Aggregated reviews for Science Friday

Brain fun for curious people.

Stay Strong   (5/5)

I love this podcast because it doesn’t bend to the fake stuff conservatives are pushing. Science will always win over spin

Gender   (4/5)

This is really a stupid subject. People like to name their personal robots. And who really cares if I call it a she or he. Only ignorant scientists care about gender for a robot. If someone wants to call it a she or he No One Cares. I like a female voice. Who wants to have a conversation about what a person calls his robot. What a waste of money to spend on robot gender or even race. I hope it’s not my tax dollars. Put money into real science not PC BS gender robot science. It’s just so silly sad and weird

Ira   (5/5)

How about cougars?

Agenda   (1/5)

I have been a dedicated listener for the last five years, but lately, I have been extremely disappointed in SciFri podcast. It has become clear your program has switched to a more political agenda. It is also obvious your program sides ONLY with the Democratic Party!! Shame on you. I of thought this was a podcast of thoughts, research and views, from all aspects, not just one-sided; I guess I was wrong. Also, I am tired of hearing about Covid on this podcast EVERY WEEK! I know there are some important breakthroughs which should continue on this program, however Covid is worked into every conversation. Covid and Politics are all that you discuss anymore. We get enough of that on all other programs and Social Media. Enough already!! Because of this, I am pulling my subscription. I know I am only one, but I also know I am not alone.

Covid 👎🏻   (5/5)

Let’s talk about space or physics! I’m tired of corona virus!

More Science   (2/5)

The topics that are primarily being discussed are social not science anymore. It needs to be Science Friday again not Social Friday nor a Covid-19 podcast. Please replicate the „Nature“ Podcast which has a weekly corona free podcast and a podcast that discusses corona. I believe Science Friday can get back to its actually cause....

Just the facts   (2/5)

I finally unsubscribed. Just couldn’t handle being preached to about what politics to stand for. I am looking for news that gives me the facts and leaves decisions up to the listener, this is far from that.

After 15 years I am no longer a supporting member   (1/5)

I have supported NPR and Science Friday for years but the recent shift to self-censorship in science seems to far to me. NPR is happy to tell me I am born of privilege, because of things like skin color. I DON’T support NPR in broadcasting racism and you should pull support also.

Racist experts, inaccurate framing of police   (2/5)

For an accurate understanding of the debate regarding police and minority violence, please listen to the Intelligence Squared podcast, where important details on both sides of the social justice situation are presented. Ironically, You won’t find it here, very little ‘science’ if it doesn’t fit with their narrative. June 19 2020: “when police interact with a black person he is a target.” This kind of inappropriate messaging is very harmful to the current perception of public safety. This false narrative suggests that every interaction is an attack and that is simply wrong. What about all the people who depend on police for their safety. For example, Victims of domestic violence, rape, and molestation. The majority of these victims are black and brown. The logic the expert was conveying suggests that because a black man is beating his wife, police should not try to protect her because it is making her black partner a target. The nation needs to wake up and come to grips with the realities of the discussion it is having and look at the nuances of the situation. Yes, people of color are disproportionately targeted, but why? In many instances it is because other people of color are asking for it. They live in neighborhoods infested with crime and drugs, and the want a safe place for their kids to grow up. So, if we are going to be socially just, how is one to answer that question, how should police protect people asking for if doing so makes the police a source of injustice? Let’s fix the racial problems with poverty yes. Until that happens, do you not see how the framing of the discussion means that no matter the choice that police make, they are the bad guys? Help victims and they bully minorities. Don’t help victims and they allow minorities to be bullied. I know that the way the discussion has been framed, me being white and male means that I am no longer allowed to have a say in my community, thank for stripping me of my privilege and protected rights. Since I am no longer allowed to participate without being branded a racist, I’ll just sit back and watch. With ‘respected’ sources like science Friday just letting the discussion be made without context or nuance. I am a incredibly disappointed.

Racist   (1/5)

Hey, Ira. Black lives matter, you racist.

Love the show   (5/5)

Keep up the good work

Excellent subjects   (5/5)

I especially fascinated by the interview of Dr. Judy Holland with the effects on the brain’s chemistry when we connect socially and what other avenues are available when we are unable to connect. I have ordered her book on the subject. Thank you one and all for this and all broadcasts.

Science Friday   (5/5)

I always enjoy episode. Nice the hear information from the science world: explanations of our world & possibilities for enhancements. Thank you

Love Sci Fri!   (5/5)

Thank you for the great podcast! I always learn something new.

Take the calls   (5/5)

I have no idea why you can’t take the calls of the listeners other than yo pre-record the show now. There are other shows that still take calls. It is part of there show. Adopt their way of taking calls. You’re not going to get Covid-19 by taking calls through the calls. Wait Wait still takes calls but doesn’t have a live audience anymore. They went back to the old ways before that had live audiences. I may not be a person that calls but other people should be able to call in. You have shown that you don’t just take calls but still get questions from your listeners. I see no real need to cut out the calls just because of Covid-19. Work it out.

Science Diction is Inane - Hubble telescope well done   (2/5)

Science diction sounds like a show aimed at a kindergarten class! The Hubble Telescope nicely done. I will add a star to my review for that. Also, the Like disease that has infected NPR podcasts needs an immediate cure! Like...Science Friday...Like...needs to get back to interviewing competent scientists...Like...and STOP featuring vapid air-headed supposed journalists! Alchemy of us was a complete snooze fest! If I want personal interest stories, I will tune into This American Life where they actually have an idea of how to do that properly. Ira Flato please get the program back on track! I am embarrassed for you and your legacy sir!

It’s not political   (5/5)

It’s about science. That your political party and their corporate masters want to reframe this as something political, doesn’t change the facts. If you can’t handle the truth, then move on, and good luck, because you’re going to need it.

Political   (2/5)

I listen to this a lot and the constant harping on climate change is starting to wear on me. Now the Corona Virus. More real science please. The segment about Mercury today is more of what I want to hear. Dinosaurs and scientific history please. Constant harping about climate and Coronavirus doom is not what I want to hear.

declining show   (1/5)

I used to love this show, but now find myself skipping over half or more of each episode. It is time for a new host and production staff because the current group has lost their way. The host politicizes essentially everything. The attempts to connect every single show topic to climate change is becoming comical, as is the attempt to blame every world problem on not enough money from the US government. Please go back to covering actual science rather than trying to be a political podcast. I am (so far unsuccessfully) trying to find another podcast for science news so I can move on from Science Friday, which I have partly done already.

Interesting short podcast   (5/5)

It interesting to get a little background on common vernacular we all use without ever thinking about. I look forward to this and after having listened to teenagers try to explain the world their friends, I strongly encourage high school students to give this a listen.

Science   (5/5)

I am so glad you are doing this podcast and I am praying that you will keep me informed about the real world and not the BS TRUMP IS SPEWING OUT. TRUST JOE BIDEN AND BERNIE SANDERS HAS THE BEST COMBO OF THE CANDIDATES FOR ARE FOR THE GREAT PEOPLE WHO ARE THE USA

Science Diction not good :(   (4/5)

4 stars because normally I like this podcast. But the new “Science Diction” feature misses the mark. The host sounds like she’s trying to appeal to a room of 4 year olds. Nice idea, poor execution.

Always good.   (5/5)

Kinda can’t go wrong with this one. Unless you think science is boring, but in that case, your loss bro.

Wnyc   (5/5)

Very Innovative

Check here for the pulse of science   (5/5)

I love this show! It is constantly informed on what is going on in the world of science and keeps the material exciting and informative. I listen to multiple shows at a time and can’t get enough of all the cool happenings in the world of science. If you have any interest in learning or what is really going on in science today, this show is for you!

A breath of fresh air!   (5/5)

Science Friday is a lifeline of reason, humor, curiosity, and real knowledge in this crazy world. Love it!

Left wing propaganda   (1/5)

This show used to be about the new advances in science, now it’s used to push a liberal agenda and I can no longer listen to it without being infuriated. They tell you the facts of the new discovery/hypothesis then the host puts his “spin” on it which is intellectually dishonest, and only hurts his “message” by making himself look/feel “superior” Typical leftist shill.

Running on fumes   (1/5)

This program format has run out of time. Too much of non-science babble and every week hand wringing over climate change without exploring possible scientific solutions - leading one to think there aren’t any except to turn off the lights and eat only what can be foraged in the neighborhood. Loved it in the 80‘s and 90‘s but honestly, the program‘s irrelevant now due to redundancy.

I Ex’s   (5/5)

SA were away

Thumbs up   (5/5)

Great podcast

Just like CNN   (1/5)

I might as well be watching CNN or MSNBC.

Favorite podcast!   (5/5)

By far my favorite podcast. Love the conversations, the depth, and of course... cephalopod week! Been listening for at least 10 years now and keeps me coming back. Should have rated it long ago!

My Favorite Program   (5/5)

Thank you!

Breathe in   (2/5)

The more i listen to this podcast, the more frustrated i get. Listen for yourself. Every time Ira asks a question, he immediately breathes in loudly thru his nose. They need to have a younger host who knows how to work a microphone and breathe quietly

My mom loves this podcast   (5/5)

My mom is crazy for science Friday so I decided To give it a try Lol

It’s a WNYC show, you unaware mongrels   (5/5)

Commenters seem unaware that SciFri has been on WNYC since before podcasts, AND STILL IS. So comments re: time limits & adverts are moot points. AS FOR CONTENT... I LOVE IRA, the interesting topics, & bit sized sci tidbits. I’ve been listening since pre-pod & I’m a smarter more open minded person for it. Thanks to Ira & the team at Sci Fri and all the great people at WNYC. 5 stars plus.

Stop doing live shows.   (3/5)

I llove this show but when the conversation gets good the time limits stifle the very reason of science and conversation. Go look at the On Being format and see there is an option to listen to an unedited interview. A nice relaxed conversation is a value added treat for supporters.

Maybe talking about 1 or 2 subjects MAX   (2/5)

The cutting off of guests and callers when they’re speaking because of your limited time frame for them to speak drives me crazy! It causes me anxiety! Maybe lower the amount of topics per episode so you don’t feel like you need to rush everyone when they’re talking... it’s hard for me to focus when I can literally sense the rushing going on.

Easy, fun, & educational   (5/5)

No better way to keep up with the current state of science. No matter your favorite science subject there’s a good chance Ira has you covered and may introduce you to something new.

Hey Ira, go ahead   (4/5)

Lots of stewing, no doing Think about your legacy on the “day it finally happens” Great that you talked and talked and vox popped Don’t worry, I’ll handle it so you can keep talking

Great show. Now if they could just....   (3/5)

I’ve been a long time listener and fan of Ira’s since childhood. They present very good information on a variety of science subjects. Unfortunately, they seem to grow more and more politically tilted. This tilt manifests itself in subtle word choices ( what would be called a micro aggression if the subject were different) to our and out hostile behavior. They seem to be so blinded by this that they don’t realize they alienate of half of the real world and impend their own motives. At least in podcast format I can jump past the self serving commentary to more useful information

***   (2/5)

Have enjoyed these podcasts for years, with one HUGE exception. Please find a new host. Ira Flatow cannot manage his role as the host. It's as if he is distracted or disintrested with what his guests have to say only to discover that he lost track of time so he quickly jumps in and cuts them off. Extremey rude and it happens ALL THE TIME!

Good info-weak production   (3/5)

There are better produced podcasts for people who like science and tech. My biggest gripe is with the host Ira- he’s got passion and enthusiasm, but is also bumbling and awkward. The discussions can be dry and rambling occasionally, and Ira’s weak attempts a humor don’t help. I’ve also caught him asking guest questions that (the guest) have just given exact explanations of. It’s like he wasn’t paying attention to what they said... Occasionally there’s a guest who’s not very good at explaining their contribution to the topic, but that could be because it’s recorded live- which affects everyone different. Despite all that, the information itself is pretty good.

A gem!   (5/5)

Always a great way to end the work week. Tons of great info paired with a bit of humor. Keep up the good work!

Science Friday   (5/5)

Wow I am so glad to find Science Friday I listened to Science Friday when I lived on the east coast This was before podcasts, Facebook and even the World Wide Web.

Split show into segments   (2/5)

NPR’s “The News Hour” splits its show into segments by topic that can be downloaded individually. This show, “Science Friday”, would be perfect for that too. Parts of this program are must hear. Jumping ahead and back over what isn’t is frustrating.

Alaska Jdw   (2/5)

Good show but you have got to stop cutting guests off !! It’s a podcast so cutting someone off for advertising or because you are short on “time” in the middle of an important topic is COMPLETELY UNACCEPTABLE

Hike   (5/5)

One of my favorite things to do is go for a trail hike, and listen to this podcast. Ira conveys scientific ideas in a VERY palatable way. He makes learning enjoyable.

Wonderfully instructive and listenable.   (5/5)

I can’t imagine the challenges involved in putting this program/podcast together. So much available material to cover from all of science and yet they manage present each topic with enough depth to inform an interested lay listener. I also appreciate that the issue of political push-back against the implications of scientific research is addressed. With so many critical issues on the on the line, none of us can afford to be ignorant.

Using science for left wing politics   (1/5)

At first, I was very impressed with the episode about paternity. However, in the back of my mind I was wondering how Ira was going to use this for political purposes. I found the argument that being a father is not just genetic but also social, compelling and I agree with that. However conflating the situation at the border with this is total fabrication and deceptive. Basically he implied, but not directly that taking blood test to determine paternity at the border was Nazi like and similar to what we did to the Chinese. This is a complete lie and fabrication to associate the two. He neglected to mention that there is a great deal of fraud taking place at the border with children. The only way to tell if the parent is related is true genetic testing. Again very disappointing to see Ira use politics again so deceptively.

First   (5/5)

Earth first was recently given a platform on this podcast. They are in environmental terrorist group. Self identified as representing the fanatics on the left.

Fun and engaging   (5/5)

As a former biology teacher I find Science Friday very entertaining.

Too much politics! Good-bye!   (1/5)

I have stopped listening because the show become too political. Maybe Ira should take the lead that ESPN as taken on stopping to put politics where they don’t belong! Good-bye Ira.

Stop limiting the guests!   (2/5)

First off I have to say I really enjoy the content you guys present, but the cutting off of guests needs to stop. It’s frustrating to be engaged in whatever the guest is saying and then the host just butts in to talk about a sponsor or some other triviality. I think it would be more beneficial to treat this show more like how Joe Rogan does it and actually have a genuine conversation without the confined time frame and other archaic media shenanigans.

Full of information!   (5/5)

This podcast is amazing! Ira is brilliant, topics are on the latest information, and his guests are incredible! Ira always stays on topic, with no BS! My son, a high school junior and I listen ritually! I haven’t found another podcast like this! Don’t waste your time looking any further!


This podcast has revitalized my love for science and learning. Science Friday is truly informative and educational. It has also prompted me to look into other areas and topics of science and share findings with my students!

Better than 5 stars!!!   (5/5)

As a scientist I enjoy the varied and up to the minute research!!

Amazing program!   (5/5)

I love this program so much! I enjoy listening to this program. I ever skip any program. Ira, you are doing a fantastic job.

Josh H   (5/5)

One of the best! #science

Needs better vetting   (3/5)

Yet another science news podcast that is slipping when it comes to the credulity regarding their guests, advertisers, and how they engage their listeners using social media (and other third-party services).

Too long   (2/5)

Great program but I stopped listening because it’s too long, I wish he talk less and makes it 1hour show. I just feel this new ideas would reach more people. Thx again

Science   (5/5)

I love all the content. The interviews are very informative and I enjoy learning as I listen on my way to work. Thanks for all the great scientific stories. Especially the science stories of the space and the cosmos! Keep them coming Ira.

Promoting misinformation   (1/5)

They interviewed a woman who said only 2 aborted fetuses have been used in vaccines. However, Stanley Plotkin a lead vaccine researcher stated under oath that 76 fetuses were used in just one study alone. So stating that only 2 have been used is grossly incorrect. I can not listen any more not knowing how much information they are giving could be incorrect.

Science communication the way it should be done!   (5/5)

I listened to Science Friday occasionally through the years, but now that it’s in podcast form I’ve become a regular! Host Ira Flatow is obviously passionate about communicating science to us non-scientists, and it shows. He asks good questions and keeps his guests focused on explaining their work in an accessible manner. Not every topic and guest is a home run, of course, but I find the vast majority of the topics and guests to be interesting and a way to open doors into knowledge I’d never otherwise have had. Kudos to Ira and all the show’s staff!

Dr Ludwig   (4/5)

Finally sanity coming through media from Harvard nutrition. Thanks for having Dr Ludwig on. Truth. Reversed my own Type2 Diabetes with LCHF and intermittent fasting 2 years ago. But I ache for my generation that is still being misled by the low fat dogmas and for-profit commercial diets.

What happened to Bob?   (5/5)

On Nov. 30, 2018 episode on climate change, Ira’s guest expert Bob was disconnected after what sounded like the building collapsing on Bob. Did he simply drop his phone that made that strange noise or did Bob get struck by a meteor? It seemed like Ira wasn’t aware of the noise and continued like everything was okay. So what happened to Bob?

Amazing   (5/5)

I am such a nerd and this podcast makes my heart happy and leaves me with endless new curiosities too!

Great for all ages.   (5/5)

This show whether listening live on the radio or this podcast is terrific for a car ride is long and short. Enjoyable for my kids since they were five years old. And they listen now while in college. The show is also worth going to see live. The staff are fabulous and engaging and very personable.

Informative in the field of science   (5/5)

And entertaining

Grrreat   (5/5)

I love the topics and the question and answer.

Topics are interesting, host is horrible   (2/5)

I have listened to this podcast for a long time because I find the topics interesting and I guess I don’t know of any other science podcasts. However I get the urge to turn it it off whenever Ira opens his mouth. Partly it’s his voice but it’s also his lame questions. He literally never asks any interesting follow up questions. Probably because he isn’t listening or engaged with what his guests are saying. Change the host! The times when there is a guest host the show is 100 times better.

Great show   (5/5)

Ira is a fantastic science communicator. Once he retires, he'll be leaving incredibly big shoes to fill. This show is low on condescention and full of recent science news.

Wow   (5/5)

Such a great podcast. Interesting stories every week.

Love it   (5/5)

Five stars but when I tried to rate it planning to check all the stars beginning from the leftmost it kept saying “submitted”. So several one star, two star and 3 and one 4 star reviews are fake news. This is in fact my one “ must listen” show.

Great weekly summary of science news!   (5/5)

Ira Flatow does an excellent job of interviewing guests on a variety of topics. His style is enthusiatic and engaging. I find the show covers a broad range of topics at the "right" level of depth. Thanks to Ira, NPR and the Science Friday team for a great show!!

good info, sexist host   (3/5)

The way he treats women who are invited on the show, is pretty gross. Talking over them, interrupting them, pitting their answers and explanations against the men who are invited on the show. Why won’t he let them finish a sentence?? Why is their information somehow less credible than the mens’?? Gross.

Show flow.   (4/5)

I love the show, but Ira needs to stop cutting guests off to promote a break. He cuts them off when they have 10-20 seconds left on their point!! Wait till they finish before you go to your unsponsored break

Science friday   (5/5)

This is a unique show and Ira is unique and exuberant moderator. I hope WAMU will reconsider the excellence of this program. NPR is my go-to media -- and Science Friday reigns supreme.

I’ve learned plenty from this show   (4/5)

Fascinating show. My only complaint being the interruptions to the guests. The interruptions are often due to being short on time. I enjoy hearing the interviewees’ thoughts as they are often experts on the subject matter. Nonetheless, I remain a fan of the show!

Political science   (2/5)

Too much political talk for my taste.

One of the best   (5/5)

As a podcast junkie who listens 50 to 60 hours a week while I work, I have given many podcasts a trial run. Most never last more than an episode or two. This one made the cut, and I actually look forward to new episodes.

Supper smart   (5/5)

Been listening to every episode for 3 years. And I love it.

Flatow enthusiast   (5/5)

I listen to a lot of science podcasts and this is one of my favorite because of Ira Flatow. I used to watch Newton’s Apple and I love Groucho Marx, so I was already predisposed toward him. But I didn’t know how much he “makes” the show until one time I was listening to SciFri and they had a substitute host - I tried to listen but the wooden, waspy, bland delivery just held no appeal. I love Ira bc he actually gets excited, he asks dumb questions I am thinking myself, he seems unpretentious, and he always handles the callers with grace. I like to think I am a lot smarter from listening to this show-at the very least, I have been entertained!

Great Podcast but....   (4/5)

Great topics, very in formative, but can you play some music to let the guests know Ira is going to interrupt them to say it’s Science Friday?

Moving on   (3/5)

As a conservative I can’t help but feel unwelcomed by this show sometimes, this was one of my 1st podcasts but with all the other sciences i think it’s time that I moved on and tried some of the others. Might be back depending on what I find.

Immunotherapy - Wow! So fascinating   (5/5)

This podcast was so interesting & enlightening. Cancer continues to be so very complex but its very encouraging to hear the rapid advances with immunotherapy. This is a must to listen too.

I Try to Contribute Every Year   (4/5)

This podcast deserves our $$ of support. It provides a critical public service in presenting science topics to a general audience.

My favorite podcast   (5/5)

I love the diversity of content and I learn so much. Great job!

Ira interrupts guests too much   (2/5)

I think they SF needs to come up with a format that doesn’t have Ira always cutting off guests because “we’re short on time.” He does this to callers too so that they can’t even get to their question. What’s the point of taking calls then? There are many shows I watch that have time constraints but they’re not constantly cutting off guests like this. I love the topics but they need to fix this format. Hard to relax and enjoy when you start hearing Ira’s grunts as he’s about to cut off a guest. Also, why not wait until a natural pause in the conversation before doing the “PRI” announcement? So many of these interruptions are avoidable.

So interesting and informative   (5/5)

This is a great show! I was so disappointed when my radio station canceled the broadcast, but now I can listen whenever I want. Whenever a new science fund is announced, I wait for SciFri to cover it so I get a deep understanding. Love it and Ira!

The host is terrible, commercial breaks are out above content.   (1/5)

Dude does a horrible job leading conversations, and trying to control the length of his guest input. He always comes across as rude and awkward. Also, why do you need 3-4 guest to talk about a certain topic. Every episode at one point or another turns out extremely jumbled and awkward. Find a new host or teach him how to interact with guest without coming across as insensitive, not interested, or like an ocd control freak. This show puts commercial breaks above and beyond content. Unsubscribed.

Wonderful, check it out!!!   (5/5)

This is the perfect podcast to keep you up to date on all the science news. It is very relevant and informative, the guests are extremely knowledgeable and the host is easy to listen to. I feel like it is always rushed though, the host having to cut people off or tell them to speed up. I also don’t like him having to say the name of the show in the middle of conversations, more often than not it interrupts the flow of the guest speaker. I always get a mental picture of the host trying to do his job and some director or higher person standing over him tapping his watch or pointing to a teleprompter that says “say the name of the show!!!”

A classic   (5/5)

One of the oldest and best shows in the public sphere. I never miss it

I love Science Friday   (5/5)

This podcast helps keep me up-to-date on recent developments in science. I like the in-depth coverage of science news. Thank you Ira and team!

Great fun!   (5/5)

I love this show. Always interesting. The Ig Noble Awards show is a favorite. Consistently silly.

Sounds like a good channel   (5/5)

I have not ever seen anything on the channel

Fantastic Weekly Science Update   (5/5)

For the intellectually curious layman, Ira and his team offer the best weekly science updates available. For years this has been my “go to” jam for Friday commute. Combines topical coverage and features with legitimate experts in a myriad of scientific disciplines. Thoroughly enjoy the show and you will too!

Everyone should be listening   (1/5)

If you get a lot of your news from radio and podcasts, you should be listening to Science Friday. Hey guys, this is real stuff about the real world.

Better than the internet & TV   (5/5)

Want to know the latest in science news. You won't find it on any cable channel. Not even the Science Channel. Ira & the SciFri team is truly THE. BEST. SOURCE. of all things science.

Great!   (5/5)


Would be great without Ira Flatow   (2/5)

The guy’s voice = nails on chalkboard, skin crawling, gag reflex, etc

What's wrong   (5/5)

This is an esential show for anyone interested in science and rational thinking but have not been able to download in a month, what is wrong!!!

Unique, genuine, and enthralling.   (5/5)

Great show all around. Incredibly well produced, researched, and executed. Keep up the great work!!

iTunes problems   (4/5)

iTunes has problems downloading this feed. But the content is great

Great program   (5/5)

Has a lot of great mind expanding topics on lots of different and interesting things. The interviews are well done with very smart people. I feel that a lot of time it is rushed and in the podcast it cuts off abruptly as Ira is still talking, the production at the end of every show is disappointing. There are other podcast that run for over 2 hours and are not split up or have cut outs.

Is the iTunes download problem ever going to be fixed?   (5/5)

Terribly disappointed. Problem has lingered for months.

Best science podcast   (5/5)

Starts with a review of top stories in the week, then a deep-dive on various current science topics. So good.

Stick to science   (2/5)

Please limit yourself to science.


I have not been able to download this podcast for the last two weeks.

Ok   (3/5)

Usually has interesting stuff but the content is more for the general public rather than scientists. The phone calls are infuriating - people chatter and babble. The ads are really repetitive as well.

Temporary fix for problems with podcast   (5/5)

I love this podcast but can't get it on my Windows 7 machine anymore. Evidently there are problems with Windows 10 as well. Try going to sciencefriday(dot)libsyn(dot)com to download direct to PC and then you can import into iTunes. You actually have to start playing the podcast before you will see the download arrow. It's a pain, but SciFri is worth it. I hope they get this fixed soon!

Too much AGW   (2/5)

I have been a subscriber for years and years, but the continual harranging and recurring stories that go on ad-nauseam about AGW get really old. Alarmists versus deniers, deniers versus alarmists, yada, yada, yada. Tell us what practical, and I mean realistic steps individuals can take to reduce their carbon footprint. Tell us what you are doing personally to reduce your own carbon footprint. Tell us what NPR is doing as an organization to reduce its own carbon footprint. I don't want to hear that we all must pay higher taxes, higher utility bills, higher gasoline prices to save the planet coupled with how stupid and dimwitted deniers are and how brilliant alarmists are. These segments generally contain no actionable information and are full of name calling which only serves to piss people off regardless of which side of the argument they are on.

I didn't think I'd like it as much as I do   (5/5)

I tend to sway away from huge programs that PRI puts out but when I have THIS Ira a try I immediately realized he's out there fighting the good fight of illuminating our best scientific minds out there today.

love Ira, love the podcast   (5/5)

I hope that you will correct the issue that prevents these from downloading.

Science Friday and iTunes   (5/5)

I am still unable to get SF to download to iTunes on my computer; it does, however, load onto my iPhone. HELP!!! Anyone?

No Download   (5/5)

I'm starting to think you're never going to get a fix so the many subscribers who cannot download your podcast, will be able to. I love your show, but really, enough already.

Unsubscribed - sad!   (1/5)

I've unsubscribed because I could not get any current podcasts downloaded. I don't understand why this can't be fixed.

No downloads on itunes   (1/5)

Not the first to report but I hope that a group effort will bring this to the attention of the SF staff

Please fix the SciFri podcast!   (5/5)

We are bereft without our SciFri podcast. Haven't been able to download it or listen in a month. We are waiting eagerly for someone to restore it, hope it's soon!

Hey Ira   (2/5)

Can you fix the itunes podcast so we can listen again or are you just gone off the itunes for now. Is there another way to download your podcast?

Still can't dowload show   (2/5)

Would like to continue listening to this podcast but like others I have not been able to download it since beginning of June. Seems to me they could fix this sooner than later.

Retired   (5/5)

The failure to resolve the Itunes downloading problem after several weeks is indeed disappointing.

Used to like it   (1/5)

I have a few gripes with this podcast. I used to listen all the time but it seems like it's gotten worse. I HATE that the pieces always get interrupted because of being "out of time". The experts are cut off in the middle of a thought as soon as they really get going. Maybe but a section of the show every week so you can actually finish something? Also, I had my last straw this week and unsubscribed when Ira loudly chewed and smacked chocolate in his mouth right into the microphone. I cannot think of anything less appealing than loud sounds of chewing in my headphones. Instant unsubscribe. Quit eating on air and let the experts finish and I'll start listening again.

Senile host   (2/5)

I wanted to like this podcast but its like being in a 3 way conversation where one person needs everything reexplained constantly. The sister podcast Science Vs is great. Go there instead.

Broken Feed   (3/5)

This podcast feed has been broken for a few weeks now. A lot of people can't download episodes. The issue has been reported, and several reviews have been written to communicate the situation. Unfortunately, the issue isn't fixed. Is anyone at the show or at Apple paying attention to the listeners?

Good Podcast but can't download anymore   (1/5)

I love Science Friday but it wn't download on iTune 12 anymore. I haven't been able to get it for the last 3 weeks. I am able to download dozens of other podcasts, including ones from PRI (e.g. Undiscovered) and NPR (e.g. Car Talk, Planet Money) without any problems. OPlease fix it!

Love this show   (5/5)

I really love this show. It helps keep me informed of a lot of science issues in an entertaining fashion. Definitely for those who like their science like Joe Friday, "Just the facts, ma'am." However, for the last few weeks I've been unable to download it from iTunes. Is anyone else having this issue. I don't have a problem with any other podcasts.

does not download   (1/5)

For several weeks now this podcast (as a few other people have mentioned) is not downloading right and needs to be fixed.

Gone Commercial   (3/5)

I've been listening to Science Friday for decades - since the early '90s. I'd plan my Friday lunch breaks around it. It's gone down hill since they dropped the wonderful opening/bumper music in order to cram the show with sponsors. These days I guess it's all about the money wherever one goes.

New format doesn't play well with others.   (5/5)

Longtime radio and podcast listener/subscriber. The new format Hr.1 & Hr. 2 confuses my devices. Updates don't sync well between Mac Air, iPhone, and Apple TV. Requires constant adjustments, constant refreshing, and often nessecitates unsubscribing on all devices and then re-subscribing. Come on Science Friday! Step up your tech! I often don't listen anymore because I have to do too much maintenance.

Loved by this non-scientist!   (5/5)

Most of you have heard this show on your NPR station while driving errands on a mid-day Friday. This is the podcast of the radio show. It's great.

Good science news   (4/5)

Okay host, kinda worthless caller questions

Poor at Best   (2/5)

Very slow getting to information. Much useless banter. The truth is these guys are entertainers (and poor at that) with little understanding of science. They are not funny so you have to endure what they are saying to get to extremely small amount of information. Waste of time.

Great show   (5/5)

Long time scifri listener. Love it.

Probably the Best Science Podcast Out There   (5/5)

I listen to a lot of science podcasts and Science Friday is probably the best one out there for the variety of content covered coupled with listeners calling in. The show is broken up into segments on different topics so each week you're never sure what you're going to get but it's always fascinating.

My favorite way to keep up with science   (5/5)

I look forward to this podcast every week!

SciFri is the best!   (5/5)

Science Friday is one of my favorite podcasts. Week after week it keeps me in the know about the latest in science and technology. I can't recommend it enough.

Fun and Informative   (5/5)

If you love science and technology, you will love Science Friday. They keep us up to date on some of the relevant and interesting new developments in science. This isn't textbook science- it is all the cool discoveries we want to know about, and experts giving us insight into how they work.

Mrs.   (5/5)

My son told someone, "Since listening to Science Friday and Planet Money, my mother has become smart." One does not hear that from grown children very often!

Disappointing   (2/5)

I usually enjoy the show, but the 3-10-17 first hour episode should have been called "Political Friday". The first 35 minutes were devoted to politics and not why I tune in.

Love it.   (5/5)

Listen to every episode.

Irritating format, deleting...   (1/5)

I downloaded a specific episode for a long drive and this random collection of stupid crap started streaming. It feels like some producer is trying to imitate successful podcasts such as JRE and create a stream of consciousness podcast. It is a dismal failure. I won't listen again.

Kinda good   (3/5)


Great show, 5 stars   (5/5)

But please figure out how to ease people into your station IDs instead of clumsily jamming them down the throats of your guests and listeners for gods' sake. Totally detracts and distracts from the show. C'mon Flatow, how many years you been doing this, bud?

Political   (1/5)

I'm so sick of hearing political rants. I do love this show, but recently they've been bringing politics into their agenda too frequently. After years of listening to this show I'm sad to say no more! If you want to push your political agenda create another podcast for that.

Great podcast   (5/5)

Very informative and interesting.

Interesting but slow   (3/5)

I liked this podcast but have since un-subscribed. The information and topics were good but the delivery was a little too slow/dull so I didn't retain super well.

Individual stories ?   (3/5)

Why Why Why?? Ruinde the format of the podcast..was so nice to play all the stories automatically on itunes....stopping listening at each new story and being able to come back later to hear others. Trying to separate each subject from an hour is more difficult...and hard for me to pass on a certain subject to my friends. They have to listen, skip thru the hour to find the subject I wanted them to hear and people are less likely to sort to find it. So sorry. Why was this necessary?

Always fascinating!   (5/5)

Calm cool science. Such a relief.

...   (2/5)

the shows are somewhat interesting given how they are titled. the format is horrible. who is rushed for time in a podcast? enjoy your old dying ways without me.

Terrible interviewer   (1/5)

The interviewer is always interrupting his guests as if he is pressed for time. The way the host handles things is pretty distasteful.

Great show, but...   (5/5)

The audio always seems to be cut short at the end of the episode? Mid-sentence. Doesn't happen on my other podcasts.

An essential podcast   (5/5)

'nuff said

Too excited   (5/5)

Can't hold back excitement every Friday when there are 2 new episodes

Challenges me to think   (5/5)

I often end up changing my mind after hearing the science behind a topic. Excellent show format.

A favorite   (5/5)

Smart, interesting, entertaining and friendly

Great content, OK host   (4/5)

Content from week to week is varied, amd almost all of it is interesting. Ira (the host) typically asks insightful questions to keep things moving. One thing I absolutely hate about this show, though, is how Ira prioritizes his radio call-outs over his guests. Maybe it's out of his control, but I find it terribly rude to the guests and distracting as a listener. His OK's and Mhmm's also seem apathetic, but those I can live with; I'm sure he has a lot of other things to manage and focus on simultaneously. Overall, a quality program and worth subscribing to.

Love the topics, don't love Ira Flatow   (3/5)

The guests on this show are fascinating people, but I just can't with Ira Flatow's interviewing style. He regularly gets the guests off-topic or keeps the dicussion focused on one aspect of the topic that isn't actually interesting. I still listen when someone comes on who I'm REALLY interested in, but I unsubscribed a while ago.

An interesting mix   (4/5)

I find this show to be very hit or miss, I'm either enthralled by the topic or it loses me quickly. Ira is great.

Work   (5/5)


🖖🏻   (5/5)

Ira covers just enough to keep you informed and googling for more! Love this show 5 stars!

Love the show, wish the segments were separate   (4/5)

Science Friday used to separate the segments, which was much more convenient as a podcast listener. I’m not especially enthusiastic about some of the SciArts segments, as I find them a bit tedious, but aside from that, I’m a big SciFri fan. Keep up the great work informing the public about science.

Consistently Brilliant   (5/5)

I’ve been listening to the show since it began on “Talk of the Nation.” Ira’s a tremendous host, and I’ve enjoyed the changes in format and guests since the show struck off on its own. The emphasis on politics and its implications for how science is performed and implemented is always relevant and thought provoking.

Love Sci Fri!   (5/5)

Science Friday always has the best guests to talk about what is happening in the world of Science!

Educational.   (5/5)

Good content and the ads are not too obnoxious.

Fun and Educational   (5/5)

I just started listening to the podcast as of Aug 2015, so I cannot complain of old/new formats. I will say I enjoy Ira Flatow as host and enjoy most of the shows scientific panels. As another review says, listen and decide for yourself.

Good podcast   (5/5)

I like it. It is very interesting and I like the occasional question.

Does IRA Even listen to his interviewees???   (1/5)

I downloaded 3 of these and will no longer listen to them. Ira seems to get the opportunity to get the most educated people on a specific subject ask them a question and then say 'we only have 20 seconds' ??? Why would you ever want to cut someone off who has spent their whole life studying their subject matter. Also not listening to what your speakers are saying and repeating questions that they have explained multiple times. In 'HR1 News Round Up Gravitational waves, GM mosquitos' he continues to not understand that the malaria is the thing being altered- not the mosquitos. If they did 1-2 topics a week this would be much more enjoyable.

One of my favs but...   (5/5)

This is one of my favorite podcasts but please, Ira, start a separate show/podcast to satisfy your inner "foodie" and purge the foodie science from this podcast (I can't hit the skip button fast enough😋). Other than that, this is a GREAT show that I highly recommend!

Informative   (5/5)

I love being up to date on the latest findings and issues outside my field. Science Friday presents these in an entertaining, easy-to-digest way.

Makes Fridays even better!   (5/5)

Listenting to SciFri is my favorite weekend-starting ritual.

Love it - but why has it stopped updating   (4/5)

Love the podcast, very interesting topics, and educational, but in itunes on my Macbook pro, it hasnt updated and is saying the link is incorrect...please fix it apple/Sci Fri !

Sadly, not what it once was   (1/5)

Political ideology has now superseded science on this once-terrific show. Science still lives, but not at this address anymore. RIP

Too much   (2/5)

They have good topics but way to Liberal for me. Also they are always talking global warming or in other words saying man made global warming which I don't totally agree with

An old favorite   (5/5)

Sci fun!

Science made enjoyable and intertaining   (5/5)

Eagerly look forward to each weeks episodes. Thank you Ira.

Ira's the worst part   (4/5)

The guests on this podcast are always excellent and fascinating. Ira, on the other hand, is bad at his job. He asks stupid questions. Not the "Everyman" questions to include people of all levels of scientific knowledge. I'm fine with questions like those. He asks questions that the guest has already answered, or questions that are wildly unrelated. On top of that, his presentation style is unpolished. He often fumbles over his words, and is just awkward. I love the weeks John subs for him.

I enjoy the show BUT   (2/5)

I really enjoy this podcast. It has a diverse range of subjects and great interviews for the most part. However, I don't listen for a sermon on global warming. Call me a denier if you will, the first thing I was taught about science was that the science on a subject is never settled. When you act like I'm a moron for asking a question I hit the fast forward button. Thanks... but no thank you.

Every week   (5/5)

I love listening to this on Mondays and enjoy the participation.

Great   (5/5)

The world would be a better place if everybody listened to this podcast

Great program, hate the new format   (1/5)

I've never rated a podcast before but this is the only way I know to leave feedback so here goes. Love the program, but the program is on the radio and this review isn't about the program. This is on itunes, so this is about the podcast. Until recently, the podcast was nicely broken up into subject-specific segments. For some reason, the publishers got lazy and decided to just upload each hour all at once. It's much easier to skip ahead because I grew uninterested in a subject than to try and fast forward within an episode. Extremely user-unfriendly. I am very disappointed. Please change it back.

HOUR two June 25 only 1/2 is downloading   (1/5)

please check can only download 1/2 of this on iPhone and iPad? Something wrong with this podcast couldn’t not hair Food failures on ice-cream and inside out….:(

Stopped listening since the format change   (2/5)

I just realized that I haven't listened to Science Friday for months. There are 20 hours of programs in my library waiting to be played, but in my heart I know I won't bother. Ever since they stopped releasing individual stories in favor of two big hour-long blocks, I can't bring myself to listen. I don't want to have to fast forward past the stories I am not interested in, just to find the pieces that intrigue me. And since the descriptions have to list every story in the hour, they won't fit on my player so i don't even know what is coming up. Sorry, NPR. You've lost a listener.

Format Change   (3/5)

Sci Fri recently switched their podcast format from individual stories to having all the stories lumped together in hour-long episodes. I liked it better the previous way because it was easier to listen to the bits that I was interested in. I hope they switch back. I also miss Flora Lichtman. Psyched about her new podcast: Adaptors.

Favorite Science Podcast   (5/5)

what a great and classy show

New Format   (3/5)

Big fan of the show, but I hate the new block format instead of the old individual sections. I liked being able to skip the topics that didn't interest me and now I'm forced to listen to wait through the topics I don't like. Not to mention, the HR1 and HR2 designations are backwards.

Go back to old format   (1/5)

Love the show but do not like the format now that everything is combined into one hour segments. I tried... I liked being able to cut out portions that I had less interest in or, knowing that I had 8 minutes of available time, could find a segment I knew I could listen to in its entirety during that time.

Wish there was more hard science   (3/5)

It is always a pleasure when I happen to catch Ira on the radio when my attention might come in and out, but when I listen to the podcast the shortcomings are much more apparent. I wish there was more hard science. Its cool that they try to talk about art, but I cringe everytime there is a 20 minute segment about someone putting protein folding to music. Topics tend to repeat. Ira's current love affair is with the microbiome. It was better when each interview downloaded seperate. l will keep downloading, but I listen only when I run out of everything else. The Science magazine podcast is much better.

Excellent all-around science round up   (5/5)

SciFri provides excellent coverage of current events and issues in science, from big front-page stories to intriguing new discoveries. I am consistently impressed with the calibre of the guests on the show, as well as the knowledge of the show's host, Ira Flatow. Engaging, informative, and at a level appropriate for a general audience without being dumbed down. They also post videos and have occasional listener activities that feel integrated with the show, not forced by a network eager for clickbait. Even though it is a large, long-running show, Ira's hosting skills and his talented staff make SciFri feel like a community.

Bring Back The Old Format   (3/5)

Like the show but hate the new format. Add me to the list of listeners that prefer the old format. I create playlist for my long commute to/from work. The old format allowed me to insert episodes to fill in time gaps. Now its all or nothing which means I don't add this podcast to my playlists.

New format   (1/5)

I used to listen all the time, but the new format is awful. Having the entire hour together instead of breaking up by topic makes listening difficult. Especially trying to fast forward on my phone, not fun. I have stopped listening and I hope they go back to the prior format.

Fantastic   (5/5)

This weekly science discussion and review should be a must listen to for everyone.

Good Show   (5/5)

Good Show

A few thoughts on Science Friday   (3/5)

There a few things that I really like about the program, but there are definitely cons. First, I think Ira Flatow can be pretty annoying. I understand he has to do station callbacks, but he has zero technique to this, and it usually derails any points the guest is trying to make because he'll happily interrupt anyone to remind the listener they're listening to NPR. Really? I'm listening to NPR? You don't say... You mean they aren't talking about finding habitable planets on a terrible Top-40 Clear Channel clone? Thanks for interrupting someone mid-sentence to get that in. Also, he's awful at asking in-depth questions with only a few seconds left and then asking for a quick answer. Seriously, guest hosts are always better. However, I think there are several positives. The best thing about the show is when it covers something I may not have been paying attention to in the week in science. Guests are also almost always engaging and eager to shed light on the topic. With that said, I don't think this can hold a candle to The Naked Scientist, Big Picture Science, or The Inifinite Monkey Cage. But with that said, I think the hour long formats of the podcast are a big mistake, but they can absolutely be fixed by one simple step that will take about two minutes to fix for each episode: In the description, put time stamps for when each segment starts. I think a lot of people would appreciate this.

Good listen   (3/5)

Good most of the time, but some of the stories are a big yawn… Don’t like the long format, with the short ones I could get rid of the episodes that I wasn’t interested in.

Love the longer podcasts   (5/5)

I listen to the podcast every week. I really like that they switched to 2 long podcasts per week rather than several shorter ones. The short ones kept getting mixed up in order. It’s much easier to keep track of them this way.

like the new format   (5/5)

really like the hour long podcasts and the labels: hour 1 and hour 2 are helpful!

Great show, prefer the old format   (5/5)

I love Science Friday and will continue to listen to it regardless, but it was a lot easier when the segments were separated out. Any one that wanted the whole hour in a row could just listen to them back to back, so the new format hurts us without really helping them.

Bring back short segments   (3/5)

Wonderful show! But am disappointed with the decision to present in hour long segments. I liked each segment broken out. Made it easier to choose what content I wanted to listen to & when.

What a terrible web interface this iTunes Store is - for SciFri esp. painful   (1/5)

I just came to download a podcast of Nov. 17, 2014 when Ira interviewed James "Gus" Speth for 17+ minutes. Not only can I not do that, but the teensy little buttons are not very self-evident, so thinking I was selecting OTHER THAN THE SHOW I CAME TO HEAR I clicked on a couple of recent shows. But IN ADDTION TO A non-descript popup kinda window saying I was downloading one "item" it began to play another one DESPITE the fact that I was already listening to something on my computer. The subtlety of the buttons made it v difficult to figure out where the extra noise was coming from and how to turn it off without doing something else I did not intend to initiate. Boo! on you, Apple. This Store has always been an even dumber layout design than your home page is. Yuck. No more "shopping" here for me. Amazon's music shopping & purchasing is a far easier & more pleasant experience.

Good Podcast but unsubscribing anyway.   (2/5)

I like the podcasts, but after you switched back to combining all the segemnts, I'm dropping off again. Many segemnts are just not interesting to me and attempting to skip through them is more troublesome than it's worth... Is it so hard to offer both formats like other places do??

Good program, but poor podcast production   (3/5)

This program has a lot of good science segments, but the podcast production isn’t the best. It has gone back and forth several times over the years between being posted as individual segments to being posted as an hour’s worth of segments grouped into a single posting. They just (January 2015) switched back into the huge single postings. In fact one of today’s postings is listed as over 9000 hours long (another production issue). I prefer the individual segments so that I can skip subjects that are not interesting. I’ve stopped downloading because of this. Also at times Ira Flatow is a royal pain. He has a lot of preconceived ideas about a subject that he tries to force on the guest even though the guests are generally experts in the subject.

The Hour-Long Segments   (5/5)

I actually listened to Science Friday a few years back, when they originally had it broken up into two hour-long segments, and stopped listening as soon as they started breaking them up individually (I only carry the three latest episodes of any podcast, and was greatly inconvenienced by having tiny segments and not having the full program). Now that they've returned to the hour long format, I'm returning my subscription. It'll be great to listen to it all at once, without interruption again.

Bring back the individual topics!   (4/5)

The only thing separating this podcast and a five-star review is my renewed ability to listen to individual topics.

Eye-opening and mind-broadening   (5/5)

Ira and his guests share such a wide variety of scientific inquiry that I always feel I have leaned something brand new or learned about a topic I have never even considered before. I love the short format of the podcasts, and choose to listen to SciFri when I know I only have 10-20 minutes.... Or I can keep rolling through and get a whole lot of info all at once! Thank you for expanding my mind and opening my eyes to be science around me!

Touches on wide range of current science topics   (5/5)

In the short interview / call-in format, this radio show / podcast can’t really go in depth on some subjects which really call for more depth. But the guests are always among the most knowledgable on their subjects, usually the scientists who’ve actually made the discoveries under discussion. Sometimes they bring in scientists with opposing perspectives, but Ira Flatow keeps it civil.

Best podcast in world!   (5/5)

This is the best podcast you will find anywhere. It shows you what the future of the podcasting platform could be if major media providers gave it more attention. I never miss an episode of Science Friday. Intelligent, entertaining, informative, thought provoking, cutting edge. Keep up the good work, guys! Don't ever retire!

Cant listen to it on older ipods   (2/5)

First, I love Science Friday, listen on air whenever I can. But, the way the podcast is broken into segments makes it really hard to listen too. My Ipod wont let me sort the play order of the segmants, and defaults to newest to oldest, which effectivly forces you to listen to the podcast from end to start. Its basically unlistenable in this format. Very disapointing. :(

Highly Recommended for the Science Enthusiast.   (5/5)

Concise coverage of various science topics. Nicely done!

Show is ruined because og Nye   (1/5)

OMG this show is going downhill quick! Why would you destroy a perfectly good show with this rude oaf?

NO MORE BILL NYE!!   (3/5)

I like this show a lot and am a long time listener. But I hate the recent addition of Bill Nye as a periodic cohost. He's rude, unintelligent, and most importantly, adds nothing of value to this otherwise nearly perfect show. I listen to NPR to AVOID mega-media cartoon characters such as Mr. Nye. Please stop having him on the show!!

Always Solid   (4/5)

Always a solid listen. 'Nuff said

Thank You!!!!   (5/5)

A great informative and fun show.

A Favorite!   (5/5)

I look forward to this podcast every week so that I can learn something new and interesting.

Can you have both individual and uncut?   (4/5)

Some people like to listen to the entire broadcast in one sitting (such as myself) others like to listen to individual shows. Give us the ability to have both. Please.

Love the new podcast format   (5/5)

I used to watch Ira on Newton's Apple ages ago. I really enjoy this podcast series. My previous review mentioned some improvements and it looks like they took them to heart. The podcast is much better for embracing the podcast format and letting go of some of the radio elements! All in all, this is still one of greatest science programs out there....keep it up!

I love science friday   (5/5)

Been listening for years.

Leader in science news   (5/5)

Classic and informative

Exceptional Show!   (5/5)

The subject matter is diverse and the interviews are captivating! I love this show! A great way to stay on top of what is happening in science today!

Episodes download after being deleted   (1/5)

I have to rate a 1 due to itunes downloading episodes after they've been deleted. I'm not seeing this issue with other podcasts.

The best and getting better   (5/5)

I've been listening since 2005 and pretty much catch every episode. The interviews are fascinating and timely. This is a great way to find out the real stories behind some snippet of news you saw on TV or read in the newspaper. (Remember newspapers?) With in-depth interviews with the men and women who actually did the science, you can learn the real story, way more than you got from the sound bite or headline. With Flora doing some of the interviews, the show has gotten even better.

One of the best shows ever!   (5/5)

it is hard to add to what others have written. Ira is an amazing host. This is the most engaging way to learn about the latest happenings in science EVER. I love it.

Where are the new episodes????   (1/5)

I love the show, but you guys need to get your podcast stuff in order.

Educational & Entertaining   (5/5)

Unlike some other science podcast; SCI FRI is both educational and entertaining.

Need longer podcasts   (1/5)

These podcasts are too short I don't care to download them and have to bounce around with such short segments.

Good show, could be better   (3/5)

Ira Flatow has a lot of flaws as a host (too much emphasis on his own interests, too many ahs and ums and forgotten names) but he asks his guests good questions and I learn a lot from this show, as well as get pointed towards further reading quite often.

Please combine the segments!   (3/5)

This is my favorite podcast, and I listen to many. The only thing keeping it from getting 5 stars is being chopped into segments. I can't get iTunes to play the segments in order causing me to constantly have to stop what I'm doing to play the correct one next. PLEASE either fix the play issues, or preferably combine the segments back into one podcast!

Entire program in one podcast please   (3/5)

Love the program but chopping it up into tiny podcasts is annoying. Five stars if you make one continuous podcast of the whole show

Just the right amount of science.   (5/5)

One of the reasons SciFri is so good is because the content is made easy to understand, but not simplified to a point which is insulting. Nearly always fascinating content from many different fields of research.

Why segments?   (3/5)

I agree with everybody else, you really have to bring back the hour-long production. The way the segments are put together don't even make sense, what do fruit flies levitating and the placebo effect having common? Why would that be in the same segment? Why even bother making segments? We really want to hear the hour-long show. Please bring it back!!!

Disjointed And Irritating   (1/5)

Science Friday was once the show I most looked forward to appearing in my iPod, the format change has ruined that for me. This is a two hour long show, aired on NPR. Previously, the podcast would allow one would listen to the show as it had aired, as one consistent narrative that one could lose ones self in. The show now breaks the feed up into individual segments, missing much of the heart of the show, the continuity, and, I feel certain, some of the content. So disjointed is this baffling decision that I have unsubscribed. The show has been amputated, scattered, and ruined by this change.

Well researched and informative   (5/5)

This is one if the best podcasts out there. Yes, the show is enamored of it's own nerdiness, but so what? Ira and Flora bring high quality, thought-provoking content every week with great guests and decent, informed callers. Keep up the good work, guys!

Great Podcast   (5/5)

Still one of my favorites -- and a great iPhone interface.

I love science   (3/5)

I love the topics presented, but not the way it's done. The host hurries the callers, and for what? So that another caller can come on and he hurries them too. No time is given to deeper discussion. In addition, the host also often overtalks the guest, which is a shame because the guest is the one with the topic knowledge. Please chill out, Ira, and relax and let the interviewees share their knowledge.

Original format   (5/5)

To reiterate...a return to the original format would be greatly appreciated. Segmented and incongruous discussion leads to frustration and disinterest. SciFri has been a weekly ritual for a long time...please fix it!

Please no more short segments   (3/5)

Love the show but the short segments are very annoying. If you need to have it divided up just have a 'play all in sequence' button, please!!!

Best signal to noise ratio   (5/5)

Good topics, good questions, and good info.

Science Friday   (5/5)

Great show but it really needs to be set up in hour long segments.

Bring back "play all" feature   (3/5)

Please allow a play list where you can just play for hours in Sci fri at all locations. Please fix your original NPR so that it can play all for hours too like it used to!!! It is broken!!!

Love the show, hate the format   (4/5)

I look forward to this podcast every week. I love the content, I love Ira & Flora, but I really really strongly dislike the cut up format. It was so much better when it was an hour long. Now I will hear Ira say "coming up next …" and it will be the segment I just heard. Or it will be another segment entirely. The segues are messy. It means you get to listen to more ads. It's frustrating. I don't understand why they don't do it as an hour long podcast and use chapters to break it up. Wouldn't that please everyone?

Will try it again   (3/5)

I stopped listening when it went to the hour format, it made it too hard to skip segments in which I was not interested. Checked in again to see if anything had changed, and the first three reviews say how much they hate the new split format. So just wanted to say you may have regained at least one listener from going back to the old way.

Bring back the one-hour format!   (4/5)

I can't stand the new short segment format. Please bring back the one-hour segments. Otherwise, it's a fantastic show and I look forward to it every week.

Can't listen anymore   (1/5)

I tried listening to the last two weeks piecemeal and can't stand it. I will check back later to see if you have the long versions again, otherwise I refuse to listen anymore. Also, if this was the original format I never would have begun listening in the first place.

Boo Hiss   (1/5)

The new format stiiiiinks. Not only clumsy, but annoying! Thanks for all the additional ads That go on and on and on and. . .

Long or short?   (5/5)

In the you-can't-please them all category, I now regret not speaking up earlier in favor of the one-hour format. I generally listen from beginning to end, so the long format was working very well for me. No big deal, if you can't carry both. Great show!

Good content. LOADS of ads   (3/5)

If you're breaking one show into 7 pieces do we really need 14 ads for the same website??? If you're going to give us 1 minute of ads for a 4 minute segment, at least vary the ads.

Food For my geek inner self   (5/5)

Great program. Brings out my inner geek. It gives me hope and inspiration

New Individual Segments Format = Great!!!   (5/5)

Much easier to navigate, Thanks!!

Hour blocks best   (2/5)

Five stars before this week's format change. Please go back to having hour blocks. It is inconvenient to have to stream one topic at a time when they are only several minutes.

Everyone should subscribe   (5/5)

Thought provoking, informative, and intelligent discussions every week! I can't get enough

Exellent show covering current topics   (5/5)

I've been listening to this podcast since it was available. Broken into separate files based on topic makes it very convenient to listen to on your own schedule. The content is varied and interesting.

One of our only and best public science news sources.   (5/5)

Dear Ira Flatow, the Science Friday Team, and Esteemed SciFri guests, Thank you for this podcast. From cutting-edge design to new news in old science, you bring such openness to eager listeners - and even to those occassional abusive callers. You truly welcome all to participate in a dialogue. All your work is much appreciated out here.

From a non-scientist   (5/5)

I was never very science oriented or successful academically. TOTN SF has really turned that around now that I'm an adult and I haven't missed an episode in years. The podcasts make that even easier.

Not always science   (3/5)

As I do not have radio access during airtime, I listened to the podcast for about a year. Sometimes the topics were interesting and sometimes they were not. I am a chemist with an abiding interest in many subject matters. Unfortunately, Science Friday covered political topics, pseudo-science topics as science, and other non-science topics on a regular basis. I rarely learned new information from Science Friday. I dislike the way the topics are broken up into random length. This may appeal to the general population, but I do not recommend it to working scientists.

Closeted Flatow Groupie   (4/5)

I can't help it. I'd like to think I listen to Science Friday's because I'm smart... thruthfully, I just love Ira Flatow. He is a masterful facilitator who has provided science for the rest of us in a way that is interesting. Bravo Ira, your sense of wonder in every question you ask and the way you often get your guests to interpret very difficult subjects is what keeps me tuning in.

Happily Informed   (5/5)

I am so happy this has been turned into a podcast! I don't miss a single episode! This is one of the best radio shows on the airwaves period. If you have any interest in science or green technologies, this is the one podcast you will want to subscribe to. Thank you Ira!

A very good "science and how it relates you" show!   (4/5)

Have a listen and see for yourself.

shortchanged again   (3/5)

I am a big fan of Science Friday, but to only get 12 minutes of the show is a complete waste in my opinion. Once again, NPR lags behind other public radio broadcasters by only giving people a limited amount of each show. I'm sorry, but I don't want to listen to a severely abbreviated podcast of this show. It just irks me when I kno whow much I'm missing out on.

Great Program - Great Podcast   (5/5)

I have been a fan of the radio program Talk of the Nation: Science Friday for quite a while. The host Ira Flatow brings a genuine enthusiasm for the sciences to the program. This is worth listening to.

Great Podcast,   (3/5)

I used to love this show when I happen to catch it on NPR, now I can listen whenever I like. One critisizm however, Each episode is not catagorized, so my smartplaylists don't always catch it to put with my other science podcasts.

Too much politics, not enough science   (2/5)

After listening to about a year's worth of podcasts, I have decided to unsubscribe. Too many of the discussions involve science funding, politics or policy in the US. What the Presidents says about science isn't science, its politics. Scientific American's podcasts are more to my liking.

Been listening for many many years   (5/5)

This show is as good as it gets - it's a crime that WNYC (where the show is produced) doesn't air it. Don't listen to the two or misanthropes that prefer the Discover channel or whatever - this is the place to get the best unfiltered science info for the layman - this and WIRED magazine

Great Show!   (5/5)

It's great to be able to get and NPR program when you're not able to catch it on the radio! I've been using some of the show as material discussions in the classroom and had great results. Thanks Ira!

Great Program!   (5/5)

I love this program on NPR. I'm happy it is now available on iTunes so I can catch those programs I miss and relisten to those I want to hear again. Note to iTunes: Why does this not show up in the list of NPR programs? The only way I can get to it is to search for it.

The best NPR science program only because it's the only one   (2/5)

NPR is great but this show could be so much greater with a better host. Ira Flatow manages to ask all the silliest questions and few of the most important ones -- and is always striving to make a wisecrack. In a perfect world he'd be sent back to the lab (or wherever he came from) and replaced by Dick Gordon, who for a few years hosted The Connection on WBUR, and who is oh-so-much-more inquisitive even if not a scientist in background.

Excellent content, poor host   (3/5)

I love the content, but it's time for Ira to retire. Too many interruptions, too much stammering, too many reintroductions of guests, just get on with the interview! Joe Palca is much better.

Look forward to this on my weekly commutes!   (5/5)

I really love this show! There is always an interesting topic, and it gives me that little tidbit of extraneous info that's fun to share with others at parties, or when you don't think they are listening (hey...did you know there's a hole in the universe? It starts just about where you're standing..) Download it- you won't be sorry!

Dumbing down Science   (2/5)

This show has had some topics that might as well have been drawn out of a hat. The worst so far was when Ira interviewed an author on the "Science of diets." The author cited her vacation with her husband to Italy, where they had seen "lots of obese people." Ergo the scientific conclusion was that the people of Europe were just as obese as Americans. Good science, huh! At least half the programs are astronomy oriented or based on NASA projects. There are plenty of good science podcasts. This isn't one of them.

doesn't transfer to iPod   (2/5)

It's a great podcast. Light little facts, sometimes they have some really interesting stuff. Unfortunately, it doesn't play on iPod.

Too many releases per day!   (3/5)

I really liked to hear this podcast, but since there are multiple updates per day, which repeat, I have to remove this from my daily listening. Just takes up too much space on my iPod, and I find myself having to skip over more episodes than I listen to anymore.

Not So Great   (2/5)

I think the host is a wee bit to irritating when someone doesn't hold his belief system. Also the podcast either don't come or come in a bunch. Some f the topics are interesting but most are not.

Best of the best   (5/5)

For me this is the best podcast on the net. For anyone who loves science, you can't miss out on Science Friday. Flatow is very sharp on science topics and he interviews very well.

Show is very good when it deals with science rather than politics.   (3/5)

The show seems to be a little deep on the "politics" of science issues and a little shy on the actual science itself. When the subject matter is not related to global warming, energy issues, or the lack of governament funding for science, it is actually very entertaining and educational. Sadly, Ira seems to get a little too opinionated on certain issues rather than staying neutral as the host. A little less politics and a lot more pure science would significantly strengthen the show

Outstanding   (5/5)

If you have a general interest in science and seperating a lot of the rhetoric from the facts surrounding current issues in science I highly reccomend this show.

One of the better podcasts   (4/5)

This is definitely an NPR podcast, and has all of the quality production values and talent that goes along with that. Until reading the earlier reviews, I had never thought that Ira Flatow would be considered anything but a competent interviewer. As for "trying to be funny" - the humor is low-key and appropriate. Who wants to listen to a podcast that doesn't have some humor in it? Even "In Our Time" from the BBC, arguably the densest podcast I listen to, has occasional bouts of dry British humor.

Must-Have Podcast For Science Enthusiasts   (5/5)

I first started listening to SciFri on NPR, back home, but once I was back in school, I wasn't often able to catch it. The show covers a diverse range of scientific topics from SpaceX to climate change to bio-electronic implants. It's completely worth the subscription. Flatow is a great host who doesn't claim to be an expert in the topic being discussed, unlike some news commentators today, and leaves the details to people who should genuinly know about the topic. One of the biggest problems is that NPR seems to be kind of slow in uploading new episodes. The show airs on Friday (as the name would suggest), and NPR has sometimes been so slow in uploading updates that the new episodes won't show up until the following Friday. However, despite this shortcoming, it's worth it.

the one podcast I really look forward to   (5/5)

Great podcast, clear and understandable information on top science, not dumbed down.

Umm... maybe you don't get it   (5/5)

I'm not sure why so many people are criticising Ira Flatow. The reason he asks some questions (ones which might seem to be begging the obvious to the more informed listener) is because he is trying to reach a very broad audience. How do you do that? Well, on occasion you have to pause for a minute and have your expert guest define a term or two or clarify what he or she means. It's not because Ira is an idiot. It's because he wants listeners of all walks of life to be able to participate in listening and understanding these shows. Let's not forget that many people also enter the discussion midway through (this is a radio show for most people-not an afterthought podcast). I consider myself a bit better informed than the average and also rather impatient but I have never found Ira to be a hindrance to the show. He's actually part of the reason it's so freaking good! Listen for yourself. These short science discussions are both brief (as they are menat to be, hence having to cut it off or move it along) AND effective in communicating relevant issues to the public.

Archives   (5/5)

This is the best show on the air. I am a Molecular Biology major, and find the show a nice, quick way to keep up to date on the most current relevant issues. I would love to see the archives (Podcast) posted. The HapMap Podcast was helpful.

Best Science Poddcast   (5/5)

Science Friday is the best science content podcast I have found. The interviews are long enough to really do justice to a topic, yet they are straight forward enough to be understandable, even on topics I know very little about. However, the most impressive aspect of the show is the accuracy on topics I do know a lot about which is very hard to come by. Insightful, thought provoking, and credible - what more could you want!

My favorite show   (5/5)

I look forward to hearing Science Friday every week. It's always informative, entertaining, and never fails to provide good perspective while keeping you up-to-date on science news. The only thing I don't like is that it doesn't go all day! I absolutely recommend this show to everyone. I can only imagine an anti-intellectual not liking this show.

Science Friday is always enlightening and interesting   (5/5)

This is a terrific show. I never caught it on the radio. Thank you so much for putting this series of thought provoking interviews in podcast format.

Consistently Excellent   (5/5)

Great show. Explores a wide variety of topics in an easily accessible yet informative way.

Educational, entertaining   (5/5)

My favorite science podcast by far. Interesting topics, fascinating interviews, which, while still indepth, are light enough for the laywoman (myself) to understand. I find myself waiting every week for more of NPR's science friday

Fabulous show   (5/5)

I've sampled nearly all of the science podcasts and this is by far the best. The program doesn't shy away from the difficult or controversial topics. Hosts Ira Flatow and Joe Palka usually cover breaking topics and bring on current experts or authors of the original research for informative discusions. Even the phone-in callers usually have some good point to make or question to ask.

Ira Flatow Rocks   (5/5)

Unlike some other reviewers, I like Ira Flatow. He's just a likable fellow.

listen and decide   (5/5)

There are some very odd reviews here concerning Flatow's abilities as a host. I really like the show and download them all. I listen at the gym and on long flights. Flatow is more than good; he's one of the best. Everyone I recommend this show to thinks so too. Granted that opinions vary on anything and everyone, but the nature of the criticisms seems a bit absurd to me. A little like some of the critiques of Darwin on Amazon... if you catch my drift. It's getting increasingly difficult to separate an honest reviewer from a clever religious or political fanatic. I don't pretend that I can. Anyway, I don't know Flatow, but I hope he keeps it up.

Interesting Guests and Topics, Annoying Host   (3/5)

The topics and the guest are very interesting, but the host needs to work on his interviewing skills. Interupts at the wrong times, sometimes badgers the guest. Some of his comments lead me to believe he is not necessarily up on his science.

Decent topics; inept host   (2/5)

Science podcasts (from Scientific American, Nature, Discovery News, Johns Hopkins) are a true blessing and make my exercise routines almost bearable. This NPR program covers some interesting topics each week, but Ira Flatow has got to be -- even after years of doing the show -- the most oafishly inept host in the business: dumb questions, pathetic atempts at humor, and a standard response to every answer, consisting of a barely audible, impatient grunt before hurrying on to his next question. He sounds as if he's barely listening.

Limited topics, host sometimes annoys   (2/5)

I started out listening to this thinking it was a great show, but after a month or two the themes appear to repeat and it gets somewhat wearisome to listen to the third show about bird flu (say) without much variation in the story. Ira Flatow also tends to interrupt the guests at rather impertinent times and tends to ask irrelevant questions that are not always intelligent. I understand the need to get the show rolling and the need to connect science to the general public but I don't agree with the way Ira does it.

Still one of the best programs on the air   (5/5)

I love this program. Science *is* agnostic and liberal--that's what allows people to start with questions and end with answers (rather than the other way around). It's a shame some people want to politicize facts. If you want something that affirms your beliefs, gather each Sunday with a group of people who believe what you do. If you want to question your beliefs and learn a little something, listen to this program each Friday. Of course, some of us are comfortable doing both. ;-)

Why can't you get podcast up?   (3/5)

Why is it now Tues., May 25th and Friday's podcast still not up?

Great Podcast!   (5/5)

This is the only science podcast I listen to because it's the best out there! Ira really knows what he's talking about and the guests are right on the ball too. The subjects they discuss are very informative and I learn so much from just listening to one podcast. One of the best things about the podcast is that it is released in cut-apart segments by topic so each Friday you get about three or four new shows anywhere from ten to thirty minutes in lenght. Overall great podcast!

Great great show   (5/5)

Highly recommended. Very informative. Every subject is treated in such a way that they are always interesting. I can't imagine commuting to work without Ira's company anymore !

Not just for science folks   (5/5)

TOTN Science Friday has always been excellent. That it is now topically broken up and always available makes it that much more a wonderful resource for interested people of all stripes. Many thanks to the folks at NPR.

Widely informative   (5/5)

Flatow is himself very knowledgeable about most areas of science, but, without simplifying, he makes sure non-specialists can understand the topics well.

Great show, great podcast   (5/5)

They've taken the best show on Radio and turned it into a great podcast as well. Bravo!

great program   (5/5)

science friday is fabulous for both nerds and non-nerds. It's highly educational. The ignoble prize prog is very funny

NPR - Science Friday   (5/5)

This is another great segment. For use on my Ipod, I would love to be able to download my morning NPR as a packet, rather than individual segments.

Great show!   (5/5)

Science Friday is a great show. I have no formal training in science but I find it interesting to learn on my own, and this show has really helped me do just that. Thanks Ira!