Aggregated reviews for Reply All

"'A podcast about the internet' that is actually an unfailingly original exploration of modern life and how to survive it." - The Guardian. Hosted by PJ Vogt and Alex Goldman, from Gimlet.

My favorite pod cast (5/5)

So interesting, funny, and it’s just perfect

One of the funniest podcasts I'm aware of (5/5)

I get genuine joy out of listening to this podcast. I find it highly entertaining, and I regularly learn things with each episode.

Amazing (5/5)

Favorite podcast by far. Only gripe is when they disappear in August and I have to listen to the best of... which I’ve listened to multiple time already.

Just to say... (5/5)

Do you guys know how much I love this podcast? No? Well I just want you to. All the old stories from the first few years were very interesting and journalistic, and recently they have been a little more funny and tech-y. Through it all, I just enjoy the rapport you all have... kinda like hanging out with my nerdy college roommates in our old living room having arguments about Seinfeld and emulsifying agents. Awww.

New favorite podcast!! (5/5)

I love the dynamic between PJ and Alex. They make me laugh when nothing else will. The content is also actually super interesting! Whenever I listen with someone new they ask me to send them the episode. I especially love the tech support segments/episodes!

I don't like the new big pink mountain logo. Please change it. Thanks. (5/5)

Change the logo. I hate it.

Halloween episode not good (5/5)

Probably the worst episode ever. Hope this show finds its groove again soon.

Favorite pod ever (5/5)

This is my number one all time favorite podcast - I recently re-listened to every episode. I love the topics they choose, it’s always equal parts fascinating and funny. Alex and PJ are the best hosts and their personalities really come through in the episodes. My only gripe is I want more! Keep em coming! :)

One of the most amazing Podcasts I have EVER listened to (5/5)

PJ and Alex, Struthi and everyone who made this podcast is amazing. It makes me feel better about myself and brings my self esteem up. I love this podcast to death, thank you PJ and Alex for helping me through some of my problems you are always there for me just a listen away. The episodes the high quality, always interesting and keeps me interested.

Little girls with curls (3/5)

As I recall the fable, when she was good she was VERY VERY good & when she was bad she REALLY REALLY SUCKED ( I may be paraphrasing here ). First season was flat out brilliant. With each passing season, maybe every other episode, then every third was strong but they seem to have lost their way. That and their inability to publish on a consistent basis is pretty frustrating. Finally, the question posed in the blurb introducing episode 44. “Does PJ even have a better self?” Appears pretty valid. I still subscribe. In hope of the show returning to its former consistent superior high quality, but I delete more than I listen to. Time to shake up production staff maybe?

Obnoxious - this podcast is a zombie (1/5)

If you’re looking for a podcast with great content, one really good host, and then one immature obnoxious host the mocks the good host, this is for you. This podcast used to be great, but it has deteriorated over time. Guys, did you get feedback that listeners would enjoy PJ’s only contribution being not funny jokes?!? It detracts from good content. There have been several episodes that I have stopped because I just can’t take him anymore. I’m turning off the Halloween episode now, about halfway through, it was good until PJ quickly beat this house joke into the ground. This podcast is obviously dead and has been since halfway through last year. Content went down, more guest hosts, and Alex and PJ bicker in a not fun way. Let this thing die. Don’t keep dragging this around until we hate all the rest of you too (yes, I’m saying we already hate PJ). Fun while it lasted, but let’s make this the last year of reply all. You can do it!

Apparently I’m into Horror ASMR? (5/5)

So I don’t normally write reviews, but the latest episode gave me goosebumps, in a good way. Especially that soundscape horror bit at the end with Alex. Total ASMR experience, and I don’t normally respond to typical ASMR b.s. So yeah, just wanted to say this is an A+ experience. Happy Halloween!

Obsessed with Alex and PJ (5/5)

These dudes bring me so much joy. Alex and PJ I love you!! Your laughs never fail to put a smile on my face. I’ve listened to every episode and there isn’t a bad one. I look forward to each new episode and am always recommending this podcast to friends.

The podcast I listen to first (5/5)

If there’s a Reply All in my queue, you better believe I’m clicking it first. The miniature snickers bar of podcasts!

A delight (5/5)

Insanely funny and informative. The hosts have a hysterical, horrible dynamic that makes me laugh alone in my car like a madman. Combine that with some incredible journalism, and you have one of my favorite podcasts ever. When I finally arrive at my destination I just start raving about what I’ve just learned to my unsuspecting victims. I got my brother to try it and he’s now listened to every episode. I love this podcast with all my heart.

Drivel (1/5)

This used to be cool when Alex would do cool stuff to get to the bottom of tech problems, PJ wasn’t so whiny, and they actually riffed. Nowadays they’ve become un-nerdy gatekeepers full of nothing but opinion and trashing truth- juuuuuust like every other podcast that gets popular. This makes me want to go back through the topics they’ve talked about and re-learn about those topics without (((their))) spin.

I adore this podcast (5/5)

I’m constantly looking forward to the next episode of Reply All, especially, of course, the “Yes, Yes, No” episodes, which are some of the best (most delightful, funniest) chronicles of internet culture out there. Alex and PJ have these beautiful, joyful laughs, and the affection and good-natured ribbing in their interactions give me life. A must-, must-, must-listen.

Awesome! (5/5)

Reply All is probably my favorite podcast. It’s a way to keep up on the news without all of the depressing stuff filling up the page. Alex and PJ are also quite hilarious and make me smile. The episode about the 30-50 feral hogs was quite eye opening and made me realize that it was an actual problem not just some guy fighting to keep his gun. TL;DR: Reply All is amazing for anyone looking for a good news podcast.

Keeps Getting Better (5/5)

#148 - I nearly didn’t listen to this episode because the topic seemed questionable... needless to say the second half has made this my favorite episode yet. The guys are hysterical and generally knowledgeable and I can’t get enough. Thanks guys !!

Can't get enough (5/5)

My only complaint about this show is that it doesn't come out more often! I love podcasts but this show is by far my most referred. I listen to an episode and instantly want everyone to listen so we can discuss!

Favorite podcast (5/5)

I’ve learned so much while being entertained. Love this podcast.

A very original, informative, and enjoyable show (5/5)

I’ve loved every episode of this show. It’s in my top two or three podcasts

Hit or miss (2/5)

The quality of this podcast is very inconsistent. There have been several amazing episodes but there have also been a lot of terrible episodes, especially the Yes Yes No episodes.

One of my favorites (5/5)

This show manages to balance the line of being both entertaining and informative. Its has a wide range of stories on the oddest and most unique topics. Most of which I knew nothing about prior to listening. Pj and alex are truly great hosts as well. Both are superb journalist who manage to keep the show lighter and funny as well.

Yes yes yes (5/5)

I love “yes yes no”. You should do a separate podcast that is just pure “yes yes no’s”. Please.

Roller coaster (3/5)

When they don’t get political, it’s fun. I really like the scam and supper tech support episodes. The good episodes are really good, the bad ones are unlistenable. Especially the “guests”

My favorite (5/5)

This podcast has been and remains my favorite podcast. I’m not AT ALL a tech or computer-y person and that doesn’t matter at all. The reporting and storytelling in these episodes is so good and I really love Alex and PJ’s relationship. As a person in my 30’s, sometimes it feels like I’m listening to two of my friends chat about weird stuff in the world. This podcast has also given me a much healthier respect for the internet which is a good thing. I recommend it to literally everyone. :)

Top fave podcast (5/5)

Reply All is my top favorite podcast. Both hosts are so different but are super entertaining and great storytellers, without effort. Listen to their top recommended podcasts (they have a list, or check their summer episodes for favorite repeats) and you’ll be hooked. I started listening around 2018 and totally caught up! Now I listen to this week to week.

good stuff (5/5)

best podcast about very capable rats

Feral hogs (5/5)

Have been a fan, but just listened to the feral hogs episode and it is a top 5 episode I have ever listened to, of any show or variety. Thank you for blowing my mind and also illuminating a truth about something I was ignorant about.

This podcast rules (5/5)

This is my favorite podcast. Very entertaining and hilarious. I am slowly listening to every episode and they are all great

So much more than “about the internet” (5/5)

It’s such a human show. Unbiased honest conversations about things you didn’t know, or things you thought you did. Also really timeless, I love to scroll randomly and hit play on the old episodes (I call this “spinning the wheel.”) The people are kind (except that they jab each other (except that even that is done with kindness)) and I never feel like I know more than they do about any topic by the end of an episode.

Harley lady from ep 104 is a bigot! (1/5)

That Harley lady from the phantom phone calls episode is a jerk. Calling countries in the ME “terrorist nations”? Seriously, what’s wrong with this lady? Her white privilege is showing. Turned me off from this podcast, especially since the hosts didn’t condemn her racist statement. Not a fan of this kind of behavior, so can’t continue with this pod. Sad, because I think I would have enjoyed this one.

Thank you from rural America! (5/5)

This show is one of my favorites because of the breadth of topics it covers. I listen to laugh and learn. The show’s team obviously has what matters most—curiosity. I was compelled to write this review to thank you for the Feral Hogs episode, though. Thanks for taking a thoughtful look at something impacting rural America without the typical classist, disdainful tone generally employed. We need more journalism and stories like these.

Long time listener, first time calling (5/5)

I liked the show when it was tl:dr. I enjoy it not having too much of a theme, it is the internet after all. The Feral Hog episode, just made my day. I’m not big on Twitter, but I was aware of the feral hogs and semiautomatic weapons connections. So I’d like to thank y’all for filling in those blanks for me.

Feral Hogs! (5/5)

I love this podcast and the Feral Hogs episode is exactly why. Thanks for the reminder that in a nation as large and diverse as America we need to go deeper than a tweet to understand most situations. <wanting to make a joke about going 18 inches deep in a leaf strewn area, but not really formulating one that doesn’t undermine the point of the previous sentence.>

My favorite podcast (5/5)

I honestly get so happy when new episodes appear. Love that it’s just interesting topics that are only loosely related to the internet.

Such a good listen, even if it's not your area of interest (5/5)

I usually like murder ysteries or slightly disturbing fiction, so i never in a million years thought i would get so engrossed in this show which is oftern about tech stuff. But the hosts are compelling and really funny, and the topics are made so interesting by the level of detail. Its just so good! More please!!!! Oh- and advertisers? I’ll buy your toothbrush or gummies or underwear or whatever!!! Just pay these people so they can make more episodes.

It has potential to be entertaining but… (1/5)

I’ve listen to a few episodes and I see that these guys are fun and entertaining but I cannot listen anymore because of the continuous use of the word like before every few words. It’s as if I am listening to a couple of 12 year-olds podcasting from their mom’s basement. It makes me think of the old Saturday night live segment Wayne’s world. Come on guys at some point in your life you have to start talking like grown-ups. If you can’t speak without using filler words like like before every two or three words then you need to text serious stock of whether you should be in broadcasting.

My Favorite Podcast (5/5)

My only quibble is that I wish the episodes were more frequent! But each episode is always entertaining and informative. As a not entirely tech-savvy 20-something, I feel like this show helps me stay connected.

Like, so many, like, like, it’s, like, irritating as like... (1/5)

Dunno which host is, like, always saying, like, ‘like’ all the time, but, like, he’s impossible to listen to, like, because, like he cannot, like seem to stop this, like, incredibly stupid, amateurish, like verbal tic. Like listen to yourself, like for once and like count how often you like say like and cut it the F out.

LOVE - would increase frequency! (5/5)

I absolutely love this podcast, just wish it came out more frequently. Great hosts and awesome content.

I’m addicted (5/5)

I can’t stop listening. Alex and Pj’s laughs are contagious. Thanks for being so perfect.

The best (5/5)

Gimlet needs to pull everything else it is doing and just help produce more frequent episodes of Reply All. I consume a staggering amount of podcast material and this is my very favorite show. Super Tech Support is the best segment.

Great Podcast (5/5)

Always entertaining and interesting!

🖤 Favorite Ever 🖤 (5/5)

Love love love Reply All. Love the hosts. Love the stories. Love the quality. Love the humor. Love the content. Keep it up. 🤙🏼

I love this podcast (5/5)

I was starting to listen to podcasts and o found this one. I will listen to this everyday.

💜 (5/5)

Love this podcast!

So interesting and on a wide variety of media and societal questions (5/5)

Just terrific. Helps to listen to a few to understand the quirks of the podcasters

Love it! (5/5)

The best Podcast of all time

Finger on the Pulse! (5/5)

That’s right. At my age, I could be old and in the way. Instead, this podcast allows me to keep my finger on the pulse of what is hip and current. The first time I listened I could barely decipher the hosts’ words. Now I find them utterly hilarious. I would write more but I need to go practice my Naruto running. I can go really fast! Thanks, Reply All.

This podcast is a roulette (just like my score) (3/5)

Half of the time this podcast is amazing. The other half it's a totally irrelevant subject and bunch of guys laughing in the middle of each other's sentence. so 5 stars for great episodes and 1 star for totally odd bursts of laughter in the middle of something that stopped being funny 10 minutes ago.

Funny and interesting (5/5)

One of my favorite podcasts. Episodes are interesting even though sometimes the subject matter seems like it should be mundane, but they do a deep dive that makes it very engaging. Super tech support is my favorite. I know it takes time to do the investigations but I am craving more after a summer of re-runs!

Long time listener (5/5)

This is by far one of my favorite podcasts out there. It’s witty, relevant, and keeps me up to date on the things the kids are talking about out there on the interwebs. I only wish it was weekly!

Reply All (5/5)

This is an unusual and interesting show, but the reason I really love it is because of PJ’s laugh. It’s contagious.

What happened? (2/5)

This used to be one of my favorite podcasts. Now, new episodes are few and far between. And when a new episode does come out, it’s primarily yes yes no... which is the laziest segment known to man. It also seems like Gimlet tries to leverage the following to promote its other podcasts. That wouldn’t be so offensive if there was any effort whatsoever out into Reply All. PJ, Alex, you can do better. You have done better!

Highest quality journalism (5/5)

Listening to Alex Goldman attempt to Naruto run in the studio is one of the greatest things I’ve ever experienced. Thank you for this gift.

Your politics get in the way of an otherwise interesting podcast (1/5)

The fact that you rip on conservatives so hard is just like ughh here we go...a couple of dumb know-it-all’s who think they are fully informed and aware of all things politics/economics/science/etc and spend the entire episode espousing and weaving their childish thoughts on the world into what could otherwise be a great topic to discuss. If you are reading this- your bias is not only a huge turn off but there is a consensus that you guys are idiots.

Artwork (5/5)

Very eye catching! I hear people saying “re-polish don’t re-brand” logos, but this is a successful deviation in my case. That thumbnail switch piqued me into believing you were present and publishing new content. Recycling the shows so often began to foster my disinterest for a while.

Please bring back weekly episodes! (5/5)

I love these guys so much. Please, please bring back the weekly episodes. Two weeks is too long! I could listen to you two giggle all day. You feel like friends, and I love the content!

Love the new artwork!! (5/5)

Huge fan of the show, haven’t left a comment yet but I just noticed the new artwork in my library- looks really great so I thought I’d leave my first. Thanks for the great podcast, I recommend you guys to so many people. Keep doing what you’re doing!

by far (5/5)

my favorite podcast. ever. i have listened to almost all the episodes twice. some 3 times.

No show notes (2/5)

They talk about things, but there’s no links or photos in the show notes about what they’re talking about. They did an entire segment (#133) about makeup and who did it the best, but the entire time I had no way of seeing what they did. Rather annoying, this isn’t the radio anymore.

Favorite podcast (5/5)

While many podcasts come and go, this one consistently is in my top 5 every year. It’s funny and interesting. I only wish they made more episodes!!!

Great to listen to sitting in the shower (5/5)

Great podcast to listen to while you are sitting in the shower

Like - take an elocution class (2/5)

It’s sad these people cannot speak without the chronic use of the millennial stutter-like. After 63 in an hour, one wishes to, like scream.

I Shouldn't Love them....BUT (5/5)

I accidentally found this podcast a few years ago, and it has everything that I'm not keen on. Silly laughter, they use the word "like" far too much, and sometimes they lose me, as they rabbit on and on and on, and I can't follow their story. BUT ....I'm going to use the word like as it should be used. I LIKE these guys! They amuse me, and from time to time I learn something valuable. For me it's like having two noisy, unruly nephews over for dinner. I don't always understand them, sometimes I disagree with them, but they make this old lady smile.

Still diggin it (5/5)

Keep it up! PJ be nice okay

Never disappointed (5/5)

Yes, some episodes are absolute standouts... but every episode is totally entertaining. I love these guys! The laugh and giggles make me want to have them over for dinner!

Awesome listen but too many repeats (4/5)

This is a seriously great show. If you’ve never listened before, you can plow through the back catalogue quickly and really get lost in the stories. Alex and PJ are great storytellers and investigate some interesting topics. The amount of research and time that goes into some episodes, like the phantom caller and spam calls from India ones, is incredible. The biggest issue is that because the hosts are busy with lots of projects and episodes often require a lot of time and research, episodes aren’t released very often. Sometimes you’ll wait two weeks for s new episode and get a repeat of an earlier show. Then the same thing will happen two weeks later, and two weeks later, and again and again... Overall this is a great listen if you go back through the old episodes and don’t expect too much new content.

Total Waste of Time (1/5)

I listened to a few episodes of this show now because my friend recommended it. All in all, the production is really great and PJ and Alex are great hosts but the content is so dumb. They spend their time searching for answers to questions that nobody cares about. For example, one episode talks about this guy who uses an app to mimic the sounds of an air conditioner while he sleeps. On the track there is a sound of someone walking and speaking Japanese so they investigate. REALLY? Who cares? What an unproductive way to kill an hour.

Refreshingly wonderful and creative. (5/5)

Wow. Thanks Alex and PJ for creating such a shareable vehicle for showcasing the hilarity that can happen when being rigorous, creative, playful, curious and collaborative in the world. Your ridiculously dorky pursuits are wildly entertaining and I routinely (a) laugh out loud irl 4realz repeatedly (b) am surprised by the creative momentum you seize (c) feel touched by the boundary-crossing connectivity you facilitate somehow??? and (d) feel reminded of how much silly magical nonsense we are often capable of creating if we want to. Thanks so much for brightening up all the parts of my life that can use regular nourishment - my heart, my humor, my intellect, my relationships, my joy. Killer show. Keep it up. Please ;).

Sometimes toxic, sometimes good (3/5)

Don't let these guys' politics infect your well being. Ocassionally they post something halfway decent. They Mysterious Breakfaster Cylandar is amazing!

Wow!!! (5/5)

Excellent podcast, informative, imaginative, quirky, suspenseful, thought provoking, very entertaining, they hit a high mark in all aspects of what makes a great podcast.

Wow. Excellent podcast. (5/5)

I can't believe I've missed this! Thank you Alex and PJ for sharing your smart stories, witty banter, belly laughs and sweet friendship. I just discovered this via The Snapchat Thief episode (which I've shared with four friends this week) and I can't stop listening. Luckily I have plenty past episodes to binge. Keep up the great work!

Favorite podcast (5/5)

Title says it all

Please keep following up... (5/5)

Please keep following up on the Crime Machine story. Or similar ones. I can barely type this through my tears. Not because I’m a victim of the policies but because of the facts in the story. No, not story. The facts f people’s lives. I want to thank you guys and the officers in the story for opening my mind and heart. I am probably on my way to a prison sentence by the end of this year for which I am technically guilty (and cannot morally defend) but for which there’s a much deeper story. And whether I am guilty or not I DO KNOW tangentially the evil persons who should be actually imprisoned. I’m not here to plead my case but to say to Jeffery Goldsteins, for instance, of the world area who need to be caught, captured, and destroyed. I’m sorry. My emotions are taking over. My point is the policing and incarceration in America needs a wake-up call. Wherein the low-level, probable past victims, of the crimes I’ll be imprisoned for, are used to help topple the sickening enterprise...the dehumanizing destructive disgusting enterprise...of certain sex crimes. I’m sorry. I’m not expressions myself like I’d like to but through my tears can barely type this out. I love your show how was it more like homemade episode, but story like the one described it in the New York crime tutorial, good maybe difference in the world. Go for it dies. You could make a difference… You have the talent and the resources. And you have the right. Do you want to do this, I think we etc. If I do end up in prison I’m hopeful I’ll still have access to you guys and your team. hope you listen to what I say. No reason that you show like you were serious buyer to bigger cause of… I feel I’ve come to know the heart s and minds is the best definition so, and I believe you will make a difference. I’m sorry there’s not more I can d Do your best work and you can help the world and the people in it.

Great show but had gone very down hill (2/5)

Great show but in the last 2 years the show has not been nearly as good as it was when they first began. Listen to episodes 110 and below.

Fantastic (5/5)

I love everything about this show. The topics are fun and fresh, the format varies sometimes so it doesn’t get stale. The production is fantastic. The hosts come off as genuine and exude good vibes. It makes me have a better day every time I listen to it.

FYI air conditioner moshi moshi (4/5)

Moshi moshi is hello when speaking on the phone. So the woman must have called someone or received a call. Many ways of saying hello to a person physically on the spot, but most common is konnichiwa.

PJ’s laugh is the best! (5/5)

This pod is the bomb dot com! An all time fave!

Hit and most recently Miss (3/5)

I’ve been listening for a few years and have enjoyed the podcast and the mostly tech centered topics. They are very interesting and fun to listen to but it seems like in the last 6 months the topics try to slam some form of social engineering down your throat. So I’ll give the podcast credit for the years I listened but I’ve stopped listening because it just doesn’t seem to be inclusive to a lot of its potential listeners.

😆yay (5/5)

Great show! Keep it up!

Fascinating, fun show hosted by good guys (5/5)

I love this show. It’s interesting and thoughtfully researched, and the hosts come across as informed and surprisingly kind. They sometimes run a show where they answer questions from the Reply All hotline and while doing so they walk a pretty fine line being funny and silly while also demonstrating patience and compassion when needed. And - they actually answer caller questions and solve problems! It’s so rare to see a show where men are comfortable being so nice. As your mom would say, these gents were raised right! The fact that the show topics are endlessly weird and thought-provoking makes this a winner all around. No wonder Reply All and its predecessor have been around for so long. Keep up the good work, Alex and PJ!

Always excited for new episodes (5/5)

There may droughts between new episodes sometimes, but I certainly can’t blame them with the level of investigation that these stories and tech support segments must require. The way that Alex and PJ play off of each other is also great as well.

Love this show (5/5)

So creative and informative Can’t wait to listen when a show drops

Thanks boys (5/5)

I have loved this podcast since the first time I heard the first episode way back when Gimlet was just barely getting its feet. These guys have infectious laughter, and I genuinely appreciate what they are trying to do with this pod. I redownloaded this old Apple Podcast app to give them 5 *’s for their last episode about Lizzy. Thanks for trying to correct the violations we all have, or will experience at least once in our cyber lives, while being charming, kind and hilarious. <3

Miss new episodes (5/5)

Big fan of the show! Are you guys only gonna do re-runs moving forward?

Love these guys! (5/5)

Great podcast!

When it’s good it’s great (3/5)

A lot of these episodes are great. Some are truly amazing (Long Distance comes to mind). Unfortunately, there’s also a lot of filler. Yes Yes No is kind of interesting but it seems like maybe it should be bonus episode or off week. It’s been nothing but YYN, call-ins, and repeats for months now.

Top-notch! (5/5)

This internet and tech-based podcast is really fun to listen to! The hosts are great, and the investigative journalism and story-telling is superb!

Yes Yes Yes (5/5)

This is the best podcast out there. It is perfectly designed and very well educated and put together. Alex and PJ are the perfect hits for this amazing show and I love every second of them. The topics never cease to interest me and I’m always on the edge of my seat wondering what will come next. Tech has always been interesting to me and so has solving problems. This show incapsulates both of these perfectly into a great medley of comedy, tech, and journalism. If you are new to the show I recommend long distance to get started. It is one of the best put together and craziest stories I’ve heard in a long time. If you are looking to laugh, find an episode with Jason Mantzoukas. Those are my personal favorites. Anyway, keep up the amazing work Alex and PJ!!

No w (3/5)

Vi Exzzewff23ikwy

💯The Crime Machine episodes (5/5)

This is serious and valuable journalism; a true public service. Now, please cover the abuse of “data” in the public education system. Paul Bambrick-Santoyo and his DDI (Data Driven Instruction) model are roughly equivalent to Jack Maple and his crime map; the original noble intention was to improve the quality of public service but their systems became something to game so that people could keep their jobs, with the public as victims. Public school teachers are being punished for student scores not improving. Students are being pushed to learn discrete skills, even in reading and English, in ways that promote burnout and are developmentally inappropriate and ultimately damaging to their education. Mid management administrators (principals, assistant principals and curriculum coordinators) are required to prove they’re taking action on low scores by putting a few teachers each year on the nitpickiest “professional growth plans.” You would not see this kind of teaching tolerated in “good school districts” (code for affluent school districts). I would rather have sent an email suggestion for this but did not see a way on the gimlet site. This story is similar to the NYPD story and fits Reply All’s general focus on issues related to the internet and technology. Sixty years ago, it was segregation. Now the undermining of public education has become something more insidious and subtle yet equally if not more damaging. Thank you.

Hilarious (5/5)

Honestly, I am very picky with podcasts or audiobooks that I listen to, and I’ve gotten into them more recently after my older sister recommended me Today, Explained by Vox. I tend disliking narrators who have really deep voices because I usually struggle to understand wholly what they’re saying, especially because I like bumping up the speed quite a bit. However, I don’t have that problem with this podcast and this specific one makes me really, really adore podcasts. I love how our two hosts have distinguishable personalities and both seem really sweet and funny!

One of my all-time favorites (5/5)

After listening to (a rerun) “The secret life of Alex Goldman,” I have to say he really has nothing to be embarrassed about, if I were being spied on/ listened in on, I’d have way more embarrassing things come to light. Anyway, one of my favorite shows. I’m always glad to see an episode appear in my podcast list! Thanks guys and please never (haha) stop making the show.

Part time sound designer (5/5)

What was the website go on to apply for that job? I didn’t catch it.

More and more political (3/5)

One of my top picks for my commute. Increasing number of episodes that seem to have a liberal bend.

Make New Stuff! (4/5)

Love this podcast so much, but hate that I have to wait two weeks for episodes that they released years ago. I’m ready to hear more!

Why all the rerun this summer (5/5)

When will you guys return:)))

Reply All (5/5)

I got bored with this for a while but the “Crime Machine” brought me back and I have listened to it 4 times and I will again! Why? The voices and characters really are vivid and there is a blessed lack or minimum of narrator. AND IT IS SO REVELATORY. Everyone in the world should hear it. So now I am a fan again. Just please no chatting and giggling about in group cyber stuff. At least not every week. Thank you!

My favorite podcast (5/5)

This is my favorite podcast to suggest to people, I’m surprised it isn’t more popular!

I am an Alex (5/5)

That’s all. I am an Alex.

Number One 👑 (5/5)

I usually listen to episodes while exercising and end up completely losing track of time. My 2 mile walks turn into 6 miles of listening and re-listening to episodes while chuckling or muttering things like, “woahh” and “wait...what?!” I love the format and really suggest listening to P.J. And Alex’s interviews on the Longform podcast. I get pretty paranoid about the internet, but this podcast has helped me understand more about the fascinating corners of the internet and the people behind them. Looking forward to more episodes!

Very good podcast, but... (3/5)

Avoid binging as the episodes become too similar to one another, and tiresome. Absolutely cannot stand Sruthi-centric episodes. Tried to like her, but can’t stop myself skipping past after giving her 5 minutes. The best episodes for me: super tech support and yes yes no. NO SRUTHI!!!

Your laughs are heaven (5/5)

I LOVE this podcast. Hearing the two of you laugh together makes me genuinely happy. But PJ, you are often mean to Alex- don’t be such a bully! You both bring such great and different personalities and strengths. Love the storytelling structure of your episodes

Learn to Speak Properly! (2/5)

Come on, guys. Do you have to have that weird super-hepster inflection where every other phreaking phrase is littered with “like”? Just because you are a podcast doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try and adhere to some standard of speaking. No i am not 60. I just like, find that like, its really annoying and superficial and lazy to like, say “like” in every sentence? Literally ruined the podcast for me. I listen to dozens and dozens and none I have ever heard have been as bad in this respect as this one. Content is great, but no.

My favorite podcast ever!! (5/5)

This is a show not exclusive on the Internet, but the broad social impact that it has. I love the range of topics and the hosts deliver it perfectly. I am definitely a PJ

Don’t wanna over sell it buuuuuut.... (5/5)

Yo this is my favorite podcast of all time. It is actually the reason I have become a podcast guy. The Snapchat thief episode is what drew me in, and then I got started being hooked. I’m not an Alex or a PJ, they’re both awesome. Their personalities compliment each other so well and I find the topics covered on this show super in line with my interests and questions. If you’re into tech or just staying current with certain social impacts or other aspects in this area, please subscribe. You won’t be disappointed !!

Need More! (5/5)

My favorite all time but the problem is that I binged all of it and now I have to wait two weeks for new ones. I wish I've never heard any so that I can listen to them all for the first time again 😭.

Fascinating, thought-provoking, compelling (5/5)

This podcast is my favorite after Gimlet’s Science Vs podcast. The stories are so well written and alluring. Topics are interesting and make me forget all the traffic I’m driving in. Best best best podcast, absolutely intriguing.

Obnoxious laugh (1/5)

Content is decent most of the time but I cannot listen anymore due to one of the hosts laughs. I believe it’s PJ. His laugh is absolutely cringeworthy. He makes this podcast completely unbearable which is too bad because it’s a half decent podcast.

Bad crabs man (1/5)

I have diarrhea not from you. I ate some bad crabs.

One of the best podcast shows around (5/5)

Reply All is one of, if not my all time, favorite podcast. I get super excited when an episode pops into my podcast feed. They are really relatable for me, a somewhat outwardly nerdy technophile who doesn’t live in my mom’s basement. Their stories are really interesting and often really funny too but all the same I’m pretty sure they both have a background in journalism and to that end they are excellent story tellers. I enjoy the charitable way they see the world and the people and things they have stories about that is missing in an increasingly brutal geek culture. I hope this show keeps going a long time!

Love it (5/5)

These guys rock the podcast circuit.

Funny and educational (5/5)

I frequently laugh out loud at work listening to Reply All- I love this podcast!

Amazing podcast (5/5)

The first podcast I ever listened. Been hooked on it and so many others for years. PLEASE DO AN EPISODE ON 8Chan!

Deep dive (5/5)

I have been listening to your podcast for s couple months... I’ve made it all the way back to 2017, and I can’t tell you how much I loved all the episodes on phishing! Y’all are amazing! The episode about hacking Alex’s phone is so good!!! Love you guys! Keep it up!!!!

Best podcast to ever happen to me (5/5)

So glad I randomly stumbled upon the podcast. I can listen to back to back episodes of yes yes no all day.

the best podcast (5/5)

love this - always learn something new and the hosts are fun, engaging, and have an awesome dynamic


Really I need an update love ya!

Change in quality (3/5)

In the last 6 months, the quality of the shows have declined significantly from the first 100 episodes. Wish the quality and regularity would go back to how it was.

Excellent podcast (5/5)

So many great stories and solutions to problems. Really enjoy this podcast

One of my favorites (5/5)

I look forward to this show popping up on my feed. Highly recommended.

Yutkfkutcyujcyjtmctumytkcuy (5/5)

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p.j. vogt’s laugh (5/5)

Practically every time I get a notification about a new episode of Reply All, I drop whatever I’m doing and queue it up on the spot. I’d donate my hypothetical powerball winnings to get an entire show made out of Yes/Yes/No alone. There are very few shows I’m willing to spend my precious data plan if I’m off WiFi, but this... this is definitely one of them.

Synopsis (5/5)

Two (sometimes more) grown(ish) men (women occasionally, sup Sruthi) discuss all the things that terrify me and make me regret every life decision I’ve ever made since the moment I first signed up for Runescape via Miniclips. 5 stars. G Nel

Unfortunately (3/5)

This show has jumped the shark. Used to be relevant and on the cutting edge of culture and technology — devolved into tepid schlock.

I never miss Reply All (5/5)

This is my favorite podcast. Alex and PJ are so interesting, informative and entertaining. I cannot get enough of them. Such an interesting and unique podcast. Have been a devout listener for years!

Used to be fun (1/5)

The Maza episode they magically pretend he’s not from Media Matters & his campaign wasn’t clearly planned for Pride month. This guy also advocated for milkshaking anyone he disagrees with. It makes it difficult to believe what else the show puts out.

Ah (5/5)


Much More Than You’d Expect (5/5)

Knew this existed but wasn’t sure it was for me because I am not all that personally invested in internet phenomena. But I’m hooked: the content is more quality investigative journalism/mystery-solving/humorous storytelling centered around things we all have in common; it’s actually almost too humble of them to just call this a “podcast about the internet.” I love the hosts/team, they are smart and dedicated and provide valuable help and information. It’s like a friendly Better Culture Bureau. The “On The Inside” series is Serial-quality—great job Sruthi! More Jonathan Goldstein please, if possible! Missing “Heavyweight.”

Frustrated (2/5)

I really do love the show but have been very frustrated by the two latest episodes, especially the Steven Crowder episode. It was very one-sided and included an interview with Kevin Roose, who received a lot of backlash for looping Ben Shapiro, whose Jewish, in with the alt-right (a group of antisemites). So, I question his understanding on the topic and/or motive. Not the most credible reference point, guys. Disappointed.

Great storytelling (5/5)

Educational and entertaining, humorous and moving.

Excellent. (5/5)

Clever stories/reporting on a broad spectrum of topics delivered by bantering hosts whose griping is fun without stepping on the content of the show. If This American Life is the father of podcasting, Reply All is the fun uncle.

Never Miss an Episode (5/5)

Been listening to Alex and PJ for almost as long as they've been doing this podcast. Sometimes they cover silly internet trends, sometimes they throw hard-hitting reporting at you. Their episode on CompStat REALLY stuck with me. I still think and talk about it a LOT. I never miss an epsiode.

favorite podcast ever. (5/5)

i absolutely ADORE alex and pj’s content. no episode fails to intrigue me!

Listen now (5/5)

World class journalists captivate you with unlikely interviews of people who have been subjected to this internet of things we now live in. This was the first podcast I’ve ever listened to, I’m happy I did.

Fantastic show (5/5)

This team puts out some high quality content. The incels that Steven chowder has sicc’d on the show to give bad ratings will do nothing to this show. Back to 4chan w your opinions, kthanksbye

Come On, Guys (1/5)

I used to really enjoy this podcast but I just unsubscribed because I am so exhausted with everything becoming political.

Youtube hates gays and jews and others (5/5)

Great episode! They should be ashamed! Is there a youtube video about how much the nazis at youtube hate gays and want to cook jews, along with some positive aphorisms so as to not qualify as offensive?

Simply Terrific (5/5)

Engrossing, listenable.

Could listen all day!! (5/5)

I could (and have) listen to this podcast all day long!! As a training and development specialist at a mobility tech company I absolutely LOVE super tech support! “Yes, yes, no” is so good I could listen to a whole podcast dedicated to it! The episodes are so great I could listen to them multiple times 1000/10 would recommend!

I love Alex and PJ! (5/5)

This show is my favorite podcast. The only one i have saved that i actually listen to. I listen to it all the time. When i’m laying in my bed at night, playing xbox with it playing, and any other time of the day. My favorite episode is #79 Boy In Photo. Thank you guys for making this show so enjoyable to listen to and learn from. ♥️🔥

Interesting but annoying (2/5)

I like the content ok but the guy (dunno his name) is hard to understand. It’s like he’s trying to make his voice unnecessarily deep like a teenage boy would do to sound more grown up. He also says “like” as much as a teenage boy would.The words are not enunciated well and there is a lot of saliva in his mouth. He speaks so quickly I checked my phone to see if I sped up the podcast. You cannot understand his words roughly half the time! So irritating. Too bad! The content is interesting but I learned I can’t listen to it without being very annoyed. It’s like a bad narration of an audio book... too distracting to listen to the story.

Keep it to journalism please... (2/5)

Seriously love this show when it comes to actual technology and journalism. Not liking them hiding their leftist views under the name of “journalism”. That’s not journalism. It’s propaganda. I’m still listening to older episodes and enjoying those, but I’ve kind of had it, especially after the Steven Crowder episode. I don’t agree with everything he does, but come on guys.. he’s a dang comedian and have you heard of the 1st amendment? Also, what’s with that episode bashing capitalism? 😂😅

Was my favorite Podcast! (3/5)

I am bummed because I have enjoyed and referred this podcast to all my friends. I am an avid podcast listener and Reply All is my all time favorite. I have listened to every episode numerous times. I have never heard of either Steven Crowder or Carlos Maza until this episode. However, hearing you complain to YouTube that Steven Crowder picked on Carlos was ridiculous and taking a side in the debate turned me off. Hearing journalist complain to a medium (Youtube) where people can speak their mind is frustrating. Anyways I’m sure I will get over it....keep up the mostly great work!

Love love love love love (5/5)

Can not express how much I love this podcast. Brings me so much joy and comfort. Thank you Alex and PJ!!!!!!❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️💕💕💕💞💞💞💕💕❤️❤️❤️

Please stop being political. (1/5)

Keep it about technology please. Not some social justice hit piece. On the plus side, I’m getting a mug. Cheers!

Seriously one of my faves! (5/5)

This remains one of the top Gimlet offerings. I love the relationship between the hosts and how they relate tech to social issues.

Unparalleled (5/5)

This podcast is incredible. It’s about the internet but also so much more. It’s about the way normal and abnormal ways people use technology and they always have their finger on the pulse of what the frontier of technology is up to. I really respect their often unbiased and in depth style of investigating. At times they are very serious and also they know how to crack jokes at appropriate times. Their maturity and relentless ability to pursue stories to the bitter end is truly what puts this podcast over anything else available. And even better, they are so consistent with delivering quality context every two weeks. Aside from rerun episodes, they never disappoint with any of their stories. It’s the best.

Started out great, turned boring and preachy (3/5)

When Reply All was about solving technological mysteries in unique and daring ways, it was fun. I got so excited when a new episode was released; but now, about half the time I end up listening to 5 minutes, saying, “oh good grief, another ‘edgy’ social justice one,” and deleting it. Now that the podcast has changed gears, I find it massively less interesting and engaging. Their hearts are in the right place, but I’m not here for a thinly veiled agenda 🤷‍♀️

Lost the thread (5/5)

You’ve lost the thread, men. The last thing anyone needs is more desperate promotion of the supposed moral superiority of the left.

One sided (1/5)

Interesting but definitely not impartial. Only shares one side and doesn’t try and understand or listen to other viewpoints.

Bloated With Ads and Anti-Free Speech (1/5)

I started listening over a year ago and enjoyed it a lot. Recently it’s almost unbearable the amount of ads that are stuffed into this short podcast, but I still enjoyed the content. Their most recent episode ‘Louder’ was enough for me. Yes, Crowder is an alt-right, offensive goon, but he has a right to be that way. The entire episode was basically just anti first amendment propaganda with a port attempt to hide under being pro LGBTQ. Shameful when journalists try to destroy the very same amendment that allows them to do their job freely.

Leftist dribble (1/5)

If you want far left pandering/virtue signaling than boy have you found a great podcast! If you’re looking for a moderate/balanced perspective you’re barking up the wrong tree

Keep it tech (1/5)

Normally I love this podcast but recently they’ve been swerving into far left politics. Keep it in the middle guys and keep it about technology!

Introduced me to Steven Crowder (1/5)

Man, that last episode was horribly slanted dishonest “journalism”. Unsubbed - deserves one star for sure for introducing me to mug club, so there’s that. But no matter your political motivations, you must be honest; but y’all had to go and get gross with it didn’t you

Great tech, awful politics (1/5)

The tech stories, yes yes no, super tech support, are all incredibly interesting. The hosts seem to do a great deal of digging to find answers and tell stories along the way. The most recent episode as of 7/11/2019 interviews Carlos Maza in the wake of the YouTube “adpocolypse”. The host, along with Maza, paint a sad story of so-called “abuse” from Steven Crowder toward Maza by way of rebuttal videos addressing the claims of Vox videos put out by Carlos. The host did a phenomenal job of misrepresenting the core issues at play. He, along with Maza, threw around words like “abuse” without providing any sort of definition or context. The host also called Crowder “alt-right” and “homophobic” which is absolutely absurd if you take the time to do very basic research or watch any of Crowder’s videos in their entirety. Crowded not only denounces the alt-right, he continually puts out content that is in direct opposition to the alt-right and those who would base any decisions on someone’s skin color or sexual preference. Shows like this are really great until they show their bias and put out an episode of activism with such poor research. I don’t blame Crowder for not wasting his time with this one. The problem is with activist journalism—you’re reading everything through your ideological filter.

Leftist Propaganda Machine (1/5)

This show was fenomenal until very recently. It's a great show about the internet and I binged listened to hours of the show for weeks on my overnight shifts. But recently, the show has just been super political with a clear left-wing bias. Make comments about what you personally believe, but when you present leftist ideologies as fact and that opposing views are, in turn, wrong, on a show that is just supposed to be about the internet is absurd. Don't get me wrong, I don't want them to be right wing either. Be objective journalists, not political hacks. Unsubscribed after 150 episodes.

Disappointed lately (2/5)

Been a great podcast. But I was very disappointed by there episode #145 Louder. I was sad to hear them b so bipartisan and leftist. And call Steven Crowder an alt right, when he’s just a conservative.

Defending Antifa?! (1/5)

Antifa is a known domestic terrorist organization, and you have the gall to defend them? Maybe, like, try like, sticking to like, technology. And speaking like adults instead of valley girls from the 90s.

Long Overdue (5/5)

I’ve been a listener since 2015, and I am Overdue thanking Alex and PJ and the rest of the crew for this amazingly informative and entertaining pod. I am proud to have shared Reply All with friends and family. My daughter binged after I sent her an episode...and she is very podcast discerning. BTW, I’m 63...probably among your older listeners...and the pod has helped me keep up with my younger friends. Thanks again.

Speak like an adult, please (4/5)

I like this podcast but the use of “I’m like...” and “he was like...” makes you sound juvenile.

Best podcast ever (5/5)

I love this podcast so much! Super tech support episodes make my life complete. This is in my top 3 podcasts along with This American Life.

Yes, yes, n...YES! (5/5)

Discover things never known about random subjects and the Twitterverse that feels like eavesdropping on a group of friends.

Best podcast (5/5)

Amazing podcast. I learn something new while being amused every episode. I can’t believe more people don’t know about this podcast

Favorite podcast (5/5)

Out of everything out there, Reply All is my favorite.

Still the BEST ever! (5/5)

Reply All is my favorite podcast. Try as I might, I just can’t find anything that compares. The audio quality, rapport between hosts, storytelling, content, are all A+. Coming from someone who does not love political talk, PJ and Alex manage to discuss sensitive topics without being inflammatory or taking sides. So few people can do that. I look forward to every new episode!!

Ira Glass impersonation (3/5)

I wonder how many episodes of This American Life this guy listened too before he got his Ira Glass impersonation down?

Who are you? (5/5)

I’m an Alex!

I love this show! (5/5)

Listening from the beginning!

🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾 (5/5)

i have always been a fan of this show despite the hosts’ kind of alarming and eerily similar laughs. it’s fun, witty, vulnerable, dogged, and unassuming - real upper even if the episode is about a downer of a topic. even so, i’ve never written a review. in fact, i’ve never written a review for any podcast, and i listen to many. but after this latest episode about intuit i stand firmly in the sentiment that reply all is doing the lord’s work. i’m a yes yes yes on this podcast, thanks for all the hard work that clearly goes into it.

Stop drop and LISTEN! (5/5)

I love this show. So so much. I have been listening now for several years and already re-listened to back episodes once through. Each time a new episode comes out I interrupt my feed to play. These guys are GREAT.

I love reply all (5/5)

I love this podcast so much Pj and Alex make me laugh 😆 so hard and the topics are so cool 😎 keep it up Pj And Alex

Just fun (5/5)

Love this podcast, im not into internet culture but you dont have to be to enjoy this and laugh. My favorite segment is yes yes no bc it explains things to me in a way I would never understand normally and it makes me chuckle the whole way through. Plus solid reporting. Thanks guys. PS i’m an alex

Great show (4/5)

Sometimes the content is a little boring, or sometimes its a grand slam. Otherwise the average podcast is very interesting

Four Stars (4/5)

Because sometimes PJ sarcasm often overcomes Alex’s sweetness and it makes it hard to listen to. Great content though. I just would prefer more shows with Alex, Damiano, Phia and Sruthi. They are all stars!

Number One Favorite Always and Forever (5/5)

I love reply all. Like I looooove it. It’s sort of the perfect mix between factual, well written journalism and the talky talky no script type podcasts. Yes Yes No teaches me new memes that I would look stupid not knowing. The Long Distance episodes literally changed my life I’ve listened to it at least four or five times. This show is just so fun and lovely and PJ and Alex are darling and so are all the producers and I love this show the end

Go back and listen to them all! (5/5)

This is my favorite podcast! Every episode is funny and really interesting. Go back and listen to them all! I’m sad that I’m all caught up and now I can’t wait for each new episode. Thanks!

I really hate to bring this up (3/5)

I really like this show but PJ’s laugh drives me batty.

One of my favorites (5/5)

I love this show and always learn something new! I can’t wait for the release of each new episode!

I LOVE this show (5/5)

I cannot stop listening to old podcasts. I am thrilled when I see a new one has come out. Thank you

I need more! (5/5)

I discovered reply all a bit over a year ago. I very quickly binged the entire backlog and now two weeks between episodes is just too much. Use that Spotify money, congratulations on that btw, to crank out more episodes. PJ can work nights, Alex can take the day shift.

one of my favorite podcasts (5/5)

i’ve been a listener since the beginning and i get so excited when i see a new episode in my feed. always insightful, always hilarious, and i always learn so much. i’m not a tech person, not a super savvy internet person, and still love every single episode. can’t say enough — truly love reply all =)

A national treasure (5/5)

Never fails to deliver something new, thought provoking, or right in the (digital) feels. Don’t ever stop please.

1a Favorite show ever (5/5)

This is the first podcast I really ever listened to and is what hooked me on podcast. I had no clue they could cover so many different topics while still maintaining a common thread. Alex and PJ and magical duo. Show them love.

Love this podcast (5/5)

My only complaint is that they don’t post more often. I truly enjoy it. The stories are fascinating and their laughter is contagious.

Great content (3/5)

This is an interesting podcast and I love that I learn strange new things every time, but like, I must be getting old because the overuse of the word “like” is like super grating and gives the podcast like a juvenile feel. That may be the point?

Not enough stars to give (5/5)

My favorite podcast. Thank you PJ and Alex for your insight, journalism, comedy, and banter.

Favorite podcast (5/5)

One of my favorites. I always learn a lot and really enjoy the hosts!

100% (5/5)

Thank you Reply All you’re my favorite podcast

Savior! (5/5)

I have a long commute a and only recently got into podcasts. This one has made my drive so much less boring and stressful!

Always Waiting On The Next One (5/5)

This is my favorite podcast ever.

A curios little girl (5/5)

It was great

Interesting but (4/5)

The happy meal ad is probably the most annoying ad I’ve ever heard and it’s in almost every episode twice

Favorite podcast (5/5)

Great content. I’ve listened to every episode and also look forward to the next!

The podcast I didn’t know I needed. (5/5)

All of those random questions you have about anything online and how the lives of the people behind any internet curiosity is the even more interesting story. Like listening to my friend tell me a great story about someone/something, but with some good research and interviews strewn in. Job well done guys!!

Random 55yo Woman. Ha! (5/5)

Such a great resource to learn more about the internet. Fascinating to have been a part of dial up with like 4 live sites and now all this. Ha! You guys are the perfect balance of nerd, prankster, persistence and knowledge. I get it. I love your show. You are my morning and evening commute. Thank you!

highly addictive and binge-worthy (5/5)

Reply All is well worth starting at the first podcast and listening for hours. I’ve lost sleep and fallen behind on other (great) podcasts while binging on Reply All.

Love the storys that are one this show (5/5)

Great knowledge and hosts

All the things you never knew you didn’t know (5/5)

Reply all never fails to take me on a weird journey into the depths of internet culture and I’m all about it every time. Great stories, great hosts, great production. Do recommend.

Superbly Interesting + Well Executed (5/5)

These podcasts are narrated in Siberb fashion + move at a pace to never lose my interest. Oh, one more thing: and there’s a plug /commercial for electric cars at the start of some episodes: SCREW ELECTRIC cars!! WOW, they say you can travel 200 miles in one, then what??!! Ummm, charge it at what friggin random gas station in some other state on a long distance trip???!!! I live in greater BOSTON and I don’t know of ANYWHERE near me I can do that on the road within 20 miles!! GOOD LUCK!! People, the infrastructure isn’t there yet to make them convenient in most Gas stations so just STOP with this B.S. politically correct Obama crap about how great they are!!! You’ll find yourself stranded with no electricity to keep traveling PLIS the price for electric cars or hybrid cars JUST isn’t WORTH the $4,000 extra up front to buy one in 1st place!! Until the infrastructure is convenient and everywhere I’m SICK of this GREEN energy B.S, touted by green proponents, ya know?? Until these people can validate their claims of electric or hybrid cars up-front cost for savings PLIS convenience for buyers who won’t get stranded in most of the US., JUST STOP TALKING ABOUT HOW FRIGGIN GREAT they are and, ummm, maybe advocate for drilling the HUGE reserves of oil in Texas recently found ya know?? Because Green energy AS OF OF RIGHT NOW is neither worth the investment nor the inconvenience to the consumer and pitching its benefits is quite frankly flat out erroneous.

Love! (5/5)

I love this podcast! I look forward to every new episode!

More depressing than fun (2/5)

I’ve listened to a few dozen episodes of Reply All but I think I’m done. A lot of the topics are interesting, but so many of the topics are unnerving, depressing, or even frightening. The musical accompaniment certainly doesn’t help. So many of the stories are about people having terrible experiences that end up revealing a rabbit hole of toxic internet and real life miasma, and often there isn’t much of a resolution. If you’re someone that gets affected by that when you’re looking for entertainment, I’d steer clear of this and listen to something like Sawbones.

My absolute go-to podcast (5/5)

I listen to a loooot of podcasts, but this is the one I always listen to first whenever a new episode is released. The topics are interesting and the tone ranges from serious to silly.

Drunk reply all (5/5)

This is hands down one of my favorite podcasts. And better still, if you listen to it at 1/2 speed, PJ and Alex sound like their wasted, and it’s hilarious

Meh (3/5)

Some stories are really interesting and some are laughably bad. Like the alleged “Syrian refugee boy” or the dominatrix talking about peoples sex life fetishes. Too much information dude.

Amazing show (5/5)

Kudos for doing good in this world & being real in your conversations. It’s hard to find podcasters that are actually willing to make themselves look foolish. I mean I don’t think I’ve ever heard someone admit to sitting in the shower. This show has gotten me through some tough times. Helped me laugh when I didn’t think I could. Just wanted to say thanks.

Alex Bloomberg gets it. (5/5)

I love this podcast. Alex Bloomberg understands sitting in the shower. The phantom caller hooked me on this show, but Alex sharing that he also sits in the shower for the same reason that I do... Let’s just say Reply All moved up from my 2nd favorite podcast to tied for 1st with 99pi.

Great Content (3/5)

Great content combined with the most annoying laugh in the world

Absolutely love it (5/5)

The deep dives into hacker culture and cyber crime are some of the greatest features, but I love the chemistry of the hosts, too.

Hands down, my favorite podcast (5/5)

Easily my personal favorite podcast. Especially the super tech support segments. Honestly those are both extremely compelling and often humorous at the same time. Yes, yes, no segments take my 40 something brain and give it a shot of 20 something info. Thanks for keeping me hip. Looking forward to the next episode and thrilled that I can now listen to 99PI in my Mazda.

Great content about the internet made even better by... (5/5)

Super interesting and current podcast about obscure parts of the internet. It’s more than that though, because the focus isn’t so much the internet but where the internet intersects with real people. The show is made even better by PJ’s ability to look beyond the story and ask great questions that uncover what makes people tick. The best example of this is the episode where they interview a kid from Syria living in Turkey trying to apply to college in the states.

I’ve listened to all of them.. (5/5)

My only gripe is that they’ve gone to an episode every two weeks. Which in and of its self is fine. But it’s NOT COOL. To make us wait for two weeks and then play a rerun. . . Not cool.

Constant use of the word "LIKE" is too distracting. (1/5)

After listening to two episodes, and hearing "like" sprinkled throughout what seemed to be every sentence, I went as far as looking up the transcript, thinking that maybe I was somehow imagining things. Nope, I'm not imagining it - "PJ: Right. I mean, it's weird. It's LIKE- LIKE- the even on these LIKE scammy sort of LIKE copy, stealing websites, LIKE there has to be a decay cycle of interest in the thing. LIKE it –LIKE the die-hard “Elsewhere on the Web” readers, LIKE the people who click every one of those, eventually everyone is going to be LIKE, oh that story. I know that story. LIKE eventually this thing has to become less shareable, right?" It's too bad. The content seems interesting, but the "LIKES" are far too distracting for me to enjoy this podcast.

Love the content (5/5)

Mazda Virus episode had me laughing until I was crying. I want all these podcasts to be real. I need episode 2 of 88% Parentheticals!

Best of (5/5)

This podcast has quickly become one of the best of... every episode is a mix of hilarity and information.

I need more! (5/5)

Love this podcast!! I can understand from some of the episodes deep dives that these can take time, but it’s a nerd drug I crave more of... and faster!

To Binge (5/5)

Every once in a while, if you’re lucky, you come across things that immediately make your life better. Reply All, I love you ❤️ 💻.

The Good Guys! (1/5)

It’s amazing to hear someone who will help other people with whatever is causing them problems - helping solve problems. I want to say thank you for doing that with your time and your podcast. You need to be very proud of yourself.

not as good anymore (3/5)

The episodes were never as long as I wanted them to be, but they used to be interesting and consistent, and it was my favorite podcast. Now, the episodes are few and far-between, and rarely interesting. The episodes are like one third ads, and now the other 2/3 aren’t even interesting.

Fun show with just enough geek and nerd (5/5)

but also accessible for pretty much anyone. I enjoy that the topics are all completely different.

Breath of Fresh Air (5/5)

Been listening to this podcast for quite a long time now and I love that y’all never let a schedule or routine dictate how the show is run. Specifically, I love that you went back and addresses the origin of Yass because it was such a powerful few minutes to take that journey back in time and here from the person themselves on how this culture was even born. Absolutely love when people can own up to a shortcoming, resolve the issue, and go above and beyond. Loved it. Brought a tear to my eye.

Addicted (5/5)

I have never listened to podcasts before in my life and this is the first show I found. I love it and have already listened to 2017-2019 episodes. Great content

New listener (5/5)

Just teases up on the episode where they were discussing gay lingo and depression, great. New subscriber as of today.

Doing harm (1/5)

I have listened to you for a long, long time and for the first time one of your episodes made me angry. I understand that depression is different for every last person who experiences it. However, the subject whose Instagram you referenced and the narrator are speaking about their depression as if it’s a finite thing. Oh, yeah, when I had depression, but I don’t now. Did you even listen to yourselves!? Do you believe that being on meds and/or going into therapy will magically keep it away forever? Depression is a life long battle if you truly have it. It doesn’t just take a break and never return. It can ebb and flow, but it’s always there. You sound so self-righteous as if you’ve found the magical cure. I understand you wanted an opportunity to talk about depression and suicide but your message was very misguided.

I’m just an emotional dude... (5/5)

This this and everything this.

Took what I loved about TLDR (5/5)

and made it so much better.

RE: What it looks like (5/5)

Thanks for making me cry at my desk! 😭

💕You’ll wish you discovered it sooner! (5/5)

HIGHLY RECOMMEND! One of my go to podcast! The stories they cover on this show are just so capturing that I find myself only being able to dedicated my time to listen to reply all when I know I won’t be interrupted.... though many times I find myself bingeing when I do that which is perfectly fine! The episodes not only have you listening for more but they help educate you on possible relatable experiences such as The episode about “2 step verification” and the phone call scammers. Also, not gonna lie but their yes yes no episodes where they break down tweets.. they help keep me current on what everyone is talking about. That definitely come in handy for me when connecting with my students (I am a music teacher). My students are always impressed I know about whatever cool internet/media thing they are talking about.. shhh secret is I don’t but reply all give me a little bit to make them they I know what they are talking about lol 😉

A New Level (5/5)

Over the past two years, Reply All has become my favorite podcast. I listen to every episode and genuinely get excited to see updates in my feed. Still, I have never bothered to write a review until this week. #41 was so important. I just had to applaud what you did in that episode. Acknowledging your misstep and trying to understand it was the perfect reaction to listener feedback. Seriously, you guys are exceptional. Thank you.

Addicted (5/5)

I’m listening to old episodes while I wait for new ones this year. I learned so much from this show but at the same time I feel like I’m just hanging out and laughing with my friends when I listen. It’s the best.

“about the internet” (5/5)

Sort of. This is a podcast that I always learn from and laugh at and often also cry over. Just beautiful

Great podcast (5/5)

I never thought I’d enjoy a podcast with a premise or focus like Reply All, but I’m so glad I was wrong about myself! Informative, entertaining, and fun!

Love them (5/5)

I love learning so much about so many topics I never knew were interesting!

At home, at work, at play (5/5)

Whether you’re a PJ or an Alex, Reply All is absolutely the best. While categorized as a Technology podcast, Reply All is ostensibly a podcast about Philadelphia sports and Ron Mael. Five thumbs up!!!

This podcast has become my life blood (5/5)

It’s rare for a podcast to be able to cover the topics you’re interested in with the tone that you identify with but this show does it. thank you for the producers and their hard-working crew for a great show that never disappoints.

Been hooked for years (5/5)

Easily my favorite podcast of all time!! Absolutely love this show I’m a long time listener and am amazed that they can continue to pump out quality content. And I’m not talking quality in a traditional sense... these guys can take seemingly non-stories and turn them into hour long sagas that have me laughing and / or on the edge of my seat. Keep up the great work! More of the 99% invisible Mazda virus, less of the yes yes nos

Now one of my all time favorites (5/5)

Updating this review to add: I’m so happy I kept listening. PJ & Alex have really hit their stride. They cover fascinating stories and I’ve learned so much about a world I know nothing about. Love the yes yes no segment, (I’m always a no) and super tech support. I'm a big startup fan and was excited to hear Gimlet's new release. I wasn't sure how I felt after the first few episodes, it was informative but just a snapshot of the subject matter and it felt like there should be more. Recent episodes have raised the bar though with more investigative journalism. I plan to keep listening and think there is potential for even more growth.

My favorite podcast of all time (5/5)

My favorite podcast of all time. They truly care about the subjects they cover, and the stories are incredible.

Above Average - Hit or Miss (3/5)

Hit or miss podcast that generally holds an above average rating. For every banger of a call center episode there is the flop of a $2 Coke episode. Subscriber beware

Woooo! (5/5)

Amazing! Just binged the entire thing the past few weeks at work :) But please... please please stop airing the Facebook podcast ad about the Toms shoe guy. Literally the only time I ever use the skip button on a podcast. Trying to race for it before he says, “NNOOOooww” on almost every episode is my only gripe. Keep up the awesome job, team! I love all of you!!!

Yes, Yes, Yes (5/5)

I love learning about the internet with PJ & Alex. This podcast is The Internet for Dummies as they reveal the wonderful and terrifying corners of the internet.

One of my favorites (5/5)

Wonderful podcast. I love the topics and the level of detail they get into with each story. All are very relevant to me and the times. My least favorite ones are the tweet explanations, but you can’t hit a homer up every time.

My favorite podcast! (5/5)

Little did I know upon my friend showing me this podcast that would become my favorite. But it truly has! I love all of their content no matter what their topics are. I find it really cool and interesting and the hosts are great. Living in Philly, I loved the Gritty Yes, yes, no ep AND it made my heart happy when PJ played the channel 6 action news opening! I have a tendency to listen to a lot of news based podcasts, and in this day and age that’s a dangerous thing and for one’s mental health. This podcast always brings up my mood no matter the topic! I seriously cannot recommend it enough! The moment a new episode comes out I listen.

God I love this podcast (5/5)

Keep it up!

Every Single Episode Is WORTH IT (5/5)

Every contributor to this show is so skilled and every single episode is interesting, even when you think “nah that doesn’t seem up my alley”, I promise you IT IS. My #1 complaint is that they don’t release episodes more often, but that’s because the amount of work and effort put in each episode is so apparent.

Just a thought (5/5)

Love your show. Did you ever think that Adam Pisces (Ep. 141) might stand for ‘A Dumb Phish’? P.S. I could not find a way to contact the show via email on your site. Not a big deal but a bit ironic considering the podcast is called ‘Reply All’.... just saying. Keep up the good work boys!

One of the best (5/5)

I listen to podcasts sporadically. Sometimes I binge on them and then have to take a break for a while. Then a few months later I remember podcasts again, and this is the first one that I pick up again.

Amazing 👏🏻 (5/5)

Reply all is so awesome they do a great job of explaining everything and staying very current. I also love the way the show is put together and that both Alex and PJ have great podcasts voices. They don’t spit or yell right in the mic there is such a high level of professionalism and complete understanding how they sound and what they want in this podcast. And Matt is a warm freshly baked cookie 🍪

Awesome podcast (5/5)

My faves: Mazda, Black Hole, NJ and so many more. Really a great, funny and educational podcast.

Love them so much! (5/5)

This show is so great. Alex and PJ are funny and entertaining and clearly out a ton of work into many of these episodes.

Too focused on stories (2/5)

Was listening to the 99% Invisible episode and I felt like the stories were a bit too padded. It took halfway through the episode to get to what everyone’s first thought of testing the problem would be, which they even mention. Then they start getting to what would be the meaty part of it, talking about what the code might be doing, but they talk about a completely different coding language from what it’s written in. Finally when they start talking to someone that was on the team who coded it, the actual problem with it gets even less time than what was discussed when they were talking about what could be the problem in C, and it doesn’t even mention what was really happening besides a very dumbed down story of a personified car. I can see people enjoying this podcast if they don’t mind having very simplified nuggets of information, but for a 40 minute podcast I expected something more substantial

More please! (5/5)

Awesome show. Interesting and unique topics with funny commentary. Very well done and keeps you engaged for the whole episode. My only complaint is that I need more episodes to binge!!

Love it and it keeps getting better (5/5)

I’ve been listening for four years and this show keeps getting better and better. Last night on a road trip I listened to The Bruno Mars Mazda Virus and I keep thinking about it today and cracking up. PJ and Alex are such solid hosts. The most reliably phenomenal podcast I listen to.

Fascinating! (5/5)

I love how they can pull an interesting story out of small details. Like pulling a little thread and unraveling a fascinating mystery.

Always fantastic (5/5)

Whenever this podcast drops a new episode I basically stop everything to listen to it. This is probably my favorite podcast and I listen to tons of podcast.

Just Subscribed (4/5)

Thank 99%I for bringing in a new fan. Just loved the Mazda episode, can’t wait to listen to more of Reply All.

So-so (1/5)

I might be biased because I hate duo/chatty podcasts but Reply All is hit or miss. I cringe when they cackle. When the content and story are compelling they are very entertaining. The stories they’ve presented recently haven’t made up for the fact that these guys aren’t funny and laugh way too hard at their own “wit”.

Just keeps getting better (5/5)

I followed Alex & PJ from their TLDR podcast when they went to Gimlet. They have an excellent podcast “about” the internet, which is basically about us using the internet in all our interesting ways. I am pleased that they’ve maintained their style, their knack for finding a good story, and have gotten even better. That they’ve added to the team and have had some of the best shows just shows the power of teamwork. The whole team makes such a great show!

I'll be back after Gimlet recognizes the union (4/5)

Too bad. Good podcast, but like so many other tech companies, Gimlet is not union-friendly. People forget, or don't know, that unions brought us the 40-hour work week, 8-hour work days, paid vacations, holidays, health and other benefits, and basically, the middle class.

Brilliant (5/5)

Sarah Koenig reading 88% Parentheticals was one of my favorite moments of 2019.

Literal LOLZ (5/5)

I know I said this before, but I can’t say it enough… This podcast never lets me down and always makes me literally laugh out loud. It’s the best way to keep your mind off of politics. Also, the guys’ laughter is infectious!

The perfect podcast (5/5)

This is the best podcast that exists. It is the perfect balance of loveable hosts and amazing stories.

Great, but now super occasional. (5/5)

One of the absolute best podcasts - but new episodes have become very seldom. What happened?

Just listen and get smarter (5/5)

You’ll laugh while learning


I love PJ sand alix ! Both of them are so hilarious and also when talking about serious matters they’re so good with keeping it real! Have heard each and every one of their episodes! It’s amazing the array of things they cover!

By far my favorite pod (5/5)

Great podcast, can’t get enough.

Love this podcast! (5/5)

But my tin foil hat is getting bigger with every episode!! Knowledge is power. Thank you for making me smarter and making me laugh!

Fantastic Show (5/5)

I have been listening since the beginning and just now writing a review, for some reason. I love everything about the show but most importantly how much PJ and Alex care about the fans. Keep it up.

Been meaning to write this review for years... (5/5)

It’s a must listen for me. I feel like PJ and Alex are my friends even though I’ve never spoken to them. They are so engaging and funny and informative. I get a lot from listening to them break down what’s happening in the world and I never feel condescended to even though I’m in my 40s and would be clueless about a lot of important cultural and systemic trends without this podcast. The yes yes no segment always kills. Always. Consistent, fun, smart. They’ve earned their following. Yes to this podcast!

Just consistently good (5/5)

Reply All manages to make me laugh, cry, and question my worldview, sometimes all in the same episode. Also, you’d think a podcast about the Internet wouldn’t necessarily age well, but even the first episodes hold up four years later, which says a lot about how deep and fascinating the stories are.

cool podcast, but they should support the gimlet union (2/5)

support your coworkers

The podcast you didn't know you needed. (5/5)

Reply All is my number one must hear podcast. Alex and PJ are good people doing good things, shining light into the obscure corners of the interwebs, and our crazy lives.

Just phenomenal (5/5)

How does a podcast make laugh like a psycho and get teary eyed, I will never know. It’s my favorite!

All Time Favorite (5/5)

I love this podcast! So funny and interesting. This is by far my favorite podcast of all time! Thank you guys for all your hard work!

"like, like, like, like,like, like, like, like?" (1/5)

For the love of GOD, quit saying LIKE! The content is interesting, but it is so hard to listen to with the hosts saying "like" every other word and every statement ending in a question mark (up talk). It sounds like (that's the proper use of like) I'm listening to tween girls talking to each other. PLEASE STOP. It makes you sound unintelligent and is a total distraction from the content. I bet the podcasts would be 5 mins shorter just by not including "like" in every sentence.

Funny and super original (5/5)

These guys make me laugh! I subscribe to too many depressing podcasts and this one always brightens my day. The rapport between Alex and PJ is perfect - their wit is sharp, fast, and unexpected. I’m constantly laughing out loud. My favorite episode is their 2018 end of year wrap up. Brilliantly/beautifully done and super inspiring. These guys go off the beaten path and produce a funny, thoughtful, meaningful, and useful show. Keep on keeping on!

Used to be a good podcast, really gotten worse (1/5)

You guys used to have me as a loyal listener. On your last episode you called Joe Rogan (podcast king) “alt-right.” Just because he isn’t afraid to have wide ranging guests on and ask real and difficult questions is no reason for you to dismiss him with that cliche label. Try to get back to your quality fact based journalism and outside of your own bubbles. I unsubscribed to you because of the downward slide of your last few episodes. 👎

Solidarity With Reply All Staff (1/5)

I love this show first off. It’s been my favorite podcast ever since it came out. Their India episodes and their episode on Foxconn have been second to none. However, Gimlet, recognize the wishes of your employees and recognize the union! Your employees came to you and asked for voluntary recognition but you and your corporate Spotify bosses are pushing back. Stop and recognize what your employees want.

Interesting Stories (5/5)

Although I have retreated from social media and most news, Reply All entertains me. It’s about the psychology and sociology of various situations related to in some degree to the Internet. There are several stellar podcasts produced by Gimlet media. I miss Starley Kines’ podcast, Mystery.

Yes, Yes, Yes (5/5)

The team really knows how to pick interesting corners of today’s world and explain them in a personal way. It feels like I’m sitting with some really clever friends who know a lot but aren’t pompous about it. My only gripe is when I have something I can add to the conversation but I’m stuck just shouting at the speaker.

Every parent needs to listen (5/5)

I am so behind the times. This podcast helps me one up my kids. I cannot wait for each episode. Also, if you have elderly parents who fall for every scam, this is a great way to find the words/anecdotes to educate them. Thank you Alex and PJ. It is my number one favorite podcast. (And, by the way, I am an Alex ;)

Absolutely moving episode (5/5)

PJ and Alex have an amazingly compassionate and helpful conversation with a Syrian man callingvfrom Turkey Who sounds desperate, depressed, and hopeless. By keeping him on the phone and showing genuine care, they change his life. I've never been so moved by a podcast episode.

Reply All (5/5)

Great Podcast, very entertaining and educational

Love your podcast (5/5)

You latest episode where you talk to callers was great. The talk with the Syrian refuge stuck in Turkey was very touching. Keep up the great work. You guys rock!

Love these guys! (5/5)

Alex and PJ are so awesome and hilarious. I’ve learned so much by listening to this podcast. All the episodes are super relevant and helpful. Thank you to everyone who works on this podcast’s production! ❤️❤️❤️

This is my favorite podcast (5/5)

I am not active on social media, I don’t use computers beyond using the internet and sending email( and I guess podcasts). I literally just drive a tug boat for a living. So the subject matter is outside of my regular life, but I find myself constantly recommending this podcast to people. Really great. Also gimlet I miss Starlee Kine!

Love this show (5/5)

Well done can’t wait to listen every week

Amazing (5/5)

I love every bit of this show! I just wish it came out more frequently :)

Love Reply All AND unsubscribing 😢 (5/5)

Until you come to the table and negotiate in good faith with GimletUnion.

Stop Union-Busting, Alex Blumberg! (1/5)

Gimlet Media is refusing the unionization of the workers that make ReplyAll and all other Gimlet media podcasts we love possible. Alex, not cool. Solidarity with the staff.

Recognize Gimlet Union (1/5)

I’m unsubscribing from all Gimlet podcasts in response to their refusal to recognize the Gimlet Union. Solidarity with workers everywhere ♥️

PJ's laugh makes me smile (5/5)

This was the show that got me hooked on podcasts when I started listening three years ago, and I'm somehow just now getting around to rating it. I admit I like the older episodes better - it was an unpredicatble mix of unusual stories that revolved around the internet, while lately there's been more of a current events focus - but I'm still a big fan.

Favorite Podcast (5/5)

This is hands down my favorite podcast and it has been for 2 years. And I listen to podcasts every day during a 2 hour round trip commute, so I’ve done the legwork! Keep it up, you guys rock.

Lauravanmeer: podcast speed settings (5/5)

The last featured reviewer is complaining about the audio being sped up - can someone please help them? They’ve turned the speed setting up by mistake!

Why (3/5)

I usually love this podcast. But why is the audio suddenly sped up on all of the new episodes? It’s like listening to gerbils. So much less enjoyable. Almost borderline stressful. So sad. 😢

Profoundly Original and Remarkable Show (5/5)

This podcast isn’t just about internet. It somehow figures a way to weave in Internet culture with profound statements about interpersonal relationships and the way our interactions say more about us than maybe we ever realized. It is one of my favorite podcasts and I tell everyone I know to listen. It’s funny, it’s original, and it’s downright uplifting. Thanks Reply All gang!

What happened? (2/5)

Used to love the show. This new girl Katie is vulgar and says ‘like’ far too much. It’s a huge distraction from the content.

stop soliciting gimlet’s other cast’s (5/5)

they just aren’t very good.

Awesome (5/5)

Without a doubt, the best podcast you can listen to. I look forward to every episode and am always entertained.

The show we need in this day and age (5/5)

The casual conversation is inviting and enjoyable, and the discussion is illuminating and interesting.

🔥🔥🔥🔥 F. I. R. E. 🔥🔥🔥🔥 (5/5)

best podcast out there.

Always interesting & entertaining (5/5)

I’m so enthralled with these stores, even on topics I normally wouldn’t be interested in. So good!

Probably my favorite podcast (5/5)

I listen to a ton of podcasts. This is the one that is most consistently good and doesn’t consistently depress me. They do serious reporting mixed with a good amount of goofiness (without too much time spent on just annoying host personalities) and I learn a lot listening to it without feeling like they’re talking down to me. They’ve just managed an incredibly hard balance that I didn’t even know I really wanted.

Annoying (1/5)

I didn’t find the episodes I listened to in line with what the podcast claims it is about. I didn’t learn anything about the internet that I didn’t already know or couldn’t easily find out for myself. As many have stated, these hosts have annoying speech patterns and a liberal, condescending tone. I’m obviously not their target demographic. I’m unsubscribing and do not recommend.

A podcast about humanity disguised as being about the internet (5/5)

The stories told weekly are compelling, heartfelt and reflective of our current condition. It is a really amazing mirror helping us to understand ourselves. Should be required listening imo.

Love the show but don’t “like” (4/5)

I am astonished the number of times they use the word “like”. For such a professionally produced show, why are they using such lazy vernacular? Love you guys but once you notice this it drives you mad.

My favorite podcast (5/5)

This podcast is amazing! PJ and Alex are hilarious, and make all the topics fascinating. Especially love the Yes Yes No segment. It’s such a creative way to understand the obscure things on the internet. Can’t get enough of this interesting, addictive, and humorous podcast!

Incredibly Interesting and Fresh Episodes (5/5)

I can not recommend this podcast more! Alex and PJ are so likeable and their episodes are all so interesting. Additionally I’ve learned so much about the internet and the social media world! Highly recommend d to everyone!!!!

Must Listen (5/5)

Reply All is an outstanding podcast. The show is centered around stories from the internet with some serious investigative reporting mixed in. Nearly every story is relatable to anyone who uses smartphones and social media. It is a great podcast and I highly recommend it to all.

My favorite podcast (5/5)


So good! (5/5)

Look forward to every new episode!

It’s like NPR but lively (5/5)

They cover so many different topics, but all with a common thread (the internet). Interesting to millennials & older generations. I learn so many new things & have my mind blown at times. I think I’ve cried on an episode, laughed out loud during many, and always listen when a new episode is posted.

One of my favorite shows! (5/5)

This is my favorite podcast to recommend because I feel like everybody will like at least one aspect of it! The investigative stories are great, I love yes yes no, and I always learn something!

PJ’s laugh is so contagious (5/5)

I absolutely love this podcast, the topics are super interesting and thrilling in some cases. PJ’s laugh though, oh man, whenever I’m in the subway listening and I hear him laugh, I automatically suddenly begin to crack up myself, without failure. Thank you guys! You guys make commutes and long drives a breeze!

My favorite podcast (5/5)

I get so happy whenever I see a new reply all is uploaded. They’re always high quality, extremely interesting, entertaining, and they cover unique topics. Idk man this podcast is just good stuff

Yes yes yes (5/5)

I love every episode but I especially love when they do the yes yes no segments. Please don’t ever change.

One of the best shows out there (5/5)

Seriously. The amount of work these folks put into some of these episodes is incredible. The show is always interesting, always fun, and always brings me joy.

I love this (5/5)

I'm a luddite and I still love this podcast. Thank you to all involved!

Merry and Inquisitive (5/5)

Fun to listen to. These people go exactly where my brain wants to go when something seems like it should be looked into more. Listening to an episode is like opening a present that you are pretty sure what it is, and you are excited about it.

Good content, bad orration (3/5)

Great ideas and conversation. Expect to hear a lot of up-speak and the word “like” at least once per sentence, sometimes two or three times in a row lol.

“Like” (3/5)

I have always considered Replyall one of my favorite podcasts due to the great content. However, after starting to listen to one of the newest episodes I had to stop after 10 minutes due to how much “like” is used. It’s beyond distracting.

Excellent (5/5)

This is one of the best podcasts made today. They always nail it. Excellent reporting and excellent tone overall.

My fav by far (5/5)

I listen to a lot of podcasts while I’m at work. This one is my favorite, which is really saying a lot, as there are some truly fantastic podcasts out there. Great work guys.

Fun, but... (3/5)

Let me just preface by saying I genuinely like the podcast and the hosts. That being said, I think they aren't particularly good journalists at times. In many episodes, there are some major conclusions jumped to unreasonably, and more than a few instances of bias. However, the hosts clearly care about their work, the stories are entertaining and often interesting, and I find myself having a good time listening despite the valid criticisms people have.

Like TLDR but boring (1/5)

Like the show TLDR, but, just...blah. Is this just going to be a show about (promoting) different apps? TLDR dug a lot deeper and into the Internet, not just discussing apps, but making meaningful stories. Also, the advertisements are excruciating, trying make them personal... it's still an ad. This show needs to go back to the drawing board. It's mostly just a series of ads.

Don’t recommend (2/5)

In the words of other reviews- good content, terrible delivery... Lazy, swarmy and a-holery... Stop speaking like teenage girls ... Stop using the word like... Has potential but you need different hosts and tighten up the delivery. The listener isn’t interested in wasting 45 minutes of their time!

Offers holistic understanding not party facts (5/5)

I don’t usually listen to podcasts hosted by two dudes but this podcast is both delightful and offers stories that are incredibly well investigated. I’ve learned a lot about our modern world, one shaped in big and small ways by technology, that really expand my understanding rather than just providing party facts. Hosts are funny and vulnerable and even though it’s two dudes the show is sensitive and respectful and paves a road for how to embody those values even when your podcast is about the internet.

Start with The Founder (5/5)

This is one of my few go-to podcasts. I’ve enjoyed every episode I’ve listened to. The Founder is especially compelling.

An absolute gem (5/5)

I just love this podcast. PJ and Alex and the rest of the crew are amazing at this style of longform radio/podcasting. If you were ever worried that the This American Life idiom would fare worse in the hands of the next generation, this pod will reassure you that it is in excellent hands.

Best Podcast Out There (5/5)

Usually story podcasts seem useless and a waste of time. But every episode of Reply All is not just an investigation into technology and the internet, but into how humans connect, grow, love and abuse. It has amazing journalism where they travel and even place themselves in danger to get the full story. If you’ve never listened. I highly recommend. (Oh and it’s funny too!)


My gripe is that Reply All doesn't make frequent enough new episodes. This is my favorite podcast <3

One of the Bests (5/5)

Great content, but I’d like to see enough investment in this show to allow it to put out more episodes and pursue larger stories. The more in-depth investigative stories are truly fantastic.

Dude says like way too much but cool show otherwise (4/5)

Seriously if you don’t like the word like every couple of words you will seriously be annoyed. However the stories are very interesting and well researched.

Good content but delivery can be annoying. (3/5)

The reporters sometimes talk like valley girls with every other word being “like” and every sentence ending with the inflection of a question. Cmon people! Try to match the quality of your delivery to the quality of your content.

Sophomoric (2/5)

On the recommendation of several friends I tried listening to this show. I gave it a couple of episodes, but found the hosts to be pretty annoying. There’s some interesting content in there, but you have to dig deep to get past the egos of the hosts who seem to think that they are endlessly amusing when talking about the stains on their clothes and other personal matters. I thought Gimlet was all about replicating the NPR style but these chuckleheads seem to have borrowed a page from Howard Stern instead.

Love it! (4/5)

I adore the show. Would love love love it if you’d laugh more quietly. That last especially was intense. Nancy

Yes. (5/5)

My only complaint is that the show does not have more episodes. I was laughing so hard while making dinner, my husband had to take his conference call into another room. This team of podcasters is thorough, genuinely funny, and consistently cover interesting topics. I've laughed, I've cried, I've seriously considered throwing away my phone using a Google phone. These episodes are poignant, entertaining, and the banter between the hosts is endearing. SUBSCRIBE.

I feel sad for podcasts that aren’t reply all (5/5)

If all the other podcasts disappeared and reply all was the only one and it came out every week, that’d be fine by me. Start with a Yes Yes No or the two-part call center episode.

Interesting content, but the delivery needs help. (3/5)

Please stop saying the filler word “like”. It makes the content hard to listen to.

This is the podcast (5/5)

I love this pod, I listen to 10-20 hrs of audio content a week. This is so consistent! I love the connection between humans and tech. This isn’t a tech pod, while I often learn from the show. It s a beautiful, interesting, and often funny (sometimes to much teasing each other) pod that capture so much of the current tech space.

My favorite podcast (5/5)

Always entertaining and informative. I’m still giving the show five stars even though Alex blocked me on Twitter ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

My #1 podcast! (5/5)

Reply All is my favorite podcast not only because of the storytelling but because PJ & Alex are awesome hosts. I’m sad because as of now they don’t produce new shows every week, but the wait is totally worth it when they pull through with a new episode every 2 weeks.

Like...Really... Like (1/5)

I tried to count how many times the word “Like” was used and I gave up. It’s not a filler word. It’s a word that if it’s like said like too many times, it like makes you want to like, quit like listening to like the like podcast.

Wildly interesting stories. (5/5)

Compelling, riveting & funny. Wildly interesting subjects (some of which) I'd never thought a thing about. 👍👍

Stop saying ‘like’ (5/5)

I am a huge fan of the show but you guys say the word like way too much! It’s getting distracting.

Never a bad episode (5/5)

Don't think PJ or Alex can do wrong. Often entertaining, but mostly thought-provoking and shines a light on something I never thought to look into. Keep up the rad job.

Great content, annoyingly presented (3/5)

I have been listening to Reply All for over a year and have grown accustomed to the annoying laughs, but #135 sent me over the edge. Between the wild tangents, multiple people talking at the same time, annoying laughs, and a number of the hosts using “like” as though they’re gossiping teenagers is ridiculous.

So funny (5/5)

I wish there was more of this. They are incredible co-hosts and journalists. Can't wait for the next episode.

Like, I like, love this like show. (4/5)

It’s true - I love this show. Content is always fascinating. Themes feel incredibly relevant. My only critique (and why I gave it four stars instead of five) is that I find the constant use of “like” as an interjection very distracting - so much so that I’ve stopped listening midway through an episode on a number of occasions because my brain couldn’t take it.

One of the best (5/5)

Reply All is one of those shows where every time it comes out, it feels like Christmas

I love Reply All!! (5/5)

This is the podcast that got me into podcasts. It’s hilarious, insightful, and reported so well. Definitely worth listening to :)

Robocall (5/5)

I got a robocall while I was listening to the robocall episode. they Know.

It’s hard to like a podcast..... (1/5)

....when one of the hosts uses the word “like” more than once every sentence.

Sooo Good (5/5)

This is my favorite podcast. As usual, I am late to the party. Hoping that you guys start putting out more episodes.

thanks! (5/5)

i look forward to this on thursdays!

Podcast Crack (5/5)

This podcast series is my favorite ever. The stories are charming and diverse and sweet and sensitive and quirky. They have real personality. Alex and PJ seem, to me, the unlikeliest friends, and yet you hear their friendship in every episode. They are both masterful storytellers as well as empathetic and instinctive interviewers.

NYPD (5/5)

Great show on CompStat, but you didn’t get to the end of the story. You didn’t mention that the NYPD has completely withdrawn from stop and frisk in recent years. You didn’t mention the neighboring policing policy that’s now in place.

I'm hooked (5/5)

These guys (and gals) are amazing storytellers, and as a first time podcast listener this is the way I had hoped my intro to podcasting would be!

G.O.A.T. (5/5)

What Gimlet has created in Reply All is pure gold. Fascinating, hilarious, and impactful. This show comes off so organic, yet I can’t begin to imagine the effort that goes into creating these episodes. Out of all the podcasts I listen to this just might be the crem dela crem. Thank you all!!

Amazing Content (5/5)

This podcast is amazing!!! I’m still a youth and I am very interested!! I would definitely recommended it.

Perfect combination (5/5)

Reply all is the perfect combination of informative and funny. Haven’t come across an episode I didn’t love and I’m all caught up! Sound quality is great. The hosts are absolutely wonderful.

Used to be great (2/5)

Early episodes are great and loved binging on them ... very disappointed in the new - no story episodes😢 - what happened guys?

Please Mantzoukas never again! (4/5)

I’ve fallen in love with the show and look forward to every episode. Wonderful crew with special quirks and a wonderful knack for making even the mundane fascinating. However, this last episode featured Jason Mantzoukas. Please do not bring him back on the show. His voice is grating, his humor based on incredulity and self-deprication; all while lacking any real humor or ability to assimilate well into the regular group. Thanks for all the wonderful episodes, providing hours of entertainment.

Not your typical tech show (5/5)

As someone in tech, most tech related shows and boring me, or being about something that I’ve already know. However reply all always ends up being fresh and entertaining. Even on topics I am already familiar with, I always feel like I’m coming away with a new perspective After each episode. The hosts are funny and entertaining.

Stop the political bashing (2/5)

I used to love this podcast. I’ve listened to every episode at least twice. But the recent YYN episode was worthless trash. Some meaningless tweet about Harry Potter fandom and some right wing guy no one has heard from in 5 years. Horrible The first time I’ve felt my time wasted by these guys. Just awful.

Matt Lieber is ... finding this amazing podcast right before a road trip. (5/5)

This podcast is a brilliant mix of genuinely likable hosts, fascinating topics, and reporting that just won’t unleash its grip on your ear. I really appreciate how they take esoteric topics and explain them in a way that’s not ego-driven or talking down. Five stars for never “man-splaining,” my friends.

Best podcast!! (5/5)

I listen to a LOT of podcasts and no other one incites the level of glee when I see a new episode has dropped than this one! As someone who is quite that a word?...about internet culture, I’m honestly getting ALL my info from this podcast! It’s been cool how often I’ve been able to say “Hey!! I know all about THAT!!” This is the only podcast that I’ve gone back and listened to all the episodes twice!

Getting really lazy (2/5)

I'm writing this review the day after I stopped about two thirds of the way through the episode with "Jason Mantzoukas," whoever that is. His idea of talent is to talk louder and drip with sarcasm, as though that's not something any thirteen year old could honestly do better. And then PJ and Alex make an entire episode out of just cackling at his sarcasm every few seconds. Unlistenable. I loved it when I subscribed to it, but I'm an inch away from unsubscribing. If they're going to put up crap, I have better things to do with my time.

We get it. You hate Trump. (1/5)

Remember when this podcast didn’t make every episode politically charged? I do.....

Favorite podcast of all time (5/5)

I’ve been listening to Alex and PJ for about a year now and I’ve learned three things. First, I love their banter so much, what they publish never fails to entertain. Second, their work is consistently successful at unveiling quirks in our broken dystopian world with grace and humor. Third, Im concerned that they keep bullying Alex. Alex, stay strong, you know PJ loves you and he just has trouble expressing that in a healthy way. Kind regards, Andrew

Actually Laugh Out Loud (5/5)

Makes for awkward moments when I’m laughing out loud with headphones and can’t stop even when I realize it’s making people uncomfortable. Their laughs even make me laugh; how rare is that.

Harry Potter trivia 3/5 (5/5)

Beauxbatons and Durmstrang are not single sex institutions. If Jason Mantzoukas is going to make the claim that not only is he an “enormous Harry Potter fan”, but furthermore that “it is uncomfortable how much [he] knows about Harry Potter”, he should know better than to perpetuate such misconceptions from the films. Love the podcast. Keep it up 👍

Liberal Bias (3/5)

Although I enjoy many of the episodes. The liberal bias showing through is starting to be a real turn-off. Especially during yes yes no. I’ll stick around for a while more but close to unsubscribing.

Good if you can get past PJ's Laugh (1/5)

Content is usually pretty good. But PJ's laugh is worse than nails on a chalkboard. Makes the show unlistenable.

Love the show, but this is a gopher grip (5/5)

Promise me, you will never have Jason Mantzoukas back on... ever.

Too good (5/5)

Should always be #1 on the top podcasts list

So great (5/5)

This is one of the best podcasts around. It has a great mix of tackling serious and lighthearted subjects. I always learn something new. But even if this show was boring, I would listen to it just to hear PJ and Alex laugh. It’s the best.

Thank goodness it’s back! (5/5)

Love these guys!

A great listen (5/5)

One of the best podcasts out there about everything. From deep dives “under cover” in the dark web to recordings of the hosts exploring NYC to far out theories from Twitter explained and helping listeners with every day yet extraordinary tech problems... they’ve gone to other countries, behind bars, to your backyard. It’s never boring. Much love xx L

Funny guys (5/5)

Wish it were more “family friendly”. There is zero value in using foul language.

It’s an excellent show (5/5)

At first, i found the show near unlistenable because of their god awful laughs, but i have come to find them endearing in a way. One of the best podcasts out.

Banter (5/5)

The banter is scripted

Love love love (5/5)

Great production quality, great content. A++

Creative and Engaging (5/5)

A non-IT person, I still love, love, love this. Kind of about media and internet but mostly about human connection.

My favorite podcast (5/5)

You can’t beat it. Never a dull moment. Thanks guys!

My favorite podcast (5/5)

Easily my favorite podcast. The team has great chemistry and makes every episode interesting. While I appreciate the more tech heavy episodes, there’s a wide range of topics and everything is presented in an enjoyable, funny, easy to understand way.

Awesome show (5/5)

You'll love it, the guys are awesome!!!!!!!

Interesting Show (4/5)

This is a very entertaining show and worth checking out!

Best Podcast out there! (5/5)

I have never written a podcast review but this show is so good that I want to publicly profess my love for it. It’s smart, funny, emotional, and really good investigative journalism. The segment Yes, Yes, No deserves its own show. Thank you everyone at Gimlet media. I actually look forward to my work commute on Thursdays.

Beautiful (5/5)

This show does an amazing job at giving us what the internet is suppose to give us, a sense of connection with people around the world. PJ and Alex and other producers at Gimlet tell these stories in a way that makes you feel connected to the people they’re about no matter where they are or what situation they’re in. It completely captures you. Listen and feel more in touch with the human race.

Pretty good (4/5)

I miss when this was like a buddy comedy that did some investigative reporting. You guys have blown up and that’s awesome but I miss some of that levity from when you were just starting out. Somebody needs to do the deep stuff but sometimes I need funny weird intrigue rather than sad weird intrigue.

One of the best investigative journalism podcasts around. (5/5)

I never miss an episode. Go listen for yourself. Mindblowing! I have made many changes to my conduct online because of this.

(PJ) Vogt (Alex) Goldman 2020!! (5/5)

Maybe the best podcast out there. So into it. I’ve listened to all of them and now I don’t know what to do with myself. Yes, yes, no. More like...Yes, yes, no. 1! Lolzzzzz Oh and Alex Goldman’s relationship with his son is so beyond freaking adorable, it makes me want to scream.

Good Stuff (5/5)

Love it and very entertaining. Only suggestion would be to see if Reply All could do video of their podcast. There are a bunch of moments during an episode that a visual would be nice. 5 stars though.

One of the best podcasts in existence! (5/5)

I adore this show, the stories, the kindness of the hosts and the human interest. The final show of 2018 was a nice wrap up, beautiful in so many ways. Thanks for keeping us entertained!

The best podcast in existence (5/5)

Genuinly the best podcast I listen to, and I listen to a lot of podcasts. Its incredible, emotional, funny, smart, and insightful.

One of the only podcasts I look forward to (5/5)

Love everything about this show. Everyone at Gimlet is amazing but Alex and PJ’s back and forth banter seriously makes me laugh so loud in public places that people get startled and move as far away from me as possible. I love learning new things from this team, it’s mostly tech/internet related but they cover so many diverse topics. The fact that this years last episode challenges Alex and PJ to master the ‘cut-crease’ makeup look was the literal icing on my cake of 2018! Thanks for all the laughs!

The best podcast. (5/5)

Better than this American life, radiolab, 99% invisible.

The Mt Pleasant episode is a must listen! (5/5)

My first episode and I’m hooked. As frightening as the subject matter is, this is an example of excellent podcasting. Every citizen in America should listen to at least this episode.

I seriously could listen all day (5/5)

These guys are great! I love their intellect on various internet subjects and their camaraderie with each other and listeners. As a non computer geek these guys do an excellent job explaining multilayered topics in the industry and make it interesting with tying in a human element. Well done and highly recommend.

My favorite podcast (5/5)

This show is like a fine wine; it gets better with age. I don’t really drink wine, so maybe it’s more like a fine stinky tasty know what, whatever. Just listen to this gem. I’ve been listening since episode 1 and the mix of compelling stories, humor and internet references is top notch. As a mid-30 year old aging human that grew up with the internet, I feel like the Reply All team understands me. It’s sort of like a show about internet culture and technology, but it’s so much more than that. It’s engaging, compelling and informative! The journalistic stories are fantastic and I really do enjoy the segment “Yes Yes No” where the hosts sit down with their boss to try to explain exceptionally convoluted memes and internet references.

Love it (5/5)

My absolute favorite. Love the investigative and persistent journalism, the laughs, the AHA moments and the abundance of facts in a world where these often are lacking. I got it recommended to me by a friend and I keep recommending it to others. Thank you for what you do !

Keeps getting better (5/5)

And better.

Perfect (5/5)

So good you will find yourself purposely writing a review to encourage others to listen

Great journalism - thoughtful and funny (5/5)

Cannot recommend this podcast enough. If you only listen to 3 podcasts, this should be one of them.

Reply all. (5/5)

Love this podcast. Easily my favorite. Their story telling skills are excellent. I also like that their discussions on tech-y stuff can make me feel like I’m keeping up with the world since my tech kids have grown and gone!

Oregonian in Chicago (5/5)

Great podcast, with a really nice variety of topics. They do a really good job of capturing both humorous and serious content, and pretty much every epsiode is very engaging. The hosts also seem to have excellent rapport/banter. Love it!

Blows your mind! (5/5)

I’m not a person who cares much about technology, but this is easily my favorite podcast. Their laughter is contagious, the storytelling is top notch, and they find the most interesting and fascinating stories to share. Definitely worth checking out.

Relevant and well done! (5/5)

I love these guys, and like others have said this isn't just about the internet, it's about how we live today. I'm currently obsessed with #130 and taking serious actions to protect my digital [and analog] life! Thank you PJ and Alex, you're amazing!

First recommendation (5/5)

Whenever a friend asks for pod cast recommendations, or where to start, I always answer Reply All. Fun, engaging and informative!

Here for Sruthi Pinnamaneni (5/5)

Sruthi Pinnamaneni’s episodes are amazing

Best ever ! (5/5)

Love the podcasts and the topics they cover. Keep em coming guys !

Reply All is better than your strongest addiction (5/5)

Coffee, beer, cigarettes, sex, nature walks; whatever you crave the most in this world, no matter how addicting and how strong the withdrawal symptoms are, shrivel in comparison to the absolute intoxication of this sublime podcast. Subscribe. Listen. Peer pressure everyone into taking their first hit of Reply All.

Great Fox Con Coverage (5/5)

Thank you for talking about Fox Con. With how fast our news cycle goes people seem to forget the long term effects. Follow up on that in the future if you will, it’s really just begun. Thank governor Scott Walker if you talk to him, if I stay in Wisconsin I am going to love that debt. It’s too bad he skipped his fourth semester of college though, I hear that’s where they discuss how not to get duped. Love the show it’s pure genius and I look forward to every episode. Makes my day so much better. Gripe: Secret Santa give me a bottle of Rosa, seriously have you ever talked to me? Do you think it’s funny or something I’d actually least it’s local.

Do Reply All (5/5)

The show is fantastic. It is a great blend of both humor and insightful reporting. I have been listening for some time, but their recent episode on Foxconn in Wisconsin was exceptional. Keep up the great work!

Episode #132 is so INCREDIBLE! (5/5)

The reporting is stellar & the story is so important. Amazing! Great job & thank you!

Always entertaining and engaging! (5/5)

I’m not particularly interested in tech/internet stuff, but that doesn’t matter when listening to this podcast bc it’s so interesting and well produced! It’s really about people and great human interest pieces. I can always count on Reply All to keep me entertained while I’m driving or doing housework!

Hooked (5/5)

I simultaneously feel smarter and more fearful of the internet since I started listening to ReplyAll. I found this podcast more recently and I’m hooked. I have already listened back to 2016 over a couple weeks. Love the knowledge, the humor, and listening to Alex and PJ’s lovingly trolling dynamic.

Literally My Favorite Podcast (5/5)

This is a can’t miss; especially awesome when they have a “Yes / Yes / No” episode.

Good show, I hate the last 2 minutes of garbage-y voice modulation (4/5)

This show is pretty good. Then they drive me absolutely crazy with 2 minutes of voice modulation some kind of robot talking, it’s atrocious, truly, truly atrocious.

By Far My Favorite Podcast! (5/5)

I started Reply All after they well into the show. I have gone back and listened to every episode and they are all great! This is one of the few podcasts that I never grow sick of and actively look forward to the next episode being posted! You all do an absolutely amazing job! Keep up the great work!

Top notch (5/5)

This is a well-produced, entertaining look at the latest happenings on the internet. The hosts and their chemistry are what make the show great.

The internet is a scary place (5/5)

The internet is a scary place. Thanks to this podcast for putting me on game. Someone said that the best weapons against fear is knowledge (or maybe I cam up with that?) Either way, thank you for this podcast!

Listened to 10+ episodes the first day I found it. (5/5)

My friend recommended this podcast to me and it's great! It's super addictive and really interesting. I'm trying to pace myself because I know I could easily listen to every episode they have out so far in a month or less. I highly recommend this podcast!

Extraordinary (5/5)

New downloads of reply all are my first listen, and they’re consistently excellent.

Long live email debt forgiveness day (5/5)

Such an amazing podcast - I really enjoy the hosts’ chemistry and the level of interaction with the producers. The first season was great, but the more recent scam and health related episodes are amazing!

LOL (5/5)

Of course, I love the content of this podcast, especially YYN, but I mostly listen bc anytime Alex and PJ laugh I can’t help but automatically be in a good mood and laugh out loud myself!

Well-produced! (5/5)

I recently started binge listening and it’s really well done! Kind of like a This American Life tech edition with better music and humor.

Engrossing (5/5)

This podcast is so interesting and insightful and fun! I’m a 65-year-old semi-Luddite who learns something every episode. Not that I completely get it — much less use it — but, like cosmology, it’s so darn jaw dropping. Even NNY! Keep it up, guys!

The best podcast ever (5/5)

This podcast tastes like an Andy Warhol painting

Geniuses for the Modern Era (5/5)

PJ Vogt and Alex Goldman are hugely entertaining and incredibly insightful on our modern internet connected life. If you are new the podcast, check out Long Distance!

Yes yes more please (5/5)

I love this show so much it hurts a little

New listener & It's already my new favorite (5/5)

I started listening when they put together the listener voted top favorite episodes and quickly fell in love! Then I worked my way backwards and developed a gratitude for how this podcast started out. Great listen all around. Informative, funny, and VERY compelling.

Keeping me hip in a coffee shop (5/5)

Listening to this podcast with Urban Dictionary at the ready makes me a middle-age Internet hipster. Wish Alex and PJ could come to every party I ever throw or that I was working in the office down the hall from them (Alex Blumberg, you lucky duck). Keep it coming!!

Freaking Fantastic (5/5)

I love these guys so much. 'Yes Yes No' has to be one of my favorite segments. The energy and excitement in their conversation and the weird, random knowledge they have - or discover via truly in-depth research - about the magic that is the internet is just fantastic. 10/10. Definitely give it a listen.

Wonderful Podcast (5/5)

Amazingly entertaining! I eagerly look forward for each new episode and will happily listen to favorites over and over. PJ and Alex help make sense of the craziness of the internet.

Simply the best (5/5)

I can’t say enough good things about this podcast. Hands down my favorite and one I recommend to everyone. There’s something for everyone in the stories they tell.

Fun Listen! (5/5)

Love the hosts! Love the conversations! Love the topics!

Amazing and terrifying (5/5)

Oh man this is enlightening. I listen to podcasts when I drive but this one had me listening basically anytime I can put my headphones on.

Love this show (5/5)

I love hearing about the weird little corners of the internet! If you’re burned out on true crime, this show has great mysteries that are way less of a bummer.

The Hosts are savvy storytellers with great wit! (5/5)

Podcasts have become my favorite go-to late night info-tainment. I dropped into these guys podcast world of technology and realized they’re great investigators solving mysteries of how twisted up people’s lives get by nefarious uses of technology. That in and of itself is interesting given the nightmarish experiences people have had on social media, but how this podcasting crew wins my five stars is their clever and very funny (often aghast at what dark deeds they’re discovering) way of laying out their discovers interspersed with “Oh wait! I haven’t told you the best part!” They deliver, always in great storytelling form the unexpected that soon gets more and more fascinating as they peel back the layers of real human characters they’ve discovered at the bottom of some internet mystery. Chaos agents you might call their quarry. I am convinced that this podcast team are great cyber-investigators of weirdness and very good at finding these hidden deep bad actors from all over the world — surprisingly after the team reveals the real world/real life harm the hackers and internet swindlers actually realize (a light bulb switches on in their minds) the damage and craziness they’re causing and apologize. It doesn’t always end with an “awareness moment” that feels good, but their mysteries do lead to fascinating places with strange characters behind the keyboards and I come away having had a journey I would never have taken. The show is great!

Great concept, annoying hosts (1/5)

I read so many good things about this podcast. Listened to numerous episodes. But the two hosts are simply annoying. Presenting interesting subject matter is not a talent of theirs. Loved so many ideas and stories, but cringed having to hear the hosts.

Exceptionally human (5/5)

It’s a show about the internet, but it’s not. It’s about people. How this weird technology combines and separates us is only part of the picture. Plus, Super Tech Support and Yes Yes No will have you dying laughing, gasping in horror, and grateful for not being someone else’s age. Always stay around to the very very end, as nearly every episode is followed by the absurdist meandering of Breakmaster Cylinder. It’s bizarre and hilarious in its own right. Matt Lieber is the perfect amount of butter on your breakfast toast.

Love this show (5/5)

Binge listened to the whole thing after listening to StartUp. Really great content Reading all the reviews about pj’s laugh makes me laugh too - are your ears so weak you can’t get past a unique laugh? Get over it, listen to the content.

Keeps me from becoming hopelessly clueless (5/5)

As an almost 50 year old mom of two teen boys, with a tech savvy husband, I can’t risk being an embarrassment to my family. Every episode of Reply All I learn something about the internet and cyber culture that I didn’t know. I’m continually surprised by the quality and depth of the reporting on this show. And, I still like the less serious segments, like Yes-Yes-No. Thanks, Alex and PJ, for helping to keep me from becoming irrelevant!

Best of the Podcast World (5/5)

Informative, funny, poignant, irritating, brilliant, ... ALL the great adjectives to this podcast. I listen to a lot of podcasts and this is at the top of the list. Great stories told in interesting ways. Thanks Reply All and Gimlet Media -

Episode 130 SnapChat Thief (5/5)

This might be the most well produced and interesting podcast even made Even if you are not a tech person it’s very compelling story, well told

Great podcast (5/5)

I love this show. They investigate the weirdest most interesting stuff. Definitely worth checking out.

Snapchat Thief (5/5)

Listening to the “Snapchat Thief” episode, it occurs to me that coordinated groups of hackers should be called “hacky packs.” Great episode, if totally frightening.

Love Reply All (5/5)

Just. so good. Look forward to every episode.

goldmine (5/5)

There’s no cherry picking out the best episodes. Each one is a winner.

Great core group podcast (3/5)

The core group of this podcast is great. Yes yes no can be epic funny. However, the guest hosts need preparation. Episode 129 has 100 “Like”’s in the first 20 minutes. It’s nails on chalkboard painful to hear “like” used between wandering thoughts.

Consistently Brilliant (5/5)

Gimlet consistently brings us accessible, fascinating audio. Reply All is no exception. The hosts are great journalists, probing interesting topics that impact our daily lives. Pick any episode, settle your earbuds, and prepare to be completely engaged. This podcast is reminiscent of having a couple of your best friends in your living room for a visit. Warm, engaging and lively. Enjoy.

BPE - Best Podcast Ever (5/5)

If you don’t subscribe to the Reply All podcast, you’re missing out on the most magical ride outside a Disney theme park.

It’s just good (5/5)

Interesting. Well researched. Quickly became a podcast staple for me!

A treat (5/5)

Every time an episode comes out, I am just delighted! Keep going!

Love (4/5)

I love this podcast, except for the weird and annoying segment at the end. I think it’s like an alien robot? I’ve listened to 50 episodes and have no idea. Take it out, it’s obnoxious and makes no sense.

Really uneven this season (2/5)

The double episode on Comstat was excellent- right up there with the two-parter on the Indian fraudsters. But this last episode? Someone crying over Simcity? That was it? I am sorry for her loss, but what was the point of that story? Worst episode over.

Cross promotions and guest hosts (1/5)

The “Autumn” episode wasn’t up to the normal level of storytelling. It also would have been nice to edit out some of the narrator’s use of “like “.

i don’t know anything about technology (5/5)

but i love this podcast. specifically, PJ’s laugh.

Stop saying Like! (3/5)

Love the material & format. However it’s unlistenable due to how many times everyone says “like” in between words. A simple solution is some media training: practice doing the show but have someone stand by & either click a clicker or blow a whistle ever time anyone says “like” as an unnecessary filler. It’ll make you aware & help you to stop. On one podcast I counted a woman who said “like” 53 times! I had to unsubscribe, sorry. Not professional enough.

Great show! (5/5)

This was such a fun podcast to listen to from beginning to end, every single episode is so expertly crafted. The stories keep me engaged and surprised. Thanks PJ and Alex!

You did what we all wish we could (5/5)

Loved the Scammer podcast and that you took time and energy to go down all those rabbit holes, and share it all with us. Sometimes when at my wits end I scream bloody murder into the phone at them. Your way may be better. I think I will go buy some Nature Made stuff so you can keep doing your thing!

Fantastic (5/5)

Great podcast! Super informative, funny, and they cover interesting topics. Yes yes no is soooo good.

I feel 30% less stupid after listen to each show! (5/5)

I want to live inside this podcast, go grabs beers with the guys and mostly just hear PJ laugh

Absorbing Juniors (5/5)

I dunno who these kids are, but I am as enthralled by their investigative prowess as I am their maniacal giggling.

Always tops itself (5/5)

Just amazing! The best all around podcast check out episodes on addiction, on the online famous guy who may or may not have died. The one about prostitution vs. trafficking. And the recent one on compstat in nyc. Masterful! Insightful. Personal and technical. don’t know what kind of awards there are for podcast but those episodes deserve one

An Absolute Must Listen (5/5)

The topics are interesting and relevant, and the conversations are entertaining and engaging. Reply All is my favorite podcast to date and will easily become the highlight of your day.

Great but (4/5)

I really like this show and have listened since it was created. I hadn’t heard the episode on the call center scam until last week and it really was the worst episode ever. It had no point and was shabby reporting and storytelling. Atypical for this show.

Life changed (5/5)

So good instead of watching tv I go to bed I listen to reply all and now other podcasts

Fun show! (5/5)

I love this fun show! Thanks so much, you make my drives way more interesting.

My new favorite podcast! (5/5)

Stumbled upon this podcast from a reddit thread about episode 79 (boy in photo) and now I am obsessed. Fantastic story telling and all around great listen. Highly recommend!

Never Fails (5/5)

I’ve been listening to Reply All for a couple of years. At first, it was just the podcast that brought together my brother, me, and our mutual best friend in our interests. But somewhere around the fifth episode i heard.. I was hooked. I’ve now listened to every episode at least twice (Yes, that’s including Hello). PJ and Alex and Shruthi and the whole team have become a source of remarkable comfort. I’ve struggled with keeping clues in to media lately, but the production and heart behind Reply All always uplifts, motivates, and inspires me to stay engaged and be here. They feel like the friends I get to check in with without fail. Such a gift to my life. Thank you.

Great! (5/5)

Love the episodes. One of my favorite shows.

Best thing to happen to the internet (5/5)

Endearing, insightful, and perfectly produced.

Came for the infectious laughs - stayed for the amazing journalism. (5/5)

The comstat series made me write this. It’s stunningly simple, clear, well reported and not typically what you hear from reply all. I don’t think there is a bad episode but this is truly great. Bravo.

Upload Schedule is Bad (3/5)

The upload schedule is extremely erratic.

My favorite podcast (5/5)

Being a tech nerd, myself, I love this podcast! Solving tech mysteries one show at a time. Great reporting and interesting, relevant topics. But, also a really fun listen.

Total surprise (5/5)

Much more than I was expecting. Love this podcast! Makes me laugh and learn. Wish there was more.

A whole other level of good (5/5)

I’ve been a ravenous podcast consumer for years now, and this is the first review I’ve ever written. Reply All is so consistently good that I light up when I see a new episode in my feed. I can’t recommend it enough for people interested in unique stories, reported with a light-hearted humor.

Most well done podcast available (5/5)

PJ and Alex are great hosts. They’re interesting, thoughtful, funny, curious, creative and extremely diligent in their reporting. They manage to make even the least interesting topics fascinating and hilarious. I owe the small amount I understand about gen z zeitgeist to them! Yes yes no is one of the best segments on any podcast. Forget Ira Glass, Jad Abumrad or Jay Allison— PJ Vogt and Alex Goldman are the kings of podcasting!

The Crime Machine is important journalism (5/5)

This show is usually really good, but sometimes it is amazing and the two part story, The Crime Machine, is amazing. As I listen, I’m thinking, “everyone needs to hear this.” The story reveals the petty, lazy, and heartless origin of modern day police corruption with simple and chilling logic. It leaves you wondering how so many people can be so evil and uncaring, and how a few people can be so brave and decent. And why, when these facts are known, why can’t we fix these issues? Why do we ignore the practices that destroy lives, communities and generations? It’s truly genocide by bureaucrats with guns and the justice system that backs them up. Thank you for the reporting, Reply All.

Definitely my fave (5/5)

I’m a podcast junkie and have been listening the this show for almost two years. It never fails me! I’ve definitely learned a lot. Love it!

Wow (5/5)

This has become my new favorite podcast. I heard them recommended on another podcast and have since gone through a whole year of their content. I look forward to each update. The long distance episode blew my mind. You never hear of people actually calling back and getting to the bottom of things like they do.

Listen, now! (5/5)

What an incredible mix of great stories, investigative journalism and humor. I highly recommend this podcast!

Great Fun! (5/5)

I’ve learned so much from this podcast! I really enjoy the stories you select and “Yes, Yes, No.” Reply all was one of my first Gimlet podcasts and now I’m hooked. I’ve listened to them all, I believe, including the tangential ones about how the theme music was created. Well done, I look forward to new episodes.

My favorite podcast (5/5)

These people are smart, funny, really interesting. I listen to many podcasts, this is my favorite. I’ve listened to the entire catalog, incl. TLDR. I’ve shared some with friends as well .

My favorite podcast (5/5)

The stories, the stuff they find funny, it all just hits my sweet spot. SO many laugh-out-loud moments. I find it all so interesting I don’t even mind being in traffic.

My overall favorite podcast. (5/5)

I cannot possibly explain to you how often I refer to this podcast in daily life. It seems like every issue that comes up in conversation, I have a Reply All episode to recommend. The content covered is remarkably diverse, super topical, and highly enjoyable. The hosts, as well as other contributors, are great storytellers, funny and relatable. I listen to every episode as soon as humanly possible. Thank you so much for your Awesomeness!

Indian call center?! (5/5)

I can’t believe you guys took on an Indian Call Center!!! Balls of steel!!! Thanks for helping me through my mind-numbing days!!!

My favorite (5/5)

I’m always so impressed by how they can take topics that might seem dry on their face and spin super entertaining stories out of them.

Favorite (5/5)

As a fellow podcast host, I have to give credit where credit is due: Reply All is the best. Anyone who rates less than 5 stars is wrong.

Awesome (5/5)

This podcast brightens my day. I have laughed out loud many times while listening to Alex and PJ, while also learning lots about the vast world of the internet and technology. My go-to podcast!!

Theeeee best (5/5)

This has been my favorite podcast since episode 1, and due to my stupid commute, I listen to soooo many podcasts. I recommend it more often than Jesus, and I really like Jesus.

Interesting subject matter, but... (2/5)

These guys should stop speaking like teenage girls. Painful.

stop replaying same ad (5/5)

Ad for ELT (haha sounds like serial season 1) otherwise love the show

One of my top 5 favorites (5/5)

The hosts are such a joy to listen to and the content is awesome. Love this podcast. It’s in my top 5.