Aggregated reviews for Sander van Doorn - Identity

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Found My Identity!!   (5/5)

Every Friday I can’t wait to toon in to a new Sander van Doorn Identity Episode!! The energy is perfect!!

Keep up the good work   (5/5)

Love listening to your podcasts. Grietus Booy Boone IA USA

Amazing   (5/5)

Love it, great upbeat music.

Episode #303   (5/5)

It isn't working on iTunes. If I tap it I will be redirected.

Love it...when I can download it   (3/5)

I love Sander's music and the podcast, when I can download. This podcast along with AVB's 'A State of Trance' are ones that I consistently have trouble downloading. I wish they would get fixed so that I can, once again, listen to their great music!!

Why does Identity DL so slow now....?   (2/5)

This started maybe 2 months ago, the podcast has been downloading extremely slow. It takes close to 80+ minutes to download an episode. Will change rating once its fixed.. :(

Sander Van BOOM!   (5/5)

I listen to this everyday, the selections are great, this keeps me focused and happy throughout the day. Just, stop putting "Project T" into every mix.

SVD podcast never works   (5/5)

Love his music, but why is this podcast recently having issues and does not play?

What's going on?   (4/5)

Podcast Episodes 166 and 180 cannot download. I am really disappointed I wanted to hear his latest and greatest!

It's a must.   (4/5)

You must subscribe to this podcast,if you wanna listen good music. It'll be great if we find somewhere the tracklist....

Great!   (5/5)

Fantastic way for me to discover new music. Sander kills it!

Excellent work brother   (5/5)

I've been listening to you for a very long time SvD and you've really improved from when it started!! Keep making podcasts at least for 1000 episodes and ill be fine cause this is all I listen to😆 S 🅰 N D E R - V 🅰 N - D 🅾 🅾 R N

Excellent   (5/5)

Great podcast, good variety of energetic music. I highly recommend.

Sander keepin it real   (5/5)

Real music, real selections ...keep it up

Needs to update   (1/5)

Podcasts newer than 144?? 144 was released aug. 30. Almost 1 month without SVD :(

Fix this podcast   (5/5)

Haven't seen any new podcasts for about a month. Why is SVD podcasts never working

Downloads Fixed!!   (5/5)

Thanks for fixing the broken podcast download links! Great podcast.

I love identity podcast!   (5/5)

I love SVD and his podcast. Download every week but couldn't for the last ones. Pease fix this !

Love the Podcast, but the podcast won't download   (4/5)

There's a problem with Sander Van Doorn's Podcast. It will not download. Episode 141, 142, and 143 are broken. I hope it gets fixed.



Sweet and tangy   (5/5)

Perfect for a summer night drive.

Amazing   (5/5)


Excepcional   (5/5)

The next #1 dj, amazing music

Identity   (5/5)

One of the most underrated podcasts, should be top 10

Awesome   (5/5)

Every podcast is better than the last one. Keep the great music coming!

better than coffee!!   (5/5)

Thanks Sander, your podcast moves and grooves me through my day, whether I am drving, in the gym, on my way to work or whatever I am doing. Keep the beat pounding!

One of the best DJs   (5/5)

Great music sander is great on podcast and live! Must download if you like trance / electric music 🎶

Download.   (5/5)

It nao.

Noooooo   (5/5)

Identity 94 is my favorite set of all time and it's not here, there are only afew missing and it's one of them fuuuuuuuucccckkkk. But I still love allow the rest of it

5 Stars.   (5/5)

Mr. Doorn always puts on a great show! Never disappoints :)))

Love this podcast   (5/5)

Other than sander van doorn is the bomb... He's podcast is always updated and with good music to make peoples ears happy

Always up to date!   (5/5)

This has to be my favorite podcast. It is always up to date with new music, and I love listening to it on my way to work, home, wherever. It always puts me in an upbeat mood :D! By the way Sander, You Rock!!!! Saw him perform at Ultra Music Festival in 2010 and 2011, so I knew if he has his own podcast, it has to be the bomb!

One of my Favs!   (5/5)

The Identity podcast is simply awesome! Great pre-release tracks, mixed by the talented hands of SvD. What more could someone ever want? FTR, I find his *minimal* talking very helpful and important. Thank you, Sander!

Check it out   (4/5)

I can't believe that there are only 4 reviews. This is definitely one of the premier electronic music podcasts. Think of it more of a radio show a la Pete Tong's rather than a straight mix. Sanders voice announces tracks, which I find helpful in discovering new artists. This podcast fuels my commute.

Nice music, waaaaaayyyy too much talking between tracks.   (2/5)

I would give this 5 stars had it not been for the constant commentary. Can't use this for a gym session. Interruptions are distracting.

Svd!!   (5/5)

Ooo Yeaaaaaaa sanderrrr Yeaaaaaaa.. Great gym music to get you in the zone!!!