Aggregated reviews for Serial

Serial is a podcast from the creators of This American Life, hosted by Sarah Koenig. Serial unfolds one story - a true story - over the course of a whole season. The show follows the plot and characters wherever they lead, through many surprising twists and turns. Sarah won't know what happens at the end of the story until she gets there, not long before you get there with her. Each week she'll bring you the latest chapter, so it's important to listen in, starting with Episode 1. New episodes are released on Thursday mornings.

Hooked! (5/5)

Just started listening to season 3, then plan to backtrack through the first two seasons. I’ve seen some not so interested reviews for season 3, which makes me excited because I LOVE season 3 and can only hope 1&2 are even better. Amazing presentation and wonderful production. Great storyline/topic for discussion. Season 3 gives a very in depth look at the inner workings of the American justice system. Love it

Food for thought! (5/5)

Season 1 is so captivating and binge worthy! I love the presentation. I personally believe he is innocent, but I have a back burner fear that I have been charmed by cold murderer. Season 1 is definitely food for the thought.

A great podcast (5/5)

I love how this podcast highlights the injustice within the criminal “justice” system. The system isn’t fair for all of us Americans & im glad this podcast discusses these factors.

Can’t stop listening! (5/5)

Sara is not only a great story teller, but her and her team are great journalists/investigators. I’ve completed Seasons 1 & 2, and I greatly appreciate how thorough the team is on asking all the questions and answering them from many different angles. Can’t wait to get started on Season 3.

Season 3 (2/5)

Season 3 is so blah. All over the place and hard to follow since it really isn’t that interesting. Good for a few episodes but no need for 9.

Please do more like One! (5/5)

I really enjoyed season one, but 2 and 3 were .... not so good!

A bit behind (5/5)

I JUST started listening to season 2 and have already listened to all of season 1! I love it! You do such a great job of capturing the attention of your audience!

Serial (5/5)

Hey guys, I really enjoy Sarah Koenig and her compassion for people. I struggled with these episodes, as both sides are a disaster. The state of Ohio needs to wake up and fix these municipalities - police and courts. The defendents are a mess with their drug usage, alcoholism, drivers license suspensions, etc. As Sarah said in the beginning, “The mistake by the lake” is so true...🙄

Love this podcast (5/5)

Stumbled on this podcast binged season 3 and 2 finally on season 1 .........more pls.

Nope (1/5)

It was too big how do I return it

Obsessed to say the least (5/5)

Ok, I started listening not knowing what i was going to get out of it or not. Let me say i got hooked right after the first episode. The journalists herself is a great narrator and makes it so interesting and easy to follow. For people saying she is being bias and not holding the “criminals” accountable must live in a bubble. I say this because many reviews put their two cents about law and racial discrimination, how they suggest maybe just moving neighbors instead of repeating crimes and dealing with the abuse. LET ME TELL YOU FROM MY PERSPECTIVE “growing up in south central los angeles” (to most known for having a high percentage of mostly African Americans, gang bangers, drug addicts and really high crime rates to say the east) Anyways, plain and simple IS NOT EASY TO JUST PICK UP AND LEAVE. Most people living in these areas dont have the money, help, or opportunities to do so. This is one of the reason that law enforcement takes advantage. The statistics show that once a person is input into the criminal system is so much easier for them to fall back in for longer terms each time. The streets, system and lack of opportunities for many people living in these areas is like a game and only a few “win”( in other words get out if the hood). Many people that listen to these podcast are not aware of this simply because they were a lot more fortunate and had better opportunities. Trust me is easy to judge when you have not lived or experienced many of the things that this podcast brings up. I really enjoyed listening to it.

First season- great (3/5)

Loved season one. Couldn’t get enough. Very interesting story. Second & third seasons- not my cup of tea and just not as interesting. I wish they’d do future seasons like season one.

I just can’t listen any more (1/5)

Every episode is full of criminals. They have no regard for the law. Drugs, fighting and so on. It never ends. I get the abuse by law enforcement is wrong and needs to be stopped. I would move out of the city if I kept getting harassed. I wouldn’t be aging street parties smoking weed and driving around with alcohol. Plus no license. Report where there is a problem not where the criminals keep breaking the law!

We need more (5/5)

I have stumble across this at work and probably listen to all three season in a week or so definitely will be looking for more season to come

3rd season (1/5)

What a bust!

Same old biased reporting that’s everywhere - cheap. (1/5)

Season 1 (Adnan Syed) was really great. But the information in Season 3 is presented in a very biased way. It made me stop listening after Episode 3. It’s a shame.

Love!! (5/5)

Love these! I wished I’d gone to school to be a crime journalist or whatever it’s called. I love this stuff!! Anyway, sounds like Jay is the guilty party! He sure changed up his story a lot and seems to know a lot of details regarding the murder. I think he’s the jealous one and wanted his “weed buddy” in prison to be out of his way.

Same Ol Garbage (1/5)

All I got out of this pod cast was, it’s everyone’s fault except the criminals. They are the victims of a bad justice system...well, live right and don’t become a part of it. Stay in school, get a job, raise your kids and be a good citizen. It’s not rocket science.

Hooked! (5/5)

I’m so consumed with this podcast.

Adnan and Hae (5/5)

Listened to Adnans story at 15 yrs old. Insanely interesting. Forever fan.

I love this podcast (5/5)

Thank you Sarah for your wonderful insight and investigation. I really enjoy listening to you tear apart ideas, and present things. I really love this podcast!

Really good! (5/5)

So hooked

Too much of a liberal slant (2/5)

Not balanced

Interesting but frustrating too (3/5)

The reporting, interviews and research were well done and I enjoyed the flow of this podcast, including the 3rd season which seemed to be hit or miss for many listeners. My issue was mainly with the tone Sarah has at times - she comes off so naive or almost ignorant of racial and social inequality and injustices in our society. Maybe I would like it better if her interviews and conversations didn’t include her reactions - if she were more unbiased or objective. There were several times I felt myself getting exasperated that she was surprised that black and brown and poor people are treated differently in our society... Given that I don’t know her background, maybe she is actually surprised.

Interesting and eye-opening (5/5)

This is important for anyone to hear.

Season 3 was outstanding!!! (5/5)

I love this podcast. I listened to all of season 1 and 3 and season 3 was especially amazing. If you are a listener who doesn’t agree with the contents of season 3 I’d say that you’re a pretty ignorant human being and need to keep listening for the sake of your own education about how the justice system is set up. I majored in psychology and now work in child welfare and loved all of the light that season 3 shed on the way our justice system systematically sets up people to either succeed or fail.

Hooked (5/5)

I was led to this podcast by Crime Junkies and I have become OBSESSED with season 1 so far!! Love how much Sarah has poured her heart into this

Waiting is Killing Me (5/5)

When I first discovered this podcast I binged the first two seasons. Waiting for the next season with great anticipation!

Season 1 is Great! (5/5)

Have only listened to all of season 1. I loved it. Would recommend to any and everyone. Good story telling, unbiased, honest opinions. So interesting. Will update once I’ve listened to the other seasons!

Good start, bad season 3 (2/5)

I really enjoyed the first two seasons however I stopped listening to season 3 after the first couple episodes. It made me cringe listening to all of these criminals speak and act like they are the victims, ESPECIALLY the ones who are in and out of court on a consistent basis. You aren’t a good person if you abuse government funding, have too many kids you can’t support who end up going into the system, have a drug problem and constantly cry for help but refuse to help yourself and commit crimes and end up in jail repeatedly. Sarah trying to defend them and blame the justice system is absolutely appalling, I agree that not every government official is fair and there are some corrupt people but nothing I heard in the episodes I listened to made me believe those particular officials are corrupt, clearly those people are criminals.

Powerful (5/5)

The content is strong and beautifully captured

Great stuff (5/5)

Love this podcast

An old friend (4/5)

Season 3 is interesting but not as engaging as the first two seasons, simply because it isn’t one continuous story. That being said, Sara Koenig is an amazing storytell and her voice is like that of an old friend.

Thoroughly educational and enjoyable (5/5)

So far I have listened to both Seasons One and Two and I’m so impressed. A lot of time and research has gone into this podcast. So many points of view are considered and I have found myself changing my opinions episode to episode. Sarah K. has a gift for story telling and I found myself immersed in her journey to uncover truths and perspectives. Highly recommend!!!

love it (5/5)

Such fascinating info delivered with great storytelling.

WOW (1/5)

WOW! Just WOW! There stats are made up, most are. They bring up some good points but I don’t think they are listening to the people they are victimizing. The one young man said it best. You don’t know him, he did what he did because he saw something he wanted and he took it. Sarah vilifies the police but the criminals who attack them and verbally abuse them are just acting out at an unjust system. Two wrongs don’t make a right. We respect our civil rights leads who didn’t take the low road. This piece does a disservice to them.

Season 3: extremely well done, except.... (4/5)

This podcast is very well done. It’s eye opening and disturbing to hear how our justice system actually works. With that being said, in episode 5 the host literally says a 10 year prison sentence for THE MURDER OF A BABY seems like a good sentence because the perpetrator MIGHT feel bad later. WHAT!!!!! I found this to be a disbursing/disgusting assessment to say the least.

1st and 2nd season are great - 3rd not so much (2/5)

Loved the first two seasons, especially season one. I wish she’d go back to that type of story and reporting. The second season was pretty good but season 3 is not. I stopped listening because it was just bashing the justice system, police and investigations, assuming everyone is being mistreated. Very skewed in how it was looked at and the reporting. Please go back to being like season one!

Upsetting (3/5)

As a person who works in criminal justice this is laden with the generalizations that aren’t true. Sarah Koenig very clearly only talked with a prosecutor briefly, and focused on the defense side - which is FINE, that’s what I knew I was getting into. But to call for “prosecutors to stop loading up indictments with everything possible” isn’t fair or accurate, or unbiased. The last episode was the hardest for me personally to listen to because it was the most unfair representation of criminal justice out of them all. Again, I knew what I was signing up for when I listened. I give this three stars, because I like listening, I think that there is good journalism, but it would be a faaaar stretch to pretend this was unbiased or a real representation of anything.

Enjoy it! (5/5)

So interesting!

Excellent (5/5)

Excellent program. I will say that Sarah is my favorite. Something about her voice, and presentation is just perfect. Calming. Keep up the great work.

Really good true crime (4/5)

I loved season one and two and trust that it’s solid reporting and good story telling. Season 3 hasn’t been my favorite

Holy cow (5/5)

I’m 100% super hooked. By far the best and I’ve only listened to season 1. Keep it up

Soooo good!!! (5/5)

This is amazing.

Amazing storytelling! (5/5)

I mean, I’m already a ho for true crime, but in addition to being really compelling for that reason I am also really impressed by Dani’s superior storytelling ability. Great podcast!

Terrible (1/5)

I’m so disappointed. Season 1 was good but then it spiraled down. Disappointing

So much bias (1/5)

This has the potential to do so much good and bridge a gap, to truly provide knowledge of a system that is misunderstood on so many levels because it’s not as public as some would like. Here we find that the narrator is given an opportunity and unprecedented access to people on both sides of the court room, but instead of truly laying out the facts as they stand and playing out actual interviews, we find the narrator giving synopses of recorded interviews and drawing the conclusions for us. Why not lay out the facts and let viewers draw their own conclusions based on all the information you have gathered, or... would that not fit the agenda here ?

One of the best! (5/5)

Loves this podcast. I’m always sad when it ends because I know we won’t see more episodes for a few years.

Hmmm (4/5)

Such a messy case. Great narrative work ladies.

My favorite podcast (5/5)

I was hooked on the telling of Adon’s story in season 1. In season two I like the underlying message of systemic racism and how it effects the judicial system and policing.

Time (5/5)

When are new episodes coming?

Disgraceful (1/5)

Disgraceful. This podcast defends, justifies, and even glorifies criminals. These people have no jobs and use crime as there source of income to pay for there drug addiction. While you tear down by name every judge and police officer in the jurisdiction. You put your life on the line every day then you can criticize. Disgraceful, slanted journalism for the sake of a story.

Wow (5/5)

Thank you all for working so diligently to leave no stone unturned. I can’t turn this off!

So glad I found you (5/5)

I literally can’t put you down. Thanks for doing this ❤️

Season 1 is where they peaked (2/5)

Season 1 set a high bar.. by season 3 I was listening just waiting for it to lead somewhere but.. honestly, when she started saying murderers shouldn’t serve more than a handful of years .. I’m thinking she should go tell victim’s families this opinion of the poor, neglected murderers being supported by tax dollars. Go back to the formula of season 1 por favor 😎

Omg (1/5)

Guilt just plain guilt all the time

Undecided (3/5)

I heard about this podcast through Crime Junkie for Season 1. I think Sara did a good job telling the story, but by the end I was just frustrated. It seems as if Sara has some kind of romantic and emotional connection towards Adnon. It really skews the podcast and genuinely disrespects Hae’s family. I think she gets lost in how “nice of a guy” he is that she over romanticizes a killer. It’s frustrating that she continuously defends him. The story is good, but by the end it’s like listening to a love struck reported. 3 stars bc I enjoyed it, but Sara completely disregards Hae, hwr death and the respect to her family

It’s alright (3/5)

I was enjoying the season till episode 3 when it turned very anti-cop. Idk who the narrator is but it’s obvious she’s not very fond of cops.

Season 3: The Wire of podcasts (5/5)

I’m a huge true crime podcast junkie, and it all started here. Season 1 put the podcast - and true crime podcasts in general - on the map as a popular form of entertainment. And for good reason, it was truly compelling journalism. Season 2 managed to top that, running parallel to Bowe Bergdahl’s trial. But Season 3, an expose on the failures of the criminal justice system itself, is probably one of the most important podcasts out there now. Lots of people apparently don’t like feeling uncomfortable and have made their displeasure clear with their negative reviews, but this just goes to show how far we are from a truly just criminal justice system in America. If we can’t even admit how broken the system is, and how race plays a big part in that brokenness, how is anything going to be improved??

Story telling... (1/5)


More evidence (5/5)

Since season 1 of this podcast came out, There has been so much more evidence and facts released. Its crazy. After looking at many more sources, its clear he is innocent. I think the reporter should do an update episode. I honestly cant believe she hasn't yet.

Everyone else is salty (5/5)

Sara and her team do a great job of getting all of the facts/info that she can and relays the story in an informative but interesting way. ANYONE that feels she is too liberal or too one sided is BEYOND dense and needs to stop looking at these cases with tunnel vision. NEVER does she bash the police or “play the race card.” And to anyone who thinks so, your extreme conservatism and racism is jumping out in your review. Great podcast & I cant wait till season 4. Don’t change a thing.

On season 3 “You’ve got Gauls” (1/5)

If SK could look up from her elitist hypocritical nose she’d see that this judge has the balls to tackle systemic social atrocities. The same ones she is supposedly attacking with her agenda based reporting. Yes, his bed side manner is rough, but he’s not at high tea. He’s trying to make real change in a real ugly place. So, of course, he’s a racist. Yet, somehow it’s ok for SK to point out that the court system is made up of mostly Irish folks, a few Italians, and no Jews ( I am a Jew ). Look past the agenda SK, see the big picture.

Bias yet entertaining (2/5)

Very interesting and entertaining yet VERY one sided. He did it. He was convicted twice. But they almost try to convince you he didn’t.

Wow (5/5)

The last 2 episodes were just heartbreaking

Middle aged woman flirting with a murderer (1/5)

Very one sided

Wow! (5/5)

So sad.

Journalism we all need to hear (5/5)

I came across this podcast not too long ago. I’m sort of a late bloomer in the podcast world. This was the first one I listened to, and I was instantly hooked. I was completely oblivious to the case of Adnan. I feel as if Sarah truly dug into this case, and gave us all some great information. I also really enjoyed season three. It highlights the fact that racism is alive, and well. How young black men are stuck in this vicious cycle that they were born into. And boy howdy, I wanted to slap the teeth off that one judge. He has no business stepping foot into a courthouse, let alone being a judge. I digress, though. I hope there’s a season four. I have much respect for Sarah, and her team.

Can we remove the liberal tones on this! (3/5)

Only a few episodes in on Season 1 and I can see the liberal bias here. Can we just get a a true podcast with no objectivity behind it!!

Downhill Quality (3/5)

The first season was amazing. The second season was pretty good. The third season has got to be among some of the worst podcast episodes I’ve ever heard. The reporter completely lacks objectivity and continues to bash the police and pull the racism card until the very last episode. She quickly discards any other alternative. Let’s hope she does better next season.

Late (5/5)

I am a little late to this podcast but WOW. Just finished season one and can I say Daaaaammmm. Onto season 2.

Oops on Season 2 (3/5)

Sara- season 1 was awesome! I loved your story-telling. What the heck happened in Season 2? Please report the story without your fragrant Liberal sprinklings. So annoying!! I don’t care if the Union Captain has President Trump photos in his office. The election is over and the Left lost! Move on! Btw, I’m not a Conservative, but a former Chicagoan, and someone who is supportive of unbiased reporting. Come on girl!

Two thumbs up!! (5/5)

Great content! 5 stars!

Season 3 (5/5)

I just finished binge listening to season 3!! Phenomenal and sad at the same time. Great podcasting!

Terrible (1/5)

This podcast used to be good. Now it stinks.

Love (5/5)

This podcast is amazing, I love it!

This is what hooked me into listening to podcasts. (5/5)

Best podcast along with Phoebe Judge. All time favorites.

Every episode excellent (5/5)

Excellent, in-depth handling of each topic addressed. And just the right mix of information and commentary. I cannot wait for new episodes. I LOVE this podcast and I’m pretty picky.

Season by season breakdown. (3/5)

Season 1: Five Stars The best podcast season I have ever heard, absolutely amazing. The way the season grips you and draws you in is unlike any other podcast I’ve ever found. Unlike many podcasts that simply tell a story that has been researched, this one investigates and researches on tape. Totally fascinating and unforgettable. I also love how Sarah keeps an open mind throughout. Season 2: Two Stars The second season is quite poor. Unlike the first season which keeps you listening, season 2 has the listener torturously forcing themselves through the season that has none of the things that made the first season great. Season 3: One Star Though season 2 is dull, it is not as bad as the third season. Season 3 is just plain old bad. Instead of keeping an open mind and showing both sides like she did in the first season, all Sarah does is try to say how bad the police and the criminal justice system are. The arguments are not fact based and are simply bad. The lies and bias are so thick it makes it impossible to consider this season anything more than another leftist propaganda outlet. Sarah only believes the people who are on trial and never, ever believes the police. She cynically says that racial bias is to blame for everything. Even when people are making totally reasonable arguments, if it cuts against the narrative and makes the law enforcement look like the good guys, Sarah somehow finds a way to make them out to be evil. Third season is not worth anyone’s time.

Predictable (1/5)

We get it already. Super whitey host & her super whitey cohorts come to tell the world how racist whites, cops, judges, guards, are mistreating criminal & gang member minorities for no reason except that they are racist!

Season 1 Excellent (5/5)

Been binge listening for two days. I am like the podcaster. Constantly going back and forth: Guilty or Not Guilty. Great presentation. Really enjoyed the detailed information.

Season 3 👎 (2/5)

Season 3 is so incredibly one sided. I live in Ohio, close to Cleveland, so I was very interested in listening to it. It could be really good just getting an idea of how the court system works but, what I’ve gathered from it so far; White people are bad, police are bad, city of Cleveland (police, judges) are racist

It’s just ok (2/5)

I don’t understand the huge buzz about this podcast. I binged all 3 seasons in two weeks. I just don’t get why people act like this is there most hard hitting podcast. No answers have been given. It is vanilla fluff!

Season 1!!! Oh. My. Goodness. (5/5)

The first season is the best. Beautifully written and very riveting. Must listen.

Self loathing (2/5)

Season 1 was ok. Then season two was meh. Then season three was, well, impossible to listen too. I get it, police are bad and I’m white so I’m a horrible human.

The best (5/5)

Season 3 may be the least flashy, but boy is it the most important, challenging, compelling. Brilliant reporting and storytelling.

Season 3 (5/5)

This season is so important and we need to talk about it. Just because you haven’t experienced institutional racism and discrimination doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist, engrained in every city in this country. We need to amplify POC voices. Interview them. Give them the mic, and listen.

I’m so confused (5/5)

I love your podcast how much u have try to figure out if he’s guilty or innocent Adnan Case is so difficult it’s hard to understand if he’s guilty or not guilty there’s too many things and questions Im wondering if you ever figured out if he’s actually innocent or guilty

Season 1 was phenomenal , then the wheels came off (3/5)

Season one was incredible. Riveting, great story and even the end was perfect- because we just don’t know. SK was so good and she kept her mind open but pressed for the truth. Season 2 was less impressive. I missed SK doing the interviews and it felt she was detached. Didn’t love the season but it is hard to avoid a sophomore slump after season 1. Season 3 was just awful. Huckster journalism driven by personal agenda, cop bashing and race baiting. If SK could have maintained a professional detachment like she did in season 1 she could have done great things with this idea but she was so incredibly biased it was hard to listen to- I kept wanting to tell her to muzzle her opinion and just give me all the facts... aggravating. I don’t know that I am interested in another season of this which is sad because season 1 so so good I have been looking for them to catch lightening in a bottle again..

Self parody (1/5)

You would think the editors of this podcast would at least want to give the appearance of objectivity, but I guess not.

Woah! Wow! Amazing! (5/5)

I’m not even all the way through season 1 yet but I have heard of this case before. But this podcast goes way in depth and I can’t get enough! I am looking forward to many more episodes and cases! Thank you for a clear and concise, and very informative podcast!

Great, good, ok (4/5)

Season 1 is AMAZING! Couldn’t stop listening. Season 2 was pretty good. Season 3 though 👎🏼

Season 1 Review (3/5)

For how many people rave about this particular podcast, you’d think that something really enticing would happen. But then you’ll spend 12 hours of your life listening to mere speculation with no end result. I’m sick of all these investigative podcast that amount to no answers. Listen to To Live and Die in LA instead and get some well-earned satisfaction.

Season 3 (5/5)

Season 1 was mind blowing and I’m still obsessed about Adnan!!! I’ve stopped following the woman who shall be nameless as she keeps squashing Sarah Koenig without whom this matter would remain a footnote!!! Loved season 2, and the spin off!!! Such great investigative work!!!

Listen to it all (5/5)

Season 2 was my favorite. Season 3 is a little tough to stick through at first if you’re not open minded with the issues in our criminal justice system. Overall great. I hope there is a season 4 soon.

Pretty bias (1/5)

Narrator is pretty bias

Stop after Season 1 (1/5)

Season 1 was riveting and really asked the audience to make up their minds after getting the facts. Season 2 was fairly balanced but the story wasn’t interesting and was a let down after taking years to come out. Season 3 took even longer to be released was so biased and propaganda-heavy that I couldn’t listen beyond a few episodes. This podcast made podcast popular and had everyone in the country talking. Then they made a fatal flaw of taking too long to come out with a new season and further degraded the premise that the audience should make up their own minds with a political propaganda piece. Sarah Koening really is a failed, biased journalist that got lucky with season one and doesn’t know how to run a podcast or report the facts without letting emotion take over.

🤮 (1/5)

I heard really good things about this podcast. Started off very easy to listen to and interesting. Then it just made me sick, Sick of the white people are bad, police are bad story.

Season 2 (5/5)

Season 2 is as good if not better than season one. A really quality show

Mike (3/5)

I thought Seasons 1 and 2 were really good. I thought Season 3 started off just as good but the police bashing and liberal bias quickly ruined it.

Finished Season Two (4/5)

Interesting reporting. The obvious goal, though, was to marshall sympathy for a deserter who abandoned his post. Biased and agenda-driven.

Was great until... (2/5)

Loved the first 2 seasons. The facts were stated and story told. The third season clearly has a political agenda. Not interested in the police officer hating and white racism.

Adnan or Jay (5/5)

It’s either Adnan or Jay that did this, I just can’t get past why would Jay jeopardize going to jail himself if this wasn’t true. Not finished listening yet but pretty close and I can’t shake that.

Had to quit on it. (3/5)

First two seasons were pretty good. Season 3 was a lot about bashing law enforcement for everything wrong in the world. I had to stop 3 episodes in.

First season is the best! (4/5)

Thanks for the first season!

😌 (5/5)

I’ve been listening to serial for a little over a year and it’s the best thing I’ve done. Before listening I knew little about the judicial system, and more about what the news portrayed and how it presented crimes inflicted by civilians on police. Thank you! For shedding some light because even “criminals” are people. They exist. And once they get put into the system we forget that although they “may be safe from outside” there’s a whole other thing going on behind those walls. I’m glad that you gave Joshua a platform to share his truth about what does on. As for Jesse? ... I became more disappointed with his character after each episode because it kept getting worse. We need to fix the system. We need to really do something about it.

Stick with stories (4/5)

I was hooked on season 1, as was everyone else. Season 2, eh. Still interesting and learned a lot. Season 3 was up in the air. I listened, I appreciate the effort of shining light on corrupt systems and again I learned a lot. But I do prefer the story told week by week. However—- I don’t believe season 3 was a biased opinion of a podcast. Sure I don’t agree with Sarah’s opinions (I.e. 10 years is long enough for murder) but I am a liberal who believes most police are protecting us however there are bad eggs who give them all a bad name. And I think the season tried to show you that. The cop who said this was how he was trained, perhaps someone will totally revamp that entire department so this stops happening. Hopefully season 4 is keeps me on the edge of my seat !

Season 3 (1/5)

Bias liberal trash

Season 3 (5/5)

As a white person from a suburb of Cleveland, listening to the ins and outs of the justice system that operates under the surface, I’m horribly disturbed but not shocked. I realize the justice system is more the focus than the city, but the reactionary ideologies shown by law enforcement, judges, attorneys,etc. are run amok even where I live. This is the justice most people I’ve met envision. Cleveland is city of degenerate, white flight influenced populism. It’s a problem I think the city can only age it’s way out of. Excellent podcast.

Devolved into ignorant political bias (1/5)

I couldn’t even stomach finishing the episode discussing community policing in Cleveland. Instead of learning about law enforcement relations, and how LE operations generally WORK, she chooses to take a flying leap into the abyss of finger-pointing leftist with a slice of racist accusations. Stick to impartial journalism, and sharing the stories of others. Otherwise you’re alienating a large amount of listeners.

Enraging, invoking, heart breaking, and impossible to look away from. (5/5)

Enraging, invoking, heart breaking, and impossible to look away from. I hate that I don’t know where to start to try to be apart of the change, because we all, NEED to be apart of the change at a primal, cellular level. Even if it’s just education and awareness. I’m grateful that there are people out there like Sarah who work tirelessly to give us that material to educate ourselves and spread awareness to others.

season 3 is a snooze fest (2/5)

there's no story here, just whining from defendants in criminal court - no actual story at all!!!

Good to Not So Good (4/5)

Season 1 Great. Didn't care for the language in Season 2.

Biased Podcast (1/5)

Season 3: I couldn’t finish listening. I feel these stories are told with incredible bias. Every situation and case was completely downplayed as if every person being charged was 100% innocent. I couldn’t buy into all of the excuses.

Love this! (5/5)

I have loved both seasons of this Podcast! I am a lover of story and these are just so very goid!

Was Entertaining (1/5)

Seasons 1 and 2 were riveting. Season 3 explodes into some leftist rhetoric where all criminals are excused for their behaviors while all hard working men and women in uniform are portrayed as racist and out to beat the public. The propaganda in this last season is transparent and disgusting.

Amazing (5/5)

Amazing and eye opening

Great (5/5)

Love it

E (4/5)


Illuminating (5/5)

Can’t give this podcast enough stars. Thank you Sarah for such incredible work.

Cleveland corruption victim (5/5)

Season 3 was amazing and I am so thankful someone is illuminating what happened to me and many others put through the cle justice system. I can personally vouch for the atrocities described and this story was an emotional roller coaster of reflection. I cried and became enraged and my experiences were validated in a way I didn’t know I needed to move forward. Thank you so much to the whole staff for being compassionate advocates for those who don’t have a voice. I feel empowered to share my stories now and feel like I will be believed thanks to this series. This staff is my journalism hero’s with true integrity.

SO great (5/5)

I defy you to stop listening once you start.

Amazing podcast (5/5)

Just finished Season 3 with tears in my eyes. Sarah Koenig and everyone on the team at Serial is doing vital, important work with the eye of an anthropologist. She does the difficult work of finding the facts on every side of the situation and allowing her listener to come to their own conclusions before she gives them her own take. The most amazing part of the show is the connections that Sarah can make with people that come from such different backgrounds than her own. I can’t wait to hear more. I would love to hear a season on the immigration system. I’m looking forward to hearing more from Emmanuel as well. Thank you, Serial, for everything you do!

Going down hill fast (3/5)

Season 1 is solid, season 3 is very biased. No matter how serious the crime, there is a litany of excuses why it was OK and the system is evil for making them face the consequences of their actions.

Extremely interesting and insightful (5/5)

I just finished season 3. It’s very different from the previous seasons, but I loved it.

2 out of 3 aint bad (5/5)

Serial Season 1 still has me hooked! This was an absolutely great podcast with excellent story telling all along the way. I still follow this case with Google alerts and other podcasts today. Season 3 was good to bring things to light that far too often continue to happen in our justice system. While the season was good, the stories just made me mad. I know the justice system sees alot of mess but aren't we all still human beings who deserve a fair day in court?! Season 1 and Season 3 are must-listen to podcasts!

Season 3 (4/5)

Season 3 was fantastic. Season 2 okay and season 1 I liked less after listening to crime junkie and hearing how much info we didn’t get.

Stories are a bit too long! (3/5)

I think the stories are well written but they’re drawn out. A couple maybe three episodes would suffice. I never get to the end of a story. I lose interest after three or four episodes.

Season 1 & 3 (5/5)

Season 1 and 3 are completely captivating. Sarah, I absolutely love your work. To all the people complaining about season 3... I argue it is fantastic. Being a person who interacts on a daily basis with the criminal justice system, this exposes the truth and flaws of the system. I can’t wait for season 4.

Rocked my world (5/5)

This podcast is incredible! My favorite season is season 2. Hope to hear more! Thanks!

Loved season 1 and 2 (3/5)

Season 3 I can’t finish

Insightful Gripping Poscast (5/5)

Serial is a great podcast that gives you an in-depth analysis of each case season 1-3. Season 2 was my least favorite. Initially I was thrown off by season 3’s structure as some other reviewers were. However I gave it a try. It’s extremely insightful, giving us an upfront dive into our judicial system and it’s flawed construct. People should look at it objectively. Some things I agree with, some things I don’t but I think the reporting is objective not pandering. It seems pandering for people who don’t want to see the reality that sometimes the judicial system fails to administer justice fairly without bias no matter the race or if a person has a badge. Saying she’s siding with “the streets” is so condescending and teetering on prejudice. Not everyone prosecuted from “the streets” is guilty and that’s the point she’s trying to make. Just because a court gives a sentence doesn’t make it outright impartial justice even though it should be. There’s some defendants on here that sound arrogant and the same can be said for the cops & prosecutors interviewed as well. The justice system should be equal parts punishment and rehabilitation. Currently rehabilitation, in my opinion, isn’t as much an option for courts as condemnation and punishment. What she’s doing is showing the humanity in demographics where people assume have none just because of their race or where they come from. Give the stories a chance and have an open mind. It won’t hurt to try because obviously what we’ve been doing for decades hasn’t healed the nation or benefited everyone fairly. Change is the only option left.

Don’t bother with Season 4 (1/5)

This podcast has gone completely off the rails. Every episode is about the suspect is innocent and the cops/justice system is wrong. She literally paints convicted criminals, who admit they’re in gangs, doing drugs, etc....and tries to paint them as angels. Blames everything in the system and racism. Don’t j silt the profession by calling her journalist, because she isn’t.

Fabulous story teller! (5/5)

I stumbled on this podcast and I seriously love every episode. My favorite is season three mainly because I wish to share some of the episodes with my government students. The main speaker is a wonderful story teller!

Mixed Review (4/5)

I loved season 1 and 2! I loved the deep dive into the details of one specific case each season, but season 3 was very differently formatted.. by having a new case each week, I didn’t get the same details or the same feeling of notoriety as previously. Sarah is a wonderful story teller, but I preferred the detailed storytelling.

Riveting, top-notch investigative journalism (5/5)

I stumbled upon Serial after listening to a different podcast with a similar format, and it’s become borderline obsession! Sarah Koenig’s interviewing style and the diversity of the stories are so engaging. They provide such an interesting perspective of the criminal justice system.

I ♥️ Serial (5/5)

Sarah Koenig is a brilliant individual. Her reporting is fair and reasonable, and it’s done with a sense of empathy that I find to be rare. She’s built three seasons (and hopefully many more to come) of a podcast that have all been intriguing and enjoyable, as well as socially thought provoking. We need Sarah Koenig. Thank you, Sarah, for the hours of free entertainment built from your years of hard work.

Properly Excellent (5/5)

There’s a reason Serial is so acclaimed. Sarah Koenig is a brilliant and generous host, and the entire Serial crew just puts in such extraordinary effort to making the best podcast you can find.

Jeez (2/5)

Season’s 1 & 2 were great! Season 3 is so biased and pandering. She’s too easily swayed by the streets.

Love! (5/5)

Love the way this podcast is constructed! Definitely binge worthy. Keep up the good work!

Seriously Amazing (5/5)

I can not get enough of this! Absolutely addictive and I have even started to following the case in real life. Informative, interesting, intriguing, exciting. Absolutely love it!

Amazingly intriguing (5/5)

This podcast is very well put together. Sarah and her crew do a fantastic job of researching and interviewing as many sides of the story as they can. All three seasons have sucked me in, and I can’t wait to listen to the next one!

I want more!! (5/5)

Seriously love this podcast!!! We need more!

If you’re here because you heard about it on crime junkie, don’t waste your time (1/5)

As Sarah says “Here goes”... (I swear if I hear that phrase one more time I will loose my mind) Good journalism is non biased. The journalist leaves their own opinions out of it. They look for facts, they look for the truth and they desire to do good and help benefit the people they’re researching. Sarah is not a good journalist. Her tone says “My opinion is right, I’ll agree to disagree but I’m obviously right and very much judging you for your choices”. It’s offensive, and downright annoying. Her snooty know it all attitude made me finally quit listening out of rage halfway through season 3. She’s pushy and rude to those she interviews and has NO respect for them, their lives or their stories. Her only motive is her selfish desire to uncover the juiciest details and make a good story for podcast. It’s evident that she’s not doing this for the people she’s interviewing/ researching but only for herself. I have no idea what Brit and Ash heard when they listened to this podcast because I expected so much more from Serial and was disappointed and disgusted from what I heard. Don’t waste your time.

Awesome (5/5)

Just binged listened and can’t believe I didn’t listen before!

Engrossing and captivating (5/5)

I am a huge fan of this show. Sarah is brilliant, intelligent and easy to understand. She breaks it down. She’s smart. I love the topics in the podcasts. She makes my morning drives to and from work, so much more enjoyable. Exposing injustice and fighting for the truth is so important, especially these days.

Adnan Syed (5/5)

Adnan Story is captivating. Not going to lie I totally skip to season two, I just did not gravitate towards the topic. I am listening to season three so far so interesting, may be a little tough if you are A right wing supporter. However if you’re open minded and they’re just in the fax and learning, in an in an unbiased way you will enjoy.

Liberal Schlock (1/5)

Seasons 1 and 2 were solid. Season 3 is pure Liberal schlock. Just whiny pandering in the same vein as CNBC.

Adicto a esta serie!!!!! (5/5)

Crime junkie sent me here and I am so happy that I checked it out because I am hooked, this is great and well done, it’s easy to listen to and understand.

The best podcast (5/5)

Sarah, I have been so addicted to this podcast! I binge listen and re-listened. My brother is currently incarcerated with possibility of parole soon. He worked with the innocent project and they pushed hard, but sadly nothing came from the help they gave. Season 3 made me furious at what happens on the daily in our criminal justice system. My family and I (hard working Texans) watched as our family member was railroad all for the sake of justice. To hear how these judges spoke to people (humans.. yes they committed crimes) but to talk to people with such hate saddens me. We have forgotten about innocent until proven guilty. Thank you for opening your heart and spending so much time telling the truth and showing your listeners how it is... Color, money and who your family is plays a big role in sentencing. You spoke to these “hardened criminals” like they were people who mattered. The respect and love you showed them made me tear up while listening! I am blown away!! You my friend (can I call you that) are special!!! Thanks from a forever listener, Tulana

Way to get political (1/5)

I listened to the 1st and 2nd podcasts and LOVED them. In a way I felt like you guys took the fame you got and used it to make a political message on your 3rd cast. People listen to podcasts to get away from all the monotony and constant talk about politics. Their are plenty of other podcasts out there that did what you did in the first and second seasons so it’s not too hard to find someone new. Just thought you guys should know that you’re losing fan base. Go back to your foundation

season 1 is the only good one (2/5)

I learned about this podcast series from a Crime Junkies (go check them out) episode on Adnan. The first season is AMAZING. i was completely hooked so after i finished season 1, i was interested enough to listen to the other seasons. insanely biased and weird. did not like 2 & 3 at all.

Skip after season one (2/5)

I was never a podcast listener until someone turned me on to serial and absolutely loved season one. Season two was pretty interesting until around the middle where her opinions started to show more and more each episode. It is no longer a unbiased podcast - I enjoyed this because it was fact driven not because I want to listen about someone else’s opinions. Completely disappointed on the political agenda she is now reporting, she also is clearly emotionally inserting her feelings into the podcast. I won’t even listen to season three because of the way she ended season two.

Season 1 (5/5)

I learned about Serial from podcast Crime Junkies. This is done very nicely was hooked from the first episode and binged the whole season in 2 days.

Season one is iconic (5/5)

Season one is so fantastic. I got so attached to that story and I just wanted more. I’m pretty picky when it comes to the voice of the main reporter, and Sarah is so easy to listen to. Season 2 was not as good, but I don’t think ANY podcast will ever match season one in my eyes. Season one is the podcast I recommend to anyone and everyone. Season 2, good but not great. Season 3, I’m listening to now.

Required listening (5/5)

This season (#3) should be required listening at all schools, colleges, hair salons, waiting rooms, sports venues, and voting booths of the country. We are rooting from the inside out and we wouldn’t even know about it if it wasn’t because of serious journalistic work and reporting like this. Thanks Serial team.

Great (5/5)

Great stories. I have tried to listen to other podcasts, but some people give to much commentary or joke around. You guys give the facts, tell the story and move on. Please don’t keep us waiting on season 4!! You are a great podcast!!

Not objective. (1/5)

I used to enjoy this show when it investigated cold cases. The political agenda is evident, and while I agree the criminal justice system has many problems that need to be critically looked it, it vilifies both police and lawyers (prosecutors and defenders). A more objective view would make this podcast far more enjoyable. Overall I would not recommend this show anymore, maybe I’ll try again next season.

why (2/5)

Season 1: Super solid. Season 2: Pretty good, bias and political agenda start to seep through towards the end. Season 3: Mind-numbingly biased. Pretty wild how you can go from top-tier podcast to obnoxious, politically driven opinion journalism so quickly. Bummer.

Interesting but very biased (2/5)

2 stars for at least not being boring. Had much higher expectations based on what’s is read online. Narrator was more interested in portraying her views than giving a thorough overview of the cases, which would be fine but that was not the way it’s presented.

Give us more!!🙏 (5/5)

When is your new season going to come out?

Started out great! (3/5)

So the first season was great and I definitely recommend it. Season 2 was preachy and a little dull but still ok. Season 3 is pure propagandist OPINION there are so many instances where she just makes a statement with nothing to back it up and you’re just supposed to take her word for it...... So stick to season 1 skip the other seasons.......

Addictive (5/5)

I was late to the party, but instantly hooked. Well done and well researched.

Was going great until (2/5)

Season 1 was good. Season 2 was interesting but she was far too tolerant of the Bergdahl situation. He does not deserve forgiveness for what he did. It doesn’t matter if a soldier lost their life while searching or not. The point is he abandoned post and put so much at risk because he was butthurt. Season 3 is incredibly biased. A criminal is a criminal. There are far more upstanding cops and judges than bad ones.

Great (5/5)


Serial (5/5)

Amazing!! Gives me an amazing view into the disfunctional operations of our criminal justice system. Very entertaining

You know (5/5)

Excellent audio, great voice, sufficient drama to stay engaged; thank you for pursuing the stories. More please.

Great listen (5/5)

Just finished season 3 I listen to every episode today while working keep up that amazing work 😊

Incredible (5/5)

Wish we had nonstop content and reporters of this caliber. Just listened to S3 from start to finish in one day because I couldn’t stop. Stayed up all night, in fact. S1 was amazing of course but I haven’t stopped wrestling with my own opinions on it. I did not finish S2, I will admit. S3 is something we need 100 more times - we have so much work to do and awareness to raise!

Somewhat biased (3/5)

Ok season 3, and so far & I was enjoying the podcast. It became very clear after a while, that they were making excuses for “Jesse”. It’s obvious that he is a habitual offender who is clearly trying to take advantage of the justice system. He was very much provoking the police officers. There are many black people who face adversities and don’t behave that way. With that, I started to loose interest when the episodes attempted to find excuses for his behaviors. Not only was he provoking officers he committed other criminal acts repeatedly.

One of my favorites! (5/5)

Serial consistently remains one of my favorite podcasts! I started listening during season 1 and I was hooked from the first episode. I loved it so much that I got my mom hooked as well. I was really impressed by Sarah’s thorough explanations of each possible perspective. She left me completely unsure of who really did it, but also extremely educated on all of the possibilities. I was just as confused when i started listening to episode 1-but in a good way! Season 2 was not that interesting to me, but it could just be my personal preference. However, season 3 was so amazing that I kept the 5 star rating! I love all of the different cases explained, but that when certain cases required more than one episode, such as Joshua’s case, the podcast did so. The season educated me on truly how unjust the justice system is, and how it doesn’t really benefit many beyond those at the top and those in positions of privilege. It was definitely a rude awakening, but I feel as though I can now look at headlines and cases I see on the news from a more objective and understanding perspective. I’m anxiously awaiting season 4 and am super excited to see what it will be about!

Awesome podcast (5/5)

I suspect the only 1 star reviews belong to Steve Loomis and dirty cops

Biased (4/5)

Enjoy your podcast overall. However, there is a tremendous bias on some episodes, I.E. Season 3 episodes 1 -9 I’ll not micro analyze each and every instance where your leftist, liberal agenda in reporting what you see is the problem with our justice system. Let’s just say that surely you realize that the root problem is people not obeying the law. It is not society or law enforcement job to hold the hand of criminals through their judicial venture and making sure that they are not offended, scared or disapproving of the system. I feel sorry for law enforcement for constantly having to look over their shoulders to make sure that they do not offend someone while having to account for their behavior. Such slanted reporting on your part only makes matter worst.

Loved season 1 (4/5)

The first season was awesome. There are times I felt like the storytelling was a little bit all over the place but a really fascinating case. Could not get into the second two seasons. I think they could’ve chosen better for content...too bad. But a great podcast even for season one alone.

Biased activism, not journalism (2/5)

This is a great podcast for left wing activists that want to further reinforce their confirmation bias but calling this journalism is utterly dishonest. Well produced propaganda for the far left tribe masquerading as journalism..

only listened to S1 so far (3/5)

It was rough to get through the beginning. Idk if it was her journalism or the fact that I right off the bat had an opinion and got bored with it. But towards the end now I’m hooked into wanting to know more. That being said I’ll check out season 2, 3. P.S We never heard anything about Dons ex girlfriend before Hae.

Amazing podcast (5/5)

Gripping, suspenseful, and very well edited. Great content and would listen again.

Amazing (5/5)

I came across this podcast after listening to “S Town” and couldn’t be more satisfied. Season 3 was the best to me, Joshua’s story was so heartbreaking and eye opening. I would love to maybe get an update about his story in the future

Season 3 (5/5)

Very REAL review of the judicial system in CLE. If you’re not from Cleveland it may be hard to believe. If you are from here, you either KNOW it to be true or just lying to yourself. The story isn’t biased, but the system in CLE most certainly is!

Captivating (5/5)

Sarah’s delivery is entertaining in itself, I’ll be looking out for more of her work. The story was great, and the facts and details of the case were very interesting and well investigated.

Season 3 (1/5)

I really liked the first 2 seasons but the 3rd season is an absolute atrocity. The whole season is quite ironic because it’s about “inherent basis” but they believe people with criminal records over men and women who risk their life everyday. Try being are promoting the police state are sowing discord

Very Well Done (5/5)

I am not the biggest fan of NPR, but I think Sarah Koenig and crew are doing an excellent job in the Serial series. I don’t buy every single thing I hear, but I’m ok with different ideas. That being said, I do not believe that even after 18 months of intense research, observations and conversations you have found out everything we need to know.

Wonderful (5/5)

This last season (season3)was a much needed insight into our criminal justice system. It was an extremely emotional listen and I think more of Americans need to hear programs like this! I think there are so many county’s in this country that need this type of investigative reporting (lawrenceburg IN) for a example in my opinion. Once again highly recommended!!

Wow! (5/5)

I don’t even listen to podcasts, but the fact that I was drawn into all three seasons is amazing! Job well done!

Not completely unbiased (2/5)

Liked season 1, lost me at season 2, he committed treason. Season 3, lived near Cleveland for 14 years, the coverage again is a liberal bias. People have to be accountable for their behaviors, along with communities, legal profession and government. There is no accounting for community in season 3, just placing blame strictly on prejudice. Time for the “investigator”, to read more about crime statistics and race. May I suggest Heather MacDonald’s work.

What do I do at work now??? (5/5)

I finished every single episode and don’t know how I’m going to function at work anymore.


I have listened to the first season over and over again. It’s absolutely amazing. The research for these cases is so deep and so well written. I can’t say enough good things about Sarah’s recording. Season 2 wasn’t quite my style, but Season 3 was so interesting and a GREAT way to show the justice system, including the good, the bad, and the ugly. I LOVE THIS PODCAST!!

1 and 2 good! (3/5)

I enjoyed 2.5 seasons, then you lost me in season 3 episode 6. The guy instigating the cop did me in. Rest seemed biased. Season 3 started as listening to court cases and then turned into a liberal cop bashing session. Turned one sided.

Not biased (5/5)

I am 13 years old and I can understand why you think she’s biased, but she rly is giving both sides of the story. For Aramis, she said both his story and the cops, and acted surprised because she had never heard of a bulge before.

Interesting but very biased (3/5)

I found her points interesting but very biased. Her views and reports are very liberal. She seems way too empathetic for the enemy in season 2. Season 1 is excellent. I enjoyed that much more.

Awesome! (5/5)

One of the best podcasts I’ve ever listened to. Loved all 3 seasons, which were all very different and gripping stories. I’ve listened to each season multiple times. Thank you to the Serial team!

Season 1 was great (3/5)

Like a ton of listeners, I binged straight through season 1 after it came out and loved it. I'm also excited to learn that this case is back in the popular culture and it looks like Adnan Syed is getting another shot at seeing his case re-tried. I really wanted to like season 2, but the combination of it being a topic I'm really, really not interested in and the storytelling just not grabbing me led me to quit listening halfway through. I haven't had the chance to check out season 3 yet, but if I hear good things maybe I'll give it a listen.

Another reader (2/5)

Nothing special

I want more (5/5)

Absolutely fantastic. I love listening while I'm at work. So fascinating.

Very biased. (3/5)

You almost had me until episode 6 when we heard how Jessie and his friends were talking to the cops. I wonder how biased the rest of the episodes were. I’m starting to feel like we are really only hearing one side....

Sad turn (2/5)

Season 1 was absolutely outstanding. There were parts where it sounded like you had feelings for Adnan, but it didn’t take away from the journalism. By the end of Season 3, you completely embellish the facts to push your leftist agenda, and in doing so, create racism that further divides us as people.

Biased (1/5)

First and foremost, Sarah is a storyteller. She is not a crime journalist, nor is she an investigator. However, to exclude all of the facts that clear Adnon’s name is atrocious. There are several inconsistencies that this series fails to point out. Although it did a good job setting the scene of the case, it was not a fair review of the case and it caused several to believe he was guilty because of skewed evidence.

Please do more In Cleveland (5/5)

Please do more in Cleveland I got a lot of people to listen

Fascinating stories & brilliantly reported! (5/5)

One of the BEST👍🏻

Season 3 Much Needed Light Shine On Criminal Justice System (5/5)

I enjoyed all seasons of Serial and this season in particular was especially disturbing. Criminal justice needs a drugs overhaul. The system seems set up to keep those in it once they are in it. The youthful offenders in particular seemed to not stand a chance. Piling suspended license upon suspended license so these kids can’t ever pay the fine only perpetuates the problem. This was a much needed light on a problem many of us don’t know about or thin about bc we are not involved. Well done storytelling.

Season 3 (5/5)

Liked it very much!!

SEASON 1 By far the BEST! (5/5)

I wish to hear more from Adnan Syed story. Great audio, construction and pace. Keep it up! 🙌🏼

Biased (2/5)

These stories are thought provoking but they’re very clearly liberally biased. I like thought provoking questions but every episode seems to spill over the limit of unbiased reporting. I see where the narrator is going to take the story after the first 3 minutes. It’s all anti police, anti justice system, etc..that’s an old boring horse to beat.

Liberal (1/5)

A Season 3 was about was the Liberals pushing their views. No one every talked about all the bad choices and decisions these people made.

Seasons 1&3 are amazing. (5/5)

As an in-depth look at how our criminal justice system works it is so fascinating and it doesn’t hide away from the crimes of the subjects or the injustice of the justice system. Season 1 was addictive and so was season 3. I find myself wishing there were more episodes.

From gold to garbage (1/5)

Season 1 was superb! Enthralling, entertaining, suspenseful... I hate that I can’t say as much for the other two seasons! Season 2 I would say was a fair shake towards the subject! However towards the end of the season the liberal leaning agenda begins too bleed through! By season 3 the social justice warrior mentality is in full swing! It honestly ruined a great podcast for me... you wanna report on those type stories, I’ll listen, as long as it’s from an unbiased standpoint! Season 3 honestly feels like a 3rd Obama term, more stagnation, more racial division, more forget the law and do what makes you feel good about yourself! It’s a hard pass for me from here on out!

Great podcast (5/5)

I love the hard work you do an amazing job

The Perfect Starter Podcast (5/5)

If there was a perfect starter podcast- this is it. While Serial has been described as a true crime podcast, it’s more a series about justice as told through three very unique perspectives. Sarah Koenig is an amazing storyteller and the journalism work here is incredible. I was frequently on the edge of my seat- a must-listen.

Thought Provoking (5/5)

I read a lot of reviews that this podcast is agenda pushing and geared to liberals, and maybe it is. But overall it is thought provoking, no matter what side you are on. It takes a closer look from many angles to have you the listener come up with your own opinion. I was worried about how CLE would be portrayed, but the stats are the same everywhere. CLE is not better or worse. Listen when you can, think for yourself and try to understand what it would be like in someone else’s life. Great listen.

Glad I’m not the only one feeling this way! (1/5)

Season 1 was incredible, and for lack of a better work it was impossible to stop listening to it. Season 2-3 .... seemed biased and an agenda trying to be pushed. Please go back to the mystery and decisiveness of the first season.

Informative and entertaining (5/5)

Incredible case for season 1. So much so that it was never going to be possible to beat it. So she/they didn’t. And I commend them for that. Not unlike a band whose first record was the most popular and it went mainstream. The transcendent bands continue to evolve and don’t care about popularity as much. The one hit wonders try to replicate and fail. This crew resembles the former scenario. Well done and thank you - all of this is free, let’s be grateful.

Season 1 fantastic....however (1/5)

Season 2 and 3 quickly become a bully pulpit for liberal politics. All of the standard SOP’s of White Privilege, Xenophobia, Class Warfare etc. (Interestingly set in cities that have been completely owned by liberal politicians for the last hundred years). But season one is very entertaining.

Deteriorating (2/5)

Season 1: Interesting with the feeling that there was an attempt at genuine impartiality in order to determine facts of the situation and a look at both sides. Generally I feel this is due to being indecisive about the situation and, therefore, couldn’t proceed from a biased standpoint. Season 2: I couldn’t stomach this right now. As the spouse of a medically retired Veteran, I just couldn’t. Perhaps I will try again in the future. Season 3: Biased. I stopped at the point where she was trying to advocate for one side of a story to be taken seriously while scoffing at another person’s concerns only moments earlier. Disappointing. A genuine look does need to be taken where our justice system is concerned, but proceeding from a confirmation bias standpoint will not get us there.

Engrossing, well-reported, and absolutely enraging (5/5)

At episode six, and it’s just more and more enraging. How can such injustice continue with impunity? (Anyone giving bad ratings likely has an agenda...)

Serial (5/5)

Love the no frills approach to this podcast. The narrator is as good as they get and her voice is mesmerizing.

Just wasted 10 hours of my life (1/5)

The podcast has no definite end and is a waste of time and brain power.

Unremarkable (1/5)

Unremarkable in every way

Exceptional! (5/5)

Listing to all (3) seasons has been mind blowing, addictive, and very informative. The presenters are very well spoken, in tune with the dialogue, their subjects, and relay the stories in an in-depth manner. You can tell there is a real sense of their commitment to the story and the truth behind those stories. Investigative Journalism at its BEST! Can’t wait for the next season and job very well done to all those who made the program possible. Much thanks!

Adictive (5/5)

Sad, scary, complex

Hooked to Season 1 (5/5)

Sarah narrates it brilliantly. Very interesting podcast about Adnan. Why did Adnan leave his new phone which was just bought a few couple of days ago. Why did Adnan leave his car with Jay that day? If Jay was behind the murder, why would Adnan roam with Jay and appear at Cathy’s home that evening? It looks suspicious.

Must listen! (5/5)

I absolutely love this podcast! I have listened to all of season 1 and 2 and it’s absolutely remarkable to hear the things they uncover and discover as journalists. I feel the need to remark on some negative reviews. It’s not supposed to have an ending, it’s real life and they are giving you all the info for YOU to make a decision for yourself, which is still difficult. That’s the point I think though, to make us THINK, not just make a decision about something going on in our society, it’s deeper than that. I love the narrator, can’t wait to hear more!

Very hard to pay attention (1/5)

I often heard other true crime podcasts recommend Serial so I put it in my queue. Boy was season 1 torturous. There was to much of the narrating repeating what others said verus recordings of what they said so most of every episode was pretty much exclusively the narrator speaking. It was hard to connect on a personal level to follow the story and find out the truth. It wasn't very engaging. I got 2 episodes into Season 2 and realized I didn't want to waste my time or energy trying to follow the stories. Not even going to give Season 3 a chance.

He’s lying (5/5)

So as I listen the second time episode 1 he says Jay would come pick him up they would eat then smoke, no way any stoner knows you smoke then eat. It’s facts.

Serial (5/5)

Very interesting look at our justice system.

Thank You For Translating The Criminal Justice System (5/5)

Sara and the Serial team did a great job of translating the racial injustice of the criminal justice system for a group of people who the flaws of this system does not and will not affect.

Best (5/5)

Very interesting, learned a lot about the justice system

Going from interesting to biased in 3 seasons (2/5)

Season 1 was riveting and original. Season 2 was biased and a re run of a story already told. How can you possibly defend Beau Bergdal? Season 3 was bashing Cleveland’s justice system. Really? Go to NY, Chi, LA and you’ll find worse times 10.

Season One is Good (4/5)

I was recommended this podcast from a friend. Season one follows one case and gives an unbiased discussion of the events in the case. It was interesting and informative. The discussion goes from he is innocent to guilty to not sure. Season 2 was okay. I couldn’t connect with it and it was boring at times. It didn’t have the hook that season one had and didn’t follow the style that season one had. It gets point for not trying to copy season one but ultimately not a recommendation. Season three tackles the criminal justice in one city. It jumps around a little with the cases but does not have the personal touch that seasons one did. It was interesting to see the workings of the criminal justice system behind the scenes. It is better than season 2.

Awesome! (5/5)

Hands down——Best Podcast!!! ❤️. Love it!

Addicting (5/5)

Every season is a homerun. I hope Sara never retires!

Just the best (5/5)

Honestly, how can it get better than this?

Boring, repetitive no ending (1/5)

Ugh. A murder case focusing primarily on the trial and a phone calls interviews with the accused killer. Very dragged out and repetitive. Uninteresting case. Nothing unique or out of the norm for murders. Absolutely no ending. Very basic. Nothing unusual or thrilling, “if you know what I mean” haha

Thing that got me hooked (5/5)

Loved it could have taken LSU episodes out but still sad

We want more Serial (5/5)

Last year I found cereal from the podcast homepage and flew through Adnan’s story. Sara and the team do such a great job telling stories and keeping you interested in all of the details. After listening to season two and three, I would still love to hear more stories.

Really enjoy this podcast (4/5)

I really didn’t like first season but have enjoyed season 2 (although my feelings about Bowe are very mixed). Looking forward to hearing season 3.

Intentional, Empowering, and Dope (5/5)

This podcast has brought so much value to my life. I especially love the storytelling techniques that are used throughout it all. And big shouts to season three for allowing me to see more vividly what is actually taking place in the court system day n and day out.

Best podcast ever! (5/5)

I have to drive long hours when I visit my family and most of the time I’m always by myself. I hate boring car rides! But my sister told me about this podcast and I’m hooked, very good and addicting! And when I pull up to my parents drive way I kinda don’t want to get out the car because I’m so addicted to the stories!

This American Life (5/5)

Susan Koening is a remarkable journalist who goes through great lengths to get her story with remarkable interviews. These true life stories about Cleveland Police, Lawyers, Felons, And Criminals leave you compelled, sad, sometimes happy but more disappointed about the injustice bestowed in this city.

Serial (5/5)

Awesome podcast! A definite must listen!

Eh (2/5)

Season 1 just sounded like a girls diary of a guy that she thinks is innocent but is attracted to. I feel like every interview with Adnan, Sarah is flirting and charmed by him. Not really into being attracted to accused killers. Season 2 was just eh. I think it could have been summed up into 3 episodes.

Serial (5/5)

1st season hooked me, 2nd season was just eh, but season 3 was amazing! While nothing surprised me, it was profound to hear the story of the justice system told this way.

Hooked (5/5)

This podcast has me hooked! It’s a must hear for all...let this serve as a wake up call to our justice system.

Eye opener on our legal system (5/5)

I have never listened to this podcast before and just finished season three. Wow. A complete eye-opener of our justice system. Excellent narrating and details. Looking forward to listening to the first two seasons and awaiting season four.

Podcast about social justice (1/5)

I listened to a few of the episodes. Content was good at first when the facts and events spoke for themselves, but it turned into a soap box so social justice. It was a waste of my time.

Loved the First Season and S-Town (4/5)

Great series, although I loved the first season most.

This is a great podcast! (5/5)

This podcast is amazing. Imo, I feel like adnon is not 100% innocent, but Jay was a lot more involved than he says he was

Love it! (5/5)

It taps into everyone’s need for justice to be served... but justice done right! Too many dirty cops out there, which makes it hard for it to be done right these days. But anyway, this is a great podcast if you are interested in the criminal justice system.

Opinion (5/5)

I believe he is guilty

First Podcast I really loved. (5/5)

I have been looking around for podcasts to get into and this is the first one I binged all 3 season. After listening to all 3 seasons I can see a really big growth in story telling throughout the season. While one was quite over the place and a bit hard to listen to sometimes and a bit without an ending, especially after you listened to all the updates your just left with so many more questions, Season 3 was just perfect. I had no difficulty listening to all episodes without drifting off or feeling bored. I just did not want it to end and it was over so soon. Please more!

First ever podcast (5/5)

This is the first ever podcast that I’ve listened to (I’m very late to jumping on the podcast bandwagon) but wow!! I’m very impressed by Sarah Koenig’s reporting. Amazing and kept me captivated the whole time.

Loved this podcast! (5/5)

I am new to Podcasts and could not disengage from my phone for four days! I am looking forward to listening to season two and for a follow up on Adnan Syed‘s case.

Thank you (5/5)

This was a great listen and thank you for the well written piece on Adnan's story. I had basic info and I feel well informed about the event and the aftermath. I honestly dont know if he did it or not, but I have had a better understanding of it all thanks to you! I cant wait to finish season 2

Judge Gaul is my 5 star rating. (5/5)

More people like Gaul belong in our justice system. He wants to understand the persons socialization in life and commits them to being responsible for lighter sentences he gives instead of incarceration. Who cares how he says things; words aren’t always the measure of a persons beliefs or intent. Words are sometimes a ways to relate. If he didn’t care, he’d lock em all away.

Without a doubt- Amazing (5/5)

I listened to all 3 Episodes- Totally Riveting.

Over rated (1/5)

Not sure how this became a popular podcast, a lot of lobbying for someone who very likely committed the crime. Incredibly boring and doesn’t really come to any sort of satisfying ending.

Andy’s Podcaster Podcasting Podcast Review (5/5)

Amazing show. Nothing but respect & love for John B & everyone involved. Full review on Episode 1 of andyspodcasterpodcastingpodcast. Spoiler: you get 5 stars, a police siren duck and a small explosion.

Increasingly worse each season! (1/5)

I first came upon this podcast during season 1. I was fascinated with it like one is compelled to look at the aftermath of a bad wreck on the highway. As much as we try to look straight ahead we find ourselves looking out of the corner of our eye. However as the season continued I became very aware of what I am presuming is Ms. Koenig’s blissful ignorance to her own biasses. Listening to her take the word of anyone that bolstered her views on the particular matter at hand while completely ignoring the other side has become laughable. Now in season 3 Me. Koenig has become a caricature of herself. Sadly as much as I found some entertainment value in the podcast, usually in the form of laughing at the blatant ignorance being broadcast, I can no longer partake as I now just find it to be repetitive and boring. Listening to Ms. Koenig cajole her targets is like listening to an enabling parent coddle a child. To the uninformed I can see why this podcast remains entertaining, and I don’t have issue with that. As for me I have grown tiresome of the infantile views presented and have listened to my last episode.

Addicting (5/5)

I absolutely love this podcast! Always binge it in like a day or 2. Keep the stories coming!

3rd season is trash (4/5)

I loved serial because of the long form way they explore cases. The third season is nothing like the first 2. It’s a completely different podcast to me. You still get 4 stars as the first season is the greatest true crime podcast of all time. Tbe

Wow (5/5)

I have never left a review before. But I felt compelled by season 3 to leave one. Please keep this up. This has been a fascinating and insightful look at our criminal justice system.

The convict claims he’s not guilty (1/5)

So the convicted claims he’s not guilty. That’s a shocker. And SK jumps through hoops to present “facts” (circumstantial evidence) to “prove” his innocence. At one point she claims he’s not guilty because she “just can’t see it” after getting to know him. This is nothing but a load of SJW bs.

Amazing (5/5)

A friend showed me this podcast and I just can’t stop listening

Amazing (5/5)

I’m impresses with this show from every facet. I’m saddened that anyone is allowed to share their ill-informed feedback. In fact, it’s more sad than it being a fragment.

Addicting (5/5)

Really makes you think and opens you up to a whole world of amazing investigative journalism

Honestly the best podcast (5/5)

Disregard all other reviews, this podcast is actually incredible. Koenig is a God. Her voice will never annoy you. The stories are just the cherry on top. Give it a shot, you’ll love it.

LOVE (5/5)

absolutely love the host and the story telling pattern and interviews! Keep them coming!!

Horrible (1/5)

This podcast spends its first season trying to gain sympathy for an obviously guilty killer

If you view the world as race and gender.... (1/5)

If you view the world as race and gender this is for you!! Do you hate white men? Then give this a listen. Absolute garbage.

Simply amazing!! (5/5)

More stories please!! 😩 I enjoyed every season.. ❤️❤️

The Gold Standard (5/5)

Enough said.

Woke Vocal Fry! (1/5)

This girl is the wokest! Long live Judge Gould!

Eye opener (5/5)

I’m about half way through season 3. I am blown away by everything and thing you are doing an amazing service.

I watched the HBO special 1st; the podcast is better. (4/5)

I think the fact of Sarah goes back-and-forth on whether she thinks Adnan committed the murder is a sign that he might not be Innocent however in a court of law I agree he should’ve been acquitted there was not enough evidence to prove him a murderer. My one main problem is that he can’t remember what he did that day when that day was one of his best friends birthdays. Isn’t that her point. Stephanie’s birthday should make that a memorable day for Adnan. Season 2 taught me a lot about the Middle East and war and was insightful to the way people believe and think. Season 3 was huge with its simple final message that jail should be more strict to function sentences should be less long charges should be less piled on and staff should be less overloaded. And that people who cooperate deserve some sort of benefit of protection at the least.

Boring (2/5)

Season 1 was amazing, Season 2 is a snooze-fest. Mildly interesting but just not enough there to dedicate an entire season to.

Strong one sided perspective (1/5)

The host obviously goes out of her way to see racism in every aspect of life. I enjoyed season 1 of Serial but this season is from a very anti-police point of view. Would not recommend.

Season one is the best one. (4/5)

Season one is my favorite, it was very interesting. Seasons two is not very interesting to me. Season three is somewhat in between. I define itself recommend season one.

One sided (1/5)

Unsubscribing a mere 2 days after signing up. Liberal(which is not a criticism, just a fact), one-sided(here is where the criticism is)… Nothing but freely criticizing cops and judges, the courts, the legal system, yet deciding to hold back some of the criticism about the CRIMINAL OFFENDERS because it’s “not fit for repeating.” Pffft, this kind of narrow minded thinking is what’s keeping our country so polarized. Buh Bye.

Used to LOVE this podcast!!! (4/5)

I listened to the first 2 seasons intently, taking notes, fitting the pieces together, and it was AMAZING!! The only reason I give it a 4-star is because I lost interest in the 3 season, NOT AT ALL due to content, simply because the ads in the middle of each episode. I completely understand the importance of ads for funding, but it completely turned me off... to the point I quit listening after the first few episodes.

Interest (5/5)

Sarah has a glorious way of getting one interested in discovering more about her stories. Not just getting more information from her but to find more from other sources too. She opens the curiosity but still presents a complete narrative.

Season one great, the others not so much (3/5)

No one can fault the entertainment value of season 1. The other two were pretty uninteresting.

She’s fallen... (3/5)

I have trouble getting over how much she’s fallen for him (physically, emotionally). You can hear in her coos and giggles, as she strokes her hair behind her ear, how smitten she is for Adnan. She wants so badly for him to be innocent.

Too meandering and filibustery (1/5)


More like season 3 (5/5)

I really liked season 3. More attention needs to be paid to the justice system and I say that as someone was caught in it for over 20 years. With all that being said that kid new the consequences of snitching it’s cover very well in the streets so hard for me to have any sympathy for him.

Serial (3/5)

I’m just starting to watch season 1 but when I come back to listen I have hard time ding season & episode. Not in order hard to find.

Patiently Waiting (4/5)

When are we going to have some updates on season 1????? It’s been all over the media.


This podcast is seriously the best one I’ve ever listened to. Sarah is a masterful storyteller and just an awesome person. She does a great job drawing you into the story and really does some of the most excellent reporting I’ve ever heard. HUUUUGE FAN!

Stupidest app ever (1/5)

Apple, considered THE most cutting edge tech company, puts out an app that can’t sorted or filtered? Very lazy, half-assed effort.

App is the worst! (2/5)

The content is excellent but as someone starting in Season 1 I have an awful time coming back and finding the next episode. Other podcasts manage to do this - wish this one would too.

Seriously (1/5)

Every time I try to listen it is all over the place. You can’t listen from oldest and in order. When I open the app it doesn’t remember where I was. Very frustrating.

Airika1983 (5/5)

Not sure if I’ll find a podcast as good as season 3 !!!

Bravo!! (5/5)

I’m so bummed it took me so long to find this podcast but I’m glad that I did . I binged on it so hard and finished it quicker than I wish I had. Amazing writing and narrating loved every second of it.

Makes you think more about justice (5/5)

Best podcast out! I love that you hear all sides of a situation. Definitely has me more open minded about situations.

Eye opening style of journalism (5/5)

It become a discovery to me that investigation can be conducted in such a professional way by a journalist. It is how gray life situations are and there is no black and white decision/sides/opinions. It is the right way to know - to look at situation from different angles. And this podcast giving a hint of how one should think about life and people around.

Idk what to think (3/5)

A lot of sheep listening.. let’s not change our justice system based on a podcast..

Weak 3rd season future looks bad (2/5)

The first two seasons were good but season 3 got woke with its identity politics. I unsubscribed.

Can’t stop listening (5/5)

I listen to a lot of podcasts. Some I listen to regularly, some I go in and out of depending on mood, but this one has me listening nonstop. The story telling and pace is on point. The little anecdotes of what Koenig is really feeling throughout the story are the same ones I’m thinking. Even her voice is pleasant. If you like true crime—and especially if you like to dive into the details of a true crime story, then this is your podcast.

Season 3 (5/5)

Amazing. I judged it too soon, now five stars

Such great, thorough, compelling work & reporting! (5/5)

Ms. Koenig and the rest of the team have kept me spellbound for 3 seasons. I'm totally hooked! Disregard the obviously biased criticism from the 'all-knowing' righties… they're as wrong as they are certain — listen, learn, and draw your own conclusions. IMHO: "Serial" does an amazingly brilliant job of exposing the failures of the American "Justice" System.. I'm totally impressed, and more cynical than ever. And, oh yeah: watch your back.

Great Podcast (5/5)

Serial, Season One is the very first podcast I’ve listened to and man was it great! So well put together, and so intriguing. I’ve recommended it to several of my colleagues and friends. I finished it in two days! I also listened to Season 3, which was also very interesting and attention grabbing. Overall great work!

Great!! (5/5)

I did this backwards... after watching the HBO docuseries about the murder of Hae Lee and seeing how it started with this podcast is when i actually downloaded and listened and though i enjoyed the series i actually enjoyed the podcast even more... great narrative and opinions and hearing Adnan himself in all the interviews... very well put together podcast .. and now i have this american life and s-town in my collection.. cant wait to listen


Netflix has a documentary called making a murderer with all the same ingredients of the hbo syed documentary. STEVEN Avery was the poor sole that was completely torn apart by the local justice system. The justice system of America is no longer the greatest on earth, if it ever was. Simply by hearing these documentaries made by tv media it has really opened my eyes of the amount of corruption and flaws our Legal system has. It is a BROKEN system with much needed repair. Its mind boggling to think of all the untold stories that are not brought to our attention. The many innocent people that have had there lives ruined. There freedom taken away by power, Financial, and ego hungry prosecutors, judges etc. that no longer believe in the truth. the real CRIMINALS of this and and the Steve Avery case is the JUSTICE SYSTEM itself. WAKE UP PEOPLE BEFORE ITS TO LATE!!!!

Would’ve been 5 stars but... (4/5)

I loved the first 2 seasons of this podcast. I couldn’t wait to hear the next episode and learn what happened next. It’s very well scripted, intelligent, factual, and focused. I really enjoyed it! However, I am a bit bored by the 3rd season and it’s format. It’s not a bad thing, just not for me!

Eh but also kind of good... (season 1 review) (2/5)

Listened to this when it first came out and loved it, completely agreed with her points and believed that adnad was innocent. Recently I got back into it (season 1) and started to pick apart the flaws in his story. I did some research and the state DID have a decent case against adnad. One of the most confusing things about him, and what really makes me side with jay, is that HE CANNOT REMEMBER ANYTHING. He doesn’t even try making anything up, he just says “I don’t know” or “I probably did this.” I understand not remembering specific details, but at least when jay told his side of the story (and yes I understand that jays story has some holes in it and he can seem to be unreliable at some points) he gives a story! I understand why adnad was convicted. Also Sarah is VERY biased throughout the first season. Not going to lie though I have re-listened to this podcast many times. She is a very good journalist, but I think that she didn’t take the right stance on this case. She should have gone into without a bias and explained both sides of the story before giving her opinion (that’s what I would have liked to hear). She makes herself seem so unbiased in the beginning, but it’s obvious by the second episode whose side she’s on. Another thing that really annoyed me was that she downplays how “obsessed” adnad was with hae- and how controlling he could be. She completely brushes it off! Even when literally reading evidence of it! Anyways if you have gotten this far, I recommend you listen to the first season and form your own opinion. Do some research or, if you’re a nerd like me, look up the trial transcripts. But PLEASE, whatever you do, don’t form your opinion solely on this podcast because trust me with one google search you can find many flaws with what some of the things Sarah is saying. But overall it’s not a bad listen, again she is a great journalist.

Wow (4/5)

There is SO much reasonable doubt it’s ridiculous! I get that it was ‘99 and technology was not what it is now but between that and the ineffectiveness of Cristina Gutierrez’s defense is reason enough to grant a new trial.

Shadow Cars (5/5)

Ride in a shadow car with all the information needed for a heist. Entertaining, educational, and jaw dropping. Subscribe.

Our justice system 😳 (5/5)

Shedding light on so much. More please. More. Such an overhaul of our justice system is need.

Clueless (1/5)

She does a decent job reporting but she's an obvious liberal with little ability to tell when Adnan is lying. He continued to say "to be honest" and "right" and excuses for everything easy to see he's lying over and over.

Great work! (5/5)

Couldn’t stop listening! Stayed up way too late a few nights to finish it. Amazing work, Sarah! They way she tells the story and describes things, plus her voice, is excellent! Can’t wait for another follow up. Didn’t he just get a new trial? Why did the innocence project stop working with him?

Season 1 & 3 are fantastic (4/5)

S1 is amazing and deserves 5 stars. S2 has its value but overall is rather dull and frustrating. S3 is less exciting than S1 but offers a fascinating look at the criminal justice system and is also 5 star quality IMO.

Don't listen past the first season (2/5)

Season one was awesome. Quite possibly the most well produced podcast ever recorded. It was captivating and the story was well told. Despite Sarah falling for every lie Adnan said, it was perfection. Seasons two and three are just boring. We don't have that connection or intrigue.

revealing and insightful (5/5)

It takes really simple cases and explains the implications beautifully while highlighting details that an outsider usually would not be aware of. It gives a great perspective of the flaws of our criminal justice system. It’s really soothing and honestly interesting and refreshing, definitely different from season 1.

You know what I’m saying? (4/5)

Great reporting and the information is very thorough. I just ended up getting so annoyed when he would be interviewed lol

Season 3 pulled me back (5/5)

I absolutely loved season 1 of Serial. I did not have any interest in Season 2, and never listened to it. However, I wanted to see what Season 3 was about. It was so incredibly interesting to see the criminal justice system from this perspective. I just was fascinated to hear the stories of these people. Through this season, I was able to understand why some people don’t trust the police/attorneys/criminal justice system. Great season. I am definitely eagerly awaiting Season 4.

Awesome Series, Season 3 my favorite (5/5)

Amazing podcast, Sarah Koenig is incredible, love her sensitivity, her compassion but also incredible investigating skills. Show reveals so much about 3 extremely diverse topics and is really inspiring.

Great Podcast! (5/5)

I just started listening to Serial and I LOVE IT! Sarah does an excellent job!

Outstanding podcast! (5/5)

Serial is a great podcast and Sara did a great job investigating and retracing steps. For those of you who think this podcast is one sided and or makes the police sound like a gang you’re ignorant. Theres way too much in not only Adnans case but many others cases. Not to mention Bmore police were UNDER INVESTIGATION BY THE FBI. And don’t forget one of the detectives in Adnans case was so un-credible he was not called to the stand. It’s sad people can’t look past Adnan or people like Freddie Gray just to name a few, and look at the police departments involved in their cases. All police aren’t bad, but they aren’t all good either.

Personal accountability (5/5)

Great topics and quality. My one suggestion for the host, who at the end lists all her issues with the criminal justice system (Season 3) seems to forget a lot of people find themselves in the system due to their own behavior. The system can and needs to improve but we all need to hold ourselves to a higher standard.

Journalism at its best (5/5)

This is a great show, produced, researched & narrated very well. Don’t agree with the reviewer who found the second season to be boring & only one sided - it appears they did try to interview police & prosecutors but none were interested in participating and I found the stories to be the reality for many people of color. PLEASE GIVE US MORE SEASONS!

Season 3 (1/5)

I wanted to listen since I’m from Cleveland. I feel she has a lot of nerve about the way she portrayed our city. Especially our court system and law enforcement. She hasn’t a clue. She seems to rely on white guilt, feminism and complete liberal thinking. She also makes the criminals seem like the victims. Never listening to a serial podcast again.

Season 3 the best so far! (5/5)

An inside look of the intersection between race,power,an poverty in the justice system.

Good... at first (2/5)

Well done in the first season - the anti cop, anti law attitude towards the end made it less enjoyable. An unbiased point of view would have made it better

So Obvious!! (4/5)

The black kid did it. Baltimore’s a black city, cops , jurors and prosecutors. It’s so much easier to say a Muslim kid did it than a black kid. Really, listen to that kid stutter through his taped confessions and you can obviously tell he’s a liar. Stay out of Baltimore .

We get it (1/5)

I enjoyed season 1. Season 3 made me angry and bored me. One sided and anti police, never getting the full story, making the police sound like a gang. From a white female journalist, promotes the divide in society

Fascinating! (5/5)

My daughter told me about this podcast after I finished listening to Cold (Josh Powell story). I started listening and couldn’t stop! Such an interesting case and it’s easy to say I believe he’s guilty one day and innocent the next day.

Tons and tons of reasonable (5/5)

This podcast opened insight and digs in on the fact that the defense and prosecution have a very frail case with tons of coincidental evidence that can at times prove things and other times disprove others and really draws on the fact that the amount of reasonable doubt in this case proves that Adnan Syed should not have been convicted.

Season 1, 5 stars, season two 3 (4/5)

Season 1 hooked me hard core. I love Koenig’s journalistic mind and objectivity. I had to ration myself to not binge and be finished too quickly. Unfortunately, I can’t find that interest for season 2, I just don’t really care about the subject and after a few episodes, I still find myself bored and thinking about other things. Season 3 doesn’t appear to have much fire either. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Did they investigate Hae’s mother? (5/5)

No offense but if you truly look at the video where it shows Hae’s mother fake crying while Hae’s brother describing their feelings when they recover her body. What about Hae’s uncle? What mother locks up their daughter for hanging out with her boyfriend. Hae’s mother hate Adnan because of his ethnicity.

Detailed information (5/5)

I like the details, I like the live talks with Adnan. Great entertainment. Hope he is innocent tho!

Very Well Done. Just missing one thing. (5/5)

Very interesting. Only thing I wished they would have mentioned is that Adnon had sexual interactions with Stephanie. This could drum up a whole new theory. Did Jay do this to hurt Adnon and then frame him, to explain the cell phone adnon might have lent it to him which is why the calls match up.

Riveting (5/5)

I’m halfway through season 1 right now. I don’t care how it ends (I mean, I do...) but the storytelling is second to none. I can’t put this podcast down. I carry my phone around the house with me because I just have to hear what comes next.

Love it (5/5)

I was so engrossed right from the beginning - I am hooked on this podcast now!!

Incredibly well done (5/5)

Each topic is just as interesting as the one before it. There are twists and turns, highs and lows, and the storytelling of these true crime tales is phenomenal all the way through. Can’t wait to hear more! A true crime documentary series for the ears!

Shocked at a podcast doc (4/5)

I’m new to podcasts and I was very reluctant to try it. I found this from a review linked to the “I am the night” podcast. I’m absolutely floored how well she speaks, keeps you updated on who, what, where that you completely forget that you aren’t having a visual experience which we are mostly used to. I’m a documentary nut and I waste more time researching history and things like this, that I care to mention. But, I cannot say enough on not only how soothing her presence is on this, but that she is bringing up every question that comes to mind during each episode. It’s almost as though she is hearing me ask “but what about this” , “why that”.... I applaud this in so many ways and this has created a new world for me. I only hope that whatever I decide to move on to after this, will be able to hold even the slightest candle to what is provided in this. I could go on and on but I think that’s enough to get anyone to listen and be hooked.

Journalism (5/5)

Sarah is truly a journalist. I so appreciate the dogged research and honesty when speaking fact versus speculation! So glad to know this skill and integrity still exists!!

Season 1 is the best, the rest ok (4/5)

Season 1 was amazing, but the other seasons were boring for me. I still think Adnan did it, and I’m interested to see if anything comes of his claims.

Best podcast (5/5)

I loved Sarah and her podcasts. First season and Adnan’s case was the best podcast I have ever listened.

Interesting But Deeply Flawed (2/5)

(Spoiler warning) In episode 1, we hear teatimony feom the accused’s friend Jay, a weed dealer who describes, in detail, how Adnan planned the murder of Hae, carried it out, and then asked Jay to help him quickly bury the body. There are specific details of what this girl looked like in the trunk of her murderer’s car, and over 15 years later, Jay’s story has not changed. This is why, with all the tabloid journalism of this podcast and the subsequent HBO series, Adnan was denied a new trial. The podcast is interesting, but ultimately lacking.

Boring! (1/5)

The “F” word thrown around randomly is weird and off... If I have to hear “like” and “totally” one more time I’m going to puke. First 5 minutes I was so bored with the podcast...I felt a review was in order. Bad bad bad Boring boring boring. You’re welcome🤗

Intriguing (5/5)

I am a Sophmore in high school and for our non-fiction unit we are listening to season 1, the Adnon and Hae Min Lee case. I am so interested and intrigued by this case, we are only on episode 6 and I am going crazy with all of the theories that have been created in this story. We have been told not to listen ahead but I don’t know If I’m going to be able to hold back on that😂. I was so interested in this I have started listening to Season 2 and I am in Love. I love the depth and the details that you tend to present in these episodes are extravagant. I can’t wait to listen to the rest. I would recommend this to everyone I know👏🏽👏🏽.

A Girl Walks Into a Bar (5/5)

Sarah- Thank you for another season of Serial. I binged the first two and am looking forward to the HBO series on Adnan’s case, which you brought to the forefront in Season One. This first episode of Season Three makes me hungry for more. A teacher, and a daughter of a man who served as a judge for over 30 years, the content doesn’t surprise me. This first case sounded familiar on two fronts: I have heard similar stories from my dad but also recognize “Anna” (in premature stages) as students whom I work with daily. Thus, I am an English teacher who listened to this podcast through several lenses: as a woman, a teacher, the daughter of a judge, and as a seeker of justice. I believe you paint a realistic view of humanity as well as the criminal justice system, one of its most complicated, yet necessary creations. (You may find it interesting that I just finished reading Lord Of The Flies with one of my high school classes!) Sarah, you are a captivating writer and a wonderful orator. I wonder, however, if you ever considered editing the last line in the episode. Rather than asking the rhetorical question, “Is this how it works in Cleveland?” you could ask “Is this how it works in the justice system?” I don’t think the situation you describe is specific to Cleveland but is a reality everywhere. (Editing the line would also help you stay true to your promise about not throwing the city of Cleveland under the bus!). This is minor, I know, but something that struck me at the end of the episode. I look forward to listening to more! Thank you!


I love this podcast so much. me and my friend just discovered it and we are hooked.

Too biased (3/5)

I enjoy the reporting but the radical liberal bias and perceived racial undertones that the reporter constantly presents make it tough to listen to. Bummer because this has the potential to be great if the reporter was a bit more objective versus having a very direct agenda.

Season three is boring (2/5)

Couldn't even finish more than two episodes. The flow is terrible, and it doesn't even appear to be telling a story, just random boring stories.

Please listen... (5/5)

One of the best podcasts I’ve found. Thorough, incredible research and thought provoking. Fantastic work.

The 3rd Season Shines (4/5)

I didn’t get too into Serial at first so stopped listening but found the third season great. It made me want to look back at the 2nd season and replay the first

Confused and Annoyed (2/5)

Im on Season 1 episode 5 and I’m confused why it’s still going. She’s trying to prove he didn’t do it when it’s clearly obvious he did do it. The narrator seems so obsessed with this guy that she has blinders on and wants to only talk about far fetched “what ifs”. Like at one point she’s talking about a call Jay got at 2:36 based on cell records. She argued that he never stated he got a call then....he said 2:40-2:45 but there wasn’t a call then. Ummmmmm last time I checked 2:36 is around 2:40-2:45. Lots of moments of eye rolling. Yes to me it’s clear he did it...move on!

Interesting! (4/5)

Sad that this young man has sat in prison for half of his young life, because police work is about gut instead of evidence and investigation. The story teller seemed to want him to be guilty, even though the evidence showed otherwise. I hate that they didn't continue to follow this story, it is much more interesting and shows the flaws of the "justice" system in our country. They ran off to do season 2 it was not interesting to me. Feel bad that he was a pow for 5 years, consequences for poor choices. His story didn't need to be told. Her compassion and understanding for his was amazing compared to how she believed a 17 year old honor student was a murderer. I wonder how much race played apart in her handling of the 2 men??? Season 3 is offensive only listened to 2 episodes it was disgraceful and disgustingly racist. And no change in that system is coming to that courthouse.

Obsessed (5/5)

Listened at the start of podcasting from this American life recommendation. Season 1 and 3 were so great. season 1; amazing reporting and ground breaking. Season three, such a great idea to look at a justice system that isn’t meeting the needs of the people involved and how this could reflect your own hometowns justice system. Well done

More leftist propaganda (1/5)

Loved season 1, skipped season 2 due to zero interest in that storyline. Season 3 was total disappointment. Let’s blame the judges and police not the actual criminals. Sarah, why don’t you go for a ride along with the police in some Cleveland neighborhoods?? Might change your perspective.

Heavy on the SJW Lies (1/5)

There are some redeemable qualities regarding justice reform; however the narrator’s SJW bias bleeds through and tarnishes some good point here and there. Too bad, it could have been an inspired look at how to advance criminal justice.

Great story but (3/5)

Great story but I wish the volume was consistent. Going from the main reader to other people interviewed or other tapes, you can really hear well at all. It definitely takes away from the experience.

Liar (4/5)

I am only on episode four, and I know from media reports that Adnan got some kind of break after this podcast was aired. But the guy is a complete liar and you can tell by the comments he makes in episode four. He’s talking about Jay and why Jay would have a motive to implicate him in murder. And he’s actually jovial about it, saying he doesnt want to speculate or accuse Jay of bad intentions. Why on earth would you say this about someone Who is responsible for you spending time in jail from a murder you didn’t commit?! A truly innocent person would be outraged at what Jay did! . Such a liar.

Muh (2/5)

I listened. First season is 5 stars. How’s the 3rd? If you like a constant reminder there are white and black people it’s good. Isn’t there more to life? Yes there is white people and black people but do you have to be reminded and told this? Get over the race relations and focus on the cases.

Season 1 great. Season2 ok. Season 3...race talk. (2/5)

Important conversation, but just call it what it is.

Favorite (5/5)

I binge-listened to all three seasons of this podcast in a matter of a month. It had me absolutely hooked from S1, E1. Each season had my jaw on the floor for different reasons and I already can't wait for season four.

Eye opening mind blowing skin crawling ... (5/5)

Thank you for all your hard work and dedication and helping all people see the world more clearly and as it truly is.

Tabloid Tinsel (1/5)

The podcast is full of sad stories framed in myopic observations. The editing is outstanding.

I like this, but... (4/5)

As with all things having to do with social, political ideology, there is no lack of clear leftisms in the podcast. That said, I feel like Sarah does a fairly good job of TRYING to be fair. There is a certain strain in her voice at times that disappears when she’s back in her ideological lane. It’s not glaring, but it’s noticeable. I really enjoy This American Life and Serial is pretty good. I appreciate the work they put into the production and while I know I’m getting material presented by people I likely disagree with, I feel as if it’s a two way conversation that’s occurring. Like it’s productive. For that I give 4 solid stars.

Listen to season one (2/5)

Season one is awesome! Season two and three got super political. Don’t know why politics have to be involved with everything

They lost direction (2/5)

The first season was great. The second okay. The third terrible. It’s a pity that the staff is so full of themselves that they can’t see it.

Season 2 & 3 👎 (1/5)

Season 1 - a 10, Amazing story Season 2 - a 4, Meh story Season 3 - a 0, not a story at all, also not compelling. I Stopped listening halfway through the 3rd episode. It’s Sara’s biased narrative of the judicial system. Deleting the app. There are so much better podcasts, with actual stories that are compelling.

Great Podcast (5/5)

Got hooked in season one. I however am blown away by season 3. It really opens our eyes to our justice system. Honestly makes me sad. I have never been in a court room for criminal reasons, however feel even criminals are human beings. This justice game we play in the United States is quite sad, yet packaged as true justice. I’m the end only winning matters. Not that the correct person is imprisonments, but that the state wins their case/gets charged prosecuted...even if they didn’t do it. Very sad. Wished this Serial podcast didn’t end. I could listen to these stories daily!

Be careful (2/5)

This show was recommended by the host of another podcast I listen to called CrimeJunkie. I just got to episode 5 & I don’t know if I can listen to this any longer. I’m sorry but it’s OBVIOUS that this kid (man now) is guilty! (The friend too) I know you shouldn’t sit and dwell for years and years but if you’re innocent you would be fighting for your freedom!! It seems like he could care less. He never seemed sincere about his actions just pointing out how it “couldn’t have happened”. *huge eye roll* THIS is what makes it harder for people who ARE wrongfully accused & in prison to be noticed and retried in court. It’s clear you’re doing this for money, (do your thang) just do more research and make sure the people are actually innocent!!

But seriously... where was Stephanie. (5/5)

All I’m asking is where was Stephanie this whole time... because wasn’t the day Hae was killed, Stephanie’s birthday.. and why wouldn’t Jay be with her?


I checked this out because of a referral from Crime Junkie, which I do love but sometimes feel annoyed with because they’re a little too “valley girl” when they talk & get a little too caught up in voicing opinions & talking over each other. Whereas Serial gets to the point shares sooo much detail & really puts in a lot of effort

Disappointed (1/5)

Compelling topics. Thoroughly enjoyed season 1 and 2 but can no longer listen to the naive reporter and story line of season 3. Each story starting around episode three or so, it seems like the person being charged is 100% believed and the system is in the wrong....I doubt they would be in these situations if they’ve lived clean, spotless lives as what seems to be inferred. Unsubscribed....

Huge fan (5/5)

Just finished season 3 and S-Town. Both were fantastic. I hope another season will be added soon. I appreciate each story being presented in an objective and thorough manner. Like the headline says, I'm a HUGE fan. 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

Season 1 is soooo good (5/5)

Season 1 with Adnan Syed was the first podcast I ever listened to and I was hooked immediately. Even after finishing the podcast I occasionally research his case and listen to spinoffs from this podcast. I think it was done so well and really captivated you in the first few episodes. I love that there’s audio from Adnan in this as well. I highly recommend listening to season 1!

crazy (5/5)

I’ve watched many true crime series but nothing had me on the edge of my seat like season 3 of serial. My emotions ran Hugh throughout the series...some parts had me wanting to cry for some of the victim of injustice. Others had me stunned. This series does more than tell the stories of victims, it brings you into the courtroom and teaches you how the system works.

Really well done (4/5)

Seasons 1 and 3 especially were fantastic. Season 2 wasn’t as interesting, hence the four star, but overall this podcast is great.

Listen to Season 3 (5/5)

Don't just listen to season 1. Listen to season 3, also. It's important.

brava ✨ (5/5)

beautifully crafted! i’m totally hooked!

I am ticked off... (5/5)

Just finished season three. And once again, Sarah and her team have left me emotionally drained, head spinning, angry the season’s over, and desperately waiting for the next season. This is long form reporting at its best.

Love serial (5/5)

Serial is my favorite podcast.The stories keep me very interested I don’t want to put down my phone until the whole series is over .her voice is easy to listen to. The only thing that disappoints me is that I have put my podcast on hold for the last two years I picked it back up just the other day to see what this podcast had been up to. to be disappointed that there was only one series added just wish that serial would do more podcast

Serial WAY above other podcasts (5/5)

I guess I started with the wrong podcast. I started with Serial a year or two ago as my first foray into podcasts and I picked the wrong one, as so far the other ones I have listen do are ok, but then I started listening to season 3 of Serial and I realise that Sarah sets the bar exceedly high. From series 1 through to 3 the production, content and presentation are incredibly professional, humorous and informative. When I subscribe to a new podcast I have to remind myself that it is NOT the same caliber as Serial. Keep them coming Ms. Koenig and team.

Season 3 (3/5)

Was really enjoying this season and then the British reporter took over. Just felt unnecessary, monotone and kind of a step down from where the season started (would have been a 5star).

Good if you have nothing else to listen to (2/5)

I’ve listened to all three seasons. Although interesting and informative, this show seems to feed on the emotions of the guilty and focus on removing accountability of the subject’s actions. The third season seems to make it a race issue. The narrator overly emphasized white judge, white cop, white lawyer, black man an trial, white mayor.

LOVE IT (5/5)

as a crime junkie, i was skeptical after having bad luck with some podcasts. the narrator is engrossing and the music isnt cheesy. season one really goes into detail and throws your mind into the case.

S3 = Exposed Futility (5/5)

Wow. I loved this season. However, I found myself becoming extremely frustrated. By the system, by the judges, the lawyers, the criminals, EVERYONE. All of it seems so eternally pointless. The scales are super off balance. I wish more programs like this were willing to be so neutral and exposing. Very well done.

5 stars (5/5)


I’ll stick around for next season (4/5)

I usually don’t listen to things like this because so many are trying to prove blatantly guilty people innocent, and that annoys me to no end. There are people trying to get Scott Peterson out of jail right now. This Adnan guy killed that poor girl and it’s SO obvious that he doesn’t even care about the fact that she’s dead. He obsessively calls her the night before her death and then never again. He’s guilty. You can hear the psychopathy in his voice. The difference between what he says, and what Jay says at sentencing, that’s your guide.

Season 1 (5/5)

I just got into this podcast and all in general. I’m very intrigued by the Syed case and I’m wondering why if he was granted a new trial was that never an episode? Is this just done over? Am I missing something? I’m new to the world just trying to figure out if anyone knows what’s happening it’s very intriguing to me I just did research so I’m interested to see.

Very Interesting (5/5)

I’ve only listened to Season 1, which I burned through in a short time. I’m now finding more info elsewhere regarding this case. WHY WONT THEY TEST THE DNA???? Ughhhh!!!!!!! I feel mostly certain that Adnan is innocent, but there was a remark he made in the last episode around minute 49-50 that made me second guess that (something about he being the only person that knows 100%). I also feel like he doesn’t come across as being very driven to get out of prison, whereas I think an innocent person would be.

Season one is excellent (4/5)

Season one is enthralling! Couldn’t get enough. Seasons two and three fall short, but Sarah is pleasant to listen to and does her homework!

Too many other podcasts to listen to (1/5)

I enjoyed season 1. Season 2 was ok. I only made it to episode 3 of season 3. This woman obviously is biased against police and the justice system. She has no idea how justice and law enforcement work. Time to unsubscribe. I’ve got lots of other podcasts to listen to.

Needs a technical fix (3/5)

I’d rate this series 5 stars except for the extremely annoying problem that the episodes don’t seem to want to play in any particular order. They jump around, sometimes going to previously played episodes or even a different season. Terrible when you are driving!

Sarah Koenig is the greatest! (5/5)

Not only are the stories engrossing but I find Sarah’s voice so soothing to listen to! Season 1 & 3 really have me questioning our country, society, police, & judicial system. They’ve brought a lot of injustices to light and I hope they continue to do so.

Not loving this season (1/5)

This new season with Sarah in the middle of everything just feels rough and uncomfortable. I’m Not feeling it. No other season can compare to Adnan.

Season 3 (5/5)

Season 3 is very bingable. It made me furious tho.

Favorite podcast (5/5)

Love this podcast.

Scary and interesting (4/5)

Judge Gaul probably relates to the majority of Americans, however there are several horror stories within this podcast that should make everyone re-think their view of the Justice system....

Excellent (5/5)

I have to say that I thoroughly enjoy this series and hope for more. I really appreciate that the speaker tries their best to remain neutral and fair when discussing the topics. Politics rarely creeps in. You really feel like you’re getting the meat of the issue. It’s given me better understanding of injustices in the criminal system as well as a better understanding of Bowe Bergdahl. I really appreciate these opportunities to formulate better founded opinions. In this day and age it feels like the extremists on both sides of the aisle have taken over and they drown out the important issues. Thank you guys for creating such excellent content!!

Worth a listen (3/5)

The first season of this podcast was AMAZING. It was all focused on one case, delved deep into detail, and kept things interesting. It really left me wanting more like it. Then it started to waver. The second season was ok, I liked it because I had interest in that case prior to listening and it was good at giving more detail. The last season, however, was nothing like the first or second and frankly wasn’t my cup of tea. I’m not a fan of political opinions coming into play in my podcasts, and this season includes more political bias than others. It also only looks at a court house per episode rather than debating the different sides to a controversial case.

Identity Politics Podcast (1/5)

I enjoyed the first 2 seasons but not the rest. Listening to the host try to subtly interject identity politics just got old. If I want a political podcast there are plenty I choose from. This podcast lost its spark and intrigue.

Just okay (2/5)

I feel like I should rate higher because I am listening to it in 2019 vs. when it first comes out, but I just couldn’t get as into it as Up and Vanished. I just feel like it was a lot of going around in circles instead of learning anything new.

A Gripping Season 3 (4/5)

Great job to the team. Truly engrossing story telling and an eloquent commentary that’s also brave enough to show the chaos. The show is beautifully produced and researched. There are times when the host seems to be exploitive of folks truly in need and seems to pose herself to victims and criminals, alike, as being an advocate. To a point, she may be. But those featured on the show seem to not realize that the host is no benefactor. Yes, she will get the tip of your stories out to the public. But there is no apparent attempt to right wrongs—though it seems those featured obviously assume it and are allowed to fall under that guise.

Addicting (5/5)

This is a great podcast! It’s a mix up every season. True crime to current events happening now. This is an informational podcast that doesn’t feel biased, just giving you the facts. I love the way it flows and it’s easy to follow.

Season 3 lost my attention (4/5)

Season 1 was obviously phenomenal. Season 2 lived up to the high expectations, even if not quite as engrossing. Season 3 has such an important message and I’m so glad it’s being talked about, but it kind of feels out of character and I’m not sure this podcast was the best platform for a discussion on structural racism, especially since it deviates so wildly from the storytelling narrative we expected from the first two seasons. Why not just start a new podcast and leave Serial as a serial?

Of course it's great (5/5)

Listened a few times which I don't do. Great!!!

:) (5/5)

Love this podcast. Thanks for the take away messages

She talks entirely to fast (2/5)

Talking is just too fast

Meh (2/5)

It’s interesting initially, but they fail to explain certain aspects of the story. For example, Jay knew where the car was. This is undeniable even if his story about Adnan is false. But no one explains how he knew this if Adnan didn’t do it. I stopped listening after season 1. Got boring

So impressed (5/5)

This level of journalism and storytelling is best in class...hands down

Pathetic (1/5)

“A young black woman is holding a portable speaker. The white people in the elevator look at each other.” Yep, I assumed this podcast was more leftist trash. Not interested in your garbage.

Great!! (5/5)

We are listening to this in my high school class for English and it has caught all my classmates attention. We all debate about this on who may be guilty or not. It’s great and very interesting I love it!!!


Season 1 is the best of the best but the next 2 are terrible. I still listened because I love Sarah’s voice and how she tells stories but not interesting cases. Sorry Sarah! Love you! Go back to the roots!

My first true crime podcast (3/5)

Gen Why is the first true crime podcast I’d ever listened to! I really enjoy the stories, but they’re a little dull. I do like the monotone voices sometimes, but after I listen to a few episodes I feel super depressed. Lol. So I would recommend this podcast, but I would say after an episode or two go listen to True Crime Obsessed for some HILARITY💜.

Great (5/5)

So good

Has potential, but... (4/5)

I love her storytelling style but I wish she would just tell the stories and leave out her opinions.

Very left-leaning angle (1/5)

While I like the first season, the third season reveals a very anti-police, anti-white slant that I find offputting. I know police officers in Cleveland and they say that they are sick of all the black crime and if they do anything forceful to detain a black criminal, they are under intense scrutiny. The commentator practically laughs at police who say they aren't going to change anything about the way they handle crime. She thinks the way they handle black suspects is racist - when it is not. I know cops handle criminals the same - whether black or white. If anything, they are more lenient on black criminals because of the intense media bias they face all the time. So I strongly dislike the third season. Again, it's become mainstream - so controlled by a leftist agenda - which is wrong.

Season 3 misdemeanor episode (5/5)

I unfortunately agree. Cops tazed my boyfriend, once he was in car WITH cuffs on, but they made sure to turn off body cam, so it could not be brought up in court.

What do they all Serial stories have in common? (5/5)

Real stories about humans and dysfunctional systems. Systems that you can get sucked into by bad choices or bad luck, and once you are there - you are hard pressed to get out. The deck is stacked against you. Its hard to believe these stories take place in America. Thanks Sarah for telling these stories. Can’t wait for next season.

Amazing Podcast (5/5)

This podcast is one of the most amazing podcast I have ever heard. It is engaging and shows so many sides of one story. As the podcast goes on it just gets better and better.

Amazing podcast (5/5)

I would recommend this podcast for anyone who is into crime podcasts. I’m hooked on this podcast!

Best podcast ever (5/5)

I am so sucked into this series! Such relevant and poignant reporting. I LOVED seasons 1 and 2...but 3 really shines! Keep it up, but please give us more (preferably faster)

Sooooo good (5/5)

Probably the best one ever!

Good show (4/5)

Great show with objective reporting of the topics... except for episode 5 of season 3. I don't think the narrator actually watched the video of the bus shooting incident. Clearly, this incident could have been avoided if those two men hadn't stepped off the bus to confront an old man who had already showed that he had a gun on his person. That woman didn't have to kick him off the bus; he was already leaving. Those two guys could have left it alone; that was easy to see. If you're in that situation and dumb enough to turn your back on two men, then you might not be around for a grand jury to determine whether or not you did the right thing. And knowing how to fight doesn't mean much. You might as well be saying that any boxer can take on any group of two (or more) people on the street. Think about this though: you didn't know who "the old, bearded man" was. The "old, bearded man" had no idea who these two young, physically-fit, willing-to-confront-any-random-stranger-on-the-bus were. They could have been two professional boxers. They could have been two professional hitmen. I can't speak for anyone else, but, if I'd pulled a gun on someone, I would be very worried if she/he had decided to continue harassing me after that.

Great! But came across biased & naive.... (4/5)

Excellent podcast, format, research and presentation. Loved it, thoroughly entertaining! However, I did feel the narrator was slightly naive in her judgment of Adnan. She was very judgmental and almost sympathetic in regards to his meek appearance and docile demeanor as a 17 year old which lead me to feeling she had a bias for his innocence from the first episodes. In the end after all the time, research and resources used to review and put together this podcast, it pretty much supported everything detectives had already used to arrest and convict Adnan. I’m not sure if this podcast did any good or bad for this case, it certainly stirred up unpleasant emotions from the victims family and in the end its not like a “smoking gun” or radical new evidence was presented. (The girl in the library is interesting at best, but its not anything SOLID like forensic DNA or surveillance video.) The podcast went to great lengths to prove Adnan’s possible innocence, but did almost nothing to explain who might have done it then? It’s almost like the podcast was so focused on Adnans innocence opposed to finding out what really happened. I think the narrator not having much as far as street smarts (not a bad thing or a flaw) played heavy into her bias not believing someone who appears so innocent as Adnan could have possibly done this. Anyone is possible of anything. That’s important to remember in life. Not saying Adnan is guilty, but I'm a firm believer in Occam’s razor....

👍🏻 (5/5)

Love what you do I’ve been listening all day at work and am hooked thank you

Serial (5/5)

I love your podcasts, your voice and the way you tell the story, don’t stop ! Susan H

Serial (5/5)

It’s serial. Just listen.

Not funny (1/5)

Just finishing up season one. I’m left wondering about the purpose of this podcast. What is the motivation, if not to exploit the misery of the people who actually lived this saga? Too many times Sarah and Dana find too much of the proceedings funny. And exciting. This is a real life story about real people.

The Most Enthralling Legal/Crime Storytelling To Date (5/5)

I generally enjoy podcasts that invite critical thinking and I’ve always loved crime drama television: Serial is a beautiful combination of both. I would listen to this podcast instead of sleeping if I were able to. Sarah tells stories in a way that is informative and compels you to think deeper, while keeping them incredibly palatable to someone unfamiliar with any jargon specific to the situation. I’ve gained a new perspective on police brutality and the military, two topics about which I previously felt I knew all I needed to. Listen to this podcast!! You won’t regret it.

Sympathetic (1/5)

This is to sympathetic to the offenders. Needs to also balance more with the victims.

Season 3 is also fantastic (5/5)

I've listened to all 3 seasons (just finished S3) and once again, want to give accolades to Sarah Koenig and her team for an absolutely fantastic, well-reported and engrossing season on the county criminal justice system in Cleveland.

Season 3 (1/5)

Not a fan!! I absolutely loved season 1 & 2! I couldn’t wait to listen!! Season 3, not so much!!

Super interesting! (5/5)

Where can I find out what happens at Adnan’s hearing!? I’m so intrigued!!!

Good podcast (4/5)

I enjoyed this podcast, espcially Katherine's tenasity and determination, especially with the good ol' boy southern law enforcement. I look forward to her updates.

Annoying (2/5)

Her voice is extremely annoying and biased opinions get old.

Started strong, turned to same political agenda by end (2/5)

This series started out amazing! I was hooked on the first two seasons. Then came season three. They stopped focusing on one story and investigations and focused on cop bashing and white hating. I really wanted to keep up with this series but it’s clear they let political clement change the show.

Hands down WOW (5/5)

Wish I had a fancy piece of paper to award you with be cause hands down AMAZING!!... howeve rim hanging on a ledge here. Can we get an update?

Sorta kinda OK maybe (3/5)

It would be good, with a different narrator, and actual answers to questions raised. It feels one sided and it is nowhere near as good as advertised. It was just a lot of hype over not nothing exactly, just not much.

Perfectly illustrates what’s broken in “journalism” (1/5)

First, the production quality gets 5 stars. But Sarah, in her quest to find wrongs in the justice system (and there are) determines everyone in the justice system is racist all criminals are innocent victims of said system. Of course there are injustices - and that’s terrible. But as Sarah is talking about racism, she doesn’t hesitate in putting down “the Jews,” “the Italians,” and “the Irish.” Really? Newsflash it’s wrong to stereotype anyone. But in Sarah’s view, it’s okay to stereotype Jews, Irish and Italian “white guys?” Disappointing. And also not interesting. It’s just another so-called reporter/journalist trying to be the news instead of reporting it.

Overrated (2/5)

I heard good things about this podcast and enjoyed S-Town so I thought I would like this one and decided to try it out. The more I listen the more I was just waiting for some plot twist and something that would turn this whole story around but the whole story is speculation and has no ending. It was captivated my enough to make me listen but I was not impressed.

Season 3 is essential! (5/5)

More seasons like season 3 please!

White shame (2/5)

Shame on all the white a nutshell

So disappointing (1/5)

Really? Eight hours listening to season 1, led to believe there was an innocent man imprisoned for murder, only to discover he was guilty all along. There’s no story here!!!

Review from a Clevelander (4/5)

I love this podcast, but as a Clevelander, I’m torn between being super annoyed at your portrayal of Cleveland and being horrified that this is going on in my hometown. I’m a white woman from the west side. I’ve never seen these injustices. But it has definitely opened up conversations at home about racism.

Great Podcast (4/5)

Great Podcast, but listening to the dude with the phony British accent makes me oddly uncomfortable. Definitely worth listening to though.

Down hill (2/5)

First season great, rest of seasons are more opinion instead of reporting. Example she says “I’m not going to dignify his comments by repeating it here”.... that’s her deciding what we should and shouldn’t hear instead of presenting both sides.

Please (3/5)

I just listened to season 3 episode 3. Please for the love of god. Do some ride alongs. See the other side. I love your reporting.... I see you lean left. It’s ok you still do a good job just look at life from the cop side. I’m not in any way trying to say the cops did right in the case you covered BUT you really should see the other side it may open your eyes as an officer who has been in the position of having a suspect trying to kill you with a firearm you know NOTHING about this.

One word (1/5)


Seriously? (1/5)

With so many innovative, creative and informative podcasts, this is the most popular? Take the tired old This American Life formula of a a drowsy narrator with a dreamy music background (what would TAL be without Bill Frissel?) to puff up an otherwise semi interesting story. Go to college America, take some liberal arts courses. You can do so much better.

Hilarious! (5/5)

I can’t count the number I have laughed out loud in public while listening to this podcast. You’re doing a great job!

Preachy and one sided (1/5)

Season 1 was great, season 2 was ok and season 3 was TERRIBLE. The preachy and biased report was embarrassing. The constant sympathy for EXTREMELY violent and habitual offenders without even a mention of their victims? That’s reporting?She was obviously pushing an anti police officer/justice system agenda without reporting both sides.

First season 5/5. Second 2/5. Third 5/5 (4/5)

I do wonder how accurate some of this information is, which just shows how sheltered I am. But it’s really well told and a very professional podcast.

Presumptuous And Biased (1/5)

Season 3 is trash. What the judges and accused say is construed in whichever way Serial would like it to look for that specific case. This season is full of racial rhetoric with little to nothing that backs up these claims. I feel sorry for the people who were recorded for this piece. Their words are taken way out of context. Don’t waste your time

Don’t waste your time (2/5)

Save yourself 8 hours of listening to some girl talk about if she thinks a guy killed someone without ever proving anything. Major let down.

Transference anyone? (3/5)

More informative when one considers the concept of transference. To me, the narrator’s blindness to Adnan’s careful selection of language, his attempts at seeming oh so understanding of the prosecution and his accusers, and his portrayal as being someone incapable of this horror, was the real story. He manipulated the narrator from the inception and she fell for it hook line and sinker. Eyes like a dairy cow? Seriously?? An interesting story nonetheless.

Season 3 is Awful (1/5)

I listened to Season 1 and was riveted, although I think it posed some major ethical problems. Season 2 was less interesting but I think I listened to the whole thing. I also only made it through the first 3 episodes of Season 3 before unsubscribing. It was less about stories and more about Sarah Koenig’s opinions. She often sounds very condescending. Not appealing as a narrator. I’m out.

Excellent Journalism (5/5)

I have listened to season one, season two, and I am halfway through season three. I can now have wonderful informed conversations with people about these subjects and I have dug deep into my own perceptions and and revisited and in some cases reengineered my opinions. And after all of it I can’t tell you Sarah’s political affiliation. I value information, and she provides it without bias. Amazing. It’s definitely love.

Love this podcast! (5/5)

It’s addicting. Thank you for doing all the leg work into these stories. It’s beyond eye opening.

Great evaluation of the justice system (5/5)

Greta podcast. Loved the first two seasons but the third has been even better! Really makes you evaluate things! Keep up the great work

Love❤️ (5/5)

Please we need more!

New season par for the course (1/5)

So the moment where the clip of Judge Gall is played ranting at a defendant after listing a long list of crimes spanning many years, the list of crimes of which isn’t played, and summed up quickly as an afterthought. Good example of the attempt to gloss over terrible things criminals do in a cutesy way, and to frame those in the other side of the law as villainous figures. So ridiculous and obvious. Rayshauns endless rap sheet and riding around while friends shoot a gun out of his car is just a bit of young fun. Rayshaun was actually trying to protect people. Not kidding. Judge Gall is even called a “slave master” for sentencing him. Vomit worthy. Why is everything contaminated with a lop sided and blind sjw zealotry. It’s almost as bad a season ones painting of a murderer as a sweet little kid. I just can’t.

Compelling (5/5)

Wonderfully told narratives about justice systems. Great job at capturing multiple perspectives.

Ehh (3/5)

Season 2 and 3 dont come close to season 1.

Late to the party but glad I’m here (5/5)

To say season 1 was compelling and addicting would be a gross understatement. The reporting and story telling is so powerful and suspenseful that you’ll be emotionally invested within a few mins of episode one.

So helpful (5/5)

In these difficult times, it’s hard to understand all of the moving pieces within the criminal justice system. This podcast helps to shed light on the day to day minutia impacting the delivery of Justice. I was surprised. I was disappointed. By the end I left with much more empathy for the people, spaces, processes, and roles woven together in our current system. I have a renewed sense of optimism. First step towards change is awareness of what needs to change. This podcast expanded my knowledge. Onward.

Season 3 just isn't that interesting (2/5)

Not to take away from their research and the quality journalism put forth, listeners should know they're getting into a completely different show each season after the first, and it may not be what you're looking for.

Great show! (5/5)

It’s my new favorite podcast! Well produced and narrated stories.

Fantastic! (5/5)

Easily one of the best podcasts out there.

Best podcast!! (5/5)

I listened to this years ago & idk why but I stopped listening I guess kids and life took over .. this podcasts leaves you wanting more and you just HAVE to listen to one more episode!! Suchhhh a goooood podcast I highly recommend it!!! I recently started listening to podcasts again and I am SO happy I found this again!! New episodes every Thursday is awesome ..

Serial (4/5)

Season 1 I give 4.5 stars. Season 2 I give 2.5 stars. Season 3 I give 4 stars.

Great journalism, heartbreaking stories. (5/5)

This podcast sheds a light on the problems with our criminal justice system. Very informative

Love (5/5)

I love the story telling

Great Show (4/5)

I would have given it five stars if it had a consistent time. The first one was about an hour, and I would like all of them to be about that length, maybe 45 minutes, but definitely something consistent. Until then, it is a great story and they are working the debble out of it. Very compelling, it gives me a sense of just how fragile our justice system is. Also about how we think about people once they are convicted. I want to see what happens with this story, it keeps getting more interesting. But I also want to see what story they take on next. Good business! The Second Season was less compelling than the first, the Third Season is a jam. That Third Season is the kind of in-depth investigative reporting America needs. While there is a justice seeking, liberal bias, the reporting was such that I had to reconsider some of my own liberal ideas.

Great Podcast! (5/5)

I have listened to all three seasons and liked them all. I have to say that season three was my favorite. If you’re looking for something to binge, this is it! Love the unbiased views represented on each podcast.

Was great until season 3 (2/5)

Season one and two were awesome. Detailed and very opened minded. Season three, very liberal views, race bait comments and anti police views. Had to stop on episode 4

Obsessed (5/5)

This podcast is gripping. It's so simply told and beautifully put together.

Not good (1/5)

I'm not a fan of season 2 or 3 and I barely hung on for season 1. I find this podcast frustrating to listen to the nonsense she's spewing.

Don’t be white (1/5)

These are typical far left anti white male propagandist. They always bring up race when it’s a white on black issue. When it’s a black on black issue they are sure to say how much worse it would have been if a white man worse there. According to people like this every white man who doesn’t walk around apologizing for being white is a modern day hitler. Keep race baiting npr.

Serial Season 3 (5/5)

Season 3 is Serial’s finest hour. A year spent in the Cleveland court system reveals in heartbreaking detail the failures of our judicial system and how individuals get crushed by it, often despite at least some good intentions from its overworked stewards. This moving account of how a flawed bureaucracy can crush the individuals in its path is haunting and Wire-like.

Popped my cherry (4/5)

I popped my cherry with this podcast!! I thought season one was amazing. I couldn’t stop listening!! The story telling was great! The chick that hosts was great!! I really loved it and now am sooo addicted to podcasts because this one was so great. BUTTTT even though season one was great in my opinion season 2&3 lacked. I loved the investigation of the crime of the first. I have the second a couple tries. It just wasn’t the same. And the third. I just don’t care about the court house... I wish they’d find another (possibly) falsely imprisoned person to follow for season 4!!

Season 3 is bla (1/5)

I didn’t mind 1&2, but 3 is annoyingly too left for me.

One of the Best (5/5)

Serial is easily one of the best podcasts I have listened to. It is so intriguing. I have just finished Season 1 and I was hooked on Adnan’s story. You guys are very impressive. I can’t imagine the magnitude of work that goes into your personal investigations. I only have one complaint and that is we never found out the result of Adnan’s post-conviction appeal request on the podcast. I looked up the website and read that the judge granted it but it still has to go to State for approval but I am disappointed that there were no more updates on the podcast. I’m assuming this is because you started a season 2 for us to listen to. Humans like closure though and I’m sure I can speak for many and say you had us really worked up and waiting in anticipation. I look forward to listening to season 2 which I am going to start right now!

The bigger picture you one-star reviews are missing. (5/5)

The people who rated this podcast one star because they think Adnan did it seem to have missed the point completely. It is actually 100% inconsequential whether or not he did or didn’t do it. The point is to show that some way, some how, this guy was sentenced to life with such an absurdly small amount of evidence that it ought to make you afraid to even have friends. The justice system is in need of serious reform, and the fact that you can be charged with murder with no DNA evidence linking you to the crime, based on nothing but circumstantial evidence and how likable the witnesses presented might be is a disgusting betrayal of justice, REGARDLESS of whether this man did it or not. Even if he did do it, it is still a disgusting betrayal of justice that he was able to be sentenced with so little pointing to him. This podcast did a great job showing that. And to people who were annoyed with the same small details being brought up each episode, you clearly missed how these things relate to the bigger picture that I mentioned as they are brought up again in light of new reference points that make them questionable at best, and continue to show how unbelievable it is that these pieces of “evidence” (if you can even call them that with a straight face) were used to sentence this man, guilty or not. I recommend listening again with this in mind if you found it ethically questionable the first time around. Look at the bigger picture.

Loved it (5/5)

Season 1, Innocent until proven guilty. This podcast showcases the lack of a system we have here in the US. Adnan like many other non white men, went to jail with no proof or evidence that he indeed did it. Wonderful work here in bringing to light the injustices of our “justice” system. Didn’t listen to season 2 but loved season 3’s unveiling of mistreatment, police brutality and corrupt behavior that happens on a regular basis in major cities. We need more people talking about this and to care about these problems in order for us to see change.

Strong Obvious Bias; Strong Hostess Harsh Profanity (2/5)

Make no mistake, Miss Koenig is a social Leftist, and even a cursory listen reveals this all too frequently. This is not a critique of her view, but her beating the listener over the head with it. At the end of Season 3, she “waxes poetic” about her “suggestions for change. Much of her rationale she could not have gotten from her reporting experience, and her strong bias shows. So if you are willing do do the work of filtering out her bias, this is can be informative. Also, her unprofessional crass, course (profane) language is extremely off-putting, as she mirrors the criminals she follows through the system. The criminals curse harshly (f-bombs, s-bombs) and though they should mute these, they do not. But they do warn you that it’s coming... ....what they do *not* warn you about is that SHE....the hostess....drops her own set of f-bombs, s-bombs with u fortunate regularity. Very unfortunate, and unprofessional. Advise, in summary, for season 4: (1) No cursing (mute, don’t bleep out...this only draws attention to it), and certainly none from the professionals (2) No bias. The listener oughtn’t be able to tell your POV so readily...preferably not at all. This can, and should be done, and would elevate the quality of the podcast. (3) Stick to the facts, not your gossip about one thing or the other. It's unbecoming of a professional (ties w/ 2).

A Great Example of Trump Derangement Syndrome (1/5)

The first season is one of the most compelling things I have ever heard. The second season was tolerable. The third season is pure leftist garbage propaganda.

They love criminals (1/5)

If you love felons you’ll love this

Disappointed (1/5)

The first season was so good The second season was so bad. The third season is just thinly veiled political activism. Literally not worth listening to. I wish they’d have another season like the first season, but don’t waste your time beyond the first season

Great BTS insights! (5/5)

Loved seasons 1 and 3! Such insightful views of the justice system. I tried listening to season 2 (can’t get into it) but I think I’ll give it a go since the other seasons were so good. I think anyone who has an opinion on the justice system (and no experience with it) should definitely give this podcast a listen!

Went downhill after the first season (2/5)

The last season of Serial was disjointed. Instead of telling two stories in one episode and confusing the audience, they should have kept it one story per episode. The Adnan season was the best, and every season after that has not been as interesting. The actual subject of the last season, the juvenile court system, was eye-opening. But none of the characters in the episodes since Adnan have captured the audience’s attention like Adnan did.

Steady Decline (3/5)

Frankly had to adjust my review after Season 3. This show has gradually become worse, and it’s not due to bad production, research, host, etc. It’s due to the content. Maybe that reflects on the host and producers that do the research or pick the topics, but Season 2-3 are stale compared to the magic that was Season 1. Give us more true crime (murder) investigation again!!

Just Keeps going downhill (1/5)

Liked the first two seasons. The third though, just a biased piece of what they call journalism do yourself a favor and don’t waste your time

Can’t turn it off (5/5)

By far the best podcast I’ve listened to makes my nightmare commute around the DC area less painful. Anyone listening to this podcast should also be watching Innocent Man and Making a Murderer season 2 on Netflix. Docu-series on wrongful convictions and the wide spread corruption in the legal system in many small towns. I’ve just about lost all faith in the US justice system, looks good on paper but in reality far from it.

Season 3 is Terrible (1/5)

I’m so disappointed in Season 3. Clearly you hate cops and support criminal behavior. Cool.

addicted (5/5)

seriously- so good. each season is better than the last.

Serial (5/5)

Amazing podcast!

Super Interesting 😱 and eye opening. (5/5)

Anyone who says this is liberal propaganda does not have an ounce of compassion and is what’s wrong w/America today.

Season 1>all (1/5)

Listened to season 1 years ago and it led to me listening to tons of other podcasts. It was very enjoyable to listen to. Season 2 was pretty frustrating because they are glorifying a deserter but I still listened to the entire season because what the guy went trough was interesting. Season 3 may as well be a political podcast. The women sets the tone in her opening monologue about just how SJW this is going be. Setting white people up to be evil, black people as oppressed, ect. Why not just tell the story and leave your political views out of it??

From investing reporting to Social Justice Journalism (1/5)

The shift from the first season, about the most famous case of a missing child in US history and how the police botched the investigation to season 3, which I guess is about inherent bias of the Criminal Justice system is nauseatingly annoying and self righteous.

What a waste ... (1/5)

Another effort to push liberal propaganda.

I could listen to Koenig talk forever (5/5)

She literally has the best voice; her tone and inflection are unparalleled. Koenig ignited my love of podcasts and all things true crime. She is absolutely responsible for my decision to major in legal studies and pursue my law degree. I enrolled shortly after listening to Season 1 TWICE. While I appreciate the diversity between seasons, season 3 would have to be my least favorite. Looking forward to another single case study at some point; an unsolved murder or disappearance would be interesting.

Season 3 (5/5)

Season 3 was incredible and addicting. Impeccable reporting from the eyes of Sarah. I could feel her passion of getting the story of the defendants and the other side. It was a little biased but I’m guessing it would only be upsetting if you hated the emotion and personal toll of giving us the tea (juicy deets). I wish I could download seasons 1 & 2 right now. I hope there is a season 4 SOON!! Great work TAL !

Facts, not propaganda (5/5)

Nice how all the rich white people who have never had to deal with the justice system think that season 3 is liberal propaganda. The truth is uncomfortable and some people don’t have the luxury to turn their nose up and walk away unaffected. If you’re interested in how justice really works without high dollar lawyers, take a listen.

The Good, The Bad and The Ugly (1/5)

As a veteran I was on the fence after season two but season one was so good I downloaded a couple of episodes of season three for a road trip. I barley made it thru two and half episodes before I had to stop. Sarah really let her bias shine in this one. They should rename the three seasons of Serial: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly. I’ll never listen again.

Ruined by S3 (1/5)

Couldn’t make it through the 1st episode of Season 3 without being bombarded with political talking points and laughably bias feminist, anti-white narrative. Another series spoiled by self-righteousness masquerading as virtue.

The BEST (5/5)

Absolutely love Serial