Aggregated reviews for Science Magazine Podcast

Weekly podcasts from Science Magazine, the world's leading journal of original scientific research, global news, and commentary.

In depth and fascinating science news   (5/5)

This is a great podcast that goes in depth into science and explains stories in detail. Topics include covid19 and also lots of other interesting areas from ecology to anorexia, ancient societies and neurology.

Great podcast!   (5/5)

Super informative!

Such a wide variety of topics.   (5/5)

It’s very interesting.

Solid Science News   (5/5)

Can be a teeny bit dull at times but very useful, informative and reliably intelligent. Info is made accessible to a wide audience.

Wow podcast!   (5/5)

I am glad I get to listen to the science podcast as I get to work. Quick way to catchup on the latest. Love it!!

Diverse and Intellectual Stimulation!   (5/5)

Bottom Line: Highly recommend for anyone who is curious about world around them! From reports on beehive viruses to racial biases in algorithms, to observing cancer cells in dogs from antiquity, this is a very informative podcast! Easy to listen to, and you don’t have to be a scientist or STEM person to love!!! Recommended to me by a friend with PhD in organic chemistry!

Aspirin   (4/5)

I hope they take time to talk about the data for aspirin and wether it really helps Or hurts populations where it is used prophylactially in assymptomatic people despite being sponsors by Bauer aspirin !!!!!

AAASFan   (3/5)

Science podcast used to be great but it has really slipped.

Good   (5/5)

I like how you will tell a lot about the topic and details instead of skipping over them. It allows me to have a much better understanding of the topic.

Milquetoast Science   (3/5)

I want to like this podcast but it has all the personality of a beige wall, slowly drying. It’s not as if they don’t choose subjects that should be interesting, there’s plenty of potential, but it’s just not showing through. Where is your passion for your subject? Are you reading the questions and answers from auto cue? And what’s with that crap segue music? Yawn.

Poor   (2/5)

Pleb access, dull. Not useful.

Eh   (2/5)

I liked the former format with a few quick hits on science topics of general interest followed by a more in-depth look at one or two other topics. In addition to a less engaging format, the podcast also now often deals more with the process of scientific discovery than the discoveries. It is just less interesting.

Weekly update   (4/5)

It's great to find these well-produced podcasts that recap the last week of interesting science news. Casual, friendly delivery makes it accessible to non-scientists.

Informative but...   (2/5)

I find approximately 1 in 3 pieces very informative and fascinating. However, Science has succumbed to political correctness, putting a progressive spin on many stories by injecting opinions on top of the facts. Unfortunate.

The Best   (5/5)

Sarah is amazing. Love this podcast

Downloading problems   (2/5)

Having problems subscribing, i click on the link but nothing happens??

Excellent   (5/5)

By far my favorite science podcast and I listen to a lot of them. Love the host--she asks smart and intriguing questions and the content is always delightfully varied so you get an excellent snapshot of what's going on across various disciplines. Keep up the great work!

great program   (5/5)

I love the interviewers excellent questions and the interviewees well researched answers.

Sooo much fun   (5/5)

Thank you for the brain material

Great show but it's TOO LARGE!   (2/5)

This deserves to be better. Why is this podcast 320bps? 64 would work just fine. Does anyone there understand the science of audio production?

Get Your Science Here!   (5/5)

I listen to a large and growing number of science podcasts and this is definitely one of the good ones. I feel I'm getting a great dose of important science news from a variety of people each week.

Good information, wide array of topics   (4/5)

This is a good podcast. It's a good overview of science topics. . The podcast also gives a rundown of articles in the current issue of Science Magazine. I'd love to hear a little more detail about those articles. While others have commented on how dry the delivery can be, my only issue is more the audio quality of some of the interviews.

Keeps Me Current   (5/5)

Full of interesting information.

Great variety   (5/5)

I love the variety of topics and listen to this podcast in my lab. I love this podcast as there isn't much annoying distracting sounds. The science is good, relevant, and the hosts get to the point. Hosts also seem interested in their topics whereas the guys from Nature seem bored half the time.

Interesting!   (5/5)

I love this podcast because you guys, along with "Nature" help me stay updated on new and interesting information!

I wish I could recommend it   (2/5)

I read the journal. It's excellent. But it's painful to listen to to editors read scripts in an excruciatingly awkward fashion. I suppose they are trying to dumb down the content but that is not why I listen, I want to hear the undiluted content. I'd recommend the producers listen to the nature podcast, and take notes.

No, women do not get paid 77c on the dollar for "the same work"   (5/5)

That figure has been debunked a thousand times. Even when you control for full-time workers, women still work fewer hours (due to the definition of full-time being 35 hours), and tend to work in different professions. Accounting for all of these sorts of factors, there's still something around a 4 - 6 cent deficit unexplained, but is certainly not 77% for the "same work". 77%: true. Same work: false. Still 5 stars because I love the show, but that love is conditional on the continued impression that the show is unpolluted with political rhetoric. I just hate to hate to hear false information repeated by smart people, especially in the name of science.

Love listening every week   (5/5)

The stories are usually pretty intriguing, and leaves me filled in on the latest science news. Sarah Crespi keeps it entertaining and funny as well!

Pays no mind to the phrase, "Make science fun".   (3/5)

This podcast presents interesting topics and information in maybe the most boring format imaginable. The conversation between host and guest sounds like computer voices in a QA QA... format. The hosts' response to answers is typically, "interesting" then next question. They could definitely benefit from a producer with experience at startalk radio, stuff you should know, radiolab or similar shows. With a quick glance at the reviews I can see I'm not the only one that feels this way. Hopefully they take these reviews into consideration and change the format in the future because it has all the content in the world and tons of potential, it just needs a better show format.

A decent podcast   (4/5)

The delivery isn't perfect but it isn't bad either, I didn't notice it until I read these other peoples' reviews. A podcast worth getting.

One star for audio, five for content   (1/5)

This is the most frustrating podcast in the world. I love the content, but the audio becomes impossible to hear in every single episode. I can't tell you how much content I miss because I have to shut it off halfway through every week. Why do they insist on interviewing people over the phone? Sometimes even their own employees are interviewed over the phone. Please please please make an effort to interview people with better microphones, over Skype, Google Hangouts—anything would be better. This audio quality is less than unacceptable—it's unlistenable. They have professional-grade content and programming; but the audio is amateur.

Much needed   (5/5)

Science mag is doing a good job of getting the latest info out in new formats, and I applaud them for reaching new audiences with this method.

Great show, but host plays dumb   (4/5)

I really, really like this show! The topics it covers are fascinating, and the guests are great. However, every time time the host goes 'Well, that's great for all you sciencey, mathy folks, but why does this matter to normal people like us? How is this practical?' it makes me cringe so hard. Your guests are spending their time listening to a science podcast. Believe me, they understand the concept of pursuing knowledge for its own sake. Stop trying to appeal to some fictional, short-sighted 'common man.' Besides that, the podcast rocks!

Problems with refreshing podcast   (3/5)

As a graduate student in the sciences, I find the Science podcast a good way to keep up on some of the interesting work being published in Science magazine. However, recently I've been having the problem that, when I try to refresh the podcast to download new episodes, it crashes iTunes. This only seems to be occuring with the Science podcast, and none of the others I subscribe to. I have no idea whether this is a problem with Science, Apple, or my own instalation of iTunes, but unfortunately, I'll have to unsubscribe until the issue gets worked out.

Please fix the audio!   (2/5)

It is impossible to listen to this podcast unless in perfect silence with the sound turned all the way up because the sound is horrible!! Please fix this

Good but it could be much better   (3/5)

I don't miss any of the podscat, but I think that it could be improved a lot with a few changes. First, the voice of the broadcaster is quite nice, but she doesn't show any positive or negative emotions to the findings. It could be an amazing finding or a terrible one… and she keeps always the same nice voice. That cannot be. Science findings could it be insensible, but human reactions could be very ample. Second, it would be good to have a brief introduction of the main topics that are going to be presented; one minute would be more than enough. Then you know what is going to come and if you want to continue listening or not. She just present the main topic, but nothing else. Third, the additional news at the end should be a bit longer. The editor presents almost just the titles of the subjects and nothing else. Take at least 30 or 40 seconds with each news, please.

Much better now   (5/5)

They have changed narrators and the podcasts are much better to listen to. Clarity of English pronunciation matters when you're narrating. The material covered is top notch. Now it isn't painful to listen to anymore.

Poor audio quality   (3/5)

This podcast has excellent content but the audio quality of the interviews is exceedingly poor. I can hardly make out what the scientist is saying. I sounds like they just recorded them off a poor cellphone connection. Also compared to Nature podcast the presenters are very plain, boring and need to make the delivery more exciting.

Great but not lately   (4/5)

Linda Pun's inability to pronounce common words is really distracting. Besides this, great show, keep 'em coming.

Good and improving Science podcast.   (5/5)

I've listened to this podcast for several years. In the past, I've shared many of the technical criticisms of previous reviewers, and been less than satisfied with the scientific quality of the interviews, but I'm pleased to say that this podcast has improved a great deal over the last 6 months. The quality of phone links has improved, overseas interviewees, by chance or selection, are much more easily understood, and the interview approaches and questions have become more organized and professional. I read the journal Science regularly and I find that the current interviews give me useful insight into the motivations and methods of the scienctists/authors. You don't need to be a scientist to enjoy the podcast, just interested in your world and willing to think a bit. The podcast is well worth a listen.

A Science podcast that covers real science   (5/5)

I enjoy all the many science podcasts -- they are enjoyable and each has something to offer. But Sciene Magazine's podcast covers the nitty gritty of science in a way that none of the others do. This is facilitated by excellent interviewers who appear to have done extensive homework before the interviews start. I particularly want to compliment Sarah Crespi -- she is the best science interviewer in my experience, hands down.

Great content but annoying hosts   (3/5)

The content is great and I enjoy keeping up with developments in science with help of this podcast. However, some of the interviews are recorded over poor quality phone lines, which makes it hard to comprehend. In combination with often hard to understand accents of interviewees, certain segments of podcasts are unlistenable. Enhancement in quality of audio would solve the problem. In addition, this podcasts features one of theist annoying hosts. Several times during every interview story is interrupted by comments like "huh", "hm", "wow!", "ha", "aha" etc. after listening to several podcasts, this unnecessary and unprofessional exclamations start to annoy and ultimately deteriorate further the quality of podcast.

I'm going to sound like a xenophobic jerk...   (2/5)

Love that this podcast produces such high quality content. That is far more important to me than slick production. But the combination of poor phone connections & thick accents make the interviews unlistenable. I find myself repeatedly rewinding the interviews to figure out what the guest just said. I crank up the volume in hopes of hearing things. Then the interview cuts back to the hosts whose audio levels are WAY higher, pounding my ear drums. It shouldn't hurt to listen.

Just what I was looking for in a science podcast.   (4/5)

This podcast very much helps me keep up with the latest news and breaking events within research being performed in the world of science. Overall this podcast a well rounded for the most part.

you need a nerd   (3/5)

Audio is bad. Your download speed is 5 to 10 times longer than a similar sized (mb) podcast. Good content

A must listen   (5/5)

Keep up to date on the most cutting edge science, with a broad set of topics. Love this show, one of my regulars.

Decent information, but most monotonous voice of any podcast   (3/5)

The information provided by this podcast is on par with most of the other science podcasts available. However, the terrible music and monotonous host make this podcast difficult to enjoy.

Grade A   (5/5)

Keep up the good work!

Great Science Podcast, Performed Well but Could Overwhelm   (4/5)

The two academic journals I absolutely must stay up to date with are Science and Nature so I was delighted to find this podcast on itunes. This is a great podcast and I cant fault the delivery of the program at all. I find it pretty easy to listen to myself and incredibly fascinating. However, I will say the Nature podcast is a little better and easier to listen to for the layman. Science takes more time with each story which may make the podcast run a little long and seem slightly tedious for some people. Generally, I want as much info as possible (I usually read the journal at the library) but a little editing and production help would make this a faster paced and more entertaining podcast.

Professional, interesting and entertaining   (5/5)

This is, without any exaggeration, the best science podcast I have listed to so far. i am a PhD student in biochemistry and my free time is very limited. I rarely can find time to read professional journals in areas other than biochemistry. Science podcast gives me a chance to be up to date with the latest and most influential science discovers of current research. I listen to your interesting shows while I'm doing my own research. Thank you for putting it together!!! Great job!!! Please make the shows more often or longer. I can't wait for a new show every time I finish listening to the current one.