)

This is consistently excellent and interesting. Thank you!

One of the best (5/5)

Radio lab is one of the first podcasts I started listening to a decade ago, and it’s still my favorite. They cover a wide variety of topics. And where other formats and journalists would skip over or shy away from the science at the heart of a story, Radiolab makes every effort to include it while making it funny or fascinating. But it’s not all science, there are stories of the heart, the law, about families, and just about any topic you can think of. Just listen. If you don’t find yourself going back and trying to catch up on every episode during your morning commutes then, well, you’re hopelessly dull and obviously hate podcasts. ;-)

They’re family (5/5)

I’ve listened to them so much that they feel like family. Best podcast ever made. My only complaint is that I’d like them more often.

RADIOLAB has no competition (5/5)

I listen to so many podcasts all day at work, and though there is many other fantastic podcasts none of them can come close to RadioLab. The diversity of topics and the research is amazing. The hosts and producer should win every award radio gives away.

Bias is off-putting (2/5)

I really enjoy the episodes that merely focus on the topic at hand and don’t drag out the ridiculous political BS that may be affiliated. I stopped listening a while ago because of that.

Speaking speed (1/5)

The rate of their speech is too fast to listen to.

Loops episode (5/5)

Thank you for sharing the woman’s story of her mother’s stroke. My father is still recovering from a stroke he had about two years ago

Used to be amazing, now it’s crap. (2/5)

What happened to the science? I’d go into more detail but just listen to an old episode and a new one and you’ll see for your self.

Beautiful (5/5)

Their latest episode, Loops, may feel like you’re trying to follow an episode of Russian Doll, as well as being one of the best podcast episodes I’ve ever listened to! I assure you the quality is consistently amazing. I love the sex-ed episodes and the amazing vocalists that they mix in. It’s informative and a work of art.

Stellar Content for 8+ Years (5/5)

This was the very first podcast I ever subscribed to, as recommended by an AP Bio teacher in high school. 8 years later and this is still one of my favorites to listen to: because of the content, the production value, and especially because of the passion of the team that shines through each episode. Keep it up!!

Just so good! (5/5)

Always learning. Thanks for the contribution. Gonad series was excellent and enlightening as are so many of these podcasts. Keep it up!

Listen to “the punchline”! (5/5)

Storytelling at it’s best! This story gave me chills and tears of joy the first AND second time I listened. Thanks Radiolab!!

A Bit Sensationalized (3/5)

I get that podcasts are entertainment. But there are better instances where nature and science shows focus on the phenomena in an awe inspiring way without sensationalizing it. While Radiolab hosts utilize some interviewing techniques, their questions are leading and the answers come mixed sound bites so it’s unclear what the interviewee really said. I wish they would slow down, present information and let the listener think more about it themselves.

Forever hooked (5/5)

I’ve never left a review, but I feel that I owe Radiolab one after listening to literally every single episode available (save two)! The storytelling in each episode is very well-executed. The material consistently manages to be stimulating, high quality, and often, thought-provoking. This podcast is downright addictive!

Ever-entertaining! (5/5)

I never know what I'm going to get when I download a new Radiolab, but I know that it's going to be informative, introspective, and well produced! This is the podcast that other podcasts aspire to be. Bravo!

Hi (5/5)

Hi I love the show but it has too many politics and not enough stories/science

hateit1939 (1/5)

Political sham focused on dividing listeners. It used to be interesting, even fascinating, but in the last several years the podcast has increasingly focused on only stories and sponsors that speak for a leftest regime. The hosts condescendingly try to "educate" listeners about political topics, mostly social issues, that they promote.

RBG❤️ (5/5)

Great episode!!

Journalism at its very best. (5/5)

Each week I’m gitty with excitement in anticipation of what the next episode will bring. Thank you for the excellent journalism.

Love it! (5/5)

This is one of my fav podcasts and one of the most recent episodes, “The Punchline”, is one of my favorite episodes to date. Thank you for consistently making a quality show that always tells a great story!

Required listening (5/5)

If that was a thing. This podcast should be on the list. I always learn something important.

Make this more accessible please (2/5)

Great content. Literally can’t listen because of the intro and other irritating musical elements. Please reconsider your choices here, those of us with auditory sensitivity(hyperacusis) need you to do better.

The Punchline (5/5)

The Punchline is an amazing episode.

Great stories I don’t hear anywhere else (5/5)

I have always loved this podcast because I learn from it and find the stories emotionally captivating. The recent episode about the hockey player John Scott was uplifting and terrifying at the same time. John is a hero in my eyes and the Hockey League should be boycotted. Just another example of democracy losing out, unfortunately.

Punchline (5/5)

Best RadioLab episode I’ve heard in years! I’m not crying you’re crying.

A great hockey story for the non-sporty! (5/5)

The new Radiolab episode „The Punchline“ was just great storytelling. My advantage: I know NOTHING about ice hockey, or sports in general, so everything in this ice hockey story was complete news to me. Every moment a surprise! I loved that. That said, I am eager to have Radiolab go back to some scienc-ey topics.

Radio lab: (4/5)

I think this show is great! The only problem is that they don’t separate things appropriate for my kid from more grownup concepts

Narcissism meets ADD (1/5)

If you want to hear a group of narcissistic wannabe journalists, with A.D.D., stretch 5 minutes of information into a 25 minute “sketch” then this is the podcast for you. The presenters apparently cannot focus long enough to utter a complete sentence. Instead they edit together phrases or just words from different people into “Frankensteinen” prose. As a gimmick or satire it could be quite amusing but as a style of broadcasting it’s puerile. The presenters and producers constantly reinforce each others narcissism with over the top compliments. Probably a product of their upbringing where every little act was greeted with unfettered approbation by their parents. The style of the broadcast is made even more unpalatable by the annoying voices of the contributors. Apparently one or more of the staff went to Harvard. So either standards at Harvard are much lower than we are led to believe or they were admitted under some quota system.

As good as podcasts get (5/5)

Radiolab is one of the few podcasts where the subject matter just doesn’t matter - it’s always going to be fascinating. If you haven’t listened to it you’re in for a treat

Worth Your Time (5/5)

Listening to Radiolab is always worth my time. Fascinating stories that are also entertaining. Enriching my knowledge - my brain - while enjoying myself at the same time.

So smart (5/5)

I have learned so much from this podcast. I feel I'm always bringng things up in conversation. There are a few I've made my family listen to. There is so much to learn.

Nonsense (1/5)

This show used to be good but now they are so biased politically, I think they are too far gone to possibly recover. Sad.

What Happened? Time to bring in new, original content -- maybe a staff change might help? (1/5)

Not sure what happened to this show the past couple of years, but they really lost focus. Almost painfully cringe-y to listen to it lately. It feels like they are lost and just don't know how to find any new or fresh science-based content. We live in an increasingly progressive world and Radio Lab is regressing with each new show. Bring in a younger crew who is keeping up with science in today's fast moving world, because the current team has become old and stale and have made it painfully obvious they can no longer keep up.

Disappointing trend (2/5)

Remember when Radiolab had interesting things about science and the world we live in? I miss those times. It is the far easier thing to get sucked into the current moment in history, but takes true courage to keep making stories about the larger picture and the forces that make the world tick. There is far too much reporting of the timely these days, of the outrage, but I used to rely on radiolab for the timeless, and it seems like that is no more.

I’d give it ten stars if I could (5/5)

I’ve been listening to this podcast for 8 years, effectively half of my life. I have learned more here than almost anywhere else, and the topics that are discussed have radically helped me in school and every day life. Radiolab has made me develop a deep love for science, and is helping me pick out my career. Thanks Jad and Robert! You guys are my heros!

Used to be good (1/5)

It was a brilliant idea. For the first few years it worked well; they made science the star of the show. I would wait eagerly for every new episode. Then suddenly it stopped being about real, hard science and became a social science podcast. Then one day it just became a sort of potpourri of new-agey sentiment and pop-culture. If I wanted to listen to “This American Life”, I would. Radiolab has become a 45-minute bimonthly bait and switch.

Liberalfest (1/5)

This once was one of my favorite podcasts, full of interesting and compelling science. Now it just focuses on one social issue after another and always with an unwavering and intolerant liberal viewpoint. If you want science, don’t come here anymore. If you are conservative or even moderate . . . also unwelcome. If you want encouragement for your safe-spaces and war against micro aggressions (sigh) you can rest assured you will be securely within your information bubble with this podcast. No trigger warning required! I will unsubscribe.

The roll off (1/5)

This podcast was once a delightful oasis of insight and wonder. But, it appears that all good things must come to an end. The stories are few and the content dull. The frequent plugs for other podcasts and the weak storylines (an episode about the phrase ‘I’m sorry’. Seriously?). I’m grateful that Radiolab has done so much for so long. However, I’m sad that it’s now rolling off. Thanks for everything, Radiolab. You will be missed.

No longer a science podcast (1/5)

New episodes are lacking what made radiolab great. The half assed discussions about social and political issues are not what brought me to this podcast. There are a million podcasts like that and many of them superior to radiolab's efforts. I'm finally unsubscribing after all these years.

Perfect!!! (5/5)

Makes all mundane tasks glorious!!!! Like cleaning and oral sex!!!

Radiolab was my "gateway" podcast (5/5)

Of all the perennial podcasts I am subscribed to now, this remains my favorite. When there's a new episode, I listen to it first. It speaks to the science geek in all of us. It takes no shortcuts in describing a discovery or explaining something well that my [Ivy League] professors could not, while making me roll on the floor with laughter and joy. I highly recommend. ... Slight update: I need to concur with some fellow reviewers that I [really] miss the science focus, but I also gain a ton out of your transition to focusing on the law. As an attorney (don’t judge) whose former career in environmental science [that I miss Every. Single. Day.] (health and water quality, primarily if anyone wonders) its clear to me how the two fields can be fascinating to a single individual (in this case, a team of people, of course). The stories behind the law are so well done. They bring so much color and context to a subject so familiar to me now (14 years in legal practice) that I am amazed how much I gain out of each episode. BUT, if I had a say, if not a full focus, maybe at least a sprinkling of science episodes. They give me a reprieve and are a window to my true joy.

Miss the magic of science (3/5)

Radiolab, I love your Podcasts! Even the new ones, I listen intently as soon as every episode is released. However, as many have pointed out in the reviews it appears the theme of the podcast has changed and brought on an agenda. I miss the interesting stories on “science and technology in the modern world”. The way you broke down vast and complex scientific topics was a true art form, and something I have not found from any other podcast. There are hundreds of other interesting podcasts that discuss politics and social behavior in insightful ways, but there just isn’t anything that compares to the way radiolab used to be. If you continue this new theme as a separate podcast, I will be your first subscriber, just please bring back the old Radiolab!

Liked this show better when it was about science-y stuff (4/5)

Seems more politicized than it used to be. I love the new series on conversion therapy—that’s not the political stuff I’m talking about—but there are Notably fewer deep dives into obscure and scientific topics and many more episodes justifying (or attempting to justify) one political idea or another. And the episodes about consent... didn’t love those. My 5yo and I used to listen in the car to fun, audio-artsy stories on bacteria and CRISPR. Not anymore :( Still have to give four stars for the amazing older episodes.

Noice (5/5)

Dead memes!! I love this podcast!

Perfect (5/5)

If I had to pick a single podcast to listen for the rest of my life I’d picked Radiolab

Goo and you (5/5)


Go back to Radio LAB! (1/5)

Please stop the social agenda mess and get back to your roots of fascinating science stories. I held on hoping it would be a phase, but I am UNSUBSCRIBING. Start a new podcast to triumph your agenda.


My favorite one, and I listen to a lot. Un-Erased is highly touching and interesting...I hope the series goes on for many episodes. Thank you!!!

Used to be great (3/5)

I’d give radio lab 5 stars for its early work that stuck close to pure science. For instance their episode on rabies is one of the greatest pieces of all time. However the current material has become tremendously based on social issues with a heavily biased agenda at that. The world doesn’t need another This American Life.

Pretty good buuutttt...... (5/5)

I really love Radiolab and I have learned a lot from it but unfortunately it has gotten extremely boring because they have started to get way to into current politics and not on science! I think that that stuff should be put on More Perfect

The break-up :( (2/5)

*Read this while listening to Boyz II Men, End of the Road softly in the background. Dear Radiolab, I loved you with all my heart. I listened to you over and over. Your voice, production & stories brought joy & wonder to my life, but you have changed. You are not the same podcast I met back in 2005. You are not the Radiolab I fell in love with. I'll always have a special place in my heart for you, but this is for the best – for the best of both of us. Goodbye, I'll miss you. Your friend forever, Quillen

What’s wrong with Radiolab these days? (1/5)

What happened to Radiolab? New ownership? New producers? What happened to the super interesting episodes which left you feeling educated and entertained? For the past few months this podcast has really gone downhill.

Used to be good (1/5)

Used to be one of my favorites, but recently(the last 6 months) have decided they are just going to push gender/identity politics and nothing else. I wouldn’t mind a small series/set of podcasts on that subject but at this point this podcast has clearly become a platform to push their political beliefs down your throat. Really sad as you have a great team, and could still use this platform to affect change without being all self righteous about it.

Hard Left Turn? (2/5)

Our family used to excitedly look forward to Radiolab episodes, with its dazzling mix of science, intrigue and wonder found in the universe around us. Pure aural delight, produced so well that each episode never failed to resurrect our inner 12 year old fascination with the cosmos...So what happened? Jad Abumrad, the lead producer seemed burned out, so he took a sabbatical, then he returns and suddenly the programs careens off a cliff. PBS/WYNC Have always leaned a little left, but for the last year or so, it seems Radiolab has steered way off into full on leftist, activist propaganda. The topics addressed have very little science and questions, but now seem hell bent to push a political agenda, or challenging all that is sacred. I can’t listen with my kids anymore, and I’m hesitant to listen myself. Maybe the producers have run out of creative ideas, so they feel the need to combat decency and traditional morals. What a shame! Example? What’s with the 3 recent “Sexual” Episodes? Is it radio porn or what? Will the producers ever find their mainstream audience again, or are they fixated on pushing politics and perversion?

Can listen long term (5/5)

Going to be blunt and just say that this is one of the few podcasts that I never get sick of. The voices never get annoying and the stories are consistently great.

Tells stories as they should be told (5/5)

The talent that the writers, producers and reporters at Radiolab is astounding. I feel smarter and more informed after listening to each episode. Well done all.

I would die for Jad and Robert (5/5)

This podcast covers a wide variety of topics, and goes in depth without chasing too many rabbits. Radiolab is whimsical while still presenting information and uses human connections to make topics previously dry more interesting and easy to understand. I always anticipate a new radiolab! Never stop!


A once great podcast has devolved into Trumpian racist and sexist behaviors. Their latest series (In The Know) they present a case where a women goes to visit a black man, they both get undressed, she performs 2 sex acts on him and then accuses him of sexual assault for no other reason then he was a BIG, SCARY BLACK MAN. They then proceed, in true trumpian fashion, to make up suppositions (right there on the air) as to why it was ok to accuse a black man of sexual assault just because he was black (and scary, can’t forget scary, because of course all black men are scary and sexual predators). This is old school Jim Crow Era lynching here. There are literally many black men trying to get their freedom after decades of incarceration due to false accusations of rape, sexual assault, or the having the audacity to merely look at a white woman, but somehow they think it’s ok to ruin a young college students life because a woman goes to his room and performs sex acts on him because she was scared. The blatant racism is just over the top. I think it’s no coincidence that I never see black people in their newsletters involved with the show. Maybe if they had at least one black person that person would speak up and do the job their producers are obviously too lazy or too incompetent to do. I also found it funny (I really mean horrific) that in every case the males were portrayed as sexual predators, no matter how inebriated they were, or how much they were enticed into obvious entrapment situations (episode 1 plays it in real time), and that they had to know immediately in the middle of the sexual act, again no matter how passionate and/or intoxicated both parties were, if the female had changed her mind, without saying anything (after previously giving consent) and immediately stop. They actually tried to say they needed to read her mind and tried to give the number of seconds he had to instantly read her mind and know she might regret it later (it was 2-3 seconds, BTW). Also, it was decided that men are guilty and need to face consequences if a girl is scared around them, for no other reason then they are guys. Also, women don’t need to get consent, they can assault men, and then it’s men’s fault if the women assaulted the men (the case with the black man, and some others), and the next day decided they were violated. The sexism is obscene. The truly sad thing here is this could have been a great discussion from a previously great podcast about a serious subject, instead they handed the show to a women from another podcast who is a criminal sociopath determined to make every man pay for an incident in her past. One thing that is obvious is that this podcast glorifies criminal activity that causes serious damage to young lives (false accusations of sexual assault that follow men around for their entire lives), and encourages others to do the same, feels that blatant racist lynchings of black men is acceptable, and promotes sexist attitudes from pre-1950s that were long discarded as damaging to both men and women, and has no place on the podcast platform.

Used to be good- now down the tubes (2/5)

Radiolab was one of my favorite podcasts whenI got really into podcasts about 6 years ago. Their episode on the comet that led to the extinction of the dinosuars was AMAZING is still probably my favorite podcast episode of all time. But about two years ago they started publishing terrible political episodes (like we don't have enough of those already) and long, preachy screeds about gender politics, the border, and whatever the current hot topic in woke politics is. I would still recommend listening to some older episodes....but I've unsubscribed and no longer recommend this podcast.

Elitist and ridiculous on politics (1/5)

As one would expect, when they cover politics they’re incredibly left leaning but the worst is the most recent one discussing “democracies”. It’s like they STILL don’t get that we’re not a democracy and sending producers all over the world aren’t going to bring back ANY ideas that would help us. And calling populist movements “hard right” and putting them in the frame of nazis is just juvenile and silly. When they do science it’s interesting, albeit over produced. NPR lame, in a nutshell.

Simply the best. (5/5)

I have a long commute and listen to ~3-hours of podcasts a day, this is simply the best one out there. The Radio Lab team educate, inspire, and challenge but always in a fun and interesting way.

Must listen podcast (5/5)

Radio lab is such a great, fun, interesting podcast. I look forward to the intriguing, informative episodes every week!!!

Constantly in awe of this podcast (5/5)

I don’t think it’s much of an exaggeration to say that this podcast changed my life. I remember listening to my first episode and just being in awe that something like this existed in the world. Exceptional reporting, riveting content. Absolutely a must-listen!!!

So glad for Radiolab’s “In the No” (5/5)

Thank you Radiolab for the In the No series on consent and rape culture! The original series from The Heart is an incredible series and I’m so glad Radiolab brought the conversation to a broader audience and dig deeper into these ideas. The world needs more reporting like this!

Great (5/5)

Amazing. I wish more of their library were on this app.

Still my favorite (5/5)

This was the first podcast I listened to eight years ago and nothing beats science for the lay person with the heart of a novel.

In The No (5/5)

The “In The No” episodes and the other podcasts and the interviews that they feature within it are some of the most important reporting of our time. I love Jad and Radiolab all the time usually but I was so moved listening to this specific 3 part episode of the podcast. Listen to it and learn and change.


This episode was one of my favorite. I think it was the variety - every few episodes there should be 1 with assignments like this, of course about different topics, where everyone does a shorter segment about different things.

Going downhill (1/5)

I used to enjoy radiolab, but more and more of the episodes are not about anything even tangentially related to science. There are other shows to deal with general interest stories, and I delete radiolab episodes not about science without listening to them. I'm already subscribed to This American Life, I don't need this podcast to become a carbon copy. Now it’s 3 in a row not worth bothering with. Deleted (which is sad, used to be good).

I used to love this show... now it’s a shame (1/5)

This show was one of my favorites. Interesting stories were an escape from the hum drum of work. Stories I’d never heard and can’t imagine any others did either. So sad that this has become a political show, pandering to its left leaning, city dwelling listeners or so it thought. I’m neither of those things, and used to think the world of this show... today I hit unsubscribe. Bummer.

In the no (5/5)

This is the conversation we all need right now. Bravo. Keep it up, honest and raw.

Embarrassed. (1/5)

The “in the no” series was their most biased and unthought out podcast to date, and lost me as a subscriber. This sadly has turned into sensationalist reporting, turning to the way of our polotics, instead of a scientific podcast i used to enjoy. Please fix, and maybe i can come back.

This podcast is fantastic! (5/5)

I freaking love this show!!!! It used spectacular scientific problem solving and resources to discuss and show how the world works around us. Radiolab addresses all kinds of topics, and they do this phenomenally, this is truly a show that has something for everyone.

Used to be about science (2/5)

It was good. Now just caters to how victimized liberals are. Unsubscribe and find better content elsewhere, unless of course this echo chamber is your cup of tea.

Anti-Male Garbage (1/5)

And I’m a female, In the No is absolute trash, she is a garbage human.

No to In the No (1/5)

Too raunchy. I’m deeply sorry that I encouraged my kids to subscribe to this pod cast a year or so ago. This latest episode seems totally out of character based on previous content. I’m out

Had to unsubscribe... (1/5)

This podcast use to have scientific/research bent, but the latest slew of promotions of other podcasts have strayed far from quality they use to have. The last one, just made me have to pull the trigger and unsubscribe.

Gonads and No: fabulous (5/5)

I can’t say enough how much I loved the gonads series, and the recent first episode in the No series. Sometimes I get a little irritated at the cutting back and forth between the interviewed and the hosts, but the content is great.

Driveway moments every time! (5/5)

Can’t get enough of his podcast. I listen to it while I’m walking, working in the house or yard, road trips, commute, etc. I always come away having learned so much more than expected. And despite the fact that it is a podcast that is sitting there waiting for me whenever I’m ready, I still end up stuck in the driveway or walking/working longer than intended so I can finish and episode.

I’m done (1/5)

I have been listening to Radiolab for over ten years. I loved the informative stories that were educational and thought provoking. Over time, the show has gotten less and less focused on reporting the facts of science and more and more on the art of story telling. It’s become this bizarre and mostly annoying podcast. Today, after so many years, I unsubscribed. Goodbye Radiolab.

Really well produced (5/5)

Great storytelling, interaction between hosts, and use of sound

In the No (5/5)

I really appreciate the work and thought that goes into RadioLab episodes, and also really appreciate the ways in which they tackle challenging topics such as consent and structural racism. I am looking forward to the next episode of "In the No".

Let down (1/5)

I could barely get through the first part of their “No” series. I won’t be listening to any more. Pretentious self indulgent whiners are not for me. I understand that they have to be fashionable. I’m not part of the demographic that needs pseudo-intellectual victimization stories.

What happened (1/5)

Radiolab used to have super cool stories with awesome interesting topics without pushing a biased agenda on people.

In the No part 1 (5/5)


Down the drain (1/5)

Radio lab was the best podcast on the planet but it has lost it. It’s not worth the disk space it wastes. The last episode with Kaitlin Prest is terrible, disjointed, lacks any narrative, and frankly is the rantings of someone who appears to suffer from disturbing mental illness, not any kind of interesting perspective. The fact that radio lab replayed her podcast indicates that it has lost journalistic integrity and any understanding of radio lab’s audience. This isn’t the podcast for thinking people anymore. It’s a lame and obvious comment on modern political divisiveness. Yawn.

This used to be a good show (1/5)

Radio Lab was my favorite Podcast. I thought it had very thoughtful & interesting subjects. But I've noticed slowly over the years it was becoming more & more political & leaning to the extreme left. This is no longer about science & is now just more post modern propaganda. A perfect example is the latest show about a femininest that rejects all notions of traditional values & is then upset & hurt about loveless sexual encounters. She attributes her all pain to male privalege. This is not a episode about science & it doesn't even cosider the idea that maybe having casual endless sexual encounters with random people isn't good for either men or women. Did it cross anyones mind that maybe 10.000 years of every civalized culture in history has something to teach us about sexual relationships? Wouldn't entertaining other possiblities other then it is all self absorbed men taking avantange of women worth looking into? This show is not about science, it social commentary from an extreme leftist point of view. Very disappointedpointing...

What Happened?!?! (1/5)

What happened? This show use to be so good. I could listen with my nephew and niece about all sorts of interesting science stories. Now it’s 3rd wave feminism with raunchy sex scenes?!? I’m not a prude but this is not why I started listening. I also don’t appreciate the agenda being pushed in all the recent episodes. This podcast use to be a break from politics. Never had a pod cast fall so far from its original premise. I unsubscribed today.

In the No Part 1 (4/5)

I really appreciate this podcast because it brings to light 2 things: Men need to learn to respect boundaries BUT ALSO that women need to set CLEAR boundaries instead of putting up a solf stop when a line is crossed. Also, when Jay says he wished they'd talked about this right after it happened instead of 3 years later I totally could not agree more! That's what's been so frustrating to me about the recent political debates. Why are we talking about sexual assault 3 or 30 years after it happened instead of the moment or day after. SPEAK UP LADIES!!!! It's our time to have a voice and the time to talk about lines that have been crossed is RIGHT AFTER IT HAPPENS. Let's please teach our daughters to be strong and to speak up IN THE MOMENT!!! I know this might sound insensitive but as someone who has experienced all these things that are being discussed in the podcast I want to say that I don't think its fair for us to put 100% of the need for change on the men, we need to take responsibility and control of our bodies into our own hands too.

Season 3: why a musical? (2/5)

I loved this show during seasons 1&2. You had Judge Posner defending Koramatsu, stories about the black panthers inspiring the individual perspective on the second amendment; it was great. The only way they could ruin it is by creating a musical . . . So that’s what they did. The liner notes are still interesting but why do I care what some random artist thinks about the 9th amendment?

Like, sort of (4/5)

Great podcast. My only feedback is that the show would be easier to listen to if the hosts and reporters used less filler words, e.g. “like” and “sort of.” Thanks.

You can count on this (5/5)

Discovered this on NPR, deepened addiction to it through podcasts ~ reliably thought provoking!

Informative and unbiased (5/5)

Great source of general information

Hate to be contrary, but... (2/5)

Lots of five-star reviews here, and I can appreciate why some folks really like this podcast, but to my ear Radiolab is WAY over-produced. The editing style and sound effects get in the way of the story-telling, calling attention the themselves, to the point where the stories become frustrating to listen to. The subject matter is usually very interesting, but the presentation style is to jarring for me. YMMV.

Getting Too Annoying (1/5)

I used to love Radiolab, but now it’s becoming annoying and dumbed down. Too many sound effects and music that detracts from the message. I feel like I’m being treated like a child. Finding the Gonad Series to be difficult to get through. Too bad because it used to be one of my favorites

Bad news Bears was a pretty good movie. (1/5)

Absolutely terrible idea for a podcast. Please drop it and go back to business as usual because this is not working.

Never have I ever (5/5)

You put me there watching things happen through your words. I close my eyes and I’m with you. I see what your saying and what isn’t being said. It’s not quietly sitting and listening it’s very active in my mind. Thank you for your gifts and how you share them.

Talks down to audience & manipulative heavy handed sound design (1/5)

I always want to likes Radiolab but the degree to which scientific content is paired with audio production meant to manipulate my emotions or tell me what to think goes too far. It’s annoying to listen to something that consistently talks down to its audience. Much of my frustration with the program is how good the topics they choose are. It’s always stuff I’m genuinely interested in. However it always feels like 5 minutes worth of information has been stretched into an hour and I’m left feeling unfulfilled and agitated. Lastly the sound design and mixing is like nails on a chalkboard. Idk what it is they’re doing but even when nobody’s speaking I instantly know I’ve tuned my dial to Radiolab when a shiver runs down my body in response to the show’s unique sound

Juicervose (5/5)

I starting listening to this podcast about 2 months ago and haven't ran into one episode that I don't like. Side note: Any parent with a child on the spectrum must listen to Juicervose. It's a powerful, emotional, hope filled episode. I cried, I laughed, and I felt like I wasn't alone in my parenting. Great story and very interesting.

I started listening in middle school (5/5)

I first encountered Radiolab in 2007 when I was in the 7th grade and I was captivated. I have stayed a loyal listener since then. It is the perfect fusion of music/sound and educational content with a host of incredibly talented researchers, and journalists. I love, love, love the show.

Tears to my eyes (5/5)

Your thing today about the perfection of the first amendment literally made me cry.

I stopped listening (2/5)

I enjoy the content of Radiolab but have stopped listening due to the amount and frequency of adverts. Sorry guys but the interruptions spoil the podcasts. Such a shame.

Radioab (2/5)

Occasionally (but not usually) entertaining, these shows are mostly meaningless drivel. There’s a little science in it, but not much. Appears to be directed to a fifth or sixth grade level.

Always interesting (5/5)

This show has never failed to engage me intellectually and sometimes, to my surprise, emotionally. I love it.

Always Excellent (5/5)

Radiolab is always excellent- it doesn’t matter if you’re in the car with a five year old or a finicky 25 yr old. You can engage and learn through the brilliantly told explanations by Jad and Robert. An American treasure

Radio lab is amazing (5/5)

One of the best podcasts out there. Heart felt, thorough, insightful and compelling. You will be thinking about and talking about what you learn and experience for years. Listen and donate even just $5 helps. Thank you for your beautiful work!

News, stories, being a human (5/5)

Radio lab asks, and then answers some of those questions I have every day about humanity, Such as their show on how Facebook monitors its content, the “rule book” that now 2 billion people must follow.

Can’t ask for more in a Podcast (5/5)

Detailed, captivating, and truly enjoyable. The episodes craft beautiful narratives, with wonderful hosts and reporters.

Too Much Production, Not Enough Substance (2/5)

I used to really like RadioLab, but over the years it seems that too much energy is being put into clever editing and not enough into substance. The other day I listened to the The Primordial Journey episode for about 20 minutes and realized that the information could have been delivered in about 5 minutes if it hadn't been for all the little bits of choral singing, editing overdubs, silly metaphors, anthropomorphizing, etc. I appreciate the attempts to be entertaining, but it's really gotten to be too much. I unsubscribed. Intersting ideas, well explored is entertainment enough. No need to dumb it all down with all the sound effects and clever editing.

I love this podcast! (5/5)

Every episode is a little bit different. I Enjoy the in-depth look up such a wide variety of topics.

Amazing (5/5)

Sometimes funny, sometimes serious, always amazing. Perfect show, with the best production I've even hear. Sounds effects don't bother people with misophonia. Thank you!

The best (5/5)

Radiolab is the best.

Meh... (2/5)

The radio lab use to be compelling and interesting. Now the agenda and bias of the editorial left leaning staff is more obvious than ever. The only redeeming quality NPR has are shows that don’t report the news and maintain some journalistic dignity. I am now sorry to say after the past two extremely weak episodes ( sex Ed and post no evil) this fact is no longer true. Please use the funding you are granted in a mature way and make an effort to balance your content.... once shows like these mimic the integrity of your lack luster and false reporting efforts your network is doomed.

Still fresh (5/5)

They always venture into new and surprising territory.

I love this show (5/5)

I love this show. I think I quote some fact or story from it daily. I’ve listened to every episode, even the archived, and many of them multiple times. It’s the gold medal of podcasts. Every topic different, interesting, and perfectly put into a one hour story. Thank you to everyone who works on this show. You have opened my eyes to subjects and passions I never knew existed.

Hands down, there is no finer podcast out there... (5/5)

Well, maybe Code Switch, Embedded or Lost in Translation...also This American Life. Wait a sec- Fresh Air!! As you can see, I listen to quite a few podcasts and in my opinion, these are the best ones. Oh I also enjoy Trevor Noah’s show (ears edition). As much as I love off of these podcasts, Radio Lab is my fav. Well done, guys!!! Please make more episodes if possible. I know it takes a lot of effort to make this happen, so you’re forgiven. But could you please please make more?! Pretty please with sugar on top? Thank you for doing such a wonderful job, telling the most interesting stories on topics I never knew I needed to know about. You da best besties!

The bad show (5/5)

This episode stayed with me for days. I’m still mulling over the notion of how good and evil intersect in every human being. And the story of Haber mind-blowingly illustrated that intersection to an extreme. So well done!!!!!

Podcast Perfection (5/5)

Radiolab has entertained and informed me of some of the most interesting things on the planet...and beyond, all with top notch production and talent. There are many great podcasts, but Radiolab is the cream of the crop.

Suggestion (1/5)

Get people with accents other than American, Canadian and English and then I’ll change my rating.

Thank you! (5/5)

Truly one of the best podcasts around!!!

Best (5/5)

Podcast. Ever.

lol with robert krulwich (5/5)

robert krulwich’s laugh adds flavor to my day and spice to my life whenever I hear it. listen to radiolab. you won’t regret it!

Yes. (5/5)

So friggin’ good man

Really interesting (5/5)

This is a great podcast with very interesting topics. That said, Null and void was upsetting and surprising to me as they shut down the interview when Julian (guest) was passionately explaining that enough is enough and that our country had become corrupt and must be dealt with now!

So much fun to learn! (5/5)

This is another of my favorite podcasts. I am constantly learning and appreciate the diversity of interviewees, subjects, etc. awesome!

IMO I love this show (5/5)

I seriously can’t think of a valid reason that an educated person wouldn’t enjoy this show. Amazing topics! Great hosts! So much to learn! I tell everyone about this show. It’s on the same level as This American Life good. Produced to perfection! I can’t get enough radiolab.

Not what it once was (2/5)

Started off with great stories and what seemed like a neutral take on them. Now the politics of everyone involved with the show shine brighter than the story.

Best most interesting podcast in modern radio. (5/5)

By far the most interesting, entertaining podcast with an incredible amount of knowledge and facts about everything an anything. 10 out of 10!

:) (5/5)

Thanks Ijuesus avuuukeee Ijuesus is my love

Tired of rebroadcasts (4/5)

Great show, but tired of the rebroadcasts. Are you guys running out of material?

Amazing!!! (5/5)

I love Radiolab! I was hooked from the first episode that I listened to. Thanks for the great show, and keep up the good work!

I have been listening from the beginning (5/5)

Thank you guys at Radiolab. You have enriched my life with every single one of your podcasts. I love all you do. Thank you from the beautiful Northwest, Portland - Oregon

Weirdness on Ladt Few Gonad Episodes (4/5)

Would love it if presenter on Gonad episodes would use more gender neutral terms when referring to testes and ovaries. Neither are necessarily "female" or "male" and this distinction on episodes that focus on chromosomes and anatomy can be really harmful to trans or non-binary folks.

Used to be... (2/5)

I used to really like this show, but it seems as if it has turned to more political topics (especially) LGBTQ. This just doesn’t interest me much and I find myself skipping more and more episodes.

The bad show gives me hope (2/5)

It seems like agenda keeps polluting the purity of what this show used to be. Hopefully NPR can get back to their roots and turn spin offs episodes that tarnish radiolab into separate programs

Amazing show! (4/5)

This show is amazing. It can grab your mind in ways you didn’t know possible. Any nature or science episode I would strongly recommend. My only complaint is that the show now is not what it once was. They’ve moved away from the science to the more controversial topics of today. Honestly I am quite tired of hearing the same things that you could hear on practically any other show. But if you’re looking to have a great time, go back and listen their podcast from 2017 and back. You won’t regret it!

Fallen off quite a bit (1/5)

Used to love it, recent episodes have been overproduced and presenting opinions as biological science.

Informative and easy to listen to (5/5)

I love this podcast! Wide range of topics and easy to listen to. I especially have enjoyed the oat recent series ‘Gonads’ since I think it is an under-discussed but very important topic. I highly recommend this podcast for anyone who wants to learn more about the world and maybe even step outside their comfort zone a little to do it!

Still the best of the best. (5/5)

This is thoughtful storytelling at its finest. The care taken with subject matter, research, audio quality, and sound design simply does not get any better. Designed for curious minds with subjects mostly surrounding science, technology, and discovery. Do yourself a favor and listen. Thank me later.

I remember when... (1/5)

I remember when this show was about science... shame.

Not a big fan of the gonad series... (2/5)

Let’s get back to the good stuff please. The things my kids can listen to. I’d like to see more creative words strung together than series of f-bombs. Y’all are smarter than that.

Low on substance, high on sophomoric tricks (3/5)

Very sad to say, the Fronads episode is, well, low on substance while high on silly songs, sounds, immature comments and constant interruptions from dudas the producer thinks interesting. To make it worse, what’s up with anthropomorphizing cells!! Is that supposed to be cute? Or pedagogical? RadioLab is a fantastic show, but please treat your listeners as the adults they usually are. Guillermo.

What happened (2/5)

This show used to be the best show anywhere in talk radio, what changed? I turned all my friends and family on to this show and I am not the only one to noticed that things just are not as great as they were. I hope this show can go back to its roots!

What Happened? (1/5)

I’ve been an avid listener to Radiolab for more than a decade and haven’t missed a single episode. I can honestly say that the current state of the show has taken a massive downturn. What started out as a fascinating news program and platform to tell interesting stories on topics we all think about and ponder, has leaned into political bias and divided listeners. The show used to have a professional, well produced quality. Over the last couple of years the show has degraded into cursing and telling stories that they know will alienate certain listeners. I used to make contributions to the show until the show started to rub up against my moral character. I’ll still listen to RL, but without the eager anticipation and joy that I used to have. It makes me sad because a show like this never needed to take this kind of turn.

Victim of its own success? (1/5)

When any broadcast or podcast or whatever starts out unafraid of the occasional swearage, (like in “Apocalyptical” when Jad describes one of the people who contributed as having every 12 year old’s dream job, namely getting to blow (Apple won’t let me post this here) up for a living..) but then starts out podcasts like a recent episode with a trigger warning for a (mocking gasp) swear word, (oh em gee NOOO!...) it is a sign they’ve sold out. They’re too worried about what some people, clutching their horrified, virgin ears will think... sorry, but whenever someone starts out swearing, then one day stops, there’s usually a reason. Someone they don’t want to risk “offending,” and it’s NOT you, the listener who’s support helped make the show possible, it’s some SPONSOR whom they want to please. This begs the question, what happens when there’s something they would have thought you’d want to know, or something they wanted to tell you but their precious SPONSOR and their sponsor’s precious (Apple wouldn’t let me post this with all the colorful adjectives I’d like to add here,) MONEY prevented it because telling you might OFFEND... THEM? Like Batman, I only have one rule, but in my case, that one rule is that integrity is nonnegotiable. For the show to become popular with swearing and withOUT trigger warnings, means something has happened, something changed. They got tired. They got greedy. They got lazy... whatever it was, this is not a show I’m wasting another minute listening to. It used to be really good. You go through their back-catalog and listen to stuff like the Good Show, The Bad Show, Blame, Doubt, Are You Sure... if memory serves those are some good ones. These last couple years though the quality has gone straight into the toilet, and they’ve been doing the “launching spinoffs” thing, and the “bringing in guest hosts” thing and that’s not what I was listening for, which is why I can’t recommend this to anyone anymore. It’s a shame, because the old episodes were, as I said... really good. Also... having sponsors I have to fast-forward through in what was at some point supposed to be Public Radio... (yeah, I know they can’t swear on the radio, but they could in the uncensored podcast version, but that seems to be dead and gone), and as they’ve lost their way, given up, gone over to the dark side, whatever... there’s simply no reason to listen to them anymore. Radiolab has (as far as I’m concerned, “jumped the shark”). Take care.

Fabulous BUT.... (4/5)

I wish the editor would stop interjecting crazy sounds/music which makes it hard to hear the guests, and I really, really wish the hosts would not speak half of the sentences that the interviewees are speaking. Why, just why? This does not make for a more interesting podcast, it makes my brain hurt. The topics are wonderful enough, this 'style' is painful to listen to, please, the editing is just crazy and my ears want to go somewhere else. Let the guests say their entire sentence, you won't lose your audience, I promise!

Too extra (4/5)

Love the stories, not a fan of the over-production.

Mind blowing (5/5)

Amazing work, absolutely fascinating. I wish it were translated into other languages so that we could share it with other members of our family.

Politics (3/5)

This show used to be my favorite podcast and get a five star review from me for having unique stories that were jaw-dropping, but now it's just thinly veiled politics from the left. I basically copied this review from the one I submitted for This American Life, because it applies to both, but this one hurts a little more because it was my favorite podcast.

A great show losing its enchantment (3/5)

Each year of the past two it seems the quality and focus is losing a "star". The recent series on gonads is exemplar of this: it's over-produced, under-focused (it could be one interesting podcast instead of a wandering series), and filled with a sense of cheap audio cartoonery. And, Molly Webster, like, please, like, stop, like, using the innappropriate and maddening use of "like," between, like, every breath. All of these points devalue a once outstanding and consistent show.

Usually great with surprising sprinkles of bigotry (2/5)

I love 95% of radiolabs content, the way they edit can make nearly any story interesting. Thats why it’s so disappointing to me when they occasionally fall into the trap of bigotry and racism. In one of the latest episodes about chromosomes there is a whole segment in the middle where the host assumes a lot of negative things about a historical figure simply based on his race an gender. Then they laugh about it. It’s disappointing, hypocritical and destructive to our society. I hope they refrain from feeding the bigotry beast in the future, it’s causing people to leave the liberal movement in droves 😞

My favorite thing to listen to. Ever. (5/5)

I can't begin to describe my love for this show. This show allows me to get away from the world and get sucked into the show. The information, the content, the hosts. It's all just so good! Love you guys and the only complaint is there's not enough shows to satisfy my radiolab appetite. ❤️❤️❤️

Do better (2/5)

Molly Webster's style of reporting is so painful to listen to. Please take more care in your production and be more professional. The X Y episode is so badly hosted and edited that I had to turn it off midway through

Absolutely amazing (5/5)

Radio Lab is my number one podcast. When I need something interesting to listen to, when I want to learn something new, or when I want to look at the world with a new perspective, Radiolab come to my rescue. Check it out you won’t be disappointed.

Is there a such thing as loving something too much? (5/5)

No. The answer is no. I love this podcast so much.

Outstanding Show! (5/5)

I’m not sure where all the political bias rants are coming from. Regardless, I appreciate a science based podcast that challenges my assumptions and beliefs. In a time when so many institutions are being attacked by many of our leaders, science and history have never been more important to the well-being of the country. Keep up the great work!

Basic (4/5)

The most recent series, gonads, is incredibly frustrating. Have none of you ever heard of intersex or trans people? I keep hoping maybe you'll acknowledge people's existence outside of just "male and female" in the next episode but am consistently disappointed.

Awesome! (5/5)

I don’t understand what other people are b*tching about, but I think RadioLab is doing a great job! Their podcast is informative and entertaining and thoroughly covers scientific topics.

Enough.... (1/5)

Please. Just stop with PC virtue signaling. I’ve had ENOUGH lol. I will no longer promote your podcast. If you’re going to be a part of the propaganda machine that is trying to drive the American people apart, I will no longer be listening in. Goodbye Radio-lab!

I used to LOVE this podcast (1/5)

I found radiolab a couple of years and absolutely fell in love with it. I even decided to support the show financially because it was consistently blowing my mind. I loved how Robert and Jad interact with each other and it was cool to hear their different perspectives. Also the sound design had me completely in awe. I had the entire intro memorized down to every little beep. I’m getting sentimental. There episode on words captivated me and they’re episodes on the brain and how its neurotransmitters interact basically started my obsession with psychology. However, now all they create is political propaganda. They slowly silenced Roberts opinions because he seemed too ‘spiritual’. I’m an atheist so some of the stuff he said had me rolling my eyes but don’t silence his voice!? I’ve been patiently waiting for months for a new fascinating topic about brain disorders, the human genome project or artificial intelligence but all they’ve put out in the past months are trilogies about the Mexican American border with a deep bias and their latest episode where they bash ‘boring white dudes’ That’s not what I listen to radiolab for! It’s okay to have an opinion about something but this has become completely and unashamedly propaganda. Which kills me because of how much this show influenced me years ago. Most people don’t even care about politics, they just want to escape into a fascinating scientific journey. I don’t even like to recommend it to people anymore and if I do I tell them to only play episodes from the early days. The show has been completely hijacked and Jad literally just sits to the side and let’s Molly take his show from him. Can we just get Jad and Robert back as hosts? Please for the love of god ditch the PC stuff and get back to what made this podcast great!

Awesome (5/5)

I’ve learned so much about a really broad range of subjects. Always interesting and I love everyone’s enthusiasm.

Bigots (1/5)

Good show until one of the guests dropped her racist rant

Too political (1/5)

Radio Lab used to be my go to... now it is just a virtue signaling PC propaganda machine. I’ve been waiting for a good episode to keep me from unsubscribing, but I’m over it.

Lost Its Way (2/5)

Like many reviewers latey, I lament that I can no longer stomach the left wing hatred of anything white, conservative, straight, traditional, American, _______(insert your favorite indentity) that this show devalues. In the most recent episode "X&Y", the conversation about Daniel Webster devolved into the usual name calling of "racist, patriarchal, boring white dude...douche bag" and the producers chose to include it. To want end? Just to pat the followers on the head, or to piss off the rest of America? Come on RadioLab, you were once better than this. Grow up. Cure the TDS. Get back to exploring science, thought, design, philosophy and leave the social justice warrior costume at home for the wekends.

Science for the people (5/5)

When people ask me for suggestions of a podcast, I say “be the smartest person in the room, listen to Radio Lab.“

Awesome Show (1/5)

Disliked music on primordial journey. Gonads missed the mark for me.

Liberal garbage (1/5)

Used to great. Listened for many years. I’m not even a republican but I’m disgusted by the liberal garbage. Last episode they giggled and laughed about white people stereotypes. safe target I guess. Unsubscribed.

Gonads (5/5)

I have enjoyed there podcasts, however, these last 3 in the Gonad series is Most Excellent! THANK YOU for your fantastic reporting!

Gonads (5/5)

I LOVE the editing and the substance! Genius!!!!

Too political (1/5)

Used to be my favorite podcast, with fascinating stories on natural science, biology, physics. One of my favorite episodes of all time is still Pitch Drop. But alas, recently the producers have decided to veer into the subjects of politics and social justice warriorism. It’s boring, and predictably liberal. ....If I wanted to hash over politics and our eroding social norms, I’d listen to the news. The very reason I listen to podcast is because I’m sick of the news...and lately I’m sick of this podcast too.

Far left show (1/5)

Used to be great, now Anti-Trump. Bye Radiolab, I never knew ye.

My favorite podcast (5/5)

Great material, amazing sound effects, I simple love it!

Irritates Me (2/5)

I can’t understand why podcast producers think listeners want to hear ten minutes worth of “Ain’t we cute” drivel between two supposed adults before starting any relevant content. It reminds me of when modern dancers all had to choreograph “personal story” - when they all came from privileged homes and college dance programs and had nothing to say.

Fun, entertaining and educational (5/5)

This was one of the first podcasts I listened to and it got me hooked instantaneously. The Jad Abumrad and Robert Krulwich are a perfect pair. They are smart, witty and funny and at the same time have the ability to tackle serious and complicated topics masterfully. Highly recommend it.

Not down with this series (2/5)

I love this podcast, but after the gonad episode, I’m not finishing the series. The normally clever and entertaining musical breaks were waaaaaay too much this time. I’ll pick up when this series is done.

Annoying to no end (3/5)

I really like this podcast. The topics and information covered are interesting and very well done. The editing on the other hand, makes me want to claw my ears off and shove them down my throat. Being constantly bombarded by ridiculous sounds and songs in between the narrator's every word (literally), is almost unbearable. It's like they do out of their way to sabotage their own podcast. Keep up the good work.

Awesome! (5/5)

The best reporting around today. You go deep int the background of issues and I uncover how we have gotten to where we are. I wish everyone in all the news industries were required to listen to this show. Maybe their reporting would be more truthful.

Absolutely love it (5/5)

Listened to every single episode and I cannot recommend this podcast highly enough. Masterful.

The primordial journey episode (5/5)

Thumbs up for including LOTR film score!! I love how fun it is to learn about this awesome stuff that I not ever think about!! So full of knowledge, it makes me feel like I get smarter every episode.

I mean come on. You already know this show (5/5)

Not that Radiolab needs my review or recognition, it is, I think objectively, one of the best audio journalism projects out there. Podcast, radio, whatever. They cover stuff before I have even heard about it and seem to manage to just slightly get ahead of a lot of news stuff. Of corse the show is designed to have a unique sound... with well sound. Sometimes it’s neat but sometimes it’s really distracting or annoying and I wish they’d back off on it but they obviously know what they are doing so what do I know? One of my favorite shows though. I am excited to see a new episode when they come out!

Juvenile presentation style (1/5)

If you like ten minutes of content stretched into a full episode because they they are smugly enthralled with the sound of their own voices and their “effects” more than sharing information (they constantly repeat things as if you are stupid and fill the rest of the air time with silly, distracting sound effects) then this show is for you. Their enthusiasm could be fun but it is over the top and annoying instead.

one of the best podcasts out there! (5/5)

I am so amazed and enthralled with the level of dedication and talent that goes into each episode. Every episode is so informative and a beautiful portrayal of very real human experiences, good and bad. Really makes me appreciate that we are all in this together. Keep spreading the love through knowledge.

Great great podcast (5/5)

Love it! One of the best productions! Great detail, story telling, emotion, and the hosts are great! Love science!

Too much (3/5)

I really love the content of this show. They find really interesting topics and they cover them in an interesting way. The show is SO over produced though (in my opinion) that it’s distracting. I would love it if they’d take it down a notch or two with all the background sounds and voices. The show doesn’t need it. If they cleaned that up a bit, the show would easily be a 5 for me.

Love your episodes, why are pep speaking so fast? (5/5)

Love, LOVE, love your episodes. Such great topics. You guys are doing a fantastic job. I wonder if its my iphone as I download podcasts, but the speed of speech is faster than normal. Is this just me? I have friends in New York City that speak slower. Im thinking its been speeded up, Im native Californian and i get it all but its like its on a record player speeded up a little. Thanks! Connie

Dislike your ultimatum... (3/5)

Pleading with listeners to donate like it’s a cancer drive is annoying. Try too hard to make me feel guilty for not supporting you, and I’ll go elsewhere for meaningful content. I’d rather hear a few ads with relevant products or sign-up for a subscription than listen to you tell me your show might be around unless I donate; please. Get a better business model and leave the handouts for charities where they belong. You’re a business, act like one.

Thanks!!! (4/5)

Thanks so much for the primordial episode!! I’m half way through it and I couldn’t be happier - this is the radio lab I love with unique science reporting. You just about lost me with some of the recent episodes that were more like political reporting - the investigations did not seem well rounded and I was so disappointed. Gotta go listen to the rest of the episode. This is exciting!!

Good but a little distracting (3/5)

I've been regularly listening to this podcast for a couple of years now. This is a good podcast in terms of the new information I get to learn from it, but the background sound effects that the Radiolab team adds only serve to be distracting and are at times quite annoying. The sound effects almost make it seem like the otherwise scientific findings are dumbed down and the intended audience are not adults but 10 or 11 y/o children. Other than this background sound annoyance, it's quite a good podcast.

My first love. (5/5)

Radio lab was my gateway into my podcast addiction. The storytelling and explanation of complex ideas and topics is like nothing else out there. Thank you Radiolab!!!

I love the lab (5/5)

I Love every episode, every time, all the time. More perfect is also amazing and I feel like I’m fighting Alzheimer’s disease somehow by learning all of this. Not sure of the biology of all that, it’s just how it feels to me...

Don’t get fancy (5/5)

Radiolab you are seven stars awesome. Just don’t get fancy on us. Love love

#1 Podcast (5/5)

Amazing, educational, thought provoking and entertaining!

Totally captivating (5/5)

I love the Radiolab Podcast. I recommend them to anyone who will listen and everyone i’ve told has also enjoyed them! ♥️

Hello (5/5)

Hello I absolutely love your podcasts. My mom, my sister, and I all love your stories!❤️❤️

Hi. (5/5)

I want to be your friend.

My wife loved it (5/5)

And it takes a lot to capture her attention

Best Podcast and Information Delivery (5/5)

This podcast came to me at a time I needed something to listen to during a now long commute. I can’t stress enough how much I love my commute now!! I listen every work day. I love how the stories are research, written and edited. The information is presented in such an unbiased way that it is so refreshing! It makes me want to investigate every day things for the rich details that it has. Because now I can see how intriguing things can be. Please never stop this podcast!

Life altering podcast (5/5)

I wish I could give this a 6 star rating. One of the few podcasts that has changed my perspectives.

One huge issue (5/5)

with Radiolab is that I can’t seem to get enough Radiolabanf that me makes me feel old and I’m not comfortable with that. Step it up, guys. Gosh >:-

Great podcast but quality worsening (4/5)

So it seems radiolab has greater funding but with the larger staff... sadly the content is much worse. Instead of learning its more entertainment and much melodrama.

Best show I listen to (5/5)

Thank you to everyone at Radiolab, you guys consistently create one of the best shows I get to listen to! Thank you so much for all your hard work!

The best and most diverse content (5/5)

I have listened to radiolab for years and go back and listen episodes again after some time. I absolutely can not recommend this podcast enough!!

Love (5/5)

I love all their episodes. Great work. Keep it coming.

My All Time Favorite!!! (5/5)

This is the podcast that started it all for me. I am a mail carrier and I get so tired of radio and ads. Began listening to Radio Lab as a boredom buster and was hooked!! Thanks for all the GREAT content and expanding my knowledge!! Keep on!!!

Amazing and Insightful Podcast! (5/5)

Love all of their episodes, but the Border Trilogy just blew me away, amazing historic learning in just 50 minutes!

Best all around podcast out there (5/5)

I can’t get enough of Radiolab. It has everything you could ever want in a podcast. Please don’t stop making new episodes!

Mind Theater Via Ears (5/5)

The guys (I’m glad others spelled their names) put on an audio adventure EVERY TIME! Listen and enjoy!

great program except for the super leftyness (5/5)

im liveral i get it but the episode a while back with they guy whos “gender” changes every few minutes has pretty severe multiple personality disorder and it was rediculous

Radio lab chat bots (5/5)

Very thought provoking episodes. Very engaging.

Great, but over-engineered (3/5)

Overall, I think this is a fantastic show. However, I also think that they over-engineer the show by using an unnecessary amount of not-so-subtle background noise. Consequently, I don’t mind skipping episodes that don’t really cover a topic that I’m interested in. Nevertheless, I recommend the show.

It’s not fair how good this show is! (5/5)

Like, seriously how do they do it? Year after year it opens the world more and more and makes me think about my place in it in new ways. Thank you for continuing to do amazing work!!!!

Love this!!! (5/5)

Give one episode a listen and you will be hooked! Well made show, great reporting, and captivating topics. The show is an absolute joy to listen to.

Great programing (5/5)

This is the best possible example of what radio could be. Amazing touching stories, great hosts.

I look forward to each new episode (5/5)

RadioLab is one of my favorite Podcasts. I have never been disappointed. I learn information I didn’t know I wanted to learn.

Excellent show (5/5)

These folks always provide a thought-provoking show.

I liked radiolab at first ... (1/5)

But I’m close to stop listening and unsubscribing. Essentially, and I don’t know how they did it, but this podcast is PRETENTIOUS and it is VERY much so. You get the first clue by the way they even announce the name of the show in the very beginning. Then, it continues and there’s much pretension from merely the two main hosts - their voices and their attitude. It’s too bad bc every once in a while they have an interesting topic. This is a review of radiolab. Ps. I listen to many NPR podcasts.

Love (5/5)

I love this podcast so much ! My particular favorite was the “darkness” episode with the astronauts ! Please do another one on space. Pretty please !

Best show ever!! (5/5)

Fascinating show.

Please come back to center. (2/5)

Your obvious left leaning opinions are tainting the quality of your work. Lay off your bias views and report with only factual evidence. The constant input of your feelings adds nothing to the story it only retracts from it.

Amazing Science (5/5)

Loved Radiolab for the past 10 years! Learned so much about science, ie. CRISPR, the color ranges that dogs and shrimp can see etc. However not a fan of the obscure non-science things like the border walls, etc. That is what the boring newscasts are for! I don’t ate every year!

Dark side of the Earth was wonderful! (5/5)

Just what I needed getting ready for work one morning.

Good show,,,But the intro (4/5)

The show is usually interesting. However, the introduction is waaaaaay too long. It always takes multiple minutes to get to the meat of the show. People don’t need so much back up story and corny jokes. We have limited time, let’s get to the story. G. Davis

nice (5/5)


Fan (5/5)

They make science fun and understandable!!

I never want to get out of the car (5/5)

Feeling so lucky to listen to you... my husband hates me for introducing him to you... now he’s addicted!

Radio lab (5/5)

Absolutely wonderful investigative news!!!

One of my desert island podcasts (5/5)

Every episode is amazing. The space ones are the best!

Liberal Bias (1/5)

This podcast used to be great but lately has become another journalism outlet turned political activist for liberals to push their narrative. Case in point: the issue of illegal immigration. The latest show focuses on the danger of illegal border crossings. Increase in border security has resulted in an increase in the number of deaths of those trying to cross illegally. RadioLab then tries to make the argument that breaking the law is dangerous so therefore, we should make it easier to break the law. Let that logic sink in.. It would be like saying breaking into your house is dangerous (could get shot, cut themself on glass, attacked by the family dog, etc) so you as the homeowner should make it easier for criminals to break into your house. So dumb, lol

My favorite podcast (5/5)

It's a great podcast to listen during to during my 40 minute commute to work. It has great interviews moderated by two funny guys with such great hearts that shows in their stories they tell. They bring in the humanity into the content of the show. Great work guys!

Such an awesome podcast (5/5)

So good

Insightful deep dive reporting (5/5)

In a time of fake news and “alternative facts” the consistently excellent and compelling work presented by this podcast, episode after episode, is a winning contribution to anyone’s library. Most highly recommended!

Get Back to science! (3/5)

Not sure when this happened but at some point Radio Lab got away from science and more into politics. Please get back to the cool stuff like biology, space and even history.

Radio lab Review (5/5)

This podcast changed my life. I can now spout facts for every situation and people finally don’t think I’m dumb! My mom works here, as the assistant director. She works super hard and I even FaceTimed with Jad once! You’ll hear her in the newer episode credits — Maria Matasar-Padilla! 😁

Love it (5/5)

This show keeps me company through yard work, laundry, and especially while stuck in traffic. The topics are often fascinating, and it's great to learn things about the world while doing mundane things that would usually leave my mind in autopilot.

Absolutely the best Podcast EVER!!!!!!! (5/5)

I love these guys, I can't wait till the new episode is dropped every week. I am a sustaining member and proud to be!!! Keep up the good work everyone at Radiolab

Best Radio Show Ever Made (5/5)

I have listened to A LOT of radio shows. I grew up listening to Paul Harvey, Art Bell, Rush Limbaugh and Glenn Beck and as I learned more about the world my taste evolved into This American Life and Prairie Home Companion. This show makes them all look bad. Their story telling is unmatched and they can make any story seem captivating and inspiring and truly unbiased. This is by far my favorite radio show of all time. There are so many times I meet someone unfamiliar with a topic and send them a link to a Radiolab I heard. I want to have children, just so I can listen to every radiolab ever with them. Kudos to Jad and Karl and the radiolab team for their amazing work! This show has brought me so much information and entertainment! Love you guys!

A+ (5/5)

Well done podcast! Makes my commute not feel like a commute!

a great show (5/5)

A great show.

No longer a show for freethinkers (1/5)

I used to love this show when they started because I would learn fascinating things about the world. But it’s increasingly imparting opinions and has turned into a religious sermon, no longer serving freethinkers. Sadly, I’m unsubscribing and parting ways after more than a decade.

Every episode is fascinating (5/5)

I’ve never come across a podcast in which every episode - no matter the subject nor interviewees - is outstanding. This is a staple for our road trips.

Good stuff (5/5)

I feel like I ought to go back and listen to all the archived episodes - lots of good information on interesting topics.

Best Quality Of All Time (5/5)

Radiolab is easily the best sounding show on the planet. As a podcast mixer myself, I constantly am using their show as a reference. Keep up the great work!

What is there to say? (5/5)

One of the best podcasts out there. Smart, funny, interesting, never dull, full of fantastic information, a great deal of which I would never hear about if not for Jad and Robert!

great but dumb sound effects (4/5)

started doing same cheesy sound effects as more perfect nearly ruins the great stories they tell. i can barely listen

This WAS my favorite Podcast (4/5)

I don’t know what happened or whether resources are too tight but Radiolab barely comes out with new episodes anymore. I love dropping into the older episodes in the catalog for the fantastic stories on a myriad of topics, but I miss seeing new shows pop up at the top of my list. And lately when they do post a “new” episode, it is a re-run of Radiolab or a re-run of More Perfect (which I’ve already finished listening to). I don’t want to ding the show too badly as there are so many good episodes, but the audience misses the old Radiolab!

The most interesting show on the radio! (5/5)

I am addicted to this show. I even re-listen to episodes. From the first moment that I hard this show, it piqued my ears becuase it sounded so different. I love the editing and music. I love Jad and Robert's chemistry and the way they discuss such interesting topics is never a disappointment! I am already so tired of hearing about politics on NPR so I would love it if these Radio Shows and podcasts would give us a break! There is so much to explore in the world that does not raise a listener's blood pressure! But other than that, I ADORE this show. Thank you for this gift every week.

Science shows are great, others ... (3/5)

I fell in love with this show years ago, when each show was a new revelation in how to look at the world from a scientific standpoint, taking science and popularizing it. Truly great storytelling. Unfortunately, the show has taken a sharp turn away from science and becoming more like This American Life. Noticeably absent from most of these recent programs is Robert Krulwich, a great science writer who was a great foil for Jad. The last episode I really enjoyed really in the last year or so was the one on plants. So if you want to hear some great science storytelling, listen to the early ones. I really hope Jad can get back on track and live up to the original mission and name of Radiolab.

My #1 Most Favorite Podcast (5/5)

This was one of the first podcasts I ever seriously listened to...and is my favorite. I have great memories of driving from Michigan to North Carolina and listening to back-to-back-to-back episodes. Now that my father-in-law has passed...we don’t make the trip anymore. His passing ended a chapter in our life and that means that this show has been with me spanning different epics of my life.

My All-Time Favorite Podcast (5/5)

I have loved Radio Lab for years. It is, in my opinion, the best podcast out there. The phenomenal presentation methods, brilliant research and soul searching depth of storytelling are standard by which all podcasts should be measured, mirrored in the overall brilliance of WNYC podcasts across the board.

Pinnacle of sound (5/5)

I have never reviewed a podcast before, so I thought it fitting to review the first podcast I ever listened to. Call me a late adopter, but a proud listener. I’d been listening to Radiolab for years. I’d seen Jad speak at a certain science conference of an organization founded by Thomas Edison. But it wasn’t until the summer of 2017 that I decided to get into the podcast game, wanting to listen to something other than music on my hourish long walks to work and early morning yoga. I listened to EVERY Radiolab in the feed like my life depended on it. Five years of shows. Now when something new pops into the feed, it becomes the listening priority of my week. I’ve heard of the concept of a show going for audience engagement so deep their listeners sit in the car in the driveway/garage/parking spot to hear the end of the show. I walk far more than I drive, so Radiolab has resulted in my walking round and round the block over and over listening to more. From best in the business science journalism to reveries on (and within) soundscapes to simple curios to existential discussions, Radiolab has it all. Kudos to its full team of contributors, creators, producers, engineers, musicians, and thinkers. Leonard Cohen built a Tower of Song, Jad Abumrad has built a Pinnacle of Sound. Listen.

Favourite Podcast (5/5)

This is my favourite Podcast! And I subscribe to many.

Buzzing sounds (3/5)

Great episode, but can we not put loud buzzing sounds in the podcast. Super annoying.

Wowzers! (5/5)

Never been inspired so much by a podcast. Robert, Jad, and the team give voice to things you didn’t even know were inside you. Awesome perks for Sustaining Members as well... Enjoy!

Perfection..... (5/5)


Just listen (5/5)

You won't regret it.

Love the show (5/5)

I love this show but, man, do I hate the intro. The show makes the intro worth it. I love the pace of the show--keeps you engaged and the content is killerrrrrrrrr.

Smarty Plants (5/5)


Fascinating Corners of Science (4/5)

Though the focus has more and more been cultural and political stuff, including trying to get you to listen to one host's unrelated Supreme Court podcast, you'll learn a lot about interesting questions in science when the show turns to that.

Decent show w/ one of the worst ads in history (3/5)

I understand the need for ads to help pay for the cost of producing this show. Most ads I don’t mind. But the ad about the RadioLab newsletter makes me crazy. It’s way too long. When I fast-forward through it, I have to tap the 15 second skip ahead button 5-6 times to get past it. That means it’s over 1 minute long. As much as I enjoy most of the shows, this single ad ruins my enjoyment of it. I would be happy to have even more ads about anything else, if they would remove this one single ad for a newsletter to which I will NEVER subscribe. I know this makes me sound insane. I can’t explain why, but I have a visceral reaction to that ad unlike I have to almost anything else. Is it just me? Someone else must feel the way I do.

Like this could be like a great like podcast but like... (2/5)

Let me start by saying the positives. The subject matter and investigative journalism are excellent, they keep me interested for almost an hour on just about any subject matter chosen. This could be a 5 star podcast in the vein of Malcom Gladwell's Revisionist History, except for.... The negatives. The language used by the main reporters and producers, I can only describe as "Millenibonics". Every few words is "like", which to me really crushes any journalistic integrity or credibility. Is it "like the President", and "like the White House", or is it "The President" and "the White House"? Come on children, if you want to be journalists, learn to speak your native language properly, at least when conveying to anyone over 23 your "like ideas and like opinions". Second negatives, are the chaotic techno dream sequence mash-up sound bytes. Yes, we know you have access to a Mac and a sound editor. We don't need to hear droning synths and every sentence chopped together from 15 different voices, this was cool in the late 80's when technology was new, now it's just redundant and annoying. I find myself often torn, because I love the subject matter, but sometimes can't make it all the way through because of the valley girl english and the rave soundbytes. Hopefully the producers will mature to meet the depth of the stories they present, it saddens me that it's often unlistenable, I'd be much better off reading it. Remove the unnecessary soundbytes and all of the "LIKES", and it would probably be 15 minutes shorter also. Maybe that's why it's done this way?

Shameless self promotion (4/5)

Your self promoting ads are super repetitive and annoying. I can understand how you need ads for revenue but ads about your newsletter twice in every single episode is whorish and annoying.

One of the BEST! (5/5)

I learn so much from this podcast

Favorite Podcast (5/5)

So interesting and fun. I look forward to every episode!

....RadioLab has helped my family and I; more than they'll ever know. (5/5)

I began listening to RadioLab about 4 years ago. I just happened to ride in a taxi that had it on, and I was hooked. I dropped out of high school and decided to work; as both of my parents had become disabled. I knew that if I didn't work, that we'd loose everything; which wasn't much. An old 88 Oldsmobile which was on its last legs, our small apartment and my families cultural belongings, a few pieces of Eritrean gold. I began work and listened to RadioLab religiously. I worked at Fred Meyers as a clerk; and as the years passed, I learned so much from RadioLab. After setting aside money for 3 years, I began taking classes. I don't have time to write out the rest, I'll have to edit my story as I'm late to class.

Used to be good (2/5)

Don’t know what happened but the quality of subjects covered has taken a major drop in the past year. I recommend checking out ones from 2016 and before.

This Show is a Zombie (3/5)

When I first found Radiolab it was a quirky piece of brilliance. Silly sound effects set the scene, creative editing kept me captivated, and each episode felt like an exploration. Now it’s just a podcast. I think if I found it now I might like it but since I’ve listened from the beginning, every time I listen to a new episode it just makes me sad. The show is good but it’s not special. The creators seem ashamed of the elements that once made me and so many others love their work. It goes by the same name but it’s not the same show. The world of podcasts has lost something amazing and replaced it with something commonplace, dare I say boring.

Incredible podcast! (5/5)

Absolutely one of the best on the Internet.

Just love it. (5/5)

I really enjoy listening to this podcast!

The best podcast period (5/5)

the most mind-boggling sound waves you’ve ever bounced down your ear holes.

fantastic! love this show (5/5)

You think you're smart but you're not. THis show is smart, its not for dumb people. If you want to be smart listen. Very Interesting commentary and occasionally funny. No, I dont work for this show...c'mon.

Intellectual Crack! (5/5)

As a philosophy major and a science teacher, this podcast synergistically hits the spot. Radio Lab is podcast crack; I can’t get enough! More please!

I remember my first time... (5/5)

You know how you remember where you were when significant news events happen? Well I remember exactly where I was the first time that I heard Radio Lab. My head filled with questions. Is this a special? Who are these guys? Why didn’t I know about this program? Is this really a regular program?! Jad & Robert mirror my own curious mind. They wonder aloud what I’m wondering. And their production capabilities are second to none. Spend time with Radio Lab. You won’t regret it.

Love (5/5)

Love it

Quality Has Declined (5/5)

The older episodes are fantastic!!!! I'm not so crazy about the newer episodes.

This pod rocks! (5/5)

I am always happy to hear from the team at Radiolab. If I need to hear interesting and thought provoking material it’s on Radiolab. Christopher Gaidrich

Great Podcast! (5/5)

I have listened to this radio show on my local NPR station for years. Its great that I can listen to it on my computer while I am working.

Wonderful, check it out!! (5/5)

The hosts really make this show, they both flow really well. Also all the sound effect they add and the special edits in addition to the stories make this very pleasing. The subjects are interesting and I always learn something new.

The citizen Kane of podcasts (5/5)

The best

wonderful in so many ways (5/5)

Radiolab continues to astound me. The stories. The conversations. The sounds. Oh Lord the sounds! Always surprsing, always entertaining, always a delight. Radiolab will take you on a journey to places you never imagined. They will lead you through discussions on topics you hadn't realized mattered so deeply to you until just now.

Always Interesting! (5/5)

Even when I don't think I'll like the topic they are discussing, I always stick around because they make everything fascinating!

Beautiful show (5/5)

This show helps you discover the magic of the world through science. Doesn't get much better than that.

Radiolab continues to inspire me (5/5)

I've been a long time listener and have enjoyed every single episode. Jad and Robert helped inspire me to get my PhD in cognitive psychology and share my research by constantly improving my science communication skills. This show will always hold a special place in my heart.

Highly recommended (5/5)

Radiolab is my favorite podcast.

Great Content but Self-Affected Production (2/5)

I listen to a lot of podcasts and I really want to love this one. The content has the potential to be fascinating. The problem for me though is the production feels really self-affected: overly long music seques between story sections and, for me anyway, incredibly annoying and pointless cross cutting between narrators and interviewees. I'd rather hear someone express themselves in complete sentences or thoughts. The editing makes me nutso - give me the story, not cutesy monologue editing.

New Years Resolution: Leave Podcast Reviews (5/5)

New Years Resolution: finally leave reviews for at least your top 50 podcasts. They give you way too much free entertainment. The least you can do is leave them a quick review. New Years Reality: I listen to 50+ exceptional podcasts. I don’t have time to write that many reviews. New Years Solution: Leave this cookie-cutter review for the few(ish) podcasts you love. Only review the ones you would (or have) recommended to people in real life. Review Note: I have listened to hundreds of podcasts, this is (in my humble opinion) the best of the best. Download, enjoy, and then recommend widely.

Stuck (3/5)

I really enjoy the production and format of the show and have been a consumer far longer then I’ve been listening to podcasts. I’m disappointed that such a large portion of the content has turned to social engineering and injustices. While these are important topics it’s mostly subjective and has begun to feel like a diatribe instead of information. I recommend listening but I prefer the old, “over produced” show with sound drops and diverse technical topics sprinkled in.

You never know what’s up next (5/5)

Always entertaining. Intelligent

Great show. I keep coming back for more. (5/5)

Topics never disappoint!

This podcast is corny and annoying (1/5)

Stop with the annoying sound effects. Get some hosts without effeminate lisps. Why do you need so many different voices at the same time? Why do you need soundscapes? Why does it take you so long to explain simple concepts? Stupidly annoying editing and dumber than a rock hosts.

The best (5/5)

Favorite podcast ever. Of all the podcasts and radio shows I listen to (which is a lot), it is radiolab that gets me thinking and pondering the most. More than anything else, they present situations that do not have a clear side. There are episodes that I listened to years ago that I still find myself reflecting on and debating in my own mind. Really, the best.

Great topics (5/5)

Thank you for all your continued hard work. I will continue to enjoy your generous content!

Always Fascinated (5/5)

I am fascinated by every episode I listen to from the range of topics, the spot on editing, the detail provided, and the always present human element that is weaved effortlessly into each show which connects me to the content no matter how far removed it may be from my life. Bravo to your whole staff and keep it up. I tell everyone that will listen that this podcast is a MUST.

Transfixed (5/5)

They examine complex topics in an engaging way that makes me rethink my entrenched ideas

Political (1/5)

Why delete the Shia Lebeoueouf episode? You can agree with Shia’s politics AND call him out for being a tool. They were trolling the person, not his disapproval of the president... and it’s an impressive story. But never mind that; bury your head in the sand and everyone who disagrees with you will disappear.

Just the Best (5/5)

Fun topics. Great formatting. Jad and Robert blend their talents perfectly. I love this podcast b

An all time favorite (5/5)

One of my all time favorite podcasts

Learn something new with old friends (5/5)

The hosts of this show have a great synergy, bringing their topics to life with humor, music, and curiosity. The info is fascinating... I can even smile when they say “the atoms figure out how to...”

Amazing (5/5)

I listen to a ton of podcasts (upwards of 100) and this still remains one of my favorites. It's so well produced and a must listen every episode. There’s such a wide variety of topics so that there’s something for everyone