Aggregated reviews for She and I

She & I is a podcast brought to you by husband and wife tandem, Barrett (B~Love) and India Newsome. We open up the doors to our relationship to give you all a glimpse of how we have managed to keep our relationship healthy over the years. By no means is our relationship perfect, but we work through whatever issues we have to come out on the other side. Enjoy listening to She & I!

An Act of Love; Pure Entertainment   (5/5)

Great POD—started at episode 100–both hosts are delightful, the exchange between them is fun but enlightening. So honest—really love India’s lilting laugh and Barrett’s mastery of hosting and pacing. This thing rocks along

Weekly must listen   (5/5)

I started this pod a few months back, and now it’s definitely a weekly must listen for me. Best thing to happen on a Tuesday, well damnit, since Monday! 😂

Great Topics   (5/5)

I really enjoy listening to this podcast. The thing that I love most about Barrett and India’s topics are that they are realistic and current. Their conversations are real and humorous. Although I’m new to listening consistently,I find myself spreading the word to tune in. Much love and support! Can’t wait to see a live show soon(ATL)!!!

Great Listen   (5/5)

It’s been real great listen phenomenal married couple that discuss different topics. They also have amazing guest on the show.

Hilarious!!   (5/5)

She & I is a must-listen for anyone married, with kids, or just looking for a laugh. Barrett and India openly share their lives, making them transparent and relatable. I highly recommend listening and subscribing. 

Great Podcast   (5/5)

This podcast is really interesting.

Great podcast   (5/5)

Great hosts and couple giving great advice!

100 Episodes and Going Strong!   (5/5)

Highly recommend this podcast w/ it's open and very honest content. It's funny and insightful and real. In today's culture where it's so common/easy to walk away from marriage, this podcast is refreshing and encouraging. Listen and learn!

Real, insightful, transparent, authentic, and hilarious   (5/5)

That’s the best combination for a successful podcast. And they’ve done it well. I appreciate the authenticity – they done come off as a couple trying to perform a role; they come off as real life people trying to make life work. And that’s something people will always be able to relate to.

Child locked 🔒 in the car 🚗   (5/5)

I felt this! As a new parent that’s your worst fear! Being so tired, have a million things on your mind, and just moving to fast. We all give our crying 😭 babies our keys, what I do now leave her door open while I get the stroller and bags in the car. And if it’s cold well she just going to cry🤷🏽‍♀️. She cal have my phone. India my condolences on the loss of your Uncle. I have a favorite Uncle too, praying for you and your family.Lots of hugs.

Hilarious, Fun, Honest   (5/5)

Barrett and India keep me laughing every Tuesday waiting till the next episode. They are very honest and transparent about their relationship and daily lives. Love all the topics and special guests they bring on.

Good Vibes!   (5/5)

Funny and genuine content! I’m an avid listener and I don’t plan on stopping anytime soon.

So Real!   (5/5)

Super funny, relevant and relatable! Subscribe so you don’t miss out!

Amazing!   (5/5)

They’re honest and brave unpack the ups and downs of their marriage for the world to see. I really enjoy listening to them while gaining knowledge about how I can improve my own relationship. Thanks guys and KEEP GOING ‼️

I’m thankful i get to listen in every week!   (5/5)

Intriguing topics and great advice from an honest couple! This podcast is helping young black couples navigate their intimate relationships (w/ significant others, friends, family) by talking through difficult yet very relatable situations. They also connect with the audience and treat listeners with grave appreciation. There’s not another podcast like it, and I’m glad I get to listen to it!

Funny... Funny... Funny   (5/5)

Just started listening... y’all are too funny... keep it coming... makes my day go by so much faster and easier... it’s definitely a pick me up talking and laughing about real relationship issues

Love the Show   (5/5)

I first started listening by seeing it on Instagram. My favorite part of the show is the transparency they both have. I also enjoy the relationship tips. They have given my husband and I great things to talk about since we are newly married! Can’t wait for the live show! I’ll be there!

Yessss!   (5/5)

I love this podcast. So transparent about today’s issues in relationships. Thank you Barrett and India for sharing your perspective.

Subscribe, you’ll be glad you did.   (5/5)

I look forward to this podcast every week. Barrett and India are hilarious, their interaction is refreshing and their choice in topics is always relevant. So glad they’re doing this!

😂   (5/5)

I was irritated for the majority of this podcast (I’m in India’s side). However, I was laughing by the end. All in all, you all are a funny couple. The things you are going through are definitely relatable!

Love!   (5/5)

The transparency Barrett and India display is insanely funny yet their truth. A truth that is relatable on all levels. Absolutely anticipate my alerts when new episodes are available!

Transparency!   (5/5)

Listen, I love everything about this podcast!!! I’m beyond proud of you guys!! I genuinely appreciate the transparency (real life experiences) you guys discuss because it allows the listeners to understand marriage isn’t perfect, a ton of hard work, but worth it! Love you guys 💜

I’m glad I listened!!!   (5/5)

At first I was a little hesitant to listening, but I’m so glad I listened. You guys are so transparent and hilarious. Barrett oops i meant B-love is some kinda of crazy. India I love the WWID segment. You give great advice to the young ladies. If I didn’t know any better I would say you’ve been here before. You are wise beyond your years. Until next Tuesday y’all be blessed!

Oh Yeah!!!   (5/5)

Man this is DOPE. Barrett and myself bumped into Walmart randomly one day and spoke about this and to see it come to life is beautiful. U couldn’t have chose a better co host in ur wife because y’all vibe off each other well through the first episode. Looking forward to see how the show grows, and I’ll definitely be supporting the whole way. Barrett be ready to come do my podcast sometime my guy #UnusualThoughts.