Aggregated reviews for Revisionist History

Revisionist History is Malcolm Gladwell's journey through the overlooked and the misunderstood. Every episode re-examines something from the past—an event, a person, an idea, even a song—and asks whether we got it right the first time. From Pushkin Industries. Because sometimes the past deserves a second chance.

The best   (5/5)

I will read/listen to anything attached to Malcolm. Been a huge fan since I first read “blink” in college around 2008 or so. I’m Not sure what I like more, his books or this podcast. The episode on the truth of the Boston tea party stands out. I researched that after I listened and verified everything he said via .gov websites. Incredibly insightful. Thank you Malcolm, for all of the great content over the years. You are appreciated.

Cannot get enough!   (5/5)

Fascinating topics - so good, it’s bananas!

Boo   (5/5)


So in Love with this podcast   (5/5)

Just got done crying at work after listening to the 90 year old mennonite minister. I dont cry ever. So beautiful. Such a beautiful podcast.

Enough   (1/5)

A Canadian that is benefitting from the freedom of speech this country provides is now questioning the methods that that very freedom has been provided to him and the defense of that freedom. The 4 episodes on Lemay are disgusting to me as he is questioning the mechanics of war. WAR!!! War is horrific and awful and terrible no matter what. But Likening lemay to Stalin and Hitler? That’s a stretch. We would not have gone to war against the Japanese if they didn’t attack Pearl Harbor. I’m glad I was born in a country where bleeding heart leftist foreigners can make such drastic leaps in their storytelling. Who is revising history now? Also Gladwell is a male chauvinist parading around as a sympathizer of the social justice movement but women can only be held as assistants to the estimable Malcom Gladwell. I’m done with this podcast.

Knocked it out of the park again!   (5/5)

Knocked it out of the park again!

Latest episode brought tears to my eyes...   (5/5)

Revisionist History has quickly become one of my favorite and most anticipated podcasts. The latest episode “a memorial for the living” was incredibly powerful. Beautifully done. I had tears running down my face.

I’d listen to Malcolm discuss paint drying   (5/5)

This is my go to podcast. Love listening to every episode. I tell my husband all about each episode and then make him listen to each one (with me). My husband says he knows I have a major crush on Malcolm. Well, I don’t don’t want to be all cougar like. Malcolm. If you are ever come back to Houston. Come on over. I am an excellent cook. Stay as long as you like.

Can’t stop listening   (5/5)

If you haven’t read Malcom Gladwell you will still fall in love with his podcast. Every episode is amazing probably because of his enthusiasm for each story. You can feel his excitement for the topic and the paths that offshoot. It’s as if Gladwell knows there is a unifying thesis of reality and if he just keeps looking into phenomena he’ll find it, and we are super lucky to join into that trip!

No longer about history ... just politics   (2/5)

Sorry to see that Malcolm has been infected with TDS. Had to unsubscribe. Podcast is like his books. First book was great but then then fell off a cliff in terms of quality. Same with the podcast. Now it’s just low quality nonsense for ad revenue. What a shame.

King of tears   (5/5)

Spot on Malcolm! Living in Michigan as a southern transplant, I understand the observation on details. Southerners strive for small talk and the music shows. But I don’t think it’s limited to country, for example, southern rock. Loved the podcast. Your audio and message are the standard!

Great pod   (5/5)

Thank you for making great content. You do an amazing job at shifting perspectives and looking at things from many angles. And you organize your podcasts beautifully. Keep up the great work!

Normally 5 stars but after most recent 1   (1/5)

I appreciate the point you are tying to make, but I thought it was inappropriate to point out the lack of attention we give living homeless people in comparison to the attention we give to memorializing those that perished on 9/11/01. What percentage of homeless people did something out of their own choice that caused them to be homeless?

Thought provoking, great storytelling!   (5/5)

Never left a review before despite the fact that I’m an avid podcast listener. But I just finished listening to the latest episode of season 5 (highly recommend it) and found myself wanting to share it with the entire world. Impeccable as always! Thank you!

My favorite podcast!   (5/5)

I love listening to Malcom’s take on things! I listened to the debate with Adam Grant. My favorite so far because I’m a teacher and, yes, we have a lot of insight into human nature/behavior.

Can I give it 10 stars?   (5/5)

If Malcolm needs a place to stay, he’s welcome at my house because I want him to tell me bedtime stories every night. This podcast is memorizing, thought-provoking, and witty. I recommend to EVERYONE!!

Disappointing Season 5   (3/5)

Season 1 was epic! Seasons 2 and 3 were superb sequels. Season 4 had a couple of good episodes. Season 5...unlistenable. I used to look forward to each episode of Revisionists History dropping with eager anticipation. Unfortunately season 5 has missed the mark. It’s become harder to maintain attention with the plot twist and stories that don’t quite fit the moment.

Thanks for calling us out —again   (5/5)

Lots of food for thought this excellent season, but especially in the last episode. I started sobbing at “$150–who has THAT lying around?” and I haven’t stopped crying since. This was a much-needed kick in the pants to think about THE LIVING and not stop, and I will.

There but the grace of God...   (5/5)

Today’s episode; comparative our memorials to the dead vs our ability to ignore the living brought me to tears. That could have been me... one of those names. Without people who cared who made a difference. I am pledging today to recommitting myself and whatever resources I have to helping wherever and however I can. I hope you will too. All of us stood on the shoulders of someone to become who we are. Be the helper to someone. Thank you, Malcom.

So good!   (5/5)

Malcolm loses me when he goes all sporty but on the non-sports topics he’s a solid 10 stars. He is perfect! Great writing, fascinating story telling, and a could-not-be-better delivery has me begging for the season not to end. He is a jewel of our time.

Fabulous!   (5/5)

Malcolm & Co. tell some great stories. I won’t waste time here; I’ve got get back to listening. Hope there are enough episodes to outlast the pandemic.

“Oh, Howard” is a delight.   (5/5)

I enjoy this show regularly, but after some good but very heavy episodes in season 5, episode 9 is a breath of fresh air. Thank you for the fun mystery and lighthearted romp.

Time to sit and think   (5/5)

I love this podcast. Every time I listen I am taken through a journey of amazing storytelling that always results in looking at things through a different lens.

Culture worship   (1/5)

Not history. Alternative reality.

Great episode   (5/5)

Loved it, coming from a young 30’s person who was not that informed about Howard Hughes!

Big fan, big disappointment   (3/5)

Genuinely have enjoyed Revisionist History for many years. However this 5th season is tone deaf and ignores the state of the world around us currently. It is clear this season was already in the can before March 2020. Other notable serial podcasts have paused their regular season to provide their own style of coverage on current world issues, take for example COVID. Instead this season focuses on the efficient killing of enemies in WWII. We know Malcolm and his team could be so skilled at dismantling and interpreting the history of disease, racism, and politics. And that is precisely why it hurts to listen as they discuss the history of WMDs and dissect Malcolms own strange hiring practices. Objectively, it is clearly still a “good” show. But they have lost their way in this most recent series.

Intimacy of voice   (5/5)

Amazing podcast, full with joy, insights and curiosity. So smart, simple and absorbing. (Better to stop here with epithets:)) It even made me laugh and forget about adversities, (that’s not a bad thing for a while). Thanks for creating it, Malcolm!

Powerball Revolution   (5/5)

Malcolm, the Amish and Mennonite communities have been using the lottery system to ordain their ministers for decades. My dad was selected and ordained this way in the small Mennonite church where I grew up. The church congregants vote by secret ballot and a group of Bishops tabulates the votes, and selects the top vote getters. They then use a lottery to make the selection (generally a stack of identical song hymnals with one containing the ordination papers) they are shuffled multiple times, and after much prayer one by one the men pick a hymnal and the one who picks the hymnal with the papers is ordained to the ministry.

Sexist like every other podcast....   (2/5)

Same issues w/ every other “smart male” podcast. Guests/topics are overwhelmingly skewed male, when women do come on the show or are featured it’s as his assistants. The hiring episode is particularly egregious: 4 female assistants whose time with him led nowhere, and his only male assistant is now the producer of this show. Definitely time for him to stop “overlooking” and “misunderstanding” his own biases.

Oh Howard, You Idiot   (5/5)

“He was not surrounded by good role models.” Yes, indeed.

Great Pod, Highly Ironic Ads   (5/5)

A commercial break for Zip Recruiter in the middle of an episode on « hiring nihilism ». That’s just too much. I don’t mind ads though, so long as there is great content around them, which thankfully there is.

Brilliant Stoytelling   (5/5)

Gladwell has such a gift for storytelling! Some of the topics are things I am not necessarily interested in but Gladwell has a way of convincing me that I am interested in learning about this!

Thought provoking   (5/5)

Mr Gladwell has saved me from pandemic procrastination: I hated housework and was falling behind till I found this podcast. Time flies when listening to his thought provoking ideas. A must for any fan of his books - I own them ALL

Dripping with smugness and arrogance   (2/5)

Drawn by the concept, put off by the content and execution.

Episode order   (1/5)

Where’s the latest episode? Why doesn’t it populate to the top? Please fix this!

Thank you!   (5/5)

Love Revisionist History. It is the only podcast I go back to and replay episodes. Thank you Malcolm and team.

gud   (5/5)


Fascinating   (5/5)

Malcolm is thoughtful and funny. I practically go into withdrawal waiting for his next podcast!!!

Feel like I’m being toyed with   (2/5)

This podcast gives me the creeps, like really creepy crawly for some reason. After listening to many hours I feel like I’m being manipulated or something. Lots of interesting theories without any real conclusions or point.

Love   (5/5)

Love listening enjoying all the time the best

Amazing   (5/5)

This podcast combines the best elements of two of my favorite pods: Radiolab, and mobituaries. It’s very calming, and the stories are engaging, interesting, and can be listened to many times.

He challenges me   (5/5)

Every episode has me challenging the way I think about things. This podcast is a gem.

Top notch   (5/5)

From a great thinker, condensed and tight stories to get lost in. And in many cases, the catalyst for further reading. Thanks for feeding my curious mind.

Loved the writing   (2/5)

Even when Mr. Gladwell goes big and takes a radical stand his writing is good enough to make me go along for the ride. But when going big extended to his love affair with the CEO of AT&T, I had to walk away. I’ve never seen such a grand sell out. They must pay him estate in the Hamptons money because it is fawning. Like the night before the first of the month in a strip bar fawning. No shade to ads but the enemy? AT&T?

3 good ones and a dud.   (2/5)

What started out as a great series on Curtis LaMay ended with an episode that wonders off topic to MASH never mentioning napalm? Seems like there was much more relevant material available. Thanks for the three good ones. The fourth should be scrapped like LaMay scrapped high altitude bombing and start over, it is not a worthy ending.

The best podcast!!   (5/5)

This podcast is the best!!! It has the best stories. It’s made for critical thinkers who think outside the box. Examining forgotten history. History that the mainstream doesn’t think about. I hope this podcast lives forever. I’ll be listening forever.

Love   (5/5)

Absolutely love it Ads are lengthy but the quality of the podcast more then makes up for it Keep up the the good work man

Disappointed   (1/5)

I’ve been a big fan of Revisionist History for years. Understanding little known tidbits of great, and not so great, moments in history have been fascinating and enlightening. The 4-Part Series concerning General Curtis LeMay and the firebombing of Tokyo was a very tragic event in a very tragic war. We all know about the surprise bombing of Pearl Harbor and how Japan launched a unprovoked (sort of) attack on US soil. That was devastating, but at least a military target. So maybe LeMay’s Tokyo response was overkill. Mr. Gladwell didn’t talk much about that, but it was probably not needed. What Mr. Gladwell did not mention at all was the behavior of the Japanese Empire towards military combatants and civilians in recent years. He didn’t mention at all the atrocities against millions of civilians and military combatants in China perpetrated by the Japanese Empire. This is not to absolve the US decision to fire bomb Tokyo, but, as we normally get from Mr. Gladwell, gives perspective. I’m extremely disappointed that all that was left for the listener unfamiliar with the unspeakable actions of the Japanese were the horrible effects of General LeMay’s bombings. There was so much more to say about the reasons and motivations for the fire bombings. From my experience of previous podcasts Mr. Gladwell gives us a view from both sides of the story. I wish I knew why he chose this particular story to leave that out. My feeling is that he risks destroying his credibility and sadly joins the ranks of the media that is increasingly becoming anti US. We know that we aren’t a perfect country, but to use what has been an excellent podcast to perpetuate that narrative, saddens me deeply. We need people that will fairly tell all sides of a story. We have plenty that shout their one sided views. I hope this podcast doesn’t turn into the same. Please say it ain’t so!

Good Podcast, Sometimes Misses Context   (4/5)

In the case of the General LeMay episodes, Malcolm missed a critical contextual component of Imperial Japan’s total war campaign through East Asia and the Pacific. To understand the fire bombing and later, the atomic bombs, you have to understand the mentality of the Japanese military and culture, and the murderous rampage they’d committed in their conquests. They were merciless. They were doing biological tests on humans, with the intent of exterminating western cultures. They were raping masses of women and children. They were executing non-combatants. When you’re faced with that type of total war, humanity depends on the powers of good to do whatever it takes to break the will of the enemy - including massive bombing campaigns. America was not the enemy in this instance, despite how it was presented. Nor was America the enemy when North Korea crossed the 38th parallel. Vietnam, maybe, but not Japan and Korea.

Excellent   (3/5)

I really love this podcast. I hope more topics are covered in the future. Not only are they very interesting, but the way they're produced make listening to them much more enjoyable than any other podcast I've listened to. Please continue! **UPDATE** I am updating my review after trying extremely hard to enjoy Season Five. I have loved this podcast so much from the beginning, but this rabbit hole about bombs has been the most boring thing I’ve ever listened to. I miss when Malcolm used to do a different topic every podcast. This one has dragged on for far too long. It’s not even remotely interesting. And FOR THE LOVE OF GOD PLEASE GET RID OF THAT SMALL BUSINESS AD THAT SAYS “SMALL” 5 MILLION TIMES!

Sure, let's throw out the stale old constitution   (1/5)

Turn the Senate into the House of Representatives, give D.C. two senators. Drivel.

Touching and Informative   (5/5)

Incredible delivery. The storytelling is incredible. Gladwell doesn’t shy away from hard emotions or uncomfortable truths. Every episode has something new to learn and a new perspective to learn from. One of my all time favorite podcasts.

Very enjoyable   (5/5)

It really doesn’t get any better. Great story tell. Most episodes are outstanding. An occasional fast-and-loose on interpretations of facts but ultimately entertaining and makes you think.

Love Gladwell’s work   (5/5)

Thank you, Malcolm, for your curiosity and story telling! I started listening and immediately binged. I heard the adds for the latest book so I listened to that too. It is a good book in the style of entertaining podcast. (At all the lulls in the audiobook, I kept waiting for Gladwell’s coolly-excited near-smirking voice to read through an advertisement just like the podcasts.) Thank you for doing the research, I look forward to enjoying more seasons!

Eye opening and heart breaking   (5/5)

For me the style of the podcast is like building an origami model. It seems as if you were getting folds, bits and pieces, but end up with a very solid image of the issue at hand.

So rewarding and rich   (5/5)

I just listened to season 4 in two days. I cannot believe how good and well thought out this podcast is. The whole crew deserves big thank you’s for providing such wonderful material. Malcolm Gadwell presents with wit, enthusiasm and truth. Thank you for adding to my day, expanding my knowledge and opening my mind. Thank you, Peggi

Amazing   (5/5)

Everything about this podcast is amazing. I binge listened to every season in a two week period. I am hooked. I find myself checking everyday to see if there is a new episode. I cannot wait for the next season.

Relooking at history, what we aren’t taught in school   (5/5)

I love history, but the more I learn the more I realize we are only taught bits and pieces in school and those tend to learn toward the perspectives in power. This show picks the truth in history and presents it in a great entertaining format that pulls you right in to learn. Also, the best commercials ever!

Just amazing   (5/5)

Great podcast, great author. Re-reading tipping point and next is newest work.

flawless   (5/5)

perenially relevant material

Fantastic podcast.   (5/5)

I’m pretty sure Malcolm Gladwell is great at everything he does. This podcast is another example of how, at the exact same time, both smart and entertaining he can be.

Best part of my day. Hands down.   (5/5)

A truly insightful and shining intellect. His stories broaden your horizons while making you rethink everything amid sobs or laughter. Thank you for sharing your sharp and intuitive ideas and work with the world.

Simply brilliant.   (5/5)

As always Malcolm Gladwell delivers. It makes me feel smarter! Listen. You won’t regret.

Binge-listening-worthy!   (5/5)

Like his books, Gladwell’s podcasts and riveting, informative, and well done. When I first came across this treasure-trove, I binge-listened to the first few seasons. Love to tune in when there are more.

Episode descriptions   (2/5)

The episode descriptions are vague and unhelpful. Many do nothing to inform the listener what the topic really is. The purpose of a description is to y’know, actually describe something.

Great stories; gladwell jumps to conclusions with impunity however   (3/5)

Gladwell has some really cool stories he digs up. However sometimes he jumps from A to M using cherry picked anecdotes to fill in the gap. Take the one tortoise he dug up to support the claim that the LSAT should be changed. Or the claim that casuistry abandons all principles... it’s just an indirect way to re-apply the principles on which the analogous case was based. Way way to hand wavy for serious scrutiny.

I love critical thought..   (5/5)

These vignettes are transformative in their ability to encourage critical thought. More please!

Definitely 5 stars!!   (5/5)

How wonderfully thought provoking!

Worthwhile   (5/5)

Thought provoking. Malcolm Gladwell’s mind is intoxicating. This podcast will change your mindset on many topics you think you already understand

Glad we’ll breaks it down.   (5/5)

Each episode in the first two seasons was outstanding.

Brilliant   (5/5)

Malcolm Gladwell’s questions are always worth delving into deeply. More than the stories, it’s the humanistic qualities Mr. Gladwell’s personality bring out that truly make these episodes incredible. Worth a listen for their interesting content and for Mr. Gladwell’s incredible insight and empathy.

I like it   (5/5)

Good for when I want a break from true crime and political podcasts but need something still stimulating. I like his narration, he sounds like an educated Zoolander. 🤙🏽

Revisionist History is amazing!   (5/5)

If this podcast doesn’t make you question what you already know and make you want to know more, then I don’t know what will. A truly engaging podcast.

Season 1 - Episide 2   (5/5)

Malcolm Gladwell is so solid - this one, beginning, middle and end. A thinker, a tear jerker, I laughed, I cried, I agreed, disagreed and in the end just want to hug, Malcolm Gladwell and everyone I love.

Thank you Malcom.   (4/5)

Enjoyed R H Series 4, although your definition of the birth control pill is wrong. The pill is an abortifacient. It disallows a fertilized egg to be implanted on the wall of the womb thus killing the unborn at it’s earliest stage of life. Also, you say you are s catholic wanabe then that an RICA and find out the truth of Roman Catholicism. The majority of people who take course say “i never knew that was what the church teaches!” Pax tecum Paul Mathis Lafayette Hill, PA , USA

Great podcast   (5/5)

I really enjoy your work. Thank you Malcom!

This Podcast is life changing!   (5/5)

Everyone should listen to this podcast

Season 4 Episode 5   (5/5)

Start at 4:20. Soon you will hear Malcolm take a breath. He is striving to understand why only Jesus arm is in the picture? He ask “Where is the body?”. I’m telling you I laughed from a deep down healthy happy place. 😂 It was a question I could relate to. I rewind often to this moment, it was in this moment I formed an attachment to Malcolm. I appreciate & enjoy this show, I would love to sit by Malcolm on a plane so he can “Bend my ear”. I appreciated being introduced to the Jesuits and casuistry; I knew nothing about them. How Malcolm approaches topics, connects the dots and brings me in with the details. I’m all in. Thank you Malcolm and your entire team. P.S I did not spell check this, I’m still so tickled high off laughter 😝😂

Carlos Doesn’t Remember   (5/5)

This was an amazing episode.

The conclusion to all things I can’t put into words   (5/5)

The podcast gives me a perfect outlet to spin out on subjects and give deeper thought to things we easily brush off. So often I find myself trying to explain my thoughts and I’m forever envious of Gladwell’s ability to conclude his thoughts. If you need a new podcast.... LISTEN TO THIS.

Great   (5/5)

Engaging, well produced, and eye-opening. Hooked after the first listen.

Is this podcast making me smarter?   (5/5)

I have had so many aha! moments during this podcast that I then gleefully share with my family. They might be looking forward to my getting to the end of the series, but I’m not. Thank you for doing the work to address these issues that seem so important it’s almost unimaginable that this is the first time I’m hearing this side of things.

I haven’t been able to stop listening   (5/5)

I’m slow to learn about the amazing Malcolm Gladwell, (thank you Conan O’Brien for having him as a guest on your podcast!) but since then I can’t stop listening to this podcast and started reading his books. Thank you Malcolm for your contributions to our literary world and now podcast world!

Great...but   (5/5)

I really enjoy this podcast and Mr. Gladwell’s books. Always a unique perspective, or at the very least a knack for seeing an accepted idea with a new view. Very data driven, often, which is refreshing. He sometimes overdoes the Malcom-nesd, such as his holiday show, which featured a woman who equated the horrible sounding wine she was shilling with the superior moral high ground of eating stale bread and brown apples. If you are saying “Huh?”, well so were we. I decided I must mot be woke enough for her wine, and would instead continue to enjoy the wondrous flavor of a Fume Blanc AND the rich taste of a Cabernet Sauvignon and admire (rather than decrying) a skilled winemaker attempting perfection.

Mind Changer   (5/5)

Malcolms research and presentation is a game changer. Opinions about history that I once had were shattered by his careful and well narrated approach. My all time favorite is “Carlos Doesn’t Remember.” It really motivated me to make a difference. This is a very thoughtful podcast presented by Malcolm and host of wonderful people. Do yourself a favor and simply listen, it’s a mind changer.

I feel smarter every time I listen!   (5/5)

Malcom is amazing. Every episode is fascinating!!! Things I never knew about bits of history I did know. Love love love this!

Engrossing, Engaging Journeys Into The Past   (5/5)

I’m so pleased that Malcolm Gladwell has taken the time and effort to create these podcasts! They are effortlessly immersive, instructive hourlong-or-less forays into everything you didn’t realize was relevant until Gladwell puts it into perspective for you. If you don’t think you’ll enjoy the subject matter, listen until the next podcast, because topics run the gamut... sports, military strategy, art, music, politics, science—literally any subject you could imagine, as he sub-references all manner of things in the process. Gladwell is a gem, breaking each podcast topic into relatable, cogent parts. I could happily spend the rest of my life auditing classes at the local university, but the next best thing (possibly a superior thing) is listening to Malcolm Gladwell’s insights and observations about our common history. Why does history matter? Listen to this podcast and find out!!

Pure gold!   (5/5)

Malcom Gladwell was made for this. The artistry and format of this show is podcast gold. It’s like an ice cream sundae experience for the brain. It will sharpen and delight! Lean in.

Food Fight   (5/5)

Thank you for the podcast about how colleges spend their $. I will be looking out for this when I send my very privileged kids to college. I may just steer them toward Vassar.

Thank you!   (5/5)

I have so much I could say about the artistry of this podcast. How it stimulates me to sharpen my own skills of critical thinking. How I smile when I see how you are tying in each thread of the story you are weaving. But most of all, I am always so hopeful at the end of each piece. Hopeful that smart, influential people are out there tackling the issues of our time and not letting us forget our history... or our possibilities.

Love this podcast   (5/5)

Intellectually stimulating and interesting stories

Revisionist History   (5/5)

I enjoy this podcast quite a lot. Topic are well written, told in story form, very easy to listen to. The topics are diverse and thoughtful. Malcolm Gladwell thinks out side the box and shares his delightful mind with us,

What do you drive?   (4/5)

When you asked Adam that question it made me feel so good. I ask people that all the time. I am a car guy and I think it is something very important to enjoy driving your car and be proud of it.

Thank you   (5/5)

I’ve been a fan since the beginning but season 4 episode 1 and 2 had me in tears as I was driving home for winter break after my exams. I am a 3rd year medical student, always thought I was below “average” because of the MCAT, step 1, and a variety of other standardized tests. I’ve always been a slow reader and these 2 episodes just solidified a feeling I already had, we are all made differently and it limits our career in this cookie cutter society. Regardless of my step score I will be a good doctor but certain specialties are no longer an option. It’s frustrating but your episodes gave me so much hope. It was just a warm reminder that I am doing my best being a tortuous in a hare’s society. Thank you for giving me confidence and shedding light on something that I have struggled with my whole life.

Can’t get enough   (5/5)

I don’t even know where to start. I can’t get enough of this show, Malcolm is brilliant and finds such fascinating topics to report on and some view shattering ideas that really expanded my mind. Cannot wait for more.

May have saved my life   (5/5)

I listened to the podcast about sudden acceleration in Toyotas, then, years later, my Ford truck got stuck in cruise control mode and constantly accelerated over 90 MPH on the freeway. I kept my cool and remembered learning that the breaking system is stronger than the engine power, stomped on the breaks, and managed to pull over and safely turn off the engine. Listen to this podcast, you might just learn how to save your own life sometime

The Hug Heard Around the World Episode   (5/5)

Excellent reporting but so sad and frustrating. Have we as a people improved? mmmm, don't think so.

A ligament is not a tendon.   (5/5)

I love you Malcolm but just needed to correct something you said about Tommy Johns ulnar collateral ligament. You called it a tendon. Tendons attach muscle to bone and ligaments attach bone to bone. Love your podcasts.

Just another leftist podcast   (1/5)

Sadly everything nowadays is left or right this podcast is no exception.

Interesting, thought provoking and comprehensible   (5/5)

A wide variety of topics and always interesting, thought provoking and comprehensible

Masterful   (5/5)

Malcolm is among the world's great storytellers and journalists. His simple, methodical approach to communication strips down complexity to hyper-focus on a perfectly laid argument, set in a perfectly heartwrenching, hilarious, shocking, or brutal case study.

“Untitled”   (5/5)

[ Insert a positive, thought provoking and witty antidote here] Just listen. K, thnx. 👍🏻

Worth Listening Twice   (5/5)

Malcom Gladwell’s Revisionist History is, hands down, the best podcast in the field. I felt like I had lost a close friend after I ripped right through all four seasons (a time budget of two episodes a day). I missed the daily relationship so much I just listened to them all again. Can’t wait for Season Five!

Absolutely GREAT stuff!   (5/5)

If you are looking for something very entertaining, well presented, nicely unraveled this is it! Malcolm does not disappoint!

RH   (5/5)

I discovered Mr. Gladwell and RH after seeing his interview with Anderson Cooper. In today’s political environment it’s so good to know that truth, curiosity, academic investigation and science are still alive and flourishing. Perhaps one day it will return to the masses....until that time I’m grateful we have people like Mr. Gladwell to protect the sparks...

A must listen   (5/5)

I recommend to all!

My favorite podcast   (5/5)

I love hearing a different viewpoint with FACTS not just feelings or assumptions! The topics are always changing and SO interesting, you don’t get stuck in something you aren’t halfway listening to, bc you are engaged in thought the whole time. And of course Malcolm’s voice is so smooth easy to listen to it’s almost shockingly unpleasant to change to another voice/podcast! Haha! Absolutely my favorite!

One of my Favorite Podcasts.   (5/5)

This show is intriguing, incredibly well produced, and masterfully researched. This is one I always recommend when asked about “must-listen” podcasts. Lifetime Gladwell fan.

Insights on fairness in society   (5/5)

Some of the themes are merely interesting and entertaining, but quite a few are about how resources and opportunities are distributed in our society.

The Best   (5/5)

I listen to a lot of podcasts and Revisionist History is the best bar none. The stories and the production are superior. I can’t wait for the next season.

Sparks interest in things you didn’t know you needed to know   (5/5)

Extremely fascinating material. Makes you feel like a more in-the-know and worldly person.

Revisionist History   (5/5)

Wonderful. I can’t wait for more. Some of them have been listened to many times. Like the Jesuit’s ones.

Anticipation   (5/5)

I love this podcast! Malcolm Gladwell provides quirky, subtle humor in a very intelligent podcast.

favorite podcast of all time   (5/5)

I absolutely love this podcast. Malcolm is funny, interesting, brilliant!! It really makes me think and ponder about our world. I can’t wait fro season 5!!

Ironic...   (1/5)

that a Podcast with this premise is as smug and conclusory as the misconceptions it is attempting to dispel. Unfortunately, Gladwell also misuses statistics to jump to conclusions in his books. Disappointing because I wanted to like his work.

Malcom!!   (5/5)

I just adore you! I value every word!

Incredible Storytelling   (5/5)

Seeing some negative reviews and I understand the rationale. Malcolm has a tendency to lean left and sometimes utilize the facts to back up his views. However, he is an incredible storyteller. The stories he tells still provide insights into psychological topics in unfamiliar with, and clearly present fascinating topics. If you can understand where some personal bias is input and still appreciate the podcast, it’s one of the best available.

My Favorite   (5/5)

This is my absolute favorite podcast. I recommend this one more than any other.

Lens   (5/5)

Malcom provides a lens through which we can glimpse a part of ourselves that is as real and important to the meaning of our lives as that part we are conscious of. Opaqueness can blind side our virtues. Greater transparency can offer a portal to our collective humanity. However small the crack, it offers hope. There is a hunger for authentic connection. Richard Maule

Basically a platform for advertising   (2/5)

Somewhat interesting content, but this podcast seems to mainly be a means for Gladwell to collect advertisers’ fees. Ad after ad, all offering discounts using code “Gladwell”. Like watching a giant infomercial.

Wry   (5/5)

I love Malcolm’s wry delivery and fascinating revelations in each episode. One never knows what gems will be revealed during each broadcast.

Incredible podcast   (5/5)

One of the best podcasts out there.

Very Annoying and talked way to much.   (1/5)

I’m a senior in high school and we had to listen to this podcast during one of my English classes. I am a avid podcast listener and was excited to hear a long form discussion on a complex topic. I was sadly disappointed by this podcast. The Narrator/Host talked broke up the guests speeches with his own personal opinions. This tramples the audiences hope of forming their own opinions on the matter. This can also enable the hosts ability to manipulate the guests words, and transform the way an audience views these issues. This is VERY dangerous, especially for young adults who are easily deceived. For these reasons I give this podcast one star.

How did I miss this?   (5/5)

Easily one of the best podcasts I’ve ever listened to, I only wish I found it earlier.

Thanks creation for Malcolm’s mind.   (5/5)

The articulation of discovery through curiosity and tensity. A human treasure.

Wonderful content, distracting editing   (5/5)

The podcast and each of the episodes are brilliant and well researched. I personally love the deep-dive on specific subjects that often tell a larger story. Unfortunately, the choppy and often repetitive editing takes away and distracts from the content. Despite the editing errors, this podcast and Malcom’s soothing cadence, eloquent diction, and intriguing storytelling still deserve 5 stars.

Fascinating, thought-provoking   (5/5)

So many things we take for granted... This podcast has encouraged me to think beyond my norms and be more open to possibilities and what others might be experiencing.

Revisionist History   (5/5)

Thank you, Malcolm Gladwell, for the wide range of topics you present. Philanthropy, music, art, personalities. Everything is for material for insightful, intelligent discussions.

Fascinating podcast   (5/5)

Love this podcast, and I get really riled up about some of the topics Gladwell takes on. I spend days after listening to an episode telling family and friends “did you know...?”

The Queen of Cuba Review   (5/5)

I Love Revisionist History and cannot recommend it highly enough. Why not 10 stars? 😁😁. This episode was excellent and was actually a Chapter from Mr. Gladwell’s new book - Talking to Strangers. I have not listened to many audiobooks as I like the tactile feeling of holding the book. However, the way he has structured this audiobook to include actual interviews, music, etc has changed my mind. I will be buying my first audiobook and cannot wait to listen to it all the way through. Great idea on the new concept!!!

Gladwell   (5/5)

I find Malcom Gladwell’s podcasts interesting and thought provoking. I come from a conservative mindset and find it invigorating how he challenges my thinking and thought process.

👍👍   (5/5)


One of the best programs out there   (5/5)

One of the best programs out there

Simply Remarkable   (5/5)

Deeply fascinating

Revisionist History   (3/5)

Way too many ads

My Absolute Favorite Podcast   (5/5)

Deeply thought-provoking, Inspirational, Entertaining.

Beyond compare!   (5/5)

This man is an intellectual giant. His logic is refreshing and insightful.

Explorations in Critical Thinking   (5/5)

I find M.G. creative, well-researched, and thoughtful in his approach. I also like his diversity of subjects, which gives the listener a wide range of choices. Finally, he appears to recognize, as one of my former bosses/mentors used to observe, that "all of these laws, regulations, and policies we're working on to improve the status quo might actually work if it weren't for the fact that people always seem to [blank] things up."

Missing episodes???   (4/5)

While listening to season 4 episode 1, the show stopped and suddenly changed to a 16 second show instead of the 40 or so minute show I had started. Episode 2 is also very short but wasn’t before. Can they please be restored? Otherwise, I love the show!

Thought provoking   (5/5)

The world needs more podcasts like this. Well researched and presented. This is my first exposure to the work of Malcolm Gladwell and I am so very impressed. Some thoughtful deep topics but I love that I am internalizing this info and mulling these over long term.

On the fence   (3/5)

I’ve been obsessively devouring the podcasts and even purchased Mr. Gladwells latest audio book. I became disillusioned with the Blame Game episode where Mr. Gladwell decided that driver error was ultimately responsible. This felt like blaming the victim, especially after learning that it could have indeed been a computer glitch. I implore Mr. Gladwell (and his listeners-Gladwellians) to check out a Radiolab episode entitled Bit Flip and decide what seems more reasonable an explanation.

the best   (5/5)

It does not get any better than this way of Thinking Outside The Box. Very healthy.

Excellent!   (5/5)

I just started listening to you because Padma Lakshimi said she listens to your Pod cast while she works out. I just started listening to pod cast in general, about 4 months ago. I’ve learned so much. I can’t wait to download load your book. I vote No to Pat Boone being inducted into the Hall of Fame. Pat Boone has true talent (there is just something about him) but I say no. Artists that mimic great arts of works shouldn’t be rewarded, no matter how great the forgery.

Doubting Gladwell’s analysis   (2/5)

I appreciate this podcast, but often find myself wondering if his critics are right. Does Gladwell cherry pick his facts? Does he come to a conclusion and then find stories to back it up? Or is he just taking another angle at things “overlooked and misunderstood?” After hearing Gladwell’s unsound assessment of rape on college campuses, we have reason to doubt his analysis and methods. Things aren’t so tidy as he makes them out and his conclusions seem based on a narrow perspective and set of narratives.

So many big thoughts so well presented   (5/5)

I love Malcolm Gladwell’s deep dives into things I have often never given so much as a passing thought. The obscure virus club episode is fascinating! I appreciate his thoughtful approach to his topics.

Thoughtful, engaging   (5/5)

Whatever the topic, there is so much to think about, and a fair amount of good natured humor as well.

Malcolm Gladwell   (4/5)

I think the podcast is an incomplete thought...maybe that was the point to inspire conversation. The juxtaposition of Malcom X and SDjr creates a narrative that speaks to assimilation and the extremes associated w such behavior while leaving a narrative that points to a view that is incomplete and lacking nuance.

He is a favorite for a reason!   (5/5)

I have been a Malcolm Gladwell groupie since The Tipping Point landed in my hands many years ago. And after listening to Talking to Stangers I have devoured all of these episodes in two weeks! My friends and family are likely tired of me recommending it, so I will recommend it to strangers now! Listen, learn and share...

Always challenging my thinking   (5/5)

I love this podcast and author for challenging, and expanding, my thinking on tough issues and ideas. Thank you

Great content, but WAAAY too many ads   (3/5)

If you’re familiar with Gladwell‘s books and audiobooks, you know that he’s an intriguing writer capable of delivering extraordinary content. However, this podcast seems to be very much revenue-driven, resulting in several very long ad breaks in each episode. Very disappointing for that reason.

Advertising Methods are Ruining Credibility   (4/5)

I love this podcast and have been reading Malcom Gladwell for many years. But I’ve had growing concern over the way advertising is done on this show. Gladwell does interview style ads, where he sits down with a companies representatives and talks about their products. At first, I thought it was interesting, especially if he was sampling the product like wine, or cook-at-home meals delivered to your door. But in the most recent of these ads, he talked to the head of marketing for AT&T. They mostly talked about 5G, and how it was going to change the world and save lives. They went so far to say that surgeons on the east coast could do operations on the west coast using precision surgery bots... Give me a break... 5G technology is still in it’s infancy. There’s no way to know if it will be able to be used that way. And even if it is, the “our technology saves lives” is BS. AT&T sells phone service. They’re not in the business of saving lives. I’ve enjoyed Gladwell over the years because he lended his credibility to subjects that were worth re-thinking. But that credibility is eroding. A consumer should never trust the top marketing guy from a company like AT&T to give them the truth about their company’s products or services. Not the whole truth, anyway. They’ll shine a light on their company’s strengths, and totally ignore it’s weaknesses. I listen to RH because I trust Gladwell to speak truth to the best of his ability. But when Gladwell does this interview-style ad, it seems like part of the show. And for many listeners it somehow transfers Gladwell’s credibility to the AT&T marketing guy, and also AT&T as a company. I’m not saying, “don’t run ads.” Ya still have to pay the bills, after all. But, Malcom, please... don’t give your voice to a mega-corp like AT&T. They don’t deserve it.

Getting better with time   (5/5)


Malcolm, you’ve done it again   (5/5)

This season started slowly for me, but when I hit the Jesuit episodes I was hooked, yet again. This pod series remains my all time favorite (and I listen to a lot of pods). Keep up the good work and don’t make us wait so long for the next season!

Provocatively Informative   (1/5)

I may not always agree with the hypotheses but the journey Malcom and team take you on is provocatively informative. Thank you Malcom for sharing your amazing gift to thoughtfully provoke the listener into re-examining what he or she considered as self-evident.

Call me an addict   (5/5)

A friend and colleague turned me on to this podcast, and I was hooked from the first season. Each week, I look forward to what Malcolm has to say and where he's going. While not always linear, each episode is well researched and constructed. Well worth a listen and subscription.

Super interesting   (5/5)

Malcolm always covers super interesting topics. I always learn something or am challenged to think about something from a different perspective.

God of Commercials   (5/5)

The programs are uniformly unique & brilliant. However, being a guy in marketing, Gladwell is a genius as a pitchman. When he plugs a sponsor, it is a work of art. His Good Old Boys episode is particularly unsettling. The lad does epic work.

I listen to most of these more than once   (5/5)

Great podcast. My very conservative husband and I- I’m a very liberal woman- both love these. They make us think, inspire great conversations and can often heal a divide we are (frequently, these days) experiencing. Thanks to Malcom and his team for a great, great podcast.

Insightful and thought-provoking   (5/5)

Insightful and thought-provoking. In a world where we often try to define things as black and white, Malcom shows a wide array of grey. One of the best podcasts out there!

Obsessed with this podcast   (5/5)

So entertaining, so educational. I love your voice, Malcolm. You never disappoint. I listen to about twenty podcasts and this is one of my favorites. Thank you!

Absolutely love your opinions   (5/5)

What I truly love about this podcast is that when Malcom is curious about a topic or has something on his mind, it come through. But it’s not a rant or tangent. He researches his topic, reaches out to experts in the field and forms an opinion. He’s methodical in his approach. I also love his writing style. How he assumes that I am intelligent enough to make my own connections, to form my own opinions, and to make parallels to my reality. Or at least to get me thinking about that topic. He spells out his case but doesn’t say it’s gospel truth. In fact that is his whole point, that he’s questioning what we might have assumed was set in stone. So if you like to think about different topics, to challenge your own self and thoughts or even if it’s to question your own doubts before questioning your beliefs. He shows you how, and gives you topics to at least think about.

Infocommercial   (1/5)

Gladwell's podast has turned into a poorly researched infocommercial. I find myself now listening only a few minutes before just listening to music (Chutzpah vs Chutzpah 2019).

Such mixed feelings   (2/5)

Gladwell is likable and I love the breath of his topics. But it’s very frustrating that you have to do anti-bias research afterwards. Every show is going to have a perspective and interpretation is unavoidable. But it feels intellectually dishonest at times. For one example, the episode on cultural appropriation started out great and ended up as predictable as if a college undergrad rushed it through on a deadline. Gladwell sets up Elvis as a scarecrow argument to make a funny point about Pat Boone and Taco Bell. The very important myth of Elvis’ racism was never actually addressed and the fact that Otis Blackwell was very much a participant in his music’s use was completely ignored. Blackwell was a songwriter and a very successful one. He was no hapless underdog who’s music was “stolen”. In that episode history was revised only so far as a humorous take on Pat Boone and the maintenance of a very standard and unsophisticated view of Elvis without doing any actual work. Missed opportunity.

Masterful   (4/5)

The manner in which Gladwell takes an obscure but interesting topic and subtly relates it to today’s topics is masterful. I look forward to the notification that a new RH or Broken Records podcast has arrived. Thank you.

Always interesting, Always entertaining   (5/5)

I am always saddened when his seasons end but MG’s podcast is so good you can always listen more than once and hear something new, find yourself with a different perspective, or craving McDonald’s fried.

Used to love entirely too political.   (1/5)

Gladwell went from my favorite author to someone I’ll never read again in 3.25 podcast episodes. Sad that he felt he had to politicize this podcast instead of sticking to the facts.

Rare talent   (5/5)

You can’t beat Malcolm Gladwell when it comes to relaying stories. He is a true legend at keeping it simple while defending his thesis. I really enjoy every podcast of his. Absolute gold dust.

Disappointed   (1/5)

I had originally really enjoyed this podcast until a recent episode where Malcolm insinuated that our president was a white nationalist. Of course, Malcolm has the right to say what he will, but it was a complete turn off.

Descent into particulars   (1/5)

Really lame episode on police shootings. Typically a good podcast but this episode offers an immensely biased perspective without really relating to the theme. Where is the descent into particulars? Typically the podcast present both sides and takes a nuanced approached but here you relate basically a puff piece about police (while interviewing a cop) with a fleeting mention of their Ferguson’s massive issues. I know it’s a tough topic but the episode feels it mixes too many topics (racism, suicide, police) without any kind of attempt to the sides present.

This exceptional ability   (5/5)

I am amazed at the unusual ability to go back in history And dissect the events ,exposing details and revising old impressions. My wish/dream Would be for M.Gladwell to go back into historical events more, and revise lot of events in history,and updating them for the curious mind. Like what really happened in the few treaties that were signed,annulled,signed agai after the 1st world war Every one has his own version I want Malcolm’s version!

Absolutely Fabulous   (5/5)

I have had the opportunity to binge the Revisionist History podcast and it has been absolutely fabulous! I enjoy each topic and the thoughtful careful insight revealed. Please keep them coming!

Sad Irony   (4/5)

Malcolm, This topic is fascinating; thanks for covering it. I am myself perhaps more of a tortoise, as I struggled to do as well as I would’ve liked to on the LSAT—I found it nearly impossible to actually finish a section in the allotted time. I do have one critical observation to make about this podcast, however. I found that just as confounding as Scalia’s reasoning in the clip from the speech he made at American University was the advertisement for zip recruiter that followed, where there was the admission that you hired your assistant from an elite private school through her friendship with another in your employ (who, if I had to guess, likely went to the same elite institution). Does is not follow from your argument against the gatekeeping system of elite networking in the field of law that such barriers should be lifted in other sectors of the job market?

Good Old Boys   (5/5)

I can't remember enjoying a podcast as much as this one! I can't wait for the next season!

Sad that Malcom was seduced by Taco Bell   (2/5)

His episodes are becoming hour long as spots that are masked as a story. Taco Bell and Pat Boone? It’s not about Pat Boone. It’s a Taco Bell advertisement. Sad.

Wish there were more   (5/5)

I’d listen to one a day if I could. Gladwell makes any topic he dives into interesting.

More like “interpretive history”   (1/5)

Previous seasons have been interesting at times, but this season’s episode on police shootings is poor enough that I will no longer subscribe or listen.

Advertising scheme?   (4/5)

Love the podcast. But it seemed like the whole Taco Bell connection was a little out there in the episode in a metal mood and was was entirely to provide some advertising for Taco Bell. Hopefully that wasn’t the intention but it sure felt like it!

Best Pidcast   (5/5)

I am hooked on these. Once I discovered Revisionist History, I binged. Now, I am sadly all caught up. I want MORE! The episodes are in the world do you come up with these? I always look forward to listening. You have opened up my world. I will be reading your book that comes out next month. Will a subscription to the New Yorker be next?!!! Thank you for sharing your amazing talent.

Exceptional Podcast   (5/5)

I’ve always enjoyed reading Gladwell’s books, so when my friend recommended his podcast to me, someone who doesn’t typically enjoy podcasts, I knew it was with a shot. I have loved every episode I’ve listened to. The information is interesting, important, and should be talked about! Gladwell is an excellent speaker and organizes the stories and information he provides in a stimulating and easy to follow-along manner that I greatly appreciate. I have recommended this podcast to all my friends!

LSAT   (5/5)

Yep, there ARE GAPS in our wall-to-wall carpet of Kniwledge! And — SOMEBODY has to fill them!! And it’s Loads of FUN!!!

Malcolm   (5/5)

The absolute best podcasts ever not only do I love his delivery and voice but his research and the picture he paints is gripping and I can’t get enough. I am in love with this guy

Later seasons lacking.   (3/5)

This series still has enough quality to justify continued listening, but the downturn in quality in the later seasons is so stark it leaves me disconsolate. The only consolation is blue apron no longer being a sponsor, so we are spared from Malcom Gladwell’s terrible mouthsounds that were a staple of those advertisements.

Eloise??   (3/5)

This podcast seems great except for the errors of the Eloise children’s literature commercial. Obviously the writer of that commercial has not done an in-depth reading of Eloise for the errors are many and glaring starting with the fact that Eloise IS a gazillionaire. She does not live alone in the Plaza, she lives with her Nanny, who occasionally takes her to visit her mother who is off rubbing elbows with society’s elite. I could continue, but my point is that while I appreciate a clever advertisement as much as the rest I am very turned off by this one. Please go read the books before you try and parody them for advertising.

Awesome we   (5/5)


I’ve enjoyed it but...   (5/5)

Malcolm, you are so wrong on the Pat Boone thing. There is nothing there, he is tacky and pathetic So confused...

Can’t stop listening   (5/5)

Once you start, you can’t stop! Illuminating and gripping

fantastic, and NOT too political at all   (5/5)

a lot of these comments seem to think that it is too political, but i strongly disagree. it is true that i identify as liberal, and fully agree with gladwell’s worldview, but when you subscribe to this podcast and listen to it, you should already be aware that it is going to be relatively liberal, especially with the topics discussed. it shouldn’t be a shock. i think gladwell truly objectively discusses topics often forgotten and brings up historical complexity, which can broaden every listener’s worldview. it is so important to discuss topics such as cultural appropriation and racial inequality especially in today’s political climate and gladwell does this so well. overall i absolutely love revisionist history and would recommend it to anyone i meet.

Hands Down the Best   (5/5)

Love the way Malcolm thinks and see the world. The way he can connect two seemingly unrelated subjects is an act of beauty.

He’s brilliant.   (5/5)

I am always torn between binging on the episodes and drawing them out slowly to savor them. To me, these are the finest podcasts being done right now. The storytelling and editing are sublime, and the topics are fascinating. Gladwell tackles ideas ranging from McDonald’s French fry fat, to memory and even Elvis. You never know what he’ll tackle, but he will always make you THINK.

My favorite among favorites   (5/5)

Hidden Brain, Radio Lab, On Being, Invisibilia, This American Life...these are the five others that entertain me while expanding my knowledge base. At the top, maybe because of Gladwell’s quirky charisma and equally quirky interests, is Revisionist History. Then again, it may be the way he uncovers hidden or repressed aspects of our realities, historical and psychological. No, maybe it’s more the way he finds the interconnectedness of seemingly disparate things and events. Hmmmmm...Deliciously elusive. Okay, here’s a nutshell review: Delight full!

This show hasn’t been the same since Jeffrey Epstein’s suicide   (1/5)

Maybe Malcolm Gladwell should do an episode about that.

I appreciate how RI encourages me to think differently.   (5/5)

I am blessed to listen to Malcom. His intelligence is evident and the work he and his team put into each episode is evident. Thank you for making me think critically.

Revisionist History   (5/5)

I love this podcast!

Was already a fan... Now a bigger fan   (5/5)

Update 2: Season Four’s episode 7, Descend to the Particulars is simply outstanding. Update: The latest episode, Mrs. Buchanan's period of adjustment, is my new favorite and one of the best podcasts I've ever listened to. Classic Malcolm Gladwell, looking for interesting and unusual angles to everyday stories. The result is an incredibly entertaining as well as informative and though provoking experience.

One of my favorite podcasts   (5/5)

Always look forward to the next one... The latest one with Pat Boone? Great stuff! Although I do NOT think he should be inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame... his music isn’t rock! It is jazz, and elevator pablum, but not Rock and roll.

Don’t Bother   (1/5)

Revisionist History is the right name for this. Gladwell cannot help but let his politics get in the way of the story he is trying to tell. Eventually his smarmy comments and assumptions without proof got to be too much. Some episodes are great, but overall it’s just not worth wading through his politics. Don’t bother.

Depends on your world view   (2/5)

I find some of these episodes to be thought provoking and interesting. However, I can pretty much tell you how you will feel about this podcast. If you are liberal you’ll love it. If you’re an independent you’ll likely tolerate it. If you’re a conservative you’ll hate it. Most episodes have a liberal theme and a liberal conclusion.

Love it!   (5/5)

Malcolm’s voice is so soothing and I really appreciate his perception of all the ideas he discusses.

Very disappointing Part 2   (1/5)

Part 2 — Malcolm continues to descend into leftist dogma screeching. The latest episode whines about Taco Bell and cultural appropriation. Who has tome for this whining?? Part 1 —I had very high hopes for this podcast. I’ve enjoyed Malcolm Gladwell‘s books. However, for some reason he feels inclined to promote leftist politics, nonstop. You can’t get a break from it. One episode features an argument that golf courses shouldn’t be privately owned. Since when did Malcolm Gladwell stop believing in the American concept of private property rights? Avoid this silly podcast like the proverbial plague!

Loved the 1st Season   (3/5)

Really enjoyed the 1st season. The second season is brutally boring and hard to follow. It’s all over the place.